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Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet Negative Reviews

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Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet app received 148 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet? Can you share your negative thoughts about trust: crypto & bitcoin wallet?

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Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet for Negative User Reviews

Missing Crypto for three days!YOU WILL HAVE MISSING CRYPTO!!!! After my transaction was approved! First time I bought BNB it went straight through received instantly no problems. Second time I used it, never received BNB. Contact simplex all they will give you is automated messages never a phone number. I told them I’m filing a dispute claim through my bank with them still got a automated message. Contacted trust wallet also, got a automated message. I’m missing money form my bank account luckily I have a great bank that will give me my funds back. Trust wallet does not need to use simplex anymore if anything. This is outrageous, you think using an app to transfer money would at least have a contact number to talk to a real person I’ve received nothing but automated messages!.Version: 5.21

Login problemsI cannot see where to find help with this application. I have an account with several wallets and my current version on my iPhone is 12.4.8 and apparently it requires version 13.0 and up. How the heck do I access my account when I cannot upgrade my iOS phone to 13.0? I sent this message when I had to update my phone to an iPhone 11 to get the operating system required. Trust Wallet did not advise that it would be a change in operating system requirement and now I cannot get back into my coins even with the recovery phrase. I can’t seem to get any help at this and I am afraid time is going to run out on my swap of MCO for SCO tokens.Version: 5.4

Need my money back please. Please read it before you guys lose moneyBefore I downloaded this wallet I thought same thing with someone else think that it was pretty good . I don’t know that it is fraud or not . I purchased to buy BNB by my debit card via third party payment ( simplex payment) on last Friday. It took the money right away after submitted . However , it emailed to me and said that the transaction was canceled I will receive my money back within 3 days but I haven’t received any money until now . I emailed to them so many times but they just send me back automatically notes about policies transactions two times. No one took care my emails . Even I just would like to have transaction go through to have some BNB coin to switch to other coins again but no one was available to help my questions . I tried to click on BNb to buy again but it said unavailable so many times . It is frozen now. I know that the simplex payment is the third party but please tell them send back to me my money . With me only a few money that is ok for me to lose it . If they don’t return to me . I’m apologizing to you to give you 1 star because of it . Then I suggest that you guys don’t use the simplex payment for customers anymore if there are so many cases like mine. You guys will lose customers and the businesses in the future..Version: 5.25

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICECan’t unfreeze Tron after staking, support doesn’t support you and expects you to understand what freezing and un freezing means. Not user friendly! When they give up on you they expect you to just spend hours through their rubbish community pages!.Version: 5.17

Doesn’t deliver coins.You buy bnb through them and 5 hours later you still don’t receive any coins with not sign of any arriving..Version: 5.21

UNSECURE. $5000 total STOLEN. DO NOT USEDon’t download. I had $300 worth of coins stolen and it looks like they’re unwilling to look into it or give a refund. If this was a stocks app it would be a big deal already. I don’t know why it’s not the same standard for crypto. In fact it should be a higher standard but apparently not. UPDATE: The rest of my tokens has now been stolen ($5000 worth). Customer Service is useless. I will support any class action lawsuit against this company..Version: 5.25

SCAMMMMMDo not download.Version: 7.17

LearningI’m finding it difficult at the moment but only just started (1 week) learning how to use Trust wallet. Thanks..Version: 5.25

Disappearing tokens without reasonI’ve been in crypto for a while and know not to give away my recovery phrase or connect my wallet to random DAPP’s - there is an exploit in their wallet - almost a year of no activity and then someone accesses my wallet and removes tokens.Version: 7.15

Lost all my moneyAll my money is gone just because I went to transfer BNB to Smartchain and all my money is no gone.Version: 5.21

TerribleThis is a terrible crypto application. I recommend that any prospective user conduct a web search for all the issues with withdrawing coin from this wallet and converting coins from BEP2 to smart chain. The interface is also difficult to use and not intuitive. There are much better applications in the App Store that do not have any of these issues..Version: 5.25

CrapI have tried sending my crypto to a different app and it keep telling me that I don’t have bnb and kept deducting my bnb. Does anyone own this or it’s just a rip off??? Apple should ban this app. I will definitely report it to apple..Version: 6.0

Terrible customer serviceWas emailing them in real time as somebody was wiping my wallet of all my tokens and the did nothing to help. Told me to be more careful next time and the transactions were irreversible. Lost thousands of dollars in seconds due to a lack of real time customer service and them not being proactive enough to lock out transactions from my account while I’m making inquiries about issues. If your having concerns that your account is being hacked they should immediately lock your account like all banks in credit card companies do. If there are others out there who have been robbed by trust wallets lack of accountability when your accounts compromised please let me know. Disappointed doesn’t explain how angry I am that this company let someone rob me..Version: 6.12

Wallet Recovery IssuesTrust wallet seems to be experiencing a big issue when it comes to their wallet recovery. For some reason when recovering your wallet customers have been experiencing issues where they put in there recovery phrase and it ties into a empty wallet that does not belong to them. I have no idea how the support can blame it on the wrong recovery key when the key has been utilized to open up the wallet previously. If the wrong recovery phrase is utilized it will let you know the phrase is incorrect and will not open anything. I have all my transaction records, as well as my wallet recovery key and wallet address written down together but now the wallet address does not match the recovery key. That is not a key issue but a issue within the trust wallet system which they do not know how to fix and would rather blame it on the recovery password. I hope the trust wallet owners and and devs team see this and does something to fix this issue immediately as it is not continuous issue that more and more people are experiencing..Version: 6.7

Watch out pending transactions.Love the wallet but a snag now of unwrapping Ethereum. Been in pending for almost a day so I have to shut off cellular not to eat up all my data when I leave my WiFi. Emailed and bot messenger say don’t to any more transactions and 3-5 days until someone reads my email. No way to cancel forever pending transaction either. Update: I found the right info to walk me through. If you get stuck the trust wallet has good instructions on pending issues and if stuck in pending fix first and don’t try any transactions until the transaction clears. Thank you. 5 stars! I still don’t understand the back up when I need a new iPhone..Version: 1.1339.0

Swap from bnb to smart chainHi I have swapped my bnb to smart chain, it has gone from bnb but i have not received anything in my smart chain, lost more then $800 usd.Version: 5.21

I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!I DO NOT RECOMMEND!! Cannot send currency to alternative wallets without extreme hassle and 2 extra third party apps, still waiting on pending transactions. after pending it send the cash back into crypto which then causes it to rise and or drop so you could potentially be waiting for cash just to have it drop $10-$20 while you’re waiting...Version: 5.22

Third Party Payments are a JokeFirst, Trust wallet uses two payment firms to use to buy with fiat currency BNB for purchasing tokens. Both SIMPLEX and MOONPAY limit you to a few hundred dollars a week what you can spend. That’s ridiculous to and serious trader. Can you imagine if your stock exchange limited you to a few hundred dollars a week to buy shares of stock? Second, I tried getting cleared or validated with my bank account/credit card with both of them and there was no person to talk to, only idiotic repetitive messages saying ‘we’ll be in touch’. I even emailed them with the same irresponsible responses. I finally gave up and only transfer tokens to the wallet that I want to trade on the BSC blockchain..Version: 6.15

Not good for iPhone usersI can’t even find that 4small boxes anymore and hence cant buy anything from uniswap using trust wallet on my iPhone X.Version: 3.1

Warning! Use extreme caution with Trust wallet.I have been in crypto for several years now and surprisingly with all the fraud in crypto haven’t had as bad of an experience as I have with the Trust Wallet. I used the Trust Wallet to swap BNB for a token I couldn’t easily get elsewhere and lost over 20% on the transaction. It was not a small sum either. I did two smaller transactions first and they went fine. The exchange rate, slippage, and fees were all in line. When I swapped the larger sum I lost a large sum. There was no transaction ID or on chain data / swap data on either token I swapped. Both were blank and still are blank days later. Trust Wallet support has been nothing but automated messages with zero support at all. I can not get the transaction data to see where my funds went. This is straight up theft so please extreme caution with this wallet. I can only imagine how much they can steal daily from their users if they scrape these types of margins off of even half of their transactions while providing no chain data to the users. On chain data is the entire point of crypto and the use of a DEX. You’ve been warned!.Version: 6.12

Don’t use itIt just happened with me today. I can’t swap and send out . The gas fee is higher my token that I have . I think it is something wrong. I uninstalled and installed app again. I put recovery phase 12 words. I make sure I wrote to down 2 twice. Finally I got big problem . It is shown invalid my recovery phase. I Unfortunately I can’t access my account even I have the right recovery phase are correct. I lost my token and money in there. DONT USE IT..Version: 6.11

Almost useful , but not…Unfortunately, this wallet will let you move tokenised versions of crypto assets to and from Binance, but then once you have the token in your wallet and, if you want to move the token to a non-Binance chain, it is really a usability nightmare. The in app exchange doesn’t do cross-chain (i.e. from BEP20 to ERC20), meaning that moving anything from Binance to any other location is a nightmare. If you plan on never leaving Binance, sure it’s fine, but if you actually want to use your funds for any other purpose outside going back and forth from Binance (while paying fees for the privilege) it’s almost totally useless. They really need to allow cross-chain swaps in app. For example > USDT BEP20 to USDT ERC20. …or better yet, actually have real coins on their exchange 😂.Version: 6.6

UnreliableMy wallet got hacked. My secret words were handwritten and hidden in a drawer. No one can access them except me. Never shared them nor took pictures of them. Somehow hackers accessed my wallet and stole everything. Maybe found a way to crack the passcode, secret words or Face Id. The developers just keep lying that i shared my secret words with someone. I didn’t. I’m not an amateur. This leads me to believe that the team might be involved..Version: 6.18

Don’t download this stupid appThis app is a scam don’t buy crypto on this app you will get scammed..Version: 6.18

My BNB Balance wont transfer to Pancake SwapI have BNB in my Trust Wallet and when I connect my wallet to Pancake Swap it says the balance is 0.Version: 5.21

Took the (considerable) fee for a transfer but FAILED the actual transfer.What an utter ripoff - Trustwallet took a considerable transfer fee and FAILED the actual transfer. If you’re happy paying a lot for absolutely nothing, this provider could be for you..Version: 5.24

MumI have no idea how to use this 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 5.21

Someone scammed meThey told me to add another wallet on this app, which was their wallet. Developers, I can’t remove his wallet. I therefore am deleting the app because I want nothing to do with this. FYI, I can’t access his funds anyways, or I’d send me back my money. He pretended to be Steve will do it, and shared his account to me (as I said above), and said that he would gift it to me (which is something the real Steve will do it would do); however, he said I must send him 200$ to have the account to send the funds. I believed him, as I knew nothing about crypto. I can prove everything this guy did to me, and would love to be an assistant to catching this person, to prevent future scams. He stole 200$ from me, and I’m a sucker for that, but I hope you all do something for your community. If you wish to question me, please reach out!.Version: 7.0

Booo poor formThe worstWallet in human history you basically have all of your crypto held hostage for ETH… so unless you have ETH DONT BOTHER!!!.Version: 7.19

Money missing!Money has just gone missing out of my wallet when trying to convert to something else, now it’s nowhere to be seen! Extremely disappointed because there is no one to contact or explanation!.Version: 5.21

Stole my coinsContact nearly a month ago still no answer from Trust Wallet customer service! I Kept buying EVERGROW through them, all fine for a month, then when I had nearby half billion coins! All of a sudden as I was using Trust Wallet one day, my account suddenly went to zero and all my coins are gone… So my only thought can be that they are the real scammers!.Version: 6.15

Wallet Not openingWhat is going on? I just tried to open my wallet and it keeps shutting me out only to check and it says on iOS 13 and later. So what happens to us that have tokens in our wallet who do not own iOS 13 devices? This is insane.Version: 2.6945.0

App not workingKicks me out of app when I tap discover.Version: 7.4

Waste of money!Beware not to purchase Bitcoin Cash when you want to send bitcoins. I made that mistake. This app will not be able to retrieve lost currencies if sent using bitcoin addresses as the recipient did not get the transaction yet my account states the currency was received. I have now deleted this app and informed my credit card company of this deception as trust it is not. I will now have to go through the long process of claiming on the credit card insurance. This cannot be good for the value of Bitcoin and their associates..Version: 3.3

Ridiculous walletLudicrous to tell me repeatedly that I cannot withdraw my own crypto or sell them. Avoid.Version: 7.18

ClearClear browser not working.Version: 7.15

Warning don’t use this appI lost money in the app and i got scam also in the official website Very bad customer service if you send money and you didn’t receive it say bye to the money i think this app make money from stealing people.Version: 6.20

Transaction gets stuckIphone 11. Software updated, App updated, Restarted phone, Re downloaded app, Deleted and imported wallet twice. The issue I’ve encountered over this week is quite annoying but I’ve dealt with it since I’ve been on the app. What happens is, After selecting the coins I’d like to swap, I select Swap, Confirm Swap and it takes me to the wallet connect, uniswap interface screen where it does nothing at that point. Usually the network fee would populate and I would move on with my transaction but that hasn’t been the case. Usually I would just cancel the solution and try again and it would work. Not anymore. Now I’m forced to pay multiple ETH fees and we both know how expensive that can be so that I can move it to my Metamask wallet which is all just a huge inconvenience. Hopefully you guys have an answer for this issue. Many missed opportunities and wasted time due to this..Version: 5.14

Switching bnb to smartchainI switched bnb to smart chain over 2 hours ago and my money has just disappeared when I switched it over still 2 hours later my account is still on 0, I go on Reddit to check if anything like this is happening 1000s of people have the same problem within the last 24 hours..Version: 5.21

Don’t use if you don’t want your money to disappearWhile converting BNB in order to buy another currency my money literally disappeared. $280 gone..Version: 5.21

Disappointed in your dapps decisionThis was the best app in the world, I wonder how much TWT crashed when you annoyed 2 thirds of the world by cutting out iOS users Oh well 🤷‍♂️ I now have MetaMask and safe pal to compensate the let down I had I here You guys where the best until then.Version: 6.3

Hacked and no support from TWI joined TW thinking it was safe, I have only ever used the TW on my IPhone, which is Away’s locked when not in use, some how over two days I watched my funds being transferred out without my control and there was nothing I could do to stop it, and TW responses “ We are truly sorry for the delayed response. Our agents are still working with other users as of the moment” same email over three days and then nothing, mean while my wallet has been emptied, there should be the option for two step Authentication…I still have no idea how I was hacked… and yes my phrase has never been saved in a digital environment…. Be warned!.Version: 6.12

Complete scamI bought Luna classic back in may because it said you could convert to bitcoin or usd in the app at any time, you can’t. The app will sell you Lunc, but doesn’t support it for exchanges. Now I can’t find an exchange that I can sell it on and have no way to get my money back..Version: 7.17

Lousy Support and Inaccurate InformationTrust wallet is a good app but it could be much better in terms of the tech support and the information displayed in the app. I wrote to tech support about their app not displaying all transactions for rewards/interest on some coins and they wrote back after a few days telling me the app does not do that and that I could get that information by manually downloading transactions file or by using a blockchain explorer. Neither of these options is acceptable as they are not user-friendly. Transactions lists should be a standard display feature of any good crypto wallet app that’s worth its salt but the team at Trust Wallet don’t seem to understand that. Also, because the app doesn’t display transactions, it’s impossible to do an audit on your assets in the wallet in order to find errors. For this reason, I’m going to be transferring my assets out of Trust Wallet to another one until Trust gets its act together..Version: 6.6

Very stressful experiencesVery confusing to use, especially if you add in the pancake swap the process of purchasing let’s stay safe mode at about $1125 I put into it by the time I got it pulled back out I had $115. You definitely want to watch when you’re trying to pull your money back out I’m still fighting with them over 150 Dollar transfer they claim it’s on the third-party third-party said no this is where it went it’s very confusing the process to buy and sell setting your slippage I’m not new to computers I am new to the crypto I’ve been in about a year I’ve used it three times and that’s three times too many it’s very stressful. Avoided at all costs I found better out there but I’m not gonna promote any of them good luck guys and gals. G.Version: 5.25

Be WearyI honestly don’t know how they have such great reviews. The whole thing is clunky and seems super sketchy. They make it nearly impossible to be able to cash out your money. Everything is a huge hassle and constant delays with transactions if they are even able to be completed. They claim it isn’t their fault, but I promise you that they are just as much to blame as the third parties they contract to carry out these transactions. Recently I just tried making a purchase of $225. It is now six hours later and i still haven’t received what I paid for despite the money being taken out of my bank account. I reached out to the customer service and their doesn’t seem to be an easy fix for that either since I received an auto reply stating that it will be 2-3 days before I hear anything back. It’s all suspect so be cautious and don’t throw any money in to this hole that won’t turn your life upside down if it gets stolen..Version: 5.21

I don’t think so it’s honestI tried to update my ID I’ll put some money in but while doing my battery died no I can’t find anything, how can I trust this platform??.Version: 5.21

Don’t Use!This company is terrible! Is the app secure? Yes. But the use is worthless! The price of coins and tokens is off over $600!!!! That’s right, you’re wallet balance for 1 coin can be off over $600! Multiply that times many coins and it can be off thousands of dollars! They never fix this despite multiple complaints by many users and just site that their algorithm uses averages…users don’t care about algorithms, they want accuracy when it comes to their $$$! NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK when you’re investing thousands or tens of thousands! Don’t waste time with this app! Use something else, you’ll be happier and your balance will be accurate!.Version: 6.4

Not secure , coins disappearedAll my crypto just disappeared today. There was a transaction which I have never done. Everything was fine last night. I woke up and saw my balance and coins are zero. Then I tracked the transaction and saw something unbelievable. It wasn’t just me. Same thing happened with over 100 people and all transferred to same address. How did that happen? I never fall for any scam or visits any link. And i also logged out from pancakeswap which i used to swap coins. And my face id and password was on. There was no way it could’ve been happened by my fault. Now who is going to take the blame? $1200 worth of coins has disappeared. If you’re legit contact me and help me get my coins back..Version: 5.21

No dogeAdvertised doge as a coin you can buy, when searched in the “buy” it doesn’t appear..Version: 5.21

Swap BNB to Smart Chain issueI tried to a swap BNB for smart Chain and it’s not going thru and every time when I try they charge me for transaction that is not complete!!!!! Money still is on BNB not on the Smart Chain.Version: 5.21

Struggle with helpFor the most part the trust wallet works well, but it’s really difficult to figure out problems. The help network isn’t that great. I’ve spent hours trying to resolve an issue with no result.Version: 6.4

I need help plzCan somebody PLEASE tell me how to transfer the money from this app to my bank account ??.Version: 5.4

Lost recovery phraseHello, I need help please, I lost the recovery phrase, I had 2200$ worth of Shiba. Can someone help me recover my wallet please? I tried to recover by resetting the password with the email address but I didn’t receive any emails from TrustWallet. There has to be a way for me to recover my Wallet. Not making another way besides the recovery phrase is more then not fair. Many other apps have many ways to recover your accounts. I will be able to provide all the info that I put in the wallet and where I transferred my Shiba coins from. I need help, can someone help please? Thank you.Version: 6.18

WAS AmazingWas the perfect all in one crypto wallet for trading and storing crypto. It was incredibly user friendly and I loved using it… until last night when they removed the browser from IOS. Now I can no longer use any sort of BNB or ETH swapping platform. When I try to connect my wallet it auto connects to the wrong wallet and doesn’t let me choose which one I want to use. I tried moving crypto to that wallet but it won’t let me use the exchange because every time I hit trade, it switches over to trust wallet and does nothing. So now I have to move all of my crypto to Metamask instead. Rather than figuring out a way around the app store terms of service issue, you’ve simply deleted use of the browser. Congrats, you’ve forced away a customer..Version: 6.0

Lost safemoon tokenI had transferred my old safemoon token from my trust wallet to my another trust wallet(receiver). All my token gone from my sender trust wallet but haven’t receive in my receiver trust wallet. And it’s been month I contacted trust wallet support but never heard anything back. I hope I get it back..Version: 7.0

I’m really upset my I bought Crypto and I. Don’t receive any thing Money wastedI’m really upset my I bought Crypto and I. Don’t receive any thing Money wasted.Version: 5.21

If I could get my money into my bank...I’ve had trust Walet for about a year and a half now, most recently I tried to withdraw money into my bank account and spent hours so far trying to find someway to do that. There is absolutely no easy clear directions anywhere, and I don’t see any way of exchanging my coins which are XY coin etherium-20 coins. I wrote to the company directly asking them how to do it and they sent me a pad answer saying we’re sorry we lost all your money. Obviously they didn’t even read my request. I don’t know what to do but I certainly couldn’t recommend this app to anybody who is new at this. And their customer service is Neil. Not even a phone number to call if you have an issue. With millions of people using their app as they say in their promos they are to have at least one customer service number that a person can call for help but I can’t find it anywhere on their website or on the app. I’m beyond frustrated so I have to rate this with a one and I’m sitting there watching my money wanting to pay a credit card down and not able to do it. Oh woe is me for using trust Walet..Version: 5.19

Still can’t withdraw ATOM after updateRegret using 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 5.14

Losing all my coinsThis app set me up to lose all my coins. A program is integrated to it call Ethereum-validator.Xyz. This program took all my coins hostage and asking to increase it to 39999 USDT otherwise I lose all my coins! It’s not reliable and trustworthy app. Be aware!.Version: 7.20

Lost thousands because of this companyThis company does not emphasize enough the importance of saving the 12-word passphase and that if you lose it, you will never be able to access your money again. Save it somewhere. Your identification, ssn, passport, birth certificate, no other backup, just 12 random words are the difference between having and investing your money and losing thousands of dollars forever. I’m sure there’s a law office out there willing to take on a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit. It’s going to happen, and when it does this company will be out so quick. Don’t want no “sorry for your loss” reply from Trust Wallet. I’m not going to go down without a fight. This is crazy. And there’re thousands of poor souls like me that has list thousands because of this wallet. No help either! My stomach turns everytime I think of the money I lost trying to invest to save money for my children’s future. Thanks Trust Wallet! Beef up your disclaimer! Evil! Evil company! God help those who have lost even more than I have!.Version: 5.25

Where is BSVWhere is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV Where is BSV.Version: 7.8

No support for lost fundsI’ve been using trust wallet for two weeks now and have noticed that all my XRP funds haven’t reached where they were sent to now I’m down a lot of money and I’m not happy and when I go to contact trust wallet there is no one to contact to resolve the issue.Version: 5.21

TRUST ( NO TRUST )My trust wallet was hacked .I woke up the other morning and all my funds was gone . I have emailed trust wallet and and even tried contacting them on Twitter etc . Still no reply . Trust I think not . I now use another wallet I will never ever use this wallet again .the security is not good enough . I would ask everyone if you want to keep your money / coins safe do NOT trust or use this wallet.Version: 5.21

Omg so...I wanted to buy safemoon, and I liked what I heard about Trust Wallet. And I think Binance is awesome. So, I got USDT to buy safemoon, but I couldn’t use USDT to buy safemoon. So I looked and looked and then decided to buy BNB to buy safemoon. And I couldn’t. I didn’t have enough ETH to pay for fees. So, I tried to use USDT to buy ETH, which apparently is the only thing you can buy with USDT. And I couldn’t. I DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH ETH TO PAY FOR FEES!!! 🤣🤣🤣 seriously. What in the world. So many gymnastics I thought I was in the olympics. So, I tried to contact customer service. And I couldn’t. No phone. Only option was opening a ticket. Start filling out the information. None of the options were close to cover the mess I was in. None of the options was USDT. I had to add several numbers I didn’t have because no transaction ever happened. Couldn’t be blank so I put N/A. Submit. Minutes later an email saying that ticket failed to submit, because of the numbers and stuff for which I put N/A. So please, PLEASE, someone help me!! Thank you very much. 😀.Version: 5.21

BadDoes not allow transfers out in small amounts.Version: 7.4

DAPP DeletionI just want to say all my saved sites are gone with the DAPP browser. A heads up would be good prior to wiping everything out. Also it seems other wallets can still use the DAPP feature with no issues. Not sure why this is the case for TW. As a user I may switch to Safepal or MetaMask after this update..Version: 6.0

Don’t Trust Trust WalletShortly before bed I received a notification telling me 0.94 ETH had left my account. I did not authorize this transaction. I have never given my seed phrase out, and the rest of my holdings were left untouched which is bizarre if someone is robbing me why not take everything? Trust support offered the cookie cutter response of: it must be your fault. I checked with Apple support to see if my phone had been compromised and everything looked good. And others have agreed that a compromised wallet would be completely drained, instead I have my ETH sent to an address with no history and it is currently just sitting there. No clue why this happened but I will not be using trust wallet moving forward..Version: 5.24

Got scammed within the first hour of creating my account.The app is terrible. Very basic and lacks functionality. I created my account and set everything up, memorised my login phrase words so didn’t write them anywhere. then purchased some coins through one of the mandatory 3rd party payment systems, then an hour later someone hacked my trust wallet and took my coins. Got an email from a scammer claiming to be the founder of trust wallet saying my coins had been put in a “safe place” because someone hacked my account so they were addressing the security threat and would give back my coins once it was sorted. Turns out they themselves were the scammer. Contacted trust wallet online because you can’t contact them through the app and 11 hours later have still had no response. *edit 3 days later and still no response from trust wallet. Complete scammers..Version: 5.21

Still issues with ethereumCan’t send Ethereum . Error 504. Gotta increase fees manually but I get no indication of how much higher I should set it. Don’t want to overpay so the wallet should tell me like some other wallets do..Version: 3.6

AVOID ! !DONT USE ! !WALK AWAY ! ITS SCAMDO NOT DOWNLOAD OR USE. Seriously guys, check out and read the low star reviews and compare to the sketchy good review. WHY RISK ? DO NOT USE! I can certainly assure you that you will have a extremely traumatise time when you trying to send any money out and will lose a significant amount of money while doing these transactions. Basically any transaction you do, they will claim that they do not take fee while the transaction fee is skyrocketing higher than the others. They charge you a ridiculously high amount of fee when you trying to send your money away. When you send more money in to trust wallet, trying to cash out and the transaction fee just keep getting higher than the money you have in your wallet, which stuck no matter how much money you have there. AVOID BY ALL COST!!! Take my 1000 dollar lesson and simply walk away from this app. Not worth it. Don’t bother try it. Yes I put 1000 dollar in and still have no way to cash my money out..Version: 5.24

I lost my Bitcoin investment of $700 in a snap!Someone from instagram approached me to try investing on Bitcoin and he convinced into downloading this Trust Wallet App. All went well until my money was this deposited in this App. after I clicked the confirm button. It never gave me a confirmation until I tried doing the same process again and attempted to deposit; and that's where I lost my money!! My money suddenly disappeared!!! I deleted my Trust Wallet App and downloaded it again hoping I can get my Bitcoin account back but, the Bitcoin symbol was no longer appearing in their list of stocks when I attempted to recover my account. I sent two messages in their support department but I still have to get a reply! Please be careful of investing in Apps like this if you are NEW to this... nobody will HELP you at all once your money is STOLEN!!!.Version: 5.18

Horrible Customer SupportI had an error during a transaction and lost all of the funds I was trading in the process. I reached out to customer Support nearly 2 times a week for about a month and a half and only got a response from an automated “customer support specialist”. I asked multiple times in separate emails to speak to an ACTUAL HUMAN, never once was my request fulfilled. I understand Crypto is new and maybe Trust wallet is having a hard time hiring people for customer support or technical support, but when you are dealing with peoples finances there needs to be more urgency along with a possible screening software for certain situations when a CUSTOMER, is requesting further assistance. I am extremely disappointed with Trust Wallet and their services and would/ will not recommend this company to anyone..Version: 6.11

Really badThis wallet never tells you the actual cost of the transaction. They say their cost and then the miners take their part but they don’t say the total of both. Basically do anything but use this wallet until they can tell you verbatim what the cost of the transaction is?.Version: 5.21

Trust wallet is assGot hacked and lost all my money in crypto what an amazing wallet.Version: 6.12

Takes to long to process transactions that are verifiedI have several wallets and this one has to be the worse one. I tried to use this one because I thought the fees would be lower but the inconvenience isn’t worth it. I ordered ETH at 8am today and it’s 2 pm and I still haven’t gotten it. I went through the channels to contact this company but it’s a joke. They send you an automated message saying to send in the same things that you did in the first email. Guess what they will get back with you in 2 to 3 days. The problem is that hey make you take a selfie and pictures of your id and verify everything just not to give you what you paid for. The transaction was cleared by my bank within 5 mins. I contacted moon pay and it’s not them they actually responded right away. So not only do I not have my ETH but I have no one to talk to. If I don’t get a response soon I’m going to just go to my bank. This is unprofessional. I would understand if someone told me there was a delay but I hear nothing. So before you want to save a few dollars on the fees think about never getting what you paid for and hearing nothing from this company. It shouldn’t be name trust wallet. It reminds you to trust no one..Version: 5.19

My money has not come yetI have not received my money yet.Version: 7.12

Be prepared to loose coins!Exchanges between cryptocurrencies often fail 3/4 times, however, you’re still charged the 0.05% fee! I have lost lots of crypto as a result of the poor interface of this app..Version: 5.21

No response from TrustWallet On a major issueYou can’t view some tokens purchased on pancakeswap on the TrustWallet app. My the tokens are there in TrustWallet you just can’t view them. So you can’t send to someone or transfer within the app. This app deals with peoples money and trustwallet simply do not respond. They say they will respond within 2 to 3 business days. But this hasn’t happened. I will now put a formal complaint with Apple and if the issue is still not resolved then I will put a formal complaint with ASIC..Version: 7.0

Crypto disappearingOnly been on a few days and already my safemoon has gone down over 1 million I didn’t sell or swap just watched it disappear.Version: 5.25

Not happy with themWell first someone hacked my account and taken one 101,000 tokens then they said they couldn’t recover them. Then I deposited more money in there and it’s now corrupted so then they said I would have to make a $513 deposite to find the new wallet and then the 220 will transfer over to the new wallet told the I can’t afford that then they said well you can make two different deposit totaling that amount with in two weeks or the money will be lost told them that wasn’t right and then they said transfer the stuff you took out back into the new wallet but it will take longer then expected since it wasn’t the full funding amount 4 days go by I get in contact with them say it’s not in my account yet and then they said you haven’t received it said nope and screen shot it and didn’t hear anything from them for the rest of the day so I tweeted them then they said I violated the policy and stopped me from direct messaging and blocked me so now the money I put in 220 is now lost and they have taken my money and there’s nothing I can do about it I have done everything they have said to do and nothing this has to be the worst wallet I’ve ever had since then I have filled a complaint with the BBB and deleted the app.Version: 5.25

Money stolenI am absolutely beside myself in anger with this company. I put my full trust in them and had 25k stolen from my account within 2 weeks of opening this wallet. Trying to get a response has taken days and nothing has been done yet. I gave them all the information that they asked for and still nothing. Not sure how someone can get access to this so easily. I feel a complete violation of trust..Version: 5.24

Thousands of problems with itThe wallet is giving me an error when I’m trying to do some trades or sending crypto my money still block on it no one is giving me solutions. Customer service doesn’t exist and the help center was everything but not helpful..Version: 5.18

It’s Good, but...The lack of coins lets its down. I could understand not having some random coins but not having Monero, Cardano and Hedera is unforgivable.Version: 5.18

Still has BUG. Devs pls read!![UPDATE]thanks Devs for response. the new slider is better but I still can’t input decimals and I should be able to choose the exact gas amount myself. Please update the numerical keyboard input so it has a decimal point and do not presume to force limits on your users. I’ve added another star but there are two more to be unlocked ;) [/UPDATE] This is so great on the whole. However one really frustrating bug is the custom gas limit adjustment: slider is too sensitive especially at the bottom end, and when I’m putting manually the keyboard forces numerical entry but the decimal point is missing from the keyboard so there is no way to choose exact figures in less than while steps. Please fix this for more stars and happy smiles!!!.Version: 1.18.0

My transfer has been pending for over a weekMy transfer has been pending for over a week now and as it’s only £50 no one wants to process it, as transfer fee is low. Looked into support and nothing they can do about it which is a joke. So if you are not investing hundreds of pounds don’t bother with this app as you will only lose money..Version: 5.21

PoorEvery time you want to deposit there is always a problem. The transaction is always pending and never goes through..Version: 5.11

No support.I have money in this wallet $14k and it won’t let me move it to another wallet to withdraw.Version: 7.0

Fees!I’m upset that the fees were not made clear enough before I sent my small amount of crypto. I sent 25 coins, it charged 1 to send and then 20 disappeared to activate the account. I’m now the proud owner of 4 f!#?>#g coins! I may have missed this but the things that should be made clear are fees! Im happy with the interface, it’s “user-bility” and how the application looks and works. I’m new to the space and worked it all out reasonably quickly. I’m just upset about those fees! A notification on a “fee due” wouldn’t go amiss or even a fees pages which is easily accessible. I don’t know many people who want to sift through small print and I’m definitely not one. Give us the option to pay the fee, how we pay and when. Hold some funds in reserve until it’s settled, please don’t take my investment when you decide to, it’s immoral..Version: 5.21

Missing appsAll of a sudden where there used to be the icon for apps at the bottom it’s disappeared now I can’t access a lot of things.Version: 3.3

Cant withdrawal my moneyCan’t withdraw my money from pancakeswap unless I have money in trust wallet. Even though there is enough money being deposited from pancakeswap into trust wallet to cover the big fee. So to get my $60AUD have to deposit $50USD into trust wallet to pay a couple dollar fee which would could be paid by the deposited amount from pancakeswap? So in short if you’re like me and don’t have that much money to lose then do not touch trust wallet as they will steal every cent from you by trapping you with hidden fee after fee. If I knew I had to pay money to deposit money into trust wallet from pancake swap then I would’ve logically left enough money in trust wallet to cover the fee. But NOPE!! They trick you to make you have to deposit another $50USD, but then once I withdraw my money I’m then charged yet again meaning there is no point in even trying to use trust wallet because they are like those windows scammers, they get access to someone’s PC then lock them out and force them to pay a fee or else won’t release the PC or in this case Funds..Version: 6.11

Dapp browserI like trust wallet for i have not had any security issues but i have decided not to switch to iphone for the reason that the dapp browser is gone. it would be nice to be able to not hang up one of my other devices to make transactions and also deal with the glitches that wallet connect has. as of right now metamask just seems to be a better fit there is a extension for the browser and from my knowledge the browser is still available. hopefully trust wallet can at least create a browser extension for brave or any other options..Version: 6.13

Remove “open with Passcode” option like MetamaskClearly if someone knows your phone passcode, it is very easy to get hold of your keys and fund. If face id doesn’t match, do not even offer to open using passcode. I don’t think many people realize what this means, including obviously developers of this app. I like the fact this app shows fund in USD, but the security concerns with this cannot be ignored. I’m going to stay away from this app and will advise my friends and family to do the same until this security flaw is addressed! ** Updates for developer response ** Dear developers, thank you for getting back, but please do understand my critical comments above are not because I’ve lost fund. I’ve not. The comments point to the security flaw in “your app”, not in people using the app. The latter cannot be fixed easily, but the former can be! Every critical comment cannot be ruled out as “peoples mistakes”! This response, with all the due respect, seems lazy and copy paste job than really trying to understand real underlying issues mentioned!.Version: 6.1

Scam Stolen MoneyI requested 200$ in ethereum. It took forever so I clear the request and delete the tab but few hour later it’s say on my bank account 200$ was invested and it didn’t even show up in the wallet. I won’t be using this again until my money is return.Version: 7.4

Buying BtcWhen trying to purchase BTC it will not load once I input my card info.Version: 7.18

Funds FrozenMy Lunc Classic are stuck in the wallet and I am not able to withdraw them, what is wrong with this so called decentralisation when you are even worse than a bank yourself. Someone could be dying but you choose to freeze our funds because you want to, 0 stars and not recommended at all..Version: 7.18

Not the best walletConstant issues with trying to get a payment to go through or verify anything. It’s a shame because it’s an ok app, but this is absolutely frustrating, especially when your trying to ape into a project and it keeps failing. Keep your shut up to date Trust Wallet..Version: 7.15

Money disappearMy money disappeared with no tracking and no transaction numbers, dates , … could be a scamming APP I would be interested in making a sue to this app anyone interested that the same thing been happening.Version: 7.18

Had troubleHad problems with hard token sending, lost all Of them and support just kept telling me to update app! No real help so just be cautious. Seems like it could do well but as usual on most wallets if you have problems they don’t help.Version: 5.10

Lost coinTried to swap my Binance Coin Smartchain and it has never come through.Version: 5.21

DON’T USE!!! It’s SCAMZero security and definitely not safe to install in your phone because they gonna wipe out all your money in seconds from your account. And you won’t be able to recover it in any way. Because trust wallet support won’t help you at all. Happened with me so I recommended all new users to stay away from this so called Trust Wallet!!!.Version: 6.8

BadTook too long to process my transaction ended up with a bad rate.Version: 5.11

WAtch Wallet onlyThere is no where can find info on how we can turn a watch only wallet to fully accessible because of a mistake.Version: 7.0

UseIess sc4m of an appUseIess service that doesn’t get back to you to resolve missing funds , retard3d sIippage tolerance which says at minimum you’ll receive this when you should get this , you always get the f minimum.. money in your account disappears on the low and you will only notice if you pay attention... Theres some f ugly virgin money greedy bast4rds in this world and they are the devs of this app..Version: 5.19

DisappointedMy transaction hasn’t come through.Version: 6.18

Lost my money!As soon as I tried to switch BNB to BNB Smartchain, my money completely disappeared with no sign of returning. Upon further inspection, people around the world seem to be having the same issue. Don’t trust this app, it’s a scam..Version: 5.21

Not as good as it used to beFlaky at best when connecting to pancake swap. Dapp version much brtter.Version: 6.1

Has an issue where transfers don't show up even when confirmed on scannerI just trasnfered solana to my wallet from coinbase and both solscan and solana explorer say it was successful. Coinbase also shows that it was successful, and all three of them say my accurate wallet address. I did this side by side and copy/pasted my address as usual, so there was no room for error anyway. But for some reason it won't show up in my wallet. Usually solana takes second to show up bc it is a very fast blockchain, but the transfer is just not showing in Trust wallet for some reason. Delayed transaction info is a major problem with this app. Idek if it will send or not and it doesn't, what am I supposed to do? It was sent to my wallet but isn't actually in it? This makes no sense..Version: 7.0

Cannot withdraw BIDR without BNBIt is a nice and easy to use platform but I don’t understand why I need a BNB to transfer to any platform. Can’t they just deduct it from the coin that I am transfering out of them? I am worried if I deposit money to buy BNB and to cover the network fee so I can withdraw BIDR and then if I sell BNB later it might ask me to buy some other coins just so I have enough for the “network fee” and sell BNB. Now, my BIDR is stuck with them. Hopefully, they can just deduct it from the coins that you’re transfering or withdrawing and not ask other coins to cover the network fee..Version: 5.16

Needs better supportThere isn’t much support on the app or a way to contact the team. It needs to be more easy to use because I feel as if whenever something goes wrong I can’t do anything without hours of research..Version: 5.17

Has potential but inconvenientYou can deposit your alt coin to trust which is nice, but it requires a ~.25¢ fee of BNB smart chain. Okay so I went to buy a little BNB to cover the initial fee and the minimum buy in is 50$ worth. You can’t even trade it to BNB smart chain initially to cover the fee in the beginning. I finally gave in and tried to buy 50$ worth of BNB and the simplex service they provide kept giving me errors at the very end and told me to talk to customer service. I did and I thought it worked but after putting all my bank info in and having it go through confirmations to the last buffer screen but it just stayed buffering, multiple times. In the end I’m going to try to withdraw to a different wallet but I do not have a lot of faith it will work..Version: 5.13

Non existent supportI have used trust wallet with few issues for three years now. I recently deposited $2800 worth of a token into my wallet and it never appeared, despite being confirmed on chain. I put in a formal support ticket, through the in-app support, explaining the problem. They had all the information including the transaction number which confirmed that the transaction was successful. In return I waited two days to get the response that “Your ticket has been closed. We hope that the ticket was resolved to your satisfaction. ” Nothing had been resolved whatsoever. The tokens had not appeared and I had received no explanation as to why. Why bother pretending to have support? I have used dozens of exchanges and wallets over the years and the only other support I’ve encountered being this unhelpful was binance. So I shouldn’t be surprised really, as binance owns trust. The app is generally fine, but in this space, with so many options, you can afford to avoid those with appalling support. You need only to look at the App Store reviews for evidence of their complete disdain for their customers. There is some black magic going on for them to have the star rating they have. All I see is one star reviews and bitter complaints, with no effort to respond or reach out from the devs. I will be extracting my funds forthwith..Version: 7.6

New update removed DappsRemoving Dapps feature completely ruined this once amazing wallet. Wallet connect does work 80% of the time. I now have to use my desktop to load the website and then use wallet connect since it doesn't work on my iPhone properly. They should have made a bookmark tab that would allow you to click and open your browser instead of just deleting everyone's bookmarks..Version: 6.0

Low security STAY AWAYSecurity level is the worst amongst other wallets I used. Just search “stolen funds from trust wallet” and see what you get. My funds were stolen 13 minutes after I deposited my funds. $1500 worth of coins were sent out while I’m still logged on. How would you allow 2 devices from 2 distant places to be on. I never shared my phrase key. I don’t even have it saved on any electronic device. Only on a physical piece of paper. I use a passcode to access my so called “trust” wallet and require “transaction signing” for each transaction. Yet an unauthorized transaction took place in my wallet. Support team didn’t even bother to investigate the ticket. They automatically replied. Sorry we cannot help you. This is nonsense. A class action needs to be taken.Version: 6.1

Rip offPeople should be made aware of the high fees for transferring relatively small amounts of money and the need to do it in a different cryptocurrency that they don’t have and are unable to swap to!!!.Version: 5.21

No ability to download csv of transactions for tax reportingThis crypto wallet is fine for novice or light users who don’t need to keep track of many transactions for tax purposes. There is no ability to download CSV file of transactions. (Account public keys can be exported for just a few coins, not ETH) Yes, users could go and find transactions on blockchain explorer, but surely it is possible for a serious wallet to provide ability within app?.Version: 3.1

Removed Dapp browser with no warningGot absolutely blindsided by the devs removing access to dapp browser. Virtually no information on how ios users are supposed to recover their funds. Disgusting underhanded behaviour. A months warning so we could at least save the address etc that were in our bookmarks would have been the least they could have done. Has cost me thousands do not use ever..Version: 6.1

COMPLICATED IS ALL I CAN SAYTbh i don't even know how to use this but i did use it for what i thought would help me get profit and done all these steps to "follow" and ended up nowhere . lost a lot of money and my instagram account 🙄 thanks.Version: 7.5

ScamI had silver currency (SLV) and I wanted to exchange it for Binance coin(bnb) . After I did the switching operation, I lost SLV but BNB was not added, so I sent an email to Trust Volt support. They emailed me the ticket number and said they would call me soon. After 10 minutes, an email was sent to me called "Trust wallet Support" and he knew all my problems! He asked me for 12 words to recover my wallet, as well as a photo of the wallet and the app version. I trusted them because I knew they were supportive, and unfortunately they stole all my money! The person who stole my money, cheats thousands of dollars a day and no one takes action to stop him? I'm sure the person who emailed me was a Trust wallet support person, because he knew my problem perfectly well, and it's impossible for a Trust wallet to be hacked in 10 minutes and give its user information to a hacker. Whoever that person was, he was a Trust Volt support I'm sure ٫ because only 10 minutes had passed since my email and in 10 minutes it is not possible to hack Trust Volt! No matter how much I emailed support, they just told me we were sorry !? Regret does not return my capital! Please get my money back.Version: 5.19

BewareEasy to transfer cryptos into this wallet. Pain in the A to cash out or transfer your cryptos out of this wallet. Should have known better whenever ‘Free’ is attached. I’m trying to transfer/cash my BTT out but I have to pay a fee and need to buy TRON for said fees. I tried buying TRON thru simplex but for some reason simplex is another scam. Simplex customer service said I can’t use my freakin debit card to buy TRON because it had a block on it. I called my card /bank to verify and they said my card is fine and should be able to use for any purchase. So I tried again and same crap, can’t buy freakin’ TRON thru simplex. I called Simplex again and told them I my card is open for ANY purchase but simplex customer service “they can’t disclose” why I’m not able to buy Tron so I can withdraw my BTT from trustwallet. Trust wallet and Simplex is scam beware of this scam. Warning you not to use this unless you want to lose your money or get it stuck in a limbo..Version: 6.3

TRUST WALLET IS NOT SECURE OR SAFE! BEWARE!DO NOT USE TRUST WALLET TO STORE OR STAKE YOUR ASSETS. I had almost 5 BNB staked on Trust Wallet validators. Someone removed my staked BNB instantly off Trust Wallets validators and moved my assets to an unknown wallet that does not belong to me. If I personally tried to unstake my BNB off the TW validators, it would take 7 days to unstake and be returned to my wallet. I also had other assets in a different TW and they were removed too. Trust Wallet support is non existent and ran by scammers that could care less that their validators are compromised. Trust Wallet, Binance, Binance Smart Chain, and Pancake Swap are all frauds and ran by thief’s and scammers. BEWARE! Binance owns Trust Wallet and they are under investigation by the Justice Department, SEC and the IRS! DO NOT STORE YOUR ASSETS ON TRUST WALLET! Developers, what’s your excuse? Apple, Trust Wallet and Binance US needs to be removed from the App Store. You are letting thieves and scammers into your APP store..Version: 5.25

HorribleYou'll never be able to get your money or coins out. The gas fees are ridiculous. Use This one is a joke and a scam.Version: 7.1

Bitcoin payment confirm but nothing on my walletMontreal.Version: 7.3

Stole moneyStole my money. Deposited 129 cad in lite coin over 24 hours ago, and have contacted support 5+ times with no response. No record of the transaction on blockchain and they also won’t answer which is very suspicious... Will never use this company again, I told them after 3 emails that I would leave a bad review if they didn’t respond and they didn’t. Apparently if it takes more than 3 hours for the crypto to be received it’s an issue, but now it’s been well over 24. Never use trust they will scam you as they have done to me..Version: 5.21

Not goodNot good at all my usdc was stuck in this app couldn’t swap or couldn’t sent to it cost $99 to transfer $122 from this app to another app.Version: 6.8

Stay away from thisI got it because a coworker suggested it. Turns out it is not user friendly. They make it easy, so so easy to take money from your bank acct but will not put money back…you have to send crypto to other wallets and that is where the problem comes in. Swapping to the crypto/tokens that other wallets take is a challenge. Granted, I’ve only put about $150 in so far, but I’ve lost two thirds of that in fees and lost transfers. I’ve got two other wallets that are not hard to use, I can swap between them, AND I have actually withdrew $$ and had it deposited to my bank acct. As soon as I figure out how to get the rest of my money without losing it, I am done with trust wallet!.Version: 6.1

Could not copy phrase after updateGet this function back and I’ll rate 5 star.Version: 7.14

THIEVES! Stay clear!!!!I purchased 0.5 BNB for £200 yesterday, and didn’t receive the crypto. I spoke to a Reddit account claiming to be Trust Wallet Support that later deleted their account, and when I finally received the crypto from the third-party company, Trust Wallet itself actually transferred the money OUT of my wallet and into an unknown one! This app has literally robbed me of £200. Don’t use it..Version: 5.21

A good way to get your money trappedDue to it’s swapping mechanism it is extremely difficult to transfer your money to another exchange/wallet without being forced to deposit more money into the app. Wish I never put my money here but now I’m gonna have to spend another 5 hours trying to get it out without insane fees. Considering how little is understood about crypto by the vast majority of their users, this follows similar principles as a con.Version: 6.19

Money withdrawalI would like to take my money from the app completely please??? I have lost the recovery phrase due to moving house I had £460 in total not sure if it went up but how ever I have electronic receipts stating what I paid for on my email so there is definitely proof of payments.Version: 5.10

US onlyI have been trying to buy bitcoin and this app only accepts US residents. Beware!.Version: 6.18

Easy to buy... but impossible to cash outI can’t understand why it’s so difficult to cash out, why is it so hard? I can’t figure it out..Version: 5.21

Last update the worst!!!Thi wallet doesn’t show the price properly, is about 2 hours behind with real price on CoinMarketCap..Version: 5.24

My money hasn’t turned upEven though I have the records not at all happy.Version: 2.7058.0

Can’t sell on this AppI don’t know how you can launch an app and allow a buy option but not a sell option. I’ve seen the link provided and it’s not useful. Please explain step by step how to sell via a third party. This is crazy.Version: 5.11

ScammedCould anyone tell me how to know if we are getting scammed because I have spent more than 7k and still they are asking me to send them the secret key for that o need to pay more money please help me if anyone can thanks.Version: 6.18

Software fraudThis is a fraudulent software. I hope you won't be cheated again. After purchasing encryption, you won't be allowed to send or withdraw cash. I don't know why Apple Mall allows fraudulent software to exist..Version: 7.3

Don’t buy anything through simplexWallet in general is good but I recently purchased SmartChain(BNB) through simplex (third party) and have had bad customer service and it doesn’t look like I’ll ever receive my coins or my refund on one of the purchase that apparently didn’t work. Bit of a joke.Version: 5.25

Token reflectionsI would like to see my token reflections listed in the app…try harder….Version: 6.20

Won’t recommend this wallet because of high fees to transfer the balance.I am new to this wallet. I transferred BZNT ERC20 coins to this wallet assuming that I will be able swap them using DFX option in Trust Wallet. I am able to see the current value of the coins but there is no option to swap them. This wallet is only allowing swap from BZNT BEP2 to other coins not from BZNT ERC. Honestly I didn’t understand why it is not allowed. Disappointed with that. As there is no way to swap I thought at least I will transfer the coins back to different portal where I can be able trade them. But this time noticed they charging way too much fee for transfer. Which is very very high than any crypto platform. That’s why my suggestion is not to use this wallet..Version: 5.19

Don’t download!!!I basically lost all of my money invested in this app because I lost my recovery phrase after I lost my phone. You can’t recover an account through an email or phone number—this is what their support team emailed me back with. This app truly is inferior in many ways and should not even be on the market. There were also “hidden” ways that they charged me fees. I had issues with simple transactions where I never received my coins after purchase, multiple times. I had sent them multiple support tickets with no replies back. The only reply I ever received was when I wanted to recover my account just now and they let me know I cannot recover my account since I lost my recovery phrase..Version: 6.12

Seems scammyThe whole point of crypto at this point is for DEFI ... why am I not allowed to buy BNB or BSC ? With the support service being Simplex yet when I go down to buy XRP with the same service it’s available ? We know how fast the market moves so having these issues or restrictions is costing me money ! When I’m trying to buy on a dip to even out my losses !! Then I try buying BTC and ETH to flip it and that uses moonpay and my transaction keeps getting declined although moonpay verified me . I got This app based off recommendations but this seems very gimmicky / scammy that I can’t make purchase and you’re not giving me sny reason why except “not available” . Then there is no real customer service .. which I thought they had based on a review / recommendation . All they have are “communities” aka dependent upon YOU searching for the answer in a blog ... self help is not customer service . I’m ready to move my crypto as soon as I figure out how this is ridiculous but I started out with them bc they seems the safest and I liked the staking aspects smh..Version: 5.19

Good app, could be better. No transaction historyThe user interface it nice and the app works ok. My issue is none of my trades from BNB to other alt coins are showing up in my transaction history. Coti, Lition, pancake swap, dusk network and CertiK to name a few. The only transaction history which shows it receive BNB and convert BNB to Smart Chain. Also, it would be nice if the app integrates into CoinTracker the way that MetaMask does and if there was a way to send the multi coin transaction history to the cryptoTax software. If they fix that then I could rate this 5/5. You do have to be careful when swapping using the Dex, as there is quite a bit of slippage..Version: 5.18

Not trustworthyMy wallet got hacked and all my funds gone! I did not give my password or phrase to anyone. Not so trustworthy wallet..Version: 7.18

App won’t start up since they updatedHad it for 3 months and now My app keeps freezing upon turning it on ever since an update... I tried contacting them and they were no help at all . I can’t access my coins I have 3 kinds on it and it just keeps crashing every time I click on it . I didn’t ask for a update!! I never authorized it. Thanks now I feel like my coins are stolen . I want this fixed right away . No one correcting the error LOOK AT THE UPDATE NOTES IT SAYS “FIXED CRASH ON START FOR SMALL AMOUNT OF USERS” a small amount!!! How about all of us !! I want my coins now and then I’m moving my coins The guy told me over email to “ watch my tone” excuse me??? That’s my money! Don’t talk to me like that I wish I could screenshot it to show you guys UPDATE: I was able to log in to my coins after the update . Thank u.Version: 1.33.0

Lost all my coins in this walletI recently changed phone and as a result I lost all my coins. I initially copied and stored my recovery phase. I downloaded the app, went through and successfully pasted the recovery words in. I have a screen shot of the message saying it was successful and the coins were imported. But they were not! I emailed support for help but they kept telling me the recovery phase was wrong. I repeatedly told them it wasn’t wrong and sent the screen shot proving it. They threatened to block me for spamming them. I lost all my coins and they won’t help me recover them. I’m so devastated about this. And hurt buy the response I got from this team. All I want is a little respect and a little help. I lost everything and I have no idea why. There had to be a transaction trail but they refused to check it for me. Please be careful with this App..Version: 6.4

AI transferred money from Binance to trust wallet and bought bnb . Money was showing that time after couple of hours later when I open trust wallet my mom missing. I can’t even find the right place to talk or support team. I have done anything, how I loose my money have no idea. So much frustrated now..Version: 5.21

Updates NeededWouldn’t recommend trying to buy anything through the app. Didn’t go well for me. The amount of choices you have are amazing for American users who can’t get to these other cryptos from bigger outlets. However, this app fails to track the prices of stocks laughably compared to somewhere else like CB. Currently watching the price of my stock jump and fall while Trust is staying the same, at the wrong price, lower. That’s a big issue that should be worked towards fixing ASAP. While I’m not sure the un-updating price will effect the sell price, I’m nervous I will lose on earnings as a result of this. Besides that this app works as intended, but I’m not very comfortable staying around with a problem like this..Version: 5.7

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Is Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet not working?

Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet.

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