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EVgo EV Chargers App User Positive Comments 2023

EVgo EV Chargers app received 21 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about evgo ev chargers?

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Easy to use for Nissan LeafI have a Nissan Leaf and use the ChadeMo charger to fast charge and it’s reliable, never had a problem and the rates are comparable to ChargePoint and electrify America. I hope they continue to build and support ChadeMo because there are lots of Nissan Leafs around. The app is clear to use. I don’t like their new rate plans where they charge you $5 a month just to be a member; before your monthly membership would go toward charging, but now it’s just a flat charge. Boo!!.Version: 6.0.9

Could use a mapThe app is usually much more reliable than the card, as I primarily use it when i constantly get errors when using the card. The only reasons the app didn’t get 5 stars from me is due to the fact that you sometimes cannot stop a charge remotely from the app, and there isn’t a map with all of the charging stations in the city. It would be more convenient to have a map to be able to plan ahead, rather than gambling on the app finding a charger near you. It would also remove the need for a third-party app to find charging stations when you are not very close to one..Version: 5.5.3

Simple and easy to useMy only complaint is that there isn’t a a button to click to show you your active charging status. It’s weird how you have to go to payments and transaction to get that info. I hope they update the app so you don’t have to be next to the EV to know the status of your charging session..Version: 7.2.0

Good not greatI appreciate the tap to go charging feature I also like how the app is consistently making improvements. I dislike that I have put in several maintenance requests for a pump that’s been out of service since June .. it’s now December. I’ve called, tweeted sent multiple requests through the app. feels like that aspect of the app could be handled better. Possibly having someone call to follow up to see if anything’s been done to resolve the issue?.Version: 7.18.1

It’s fineI use the app to initiate my charging and it’s convenient. The app itself hasn’t given me any problems, though some of the older chargers don’t communicate properly with my Soul EV. I would like to be able to see within the app how long people have been charging to help determine if a charger will be available soon before driving over..Version: 5.5.3

Time and patienceWith a little patience u can do anything just breathe and release slowly and watch magic happen. SOMETIMES THE APP IS EFFECTED BY INTERNET INTERRUPTIONS especially if u are under ground parking or on a hill type place . EVGO HAS BEEN THERE WHILE I TRAVEL IN PLACES WHERE FAST CHARGERS DONT EXSIT . I want to assist in the placement of more units .faster easier charges for every location thats busy PLEASE VISIT MY HEALTH BLOG ON FACE BOOK VIA “ROYAL HEALTH” #ROYALHEALTH AND ASK TO JOIN REACH OUT TO ME IF U WANT TO PARTNER UP AND BE A INVESTOR IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS OWNING A FAST CHARGER . Make money while u charge with me ! Evgo is the best and most effective charger systems next best is TESLA . U do the math and see EVGO IS THE BEST! PRINCESS HEIDY AIMEE.Version: 5.5.3

Problems fixedApp went from not useful to now only needing a few tweaks. I have not recently experienced inability to initiate charge at any station in last 4 months, an earlier problem. - it would be nice to go directly to charger instead of drilling down through menus. Slow cellular slows down the process. You can favorite a station, but not a charger - it would be nice to get charging level from app. App is already talking to station for time and connection. Why not grab the %? I can get it from car’s app, but have to use car’s 3G cellular and it has its own drill down and uptime issues. - it would be nice if app showed the running total of the fee. I now guess based on previous usage and do see the text message after charging complete. Also the text message could include balance to date. You have the data..Version: 5.5.3

So very easy to useThe EV go fast charging stations are so very easy to use even whenever they’re not working all you need to do is give their support and help number a call and they are right there and they help you and you’re usually charging within a minute I have never had a problem with charging or if it there was a problem they had me charge him within a minute I love to use the EV go charging stations when I’m out and about if I need them they are usually right there to help.Version: 7.18.1

Forced to update using cell dataI wish I didn’t have to use cellular data to update this app before it would resume functioning. The last time I checked for updates was a day and a half ago. Must be bad timing on my part, bit what would I have done if I was off the edge of the earth where there was no signal?.Version: 7.0.1

Planning a trip using app - UPDATEI had a problem planning a trip on the website whereby my trips suddenly disappeared, which was quite frustrating. After a few days and a number of exchanges with the support team my issue has been resolved and my saved trips have suddenly reappeared. Response from the support team was quite good as was the follow up. changing my rating from one star to 4 (should not have happened in first place…).Version: 7.15.0

Makes charging real easy!I love this app! It had it quirks in the beginning but there’s been so much improvement & I’m able to start the chargers without issues. I’m also able to view all my information and transactions right on my phone now. Keep it up!.Version: 7.18.0

Pretty darn goodLove the nearest station feature! Would love a one or two touch feature to report a station problem without calling . Snap a photo - hit an outage option. and submit. Also would be great to see if station issues had already been reported - service in progress.Version: 5.5.3

The App itself has been fixed and almost perfected.Simply plug in, open the app, wait a second or two for the app to discover charger based on location, then select plug, and finally swipe right. I truly have nothing negative to say about the app. I live in Houston, TX and for the rare times i do need a charge on my Chevrolet Bolt, it is a breeze. The only form of feedback i could give, is the price of the charge, it becomes too expensive to be charging at these for a road trip scenario. Not sure about competing chargers, but if i were to be strictly speaking on app user experience. After you set up payment, its as easy as swiping right on tinder and you begin to charge..Version: 5.5.11

The app is working as intended.When you look for a charging station, it will give you the closest available station. But sometimes when you get there. Someone might get there before you. It happens to us all the time. That’s why everyone should get all the charging network apps or EVgo should provide more CCS charging stations. Tesla in Europe has CCS converter for Tesla use. All the non Tesla vehicle will suffer when Tesla start charging on CCS network. EVgo should provide a pop up message that if the station is occupied while we driving to it. So we won’t be frustrated and wonder if we have enough juice to make it to the next station or home..Version: 5.5.3

More available than EAYour stations are more available than Electrify America, but charging by the minute is a killer, so I just graze charge with your stations. Change that and I will use you as my primary charging station. Love the new app. Shows more information than before. Greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work..Version: 7.1.0

Fast charging activePretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. I would say download the app because it’s much easier than fumbling around with your card at the machine. With the app, all your info is saved. Once you open the app, it pre-populates your recent charge locations as well as geo-locates where the nearest charger is, then you plug your vehicle up and click charge within the app…done!.Version: 7.18.1

Great but need improvementsI like the app but there’s things that need to be fixed. When searching for chargers it needs to be able to find chargers in longer distances instead of saying no chargers found. Not happy that there isn’t enough chargers either, always having to wait to charge. App needs to show how much I’m being charged as the timer goes. There’s time I’m only looking to spend so much. The price increase is also not justified for the few chargers in my location the Bay Area..Version: 5.5.11

Real TimeIt would be great if you had Real time updates of which charger working before you get there and call you about it not working then you see it on the app unavailable . But overall I like the Service. I don’t know if you can Stop this but nonEV’s parking in charging Spots very annoying…...Version: 7.18.1

Awful locationsNo complaint about the app as such, but the EVgo locations tend to be awful, such as not so good shopping centers, in front of Walmart, etc. Like I’m going to spend an hour shopping at Walmart while my car charges? I suspect these are subsidized by cities or the shopping centers to get you to kill what’s left of your soul and spend yet more money on yet more stuff you don’t need. Why not put them next to nice parks or cafés so I can enjoy nature, go for a run, or read for a while while my car charges? I’m surprised Subaru, of all companies, the love-themed, get-outside maker of AWD cars, partnered with EVgo. Still… good there are EV stations near Walmart. Just not useful for me personally..Version: 7.3.1

They fix the brokenWhen I go to chargers that just work, I trust EVgo over the others because too many broken chargers out there that never get fixed. EVgo still has a few that break now and then for a few weeks up to a month, yet they don’t stay broken for years like other charging networks..Version: 7.18.1

Very easy to start sessionI use this app a lot when taking long trips in my Bolt EV. The app immediately recognizes the charger when I stand in front of it and I need only a couple of simple screens to make my selection and “Swipe to Charge”. Very improved app in the last several years. The main things I need are accessed right from the opening screen and the other useful features in a menu tray accessed via one tap. The notification system is easy and very useful. I wish it had the ability to display car state of charge on my phone while charging and display recent charges by others at that station (for better trip planning)..Version: 5.5.12

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