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Call of Duty®: Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Call of Duty®: Mobile app received 100 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Call of Duty®: Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about call of duty®: mobile?

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Call of Duty®: Mobile for Negative User Reviews

Best COD, but don’t buy lucky draw scams!I have no complaints about the gameplay itself. But the cosmetic monetisation is as scummy as it comes. All desirable cosmetics are locked behind a lucky draw system. You have to pay increasing amounts of COD points for each subsequent draw, the last of which costs 4700CP, which costs around $80 for the final draw. They’re shamelessly using the sink cost fallacy to make people pay the price of a AAA game for a single draw to finally get what you wanted. If there were direct purchases for all skins at reasonable prices ($2-15 each, $15 being a legendary skin), I would feel okay spending money on cosmetics, but this is an outright scam. If you’re going to buy anything, buy the battle pass and nothing else. Save the hundreds of dollars that you would spend on skins and use it for self improvement. Do not give them your money for a chance at getting what you paid for..Version: 1.0.34

Boo put it backYou guys shouldn’t of updated, you’ve ruined what was the best game ever, stop with the lame adverts, if people want to buy stuff I’m sure they can navigate to the store!!! You might as well add a potato gun to the sniper range now, it’ll be more accurate and do more damage 🤣 This game now spends more time configuring than playing! The lag has become unreal. Why have all those rubbish stats after a game too! Sort yourselves out, there’s to much going on now..Version: 1.0.32

Very buggy and always high ping - DO NOT INSTALLI used to be fan of COD mobile, but the now it seems to be very laggy and buggy. The ping for the game is always very high due to which my playing experience is ruined. Number of hackers playing this have increased as well. The game developers need to work making the experience better or else they will loose a lot of gamers to competitors..Version: 1.0.34

Great game but huge stability issuesIt’s a shame the developers won’t address existing issues. Going backwards after each update. Don’t get me wrong the new content is great but with it comes poor stability issues. The latest update is plagued by bugs. Sound, the developers acknowledged a while ago that the sound dropping in and out will be worked on, but it’s got worse. Teams can’t communicate which renders the team play useless. There seems to be more connecting to server issues constantly a pain in the backside It happens at the worst time during games which affects our ratings. The latest update has what i assume is major lag issues, I am fully loaded, maxed out in body armour and health and have a golden weapon. Sneak up behind an enemy and smash them point blank in the back with at least 1 full mag, yet whilst still hitting them with the 2nd mag they can turn around with and put 3-5shots in me and i die. And then they are in a different position completely. Go figure!! I killed a bot by aiming 10m to their left and it struck him. So clearly there’s issues!! DEVS get a grip!.Version: 1.0.16

Problems (updated)I’m just inquiring about an issue I’ve had, my audio doesn’t work when my microphone is off and also just recently my game won’t open. I’m re - downloading it right now but those are my two issues. Otherwise keep up the good work. (By the way please make battle pass a bit cheaper or free?) Quick update.. re - downloading it did nothing. Made it worse even Cause now my mics broken completely, still no audio and I can only talk in lobbies, it feels awkward talking about the issue to my teammates for about 20 minutes. Plus I can’t tell them when an enemy is killing me and when I finally type it I’m dead. Fix your servers too. Most rubbish game I’ve ever played and trust me when I say I’ve played some bad games..Version: 1.0.12

Long standing FanAs someone who has played call of duty games since near start of the first, it deeply disappointed and disturbed to see the current state of the company and now games. The micro transactions are relentless, and overpriced to the point you could have to give up a dang testicle just to get a “shiny lucky draw gun”. The bugs are horrendous and should have been fixed from launch but alas, they have time to make new pay for skins but not actually work on the game and it’s desync, lag, Frame rate, and much more. I really won’t be playing any call of duty game or anything produced by activision due to its lack of humanity, for its just a big black hole for your money. You will likely spend more than a new console trying to get one gun. Like seriously? Should I even have to write this for someone to know how messed up this is to fans? Really? Just sad. Will never support any game or company who decides to do these things. Don’t play this game. Update: (They still haven’t, nor will they ever fix this game, with its terrible metas and awful de sync. Plagued by developers who could give two ****’s about you except your money. Shotguns, unusable, smgs except for qq9 are unusable, and almost all ar’s except drh man of war and asm10 which still are the complete takeover for the last 2 to 3 seasons. Why even give gunsmith or other weapons when you can only use 3 different guns to beat your opponents? Because activision that’s why.).Version: 1.0.20

Don’t Play This GameThe servers are bad. Game filled with desync, lags and crazy framedrops. Developers are apparently always working on it even though nothing ever change. The only way to play this game is if you buy Sony Xperia. Don’t play this game and don’t waste you time on it.Version: 1.0.17

FrustrationsAs much as I love to play this game I get really frustrated when it comes to claiming things from the rewards section of the game from completing challenges and what-not. My rewards sometimes just don’t show up or despite playing for hours to complete all the challenges it doesn’t track my progress. For example I completed every single challenge from the tenacity rewards and only got two of the three gun skins, i was upset when I saw that I did not get the ak-47 skin that I was promised. There have been several other times where this has happened, although I cannot think of what exactly they were off the top of my head I remember it happening before. Another issue is that the game does not track your progression even though you have done the same challenge over and over correctly it doesn’t track the progress. I don’t like writing reviews I’m just very frustrated at this moment and I wish that something can be done or fixed after this issue. I rated this game three stars just off the fact that I have fun playing it with my friends. Another thing I dislike is the fact we only have one map for the battle royale even though the game has been out for months and they haven’t even attempted to make a new one or even add new and different locations. As well as the fact people who pay get to have the better weapons or weapons before they even come out to everyone else..Version: 1.0.11

Issues with not loading the gameYour app was doing well - but for quite a while now it has been getting stuck at: the loading screen (prior to Facebook login), auto login for Facebook, and the last loading screen - which all has been taking an extreme amount of time to load/gets stuck. Even after you have successfully loaded into the home screen or even played a game or two, it often comes up with ‘connecting to server’ issue where ‘retry’ will eventually fail, leaving the option to ‘quit game’. All of these issues take so long. And I’m over it. Also, there have been many times that I have been unable to play, after giving the app 15-30 minutes to load, even after restarting the app and my phone. Unsure if this is a bug or if you need to update your servers, but please fix this as soon as possible. At the moment there’s issues only allow me to play about 20% out of all the times I try to get on..Version: 1.0.11

Update ruins everything!! 😡🤬Thanks to this stupid update the game is lagging more frequently even with a strong connection.Version: 1.0.16

Why careI know you guys don’t care about the glitches your receiving tons of money from us for battle pass and crates and bundles you don’t care that where really getting annoyed. Ranked matches use to be more or less far no there one sided you’ll have a team of master and pro vs a team master and legendary. Pretty much 75% of ranked games are only hardpoint or domination why not mix it up better always playing the same maps why not mix it. It makes no sense to you guys cause it’s all about the money well for use we where hooked on your game that everybody dishes out hard earned money hoping things get better but it doesn’t. Glitches all the time wished you would fix that but I know it’s all about the money and yes more than 90% of users do complain about glitches. I say we should all stop playing until it’s fixed and this way everybody would be happy again to come back to all those glitching issues where we lose a lot of points for your screw ups and why should the people playing be penalized for points if somebody leaves why not make them give up there points to the people who stayed and finished the round that would make more sense it’s not our fault that people left.Version: 1.0.12

Take out the tanksCome on the game was already doing good then you place tanks in the game at least make them 2 hit with a launcher but no they are 4 hit.Version: 1.0.12

Dystopian levels of un-controlYou’ll notice that when you hit the upper leagues, kill cams begin looking strange, and that when looking at plays made by high ranking players some things begin to stand out. Auto firing, auto ADS, auto aim and auto sprint. These four in combination ruin PvP in the game. The creation of first person shooters 30 years ago was based on the novelty of being handed full control of a character that you looked through the eyes of and having your skills tested by the game and fellow players, in a battle of wits and reflexes. Maps were labyrinthian and challenge was real. How far have we come to be able to zip around a map designed with two spawns, three engagement points and two/three routes, knowing that if we encounter an enemy player, all we must do is keep their body on the screen and slide like a madman while an AI aims our gun, fires it and reloads it, and we can come out with 100 points to show for it. What a dehumanising exercise, and a shame considering this game’s PvP is otherwise the best on the platform. It might be an idea to split players with and without assists into their own lobbies. But as a free game, I’ve taken from you without giving back, so it’s whatever you decide..Version: 1.0.17

Last update messed up the game dynamicsGame has changed in the last update for the worst. Roll it back.Version: 1.0.16

New update broke itWith the new update you can no longer login with activision account on ipad. Just says authorization error 2-1..Version: 1.0.12

Great game but needs some workFirst of all I want to say this is a fantastic game and I love it a bunch, however there are some areas that need working to make this game better. Firstly is going prone while shooting. This needs to be at least made where the accuracy drastically decreases because when players do this is makes it look like they’re dying but they’re not and they don’t lose any accuracy at all and it’s a really cheesy move. I know video games can’t be perfectly realistic but cheesy things like this make the game frustrating ESPECIALLY since the accuracy for the players doesn’t change while going prone. Maybe even make it where they can’t shoot for a half second 🤷🏻‍♂️. The other thing that needs some work are the axes. I’ve played a bunch of search and destroy missions with no devices and players will only run around with an axe and get easy cheesy kills and win the game that way. This gets very frustrating since it’s a one hit one kill weapon and it has a longer range than a knife and ruins the search and destroy games as players don’t have to use much skill to do such. I’m not sure if it should be given the same range as a knife or made harder to get a one hit one kill, but either way it needs fixing. I know these seem like minor things, but they can really ruin a game simply because players start using cheesy weapons and moves rather than skill which makes the game frustrating. If these things get changed the game is definitely a 5 star game.Version: 1.0.19

From a 5 star to a 1 star.I can’t log into my account through my iPad. Only my phone. The thing is I don’t play on my Samsung 10 phone. Only my iPad. But now I can’t get my account back on my iPad. Fb made me make a new account on my iPad to go back into the game. So I done that but I lost it all thinking I found link into my main account. Now I have two different accounts on two different devices but they both use the one f.b account to open the game. How do I fix this problem so that I only access my most used account for both devices through my Facebook ? If you know how please help. If not please don’t guess.Version: 1.0.12

Good butNot for low end devices game size is massive and I experience constant lagging even on low graphics FYI low graphics looks like crap .Also takes years to download the content for a new season so u end up waiting an hour or more every single time they update which is typically a month or less .As well as this the AI went from trash to OP even with decent movement they can one shot u halfway across the map .Also way to many camp spots. It’s a well made great game but i wish it would go back to the og days when there weren’t any ridiculously op guns and stupid weapons like kali sticks which r absolutely the dumbest thing activision have added u run around the map wid a pair of bamboo sticks and yeet people like it’s Fortnite. Also p2win u cants get good skins without real money I guess that reality but u could at least give f2plays a chance. OK on second thought it’s bad please don’t waste ur time and money on this crap like I did. It’s a massive shame it’s got potential and I used to love it it was a part of my life when it was in the og days and I’ll never forget the happy moments of cod mobile in its prime time..Version: 1.0.36

Where r u going with this?Wondering what’s happening to the military genre of the game. It’s pretty cool and fun to play. Sure it’s got it’s issues and quirks like any game would, but this game was born from a military background. You start out with some specialists that have at least a resemblance of functional, protective clothing and gear, with camo that you might see the actual military using. But as you get further in the game rewards, you see “camo” that’s not camo, and wearing something you would take to the skatepark. Camo is a word short for camouflage, defined as “concealment by means of disguise.” The psychedelic neon, the tiger print, the bright baby blue, and the ridiculous patterns and contraptions are not camo and take away from the foundation of the game. Not to mention a couple of the outfits the female characters wear - not saying they’re inappropriate - but a couple of those pitches were way outside the strike zone. Hey, these are just some of my opinions. I think we got some game designers in the character department that could use watching some war documentaries or something. You are working on a project that derived from war time events. I would just like to see it not get so outrageously fancy with the outfits. We should pay tribute to out military veterans and active duty and honor their service. This game has the potential to promote the sentiment that freedom’s not free and promote respect for our service men and women..Version: 1.0.26

I hate itThe new update sucks you ruined everything especially battle royal.Version: 1.0.16

Battle pass is over priced. Pug g better value for money.Why is the battle pass £4.50? That’s ridiculous when you can get it for 79p on pub g as they always put an offer on for the battle pass when their new one comes out. You off the extract same stuff but your wanting more money, plus you don’t give away free characters on the free battle pass and pub g do give you free characters to unlock in there battle pass it’s at the end of the pass. You need to lower your prices or put better offers on for players, or offer free characters on the free battle pass even if it’s just 1 character at the end.. better than none at all, all those levels and no characters? Come on.. Plus, a lot of games are full of bots. I have noticed this a lot in many of my games since I downloaded call of duty. Whenever I have to wait a long period of time for a game to be found I always end up in games with bots, you can tell they are bots are they don’t hardly move, they shoot and don’t point at you and spend time looking up at the sky.. this shouldn’t be happening I want to be playing real people for a challenge not fake bots. You need to make some serious updates and changes to the game, lag is definitely a problem too and it’s not my connection..Version: 1.0.34

No zombies?You guys fr removed zombies? That was like my favourite part about the game, I guess the multiplayer is okay, but I loved the zombies mode.Version: 1.0.19

New updateThis new update suckssssss Change it back!!!!!.Version: 1.0.16

Latest update bugsI really enjoy playing this game, it’s great. But there are so many bugs in the season 6 update. The audio cuts out half way through battles, and then freezes my game. It does this every 5-7 games I play and more often than that on ranked matches which forces me to exit the battle and restart the app. I have never had a problem like this in the past so I’m finding it a little surprising. Please fix these errors, this is one of the few games I actually spend money on because of how good it is, but the bugs are just so annoying..Version: 1.0.12

Season #6 FeedbackI’m not too happy with the quality you’ve put forward towards the new season. There are a few faulty in the private lobby especially in game where the movement and scope is very delayed compared to the other seasons and the way it scopes in does not work. I was really disappointed when you guys took of ‘Friends’ mic where we can communicate to the other team on opposite side, that was a really let down. Especially with this season is really a let down too. Most of the players are also disappointed and has deleted the app, if you look into how many users are active and such you can see the drastic change. I’ve also been buying my skins throughout the Season and suddenly with this new season they have all vanished, and these are the skins which purchased individually. If you could please look into this and make a few changes as the other seasons has been GREAT !! Thank you.Version: 1.0.16

Game crashes also glitchyMonthly massive updates make it impossible to have any thing on my iPad other than the game. With the regular updates it causes major issues, one being game glitch. When they barley fix the issues already they are adding more content and more issues arise they barley keep up with their own creation. Other bugging points, having bots in main br match slowly spawn to lengthen the game out on last few kills. Big big problem is the time zones. It makes it impossible in clan war when you could be doing really well, of a night when people sleep clan gets behind on points. It would be better matching time zones so no one get put out it means all start and finish at same times this way it’s all about skill not purely missing out and loosing rank. Because of impossible game set ups. So much more not enough space to say. It’s cool for a fool around but not worth time or moneys..Version: 1.0.31

Don’t waste your timeDon’t bother wasting your time with this game! As fun as it can be, Activision does nothing to prevent hacking, cheaters of any kind. Now if you are a hacker or love cheating for whatever reason; then this is the place for you. Activision will not ban these players and won’t do anything to help honest players when hackers gain access to your account; which they’ll do through Activision. All your hard work building up everything is simply stolen by hackers and Activision just says “oh well, nothing we can do” and they won’t even try. So I tell everyone, DON’T BOTHER PLAYING; you’ll just be disappointed and lose everything. Best thing you could do is block this game and any other games from Activision; they don’t deserve you or anyone!.Version: 1.0.34

Some problemsIt’s not a bad game but it does have some issues. 1. Doesn’t work for all IPhone Platforms 2. Not really a PvP game because everyone is a bot 3. Really Laggy If you guys can fix these problems then we got a 5 star game.Version: 1.0.4

Terrible Update....COD is really lucky just due to the fact that I’m using two stars to rate the game, the game overall is a really fun game and I do enjoy it. But the latest update recently is literally garbage, in the patch notes it said it fixed some bugs, but I discover worst bugs basically everyday, naming one like the audio bug sometimes my phone bugs out and I can’t hear anything in the game except for the background noises (eerie noises), and even the bug at the start when you open the app where it just shows a white solid background and doesn’t respond. The game now often crashes and I play with a IPad Pro 2018 version which is more then enough to run this game. Also in the spawning point and the countdown goes down, when it reaches one it bugs out and freezes for an second, although it may not be much but getting places will be slower due to you freezing at the start. I had high hopes for this new patch, I’d rather play in the old patches than instead of this recent patch. COD Mobile, please fix all the bugs... the bugs is just the terrible part about this patch..Version: 1.0.9

A little dissatisfiedI really dont appreciate getting blasted with game based event advertising that i have to close when i open up the game every day. I also dont like the fact that theres duplicate weapons, which all need to be leveled up separately just because they have some new level of rarity or special skin on them. Thats a massive pain. Theres practically no difference between the baseline weapons. They all have the same exact stats. Its a waste of time. Just keep skins separate rather than classifying it as an entirely new weapon. Lastly, having separate ranks for different game types is just asinine. Other than that, its a pretty good game. Now, with the new update, the game is also much more glitchy than it was before. Controls will suddenly freeze up more often than they did. This gets me killed like a deer in the headlights half the time. I cant add some spray paints like the “jack card” to my selection wheel, that new dance that was put out wont actually display on the winners podium, and theres many more things including horrible lag and glitchy gameplay with items that arent there popping up as options to take and whatnot. When it comes strictly to zombies, other players can wait and steal the items you get from the mystery box. You guys need to fix it so only the purchaser can take the items that he paid for. Its absurd and extremely frustrating..Version: 1.0.9

They ruined itAs always, call of duty has been on a winning streak of ruining their games. They nerfed snipers to the point they were unusable, they buffed smgs to the point that ranked is unplayable, they keep focusing on skins, game modes and net revenue instead of customer feedback, you guys are receiving these reviews for a reason READ THEM!! you’ve completely butchered all the guns that we’ve spent money on skins for, so over $200 per skin is wasted. Your performance is deplorable, this game is getting so bad that it is the main reason why I’m going to hang myself, but guess what I’m not going to go out alone I’m going to find you guys and I’m going to individually shoot your toes off and feed them to you like popcorn and split open your calves and pull it apart using toothpicks. This game is absolutely horrible now, it used to be fun but now I’m forcing myself to play so the money I wasted isn’t completely wasted..Version: 1.0.22

New update sucksThe new update is confusing and stupid may delete the game.Version: 1.0.16

Fix all the bugs.There are sooo many glitches and me as a full time streamer and gamer the game is getting worse and worse. You guys need to stop freaking adding in pointless skins and freaking FIX the GAME PLAY¡!¡!¡!¡.Version: 1.0.17

Game keeps crashing.......After every update the app tends to get worse. I've been using this game for a very long time and I keep getting crashes during a game and having to sign ALL THE TIME it's frustrating having to sign into my Facebook when the game pleases to sign me out, the voice activation also is affected as well when I play a game and have the voice activated I tend to see more crashes so I have to play mute which is not very fun when I play with my team! Love this game and enjoy playing almost every day!!! Please please fix something about this. Cheers.Version: 1.0.16

Fennec ascendedFennec ascended lucky draw is the biggest rip off I’ve ever seen in my life if anyone reads this and is thinking about buying it DONT all the attachments and stuff that it was advertising you don’t get that stuff when you get the whole lucky draw the lucky draw on its own is already way overpriced but to top it off after you buy the whole draw you have to buy the attachments separately! I’m getting a refund right now.Version: 1.0.17

Matches you up with incompetent playersIf you’re not completely awful at the game the. game punishes you by matching you up with players that I can only assume are amputees with no arms as they only manage to get 1-10 kills in a game while dying 3 times that amount, never get kill streaks (because they can’t get more than 1 kill without dying) and never back you up when you’re outnumbered because they’re too busy respawning resulting in the 1 (sometimes there are 2 but usually just 1) competent player having to completely carry his awful team. Not only that but a lot of the times when I lose I look at the opposite team scores and they seem to have all round capable players who get a respectable amount of kills in matches, honestly at first I thought I was playing with bots but I searched it up and at the level I’m at (40) the game rarely matches you up with bots, this was to me confirmed when I would get friend requests and invites from the amputee players no doubt because they want them to keep carrying them into more matches so they can get more exp..Version: 1.0.10

It’s mediocreThe game is a ok for a free game (hence why I put mediocre in the review title) it definitely has pros and cons, but the cons lightly outweigh the pros. This is my reason: it is so easy to kill anyone and any other gun is useless because they all kill in under 3 seconds(unless if it is battle Royale) therefore making it boring because team death matches go so quickly so team death match loses its elements of fun and challenge. This is something they done well at in my opinion, search and destroy. The search and destroy just felt fun to be honest and the other game modes felt like they were rushed and too generic. Domination is my favourite cod gamemode and this cod messed up just like the team death match, the domination games are too short and again, no challenge to get kills it’s just too easy and it just felt rushed. The battle Royale was literally nonsense, the guns are actually good for a change but the fact that everyone was so easy to kill and I one my first game with ten kills and the storm is really fast but it takes literally no damage and the vehicle controls are terrible. The game has potential but actually needs properly working on!.Version: 1.0.12

Could be betterI have a iPhone SE running iOS 13 I have really enjoyed my time playing this game, however, there are many interruptions to my gameplay due to Server Connectivity. I’ve been kicked out of games and lost experience in ranked matches because of this. I really wish to continue playing but for me to have connectivity issues when I have the highest speed broadband in my area 65mb/s and nobody else is connected to my WiFi, I’m losing the will to live with this game. Also, I wish to question the decision to login using Facebook only. It would make far more sense to allow more options like iOS game centre, google play and your activision account. Furthermore, I question why logging in is something that is required every time you open the app. I am frequently plagued with messages like “your player info could not be retrieved” while I am in the app and suspect it could be something to do with this. Why is player information not local and uploaded to wherever the cloud save for this information is? Lastly, I believe you would be better off in the long run if you were to offer your gold pass as a subscription, I know I personally would be more likely to get gold pass at £3 per month or £25 annually..Version: 1.0.8

Terrible!!😡I own a iphone 7 and it will not even get past the loading screen. I have tried multiple times trying to log in as guest and facebook. It keeps telling me "log in time out" or "no internet connection" which both could not be any more inaccurate. I have deleted off my phone!!😡 Im starting to wondering about some of the other comments, they do not seem real🤔😡.Version: 1.0.4

New Update is disappointingLoved the isolated map, then the new update came and first of all the graphics? Horrible - if I wanted to play Pubg I would, second of all all the new changes aren’t even that great? I miss the old med kid, the adrenaline, the vest this new version doesn’t do it for me. I’m trying hope the isolated version comes back cause this one isn’t for me. Not gonna be playing for a while until it’s back on, might even get rid of the game if it doesn’t come back. Very disappointed..Version: 1.0.28

Limited graphic and frame rate options! 👎🏽This review isn’t about the game itself, I agree with the top reviews, there’s not much else to say, this review is about the crap graphics options. Not only are the game elements and UI super low res (I can see the individual pixels) but also the graphics options are limited for no reason. My iPad 2020 barely gets warm with the graphics quality set to very high and max frame rate enabled. And for some reason you can’t set the graphics quality to max and the frame rate to max at the same time?! Why?! On a PC you don’t get locked out of a graphics option just because you don’t have the top gpu, so why should an iOS app? Let me set everything to max and see the consequences! If the app drops frames or my iPad gets hot, that’s my fault, don’t treat users like children and not let them do stuff just because it might make there device hot or crash, that’s our problem not yours! Please please please just unlock all the graphics options to users, maybe even add a warning to let them know what could happen and even better add an option to download higher res UI elements! You could also add a benchmark mode for reviewers with an FPS display..Version: 1.0.17

Buggy asThis was an awesome game up until last up date. It took forever to update and when it did was only good for a few games. It did however allow me to spend my money on the battle pass which they gladly took then the game just freezes and kicks me out. Like all big companies they rush new products through without testing properly just so they can squeeze every dollar out of people. As for the game it is really really good and I have had many hours on it but now it just won’t play. Please sort this out.Version: 1.0.26

I love it except...I really love this game. I’ve been playing it for a few months and have even made some awesome friends through it (from across the world) that I plan on meeting some day. However, I have problems with buying the COD points. It doesn’t accept my payment and Activision hasn’t helped in any way to be able to get it fixed. I’ll keep playing but it’s annoying that I have to pay to get female skins (since I’m a girl) but then my payment info gets declined. Really annoying!.Version: 1.0.12

Was good before season 2 update.I’ve tried contacting you through the app multiple times. Not to got an answer from a pay to win app. The problem is the lag compensation you’ve introduced into the new update. Every game I play now is pinging at almost 110. I sit there and shoot people with entire magazines of ammo to get hit markers and then be shot with only two bullets myself. I shoot people with a sparrow and get hit markers when it clearly hit them. I shoot people with a rocket launcher in the face. They kill me, I shoot people with a sniper 5, 6, 7 times for a 1 second delay between the shot and the kill. Where if they shoot me within that 1 second. I die and get an assist. I throw trip mines downs. They walk straight over the top of it and I get a hit marker. Even just general walking in the game is now laggy. Even using kill streaks. I have to press it 3 times, specialist is hopeless if it’s lagging. This was not an issue before you made the new update, it has ruined the game for me and I’m disappointed as I am a paying player and wasted my $40 on garbage that’s unbearable and unplayable at times. I’m not a bad player. I know you won’t respond unless I pay to play so whatever, it’d be nice if this problem could be fixed. No it’s not my internet connection, I’m on fibre and no it’s not my device I have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice. This is an in game problem and it’s annoying. A waste of money..Version: 1.0.9

I hope you take this as constructive criticism.I do not like the new update for multiple reasons first reason is that I think that most of the guns are now bad like the MW11 does more damage than some of the assault rifles I would get that some of the SMGs having the same damage as a pistol because a pistol and SMG can have the same ammo type but assault rifles are meant to have stopping power and range they have range but little damage. Also the XPR-50 has 55 damage I did not like the damage before but know I am not going to use that gun at all because of the damage . The one thing I do like is that you get XP cards for using guns that are at max levelSo you can level up other guns with those XP cards and I think that’s a really nice feature to add. So I feel like they have decreased the damage to much on most of the guns. I would give this like one star but the game itself is really good in my opinion. I think you should increase the damage by 10 if you decreased it by 15 and if you decrease it by 20 increase it by 15 so I think you should increase the damage by the same amount you decreased it by -5 so if it was the community telling you to decrease the damage they will still have the damage decreased by a little bit but people that still want that damage will still have a little bit more damage increased like me I want more damage because I think the damage is a little too low..Version: 1.0.26

Well...I have been playing this game right from the start of season 1 and it has been great. In fact it is the best FPS on the App Store and it isn’t even close. Graphics are amazing and pouring money into the game will not make anyone Overpowered as it isn’t a pay to play, it has multiple game modes and controls are easy and advanced. Now after reading the first half of this review you may be wondering? Why 3 stars? Well...with recent updates the game has been crashing on most players and multiple timeouts every 2nd or 3rd game when waiting to enter matches. In game lag has been uncommon but noticeable enough to affect outcomes of games, even the ones that are being played towards their million dollar event. If they want a higher rating or to retain players growing evermore frustrated, they are going to have to fix/patch these bugs and prove that they can improve the game without increasing bugs..Version: 1.0.12

As far as CODs go*Updated So, I played it a little and kind of enjoyed it. Played match after match and something kept bringing me back. Reminded me of the good old days of COD WAW. I actually enjoy the mechanics and gameplay. Speed is pretty ok too. My big complaint is bots. SOOOOO many bots. When bots shoot through walls after walls at your team then shoot you 3 shots in the head and instantly kill you without even seeing you time after time in a match, it is clearly a bot. You sneak up behind it and it turns around right where you are and shoots you in the head instantly. Yeah, thats a bot. And dont give me that crap about one of those drones telling the whole team where the enemies position is, that excuse only can apply for so long. You can crouch and he will turn around and instantly headshot you. Then I realized after playing 4 matches with the same bot, there is no real way to report a player. You can see their killcam, and see them track your team through walls, but there is no way to report, I have checked EVERYWHERE. It isnt like PUBG where you can report in the killcam. You cant report at all. Kinda dumb. *I found a way to report players. You have to wait until the end of the match, then there is a red box looking thing. Still loads of bots and aim hacks. Most are in the “Fortnite copy” part though, so its kind of nice if you want to just have a usual team death match..Version: 1.0.8

Cod Points Ripped Me OffI think this game is great overall i really enjoyed it. Lately I purchased cod points to purchase 10 crates and it left me in awe when i received two of the same items. This also happens with the regular crates. I just don’t understand why we receive stuff we already have and cant even sell it for some else you know. I would have no problem purchasing the crates if i'm only going to receive the items I want. I believe we should have a choice on the item we aspire to have, its our money. Then Battle Royale recently has been changed where the safe zone closes faster than usually leaving us without all the items we need to be successful in winning. I have no problem with the safe zone closing but for blitz not normal Battle Royale. I hope y'all read this and understand I’m not the only one who feels this way I been playing for awhile now and just hate getting ripped off for my hard earned money. I also have been noticing y'all don't count missions correctly. For example I had to enter top 20 in Br 3 times but y’all wouldn’t count it unless I got 1st place. Another example which a friend of mine struggled with was the kills. He had to get 100 kills with the S36 and he wasn’t getting the full amount of kills he got but half at that. He also struggles with his cod glitching and the volume not working in the midst of Br. Please read over this and come out with a solution..Version: 1.0.19

Disappointed.I’ve played this game since the release and it’s been on ups and downs I love the general gameplay and the maps I love the call of duty franchise (minus a few titles) it’s sad to see such a great game get bogged down with useless downloads like resource packages and super detailed (yet oddly dissatisfying) costumes a stupid amount of camos for the weapons, tactical equipment, specialists, and vehicles that ultimately make the game lag beyond belief so much so that I’ve deleted this game three times now. It plays well the first week or so then becomes trash and is just frustrating spending half the game backpedaling freezing in firefights and getting “connected” randomly to the server in the middle of gameplay like what is that about? On top of that the amount of clickbait and alerts about literally nothing you’ll spend an hour searching through the customization and event/sale updates just trying to get rid of the annoying yellow exclamation points all over the screen. Not to mention when any match is over you have to click through 4 or 5 screens of recaps and XP gains that could honestly all be consolidated to 2 or 3 screens. Basically a bunch of time wasting and grinding trying to get you to spend money which I have plenty of times but overall I don’t plan on downloading again until they either tone it down or separate multiplayer and BR into two separate apps..Version: 1.0.16

Update,:still good but... (Absolutely great game. Never get tired of playing it.)Update: (I hate the fact that, if i leave the game open, it doesn’t turn off the screen at all, if o forget sbout it, or sometimes, fall asleep, my screen is on all night bechase of it, my battery life and screen must be tsking a bad hit from this. Please fix...) I want to thank the developers team for putting out such a great game, a game that truly blurs the line between the console and mobile gaming. Thank you. That being said, there are certain things in the game, like the scale of maps, that if could be made a bit more complex and larger, few good nicely developed maps would make the game even better. And, on the Search and destroy mode, it always seems to be too easy whenever i play with my friends, the foes die out too quickly and without respawning the game ends without getting to do much at all. I would love to see the mode being made bit more complex perhaps in the maps would help. One last thing would be, i am not used to the battle royale mode and it would be great if there would certain guidelines for the mode which make it more approachable to new players. Thsnk you so much for an awesome game..Version: 1.0.19

WHAT IS THIS UPDATE...Oh my gosh this new gunsmith update ruined the entire game. The amount of XP cards you need now to get all the levels on only one gun is horrific. Guns went from being MAX Lv. 8-14 to MAX Lv: 51. Also, with all the new attachments and stuff makes finding setups so damn confusing, honestly. I don’t even know if I can play this game anymore. Before the update, the game was much simpler and more laid back, and a ton more fun. Thanks for ruining a game that was amazing..Version: 1.0.16

Activision chooses QUANTITY over qualityAfter every update this game’s mechanics and general frame rate get worse and worse. Ranked PVP is UNPLAYABLE. The frame rate drop and constant lag is honestly horrendous. After about 3 and a half weeks, it’s nice to see these brain dead devs STILL haven’t fixed this game’s general server control as every game is STILL a choppy teleportation quest. As of recent it’s become so bad and so frustrating I’ve had to delete the game cuz there’s literally no point. Don’t think I’m gonna waste my time coming back to this. Just really giving my last good bye to these devs who are experts at ruining what was, a perfectly fine, functional game. Now they’ve made it for 8-12 years old. How can you tell? If it wasn’t the noob katana and guns, how about not being allowed to swear without like one used to or removal of blood. They say 17+ cuz they know that’s the age it should really be for but they do sly nonsense like this. Untrustworthy (not like Activsion has ever been trustworthy, jokers on both console and iPhone). But make your bread. I just won’t be adding to it anymore.Version: 1.0.26

Awful90% of players are fake and computer..Version: 1.0.17

I feel quiet alienated as a player.After almost two weeks of trying to get Call of Duty Mobile to work on my iOS devices, I find an article on the net released by a gaming review site that many iOS devices won’t be supported by the game. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get this game to work, trying to directly contact the support people, only to hear nothing. To then, this morning find out from a website unaffiliated with Activision of the unsupported devices, then having this confirmed by the new and updated app description in the App Store. I love COD and have been a loyal console player for years, and to suddenly have so many issues surrounding this game is kind of ridiculous and a little disheartening, I would have loved to play this game and invest money in said game, however, I’m not going to be forced to go out and by a new device just to play is game, all the “unsupported devices” are fully functional. There is no clear reason why these devices won’t work..Version: 1.0.8

Great game but one glitchHey love this game been playing since the start. I would have gave it 4 stars at the time. For some reason for the past few months I’ve been getting kicked out of the game. It even happens when I’m just on the main screen. Thanks.Version: 1.0.22

Needs Zombies mode again.Zombies was a such fun experience when the game used to have it, but now its removed you’re stuck with only two game modes. Those two game modes tend to get boring after a long gameplay, and zombies would add a reason to keep playing. You wouldn’t have to get bored because of switching between the three game modes if zombies were out..Version: 1.0.17

This game allows racist words and commentsFix up! They sensor words like “gun” and “sniper” but allow extreme profanity and racial hatred. The game is fun but I am boycotting it until they help end racism and stop promoting it..Version: 1.0.12

Connection ProblemCOD is having trouble logging in to the game and not working since then.Version: 1.0.12

Very fun butUpdate: whatever 1GB update they added now makes my phone overheat and causes the game to glitch. I have an iphone 11. I understand you're always trying to keep it fresh, but at this rate, you might as well just play it on console if your device is going to overheat this much. Admittedly a very addictive game. Enough events and updates to keep me coming back. Gameplay is good for a mobile game. One thing I would like to see improved is the character voices. Sometimes you pick a script, your character is Korean but the voice sounds a very built european white man. Not saying that that wouldn't be possible, but a little more logic is needed, i.e if he's a Korean star from Korea who acts in Korean movies, chances are he's going to have a little bit of an accent. Even cooler would be a featured event where a winner gets to have their voice used for an upcoming character..Version: 1.0.17

New update sucksHated the new update You can’t find scopes anywhere now Hate it.Version: 1.0.16

Not really PvPThis game is very fun however I have not once played with real players. I have spent 30 minutes playing and everytime I drop 30 kills and everyone else has like 3 kills. This is how I know they are bots. Game is way too easy they need to make more of a challenging experience with real players. Also for all of you iPhone 6 players, stop writing reviews saying it doesn’t work your device will never work on this game it states that in the description..Version: 1.0.4

CrashesIt’s an awesome game when it works but 80% of the it crashes or doesn’t even load at all. I think the new version update actually made it worse or the game being so popular that your server isn’t capable of keeping up with demand for this game. It’s been days since I last had a round. I’ve been trying to login every day when I have a chance to play. Spending money on this game is a waste as players aren’t getting what they pay for. Developers need to step up and solve these issues or players will drop out to play and pay for a game that’s worth it. I will change my review based of how soon or to what level this issue is resolved..Version: 1.0.12

Please make it work for iPhone 6It doesn’t work for iPhone 6.Version: 1.0.4

New updateThe new update ruined the game change it back been playing this game for a year now but Deleting game because of this update.Version: 1.0.16

Put it inI have been trying to tell u people to make a trading thing for guns skin and characters because I have two accounts and 1 has a legendary and I want to put it in my other account because i also have a legendary on the account I have been trying to tell u this for a long long time please put it in the game like doing u people not like people to trade guns and characters and I spent a lot of money on the game I am only want to put all my legendary all in 1 account please do it I have been wait for so long please next season please add it.Version: 1.0.31

TerribleTerrible game, I recommend you don’t even bother trying it.Version: 1.0.12

Why though?When this game came out, it was perfect. There was no need to alter anything. The second ever major update was okay, it was fine and maybe even needed a little. However the third major update, the most recent one, is terrible. It’s like a BTEC version of Call of Duty games and it’s absolutely terrible. It lags for no good reason and domination on ranked match is messed up. The commander who alerts the teammates what happens isn’t even correct half the time and it’s so frustrating. I don’t know why this update is trashy and I try to avoid playing this game now BECAUSE of it. It’s not fair because ranked match includes in risking your XP that you worked so hard for and you end up losing it all for some stupid update NO ONE ASKED FOR. I hope you guys fix this problem since a good handful, if not even more, people are complaining about it. It’s especially unfair to those who had spent money on this game and season when it’s ends up like this. I have tried so hard and refrained myself from swearing in this review for the sake of children. Good day, realharunk.Version: 1.0.10

Login errorI login in the cod account screen and when I finish it brings me to a black screen and I press cancel and I get authorization error code 2,-1.Version: 1.0.12

Review for easter prop hunt modeEaster prop hunt mode is meant to be fun but you guys really made it terrible, first you gave us terrible guns (hg40 and mw11) only 30 bullets and when the props have such a high jump and how small some props are, the props can spam jump making them unable to hit also since they jump over your head its a terrible experience, when being a prop you cant do anything but flash create duplicates of yourself and switch your object mid match, and its not exiting when you just jump over a hunter and run around them slowly for 5 minutes, in my opinion thats not very "fun" but thats your choice and opinion in fun: suggestion: maybe if after a certain point in the match you have to start actually moving around and you will die after 10 seconds of not moving or so, you could also in that period of time maybe be able to kill hunters in 2 shot hunters with a bump or something but they can respawn in that time. instead of a flash the props could have a temporary speed boost and the hunters could have a gun of their choice with their pick of attachments come down every ones in a while by a supply crate kind of thing like in sticks and stones how you can get a sparrow, but maybe by picking that gun they have it as an operator skill kind of thing making the game more interesting thankyou for probably not reading this.Version: 1.0.20

New update needs to goBR is ruined, game is terrible now what were they thinking!!!??? I think I’m done playing for now it’s just not fun anymore.Version: 1.0.16

SadI’m just sad I’ve been playing this game for almost 10 months now reached level 150 and all of the sudden my game is not working anymore I restart my phone it’s the same thing, so I tried deleted it and reinstalled but now they tried to charge me request for my debit card number and password like what the heck, I have never been disappointed in a mobile game like this before, it’s just so sad I was really addicted to this game but I feel like they are playing games me😿😢.Version: 1.0.34

New updateFrom all your updates this was the worst it is even unjoyable it is so different now its hard to understand it and i even uninstalled it.Version: 1.0.16

PurchasingCareful when purchasing. I recently purchased a package only to find out there was also other two packages suddenly on my bill that I did not approve of. Now they don’t want to refund me..Version: 1.0.20

CheatersThis game gets 1 out of 5 stars because there are so many cheaters. It has become a complete waste of time because the level of cheating is unreal. Just plaid five rounds and was beet by cheating teams each time. Why am I paying monthly cash for this ? I’m at a complete disadvantage because I don’t cheat. This game really really sucks..Version: 1.0.17

Good game but certain bugs and meta need fixingI’ve played this game for about a year and a half. It’s a great game in some ways. Easily the best FPS mobile shooter and it has tons of stuff for free to play players as well. Lots of game modes and BR too. However there are issues that if fixed would make this game much better. Desync has been a problem since I started playing. You take cover from enemy fire and still die, watch the kill cam and it looks like you never took cover or even teleport back in the open. This happens multiple times every single match regardless of your internet connection. Next biggest problem is the META. I understand there will be weapons that are better than others but every season there is a gun that is broken, it’s insanely better than all other guns. There are 6 different weapon classes and almost 60 different primary guns to use. With the way the META is everybody uses the same 1 gun. It ruins the game and makes it boring when every player in rank is just abusing the meta and you basically have to as well if you want to stay competitive. Shotguns and LMGs haven’t been relevant for like a year, they introduced marksman rifles which are always useless against the meta. They need to make more weapons at least useable competitively. This most recent season seemed like there were good balance changes and there were but once again an overpowered broken weapon has become the meta and ruined ranked multiplayer..Version: 1.0.22

New update doesn’t work on IPad Pro⚠️⚠️ Since I downloaded the new update (Season 7). I got an authorization error when I try to connect with my CoD account. Please fix it..Version: 1.0.12

Glitchy AFSeveral times it happened now… do something about it guys.Version: 1.0.22

New updateThis update has too many changes and I dislike the new gameplay experience..Version: 1.0.16

Great...I really enjoy playing cod:mobile but I am annoyed to be missing out on this seasons battle pass. I spent 17$ on cod points and I did not receive anything. I cannot write a formal complaint because I do not have a activision account. When I click on the pack that I need it simply says, Purchase canceled, or it just loads and loads.I would like my 17 dollars back or my 800 cod points. I wish I could rate cod mobile 5 stars but I want this bug fixed..Version: 1.0.16

Ban ProblemsThe game is amazing, but banning people randomly just curious how that works? Haven’t hacked once in my life, I’m against it but yet there’s people out there getting banned for no reason, no explanation just says banned, please explain how that works cause last time i checked their were hackers in game but when it comes to reporting them it doesn’t take a day to ban them like how you ban us with an instant. The players you’re banning are the players making you money by buying legendary skins and bundles/crates wale up.Version: 1.0.29

Was a good gameIt was a good game. Now it’s full of aim bot players and has major stability issues. I have an iPhone 7 Plus, which I know is older, but I don’t have any issue with the other games I play on it. I can’t get more than 30 seconds into the game without being kicked out. Refresh try again, same 30 seconds. Has been an issue since the last update. And the developers don’t seem to care about the cheaters or the stability.Version: 1.0.19

Keeps CrashingDon’t get me wrong. The game itself is amazing. However, it isn’t perfect. I’m taking this opportunity to inform you guys what the problem is. I understand also that it’s not easy working on trying to solve these problems. But it’s a recurring issue so this should’ve been taken care of from the get go. While I’m in game I often get these reconnecting issues. Most of the time I believe it’s my WIFI but when I go out of the game and use the apps it works perfectly. So I am assuming it’s your servers. It keeps crashing for no reason. I’ve spent money on this game and I expect it to be up to par with the what I know should be where it is. For crying out loud! if you’re going to make COD points expensive at least give us bundles instead of crates or at least make the crates a bit more affordable. Not all of us are millionaires! Y’all try too hard to make the game more enjoyable but instead you do the opposite. The easiest way from point A to point B is a straight line. Plain and simple..Version: 1.0.12

The game has changed and isnt fairCodm needs to change katanas its just a new spam for people who play like dogs and change rank i get into games that arent even fair i may have a low rank but its an alt but that still doesnt change the fact i get into games where everyone whos good on the other said i have no one to help me i carry most of my teams in games i thought they nerfed the katana but it still 1 shots from far distance nerf it so it needs 2 swings and make the swings slow like a second delay cuz its too op in games like rank people are just using it as an advantage cuz its a 1 hit like bruh it makes the game so annoying and not fun to play just nerf it so not people cant just use it as an advantage for every game overall i love the game its a good game but just not that fun anymore cuz of the teams matching in rank and katana bots with a 1 hit kill from like a 5 meter radius.Version: 1.0.32

Steps in the right direction for gamingI absolutely love this game for gameplay, it’s smooth, responsive and so satisfying when you pop off, the only things stopping me from giving this 5 stars is mainly the pay to win aspect mainly loot box’s for godly weapons and great looking skins, im all for a different loot system but why not make it so you can use credits you earn through actually playing the game aswel as the paid currency (which should not even be a thing in my opinion but I’m just a player) I’m happy with updates that come and steps are being made to make the game better for all but if you look at the most recent Locus crate activity event there was next to no chance of getting it which is just upsetting and seriously demotivating, I’m sure you will all continue to surprise and excel (touch wood) with that being said I will come back and review this review based on how the game changes over the next few seasons :) thanks for making a great game from a fairly happy player for now, vFly.Version: 1.0.11

Control customizationControl customization is kind of horrendous. I stopped playing because I couldn’t get the control customization I desired. For starters the ads button is far smaller than the aim button and I don’t know why. The curved weapon button and hp button design doesn’t make much sense because you can’t have them on the edge of the screen. Whenever I fire while I aim down sights the sensitivity all of a sudden changes and I cannot move my crosshair unless I swipe my finger violently while trying to trace my opponent. Something else I noticed is that you can’t have many buttons close to each other, or barely even touching, because it will activate another button and not the button you press. The way the control customization is at the moment makes me not want to play this game. If you want to see a game with good control customization for reference then look at Critical Ops..Version: 1.0.4

Cod mobileI have waited so long for this game to download since it’s such a big game just to find out that my iPhone 6 doesn’t reach the minimum requirements to play? Please fix this, you guys said it worked fine for iPhone 6 yet I see other users having the same problem like myself here. I found out about this game coming out a few months back and have been excited ever since and think you guys need to work on getting this to work on the lesser powerful phones such as my own ,that should be a major priority atm cause I don’t wanna go out my way and buy a new phone worth what let’s say $700+? Like come on not all of us have that kinda money otherwise I’d be out there buying a console or a pc to run other games...anyway you guys really need to fix this cause I think this could be really big maybe even bigger than games like Pubg or fornite (yuck).Version: 1.0

LagThis game has a lot of issues there’s freezing lag and a lot of bugs in the game I’m on iOS and this game lags to much I really hate how cod Adams are not helping to solve this game to help us ios6 players and I keep getting kicked out the game for no reason and having to join back in it’s not fear also the guns damage is so low you have to shoot them a million times before they die and you sometimes spawn with no gun and can’t run also you can’t see the enemy bc of this bug there’s also this red dot on your characters body witch is dumb and annoying the snipers are good but they don’t have better attachments br is very laggy don’t bother playing that bc you will lag when you shoot and your phone will freeze this to cod mobile fixes your shiit might!!!.Version: 1.0.12

COD mobile (search and destroy)It has greta maps, skins, weapons and a whole bunch of good game modes. It has a easy and fun Freind and clan system in it. The mission rewards ether give you better weapons or cooler looking skins. The only downside that effects the gameplay heavily which reduces this review from a 5 star recommendation to a 3 star is the casual match making system. For some reason when you play in casual there are 3 things that can happen 2 effect the gameplay heavily. 1. The first thing that can happen is you have bots on your team and they have all humans on their team making it painfully annoying to play 2. Second thing that can happen is you have all the humans on your side and the other team are all bots making it boring to play 3. The third thing is that there are humans on both teams and it makes it fun to play as you have to put effort in but can relay on your team mates (this is super rare) (bots - basically all your team mates are trash to the point where they miss all of their shots and the enemy team can just mop them up and your the last one left and die or you die and then have to watch them die without putting a single hit into the enemy) (You mainly experience this in search and destroy but can be found in other game modes).Version: 1.0.33

BruhYo I bought the 10 pack of the Emerald steel crates right and I don’t get them, and they take my cod points bruh I want that refunded.Version: 1.0.12

New update is badOverall this game is a great port of the call of duty series to the mobile platform. However, I have a few bones to pick with the season two update. First, zombies is always a great mode and I am very happy to see it here. Now the bad: 3D Touch firing is great but for precision firing like with snipers or at long range with ARs is a bit tricky, for this I like to use the left firing button, the problem is this new update removed the left firing button when 3D Touch is active, I used to have the best of both worlds and now I don’t, which makes using the vtol impossible, as 3D Touch firing doesn’t work with it, and it also makes maps like crossfire very difficult since it is primarily a sniper map and the only map for which I use a sniper. I’m not sure if it a result of increased traffic to the servers due to the update and it being a Saturday but there seems to be a significant amount of lag now in any mode, making combat very difficult. I have the same internet and am playing in the same spot I always play so it is not a connection issue on my end, I’m not sure if it’s a server issue or if there was a graphics update that causes this but the lag or frame rate is significantly worse at almost all times now. If it weren’t for these new issues this game would deserve a 5 star rating but as it stands it really doesn’t even deserve the three stars I’ve given it..Version: 1.0.9

Would be funDear Devs, This is probably the best fps game on mobile, all credits to that. But, I have a huge issue with it. Could you please tell me why is it a must to play against controller players, especially on ranked matches? I have turned the controller support off, even still in every single ranked match Im playing against full teams of controller players? Why?? How is it fair? I would buy the battle pass 100%, but since this, I probably stop playing. Multiplayer is fun, but there are too many AI bots, so it feels like a single player most of the time. I have no proplem with controller players, dont get me wrong, but I just dont want to play against them on ranked matches. Drop shoot one-hit headshoots while jumping etc. why? So if I turn the controller support off, please dont put me in controller lobbies for god sake... if I wanna play against them, I go on console. Till it changes I’ll have a look for another game, and will not spend a penny on COD Mobile, as long as the ranked matchmaking works like this. Plz let me know if you’re willing to fix this. Cheers.Version: 1.0.19

TerribleThe new update just ruined the game for me. They made it real COD, which I would have played if that’s what I was looking for. I wanted something fun and easy.Version: 1.0.16

It’s a great game but there’s also so many problems!!I absolutely love cod mobile I’ve always gotten on better with phone gaming and I’ve been playing this for nearly 2 years! But recently the game has gone DOWNHILL!! I have a 16gb phone Ive had to delete every app possible to have cod downloaded and when you load the game up guess what MORE updates which is more space then when you actually get into the game you have to download all your maps, guns, camos, operator etc which is more space I physically have to choose between BR or MP cause I don’t have enough space to download all! I then come off the game then when I load it back up it says I don’t have enough space for it to run so I have to delete the game and download it again and im not kidding it takes an hour to even be able to play again as I have to download EVERYTHING ! if we have the game downloaded we shouldn’t have to download everything else to play the game ! Also to add the new crossbow is dog water! Everything is so expensive and people need to stop camping you should do what Xbox, pc, PlayStation do KICK people who camp or are unactive !!!.Version: 1.0.32

GLITCHYGlitches really bad ever since new update.Version: 1.0.9

DecentGameplay is great, exactly what you’d expect from CoD. A few things could use a rebalance - Sparrow operator ability is too strong and AK74SU is easily the best gun, however these problems aren’t crippling. Multiplayer is great, BR is too slow with too many bots, have yet to try zombies. Monetisation is easily the worst part of this game, the only thing almost worth any money is the battle pass, especially considering one purchase and completion gives you enough CoD Points to buy another battle pass. Besides that though all the other ways to spend money are a total waste - loot crate drop chances are criminally low for anything that isn’t trash, individual skins are priced absurdly high, not even close to worth it. Try CoD Mobile if you’re big into CoD and want to play some games on the go, and buy the battle pass if you like it - but by no means should you support any of the other awful business practices shown in this game. 6/10 - easily an 8/10 (maybe 9) with less bots and better monetisation..Version: 1.0.9

Beware! - full of hackers ruining the gameI must say first of all, it is a good game. Unfortunately the experience is ruined time and time again by hackers. I would estimate approximately 50% of games played are ruined by a hacker. Makes you wonder whether it’s worth continuing to play the game when it’s only fun half of the time. Reporting the hackers does nothing as unfortunately the hackers have clearly spent money on the game as they are all running the expensive skins it seems the developers are reluctant to ban them for hacking due to the money they are making off them. Developers are the same as pubg mobile which was ruined by hackers and this game will no doubt follow suit shortly unless they actually look to implement some bans of these hackers sooner rather than later. A clear example of how bad the hacking is, approx a few months ago they did implement a ban of those hacking and 60-70% of those on the leaderboards vanished. 60-70%!!!! This would mean that if playing a ranked multiplayer game in a team of 5, 3 of your teammates are cheating! Unbelievable. The scariest part is that the app collects both personal and non personal information from the device on which it’s downloaded. Now in the privacy statement it states that this information is held securely however if they are incapable of eliminating people hacking the game with a simple download, how secure can your personal information really be? I’d guess not very secure at all. Great work activison!.Version: 1.0.12

My honest thoughtsI’ve played for about a day now and oh boy. I’m not sure if it’s because nostalgia or what but I’m diggin this game. Playing old maps that I know is a rush that I’m enjoying immensely!! Very fun but there is some things I do not like. The first thing is the pay to win ugh...the second I saw that I almost the devs I understand that you need some way to get funding from this since it’s free but why do you allow buying guns that ruins it for me you have the battle pass which I almost bought because the camos and stuff are really cool but I will not support a game that lets you outright buy these guns instead of unlocking through leveling up also I have seen forums that say bots are in multiplayer? I don’t know if that’s true but if it is make it more known I don’t wanna feel like I’m dominating pubs to learn they might have been bots and that’s about it I will probably make another review in the coming weeks or month or so but please devs you have a good thing going please take out the buying of guns the camos are more than an incentive to pay even if you get a camo for a gun you haven’t unlocked through leveling that will make the player want to play so they can use that camo but over all good stuff keep it up I would have given 4.5 stars if there was no pay to win but it’s not to late devs please listen and take that out make the guns a leveled unlock it’s sad to see such potential get ruined by greed..Version: 1.0.8

Hackers/glitcherThis is a fun game, loads of different game play options to suite your choice, levels are interesting and look great. There has been a lot of effort put into this game but not enough effort to sort out the hackers I have lost count how many games I’ve lost due to hackers using aim mods speed ups flying teleporting and and one new one to add cruising half on the ground and half under......crazy, I think you should focus more time of just banning these type of players because they are the scum of the mobile gaming world. The new high rise level is awesome but you should be aware I have game footage of a match I played where 3 other players got onto the spawn building roof using the platform laid against the building obviously it was sniper using it to their advantage too many players are using these type of glitches including the jump duck prone to maximise there play they speed across the floor at an annoying speed I know it’s just a game but really people pack it in we all know your type of players that use plug ins controllers etc you are no mobile gamer if you use anything but a mobile. So cod I would give 5 stars but the lack of bans for cheaters or at least force custom cheating gear on them that sticks to the account for the whole cod gaming world to see is pretty poor..Version: 1.0.12

Good and badA fun addictive game. However, the size of this game is so big that its the largest thing in my phone 😫. The game has been glitching a lot recently and the audio is very low when I have my mic on that I cannot hear enemies footsteps or sound effects even though its set on high on the settings, but when I dont have my mic on, i can hear everything. I’ve noticed sometimes the brightness changes randomly in the game and theres no way of changing it in settings 🤷🏻‍♀️ why? Its pretty annoying especially when im surrounded by enemies and my screen goes dim. I know this is not my phone settings, it only happens when im in the game, I have checked. Can we PLEASE have the option of deleting unwanted skins because this is a waste of space on our phones storage memory. And it also takes a long time to scroll to our desired skin 😑.Version: 1.0.19

HorribleI used to play this game all the time. I at one point actually use to put money into this game. This most recent update though has made me want to delete the game. The gunsmith system has locked everything I had previously unlocked. It now takes hundreds of upgrade cards to level up the guns (which I had previously unlocked all the attachments for). It makes absolutely zero sense how I can unload an entire clip into someone and they are still standing. I’m also not fully understanding how someone can one shot me from across the map with an SMG. This game has always had hackers but lately the game has become unplayable. When I used to pay to play I was a god and now that I don’t I get murdered. I knew it was bound to happen but I didn’t think the game would get so wrecked due to the lack of banning accounts. Also, don’t try to use the mic as it never connects with friends. Sound cuts out and the only way to get it back is to restart the game. Game crashes mid game and doesn’t allow you to re-enter the match you were playing in. The game has just lost its touch and judging by the most recent reviews of the update I’m not the only one who thinks so. It’s a shame because the game used to be so much fun..Version: 1.0.16

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