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Mario Kart Tour App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Mario Kart Tour app received 130 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mario Kart Tour? Can you share your negative thoughts about mario kart tour?

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Mario Kart Tour for Negative User Reviews

A waste of timeIt’s a waste of time and money. They keep adding new cars and drivers so that you will not be able to catch up with the race well if you don’t want to pay. I won in many levels. But I eventually deleted this app and all my data and wrote this review..Version: 2.6.2

Lost It’s Charm— I hope multipayer comes soonMicro-transactions make the game feel inauthentic. Impossible to simply enjoy racing for first place. This new points-based system has gotten out of hand. The game is essentially unplayable unless you have a special kart or driver or glider. Most of these are purchased (not won) which again makes the game feel inauthentic. It’s clear that you are racing against bots and not in real-time. This is why everyone is so desperate for the multiplayer version. JUST GIVE ME MULTIPLAYER Also what is the deal with having to wait days to move onto the next cup? It says the cup is closed for maintenance but you can instantly play the new cup as long as you purchase a ‘quick ticket’ (again with these micro transactions) Whenever I am playing I know that the game would be so much more enjoyable if: 1) I didn’t have to race for points that are dependent on how many power ups I use or how many combos I make... which driver/car/glider... what is wrong with 1st, 2nd, 3rd??? 2) Wasn’t bombarded with all of these micro transactions 3) Didn’t feel terrible every time I CAME FIRST PLACE yet didn’t collect enough points to earn more grand stars or whatever. Just every time I play I feel disappointed... but I keep coming back because I love Mario Kart so much. I just wish that a more authentic gaming experience was promoted rather than having to open my wallet to have a good time PLEASE I JUST WANT MULTIPAYER.Version: 1.0.2

Greedy corporate Nintendo strikes againSome brainwashed Nintendo sheeps are now doing damage control for their beloved megacorp when they’ve just added more P2W with double the amount of coins that can be obtained if you buy one of their subscriptions. Will be canceling my gold pass and finally quitting this game I’ve been playing since day 1 that’s only gotten worse with greed and updates..Version: 2.4.0

PointlessWould go so far as to say this game is an embarrassment to be associated with Mariokart. The programming is appalling. If you dare to have the audacity to lead a race the whole way through you get blue shelled before the finish line and finish 6th. If you drag a shell for protection through another weapons icon you lose it and immediately get shot but your opponents have different rules and can continue carrying the shell. You can have three mushrooms and be right on the tail of another racer, deploy your shrooms and still not catch them. You can get hit by a shell and take forever to recover, lose 6 places and never catch up and yet opposition barely flinch at being hit by a shell. All I ask for is fair programming where the same rules apply to opponents, the same randomness of weapons applying to all rather than me being the only driver ever to get hit with a blue shell. Sort it out could be a good game..Version: 2.6.2

Crashes constantlyEvery time I open the game the game crashes so I can’t get further than the tuturial. Its sad because I was very exited for this game and had preregistered it a month before the release..Version: 1.0.1

New tour sucksTook away the pipe, and now you can only buy specials with Rubys and you have to have a lot of them just not as fun as before I liked the surprise this sucks I ended up getting more special ones when we had the pipe have only been able to buy one this entire tour.Version: 3.0.0

MehBad steering, screen is the wrong way and I’m not downloading 557 mb after the fact, app wasted my time, deleted after first time playing.Version: 2.9.1

Bad controls and pure Pay to winControls are terrible, no PvP and 200cc behind a paywall. Can not recommend..Version: 1.0.1

Paid Gold for multiplayer - not workingI’ve played this game since it came out, it’s been brilliant. I was really excited to play multiplayer, but everytime I saw the button when I played, it said it was pending. However one day I opened the game and the pending alert was gone, and instead it said to buy Gold membership in order to play multiplayer. I was really intrigued to see what it would be like playing against other people online so I bought membership. Once it went through, I clicked on multiplayer. Oh look at that, multiplayer is undergoing maintenance at the moment, come again later. I’ll try tomorrow. Again the next day it says the same thing. And the next. And the next. It’s been nearly 2 weeks into my gold membership and I still haven’t been able to do the thing I bought gold pass for. It it had said this before I bought it I would have waited. Feel a bit cheated to be honest - hopefully someone whose thinking of buying purely for the online experience will see this and think again..Version: 1.4.1

Okay game, nintendo is lying to usI really enjoy this game, especially since i can practically play it anywhere, however i’m extremely disappointed about the changes made. to begin every race is only 2 laps, and does not differentiate between cause like in the older and newer titles. to continue mario is also not a default character? mario is the embodiment of nintendo yet he isn’t a starting character? to top it all off nintendo has not yet released an online multiplayer mode yet. instead, tricking you into believing you are playing with other people by randomising usernames of who you play with. this is EXTREMELY disappointing and i hope the online feature will be available rather soon. i was pondering on the thought that maybe the single player mode is kind of like time trials, but their is no way to see how long it takes you to complete a course. anyways, i hope to see this game improve in the feature, overall 3/5 stars. <3.Version: 1.1.1

Great, but with a Glaring ProblemI have uninstalled and reinstalled my game more than three times, and while I enjoyed a good while where my problem did not happen and I was racing joyously, the game has been continuously showing me a message at startup that I must update my game to continue playing. There are two buttons below this message. The first one, which says,”How to Update” takes me to what I’d assume would be an FAQ or tutorial if it didn’t display an error message in its place. The second, aptly named,”Check Store”, takes you to - you guessed it - the App Store. Here you would expect to find an update ready to be installed, however the button usually used as the update button only says,”open”, signaling that there is indeed no update available. My friends and colleagues have also confirmed that their copies of the game are working, leading me to continue to wonder why I cannot play a game I have been excited for since it’s announcement. I cannot stress enough how amazing this game is to play and how it is truly amazing to have this caliper of a title on my phone. However, this problem puts a damper on every aspect of the fun of this game, since I cannot even access the title screen. If this problem were to be fixed, my rating would no doubt raise to five stars, but as of right now my opinion and rating of this title sits at a lowly two out of five..Version: 1.0.1

CrashesKeeps Crashing.Version: 1.0.1

Feels like it’s rigged...I’m not sure how I feel about the game. It just doesn’t feel like I’m really playing. No matter what whenever I play I always come first. It may sound like I’m trying to brag but I’m not. I tried playing one game where I didn’t control my player once. I didn’t touch the screen. And my character still came first. Basically controlling itself. It doesn’t feel like I’m properly getting the play the game and compete when my character can drive itself and comes first no matter what. Please change this..Version: 1.0.1

Great game not executed wellI play this game EVERYDAY literally the only game that was respectable and honorable enough to be on my tablet and I'm dissapointed 😫. Nintendo had A GREAT MONEY Making game but idk if it's really making money lol why do I have to pay 2$ for 3 rubies #NotGoneHappen also after playing on the two week trial I was this close 👌🏽 to buying it until it said every month #NotGoneHappenAgain and I've never purchased ANYTHING in a game EVER... I say that to say this the prices are crackish and I'm sad because I love playing at 200cc!!! But playing at 200cc and having to go back to 150cc suuuuuuucks 😩 I was this close 👌🏽 to un-installing this game BUT I'm willing to give Nintendo a chance. I grew up on Mario Karts so I have high expectations for the 2019 version. Please put some respect on this game, give us an option to be able to play at 200cc when we reach a certain player level or have to purchase it with the rubies it takes a miracle to get, 5$ for 2 months gold pass, and please switch up the pipe prices because they are kind of crackish prizes too. Minor things! Oh and multilayer come on I thought this would have been on the game from the jump Fun Run even had that option. Hopefully this helps maybe it won't but hopefully something #Gonehappen. Signed, A Mario Kart addict 😁🤪.Version: 1.1.1

One of the most fun games in the store, until you hit the paywall.This games has the classic mariokart feel and performs well. I loved playing it for the 3 hours I got out of it until I hit the paywall. The game is crazy expensive compared to other games, and only provides a monthly subscription. I’ve paid up to $30 to buy other games like civilisation, but a monthly service is ridiculous when it costs as much as many video streaming services. At a point in the game, even if you have 4-5 stars for all other circuits, you cannot race any new circuits without high point racers that you have to pay for, or win by paying for jewels in a lottery kind of draw. Super disappointed I won’t get to keep playing. Add commercials or something, I’m not going to pay a monthly subscription..Version: 1.2.0

An opportunity for an amazing appI saw that this came out and thought it would be amazing. There are other racing apps like Asphalt that are so in-depth and well done and with an iconic game like Mario Kart and the current development around apps, I expected the best. This game is awful though. The worst aspect is by far the steering. I do not think it should be able to be controlled with one thumb. The courses are also not related to the real Mario Kart and the game play is as slow as it could be. I would re-think the entire gameplay and steering mechanisms if you want to create a game with longevity....Version: 1.0.1

HmmIt’s good but I would like to see multiplayer where you can spend no stars and race your friends on a track of choice maybe this could be used to collect extra coins?.Version: 1.1.0

A few tips and improvementsA very fun game, spent lots of time but I wish their was an offline mode and the loading was faster(we all know it’s not actually real players in the games). Another glitch I found was sometimes it would not load the game which was very frustrating and sadly led me to delete..Version: 1.6.0

Good game, too many bugs spoil it thoughI was enjoying this game and even opted to give the Gold subscription a go, but the amount of bugs has left me frustrated and contemplating cancelling my subscription. I’ve loved playing Mario Kart on each platform since it came out on the Super Nintendo and this game with a different take on things certainly works. Plenty of tracks, drivers, karts, gliders and challenges to keep you entertained. All is good then yeah? The game is currently littered with bugs that affect your ability to progress and improve your choice and the levels of the drivers, karts and gliders. Errors in the multiplayer hammer you on your attempts to progress through the licences by taking progress % off you. I can’t even progress my licences on the standard races as the results no longer affect my licence and the hits you take for the communication errors on Gold can take you a while just to claw back what you lost - and I am not getting any rewards for upgrading my multiplayer licence. Then on the standard tour, I’m not getting any rewards upgrading my licence here either. Why am I bothered? Because you need the rewards to help you compete both online and in the tour. What makes this worse? I’m paying a subscription for the game. I’ve raised trouble tickets but the replies aren’t helpful. My advice? Don’t pay for the gold whilst the bugs are effecting the reward system. I’m no longer considering cancelling mine, I am cancelling mine..Version: 2.0.1

Garbage. Waste of time. Money pit.Don’t waste your time with this app. Nothing like the good old Mario Kart. This is nothing but a constant assault on your wallet. You’ve literally got to spend boatloads of money to buy any decent characters or karts, and advancing through levels beyond “2” is near impossible without breaking out the credit card. Want to have a fun race? You can go from 1st to 8th in a second - so many obstacles and disadvantages that make you wonder if the game is rigged. You’re not laying against real players, so your winnings are very limited. Overall, neat graphics and addictive in the beginning. But in the end, this is a Kart full of Krap..Version: 2.4.0

Review for Mariokart TourI think it’s great but I have several problems. I hate how everything revolves around in game purchases and grinding. I don’t quite like the bot names such as D1ckhead. The fact that Nintendo thought it would be a good name is a lil disturbing. And how there aren’t many cups. My main issue is - where is Luigi? He’s on the box art and the trailer but he’s nowhere to be seen, and the fact you have to pay to get Mario. A bit sad. So all in all, it’s a good game it just let me down a bit..Version: 1.0.1

Controls need improvementsI’ve been playing Mario Kart since the gamecube, heres what i have to say. The graphics in this game are phenomenal. Gameplay is fun but one thing bothers me. The controls are to easy and simple. The car auto accelerates and the steering is done by sliding your fingers left and right. I get Nintendos point about playing a game like this single handedly, but I want to feel more involved in the game. Its like racing in a tesla on autopilot. Anyways, if they added a landscape mode with motion steering and a manual brake and gas, this game would be 100%, bonus if they game it compatible with a gaming remote. Thats my two cents. This game has so much potential, but Nintendo's one handed gaming model does more harm than good.Version: 1.0.1

This could have been much betterI was pretty excited for this game to come out. Mario Kart is one of my favorite Nintendo series. Unfortunately, it’s hard to enjoy. I really only have fun with it one or two days every two weeks, since other than that cups only release once per day. I’m really not a fan of ranked cups, it’s a bit unfair when you’re against people who do the in-app purchases (which are WAY too overpriced). It’s always so hard and repetitive since you’re only playing three tracks over and over. And if you don’t get top row for everything, you’re kind of screwed. It’s especially annoying when you get to higher tiers and it’s way harder to progress, not to mention you go down if you get bottom 10 (which is way too many people, bottom 5 would make more sense). Unfortunately, it’s really the only practical way to get rubies. Tour gifts are way too slow and buying them is way too expensive. (Why the heck does the gold pass cost more than NSO?) To say something positive, it is pretty fun playing new cups and I like how we continuously get new tours. I also think bonus challenges are fun (except maybe smash small Dry bones and mega battles). I’ve been wanting them back in Mario Kart, and it’s cool to see them here. All in all, I feel like this app mostly just wastes my time and I kind of wish I’d never downloaded it. It also really makes me want Mario Kart 9. And it better be on the switch..Version: 1.6.0

Good game, but flawed.The idea of the game is great. Slow if you don’t buy into the expensive monthly subscription, though the main issue for me is the multiplayer. The multiplayer games are almost unplayable due to the fact that the other players [computers?] don’t seem to suffer any down time when hit with an object. Throw a banana at them and they spin, but then speed off. I get hit with a banana and I spin and throw my arms up for 3 seconds and end up at the back. This is the same for any object, other players appear to speed off for no reason, sometimes it’s utter chaos and I get hit all the time, but others seems to unaffected. You can quickly go from 1st place to last without any real reason. This is harassment in my book. Sort it out and make it fair. Additionally, I receive connection errors probably 50% of the time. I’m in a race then suddenly an error occurs and I’m back to the lobby. Surprise surprise I have also lost the coins collected whilst waiting for games to start…Nintendo, you are better then this!.Version: 2.10.0

Not without its issuesThe gameplay is generally fine with very little lag. The game itself is pretty fun and I’m on board with the fact that the app needs transactions to function so it’s not that big a deal. What gets me however is that the app constantly is crashing and having me ‘Clear the cache and repair’ which is really draining when all I want to do is open the app without any issues for once. I’m now a weekly instead of a daily playing mostly due to this. I would prefer to stick with apps where I don’t have to wait for minutes just to load it. Fix this, and I’ll be back for more..Version: 1.4.1

A decent game, though crashes let it down.I pre-ordered Mariokart tour when I was told about it. I was really exited for its release... Then the game came out. It was quite impressive, and the menus are awesome. Having to move through different cups is a brilliant idea on Nintendo’s part. Racing doesn’t feels that bad, despite the controls being a little finicky for me. One of the biggest letdowns to this game is how consistently it crashes. It seems like one in four times when I get into a race, it crashes. It is starting to get a little annoying, so that is why I have put it at 3 stars. The crashes are the biggest letdown. Also, the rareness of rubies makes it bad for players who want to unlock new characters like Halloween Rosalina out now, but that might be issues for other players. It’s just those few issues that are making me rate it more. Fix the crash issues and this would be four or five stars..Version: 1.1.1

Pay to play.From the very beginning of the game. It is clearly obvious that getting rubies is difficult. However, I got to the 8th cup in the game. And only then, was I able to afford the 10 character launch. After that, I can’t figure out how to even get them. And the rubies are $1 (ish) each! This is a crazy pay to play game. It really needs a re-shuffle of rewards. Amazing game. But to get more than 12 characters, it basically costs money. 🙄.Version: 1.2.0

Nintendo - child gamblingNintendo has always been staunch about families, children, fun, bringing people together. Unfortunately Nintendo is now about training children to be gambling addicts. Sure you can play the tiny repetitive game that is squeezed in between loot boxes, monthly passes and crisis inducing time limit sales. Of course all the best equipment either requires large amounts of coins or gambling (with pauline’s cleavage egging your child on) both kept behind steep pay walls. turns out you don’t even play the tiny race. you can win without touching the screen! worse, the match up to race is a fraud. the names might be real, but once the race starts they are all bots. how do i know? play the game around 20% battery, so the warning pops up - the whole game will pause until you dismiss the warning, with all “players” stopped. you should lose, or if it has you on rails, then it would snap forward. neither happen, it pauses. basically this game is disgusting and if operated as a physical business - it would be banned and the people who owned it put in jail for crimes against minors..Version: 1.0.1

RantGame doesn’t want you to win and even if you get first place, the game will base you off of your performance. This game will do anything in its power to help make the “other real players” win. Why quote on quote? Well because in the tour mode you are not actually playing with real player, they are just computer players generated with real player names and load outs. As I was playing this game I noticed something that was very annoying, I would click the button that allows me to view behind me and when I would let go, it would change my controls from Manuel drift to standard driving. Also, in a race when I was right next to a computer player, I was focused in on trying to get ahead of this computer BUT the computer player just TELEPORTS? Ahead of me? Haha wow if that’s how this game is going to be, I am better of playing a Mario kart game that is actually fair. Two more things, the prices and the gold pass. The prices to purchase rubies are just wow. You mean to tell me that I have to pay two dollars for 3 rubies, not even enough for a ONE SHOT PIPE. Now the Gold pass. Seriously? I have to pay 5 dollars A MONTH for: 200cc and bonus awards and display badges? And that’s basically it, 200 cc which will probably have the computer players act impossible to beat with the way they are programmed unless you have the top load out for the race, the bonus awards aren’t too bad but golden display badges? Really? They don’t even look that good..Version: 1.1.0

Really, Nintendo?This game used to be so much fun to play, but now it’s just really disappointing. For the last few months: - it’s basically impossible to move up in tiers in ranked battles if you’re not a paid player because of limited rewards (fine, I see what you’re paying for, but then..) - blue turtle shells and mysterious boosts on cpu drivers when you’re in first, right before the finish line (this is just kind of a low blow thing to do) - boring 3-star challenges that are repetitive and completely monotonous at this point - the game laaaaags as soon as I have a frenzy and I’m in first (??? How convenient!) - the game is basically just based on luck of the draw and what items you can use at this point, regardless of how skilled of a player you are. - It’s very much designed so that players have to replay courses over and over again because they get destroyed on the track right before the finish line, which is probably the most ineffective and unimaginative way to lengthen the shelf life of a game. Don’t waste your time or money..Version: 2.1.1

Regarding the recent shop overhaul- we STILL need to talk about rubiesSo, MKT recently overhauled it’s shop to include Daily Spotlights of high-end drivers, carts and drivers- a great idea that I like, along with slightly more frequent opportunities to fire gold pipes (and regular ones, which the current tour is including in tour gifts). But now that brings me to the PROBLEM with the new shop, especially with the Daily Spotlights. Every single one is payable only in rubies, ranging in price from 100 to 150 rubies. And they’re not the only things priced only in rubies. And rubies are neither common nor cheap, so what does that mean for those players, like myself, who cannot afford to plunk down for rubies (3 now cost $1.99- just 3- to give you a little idea of the real-world money cost, and again, the Spotlight cost 100-plus rubies each) every time a driver they (or I) have been waiting to get becomes available? I hope this means that, with so much priced only in rubies, that the rubies will become more easily obtainable in larger amounts and for less money (or better yet, for free, and WITHOUT having to complete, or buy, challenge cards or come in first to third on a ranked course). Hopefully they do make the ruby system fairer- it would only BE fair to F2P players, like me..Version: 3.0.0

Disgusting cashgrab.Avoid at all costs. For what you would think would be a children’s game, it is definitely not. Premium items are ridiculously priced. It costs a fortune to even attempt to get some of the better items. Worst yet, controls are atrocious. Everything being connected to the touch screen causes so many issues. It is supposed to be that you swipe up or down to use items but the majority of the time you’ll use them just by simply turning left or right. The controls also lack precision. It is next to impossible to make a slight adjustment to your movement as opposed to a proper control stick. Beyond this, the gameplay is repetitive. All you basically do is race against CPUs that will continuously cheat, outspeed and prioritize attacking the player. Yes, they’re flat out faster than you. The items also heavily favor them as it is 7 vs. 1. And the worst part of this is that YOU GET PUNISHED FOR LOSING! Yes, you have a player rank that goes up based on your position. Why would you PUNISH someone playing your game for something that is often out of their control? And they also expect you to also drive perfectly, get combos to complete missions, without them interfering! (Better get a lot of $$$$$ to increase the better items you can get while racing!!!!) As someone who enjoyed the previous entries on the consoles, this is disgusting to see what has become of this franchise. My biggest regret is giving this game any sort of money..Version: 2.10.0

Needs improvementThis game was super hyped up when it first got announced and I was excited to play it when it was originally supposed to come out over the summer. For a game that got delayed by several months, it definitely still has some issues and could use improvement. First of all, the controls are pretty horrible. In drift mode, you are practically forced to drift through the entire race because whenever you’re tapping on the screen you start to drift, which means you can’t go straight unless you’re not tapping the screen, making it extremely hard to control. On the other hand, in regular mode you can hardly make it around turns. I was excited to try out the gyro controls, only to find out that they’re even worse than the manual controls. The gyro mode is SUPER delayed and you have to turn your phone really far to get it to even move. The game as a whole is just really slow, especially when racing, which takes away the exhilarating factor of a racing game. I’m hope that they either fix the controls or just add an in-game circle pad altogether. Also, the graphics are great, but I’d assume that’s why the game is so slow, so hopefully that is sped up a bit in the future as well. As for now, the game isn’t all to entertaining considering its speed and serious lack of decent controls, but it’s Mario Kart mobile nonetheless so at least that’s a start..Version: 1.0.1

Nice game butGame has the potential to be good. I love this game no lie but a few things that i don’t like about it. I don’t like that my store literally gives us the same stuff every week. Like they need to put other stuff in the store cause i see the SAME people every week. Also the pipeline is ok but there is no guarantee you’ll get anything gold and who wants to spend all that money on rubies ? No. Also half of the races to get a good score you have to have some of the legendary stuff but you have to hit the pipe in order to get it and again it isn’t guaranteed. Like this game is sooo Money hungry it’s ridiculous. I loved this game when it first came out but it’s starting to lose its fun because you gotta have Money to get good people. I usually beat all the cups anyway except for some because i wont have have either a good character, car, or glider because it had to be one from the pipe. I would rather them put them in the shop at times to instead of seein donkey Kong, Mario, peach, and yoshi every week which is so aggravating. I play it of course because it is a fun game don’t get my wrong but i just wish it wasn’t so money hungry and like they should come up with different ways to earn more of the legendary stuff instead of just hitting the pipe or getting two good items on the gold pass..Version: 1.4.1

Crashing!!!I can’t play more than two minutes before the game crashes and glitches out of the app. Please fix this!!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

Lacking, disappointing and all around garbageI’ve been plying this game from day one and was really enjoying, at first. I really like the city tours when you’d add really cool imaginative spotlight characters and the race set up where you had to unlock the cups (that made ranking more fun). Then, recently, you decided to completely make the tour system boring. First, you spent months doing “Holiday” tours (which were really Christmas tour as it was the only holiday displayed), then you just started reusing country maps so you could do those tours again instead of being creative and doing other countries, like Egypt (Cairo) as it was on your original title screen. Then with these reused tours you would add stupid characters like the Classic Mario and Luigi and making their spotlight karts Super instead of high-end (which removes the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you get it) and with the newest tour, the Detective Baby Rosalina is basic and unimaginative. Also, stop making all the cups available as soon as the tour starts, because the takes away the fun of trying to unlock them. Furthermore, your multiplayer sucks. Since day one, I’ve been really looking forward to playing with friends, but when it finally came out, it was terrible. Whenever I’d play, if I hit another player, they would get the emote for about a second, then they would race off immediately at the speed they left off at, or they’d just glitch way ahead of me. Another thing about it was that somehow every time I was in first, someone without fail was able to red shell me (even though I had seen that they had no items) which was really frustrating when I was trying to complete challenges. Finally, recently for this tour, your pipes have been trash. First of all, the gems you need to do a pipe are extremely hard to get (especially if your like me and like to do the “Fire Ten” option). The only way to easily obtain the gems is to buy your overpriced Gold Pass or buy your Overpriced gems. Even if you do manage to get all the gems to fire ten, the odds are absolute garbage. Today I went to fire ten, because for my ranking, I really needed either the Spotlight Waluigi or Rosalina. When I fired it, every item I got was a normal I already had (because I have all the normals in the game except for three karts), even though the spotlight items have a way higher chance at being drawn (they are at a 2.5% chance while the normal are from 2.0455% - 1.9444%). Overall, the game has been recently lacking, so stop trying to make this game all about spending our own personal money, when I know that Nintendo is already a rich company, especially with the Coronavirus pandemic which will leave a lot of people buying more of your games during their quarantine..Version: 2.0.1

Good but not GreatGame is running good but the Config is weird it’s only Portrait screen very hard to stare the kart or turn and the gyro and touch don’t really help that needs more work to become a great game I can see it’s potential if they take this onboard and change it to landscape wide like most racing games easy buttons and easy screen is the best way to play.Version: 1.0.1

RubbishOnly any good if you pay for things. Gets to a point and then you cant progress any further. Multiplayer is ridiculous, some players seem to have a massive advantage and the glitches are more than frustrating. I did like this game for a time but then reached a level that seemed to leave me without any progression. The pipes are annoying as you just seem to get the same things all the time and the amount of times you may get a high end player/kart/glider is a joke. Unless you get any of those you have little chance of winning anything. Do yourself a favour and bang your head on the wall instead of downloading this. UDATE: Multiplayer is still just as bad as ever in fact probably worse, you hit other drivers with shells etc and it doesnt hinder there progress whatsoever, yet when you are hit you are slowed down. Others seem to have an unfair advantage. I have contacted customer services with this issue numerous times now and they just palm you off with nonsense excuses about you having a slow internet connection(which I know certainly isnt the case) or other patronising suggestions. Definitely not much fun at all and would highly recommend to anyone that is thinking of making purchases towards this game, not to do so..Version: 2.8.0

Good game but so many bugsIt’s a great game but there’s so many bugs. If you decide to spend money on the game, it’ll take your money and not give you anything that you pay for- just show up with error- and then your cards charged without getting rewards. Tried contacting but no response 🤷‍♀️.Version: 2.1.1

Very pay to win but funYou have to pay a subscription for the 200cc mode and there are tiers in the game where you can verse other people in that tier to get the highest score and you can’t get as high as the people who pay the subscription because you get left with 50 to 150cc and this gives everyone with 200cc a advantage they don’t even need skill they can just pay to win and then your stuck at the same crappy tier the game is fun but it should be for the tier based cups that you get 200cc for free only for those races until the time runs out then you get left with your 150cc score (please Nintendo give us 200cc for the tier based races for that limited time).Version: 2.12.0

Good game when it’s working!As a Mario kart fan(the original on the SNES) I was excited to find out a Mario kart game was coming to IOS. While the game is great fun when it’s working, I’m constantly faced with issues when trying to load the game on my iPhone, like it’ll get to the loading screen and get stuck on 10% or some other figure, then I either have to force quit the game or wait and then I get an error message pop up saying the game has crashed and I need to clear cache/data. I’ve honestly lost count at the amount of times I’ve done this, probably every time I’ve tried to play the game I guess! And if by some miracle it works, I’ve then got to download hundreds of MB’s worth of updates, which if your internet isn’t that fast can take up to 15/20minutes to do, and you have to keep your phone screen turned on, otherwise it doesn’t download. Why not do the updates through the App Store so that the app can update even if the screen is turned off/locked, rather than updating within the app? Get all that sorted, or at least the crashing/freezing on the loading screen, then I’d happily add another 2/3stars to my rating.Version: 2.1.0

MultiplayerUn an d’attente et le multiplayer ne marche même pas! GG.Version: 2.0.0

Game is awesome butThe new update removed the pipes and now one needs to collect rubies to purchase characters, cars etc. that sucks… BRING BACK THE PIPES!!!.Version: 3.0.1

Fun but kind of disappointing (so far)So I really enjoyed the game at first. Its loads of fun as mario karting always is but slowly the flaws came out. You can only earn a certain amount of exp. and coins a day... not very fun. You can’t just play through the whole game as you have to wait days for new cups to unlock... not great either. There’s not a whole lot of maps to race on? Just the same few maps with some changes here or there.. also draining from the overall fun scale. And i normally buy some extras with these kinds of games, and i have already, but these are a little expensive for what you get, which is a bit of a bummer too..Version: 1.1.1

Game still broken even after bug fixes 🙄So I’m pretty annoyed rn. I really like this game and it’s super fun but when there’s a bug in a game that totally takes away the ability to play it, it’s annoying as hell. It’s even more annoying when there’s an update for the game that addresses the bug that your game has and somehow still doesn’t fix it. I have the bug where the game becomes unplayable after I start transitioning to the main game menu after loading up the game. I load it up and it turns black to transition but it just stays black and doesn’t do anything. It sucked when it first happened but I knew they’d eventually fix it so I waited. “Luckily” a day later an update for the game rolls out dealing with the problem so I immediately download it and load up the game again. To my disappointment however, the game still had the exact same bug. It did give me the option to clear my data cache to help restart the game and prevent the game from crashing again but that didn’t work. I even went and deleted the game and redownloaded it as a last resort and still, nothing changed. I’ve tried looking online to see if there’s anything else I could do and I didn’t find anything If any developers are reading this please fix this or let me know if this is possibly having to do with something on my side of things because I’m getting really annoyed. And if anyone else knows how to fix this please let me know.Version: 1.0.2

Has potential but suffers from poor controlsThe controls are too sensitive and its hard to turn properly. Should be able to play in landscape mode. Also, its ridiculous you cant play with friends. This game has potential but needs major improvements..Version: 1.0.1

SadHonestly just a cash grab. I’d expect pay-to-play from EA but not from Nintendo. Disappointed..Version: 2.4.0

Good, but needs improvementI do enjoy this game quite a bit. I’d even go as far as to say this is my favorite mobile game. But there needs to be improvement. For 1, why are the races only two laps long when the tracks are already pretty short? Mario Kart has pretty much always had three lap races and I’m sure adding one extra lap would make this all the bit better. 2, how come we got three baby characters, 3 Mario’s, 2 Peaches, and 2 Bowsers, but not Waluigi, Rosalina, Wario, and (most importantly) LUIGI!? I know the series has already had this problem, and hey, instead of Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina we got the return of Diddy Kong and Pauline making her first appearance in the series. But (instead of Waluigi being cut from Mario Kart 7) Nintendo has never taken out important characters like the ones I’ve mentioned and instead have more clones and Baby Characters. And 3, the one you’ve all been waiting for, the EA like micro transactions. You have to pay $5 per month for a membership. That’s more than a Nintendo Switch membership! However, this game is still kind of fun. The controls feel tight, the tracks are fun, and the game looks surprisingly good for mobile. It just had to be bogged down by the bad stuff. Overall, I like this game, it just needs improvements to make it better..Version: 1.0.1

Fix itI have an iPhone XS Max on 12.4 and every time I start it I can play for like 30 seconds then it just crashes over and over again plz fixxxxxx.Version: 1.0.1

Not as good as anticipatedAs a child I recall playing this game constantly on my Nintendo DS, however was astonished when I found out you can now get it on IPhones, I really enjoy playing the game however think it could be improved. The racing tracks are repetitive, and the makers of the game are changing the characters to say the racing track is their’s, to trick the players into thinking it’s a different racing track. As Allocated clearly I believe the makers of this app should provide the players with new racing tracks to make the game more interesting because I believe this will advertise the app and make it better as a whole, as I said I do believe it is a great game and is made perfectly, it just needs more... For example the promised multiplayer which was advertised in order to make people download the game. This is called false advertisement as we’ve all been waiting for about two months, make it better because people are just going to delete the game and it’ll go out of fashion just like Flappy bird did..Version: 1.1.1

💵Pay to win cash grab 💵While I find this game quite fun to play, ,I find it disgusting how much they charge in real dollars, for very little in game value. If you were to spend your hard earned money on the maximum amount of in game currency, you could easily spend that on randomly drawn items (including ones you may already have) in under a minute. In saying that I’m not against Nintendo making money from this game. I can appreciate paying a once off, or a small monthly fee to unlock some extra perks. For a game heavily marketed to kids, what I find appalling is the heavy reliance of gambling mechanisms, to be able to get anywhere in the game. It’s because of this I can’t in good conscience give this game any more than one star, although I really enjoy the actual gameplay. Nintendo used to be so wholesome. What changed? You use to be cool..Version: 2.0.1

FunGraphics are amazing! The only downfall for me personally, is that the steering is so hard and weird. Driving portrait is also weird for me, just wondering if their could be a landscape option. But other than that it’s fun.Version: 1.0.1

Crashes every timeIn the middle of a race and it crashes. All the time..Version: 1.0.1

Controls make a game, or break it.I have been awaiting this game for some time, however I don’t care about the games maintenance, because in general a game needs it. However the controls are what makes a game function, and are a massive draw. However this game functions by, you can drift, or you can not. And it’s terrible. The fact that you can’t turn without drifting, ruins the game outright. The game would be amazing if the controls were half reasonable. In any Mario kart game, it’s essential that you can make short turns without drifting to pick up items, prepare for jumps, and this game doesn’t allow it. I hope the developers read this and rework the controls, as it’s a massive downside to this game which I believe could be fixed with minimal problems. Maybe a hold option? Where the longer you hold the more you drift? Or certain areas to touch if you want to drift? Either way. Please fix this, it’s a long awaited game and it has everything going for it!.Version: 1.0.1

It wasn’t broken before - but now it needs fixing.When it first released this app was so amazing. It was one of the few apps with in game purchases where I felt it was worth it to pay for the subscription. But over the past few updates, the rewards for gold pass members have become pretty meagre and so I’ve cancelled my subscription. The prizes from pipes have also lately been terrible - I pulled all the items from a pipe and the best prizes didn’t come until the very last pull. From talking to other players, it seems like this is what happens once you’ve been playing for a while - you get hooked and then you rarely get anything good from pipes. Final complaint is that the tours haven’t been great for a while. It was really fun when there were tours from around the world (although Vancouver was a kind of strange choice) and I was looking forward to more world locations with fun characters and races. Waiting to race in locations like Australia, Machu Picchu, and various parts of Africa. All that aside, it’s still a pretty fun game on the free version. The graphics are great and it’s a nice throwback. It’s just not the kind of game you are drawn to keep playing or spend money on, especially in comparison to what it used to be..Version: 2.1.1

Not what I expected... 😔Well I was excited for the release for it but then when I opened the app it was fine, yes. Now when I was playing I wanted to play on my screen as it was horizontal and I didn’t want vertical play and also I had to choose between steering and drifting which was annoying where I had an idea is I’d when playing horizontal then your left finger would do the steering and the your right finger would do some holding of a button to indicate a drift. Also it was kind of glitchy when looking through the tour. Anyway, on the whole it wasn’t what I expected but for your first update, that was OK for now 😕.Version: 1.0.1

This app is awesome but...I really love having Mario cart on my phone but the hardest thing is finding a way to get rubies without buying them. I don’t pay for things in my app so it’s hard to get rubies to use the pipe or to play coin rush. Also you are limited to the amount of points you can get after races to help raise your car, glider, and driver. I only play a couple of races before I reach my limit and I still want to play but I can’t or my stuff will be cheated on points. I also don’t think there are enough races in each tour, if they can make a couple more for more experienced players or like another smaller tournament for the tiers I mean it would be more fun. They could limit the points for the other races but could keep the points for the tier races. I don’t pay for stuff in app, like I said, so when they make a pack that you can only pay for, and is impossible to get otherwise, it’s not fair for the players who’s parents or guardians, or even if there phone, won’t allow them to earn the cars, players, and gliders. One last thing I think they should make a multiplayer mode so they can connect with there friends or family it would make a great group game.I think they should make some improvements towards those things otherwise I think this game is really fun and helps pass time or is just entertaining..Version: 1.6.0

I thought we could play against our friendsI thought we would be able to play against our friends too? so you mean to tell me after all this.... I can only play strangers😂😂😂😂 y’all better fix this like wth.Version: 1.0.1

ControlsThe controls need a complete re-work, they are the worst controls i have ever experienced for a mobile game..Version: 1.0.1

Please fix!Hi, So I love MarioKart. I have it on my Nintendo Switch so I thought it would be fun to get it on my IPhone. So my first problem is, my game crashes like 90% of the time. I will be in the middle of a race and it will crash. It also crashes right after I finish a race and when it does that it doesn’t save my progress. My other problem is the rubies. They are SUPER hard to get, and when I finally get enough to do a pipe, I get something really bad/something I already have. I have like none high ends. And you can buy rubies, but it’s a crazy amount of money for just 5. And you can pay for high end karts/players but they are also like 40 DOLLARS for a pack. I can’t make you guys change the rubies thing, but PLEASE fix the crashing because I have a older phone and I’m not getting a new phone for MarioKart. All my other apps are fine. UPDATE: The crashes have gotten worse. Also, what’s the problem with updates??? You have to update so often and it takes a long time to update just to play a game that always crashes. And am I the only one with horrible luck? My dad plays it and he has like 20 high ends so he gets lots of points. I have like 3 high ends!!! And theres soooooo many high ends to get and you have a horrible chance to get them! I also saw that you CAN get a FREE golden pipe. But thats if you finish all the races! And I cant get through even one race without it crashing! Help!.Version: 2.4.0

3rd review bc they took them downFirstly, PATHETIC excuse of a game. How this piece of trash has any reviews over 2 stars is BEYOND ME. This is a pay to win game and a very bad one at that. You can tell who has paid money in multiplayer because they have items that allow them to win EVERY TIME. These people have a massive advantage because they are somehow faster, don’t get effected by ANY of your attacks whereas you will literally stop for a solid 3-5 seconds and come last place and they get power ups that are actually useful? Can’t count how many times I’ve gone from 1st place to last place in the blink of an eye because opponents are seemingly immune to everything and then I get stuck with crappy little mushrooms instead of a bullet, meanwhile some person will be in 5th place and end up 1st because they get given a bullet. The controls DO NOT WORK and your pathetic way of levelling up your rank is primitive. You get % taken off if you quit the game but the game stops and blames your “bad wifi connection” with a “communication error” and then you’re stuck going in circles because it broke. Customer service is a JOKE they blame the customer instead of working on the issues they have with their game. Do not play this, do not download this, I’d sooner become a F1 driver than pay to succeed in this game..Version: 2.8.1

Multiplayer not workingUnable to access multiplayer, I can’t find any information about outages around multiplier. It keeps telling me to check my notifications to see when multiplayer will be available, but it’s been days now..Version: 3.0.0

Crashes Every Single DayI’m not exaggerating, Mario Kart Tour crashes every. single. day. Want to play multiplayer? That’s cool, you can’t because it constantly crashes, almost every race it crashes or kick you out. So every single day, in different ways, without fail the game crashes, I would bet my house that it crashes when I open it tomorrow, I’m so confident. I often have my girlfriend on call while I sleep bc I don’t see her as often as I’d like, countless times it’s froze the phone, blanked my screen and hung up on her. It’s not even like it does it just once a day, every day, it’s numerous times a day which is why I’ll never buy anything on it, it does have its pros, it’s fun but it’s had to overlook the glaringly obvious cons. Disappointing in many ways, if you have the patience of a saint and can deal with an angry gf “why’d you hang up on me last night? to play video games?!” then by all means but for me, I can positively say that if this wasn’t a brand new iPhone then I’d have tossed it over the room 18 tours ago.Version: 3.0.0

Hopeful but sadly let down..I was very hopeful for this game! I was excited to be able to race against my friends and relive the Nintendo ds days where we could all race against each other. Sadly after playing through a few “Tours” or Cups the game feels like a basic money grab free to play app. Karts, characters and gliders are all locked behind essentially a loot box type pay wall called “The pipe”. The game feels rushed and unfinished, the controls are very basic in a hold one side of the screen to go one way and vis versa for the other side. I’m not a fan of it being portrait view instead of landscape. I believe the gyroscope controls could have been so much better in landscape view to give us more of a Nintendo wii feel to the game. Some features like rankings, friends and multiplayer aren’t in the game yet. I know the game is still new, so I’m still hopeful they at least make it a little bit reminiscent of the console and ds games. They could add races against friends and ballon battle but please Nintendo don’t lock it behind a pay wall. However a couple things they did well on were how it runs smooth with almost no lag/stuttering and the maps are diverse with new ones and olds ones. All the maps look very good! Hope this is helpful for anyone that sees it!.Version: 1.0.1

This is NOT a good Mario Kart.The control schemes, the feel of driving, and the monetization used are each terrible. Progression has daily limit. AI is presented as real players..Version: 1.0.1

Obsessed but always glitchesI am legit obsessed with this game it’s so much fun but it always has error after a game and I don’t get the coins and when I’m using rubies on the cannon it will take my rubies and then come up with error so I don’t get anything and I’ve lost so many 😩😭 please fix this.Version: 1.2.0


Game CrashesAfter being excited for the game for a while now, I cant even play it because in the tutorial the game crashes before i can even pick how i want to drive. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.Version: 1.0.1

MaintenanceUh, maybe release it after maintenance so we’re not getting so excited for nothing. But other than that game looks superb. So that said I can’t really do a star rating because I can’t even play the game yet. Thanks.Version: 1.0.1

Pretty good game, but..This game was exciting the least being able to play it on your phone. It’s pretty much the same basic game it was from me being a kid, but there’s a couple issues that I find very, VERY annoying. As it comes to skill, I’d say I’m pretty good at drifting but, as it turns out from my experience, attempting to turn in such a way can get the character to stay in a turning animation, which annoys the crap out of me, I look at the top left corner of my screen as my character is STILL stuck in the turning animation, reading the words “7th place”, you kidding me right? I was just in 1st..It only gets worse...I like being in first, you’d probably be too, it’s fun to get a challenge here and there, trying to keep your place in 1st, get bumped behind from the person in 2nd, all of a sudden you’re here waiting for your character to move, and it’s just staying there??? Your suddenly NOT in 1st, no, you’re in 4th, now 6th, and now you’re in last, and wait? That was the last lap too?? Okay... I have to win now, no exceptions...yess I’m in first again, there’s no stopping me this time..finally the last lap, I got this one in the bag.. oh shoot, a shells about to hit me, my character isn’t moving again! It’s literally, taking, its time.. wait what happened?? I was just in first?? No wait..I’m in last, again.. and everyone has already crossed the finish line...Version: 1.0.1

Steering is buggyWhat the title says.Version: 1.0.1

Progress resets every 2 weeksAs a casual player, I'm frustrated that my progress is reset to the easy races every 2 weeks. Each time I log on, I have one track available with no challenge. Even if I spent money, I can't unlock more fun races. Rather than resetting progress, I propose this to allow players to progress. In each tour, remember how many gold stars are earned in each cup (out of 18.) At the end of the tour, these gold stars become silver stars in the relative cups of the next tour, and contribute towards unlocking cups. Cups unlocked by silver stars are immediately playable, without completing prior cups. If a player earns gold stars in a cup that has silver stars, only the gold stars in excess of the silver stars are counted. So if in the first tour you earned 18, 17 and 12 stars in the first three cups, then you would start the second tour with 47 silver stars. In the second tour, third cup, earning 15 gold stars would give 3 more stars for unlocking cups, which would carry on to future tours. Gifts are only unlocked by gold stars, not silver stars. This way you don’t start the tour with a bunch of unlocked gifts, you still have to earn them. Tour Challenge stars are reset each tour, meaning you might fall back one or two cups, but not lose all of your progress..Version: 1.1.1

Ice Tour is the Tipping PointYou started off rough but I held out hope for you. You got better, but you hit your peak not even into December. The last good tour was the Halloween Tour. Hell, I saved up for it since I knew what was coming. But now you’re back to square one, back to pampering the Whales, and even Goldpass users are getting the shaft! I want you to get better, which is why I’m calling you out on your scummy practises of not changing the shop lineup in months, not giving out enough rubies to anyone not willing to pay, and the absolutely horrible way you’re handling tiers beyond tier 20. If you see this review of mine, random reader, I plead of you, change your vote to 1 Star. Otherwise, they’ll just make it hell for everyone that isn’t a whale..Version: 1.4.1

Fun but the P2P scheme is extortionate$80 for items that are near impossible to get from a pipe so it seems like your paying to progress in the game and the prices are ridiculous. I LOVE the game but hate the low threshold on daily coin/xp caps. If you’re looking for something immersive and are willing to pay, just use the money for Mario Kart Tour on Switch..Version: 2.10.0

LuigiWhere’s Luigi?.Version: 1.0.1

Terrible steeringMake it so u can play horizontally or fix the garbage steering options.Version: 1.0.1

Recommend but I’ve got one problemSince the new update where the logo and load page changed I’ve been noticing that every time I try and play the game it crashes and I have to delete the cached data in-game but then it tells me to download all the changes that have been made to the game itself when I’ve already done that three times because of this problem. Please fix this so I and maybe some other people that are experiencing the same thing as me can enjoy the game properly again. Other than this I have nothing negative to say about this game and I love it so much! I really like the way that the controls are designed for when you’re racing because you don’t have to keep on turning your phone just to play a game! I also love the characters, the karts and the gliders. Recommend to anyone who loves Mario games..Version: 2.0.1

GarbageIf you like paying monthly and lots of micro transactions this is the game for you.Version: 1.0.1

Slot machines for kids, its not even a gameThe game is basically pay to win, also is the gacha element really necessary? And the monthly subscription, I’d rather buy a game than to pay for a subscription. I’m gonna play sonic instead, their graphic isn’t as good but at least it’s not pay to win and they support controllers. Oh, it’s also 7.99 per month too I, and many others, was hoping this game will be like the rest of Mario kart, where i can have a fun afternoon with my friends, this is so far from what we were expecting Edit: I found out they are programmed to let you win, you cant lose even if you don't touch the screen, so it’s not even a game. That makes it just a slot machine, and the age rating is 4+ makes it really disgusting. Hence changing my 3 stars rating to a 1 star..Version: 1.0.1

Fun and addicting, but some sketchy moves by NintendoFew things I found wrong here after playing for awhile. The number of different maps is limited, as each cup just makes a random combination choosing from a selection of maybe 10-12 of them. Secondly, just the option to pay for a “gold pass” (5$ monthly) is annoying to me. I hate in game subscriptions that just make you better than other players, it takes the fun out of the grind. Plus, limiting the amount you can level up riders, carts, and gliders in one day makes it seem like a clear money grab as the game forces you to pay for extra coins, gems, gold pass, etc. lastly, the obvious attempt at deceiving the players making it seem like they’re playing online when in reality it’s bots with creative names is a bit sketchy. I’ve seen tons of reviewers on the App Store alone actually believing that they are playing against real players when they enter a cup. This is a big deal because once you find out everything is just computer AI, it gets repetitive and boring fast. I really enjoy the way they condensed the game-play to fit into the quick style of phone games, I appreciate the grind aspect even if it seems to be cornering me into paying, and I hope the multiplayer that comes out on Saturday can redeem the other poor qualities of Mario Kart Tour. For now though, 3/5 is about the most you can give it..Version: 1.0.1

Great game but controls and cups are not goodI liked this game when it first launched but after playing it for a while I realise this is not the kind of mario kart game I want to play. It shouldn’t be necessary to earn stars to unlock each cup and neither should I have to be forced to pay to unlock mario and earn more characters in the game. Controls are useless, tried all options and none of them work well in 100cc or 150cc. The gold pass is a joke, There shouldn’t be any need to unlock 200cc by paying a monthly subscription to get it. Worst mario kart game ever..Version: 1.0.2

Doesnt feel rightFirst of all, youre playing this game vertically, you will only use 1 finger to control your character, everybody feels like a bot.what happen to buttons like in the nitendo switch, and you cant fall out of maps , wth thats the main element in mario kart , taking that away would just be some boring racing kart game,.Version: 1.0.1

I never thought I’d give this game 3 starsTbh this game is really great. People are always hitting it down because of the terrible pipe system but if you look past that, you got a solid Mario Kart game. So I’m sure you are wondering... why am i rating this 3 stars? It’s because of the Nintendo Account. You see when you download MKT you need to link a Nintendo account to play. Now i get that because you would wanna save your stuff but COME ON! That should have been optional because that could easily turn off new comers who just want to play Mario Kart on the go. Anyway back to MY personal issue. I used to use my Sister’s Nintendo account cause she originally download the game on her phone and made an account but i recently got a switch so we needed to make new accounts for both of us. This now confused the game and would now need verification. Since i now had my own account i decided to use that but then the game crashed. I exited out and opened it up again and it CRASHED! And there wasn’t a single thing i could do about it. So now every time i open the game it crashes. I’m gonna re-download the game to see if that works but STILL why...just WHY Nintendo. (But like i said this is a solid Mario Kart the horrible pipe system aside, a good game 🙂).Version: 2.6.2

Not very impressed...I thought this was a great game originally with amazing graphics and I got addicted quick. I waited ages for an update so I can play multiplayer on my phone. When the update was released MONTHS after waiting I wasn’t able to unlock it and had to PAY for it. I am not impressed! Seriously?!? I am now bored of the game after all the waiting and I can’t even get what I waited for. I shouldn’t have to pay extra money for a future update that took ages and I shouldn’t have to pay extra money just so that my family member (who’s device was not compatible) can play the game with me. The game would get 5 stars if all areas of the game were available to everyone- not just people who pay extra for a “gold pass”. I will not be giving away my money just so that I can play multiplayer, I don’t even want the extra benefits of the gold pass I literally just wanted to play multiplayer. I will soon be deleting Mario Kart Tour if I continue only having the option to play the game if I pay..Version: 1.4.1

Money HungryWhat an annoying money hungry game! They make it nearly impossible to get any good characters, cars, or gliders. The only way is if you pay money for rubies to do endless pipe pulls that ALWAYS give you the same thing! They have a daily shop that updates and it’s literally the same stuff every other day... they don’t care about the people they just want to make money. Totally over it! Do better..Version: 2.6.2

Communication errorThe game was working fine yesterday then when I tried downloading data it kept crashing then I couldn’t play the game. When I opened it it would sit at 12% loading then a communication error notice would pop up. I kept refreshing the game but it’s not working..Version: 1.0.1

Bad Choice By Nintendo, here’s why:Nintendo has always been a large part of people’s childhood, being played on the “DS” systems and the “WII” consoles. Putting on Mobile will only decrees the value of the DS and WII, therefore less people will buy it, which means less money for Nintendo. In my opinion, I think putting the Mario-Kart game on mobile takes the fun out of playing it on the WII and The DS consoles. It was a poor decision by Nintendo, and people are too gullible to see it. After all, I have to say that this is my opinion and there is no need to take it seriously. It’s just what I think, and I think it’s fair to have a say on the internet. The game itself is alright, but I would much rather play it on the DS and the WII. This is my opinion, I think some people should at least consider it..Version: 1.0.2

JunkPiece of junk keeps crashing on iPhone 8 this really grinds my gears.Version: 1.0.1

Poker / Slot machine pretending to be Mario KartAfter completing the simple ‘Mario Cup’, it became obvious the game was inspired by gambling. Listen in a casino - the machines make quick and stimulating sounds. When you “pull the pipe” for 5 rubies (Nintendo’s terminology for a spin), the game rewards you with an accessory for your car. But players can gamble more rubies (15) for 10 pulls of the pipe. Each reward is labelled as something encouraging - “HIGH END!” This makes you think maybe one more pull (ugh) and maybe I’ll win something even more rare. The sound effects and graphical flourishes are just like what you get in casinos. Only here it’s marketed as the number 1 racing app for families. Hmm. I’ll go get more rubies to pull the pipe for 10 more rounds..Version: 1.0.1

Multiplayer had so much potential.Multiplayer feels very lacklustre; there is absolutely no incentive to ever go back to multiplayer unless with friends because of the nature of how the game is designed. There is no sense of diversity because the game encourages the player to pick the most suitable character and the problem with that is that the gameplay within multiplayer feels unfinished, it feels mundane. Typically everyone plays as the same character and the game doesn’t reward you on your racing skills, rather racking up the most number of points at any given map. Instead of focusing on character selection, go back to the roots of Mario Kart; make it so that you can’t change characters after every map because honestly, everything feels the same. Or better yet, go back to one item per item box, at least in multiplayer. I honestly would rather play in the single player cups than on multiplayer, unless I’m playing with my friends. There is so much potential wasted; the single player was fine because the AI didn’t pick the same sets of characters at least..Version: 1.6.0

Has the potential to be a great game but greed won’t allow for thatThe game is good. It’s fun to play and it doesn’t glitch also the characters and cars are fun to collect. My issue is with how expensive everything is and how hard it is to get new cars gliders and characters. I purchased 10 goes of the pipe for 45 rubies which I had saved up in hopes of getting the spotlight character (Halloween Rosalina) I was disappointed though when I only got one new collectible out of the 10 I payed for. I don’t have that many of the collectibles either. It seems the pipe just gives the same thing over and over. During the last tour it was the same. I saved up my rubies and was disappointed by what I was given by the pipe. I’d suggest saving your rubies to use in coin rush to buy characters you actually want however the downfall of this is you can’t buy the spotlights. Hopefully in the future things change and the game will become more fun rather than frustrating..Version: 1.1.1

Worthless effortThe New York cup was great, 5 stars, now I’d give the game 2. Why? The rewards you get are so insignificant it almost feels not worth playing anymore. Log in bonuses are pointless, getting a glider token to boost your points up by about 12 is worthless. The gifts you unlock by gaining stars are worthless as well - in the first cup you’d get good characters and karts, now you get maybe 100 coins, again pretty worthless especially for completing all the cups. It’s also impossible to level up drivers above level 3. The limit on coins and points you get is frustrating as well as it feels like you never can make much progress each day and how are you meant to buy the best items in the shop if the daily coin limit is so low? (apart from paying real money for them!)... Finally the challenges you complete should be worth far more than they are, especially the harder ones. For example, 100 race wins for only 3 rubies? Seriously?? The amount of effort you have to put into this game to get the tiniest reward out of it does not feel worth it at all..Version: 1.0.2

Crash!!!This game crash every time it won’t let me pass the tutorial. Is there’s going to be a fix for this soon?.Version: 1.0.1

Fun at first, but nowCompared to when I first started playing, seems like the number of cups in each tour have gone down; and it takes forever for the next tour to come out, so it gets boring playing the same cups over and over. In the latest tour, the last cup, the only way to get 4 or 5 stars is to have high end drivers/karts/gliders...that’s BS. I’ve fired the pipe at least 30 times during this latest tour and I’ve only ever gotten 1 high end and 1 super. So you either pay for more rubies to fire the pipe again or you just don’t get the stars. Trash. Multiplayer is cool, but I’ve been booted out of so many multiplayer races which causes my ranking to lower, I didn’t choose to quit the race, I’m always connected to WiFi, so why should my ranking be affected, it wasn’t my fault. Also, in multiplayer, I just can’t believe some of the things that how am I getting hit by something every 3 seconds, or how was I way ahead of the group one second, then last the next second. I don’t think this game matches you up with players who are on or close to the same ranking as you, even though it’ll say we’re all the same ranking. Always feels like there’s something off about multiplayer. Shady. Definitely not getting any more of my actual money (canceled Gold Pass, spent max $40 for rubies). Just thinking about trying to level up makes my blood boil now, might just have to delete this app, no longer fun like it used to be..Version: 2.0.1

Great game, but could be improvedI enjoy the game greatly, it’s a fun way to kill time and the graphics are awesome to see on an iPhone and not on a Switch or Wii-U. The concept is fair and I enjoy the gameplay. However, there are some thing that should be changed in my opinion. For example, there is a daily limit on how much you can upgrade your items. And another one I would like to stress is that as you progress, each level gets increasingly difficult to rack up points, thus obtain more stars to unlock more cups. To me, that just doesn’t make sense. The average points received on a good game (considering you got 1st place, drifted, jump boosts, fought your way to 1st, etc.) you would probably get around 4 to maybe 6 thousand points. But in the later cups, 6 thousand points barely gets you three stars, while in the before cups, you’re easily getting five stars. I just don’t see how it’s possible to get ten thousand points in a single 2-lap race, when getting points is capped daily. So each item, and each character can’t be leveled to the full potential because of the max variety, and the daily caps. If these things were to be fixed or tweaked somehow, I would easily give this a five star rating. This is such a good, unique mobile game but these issues are just roadblocks for me and whoever else plays the game..Version: 1.0.2

Good game but terrible value for moneyI’ve had this game about a year now and always loved Mario karts but this has turned me against Nintendo I pay £5 a month for the gold pass which is £60 a year but the benefits are only slight the last 3 tours I’ve pulled over 30 times on the pipe and only got two high end characters and unless you pay £40 for a character you just won’t get them 100 items in each pipe is too many it would take 450 rubies to empty that pipe and bear in mind 135 rubies is nearly £50 to buy in game you do the maths it’s a shame because although I love racing I’m getting sick of paying but having no way of accessing some characters karts or gliders no matter how hard or long you play Some people must of spent fortunes on this game and Nintendo are making plenty of money out of it it’s their second highest grossing game but for me I’m done I think it’s just so frustrating that it has to be all about money rather than fans of the game who don’t mind paying £5 a month but refuse to pay hundreds just to access parts of the game that are inaccessible otherwise Sorry Nintendo but you’ve lost me for good.Version: 2.14.0

Considerably Harder Without “Gold Pass”As someone who has deactivated Gold Pass after two years subscribed; Mario Kart is considerably harder with the $5 a month subscription. One race I finished in first but the AI flew ahead as my wheels touched the finish line and the game observably changed “1st” to “2nd”. There have been far more projectiles experienced after discontinuing Gold Pass. I think Nintendo’s push for monetizing this game is strong. Due to the evident push for monetization for this game; I’d rather quit than resubscribe. After two years of premium prices the game has been slow to innovate or make any real changes. It feels like there’s only one new course per update and the rest of the courses are heavily recycled if the full tour is played. Nintendo rarely has sales across all their games and I can see that some of that is due to the care and innovation they install in their games. Where many games today are pushed out based on false pretenses and incomplete. However Nintendo’s premium prices do not seem justified for Mario kart and there appears to be more greed than innovation and care. The real life costs to clear a character pipe are insane and it’s only for a few select items. AND there’s more than one pipe at the same expensive rate each event. Mario Kart on the phone is just a big money grab from Nintendo in my opinion. I think Nintendo should re-evaluate Mario kart for mobile. Thank you if you took the time to read all this!.Version: 2.10.1

I like itIt’s a realy fun gamę and It’s not £40 pounds like on switch It’s Just that the challenge pickup a dropped mushroom for speed is IMPOSSIBLE No one has monty mole and id you manage to find one of the peaches They NEVER use the mushroom cannon but apart from that It’s a Good gamę apart from multiplayer that is trash. I think you can mąkę the gamę better by having a event shop every tour so instead of trying to get insanely lucky with the spotlights you can collect enough money to get lets say nabbit because It’s the Spotlight right now and also i like turtles and hamatetssters and also during the cups i Dont think you should go down a level when you get beaten by some one it takes along time to level up and then snap you go down one level without teliing you i think it should notificate you if some one beats you. Also people who buy stuff have a HUGE advantage i got beaten in cups many times by people who bought the bulldozer pack that’s Just annoying Ok bye.Version: 2.4.0

Editing my review. Lost another star.Edit: You made the game much worse. The players that I am going against have gotten higher points than me in the Tour Ranking System, which caused me to lose a tier last tour. I preferred the previous system — 3 tiers up for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and no tiers down. But the new system — only 1st place getting 3 tiers up — can get me to lose so many tiers that I’ll go back to Tier 19. And I understand that it gets harder, but now it’s too hard. Please change this and I’ll put it back to a four star. Original: The game is fun and I have gotten addicted. If you see a person named iRxsesAreRed, that’s me, right there. However, I do not like the maximum coin and EXP amount. I end up getting the max in 30 minutes and it’s just annoying. I understand, but I like to grind a ton and it’s preventing me from doing that a lot. Maybe we should pay 100 coins to grind more, or just get rid of the maximum coin and EXP per day count. Change that and I’ll make it a five star. Actually, no, because that just means it’s perfect. Games are never perfect. Edit: The price of the Gold Pass is cheap, in my opinion, but the character packages are too expensive. Also, I agree with some reviews, the cost of purchasing Rubies are too expensive. 2 Rubies should had been $0.99, not $3. That’s just a big cash-grab..Version: 1.4.1

You have to payI was originally going to give this 5 stars because it really is a good game, however it’s only good if you pay for it. A lot of things in the game such as the “gold pass” are pretty much an essential thing if you want to keep playing the game. But it costs money, £5 every month. Without using the gold pass you miss out getting rubies, karts, gliders and more- which are kinda essential to the game. Without it, it makes it hard to play. They are constantly bringing out new different looking karts, characters, gliders making it practically impossible to get all of them because of how many there are. It’s difficult to keep up! I just wish they made it a bit easier to get the stuff, because even when you use rubies to fire the pipe- it uses up a large amount of rubies and you mostly end up winning the basic items- which then feels like a waste of rubies. Overall it is a good game, and becomes addictive but just wish they made it easier and had the gold pass for free, because I have been thinking of deleting the game because I can’t keep affording the gold pass every month, for something that is essential if you want to do well in the game..Version: 2.1.1

Started of great until updatesStarted of really good and entertaining, and as a free game I was enjoying it as I have accessibility to all races. Micro transactions aren’t much of an issue as races and challenges help you earn. That was until the recent update, in which all previous ranking was removed as well as old races in which I had been trying to complete to the highest score- even saving coins for characters to help me win. The update has introduced new characters, most characters cannot be used to get high scores unless for one of 20+ races that Nintendo decides they are applicable for. With the new update I find that I am easily bumped out of the way by other players regardless of the momentum I have or the boxes I have. I believe there are other issues with this new update that are trying to force you into buying new characters, cars and gliders with real money, so me and my friends have stopped playing. Hopefully with the next update there will be less characters so you can actually stand a chance of reaching a frenzy character but until then I won’t be playing..Version: 1.0.2

FUN. BUT, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE AND REPETITIVE.My feelings towards this game are sort of a love and hate type of thing. In the beginning I loved it more for nostalgic reason than anything else, but that only lasted but so long. I eventually developed a hate for game bc I realized in order to stay competitive I’d have to spend real money something I was not willing to do, so I stopped playing all together. Fast forward some months later I began playing again, and I dreadfully decided to get the gold pass, and even made a few random purchases on ruby’s, and a couple other small bundles which I admit it got me excited to keep playing again, but eventually it felt stagnant once again only this time it cost me money. I get it they have to make money that’s not really my problem with the game. My problems are one being the whole raffle based spending of your rubies (which you more than likely paid for) the odds you get anything useful are super slim. Two I don’t like how you can’t level up off racing alone, the whole needing point tickets (which are super hard to get) to level up karts,glider’s, and characters that you’ve already earned (or paid for) is just a bit ridiculous. Last the cups are all the same maps just randomized with one new themed course ran again and again paired with the same characters in new outfits. I wish they offered different elements and actual modes of gameplay instead..Version: 2.12.1

Insanely over-pricedThis ios game can easily become well more expensive than just purchasing a Nintendo switch and Mario kart game for the console. In order to move forward in the game you have to collect stars. In order to get enough stars to move on you need the characters from the pipe and the odds of getting them are crazy low. Buying rubies will give you more turns to fire off the pipe, but they are insanely over-priced. To get all the characters you will need to win, you’ll need to spend~$20-$40 for the bundles or up to $70 for rubies *each* new tour to be able to gain enough points to win cup matches. Basically, it costs money to win, so anyone who can’t afford to buy the rubies/characters will ultimately have to settle for losing cup matches or try to get really lucky on the pipe (you can win first place all day, but if you don’t have enough to level up and get the new characters, you won’t earn enough points to move up). The current Ice Tour is a great example. In the Rosalina Cup, you have to have a vanilla Mario to activate frenzy mode in the second race. Vanilla Mario costs $40. The point of the game is to win, so you want to get the most points. In order to get the points, you’ll need to activate frenzy mode. So again, unless you can afford to buy the new characters, you will lose and not move forward in the game after a certain point, even if you’re winning first place..Version: 1.4.1

ErrorThe game kept crashing 🤦🏻‍♀️😤.Version: 1.0.1

I wish I could like this gameThis game essentially discouraged you from playing it and is completely pay to win. $4.50 a month for the gold pass is ridiculous and around $37 just to get enough gems for 10 pipes of which you might not even win anything good with? Eat my cheeks Nintendo. Not only that but as you progress in the game and improve your characters, karts, and gliders, the cpus seems to get infinitely more difficult. You get to a point where you feel you’re doing really good then the game screws you over by making it impossible without paying tons of money. I’ll just go play Mario Kart 8 with complete fairness and much better graphics and controls. Not to mention every other Mario Kart game has a great variety of stages and characters. This one gives you Pauline but somehow skips Luigi. REALLY!?! NO LUIGI!?! What happened to Mario BROS??? And the stages are so limited, you get like ten and it sometimes changes direction or ramps but that’s it. Speaking of controls, is this really the best you could do Nintendo? It works when you get used to it but it could be so much better. One other thing is the competitive ranked cup or whatever. It’s fun to compete with your friends but it’s completely lucky based on how many good frenzies you get and whether or not the CPUs don’t screw your over. I’m not going to play a game that discourages me to play it unless I invest my life saving into it. Nintendo can go stick it up their rear..Version: 1.0.1

The game is trash and pay to winYou basically have to buy gems to get anything and the gems are not cheap either. And to make it worse they made a subscription service to make it even more pay to win..Version: 2.4.0

Only Good for So LongAt first, I was really excited while playing the game. But now to even get high scores, you have to buy the specific carts/drivers/gliders or spend all your gems on a game of chance to win any of the mentioned items. Or buy the subscription gold pass service. Multiplayer mode is still pretty dodgy (connection and gameplay wise) plus you can only access one public room (if you’re not willing to pay for the gold pass) or play with friends in local mode. At the end of the day, to be completely satisfied with the game, you best get that wallet out. Otherwise you’ll be left in the dust of those willing to pay $40+ for a game pack that includes one cart and 5 gems..Version: 2.0.1

Took something perfect and made unbearableThe newest update has made the game glitchy and the controls that were once hypersensitive are now like driving a car without power steering. Disappointing for such a reputable developer..Version: 2.0.0

DisappointingPaywall and lack of multiplayer is horrible. Nintendo should be ashamed..Version: 1.0.1

Where’s LuigiGive me Luigi you have some whack characters but no Luigi.Version: 1.0.1

Not f2p friendlyNow that the two week trial for the gold pass is up, for players who did it day 1 like myself, I think the player base will drop unless some changes are made. Micro transactions aren’t going away so my gripe isn’t really that, it’s the fact that the game isn’t very f2p friendly. Limits on experience for karts, characters and gliders are very low and the daily limit for coins is pathetically low. For this game to be f2p friendly, there needs to be higher limits otherwise the game becomes pretty boring aside for the 30 mins you can get exp and coins for. I’ve played this game hard for two weeks and despite getting the gold pass rewards, there are still a couple of coursesin the last cups that cannot be 5 starred. Going forward this will be extremely common for f2p simply due to lack of resources. Unless some big changes are incoming, I’ll be deleting the app within the next few days. I’ll see what the new tour looks like but remaining competitive is going to be too much hard work..Version: 1.0.2

Good, but has some issuesTo begin with, the game is great fun. Usual Mario kart stuff. Frenzied races etc. As you go up the CC’s from 50cc to 150cc, the difficulty increases as you’d expect. But in some cases at 150cc especially, the other racers can seem really overpowered in terms of their attack. You can easily get pummelled from 1st into 8th at times. The biggest issue for me however is the micro transactions. I see some people saying that it’s handled well, but I disagree. Micro transactions are never handled well. That’s the point in them. The core of the game is amassing as many points as possible to unlock stars, which in turn unlocks more races. As you progress through the game though, it’s designed in such a way that points, and thus stars, become a lot harder to obtain. This funnels you towards the micro transactions paywall. Accumulating any of the required items, such as coins and gems, becomes more difficult and sparse. So purchasing the required racers and karts to get the bonuses needed to obtain the points needed becomes nigh on impossible. So the game ends up not really progressing much further. They also added a pay monthly option on top of the micro transactions, in order to unlock 200cc, to help you obtain those points you valuably need. All in all, the game starts of fun. But unfortunately Nintendo has taken a great franchise and went the predatory route with it..Version: 1.0.2

CrashesAfter pulling down the pipe and a character popping up, it immediately crashes.Version: 1.0.1

Used to be greatI enjoyed the way the game was laid out before where you could use pipes to get characters, buy rubies with the tokens and also sometimes get characters with tokens from the tour or even coins. Now all the coin and token prizes are really crappy and the only way to get good characters is to fork out 150 rubies. Which the only way to collect enough is to spend actual money. What a shame..Version: 3.1.0

RiggedI played this game a lot but it’s rigged. Multiplayer lets you win once every 40games - they’ll always hit you before the line or if make sure you’re at the back. Even with the gold subscription/upgraded drivers/vehicles/gliders, I’m constantly coming at the back until they let you win one. My stats will be higher than other players yet they get the higher’s quite frustrating. Don’t bother..Version: 2.4.0

Hate love relationshipAs much as I love this game and play every day, even have a gold subscription, it pains me that the multiplayer in this game is shocking. I can't enjoy it at all. The main issue is when you hit someone with an item, they don't seem to get affected and if anything seem to boost and get away from you even more, it is so frustrating. This happens every game since it was released, you actually feel like you are being cheated!! This justifies a 2 star drop, don't release something that's broken and not fix it!! Another issue I have with the game is that I have got characters, karts and gliders to the max level only for a release to come out to raise the max level even more! I think this is unfair, and more a money making scheme as I have had a few duplicates that I get quite less coins for. Overall game is very enjoyable, but not multiplayer, I'm giving up on it and I'm S+3, and stop raising the max level of characters, karts and gliders in order to profit more from selling rubies etc..Version: 2.14.0

Needs work.The controls are janky, you can only play with your device upright and it seems to be lacking in content although they still have their prices set high on micro transactions. Not really the game I want to spend my time playing until it has some major updates to the delayed gyro controls or the ‘hard drift to turn slightly’ setting you can play on without any real context as to what you’re getting into. I don’t really think any of the game is currently worth it..Version: 1.0.2

Attention Developers‼️‼️‼️I love this game. I have since I was a child. But lately I’ve been unable to play because it won’t load the game, it’s constantly asking me to download something and even after I do it will say the game has crashed. I was loving playing this game again and just got back into it but every time I’ve tried to play this week I’ve waited minutes upon minutes Nd it just won’t load. Even if I’m on WiFi, or if I try using my data. No matter what it’s problems. I was playing for weeks with this Happening occasionally but now it’s just to the point I’m about to give up because I can’t get the game to even start up! And yes I’ve downloaded all the updates and extra in-game downloading but I expect a game to start up in seconds, not hours lately *maybe’* I’d really like to get back into the game so if you can resolve this issue that would be great. When this game is working I will give it 5 stars but the technical difficulties are making me feel like I’m in 2002 again. Not 2020. I realize this is a difficult time in the world right now but it’s been happening far longer than that and only gotten worse and worse. And we shouldn’t have to download something every other day that should be fixed too. Please get back to me when bug fixes are actually resolved. Thanks for your time. I hope your team will read this review..Version: 2.0.1

Pretty good so far.(Please note I am writing this review during the FIRST TOUR and my complaints may be fixed in a future update.) So far, the game is alright. It controls well and runs surprisingly smoothly, but that doesn’t mean it is devoid of issues. Firstly, microtransactions. They aren’t so bad compared to other gaming companies (EA I’m looking at you) but most features such as 200cc and literally playing as Nintendo’s flagship character are locked behind a paywall. Secondly, the game can be misleading at times. A big example of this is Luigi. He appears in the promotional art / the title screen, but is unplayable in the game itself. As well as this, the game has a facade of playing with other people. When you join a race, it randomly generates names for each of the racers to create an illusion of playing with other people. However, it’s not that bad if you just ignore it. Finally, your lengths. Each tour lasts 2 weeks, which is unnecessarily long. I get that Nintendo needs time to make new courses for the next tour, but I feel as if the tours could be a day or two shorter. Overall, this game plays very well but has some flaws that could be improved..Version: 1.0.2

Mario Kart’s always fun, but this one’s the worst.Why are all of Nintendo’s mobile games post-Super Mario Run so painful to play? You just want to play the game and have fun, but the game annoys you into wasting your money on what’s ultimately a garbage product. You just want to play as Mario, but you have to do this dumb gambling garbage that’s OUTLAWED IN CERTAIN COUNTRIES. Gee, I wonder why? You look at other games on the market and think “Sheesh, this game is not player friendly”, then you look at this game and wish you were playing something else instead. It’s the little things about this game that annoy me most, such as the way the music was sped up—done in such a way to which the pitch increases along with the speed, the horrendously high scores you need to get in order to get 5 stars in what’s ultimately a luck-based match, etc on top of etc. Online, TRUE online is the one thing that could’ve saved this game, and it’s coming, but why isn’t it just out now? Nintendo’s image isn’t looking too good. They were the good guys, the wholesome company. Now, the opposite is true. From the way they handled joycon drifting, to their mobile endeavors, this just isn’t right. It’s not the Nintendo I grew up with. This is EA levels of shady and detestable. If someone from Nintendo actual reads this message, GET SOME HELP. If any consumers are reading this, don’t waste your valuable time on this game. Play a legitimate Mario Kart, not this cheap knockoff..Version: 1.0.1

Controls are awfulCmon Nintendo how hard is it for you not to make a stupid business move. Fix the awful controls..Version: 1.0.1

Nintendo: ever the letdownPop ups invade your game incessantly, making you watch the same animations time and again, wasting the same amount of time you spend playing the actual races. Its designed to keep you playing longer and not getting anywhere so that you make micro transactions that aren’t even worth it. Its straight luck ALL the time to complete a course ahead of the pack and with three stars because of the power ups. You can be a top notch racer but still get hit by a blue first place hunter or lightning and end up in dead last out of nowhere for absolutely no reason. If you don’t get multiple frenzies from that special character for each specific race (which is entirely luck based and their algorithm makes you play it dozens of times before you’ll get what you need) good luck getting those stars. Aside from that, the drift and steering controls only work about half the time. Go figure given how luck based the game to begin with. It’s a cheap and nasty phone game to keep customers pliant for their next “big release” which is usually a let down anyway, relying on old fans to bring in the new fans who will play the same tired old games that dont even work. I never fail to be disappointed by their products mostly because they never respond to the feedback with updates that fix the bugs. They just ignore it and go off the “5 stars” that avid fans give them in SPITE of poor quality gaming because they are avid fans. Shocker..Version: 1.6.0

Great game, but wait......Great graphics, sounds, and gameplay during races (a couple tweaks to allow turning and drifting without using motion controls would be nice however). As of now this game is a cash grab (I’ll get to this later), with the only “online” feature is to compete for the highest score in the one ranked cup that is opened. In this game the score is calculated based on how well you place, what karts/characters/gliders you use on a level to level basis, tricks, and item use. Other than tricks and placement in races, everything is dependent on your collection of parts and characters which give you various buffs in race, which all happen to be locked behind a loot box system that is the entire progression system. If you want to unlock or level up your characters and parts you use the pipe each costing 5 rubies, which paid for costs $2 for 3 rubies (bonus thrown in for bulk). The other option is the gold pass, this costs $5 a month, giving you a few more awards and the fastest game mode, 200cc. If you do the math that’s triple Nintendo switch online for a year that now has a Mario kart game for free, and the same amount for the huge amount of games that come with Apple’s streaming service. If this game wasn’t pay to win, then it would get 5 stars, otherwise it’s stuck where it is..Version: 1.0.1

Disappointed in the steeringHorrible steering. What’s the point of the game if you can’t even steer the vehicle comfortably. Annoyed.Version: 1.0.1

Why bother.The latest updates sees limits on everything - this was already a painfully grindy game, and they’ve made it worse. You’re already limited on daily coins, and rubies are difficult to come by - now you can’t even raise your player level experience if you’ve maxed out on a track, FOREVER. At least if it reset per tour that would be something. I also seem to get nothing but standard prizes in the pipe now - given the odds I should be getting one or two gold, but no. Tiers have changed so only 1st and 2nd go up 2/3 tiers. This means I’ll have to wait at least 7 WEEKS to get to fulfil the challenge of Tier 30 if I don’t come 1st, 2nd or last. And let’s not even talk about the level boost ticket challenge. You’re not encouraging me to buy a gold pass, you’re encouraging me to stop playing. Playing 1000’s of races with little reward is boring. Dull. Pointless..Version: 1.4.0

PaywallWhy should I pay a monthly subscription for a game that you would normally buy and own. Why don’t you guys just charge 5-10$ for the game and have everything fully unlocked!? This is clearly a cash grab. On the plus side it has good graphics.Version: 1.4.1

You forgot someoneWhere is Luigi.Version: 1.0.1

Very disappointing :(The screen is vertical, should be tilted horizontal just like every race game. Also thought there was no tilt control but when I found it i was disappointed again. Plus your using tilt control with a vertical screen?? not what i hoped for, plz update. ALSO, we should be able to play with friends somehow?!!.Version: 1.0.1

Has the potential to be waaaaay betterI understand Nintendo wanted to go for the whole “play with one hand” type of thing but the game could be sooooo much better. For one I like the Wii version of mario kart a thousand times better...if its possible to create a controller for the wii on regular smart phones so that I can still play my Wii that would be nice so keep that into consideration. Anothee thing WHY IS THERE NO WIRELESS MULTIPLAYER!???!!!! I want to compete against my friends not against the computer and against some random players, thats what made mario kart, mario kart. You could play by yourself or compete against friends when needed. In reality I was being nice by giving it three stars, its not a bad game but it really could be better, the app really wont last long if you dont get the multiplayer option and then can the controls not be soooo simple because a landscape option for the phone would be ideal so that we can be in control of our speeds and even have a mobile device tilting option to steer because right now everything feels like its been figured out for us and takes away the players control over the game which is not the authetic mario kart because we chose our speed and we chose how to steer and we chose how to use items and this mobile app takes all of that away. Please please please please do better because we all know that you can..Version: 1.0.1

I’m only doing this since multiplayer is available nowThe game is ok and it’s addictive because of nostalgia and the gambling of the pipe (which has problems in its own but that’s not what this review is about) I’m a little disappointed in the multiplayer at the moment. I was surprised that the mechanic of only 3 or so characters could get 3 items and have a frenzy was still a thing. I think a better option would to give everyone three items but make the chances of having a frenzy higher for the characters that go along with the map. Second I know it’s still glitchy because it’s still in testing but the ones I’ve seen are items disappearing, “teleporting”, and freezing. I know since it’s online that much can’t be done about the freezing; but when the round starts I don’t understand why there’s a chance of being at the starting line for up to a minute waiting for a countdown. Everyone is already in the lobby and has chosen their carts why can’t the race start Second part of my complaints Why the limitations on coins and xp? I understand that they don’t want people to be op but three hundred coin limit per day is a little stingy especially when the store changes everyday and even gliders cost up to 500 coins alone. Also 80% of the time the store is just filled with items you already have ,and so is the pipe ,I don’t think I should be able to spend rubies and get over 3 duplicates especially since they are so hard to get.Version: 1.6.0

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