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AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm Negative Reviews

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AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm app received 130 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm? Can you share your negative thoughts about autowake. smart sleep alarm?

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AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t appear to work with WatchOS 6.1Not been able to get this working with Apple WatchOS 6.1, just get the message no connection whenever I try to set an alarm..Version: 3.0

Never workedDownloaded as I use AutoSleep which is great, but this one never worked, alarms never went off and had to set up back up alarms on my phone. Also chewed the battery on my watch and it went flat over night. Ended up deleting it..Version: 3.0

Eats your iphone batteryThis app keeps running in the background and flattens your battery in no time, it has also failed to wake me up, would not recommend, very disappointed.Version: 2.1

Great idea but not reliableOnly seems to work intermittently and when it does work it can’t be relied upon to actually wake you up in time. I was really looking forward to using this app as my primary alarm clock but I end up setting the built in alarm to wake me up 15 minutes after the autosleep setting as on many occasions it’s just failed to work. Hopefully it will be fixed in future releases as it’s a really good idea and it would be fantastic if it worked reliably. I love the way it integrates with AutoSleep lights off, such a shame it’s not rock-solid..Version: 2.0

UnreliableI really wanted to like this app but I’ve found it to be too unreliable. I’ve given it couple of weeks now, trying both the automatic schedule, which is a bit clunky to initially enter, and by setting the alarm manually each night and either way it worked as expected less than half the time. I removed and reinstalled it before trying it for a bit longer but I’m afraid I am now giving up.Version: 2.1

Too unstable to recommendWhilst always a little clunky in implementation, it was at least stable & reliable before the 3.x release, but now there are times when the entire complication gets stuck in a loop and is unable to detect the alarm for one day has ended in order to set the alarm for the next. If there’s one app I want to be reliable, it’s my alarm clock, and sadly I just can’t say I trust this to work as it currently stands. AutoSleep is exceptionally good, to the point I can’t believe these are by the same dev, so hopefully in the future these bugs will be ironed out, but for now, save your money & either stick with the default alarm app or find a more stable & reliable alternative in the App Store..Version: 3.0

Do NOT BUY thisIt worked grate in the past, I rely on this heavily back in 2019. Not working anymore now..Version: 3.0

App does not workThe app just not work. Can't set app an alarm. Absolutely useless..Version: 3.0

No reply from developersThe app was working the way it should until the last update. Now says no complication. I did what the developers suggested but didn’t change. I left an email to support more than month ago and no response. Believe all the newest ratings and don’t buy app till it’s fixed..Version: 3.0

Update has broken HomeKit for me!So the update to 3.0 has broken the usefulness of the app for me. I had it set up with HomeKit to turn on and off light with the alarm which was helpful for me going and waking from sleep. What also has broken is the ability to report this issue/bug through the apps support email which I have to leave this poor review. Bugs are to be expected in the usability of apps, just think support/help shouldn’t be by 3.0.Version: 3.0

Doesn't seem to workPlease please please don't waste your money. The alarms literally don't even go off whatsoever. You'll set an alarm and the you can be staring at the count down...and then...nothing. Even when the iPhone app is open, nothing happens. The app shows there is an active alarm. And it just...doesn't go off. Complete waste of money. Don't get this. Absolute garbage..Version: 3.0

Does not workAlarm does not go off to wake me up..Version: 3.0

Doesn’t workI downloaded this a week back and despite doing everything the guide said this does not work. I just get the message no complications detected. Considering I paid for this it’s pretty disappointing..Version: 3.0

Currently BrokenI am a huge fan of AutoSleep and HeartWatch. AutoSleep is by far the beat sleep tracking app I have tried, and I’ve been using it for years now. I know the developers can make a quality app. But maybe someone fell asleep on the job with this app. It is broken. After using the app for one week, I finally deleted it this morning. The alarms are going off outside the time window I have set, which is a huge problem for me. They keep going off earlier than they should. The biggest problem is that I am not being awakened in a light period of sleep. Maybe part of that issue is the settings are confusing. It seems like the developer is trying to account for a bunch of scenarios that are irrelevant to a sleep alarm app. I swear that I have gone into the watch app to turn on the alarm multiple times this week and the alarm was already turned on. I feel like I can probably figure out the quirks with this app, but when you are messing with my sleep, I don’t have time for that. Maybe I’ll check back in six months..Version: 2.2

DisappointingAutoSleep and HeartWatch work seamlessly. But AutoWake is another story. Was able to set the time and it ends there. Any attempt to modify or add results in a screen with a flashing strobe saying it’s working. 10 minutes later it’s still working. I don’t get any of the screens show in the support area. For now to me it’s a dud and a waste of 3.99. Beware if you decide to buy it..Version: 3.0

Needs to be simplifiedSimilar to other reviews, I like the other apps so thought I would try this one. Must admit that i can’t figure it out. I can’t set a daily AutoWake alarms until after a certain time of the day? The alarms then show strange time’s, when I just want to be woken after 8 hours of sleep. Not at all intuitive and I think I’m going to look for another simpler auto awake app to use. I’ll keep this installed in case it’s every redesigned and then lives up to its description..Version: 3.0

Latest update has broken itSince the latest and greatest big update my alarms will not work. No longer are they reliable at all and I’ve almost been late to work twice ( thankfully I set an emergency alarm ) Uninstalling and reinstalling hasn’t helped at all. No idea why or how to get things working like they used to.Version: 3.0

Not Auto At allThe word “Auto” was the buying driver for me. However, I was disappointed to find out that you have to activate alarm every single night MANUALLY if you want to wake up, I can’t use my fav watch face as this app requires a special face to work, so there is at least 2 manual steps you need to do in order for you to wake up early. Plus, after all the extensive configuration, I still was not able to use this app to wake up. It tells me that I can’t activate an alarm before, for example 10 pm, so if I go to sleep earlier, I am “doomed” in the morning. Support didn’t help after I asked to clarify the fine print “that there is no way to bypass “manual” daily setup for the “auto”wake app. Very disappointed..Version: 3.0

It’s ok, but of a chore to get it workingThe scheduled alarm doesn’t seem to work at all, even after all the troubleshooting on their help page. What I noticed is when turning on an “advanced” alarm, the status will change to active on the mobile app, and it’ll say when it’ll go off. When turning on a “scheduled” alarm, it’ll show when it’ll go off, but still show as inactive..Version: 3.0

Interesting that my review is gone.Here it is again. I’m tired of “ o complication” messages when the app is on the watch face as a complication. Tired of no connection messages even though the watch shows a connection to phone. Deleted. Really wanted to like this. Fix and I’ll try again. Until it is fixed, don’t waste your time or money..Version: 3.0

Not sure of the USPI like many other bought this as the other apps in the collection are fantastic but struggling to understand what is unique about this alarm compared to others out there and in fact having to connect with your phone and keep it on charge all night is a show stopper. Firstly the battery, I left it off charge one night and it used 60% battery or possibly more had my phone not died, what can it possibly be doing in the background surely like the sleep app it’s getting all the data from the watch! Secondly the reason for purchasing was to wake we gradually as I believed this to be the reason for feeling so groggy in the morning, setting it manually it’s no better than the stock app and setting it to wake you during light sleep does so at random times which are not in the pre selected drop down! Lastly being woken with no other option than one tone is pointless! Shame as the app looks like but that’s about it.Version: 2.2

App unusable since updateSince the update this app is unusable. Setting a basic alarm leaves the app to get stuck in an infinite loop that does not allow me to edit time or setting of the alarm. Even turning the alarm on or off yields a wait screen that after 4hrs does not go away. The only way to reset the alarm is to uninstall and reinstall to the watch. This AM I wanted a lie in, but could not turn the alarm off as it had crashed again, so had to uninstall mid-sleep. Will update the review when these bugs are fixed. On the upside, if the features work, they will be better than before..Version: 3.0

No longer supported, no longer workingJust doesn't work after a couple of OS updates.Version: 3.0

Doesn’t workAll the reviewers say the same thing. App doesn’t work. Scheduled alarms don’t ring. I’ve not had the experience of alarm ringing at odd times as I’ve already deleted it. Was forced into buying this as AutoSleep has an alarm you have to set everyday..Version: 3.0

2 Stars for a great ideaOriginally gave this a glowing review, used to work fine for me, unfortunately the new update v3 has messed everything up, try setting a scheduled alarm, that don’t go off, try changing the time on the alarm after the failed wake up, this is not updated in the App. Big time communication issues, spoken to developer, nothing works. Was really looking forward to the update, I wish I could go back to the previous version..Version: 3.0

Better if just watchThis would be much better if it would run natively on just the watch, no need for the phone to be on..Version: 3.0

The weakest point in the link....AutoSleep is epic, HeartWatch equally so! When AutoWake works, it does really help me wake up with minimal disturbance to my partner, which is a bonus! I am struggling to enable it though from the watch, no connection is the norm. App is on the phone, app is loaded on watch on current screen, try to enable, no connection message. Leave a few minutes, maybe enables. Most times, I just give up. Shame, as it does work, it just. ☹️.Version: 2.1

App drains battery and doesn’t workI tried this app to try to get up easier. I liked the AutoSleep app so I thought why not. For the last 4 nights I tried to use it to get up earlier. I set the AutoSleep alarm earlier than my real alarm and found I was woken by my real alarm every night. Another con of this app is it drained my watch and iPhone battery so much. I do not charge either overnight since it is bad for battery health and have woken up to a dead iPhone twice. The bad UI design is also included in the review. Not impressed, if I could get a refund for it I would. I am definitely uninstalling for the sake of my battery life!.Version: 2.1

80% battery drain in one nightI have slept in my watch ever since I’ve had it and charge to 100% before going to sleep. Last night is the first time it has ever read 18% battery remaining in the AM. I have a series 4 and the only change was installing this app, and updating the AutoSleep app (which I’ve used for some time also). One of which must be the culprit..Version: 2.1

UnreliableThe alarm will stop automatically after a few seconds if you don’t do anything. It should auto snooze instead..Version: 3.0

Can’t turn it offThe other apps were good, this rubbish can’t stop the alarm by pressing the red banner, had to turn watch off and on, contacted developer but no response..Version: 2.2

Cool If It Was ReliableI bought AutoSleep, Autowake and HeartWatch as a bundle. While I believe that AutoWake and HeartWatch are excellent apps (and have reviewed them as such), I cannot say the same for AutoWake. You can set AutoWake up to automatically wake you at a certain time for each day of the week. In my case I have it set to wake me at 7:00 Mon-Fri. You can also override this behavior as needed, i.e. I disable the alarm if I am taking a day off work or have a holiday. Its greatest advantage IMHO is that it is supposed to find a time when you are sleeping lightly near to your set alarm time and then tap your wrist to wake you up. It more or less works most of the time. And when it works it works very well. I have AutoWake added as a complication on my primary watch face (my ONLY watch face) as required and my phone sits charging on the end table beside my bed so there should be no reason for failure. But the alarm has failed to go off in the morning 4 times over the past two months. This might not seem terrible, but if you need to catch a plane the next morning - which I sometimes do - I don’t want my alarm to be flakey. What usually, but not always, happens is that the alarm will go off later in the morning, 9:40 and 10:20 AM are two times that I recall specifically. This morning it just didn’t go off at all. I will be deleting this app and falling back to the Apple Watch’s built in alarm..Version: 2.1

TerribleUsed once, failed to wake me up silently and instead went off late with an ungodly voice shouting ‘wacky wacky’. I still have nightmares about it..Version: 3.0

FailsUsed to work, now the alarm never goes off. Uninstalled/reinstalled. Still does not work. Back to the built in alarm..Version: 2.2

Abandoned?It appears that the developer stopped supporting this app. No updates, crashes etc. I love the Heart watch app and had high hopes for this one. Should have paid attention to all other reviews alerting about the issues with this app..Version: 3.0

Sorry for this morningI was mad so I sent you bs I review my alarm setting for more efficient alarm. Still, the savety that the person is awake need to be adress. I don’t know if the song started to wake me up, but for sure it didn’t wake me up. Now I putted a more hardcore one to be sure I wake up. When the alarm decide it’s enough time buzzing, it should start a normal biping sound straight from the watch. There’s a speaker on the watch you know... it doesn’t help just to make an “I’m awake” button if the app stoped trying to wake you up an hour ago. I didn’t press the button so why it doesn’t continue to try to wake me up. Hope I’m clear with my point, I’m French speaking person. And btw, HeartWatch is in French, AutoSleep is in French, but not AutoWake. I’ll appreciate AutoWake in French too..Version: 3.0

Good idea but but has some real issuesLove waking to a slight buzzing on my watch. it’s just a far superior way to gradually get up in the AM. find the UI to be lovely but the UX to be complicated. after daylight savings the time has been inaccurate and needs adjustment nightly. I updated today’s alarm and it never went off, so I’m late for my first day back to work after a long break. simply unacceptable! UPDATE: here we are in time change AGAIN and my alarm hasn’t gone off morning after morning. I know the developers aren’t in the US, but if you release in another market, you really need to understand that market. this is really lousy. it’s time to delete..Version: 2.1

BrokenPlease fix this app you shouldn’t be selling a broken app.Version: 3.0

People, give it one star review if you want Dev to careDoesn’t even go on time. Just trigger the damn alarm when time has countdown. Why does it wrap around and count up. So dumb. Dev doesn’t understand how alarms work..Version: 3.0

Doesn’t work with WatchOS 6After upgrading to WatchOS 6 the complication does work, so can’t use the app at all..Version: 3.0

Alarms do not go off anymorePlease fix this.Version: 3.0

Woke me up at 4am three times! Can’t disable the alarm eitherI set a scheduled alarm for 8:30 and it kept buzzing my watch several hours early. I couldn’t see anything that would indicate why, but by the third time I uninstalled the app and that fixed it..Version: 3.0

This app drains a lot of powerTo be specific, it drains 15% of power over a night sleep..Version: 3.0

Can’t even function as an alarmI bought this app as part of the health pack bundle (with HeartWatch and AutoSleep) and I’ve been underwhelmed by the entire bundle so far, but this app in particular was a complete waste of money. Not only is it entirely and unnecessarily complicated, but the haptic alarm function doesn’t even work! I’ve tried multiple settings a variety of ways, but every time when the alarm is set to go off, my watch is silent. I tried contacting the app developers, and I got an automated response directing me to the websites FAQs. I tried following the steps laid out there but that didn’t do the trick either. If you just got an Apple Watch, do yourself a favor and stick to the regular alarm clock, at least that will actually work..Version: 2.1

Don’t do it..This app is garbage. It undermines your phone’s utility alarm settings. None of what you do/set on the app syncs with your normal alarm settings. (There is no option) There is no ergonomic feel to this app, the graphs and charts don’t make any sense and never will. The (auto) alarm has made me late for work since it (literally) decides to not play any sound when it goes off. Randomly, like you can have all your phones sound settings up all the way and the with it not on silence, and still, no sound playing because like I said, settings you have on your phone with the sleep focus verses the settings on the auto sleep app itself that works with auto wake, none of it will ever have conjunction between each other. And I’ve tried so hard to get everything set up appropriately and still, no remorse. It’s bad, collects neat fake sleep info that isn’t accurate at all. Good luck with this app, not worth losing my job over it when I can just use my standard apple alarm app and now that it’s going to actually (sound) when the alarm goes off..Version: 3.0

A good start but definitely not there yetRelying on the phone and the watch is probably an inevitability but the way it is set up is really buggy. Not only do you need to make sure the app is open and the complication is on, but sometimes you have to try a bunch of times to even set an alarm. The alarm display is a bit strange. You can’t really see all the details about an alarm and the UI is a bit unintuitive. I really like all the apps by these developers so I’m hoping they will work out the kinks in time, but right now it’s not quite production ready..Version: 3.0

Don’t waste your moneyGot an Apple Watch for Xmas, paid £2.99 for this piece of crap!!!.Version: 3.0

Wrong price chargedIt was showing £2.99 in the Apple Store and it charged me £7.98. This rating is based on the lost of trust in the provider; not on functionality as I didn’t try the app yet..Version: 2.1

It has yet to work onceGuess I was lucky that I still had back up alarms. I used fix time alarm with Light 15 feature, and for a week straight, AutoWake failed to ring when the time has come. Often half an hour or something after I’ve woke up from the other alarms set a few minutes after AutoWake I’d remember I have AutoWake and go turn it off. Then comically AutoWake would start ringing only when I turn it off. I did have it put on a complication and also turned off the sleep mode so the watch face is always on. Maybe I’m not using this correctly but I’ve done everything I could and it’s still not working, at this point if it’s still my fault then I’d say it’s a really bad user experience design..Version: 3.0

VaporwareThis app is essentially useless. Alarms will never go off unless you’re lucky. Get AutoSleep instead. Shame the same dev has such a different standard for each all..Version: 3.0

Now with unnecessary added complexityUrgh. Really not a fan of the new update. It used to be so simple to customise and set alarms. I’ve given it a good couple of weeks use, but it’s definitely worse than the previous workflow. Clunky and unintuitive. Such a shame..Version: 3.0

Too complicated to useThis app is unnecessarily complicated. The instructions are poor and it isn’t user friendly. This should just be an added feature on the AutoWake app (which works really well) - not a separate app..Version: 3.0

Downright DangerousDo not rely on this app to wake you up for work or school, especially if you're using it with the Watch App. I have been using it for a couple years, and it works *most* of the time--except for when it just decides to do something totally different, like use your weekend alarm on a weekday. Sometimes the correct alarm is selected, and the "countdown" is actually in the negatives, past the time it was supposed to go off. Sometimes it will go off twice, once when it's supposed to, then again several hours later, when I'm in a meeting or something. I also have scheduled alarms that are supposed to reset daily without me having to interact with it, but I routinely find that it thinks I don't have any alarm set at all...until I open the watch app and then it remembers it was supposed to be set..Version: 3.0

No complication !!!Seriously??? Useless!.Version: 3.0

I wanted to like this appConsidering I paid for the bundle I wanted to like this app. After multiple failures and multiple contact with support I am finally just sticking to the watch alarm app. Maybe they are just trying to do too much here? Support was never very helpful outside of saying it works for me. I followed the instructions to remove, reboot and reinstall the app at least 4 times over the last 2 months. After it has failed 2 times in the last week alone I am giving up. It can’t be that complicated right? Alarm set for 6:35, when time is 6:35, sound the alarm. I have not been running any other alarms while this was going. Thankfully I’ve had enough failures that I set a back up on another device. Could have been great app along with the sleep tracker but I guess they got my money and did not really want to fix actual problems after I voluntarily offered to help test..Version: 3.0

New “features” make it worseI’m not happy with the new update, before everything was easily setup on my phone and now I’m having to reconfigure every alarm on a tiny little screen on my wrist...what is the point of the iPhone app anymore if everything has to be done on my watch? The least you could have done is transferred previous alarms to the new version instead of requiring them to be setup all over again. Still giving 3 stars as all the other new things seem useful so far..Version: 3.0

DOES NOT WORK, WASTE OF MONEY!DOES NOT WORK, WASTE OF MONEY! And customer service is non-existant, they do not bother responding or answering.Version: 2.1

Doesn't work & dev won't tell youI relied on this app to wake me up for years and previously gave it a great review. Now, it doesn't working on iOS 15.4 and the dev didn't tell anyone! Apple made a change to iOS that caused this problem and the developer knew about it since the first iOS betas. They didn't have the foresight to notify their users in advance that IT WOULD STOP WORKING! They waited until the iOS update went out and just put a small text on their website about it. That's too little, too late. I'm never buying anything from this company again and I recommend you don't, either..Version: 3.0

Useless and unintuitiveThis app's user interface is atrocious. It makes no sense, settings are scattered all over, the "Last Alarm" and "Home" screens lack any functionality. On the watch, I have AutoWake in the main screen of the modular face. It has a useless counter that counts up from the time of your alarm (is that supposed to be how long I've been awake?). Sometimes it'll count for days, other times it'll change to counting down until the alarm sounds (moderately helpful). The rest of the watch settings interface is actually decent. But I figured if I could set and forget the alarm I could live with the other UI issues. Unfortunately it never works. Auto schedule turns on and off at will, I don't have weekend alarms set but somehow it sets one on its own, and the alarm has yet to work. Each day this week (6am alarm) the alarm has failed to go off on time. It's only gone off twice - once at 6:18 and another at 6:40. Not helpful! Not surprisingly, it also fails to give the taps to wake you from deep sleep as it advertises. A complete waste of money. AutoSleep is a good app (UI is okay but works better than this), but AutoWake is utterly useless..Version: 2.1

Alarm Doesn’t WormMy alarm never goes off even though it says it is set on a fixed time. I missed class because I slept in 2 hours since my alarm never went off even though it was set. I tried playing around with the settings but every morning it does not work..Version: 3.0

It doesn’t set unless I delete the appI have been trying to use this app and it doesn’t even allow me to set the alarm. I follow the instructions and the only time it has been successful was when I deleted the app and complication and reinstalled them! Waste of money!.Version: 3.0

The idea is great but...Such a smart idea? It appeals to the geek in all of us. I love their other products but this one falls a little short. First off, it is not reliable. I have had times when it alarmed me an hour or two later. At the beginning it didn’t do anything except alarm me at the alarm time - which is no different than setting the alarm on my watch. Finally when it did awake me, honestly, I felt like I just lost sleep period. I didn’t feel any better - just felt like I woke up early and lost sleep time. The talking alarm is cool and the concept seems so cool but in the end, I just set the alarm on the watch. For me, it just didn’t work well. Their other products are outstanding!.Version: 2.1

Just not workingScheduled alarm just not working I tried everything for some reason it just not working.Version: 3.0

Drains iPhone Battery; Can’t Handle wOS YpdatesRinse and repeat. 15.4 updates on iOS and wOS and once again…alarm won’t set (because, remember kids, the “smart” alarm is dumb and needs set each and every night!). Can I rate an app with 0 stars? Developer: FIX THIS ISSUE AND THE BATTERY DRAIN ON THE iOS host! First and foremost…THIS APP DRAINS YOUR iPhone’s BATTERY. Period. Proven through updates of it. Proven through the developers suggestions for restarting everything. IT DRAINS THE BATTERY. Second, it cannot handle watchOS updates, and barely tolerated iOS updates. Proven through recent updates. ….Workaround for this….uninstall the app from the watch BEFORE a watchOS update, reinstall, and your alarms and complications come right back and work that night. Prior to this, alarms would not set, which brings me to my next point… Third, this is NOT A SMART ALARM. I have to turn it on each night even though I setup the alarm to be all weekdays, etc. I need to turn it on each day. I used to do that on my Sony bedside radio alarm clock in the 80’s and 90’s…I think tech has advanced since then. The good: the other two apps from this developer are awesome!!.Version: 3.0

BrokenApp no longer works and doesn’t seem to be supported.Version: 3.0

UselessI’ve been using this for 2 weeks, did not wake me up once. Not even close. The app says if you ignore the watch vibrations it’ll turn the alarm on on your phone, didn’t do that. Not worth the money. Total waste..Version: 2.1

I’m too simple or the apps too complicated.Either I’m too simple or the apps too complicated as I can’t get this app to do anything useful. That’s even after an email from the developers trying to help. This is a real shame as I love the Autosleep app. And I have the HeartWatch app which is also good. Sorry Devs, perhaps take a look at how SleepCycle implement the settings. I’m not promoting the SleepCycle app as it still has no Apple Watch support and the Autosleep app is way better..Version: 3.0

In theory an excellent app, in reality it’s terrible.I have tried this app for a few weeks now and it’s honestly awful. Half the time it doesn’t go off at all. And yes I have the complication on my watch face, yes always allowed is on screen time, yes my phone is plugged in. The other half the time if I wake up within the 15 minute light sleep window the alarm never goes off. Don’t even think about not getting up because the alarm will never go off. Today was the last time I was willing to deal with it. I was up before my alarm. Turned it off and got out of bed. Within 5 minutes the emergency alarm was going off and there’s no easy way to turn it off. Then the alarm spoke to me when I turned up the volume on certain apps during the day. Maybe one day the Apple Watch will have a native smart alarm. I’ll go back to the regular alarm. It never failed me and wasn’t this much trouble..Version: 2.1

Where is AutoWake 4???I love both of your other apps! They are so insightful and keep up with a plethora of health data. But what’s up with AutoWake??? It hasn’t been updated in years, which I find extremely frustrating!! Even the oldest of apps still have regular updates containing bug fixes, minor improvements, new features, or modernized UI/UX. Why have you abandoned this app and left its development so stagnant?? I just don’t get your intentions here… If I were to stumble upon this app today, I would NOT buy it! Part of my process in assessing the quality of apps before buying or downloading them is checking how recently it was last updated. Consistent developer engagement in their products is so important to consumers! Who wants an app that is left to fade out and die? I say you should either put out an update ASAP or just remove it from the App Store. Again, what’s the use of an app that is stuck in stagnation?? Like I said, I love your other apps, which is why I simply can’t comprehend why you don’t give this one any attention. Maybe you should use AutoWake to wake yourselves up and roll out an update!.Version: 3.0

I wanted this app to work so badly but it’s way too inconsistent to use for realThe idea is awesome and I wanted someone to make something like this for years, but it just doesn’t work. The auto schedule never works, you have to manually turn the alarm off then back on again if you want it to go off the next morning. The backup alarm hasn’t worked for me yet either. Even when I do manually set the alarm each night, it’s way too easy to turn off while half asleep so I have done it and fallen back asleep on several occasions. Also the sleep cycle function never seems to work and it always wakes me up at the earliest limit of my sleep window (ex: 5:30 if latest alarm is at 5:45 with a 15 min window) I really want this to work but the pieces just aren’t there right now, and it’s way too inconsistent to actually rely on as an alarm in its current state.Version: 2.1

Nothing auto about itBeing a happy customer of their AutoSleep product, I jumped on this promising an equivalent of SleepCycles natural wake alarm but on your watch. Less obtrusive right? Sadly no. To start with you have to set it every night. And only if you are using a watchface with the AutoWake complication on it (which I never default to). And the way it tells you this is LOUDLY announcing it on your phone (ignoring mute). The opposite of unobtrusive, and pissing off my wife! Condescendingly it defaults to calling you DARLING and loudly calling out “WAKEY WAKEY” over and over if you don’t react to the tap. Finally, even with most these options turned off, and remembering to set the alarm every time you go to sleep on the correct watch face, it doesn’t appear to use the set window to wake you at the lightest sleep. I’ve been awake watching it count down to the set time and then go off. It has to work around limitations set by Apple, sure. But between being completely obnoxious and not actually working I can’t recommend this at all in its current state..Version: 1.0

Not workingAlarms no longer working. Running iOS 13 and series 1 watchOS 5.3.1.Version: 3.0

No longer works on I-watch (3 at least)Disappointedly suddenly stopped working - reinstalled repeatedly on I-watch without success..Version: 3.0

Not reliableIt’s not not reliable enough to recommend. Alarm apps need to be 100% reliable. They need to go off every time. I’d say the alarms go off half the time. The fact that “backup alarms” are recommended and effectively required is a huge, huge problem. If my smart alarm should wake me up no later than 9am, if the “smart” part fails, it should still go off at 9am until I wake up. That just doesn’t happen in my experience. You have to set backup. That’s ridiculously dumb. This “on-device” backup alarm should just be part of the normal alarm, if the reason that the smart alarms are flaky is the iOS connection. There’s no point in having it separate. It’s also just generally buggy. As an example, I set a 10am smart alarm at 4am. It never went off. I checked later in the day and it was still running, as if it was aiming for 10am the next day. That’s a massive oversight. Beyond that, the options and UX are poorly laid out. The clearest example is that the “periodic wake up nudge” and “early alarm” are in the same scrollwheel, which makes it appear to have a ton of duplicate options. Plus, there’s an entirely different “periodic wake up nudge” that has to be configured globally from the iOS app. There’s no need for it to be so confusing. This is an absolutely terrible app which could maybe be great if the developers made it make sense and made it 100% reliable..Version: 3.0

Doesn't work with iOS 15.4The phone app just says "no complication" and doesn't turn on. It's completely useless now..Version: 3.0

Directions need made clearI just spent half an hour or so trying to change the haptics and set an alarm on this without success... Then I opened your website and the lightbulb went off. 💡Why? Because your directions refer to the "Watch app" repeatedly. For someone who just bought a Watch (like myself) that makes you think to open the Watch ⌚️ app on your iPhone 📱 But looking at your website the images make clear that you're referring to YOUR app on the Watch. 🧐Clearly someone didn't think this thru when you published the Help section. You need to change this to specify the AutoWake app on your Watch... I'm betting that's why a lot of users who have published reviews are having difficulty..Version: 3.0

BuggyI bought this because the AutoSleep app was great. However this app is buggy and it is not even functional.Version: 3.0

Buggy!!!Extreeeeeemely buggy. Good luck sleeping in, the alarm will go off even if you had turned it off in every way possible..Version: 2.1

Once Was A Great AppAutoWake used to be SO good. However it seems that support for AutoWake has stopped which is unfortunate because it had a feature no other app provided: an alarm for when you’ve slept 8 hours (or any number you set) I used to love it. No matter what time I finally fell asleep I would be awoken after exactly 8 hours. That feature does not work anymore. I’m consistently sleeping past the 8 hours and waking up before the alarm so either the alarm doesn’t work or it’s not tracking my sleep anymore. It’s a shame the other apps in the bundle are supported still but not this one. This app is no better than the stock iOS alarm app now..Version: 3.0

UselessI’ve had great faith in the developers for many years but this app is a complete disappointment. You cannot rely on this as so many times it simply will not work. I’ve completed every bit of technical advice and yet it simply refuses to work. First I thought it might be a series 4 watch issue but also installed it on my watch SE and still no joy. Don’t waste your money and stick to the system alarm, that never fails..Version: 3.0

I love this app…when it worksI really think I’ve benefitted from this smart alarm. However, every couple of months, it simply stops warning—in two stages. The first—it allows me to set an alarm, but simply doesn’t go off at the appointed time. Next, it stops allowing me to set the alarm (push the “set alarm” button and you get back to the main screen that confirms NO alarm is set.) then I have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work again. I think with this last round of glitching I’m going to have to find another smart alarm..Version: 3.0

DisappointedBought the app since AutoSleep was good good. This app isn’t very good and fails to work on latest watch OS on Apple watch series 4. Please make the complication better. Thank you..Version: 3.0

Long way to goI don’t write many reviews but feel compelled to write one. I am so disappointed with this app, especially comparing it to the AMAZING AutoSleep app by the same creator. One of the biggest flaws with this app is battery consumption- after a full charge and sleeping 7 hours I wake up to 47% battery. That’s unacceptable. People who sleep with their watches on need to preserve battery life. Without running the app I would have around 80% battery remaining at the minimum, sometimes up to 92%. Also the app simply doesn’t work. Despite waking up within my window time and moving my arm around to try to induce the alarm, the alarm only goes off at the latest possible time. Nothing “smart” about it. I remember using an app like 8 years ago that woke me up based on my phones movement on my bed that worked much better than this. And this app has access to detailed sleep data. As of now this is a 1 star app. I am giving it two stars because I like the idea, I love the developer, and I am optimistic they will see this and completely start over to create a great new app I can change to 5 stars..Version: 2.1

Alarm rings on wrong timeMy alarm’s set at 9 am, but it rings at 5 am occasionally, which is so annoying because I can’t sleep back again after it rings. The app’s supposed to help sleep but turn out ruined it. Uninstalling.Version: 3.0

Unreliable incomprehensible (and unhelpful instructions and support)Really poor app. It just doesn’t work. Removing app, the others in the set (autosleep and HeartWatch) were so good I expected this to be similar - it isn’t, its rubbish, save your money and don’t bother! If you read the “top positive review” it basically says the same as this review: it *can* work but only if you ignore all the instructions and settings! Setting up on phone to have regular alarms with haptics results in entirely incorrect results. Not random just plain wrong (ie set it to 7:05 alarm, with 15 minute light sleep monitoring to give you haptic “bumps” from 6:50 and instead you get an alarm at 6:35 ???) You can’t change hideous alarm sound so are forced to mute your watch for everything. If you ignore the phone settings and the warnings on watch app that you’re doing it wrong then, as another (positive?!?!? Go figure!) reviewer says then if you do just set it daily on the watch and ignore warnings then it seems to work a bit better. However to me that exemplifies the issues: you have to ignore instructions and settings and work it out yourself. Before posting a negative review I did contact the developer with issues but was told in essence it’s all my fault, not his app and to change my general watch settings so I’m not an a***hole!!! :-O so no help nor service there. Avoid..Version: 2.1

DisappointingThe user interface is extremely unfriendly, further, the app did not work as intended. My watch did not wake me for the past 2 nights. And throughout the day, the phone app was ringing non-stop no matter how many times I disabled it. Had to delete the app. Disappointing..Version: 1.0

LovED itI really liked this app before the update. The haptic taps to wake me up were so much better than waking up to noise(s). And, hearing Arthur’s voice telling me “You’re so lazy!” put a smile on my face. Sadly, after updating it got buggy. I contacted the developer and received support but their suggestion didn’t work. My sense is that they know they’ve got a real problem and I will install it again after they’ve fixed it because it’s a great app..Version: 3.0

Alarm clock it is notThis app has let me down too many times to list. It seriously fails to function like an alarm should. The widget must be on the face of the watch for it to work (not sure if that’s a requirement for other watch apps but it invites disaster.) It actually goes off at one minute past the time you set it for(?) The automatic mode has sometimes switched itself off. I’ve had it shut off when I pushed snooze and snooze after shut off. It has turned off its automatic mode (changed to manual) after pressing the off button in the morning. The app simply does not give me confidence that it will function when I need it to. The final straw was a complete implosion on the morning after the spring foreword time change. It didn’t go off at all. The alarm time for the next day said 6:00am but the setting “wheel” read 5:00am. It would not correct itself for until I restarted my watch. I wrote the developer and was told that they knew about the problem but didn’t realize the time change happened so early in the US this year! It’s been the second weekend of March since the Bush administration. Don’t waste your money or time here..Version: 2.1

Does not workDoes not work with the latest watch os.Version: 3.0

Doesn’t workThe smart alarm feature of this app doesn’t work for me. I’ve repeated their reset instructions twice. No dice. I’ll stick to the regular Apple Watch alarm - simple, free and safe (you won’t be late for work)..Version: 2.1

Do not buy AutoWakeWhat a terrible app. I can’t believe you released it in this state. I have HeartWatch and AutoSleep and I really like them. I thought I’d really like AutoWake too. But it’s terrible. Confusing to setup and use. I started getting error notifications constantly one night. So I uninstalled the app from my phone. Except it didn’t fully uninstall from my watch. I’m trying to reinstall it on my phone to remove it from my watch but it’s not working. I’m probably going to have to reset my phone and my watch if I can’t get it to properly uninstall. This is beyond annoying..Version: 2.1

New update is buggyI live the idea of the new update, but there are issues: three times in the past two weeks my "scheduled" alarm hasn’t gone off at all, and I’ve been late for work. This is in spite of the settings (alarm is “on” and settings are correct) . An alarm app I can’t trust is an alarm I can’t use - especially if the functionality of the alarm (some days it goes off, others it doesn’t go off at all) appears to be random. I hope this gets sorted out, because the concept is awesome..Version: 3.0

Stopped working after few weeksIt worked for few weeks and then suddenly stopped working. Waste of money..Version: 3.0

High hopes but never workedLike many others, used AutoSleep for a long time which is faultless. But with this (PAID App - no free trial) I’ve tried several times to set a scheduled weekday haptic only alarm, with a 30 minute gradual awakening. Phone on charge, complication set on watch face, phone app running in foreground. Nothing. Not a single buzz any time or at the alarm time. With zero developer feedback visible in these reviews, this is just getting deleted..Version: 3.0

Overly complicatedI suspect English is not the native language of the developers. They use all kinds of unique verbiage and weird terminology. You literally have to read pages of detailed instructions if you want any hope of using this app correctly. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the “unreliable” one-star ratings are actually caused by people not understanding this overly complicated app..Version: 3.0

Doesn’t work combined with unhelpful supportI should have paid more attention to the reviews. I’ve had a smart alarm app before that worked splendidly with little effort. For this, even after putting all the info in and adding the watch complication, it simply didn’t work. What a disappointment. The developers idea of support is just sending a link. It is probably also indicative that the last update was quite a while ago. Buyer beware!!!.Version: 3.0

Not quite but I have faithHmmm to be brutally honest at this time this app barely deserves 1 star but I’m giving it 3 just because I’ve seen the quality these people have already produced. Part of it’s problem may be hardware limitations but you now have to meet a couple requirements that I can’t easily meet. It’s a great start and a great idea I’ll use nightly once it matures. I’ve been through literally hundreds of apps over the years and beta test many of my favorites but none meet the standards these guys have with their other apps. And I rarely review I just like to help the best when I can..Version: 2.2

Can’t recommendAs of Dec 2020, this AutoWake app is not fault tolerant; not idiot proof. There are too many things that you can do to NOT make it work, and then you’ll be making excuses to you boss as to why you’re late AGAIN. Why your alarm didn’t go off. But what worries me is that this app hasn’t been updated in over a year !! So it seems that the developer may have abandoned it. After a week of patience, I found a magical procedure to make it work, that I don’t see simplified in the instructions. As long as I don’t deviate from that then this app might work, and IS pleasing when it does. But then my iPhone kept complaining that its battery was almost dead by morning. The iPhone Settings Battery shows that this app is severely draining my battery all night long, reducing my long-term battery life. Better off just using the Apple Alarms app to wake up — it works. Or the alarm feature of this developer’s related app AutoSleep — and unlike AutoWake, AutoSleep hasn’t let me down so far. AutoWake could be made more idiot proof, and better integrated into AutoSleep for those who’ve also purchased AutoSleep..Version: 3.0

Most pointless alarm everErr, it’s fundamentally broken. Setting it is a pain, having to connect your phone over night is a pain, having to change phone settings every night is a pain. It’s never actually triggered when I expected it too. I can’t rely on it. And when you’re awake I seem incapable of getting it to switch off at the first attempt. It might be logical to some but not me. Now sticking to the in built Apple alarm. Now that does exactly what it says on the tin.Version: 3.0

It was working great, now "no complication" errorWill update the rating if it starts working again. Right now it's literally unusable. I have the complication on my watch face, i have tried different watch faces, reinstalling the app, re-adding the complication. Nothing worked..Version: 3.0

Great app for wake upPerfect and works like a dream using haptic taps to wake you up via Apple Watch. No issues at all once set up just make sure you have a watch face active with the autowake complication or won’t work..Version: 3.0

Love the idea but not great for shift workersI work variable shifts, sometimes including night shift and there doesn’t seem to be an option to set an alarm for the same day?! You’re forced to set it for the following day, so sadly I can’t use this when on night shift 😐 I realise I could probably set my alarms for the whole week via set schedule but I find that option much less flexible and intuitive. This seems a disappointing limitation of the app— please fix it!!!.Version: 2.1

Great in Theory not in PracticeApp wants to be great but can’t quite get there. I liked the various options to wake you in your lighter sleep stages and the way you can schedule different alarms to go off on different days. It’s even nice that you can do that from the watch itself. What’s frustrating is you can ONLY do it from the Watch and the functionality is to complicated and clunky to be a watch only mechanism. - Deducted one star because there is no on-phone functionality for setting, adjusting or turning off alarms - Deducted one star because Of how complicated all of the alarm setting features are - it’s not a smooth nor intuitive system - Deducted one star - and this is my big issue and why I won’t use the app anymore - when turning an alarm off early it DOES NOT WORK. Several times I’ve wanted to turn the alarm off or change it to another time and it simply doesn’t work after a certain point in the night. It just continues to blink “wait” but doesn’t turn off. HOWEVER - it I do that, then it seems to cause an issue with the app for the next 24 hours and the next alarm WON’T WORK at all. Very frustrating and could cause issues if you’re counting on the alarm to actually do what it needs to to wake you up. Disappointed because I like the other two features it integrates with. If they could fix these issues I’d be more than happy to try again but as it stands now the app is useless..Version: 3.0

3 strikes you’re outSet an alarm for 5:25, both watch and phone show it is set, look at watch face with AutoWake and AutoSleep complications on it. Go to sleep 6:00 I look at my watch. Late for work the third time. Complication is counting up as if taunting me “yeah you should have been up 35 minutes ago but it’s not my problems.” Yes it is your problem alarm, yes it is. Bonus points to autosleep telling me the complication is not on my current watch face as I stare at it..Version: 3.0

UnreliableFails at its primary function as an alarm. Worked well for a few weeks but then suddenly stopped. Now it doesn’t go off sometimes. I have to set a backup alarm just in case. Also, there hasn’t been an update in 6 months now, I’d avoid this app as it seems like it might be abandoned. Not fixing such a major issue quickly raises alarms —ha!.Version: 2.1

Very much a failThis app really does not work. After going over the insanely complicated directions and settings we realized you have to keep Bluetooth on while you sleep. This is not something we want to do because of radiation. We just use the built in alarm on haptic. That’s all you need. And you can have your watch in airplane mode..Version: 2.1

DisappointedApp doesn’t work at on phone or Apple Watch and app maker won’t return emails to rectify. Very disappointed seeing their other apps are good..Version: 2.1

Wish it worked the way it was supposed toI first purchased AutoSleep and, after the alarm failed to go off the second morning, I foolishly decided to add AutoWake. The features it promises are great. And I liked it the first morning, despite the fact that the alarm went off a minute later than the latest wake time I set. This morning, despite having both a smart alarm and scheduled alarm set, despite having turned on the smart alarm when I put the book down and turned off the light, neither went off. When I realized half an hour later that it was suspiciously bright in my room, there was an “I’m awake” option which I selected and the app then told me my safety alarm was now off. Gee, thanks. I’m not spending money on an alarm app because I naturally spring out of bed at the appropriate time each day, so an alarm that only goes off sometimes is useless to me..Version: 3.0

Doesn’t do anythingI have not once been woken up by AutoWake and I’m not even sure the app tries. I don’t know if it wants me to do something to start it but it’s just a waste of time.Version: 3.0

GlitchyI really liked this at first but I stopped using it a while ago because the alarms weren’t actually ever going off. I came back recently and all was fine until I tried setting an alarm, it won’t let me set any. Even after I press add. I own HeartWatch as well as AutoSleep they’re great apps, but AutoWake is glitchy..Version: 3.0

Kills batteryIt eats 49% of my battery as background task. That's pretty impressive achievement, unfortunately in bad way. Can't say it's waking me up in deep sleep either. Changing wake up time from watch is ignored. Good idea but poor implementation. To many problem for no obvious benefit -> uninstall.Version: 2.1

Not reliablePrior to AutoWake 3 I loved this app and would have given it 5 stars. Now that “AutoWake 3 is here” it is useless and I find myself using the Apple Clock Alarm instead. Moving the alarm setting interface to the watch was a bad call. The usability of the limited interface make setting alarms frustrating and it kills batter power of the Apple watch. This app used to auto turn on alarms for me on a schedule so I would never have to think about setting an alarm. Now I spend a could minutes a night messing with the interface trying to decide if the alarm is going to wake me up, or if I need to set another alarm. Just use the Apple Clock alarm. I would not recommend this app in the state is is now..Version: 3.0

Great idea, poor executionIn theory this is a great idea, it just doesn’t work. Constantly complains about no complication (which is incorrect, I launched it by tapping on the complication). Support suggests reinstalling, but otherwise has nothing of use. I tried it for a week straight, twice it worked. Great? I woke up before the alarm, so I was able to monitor. Did it decide to go off 30 minutes it’s early when it detected motion like it should? No. Did it go off on time? Still no. Not a peep out of the watch until my Apple alarm went off (this triggers on the phone and I can dismiss from the watch). Shame, as it was reliable in older versions, but it just doesn’t work. Even when it tries to work, it still doesn’t..Version: 3.0

UselessI have tried to get this app to work consistently with my Apple Watch but it’s pointless as it will not synchronise with my iPhone most nights..Version: 3.0

Do Not Buy; Still Extremely Unreliable— Find myself having to force-close every other day just to get the Alarm to actually trigger nowadays. — Oftentimes, when it doesn’t trigger, I’ll notice that the “countdown” merely turned into a “countup.” Meaning, the App counted down to “0,” and instead of triggering the Alarm, it merely continued to count to “1” and upward, indefinitely. — Cannot cancel Alarms when the “countdown” has already started. It just says, “Working,” and hangs indefinitely. Even force-closing doesn’t work. Restarting the Watch is the only way to cancel an Alarm that has already started. — There’s just a certain lack of control I feel using this app. You guys want us to not have to worry about it, but it’s so unreliable. There’s no way I can use this without setting a backup Alarm using the Clock App At this time, I seriously cannot emphasize this enough; DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP. v2.x.x and below was like an alpha, v3.0.0 is like a beta. If your livelihood depends on waking around a specific window of time; this app is highly likely to fail you. Any high-star reviews here were either naively posted in haste, or are fake. I really want to like this app, but maybe what you guys are trying to do just isn’t possible with what Apple provides and allows for Watch Developers. You definitely shouldn’t be charging anyone for this at all. It is not ready. Given the apparent technical-hoops it jumps through to even function, perhaps it never will be until Apple opens up WatchOS more. There hasn’t been an update in 4 months, so maybe you agree. Worse would be if you guys feel like this is somehow “complete” and that your work is done. Hopefully you have a trick up your sleeve that will take this to GM-status, but I highly doubt it..Version: 3.0

Don’t buy this app (maybe just yet)I have both AutoSleep and AutoWake. The AutoSleep app is working fine. However AutoWake is super buggy. If you follow the instructions step by step and set the complication on apple watch and then select one if those advanced timer (that’s really the whole point of this app) it just stuck at “wait” and you are not sure if it worked or not. It might wake you up in the morning or not. Everything is possible with this app. I would say avoid buying this app for now and wait for a proper update from developers. The last update seems to be from 2 years ago so the might have abandoned this app..Version: 3.0

I’ve just wasted £.2.99I bought this app as I really like AutoSleep and it came up as a recommendation, however, three days later I am about to delete it and accept that I’d have been better off putting £2.99 in a charity box. Despite following all the instructions, adding it as a complication, I can’t get the app to work, despite having just upgraded to the most up to date Apple Watch and an iPhone 12 Pro! Back to my normal Apple alarm, at least I know it works!.Version: 3.0

Great under the ‘right’ conditionsThis suite of apps works great for tracking sleep, however the biggest flaw when using AutoWake occurs when you change time zones. I frequently travel for work and find that once you switch the watch out of flight mode, the alarm time that you select is stuck in the original time zone from which you departed. E.g if you select 7am for your alarm in the new time zone it reflects as 10am on the AutoWake home screen. This happens even if you close and reopen the app. If there was a workaround my rating would be much higher - as it stands the only fix is to power the Apple Watch off and then on again..Version: 2.2

IncoherentI gave this a try fora day, but hopeless interface, totally incorrect sleep data and infuriating aural feedback..Version: 2.2

Was great until it wasn’tI used this for like a year with very few issues. But all of the sudden, no matter what I do, it doesn’t work. The alarm either doesn’t go off, say it can’t connect, or wakes me up hours earlier than I need to be woken up. Which those first two I can understand, but why on earth does it go off in the middle of the night and wake me up??????? I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling, I’ve tried changing the settings. It’s like the app one day just decided to be a piece of garbage Don’t bother downloading. At worst it won’t work, at best it will work for a while then randomly stop and you’ll be disappointed. Part of the problem is it hasn’t updated in forever, and it seems that the company has no intention of updating the app given how long it’s been.Version: 3.0

Don’t buy!App has stopped working some time ago. No fix in sight..Version: 3.0

Functionality great, alarms notThe timing and all of that is great, being to determine a wake up time and just let it do it’s thing is awesome! But... if they could just have an alarm that slowly ramps up in volume with some peaceful sounds, that would really make it worth it for me. This is just my experience and if none of the following applies to you, this app will work wonders. As of now the current alarms are either too harsh I get angry and turn it off (the voice commands), to light I snooze and keep sleeping (Apple Watch buzzing on my wrist), or too easy to turn off (music playing after I skip my alarm). Also, the ability to set multiple alarms at once would be nice - or at least several back up alarms. For people like me I tend to snooze even the smart alarms... and it’s a pain to have to remember to set backup alarms in other apps..Version: 3.0

No PM alarm optionI first downloaded the Auto Sleep app and love it! So I decided to get the AutoWake app to be able to use the “tickle” and “nudge” option because I tend to wake up feeling very groggy. I was so disappointed the moment I tried to add an alarm right after purchasing app. App has no option to put alarm on PM. I work nights so I need an alarm to wake me up at 4PM. I’m upset I actually purchased the app and can’t even use it! That should be fixed. Not every one has a normal wake schedule. Also, it would be more convenient if we’re able to set alarms on you phone instead of strictly on the watch. It is too much bulk to fit on a watch. There should be an option to set alarms on phone..Version: 3.0

Poor and clunky to useAll sorts of annoying little quirks you need to do in order for it to work. Shame. Because AutoSleep is great..Version: 3.0

Auto Schedule Doesn't WorkI've been using this for a couple of weeks and it will alarm (but only at the exact time, not in my light sleep) if I manually schedule the alarm the night before. But, if I leave it to auto schedule, the alarm doesn't go off and I sleep in. It's unreliable. This is unfortunate because I love their other app, AutoSleep, and was really hoping for this to work..Version: 2.1

Won’t even load on my watchI completed the set with this app, but it has never even shown up on my series 4 watch! It’s loaded on my iPhone but not the watch, therefore it’s quite useless. Even if it were to magically appear, having read all the instructions and set up guides I have to say it is far too over complicated, the Auto sleep app is outstanding, but this Auto wake app will do nothing except keep you awake trying to figure it all out! Uninstalling, save your cash and don’t buy this app, it’s garbage in its present form..Version: 2.2

Can you add auto present alarm Mon - friSorry my last review was harsh. I must not have set it up properly and thus it didn't work. I still reckon there are few things you could add to make this work well. I am setting this alarm and the one on the Apple watch just in case. But do wish you all the best and will be keeping an eye out for updates..Version: 1.0

Needs some major bug fixesHave had this app for a few months now. Was a little quirky but generally worked. That is until the spring daylight savings switch. Since then I would generally have 2 days a week where the app would not go off. My wife gets up at the same time so she would wake me on those days. Sometimes the watch would just display the time normally and other times the alarm screen would be showing but no sound or haptic was happening. These are even after I would double check the watch before going to bed to make sure the widget was on and counting down to the alarm set time. This has just happened way to many times now so uninstalling and going back to stock alarm again. Will revisit possibly in a few months hopefully it will be more stable and reliable. Note I own both his other apps and enjoy those greatly..Version: 2.2

Doesn’t work as describedAlarm didn’t work..Version: 3.0

Great potential, but too many major bugsI’ve tried this app for a few days. I can not recommend it in its current state (September 2019) due to major bugs in basic functionality. 1) Setting scheduled alarms does not work properly - app on phone reflects different alarm setting than watch, causing wrong / missed alarms; 2) changing an existing alarm doesn’t work properly; 3) attempting to turn off an upcoming alarm within 30 or so minutes of the alarm time causes the watch app to show a confusing purple HAL-9000 “wait...” screen until the original alarm goes off; 4) the UI for setting smart alarms on the watch is unintuitive (“no way”? “Bump me?”) I do like AutoSleep, but AutoWake has a ways to go before it’s ready for prime time..Version: 3.0

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Is AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm not working?

AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm.

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