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MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG app received 77 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about marvel strike force: squad rpg?

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This game is great!This game is great for marvel fans, I myself have tried it and it’s really fun! I recommend this game for marvel fans..Version: 4.5.0

Great honest playingOne of the best marvel games developed . Two thumbs up.Version: 1.3.2

Good game but..I really enjoy the game as it looks great and plays well. Fairly simple mechanic to collect and upgrade heroes with more releases over time so it’s not too much too soon. My main gripe the astonishing price of any in app purchases. I’d happily support the game I play every day but the cheapest releases are $15, with any decent characters going up to $80! That more than some console games! And they don’t even come with gear or gold to level them up. So I’ll continue to stay on my f2p slog, as it plays just fine..Version: 1.3.2

Strike Force is the the Summer of Marvel Superhero gamesThis Game is so amazing. I probably grind this game more than I’d grind console games such as Fortnite, Ark and Minecraft. I didn’t expect to be overwhelmed this much with joy. In total there are 103 characters to collect. In the space of 2 months, I have managed to collect half of them. You start off with characters such as Spider-Man, shield medic, cross bones, elektra and Luke cage and slowly start expanding your roster. There is no need to buy any in game items, as you can have just as much fun. In game purchases are just to make your characters just that little bit stronger. This game is flawless and easy to understand unlike other marvel mobile games such as Contest of Champions. You can collect teams such as the avengers, or even the guardians of the galaxy. There are thousands of people in global chat with great advice. Honestly, this is the greatest game experience I’ve ever had. Now hold on to your belongings and prepare to be blown back to the pre historic age upon playing this game. Cop it..Version: 3.4.0

A good game ruined by unfair micro transactionsAs the title suggests Marvel Strike Force is a decent turn based game, however, they have designed a system whereby eventually you will need to make purchases in order to advance at a reasonable pace. You can grind without buying anything however your progress will be somewhat painfully slow. What I have experienced personally is a very unfair micro transaction system whereby it’s extremely poor value for money. I don’t have a problem paying for stuff I want if its good value for money, but take for example the red star packages; This allocates red stars at random and I had many unlocked characters allocated red stars and most of them were minions. When I protested with their support team they responded quickly but I was completely fobbed off and rather than give me some complimentary orbs that cost them nothing the door was closed in my face. So lesson learnt and I will not be parting with any more of my hard earned cash on this game. In summary, a great game let down by an unfair and expensive micro transactions system. I’ve deducted stars to reflect my disappointment and frustration with the greedy developers..Version: 2.3.1

The Gotcha Game That Deserves To Getchya!I rarely review games. They usually spam me enough with in game adverts for me to be indifferent about them. I’ve played Raid shadow legends for just over a year, I got hooked on the graphics but found the gameplay to be limited and after spending 2-5 mins on the game, I’d have to pay to do anything additional. I follow a great YouTuber called Darth Microtransaction. He recently voiced issues similar to mine and said he was joining the MSF universe, so I figured I’d try it. After a month I can so far say this is the best game I’ve played on a mobile. There’s so many different things you can do, arena, blitz, campaign, raids, wars, challenges. I can spend hours a day, free playing making fantastic progress. I don’t see the daily rewards mentioned in many reviews, they’re phenomenal - best and most generous I’ve seen on a game (that doesn’t mean stop being kind guys) 😂 I don’t mind the occasional micro transaction on a game, and if you’re wondering about prices - all in game purchases are fairly priced in my opinion. The whole xmen squad for like 24 pounds might seem excessive, but when you understand the shard system and how to squire heroes, they’re honestly very well priced. I’ve not made any big purchases like that, they have awesome mini deals occasionally - 1000 energy for 99p, or £3 and you get 2 legacy orbs a day. Really good value for a game that can help kill time. 😅.Version: 4.2.0

Good game but I have some issues with it.Been playing Strike Force for a little bit now. It's a good game but I have 2 issues with it. 1) why, out of over 170+ characters and so much resources, do only 15 Characters have edit styles? Seriously y'all got so much to use but only 15 Characters got edit styles? You have the comics, movies, TV shows, Video games, etc. all at your disposal yet you've been out since March 2018 and only got 15 Characters with costumes? I expected a little more for a game that's been out since March 2018. 2) Why are Challenges limited time? No one wants to play on specific days. For example, I'm writing this on a Sunday and just to get Original biofuel I have to wait till Monday now? Like why? It's not that hard to make everyone available at once. There's obviously people who won't be able to play on certain days. Or people who will forget..Version: 5.5.0

Best game I think I’ve ever playedI have to say that this may be the best game I’ve ever played on a smart phone. I have never consistently and for this long logged into another game to play something so phenomenal. While there are options to purchase different character shards, orbs, and other fun things, I’ve never felt pressured to do this. And I think it’s a good trade off considering that I’ve never seen an ad displayed on this game. The artwork is awe-inspiring and the sound effects are on point. 👌🏻 There is a brilliant team of talented people who work on this game to bring new events and creative game play that feels very cinematic. I only have one complaint and that is that over the last two days when the game is loading it gets stuck at 42%. I have to restart several times to get in. I have confidence that this will hopefully be worked out, but I have to admit that I’m rather sad. I’ve made this game part of my daily routine especially since COVID-19 has put everything else on hold. Overall, brilliant game and I would happily recommend it to anyone else (and have) to make room for on their phone. I just hope that the loading issue can be resolved quickly. 😊.Version: 4.0.1

Awesome gameThis game is incredible, the graphics are gorgeous, the storyline is incredible and there is new content every month. While the in game offers are way too expensive and this game is kind of pay to win, this game can easily be played as a free to play. I’ve been playing since April 2018 and I’ve never spend a dollar on this game yet I’m an endgame player. If you love the IP or love Galaxy of Heroes give this game a shot, it’s so much better in every conceivable way. 10/10.Version: 3.6.0

Marvel strike forceThis game is amazing! I wonder who's going to be added next.Version: 4.3.0

Awesome game slow grindI’ve been playing this game for about 3 months now and let me tell u if u don’t grind every day you’d definitely fall behind. I don’t mind it since it doesn’t take that long to do the dailies and such. U do have to join an alliance if u want awesome rewards that help out a lot to level up ur heroes. The new war system is pretty cool as well but ur alliance has to coordinate a bit more than in the raids to win cuz trust me u wanna win haha war rewards are were it’s at. The pay out is a bit better than raids. Anyway what I like the most is that it isn’t pay to win. I mean if u wanna spend hundred of dollars just to avoid the grind then go ahead cuz the offers they put up are always to reach a certain team power faster or get a character powered up faster but in the end u can just grind it out and it’ll be the same. I like this game and I gave it 4 stars just cuz it’s a bit slow in terms of leveling up/powering up. I’d recommend it tho if u don’t mind the slow grind. P.S almost forgot to mention if ur expecting certain hero teams(the avengers) to be above everyone else you’ll be disappointed lol there’s a bunch of teams u can create that have better synergy (defenders/city)than other teams u can put together..Version: 3.1.3

Great gameI have been playing daily since it’s launch. This game is fantastic! You don’t have to spend and still able to progress. You will be able to farm and get your characters through free play pretty much easily, just needs to be patient. If you want them quick, you might want to spend though but still, achievable through free play. Also, the good thing about this game is it doesn’t mean that even if money, you can buy the top characters. You will still need to claim your worth though the special missions..Version: 3.6.0

Marvel Strike ForceIn the next update I want to see, when doing raids you can see each other perform on they attacks and set up a new alliance chat that you can make groups to talk tactics. And if the campaign, it’s a little to hard now which I’m level 51 and still can’t pass, but overall great work, you guys have done a fantastic job the graphic and the updates have been grouse keep up the good work!.Version: 1.1.0

AwesomeLoving the game, can’t wait til Global release. Just fix out the bugs then algds. Coupl things I’d like are more main heroes, increase energy, new content monthly, other than that awesome game I’m really hooked.Version: 0.3.1

Should be 5 stars. But it’s Crashville now.If you have the money to burn you’ll be a powerhouse. If you just want to kill time there’s plenty to keep you going. It’s a smart balance overall. And it’s way better than Star Wars or the two previous Marvel Alliance games. However after two years playing and having dozens of high level characters now the game is constantly crashing. All in game fighting, arenas, whole campaigns, blitz’s and raids are useless. The whole game went from stable to garbage in about two months. Now it’s just broken. 😞.Version: 3.10.2

Fix game crashingThis is my favourite game on mobile maybe even in general besides FIFA. I play this game in the morning in the afternoon and at night, but the biggest problem I face is constant crashing when I’m in the campaign or during faction wars last night twice after I used visions secondary. I’ve nearly completed the heroes campaign and the crashing is making it harder then it needs as it still consumes energy.Version: 3.3.0

Not sure why others hate it?I’ve been playing this a little bit before Thanos was first released and I have to say... this game is amazing! The fights are strategic and the graphics and animations look great. Other people have been saying it’s a grind and the energy + level cap makes it almost impossible to play but I find it all works out pretty good, there are daily challenges you can do that help give free energy refills and arena gives you plenty of power cores every couple of hours. Overall it’s just a fun game and I would recommend to any Marvel fan..Version: 1.4.3

Great game but... Yeah there's a but.Let me start with this it's a outstanding game I'm hooked you have done a amazing job and that you should b commended for this and here it comes but my god there isn't enough to do like I've read in other reviews you can be done n dusted for the day in about 30mins more energy would help I know they free energy every 3 hrs but ya burn through that in no time. My biggest gripe is the raid healing just why what's the point of it being in there if you can't get it from anywhere but the rain it's self and the times its comes up as a daily activitie I have a healer in my team and after about six games I can't do anymore either get rid of it all together or give us another way of earning it pleeeeeeeease and blitz energy again runs out way to fast as my old mate Oliver said please sir may I have more. Just give us more to do these couple of things would help even if you not putting anymore content in at the moment. Good game though chaos..Version: 1.0.0

Great game but lots of bugsI downloaded the latest update of this game and I’ve been constantly getting this message saying “anomaly detected” whether I try to do almost any mission. I restart the game and the same thing happens. What’s worse though is the fact that if I use campaign energy, it gets used up and I don’t receive anything. It’s not my phone because I have tried it on my iPad to.Version: 4.0.0

Could be 5 starsFirst off, I absolutely love this game! I grew up with these heroes, and not I enjoy sharing that love with my children. The rare characters often are only available through purchase, or require an outrageous prerequisite to aquire. While I completely understand that it’s a fantastic way to make TONS of profit from fans who spend money to play (like myself), I would be much happier with the experience if the developer’s were more forgiving with the timetable for which the character events are available. Give us paying customers a chance to make it through a pay period so we can have the funds to accomplish the tasks required. Maybe give us a way to reserve promotions for a Later time, like a raincheck, otherwise it can be incredibly frustrating! I NEVER spent money on mobile games before, and now I have invested more money in this game than every other form of gaming media I own combined, and that speaks volumes for how amazing I find what they have created. That having been said, when I can’t take advantage of a promotion because of it’s short availability, I feel unappreciated as a customer. The game deserves a review that ends on a positive note, so I’ll say this. Hands down my favorite game that has ever been created for the mobile platform. Amazing!.Version: 3.8.2

A great game let down by shoddy customer serviceOne of the best bits of the Final Fantasy series, especially number 7 was its combat. Upgrading your characters, building them up and then sending them to fight. This game captures the spirit of that perfectly. You don’t need to spend any money to play the game, although it will speed up levelling and character acquisition. The offers it throws at you aren’t too obtrusive and the mechanics are fair, giving a casual user a good experience and a gamer a good challenge. Sadly the game is let down by its customer service. Initially quite good and fairly responsive this changed to point blank rubbish! I purchased some in game currency (power cores) but failed to arrive on my account. 5 attempts to contact customer service have lead to either no response or a Request for a screen shot of my receipt (they should have this on file!!!) I got a refund in the end and i will NEVER buy from them again, no matter how good the game is. So in conclusion, great addictive game with crappy customer experience. Shame really!!!.Version: 1.3.2

Great game with flaws.This game is always good fun. The aesthetics and animations are a pleasure to watch. The progression system still has a big pay to win vibe but can be worked around if you’re okay with the grind. My only gripes are the amount of times I get stuck in the initial loading screen at 42% and then it never fully loads. Turns me off playing at all. There seems to be a heavy reliance on an internet connection that won’t suffer any interruptions, otherwise which ever game mode you’re in goes through a hard reset losing all progress. This is frustrating and should be fixed to ensure quality gameplay. Drops rates for characters could also be improved..Version: 2.0.0

Strike ForceGreat game a bit expensive though wish there was better deals.Version: 1.3.2

Nice game, pay-to-win unnecessaryOne of my favourite strategy Marvel games in App store, such generous developers with heaps of free gifts. Nice and detailed animations, cool characters with unlimited strategies for team building, frequently updates. Recommend to play: 10/10..Version: 4.4.0

Top gameTook literally about 2 hours this morning to read some comments. And see feedback for my self. Only been on the game now for about 2 months or less. I have Thanos really good characters, and I haven’t spent any money what’s so ever. The game is all about strategy. I couldn’t do a certain mission with my most power characters, I changed to a less powerful character but used strategy and I won and got 3 stars. The game is built around algorithms, but with that being said the game isn’t impossible at all. I think some of the comments refer to the Start when not many characters were available. But now I can not honesty fault the game. Let’s not forget the game is free, yes you have micro transactions but what game doesn’t. And listen I’ve paid £45 for call of duty on my PS4 and that’s shocking Constant issues. Constant updates that’s the whole process of making a good game. Not every body gets any game perfect first time. Somebody will find some fault. At the end of the day ask your self this. Are you having fun? Yes Are you glued to the game at times? (Addicted) yes. If you take time in understanding the game I think they have done a really really good job. Great work developers keep it up J44YPG.Version: 4.0.1

Great free game but bug with Thor’s hammer returnReally enjoying this and don’t need to make any in-game purchases in order to progress although many prices are insanely expensive Note to developers that Thor’s hammer often doesn’t return and ends his go, this bug causes the game to stand still, also revive often does the same as the round can finish but an enemy character comes back.Version: 5.1.0

Entertaining gameTo be honest, yes, the cost prices can be high to buy characters and you have the right to complain about it. Simple fix, don’t waste your money on unnecessary items. You can earn what you need in the game and there is really no excuse to complain. The game has a lot of entertaining game modes and doesn’t deserve hate. It is a game for everybody and allows you to unlock cool things without spending money. Lastly, it is imperative you give the game time because the developers are constantly working on it and giving you rewards every time they fix a bug. Ignore the hate and keep grinding Marvel Strike Fore development team..Version: 4.0.1

To the ownersMake the game more fun I love it it’s so fun maybe you should put in thanos.Version: 1.2.0

AwesomeThis game is awesome, it’s almost same as Marvel Avengers Alliance, just too much work to get to level up.Version: 2.2.0

Amazing tactical gameIn short, this game’s base gameplay is derived heavily from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. That’s a great thing though. It is significantly more expensive when it comes to the optional in-app purchases. There is incredible polish on all the animations. Fan service accomplished. You will indeed have fun with the gameplay and collecting and strengthening your collection. The raids are unique and I know that the developers have stated they are trying to make them a little more forgiving when it comes to the level of participation a guild needs to reach full tier rewards. The developers are definitely listening as I have received two surveys in the short time since it’s US debut. I’m not going to nix a star just because it’s a little expensive and the reward system is a little flawed (for instance one recent even relied on two sets of RNG to get decent rewards - which is far from desirable). I think this game will get way better with time. Better to get in on the fun sooner than later. Update: it’s amazing to see all the additions over the year. I compare this game a lot to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the developers communicate better and are more agile than the team supporting SWGOH. If I had one ask, it would be for alternate skins for the characters. And battle damage would be nice, not just posture changes when low health..Version: 4.3.0

Good fun.I’ve played plenty of games where you hit an obvious pay wall. Not this one. It’s been five or six weeks now. Progress is gradual but certainly possible. That’s not to say you can’t have a huge advantage if you pay up. Of course you can. Still, it’s refreshing to find one of these games where you can log on each day or two, have a few matches and have fun. Most others it is either you have to devote your life to it to get by, or devote your wallet to it to progress... As a result I’ve made more in app purchases than in any other title, because I’m not forced to, and because it’s a fun game and I keep coming back. While that might seem counter intuitive to the current business models with strong pay walls, other games could learn from this..Version: 1.3.2

New patch can’t log in?Hey my account is getting frozen on the loading screen when I boot up the game.Version: 4.3.0

AmazingI had lots of fun playing this I highly recommend it.Version: 0.1.0

Great gameI started this game with pretty high expectations, and it definitely met them for the first couple days. The graphics and mechanics are fun, and the community is relatively friendly. With an abundance of materials, it felt good to speed through the first 20 or so levels, and it felt like the game would continue to give me what I needed to train and gear up my characters. I spent my over 500k amounts of gold and my training materials relatively carelessly, until I hit level 30ish. I ran out of gold and training materials, and in order to equip one piece gear to my same few characters that I started out with, I had to spend all my campaign energy. I found myself frustrated at the game, thinking it was another play to win. But once I got past the roadblock of level 30-38 or so, the game started picking up again, and I was enjoying it more than ever, once I started picking up other characters (there’s no need to pay in this game, I did not, the deals are definitely not worth your money). Like a lot of the other reviews say, this is not your typical pay to win marvel game. I recommend this game to everyone who’s willing to be a little patient for a couple days..Version: 1.3.2

Update issueSince the last update with the introduction of the red stars, when the initial tutorial happened I had to close my game and now when I open it the tutorial is still trying to run while on the main screen and I am unable to click on anything. All I can do is scroll left and right, and the tutorial box asking to tap the info button won’t go away. So I’m frozen out of the game, hopefully someone reads this and can fix is ASAP..Version: 2.1.1

Great gameI love this game. I’ve been playing for a month straight now. There are tons of characters that makes it addictive to try collect them all. Like all games like this, the energy factor will always be a downer for me, but otherwise it’s fantastic..Version: 3.2.0

Fun& Addictive. Great for fans of Marvel stuff!This game is super fun and addictive! It has a unique play style compared to other superhero games, but makes it all the more interesting. It looks amazing and has an awesome range of characters to unlock and upgrade, this I very much liked. One small thing I am not that fond of though is the rate of which you earn power cores at. These are the things you collect to buy orbs, which give you chances to unlock characters and other cool rewards. It seems quite hard to obtain a lot of power cores, unless you spend real-world money on it. And even if you do that, they are quite expensive and do not give you many on the deals they provide in the game. Overall though it’s a great game, and I would love to see more games like it!.Version: 4.3.0

App reacting slow.Love the app. Been playing every day for last 90+ days. Just commenting to say that the app has been running slow today. Was wondering if this was just an issue with me or if this had anything to do with stuff on your end..Version: 2.3.1

A few suggestionsThough I have given this game a very good score of 4 stars , I was unable to submit five due to these suggestions that I am about to list below which I believe wld improve the game even more: More combos- I love to see double attacks and special moves and things and I wld appreciate if there were even more in the actual game. Also, I think maybe just maybe there cld be a combo where two characters attack different ppl at the same time and it is triggered due to there relationship for example Black Widow and Hulk could attack at the same time sometimes due to the romance in the film More characters- where is vision or Scarlett witch or quicksilver and the rest and since wolverine is a playable character where is storm or Jean grey or cyclops or beast More things to do with ur characters - I wld love it if u cld make each character more unique Outfits- I wld quite like it if there were to be more than one outfit that u can equip ur character with and maybe that outfit cld unlock a new skill I have no heading for this one I will simply state that I love the more realistic approach to ur game thus the reason why I believe it wld be more realistic if they changed positions in battle Thank u for listening and I do hope u take wat I am stating into account 😊.Version: 1.0.0

An absolute blast!As a huge marvel fan I’m having a great time with this game! Tons of characters to collect and battle with more being added all the time!.Version: 3.2.0

These Orbs are getting annoying...I absolutely love this game and I’m so excited for the brotherhood, but there are a few characters that are way to hard to obtain, like BLACK WIDOW!!! People say she is one of the best characters in the game, and I agree that means she needs further reaches to obtain, so I think she should be in like Nexus 6-9, instead of $80 or the expensive orbs, I love mystique so i pushed and managed to get her in 3 days of her release in the campaign, which was reasonable and not ridiculous, I really love this game but it needs to be more fair for free to play players, thankyou xx.Version: 2.0.1

Great yet underrated gameThis game is extremely good. There are many things to do and lots of unique characters. You also don’t have to spend money to become powerful on the game (not pay to win). What makes this game so good though is the active community in game but mostly it’s the game developers themselves, they honestly deserve a pat on the back and recognition for their hard work. They respond quick, let the community know what’s going on, reward them with new and interesting updates, reward players with power cores (in-game currency), constantly look to improve the game and all around make the game fun to play. Strongly advise giving the game a try and leaving positive remarks because this game is one that I’ve manage to keep on my phone and play every single day so far as other games I’ve ended up deleting, yet this game hasn’t even got slightly boring for me yet. Quality and quantity..Version: 1.1.0

This game is part of my daily routineI’ve just passed 900 consecutive days of playing, and this game is a part of my day. Took a long time to build my roster, unlock all of the campaigns and find my feet, but in nearly 3 years I’ve not spent more than £50 on micro transactions. Honestly, I didn’t see the point. The payout is never good. But I did persist, I got smart with grinding, I learned how to build a good roster and I joined an active alliance that gives me a decent daily payout. I get the criticisms, but honestly this is by far the least insidious ftp game I’ve ever played. Yes the levelling takes time, yes you will be behind longer players, but any suggestion that new players can’t succeed without spending money is ludicrous. Just don’t expect to have a rock solid avengers team in week one..Version: 4.4.1

Marvellous Marvel!Best game online I’ve ever played. I’m an old school comic book reader, have limited additions Black Panther and original Wolverine to name few. This game has bought those characters to life plus unexpectedly connected me with a group of people from around the world with similar interests and more. One of our team got engaged the other day and we all celebrated 🍾. It’s a bit more than just a game..Version: 3.8.0

Great but buggyOy! Great game. Fun to play. Needs more content or faster energy refreshing, I’ve run out of things to do and it takes forever to get enough energy to progress. Also, if keeps detecting an “Anomaly” and now won’t boot past the loading screen. Downtime for maintenance?.Version: 0.1.0

I love itIt is an amazing game, easy to play. I don’t pay any money and have still achieved a lot. The only issues are how easy it is to run out of gold and power cores (but that is also easy to regain), how long it takes to unlock some characters, the unlikely odds of orbs and how to be the strongest and unlock and strengthen all characters, you need to pay money. There are also a few glitches here and there. Other than that it is a great game and I highly recommend it. I would also like to add, there are no ads :).Version: 4.0.1

A thought out well marvel gemI personally don’t play much mobile outside of pinball and hearthstone but I’ve always been a huge marvel fan as a whole. I have tried some of the marvel games out there, over all, there was way to much to manage with some bugs or some lack luster of the execution. But I must say that this is a well thought out and polished game with crisp visuals and a decent size campaign with extras on the side. It doesn’t feel over baring like I must do a million things everyday to get the full rewards and the auto wins help for getting materials or if you don’t have enough time. They have a nice of an ever-growing base of characters, a mix of iconic and non-iconic. The only thing I would suggest is maybe a fourth skill that is manually usable during battles. Over all, I have really enjoyed this game and will continue to do so. P.s. and I’m sure you guys get request for “ this and that” character. My only one character I’d love to see is gambit. He’s always been a bit of an over looked character cuz the “unspoken” face of x-men is more of wolverine, Jean grey and a couple of others. But Gambit has always been my favorite since I’ve been a kid. Ty for your time reading this..Version: 2.0.1

Milestone tab issue...This game is good I’ve been playing it for months but the problem is that whenever I go to the milestones tab it shows up nothing and so I was wondering if you could fix this problem.Version: 1.3.0

HmmAbsolutely love the game! Got all the bros hooked on it too! Only thing is after reaching level 30 it won’t let me load the game! Keeps saying I need an update but when I go to update it refers me back to the game which refers me to update and so on hahaha sorry if that doesn’t make sense but other words I can’t play it now! I’m level 30 so I’m really gutted about this..Version: 0.3.1

Best mobile game everI’ve been playing this game since the beta phase. And I’m still playing it because they are always putting out new characters and events. I love building teams in raid and Blitz. There is always a top meta game/meta team but I find lots of enjoyment in using my whole roster in blitz, raid and Wars! I’m free to play and may be one of the few grateful for all the whales and other pay-to-play players. They mean I can play this game for free. Am I a few steps behind them, yes. But I’m cool with that, they spent lots of money because they can’t wait. I do all my daily achievements and play in events and know what Base point I need for good rewards in blitz so I honestly am in great shape. If you want to be free to play and are incapable of planning and doing resource management, the. This game is not for you. But most of my guild mates are F2P like me and loooove this game. The only complaint I have is the the red star promotions which seem arbitrary. I’ve seen some reviews crying a river about money, bugs, or devs not caring. Bunch of crybabies that are self-entitled. The devs are working and listening to the community, since I started they have made so many good changes. I have no issue with the money end side of things, and bugs get sorted out. Love marvel comics, love this game that portrays them so well..Version: 3.7.2

Great Game but...I’ve played this game for a couple of years now & at the beginning, I couldn’t put it down it was that addictive. All was well until one day, the game started crashing just before the heroes were due to commence battle. It didn’t matter what event or scenario I went for, I’d prepare my team, click the “Ready” button and as soon as it loads to 99%, it crashes and goes back to the app. I’ve tried deleting the app and then reloading it several times but to no avail. I left it for a few months in the hope that the bug might be fixed but, alas, I was greeted with the same problem. I deleted & reloaded again 10 minutes ago but.... If there’s anyway you can sort this out, I will be grateful. Thanks🙏🏿.Version: 4.2.0

Blown awayNow normally I play games that are FPS but for some reason the style of this video game has convinced me to play more games like this 5 on 5 and so on but now ever since I’ve started playing games like this marvel strike force has convinced me to switch my genre of gaming , this game has everything you could ask for with its amazing gameplay and stunning visuals. Really love this game and that’s why it’s earned my 5 stars.Version: 3.8.1

Marvel-lousFirst a little moan. Since the recent update, Blitz and Arena fights keep crashing halfway through and I have to force close the app and leave it for about 90 minutes before I can get back in. I suspect many others have mentioned this much more forcefully and it will be sorted out soon. I think this is an excellent game. It doesn’t drain your bank account because you can advance well without paying real money to get anywhere; it caters for those who want to buy the quick satisfaction of achievement and those who want to get there naturally. The graphics are excellent, the design and user interface are stylish and easy to get to grips with. I haven’t found anything about it I don’t like yet, I just hope they fix the latest crashing bug soon..Version: 5.0.0

Brilliant!!!!This game is like a redo of MAA2....liked the concept and the graphics are soft....hopefully the developers add items that we can use in battle.Version: 0.3.1

To scopelyI understand you added a new milestone orb where you now get symyote spider man but I was wondering if you could add a full event just for venomised spider man I was wondering if you could add a event like the nick fury event where it never expires and you could add a blitz where you need to at least have 2 symbyote characters and you could add a different type of orb like add it to the blitz orb and maybe add a normal venom spider man orb where you can only get different types of venom characters only Thanks bye.Version: 5.5.1

Some annoying errorsThe game itself is good. But recently, as of the Spider verse update, my game has started to crash for no reason. Such as when playing the web headed warriors campaign, I always lag even when the dialogue happens and the bad thing is when it lags out, THE CAMPAIGN EMERGY STILL COUNTS, leaving 6 or 12 campaign energy wasted from a bug. Another time I lag is when I use certain characters abilities, such as visions second ability, when I use it in blitz the game freezes and crashes, and just like the web headed warriors, it always counts as a battle and I can’t use that team anymore unless I use that blitz money thing. So this game is good with the animation and the beautiful character designs and fun it has. But it kind of wrecks it when I experience crashes. I play on iPad mini so that might have something to do with it since it is a very old iPad version. But still I can’t play with these crashes..Version: 2.2.0

So cool!This game astonished me more than expected. As soon as I started playing I loved it, because of the realism, graphics and fundamentals. I especially liked how a character in the line of fire of another targeted enemy would kneel/dodge the attack in some way. How the environment is amazing, like cars driving by and just little things like that. Random team ups and bonus attacks can occur, and the way the enemy and character interact is awesome! I thought it was so cool wheb a hero gets hit and stumbles back, it would push back any other heroes behind them. This is by far the best turn based game I’ve played..Version: 1.1.0

Great game with Annoying FlawsThe game is great and has a nice loop to it and is fairly decent for a person who doesn’t want to pay anything. My biggest issue and disappointment is the sheer amount of audio bugs and general crashes. Lately raids have failed to start up and freeze at load screen, forcing me to close the app and restart but it’s taken my raid energy when I didn’t even get to start it?! Also anytime I check my notification bar during loading of anything the game freezes/often crashes and is stuck giving me loading screen tips. About 80% of the time when speeding up the battles at all, audio is nonexistent or bugged to only emit one sound. Please fix it to make it more enjoyable and smooth. From a concerned fan..Version: 4.0.1

Good game. Bad business modelDevelopers: Don’t listen to all these bad reviews. You made, and are maintaining a great game with a lot of potential. Most of them are complaining do to the fact that they aren’t any good at the game, because they don’t take the time to work out the math on what makes a team good. That said; they do make reasonable complaints about your strategy for paying the bills. Most of your players are marvel fans, not free to play game fans, so you can keep your player base more easily than other games like yours. Maybe, you could add a feature to allow your players to watch commercials in place of spending money for currency, equipment, and character shards. This way you can take some pressure off of your ‘direct purchase’ dependency, allowing you to give more for less, without effecting your bottom line. We (your players) are willing to make you money, and be loyal customers, but most of us do not have enough to justify spending ANY amount of money on a ftp game. Even those that do, can’t afford what o asking. It seems like a small few are paying an arm and a leg fo all of s to play. No fair. Maybe, give a monthly subscription option that gives more frugal players an appealing option. Give hem all the characters, while still forcing them to level like everyone else or something. SOMETHING BESIDES DIRECT PURCHASE REVENUE PLEASE. Thank you for your time. Take care..Version: 3.6.0

Just why?So I really like this game, it's clever, really fun and kind of addictive. The only problem is that whenever I buy any orb that costs power cores from the shop, I get thrown out of the shop with 450 less power cores and no shards! I don’t usually write reviews, but I literally opened a Wakanda orb five minutes ago and I didn’t get any Wakanda shards!?! Also, when you get energy is really difficult. Ok, you start off with loads and no problem in the world, but then when you really get into the game and start auto completing stuff for ability material you end up with like 1 energy and it takes a while to get more. Don’t let this put you off though, the energy that you get is a lot quicker than other games. But please fix the shard problem!!!!!!.Version: 5.1.0

Awesome game butDon’t get me wrong, I’m addicted. After I gave up on SWGOH and had a good break from any time consuming games, I found this. Uh oh! It’s good for being so new. Bugs are slowly getting fixed, characters are being added (the possibilities they have for characters to be added is MASSIVE! God help us when they add squirrel girl! Now there’s at OP character right there!) Anyway, yes it has its flaws, most in game purchases are way too over priced and shouldn’t be bought, and it still chucks me out sometimes but for all its flaws I’m still addicted. If your gonna get it make sure you join an alliance as soon as you can. Use reddit to find one, don’t use global chat as its full of the worst people, total garbage! And try not to spend too much money, though I feel the first deal you are offered when you start is pretty good for black widow or cap, trust me the deals after that are waaaaay more expensive..Version: 1.3.2

Great Game for Marvel FansThis game is awesome. Farming good characters isn’t that hard if you are a daily player. One thing I don’t like is that the blitz mode does take a bit too long and is tedious.Version: 1.3.2

Great GameLooks like a great game, hope you will be adding more updates to keep it interesting and let us have some choices to change the story lines but overall it is a great game.Version: 1.2.0

Love this game but will it last?Love this game a lot I’ve only played for 2 hours but this its really great. Everything about it is fantastic I do however have some concerns. This game is identical to marvel alliance 1 and 2 and I play those games everyday with out fail then one day I find out that both games have been closed down and I spent over 150 dollars on those games only to find out it was for nothing. 5 stars those I will recommend this game..Version: 1.0.0

Love thisI just love this game. Such a huge roster with characters that are easy to collect. One year has passed since i downloaded this and to play it every day was just awesome. Updates are great, the games doesnt lag and i love everything about it.Version: 3.8.0

I’ve been playing for two yearsThis game has kept me entertained for a while. They keep adding new characters and teams, they’ve been consistent with delivering new content, and they keep it interesting. I have invested a few dollars in the game just because I want to support it, and occasionally there are deals to be had with shards.. certain one-off deals, for instance, 50 shards of a decent character for $1.99. Otherwise, I’m not the type that’s going to shell out $15 at a time, or more. Throw more reasonable deals at me and I’ll spend more. Like Costco. lol. Volume. Anyhow, I like the alliance feature a lot. I’ve found a good one that expects you to keep up to a certain point but doesn’t expect it to be like a second job. We progress together and we don’t go insane in the process. There are all sorts of alliances, some have really high expectations and some don’t. Mine is somewhere in the middle. Favorite characters in the game: Minn-erva, Black Bolt, Phoenix, Ultron, Thor, Hela, Black Panther, Star Lord, Magneto, Symbiote Spider-Man, Venom, Shuri, Captain Marvel, War Machine... I love finding other combinations of characters to use that syngergize outside of their intended teams. Favorite teams, though, outside of that: Asgardians, Hydra (for war defense), Symbiotes (can’t wait for Anti-Venom to complete it), and Power Armor. Great game..Version: 4.4.1

EnergyThe game is perfect the only thing that needs changed is to make energy refresh faster and some other ways to earn more character shards..Version: 0.1.0

Crash problemsIv read one of the comments and I agree that the game is really good no question, but I crash when ever I attempt to do any type of campaign or blitz battle and I still loose the energy or hp on my characters like I did the mission or battle even though I crashed and I have tried uninstalling and then re-installing, and re-starting my phone several time and it has gotten to the point where the game is basically impossible for me to progress through so please fix this.Version: 3.9.0

Why it keeps on downloading on loading screenIt just don't let me play, when the game loading reaches 99% it still keeps on downloading contents, it just don't stop, I feel the game will never start.......Version: 3.2.0

ThanksBetter than the DC version.Version: 0.3.1

Accomodating F2P, Stunning Animations!I've played many freemium games, and for those of us who can't afford the so-called "Pay-to-win" offers, it can seem like a struggle to find fulfilment as a "Free-to-play" gamer. This game is different. The developers have done an incredible job in designing a business model that doesn't make F2P players feel worthless. Furthermore, the animations are absolutely gorgeous. The support team is responsive, and the roadmap looks incredible. I highly recommend downloading and playing this game today!.Version: 1.3.2

SurprisedI played all sorts of these types of games that are (free) to play but your stuck behind a paywall and pretty much can’t progress unless you spend money, or you can’t get the items/characters you want because once again you can only spend money to unlock them....I honestly thought this was another but I was greatly wrong. By doing my daily’s and just playing the game I have unlocked a ton of characters and have heaps of items I have only spent money once and that was because I just didn’t want to wait one more day to get my character. These devs are always making updates and the one time that I had a problem it was fixed almost instantly. It’s a great game from a team that seems to care about its player base.Version: 5.0.0

Great gameI’ve been playing this game pretty much since launch. It’s great. I’m a free to play guy and I’ve probably spent about $5 since launch. It’s honestly pretty fair in the way they operate. Yeah the whales get a lot of perks and characters faster but I’ve got almost every character and I’m pretty stacked now. If you play smart and keep upgrading to good alliances you will rank up at a good rate. Of course there some frustration when you don’t get the orbs you want etc but that’s the case with all these types of games. It’s also a little weird to see Nick Fury and a team of Shield agents demolish everyone else in the Marvel universe but that’s part of the charm. Also when a team you’ve been trying to get comes together it’s a great feeling. I remember how great it was when I got Magneto and the brotherhood of mutants and they were a great synergistic team. I don’t normally write reviews but after having played this game for so long and still enjoying it I thought I should. If you love Marvel it’s a fun game with a lot of strategy. Just remember if you aren’t paying you have to have patience but you will eventually get to where you want to go..Version: 3.1.0

Slick, polished, funThe game looks good, plays well and is a lot of fun. There is skill in deciding attack strategies and fight teams depending on the opposition and the difficulty levels seem nicely graded. I’ve been playing this for about three weeks and am level 42. I have not spent any real money. There is no need - and I would know as I play Pokemon and Star Trek Timelines! The variety of activity with different energy/funding supplies and ability to swap them enables you to keep playing for some hours before you run out - if you run out. There is really no need to make purchases unless you are seriously addicted! In response to some recent criticisms, new characters ARE coming on line - Antman, Starlord, Rocket are all rewards in campaigns now. Disable chat in the usual way - hit the tool cog on the home page. Overall, this is one of the best games I’ve tried..Version: 1.3.2

Very good game, but one issueThis game is awesome, very easy to play and can get quite a bit out of it for free. It has its bugs but they go pretty hard out to fix it. Only issue I have is they give all this free energy away but it's only available when I'm asleep, not sure if that's because of my Timezone here in New Zealand but if it is then I'm at a big disadvantage compared to the rest of the world. Would be good if it was evenly spaced throughout the day to make things fair. Other than that good game I recommend it :).Version: 3.1.0

Interesting and easy to playI wasn’t sold when I found out the game was turn based but it has enough strategy and constant new content, almost too much, that it has kept me playing and grinding more and more. Great game that doesn’t take up your entire day as F2P..Version: 1.3.2

AwesomeReaallly good eveyrthing perfect except for graphics can u make a graphic setting.Version: 0.1.0

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