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MySynchrony App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

MySynchrony app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MySynchrony? Can you share your negative thoughts about mysynchrony?

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MySynchrony for Negative User Reviews

The app gives u trouble sometimesThe app is mostly straight forward except once u make a payment it will take 24-48 hours to update on your account and once I made a payment on the due date the next day I checked it charged me a late fee in that case there is something wrong with the app it needs a serious bug fixes otherwise u can manage everything from payment all the way down to the due date also the transaction history could use some work as well. Just look out for these things once making a payment don’t hesitate to check your account once in a while to make sure everything is in place.Version: 2.4.0

Don't waste you time! Go online instead of...Downloading this "App". This app USED to work. I was happy when I found this app and had wished I knew about it 2 years earlier when I had another retail acct. associated with this bank. Then before these "unprecedented times" occurred, I had applied for another cc account associated with Synchrony and I was happily and conveniently paying down my account until about 5-6 months ago. When I attempted to make a payment, there was an 800 number and a website, I think. I'm so frustrated right now that I don't even remember what was on there. I EVEN deleted the app and reinstalled it again and still to no avail..Version: 2.10.2

Mobile app needs some workGot a new care-credit card, my old one is still displayed on the accounts page (which is fine) but flagged red which I don’t like. So when I hit payments it gives me an error message saying they can’t service my account anymore. Not user friendly when it comes to that. Also, I have a Lowe’s cc too, and it simply won’t add that to my mobile app. It’s displayed on the mobile website but I can’t see card or make a payment on it on the app for it..Version: 2.15.1

Worst bank to get credit throughI have received cards from various banks with minimal to no issues but Synchrony is by far the worst to get a credit card through. My first card I received was for Ashley Furniture which I paid off in 6 months to get the same as cash price. The day I made my last payment they send me a letter that they are reducing my credit to $200 because of my credit score. My score wasn’t any lower than when they accepted me and who can buy anything for $200 at a furniture store? Three months later they send me another letter that they closed my account. Second card I get is for tires at Discount Tires. I paid off the $700 in 6 months to take advantage of the same as cash deal. Again, the month of my last payment they drop my limit to $250. I had that limit for a few months using the card at gas stations to show use and I paid it off every billing cycle. Today I get a letter they closed my account with the same lame excuses they gave me with my Ashley account. I can see if I paid late or maybe only made minimum payments and always kept a high balance but that was never the case. I will never get credit any synchrony backed card. Ever!.Version: 2.16.0

Worst Customer ServiceMy payment was due on the 13th even though they’ve never sent me a notice about when my payment is due, I went ahead and made a late payment on the 15th. On the 18th I paid off the account completely. Here it is on the 22nd and they had the nerve to charge me additional interest even though my next payment wasn’t due until June and the account was paid off prior to this. I paid the additional interest and closed my account today and will stick with more reputable creditors from now on. This was by far the most expensive and unnecessary credit card I’ve ever opened. Be warned, the high interest rate and poor customer service make this credit card company an inconvenient headache..Version: 2.14.0

So much troubleI had gotten this card for a very good reason. I had been paying my payments on time sometimes extra. I went through a time when every single time I tried to log in on the app or on the website it would tell me that i couldn’t and to try again later. So many attempts and nothing. Eventually i was able to log in but only to see a 300 dollar fee for no reason then like 40 dollar charges every few days. I had been patient about this and asked for a few weeks now to get those fixed so i can continue paying the account off. But while I get emails just saying “we’re so sorry how can we help” over and over again after I tell them exactly what my problem is but i get the same answer. I told you guys how to help me why am i being charged and asked the same questions again and again. I do not know how to fix this. All of a sudden the card is up hundreds of dollars than when I was able to log in. It’s ruining my credit score and just stacking so much debt on me. I need this fixed ASAP. And I really loved this service but now it’s just caused me so much stress..Version: 2.1.0

SHADY BANKI bought a mattress with Mattress Firm, and they told me I could spread into several payments without any interest. I selected the 12 months installment. When I accessed the bank to make payments, they never show you the payment plan you have. They lead you to pay the minimum payments, and that’s where they get shady! They don’t show you the 12x installment amount due, they show you a very low amount as a minimum payment. If you follow them, you will end at the end of your 12 months installment more than 75% of your total due. That leads the customers to an absurd amount of debt. When you ask them to set the minimum payment due as your agreement of 12 installments, they say they cannot do that. They lead people to debt by not being clear about their installments, amount due that would pay the mattress. They give you a total amount due and minimum payments that does not equal the total amount due on the time agreed. If you use this bank and you do not pay attention, you WILL end up with a lot a debt. Totally NOT recommend this bank to anyone. They even tried to blame Mattress Firm, saying that the deal was signed with them, but who provides the loan is the bank, or their credit card you sign for. SHADY BANK, SHADY PRACTICES!.Version: 2.10.2

Horrible companyThey manage so many different companies! I spent a good year raising my credit score over 60 points. They did a review! Closed 1 card and dropping available balance on another! Destroying my credit! Slowly over a few months, I was making my way back up! Then they closed another one with zero balance, dropping my score another 20 points! Every card has been paid on time every month! Their excuse? We will give you a 100 reasons and you will have to figure out which one it is and deal with it!!.Version: 2.14.0

Don’t trust auto payI set up my card with auto pay which would deduct on the due date but when the due date came it would process the payment and take the money out of the bank (sounds good so far). But several day’s after the due date passed it would refund my money with no notification and charge me a late fee. I would than have to call in they would apologize refund the late fee and charge the payment. This happened again and now they closed my account! Don’t go anywhere near this bank no use when there are plenty of other good choices out there..Version: 2.8.0

Cut our credit during pandemicI've been making the effort to make sure everyone knows this. The pandemic was hard on us as was with a lot of people. I would be laid off some weeks due to not having parts at my workplace and unemployment would never pay me as my state had one of the worst unemployment situations in the U.S. with millions having to go months without receiving benefits. My wife and I both had a card through Synchrony. We were late at the most two days on making payments and it only happened TWICE. Synchrony sent both my wife and I letters saying they had canceled our lines of credit and we were still due for the balance (and of course interest.) Never had a company treat its customers like this. Anyways just watch your back with this company, I know I will never do business with them again..Version: 2.15.1

Very unhappyThis app has made me very angry. I signed up for estatements but can’t get through the app. Called customer service and was told click on log in within the email. Just tells me to open this app. It refuses to let me view my statement. The app also doesn’t tell you what your closing date is either so I accidentally made a second payment ahead of time in the same period now in order to be compliant I have to make another payment within their period which I just did. They lack all of the pertinent information. If you to know anything else you have to actually turn on your computer and sign in. What good is the app if it only provides limited information..Version: 1.0.9

DissatisfiedThis company is the worst. They do not care about their customers or their business. I have used my Ashley’s Furniture Account with them now 3x. But without warning, or notification they closed my account. They said despite the fact that the 2 times I had paid my account off early that my account was closed due to my credit score (medical billing and insurance issues not even my fault). They also did not care at all that literally my account WITH THEM. Has always paid over the amount due monthly and again paid off early. None of that matters at all to them. The app is now trash just like the company..Version: 2.10.2

Make no mistakeI opened my no interest mattress firm account and payed on-time every month. I have another credit account with different due dates. I got the payment dates mixed up one time and payed mattress firm 7 days late. I put my account on automatic payment to ensure it never happened again. A few days after my payment my available credit was lowered by thousands of dollars, lowering my credit score 48 points. One month later Synchrony closed my account because now my credit score was to low. LOL. This lowered my credit score another 22 points. I was 7 days late ONE time. I have perfect payment history on my credit report but now have a credit score 72 points less. Be VERY careful with this company they are a predatory credit lenders..Version: 2.16.0

It’s just okI’ve accidentally made double payments several times because unless I’m totally missing something right in front of my face, it doesn’t tell you that a payment is already pending for the due date. So I panic, unable to remember if I already submitted payment not wanting a late fee and then see the double charges from my bank. I think sometimes it says $0.00 due, but no payment shows up in the transaction history and hasn’t gone out of the bank yet and it’s confusing..Version: 2.11.1

Bogus ScamI have a synchrony credit card and bout the card security because if you have it and are wrongfully fired from your job they can forgive the debt. Not two weeks after i was wrongfully fired with proof and was denied the benefit. Now they wont let me remove card security and i have had to make payments on multiple occasions which have not shown up on my account but have come out of my bank account. I even had receipts of payment and offered the confirmation numbers and they refused to even hear them but continue to charge me and add fees for late payments and card security. I WILL NEVER recommend Synchrony to anyone for any reason and I will NEVER use synchrony again. This is the worst most BOGUS SCAM. Not only was my debt not forgiven when it should have been but now i am being charged for late fees on payments I’ve already made AND it has dropped my credit score 400 POINTS!! Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!! If no stars was an option id choose that!.Version: 2.16.0

Horrible cardWorst card I have ever had. Reports to credit agencies on a different day every month. So you never know what day you have to make your payment by. They wait several days before requesting the payment from your bank. So your bank account is basically messed up until these people decide to do what should have been done immediately when you make the payment. No I do not recommend this card. And if you charge anything within the first week after they report to the credit agencies they then report against you again. I believe this card is designed to destroy your credit. Beware!!!! Stay away!!!!.Version: 2.4.0

Customer service doesn’t care and reported my balance incorrectlyI was actually very happy with the line of credit and rate that I got from this company since I was rebuilding my credit. However they kept reporting the wrong credit score. When I called to understand the issue, customer service was confrontational, when I got a manager on the phone, she was also confrontational. The fact is that my balance was much lower (for months) than they reported, and instead of taking accountability for it and trying to help me understand what I was missing as far as my score being wrong, they could not. And, they could care less. Asked for the complaint department and I was forwarded to voicemail. The saddest part about this is that I wanted to use the card for another big purchase and that’s why I was also calling, unfortunately for them, I will not..Version: 2.2.1

Huge security flawWas very excited to open a Synchrony account but there was a major security flaw with account verification. There were two phone numbers automatically assigned to account for verification, one my cell and the other unrecognizable. So I called thinking I could just request them remove that number, but they said they couldn’t because that information was supplied by a 3rd party. Naturally, next question was ‘who’s the third party so I can contact them to resolve’ to which the bankers response was ‘we cannot provide the third party that provided the phone number’. What if someone that’s not me used the unauthorized number for account verification and I subsequently lost all money? I immediately cancelled the transfer and lost $35 for having to stop payment. So the agent didn’t assist with removing foreign number, canceling transaction, or providing information for third party. Save the $35 and security risk!.Version: 2.13.0

I hate synchronyWhen I bought my jewelry I never got anything saying that my payments would double if i didn’t pay off my total balance in two years.. my balance went from $2000 to $4000 in a matter of minutes.. I have been making my minimum payments for 2 years. I never missed a payment.. I will never buy anything on credit especially from synchrony.. I feel like I’m getting robbed.. the jewelry I bought wasn’t a deal it was a rip off.. and I asked to talk to a supervisor and he still said there’s nothing I can do.. I just got robbed by big corporation.. poor just keep getting poorer.. rich get richer from robbing the hard workers.. 👎🏾👎🏾.Version: 2.1.0

App has many bugsToday I had 70 dollars taken out of my checking account and noticed it left my balance negative ! While trying to check on the app why and what was withdrawing from my account the app keeps closing, funny enough I can check my savings account with no worries but as soon as I click my checking the app force closes. App is useless and have always had problems with this company for example I’ve set my phone number three times now , but when ever I try to log onto my account with the computer it asks me to verify my identity with two Numbers that are not mine!! I’ve done this process three times now where I call them and adjust my account numbers but it seems to always reset. This app has caused me more problems than solutions . Canceling my accounts very soon!.Version: 2.0.1

Kick em while they’re downI’m leaving this comment on here because I can’t get an answer from anyone on the phone. How contradictory is it for me to open the app to make a payment and I’m instantly hit with a message about how you’re doing your part to be there for your customers during this pandemic BS then continue on only to find out that my account (which is not close to its limit, is current on payments, and has a good payment history) has been closed without even a notification? And as I write this- without an explanation as well. Of the almost 2 years I’ve had this account, NOW is probably when I would need it most. Seems completely opposite of being there for someone- and I’m not even ASKING for anything! Even when society runs ‘normally’ your business actions here are ridiculous. There’s still a balance on the card that you’ve closed- should this be some sort of credit score issue or anything unrelated to this account - I could imagine it being hard to collect on it. Just sayin. I hope during this time of uncertainty, you all aren’t blowing flowers up everyone’s a__ while you close accounts from anyone that’s unfortunate enough to feel the repercussions of government shutting down the economy. Thanks Syncrony- thanks for nothin!.Version: 2.5.0

Thrives!!!I have a 1500 credit limit on my card and over a period of time I maxed it out because of a sick animal. Every month for a few months I would pay 60 on my account and then I’d get the statement saying my account was over its limit. I went to the bank applied for a loan paid it off and they sent me another bill for $32 and some odd change. I had forgot and paid it twice and they took my $32 credit. Then you can’t get anyone on the phone. If your trying to work on your credit stay away from any place that deals with SYNCHONY BANK. YOU'LL GET RIPPED OFF EVERY TIME. CAPITAL ONE IS A GOOD CARD and they don’t gauge you with interest..Version: 2.12.1

Synchrony is a ScamI have a Care Credit card, unfortunately. I signed up for the insurance, in case you aren’t working, the insurance will cover payments for you. Well, two times when I lost my job, I “didn’t qualify” to use the insurance. Not only that, the insurance was charged to my credit card, incurring interest by Synchrony. Like all big banks, profit is the number one priority. Lose your income because of Covid? Don’t worry, they will call you 4 times a day, text you and email you to let you know you’re behind on a payment. They also won’t forget to charge you late fees and interest. Synchrony has been disappointing all the way around. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with them. Save yourself the trouble..Version: 2.10.1

I can not pay my bill!!It started as a good app when I first got it. First month was able to pay my bills , easy and fast . I have 3 separate cards . So it was very convenient! For the pass two months , I have not been able to pay my cards . So I have to call to pay . I wish this would get fix soon . I really enjoyed the fact that I can pay all 3 cards in 15 sec vs calling it in and take 30 min because the recording doesn’t understand me when I say a amount..Version: 1.0.8

Bank help desk doesn’t even deserve 1 starWhat many people have posted about the customer service at Synchrony is completely true. As a bank entity things work however when you have an issue and call customer service that’s when the issues begin. The people they hire to man the NOC are extremely rude. The supervisory staff is not much better. You call to get info on your account and you’re talked down to like a child all for the sake of trying to figure out what’s wrong with an existing account. I really wonder if this bank actually has people in charge that care about their clients and want repeat business or prefer to push people away to other competitors..Version: 2.8.0

1 star only because 0 stars not alliedSo after talking to Synchrony Bank today my nose was rubbed in the fact since I made an off cycle payment at the beginning of April it fulfilled my autopay that was and still shows as due/scheduled on April 22. When I spoke to the supervisor they said Synchrony doesn’t administer the App. So I should speak to the third party App administrators about why the App still shows the Autopay due/scheduled for April 22. Additionally I have 2 closed accounts that still show up on the App. Ironic that a bank with a name like Synchrony throws up their hands and says that’s not on us. Synchrony Bank and App administrator need to Synchronize their info and present a better product to consumers..Version: 2.4.0

Frustrated by high rate for low techI have several synchrony accounts. The thought of having all in one app to track and make payments was extremely appealing. The app WILL NOT let me add an additional account for a one stop shop. I clicked to go to the main site online and it still won’t let me add an account. When I click Add Account it takes me to my profile and has forced me to update my info 3 times even though my info hasn’t changed. I keep going in a big circle. It’s frustrating and a huge waste of time. I won’t continue to use this app. It’s faster to log into separate sites to track and pay than to mess with this lousy app..Version: 2.11.1

Shady financial institutionThis has nothing to do with app functions, but how the company functions as a financial institution. I’ve had a credit line with them for over a year now and completely dissatisfied with their handling of my account. I’ve never missed a payment nor have I made ANY late payments, payments also being well over my minimum requirement. I open my account app and they’ve deducted over $1,000 of my credit limit without any notice. This has now lead to a credit loss and credit usage increase that has dramatically decreased my score. I’ve read some reviews and this is typical of them. It’s not a credit rebuilding phase for me by any means, but I wanted to share what I’ve been dealing with using their services. In a nutshell they’re a headache and applicant beware!.Version: 2.11.1

Missing Accts / Can’t UseI love having apps to streamline my bill payment process because I like to stay extremely organized. I have 3 accounts through Synchrony, so this app is very important to me. However, only one of my three accounts show up on my mobile app. I have Lowe’s, Value City Furniture, and CareCredit. Only CareCredit is showing in my app, but even then, I can’t do anything in the app and it directs me to call customer service. This resolves no issue for me in app usage… it would only get my bill paid… which I can do perfectly fine via the computer on regular internet. On the internet on my phone, the screen just isn’t big enough for me. Please help me in fixing this or direct me to where I can go to get help to fix this! If this issue can be fixed, I will gladly change my review to 5 stars, because it seems it would be easy to use if working properly!.Version: 2.16.0

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