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IPadIt works OK on a 13” iPad Pro but on a smaller model (which I would use for photography) it is rubbish as the selection wheel is obscured by the viewfinder making most of the options useless. The previous version did not have this glitch and so the upgrade is a waste of cash..Version: 1.0.3

Separate manual focus and auto can be a hassleThis app does appear to work, but for some reasons the auto focus does not affect the manual ring. Your dial would still start at macro zoom, not where auto left off, which means you cannot tap to focus -> make minor adjustments..Version: 1.3.5

File extension not DNGRaw photos taken with this app are not recognized as raw in any of my iPhone’s other raw photo apps. When I saved one of the photos to an app called File Explorer, the file saved as a JPG. Changing it to DNG did nothing to change the recognition. Why is a DNG file wrapped in a JPG instead of the other way around? I didn’t even know JPGs could contain other files. In my default photo viewer (HashPhotos) the file is title [name].jpg + .dng which may explain why it’s not being recognized as raw. For this reason, I can’t use this as a raw camera, despite other nice features (being able to customize what double-taps and the volume buttons do are two great features)..Version: 1.2.2

Depth effect not working, Slow UII would love to love this app. It has all I wanted in a camera app, will all the best features of the main camera app on the iPhone, like Live photos and Partrait mode, but with better UI and unlimited customizations!! But, since I’m working with an iPhone XS Max, I don’t know if this is my device which makes the circle UI to lag, or is it the app itself? So I have couple of things I wish to tell the developers of the app to work on: 1. Slow navigation between the main circle with all the options and each of the inner abilities - i.e I want to get into the filters menu, it lags until it opens. Same on all settings on the main circle. 2. Changing between formats is slowwww - going into live photos is slow, same on Depth, and same while returning to HEIC, JPG, RAW. 3. Depth - doesn’t work on my iPhone! Neither on rear cameras, nor on the selfie one (should it be working? 4. Slow opening of photos on the gallery view - the gallery main page with the thumbnails is fast but opening a photo can take seconds.. so disappointing :( Please take care of this problems in this awesome app!.Version: 1.3.4

Bought the filters and after restarting the app they are blockedI have bought all the filter packs and after restarting de application, they appear as not purchased. Application freezes when using the filters. Reported to de developer but they are I the know of these issues. After a couple of emails no more answer. It a potentially good application but too buggy. Developer has to move faster fixing some nasty bugs that makes useless this application..Version: 1.3.5

After the updateBefore the most recent update it was a 6 second load time. With this update it’s around 2-3 seconds. It’s an improvement but still too slow. Other then the load time the app is sold. Fast, great controls and easy to use..Version: 2.6

I wanted to like it better than I didI like that the app responds quickly when the shutter button is pressed and the fact that everything is accessible with one hand. However, the main thing that I like is having some filters to use with my pictures. You can even apply them to pictures that were already taken. However, some issues with the app prevent me from using this as my main app for taking pictures. For one thing, I experienced a number of crashes in the short time I had it. Most occurred when I was first loading the app. I also found that some of my pictures appeared sideways or upside down in the camera roll. Apparently you need to see the orientation of the text on the sides of the app, and that will prevent that. The issue that slows me down the most is that the app doesn’t retain certain settings from one use to the next. If I turn on grid lines, I want them always on. If I use the spirit level, I want it to always be there. Granted, I don’t want the filter and exposure settings to be retained, but things like spirit level, histogram viewing, and grid lines should be able to be saved. They are on other camera apps (at least gridlines and level). Still, I like the filters and may buy the premium ones as I can use these on photos that have been taken..Version: 1.5.1

Still unusableAll exposure information (the ISO, the shutter speed and the exposure compensation) need to be on one screen/view. Obscura has the info split between two views, the exposure compensation is on another screen so in order to check all relevant exposure info, one has to switch between the views which is highly impractical and slow. **The other problem is the focusing point, it’s ridiculously small and hard to see in most of the situations. **.Version: 1.4.4

BuggyBuggy, glitchy & incredibly stuttery for me. Would not recommend..Version: 1.0

ConfusedI have been trying out this out and just a few minutes ago I was using the depth mode and when I pressed the focus button that app crashed and closed itself 3 times. I am being fair with my rating based on the fact that I like the app but the crashing of this app is disappointing. I even purchased the extra filters so I would love to use this app more. I was looking for a way to contact the developer but when I press app support it takes me to a website that says 404 error found or something like that. Once I get this issue resolved I will change my rating based on my future experience with the app..Version: 1.0

No good latest versionMy iPhone 8 just installed the latest version and now it will not work. I start it up and it switches straight off. Lates version of iOS is installed. Not very useful at the moment.Version: 1.2

LevelGood app but not reliable for horizon and level.Version: 1.4.4

No Access to Photo Library in Obscura 2For those of you having trouble with your photo library not opening and going crazy trying to fix it in iPhone Settings (like me)...STOP! Open the Obscura 2 app: Go to Settings ——>Feedback & Support——> Permissions and viola.... Allow access to Photos, Camera, Location and Microphone are all right there!!! Bad design in my opinion. I would highly recommend the developer put the Permissions screen on the main Settings screen. Not embedded so deeply in an area that is far from intuitive..Version: 1.4.3

Obsessed with rounded corners prevents full viewManual features are good but the obsession w rounding corners on everything is beyond reason and unless I’m missing some option to turn it off rounding corners on my viewfinder and even bigger rounded corners on photo preview is atrocious!! You have option to change the icon then add one to turn off the rounding corners. You are essentially cropping my photo. Not cool for a pro app!.Version: 1.2.1

Paid extra for PortraitAs near as I can tell there is nothing “portrait” about them. Seems to be just a bunch color filters. I bought it, then went to the camera expecting information about the portrait mode, how to use it for portraits, but nothing says “portrait” even after paying. I’m willing to change my review, but I just spent two bucks for apparently nothing..Version: 1.2.2

AwfulFreezes on iPhone 6s Plus. Waste of money..Version: 1.5

Library access issuesRecently the photos don’t get saved and it gives error message: No Library access. What is the error in the app for my iPhone? Can you let me know the fix?.Version: 1.3.5

A bit confusingI just downloaded this last night and purchased the analog filter pack and I’m having a little difficulty getting through the app and using it. Is there any tutorial on how to use this? I would love to try it but I’m having issues using it. Thanks so much!.Version: 1.0.1

In app purchase bug never fixedYou’d replace a native app to get more features or for convenience. The fact that in app purchases have to be constantly reloaded makes it tedious instead of convenient. And it strongly limits the features even if you pay. Reviews going back months mention this so I assume the developer will never fix this. I think the app should be pulled as you pay $6 for nothing but grief with the filters. [Why use a curated platform if the curators do not help out...? I’ll ask myself that for sure in another couple months when it is time to replace my phone].Version: 1.4.4

Missing photo extensions support from Obscura 1Photos app extensions were the main reason I used Obscura 1. I don’t know why Obscura 2 removed this feature - a big let down for me..Version: 1.3.3

Worked on 11, but not 12I loved this on 11, just got an iPhone 12, sadly a lot does not work. I’m sure this will be fixed. Hopefully.Version: 2.7.1

Awesome App...!Awesome app with great features... struggling with latest update as I can’t see the photos in app library... not a Pro so not a big deal, happy to wait until app bugs fixed on iOS 12.2... keep up great work..Version: 1.4.2

The New Filters are Gone from the App StoreWhere are the new pack of filters? There are not showing up in the App Store.—The update messed up the app performance?—.Version: 1.5

BuggyCompletely unable to open pics and apply filters to them. Pics can be accessed but opening them appears to show two copies on screen at once neither of which are affected by selecting a filter. Occasionally on selecting a filter, the photo goes really low res. This happens both on iPad Pro and iPhone 7..Version: 1.2.1

Won’t openLooking forward to using it. Managed 4 pics then the app quit. Now it won’t even open !.Version: 1.2.1

Front facing camera error in 6s plusTried multiple times reinstalling the app on my 6s plus because whenever I try the front facing camera option, there’s a glitch on my screen where the right side and bottom freezes. The rest of the screen is ok but the right and bottom has a weird image frozen from when I’m taking pictures using the main back camera. It’s a backwards “L” shaped frozen image about half an inch. Please fix!!!.Version: 1.4.2

Really bad appDont buy it isn’t worth it.Version: 1.2.2

UnstableIt's a really well designed app with great features, but it gets hung up on the last image a lot and needs to be restarted to clear. Changing through the features needs to be done slowly or the interface can't keep up and starts to do funky things. Can't recommend this one..Version: 1.3.4

Library error.I really thought this would be the best camera app, but when I tried to look at the pictures, all I see is library error. Not one picture I took shows up. A bunch of photos that can not be shot again. Some really great shots of my kids are gone. O well guess I’m back to using the default camera app..Version: 1.3.4

Install issues. Can’t even use the app.I want to like this app and was very excited to use it. Unfortunately it won’t install on my iphone. When I get to the portion of the install that asks you to ‘request permission’ from the camera, Obscura isn’t even listed as an app that’s requesting access. How am I supposed to install this?!? Hoping for a fix or refund..Version: 1.5

Makes me feel dumb...I’m not a photographer by all means, and when I try and use this app, it makes me feel like you need to be one in order to use this! And I get confused and just exit the app! Maybe if you made it a little more user friendly then I’ll consider using it again! Until then, it will stay in my apps I never use!.Version: 1.3.4

Does not work on iPad ProAs a keen photographer I wanted an app for the iPad Pro 10.5 in which would let me use manual mode. Read the reviews of Obscura 2, checked that it was compatible with iPad and paid to download. The app has clearly NOT been designed for iPad, it shows the x1 or x2 button which tells you that it is an iPhone app on an iPad. Not only this, but you cannot see the controls, only the bottom third or so, so completely useless. The iPad Pro is a fantastic tool, but you need to take care before purchasing apps. To the developer Ben in Ireland, will there be an iPad version or will you just refund my purchase money? I do not use iPhone so cannot use this app at all..Version: 1.0

Not quite thereThis app doesn't seem quite ready for prime time. There's a two or three second lag after taking a photo. I discovered this after taking what I thought were six or seven pictures in a row only to end up with only two photos actually captured. when taking a picture make sure to wait until the little mini version of it appears on the lower left corner of the screen before attempting to take another. There is also some latency with the spirit level. It doesn't move smoothly with the phone but kind of jerks into place a little behind the movement. It eventually catches up. I wish there were audio feedback when taking a picture too. I know that's an aesthetic choice but the lack of a clicking sound coupled with the lag means I'm never really sure if I've taken a picture until I see it appear on the screen. What I loved about the previous version was its simplicity. It seems like with the expanded feature set performance has been degraded..Version: 1.0.1

Filter ProblemsI've liked the app so far but am very frustrated! I've purchased all the filter packs but it doesn't confirm it on the Analogue filters. It says I've already purchased them but they appear still locked in the camera! I'd give the app 5 stars if I could resolve this issue..Version: 1.3.5

Not working on iPhone 12App is not working on my iPhone. Every setting I changed will result the same photo without any affect of the changed settings. Also, nothing happens when I click on "Restore Purchase"??.Version: 2.7.1

Waste of moneyFrankly I fail to see how this app does anything better than other camera apps. I can think of two other apps that give much more than a bunch of filters such as real controls over the image. Standard preset filters rarely improve a photo. Not a keeper at all in my opinion..Version: 1.3.5

Once was 5 Stars.. Disappointed!Love the ease of use, ability to capture those amazing "Time Critical" opportunities... 5 stars! Spent significant time familiarising myself and fine tuning my settings so that I would be best placed for that next opportunity. This morning I wake to an amazing scene of light filtering through the fog rising up the valley opposite my house, creating a complex scattering of light as it filters though creating a most spectacular display. Normally I would be reaching for my 5D Mark II & $10k Lens for such a complex photo, however, almost as second nature, I reach for the iPhone and Obscura to immortalise the moment (that speaks leaps and bounds for the iPhone XS and the confidence it has instilled in me), unfortunately as I lauch the app and begin to compose my photo, an update banner appears eager to let me know all about the great new features. As I frantically dismiss the prompts and begin to compose the realisation that as an added bonus of the upgrade I also get for no cost, the the benefit of all the settings set to default! All that I had matriculately setup, the critical nature of selecting the best reference point for light, and my focal point. Unfortunately not only was this time lost (attempting to set these up) but also the unique brief moment in time..Version: 1.5

Doesn’t workWon’t work keeps showing library error.Version: 1.3.5

Having IssuesI’d love more than anything to give this app five stars. I love the customizations, the filters are gorgeous, and something about this app, more than any other photo editing app I’ve tried, just makes sense. Unfortunately, ever since I purchased the Analogue (I believe it’s called) filter pack, the app has completely gone haywire on me. I can get to my photo library, and select the photo I want to edit, but no edits are being made to the photos when I select them. I’m not trying to do anything experimental or weird or difficult for my phone to handle, I’m simply trying to add a filter, and for some reason it won’t load the filters onto my photos. I can see how they should look in the thumbnail version of the photo below the name of the filter currently selected, but no change is happening to the actual photo, or it shrinks up into the corner and looks all grainy, and unfiltered still. Help please!!.Version: 1.0

Great app with lots of features and one bugSo I’ll start right off by saying I’m no photographer and I have no idea what most of the buttons do, but I do appreciate the granular control that it lets you have over photos that you capture. That being said, there is an issue, when switching to a different file format in-app, the whole app freezes and has to be relaunched. This makes me sad as I can’t take any Live or RAW photos, or even switch from HEIC to normal JPEG. I’m on an iPhone XR. Will update accordingly once bug is fixed.Version: 1.3.5

Does not workI have this on my iPhone XS Max, whenever I take a photo I just get a red error banner stating “error no lib auto’ and the photo is not saved!!.Version: 1.3.4

FreezingApp continues to freeze on iPhone and iPad.....Version: 1.2.1

Stop workingSadly it’s not working anymore on IOS 13.3 Tried to run the app but it keep shutting down..Version: 1.5.1

BuggyGood set of tools and features, but one thing that drags the experience down is the bugs. Example: sometimes after swiping away the camera and then tapping to open it again, the camera will freeze and I will have to restart the app to get it working again. Another would be once after rotating the phone, the camera preview was suddenly off by 90° and I had to restart the app to fix the issue. Overall, this would be a great app if there was more bug fixing put into it. I use an iPhone 6s.Version: 1.5.1

Slow/laggyThe last thing a camera should be is slow to use. I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus which should be fast enough but pretty much everything in this camera app is slow. The UI is unintuitive using non-standard control elements. And of course it has the usual array of crappy filters and the up-sell filter packs. Seriously; it’s 2019, is anyone really still using cheesy filters? I wasn’t able to get the app to actually create raw files. I wanted to be able to take and save raw, no sharpening like the built in camera app applies. Deleting..Version: 1.3.5

Keeps crashingEvery time I try to change format from JPG to RAW the app crashes on iPhone XR. Also why no pinch to zoom..Version: 1.4

Constantly crashes......on my iPad Pro 10.5 - it opens, then freezes and crashes. Works fine on my iPhone 7+..Version: 1.2.1

BugsDownloaded app about 5 days ago. Was looking forward to the description of features. When I started to use the app some of the features only worked some of the time. It seems like it will be a great camera when everything has been worked out..Version: 1.2.1

Filters causes app to freezeThe app itself is good for maximum control when taking a photos but when trying to edits photos taken on the standard camera the filters cause the app to freeze. Which is a dam shame. I had bought the full version to used the filters but it seems to be a wasted purchase..Version: 1.3.5

Control is not intuitive enoughAnd not convenient enough, for example I cannot select iso and shutter speed simultaneously. Need to cut some steps..Version: 1.2.2

FreezesConstantly freezes while changing settings..Version: 2.6.2

Nice in theory, but...Review Updated 21/8/18 for v1.2.2 iPhone SE When operating in landscape mode, the selected control wheel mode descriptive text overlaps [is “obscured” by] either the ISO or SPD readings - as determined by the orientation of the screen (home button to either left or right). iPad Pro 10.5 A problem carried through from earlier versions, with the iPad Pro 10.5, is a fault with the spirit level. The “level” is always oriented vertically - never horizontally!.Version: 1.2.2

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Is Obscura Camera not working?

Obscura Camera works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Obscura Camera.

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