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Jack in the Box® Order App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Jack in the Box® Order App app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jack in the Box® Order App? Can you share your negative thoughts about jack in the box® order app?

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Jack in the Box® Order App for Negative User Reviews

Poor in app help & customer service.Ordered drive thru pick up from a store listed as being open 24/7. Went to pick it up and the store was closed at 9:30 PM for some unexplained reason. That part really isn't that big of a deal. Stuff happens. The problem is the app has no way to rectify an issue like this. There is literally no way to refund or cancel an order through the app's built in help system. The app just lets you order from a store that is unable to fulfill the order and still charges you money. If you follow the built in FAQ and Help information, it just bounces you around from one nonsensical help article to the other while never giving out email support or phone support information. JiB and the team they contracted to build the app have inadvertently created a scam app if the store cannot fulfill the order. They also mention to "tweet" for help or fill out some third party 20 question feedback form which doesn't lead to you getting your money back. This app and it's help section is the final boss of poor customer service..Version: 3.0.1

App doesn't function at allAs of October 2022, the app doesn't function at all. When I open it, all that comes up is a blank white screen. The one time I did get something to open I couldn't search a location and turning on location services did nothing either. Since the app updated about two or more weeks ago it's been totally unusable. Jack in the Box went from having one of the smoothest user friendly apps to the absolute worst. They also used to have new offers and online exclusives every month but they already stopped providing those for the past several months before updating the app which was disappointing but at least I could still order online and earn points. Now I can't do anything. Hopefully they update their app or go back to the one they had before. Whoever decided this new app was a good idea should be fired and whoever designed it should provide JBOX a refund instantly unless they are intentionally trying to deter people from mobile orders..Version: 5.0.1

New Update is UselessBasically, instead of upgrading the app, they killed it. I had the Jack in the Box app and used it a lot before they updated it to version 5.0.0. Then, it quit working entirely, despite that it says it is supposed to work on my phone and with the older version of iOS I use (iOS 13). Version 5.0.1 of the Jack in the Box app says they fixed some bugs, but it sure doesn’t look like it from here. All I get is a blank white screen, and the coupon to nowhere that said it was for free fries in exchange for signing up to receive text messages is no longer there. In my opinion, updating their app that was great before and now no longer works for some of us, or has disappeared other users’ accounts and reward points, equates to a giant “F... YOU!” from Jack in the Box to their loyal customers. Is Jack in the Box trying to put themselves out of business? It is unfortunate, since Jack in the Box is one of the places that has often been most convenient to go to for lunch near my work, but since these utterly useless updates to their app, I will be deleting it and going elsewhere for lunch..Version: 5.0.1

App only allowed when connected to WiFiI’m sure this is not gonna do any good at all because I’ve been complaining about this for years. The Jack in the Box app only works when you have access to a Wi-Fi connection. It will not work I’ve just data. So, if I am on my way home from work and I want Jack-in-the-Box for dinner I cannot order it on my way home I can use my current Wi-Fi to place the order but when I hit submit I can’t do that once I’m close to the restaurant. Many many many times I’ve had to go to different restaurants and use other fast food apps because of this reason. I love Jack in the Box but this is very frustrating and this is the reason for my three stars otherwise the app would get five star..Version: 4.7.6

Bad customer service from local restaurant!We have used the app several times. The deals are great, and it’s convenient to use. But our local restaurant on multiple occasions has refused to honor the order (that we already paid for through the app) because when we came to pick it up “their screen didn’t say the same thing”. We showed them the order in the app where it clearly said what we paid for. The didn’t care and said it doesn’t match what their screen said do they refused to give us what we paid for. Are you kidding me? Another time we went to the same location and we had ordered an item through the app that was new to their menu. Paid for it. Got there and they said they don’t have that item yet. I asked them why they had a poster for it in their window if they don’t have it yet? Another time they told us they have “no control” over the app or what is charged as an excuse to not give a refund for items they refused to give us even though we paid for it! A few other times we got home with our order and items were missing. Clearly we need to stop going to this location because they don’t care, but JITB needs to get on them for taking such poor care of he customer!.Version: 2.7.0

Hit or miss (like huge miss!)When the store you order from that is listed as open 24rs has your order ready no issues the apps pretty useful and I can’t complain.. however … when the location is listed as 24 hrs and you arrive to nobody there (hiding in back with the drive thru blocked off) and then after waiting and honking at the window for 15 minutes to finally have the guy you saw in the reflection the entire time just ignoring you come up to the window and tell you they’re closed and can’t take orders to which you reply “well I placed my order online you already charged me” and have them look at you dumbfounded like OK… Then the more senior incompetent person tells you they will issue a refund but doesn’t bother to take down your details or ask your name and then you never receive said refund (for the second time - same guy) it’s hard to say anything positive .. freaking frustrating and then they don’t issue your rewards or jack pack offers you never received if they do refund you your money …. which is lame to boot. Cmon. Jack. ?!?.Version: 4.7.8

Why did you ruin this app?Stop fixing what isn't broken. Now you can't buy brewed Gold Peak iced tea through the app! The last UI update removed it as a choice in combos but allowed you to buy it stand alone. Now you can't get it at all. When I am looking closer at an item, there is no way to go back to the menu but to close the page and work your way back to the order. Had to reset password and payment method. Seems like either the menu choice have shrunk or you just forgot to add them to the app. That stupid clown marking faces between page changes is annoying. When the order was finally submitted, I was asked for feedback. It kept asking me how the delivery driver did but it used drive thru. It wouldn't let me pass on the questions. So I rated a fake delivery person poorly just to move on. Fire the techs that created this app!!! Roll it back..Version: 5.0.1

Could use some workWhile the app makes it easy to order without having to worry if it is going to be punched in correctly it does have some major faults. The customization options on the sandwiches are incomplete. For instance the stacked grilled cheese come with three buns and no options to remove the middle bun. Another instance is on some of the meals, particularly the munchie meals, don’t let you pick a drink you want for the meal and you have to ask at the window for it or they will omit it from the order. To add more to the drinks you don’t get your choice of drinks if you want different flavors. It just gives you the option of standard drinks. It looks like the app doesn’t update real-time on store supply. I added onions to my order and they were apparently out and asked if I wanted something else. Since the app charges for it they were going to keep the extra charge and not say anything had I not noticed. Had the app updated based on the store you selected supplies this wouldn’t have been an issue. Lastly, there is no way to pull up a receipt while picking up the order and if they refuse to give you one then you are out of luck..Version: 3.0.0

Seems Mostly Good but missing menu itemsThis app seems pretty good, and depending on what you’re ordering it probably is however it doesn’t have all the menu items available to order so it makes it rather useless if you can’t add all your items to your order. I was unable to locate the egg rolls to add to my order, even though the jack location has egg rolls in the drive thru and the app also offers a bundle deal that includes egg rolls and a bunch of other stuff bundled with the egg rolls (but no way to order them alone). No idea what other items are also missing from the app to order, but not having all the items available so you can complete your order defeats the main purpose of the app. I even asked the employee at the drive thru about it and they said that clearly there’s something wrong with the app when I showed her the egg rolls were not anywhere to be found on the app..Version: 3.0.1

I can’t jump high enough to eat here anymoreI’ve worked nights for 15 years. Jack in the box has always been my go to for after work food. Breakfast at 4am? Yes please!! Recently the majority of the locations only accept mobile orders once it gets dark. This is absolutely trash for soooo many reasons. I’ve just been going elsewhere, but tonight I really wanted some tacos. I sat in the parking lot and downloaded the app, requested my order and put in my perfectly valid payment info. Of course it took a few minutes and in the meantime the store (open 24 hours) turned off their mobile ordering. So y’all are paying the entire store of employees to turn down all food orders… not sure how that’s a valid business plan but I’m going to start cooking at home. Thanks for the solid 15 years of filling my belly. RIP JACK.Version: 4.7.8

App basically stole my money.On more than one occasion, I’ve placed a mobile order at my nearest Jack in the Box only for the location to be closed upon arrival. Every time I arrive I hit the “prepare food now” button as the app says to do so the food is made fresh. But it’s not until i pull up to the drive thru speaker that i’m informed the store is closed. So how am I supposed to get a refund if I don’t know the location is closed until I pull up to the speaker? The app doesn’t say they’re closed for mobile orders and still allows me to order food. Am I expected to hit the button after I’ve already talked to someone at the speaker?? That would just be redundant and counterintuitive. So basically I order food, only to find out that the location is closed upon arrival, the app has already charged me, and the app won’t let me get a refund. This is essentially theft. I’ve sent a couple complaints via their website and i’ve gotten no response. When the Jack in the Box near me is actually open, the app works as intended. But this has happened to me more on multiple occasions and each time i’m charged and get no food..Version: 4.7.7

May these 2 suggestions be helpful.As Jack in the Box needs no introduction, this review is solely about options missing in the current version of the app. Otherwise, it’s a decent app, navigation is great. Not all options are intuitive, but it is not hard to figure out either. I also like that Jack in the Box provides several discounted items and sometimes even free items in the app. With notification on, I was able to take advantage of these offers. However, I cut down 2 stars because I feel 2 very useful and easily implementable options are missing. 1. A way to favorite all my customized foods. Currently, one can have only one favorite and that will be the entire order you placed. Not just a particular item. I customize many of my items, for example, I like Swiss cheese and tomatoes in my chicken sandwich. For now, I have to do the customization every single time I order. I wish I could save the item in favorites and order through click of a button. 2. There is no way to have multiple payment options. You can store only one card at a time. If the app doesn’t want to give the option of adding multiple sources of payment, there should at least be an Apple Pay option, where customers can choose their preferred card. Hopefully, in the next version the developers have incorporated these. I think these could be very helpful and make life a bit easier, than having to customize every time nor to punch in a different card numbers at times..Version: 2.8.1

Application robberyI have used this application twice at two different Jack in the box locations. Both times I place an order for pickup and arrived to the restaurant and the location was closed keep it mind it was 6 and 7pm around a restaurants normal operating hours. Unable to pick up my order my credit card was already charged and the application offers no support to assist in the situation. I contacted other locations and they offered no help or solution only to call a support phone number that was not answered. I requested assistance on the application using a message system and was never contacted back. 2 weeks later I have now submitted a complaint with the BBB and disputed the transaction with my credit card company. Very disappointing how a company can struggle with a ordering method adopted by many restaurants.Version: 4.5.6

Issues at checkout every single timeIt’s extremely frustrating when you’re trying to place a “convenient” app order and it takes longer to manipulate the app than it does to run inside and stand in line. I’ve attempted to use this app multiple times and every time there are issues applying the offer, issues with each location charging different prices for items or not honoring offers, or the biggest issue I’ve experienced is not being able to checkout. Instead I get an error message: Dang it! An error occurred while processing your request! Please try again… only to get the same message continually. And don’t bother trying to get the restaurant to honor any offers from the app - that won’t happen - they all look at each other in dumbfounded confusion. Jack should take some lessons from Starbucks. They seemed to have mastered the art of ordering via apps..Version: 2.4.2

Disappointed.I live in Waco, Texas. I’m not sure if this problem exists in other parts of the state or States, but when I try ordering from two locations near campus via the app, I receive this message: “Dang it! An error occurred while processing your request! Please try again. We’ll cross our fingers this time.” I’ve gone to their website to fill out the “Contact Jack” form to provide information on previous issues, but I feel like as if I’ve never been acknowledged and heard. This time wasn’t any different, I even reached out to JITB’s Twitter direct message option, but I was never answered. Overall, I had issues with the app, couldn’t talk to anybody, and never was responded to to talk about and try resolving said problems, and I just didn’t think that was cool. I like JITB and my loyalty holds strong, but it’d be a lot cooler if they actually cared, for lack of a better term, and I could actually reap the benefits of using the app..Version: 2.7.0

App experience - start to finishFinding what you want on the app is pretty easy. With the exception of sauces, things seem to be where they need to be; why can one bit request sauces in the app? Rubio’s and a bunch of other places with apps have been able to accomplish this, so it’s a bit disappointing to not have the option with JitB, but I digress. You may find some “app only” specials as you search around - another plus. BUT (and here is why it only gets 2 stars), the app experience isn’t over until food is in hand, and the last step is kind of tricky… time & time again, regardless of location, I’ve arrived to pick up an order placed on the app only to find a group of employees with a “deer in the headlights” look on their face. I feel like JitB dropped an app into the App Store and didn’t bother to tell (let alone, train) any of their employees about it. Seriously, if you like and end up using the app, just be prepared to get to the restaurant and have everyone stare at you because they know nothing about whatever order you’ve place - lol. End result: cool app, but pointless since the employees don’t know how to use it on their end..Version: 4.7.8

Far from perfectWant Swiss style cheese instead of American cheese? Have to pay extra, and I’m not talking about their real Swiss cheese. No option to swap. For how much they try and upsell you on everything e.g. 4 pc chicken strip $7, 6 pc chicken strip $8, you’d expect to be able to swap their regular beef patty for their premium patty, nope. After using the app to place well over 2 dozen orders I have received a receipt for my order ONCE. That one time I did receive a receipt it seemed like higher ups were having a meeting in the lobby and were in the kitchen. Seems like only easy possible way to receive a refund for incorrect order or for not receiving all items is to demand a receipt which they would be required to do if you ask for it and demand a refund that way..Version: 4.1.8

Can’t order some itemsTried the Jack in the Box app for the first time to get the 25% off first order deal. Had to wait 20 minutes to order in order to get the deal. That was incredible annoying. While waiting I browsed the menu and added food to the cart. Found that egg rolls can not be ordered through the app. Also didn’t have the fish sandwich I seen an ad for 2 weeks ago. Ended up not placing my order and going to Jack and the Box only to be told only 2 people were working and I had to wait until shift change to order anything. So I went ahead and placed an order for another store through the app. When I arrived I was told they were out of many things I had ordered such as Mac and cheese bites and onion rings. Would be nice if the app would tell me when something is not available like the Mc Donald’s app does. Would also be great if the entire menu was on the app..Version: 3.0.1

Glad you joined 21st century, BUT......it’s obvious you’re not reading or taking the responses/reviews into consideration and implementing changes. Someone complaining about a 45 second delay? C’mon get real. That’s not a worthy complaint. If I’m going to spend my time on your app I should be able to do 2 basic things… 1.) Customize food the way I like, not how JITB feels I should. For example, I feel fresh onions should be an option for ANY beef burger. Period. I can’t do that on the app for the Sourdough Jack. 2.) There is no ability to put what flavor of drink I want. Only the size of the drink. The workers are wondering why I’m not putting this data in the app. I can only say that it may be new, but it’s archaic. So… with all the freebies you throw my way and being a fickle human being, if I can’t get what I want, how I want it, I tend to go elsewhere. I can’t take advantage of the freebies if I don’t order thru the app so what’s the point?.Version: 2.1.3

No refundI purchased items over 1 week ago and hit the red button to have my food prepared since i live 5 minutes away. Upon my arrival to the location, i requested my mobile app order thru the driveway. The cashier stated that they didn’t have majority of the items to create the order and therefore they couldn’t prepare it. I asked if I could get my refund there because the mobile app doesn’t provide that option or if they could cancel my order so that it would notify my mobile app that I did not receive my order because the JIB location was unable to create it. The cashier lacked knowledge of the mobile app and didn’t offer any solution. Therefore, I tracked down a customer service FAQ which basically states that you won’t receive any refund once you submit the prepare order red button. I’ve emailed JIB twice but still have yet to be contacted by the company. I understand if your food is prepared that you should be charged but if you haven’t received your order or even if you’re not satisfied with your order, they should have a request refund option. I’ll adjust my rating if I get my refund from JIB.Version: 3.0.1

App expectations v real lifeYou put in your order, you pay, then select prepare food. The app then tells you to head to your location. I followed all the steps arrived at the restaurant and was told their system was down and I needed to cancel my own order. There is no easy way of doing that and nothing in the app that allows for that unlike McDonald’s who has an easy cancel button. The employees don’t have any information on what to do and the managers are worse. I was then told the app has nothing to do with the store. This has happened 3x. The app is only worth its salt if it does what it is supposed to do. I now have to figure out how to contact someone to get my money back. So far I am waiting still with no solution and I am hangry because I still did not get my food. The app takes the money and the store doesn’t fill the order. If the app was interested in customer satisfaction I wouldn’t be jumping through hoops to get my money back. Don’t waste your time. Their offices aren’t open on the weekend and there is no one to fix it..Version: 3.0.0

Broken app and website after mandatory update.I used the old app happily for years but the mandatory update is quite literally unusable on my iPhone X running iOS 14.4. Even after uninstalling completely and reinstalling from scratch, the new app won’t even get far enough for me to see a single menu item. Not only that but even the web ordering page is loading a blank page today (October 7th, 2022). The results are completely repeatable on my phone: the app opens on a white screen and gets far enough to ask about cookies and whether I want to enter my number to get free fries - then just a white screen. I tried all combinations of input and nothing helped me get further in the process. Why did they require is to use the new app? The old one worked fine and I’m seeing nothing but a variety of issues with the new ones..Version: 5.0.0

App is good, Contacting Customer Service is terribleI do like the app. It’s gives great deals and convenience without waiting. My only problem is trying to get a hold of Customer Service. I’ve had already 3 orders that I was not able to get a refund from because the location was closed, even though the app allowed me to order. I’m down about $50 and haven’t been able to contact or receive contact about getting a refund. There are other apps that allow me to make a complaint and get a refund email within an hour. This app doesn’t give you that option, other than going on their website and leave a feedback or comment. Nothing really about trying to get a refund on an order……So this is just FYI for people that may want to use the app, just be careful, if you think you are okay with losing some money…..Version: 4.1.8

Never works75% of the time in the last year I get an error message saying the restaurant isn’t taking orders through the app. Hasn’t been available at all for over a month. I check daily. I don’t know if the owner of the franchise knows what’s going on. He has lost soooo much money from us (and I’m sure many others) going elsewhere. Why would I pay retail for their food just because their app doesn’t work? And if you don’t use the app you don’t get your Jacks rewards either. So of course I’m going to go to another fast food chain where their app works. Oh yeah and the last 2 days it doesn’t work at all. Says I’m not connected to the internet. Which I am. Tried deleting it and reinstalling and that didn’t help..Version: 4.3.6

The app offersWhat point is it to offer these offers to get free items to having percentages off for an entire order when it says right at checkout that it can’t honor it due to not being able to add due it doesn’t see that the needed item to get is in the list example free reg shake and you get one and it doesn’t honor it as well says you must use the app to buy it and you’re on the app about to purchase it!!! This needs to be fixed big time as well as keeping your pple to double check orders, too many times have I ordered tacos and never get any and when I try to call, they’re never available to answer!! My family now has to double check right at the counter before they can just take off. This is absurd..Version: 3.0.1

Good app, but....This is definitely my favorite fast food app. HOWEVER, there is one problem. If you order from the one tap screen, I think it automatically uses the last location you used for that order. Because most mobile order apps use the closest store, I didn’t even think about it when I ordered far away from the last time. So I checked again after already ordering, and realized it was the wrong store, 30 miles away. Not even a “this store is far away” warning. So I just did the same order today, expecting it to go to the store I originally ordered from. It ordered to a RANDOM store I had never been to, which is also pretty far away. On top of all this, there is no way to cancel your order! So basically I’ve spent money for nothing TWICE because the app isn’t smart about locations. Please change it so it chooses a closer location, or at least add a warning if it’s far away. And a cancel order option would be nice..Version: 2.2.0

Mobile pickupMy major problem with this app, is how it translates for pick up. There’s a clear sign that says mobile order pick up. When I wait in front of it, all employees ignore me, as if I’m trying to “just watch employees working because it’s so interesting”. Then when an employee finally gets to the front, they go to the register way opposite of the mobile order pick up side and asks others customers if they can help them until I abruptly interrupt them saying I’m here for a mobile order. Then they look at the screen like.....what? We had a mobile order?” I have mobile ordered about 5 times in the past 6 months, and this story happens every time, like clockwork. No matter what city..Version: 2.4.2

Need refund request featureWhen you order through Jack in the Box app and you arrive at the store to pick up your order, but you find out there is an item or are items that they don’t have available, the store does not/cannot refund you if you cannot or choose not to replace the item(s) with anything else. The store staff member directs you to contact customer service online (which there is no live person to chat with). When you click “Contact JITB”, it just directs you to submit an online or mobile feedback request. No actual customer service number available. There really needs to be a gesture or some type of way of refunding your money, when Jack in the Box cannot fulfill your order. I will never use this app again. Deleting of my phone!.Version: 4.0.0

Good luck getting a refundThe app works fine, but you will automatically be charged for an order once you submit it. Doesn’t seem like a problem but if the store hours don’t reflect what the app says, and the store is closed, the order doesn’t get canceled. You get charged anyway and your only option is to submit a request for refund but they don’t even respond to that. Just steal your money. Submitted a request several times and never heard anything. This scenario happened to me with Taco Bell, where I submitted an order and then the store ended up not being open, but I didn’t get charged. The order was canceled automatically some time later. Main takeaway here is that, if Taco Bell can have this sort of feature, so can this app. Because the way it stands now, pretty easy for them to just keep your money. Especially with how bad customer service is..Version: 4.7.8

Removing food item from app is frustrating!When I started using the app, all food items at my locations could be ordered on the app! Now, I can’t order the Chicken Strips combo for my son on the app because it’s not on the app menu! My workaround is to order everything else on the app to take advantage of any Offers and Deals and speed up getting my food … and then order the Chicken Strips combo in the drive-thru and WAIT for it to be made! — It used to be on your app (it even still shows up on a Previous Order!), so please bring it back. This would give you a higher Star rating. You might also work on ways to “substitute” things on the app (like a soft bun instead of hard grilled sourdough bread), not just “remove” or “add” things. Another thing you can do at the restaurant, but not on the app! Other restaurant apps allow me to do this, so it’s possible for the Jack in the Box app!.Version: 4.1.8

Needs some convenience improvementsLet me say I’m not trying to be negative in this review. The app works fine if you’re ordering for you and you only. The “just for you” picks can be a little weird sometimes but I’ve picked them many times. My biggest complaint is that I order for myself and family, and the most convenient thing for us to do is to have both credit cards on whichever fast food place we go to. Jack has always replaced one card for another though, which means we have to re input the card details every time we switch off who’s paying. More than a little bit inconvenient for something that’s supposed to be faster than going to the window to order. I’ve looked at the account settings and tried adding a card “on file”, but it still just replaces every time, and there’s even a warning saying the previous card will be replaced, along with a message that says “you have no card on file” when you go to add a new one. I’ve tried to add a card, Jack, stop looking at me like that!!.Version: 2.7.0

Jack in the box appI like the theory of this app : Order your food 5-7 minutes ahead of arrival time and pick up your order at the counter cuz it’s ready when you get there! At some locations that’s true - but not the one on Marina Drive in San Leandro. First of all, no one ever greets you st the counter there - they’re busy bagging up window orders or making shakes or whatever . . . There is no designated spot for picking up mobile app orders (as there is at the Lewelling stir in San Leandro) What’s the point in ordering ahead of time, then getting in a line of people to place orders?) Then, by the time I get in the front of the line and I tell them that I’ve made a mobile order - the cashier looks on a screen that is obviously not monitored very often, and tells me it’s being prepared. 5-7 minutes later I get my order. That’s a sorry process. Maybe I’ll just get my orders in at the Lewelling St. store. It’s a little further drive for me but much less time in the store to pick up my order. They have a designated sign for mobile app order pick up and the food actually gets cooked when I press the button “Prepare My Order”! Hope you can make some changes at the Marina Drive store! Tim Z..Version: 2.4.2

Loss of consistency with app offers and exclusive deals…It used to be better around 1-2 months ago. Now they don’t have any exclusive app offers & deals at all. Or as often as it used to be. Sometimes there will only be a single offer available only for a few days only. The app exclusives section used to have many things available and only changed after around a few weeks. You used to be able to get a burger and drink for under $10 back then. You now have to spend quite a lot in order to rack up points for the jackpack rewards system. As it is a dollar equals to one point, which is redeemable at 40, 50, and 60 point criterias. Which are all single free menu items. It has become quite dry with no good offers at all after a month difference in both app exclusives and the offers menu. I don’t use the app as often now because of how lacking it has become..Version: 4.7.8

Could be great (but instead got worse)Newest Update: the app was ok but, it had its shortcomings. Well, they completely revamped the app and it STILL has those issues but is somehow worse!! Navigating this new system is a chore at best. Everything is so small and now separated into combo/ no combo categories. Old version, you chose an entree, and it had the option to be a combo. Now with separate combo categories there’s double the info on screen and its so small its hard to see! There’s still items that aren’t in the app that are on the menu, customization is still limited, there’s still items that ARE in the app but you can’t order as part of a combo. I.e. i can order a Coke Zero but I can’t include it in a combo. Lastly, my favorite part of the old app has been removed! The ”Make it now” button is GONE!! That was something i actually wish had been incorporated into other apps!!! Original: Its funny because as much customization of your order is available, certain things are not available. You can add/remove items but there’s no substitutions. I.e. cant order an ultimate cheeseburger on sourdough. And even what you can add/remove is limited. Like i cant add tomatoes, or “good-good” sauce to my breakfast burrito. Also when you do try to add/remove something, its a swipe motion which when on a phone trying to swipe on a tiny image of a condiment can be frustrating. Lastly, need to add breakfast items to the rewards program..Version: 5.0.1

Rendered Useless…The app is rendered useless if you are unable to add your payment information. Last time I went to Jack I tried to add my payment info to this app so I could pay - no dice. Just tried again - with different cards, Wi-Fi and no Wi-Fi, just to see if it was a problem on my end and sure enough - can’t add payment. The app is pointless if you can’t add a card. Full stop. Also, I think it’s odd that you can only -somewhat- customize certain items. Why can’t I add pickles or mustard to a breakfast sandwich? The app is otherwise super intuitive and smooth, but again - pointless if I can’t use it. I’d also suggest more “deals” than the $20 boxes that feed a family. Where’s the daily deals? Something to think about..Version: 4.7.8

If you want an inconsistent app with terrible customer service, this is itNumerous times over the years since this app has been introduced, I have placed an order and showed up to the restaurant for it to be either closed when the app says it is open, or for the store to tell me they haven’t received the order even though my money has been taken. I try this app every now and then to see if they fixed these issues, but they never do. I see from other reviews here that I’m not alone with this issue. What’s worse is that I never have this issue with any other fast food chain. Their apps have never moved me to post a negative review or have to contact customer “service.” I submitted feedback through the email receipts (!) I have received for the food I never received, and I never got a response, which was the last straw. I removed the app, keep the money you stole from me, and good riddance..Version: 4.5.6

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