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MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG app received 172 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about marvel strike force: squad rpg?

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Rta sucksNo one likes rta so stop making it a requirement. Ban this ban that... geez what bunch of idiots.Version: 5.1.0

Whales will love thisBeing a continuous player of this game for almost 1,000 days now, I found myself grinding for long parts of the day to collect materials and gold to rank up previously released characters. My roster has built to where I only need one character (doom) that is acquired through a game mode called “dark dimension 4”. I have spent copious amounts of dollars trying to keep up with the newest characters, which is my fault for supporting a game that is “free to play”, but somehow turned into “pay to win”. If you are looking for a game that is highly competitive and fun, this is it. But player beware, this game turns into a pay to win for you at a particular part in the game. Scopley’s prices are so outrageous, and their ways of earning the top tier rewards forces you to spend large amounts of money to get close to top tier rewards. They also tend to release at least 4 new characters almost every month that not only cost about $25 at the least, it also drains all your materials and gold to rank them up. That’s where they throw offers at you to buy and restock. Or you could just grind for another month to gain a fraction back. The game is very fun and was greater before money started becoming an issue, but if you have the time to stay on your phone and don’t have a job, I’m sure you can grind your way to the top..Version: 5.1.0

UnfortunateUsed to be a manageable game. Ever since Scopely took over, the focus has shifted to not caring about the fan base and trying to squeeze every last drop from the people who spend money on this. It’s heartbreaking that most people playing now only stick around because they love the Marvel Universe..Version: 5.1.0

This is an unfair game - they want your moneyHow can 5 maxed players beat 18 enemies? Actually I have just lost a game with 5 against 32. To win you need to be maxed out which takes a whole lot if time or a fortune to pay fir. You just want our money. The first review written in this page was probably by one of you. Don’t get this game or just write the creators a cheque, that’s all they really want. 5 against 18 and all 18 go first. 7 against 32 and the 2 assisting characters Sabretooth and Wolverine are all at level 2. I have a wolverine at level 70, they dont use that one. Unfair I’m going back to injustice..Version: 2.2.0

Fun but BuggyI am approaching two years playing, this game has brought me a lot of joy, fun and stress. I have not once missed a day playing this game, I will keep coming back to play for a long time yet. However, this game is riddled with bugs, there is little to no quality check before anything goes live. It’s rare for there not to be at least 3-5 bugs every day. Scopley seems to be trying to get as much money out of this game as they can before they just leave it to die. Recent events have been controversial and incomplete. I enjoy the gameplay when it functions properly. If not for the friends I have made in this game, I would have quit months ago..Version: 5.1.0

SlowlyThe devs are ruining this game, each new release are new bugs, trying to disguise the daily reward to two separate rewards as better for the players doesn’t work when in reality they’re just taking away cores, adding new events which are double RNG and saying to players better get them or you can’t play the new event... list goes on and on. As if the prices weren’t enough and have constantly been berated, now they’ve release a new raid which I’ve checked and even the best players in the game can’t just complete it, It’s beyond pay to win. The best players are having to use cores to complete it. It was possible when they first released it, then they upped the rewards slightly to bate and ramped the difficulty x10. I’ve been playing this game from the start and have some really really good teams and characters, but I can’t imagine playing this show of testing the players over and over. The devs as I’ve said are ruining it, slowly yet surely..Version: 1.4.0

Buggy app but fun when workingI really enjoy the game When I'm able to play it :( I am unable to use the back button or anything in game. So if I want to go somewhere else in app I have to close and reopen. Has really taken a toll on my experience of the game.Version: 1.0.0

I want to like it but...I seriously think I would love this game however the constant crashing really does my head in. You cannot play this game for more than 5 minutes before it crashes out of nowhere. Sound glitches occur regularly along with visual glitches of the menus. Developers, please give me whatever you are having because you obviously don’t test your game if it is in this state. Couple that up with a ridiculous in game cost for characters, its like the developers want you to hate this game. Disappointing for a game with the Marvel franchise. Please fix bugs and glitches, it is unplayable..Version: 3.5.0

Needs an update fastYou should maybe check the game before it rolls out? Every single thing in the game starts with ID_..... This needs to be addressed. And I've only used this for two minutes.Version: 1.1.0

StruggleIt is quite a struggle to be playing this game. The main thing they have going for them is the Marvel IP. The animations and art are beautiful to see and gameplay seems like it calls for clever thinking and strategizing. However is all this worth still playing a game that has become such a tough pill to swallow? They have gotten more and more restrictive. The tactical gameplay has given way to “cookie-cutter” teams that don’t function properly unless you have invested all in into all five characters - no substitutions allowed! There is a constant time sink that is not fun, but feels like a chore - I mean I like games, I don’t mind grinding for hours if it is enjoyable, I’ve done that before on other games, just not this one. The game also is riddled with bugs, issues, mistakes. They will address these in a split second if it benefits the players, but if it hurts us, it clearly isn’t a priority. Asking the support desk for help is also a lost cause... Their bosses have their hands grasped so tightly around support staff members’ necks (it’s actually something else but let’s keep it PG and say neck) that they are scared to fix anything and reimburse lost resources. There is a template response that you get that thanks me and “assures” me that my concern will be passed on to the developers. I don’t know what to do with this game anymore. I had quit once before, maybe it’s time to do that again.Version: 5.1.0

Terrible DevelopersGame was ok when I first started. Gets worse as I progress. Made decent teams and the rewards I get for months work is abysmal. All the drop rates are less than 2% I swear. Gear is impossible to farm unless you use all your energy to get one piece. The game is lacking direction and the fans are asking for the old way of playing. Now... Now it is trash..Version: 1.4.2

Honestly NoU downloaded the game yesterday and already I want to get rid of it. It starts off so good but by the time you get up to a certain stage in events and the campaign it gets really tough especially for beginners like me who have other things to do like have a life and not do the same level at least 20 times. It has a great story from what I gather but maybe the difficulty should be bought down by a lot. Another concern is that after a while of playing it feels like a game we’re you have to spend money to get things which is alright because in the game you have the option to get said things but when your not moving in the campaign because your stuck on a level it gets boring and hard, not to mention frustrating..Version: 4.3.0

Mobile ExperiencePlayed this game for 1000+ days, but the only reason I play this is for the Marvel IP.... However thats not a good reason for Scopely to turn something mildly fun into a plan to squeeze every last cent out of me. The offers are insanely expensive (always x % off and a blatant sales tactic), ‘events’ that are tied into spending, the give and take is mostly give (wouldnt fix Thor hammer bug but happily fix an offer if it hurts their bottom line), the constant shifting of the goal posts (oh hey your meta team is now useless, here is a new meta which costs a small fortune), and now with the Silver Surfer offer pulled early and then released at DOUBLE the price its gone too far. Why is this behaviour allowed on the app store or by disney/marvel? If they make everyone money then who cares..?.Version: 5.2.1

Technical Issues Make InequitiesThe most recent update released the most powerful character in the game, silver surfer. Due to some glitch, some users who purchased the character received a much higher rank Silver Surfer than others who purchased the exact same package. This is hugely unfair and needs to be corrected, and not with some arbitrary orb shard gift or in-game currency. You need to correct the imbalance. Everyone who bought the same offer should have the same number of shards and everyone who didn’t buy it yet should be able to purchase those same number of shards at the same price. Either remove shards from those who benefited from the glitch, or make those same number of shards available to everyone. This is insane how expensive it is to stay competitive in this game when technical issues are constant. The update also broke ALL raids. Impacting completion and rank. Another issue that makes gameplay frustrating is the phantom boost icons. Enemies will show an icon indicating they have a dodge boost, but it’s not real. This impacts decisions on who to attack and it’s really getting frustrating to constantly guess what is real and what is not. In short. Fix the game’s technical issues and the inequities they cause. You need to address Silver Surfer shards specifically and immediately..Version: 5.2.0

ScoplenecksWay to many bottlenecks ben playing for around 6 months and currently can’t struggling with bottlenecks such as: -gold -red stars (you need 4 just to compete which is super expensive or you have to get lucky) -training mats -gear And the list goes one. RTA is complete trash and takes to much time blitzing is complete rubbish, I am almost 3 million total collection power if I hit ever blitz I would only manage to get 25-45 shards of there new toon and if I don’t get 45 I don’t get to unlock them. If I do 45 I have to set a timer for ever 2 hours for 3 days where the whales get the same points with one rotation..Version: 5.1.0

Waste of timeDO NOT PLAY, HUGE WASTE OF TIME. Even if you pay to play, this game drops out in the middle of battles and events, even off the lobby and loading screens. Get no real support from the developers when contacted. Loose energy and tokens every time you have to reload but do not receive any rewards. Terrible experience, very frustrating.Version: 3.6.0

If you don’t have it already play something elseMSF is a game I have played since global launch and if I could go back in time I would smack myself in the face and throw my own phone in the trash just to stop myself from downloading it. This game is incredibly expensive and yet full of bugs. So many bugs that there were 5 or more in the past week alone. We are just beta testers to a greedy company that doesn’t spend any money on quality control or customer service. Cheating is not only accepted but encouraged by scopley. Game modes are repetitive and boring just so screen time numbers increase. Scopley is a predatory company that preys on their customers and couldn’t care less about them. It is so bad and so greedy that I will never play another title scopley makes under any circumstances ever again. I understand games need to make money but, if you don’t spend thousands of dollars a month this game passes you by. Recently a post where someone spent $39,000 in 3 months and still couldn’t catch up so he just quit. To each their own but why start now if you need $40k to just get to even? I still play because I enjoy the interactions with my alliance particularly in a time of Covid where interaction is lower than usual. Once that ends there is a great chance that I will be quitting this game..Version: 5.1.0

Really enjoy it BUTReally been enjoying this game so I decided to drop some money on it and buy black panther. Not only did I spend $80 AUD and not receive black panther but I haven’t heard anything from their support team in regards of either refunding the money or giving me what I paid for. Edit in response to developer: Responded to the support team, issue not resolved and I am not happy that I lost $80 and didn’t receive what I payed for. I have never been emailed a purchase receipt (not even today when I bought power cores) so I really hope you guys resolve my issue because this is an amazing game and I am happy to support it with buyable content but if $80 miraculously went missing when I purchased black panther then I no longer will support this game..Version: 1.1.0

A miserable Marvel experienceEarly game can be fun, progressing through some campaign story missions building up a crew of heroes and villains. There are other game modes for using more of your teams and playing against other players. Later game the challenge ramps up and you need to invest huge amounts of time waiting for loading screens and pressing auto play buttons. If you want to be competitive there are offers to buy newer players and gear. Unfortunately these offers are not well managed so players are able to buy characters that should be limited purchase to exceed the advertised level limit. There is no consistency to characters being made available to unlock through in game currencies, characters released months ago cannot be further upgraded. Red star character upgrades are close to gambling but have been made recommended character requirements for end game content..Version: 5.2.1

Don’t spend be F2PThis game is fun and hits those gambling addicts perfectly. But I started almost a year ago and the money put in doesn’t feel well spent. The worst part is they have added two separate monthly passes. On top of that they now they are starting to lock character unlocks behind these monthly passes. I spent hundreds on the silver surfer unlock and pass and will still be just 10 shards short of upgrading him. The game is painfully frustrating because of RNG and P2W mechanics. Two monthly subscriptions is predatory. I think paying for the VIP rewards of one should give them for the other. They continue to have bugs such as improper shard rewards on events and not updating the increased drop rates they claim. They make no effort to change things the player base desires such as red star availability and resource limitations that have been created with game expansion. Such as inadequate amounts of gold and inability to gain major characters through game content (ex. Emma Frost). I’ve spent more on this game then anything in the past. Even subscription service games I played for years. It’s frustrating. I will likely not be spending another dime on this game and will eventually just quit once the great players of my alliance can’t persuade me to stay anymore..Version: 5.2.1

Comic heroes for whaley priceI am not sure when exactly I started this game but it will be between 6 to 9 months ago. Ran by FoxNext orginally, the game game was F2P friendly and also came with a good offer for a buck or two here n then. In mid September ownership changed to Scopely and this unfortunately led to a very aggressive change of money spending. It also led to a couple changes, some were good (SimBlitz) but majority is just more opportunities for big spenders to get upper hand over the rest. Since the SimBlitz I could not score anything better than bottom two rewards because my power (currently 2.5mil) cannot compete with people who play this game from its release (their power goes to 10mil). Thanks to this I am losing touch with more senior players and I cannot afford to spend $50 a day to catch up (or maintain the distance). Disappointing and questioning myself whether this game is worth my time..Version: 5.1.0

Good game, bad companyThe gameplay, graphics, and concept of the game is so much fun. However, the company is only concerned with squeezing every penny out of its fan base, and this directly affects the amount of fun you can actually have. Ready for days and days of not playing the game because you’re trying to farm for new characters and gear with horrendous drop rates? That’s what it takes. And when something goes wrong, the support team gives you canned responses, doesn’t take responsibility, and doesn’t fix the problem. This game could be incredible. Instead, it’s little bits of fun sprinkled into a giant slog of clicking “auto win” on your 15th day of trying to get Captain America until your resources run out and you either have to spend an unreasonable amount of money or go do something else. They tried to charge $100 for a package of five of the worst players in the game. That’s the price of two real, award winning video games! Your customers should spend money because they want to, not because you force them/trick them into doing it. Start caring about and listening to your fan base. It’s possible to make money AND have a fun game for everyone. Improve customer support, and increase drop rates so we can actually play the game. You will make way more money in the long run, and we will be happy. Win/win..Version: 2.0.1

Stuck on loading screenBeen trying to play the game but it always seems to freeze on the loading page and won’t go past 15% can you please help me out I don’t want to delete the app and everything’s gone.Version: 4.4.1

Game gets worse and at its lowest point! Very money grabbing mentality!Been playing this game since launch and it’s been an enjoyable game but the game has been getting worse over time. I would say 2019 was the peak but then (since Scopely took over) the game is losing the fun factor and just very tedious! The ratio of frustration to fun is hugely in frustration to try and make you spend. You should only want to spend to shoot ahead... not play the game and have fun. The rewarding factor is at an all time low and many long term players are quitting the game. This happened this time last year and they balanced it... but only just. The game never truly rewards the players unless you’re willing to spend thousands and really? Is that even a reward?? The developers have joined Scopely in making this about squeezing players for money. It really is getting to a point of really stopping and an overhaul needs to happen. If things don’t drastically change in the next month or so... it’s time to call it quits and follow the others out the game. If you’re new... you’re going to be seriously screwed unless you’re willing to spend thousands! Don’t start this game!.Version: 5.1.0

FixableI’ve spent a lot of money on this game. I’ve enjoyed this game a lot at times. But the countless bottlenecks have caught up. I can’t do anything without spending an incredible amount of money. The posts for end game content was pushed out of the reach of the economy. Couple that with RNG redstars and you could very well spend hundreds more on the character, and that character remain useless cause of bad redstar pulls. They can fix these things and make their money on cosmetics and new character releases instead of character progression. It sucks to say, but it might be time to look for a new marvel IP to enjoy..Version: 5.1.0

Definitely just out to make cashI have never left a bad review before, but this game deserves it right now. I’ve played this game for months, and I may still do so for a bit to see if they change their ways, but I wouldn’t recommend a single new person to it right now. The game play is fun, but the developers use every trick and unethical practice in the book to try and get money of out of you including outrageous prices, moving the goal post on how to unlock characters (i.e. making the ways to get them harder without notice or misleading the community to think the requirements are going to be lower so people spend more before they announce the actual requirements), and intentionally keeping the community in the dark about upcoming changes to try and get more money out of them. They have now twice put out expensive sales for characters followed by releasing an easy way to unlock them a week later with no prior notice in order to get as much money of people as possible. There is a consistent pattern of trying to make a buck not caring if they screw the player base. So, in spite of the gameplay being decent, I could never recommend this to new players right now and I will not spend another cent in the game unless I see a change in their behavior..Version: 3.2.0

Glitch on raidsAnd after all this time - still glitching exactly the same and costing consumables!!! No point contacting service - they don’t do any thing and don’t reimburse you what it has cost. After encountering a glitch when winning a raid twice - lost my consumables and won items also. Support reimbursed one time 10 Raid energy only. Watch out for that glitch it’s expensive.Version: 0.2.0

Good Game RuinedI have played MSF for over two years now and like others I left SWGoH because it was getting over the top with pay to win (which has since almost killed the title). Why is this relevant? MSF is following in the same footsteps. I have seen many players come and go over the two years due to different grievances, nevertheless I stuck by. However it seems like the only road that this title is on is downhill. More and more overpriced offers are being added to the game that players are almost expected to buy if they want to progress. These paywalls have steadily increased over time. Bugs/glitches that help the elite or top players (those who pay the most) are left for months on end. While an apparently ‘economically breaking’ mistake by MSF enabling all players to progress slightly, has to be rolled back immediately. It is clear where the developers’ loyalties lie, they have gradually become more greedy over time and this latest action has left fans feeling hugely disappointed. No doubt this loss of touch with their fan base will cause many more players to write scathing reviews and abandon the game. A shame as once upon a time this game was great..Version: 3.10.2

Purchases RequiredWhen you first start out this game it can actually be really fun and you can seem to be progressing and growing your team and characters really quickly but after a while (I would say around the level forty mark) the game becomes incredibly difficult to progress in and you can’t really do much without spending money. Any new characters you want seem impossible to get without spending a ton of money. You basically get stuck in the game and the only way to continue to move forward is to make purchases. The drop rate on any of the orbs in the store is absolutely appalling and should be considered robbery. Orbs that can wipe out your entire stash of power cores will give you materials you can buy in the shop for a couple thousand gold and three to six shards for characters you either already have or require hundreds of shards to unlock it is incredibly impossible to get any large amount of shards from the orbs unless you fancy spending a ton of money on power cores (this seems to be one of the only real ways to get power cores). This game was fun and quickly turned into a scam where purchases are required to advance in the game even the slightest bit I do not recommend this game marvel has better games that won’t trap you into making purchases.Version: 3.2.0

Lack of community interestI’ve been playing this game religiously for 2-3 years. I’ve grinded and worked hard for all my characters even spent $ to help reach certain heights. But the fact that most of the community are constantly sharing their concerns and problems such as artificial scarcity, FOMO (fear of missing out), 150 redstar tokens for a 5 red but only way to earn them is by purchasing for ridiculous amounts even with the introduction of new characters. Regardless back to the beaten path, developers constantly reassure us that they “hear us” but take ages to implement patches when bugs affect the player but the moment the player is benefited they’re patched asap?.Version: 5.1.0

All work & little play.I’ve been playing this game a while and it used to feel fun, I felt like I progressed and could tell & feel that within the game. Now the game has become such a cash cow, it’s all marketed to top tier players & whales. I’m not against spending money on a game and am well aware that these games need to generate revenue. But the price points are just ludicrous, it’s been months since a decent micro transaction has graced the in game offers. (And that’s when they actually check their offers to make sure descriptions match what’s on offer.) Game modes that were fun now aren’t, and benefit more advance players, leaving new players behind (unless they’re willing to pay to catch up). While new game modes are being created which are designed just to absorb more of your life into screen time on this game. (Honestly check Reddit for the screen addition some have expierenced due to this game, it’s scary!) It just doesn’t feel like fun anymore, with all the bugs, and various other problems and bottlenecks. You soon find your fun game is becoming hard work and a chore to get excited for. Which is such a sad feeling considering the marvel community is full of wonder, creativity & excitement..Version: 5.1.0

Ruined by bringing in an over powered made up character and is pushing towards people who paySo when I started the game a year ago I was way behind my friends but was enjoying the grinding and the play through it self, but now you can see the people who spend money on it get way ahead leaving the free to play players grovelling in the dirt and struggling to get anywhere. Then they bring in a character they made up who is nothing to do with marvel world but tries to get away with it by calling it a name on a character they have not released. She is so overpowered she can take your team out in one move, so even if you are doing the free parts of the game on one of their game modes she just comes and ruins your day. Also for those who just start who get the starting characters have no hope as the starting characters have nothing on the new ones making players feel useless right at the beginning. There are good parts to the game but all the latest negatives, which are making veteran players leave the game including some big spenders, outway all the positives they can throw in. Also you will see everyone complaining about gold bottle neck which is a massive truth gold is valuable that once you get it it’s gone..Version: 5.4.0

Horrible customer serviceI have two accounts one which started for a few days when the game first launched and then my main account. MSF refuses to delete my inactive account for some odd reason even after trying multiple times. What kind of game forces you to keep it?? Afraid it’ll hurt your users numbers or what? The game is also set up so you can’t compete unless you spend 1000s of dollars a year. Fun game and addicting but you’ll spend the mortgage if you want to compete..Version: 5.1.0

Support useless especially Vivian NSupport answers with generic script and never actually answer questions. Vivian never fixes issues and just closes your support ticket. Same bugs keep happening since game launched which makes gameplay frustrating..Version: 0.3.1

Where are we headed?This game has issues that need to be addressed so that the players can see that the direction the game is moving in is a positive one not a dead end.Version: 5.1.0

Fun Game - Terrible Customer ServiceI don’t typically write reviews, but for this game I am going to make an exception. I will start off by saying that, yes, this is an incredibly fun game for a mobile game. Even with the god awful monetization of basically everything, you can enjoy yourself as a free to play account. Over the course of 1,000+ days, I have not been free to play though. I’m probably what you would call a dolphin. I have spent more than I probably should have on a game that I know will no longer exist when Scopely finally turns off the server. However, I will no longer be spending anything beyond time on this game. With the introduction of battle pass, I bought the premium version instantly, finding it a good value. Then comes this week’s objectives, one of which is using a character I do not have and, more importantly, literally cannot have before the objective expires. I put in a support ticket questioning this, since I bought the battle pass premium upgrade with the expectation of being able to do it. Being told that further gating PAID content and making it impossible to complete was “by design” was the last straw. Tone-deaf canned responses simply don’t cut it when I consider the thousands of dollars I’ve put in this game. I will continue to play, but going forward, my wallet is closed..Version: 5.0.0

Don’t play this gameIt’s a trap. You’ll start off having fun until you hit an artificial wall. Where you’ll be tempted to spend money. Don’t ever think that spending money means you’re investing it into anything. Because devs will roll out new features that start the process all over again. And when the community rejects these new features, the devs basically come out and say “deal with it”. Save your time, save your money. Stay away from this game..Version: 2.2.0

Stay AwayNew developer in the past couple months and they have turned a fun game into something that couldn’t be more pay to play. Every patch is bugged, some never fixed. This latest event wants you to spend valuable resources that are 10x what whales thought it would be. 10x is not a typo... To finish the event they are asking you to spend the equivalent of $70 a day for 10 days. You would actually have to spend that because the resource they want you to spend isn’t given out enough to save 10 days worth. When whales think something is absolute craziness imagine what a mild spender or f2p must think. Since the “whole” community is up in arms I’m sure they will try and make some small change they think is acceptable and it will be weak like it always is. Scopley will get what they want in the beginning but slowly kill off the community and this game will die. Can I give 0 stars because that’s what you deserve? This is also my first review ever because you couldn’t be more deserving of my time to write this. Adding on to my previous review and nothing is changing for the better. If you are a newer player just don’t even bother. The catch up mechanics are non-existent you will be in a hole until the day you realize you’re never getting out of it. Stay away!.Version: 5.1.0

Red Stars killed The Game!This game has had a few shakes and a few WTH moments but I pushed through and continued mostly to enjoy this game - however Red Stars and recent events have caused me to reconsider just what I get out of this in the end. 1 - I had a few issues and contacted customer support on four different occasions and each time they said thanks and “we’ll keep that in mind for the future but for now we’ll close your ticket.” They do not care about their customers one bit. 2 - The introduction of Legendary Toons such as Magneto - means that it is impossible for every player to be in with a chance of getting them without paying ££££. Only those that do get the toon and then dominate everywhere. No equality 3 - The introduction of Red Stars - this is what has killed it for me - after playing since launch and grinding and farming toons since then - I get them to high levels and like - yes and now I can compete in raids in arenas and blitzs - boom red stars turn a 21k toon into a 71k toon - Instantly throwing all that time and effort I have spent growing my team into the bin because someone now has a 71k toon and no chance of me beating them. Red Stars was a lottery - some are lucky some are not - again - no equality in this game. Once again FoxNext will not care the slightest and their customer support will not listen to you. For these three reasons I would not download this game - new starters do not have a chance to gain an equal level..Version: 2.1.1

Could be much betterGame was kinda fun...then I ran into all the bottlenecks and im supposed to compete against people who’ve played it for years without any catch up mechanics? Rta is trash and not saveable.....just why is this a thing? Another auto battle mode...great job devs lol. Why is it against other people if you’re not competing? Rng/no control over huge roster upgrades (red stars)..earn like 50 silver a month..takes 150 for to go from 4-5lvl..150 characters with 7 lvls the math DAILY BUGS that are simple oversights and completely preventable that cause much more damage than they realize. The Feels like the devs care about money rather than a fun game. Not saying this is true, just thats how the game currently makes the players feel. Make a fun game in which you can use lots of characters with....not force ppl into bottlenecks and rely on gotcha mechanics to earn money..Version: 5.1.0

Developing issues remain unaddressedHave been playing the game for little over 2 years. In past several months the developers seem to be missing the mark on several key issues and also not addressing issues voiced by the community. Newer and mid-game players are basically screwed and cannot in current form recommend for anyone new to start the game. Catch up mechanics are needed and access to ways of building up characters are much needed(gear, gold, etc). I am unable to build up any of the newer characters to decent enough levels to be playable and they remain on the shelf with no reason to spend money on these characters as would still not be useable. The red star system needs an SOS. Understand the initial idea, though with newer game modes requiring red stars even to enter then there has to be some way of getting them...which is currently basically a lottery system. So if you are lucky, then you may enter, if not, then tough luck and hope you get lucky next time commander. Overall disappointed in developers inability to have a proper growth model for the game and current developer perspective seems quite short-sited. If issues are addressed and can see a way forward am more than willing to change my review to the 4-5 star level where it previously was..Version: 5.1.0

DrainingYou have to log on every two hours 24/7 to have a chance at progressing without paying. Also in what world are micro transactions $50+ and higher. Finally there are too many bottlenecks to actually progress at a consistent rate, making it impossible to lvl new characters at the rate they release. Needs some basic increasing of resources to coincide with increasing lvl caps. Common logical sense..Version: 5.1.0

Love to hate! Unless your a whale of courseI have been playing for a long time and aesthetically its a great game but morally it is the spawn of the devil. Insane costs to buy characters like $80 is just dumbfounding and then your drip fed energy which you will burn through in seconds then have to wait for 2 other recharges in a 24 hour time span, all this can be alleviated with money though so unless your rich don’t expect great things just frustration. The community is majorly upset with balancing issues and raids are near impossible, you need to co- ordinate 24 people to get 100% how is that fair, nobody but the top 2 or 3 alliances could complete the thanos raid and now deadpool raid gives you 2 hours to complete like what are you guys thinking? How do you get 24 people from around the world to complete it in 2 hours, the community is in outrage and its fallen on deaf ears time and time again. Your not interested in fixing anything but how to squeeze every last cent out of the main player base. Love to hate unless your a whale of course!.Version: 1.3.2

Used to be goodI played this game a couple years ago. It was great. I have now reinstalled it after a two year break and on my first try I can’t even play it. Iron Man comes up saying ‘Good news Commander, Fury and I have a new way for you to get stronger, faster. Let’s check it out.’ Yeah right. For a brief second the button to continue appears, but when I am able to press it fast enough, it doesn’t even work. All the buttons then disappear and iron man is stuck there. I can’t press anything. Nothing works. Not even reinstalling it works. Completely unplayable. And I agree with everyone saying this is a money hungry game. Will uninstall and won’t be looking at playing it ever again. Very disappointed as I did enjoy the game when it was good..Version: 5.2.1

Actual advice for the creatorsDon’t get me wrong this game is actually surprisingly good compared to other marvel games but to upgrade characters can be too expensive when you reach a certain point in the game and the pricing for things is ridiculous. The prices should be cut in half, eg from 80 to 40 dollars. At least then there is more of a chance that people will spend money on the game, meaning overall the games income will increase. This wouldn’t only be a great profit increase but also a player increase as a lot of people have stopped playing the game because of the pricing and the amount that upgrading characters becomes..Version: 4.2.0

Fix This GameWhile I generally enjoy MSF, the game has gotten worse exponentially over the past 6-8 months. There are too many bottlenecks that make progressing in game way too slow: gold, training mats, RNG dependent red stars, and even gear. RTA is mind numbingly boring, and the matchmaking is horrendous. Needing 5-6 red stars on a toon for end game content is ridiculous, especially because the only way to get them is through RNG dependent orbs that 99% of the time are dupes. The arena mechanic is outdated, and requires you to have to be on for an hour before payout to try your hand at getting lucky enough to “chain” your way forward extra spots. The blitz sim was the best feature they most recently added, however it caused more problems than it solved. While it generally decreases screen time in game (subsequently RTA absolutely trashed this as it’s a long game mode with more in game time), the scores are now all inflated making it ridiculously hard to get even top 1% rewards without setting timers to run a rotation every 2 hours. Scopely support is dreadful as well. I haven’t had a positive interaction with them since it was ran by FN, and most recently they wouldn’t compensate resources I used on a knowingly broken game mode. The only way to keep up in this game with the exorbitant amount of new toons they release is to spend a ton of cash. Something I’m no longer will to do anymore..Version: 5.1.0

Overwhelming at timesThe game itself is very addictive and gets you playing for hours! There is so much to do from 5/6 different campaigns, arena battles, team raids etc. The gameplay itself runs very smooth and has great graphics, plus each character (plenty to collect) has there own unique moves and attacks! But for all the pros there is cons... and the main one being the loot drops! You can literally log in every day for a week to get a reward and 9 times out of 10 it is abysmal!! Or even worse completing challenges to get high ratings for minions and constant duplicates helps nobody.. All the grinding and hard work to collect enough points to earn drops and getting absolutely nothing!! So harsh! Lots of players from in the forums think the same and have complained but still nothing has been done! But all in all it is a great game and I will still continue to play and waste many hours playing!! I just wish they could look into this and make for a happier fan base..Version: 3.1.3

Sadly going DownhillI love Marvel and have loved playing MSF for the last few years, unfortunately the game has taken a real downturn recently. I can forgive bugs as this happens and tbh does not really affect me too much and when you report an issue support are very good at solving the issue and communicating with you. The content is good and is kept fresh, however the game is really moving away from free to play and more pay to win. I guess if your not competitive and just want to play for playing sake then this will work for you but let me ask you this, who does not play a game to try and win???!!!! If you want to even complete you need to be prepared to invest a small fortune. In the latest event £60 a day!!!! It’s just not sustainable. I have enjoyed playing but fear my time playing MSF is coming to an end, which is a shame as I have enjoyed it but would rather move to a game where they offer more micro transactions with the ability to genuinely participate and complete..Version: 5.1.0

Do not spend a penny with these clownsI have been playing since day one with this game, it used to be a very good high quality game with a strong social alliance aspect to it. It currently frequently freezes & crashes despite numerous updates. This is especially true since scopely took over. I finally crumbled on a pack to unlock a latest character I wasn’t going to get within time limit. At the point of purchase the game glitched, as it frequently does and I was given the wrong pack which was several slots up. The pack I wanted expired 2 hrs later . I have never needed to write to customer support, the answers I got eventually, were brush offs “it looks ok our side” this was after several days of silence. I was not requesting a refund, I just wanted what I paid for. Lesson learned if you play this game don’t spend a penny on it unless you really want to gamble with your hard earned. Customer service absolutely shocking..Version: 4.3.0

What you get out of it is up to you...and if you put in a whole lot of time and/or money you will get somewhere. But mostly money - given over 150 characters (and increasing every month) with several of the best being behind huge paywalls - any player starting off will require substantial investment of money and/or time. Time alone will not get you access to all the game features or modes or characters given the rate changes are coming out. The developer at least listens to feedback but unfortunately more often recently that feedback has been negative..Version: 5.1.0

TrashIf I could give this game negative stars I most likely would. Where to start, the game WILL crash on you during blitz, raids, war battles and even loading the game. Constantly throwing “deals” in your face and definitely a pay to win mechanism, look it up it’s a form of gambling system that they promote. Sure you don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to. But they WILL always throw these offers in your face. Also the customer service is garbage, if there is a bug that benefits them it will take months/years to get it fixed or even remotely look at. If there is a bug that benefits the player, it’s fixed that day. Good luck commander!.Version: 5.1.0

Greedy DevsSo many bugs in this game that the company choses to ignore and refuses to fix while milking the player base for money and creating content for only pay to play players. Huge time sink for little rewards. Don’t bother..Version: 5.1.0

Pretty game but terrible designVery pretty, very flashy, very poor design. Fairly pay to win game. Never enough daily gold or character experience or stamina to level properly unless you pay so you are under strength the whole time. Timed pvp in arena favours the defenders, and the DEfenders faction is all anyone plays while levelling in arena unless you have money, no team besides money can beat them due to poor design. Alliance wars matchmaking is garbage, based off win streaks or something, so if you randomly get matched up against dead alliances and win, eventually you will face people triple your power level, and get utterly destroyed. Over and over..Version: 3.4.0

Player unfriendly game and developer.This game had potential. The first couple months of playing are fun, and some modes like fear the darkness are unique, but the developers are so greedy that it’s not worth playing. Almost all the progression after a certain point is stuck behind a massive paywall. The mechanics and decisions made by the developers are very anti-player. This includes but is not limited to the controversial Red Star system, the absurd superior uniques for gear once you reach G12+, the abysmal gold income compared to the insane amount of gold needed to do anything, the stealth buffs to raid nodes and bosses that constantly make content you already have on farm more difficult for the same rewards, blitz...etc. Even PvP has a dysfunctional matchmaking system which punishes alliances for being active and winning. If your alliance does well you will be matched against alliances with 30% more power and 10+ levels higher with way more stark tech. They want you to spend resources and money on boosts and refreshes to be able to compete but it’s all a sham. No matter how hard you try you will get the same rewards at the end of the season based on your alliance level, not skill or strategy. The game is notoriously full of bugs and connection issues after every update. The one positive is the presentation is very appealing, but don’t be fooled. This game will frustrate you to no end and ask you to sell your soul for mediocrity..Version: 3.6.0

UPDATE #2 🙄The game became much more enjoyable as the rate of pop ups to buy offers with irl money has decreased, at least for me. The problem is (and I don’t use irl money, just f2p) the packages to buy with irl money are extremely underwhelming for the price. I hope people really don’t pour money because the deals are extreme ripoffs. I would possibly buy something once a month simply to support the developers and the game because I do enjoy playing this, especially with the alliance I’m in who are really hands on and play everyday. But I can’t buy any offers because it’s really not worth the prices. All and all, the game is really enjoyable for a mobile game. There is a lot to do, and it does take a grind to get up there in level but it’s a game to pass time when bored. For me it’s a 9/10 for content and longevity. Plus the developers update the game often so there’s always something to look forward to. Update!!: So as I updated my last review to say they decreased the amount of pop ups, it is at an all time high again. Constantly throwing micro transaction offers in your face every single time you open the app. The problem is, it isn’t just one or two, it’s like four or five back to back and it’s mildly annoying. You close one, try to collect your rewards, boom... another one before you can, collect, try to open an orb, boom, another one. And it continues.... pretty much the only annoying thing about playing this game. Other then that, I love the game..Version: 4.4.1

The developers seems to be ignoring the big issueThis game could be great; the concept is good, the graphics are good, there’s plenty of different aspects to it including working alone and within a team and there’s always new and upcoming events. However, all that is irrelevant if there’s a huge flaw that renders the game almost unplayable for what seems like (reading the recent reviews), a lot of players and that’s the fact that it constantly crashes. I have followed all the advice, deleted and reinstalled numerous occasions, cleared up tons of space on my device and all to no avail. There has been a lot of ‘updates and bug fixes’ yet none of these have addressed the issues that bother players the most, who cares if the wrong graphic shows for a character when you’re losing energy and patience. It’s particularly bad when you can’t even get the new event past the loading page let alone waiting for it to crash during game play. While it seems obvious that the complaints are not being heard and there is no fix due soon, I felt frustrated enough to still comment. MSF review ratings will continue to decline and the app will eventually end up on the scrap heap if they do not do something about the biggest issue..Version: 3.7.1

Why must i always restart???Crashes way too often, i also had over 150 energy and after 2 rounds i had 8 left :s im gunna stick with contest of champions!.Version: 0.1.0

Too time consuming and pricy.Used to be fun but it’s really gone downhill ever since Scopely took over. After the addition of Real Time Arena (AKA Real Time Auto) a game mode no one asked for the game has now become way too time consuming for those trying to stay competitive. If you want to be the best you better be prepared to login like 20+ times a day, put in at least 6 hours daily and spend about $100 a week. Recently they have started to put up a giant paywall making it impossible for those who are light spenders or free play to compete. The paywall is evident in the battle pass and new character releases. For example if you want the new best character that comes out you will be paying $50 to unlock the character. Sound worth it? It’s not because after this new character’s event you can plan on waiting 6+ months before being able to farm that character up to a good enough rank. I could literally go on and on about the negatives of this game. Too many to list. I’d highly recommend people to avoid this game at all cost though. After 660 days of playing I’ll be removing the game this week from my phone. It’s just too time consuming and expensive. I wish they would go back to being fun and less time/money focused but Scopely is quite predatory so they won’t change..Version: 5.1.0

Ashamed of being a veteran to this gameI have clocked over 1000 days on MSF now and never have been more disappointed in myself for thinking it will get better. I think this experience has made me understand abusive relationships and why people get stuck in them, it’s the lies you keep telling yourself that makes you persist. The nail in the coffin for me is this RTA or real time auto as most of us refer to it as. A more painful experience I could not endure. You try get through your daily’s only to be mismatched against teams that can be as far of as 400k TCP to your team, or even better you are matched against a Zemo or Axmen squad and will be lucky to get a single turn in. The developers has had 4 months of countless complaints from the community and despite that and 1000’s of veterans like myself leaving in droves, they have managed to repeatedly make it worse, a feat a thought impossible. So Scoplenext, well done for absolutely ruining my Marvel experience. I have stopped all spending and will not buy a single orb again, never mind the battle pass and the incoming. Happy to have reached a TCP ranking in the 6500’s and warring with my alliance mates. Thanks to all the players keeping me sane..Version: 5.1.0

#FixMSF600+ day player. Loved the game when I first started. Now it feels like a huge grind. The gradual price increases that have happened are noticeable. The bottlenecks are unreal and the lack of availability on some of the materials is frustrating. But the amount of new toons being released monthly makes it apparent that their is a disconnect from scopely and the player base as their is no way to keep up unless you whale out on everything that is released. This is my opinion on a few things that need to be fixed...... if it even matters or if you even listen.....Version: 5.1.0

Great game but costs excessive amounts of real money to be successful at it.Slow to get going but once you start to build your character roster the game becomes more fun. The only problem now is once you get to top level and start playing the WAR, raid, campaign and challenge modes they’re almost impossible unless you are in the top xx% of the games players. And, to get there you will need to spend real life money and lots of it. If you want a game to casually play, it’s great but if you want to be good at it it’s frustrating as no matter how good You are Your only as good as the characters You’ve got. The newest build is designed for the top players, so that they can get further ahead in game whilst the middle of the road players just hit brick walls and the device between us all gets bigger. It’s almost impossible to progress, again unless you spend real money or keep playing for another year or two. I like the game but it does feel like the developers are getting greedy with the micro transactions they expect us to buy just for us to be able to compete in game. WAR’s are extremely unbalanced and this is one of my biggest frustrations in the game as we often have to fight teams that are almost 20% overpowered compared to us so most of us find battles extremely hard if not impossible..Version: 3.8.2

HelpEvery time I load the game the tutorial runs again and now its stuck on daily objectives because it wants me to do the kingpin mission in area 1 even though I’m on area 4, I also cant contact support in game because its stuck on the daily objectives screen with nick fury saying “we’ve tracked kingpins operation to the warehouse district move out” I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times but always the same I’m level 25 and every time I run the game it makes me do the tutorial and gets stuck..Version: 0.1.0

Could be a great gameHad a very very bad experience with the support representatives if this game, instead of helping me they just kept passing me around and then trying to insinuate that i was lying and then after weeks of me providing photographic evidence of the problems they just decided to end my conversations with them by saying that there was nothing they could do. So i told them on my last message that i would be putting in a formal complaint,just to make them aware that they shouldn’t just mess people about, and they instantly deleted all of our conversations, i couldnt believe my eyes lol they were so quick to do that so that went to show me that they were actually lying about everything and i dont understand why as i was only asking back for rewards that were sent to my inbox but i couldnt claim as there wasnt a claim button in the messages. Absolutely horrendous customer service i have to say.Version: 2.1.1

Fix MSFWay to many bugs, and bottlenecks. Plus redstars sucks..Version: 5.1.0

This game is a shell of what it once wasIf you aren’t ready or willing to put out thousands of dollars into this game good luck progressing or keeping up with the meta as you will no longer be able to stay competitive. There are many issues that needs to be resolved that has been brought up to the devs but Scopely refuses to acknowledge them and now this game is heading towards a downward trend and are losing their player base. But hey whatever writes the check..Version: 5.1.0

#SaveMSFmovementGreat game with great potential that is being locked away by lack of developer updates and acknowledgement of existing problems. Let’s make this game fun again for everyone!.Version: 5.1.0

BottlenecksA very addicting and fun game. However, there is a clear lack of resource availability (Gold, Training Materials, Blue and Purple Gear). They have such a wide range of characters and are adding more constantly. Unfortunately the lack of resources means you can’t upgrade everyone to the point that they are even slightly capable of holding their own in battle..Version: 5.1.0

Could of easily been a 5 star game.Due to this game always being super buggy, and since the last update that keeps me from using WiFi. I am going to have to give this (1 Star). I’ve been playing this game for almost a year. I’m almost at max level with almost the whole roster of characters unlocked. So yes I’ve enjoyed it. Can this be fun? Absolutely it can be, and super addicting too. But the devs are lazy and greedy. Also the lack of customer support is frustrating and disappointing, as they will often ignore most issues. This game will mess up any character development with serious lag issues that will cause the game to do things that you may not want to. And resources are very scarce, unless you decide to pay the overpriced pay to win offers. Even if you decide to pay for stuff. Beware as this game seems to bait you into using your resources without you wanting to. When there are sales, drop rates become nonexistent. So if you don’t mind using up all your data due to game breaking bugs that (won’t let you use WiFi) on a data hungry app. This game may be for you. If you don’t mind losing valuable resources due to buggy issues that don’t get addressed, then play, it’s a lot of fun. If you like making in app purchases that have no value. Then by all means you won’t have any issues. Until this game becomes stable, and has the game breaking bugs fixed. I will give it the 5 stars it deserves. Sad to say it has to get 1 star..Version: 3.8.2

Going DownhillAs of today, I’ve been playing this game for 788 days and I can say this game has been slowly turning into a game not engineered for your “enjoyment” but to make money for Scopely. It seems since Scopely purchased this game, the player base who loves this game and is inspired to help the developers perfect this game, has been increasingly shut out by not taking our recommendations and not listening to us. I’d say this game is still fun from the amount of characters available to the graphics and character design. The game modes are more of a mixed bag. RTA is trash because you literally just auto-play without even paying attention. This is a simple fix by just making it a competitive win based mode. War is very fun but definitely needs an update. Arena is awful because there are shotgun glitches that mess up your rank and it’s not that “fun”. Blitz is now auto which is easier than before. Raids are kind of fun but a grind. Overall, I personally wouldn’t recommend new players getting into the game because it’s definitely a money grab and I think Scopely is running the game into the ground. Once they start listening to their player base and start using logic for their game mode design, then I’d recommend it again and put a higher star rating..Version: 5.1.0

Don’t be fooled iPhone 6 Owners...No, it doesn’t work on your device. I mean you can install it, and play about 50% of the content with sporadic crashes, but the other 50% of the content will instantly remind you your device cannot handle it. As of today, any attempt to participate in a Gamma Raid = Crash, any attempt to complete the first ‘Hard’ node on the War Machine Event = Crash. Every time the game crashes, I open up a similar game with the ‘other’ Disney IP, which rarely crashes, and all game mode ms function as intended. All misgivings aside about the product itself and the developers at times questionable attempts to monetise the game (which they are entitled to do), the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t work as advertised. The most frustrating thing about that being, if it doesn’t actually work on all the devices you say it does, why not stop supporting them? Or perhaps actually work harder to make sure your product remains compatible with the devices you say they are? I’ve been playing this since pre-launch and it has been a massive let down to watch this game get even less stable as new content has been added, the game engine hasn’t changed, only it’s stability..Version: 2.3.0

Bugs and load timesThis game had issues, but they would get fixed pretty quick and you’d get a bonus for dealing with it, once they fixed it. The new company has pushed through many different sales and promos, but since they took over if you use a team and succeed but your team needs healing, the exact same health bars from your weakened team will show up in your saved managed teams, until you choose them from the menu and then they show what they actually are. This issue has been there day 1 of their takeover and they can’t seem to fix it or notice. Load times are worse than ever especially opening up the game. I have a new iPhone pro and it still takes forever to load. A lot of anomaly errors mid fight, where it needs to restart the app and it wastes your energy. Beasts basic attack doesn’t have a movement animation. If you’re playing in the house on wifi and you walk outside the your cell phone data won’t transition and take over and allow you to play. It freezes, so you have to restart the app. Hela’s is supposed to summon a minion for every Asguardian that dies, Does not happen all the time, only rarely. A lot more issues, but that’s enough for now. When they work on these I’ll update review..Version: 4.3.0

Analysis of the gameThis game reminds me a bit of avengers alliance, has the same general concept. But regardless of that I feel this game has some room for improvement. The lack of characters, the roster should be a variety of heroes and villains as future fight is. The chance for drops in levels is incredibly low, the way to obtain certain characters is unbelievable also. Basically you have to pay to unlock, not what the marvel games are about. It’s more fun having the paid option there but still being able to accomplish something without the money aspect. Also you can’t do much after about 20-30 mins playtime. There should be a understanding limit on arena battles, blitz battles not using your purple currency. A limit of 5 or whatever, I regardless love this game, the feel of it is reminiscent of avengers alliance. (I loved that game) Overall there in my personal opinion should be a bunch more characters, fairly easier to obtain, a clear limit on how many times you can complete blitz mode and arenas. And the auto clear on missions is way to high energy, and your only receiving 2-4 character chips. Overall a great game just needs a few tweaks..Version: 1.0.0

A good game at first.I’ve been playing this game since it’s release. It’s actually great with its tactics structure and the little bits of story and character interaction. Over time, they bombard you more and more with micro transaction offers that don’t really pay off well. Also they favor those who spend money but only to a point. The drop rates for things like character shards or important upgrade components are terrible. You could spend a week’s worth of energy and spend the in game currency and get nothing far more often than maybe one or two things. This makes it so investing in a character you like takes many months without spending money. Though the tactics are good the roster is heavily imbalanced. The effective characters are hidden behind immense paywalls or several character prerequisites. With how difficult it is to acquire a character needed to get someone you actually like or someone who is useful, it could take potentially years. And this game is only 3 years old. The members of the top rated team recently all quit because Scopley failed to recognize and address the issues. I used to play this everyday being a big marvel fan. Now I barely play it a couple times a week since I get next to nothing from it even if I were to play it daily and sink money into it..Version: 5.2.1

BrokenSo much issues that devs ignore. Broken game. Instead of fixing game bugs, the devs ignore the player base and release awful “deals”. STAY AWAY.Version: 5.1.0

No loyalty or concernI have been playing the game almost since the day it came out fell in love with the concept and play-style however after scopley took over it went form the occasion cash grab via new characters to constant rollout at insane prices for orbs you can’t depend on to get you anywhere. This game crashes with so much frequency and you will not get any of the the in game energy or currency you used before or during that crash all in all the quality of the game fell and doesn’t look like it’s getting better until they start paying attention to customers.Version: 5.1.0

Newest Update Breaks Your GameI’ve had this game for quite some time and always enjoyed it. You failed to product test the newest ISO-8 update however. After downloading the new patch, I attempted to open your app no less than five times and was met with the exact same result. Upon loading to roughly ninety percent at the start screen, the game attempts to do its typical download of updated content (something which I fail to understand why it could never be included with the downloaded update). I am unable to move around the normal menus while it is downloading and mid download it opens the completely unavoidable iso-8 tutorial which shoehorns players into that menu. After being forced to continue, the downloading of updates freezes indefinitely and then the load screen is stuck in a forever loop while trying to open the iso-8 tutorial which is literally the very content downloading. This persists assuredly indefinitely but for sure more than five to ten minutes. There are always quirks with your app and any other apps after an update and this should’ve been tested for and should be addressed. Beyond that, there are the obligatory issues that never seem to be addressed or fixed at each update. From simplistic changes such as the level cap randomly dictating that some players can not progress beyond a particular level and others can. The level max is pointless if I can’t even reach it because I’ve maxed out at a point that is obviously not the true max level..Version: 4.4.0

CarefulAbsolutely loved this game for over two years, but it’s becomes. more and more of a cash cow. and while they’ve bettered this with a battle pass system which is great value for money they’ve now decided to run an event which is 10 days long and uses the in game special currency (power cores) and the daily milestones total about £70. Absolute daylight robbery scopely need prosecuting. There’s absolutely no reprieve between new teams but spend spend spend. Which you can absolutely play it for free, but end game materials(uniques especially) are absolutely throttled and bottlenecked into waiting 3 months for it to show up in the in game stores when you’re one away from an upgrade or purchase them. There is now increasing concern within the community of Scopelys predator tactics they recently introduced a Grindy real time arena with battle pass. The battle pass isn’t ridiculously marked up or anything. £20 bench mark for fairly decent rewards which scopely usually charge around £400 for to give you an idea. In their latest blog in there infinite wisdom they’ve announced a secondary battle pass will be coming which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m not considered top end but I have a large account. 9mil TCP so these upgrades are imperative for me moving forward and heading my alliance to do the same. But the only way to unlock “end game” upgrades..Version: 5.1.0

Needs improvementsI’ve been playing this game since launch, log in everyday, and for the most part it’s fun to play otherwise I wouldn’t have logged in for the last 1000+ days. The problem is currently there are too many bottlenecks in the game. Not enough gold or training materials to level all the characters you have or the new characters that get released. There’s not enough gear pieces to go around to gear up all those characters, especially in the later gear levels where you need thousands of pieces. There’s no catch up mechanic for new players. Red star promotions are frustrating because everything is RNG based and we don’t receive enough currency from events or login to promote characters we actually want to upgrade. There used to be good real money offers in the game that were actual “micro transactions“ now they’re all “macro transactions” and horribly overpriced. I’d consider myself to be a dolphin or someone who occasionally spends money, and I’ve scaled back quite a bit. And I haven’t even touched on the bugs in the game, which are numerous. It’s a meme at this point. I still play everyday, but I won’t reward this game by spending money. When these things get addressed, I’ll update the review and rating..Version: 5.1.0

Just a money vaccum, dont buyThis games virtually impossible to progress through without giving these people my paycheques so I'd stay far away from this one.Version: 5.1.0

DisappointedI’ve played this game since the first day it came out. It started out as any other game would. Fun at first, grinding to max out the characters you like, etc. Of course they introduced legendary characters which were fun to pursue. Then they introduced legendary characters that needed other legendary characters to unlock. This made it very tough for people to unlock these characters. Next they started introducing people at such a fast rate that you couldn’t upgrade one team before another came out and another legendary for that team in a limited event but you had to have the previous legendary to unlock the new one and you can’t farm that previous legendary so you get stuck while the game keeps moving forward slamming new characters at you while you’re 3 teams behind just trying to keep up. The newest antic of theirs is the money grab. They had the audacity to introduce an event that cost 5000 power cores daily to get the max rewards. Power cores are very hard to come by, but of course, you can buy them with real money. To put into perspective, this would cost about $65 DAILY to get rewards from this event. This is a clear slap in the face for all the players of this game. It used to be fun but not anymore. It feels like a chore playing this game now. Unless you have large amount of cash laying around, you will always be behind in this game..Version: 5.1.0

Predatory & money hungry operation- Between $50 and $80 for 50 character shards which gets you to 2 of 7 stars then add red stars onto that you could spend somewhere around $300 just to get to 5 stars for one character (less than 5 stars leaves you underpowered) - $30 for gatcha orbs (loot boxes) which near every time will have the lowest amount of Shards available being 8 character shards (between 50 and 100 shards needed to unlock a character) - Cheaper 50 shard offers are ALWAYS for non meta and generally underpowered characters. - There are rarely any sub $10 "micro" transactions available. The sub $10 offers have near zero value in game. - Gold and training materials are kept beyond scarce with mountains of each required to progress with a SINGLE character while there are always options to buy more the cost is not near worth it allowing a single or less level when your trying to go from level 60 up (level 80 current cap) - This game is sadly targeting "whales" with tens or thousands of dollars needing to be spent year on year to stay with the meta. Save your money, save your time and if you have it buy yourself or your loved ones something actually worthwhile..Version: 5.0.2

Read before you downloadNever thought I would be leaving such a horrible review but with the current state of the game, enough is enough. I’ve played the game for 1,000 plus days and sure every game goes thru it’s stages of ups and downs but this is kind of silly at this point. On the surface, this game seems fun and you can see the potential however the current bugs and constant bottlenecks make the game unplayable and moreso unenjoyable. You may read other reviews and may want to give it a go but trust me, you will never catch up unless you pour thousands and thousands of dollars into the game. Sure, you can play as some of your favorite heros and villains but if you are competitive, this game is not for you in its current state. A question to the reader of this review...what is the point of coming out with new characters if you cannot farm them for months/years after their initial release? Even if you unlock a new character, they will be irrelevant with their power level to make any difference. More food for thought for the reader of this, there have been meta characters released during my time playing this game that you (the new player) will not be able to unlock/counter. Good luck competing against god tier level characters that are unavailable for you. Such a shame because the game used to be so much fun....Version: 5.1.0

Can’t have a day without a new bugWorse quality check company i have ever seen..Version: 5.2.1

Newest update killed a great game.Before this update this was a 5 Star game. I left wwe SuperCard permanently for it. However since the update, and I am far from alone in this... Many many many errors and unplayable moments have happened. I myself have been in contact with support for days... Going into a week soon. I have tried on both my iPad and iPhone is broken. I can't I lost 900 cores and only intended on using 450 in the first place. 900 cost around 12$ to buy... So there's that. Every game mode constantly freezes, raids are literally unplayable. Arena seems to be mostly working which is something I guess. Then today I'm about to receive my 15 Loki shards to upgrade his level. Never got them. I've logged in over 340 days in a row...I don't expect perfection every minute every day. And they're usually good about doing the "sorry our game was broke here's extra stuff for those affected, thanks for patience". But this time is something bigger. I'm leaving this review and done playing now. Only checking emails for fair compensation for a game I've loved for everyday of basically the last year. At the very least I'd like my cores refunded so I can use them elsewhere. Good luck to the support and dev team members... You need it. As I said this was a 5 Star game it is literally unplayable at this point..Version: 3.1.0

Was good can it still be?I have been playing this game for more than 2 years and have generally enjoyed it whilst only doing light spending. Unfortunately things seem to be getting worse. Whilst grind is expected the new mechanics (eg real time arena) are making it worse. Unlocking characters is getting harder with the new character often needing you to either pay (upwards of $50 AUD) or be in the game grinding several hours a day for multiple days. It seems the developers have become more focussed on the whales and krakens to the detriment of the rest of the player base. Without sunk cost and my great alliance I would have quit some time ago. Also they do a good job of trickling the marquee marvel characters out to keep you stuck in the loop of wanting your favourite characters. Often though the new characters are not the fan favourites. For new starters you will probably enjoy it for a bit but once you get to mid game it will becoming grinding with minimal enjoyment..Version: 5.4.0

Don’t spend moneyIt’s a huge waste as Premium orbs are ANYTHING but Premium they say it’s random but so far it’s 1 in 20 that might actually be worth it, also the offers are terrible. I’m also adding how TERRIBLE the Thanos Rewards are!! They don’t care about you unless you spend money and even then they don’t care.Version: 1.1.0

Faulty arena mechanicsYou can play this game if you like collecting/training heroes games. One star is for arena and real time arena. So called “matching” and arena mechanics are faulty, and, I afraid, by design. Don't go out of your mind trying to comprehend how an opponent that is a few dozens of thousands(!!!!) points weaker than your team, beats you every single time... There is no way in the world it can ever happen unless the whole “strength points” system is faulty by poor programming or by design, to get you mad and paying real $$ trying to improve your heroes. Or how your team being “matched” in real time arena with a team that is way stronger that yours (what kind of matching is it anyway), and this strong team is tearing your heroes apart in seconds. Or you being “matched” with an equally strong team, but wait... you are killing the opponent’s heroes... but they come back again and again, almost dead heroes are not falling dead, still standing, healing fast and you are losing in a way it shouldn’t be happening. Calm down, because, I afraid, the majority of so called arena opponents are not even real, but look more like artificial teams with coded enhancements. Why? Again, to get you mad and feverishly spending money to develop your heroes. Take my advise - in any game do not spend money, at all. Just play as it goes, until you will get enough of it and delete it..Version: 5.0.2

Loosen the bottlenecks ! FixMSFLately in the game there just has been so many bottlenecks in the game. This ranges from a terribly designed Red Star progression system for characters , to not enough gold to level any characters, training modules ( another currency needed to level characters... yeah...), gear pieces, and the list goes on. There is absolutely no reason to get excited for new characters when you have to get lucky in a slot machine system like red stars but also barely have enough gold or gear to level them so it’s almost pointless.... Wish I could recommend this game to others because I still enjoy it but there is so much wrong with it that I can’t..Version: 5.1.0

Raid reward failureLast two raids, we have reached a tier required for rewards however the mail message has said we didn’t and we only receive a participation reward..Version: 3.1.3

Bottleneck galoreFirst of I love this game, but it comes with a few issues and the biggest gripe for me atm is levelling characters and keeping up with new ones released, with every release is 2 bottlenecks in the form of gold and training mats, why do we need 2? Please just remove training mats from the equation, if not entirely then at least lower the cost or not require them after you get a character to lvl 60 perhaps, something needs to give. I won’t even go into other issues such as primarily purple but also gold gear bottlenecks, red stars-why do we not get at least 1, 7 red star character a month when there are 4 new ones released, lack of blitz brackets or additional blitz to give people a choice. There are many more issues that have not been listed above and I hope for positive change as I hold this game so close to my heart!.Version: 5.1.0

Great game that’s gone downhill. Substantially.Scopely has turned a once-fun character collector game with great Marvel characters into a bug and exploit-filled money sink. The greed that this company has shown is absolutely heartbreaking - new characters, gear for upgrades, training materials to level up characters, and worst of all the horribly-implemented red star system are all locked behind thinly-veiled paywalls with delayed and extremely limited resources available for free-to-play players and occasional/light spenders. The company has at times done the bare minimum when it comes to addressing these issues, and more often than that they completely ignore player base concerns. Event and arena exploits go unaddressed, there have been more frequently occurring instances of miscommunication, errors in paid offers, and scheduled events not occurring at their set times. I’ve personally poured countless hours and more money than I’d care to admit into this game, and I’ve made some wonderful friends in my alliance along the way, but it’s becoming harder and harder to log in every day when there’s another paywall, bug, or exploit at every instance. Until they actually address and fix these problems, the 1-star rating will stay, and I would encourage anyone interested in the game to stay away completely..Version: 5.1.0

Fun, but problematic.The game itself is fun. Graphics are good. I feel like I don’t have to spend a lot of time on the game if I have zero expectations with progression. Even with some expectation on progression, the time spent isn’t insane. That being said, what kills the enjoyment out of the game is how scopely and their money grabbing tactics run. They take advantage of people in every way shape and form to acquire more money from their player base. Releasing characters so fast that even content creators in this game who have been playing since launch can’t keep up. The pricing is horrendous, when I first started there were micro transactions of 50 shards of a character for $1 USD. Wow. That’s awesome, considering with raid: shadow legends, where I can from would be $30 just for a chance at an epic or legendary. They put little thought and effort into making the events enjoyable, they rarely fix things that hurt players, but if it hurts their profits it is fixed within the hour. It shows that they don’t have the player base in mind. I assume they just want to continue to try and attract new players instead of keeping their old ones. But why not both? It’s sad to see how bad they’ve been doing, especially with such an active subreddit who’s willing to give good feedback and ideas..Version: 5.1.0

Has huge potential but is now Pay 2 WinBeen playing almost 600 days, while the game can be fun at times, the massive progress stalling bottlenecks, extortionate offers, game bugs and mix ups have gotten worse over the last 4 months since Scopely took over. It’s a shame to see a Marvel property go this way..Version: 5.2.1

A good game ruined by the developersTo put it simply: this is a good game concept but is completely ruined by developers not listening to what you as the community wants to see. They throw more and more bottlenecks at you and you will become frustrated and angry very fast. Want to level up your favourite character? Too bad, they’re already obsolete and worthless. Oh you’ve just spent £40 on a new character? Bad luck, we just released a new character who will kill that character before they even take a turn. Just when you think you’ve been rinsed enough you’ll find out that they want to rinse you again. Thankfully I’ve managed to stay away from the “offers” in their store, but as such I just fall further behind the meta every month. It’s a painfully slow process that will take up all your time. Hard to quit so do yourself a favour and don’t download this game before it’s too late..Version: 5.4.0

Great game, developers tone deaf.This game is beautifully made, great characters and lots to do. However, over the past year and a half, the developers with FoxNext and Scopely have become increasingly predatory in their usage of real money transactions. There are over 10+ constant bottlenecks for advancement in the game (maybe 3-4 is a reasonable number at most). For new players, there are few if any catch up mechanics. The game system is set up with game modes that lead to the “rich getting richer”. This is not a sustainable game model. It works for a time until the game dies, at which point your cash cow no longer works. I understand a game has to make money and I know there will always be real money whales. But stop actively trying to crush the new players and squeeze them out of your game. Offers in the store are marked as 90% off (except they are listed at the base price that they always are), and often they show an info graphic making orbs appear as though they have characters that they don’t in fact have! The latest and greatest moment happened yesterday when they introduced a 5000 power core daily event (the cost is approximately 60$ per day). In what world is that player friendly? Stop being tone deaf and listen to your players who love this game! Fix the bugs! Fix the constant stream of misinformation in your own blog posts! Fix the predatory practices!.Version: 5.1.0

Used to be goodFun game but the devs continue to shaft the players. Blitz is far and away the worst aspect of the game and is continuing to be made more unbearable. This used to be a great game for f2p but now if you don’t want to pay minimum of $200/month then don’t bother to download it..Version: 1.3.2

Games crashes since updateSince latest update game always crashes when about to fight. Very frustrating. Will uninstall if not fixed soon.Version: 3.8.0

Another unethical cash grab gameYes, I know...”mobile games depend on revenue since they are free to play” ....blah blah blah. These games....ALL OF THEM from marvel strike force to raid shadow legends to Star Wars got to that Disney game are DESIGNED to FRUSTRATE players into spending. I can’t understand why stupid fanboys defend this UNETHICAL practice, nor do I understand how anyone could justify spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to play a game that is nowhere near as much fun as console or computer games that do NOT use frustration to generate revenue. I mean, think about it. Sure a challenge is nice, a lot of the fun from gaming is overcoming a challenge. But these games do not present us with challenges. They present us with insurmountable “challenges” that aren’t challenging AT ALL. You can either a. Be patient and wait months to become strong enough to beat the “challenge” or b. Buy everything necessary to beat the “challenge” sooner. The “challenge” itself doesn’t involve thought or strategy, it involves building toons high enough to win. That’s it. Anyone who got suckered into playing these games (including myself) should just save all the money you might waste on these games, buy a console like ps4 or xbox one, and experience how much better games can be when the developers primary focus is actually MAKING THE GAME FUN FOR PLAYERS rather than FRUSTRATING PLAYERS INTO SPENDING..Version: 4.2.0

This game is nothing but a giant cash-grabThe concept of this game is great and I’ve had it since day 1. But unfortunately this has progressively become more and more of a game designed push out the free-to-play player. Basically you’ll get to a point fairly early on where you hit a wall and you will not get over that wall unless you pay more and more and more. Admittedly the developers have added in more interesting reward systems which have been needed for a long time. But in reality, every update has just been a new way for the developers to try and trick players into thinking they can progress without emptying their wallets. I want this game to be great but sadly the developers only seem to care about the cash and have no awareness of the fact that this is a game that’s supposed be here for everyone to enjoy, not just the cash-whales..Version: 5.4.0

Energy cap and stage count capPick one or the other... why have both a energy capacity AND a play though cap on stages?? I dont get it, it doesnt make people want to spend credits to have to fill up both... Game developers need to pick one or the other and stick to it... there is nothing to do in game once you run out of energy... play through caps are fine... it keeps people in game and engaged, sure you will hit a level wall but at least playability last longer, idon’t mine recharging a level playthrough for in game currency but im not gonna spend it on time based energy... i think its single handedly the worst idea in mobile games ever... it doesnt extend playability... it kills it completely... get rid of it.Version: 1.2.0

Very expensive and frustratingBeen playing this game for almost 900 days. New characters are released at a rate that there is no way to unlock and play them unless you spend ridiculous amounts of money. Many bugs and issues every few days. Developers pretend to listen to player feedback but do not address the real problems that have been around for up to 2 years. This game could be great but I would not recommend it to new players..Version: 5.1.0

Must spend moneyI have been playing this game for years. I am the leader of a group. But it is painful obviously that you cannot do well without spending money. And they just keep changing the game. The only way to judge a team is by their power level which is garbage, I routinely get beaten by groups with 100k less power than me. And if they have Ultimus or Phoenix you might as well quit the fight as they are so over powered it doesn’t matter who you bring. But let me give you an example I have an Iron fist that I have been looking for 1 part to raise their tier for over a year. It doesn’t come in drops, can’t get it from orbs, and I found 1 of the multiple I need. But I can buy the exact amount I need for $29 in one of their packages. Without that part my team isn’t strong enough to finish further missions that I need to beat to get more parts so I can do other missions. So bottom line, you will not beat this game or even be in the contention for it unless you are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on upgrades. One of my players even did a test using their red star generator to see how much it would cost to buy 1 team up to all maxed red stars. It would have been over a million dollars. I understand that the game is here to make money. But if you put in the time, effort and strategy you will never get to the top tiers of this game..Version: 5.0.2

As a fan of the game I suggest staying away.At a competitive level this game is very much pay to win especially given the release of the red star orb which totally screwed up the meta. If you are playing it with your friends having a laugh and grinding your way up to the top give up when you hit orange gear it’s best to give up as each component is around 32k gold. On top of this the game will crash for seemingly no reason I discovered by screen recording that it is when ever carnage spawns, vision dive bombs or if you are doing a campaign that will give you a new character. Overall it was an enjoyable game but the developers have begun to wreck a game that has potential. I understand that they had to adapt to keep from going under however this staggered release of characters is dull and they need to expand the roster exponentially as they only have 2 x-men characters yet 5 brotherhood. On top of my prior point they have had red skull in the game since the beginning yet still haven’t released him but are releasing mantis they need to do something worthwhile if they want to keep a fan base interested..Version: 2.3.0

Good game, but what the heck the battery consuming??It could be a good game, but I played maybe for maximum 30 mins and 23% battery was gone!! I have a new phone, 99% battery capacity, so this must be deadly for other phones ... 🤦🏼‍♂️.Version: 3.10.2

Used to enjoy this game then Scopely ruined it. Save MSFI used to really enjoy this game till Scopely introduced multiple new bottlenecks and no real new content. Scopely continues to introduce new methods whereby you can only keep up with the game if you pay money. They introduced an expensive $20US pass for a game mode that I put the game on auto to get through as fast as I can. They will also be introducing a new pass in the next patch. If this pass is also tied behind money, which it will likely be, then they’ll expect $40 a month just to keep up in the game. They are overly greedy and completely unwilling to address underlying issues that many players have had in the game. They have caused a large number of players to quit and will continue to do so until they introduce some real change in the game..Version: 5.1.0

OMG EXPENSIVE!!!!And players in Marvel Future Fight complain about spending, I’ve spent thousands on MFF but this would require 5 times as much money to play and acquire a character just to not be able to freely move around with the character. I don’t know not my thing when the price tags are so high up. I’d buy 2 Mandala packs for Mystique before id invest in this game at this point. Great graphics and fun gameplay, Hey if you have the cash you will enjoy this game..Version: 3.10.2

Only for those willing to spend loads of money!I started playing during lockdown for something to do & as a beginner player it quickly draws you in with the idea of all the great characters available & simple but (seemingly) easy rewards. After a few months though the only way you can make any realistic/noticeable progress is by spending money. For some people (myself included) the odd micro transaction is fine & more than happy to splash out on a good 1, but these offers are far from "micro" or value for money. For example, to unlock mr sinister(a fairly valuable in game character but not top level) costs £60, & that doesn't include all the upgrades still needed to make him worth while. Scopely only care about people who spend £100's, if that's not you I suggest not to bother, otherwise you'll eventually ask yourself why you still bother playing, like I do..Version: 5.1.0

UnacceptableDon’t lose your time with that useless game: - customer service is the worst you’ve ever seen. - you can get people banned without explanation, just a simple screen copy even without specific words is sufficient. Nobody will Check if it’s justified. - game missing basic functionalities. - impossible to catch up your delay if you didn’t start the game when originally released..Version: 3.9.0

GETTING WORSE.With each subsequent update this game is becoming worse. The difficulty level for a new player is complete BS. Would not recommend you download this game until the developers actually get their heads on straight. AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD I RECOMMEND ANYBODY SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME. Your player base is trying to tell you something Foxnext, maybe it's about time you listened..Version: 1.4.2

Disappointing.(Foxnext’s business team=Greedy)This game is brilliant. (Wait for it.) the design, gameplay and generally the large proportion of the game overall especially at the earlier stages of the game is very well crafted. However, if you are looking for a game that you can play and compete with others fairly then this game is not for you. Foxnext is arguably the most money hungry developer I have ever seen and they have created a game with a very unfair and quite frankly ridiculous business model. If you’re okay with spending hundreds on a game then... look no further this is the game for you. However if you’re a free to play player then I highly recommend that you stay away from this game. I have played for a total of 4/5 months which generally brought me joy. However, I have gotten to a stage now when I no longer wish to invest time in a game that won’t reward the hard work of a player that isn’t willing to spend any money..Version: 1.4.2

Was a great game, now nauseatingThis game was amazingly fun and utterly addicting and enticed you to spend money on the offers, probably more than your wallet really allowed fore. But they just implemented a new patch to the gameplay where the camera zooms in on every characters movements at 3x speed. This in turn, causes the camera to jump around the screen at high speed and inducing motion sockness rather quickly, making the game nearly unplayable. This xoom to emphasize the characters abilities and attack CGI was originally only during normal speed gameplay, but now it’s on ALL speeds. Not only does it induce nausea and motion sickness, but now it’s also incredibly hard to track what’s actually happening with the progression of the battle or change to a different priority target. You can’t play at normal speed when playing Arena, Raid, or War modes because you only get 5 minutes to complete the matchup or you’ll timeout, so you’re forced to play at 3x speed, but this new system wrecked it. They took an amazing game and literally ruined it, by trying to improve something that wasn’t broken and was already performing beyond well. I spent quite a bit of money on the offers and would’ve continued, but now I can’t play or enjoy the game anymore. Way to ruin a good thing devs. At least give us the option in settings to tuen that ridiculousness off. I mean, it’d only be the sensible thing to do. You gave us the option to turn off alliance invites... good bye fun time waster..Version: 3.3.0

What happened to my hero’sOk so before the global release my team rating was at 31,000 now I’m back down to 21,000 what happened also every time I get to the final enemy I automatically lose the fight? Even when my team is still alive please fix.Version: 1.0.0

Don’t support this opportunistic predator of a company.In my 35 years of playing games, I have not come across a more inept, unprofessional or unscrupulous company that Scopely now attempting to rebrand their image into Boundless Entertainment. If they did not have the Marvel IP, people would have left this game a long time ago. Nothing but rookie mistakes, glitches and catastrophic failures all at their player bases expenses yet have the gall to still attempt to fleece money off them without reinvesting to actually make this game work properly. Any other job or industry would have fired the whole department or board responsible for such failure. Please save your time and money and sanity and avoid anything from this company..Version: 5.3.0

Wish I could give 0 starsGame was great. I even spent well over $100. dollars on it. Then after this last update it crashes constantly and I’ve gotten no help from customer service. Not a word to say they are working on it. I even deleted and installed 3 times. If this isn’t fixed soon as well as get VERY WELL compensated for the loss of time and resources not to mention the aggravation, I will be moving on to another game..Version: 2.2.0

Great game, awful managementI just want to begin by saying that this game could be amazing and that I started out so hopeful it was going to be everything I ever was looking for in a Marvel game. The character design is absolutely amazing. The character kits aren’t always the way I would make them, but that’s totally to be expected; different people have different ideas and that’s okay too. But the way the treat their consumer is the worst out of any game I’ve ever played and it’s not even close (and as a gamer, I’ve played a ton of games). If you don’t shell out thousands of dollars a month they literally could not care less about your opinion. They recently had two bugs, both of which accomplished the same thing: they made a challenging piece of content, that granted daily rewards, significantly easier. For one, they said people could keep their progress and, for the other, they said they’re rolling it back (you lose your progress). The only difference? The first one required you to buy several offers for their newest character to exploit, the other one didn’t. Countless examples just like this. It is the worst relationship I’ve ever had with a developer and it’s a shame because I want to like this game so badly. If you’re thinking of playing, please, please don’t. It’s not worth the hours of frustration over some of the most petty decision making I’ve ever witnessed. Save yourself the headache and play literally any other game..Version: 3.10.2

Frustrating gameWe need way more gold and red stars to enjoy the game. Way too many characters for the amount of resources..Version: 5.1.0

Terribly out of touch with their customersEver since Scopely took over operations this game has taken a huge nose dive.Their quality control is atrocious and there are so many bugs with every event the past year that it’s been a terrible user experience. They do not listen to the community. Check Reddit..Version: 5.1.0

Great game being run into the groundThis game is fun, has lots of characters you want to play and beautiful graphics. However, the grind is astronomical for new and even existing players. The real money costs for ‘deals’ is way beyond reasonable. The development team continually ignores the community (#fixmsf movements pop up once a year). Scopely has shown repeatedly that they are concerned with making new characters which are always stronger then the old ones and that are only attainable by spending a fortune. They also prefer to spend their time creating more time sink additions to the game rather then fix the known issues and bugs with the current game..Version: 5.1.0

Insulting to the marvel IPThe developers do not seem to care about making a quality product. The game has had massive game defining bugs for the last year. If I worked for Marvel or Disney and I saw how much care they put into giving marvel a good name i would pull their license asap. Also a million other issues that will probably be covered by other reviewers. Would not recommend for new players. Considering stopping if nothing improves. Shame scopley..Version: 5.1.0

Nasty money grabbing tacticsThe game has been ruined with just point blank NASTY money grabbing tactics. When the update first released we could see that it would take 310 shards and a team of 5* characters to unlock Pheonix like all other legendary characters. As well as selling an offer on the newest X-men support to go with her. They then removed her from the roster and changed the requirements saying actually now you need a team of 6* characters forcing everyone to pay money for extra shards to level up their characters, making it vastly more out of reach for the player base without shedding £100’s maybe £1000’s to get a team ready for pheonix. But also then tricking everyone into buying Psylocke to go with her only to then make her near on impossible to obtain within the century for free to play players or without winning the lottery for others. Would just go play something else now to be honest as this is not new, just the worst in a long line of money grabbing tactics this game has moved forward with..Version: 3.2.0

Game is pay to win and too slow to build up and unlock charactersI like this game and have been playing it for well over a year now, but I’m starting to like this game less and less as it’s a pay to win game, there’s loads of characters you can’t get without paying and for people that do consider paying the prices are extortionate for what you get, I’ve saved up loads of power cores to buy orbs and get the smallest things out of them, so it’s pointless trying to build up without paying as it takes way too long, I’ve maxed my player level and yet can’t really afford to level up my characters as it takes too long to get gold as well as levelling up there moves. I’m very quickly getting bored and annoyed with this game and of it doesn’t improve soon, like many others are probably feeling, I will stop playing the game..Version: 2.4.0

Only money mattersTerrible communication with the community. Blatent disregard for the best interest of the players. Gross predatory actions by the devs. Incredible ignorance by Scopely has lead to a massive Boycott of this game by 15000 of the games top players. Rolling back player progress. False advertising. And lying to players about what's in new updates. RUN!.Version: 5.1.0

1078 days and thinking about quittingAs someone who has spent a lot of time and decent amount of money, it’s unfortunate that I’m about done with Scopely’s nonsense. The previous game overlord, Foxnext, had similarly overpriced offers and glitch problems but Scopely has taken it to new levels. The glitches are out of hand now and the lack of updating seasonal milestone rewards is just the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, the short supply of mats to level up characters while simultaneously releasing new characters at an unprecedented rate is strangling the game. With that said, they’re releasing a few upcoming characters like Silver Surfer that clearly show the likelihood of a major power jump and forced irrelevance for many decent older characters. RTA mode is also one example of a horrible waste of time that creates a paywall forcing players to pony up a minimum per month or be forever behind to a point that they’ll never be competitive at obtaining necessary gear. There’s a lot of gripes here, I know, but ones that many longterm players will understand. If you’re new or thinking of playing, take a pass on this game. The fun of obtaining the characters you love isn’t enough. Discord alliance chat is one of the reasons why I’ve lasted as long as I have. Scopely continues to rake it in due to their casino-like tactics but someday it will catch up with them..Version: 5.1.0

Ultimate in pay to winThey’ve lost the plot. Game was fun in summer of 2018, but now it’s fully pay to win. Latest updates have brought red stars which you can buy with real money daily and bring random power boosts. The player base rallied together to complain and the developer essentially answered “we realize now you don’t like what we’ve done, but we’re just going to keep it because people are paying us”.Version: 2.2.0

Expensive add ons, unachievable content and endorsing shady social media influencedI used to really love this game. However in the past month: - social media influencer with a sketchy history with crypto currency scams found to have been given huge advantages in game over player base , hidden from players since release - content released that requires synergy from entire alliance for 2 hours making it unachievable for most guilds (must be same timezone) - huge increase in cost of in app purchases - huge negative changes to game modes that promote poor health and Sleep due to needing to be online every 2 hours to compete - scaled back rewards in raids/blitz content with supposed “balancing “ content still unavailable - groups split within game where some players are given significantly better offers or in the case of the wasp event (node 1-9), some players have an impossible to beat node while others are given a very easy one directly effecting rewards This game doesn’t reward players who spend, it rewards at random. Parts of the marketing are misleading and the direction of the game has changed significantly since beta and launch. My advice is to stay away from spending any money on this game until you have read that the developer has headed in a positive direction which based on my current interactions with their customer service team will not be soon.Version: 1.3.2

Developers have spoilt a once awesome gameBugs bugs bugs and Scams. Character offer for Silver Surfer was bugged, they offered initially for £14 for 50 shards upped it to £20 the next day and then at £60. Now it’s been removed as was allegedly wrong. Here's some advice. Seriously sit down with your whole team, and sort your **** out. It's constant mess up after mess up. This is on the eve of the games 3rd year anniversary. You are really looking like a joke of a company. You are more interested in raking in cash then making an engaging game for your players. Each new update is not tested correctly and is found to have bugs left right and centre. Some characters a year later have still not had their errors fixed. Many long time players are now dropping this game. I have been playing for 2-3 years. If you actually fixed the gameplay and addressed other areas in the game and tried not to scam your players and actually test areas of the game before you release it, such as RAG, which wasn’t tested the way ISO8 was tested it might be an enjoyable game again. FIX THIS NONSENSE!!!.Version: 5.2.1

So much potential lostOverall great game, however it has completely moved to a pay to win type game, and example of how out of touch they are is there latest event. It requires you to spend in game items to level up. To complete them each day means you have to buy them. Currently to complete for the average player it means spending about $200 a day for the 10 days. $2000 in 10 days just to compete in a mobile game is way to much. Since scopley took Over they have moved towards basically a pay to play model. Unless your a large spender maybe try a different game. To add further insult, scopley have just been caught allowing some players to use an exploit given they a massive advantage in game..Version: 5.2.1

TrashThis game is awful now, it used to be good. There is no comps anymore when mistakes are made.. the prices of things even if you did want to buy are ridiculously over priced. Support is absolutely 100% zero help now. They asked me to send them a recorded video to prove I was telling the truth or tell me to send a screen shot but screen shots don’t even work (it basically gets stuck and you have to reset game every time you try to send a screenshot) game is trash..Version: 3.9.0

Scopely please help your playersThe player base of this game is becoming frustrated.... the changes being implemented are simply not enough. Incredibly high cost, battle passes, and a broken system like red stars is making this game even more “pay to win” than it has been in past, especially when new characters come out so frequently that you are forced to choose which ones to level up due to lack of resources thanks to WAY TOO MANY bottlenecks Scopely I’d have no problem spending money if you fixed the current issues, and made the game fun again, but worrying about costumes for characters isn’t going to fix what’s currently causing unhappiness in the player base..Version: 5.1.0

Hopefully they’re listeningI’ve played this game everyday for a couple years. I love it, but the developers have lost their way and need a reminder that the community has power as well. #savemsf.Version: 5.1.0

Played for 4 yrsI’ve really enjoyed this game over the years. It has always really pushed to get you to spend money though. That has become so much worse in the last year and what you receive for what you spend is ‘random’ with terrible value even for a in-house digital commodity. I have mostly lost interest in the game due to the above plus increasingly log load times between every action you take in game. If this game played then the way it does now, I never would have gotten into it..Version: 5.1.0

Hoping to see some improvement.I’ve loved and played this game for a long time and very much want to rate it 5 stars, but the quality of life I experience while playing the last year hasn’t been the same. After a while you feel attached to something you’ve put so much time into and I want to play and enjoy this game like I once did but there are just so many bottlenecks and mechanics working against the player. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game and sadly some days I feel a lot of regret for it. I don’t want to feel like this company’s intent is to consistently cash grab its player base but at times it definitely feels so. You guys can do better I’ve seen an amazing game here once and I know it can be achieved again, I just hope to see it happen..Version: 5.1.0

Don’t botherPlaying this game since 2 weeks after global launch and been a reasonably high spender for the past 2 years. I’ve enjoyed this game up until the last 6 months. The company behind this game is not good. They are not interested in developing a good, fun game that values progress or it’s player base. Every decision they make is about how they can manipulate you into giving them money. The game is consistently buggy, the offers are bordering on scams (if not actual scams). Not only do their offers lie or falsely advertise, but the communication to the community is not accurate. I am essentially done supporting this game financially, I don’t think they deserve/earned my money. Even if someone loved MARVEL, I could not recommend they play this game (either as a spender or a free to play). This game and this company needs a lot of work..Version: 5.3.0

Expensive & balancing issueVery expensive to get a handful of shards while it sometimes needs 100+ to reach acceptable star levels. Slow energy recovery. This game has balancing issue when it forces you to have a maximum of 5 characters and you have to face 15+ enemies at the same time. Accumulative damages add up. Lack of good healer characters doesn’t help. And limiting the amount of times players can replay a level per day otherwise players have to pay, is just a cheap cash grab. Marvel makes great movie and this app developers really wanna capitalise on Marvel’s success and charge players ridiculous amount of money. Take note from similar games like DC Legends of Monster camp..Version: 1.4.3

WarningSearch Marvel Strike Force Red Stars before wasting your time..Version: 2.2.0

Good game, if you have the time and dedicationBeen playing this game for the best part of a year now, and I finally unlocked black bolt a couple of weeks ago, which is something I’ve been working towards for about 3 months. The problem with that stretch is it became so grindy doing everything daily that it just burnt me out. Even after slowing down for 4 weeks or so I’ve already missed out on recruiting approximately 5 character which won’t be obtainable for a couple of months from now. They expect the player to spend 2-3 hours a day on it, every day. And even then you will probably have to spend some money to get some of the characters. Then when you finally do, it’s another slog fest trying to rank them up with all the current bottlenecks. The main question is would I recommend this to a friend? A year ago definitely. Now, certainly not. It’s physically impossible to level up even half the characters you get without pouring over £100 a month. I’ve unlocked pym tech, astonishing xmen, skillitary, symbiotes, in the past 5 months and I still haven’t even got round to levelling any of them up. I just sat there and thought what’s the point? I’m not gonna be able to level these guys up within the next year anyway. I want to enjoy this game I truly do, but I can’t bring myself to do so when the only challenge is having minuscule resources and no trust fund to buy them with..Version: 5.1.0

Avoid like the plague!Game is run by a dodgy company with non existent customer service, over charging for everything in the game, making different offers available to different people at different times, and testing difficulty and features on the live servers which directly impacts the competitive nature of most of the game. Not to mention providing in-game resources to popular YouTubers to make content and test features, again on the live servers, giving them an unfair advantage against us “regular folk”. Don’t even think of reporting a bug, as more often than not your account gets flagged as exploiting a glitch, and your progress and account rolled back 21 days resulting in lost time, effort, and most importantly money if you’ve spent anything as they’ll remove that too. Could’ve been a great little time sink as the game that is there is not bad at all, but the awful decisions, lack of care for the community, adding ways for people to spend money over fixing bugs, and the worst customer service solutions, mean that this is a clear UNINSTALL..Version: 1.3.2

IssuesAfter the latest updates a lot of balancing issues where fixed but the game now crashes more often. Also almost every time I try to play in the arena the game stucks in logging screen at 99%..Version: 0.2.0

Bad gamePoor Balancing, Typically built to take your money. If you have no money expect to pour a year or two of your time into the game to actually get anywhere. During that year expect badly balanced battles, slowly dripfeed resources, having a boringly easy battle one minute then get totally schooled the next minute. Expect to be forced to play with characters that are only vaguely known by hardcore enthusiasts at best, and totally unknown characters at worst. If you want to play with the mainstream heroes that we all know, either sink your money into it or book your calendar out for the next year..Version: 0.1.0

Bugs overlooked constantlyThis is a good game for any marvel fan, fun designs, good animations for the battles and plenty of game modes to keep you busy throughout the day...but that’s where the good part of this review ends, it has become a cash grab game for scopley!!! They made a ridiculous amount of profit for 2020 considering what was happening in the world and they still cannot fix the most basic of bugs!!! They do not listen to player feedback and complaints and literally copy and paste their in game responses to the players even though sufficient evidence has been shown that there is a problem. There hasn’t been a day where a new bug or major problem has occurred over the last 2-3 months and that’s no exaggeration!!! If you invest time or even money in this game you will not be happy after a few months with the way the game is run currently and like myself and many other players of this game will be unhappy to the point where you will quit after 800 days of playing it.Version: 5.3.0

Great game, two problemsI love this game, the mechanics of it are beautiful. It’s heavily p2w but it’s a mobile phone game, p2w is sadly expected and accepted. The character roster is a bit limited at present but that will expand as the game ages. All in all this is a great game except for two issues- firstly the battery drain! This game is beyond battery hungry, it will devour any charge you have so please be aware if you are going to play this away from your charger as it will literally drain your phone! Secondly the ingame chat- there are no mods on the chat, yay I hear you say but this causes one massive problem and that is the game chat is flooded with bots offering free gifts but the reality is it’s scammers, this needs addressing ASAP!!! The gamer base can’t use the chat and innocent people will get scammed, this is a big issue. I would give this game five stars but I’m marking it down one star for the massive battery drain and one star for the lack of effort in removing scam bots from the ingame chat. Don’t let this put you off a great game, just be aware.Version: 1.0.0

Worst game everI’ve been playing for 3 years and my account been permanently banned which is because I was fooling around with bunch of players and giving them food nicknames based on where they r from. It’s not nice to give nicknames and I do deserve to get punished but I don’t deserve to get permanently banned for this. The conversation wasn’t even serious. And the customer service claimed that my food nicknames that given to players that I familiar with was Racial slur. What a bull. I also got permanently banned which is to talk about the issue in official discord. They want me dead for good. You know that they r just bunches of bullies that act like baby. I don’t know what about you but this is a shame for Scopely and Marvel. From today. I’m no longer a Marvel fan. I hope that they get what they f k1ng deserve..Version: 5.2.1

Everything that is wrong with app gamingRecently they advertised the new rewards for the chaos theory event. After managing to sell overpriced offers to the people who needed those offers to do the event, they pulled more than half the rewards citing an “error” on their end. Rightio. In any other developed marketplace in the world if a company sold something in relation to something else and then changed the payout, they’d be in breach of law and forced to refund. Not in online games though. This is the Wild West boys and girls. We are just along for the ride. Just google or go to reddit and you’ll see the underhanded and in some cases, likely in breach of your countries consumer law, actions they use..Version: 3.10.2

Expensive & Time Consuming4 characters get released every month, but in order to have them at a useable level you would need to spend £30 to £50 per character. This is not an exaggeration a new team was released recently and 2 of the characters cost £50 each the other was £30. If you don’t want to spend £130+ each month on characters that will only have use for a few months then be prepared to sink a lot of time into the game. To be exact be prepared to play the game every two hours from Friday to Sunday. If you think that this will be a one of thing... your sadly mistaken its a monthly thing. Either spend a ridiculous amount of money or time playing thats pretty much this game in a nutshell. I’ve been playing for 3 years and decided to recently stop paying so much money. Characters are fun and useful for a few months, but soon a new team comes out and you have to take out your wallet to keep up with your friends and to stay competitive. Im ashamed to admit how much I’ve spent on this sinkhole of a game just to keep up and a few months later down the line the characters you spent over a £100/$100 become essentially useless. Take it from me, if you’re a new player in this game you will soon realise this game can’t be fun without spending a lot of your cash. Good Luck, you’ve been warned.Version: 5.1.0

Knock offThis game is just a worse version of the old avengers alliance game it’s terrible, full of loot boxes if you want characters be prepared to spend all your money on micro transactions. Trust me just skip this game.Version: 3.10.2

:)I hope the owner of this game loses money.Version: 5.1.0

Annoying restartGuys ... you have to fix this. It was never fixed at all. Every time a new event comes I.e. The Thing ... I can only play the first stage. After that ... when it try to load on the 2nd stage ... it just close the app off. Now ... I couldn’t even go to the next stage even on the easy and medium level. Also in other campaigns or blitz ... same thing happens. When I restart the app and go to where I left off, it already consumes my power core ... now this is a rip off. Fix this please .... it’s ANNOYING 🤬😡😡.Version: 3.4.0

Annoyed MSF FanAlthough I really enjoy the game and have a lot of enjoyment with the variety of game modes and things being keep fresh by developers adding new toons, events and reworks, there are major issues that I have with the game which are not appearing to be addressed. E.g. blitz, day one players competing with players who have played from the beginning does not allow for an even playing field, people with lower rosters playing for hours to be rewarded with 15 shards, this is a painful experience of which I am not alone in the community with these frustrations. Gold is constantly in short supply, gear and training materials also in constant short supply. And don’t get me wrong I know what the solution is and that would be to spend real money (of which I part take in from time to time), but it’s the unrealistic anchor pricing on offers which is a real kick in the nuts. Where are the actual “OFFERS” and not these “WHALE” prices, I almost feel compelled to explain what the word “OFFER” is defined as. I would like to see some improvement as I originally said, I do enjoy the game and it is fun, but it could be much better. RTA is also kind of rubbish, game mode to encourage losing so that players can hit the milestones? So much potential there..Version: 5.1.0

Greedy money grabbersI’ve been playing this game for jut under a year and a half. Started off great, loads of different characters to unlock and put time into to cater for people who love marvel. It soon became apparent that to make quick progress money was needed to be spent. I understand that. This is a huge game with many developers etc that need paying. I can’t remember exactly when it happened but FoxNext the company running marvel strike force got sold or bought out by Scopely. Since then it has been very clear that their intention is to shaft any casual free to play players and only make this game for those wishing to spend money. New events come out and if you want to get anywhere with milestone rewards then you have to have a very sizeable credit limit on a credit card. They have even admitted that their latest event was designed for those who spend loads a day/week/month. They are driving away so many players who love marvel but feel the only way to enjoy this game requires money and they are not prepared to do that. I get that there should be aspects in a game like this that require money to spent because after all its a business but there should still be a large aspect that caters for the people who are here to enjoy marvel and not have to cough up their hard earned cash..Version: 5.1.0

We want to love this gameI’ve been playing this game for almost a year and have have spent some money on the game, maybe $100, because I was really enjoying the game. But right now I would take back that money if I could. Right now the game is in a bad spot and the devs don’t really seem to care. There are multiple bottlenecks that stop free to play players from progressing quickly unless they spend money. For one of the game modes, blitz, new players are pitted against people that have been playing this game since it first came out and there is no way to compete. In that game new characters will come out and unless you are a top player or spend thousands of dollars to get ahead it’s almost not even worth playing. Gear and training materials are difficult to get so you hoard those materials and can’t level up your whole roster like you want to. Any time a bug comes out that benefits the player it is fixed within hours but bugs that mess up the game or hinder the player are left unchecked for multiple months or longer. There are countess other issues currently and the entire player base really wants this game to be good but the devs really need to step it up. If you are interested in learning more before playing this game check out the marvel strike force subreddit or watch some of the youtubers that play this game. We just want it to be fun again..Version: 5.1.0

Update ruined the gameThe first weeks this game came out... it was amazing. As the updates rolled out, it seemed like they progressively made the game harder for newer players. It's now at a point to where I don't want to play the game anymore, and I've been playing since day one. This update is disgusting, please fix this because it's unacceptable to say the least. Please don't give into the greed..Version: 0.2.0

Fun when it isn’t crashingI really enjoy the missions and level up characters. However, I’m now stuck on one campaign as every time I try to start this mission it crashes the whole game. This has happened at least 8 times. This will also happen on random missions or just when switching between menus. I’ve tried lowering the quality of fights but I can find a way to stop this game crashing. I’d only recommend if, for some reason, you can stop the game from crashing constantly. Update: I’ve recently been crashing as soon as a missions starts. Meaning I am losing campaign and raid energy with no chance to win or lose the mission..Version: 3.8.2

Good game, greed frustrating meHooked me early on. Enjoyed variety of things to do without overload I felt attempting to play Summoners Souls (?) and the like. Felt like this would require less time. Seems to suffer (my opinion) from the usual issues. Comparing team power suddenly becomes pointless. Your team can have a team power of 2000+ who you are fighting and yet the other team wipes the floor destroying everyone and you are lucky if you take down one of them. Plenty of defenders of this by fanboys, but if certain character abilities, rank, tier level make them much more powerful than the norm, but do not reflect well in the power level. Don’t think that’s is the way things should be personally. Fans will say, you need to play characters A, B, C and can point you to probably Wikis explaining the REAL info. I shouldn’t have to do that. Sorry, just my opinion. And where is the fun in having a huge selection of characters if the solution is just to play a certain few to excel? Balanced teams should be designed such that they have an advantage over stuff like 2 tanks and all brawlers or whatever. Anyway, going to keep playing for fun, just frustrated it gets progressively harder to progress/unlock due to design. Also, can’t prove it, but after early release, really seems the RNG has been nerfed for some..Version: 1.1.0

#SaveMSFI love this game, but Scopely has been neglecting too many parts of Strike Force for too long, seemingly out of greedy laziness, as ending bottlenecks and adding game modes costs them money they could just funnel into firing out the next insanely overpowered meta team that crushes the last one. Years since release and still two faction teams functionally worthless. Many more power-crept by the push to make new teams twice as good as the last. The one awesome, rewarding event they did for us (Orb Avalanche) has been explicitly mentioned as never happening again. Again, I love this game, but Scopely is slowly rotting its foundation of support..Version: 5.1.0

Pay to play at its worstOn launch this game was great and supported those who wanted to play for free however as the game has progressed the features that made this possible have been rapidly “updated” removing any f2p friendliness at all. With exorbitant prices for “offers” , removal of features without adding any and simply 0 communication from the developer I cannot recommend anyone play this or interact with its predatory business practices.Version: 1.4.0

Stay away. 0 stars should be an optionThis is not a game designed for fun. Everything is all about putting you at a disadvantage to spend money. Unless your OK with playing the game at a snails pace. And if you finally break down and spend. It means nothing because next month a new toon comes out that makes last month’s purchase almost worthless. They prefer bringing out new toon after new toon. And completely ignoring bugs that have been in the game forever. Yet, if a bug is found that gives the player an advantage, its miraculously fixed in hours..Version: 5.1.0

A good game ruined by a bad dev.On paper a turn based rpg featuring the stars of Marvel comics feels like a can’t miss game, and at first it might feel like it too. The game is fun to play. The characters have a decent variety, and there are a good selection of modes. So why the low score? Simple. Between lowering rewards while increasing the difficulty and time sink required and making raids that only last two hours thus limiting alliances in games ability to play with those in conflicting time zones the developer has showcased anti customer practices time and time again. It seems as if every week some new way of angering the fan base occurs. Avoid..Version: 1.3.2

Its a fun game but...The game is very fun but most of the advertisements for the game are saying things like `log in now and get all 3 of these avengers for free right now‘ but when u log in u have to spend a few days waiting to get enough in game currency or whatever its called in this game (it took me 3 days to get deadpool but it said in the advertisement if i logged in from the ad that i would get it straight away) so most of the advertisements I’ve saw for the game are false and dont work, other than that though the game is good and its fun to unlock ur new recruits ( its very slow though ) the only other problem I really see with the game is that there are way to many things to purchase and they are very expensive for what they are. ( i do recommend the game a lot tho it is fun to pass time ).Version: 5.1.0

Great premise slowly being wastedPlayed a lot of similar games and when you first start this game the enjoyment level is fantastic. However, the longer you play the more you realise the game is filled with bugs without any sign of being fixed, your initial development grinds to a halt and bottlenecks in the game start to sap desire to log in and the game while still showing glimpses of potential due to the framework that they work with, the game begins to feel stale and that it’s taking advantage of the player base and their love for marvel. Hoping due to the strong base they turn it around but experience is telling me they’ll just keep repeating mistakes until something major breaks and the game shuts down..Version: 5.1.0

Game is good, company is trashI was really enjoying this game and then, for no reason, they massively changed the schedule on three of their legendary character releases, moving one of them up by about five weeks. Ruined all of my plans.Version: 5.1.0

Avoid if you enjoy valueI have been playing this game since launch and for a long time I was able to advance at a good pace for almost no spend, now over the last few months everything new they bring out is either behind a paywall or the resources are so rare you need to spend to keep up. At this point the game has stopped being fun and it’s the friendships I’ve developed that keep me playing but we are dropping like flies. It’s clear the developers do not care about its players and only about their profits and while I understand it’s a business for them and they want us to spend money they could at least give us value for our money. This was a great game and can be again but for now avoid it.Version: 5.1.0

Such a greedy companyIt’s ok to charge for things, that’s capitalism. But seriously, even people who spends a hundred thousand (yes there are those!) are still limited in what they can do. That sounds fine on paper right? Rich people spending their way to higher levels, but now compare that with a young kid who just wants to play their favorite hero. No chance. The game is designed to force a specific progression pattern over the long term. There are at least 20 different systems to keep track of, each impacting the other in a mind boggling way. I enjoy some of the strategy, but there is nothing a person can do to “get better” at the game other than spend money or grind. There’s no creativity, you can’t just pick heroes or villains to build your ideal team that you’ve always dreamed of because they won’t work well together, that’s by design. If it’s not the marketed version of MSF designed teams, which require a longggg amount of play time or a lot of money to obtain, then their synergies and complementary actions don’t work together. If you want to play, just make a promise to yourself not to buy “just this once”.... you won’t stop, and that’s how it’s designed. Be strong, play for a bit each day, don’t obsess. Or you’ll walk away frustrated and broke, and then come back yet again when a new character is released next week and it starts all over again..Version: 3.4.0

I love this gameAs the title says I really love this game but it is in a place where I wouldn’t want people to start playing because they would get no satisfaction from playing it, I’ve been playing for the better part of three years and while it had its issues under foxnext, now under scopely it’s been nothing but bugs and broken promises, as soon as there is an advantage for the player, the issue is fixed immediately, yet the issues that prevent players from even finishing content don’t even get looked at for months and even then they don’t even get fixed, the return you get for your time investment is minimal, scopely is destroying this game and it’s a shame because this game has so much potential and it can be a lot of fun; but unfortunately their greed has taken over and it shows from the player satisfaction in general, people I’ve been playing with for years are quitting which is sad but given lack of fun the game is giving I’m about ready to quit myself, Scopely for the love of god please fix your game so I don’t lose my friends in a game I love!.Version: 5.1.0

Extremely poor customer serviceThe game offers a number of in app purchases which are stupidly expensive and usually not value for money at all. On occasion, there are offers on for a couple of pounds where the value isn’t too unreasonable so two weeks ago I bought something from the store. Due to an error with the app, when I tried to redeem the item, the app froze and the items were lost. I raised this with customer service who gave a reply about the issue saying it should be fixed in the next update and if I provided purchase details they could look into the specific case. Two weeks later and with several chases, I am yet to receive either the items or any kind of refund and have not heard back from the customer service team at all in a week. While I can recommend the app itself, I would definitely warn users to stay clear of any in app purchases, even if one seems to be reasonable value. Issues when opening items in game is a common problem and if this happens with something that has been paid for, the customer service team is little to no help which when most purchases are £20-30 is completely unacceptable.Version: 3.1.2

If you want to be competitive, prepare to spend thousands!No seriously. This game is a pure cash grab. There is no balance or strategy to move up the leaderboards. Want to know the secret. Spend, spend, spend! New character coming out that will upset and replace the current meta? Better get a head start on farming that character by paying for the two $50 packs that net you a portion of the shards to unlock and a bunch of orbs with a “chance” to hit a big one and get the other half. And that’s just for 2-4 stars. You have to max them out to 7 stars because at some point, that character will be a requirement to unlock the next meta-must-have. And then you have to gear them up. But you probably don’t have the materials and/or gold to max them out. No worries, you can spend some more money to fill in the gaps. This cycle never ends. Free to play players? Sorry, you’re drop fed stuff over months to years unless you’re really lucky and manage to get some great shards from orb openings. Bottom line, you have to Pay to Win in this game. Arena (PVP) is dominated by the exact same team comps. And you probably don’t have Black Bolt, Phoenix, Mister Sinister and Ultron because that would require you to have bought into a ton of other characters that were all low drop rate events that required money to get the characters to the 7 stars needed to max out the next set of required characters to get to the ones you really wanted..Version: 3.10.2

Newest MM eventNewest multiple man event, awesome!? No. Same old event using idiotic block tactics, destroy the enemy, but first destroy this enemy oh and also miss two turns. Been playing for over a year now, I would not recommend this game to anyone. I only still play it cause I feel obliged after I’ve paid for some insane overpriced packages. Avoid at all costs..Version: 5.2.1

Money, but it’s irrelevantThis game used to be fantastic, at its core it is still the same game however it has been thoroughly tainted by overpriced macro-transactions, talking upwards of $80 AUD for a single member of a Five Member team, and to bring them to a point at which they’re useable involves spending the same amount on rng mechanics for a CHANCE for your money to have not been wasted, only to return to spend even more money to finish the team out and discover that none of it matters because the team is useless outside of a niche game mode. This game has been pushed towards a monetisation model more predatory than any AAA developer like EA or the like. Don’t waste your time, they haven’t changed it, and most likely won’t. Go invest that cash and make money, don’t waste it on this.Version: 5.1.0

Bottleneck on BottleneckToo much bottleneck (gold, training modules, red stars, purple gear, etc) to be able to progress your roster at a reasonable pace. Additionally the game ask too much of your precious time (blitz your full roster several times a day, Real time arena where you need to play random character instead of playing of victory, etc..) for very low rewards And obviously the price on offers are most of the time scandalous (you can get a real AAA game on your console for a few character shards).Version: 5.1.0

Marvel Strike FARCE?Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this game to the point of obsession and have played it daily for over two years BUT..... ITS BROKEN. There’s no love for the players which leaves them empty and devoid of love, fun and enjoyment of the game. Why? Because it seems the developers just want to limit your progress by making things impossible to achieve by stifling your growth and limiting resources because if they do that, they know you will spend MONEY. It seems to be all about...THE MONEY. The only ones who seem to do well are the ones spending huge amounts of money. Why is everything so expensive? They would sell and make twice as much by halving the in app purchases because more than twice as many people would then buy more of them, outweighing sales that cos twice as much - No Brainer! The game itself is beautiful to look at and play, with amazing cohesion between player, alliance, the stunning graphics and interface. I soooooooo want to give this game 5 stars more than anything but just can’t when it just isn’t as fun as it used to be and everyone else is saying the same. Listen to the community Scopely and read the reviews - you need to fix the game so that it’s a joy to behold again and not the money driven, progression stifling, lumbering beast that it’s become. We need the magic back..Version: 5.1.0

Potential only goes so farThis game was great for a long time but is now being dragged down by persistent issues. I give some credit that devs do respond to some community concerns but only after repeated screaming about issues. Every release is plagued with some kind of bug as if the designers aren’t actually testing what they release. It’s maddening to see nearly every new character or event release have some kind of problem on the back end or characters not work as advertised in the beginning because of bugs. There are some core elements of the game, like the red star progression system, that the vast majority of the player base has expressed a need to change but over a year later still goes unaddressed or talked about. The last two years have seen the developers make changes only after massive organized outcries from the player base and content creators. I have played this far longer than any other mobile game that I have tried but too many bugs, a lack of verifiable attention to QA, too many unnecessary resource clogs and forced low quality screen time has severely diminished my enjoyment of this game. I love the property and I am too invested to just quit playing but if it doesn’t turn soon that will no longer be the case. New players should beware..Version: 5.1.0

This game is like a second jobGame is great when you first start out very intoxicating but once the newbie free stuff runs out it’s bottleneck bottleneck bottleneck the devs don’t test new content and when updates come game is always buggy and freezes when new characters are given boosted chances red stars orbs which is a type of boost even if they are listed as there they are potentially not there and to put into perspective the game only gives you 7 orbs a week and each and with this system you are likey to pull duplicate pulls, on tops of bugs and the stupid red star system you have to fight the devs they purposely move legendary characters around so you don’t have time to farm required toons for said legendary and they manipulate the drops so certain toons don’t show up in in game currency stores and the drop rates on campaign are manipulated as well and last but certainly not least, THE OFFERS I’ve never played a more pay2win game in my entire life no you don’t have to pay to play but if your not bottlenecked on training mats red stars or gold they will sell you it to you for there “90% off” please don’t fall for the game like I did I’ve played it for almost 3 years now and I’ve just barely scratched the surface of crap that players complain about every week get out while you can. Oh yea I forgot to mention he fanbase is currently in talks of going on a spending strike FOR THE SECOND TIME NOW.Version: 5.1.0

Crashes every timeWhen it works it’s a fun game and awesome system but it constantly crashes I’ve tried restarting it and the phone and even got a new phone and it still crashes to the point that’s all you can do.Version: 3.7.2

Why should I report an issue with MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG.

Is MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG not working?

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG.

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