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Mario Kart Tour App User Positive Comments 2022

Mario Kart Tour app received 120 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mario kart tour?

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Mario Kart Tour for Positive User Reviews

Love this Game...HoweverIt’s been a while since I enjoyed a game like this on my phone, even as an Apple Arcade subscriber... I went ahead and ponied up for the Gold Pass about 1 month after starting Mario Kart Tour, and I’ve found that the value for Gold (Almost) made sense, you get access to a couple high level players, karts etc, and the extra loot from every gift box, as well as access to the 200cc courses, but that’s where the advantage stops. If you ever want to ace these courses (5 Star) from this point forward, it’s not so much a matter of your “skill” in play, as much as it is for the advantage gained by high level players, karts and kites that you would only access from the Pipe. Which means you need Rubies and Rubies are expensive and hard to earn without those higher level players... also the frequency of high level “wins” for plays is ridiculous IMO, i have spent over 1000 rubies on the pipes so far and it just feels like you come up short. This is why I chose to Cancel my Gold Pass, reset my profile and delete/uninstall Mario Kart Tour. Although I enjoyed the brief attempt at multi-player, I think I’ll stick to playing MK on my switch for the competitive feel. Maybe I’ll circle back around, but for now, the juice is not worth the squeeze..Version: 1.6.0

THIS GAME IS AMAZINGThis is by far one of the best mobile games ever created. First of all there are no ads even for free players. The gold version would be awesome if you have a couple extra bucks each month because it gives you an opportunity for more characters, karts, & gliders. And the selection of things is seemingly endless. There are SO MANY characters, karts, & gliders to win in the pipe. Challenges to keep up more motivation to play, leveling up all your stuff so even when you don’t get a new thing in the pipe you’re still leveling up your current items. They also have so many nostalgic courses and every once & a while will throw in some exclusive Mario Kart Tour courses. This game is amazing. Literally the only two requests I have is to make the gyro steering have an option to turn the sensitivity up, when I am not drifting I like to tilt my phone to steer but it’s not nearly sensitive enough so I end up having to use the steer touch control in the bottom left corner. Also, please bring back the Vancouver and the new rainbow road track, and maybe get a newer version of Bowser’s castle would be super awesome. Thanks for all of the hard work to the developers of this game. You guys kill it..Version: 2.4.0

It’s an ‘ok’ game that has so many potentials of improvementSo overall the game is ok, it’s not that lazy and is not a quick cash grab. The graphics are really nice, especially on a big and vibrant screen like the iPhone XR or 13. To me, the graphics are almost console quality, it’s similar to Mario Kart Wii which was a great game I grinded nonstop back then so yeah it gave me nostalgia too. The gameplay is same ol Mario Kart, the tracks are made very well, the models for everything too are well made and sometimes it gives me Mario Kart 8 vibes. The only complaint I have right now is the multiplayer mode and the controls. Let’s start with the controls, it’s a bit hard to control sometimes. I know it’s meant to be intuitive and simple or “minimalistic” or whatever but sometimes it’s just very hard to control. And finally the multiplayer mode, ok ima be real honest enough it’s dog water. The local multiplayer is not even real-time so my friends and I didn’t really enjoy it that much because we’re literally just racing with bot versions of our friends character and kart. Like bruh. The multi mode took an L. I hope Nintendo fixes this so the multiplayer is real-time not racing with BOTS!!! That’s all from me thank you..Version: 2.10.0

Doubts goneExcellent game, put off playing it for a while but it’s an amazingly well made game that any Mario kart fan should have a go at.Version: 2.6.1

A great game, however wish they fixed some things upA great game with many different characters and engaging levels. The controls are nice and easy to use with rarely any glitches. Many different weapons of choice which are very unique and make this game fun and entertaining. There are a few issues however such as constantly getting the same characters every single day which takes a while for me to make a single purchase for any vehicle, character and parachute and personally I wish it was 3 laps rather than 2. Sometimes the levels and challenges do get very repetitive. I also wish that the multiplayer was for all players, not just for the gold cup users. I wish every character is available for purchase when you want, not only having daily selections. I also wish they include the star as a item from the crates for all characters..Version: 2.1.1

A tour idea toad tour I'll explain everything👇🏻👇🏻I recommend u make a toad tour add characters like toads u haven't added, make a pipe where it's all of the toads add new tracks like toads turnpike,toads harbour,toads curcuit and others I forgot, also, my goal in this game is to get a character with every special item right now, I need a coin box,triple banana,giga bob omb and super bell so is it ok if u can add a character with one of those special items thx bless everyone that reads this and please listen to me it will make my year😁.Version: 2.9.2

Very funGame is really fun but there’s a problem with the control see when you I guess what I’m really trying to say is that when you remote control your character it doesn’t go where you want it to go it goes anywhere else and if you wanna brand new character for yourself it does it do that so you have to spit all your coins on characters instead of cars and stuff and now we got a buy new cars and stuff and we want the one we won and that’s kind of a rip off so I would have to say that it’s kind of unfair because because it’s not fair and I don’t like it anyway so if you like the character in the game it’s kind of like the ink traps and banana trap is set all the straps and those mystery boxes are fun but not that far because you know why it’s kind of hard because not to not get the one that you don’t watch so yeah it’s kind of unfair to others to all the people that play Mario kart real world tour so yeah that’s a love it I love that it shows me the different worlds and I get different cars and the characters and it’s really fun but I still want you to change the game a little bit make it a little easier said harder make it like four so we don’t fall off the course.Version: 2.8.0

LOVE THE GAME! Nintendo makes video games into our smartphones in a creative way!The fact that this game is the best it’s still point out a few references that I love when it was in the video game console: 1. Gyro-Control Ever since the Wii was released gyro-control made the experience feel & look better but today you’ve proven that you’ve made it better by adding this feature in the game & making ourselves more comfortable to play with. Also tbh I haven’t even tried an Xbox one controller on Mario kart but maybe next time. 2. Classic levels I really love the levels because some of these feel like nostalgia & to be fair some of the levels come from different games (e.g. Super Mario Odyssey) 3.GRAPHICS (IMPROVED A LOT!) When it comes to Nintendo they just don’t depend on JUST one device they depend on all devices by optimising graphics & making it look more better when I tried this on the iPhone 5s it still was playable in a decent 30 frames & didn’t had any lag at all! If we compare to newer phones we could see that the optimisation of these phone definitely stands out great! 4. Rewards Nintendo gives us rewards in different games which in fact started when Miitomo released calling the rewards program My Nintendo which is great! So I hope you love this comment I’m sorry if I wasted you’re time a little bit but I hope you appreciate it and I hope we’ll give you the best of luck Nintendo! -Ynigo Nintendo Fan.Version: 1.0.1

The best game everI think it’s wonderful, no glitching. Although I think the golden pass should be removed/made cheaper. Also in the shop it’s 3 rubies for £1.99 when you can just get that for completing a challenge! I like launching although I think that every Monday there should be a discount that it’s 10 launches for 10 rubies and 1 launch for 3. There should be challenges that are fairly hard and then the reward can be characters/karts/gliders. Ok so I know all the bargaining is weird. Bowser is my personal favourite. A good idea is that there should be one update sometime that in item boxes you can find an invisibility power that lasts 25 seconds. I love frenzy and I think it’s awesome! I think that there should be a MARIO kart as well. MARIO kart world tour is great and equally amazing To mario kart. Currently it’s Tokyo world tour. I love the spotlights. But I think the races should be a bit more Tokyo related. I was very happy when I saw this was realised. I think that this is in a way easier than mario kart, it’s usually three laps but here it’s 2. I love how easy it is! It’s very fun! It’s just as good without all my suggestions!.Version: 1.0.2

C0cONuT mALL!Love your game and love your franchise. It’s become so well known and so fun that everyone knows who Mario is. Especially Mario kart. And when I heard coming to mobile, I was very excited. However it doesn’t really bring what the old consoles did. If there was a way where instead of just hosting a room and heading right in to a random map, maybe you could do what every other Mario game does and have a map selection, if you are picking that map or that certain cup. Now trust me, there are so many maps in this game, and some characters excel in some of them, you would never be able to play all of the maps if you can’t choose, put those maps to use. Another thing with online is the friends, if there was a way to turn off AI so only your friends can play together that would be great. One last thing. We all want one certain map brought back to life. Now hear me out, this might be a bit of a stretch but everyone loved the coconut mall. It might of become a meme, but that might be a way to get more people to play. The iconic music and scenery, I would love to see it moving on from the old wii console. Thanks for listening! Hope that all my suggestions (I know a lot)is considered as I really want to be picking and choosing coconut mall, and playing with all my friends laughing throughout the track. Thanks!.Version: 2.9.2

Needs to be a little more realistic for players.Love this game. I literally play every day. However, - like the many others who have mentioned in their reviews - it is difficult to obtain rubies, and when you do, the pipe does not reward great prizes - even with the gold pass! I spend money on the gold pass every month, and I feel like I should get more perks with it other than being able to race at 200 cc and getting a few boosts tickets. Who in their right mind would spend $40 just to get a red yoshi and a bunch of rubies???? As much as I want a red yoshi or a red bullet blaster, I couldn’t even fathom spending that much in order to obtain them. It’s like this, you go into a store, such as paper source (for the girly girls out there), or game stop? (for the guys???, sorry no clue what dudes like), and you see a product such as heart shaped balloons or valentine themed tea that you don’t NEED but would love to have because they’re hella cute; I am guessing you would be willing to spend money on these things if it were in a reasonable price range, yes? And this would probably be beneficial to the sellers as well, right? Except you are all but surprised to see these unnecessary but alluring products require nearly half your budget for the week. It’s lame, really. Unless you’re rich, or spending money unwisely, it’s not very realistic for us commoners..Version: 1.6.0

Dipping in to new watersI think after most Nintendo games on mobile flopped (Yes I’m looking at you Super Mario Run) I didn’t have very high hopes for this game, especially after it was delayed. When it was released, this game was missing a lot of key features (which I unfortunately expected), such as a lack of a Multiplayer mode. However the game has gone above and beyond to fix these issues to make this Nintendo’s first successful mobile game. The one thing stopping this game from becoming 5-stars is the micro-transactions. You know it’s bad when there is a Twitter page devoted to bringing up things cheaper than the games more pricey items. I think that 2 things make this system bad. 1. THE GAME ACTUALLY GIVES YOU A BOOST This is the number 1 no-no for micro-transactions. Don’t give the player an in game boost because then it will be unfair for the people playing free-to-play and make them give up. This also may pressurise them into buying these packs to get better stuff which in my opinion is EXTREMELY unfair. 2. THERE IS NO WAY TO GET GUARANTEED GOOD STUFF. All of the packs are based on luck. There is no 100% in this game. This means that the player can spend thousands of pounds just to get nothing. It’s a disgrace. However, this game is still MarioKart. It is obviously a good game and I completely recommend giving this game a try as when you get used to the controls, it is a great alternative to the amazing fun of MarioKart 8 Deluxe. Thank you!.Version: 2.13.0

A couple changes could really improve game playFrom start up app is completely user friendly, easy to navigate as well as get started even if you don’t have a Nintendo profile. Once in the game it looks amazing, all the great memories of childhood come flooding back and you are reunited with your inner child. My only complaint is game play, as it is streamless and easy to use I feel it is lacking in both immersion as well as accuracy. Immersion, I feel playing the game in wide screen and giving the player a true left and right as well as throttle and break controls, or keep auto throttle and move weapon usage and drift on buttons, could even set it up for double tap in the direction of the turn to initiated drift or put turning on joystick but swiping left and right. Swiping left and right seems to have the vehicle constantly needing a direction input due to a lack of getting back on center too slowly or something of that nature. Game play, I feel if the above is changed it will completely improve game play and bring competitiveness forefront as well as the want to continue to play and advance through the game. Just my two pennies. Those are the only reasons I give the game 4 out of 5. Everything else in the game is amazing but those areas are lacking, playing on wide screen and a change to driving controls would be highly encouraged..Version: 1.0.1

Mario kartOverall, a great addition to the App Store. It was well needed and is pretty good. There are a few things that I would change, for example you are not actually allowed to fall off the edge, but instead it just nudges you to the track. Some people might see this as a good thing, but I personally dislike it as the DS version does this game justice. Another thing is the maps. More iconic maps need to be added such as yoshi falls, bowsers castle, and rainbow road. I also hope that multiplayer comes out soon. This will make a brilliant addition to the game, drawing in more players..Version: 1.0.1

Best game on the app storeThis is without a doubt the best game i’ve ever downloaded from the app store. It’s totally free, and there are zero annoying adverts. the fact that a new tour begins every 2 weeks with all new races goes to show much hard work must go into this game. there’s a huge variety of characters, karts and gliders and new ones are added frequently. you can race friends and people around you in multiplayer which is extremely fun. i was never a person to enjoy iphone games really, would use them for a few weeks and get bored, but i have been a daily player of this game for 7 months now and never felt bored. i’d like to say a huge thank you to the developers of this game because the attention to detail just makes the playing experience so fun. download it; you won’t regret it..Version: 2.10.0

Game crashMy game keeps crashing on this newest update and I can barely even finish a race :( before it crashes i experience lots of lag (up to 5-10seconds) in game until it crashes. I have a iphone 7 if that helps. pls fix. ty. edit: I have waited 2 weeks and still my game crashes. I cant even launch the game and file a report, let alone play a single race without my app crashing. please fix! I have been a gold member for many months and enjoy playing but I have had to cancel my subscription obviously..Version: 2.6.2

Amazing! But..I heard about this game a few months ago and was like “Oh my god! Finally!”, “ But what if it costs money?” but i was thrilled to find out it didn’t! I downloaded it first thing when I woke up on the 25th, and all was going well until the game crashed, i waited a day, hoping it would work, but it didn’t, so I deleted it then downloaded again, and it asked me for my information again, that I had put in the morning before (which took a good 7 minutes because I didn’t have an account. Regardless, I entered in my information and played again, overall it is an AMAZING game but there is a few minor bugs, which would be expected from new games on the app store. I would definitely recommend despite a small bug. I would give this a 9/10 because it’s free, fun and reminds you of your childhood!.Version: 1.0.1

Some improvements that could be made.I’ve been playing this game for a while and it’s an awesome game for sure, but there are some things I would like the developers to change which is why I’m not giving it a 5 star. Firstly, I don’t understand why we aren’t allowed to grind experience for our characters, karts and gliders. My point is, why is there a limit to the amount of experience you gain per day? Secondly, as you get a higher tier in the weekly ranking tournament, it gets way too hard to actually beat the other players or CP in the tournament and get a better score than majority of them. I’ve gotten 5 star on all the courses in the cup but I’m still at least 20,000 points away from the top player or CP! The competition is just getting way too hard and now the only way I can get gems to pull from the pipe is by claiming the daily rewards that only give me 5 gems at a time or slowly opening presents from earning enough grand stars during cups. Although they do give you quite a lot of gems overall, my point is that the competition in the weekly ranked tournament is too hard. I would really appreciate it if the developers would take this into consideration. It would be the absolute best if they could apply these changes but they probably won’t just listen to one person, so I would like them to at least understand what one of their players are feeling about their game with this review, if any of them even see it..Version: 1.4.1

Facking awesome gameThis game is specially played worldwide almost every country plays. My friend Riley LOVES it.i first played it on my grandma’s IPad and it was really lame because my characters where princess peach and the pink mushroom which was laaaaaame.Version: 2.0.1

Really good but want multiplayer and landscapeI’m loving this game and have completed/finished all the cups available for now, an awesome feature would be being able to play with your friends on you friends list, and to be able to play in landscape. Otherwise it’s an awesomeee game. 😁😂.Version: 1.0.1

!👍🏾When I first saw that nintendo was releasing Mario kart on mobile is the best news I’ve heard so far as in mobile games couldn’t get any better. Don’t get me wrong the gameplay of the game is really fun the best experience also with the main menu and the shop all those features are really nice for. Than when I come to find out I have to upgrade the karts and the gliders and characters It’s alright I don’t have a problem with it. On what I do is that it would be better if we where allowed to get a little more coins than we do same thing with the gems just feels like I’m not getting enough for the items in the shop. Another thing is I wish there weren’t that many limits to stuff and wish we could get a little more rewards in the game like items to upgrade and more coins, same with the gems. Just hope these things would happen in later updates oh and another thing that would make the game a little better don’t end up making the game be a “pay to win game” that would make the experience even better. Hopefully more characters are added in the game and karts, gliders, maps and the multiplayer hope it’s like the same experience like the Nintendo switch but besides that great game lots of fun something really new.!!!.Version: 1.0.1

You have to make a nintendo accountIt’s frustrating to New comers because once my friend wanted to play but he didn’t have a nintendo account and we just spent the whole day making one..Version: 1.4.1

I love it but two problems...Mario kart is an amazing game but as a another reviewer said it is really expensive for multiplayer and doesn’t everyone want multiplayer? Also it keeps wanting me to update it which is really annoying. But I really recommend to any Mario fan as it is an amazing game. I have had this game for years and it was amazing when I first got it but it’s just got worse sadly. Anyway if you fix these it will get a full five stars from me and sorry I have such long sentences because I hate full stops. But I recommend from age six plus to anyone ‘cause I don’t think there are anyone who like Mario under that age but I might be wrong? Who knows. Sorry this is quite long but I love to chat as I’m a big chatterbox. I hate Covid I can’t wait for June where hopefully everything will open up again. YAY! Bye and I hope you fix them. Stay safe..Version: 2.8.0

Personal honest thoughtsSo last year this game was announced and I must say I was pretty hyped. Anyway I’m only writing this review since people are very concerned about the micro-transactions (which is very understandable) since it’s a FREE TO PLAY game. However I must say Nintendo have handled this very well. Micro-transactions are displayed in the form of a pipe. You shoot things (Driver, Items, Karts) from said pipe to unlock them and as a way to push you towards paying, certain drivers can hold 1(the worst) - 3(the best) items per track. Karts also give you points the soul of the game. You earn points by using items, collecting coins and placing in higher positions. So these point and item boosts are very helpful, but it is entirely possible to get a decent amount of points even if your best characters for that track are mid tier at best. And as for the gameplay bit iffy at first but totally fine, not counting the drift issues and cpus in the cups without telling you. Final verdict, one of the best mobile games I’ve played, Nintendo’s new money maker and it’s better than super circuit..Version: 1.0.1

Great game, 10 out of 10.LOVE this new instalment to the MARIO kart series. It have everything you could hope for. Or does it? Random things have happened since the demo. Like characters such as Rosalina, Baby Rosalina, EVEN LUIGI have gone missing. Like those 3, the coopalings (I don’t know how to spell it) aren’t in the game like some arrivals said. I hope that these people get added in future tour (like Pauline and music mario) Or update. Another thing is the courses.i get that it’s a mobile game so they can’t be long ones, but why don’t you just make new ones. I was soooo excited when I saw NYC but then it popped up again... but with added boosters and ramps. Then again. And again. And so on. It gets a bit tiring. Please listen to us, Nintendo! Add Rosalina (my favourite);) add new tracks!!! (Suggestion for a track: a version on the bowsers castle from the wii — the one with the giant bowling bowser) And please do your best!!!! Thank you for a amazing game though!.Version: 1.0.1

Few issuesI honestly love the game, good graphics, content etc, the only thing I hate about it is that there is a limit on how much I can upgrade my characters carts and gliders in one day, and there’s also no explanation on how the leveling up of the characters, carts and gliders work, I’m still a little confused by it, but overall great game mate.Version: 1.0.1

Good gameSome of the races have a ridiculous amount of points needed to be able to get all 5 stars, these need lowering to make them do-able. Some cups take too long to become available. I want to play but have to wait ages sometimes. Do they really need 2 whole days? New challenges don’t get given enough. I completed a set and have been waiting a week for new ones. Rubies should be easier to gain, seems like there even more rare now. Spotlight items need to be a bit easier to get, it’s not fair spending so much time trying to gain enough rubies for 10 goes to only get old pointless stuff. Also HOW IS IT FAIR ONLY GOLD PASS PLAYERS GET MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!!!!???????? It should be a standard thing for EVERYONE!!! Gold pass players are not special so why give them special treatment. The amount of people that will stop playing this game due to the fact that we can’t play against real people is HUGE! I’m not idiotic enough to spend £5 a month to gain mostly a load of extra coins and tickets. The gold pass overall is stupid and extremely overpriced. I had the free trial and cancelled the renewal..Version: 1.4.0

Sick game but I’m hoping it stays that wayI’ve been playing this game for a few weeks. Absolutely no complaints about graphics, controls, gameplay etc. I even sprang for the ‘gold’ membership and I never do that. Problem now is, I’ve completed all of the recent cups and nothing new has been offered up in the last few days. I’m really not going to keep paying for something that doesn’t seem to update. I’m giving it 5 stars for now, just as benefit of doubt, but I’ll be cancelling my membership and deleting the app if the courses aren’t updated soon..Version: 1.1.1

WORTH IT!This app is totally worth the download and my friends and family love playing it, some things we’d like to see change though is maybe if you would be able to change the sensitivity as it can be hard to control and another thing is if you could play with your friends, I’m not sure if their is a way to do that already or not but we’ve tried to all join and do a race and can’t seem to find anything to make it happen. Apart from that it’s a really fun game!.Version: 1.0.2

The game is great... but not perfectI am a HUGE fan of the Mario Kart series. It’s always been apart of my life since I was little. Mario Kart Tour got me interested, despite micro transactions. The game is great to play, just like a regular Mario Kart entry... if I could actually play a majority of it that is. Maybe it’s because I’m using an older device (iPad Air) but the game is almost unplayable sometimes. My main issue is that when I choose specific tracks, it crashes the entire app while loading it after a few seconds, kicking me out to try again. If that track doesn’t load, it doesn’t load for good. This means that I am limited to the amount of Grand Stars I can get, thus missing out on Tour Gifts as I play. This also means that I can’t finish all the cups, meaning the All Clear Pipe is inaccessible. If someone from Nintendo is reading this review, please, PLEASE look into this. I want to spend as much time with Mario Kart Tour as any other game in the series but the app just doesn’t want me to see a lot of what the game potentially has in store me. Please fix this as soon as you see this review. From a Nintendo fan for as long as he can remember..Version: 2.6.1

Some people are just impatient...I absolutely adore this game and it’s amazing! I honestly don’t understand why people are complaining about things like: the maintenance time, the fact there’s no multiplayer feature, etc.. I’ve had absolutely no problems with the steering and the graphics are absolutely amazing. As for the multiplayer feature if you actually look in the menu there’s a multiplayer button that says it’s coming soon, you guys need to remember that this game has just come out and is still being worked on..Version: 1.0.1

Fun ! But few suggestionsI’ve already gotten addicted to this game, but there’s a few things I would change in the game. I think the maximum amount of coins you can earn in a day should at least be 500, and not 300. It would be a lot more convenient if we could add friends through their usernames and not through codes that are hard to share. And I think there should be more available to purchase with coins. But overall, the gaming experience so far has been great and a lot of fun, except the maintenance waiting times..Version: 1.0.1

Good but glitches in multiplayer are really annoyingOverall the game is great. I love how the karts handle with a touchscreen, and firing off items takes a bit of practice but isn’t too tricky once you’ve had a few goes. The ranking system basically allows people who have paid money for special items to get a lot more points than just using the free items (drivers, karts and gliders). So, any progress you make through the ranks really has to be earned if you just want to go with the free stuff. The multiplayer is more difficult than the Grand Prix races, as whenever you get hit, you stay hit, but someone in front of you can have their backside smashed by a shell and they miraculously morph out at exactly the same gap between you going full speed. This makes it really difficult to get through the multiplayer ranks, which is so off putting I don’t really bother with it..Version: 2.4.0

Very good but not flawlessThis Mario kart game has everything! I’m glad that it brings back a lot of retro tracks(especially from Mario kart DS because that was my first Mario kart). Good graphics, a ton of characters to choose from, much more I can say but I want to keep it short. The controls ain’t so bad but they can be a little off some times. Don’t mind the in game transactional purchases but God knows I won’t spend a dime on a mobile game. Quite disappointing that multiplayer isn’t fully available yet but it’s fine. Also, there’s a certain problem with the game. The CPU players look static when driving and don’t perform any manoeuvres when turning or performing boost jumps, is this a glitch? Because it was doing this at first then it became normal again and then it came again. Nintendo please fix this. Overall, this is a good Mario kart game(especially for a mobile) and I hope to see more improvements in the future. At least this game does better than the crappy super Mario run..Version: 1.4.1

I Love this gameI started playing around the Easter tour and since I always played Mario kart wii I already knew most of the controls, and got used to the new ones easily. Since then I have played everyday. I always wish to get new characters, and so far, every tour has given me at least 1 new character. Plus this new tour is exceptional. I have always wanted donkey Kong jr in this game, since I am very into the 80s, even though I'm only in my early teens but even though I have never played donkey Kong jr I am a big fan of it, so seeing it come into the game was awesome. Plus it's pixelated like the old video game! I just hope I get donkey Kong jr SNES or at least Mario SNES. This is my favourite game especially for a mobile game. I dont have the gold pass, because I don't have much money but I hope I can soon because I would love to have the gold pass. Thank you for cheering me up nintendo..Version: 2.4.0

MARIO CART TOURThis game is really fun their only a few things that need to be looked at. The first thing is this game crashes some time u expect stuff like that because it’s new and every one is trying to play so when that’s fixed that would help so we wouldn’t have to start over a race. My secound thing is the controls could be way better if they put two arrows so u can steer theirs a lot of understeer when u play this game u drift way to much or don’t turn right on sharp corners that would honestly make this game way better and more fun to race with this controls. My third thing is their are micro trans actions so if u want the best characters u do have to buy the gold pass to me it does make a huge difference it gives u things free to play players won’t have or get because it’s exclusive to the gold pass for $5.99 I mean I know their trying to get money but this isn’t the way to get it. The point of games it to earn ur stuff not buy ur way to it so if u we’re planning to get platinum Mario u can’t unless u get the gold pass sorry guys. Their also is an online mode coming in future updates I hope it’s real player real time. I want to be able to send my friends invites so we can play together in our own lobby we create not with otheir people make it 2 separate online modes pvp and friend pvp. That’s all.Version: 1.0.1

Lovin ItThis game brings back memories of when I was a kid. LOVE IT! And they got rid of pay to play. Play as much as u want, spend real money to upgrade and get characters etc.Version: 1.0.2

Quite good! 😁It’s a very good game and I find it very fun and exactly what I need on a boring weekend. It requires WIFI just note that before downloading this. I sent in a request a few months regarding the pipe. I hoped that Mario kart would improve the pipe by adding more characters and by making it easier to gain Star Characters. I have been checking to see whether it is easier to get these characters but it isn’t. I know many who would agree with me about this point and I am devastated to know that they are also experiencing this but delighted to know that they, like me really enjoy the racing part and the entertainment. Multiplayer games are very glitchy and never work and I find it upsetting to see that you can earn 2 gems if you have 3 friends. I find this offensive because I may not have 3 friends and anyway, the app should let you race against your friends so the whole ‘friends’ business is not what you should get the game for. Nevertheless, a great game, I highly recommend! I absolutely adore this game and most of my battery is taken up by it 😂 !!!.Version: 2.0.1

Just one thing needed!I love this app and play this all the time. I really enjoy each tour and take my time on it trying to best my last event. Things are well thought out and it does justice to what a mariokart mobile game should be - but I have one thing I would enjoy very much. I think there needs to be a map category where you can see what maps you have characters for and which ones you don’t. Currently, I have to go through every character one-by-one to check and see if I have someone that’s in the highest category for that stage (ie. when choosing characters they would be the only capable people of getting a ‘frenzy’). If I wanted to make sure I have any frenzy characters for a given stage, I need to go through and scroll/check every single character just to make sure I have a character prepared for that course. If this was reversibly searchable it would take much less time to find out if you need to purchase a character from the daily shop or when purchasing a bundle. Everything else is really so fun and easy to use, I love the reward system in the game and even the challenge rewards. Keep up the good work Nintendo!.Version: 2.10.0

Honestly amazing but one problemThis game is great for any Mario fan. I can imagine so many other mobile apps out there which have pretty much half of the content available from the main console or PC version. But this app changes it all. First off, Mario Kart is completely free, meaning that you don’t need to pay to play the game which is something everyone loves! There are also a vast variety of different cups to choose from, allowing hours of fun gameplay. The fact that Nintendo managed to fully incorporate the same character, glider and kart customisation is one of the most brilliant aspects of this app. So already a massive well done for all that! One new thing that has been introduced in this game that wasn’t actually in the previous console version is prize pods. Note that these are completely dependent on luck, so don’t expect anything too great, however, you can unlock all sorts of rewards from these-whether it be characters, gliders, or even karts! There also in app purchases which I would say are slightly over priced, but I don’t want to go into this since it isn’t that much big of a deal. The last point I want to mention is that you need to link a Nintendo account to play the game, and you need to pay £5 a month for multiplayer. This is obviously annoying since everyone would want to be able to play multiplayer without paying but this is the only flaw. Otherwise I highly recommend you download this game!.Version: 2.8.0

Thank you for all the wPls wadd ur w ur king king is king king size bed king bed and his bed is the same address as king size bed and his name on his name in his bed lol he said yea but it is so good and i and he wants his name on the back of my head so he can sleep over it lol lol thank goodness he is sleeping so i just work it lol he just got back to sleep lol he said i wwas i can sleep weed and then go to get the bed if he wants to go to sleep now.Version: 2.10.0

Has definitely improvedI just wanna start to say that mario kart tour is one of my favourite games I have every played. At launch I did see loads of problems which over time did eventually get fixed! A few examples are the addition of multiplayer, making the game more free to play friendly, the controls (not perfect but good enough) and the addition of new tracks or old retro ones. The only major problem(that I don’t like the most) this game has is that in the second week of Mario kart tour there isn’t much to do besides ranked and all cup ranking but it still is kinda understandable why they make us wait slightly longer. My suggestions for the game is to make kart pro a permanent thing so players have a reason to play multiplayer. Do more retweet campaigns (maybe every other tour?) increase the tier limit, improve daily rewards (3 rubies everyday or at the end of the daily rewards you get a set of super tickets) and MAKE HIGH END TICKES EASIER TO GET!!!!!Other than that this game is almost perfect with only a few minor problems :).Version: 2.9.0

Awesome!This game is totally awesome, in the reviews I see that some people had to wait for maintenance but I was playing this game at 7:00 and it was fine. I’m playing on iPhone six too which doesn’t have that good components but it still runs with little to no dropped frames usually sticks to I think 15 or 30 FPS. Looks great good job Nintendo!.Version: 1.0.1

My dreams came trueeee ⭐️🍄🍌⚡️When I was younger I used to play on my Dads old Nintendo 64 console and play Mario Kart for hours unimaginable, so when this game came out I was over the moon. You guys have recreated the original versions really well, keeping tradition but also adding more modern features. The fact that courses based on real places are available is really great and also how levels do get harder as you move forward. Like I said me and my family did play the old Mario Kart a lot and we really enjoy the competitive leaderboard amongst friends. Something I would love to be added is trading karts, gliders and drivers with friends/other players. I think this would be a great way to get rid of things you think you don’t need or get things you want. It’s a win win for both people involved in the trade. From the Peach abscessed Mario Kart player..Version: 1.0.2

Overactive not playThe game is great at the best of times. But there is commonly a theme of the “bot-racers” being over active, not crashing when hit and recovering super quickly after crashes. Also it is far to common for races to be ruined by a perfectly timed lightening strike or blue shell to ruin a combo and/or lose a race. Tweak the quirks and it’s a great time consumer. Not a great game in an older phone as lag time is straight awful and the game basically crashes completely after 1-2races repeatedly, but no such issues on newer model phones..Version: 2.6.1

Bugs?It won’t let me type in my Nintendo account and without that I actually can’t play. Like my phone glitches and the keyboard isn’t all there and I’m just so sad lol. Bet it would be 4 stars tho so I’ll give it that..Version: 1.0.2

Absolutely Amazing, however offers are WAY too expensiveThis game I played I since mid 2020 and it’s been an absolute blast! The constant updates always keep me playing for hours in end, trying to beat my scores, unlock new items, and more! This game would’ve been perfect is it wasn’t for 1 problem... the special offers are way too expensive. There are literally Ruby only purchases and it costs £70 to buy 135 of them which is the equivalent of 30 pulls which probably won’t get you anything good... you’re better off just buying the special offers but even then you’re getting 2-3 high ends for £53 plus 135 rubies so you’re getting more for spending less money but the offers are ridiculously pricey... I’m not going to pay £18 just for a random high end and a 10-pull. You’re better off just buying the gold pass, which is only £4.99. If you only want to buy it once, buy it on the last day of a tour. Then you’ll be able to get all the gifts before the tour ends, play for 2 full tours and the first few days for another tour meaning you’re getting the benefits worth 4 tours. So yeah this game is really fun but the prices are really extreme... you make enough to money already, you don’t need more..Version: 2.10.1

Fun Game, Improvements NecessaryI waited to write this review until I was well into the game just to see what changes were initially made. I think the racing itself is awesome; cool karts, characters, gliders, etc... However, I think the limits on how many points and coins you can acquire each day is entirely too low. I can play for 30 minutes and reach this limit. It makes it very hard to achieve high points on items, which makes it hard to advance in the game. If you pay for a gold pass, there should be no limit to your daily points or coins. Additionally, I think that rubies are entirely too expensive (both real money & virtually) and they don’t necessarily guarantee good items from the pipes. I think that you should be able to purchase rubies with coins collected in the game & 48 rubies should not cost $27, especially since they don’t guarantee you’ll receive anything valuable to your game play. If the rubies were less expensive and had a higher chance of getting something good, I think that people would have more incentive to buy them!! If these improvements are made, I think a lot more people would play. I personally know people that played when the game first came out, but quickly left due to these issues. I hope the concerns raised by avid and loyal players are considered by Nintendo. ~Riley.Version: 1.4.1

Amazing initial releaseI have very high hopes for the game; though as I’ve seen the general amount of complaints and see them being mostly unfair. Many people complain about it playing vertical- but it’s honestly more accessible and something you can just quickly play with it being vertical- though it would be nice to see an option to flip your screen before the race, that’s no reason to completely disregard the game. Gameplay can be somewhat simplistic, but it’s fun and accessible to everyone: hardcore Mario kart fans and casual players alike, WHILE maintaining a competitive aspect and holding a skill gap as well. I’m looking forward to seeing multiplayer being released very soon, as in the menu there’s a button labeled “multiplayer” that says it’ll be added soon. Overall, this game is definitely worth your download, especially for a free app on your phone. Even though there’s a gold pass (which includes a two week free trial and is 5$/month) it doesn’t offer anything that would consider it pay2win, but supports Nintendo and also gives the player small benefits. Don’t go in expecting something like Mario kart from the switch translated straight to your phone, but it really feels at its core like a Mario kart game..Version: 1.0.1

Super fun but still some problemsThis is a great phone game, I’m not much of a phone game person but the Nintendo team have done a great job on this one. However, there are a few issues I’ve experienced: 1. A few times a day while I’m playing, the game will crash either before, during or right after a race. It’s super frustrating but I understand that the app is still being fine tuned, it’s not something that I can’t deal with. 2. The more frustrating thing is that there’s been a few times that I’ve earned rubies from the presents unlocked with stars, but they’re not added to my account!! It’s hardly fair if we don’t even get the bonus rubies we’re entitled to in the game. 3. Also, what happened to daily rewards?? It’s so hard to stock up on rubies and tickets etc. now. I don’t know if you guys have stopped it or is it just not working for some people? Anyway it’s a great game, just needed to get those things off my chest. Keep up the great work Nintendo!.Version: 1.0.2

PeepooPeepeepoopoo.Version: 1.1.1

Why thoughI am really in happy right now because I have been stuck on the loading screen say 12.0% for a while now. Do I need a better phone or something because I have a 6.Version: 1.0.1

✰✰✰✰✰So ok. Cool game. Love it. I don’t know why everyone’s complaining about controls- when you play long enough you get used to it pretty quickly. And you can go to the settings to set your controls to how you want. I’m happy with the controls. I’m just shocked that Luigi isn’t here! And Rosalina!!! I hope the other great characters are introduced- like King Boo, Luigi and Rosalina. I have a friend who I want to play with us but it keeps crashing for her. I have the same phone as her and it works for me so please fix this issue!! Overall, it’s a great game and did not disappoint me much. Ps, maybe try make it a little more like on the actual Wii because I really wanted battle, teams, etc. I understand this isn’t meant to be the Wii game but more people would prefer it if you included those features ☻.Version: 1.0.1

Tiers please respond.I feel like there should be some compensation for players who have been playing since the game came out originally tier 20 was the max, but now I have achieved tier 20 and have had it for the last 3 weeks or so but recently I got a challenge to make it to tier 30 I’m suppose to move up 3 tiers every time I get 1st yet these last 3 I have stayed in Tier 20 but this week I only got 4th which instead of the last few weeks when I played I got first, this tier the people I’m playing with are 6,000 points higher than me putting me in 4th and try as I might I won’t be able to move up 3 tiers because I couldn’t before, my friends who are the same tier I am are at 34,000 points and are in first in their tier while I’m at 33,000 and I am 4th where the top score is over 38,000 It just feels like the Tier system needs some fixes, I am a gold pass player and I know this game will be so much more fun with those bug fixes thank you for making my first mobile game I am addicted to. Oh and I would appreciate if you took away Kart and Coin limits so I feel I can afford and level up to at least get pretty close to what all these other players are getting..Version: 1.2.0

Honest review/thoughtsAlright, I knew the maintenance was going to stop at 9am as I was checking online and have been waiting since last year. The problem I was most worried about was how will this game make money.. I originally heard it was going to be an energy system through beta testers and it’s not. You can only go so far every few days until the next map, which is the same for everyone for once! Still, as well, you can play till to your hearts content improving your score and on some maps competing your score with other players so I think Nintendo have hit the nail on the head here. Graphics are amazing, controls are a bit difficult at first but become easier with practice. Drifting seems problematic at the moment, for me personally, as drifting one way and going for a quick drift the other way you have to take your finger off repeatedly each time instead of a smooth transition like the normal mode. Lots of different game styles and soon a multiplayer?! That will be a game changer. I will admit I think the £5 a month (just for a faster speed and a few extra rewards) seems a little steep considering it’s the same cost as Apple Arcade, but I can imagine I’ll buy it on and off still as this game is fun and fair. Honestly, by the looks of what I’ve seen and played this game is actually going to be better than I expected which is rare for a mobile game. Congrats to Nintendo for innovation instead of relying on a tried and tested pay to win formula..Version: 1.0.1

Awesome Game!This is the best Nintendo game ever!😎😎.Version: 2.10.0

AmazingGreat game, controls handled well. Alot of reviews were critisizing the in app purchases but its all a matter of opinion. Its not pay to win so i dont feel the need to buy anything but that is up to the person playing. Alot of reviews also saying the controls were off and hard to do but if you fond the right one for you or take 10/20 mins to practice and get it right then there is no problem. A couple problems with the game at the start - crashed a few times, wouldnt start without restarting the app a number of times but that was on the first day of realease so its expectef to have a few bugs. But hasnt crashed since. Overall a really good game with a twist for mobile mario not just a complete copy of the first without thinking how to adapt it to work with devices. Great game. Cant wait for new features added. (Although maybe they should increase the daily coin limit as 300 is a bit low in my opinion)..Version: 1.0.1

Flashback!!I only started the practice session and the game is great to play. It takes me back to playing the game on the Wii and Nintendo Ds. I also appreciate that the App store notified me the game is open to download and it downloaded it for me 😊..Version: 1.0.1

Don’t fall for micro transactionsMario Kart mobile is incredibly addictive. It looks amazing graphically compared to previous Mario kart games. It’s updated regularly with new drivers, karts and gliders. The catch is, in this game, to win you need to get points. And to get points you need to have the right drivers and karts for each course. This drives the sales of micro transactions which aim to sell relatively useless in game items for exorbitant prices (as high as $60 for small bundle). These in game purchases are almost literal theft as you get next to nothing of worth in game for your money. Theres also a loot box system with equally high costs for effectively little chance at improving in the game. Putting aside the in game purchases this game is actually really fun. Lots of new power ups have been included making races even more fun than before. New courses and variations on courses bring fresh gameplay every 2 weeks. I don’t know how to end this review. Don’t get caught by Nintendo’s money trap..Version: 1.4.1

It’s greatI would like to offer Me and my mum. Play it everyday and it is really good when. We open pipes I always get the things she wants so she really wants trading in Mario kart it would be very good if that would be like that and I don’t even use Mario kart this is for my mum she even told me to do it so yeah if you are looking at this Mario kart pls add it other then I do recommend it you can play online and you get a free pipe with stars and a free gold pipe by doin the cups my mum says she plays it just because it’s a online racing game like when I tell make my avatar in roblox she says no when I say look at my Minecraft house she says no and when and when I say look at my amount of Ruby’s she just straight away she zooms into Mario kart then she sees the amount of Ruby’s so if you could add trading it would be good.Version: 2.10.1

Definitely better than mathsThis game is a great activity to do instead of listening to mr lee talk to the smart people in my class and ignore me a soph the #core students so instead of doing maths we play Mario cart instead for a solid 50 minutes and I love it highly recommend this game if you are someone who doesn’t want to do work in Maths!!.Version: 1.1.1

Really Nintendo?Don’t get me wrong with the title. I really enjoy this game. The controls are smooth (after getting used to them), the throwback tracks are super fun to play on, even the characters in the game are great picks (where’s waluigi and luigi tho?!). Anyways those aren’t why i gave this game 4 stars. The only reason i don’t enjoy this game as much is because there is no skill involved whatsoever. You can be great at past mario kart entry’s and beat every single cup on 150cc, mirror, 200cc, it really doesn’t matter the amount of skill you obtain when you start the game. The only thing that will get you a 1st place in this game is really really good RNG. Now, if you don’t know what RNG means, it stands for Random Number Generator. The gist of it is, (depending on what place you are in) you get a random item from the item boxes based on a random number picked by the game. When i said there is no skill involved, that’s not an understatement. The only thing that will win you races in this game is you depending on the games RNG to give you good items, and more importantly, you’re opponents getting bad items. Nintendo, if you are reading this, please in any way, shape, or form, PLEASE make this game not luck based and make it skill based in any way you possibly can. Over and out..Version: 1.0.2

Great game!I enjoy playing Mario Kart Tour, and what makes it unique is the fact that you can race on courses inspired by the real world. I am all good with touch controls, but I would like to see a horizontal mode. In addition, while people say the micro transactions ruin the game, I don’t care about them. It’s all about the actual gameplay. Also, I find the CPU players (They are actually not real players!) just too easy for me and I wish I could choose a harder difficulty in which doing so would win more points. Thanks again and I look towards all the further updates and tours!.Version: 1.2.0

Decent but a few thingsLeft the game but later came back. I’m liking the game more however there’s some problems. So with this quarantine I have barely anything to do and this also is no different for everyone else. I suggest that the limit to coins and points should be removed because I don’t understand the point. People should be able to grind as much as they please especially when they are stuck at home. The gold pass is also in thinking and a lot of people can agree is stupid. It’s stupid because $5 a month is too much because your not getting too many benefits and it would have been understandable if it was permanent but it’s only for a month. At least try and do something to help us out because everyone is suffering and I’m sure there tons of people who are bored and depressed because they are stuck at home. Maybe if you can take advantage of this time and do something that’s going to get everyone’s attention and for a good idea, why not try and add Balloon battle and coin runners? I would hands down play a lot if those modes existed and a lot of other can agree! And if it’s multiplayer that makes it even better. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Please stay safe everyone while we are in quarantine.Version: 2.0.1

Did love!When I first started playing Mario kart, didn’t much like it but came back to it and really got into and started to play it a lot. I’ve started over a few times as it’s fun to be a beginner again. Anyway since adding multiplayer my opinion is the games has lowered drastically😒 and for this reason only I have not given full marks. Firstly I understand that it’s a new part of the game and needs a bit of work done but it’s not always the easiest to win the races so to win and then through no fault of your own have the game crash etc on you (which happens quite a lot during multiplayer) it still takes off your points. Also why do I seem to be the only one in the races I’m in that I seen to receive all the rubbish items towards the ends of races?! It’s incredibly frustrating to not even be in with a chance of winning very many now that I’m on level D! And lastly why are some people hit with items and they clearly have nothing on the back of their karts yet seem to have the ability to spring quite a bit forward without even needing a seconds recovery?? Why do I feel like I drag all the way round but people seem to be bombing their way through every race? Please fix this quickly so I can get back to loving MARIO kart again🤞🏻.Version: 2.0.1

MisleadingNintendo has to be joking no one even played the game and it’s already down for maintenance. They should of set up the game and made sure it was functional before release. I hope we don’t see this happening after each update we want to play Mario kart and it should still say pre order until it is playable.Version: 1.0.1

This is bad.I can’t get a Nintendo Account to play this game because it says "You must get a Nintendo Account before playing Mario Kart Tour". Can you please make a Mario Party game for Mobile Devices? It will be better than this app, Nintendo..Version: 2.6.2

Best game appNintendo have actually done a great job with this. Fun free and options for more. Captures the feel of the console games . 2 laps are nice and quick . Congrats developers you nailed it.....once you make Luigi an option.Version: 1.0.1

Very funThis game is very fun and the multiplayer mode is fun.Version: 2.13.0

Better then originalsI’m a massive original oldskool and newskool Mario Kart player and I was skeptical at first to play this on Mobile. However they’ve enhanced the graphics and the gameplay somehow. Sure you’re not playing with a controller but for what they’ve done with the controllers it’s quite good once you get used to it. And the best part is the gameplay. It’s still got that MK feel. I haven’t paid for any upgrades there is heaps to do for free here. The only thing I’m not so sure on is the online play and whether it’s in real-time which I don’t think it is as of yet..Version: 1.2.0

Mario Kart is here on handheld and it doesn’t disappoint!By 23Cat Studios, Everything you wanted from Mario Kart on your phone is here! Simple controls make the game easy to pick up and play, and you can change it to suit your play style. The same loveable roster you grew to love back in the day with returning favourites and some new arrivals. The classic courses you spent hours playing, as you sat glued to the television with your family, laughing and smiling. All that is now on your handheld. Ignore the micro transactions, if your a casual player, this is definitely for you. If you take games more seriously, then the high prices may disturb you as well as the fact that the same available courses are available for at least a fortnight. Mario Kart Tour isn’t the most amazing entry to the Mario Kart franchise, but it is arguably one of Nintendo’s greatest games and one that has improved the mobile gaming industry by miles!.Version: 1.4.1

Pretty cool! Could use some work thoughPlayed the first cup so far and first impressions are that it’s a pretty good app. I mean I never thought I’d ever be playing Mario kart on an iPad it’s so cool. Although just some suggestions. The kart is rlly hard to control like sometimes you want to go one way but the kart goes the other way and also sometimes when your steering the game gets confused and thinks that you want to use an item which is kinda annoying at times. Plz fix this by maybe using a different mechanism for the steering like for example tilting the iPad in the direction you want to go or have a small steering wheel in the corner of the screen that you can steer with just so the game doesn’t get confused and makes you use an item when you don’t want to. Also adding multiplayer would be really cool cause I mean that’s what Mario kart is all about. playing with your friends. Also the graphics are a bit pixelated not sure if that’s just because I’m using a larger device (an iPad Pro 12.9) or whether it looks like that on all devices. Apart from that it’s rlly cool though I love how the cups are based on places around the world.Version: 1.0.1

Evolving the classicLove the game and I think they did a good job in making it fast paced and not stagnant which I was really worried about. It’s a bit annoying that you can’t see the stats of the characters/cars. It’s all about points which makes it a tasteless victory and finally, the driving. Not a fan of the turning but I guess it works in the end and the real baffling bit is the “advanced controls” option. The car just skids every time and it’s not user friendly (even for a mario kart fanatic like myself). Overall, a brilliant phone rendition of a beautiful classic. Wonderful job Nintendo and thank you. I’ll always have a space in my heart for your games..Version: 1.0.2

Amazing but...Ever since the game came out, I’ve loved it. I like how the game developed to have more and more features like multiplayer and landscape mode but there’s something that I think can be added on to make landscape mode more versatile. Because people have gotten used to the portrait orientation of the gameplay, I think that most people are also used to the drift button being in the middle of the screen, but in landscape mode, the drift button is on the left side. I think it’d improve landscape mode if as well as steering on the left, players should be able to steer on the right side of the screen with the drift button also on the right side, or the players can choose where the drift button goes on the screen to suit their gameplay. This is just my opinion though and I really appreciate the work that Nintendo puts into this game..Version: 2.4.0

Worthwhile Mobile GameThis entry in the MARIO Kart series is on par with many of the past titles. Although it is no replacement for Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U and Switch, Mario Kart Tour is competitive karting fun that you can play you can play on the run. Featuring a multitude of tracks, characters and cups. If your craving a good racing game for your phone, look no further than this game. You do need to get a external Nintendo Account to play this game, but if you already have one from Mario Run, or your Nintendo console, you should be fine. Jump up, and sit down to play prove your a superstar!.Version: 1.0.1

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!I’ve always loved MARIO cart so I want to make a few suggestions for this game. First you should add more of the old tracks like the raid now one railroad one the like snow one the penguin one all those good ones along with new ones as well. Also you should add that game on the wii where you have a team and you try to pop as many balloons as possible. Also you should add more games that you can play with friends as well. All I’m saying is if you add all the stuff you could possibly add to this game it will be literally the perfect game ever. Hopefully you read this and hopefully my suggestions were helpful! I feel that stuff you add to the app you should keep on it bc making the old tours go away is kinda stupid to me bc now you can’t do those races again and i like all the courses and I think you should just keep them on there and add things to it. I think you should make a button for the different tours so you don’t have to take them off the game. I also want to say if you were to make a game that was so much fun on the wii you should make it better than the old one not worse and I feel it’s not as good as the wii one. You should also add the motorcycles like the wii.Version: 1.0.2

Great game!!I downloaded this game a while ago and it’s super fun! I love Mario kart on Nintendo switch, wii, etc. but the controls are kinda hard for me to use so I usually end up last but this app is easy to steer so it’s perfect for me :) The only bad thing is that it sometimes takes a while to load and for me it’s kind of hard to get new cars, characters and things like that but I don’t really mind to be honest. Besides that, it’s a really great game and I really recommend that you get it!! Hoped this helped anyone! <3.Version: 2.1.1

AmazingPerfect game for time wasting and chilling out, was waiting for maintenance for a bit... Nevermind that, overall a spectacular racing game and is easy to play... hope it’s not pay to win though!.Version: 1.0.1

Need to do a stress testTo be truthful, I really love the game, but I think the stress factor of the mechanics, need to be reviewed. I’m perfectly capable of winning a race from last place on the second lap, but since the Tokyo Tour started, Literally everything possible has stopped me from winning. I understand that to give everyone a chance, you would greatly reduce the chances of any real boosts from boxes, but as soon as winning is within grasp, everyone else is able to take it from you. It has suddenly become impossible to keep a lead. And people shouldn’t be able to get a Bullet Bill straight to first place on the second lap 🙃 totally not fair. You can only get 5 stars in certain races, if you purchase the top characters and karts/ least give everyone a chance..Version: 1.0.2

PromisingA good start but there’s a lot of things that need fixing: the limit on how much you level up in a day is really annoying and discourages me from playing, the tracks need to be longer and multiplayer needs to come out already.Version: 1.0.1

Amazing!I just want Nintendo to know that I’d love nothing better than to trade school for a whole day of sitting in bed, cranking up the music and racing through the day in Mario Kart Tour! Characters are so cute: Baby peach, Baby daisy, baby Mario... I love firing up the pipe to get them! I get super mad when I’m knocked back but hey, don’t I do that to other people too? My main concern though is that I really wanna race my friends. I’m sure multiplayer would bump up the ratings and you’d have no more haters! To whoever is reading this, parents or kids, please get this game for you or your child! I recommend it!.Version: 1.0.1

GoodThe games really good and I enjoy playing it but I’ve already completed till the latest stage (all 5 stars) and I’m tired of waiting :/ Other then that the games awesome, hope multiplayer will be added soon.Version: 1.0.1

I know this is a money-making trick butThis game is fine for kids. I’m a kid. I play this game and I don’t spend money on rubies. You could just play tracks, get rewards without money and then do 100 pipes of 10 and get some awesome characters. I did it and I now have 50 special characters (rarest tier characters) and I am happy. I think you people who know it’s is a money-making trick should not pay and do the same thing I did. So listen to my advice or stop PLAYING WHINERS CUZ IM SO TIRED AND ANNOYING OF THE WHINING!! JUST MAKE IT STOP! PLUS MONEY DOESN’T MATTER. FAMILY DOES ONLY!.Version: 2.10.1

Love it… but needs just one or two little tweaksThis game is really good, I have been racing since the start and I have seen it’s gotten better and better. There is one thing though… it’s to do with getting drivers. A lot of the courses now require you to have the ‘high end’ drivers. Fair enough, but they are soo hard to get. This poses a problem for new people who have one or two drivers and struggle to get Grand Stars, meaning that they don’t have as many rubies/ coins. Also, in the pipe you can only get 100 things, this means that many of the drivers you cannot get until they are featured in another tour. Meanwhile, all the courses tell me I need them, but have no way of getting them since they are not in the pipe, or Daily Selects (which for us longtime players is useless) and rarely in the tier shop. I am sure that many “racers” would appreciate a change here. Also, there are SO MANY NEW RACES NOW, it would be really nice if every race was different. (Not just wow, there’s a new jump here!) In your Singapore tour Singapore Speedway came up multiple times in a cup. (Ok, we get it, it was a cool track…) Meanwhile, Ninja Hideaway hasn’t come up for ages! The fact that it is MK ‘tour’ means that yes… it means that we can’t access every single race ever converted for iPad/ iPhone etc use. It would be great if we could, though… (hint, hint) Thank you for taking the time to read to the end. ;).Version: 2.10.1

Best mobile game I’ve played but please fix...Best mobile game I’ve played. Better than a lot of games I’ve played. Really well adapted for mobile and the daily/weekly challenges are an awesome idea to keep you coming back. Please though. Can you disable the iOS reach-ability swipe down function when in game. Sliding your finger around the bottom of the screen constantly means I’m having to undo the screen dropping down. Very annoying. And don’t want to have to keep turning this function on and off myself..Version: 1.0.2

How???I have been playing Mario kart since the wii (I’m 16) and I’m disappointed in the people playing around me, you can tell they don’t know what Mario kart is and this is there first go around that’s fine if it’s your first Mario kart what’s not fine it the devs making everything so in your face like the start boost timing they tell you what it is in Mario kart wii I had to find that crap out on my own also the drifting control setting is cancer the only way to turn normally is to move you whole phone this is ok in other racing games where you play on landscape but you have to play portrait (as of my understanding) and the game feels so heavy and floaty like a brick trying to figure skate that the one race I tired drift on I got 8th and found my self on multiple occasions having my phone at a 90 degree angle to the side I wanted to turn making follow up turns near impossible and smart steering while being a toggle should be on at all times to make the game even remotely fun or playable. Currently I am first on kuppa cup tier one my name is Jesus if you see me know I have problems with the game but will probably keep playing because despite my problems the game runs great and I am having fun playing. Also I have no idea how the hell I ranked so high on the kuppa cup..Version: 1.0.1

I love this gameExcept I don’t really have it- I used to have it- but now I must sign in, please get rid of signing in! Apart from that, I really ‘did’ like the game...Version: 2.12.1

Very very goodAs a Mario kart fan for a LONG time I can say I really really appreciate this game. The controls are similar to the console Mario kart games and I’m very happy that the variety of steering options have been passed over, especially tilt steer. The gatcha mechanic to get the characters is fine, as the prices (in gems) are reasonable and you don’t need many characters to succeed at or enjoy the game, it’s very enjoyable with even just the first two free pipe fires. The missing star is partly for the variety of the tracks, or lack thereof. At first I was impressed that there were many different tracks, however at the point I’ve got to now many of them are being repeated or played in reverse. The other annoying thing about this game is that on iPhone X (or other devices without a home button) the home swipe bar at the bottom can be easily accidentally swiped. Some games have a feature where the bar is ‘locked’ so you can only escape the app once you tap and then swipe in bar a second time. I think that would be really helpful in this game..Version: 1.0.1

The only reason i’m living and breathingThis game is life changing. the nintendo team put their entire nintendussy into this game this is the soul reason i’m alive at this second my heart belongs to mario kart tour. my friends mock me, tease me for the amount of time i spend on this seemingly unassuming game but i wouldn’t change it in a heartbeat i am unapologetically me it’s just me myself and mario kart. there’s so many drivers to obtain, so many challenges to defeat and don’t even get me started on the constant new tours that are jam packed with thrill and leave me playing until the dead of night and my thumbs hurt. by downloading this game you are committing to a life of true sportsmanship. you will produce blood sweat and tears from just trying to get enough rubies for a new pipe launch but you will NOT REGRET IT. this game is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.Version: 2.10.1

Great gameThe game is so fun but not just fun amazing and the graphics are great! the only thing I could say to add in (witch probably won’t happen) is an offline mode where you can play just agent ai or if you press the multi player button you would be aloud to play through Bluetooth with your friends near by (if you can do it on the DS you can do it on a iPhone) All your scores would not be saved but you would still be able to use all you carts, gliders and characters. Although the game just came out I’m starting to feel like the maps are starting to get repetitive like if you added Coconut mall, DK summet, and more of the classics I think everyone would be happy. But all together this is a great game super fun and very enjoyable. From a cart racer : bluejfish.Version: 1.0.1

Dear Nintendo please look at thisDear Nintendo I love you games I all ways been a Nintendo fan and I seen you released a game called supper Mario all stars and they have all the old game what I used to play but now on switch so thank you but in Mario kart tour I think you can add a new character to Mario kart tour shadow Mario and his super power is he get his staff and throw pant every we’re wich makes other players to slip like a banana and Mario sunshine Mario his power is the flood the robot shoots water and makes people slip to please Nintendo do that I am a big Nintendo fan thank you.Version: 2.6.0

All Time Favorite Game!When this game was announced a few years ago, I was seriously counting down the days until it’s release! I’ve been playing every day since, and I absolutely love it! There are tons of games out there that are really fun at first, but then you often get sick of it really quick. With Mario Kart Tour, there is never a dull moment, and I always play until the very end of the tour and highly anticipate the next tour. Some people knock it’s “gacha style” mechanics, but I have to say it really doesn’t feel that way to me. It is completely free for everyone to play, and the more and more you play, the better you will get and upgrade your characters, karts, and gliders. I pay $4.99/month (.16 a day lol) for the gold pass, which doesn’t disappoint, and really helps level up all of your stuff! Recently they have been rewarding their pass holders with in-game gifts every month, which is pretty cool in my book!! Overall, I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants a game they can continue to play and not get bored of. It’s coming up on 2 years since the game came out on iOS, and it keeps on getting better and better!.Version: 2.9.2

Must playIt’s just like the real Mario cart on Xbox just easier and also free of charge, I love how I can know be on a bus or ya home and just have to open the app to be able to play in the comfort of my own bed lol.Version: 1.0.1

A small problemHi I really love the game it is just that for a few days now I haven’t been able to play, like I can’t link to my account. What can I do to fix it?.Version: 1.0.2

MK on phone :/What do you expect it’s Mario kart on the phone. As with super mario run this game has lots of micro transactions to gain specific things to enhance your game but with a twist as now you can only play 5 cups a day until you have to try again tomorrow which means after 1-2 hours the game if locked for a whole day. This does make sense though as if you played all the cups there would be no cups left and to that I say have a few more cups in the event. E.g. 15 cups an event instead of 12 as this then shows that you beat the cups and then sit there for the last 2-3 days waiting for the event to end. Now I know that the micro transactions cost a lot but lots of people say it’s pay to win which for me is 50/50 as you can play the game without buying anything (like me) or pay £5 a month for a gold pass which gives you so much more e.g. double items from presents better items from presents and as far as I can tell the only way to get the purple tickets are from the gold pass so my fairy daisy probably won’t be upgraded to level two yes you read that correctly and the regular pass only lets you upgrade the silver items and to get upgrades for gold items in the regular pass is almost impossible and when you do it gives you such a small boost it’s unbelievable. All of this aside it is Mario Kart for the phone..What did you expect.Version: 2.1.0

Great gameAmazing game. What a throwback to the past. Only negative is progression is slow, it took me two days to finish the game and now it’s another 3 for the next event to unlock. But highly enjoyable and can’t wait for multiplayer.Version: 1.0.1

Sooo pleased Mario has arrived!Such a cool game with awesome past time memories incorporated! Only thing I would say is it crashed a lot like in between every second race which means you sometimes lose your points you just got. A suggestion would be a live ‘place holders’ thing on the side where players are in relation to you and the map so you can see what player is in the place behind you. All up a fantastic game! Soo pleased and can’t wait to see what other Mario games come of it 😁.Version: 1.1.0

Mario kartI love this game. I have had no problems at all I also like the new characters I like it better now then on the wii.i do wish it was a little bit easier to get star but I still love this it..Version: 1.1.1

Wow Nintendo get it togetherNegatives -Controls are bad -No multiplayer on launch -Why do I have to pay for anything in a Mario Kart Game, this is scummier then Activision -Kids are no doubt going to spend a lot of their parents money on these “surprise mechanics” Pros +Good graphics.Version: 1.0.1

Improved and amazing!!!The new courses are beautiful and detailed, this game has become a lot more fun with new challenges. I’m a bit disappointed i can’t do the multiplayer test again but the rest of the game definitely makes up for it..Version: 1.6.0

Great Job Nintendo!Great way to get Mario & Friends out there, makes so much sense to call it MK Tour! My partner and I Love the new characters, karts, races and themed tours. Gold Pass is fair giving collectors and fast paced gamers, Limited Time items, a boost in upgrading race parts and playing the game at a faster pace. A little tweaking to some couple known issues like, the point system for upgrading Characters, Karts and Gliders base levels is quite slow, giving you more XP by putting up the ‘XP limit for the day’ would be more thrilling. Maybe giving the player with/and without Gold Passes, even more quests to do, with coins instead of Ruby’s and Shines, to give casual players more prizes and experienced players more chances to play to tie over time until the next tour comes out. Overall, amazing everything. Huge game! Just in my pocket. Great Job Nintendo! Ps: Neat how you added shines as a call back ;).Version: 1.6.0

Nintendo did it again!!Booyah!!! I’m a huge Mario kart fan, so I was real excited when this came out! There is so many things, and when the Halloween tour came out, I was soooooo hyped that king Boo, FINALLY CAME!!!! It would be cool that you get to choose what high end thing you get if you pay for 45 rubies, but that’s just my two cents. Speaking of rubies, they are seriously hard to get, can you make it a little easier to get it? Or at least make the pipe draws cost less? It’s ok if you can’t, coins though, you can only get 300 per day and it costs around 12,000 to buy a high end from the shop. Can you make the max coins you can get at least 600?? It takes awhile to farm em, when all the cups are completed it feels like I’m waiting forever, I wish there was something else like a minigame where you are tryin to pop your opponent’s balloon. What about goombas? Mario’s most famous monster?? Or a carrage cart? That would be fun. Overall, AMAZING GAME, I RECOMMEND YOU TO PLAY INSTANTLY!!!!!!!!!! I WISH I COULD RATE HIGHER THEN FIVE 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 💯 STARS FOR THE AMAZING GAME THIS IS!!!!!.Version: 1.1.1

Great Game With One Major FlawI enjoyed this game very much, but after a while it becomes quite repetitive like most games which makes you lose interest. One of the biggest reasons for Mario Karts success was due to its multiplayer function. I love playing against my friends. I enjoyed the ranking system but multiplayer was promised to come out soon but you would imagine it would of been released when the game was initially released or at least a month after due to it being a major function. Overall the quality of the game is superb and it runs smoothly for me. Hopefully the developers priority is releasing multiplayer, I think it would increase not only its profits overall but its gameplay. So I believe it would be a win win for both the players and the developer. Have a good day..Version: 1.1.1

Worth the wait :)I pre-ordered the game a few weeks back and this morning I was super excited to find that it had installed yet when I opened it, it said that the game was still under maintenance which I see a lot of people complaining about. For me it had a time for when the game will be finished (which for me was 7.00 at night) so I waited and, well, it was done! I have been playing it literally non-stop ever since and it’s literally everything I had hoped for. It’s heaps of fun and the graphics are stunning. Really amazing game and definitely worth a higher rating!.Version: 1.0.1

GlitchThis game is absolutely amazing to play and worthwhile to install! There is a glitch though that came out with the new update which leaves me in the loading screen and the app doesn’t open at all please resolve this issue. Thanks.Version: 1.0.2

ImprovementsI really liked the thought of mario kart coming out, I was really excited but I don’t like how I can’t play with my phone sideways (how I usually would with a wii remote) and there is a serious lag in the game, I can’t go one racing game without lagging, it causes me to bump into the side of the road or fall off courses and I just don’t like it at all, I don’t know why it is lagging, I have a pretty fast phone. Also I just realised Luigi isn’t an actual in game character but he’s on the loading page, which is a shame because I think a Luigi and baby Luigi could be fun as well as a Rosaline and baby Rosaline! Also maybe more characters, I would love to play as Wuligi with his legs sticking out of the kart because he’s so tall, or even a ghost, you guys generally need to add more characters, it’s not right them not being there. Another thing, when will online mode become available? I would love to race other racers..Version: 1.0.1

Kind of good but needs moreSo I love this game it’s good that you get different maps and that but there is a problem whenever you use the launcher you waste your rubies for something you already have it’s pretty annoying put different items in the launcher because I had 5 rubies and it costed 5 rubies I wasted it because I got Baby Rosalina but I already have baby Rosalina and that annoys me because I wasted ALL of my rubies for something I already have. Other than that it’s a good game when I said there is other maps which is cool but sometimes you have to do a race that you have done before like say I’ve done a map two days later I need to do the race again 4 days later the same race and it just goes on so I’m saying add more races. Add more items and races and maybe create more people like when you made Pauline. It’s fun because you can play it on a Nintendo switch or if you don’t have a Nintendo switch you can download it on your phone or iPad or something like that! Also one of my challenges is to get to tier 5 I’m on tier 6 I’ve pasted tier 5 so now I get no rubies because of this glitch(Lag) so do something about that so four out of five because of the three problems I have with this game other than that THIS GAME IS AMAZING I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYBODY!🙂🙂🙂 Thank you for your time and reading this goodbye hope you make some good changes!.Version: 1.6.0

It brings back my childhood10/10 I love this game since forever seeing it have a app now just makes it perfect I love the characters and the tour theme.Version: 1.0.1

Overall great game but crashes too muchI think and do believe that this game is very good I have always been a fan of Mario brothers and Mario kart and used to always play it on the Wii and toad is my favorite character always was and always will be but there is one think that really keeps getting me annoyed and or agitated the game keeps crashing when I open it and the load stays on 12 or 16 % and it's really very frustrating so please do make sure that the game stops crashing so much it makes me not want to even try opening the game because I know it will crash But overall I love the game It's kind of like Mario kart 8 but free and for the phone which is great and I LOVE the game but for me to continue playing it ease make it stop crashing and yes I highly suggest this game and I make my friends play it and download it.Version: 1.1.1

Mario Kart Tour (8.5/10) The Good and the BadI love this game Dutch a fun time with Awsome items cool tricks and a new play through experience it try takes a tour in your pocket. The problems I face with this game are as follows The controls: as I think the game is controlled well I am not all the happy with it sometimes turning can be tricky and trying to use items while turning will end up in you hitting the edge of the road. The Items: As previously stated the use of items while turning is a conundrum and using the items accidentally happens far to often. I believe a simple fix for this would be a simple extra button so that your able to complete the race in a scenario where you make less mistakes. Luigi: Luigi is one of my faves second only to cat Mario. The only place he appears in game is the opening screen. I mean you added baby peach before you added even Baby Luigi. Apart from this issues I have a lot of fun with the game. (8.5/10).Version: 1.1.1

OverpricedThis is a really fun game, got a lot of good content but why are the gems so stupidely overpriced? 10 gems for 10$ ? That’s 5$ just to hit the pipe once, that is stupid, should be 10 for 3$. I understand that the game is free so they have to make money somehow, but this is just stupid, ecspecially because of how hard gems are to get otherwise and when you do hit the pipe you almost always get the same thing. Really would like to see the prices dropped..Version: 1.0.1

New York Minute Map RantThe game is very fun, however I do find coin grinding to be a bit repetitive, only earning 50 gold per match. Also, New York is probably my least favorite map, making it very difficult for me to reach 5 stars, even though I play 150 cc every race or event I do. I don't have a driver that has more than 1 items slot,(there being only 4, all of which are above common[diddy kong, Bowser, Pauline, Mario with a suit])Before, I had a problem on this map in The Bowser cup, in which I grinded from level 4 to 12 on that map alone, taking me 3 days to eventually have rng side in my favor(I didn’t have the kart for x2-3 points, so being first on lap1 and 2, and reaching 1800 bonus points from random stuff to reach the 4,600 points I needed.) Overall, I am in a situation where 5 grand stars are half based on rng, hoping I get items instead of Mushrooms, and not getting hit AT ALL by other racers. I’ve got the drifting down, holding green shells and bananas for extra protection against red shells, and riding into other racers if they are riding me. Now its diddy kong cup, near situation except the goal is 5300 instead of 4600. And the characters this time are: Pauline, diddy kong, donkey kong, and mario with a suit. I have the highest tier cart for the level(x2 points) and a middle tier glider. However, I’m stuck with toad to chug through the race..Version: 1.0.1

Highly recommend!Previously I never was able to play much Mario kart on any other platform, but when I found that it was coming to the App Store I was thrilled, so I pre ordered it. I have to say, this is the only game I’ve really been playing since. It’s super fun competing against others around the globe and collecting new characters and cars. The controls are quite simple, but if they’re too simple for you, you do have the ability to change them. Anyway, I love the game, it is definitely worth the download..Version: 1.0.1

Multiplayer needs a little workI love the game - rarely am I loyal to an app, but this one gives you so many options to achieve things (even without in game purchases) that it has kept me hooked for months. I much prefer the single-player to multiplayer because I find the multiplayer laggy and frustrating. A lot of the time I’ll hit someone with a shell or something but there’s no crash time to catch up, so many of the items are rendered moot. I’ve seen a lot of the players also blip in and out in front of me, which makes it hard to use items as well as see a genuine representation of where everyone is on the track. I have a super strong wifi connection that works well with other apps, so I know it’s not that. It also puts a lot of stress on my phone and I have to stop playing after a few races so it doesn’t get too hot (although I do have an iPhone 8 so that might be my problem). It’s also annoying that everyone plays as the same 1-2 characters when we all get the same special items, like boomerangs, and the game becomes more mayhem than anything else else. I know it’s a new feature and I feel like it will get better with time, but I figured I’d leave some feedback anyway in case the developers see it..Version: 2.0.1

Warning! Token would not be carried to the next eventTo start with, this is a great game. I can see there has been a lot of hard work put into this game. The game was easy to play with and very fun. However, I wasn’t informed that the token I collected from my last event will not be available in the next event. Also, I wasn’t informed about the change of my event today. If Mario Kart Tour decides to change the event for me, I would appreciate if they can inform me that there are still some tokens left to be used before they do that. I had 147 token ready to be used but now they’re all gone. This is really frustrating, and definitely would be better if I had received an email or a notice before they gave me a new event..Version: 2.9.2

Don’t bother with the 1 star reviewsOkay first of all, this is NOT A PAY TO WIN game. I repeat. This is NOT A PAY TO WIN game. The game DOES NOT ask you for any money nor do you need to spend anything to get further in the game. I actually respect Nintendo for making the micro-transactions pricey to discourage paying your way through the game. Those who are complaining haven’t even played for a couple days so their complaints about controls and how hard the game is shows the little effort they put in. Which isn’t much. So again no money is needed. Not even to make a Nintendo account, which only take like 5 minutes to make. So stop complaining about the small things. Second, the reason I gave it 4 stars instead 5 is because of the unplayable multiplayer. I have hope that the reason they are taking their time is because they are not just trying to make it against friends you add but other people around the world. I do have my worries though that the multiplayer will be asynchronous, meaning against AI but with multiplayer data. If that is so, then I’ll delete the game in a heartbeat because I’m tired of companies putting more thought into the money they want to make instead of making a quality multiplayer experience..Version: 1.0.1

Glitch when turning/drifting right with this versionSince the update, seems to be an issue with turning or drifting right, it’s not consistent but frequently when you tap or hold to turn or drift right, it goes left instead. Tried many different ways but not working like it used to and can really impede your ability to win races when cart launches the wrong direction suddenly.Version: 1.1.0

A few minor problemsI think there should be an option so that you can turn to prepare jumps. I have two other stuff that would be nice if Nintendo added in(not adding the online thing because it’s going to be released in a future update). The first is to make harvesting coins and rubies easier because it takes a long time for me to get a lot of coins and I’m sure other people have had the frustration of a spotlight character passing through their fingers. The second is that the characters, karts and bikes had different favoured courses every different tour. Pauline for example has New York City as her frenzy courses but the New York tour has ended and won’t come back for a while. That means four of her courses are rendered useless because she can’t have new courses to go with the tour. Other than that, the game is excellent which is why I am rating it 4 stars. The graphics are good and you can gat an old school pixel version if you turn on low battery mode in the actual settings in game. Would recommend to others.Version: 1.0.2

App is Down ?I was playing nd then the game shutdown , when i’d redownload data the game STILL doesn’t work , I delete it nd tried redownloading the game buht it’s not working ?.Version: 1.0.1

Can’t play while ‘dropping the kids at the pool’Great game play it heaps. Needs a few things here and there. Only missed the one star down because I struggling to play the game while taking a dump. Otherwise great game.Version: 1.4.1

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