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Jack in the Box® Order App app received 12 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about jack in the box® order app?

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Jack In The Box on N NavarroI love this jack in the box there the best compared to the other location times 100, I always mobile order and my food is always fresh and ready to go, N it’s a lady that’s always there when I go, I wish I knew her name but I don’t but she always seems to be my server she’s a kinda older color lady, she reminds me of my aunt so much the way she talks, but she so sweet and she never has not forgotten anything I ordered along with all my condiments. I love there egg rolls and she never forgets my sweet and sour sauce which I also love and my kids. I would recommend this location to anyone any day especially when she’s there. Next time I’m a get her name to recommend her spectacular customer service….Version: 4.0.1

Needs Improvements but overall great appLet me start with what needs to improve immediately! All ingredients need to be an option when customizing a burger/ sandwich,m. For example, I wanted to order a spicy chicken sandwich and it did not give me the option for white American cheese, the picture was yellow American cheese and I didn’t want to risk getting yellow cheese rather than white on my sandwich. Also, when ordering a combo you can only get that once size straight across, we need to be able to order medium fries and a large drink if I wish. Let me justa include that coupons should be scannable at the counter or drive thru rather than only being a le to redeem thru a mobile order; like Del Taco allows. Great app! GREAT coupons, free stuff and percentage off your order, you never see that thru your mailed coupons. Please make the updates I have mentioned, thank you!.Version: 2.4.2

If the store can’t accept orders, tell us right away!I have used this app a couple dozen times and have been pleased with the efficiency, the ability to customize an order, and the perks. However, today I was placing an order for three of us, and only AFTER I was done working out all the details of the order, confirming it, confirming the store, etc., and went to pay did it tell me that the store (my usual one) was not accepting orders. I wasted a lot of time, and that could have been avoided if the app told me about the issue at the beginning of the process when I selected the store. It will definitely deter me from ordering with it in the future, meaning I’ll go to a competitor as I did today..Version: 4.7.7

West Columbia Texas Employees have been great!I have to go inside and use cash because my husband, my teenager, and myself have been digital hacked on all of our apps, I phones, Apple Watches, everything! We have always lived in Sweeny Texas! We were targeted because my husband owns his own small electrical company in Sweeny Texas since 2018, just him! He hired his first 2 employees here in Sweeny Texas on Feb 2020 here in Sweeny Texas! We were targeted because of the word Electrical!! The group on Uran hackers hire people so Washington DC Cyber Detectives have a harder time to fine! We have been paying California taxes! We had a computer invasion, phone swapping around on us, and digital hacked! I thank God for such great customer service in person face to face with the employees here at Jack in the box in West Columbia Texas when we order our food!.Version: 5.0.4

Pleasantly SuprisedJack-In-The-Box to me has always been mediocre. I honestly believe almost every other fast food burger joint is better, especially in terms of the quality of the product. However, I will say they are doing a good job with their app. The interface is fluid and simple. I like that they integrated delivery as well. The feature helps a lot in regards to situations where there aren’t freelance delivery drivers(Doordash, Grub Hub, PostMates, UberEats) around. However, here are some things I would recommend, but didn’t feel were critical enough to cost the review a start from the 5/5. The app automatically removes your card information if something goes wrong with the payment or if you type something in wrong. This gets annoying after awhile. Secondly, the app will prevent you from placing an order if you made too many errors in too short of a time period which has literally prevented me from buying food here just because I typed in some incorrect details. Lastly, I don’t understand why they want a tip for delivery with the service fee being so high. I ordered a $10 meal and paid $4 for delivery and $7 for a service fee. I’m not sure what I’d be tipping for..Version: 3.0.1

Jack-in-the-Box is back in action with applicationsThis application is great it saves a lot of trouble and a hassle from going to the line ordering your food ahead of time and having it ready exactly the way you want it thank you very much Jack-in-the-Box the only thing I can say is could you please offer more coupons and also have cash giveaways or something and also pick up parking spot we’re a jack in the box attendant bringing ur food outside for people that don’t want to come in like McDonald’s does sometimes but other than that this application is great thank you very much Jack-in-the-Box hopefully this helps Jack-in-the-Box become a more successful company.Version: 2.1.2

Good but can be better.Overall, my experience with using this app has been good, but I believe this app has potential and can be even better. There is a few issues I have about this app and hope that my feedback will be noticed and put into action. First, I hope that they can add a feature in this that allows you to add a new credit/debit card. All I’m able to do is change my current debit card which is slightly time consuming when I switch to a different card. Second, I would like it if they can let us customize and choose our drink when we order meals such as the late night meal. Finally (similar to the previous), I would like it if they let us to select our fountain drinks when we select that option. Otherwise, this app has been good, and I’ll continue using it..Version: 3.0.0

Bang for your buck!Seriously, EVERYONE loves J in the B even if it’s a “guilty pleasure” you’ve had to have indulged at some point. Like everything else in our lives, things change. Prices have increased for everything (I don’t care about your politics) across the board. You might go by JItB’s and be like “dang, that’s crazy, it used to be only (insert old price here)!!” Well, good news, this app is a time warp and if you just go with the righteous deals they allow and offer, you’ll be coming back to drink from this fountain of youth. Plus, the food is even better nowadays (in my opinion of course), core faves are alive and well. But if you’re still down with Jack as always, like me and aren’t using this app, learn from your mistakes and correct what you can, there’s still time to change the road you’re on. Love this app. In large part cause I love food..Version: 4.3.6

Love the ConvenienceAnd the quickness of how I can place my order and they get ready very well and the Freedom and accuracy to have what I want the way I want because yes we are all humans and make mistakes but now if something is wrong with my order it’s not because of my bad Communication skills it’s would be do to my in ability to fallow very simple and easy directions that it gives me and it gives the option to take off and put on what you want. So I’m very pleased with the app and ordering ability I have but need to have more offers for what I like I haven’t had any special offers don’t know if they still working on it or they don’t have any since I downloaded it over a month and 1/2 ago..Version: 1.0.8

I’ve never rated an app I thinkThis deserves it though, I use ALL food apps.. the design and smoothness for this jack app just blows my mind. I’m not sure anyone else has done as such a great job when creating their food app as well as Jack has. The app creation meeting must’ve been lit.. the buffering/loading design alone is just amazing. I eat at jacks maybe 6-10 times a year.. but that’s because I do go to other places and always have a million options to satisfy my cravings.. but this is one place that never fails to satisfy my cravings. Whether it’s for lunch.. or 3AM drunk as anyone could ever get… the tacos are IT…just IT.. the price is just a bonus, because I’d pay more .. those weird ingredients that I couldn’t careless to know what they are.. I love them 😂 oh and the poppers are the GOAT of poppers from fast food. They’re expensive but that’s why.. Quality is definitely a standard at jacks.. The fact they have some of the best egg rolls you’d ever eaten, says a lot.. this is a burger joint in Murica’ 🇺🇸 and does egg rolls better than any Chinese fast food.. which I also love Chinese food but it doesn’t compare. Congrats on getting my first review Jack, hope someone at HQ sees this and appreciates it the way I appreciate the service I’m always provided at Jacks. Mmmm mmmm mmmmmm! 🤌🏾.Version: 4.7.8

Fast and easy to use, customize.This ordering app is one of the few I've used that works as intended. My only complaint is that the location to order from should be presented up front (as you open the app or start your order). You have to update your location by clicking the little "compass arrow" on the map in order to get your location and then select the restaurant your closer to. Maybe a "USE MY LOCATION" button will really help. Having the option to add and save favorite locations could also help speed things up. Other that that....my order was perfect, ready on time, I chose "Drive Thru" pick up, but because it was busy I decided to go to the counter and had no issues. Great experience..Version: 2.2.0

Best food app But!I love this app because it’s the only one to make my food when I want and have it ready when we get there other apps make the food when you get there but I rather not wait isn’t that the point... but anyways the locations don’t check where you are it automatically leaves you at the last place you ordered food and then you can’t change it you have to call jack in the box place a request wait for the response then call the number they give you in the response and wait on hold for 20 minutes so they can find your card and you wait 3-5 days to get it back. They should really have the locator to check the location every time. And you can’t pick your drink. Also you can only add on what they give you onthe side which is not always what your looking for... ( ex. Sourdough bun, Swiss cheese).Version: 2.4.0

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