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Pocket Build for Positive User Reviews

Not zero stars, really worth everything!This is the best game in the AppStore, not joke. No adds, lots of fun, and lost to build! I can’t wait for the multiplayer update! I have some recommendations though for the game, such as modern people, not just faiths and elf’s and goblins. To add to the fantasy, there could maybe be werewolves? Or/and vampires? It could add a lot more enjoyment. Could there also be more western themes? And a delete worlds update? It takes me a very long period of time just to find what world I want. Also, maybe there could be uh edit character? Like, change clothes, or change hair, and maybe build your own person? It would be fun if I could make my own goblin. Also, when I’m building, and the make it city level. I’ve place a block and then just please on top of it, making one one block on ground level, then all of them on top. This does not work, please add that does not mater. It makes building quicker. Just a few suggestions. Also,it’s great that you don’t have to always finish quests. I don’t really care if there’s wood and food you have to gather, it’s fun anyway! Overall, THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER! It’s fun and people in comments say it’s just building without a point, welp, I’m ok with that. I’m surprised though that it’s not thought of as stress free. If you use the music, this game is fun AND calming. It’s one of my favorite games. Over hours of fun, if I wanted, it could be YEARS of fun!.Version: 1.8.82

This game is amazingGuys, this game is incredible. I downloaded it when it was free and was loved it so much that when I got a new phone and had to download all of my apps again, I was 100% cool with paying for it. It’s awesome. Thank you for the awesome game!.Version: 2.82

Great game real funCould u maybe make a mode similar to the age of empires where u build up and have to go through different units etc and maybe add the option to change humans factions or something so fighting could be a thing and a option to build ur own props in an advanced edit mode plz.Version: 1.8.34

What a delight!I’ve been looking for something like this since Christmas. It’s so relaxing and creative. The colours and objects are fabulous. The developers are doing a great job with this game. There’s no adds or pop ups to pester you about buying something and there’s isn’t a load of icons clogging up the screen space. I do have a few suggestions for things to be added though: to be able to zoom out a lot more would be handy. More fantasy creatures like a unicorn or jackalope. Waterfalls. Different types of flooring like mosaic, or marble. Stained glass windows. A fairground and circus would be awesome too (fantasy style). Secret doors. Spooky stuff. Thank you for creating this!.Version: 3.41

WowReally great app. I give a four because I am very picky I feel my purchase was a good one and I wish I found this sooner haveing a great time getting yelled at by my brother telling me to stop playing this game!! Really good 💞💞💞🌈🌈🌈😍😍😍.Version: 1.9.4

Calming and funThis is a great app and well worth it! The graphics are pleasant, and I appreciate being able to build without having to level up to unlock new features or spend an eternity earning/collecting resources to build what I want. There are times I wish we could have a way to view the total area built on (I admit I built a far off island, scrolled back in the wrong direction, and thought I wasn’t going to find my original island 😂 the new rocks help), but overall I love this app. I also appreciate all the updates from the developer. It’s always fun to see what new items and interactions have been added. With the newest update, I see we’ve got some shipwrecks and skeletons, so perhaps we can look forward to sea creatures and pirates in a future update? Or an expansion on the lone elf female (a male elf or elf king or tree house perhaps?). While I certainly understand the reviews that have mentioned the game lacks purpose in some ways, I disagree somewhat. I don’t really see that as a drawback for this app in particular. I like being able to build however I want. Sometimes, quests can get very tedious, especially if you can’t devote tons of time to the game or play on a consistent basis. Either way, I appreciate all the time the developer has spent creating and updating this. Thanks for a fun app!.Version: 1.7

AmazingI love the game but can you please add more modern items. Thank you.Version: 1.5.2

GREAT GAME!! But some suggestions...Just got this game, it’s so cute and fun! But some helpful things would be... - Instead of having to delete a tile to get a different type, ie soil to grass, make it you can just replace, with the option of building on top. - Be able to select a certain amount of land you want to build over the water, and it’ll automatically fill in with terrain. Kinda like a fill tool on paint/drawing programs. - Have threats!! Have tsunamis, fires, earthquakes, predators etc. So our little people have to prepare! - More interactivity, although I’ve seen this a lot in the reviews, I think it’d be great to have, not only the people, but the animals interacting together. Eg. the rabbits running from foxes (they either get away, or get eaten) Just think it’d be a cute touch. - Have labels on each object you’re putting down, so you know if it’s a church or a stable or just a house. This little game is so much fun! I think it’s going to be so great as more people find out about it! Thanks so much for letting our creative juices go wild! I know you’ve had many suggestions, I would love it if you considered this, especially the ones which will make gameplay more simple and easy to create things. Thanks for this, keep doing what you’re doing..Version: 1.5.2

RadiantThe graphics in this game are exponentially precise, such a beautiful game! There are lots of objects to build and place, etc. However, there (I feel) does need to be a purpose behind it, it lacks an insensitive; that said, I understand it is a sandbox building game and the aim is to relax, but I do feel there needs to be that something else. Even something, perhaps, as simple as a town/city rating where you could attract more people for free to your area or a tax system or just something (however simple) that makes you want to keep playing and keep improving on your area. It would also be interesting to see some more jobs for the people in the game, as soon as that little something is added, I would definitely say that this game is a five star experience..Version: 2.61

Truly great game - hours of funI’ve got the game a few days ago and it probably is one of my favourite games now. It’s a great change from the modern day games and it has amazing potential. The only thing i would have to say is that sometimes the characters in farms would go to the edge of fences and just stay there and not do anything , it would be a few of them. Secondly , I wish there would be a bit more variety of buildings etc. Don’t get me wrong there is already a LOT and it’s amazing , but just my thoughts. Maybe planes and helicopters could be implemented into like a different sort of ‘ mode ‘ of games , so you can either stick to the current game mode , but you can also have a different mode when creating a world for more advanced stuff , e.g airports etc. That would be awesome. But the game is already very cool , if the feature was to be added , as i said i would suggest adding this to a new ‘ mode ‘ where different buildings are accessible, just so you can have a more medieval feel and a more modern feel. Also maybe a few more characters ? For example maybe you can have a builder to whilst your working on a certain area , you can have builders doing something e.g, building a farm etc. These are just some suggestions to an already amazing game that has clearly taken time and effort into it..Version: 1.8.2

Should be a pc gameLow key best game iv played on mobile.Version: 3.92

Great gameI love this game, i like the feel of it’s calm gameplay and it has the perfect music to go along with it, i have some suggestions because nothing is perfect :) You could add competitions (like monthly or something) where users of the game send in ideas for new sets/items for sets, like they could send in drawings they have made and the person that wins gets it put into the game and some resources but not a massive amount. Also it would be cool if there was a little option where we could paint or make our own items, that can only be used on our worlds, although that is pretty much the same idea as my other idea. You could add more than just the island we have and then we can like go to another island in the boats (not literally it would just be a loading screen or something) and then people could have like a whole little world, where they have like a modern country, temple country, etc. Maybe some more animals as there is only horses and dragons, it gives people more options for their builds like a farmland. I think you should be able to change the colour of the blocks you are using to interpret into a build easier, instead of having to remove everything and looking for another block that fits better, there could be colours or even custom textures! I hope you like my ideas although some of them may be rubbish, it was just a few thoughts to help you out. Thank you!.Version: 2.31

Great potentialThere’s a lot to like, and I really love the relaxed pace of the pay and play format. But personally I’d like to see more functional objects, fewer purely ornamental. It would be nice if workers went into houses to eat or sleep, got water from barrels, opened gates, tended the animals etc. I realise that you chose not to take a “technology tree” approach but I’d prefer you to develop in the game in the direction of more complex resource and construction rules (e.g. having to mine iron, build a blacksmith to unlock certain objects, or worker productivity being a function of how well fed they are, what amenities you provide). I feel like there are already plenty of games where little people battle each other, fewer games that do a good job of micro world building, so I’d like to see more creative and imaginative interactions between what we can build and the people that live in that world..Version: 2.93

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE BUYING!Ok, so let me start off with this was NOT what I was expecting when I bought this game. I was expecting more of a survival-like game where your builders and farmers actually do something. Once you have built an amazing castle, now what? It’s pointless. I guess this game would be for you if you enjoyed creating fortresses and towns for hours then not get to do anything with them. I would suggest creating a mode where you start off on a huge landscape and you start off with a town hall and 5 workers. You would have to assign them locations to chop trees for wood, mine rocks for stone and hunt animals for meat and eventually you would grow in numbers to build a huge empire. (Inspired from the game: age of empires). I hope that you guys will take my request for consideration and at least make there be a “survival mode” where you can only build structures as long as you have enough material (wood, stone, meat) and make your workers actually work. Thanks for reading! (I’m not saying this game is bad, I love it even though it wasn’t what I expected. The graphics are beautiful and the building technique is original, but this game would be a solid 5 Stars if you took my request.).Version: 1.4.1

Awesome game but could do with improvementsTo start off I absolutely love this game. It has been really well designed and the graphics are great. I would like to see some more playability. I would also like the ability to program people to do certain things eg. have a group of knights standing in line rather than walking around. I would love to have a subassembly tab where you can place things as it is incredibly painful to drop tile after tile to make a landscape. Speaking of which a random landscape generator would be awesome. Thanks devs for the great game!.Version: 1.4.1

Read this for important INFOAs i have started to play the game, the thing that puts me off it is that you can only delete such a small scale at once, there should be an option to change the amount of area you want to delete. Secondly, a feature where you can draw an island in, by choosing a centre point and like inserting a table in word, draw an island with cliff edges already on, or to spawn a random island. Thirdly, a measuring system would be useful to allow for symmetry. Just some minor things that i think would really build the game in design concepts, could also add a grass like plant that covers a certain area. Really Enjoying the game, keen to see what’s next..Version: 1.8.34

Amazing Game, but building land is an issue.I love this game, how things fit together so well in a beautiful way. I do have the patience to make everything together but the only issue I have is building land/islands. It takes so much time to make a good looking island and too much time wasted on making land instead of actually building on the land. Possible answers to this might be to have a drag function for land where you drag your finger across the screen and land appears. Another idea could be building multiple layered land without having to place each layer. Also making cliffs take too long and a solution could be to have cliffs naturally appear after you place in the land (can be turned off). Just some suggestions but overall amazing game..Version: 1.8

Surprisingly addictive.When I got this app, I was taken aback by how absorbing it is. All you have to do is place objects in a virtual 3D space, but before I knew it I was sinking hours into carefully crafting landscapes, planning city layouts, and stocking the windows of virtual shops. There is a huge range of items, and (crucially) the ability to create multiple worlds so you don’t have to erase an existing world in order to begin a new one. Pocket Build not really a game per se, but constructing your own virtual world is immensely enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions: * More furniture items and whitegoods - when building interiors are eventually introduced, these will be necessary * The ability to resize people and creatures (another reviewer suggested dwarves; this might be a more flexible option) * More colour choices for buildings and furniture; this would be fairly easy to introduce, and add a bit more variety especially to cities * The option to change a world’s starting viewpoint. I created a gorgeous world only to discover that the camera’s default position is right up against a rock wall. Whoops! Finally, THANK YOU for adding the option to rotate items on any axis!! That’s a fantastic feature - your ever-creative user base will be sure to make excellent use of it..Version: 3.68

Love itI only saw this game when I was browsing the App Store but I am glad I found it. First of all the price is great and I didn’t hesitate when buying it. The aesthetics are through the roof and game graphics are good. I love the fact you can mix modern with fantasy. There is a few things I thing could be better, for example, there should be a ‘modern’ way of getting food and wood instead of farms, like maybe a food shop or something. Also, if I accidentally place a wall or river line a half-block too far then it is tiresome to move every single one, if you can this would be good to change. Overall great game and the developers are very skilled! 😃.Version: 1.7.22

It’s got potentialAt the moment, there is a lot of room to create but not much functionality. I saw in the comments that the creator plans to put shops and such as well as objectives so I think that will increase the playtime of this game. I’d like to see an economy that you can have in your town with the stats that you have to keep in order to keep producing resources. I also think that having a better ai system might be a good addition. Like having the workers cut trees within a perimeter and the peasants picking food the same way. And having paths be priority nav mesh would be cool. One final thing: the goblins should be more unpredictable and more of a threat. It’s cool to have the free play aspect but a bit of a challenge would keep things interesting and force a small bit of strategy on how you build your towns. Even two modes would be nice :) id love to help work on this project if there is room for expansion but other than that, just really excited to see where this goes. Been wanting to make/find a sandbox game like this for a while :) Edit: also please please please make the stairs work! And if you can make ai stay near the majority of them with some if/then statements, that’d be a cool addition so that that one knight can stop wondering off alone and dying :) but can’t wait for the additions!!.Version: 1.7.22

Best sandbox game on mobile!This game is fun and relaxing. I like how creative it can be and all the different items and creatures. It’s also nice to see a developer who actually listens to reviews and considers them. This game is awesome, there are just a few things I think you should add. The first is weather. If you added regular weather and also natural disasters I think it would be cool to see how your world changes or reacts to them. Also if you could add ocean waves and a sand block so you could have beaches. Then the main thing that I think would add to the role play and battle of the game is tribes and clans. So for example, if you make the red, blue, and green tribe, then you have three settings. Allies, so if you did that they won’t fight and will come to each other’s aid. Then their would be peace, they wouldn’t fight but they wouldn’t help each other. Last would be war, they would kill each other on sight and fight, maybe even go to fight each other. This would also let you choose what tribe some goblins humans giants or elves belonged to, so you could have goblins and humans allied fighting giants Or elves, etc. And finally, this is something you could add maybe randomly generated worlds, so you could have an empty random land to add stuff to. Or a gallery to show off your world. Overall, great game, I’m excited to see the new updates and features you add in the future!.Version: 1.9

New character needed, and a few ideasI’m really liking the game, but I want a character that will build stuff automatically if I set him to do so, they’d be capable of terrain adjustment to accommodate anything they’re making. (Houses, paths up a cliff, crops, etc) In the same retrospect it’d be nice if I can set the world/people to be completely(if not, almost completely) self sufficient/self evolving and not require me to do EVERY little thing. I’d like my work to change on its own if I want it to. Maybe even set zones where the “growth”(construction of buildings/de-construction of buildings etc) is disabled so not everything changes. You should also add that shield ‘function’ to all objects, say a tree in the center of town I don’t want cut down Usable drawbridges would be cool too. A really big feature I’d personally like to see is a ‘paint brush’ of sorts for planting trees. You’ve got grouped sections of land you can place, you should do the same with trees, make a mix brush too so the trees don’t all look the same and facing the same way. In my opinion, these little changes would make this game incredible.Version: 2.61

Is there a way to change names?To start off I would like to say that this game is a hundred out of ten on the awesome scale, and has been a little favourite of mine for a LONG time, but one thing could make it better. Could we be able to change the name of worlds please? I gave one of mine a really stupid name, and now I just can’t figure out how to fix it. I have spent a long time on it and it’s really disappointing that I’m an idiot and screwed it up, so can you fix that? But anyway, it is a fantastic game regardless and I would recommend it to anyone that likes a good online AND offline game. Good job mate!.Version: 2.5

Pretty goodIt’s really fun, you can do literally anything you want, similar to Minecraft, there’s sandbox mode which is the one I always play, I like the feature where you can control the person. Great job.Version: 3.44

Holy mother of godRight where to begin? This game is absolutely brilliant. It gives you the power to do whatever you want which is one of the best things about it. You can build pretty much whatever you want wherever. It does have some improvements but every game/app does. One of the things that could be improved is some of the items the require a bit of wood and food to build. It’s rare that I have any because I have so few people in my place and they don’t gather enough. I also think that certain objects could spawn things for example a house could spawn a peasant. Something that could be added is more vehicles, like modern ones because I would love to build an airport(s) and have planes flying places. The people, animals and goblins could have random names when they get brought(they could also be a little cheaper). But anyway great game absolutely amazing and addictive. Keep it up👍🏼.Version: 1.8.1

I. Love. It.I've been loving this game since it was small. But I got to wondering, reading some other reviews and suggestions... I want to launch people with the catapults. Because that would be awesome in its own right, I'd also love to see the catapults work in general. And in first person. I think the player who had the multiple trees idea for forests was a wonderful idea, honestly that's one off the few things I hate doing, as it's very tedious. I would love to see you add a plethora of things, like classes, or possibly the ability to choose skills, equipment, loot, chests, etc for whatever person you've entered first person with. Also, giants. I would love to be able to smash through my town or builds in first person view with these giants. Back to equipment, maybe have different rarities? Or don't, I think either would be awesome. Now that I'm thinking about it. The addition to be able to enter buildings in first person would be so so soo sweet. And then decorate inside them? I'd never put this game down if you'd add that. Best money I ever spent on the all store..Version: 2.82

Great but could use moreThis is a really great game but it would benefit from some extras. If there was a wider range of buildings and characters that would come from a variety of eras, that would be fantastic. It would also be interesting if you could make the goblins and certain animals more aggressive and actively go towards and attack other AI’s within a certain radius. If there could be characters with longer range attacks (archers or even soldiers with primitive guns), it could make the game more interesting. I would also like to see horses added which can be mounted by AI’s. Great game you guys have made and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has ever felt like designing their own town. I would appreciate it if you guys would take my review into account!.Version: 1.8.2

One teeny problem and a requestAbsolutely love this game and am making one small town after the next. I just realised though that if I happen to scroll back to a town just to check it out most of my animals have escaped their fences and are running amok in other fields or even going for a swim, which makes the perfectionist in me have to spend time putting them back repeatedly, if you could check this out that would be great and my worries solved. And then I have a request to make about the translucent water blocks that characters can swim through; could you make wider versions of them so I don’t have to make a lake or river by tapping on each individual block? The same as you have 3 sizes for all the solid blocks! Anyone reading this because you’re not sure to get the game or not: DO IT!! Hours of fun and so much to do! They’re always updating it so you’ll never get bored of trying new things, in fact I brought it when it didn’t have too much and now I’m not making towns fast enough to incorporate the new things they add like the dragons and giants, and new castles and forts! Edit for developer response: I’m on the latest iPad Pro!.Version: 2.31

MultiplayerIt’s can be nice if we can play in multiplayer in the same world.Version: 1.9.92

Could be perfectNow I downloaded this game as it is exactly the type of game I like to play after playing for a bit it became apparent there is no actual story line like what is the point in doing what I am doing what am I doing it for etc The people could grow old be couples have babies grow your empire say or there could be targets or things you have to complete to unlock levels or just anything really I got bored after a bit and it’s such a shame as the graphics and game looks perfect just really needs this added extra to make it much better. I never usually pay for a game but I am planning on keeping it on my phone just incase they update it and you can do all the suggested things myself and other players have suggested 🤞🏼🤞🏼.Version: 2.5

Feedback and ideas(pls read dev)I have been enjoying the game and playing it quite a lot lately. I have some ideas for the game. 1. Can you make it so there are these things called silos and they cost 400 wood and food. 15 blocks around the silo will automatically be farmed like normal but when you are offline. You can upgrade the silos for longer management. (Lvl 1, 1 hours farming offline, lvl 2, 2 hours offline farming and so on up to lvl 20, 20 hours away). The silos should cost 100 food and wood for upgrade to lvl 2, would cost 200 wood and food, lvl 3 would cost 300 food and wood and so on to 20. 2. Cars. If others want to drive the cars you can add that. I suggest adding two new items, A plain old car that does not need much detail and can come in different colours. A supercar a bit more detailed and should kinda look like a Ferrari/Lamborghini. It would be really nice if you read this editors and creators. Kind Regards An average Pocket build player.Version: 1.6

Amazing GameOnly been playing the game for a few days and already love it!! The reason I gave 4 stars instead of five is small issues with not being able to manually saving in the game, I played for around 30min-1hr and when I closed the game after it said it synced up fine I re opened it and all the new stuff I made had gone. Hopefully this isn’t a hard fix or anything. Another thing I would love to see is come manual height tools so that people can no-clip cliff down a level so that people can have 1 level high maps instead of having to have 2 level high maps (unless you want a square block as the island. But over all this game is amazing and the small issues aren’t going to stop me playing..Version: 1.8.5

Great GameThis is a great game, you should really try it out! Most things are free, and is a fantastic “on the go” game!.Version: 2.51

Couldn’t recommend this game more! Just a few words...First off, I love this game. I love it so much. It’s so fun and the only things you need are patience, insight, and a loose imagination. I love how you could let your imagination run wild (I haven’t had mine run wild yet, but I’m getting there) I love how you could make a village, a forest, a zoo (I don’t know much else, but that’s for us to figure out) I love this game but I wish there were a bit more animals. Also, I wish that there were some ground blocks that matches with the cliff edges. Rocky cliff edges don’t have a ground block that matches with it and it kinda really annoys me. But hey, I’m not judging. I noticed there’s a glitch that the giant corner Muddy cliff edge’s color is a bit off from its other cliff edges and ground block counterpart. Also, can Humans do a bit more than walk around, mount stuff (but can humans mount chairs please), and work? Perhaps dance or sleep or... heck, even add more skins to the people. I like the normal peasants and all, but I don’t like how they all look the same. It feels a bit limiting to my creativity. With all this said, I couldn’t love this game any more than I already do, it’s so great. Relaxing and inspirational.... It deserves an Editor’s choice. -Blu (Also, due to me writing a book currently, I’ve been able to map out the town it takes setting in and I love how it can help with simulating it all. Thanks for creating this game. Bye!).Version: 2.52

Make Lore NowI love The game but It gets boring only building.Version: 4.0.0

Ideas for improvementsFirst off, I’d like to say that this game is amazing, totally worth it for the amount of money you spend. It is different to any other game I’ve played and keep me entertained for hours. This is a great game to play when you’re on a long car trip or something similar. The only thing I really want added to the game is some sort of objective. I get what the game is going for, a simple, fun city builder but I feel like it needs some sort of way to keep you playing longer. I’m not asking you to make the game really complicated like other city building games (SimCity, Cities Skylines), but the world you make doesn’t really have a purpose. Everything is kind of static... nothing really happens. I’m not really sure what you could add, but maybe things like shops would be cool. This game is really great and I hope you keep up the good work, thanks for reading :).Version: 1.6

Great game🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆.Version: 1.6

Best game ever, some ideas thoughMy new favourite game is this I love how you don't have to pay for everything and can leave and come back to loads of stuff but I think you should add more monsters. More undead characters would be good seeing as we have an undead castle and undead fort category and also werewolves that change to night and day and zombies, skeletons, vampires and please can you add an abominable snowman giant and a big foot giant! I know this is a lot to ask for but it would be my dream come true if you could add clowns and a character called the Wicked Weiner which is a big sausage man. I just turned thirteen and like to be funny so some more funny stuff like clowns and wicked wieners would be funny. Adding circus characters would be cool to like a ringmaster, strong man, monkeys and a circus tent. Also if the characters could go inside buildings and you could go inside and move around or add fridges, TVs and sofas that would be sick!.Version: 1.9.1

Great! But improvements could be madeI think that the game is intuitive and has a huge breadth of items to make use of. As well as this I think that the graphics are great. It is also easy to build settlements and there are plenty of items that allow you to make your world feel real. However, I think there are some improvements that could be made. Although the game isn’t to too difficult to use once you pick up the controls, at the start I found it a bit difficult to find my way around the game. The idea of allowing the player to work out the controls themselves is great, but I would give a slightly longer tutorial. I also think that it would be great if there were a few more goblin buildings and also more parts for docks and boats. Overall I think that the game is in a great place and is incredibly enjoying and satisfying. I believe that if you (the developers) keep updating the game, as you seem to be, then this game will continue to attract new players and interest current players. Good job 👍.Version: 2.0.1

Great gameThis game is great, I’ve played it for over a year now. There’s so much to do and so many things to work with. One issue I’m having is one of my worlds won’t open?? A message used to pop up saying it was being fixed, but that was quite a while ago, and I really don’t wanna rebuild, as I’ve rebuilt this world 3 times due to various reasons. A second thing, is that if u make progress without being logged in, it won’t matter. Any progress made on the world will be erased by the original world. There’s no option to replace the old one with the updated world, and any progress made is lost unless you have a stable internet connection. Overall, this game is great and the updates that allow you to see other worlds for inspiration is awesome. Feedback from the developers is consistent, and most issues are fixed quickly. One improvement for this would be to create co-opted worlds. So that more than one can work on it. This might already implemented and we just haven’t figured it out yet though..Version: 2.31

Ideas probablyAmazing game though some great additions would be able to control several units/villagers/people at once, would be rather useful. Stuff like copying and pasting certain areas would definitely serve to be useful. Though when copying and pasting make sure if resources are being copied they come at a cost (just to avoid future resource hacks and/or glitches). And if it isnt a waste of time stuff like playing as a villager or an animal would be nice, along with easier dragon control. Amazing game, clearly a lot of work has been put into this. Hope you consider my ideas/suggestions. (Im no game developer though).Version: 1.9.9

Very goodA really good sandbox game, worth the money (as of writing it’s $1.29). My only problem is that worlds currently can’t be renamed so you can get stuck with a placeholder name or one that doesn’t reflect the world. Also the technical limitations of phones cause large worlds with lots of decoration objects to crash the game. Problems aside, I would definitely recommend playing..Version: 3.52

Awesome gameGreat game very simple and calming, but I really want to see some ancient civilization sets like a Greek acropolis.Version: 3.92

Genuinely incredibleI adore this game with my entire heart and soul <3.Version: 3.71

Just Needs Some AdjustmentsThis game is very capable of being 5 stars. The games concept and gameplay is amazing, easy to use and very simplistic, however that does cause some problems with the navigation. There needs to be a search bar in the items menu, and each item needs to be labelled in the menu. The rotation of buildings could maybe be a little better so that it doesn’t move the object to the nearest empty space according to the direction it’s facing. Other than that awesome game and I look forward to the upcoming updates!.Version: 1.4.1

Great game, buy now! Just one thing...Hello, MoonBear LTD. I have played this game for almost a month and have loved it, as well as some of your other games. Building mechanics, many creatures, humans, and goblins in your world to choose from, as well as the concept of it being a sort of idle game, as you need to collect wood, food, and coins over time to build things, are great. However, some of the items that are put in the worlds you create are just for show, but seem like they could be utilized with a couple days of coding. Take the trebuchet and ballista items, for example. You could man humans or goblins behind them and have them shoot each other! That would REALLY be fun and cool! As for other matters, like possible human-goblin war, you could give people or goblins a command from the hub to start killing each other from across the world, not just when they are close to each other. Spears, swords, bows, axes, etc. could be added as items for the game for the humans and goblins to pick up. Towers could be used to shoot arrows from. Huts could have spears and swords inside on the battlefield for the humans and goblins to pick up, too. Rivers and the ocean around the island can have actually warships that can fire cannons, throw spears, and shoot bows. I really hope you take this into account and add this into the game. Thank you!.Version: 1.9.51

Great Game, some new ideasI love the game, and its very fun to play when I’m just trying to pass time in a waiting office, or in a boring class. I had an idea for how trails/paths should be placed. And this could potentially also apply to trees and land pieces. I personally (especially for trees), dont like having to go back into the menu in order to place a different kind of tree. So in regard to that, and for trails, what if there was an option to simply drag to place? Like, for placing a trail in a village, simply drag your finger in the direction you want the trail to go, and path pieces will place where your finger goes. If you draw a corner, it will turn. If you draw over a previous path, it will make a 4-way intersection, things like that. And for trees, you could just drag to place trees, making large forests quickly. Or, for the trees, have a “different size brush” kind of thing. Like, have the ability to choose several types of trees of your (the player)’s choosing, and with a finger tap, a cluster of those selected trees will appear, making the creation of forests or tree clumps very easy, rather than going into the menu each time to pick a different kind of tree. Anyways. Just an idea. Love the game though!! Keep the updates coming!!.Version: 1.7.22

Things to ImproveAmazing game, could charge 9.99$ for it and it would still be worth. However you can improve on so much, using the ground blocks have a custom block maker so you can make a 15 x 24 x 5 block because i’ve done massive builds before where even the 9 x 9 x 1 is hard. Also one of the cliff edges bottom rocks is a slightly different color. Either way no change or not this game is amazing its relaxing the music is nice (add more sound tracks please) and this game i think can be one of the best mobile games. I’d give it more stars if I could..Version: 2.61

Fav gameI was on the fence about buying this game but wow I was wrong. THIS GAME IS SO HECKIN GOOD.Version: 2.31

Amazing! However, I Have Some Suggestions.I love this game, especially the first person! However, I really think you should set up an interior for each house. Not including furniture, but just having an architectural layout, with furniture added on in the build section to design them ourselves. I think it would give a nice touch to the first person, and a feel that we’re really involved with the game. ALSO! Gates and doors should either be openable/walkable through. I would love it if you could make them have an open/close animation, and in first person mode you should add a fist for equip and when nearing a gate or door it can give you the option/you hit/tap the door and it opens and closes. You should also, as one person said, allow people to combat one another and dance, etc. for a realistic effect with kingdoms and such. I feel you could also expand on new houses and such, especially in smaller categories like western, farm, etc. because while you do have (and add) a large selection of buildings and such, I feel there isn’t enough diversity within each type of house. With first person, I would also suggest a sprint mode, because walking is just oh so slow. Same with riding horses, they should have a running and trotting mode, as humans should have a jog and run. I absolutely love this game, though!! So proud of how much you improve it and how often you better the game for everyone..Version: 2.98

Almost perfectThis game is incredibly fun, and almost everything you build looks beautiful. I’ve played for countless hours, and in those hours I’ve noticed a few flaws with the game that could be improved upon. For one, there’s only two songs that are both very short and just loop continuously (one for daytime and one for night). It gets incredibly repetitive after about 2 minutes, at least for the daytime mode. I wouldn’t know about the nighttime one because of the second flaw, the light sources. I would love to see what my world looks like at night but it’s too dark. You can’t really build at night, at least I can’t, because you can’t see anything. And if you want to light everything up you’d need a fire every few spaces. If at night it would be a little lighter, even though unrealistic, it would be a lot nicer! But these two problems are the only things which really “bother” me, and they’re easy to look past. They don’t really detract from the game if you just play in daytime and without sound on :).Version: 1.9.92

Best Developer everJust bought the game and it’s a wonderful and fun world-builder limited by (almost) only your imagination. I’m currently building a world and can already tell I will expand on it and continue to play just that one world for hours! The best part about this game is easily the developer. The game is definitely still in need of some updates and I’ve seen some great ideas in the reviews, but this developer has addressed and solved almost every problem I see with each new update! Not only that but they seem to actually take suggestions and put them in the future updates when it’s a good idea! That being said, (and hopefully the developer sees this review as well) I’m having a bug where I can’t delete any blocks of land. I can always delete buildings, structures, and props, but once I put land down this seems to be permanent. Really the only problem is with 1x1 blocks of land as well. I can in fact still delete the 8x8 and 4x4 land blocks are at about a 50/50 chance, but if I put it down as a 1x1 the only way to get rid of it is to hit the undo button till it’s gone. Let me know if you get a fix for this, even if you don’t, you guys deserve 5 stars. Great work!.Version: 1.9.1

CastlesThere are castles guys.Version: 3.94

Creative and Worth It: Just a Few ThoughtsThe game has great graphics and overall quality of the thought is great also. As I have read a few reviews I think yes there should be different modes and different setting for the game. Ex. Peaceful where it is now, no one gets hurt unless you allow it. Versus, Defensive, where an opposite fore attacks you. Also when you place land it’s hard to worry about placing the rocky siding to make I look more flush. I’ve also had problems with better stairs. Most people are right, the game does need purpose. I like the idea of everything being free and also like the idea of working for things. Another problem is placement. I would love the ability to place characters in towers, boats, wagons, thrones, and many more. The game is also flat and it’s hard to make flush mountain ranges. I’d also be cool to see the characters go into houses. I know this would be hard and a big adjustment, or possibly you guys are working on it now. But the ability to view as a character and play as them. The ability to tilt objects no just from 90 degrees to 90 degrees. But possibly 45 degrees too. Few more things. More elaborate houses and items, but agin you guys are most likely working on that right now. The white brick pathway had no end piece like the other pathways. Finally a train incorporation would be epic. Again this game is so soothing and serene and has little limits. I believe this game is just starting to grow. So keep up the good work!.Version: 1.6

Can not re-enter multiplayer map after I leave.Overall game is very enjoyable and relaxing. I like how it have first person mode and everything look so lively to play around with. I found myself spending so much time in this game with my friends. However it is so sad that I can not re-enter the game map that I created and find it very difficult when it keep on saying “connecting “ but never got me in. This isnt just happening to me but also my friend as well. I hope you can fix this so we can continue building what we left off. ❤️.Version: 3.1

Great start, lack of purposeI love the idea of being able to build a world without being confronted with in app purchases and practically unmeetable goals to hit in order to continue, but this game does need some type of interactions between characters. The animals have no purpose (that i've figured out yet) and i think itd be wonderful to be able to have interactions between people, goblins, and animals. The game needs conflict, like to have one dominating side like people vs goblins. Itd be great if the developer added in some factors to make the game a tad more challenging, and more involving. I built my world up, but now there is relatively no need for all the meat and wood ive collected as there is no limiting factors to overcome in this game. I think the king, princess, and prince should all have significant roles too because none of them do much. itd be cool if the characters were interactive and maybe even did their own thing when you arent commanding them, like go into houses or build families. that could be one because as families grow they would need bigger houses, more foot, etc. if the games characters were more interactive id definitely give it a 5/5, its an amazing start and i cant wait to see where this game is headed..Version: 1.5.43

Only 10 mins in…Only 10 mins in and I can tell this is one of those well made games that are rare these days. There is just so much to do.Version: 3.87

Stunning with PotentialI've got to say, this game is stunning. Totally unique to any other Sandbox or building game out in the App Store. Honestly, I think it has potential to become a fantastic and enjoyable game. It is just missing a few crucial elements. -A Goal should be clear, right now I understand this game is still new but having something that we can work towards would be game changing. -Pre-Generated Enemies should be imminent somewhere in the world to create a challenge for players. Like a 'survival mode', where enemies attack you occasionally, progressively getting more powerful. -There should also be an option for Pre-Generated landscapes for players to build on. Advanced Infrastructure should be locked for use until you research it or advance further into the game. Overall, I do not expect any of these to be added into the game. The game is magnificent the way it is. These are just some suggestions that I think are worth considering. Thanks! -Jordan.Version: 1.7

Amazing concept, lacking gameplay.The concept of this app is amazing! I love it, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about it! I love the idea of sandbox world type games, and this game especially. However I find the gameplay to be, rather unfulfilling. It would be helpful to have a tutorial to teach users how to use the app, and what certain features do. It would be more fun if certain character functions relied on each other, so that if you have 5+ peasants then you must have a worker who commands them, and also replants what the peasants have harvested, and at 10 people, they will require a prince, and at 15, two knights, and at 30 a king. It would also be pretty cool if the characters would interact with each other, whether it be a hunter and wildlife, or knights who go into another "territory" . It would also be more fun if the characters interacted with scenery, like if there were times where they would go into the houses and it would become dark, or using the catapults. What I really wanna do is pit the characters against each other and have barbarians who will burn down a peaceful village lol.Version: 1.5.2

Great game!My only complaint is that when you answer to reviews, you always use that little side-smiling emoticon thing ( :) ). Yes, I know this is extremely nit picky. Quite frankly, though, I do not care..Version: 2.96

Jimmy John JoeThis is my third time giving this app a review. First off, this game is great. Also it gets updates super quick and usually those updates change the game completely! When the giant were added I was so excited because I wanted to have a army of knights vs a army of giants! When I realised that the Giants don't attack I was very disappointed. And when I found out that they can sit and dance I wondered why the people and goblins couldn't do that! Also I know this there was a recent update that makes the AI smarter, but what really be helpful was if we could make them fight ourselves. Just like the action buttons for the Giants. It would make the view of the characters we chose much wider just like when we want them to collect more resource s they'll look for the closest resource near them. Also another idea is the default generated world. I would LOVE it if you put in different settings for the world we want to create. Such as Day or night or day cycle. And I get kinda sick of having to put land down and hills. What would make this game much more cool if there was a setting that generate a whole random world for us, and not just a big empty world. There really isn't much to add because of how great this game is! I just feel like most of the updates are for the characters or building blocks instead of something that would change the entire game! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) that's really it! Thanks for making this amazing game!.Version: 1.9.1

Before Buying: What is your Patience Level?This game has a great idea and setup but it requires a magnitude level of patience. The most frustrating part of playing this game, is rotating objects and building at a city level. Placing objects even somewhat close together will take very tedious placement and time. Not only placing objects is a struggle but objects interfering with other objects will cause things such as pathways to land on top of tall buildings, requiring you to do a search for where your object that you were trying to place went, while rotating or placing down. Additionally, trying to rotate the screen to see your work of art at a different angle somehow glitches and throws your screen onto different parts of your world. Furthermore, when placing objects the viewing screen itself will keep moving in a certain direction that you are not intending to move in. This feature sometimes works to my benefit, but in most cases ends up making bugs like these even more annoying. I have an iPhone X, but yet only with this app do I experience battery issues, Brightness issues of my phone dimming and not being able to change brightness, and app quitting, all only when using this app. Still this app has potential and I appreciate the Developer constantly working hard for this app. My only issues are rotating objects that move to different areas, placement, and screen viewing. Thank you for reading this..Version: 1.8

GoodI like it but it needs more items! I’d love to see some schools, banks, etc, things that make up a village/town/city both in modern times and in a fantasy setting! I also think there needs to be a way to delete many things at once because it can be tedious to click on them individually and delete. Other than that, great game and looking forward to updates :) Edit: I’d love to also be able to do more with the people maybe have them get married, start a family, have a job etc. it’d a,so be mice to see some more circular buildings and roads.Version: 1.8.9

Very GoodThis game is nothing like any other phone game that I have seen. I really like the freedom you have to build anything you want. The art style really suits the type of game it is and I really like it. It is also cool that you have workers that get resources but I think it would be better if almost all items cost resources to build and then make two different game modes. One sandbox and one like survival or something. I think it will attract I wider range of people to play the game and improve what you already have which is already a very polished game. Also adding some nice relaxing music would keep players engaged for longer periods of time..Version: 1.5

Why hasn’t anyone done this before?!Having only played the game for a small number of hours, I can already see how this game has huge potential and a large fan base. I like the concept of building your own towns and settlements. I also enjoy the ease of navigation and placement of menus in the user interface. A tremendous plus for this game is that it isn’t pay to win or any of that PvP aggression rubbish. However, having only played a tiny amount already I have spotted some small improvements I would really like to see implemented: Firstly to be able to zoom far out. I can only scroll out so far. I find it difficult to know if I’m scrolling towards another island I’ve built or if I’m even scrolling at all. Being able to zoom as far out so that I can see all of my creations in one world would be a great help. Secondly, a type “copy and paste” function where you can copy sections that you’ve already built and replicate them elsewhere. This could amount to sections of walls, landscape etc. Things that are quite time consuming to make by placing one at a time when really you need to place lots of the same item in a single area. Hopefully you will consider my suggestions. Many thanks for the game and your hard work on it certainly shines through!.Version: 2.0.1

AwesomeI love this game so so so much really hope you guys keep updating it!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so fun!!.Version: 1.8.34

Great but could use a few things.I got really excited when I read about this app. It’s a great idea and the app itself is as beautiful as it is relaxing. I love the fact that you don’t have to do a ton of work or make in app purchases or really worry about anything. Everything you need is right there for the taking and there aren’t many limits and that makes it easy to be creative and make beautiful towns. So far I’ve been playing for a few hours and I must say the biggest problem I have with this app is that there is no back/undo button. (Or at least if there is I haven’t found it yet.) This is a problem because you can’t put things under other things. You can only put them on top. So if you spend a lot of time building a house with a lot of details around it, and then accidentally select the land underneath it and drag it a hair, there is no way to drag it back. As soon as you try to move it back, you’re plot of land will just sit on top of the stuff you’ve built. So then you have to delete everything you’ve just built and move the land back and then put all your stuff back. This has kept me from building a lot in the game and needless to say is a litttle frustrating. I feel like either a back button or a way to adjust the elevation I feel would greatly improve this app! Other than that this app is great for people that want to get creative and relax at the same time! Definitely worth the 99cents!!.Version: 1.5.4

New modeSo the game itself is pretty good, except I found I got bored easily and very fast. This game needs a kind of mode that makes you work to be able to achieve something, and what I mean by that is have a game mode where you start off with a town hall and a few workers, and to be able to progress you have to gather resources such as wood, stone, food and some sort of currency such as gold that you have to gather and use to build stuff. And what would make this game 10x better is if you were to add multiple NPC villages, and the aim of the game is to train troops and destroy every village as they try destroy eachother and you. I really hope you take my ideas into consideration thx.Version: 1.5

Stairs don’t work.How can a person get to higher ground?.Version: 1.8

Really nice !I love this game, it is very pleasing and has almost limitless options for just about anything you want to build. However, being able to randomly generate worlds would be really cool.Version: 1.8.1

Absolutely perfect hidden gem (+suggestions?)I’ll just start off by saying: this game, is by far the best two dollars I’ve EVER spent on the App Store. Just a few minutes in and it’s already better than my expectations (and they were high to start with!)- It graphics are beautiful and smooth, it’s controls are organised and simple, and it’s such a vast game that is still being expanded! Truly is an amazing buy, plus a lasting one. Also, I had a few small suggestions/ ideas just for future items to be added in an update (no big deal). I thought a really cool idea might be to add caverns or a range of fish, seaweed, ect. to add life to underwater areas! It would even be awesome to have the option to have different detfault world themes when making a new world save, like underwater, normal, lava, ect. They could add more depth to our creations with backgrounds, effects, ect.!.Version: 1.5.2

Great game!After playing this game for a week, I have to say that I am really enjoying this game! The overall look of the game is simple but fantastic, the hundreds of different building items really makes it so you can build pretty much anything you desire, from a castle to a modern city! One thing it is lacking is any sense of danger or of loosing anything, which I would say is actually more of a good thing then a bad thing! It makes the game feel more safe knowing that when you get back you can just get in and build for 10 minutes, or an hour! It's a great time waster for any time, any place. I do have to say though that out of all the time I've been playing this game, a lot of time is spent trying to make the ground look nice. It would be nice if you were able to hold and drag from one place to another to create lines of tiles so you could place land faster! It would also be nice if instead for things with variety, like dirt paths and cliff edges, that instead of having to manually add variety yourself, the game would automatically add variation for you. These are small nit picky things though. I'm glad as well that the developers are still adding new objects into the game! The possibilities are truly endless, and I highly recommend this game because of that!.Version: 1.7

If you enjoy building in games, it’s worth a lookTook a look and I’m glad I made the purchase. I very rarely - if ever - spend money on games, but this looked like good purchase! As it turns out, it was! As someone who spends about 50% (minimum) of most games actually building, I’m really enjoying myself. Some of the items “cost” in-game items (such as wood) but about 90% of the items are completely free to start building the land of your dreams! At the moment, I’m aiming to make my world, Esperan, and though it can be a little difficult to find every block I need, I’m doing well thus far. Which is pretty impressive, because I need to make a quaint farming community, a huge medieval castle, a little “big city”, an enormous volcano with houses peeking out of it, as well as a number of forests, and various biomes (its a... fairly unique society XD) I would put 4 1/2 stars (because there’s always room for improvement - though that’s up to my own personal pickiness over not being able to change the colors of the buildings XD it’s not that important, I’m having fun either way) but you have to pick a whole star, so I’m going for four..Version: 1.7.22

Add some chaosYou could add a switch that turns from friendly to aggressive between humans and goblins. Also a night time mode would be great for illuminating lights from a blue moon, glowing red lava, fire pits, torches and cabin lights..Version: 1.4

Please read developers - It need work but I love itHi I really love the graphics and mechanics of this game and enjoyed it for the first hour or two of playing but then I got bored. I really love the people and everything but I think there should be a “survival” mode where your have to collect wood to build stuff and you unlock the building along the way. In the survival mode there should be a risk factor with your people, if it is for example sending them out at night to get wood they might not come back or maybe they have a hunger and temperature bar. I love the game but a survival risk factor where you build something over time would be very entertaining and would boost this app to the top where it deserves to be. Thank you.Version: 1.8.7

Fun gameSuper fun love the graphics but where can I get gold.Version: 1.8.83

Love the gamePerfect price for the game. It is a totally free world where you can do pretty much everything you want! I love how you can place different things in the same tile. But yes great game I LOVE it.Version: 1.5.2

Good game but...Needs a camera pivot so you can look at your world from all angles and some actual goblins otherwise awesome game.Version: 1.5.2

Love this game but more animalsFirst of all I love this game! I have been playing for about a year now. Before that I was just waiting for a game like this to pop up somewhere anyway love how you can create whatever you want but please add more animals say dinosaurs and more buildings please I mean I love this game but some people (not trying to be rude)want to build Jurassic park like a Jurassic park gate or something besides Jurassic park more animals like wait actually am just gonna list the animals down 1dinosaurs dilophasaur T. rex spinosaur stegosaur petradon triceratops troodon and last but not least indominus rex sure it’s not a real Dino but you got to have a fierce Dino right 2aliens with 4 eyes and you can’t create them but at night in your worlds they come and throw tnt and try and destroy your buildings but you can shoo them off with a fox 3cyborgs half robot half human you can create them along with retro buildings and flying cars 4superherous captain America Batman captain underpants along with George Harold and melvin and mr Krupp wonderwoman and the flash and that’s it I know it’s a lot but can you at least do the dinos and aliens please I would really appreciate it bye.Version: 3.87

BrilliantHey, I love your game and its simple mechanics that make you wander why nobody has done them before. You took something done so many times and somehow made it unique by not focusing it too much on a battle or level based element. Despite this, I understand that a review with no criticism is pointless so my few thoughts are these. I think that you should be able to change the name of you world. When I got the game I spent all my time making the default “Pocket world” a great world and now my city is stuck being called “Pocket world”. I could be being ignorant though so tell me if there is a way that you can change your world name after creation. Also, the placement of value is odd, elaborate houses are free but grass is 15 wood. This is not really a problem though, just a query, and perhaps there is a good reason to it. One more thing, I think, even though your system for placing items are great, maybe you could make it so you could drag out a fence post, for example, to construct a fence as long as you want, or drag out a piece of land, in order to eliminate the rare issues that items like these have. Also, maybe a quick toolbar of commonly used items could be better. But these are all silly, and I think you game is probably my favourite game I have ever played on an iPad, great developing..Version: 1.8

Amazing game but a few suggestionsWow. This game really shook my world. It’s a lot like Minecraft, but it also isn’t. I love love love the animal feature and the human feature. I also love the design element and building and running your own town. Something I’d really love to see in the game is more animals. I know there isn’t a lot of animals to add, but maybe more ‘exotic’ animals like zebras, lions, tigers, cats, giraffes, etc. so if someone wanted to make a zoo there’d be lots of options. Also a thing with the animals that I’d love to see is more control buttons. Like with the horses or dragons, maybe sit options or sleep options or even eat and drink just to bring more esthetic to the world. I also would love to see these control options on other animals in the game such as the cows, pigs, dogs, etc. Another thing that I would love is a random world generator. Instead of just the basic starting plate, I would like an option to randomly generate land. Building land by yourself takes forever and it’s very boring, and if we had a random land generator it would bring a lot more spark to the game and more fun. These are just a few suggestions that could make the game better! Otherwise I really love this game and so far it has knocked my other games from my conscience and I’ve been playing and designing for hours. Keep up the amazing work! 😁👏👏✌️.Version: 2.4

2nd reviewI reviewed this game when it first came out. I rated 5 stars then and said it was one of the best games for iphone. I would now rate it 10 stars if I could. The developer continues to improve the game. Updates come regularly and always adds new content. The developer listens and responds to the community and uses reviews to implement new content. I can hardly believe how such a great game can consistently be improved. There are always a few bugs but nothing major, never crashed on me, and the developer released bug fixes with each update. Amazing! Worth every penny! To the developer, I love your game and check my updates all the time just to see if updates are out for this game. I woke up this morning and saw an update and just knew I was going to have a good day because a new update came out. I would like to be able to favorite building items for quick selection since you have added so much content since the original release. I would also like bigger blocks of trees/food rather than just placing one at a time. Otherwise, absolutely outstanding! Keep up the good work! Thank you for making one of the best mobile games ever made!!! 😎.Version: 1.9.9

This Game Is AMAZING!I bought this Game a few days ago and I’m already having a BLAST making my own world! 100% worth the purchase. Also I have some suggestions on what to add: -Train Mounts (For western and modern) -Car Mounts -Pirate Ships -Treehouse?.Version: 2.7

Good game, but...It’s a great game and an awesome time killer, you can do so much and in sandbox mode there’s not much locked so you can do just about anything, but one feature I wish it had is if you double tapped on land in build mode you could select a certain area of land to destroy. That’s all, 10/10 recommend you download..Version: 3.71

Good but have can have improvementsIt’s a good game don’t get me wrong but it can get boring at times down below I have put some ideas you could add in I know you can use them all but you at least make a attempt • Getting raided at times - what is the point in making a castle buildings walls and have siege towers and catapults when you can’t use them maybe at times you could then Against raiders • protests with your people if you don’t have good enough living places • have a campaign - I know that this hard to say but it’s would make it an amazing game I know not all can be done if you did this it would make pocket build best on App Store by far I am not hating on the game I just think this could make it better..Version: 1.9.6

SuggestionsSo far the game is good however there is many limitations in a seemingly infinite possibilities, so I suggest that - random generated events, you built a castle and then randomly your castle will send troops to attack or scout a nearby area to rid it of goblins and vise versa - after a unit kills another it gains some levels, creating a natural selection feature of goblins etc - an adventurer unit that will roam around in the world you have created, vanquishing evil and gaining levels so you can watch as they react with the world you have created. (This one is my personal favourite) I also believe goblins and what not should also have something similar which has the main goal of destroying towns. - the ability to make a guild for them that will give out hits towards these goblin units and etc. at certain points maybe they will recruit other adventurers to help. - a system that allows for units to craft items and over time create new unique items as they level their individual skill level. Allowing for other units to buy them. - creating a dungeon will give random loot st the end depending on how hard you have made the dungeon, the harder the less possibility the adventurer you have been following and hoping for the best to gain these new loots. Makes a unique system where the player gains the ability to like units as they follow their journey across the land they have created. - Just a few things I would love to see in this sandbox..Version: 1.8

Awesome app just needs some improvementsI love this app the idea of building my own city is something I’ve longed for on mobile but there are some issues I have. Issue number one is I can’t build the pre existing rock cliffs so once they’re deleted that’s it. I would love to be able to build some of the pre existing rock cliffs as they look way better then just a flat drop. Issue 2 is I would really love to be able to control the height of objects in game. Issue 3 is I would love if the goblins interacted with the regular humans I tested this by purposely spawning a knight in a goblin camp but nothing happens I also would love to see the npcs use the houses I build. And this is just nit picky but I would really love a set of modern city assets so I have the option of midevil or modern I get that the point of it is your own mideval city but in props there’s modern props that look out of place in the mideval setting -update- Thanks so much for responding and thank you for telling me about the rock cliffs area much appreciated. Great work and awesome customer service. Keep it up 👍.Version: 1.5.43

AmazingBefore I start this review off, may I say that this game has been perfectly crafted and you can see all of the effort the devs have put in to it. I haven’t many complaints, as the game has been carefully looked after by the game developers. Nothing is perfect however, I feel that the camera angles need more work put in to it. It’s quite frustrating when you’re attempting to add to your village and accidentally change the camera angle. This causes me to frantically move my fingers in an attempt to manipulate the camera in reverting back to what it was. One ability that I would admire to see the devs implement, is the power to scale down or scale up certain items in the game. This would be useful as it would help to be more precise when working with the game and could smoothen our certain aspects. My final criticism is the roads, the 90 degree turn especially. This is because it doesn’t perfectly line up with the tiles and causes imperfections in the road building - this is upsetting due to the fact that it causes the roads to not line up. Over all this is a great game worth the money that you pay for it..Version: 1.8.7

Great GameGreat game but I think what would make it even better is if there was an objective. Like if there was a mode where there was this huge army/village and you had to build up a bigger army to defeat them. Something like that..Version: 3.71

Enjoyable and relaxing…I’m really enjoying this game… I figured out how to zoom out more in the settings! Now I give this game 5 stars… no complaints!.Version: 3.87

Must-Get GameThis game is honestly very well done. Instant building, freedom to design whatever your like, and it has little characters too. I could go on and on listing things I love about this game, but I’d just like to make some suggestions for this already near-perfect game. If the characters we add had some more description to them, I would love that. As in, we can check the defence/attack of warriors compared to regular peasants and such. Also, do workers gather food/wood at quicker rates than peasants? (I would like to be able to see that) Day and weather cycles would be great too. Perhaps add another resource, coins? (Gold or silver even). Then we could gather food and wood, and perhaps “sell” it in a marketplace building to generate coins, which could be used to get even better buildings or people (maybe like mercenaries, who are very strong warriors) Finally, I saw one other review asking you to add names/titles to all the buildings. Please don’t do this! If you put a name or title to each building in the game, this will reduce the gamer’s freedom/creativity. I understand the benefit, but I would rather let my imagination determine what the buildings are, and how I can use them. All in all, AMAZING game, WELL WORTH the small pay. (Sorry for the long review, though this means I love the game).Version: 1.7.22

Will change to 5 starsHey, Thanks for the time and effort you put into the game, it’s a quite enjoyable building game. I will rate 5 stars once there is a bit more of a challenge aspect to the game. I don’t want to tell you how to make your game but adding an objective or challenge would help keep people playing. A possible solution would be upkeep, this is where you need to enough food to feed your citizens, gold to pay workers and knights and housing for your people. Another option could be a development or research tree that allows you to acquire new building and citizen options over time instead of having all of your options available. You could add a separate mode for these options and I would even pay more for a survival mode of some sort. The last issue I have and this one I’m sure you’re already working on is more buildings to build. Docks and other water craft were the first one I would to see because I wanted to make a fishing/trading town. All in all the games functions as it should, the graphics are great and the future possibilities staggering, so thank you again for the work you put in and I’m excited to see what becomes of the pocket world..Version: 1.8.34

Something solid to scratch that city builder itch on iOS!First thing I noticed was the aesthetic resembling Kingdoms & Castles on PC, whilst playing like a super-light experience similar to Banished leaning toward the sandbox side of simulation. Pocket Build’s learning curve requires both trial ‘n error and some playful experimentation in order to get a solid feel for. Otherwise, the controls are rather intuitive with the first person micromanagement and it comfortably supports the Apple Pencil. Overall, Pocket Build is nice little chill out city builder especially if you own an iPad with an Apple Pencil!.Version: 3.83

Open, relaxed, full of optionsThis quite literally is the most addictive and attractive game I’ve ever played. The options are pretty endless because you can do so much and it’s fun because there’s no pressure or risk factor; you can go at your own pace and designs tons of differently designed worlds. Would cool to be able to go fishing with the boats :) love this game so much!!.Version: 2.4

SOME ADVIDE TO MAKE THIS APP BETTERDon’t get me wrong, this app is very delightful and exciting, with brilliant features to build your own little customised world. However the people and goblins don’t seem to do anything except work for food and wood, or kill. To make this game more interesting maybe add an optional feature in which the characters are able to be influenced by users to make certain decisions, similar to the Sims. As well as the animals, the characters should be able to reproduce and eat food and generally socialise with other characters. You don’t have to make all characters interactive but maybe add a feature where we can add our own customised character which we can control to explore the worlds and make friends and keep pets..Version: 1.8.2

Love itI’ve had this game since the day it was released and you guys keep making me comeback with Awsome updates keep it up.Version: 3.0

Great gameI'm have a blast creating my on unique world. Would love to to be able to place multiple tiles at once. It takes a long time to create mountains..Version: 1.4.1

Great game for creative minds!Hello, I just want to say I love the game however I only have one critique, when changing the size of some objects (Some of the objects that I have struggled with are the Stone bridge & Castle walls & towers) they do not want to be placed anywhere near other objects or other castle walls/bridges etc. It’s as though their original size is only understood by the game and so nothing will snap to them as they think they are bigger than what they look like. If you could help me figure out if it’s my wrong doing or if it’s a genuine issue I’d much appreciate it! Love the game, it’s fun and imaginative and can distract you for a 8 hour flight 😂 Many thanks.Version: 3.94

Amazing gameOne of my favourite games, it’s a really good city builder. I have found one bug with duplicating something showing the wrong price and allowing negative resources. Something small but aside from that, amazing..Version: 3.87

Great game!I love this game! So many other games are similar, but need a million in-app purchases to actually build anything that looks good, but with this game most of the buildings are free, except the few that need recourses which are fairly easy to get. And with ultimate sandbox mode you can just build as much as you want without having to worry! For only 2 pounds you get a great game for making little towns and farms. The only problems I see in this game is that it seems you must drop people in the water for them to get in a boat, people cannot climb slopes, and although there are many castle themed items, there are no smallish sized towers, which would be handy for a small castle. Other than that, a great game! This is absolutely deserving of 5 stars!.Version: 2.31

What needs to be doneThis is a brilliant game as far as the aesthetics go. Apart from that there isn’t really much to this game... YET. Even though there isn’t much to it, I wouldn’t avoid it based on the reviews, as I feel there is a lot of potential here, hence why I’m not disappointed in my purchase. It would be awesome to see something such as a survival mode or something similar to that, e.g a game like Banished, (one of my favorite games on pc)be added. If that could be done I really think they would have a very unique grasp on the iOS market as I have always wanted something like that but have yet to find it, and I really believe this could be it. I hope that the creators take on board their reviews as I know other People have and will say similar things, and I can’t wait to see where this game goes if they do. Apart from that, I really like this game and it’s perfectly executed art style. Good game..Version: 1.4

Worth the money.This game is an amazing sandbox world that I’ve spend hours building things and expanding my world. I love that we can create our own land masses so that every world feels unique. I like the implementation of resources just to watch my little s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶s̶, I mean citizens, collect them for me. Overall this game is totally worth the cost, but I have a few suggestions for the game. First, I would like a way to stop the citizens from collecting allowing them to simply walk around freely because even though the trees regrow it still bugs me that they cut down my decorative trees. Currently I have all my citizens in a small fenced in area collecting resources, but I wish I could just have some people walking around with no set task. Also I’d like to see more fantasy buildings added to the game because my world ends up looking like the same 3 buildings just with different colors, but considering how often this game is updated and content is added it doesn’t bother me much. Finally, this game drains my battery like there is no tomorrow, I pretty much have to have my phone plugged in while I play or else the charge on my phone won’t last long. However, as I said this game is well worth the money and to anyone who is thinking about buying it, do it..Version: 1.9.3

A problem I’ve had with some bigger mapsSo first of all let let me just say that I love this game and the new updates are awesome. That being said, I’ve started having some problems with my bigger maps crashing. And they aren’t even that big (at least I don’t think so). I don’t know what do do about this and it’s pretty irritating because once it crashes, I’m unable to use the game again. I open the app, it loads the map and then immediately crashes. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. Maybe an update to support big maps better. To be honest. I’d prefer that over more explosives or more trees or props whatever. As I said, I love building stuff on this game, and that’s why it’s so frustrating when it crashes on my favorite maps, preventing me from building anymore. I hope no one else is having this problem but I suspect they might be. I still rated the game five stars because I love it, but o really wanna play it and now be blocked out XD. It says the building is “unlimited” in the description, but I’m worried it may be. Thanks for everything!.Version: 1.9.51

Amazing gameHi I love this game it has good graphics and lots of building stuff but the one thing you should add is an attack button where the goblins try to raid the people.Version: 1.8.6

Good gameReally cool game, is really fun and creative. Also good work on listening to your community. Like other people say it does need more progression which is hard because other building games are often ruined by progression. Also, Players and in-Game characters should be able to interact with certain objects, like gates and doors, drawbridges, vehicles. You should be able to control the characters in game (soldiers form formations and attack like that). More character such as hero’s. And you should also add in a section of pre-built things like castles, forests. Maybe even a community section where people can upload and download maps or parts of maps. COPY AND PASTE! Please! And again, your game is great!.Version: 1.9.6

In need ofInsanely awesome game. Buy, buy, buy!!! Needs wayyyy way way more items on the list.. also why can the people we buy not use the facilities, like sit on benches near a log fire? Or cut some wood with the axe and stump? They also do not interact with any other people.. My ducks do not swim in the pond, they just ghost walk above it and somehow they walk all over the see about ten feet above it also.. the chickens do not lay eggs.. there is nothing i can put on the ground so they can peck away at it and stay in one place. The game is insanely relaxing and fun, i am glad that i payed for it. I am glad that I have it. It is beautiful. I also do not like the fact that the cliff edges are ‘ghost walls’ i used them all as ground to save time seeing as they are x2 the height of the regular ground.. and i can not place anything on top of them without placing square ground pieces underneath my invisible floor.. there are no instructions in the game either.. none at all, not what they animals do, or can do, what the people do, or can do.. what goblins do etc.. please add more it needs it! Also the flooring situation.. i do not know what any of it is.. it needs to say.. and ladders the villagers can use etc.. you know, go wild guys 🙂.Version: 1.8.1

Definitely Worth the moneyGreat game to have when you have no wifi or your just bored!.Version: 3.41

Great gameI don’t write reviews unless there this good, I definitely recommend this game and it doesn’t cost that much. It’s a awesome builder game survival or just free build! 5 stars, the most fun game I ever played..Version: 3.83

IdeasPocket build is a fantastic game full of heaps of things to do but I have a few suggestions. Add more people types outlaws, cavalry soldiers, cowboys, Indians, female worker, male elf, general, orc mage, duke, queen, rich people, modern people. Also ships that you can put people on, pirates, mines, certain people to have weapons, horse and carts, ability to have the people to use stuff like get water from well ect, more shop types. Natural disaster mode, working catapults and ballista, a mode where you have to conquer a large area to win. I hope you take these ideas into consideration.Version: 1.8.34

Feedback: Please RespondI’m in love with this game! It has so much to offer and the variety of everything is huge!! Love the graphics but a few things that I hope you can look into 1: The goblin category: the goblin category is really cool but can there be spacing which tells which are walls, misc etc and also can you add more goblin stuff because I have got a huge island that I’m going to put a goblin castle featuring the skeleton houses, walls and other props but I don’t know how to can you add more goblin stuff like more giant skeletons, more walls, maybe humans hanging upside down on that rope thing like the shark, more fires and just more goblin stuff 2: More human objects: can you add more human stuff like more stuff hanging up on rope things like animals and other humans or goblins etc, more trees: jungle trees, dying trees, dead trees, more animals: lions, sharks, different birds, more land and aquatic animals, more ship wrecks, more wrecks in general, war stuff, tanks, jeeps, bunkers etc, also maybe more of everything because I’m 12 and I could think and wish of more stuff to add..Version: 1.8.83

Favorite paid app!I have had this game for a couple days now and I have been having a lot of fun! Being a very simple and straightforward game it really stands out from the other games on the AppStore which have multiple in-app purchases to progress and if this game continues to have no in-app purchases I think it will continue standing out and do very well without them. There are a couple things I would like to suggest to be added into the game such as new races. I really like the goblins and how they have their own buildings and I think this would work very well with other races such as maybe skeletons or dwarves as they would fit in well with the fantasy theme..Version: 1.8.1

Honestly brilliantNow i like many DO NOT leave comments unless it is well over deserved but I have owned this app since it probably first came out back when there was small collections of items to use and the tools where basic, from day one I said it and I’ll say it again months later, stunning game, only ever getting better with every update, amazing idea and the whole idea of being able to make my own world and have it come to life in front of me is still 10/10 and one of the only games of if kind that has been perfected in such a simple yet beautiful way, look forward to many more brilliant ideas and updates 🙌👌.Version: 1.9.92

Developers Please Respond :)This game is awesome, relaxing and hard to put down when I have not much else to do. Amazing price, so I really can’t complain, I love it! I only have 2 things that would make it even better. Firstly as people roam the village they continuously get stuck in terrain, walking in circles on the spot, or even at times just walking through walls and stuff, I’d love this to be fixed to make my kingdom look more energised! And second Is like to be able to zoom out more. There are castle towers in this game so tall I cant see them in full!! I would really like to see my whole castle! Otherwise, love it!!!.Version: 1.4.1

Problem please helpMy game keep logging off every time i open the app, what can i do?.Version: 1.9.92

Loving the new update but...I have been creating my world for a couple of months now, it is an absolute delight not being harassed to spend money. The new update has addressed loads of stuff that I wanted so really pleased but, I don’t know if my world is too busy but since the update it is grinding to a halt and crashing. The most frustrating thing of all is if I do a load of changes and it crashes it doesn’t save what I have done. I have tried working on it at different times to see if it’s an internet speed issue but it doesn’t seem to be. Gutted as just getting ready for the Goblin invasion! Hi, thanks for your response, unfortunately it crashed one last time and lost the whole thing. I have started again, everything super fast and great, and I prefer this new world I have created. I am using an iPhone 6 Plus, which that and the fact I had too much going on, and had amassed too much money, I think was the reason for the crash. Being 55 yo I have now reverted back to childlike thinking and kept it simple and it works great. The battle is on :-).Version: 1.8.34

Great Game, and Great PotentialThe game is great. I really enjoy it, but as it is, as many other reviews talk about, there is no point. Sure, I can build a huge empire, but then what? What’s the point? An addition I would love to see is actual warfare. Goblins attack, the player attacks, and the siege weapons can actually do stuff. You can build up armies and have full scale battles. I don’t mean thousands of soldiers, but maybe like twenty to fifty. Also, I would love to see the vehicles actually work. Right now, they just sit dormant with no purpose. I also suggest that they introduce a “builder” who collects resources and starts building things that maybe the player lists, or what the peasants say they want (there is overcrowding, so a house. Too little food, so a farm). I would add purpose to the houses, and put in specialized buildings, like shops, manufacturers, etc. Right now, most things have no purpose and do nothing. To implement a live economy, with many items being produced and bought and money being circulated, would be a major addition. Maybe I’m thinking too ambitiously, but I think this game has some amazing potential. I’m always looking for a real empire-building game, and I think this can become a great one. All in all, it really is a fun, laid back game. I would recommend it..Version: 1.7.22

In LoveI am practically IN LOVE with this app but there is sooo much that could be added to make it bigger and better. I love the cute little animals and characters but I would love if you could add more eras of characters and buildings. I love love love the animals also but more exotic animals would be fun. Trains and planes would be nice. More control over characters, maybe have it so we don’t have to build fences around them but we can draw out certain areas they stay in. Ability to put village people to sleep or design the houses would be fun. Back to control of characters, it would be nice to know how to build up their health. Also it would be cool if we could make them sit at tables and eat. I know this next one will sound kind of creepy but it would be cool if we could actually perform some of the methods of death in the fantasy part of it such as the lynching. I would also love if they could have two different sprites make a baby sprite or you have something where babies can be made, idk I just like the idea of younger sprites on this game. Ahhhhh I have so much more to say but I can’t fit it all, you get the idea though. I love this app and hope you take some of my ideas into consideration. 😁.Version: 1.8.34

I love this gameI really like this game but I do wish that the subscription was cheaper, but I do have a suggestion and that is could you add more modern buildings and lights? Like modern modern mansions and skyscrapers/houses, modern light fixtures and the ability to change the colour of any item in the game!.Version: 4.0.1

WOWWOW this game is so cool I can’t stop playing it love your game soo much so good graphics and lots of items and very creative stuff to do ..Version: 3.44

Amazing game for the cheap priceWhere should I start, just bought the game for £0.99, and I’ve been on it ever since, this genre of game is something I’ve been dreaming about, the games amazing with great new content coming out regularly. I want to thank the devs who have done a great job on the game, this game is worth so much more. These are some ideas that I would personally like in the future: -Trains : something I believe will enhance the game so much more and much more aesthetically pleasing -More military items/going to war : I wish we could have a more robust system of the military, customising it and making it just that much better, I also hope we could go to war (against goblins or the demons or whatever it may be) I really do believe military is a huge contribution to a great nation. Hopefully they add military personnel with weapons and which we could control when going to war, also a general would be a cool character ;) -skyscrapers : I hope that eventually skyscrapers could come into the game, this can allow us to develop our towns make them better..Version: 3.41

I love it so muchI love this game it’s amazing every thing about it! I love how you can overlap things together and turn them at the angles you want to make things perfect the one main thing i wish could be changed is the interactions and the people and animals on the game. It would be so cool if they interacted better I make bridges and they won’t even cross them and roam around all the islands I make unless I move them I want it to feel like a real work where the people can go anywhere. I also have trouble getting them on boats and ships how do I do that without putting them literally on the boat? As well as the goblins and people I wish you could actually make them battle if there was a way to like just click battle and they all start battling and find each other that would be soo cool. The fact that I made this world makes me want my little people to enjoy it. Also I wish you could go inside buildings or you can actually sit your people on objects like benches or chairs or something . Over all it’s amazing just need more realism with the people and goblins etc also please help with being able to pick out each person individually I wish I could look at how many people I have and click on each one and it will go to the person. I’ve lost my people and dragons from lettin them roam and explore and never found them again. Pls help.Version: 2.52

Love it, but could use some thingsFirst I’d like to say that I think this app is awesome! It’s fun and relaxing to build little towns and islands and whatnot, however I feel like there’s some features missing that would make it even more amazing! To start, I think the ability to select/ highlight more than one item at a time is a must have. When starting with a blank world and building large plots of land to build on it can be a real hassle having to move each piece one at a time in order to adjust countless objects just a few squares over (or delete several objects at once). This also leads into the second feature I feel would make things a lot more convenient which is a duplicate option. With land especially I think it would be really helpful to have a duplicate option in which you can highlight all the parts and make a copy of it. This would be useful for making more layers of land and tons of other things. Aside from those two things however I think the game is pretty fun! I definitely can’t wait to see what more can be done with it in the future!.Version: 1.8.9

Lots of potential for this and future games you makeI see lots of potential in this game and games you will hopefully make in the future maybe probably not in this game because it would be a huge overhaul but make a game with like a survival sense like you play god kinda villages that you gotta keep care of different weathers and seasons hunger sickness hydration hunting and many more you could honestly use pocket build world that you already made but add some survival elements to it I see potential in this game keep updating it I’m not a game developer but I do have so many ideas I wish I could do but anyways I did tip you (the developer) hope it helps and I hope you read this because I don’t see many phone game developer that could have a massive potential as this game so good luck and hopefully you reply sincerely Seth..Version: 1.8.2

Amazing game until sandbox was releasedThe game was so good until sandbox mode was real eased it was 10x more fun earning my own stuff than just getting it for free all my work doesn’t feel like an achievement anymore can you get rid of it.Version: 2.31

My kind of game.This is exactly the kind of sandbox I’m looking for! One where you have complete control to build anything anywhere, but with the need to harvest resources added in to spice it up..Version: 1.8.6

Glitches and suggestionsThis is a great game but some stuff really bugs me like Animals and people can go through walls & fences. So if possible can you guys please fix this. I also have a few suggestions I think could really improve the game! Like say adding Goblin army’s that could arrive on ships once you reach a certain level, oh and cats! Thanks for listening, I hope these glitches and problems are fixed, and my suggestions come into some sort of consideration! But apart from all the few negatives of the game, I am blown away by how amazingly fun and addictive it is! I really suggest to all the people thinking about buying it, and are thinking... “is it worth it?” We’ll... IT SO DEFINITELY IS! The game is great, thank you so much for the people who put in the effort and time to make this game, I hope the time pays off, because you really deserve it. Thank you! - Finn.Version: 1.9.8

AestheticLiterally so cool.Version: 3.41

Great game!This game is definitely worth your money, it has so many object to build with and is easy enough to use when you get the hang of it, personally I think that there should be an option to play where certain items have costs because the reason that I first got this game when for instance the characters didn't have costs was because I wanted to be able to build massive creations with no setbacks, but now I have to wait for ages while the characters slowly farm which isn't really the game that I wanted so I feel that that costs should be able to be switched on and off in the world options for the people who either want to have a goal of sorts or those who just want to create..Version: 1.5.3

Just a couple of things that need fixingHi, I absolutely love the game I’ve had it for over a year now and still enjoying the new updates. Just a couple of bugs I’ve encountered; 1) When you tell a horse to stand still and be in a stationary position after exiting the game and coming back the horse is now moving 2) When I tell someone to mount a dragon, after exiting the game and coming back they are no longer mounted on said dragon Thank you for making such a great game, keep the updates coming!.Version: 2.31

Awesome game, and awesome potential, but crashesI honestly love the game. I enjoy the simplicity and at the same time the complexity, and the potential to create whatever one wants, wether it be your own individual buildings or castles. There is a nice depth to the game, and complete freedom to do whatever one wants. It is pleasing to watch your own creations grow, and the lack of a storyline leaves massive room for the creator to build lore or a story around their build. This is a cool game, worth every penny in value. The updates are frequent on this game, and it’s obvious the developer puts much care, time, and effort into the game, and new things are constantly being added, from new buildings, fortifications, roads, creatures, and vehicles. HOWEVER... when you build a little too much, in varying degrees, the game refuses to let you in to pretty much any world, unless it’s especially small. I find this to be a shame, because it makes the game inaccessible to me, but also doesn’t allow you to visit your worlds again, which I wish I could because I spent a massive amount of time on this specific world, creating a beautiful European medieval city, but I can no longer access it. I hope this gets fixed in the future, because I would like nothing more than to reopen this game and build more. Besides this, however, the game is great, and I would recommend it to anyone. I hope you read this. Thank you and have a good day!.Version: 2.98

Helpful feedbackOk, so let me say that this is a great game , and has wonderful graphics and lots of different things to test out. It’s fun to be able to build a world of your own , but it does get repetitive after a while . I say this mainly because thee is no real goal in the game , which can work like minecraft , but you need have stuff in the game where gamers can set a goal to achieve that certain goal e.g building something special, or unlocking something. I also found that every world was the same , the islands were all the same . It would be good if the environment could become different . Say for example a jungle environment, or a desert environment or even a tundra . It does get boring , and a lack of aim in the game. But it did keep me engaged for hours . It was fun to make my own small world . But many new features should be added. Probably expand with the goblins and make different races other than goblins like an Elven race and accompanying buildings and objects . And make sure that , if it is possible , I don’t want to ask too much of you, have worlds that are randomly generated , so that things are more different . Thanks for reading this , and if you are wondering about downloading this, you should because it is worth it , and I think the developer will make the game even better in the future ..Version: 1.8.1

Amazing❤️Ok... One word, amazing. The graphics are really simple but really pretty as well. If you looking for a good introduction to the game continue reading. When you first start out you start in this pre-made world. You can experiment with it and find out what you can do. Which includes moving people, animals, trees, houses, parts of the ground and so much more around. You can get rid of anything as well. Or add anything clicking the little button in the right hand corner. When you decide your done playing around click the button at the top left. And it pops up with this little icon where you can click add world. Then you start a new world all from scratch, even the floor you place. It's so amazing and kinda reminds me of Minecraft in a way. It is pixelated as well but not "Minecraft pixelated". It reminds me of Minecraft because of the wide world of what you can do. I do have some suggestions like adding in a willow tree, more styles of houses, customizable people maybe ( you can already change there names.) , and being able to take and give the people and maybe even animals food. It you read this far thx, and I hope you purchase the game!!! ❤️✌️🌺.Version: 1.6

Game playThanks for creating this awesome game. I really enjoy the whole build your world and castles. But the thing it’s missing is when a race gets a king or lord that they can decide if they go to war or fight giants in the world. Another thing is if they have a life span of at least a week IRL and the higher up races life span was a mouth. Also if the life span comes in to play the resources collected on an over all are decreased for a longer more difficult game play. And it would be awesome if viruses and diseases can infect most races. Thanks for reading..Version: 1.9.8

Good game but...This an amazing game but I don’t think it has reached its potential. The developers may even be working on this as I write but I would really love a waves mode or a reward system. With the waves I think it should be optional. I think it would be more fun for me and probably a few others if we could our bases to the test. We could have knights to protect us and maybe like pirates trying to steal our gold. Maybe even have an option to be the pirates/Vikings/ whatever is trying to steal our resources. I would enjoy that. And for a reward system maybe you could have a certain amount gold to reach so you could buy a mega giant or unlock a new island. I could see myself playing the game more and having fun with the new levels. But apart from that I really enjoy this game. You should get it and have fun building your towns or whatever you want. The graphics are lovely and there’s already tons of variety to choose from for when your building. I hope the game developers see this since I would really love the wave mode to be put into this game. Or the reward system! Sincerely -youngpirate123.Version: 1.9.6

Gorgeous With Plenty Of Potential!Pocket Build is an absolutely gorgeous game. It’s fun to play with a simplistic UI that makes it easy to sort through all the building options. This game has really nailed the tile placement system too, which was something I was worried about going in to play for the first time. It works wonderfully and it’s incredibly easy to position tiles around the world. The ability to rename worlds is sorely lacking, however. If I may, it would be amazing to see more diverse animal species in the future and even more biomes and plants. The ability to create caves in the sides of mountains would be pretty cool too. Also, dragons maybe? Pocket Build has so much potential and could be taken in so many different directions. I can’t wait to see what new features become available in the future!.Version: 1.9.7

Great Game! ( A few things that can hopefully change)A very great app with lots of building ways. I have just a few critiques. I think there should be a way of placing a lot of grass at one time. Grass in the game can improve the how ur city looks by 100% percent . It adds tons of detail but right it takes so long to put and is so very time consuming. This is because the original is slate is plain green and when u add details like boxes and stuff like it stands out like a sore thumb. Also, bridges in the game are lackluster. There’s either a very crummy bridge that’s tiny or a huge bridge that’s ginormous. There needs to be a middle ground. One that is wide so u can possibly (as a new feature) place carts and boxes and stuff to make it feel more alive. But right now bridges lack and I don’t like them as they are the entrance to whatever you are building. My last critique is that there needs to be more placement options. I’m not asking for a major change but just options that make it look more cluttered and not as tidy. One where we can bunch up barrels and not have them each 1 ft or 2ft away from eachother like it is. I wish we could bunch them up to make it look more natural and not always super tidy. Those are my 3 things I really wish could change but other than that I love this game and I love building awesome towns with different districts and spending all my time detailing it. 🙌🙌☝️☝️👍.Version: 1.8.9

Great gameI got this game in Feb 2018, I’ve been playing it ever since and it’s great. I love where this game is going. I will very likely continue playing and I want to see the future of this game, and all the updates to come..Version: 3.71

Please add densI’m currently in progress of Building the Kingdom of Cordova from my book the Wild Wolf and The Arrogant Prince and I would love it if you could add dens for the werewolves of the New Mood Pack so that their forest home feels more like a home for them thanks. I love the game so much!.Version: 3.86

Amazing Game But...This game is amazing in every way but I’d wish there to be even more features and blocks and stuff, some features that I would recommend is a creative mode where you have access to all the blocks for free another one is that you can control people and give them personality traits and the last one is that with houses and castles and any other building, is that you can go inside and decorate the inside with new blocks and stuff. But overall, this is an amazing game and I definitely recommend it to anyone Thank you!!.Version: 1.8.34

Very fun and usefulThis game is just great. If I’m being honest, I was hesitant because this is the first non-free game I’ve purchased on the App Store and was worried I wouldn’t get my money’s worth. This is definitely not the case and I’m quite pleased with the game. There are plenty of items to add and create a diverse village or town. I can also see this game being very useful to use as an interactive map for tabletop games. I’m looking forward to seeing this in action and putting it to use. I really love the fantasy setting and hope that stays the main focus. I have only a few requests: 1). Allow AI to move through gates/doors. Not sure what the point of putting fence gates or barricade gates up if the AI cannot move through them. 2). Make creating/building mountains and stacking stair/ramps easier. Some of my ideas require mountains/hills, but this is a very arduous and time-consuming task. As far as stairs go, they should snap to each other so that you can build longer or taller staircases. 3). I think a world “type” selection tool while creating oils be fun, that way you could choose whether the world would be grassy, deserty, snowy, etc. I also think world generation should be more varied and not all follow the same island layout..Version: 1.9.5

Great premise. Few glitches.Hey developers, this game is excellent, however, some issues must be addressed in order to further improve. I. Add more music to complete an entire soundtrack. Great melodies, just create more for a dynamic loop. II. Allow curves in build graphics. Fluid shapes are also able to abide by a square grid. Customisable areas may fix the issue of gaps between block surfaces. III. Include small active animals. Creatures within an existent unit threshold of size; such as reptiles or fish, and include said features in sandbox toolkit. IV. Alter avatar appearances, consider a better grade as other game aspects are more defined than the people. V. Change the select to delete control to a double tap, as blocks around objects are immediately affected after each hold. Please take this review as only constructive criticism to the awesome work you've all done. Kudos :).Version: 3.22

I love this game but there could be a few more featuresThe game is great I love it, it gives me a great reason to kill time. But when I started building my city I have noticed there are no park props, playground, and etc. Also the water is a great feature but it could use some work when placing the water blocks I do not like the little water blocks in the middle. I also am trying to collect alot of resources so I have a whole field of trees but now I wish to get rid of it because I have plenty of wood I wish there was a bigger delete tool where you could delete larger areas of items instead of just one at a time. It would be very helpful. Can't wait to see what this game will be in the future also I hope there will be more people added such as elf men and modern people. There are many cool features that could be added can't wait to see what is coming. I have also thought about showing and sharing my worlds with friends hope in the future there will be a multiplayer mode where your friends can build with u.Version: 1.8.34

Things you should addHey. The app is amazing and looks great you should add •roads and cars that work when put on them • you should add different types of people because I wanna make a city but not use a princess or like peasants I think you should add normal every day people •add the ability to get your people pregnant and have a baby if u put the Two together and have it as an option like they can either fight or have a baby sounds dumb but would be cool • you guys should definitely add more props of any kind I love every you guys do anyway Keep up the good work.Version: 1.8.9

Worth every centWow, where do I start? This is, by far, my favorite mobile game ever. It’s so cute and well made and just great! The amount of care put into the game and bug fixes and reading and responding to reviews is amazing. Whenever I just want to relax and am feeling creative, this is where I head. I have no complaints, just maybe some suggestions? First, the wood, food, and gold. It would be really nice to have the amount you’ve earned across all of your worlds. I have a ridiculous amount of all three in one of my worlds, but whenever I open a different one, I have to start over, which is a bit annoying. Second, supports. The three levels already are great, but just like item rotation, it would be cool to have a fourth support that you could change the height of with a little scrolling thingy or whatever they’re called. Those are the only two things I have to offer, but I think they’d add some ease to building. Anyways, yeah. One thing I really love is the aesthetic. The bright, pastel colors go really well with the low-poly objects, and the lighting in night mode is gorgeous. The whole game is just really pretty! Sorry this got so long, it’s just an amazing app. Anyone considering getting it definitely should. Thank you for your time, and your amazing game!.Version: 2.12

This app is fun but kind of like Minecraft with only Creative ModeHi guys, this is a fun app if you like something with no limits and no challenge and no management. I figured this game would be like a fantastic alternative to a game like Kingdoms and Castles but for mobile but it’s really like that, with nothing to worry about and no challenge. There’s a cost for your people but that’s pretty much it. Some food and wood and they just do their thing. I have no idea what does what and if any of the people actually do anything. I just put a goblin down next to a knight in the default world and they just started walking like everyone else, until the knight started to attack a pumpkin, and the only foreseeable threat is across the map walking next to a farmer. It’s fine if this kind of unlimited creative game is what you’re going for. But I wish I knew that before going In and having different expectations. EDIT: After that developer response I have real hope for this game and I’m upping my score to 5/5 because this game has all the makings to be my favorite go to mobile app. It’s beautiful, the music is very nice, and nothing about this game says “failure” to me. I wish the best to our developers!.Version: 1.5.43

Good but not so goodIt’s quite fun but you can’t do everything like it saids I still injoy it but you can’t ride the dragon and fly or controll it while flying your not really Even allowed to fly with a person on the back it still needs some changes like flying with the dragon and when your not in creative your in survival mode it is so so so slow it’s the worst thing ever me and my dad loves survival but it is so so so so slow we play creative but we don’t injoy it that much. Please reply fast as you can and if you can change it pls.Version: 3.94

Legitimately So GoodI’ve never written a review for an app before so hopefully that speaks volumes. This game is legitimately fun and enjoyable and is so functionally easy that it’s a pleasure to use. The music, graphics and little details are mesmerising and it’s great to watch the little world come to life with citizens and rulers etc. the only possible critique I could give is it would be cool to have characters have an idle feature, where they go into homes, or go to the markets, or (in the case of the monarchs) visit the people or hear petitions etc. if that was added in, it would add a whole nother level of fantasy development and would be incredible. Could not recommend more that you download this game though. It was worth the initial $3.00!!!.Version: 2.3

Very beautiful art styleOn my first time of playing this game I thought that I wouldn’t like it. Well because I don’t like sandbox games, I like shooter, but the point I’m trying to make is that this is a very different sandbox game and is sort of satisfying when you make a big village and watch it grow until a different village where you can still do whatever you want but can add to it if you aren’t using the infinite resources mode and buy and use loads of different items which are a nice touch to the game. The lag on my iPad which has a lot of games on it isn’t bad and can run amazingly so I can actually play even with my village covering about half of the screen and a couple of thousand creatures doing work. I will continue to play this until my iPad probably breaks or I can’t run the game because my iPads out of date..Version: 2.4

Five star rating due to all the updates the creator/s made from our feedback.Insane graphics and variety which a range of different themes to use for you’re build. Building is easy and fun but there o give the game a little bit of purpose you’re people collect food and wood for your world. Creators if you’re reading this I love the game and it has come a long way and still has a lot of potential. Could you please add more paths and stairs. Once again: love you the game and keep doing what you’re doing moonbear. 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👐🏽👏🏽👐🏽👏🏽👐🏽👏🏽👐🏽👏🏽👍🏿👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽.Version: 1.8.1

Love ItFinally, a game we’re I can just be free!.Version: 1.6

Soooo FUNWe I first made my first world it was amazing sand box game!.Version: 3.71

Amazing game !! But ....This in its self is an absolute stunning games the idea and the graphic style is fantastic but I feel there’s a couple of things that would add a whole new drastic feel to the game and even could potentially make it the best game on this App Store and that is conflict between the different Races in the game and interaction for example between the orc warriors and the human warriors and would be soo fun to be able to build a orc castle and a human castle then have the orca try to seige it !!! And humans defend this would add a whole new feel to the game !! The weapons are even already implemented under vehicle already and this would slow you to have all out wars would be amazing !! Also think that the buildings should all use wood and materials to build as well as implementing stone as another material to build castle walls and that sort of stuff with then the people in the game having to mine . But even at the stage the game is at now it’s outstanding if your looking for a game we’re you can build your own worlds but that’s all it is at this time there’s no missions or things like having to deal with plagues or having the food go down with the amount of people you have this would make it extremely more playable as I’ve only just bourght the game a day ago and I’ve already started to get alittle board of it as there’s no clear aim or plan would love to hear from the developers thank you !.Version: 1.8.34

On the road to outstanding!The game so far has so much to offer a creative mind! Had fun building settings with the different buildings and props! The addition of resources is a fun idea limiting the amount of highly detailed objects to be added too frequently. It would be nice to have more rotation options instead of just the N S E W configuration at the moment but for the games current stage it’s fine without it. Later on in development characters could interact with props like anvils and seats. All in all very happy with the purchase and excited for upcoming updates! Keep up the good work mate😊.Version: 1.7.22

Amazing gameI purchased this game after spending weeks trying to find a half-decent city builder game. Growing up, I used to play Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Tycoon games etc. This game brings back memories of those amazing games, and adds an element similar to Minecraft. I’ve already told many friends to purchase the game as I’m literally blown away by the quality. Didn’t think a game like this could be possible on a phone! 10/10.Version: 2.97

ExcellentI really enjoy the creativity of the game. But can you make a “sandbox” mode so you don’t need to unlock stuff with coins it would let the players to have even more possibilities to express their creativity. Thank you.Version: 2.93

Close to perfect!I have always loved games such as minecraft or terraria for the building and creativity side of things and this is amazing for that! Only a couple of improvements I could suggest would be the ability to resize terrain tiles and the ability to “paint” tiles down by dragging. With the paint feature, obviously there is overlap between how this will (hopefully) work and how you navigate the world, so perhaps a screen lock to be able to paint? Also some layer control for the painting feature as I imagine it would be annoying dragging over prebuilt terrain and stacking on top of it. Other than that this is an awesome game with great art style and features!.Version: 1.4.1

AWESOME! Recommend to creative peopleThis game is great for creative people. It’s a little tricky to understand at the beginning, but you get the hang of it eventually. IF YPU HIT SOMETHING WOTH AN AXE IT DIES! I did not know this and accidentally killed one of my animals :(. Hey developers, could you maybe make animals and people cheaper OR the people mine wood faster and do, like, three trees instead of one AND can you tweak it so that we can zoom out more to see ALL the land? Sorry this is so long, your fellow gamer. -Bumblebee.Version: 3.87

Best Mobile Game Ever!!!I just downloaded this game and I’m already in love with it!!! You can build and go in first person AND it’s 3-D!!!! I absolutely recommend this game for everyone, with it being at such a low price, it’s the best thing in the world. Saying all that, I think there could be some things added for improvement. I’ve noticed your not allowed to have a survival and creative world at the same time unless you keep switching back and forth in settings. I think you should change it so each world has its own type so you can have a creative world and a survival world. I also think for survival there should be a threat(more then goblins) that you can defend against and build an army and defences!(such as barbarians, Vikings, or any other creature that would fit into the world) Other then that, GREAT GAME!!!!keep it up😉.Version: 2.93

Suggestions to make game better (Dev pls read)A few suggestions for the developer: These are some suggestions to make the game better. I know you would have limited resources and time to make these but if possible I feel as though these would make the game much better. - A full page inventory with a search bar (kind of like Minecrafts) -A multiplayer/LAN server option to play with friends -Have a game mode where you can play as a character and can interact with the other people you place down -Have a threat, so in the new game mode stated above, zombies as an example may come and try and destroy a town hall you have to have placed and you need to protect it. (Of course keep the original game mode.) -The option to change tile sizes and when you change it, it tells you how big it is (example 20x16) -Premade worlds but without any buildings so you don't have to make your own cliffs and ground -The option to use things like chests and interact with objects -Have different AIs with different occupations. (Farmers farm, Chefs cook to supply food for your world, Knights fight off the threats etc) I know this is a lot to consider and read but thank you and I hope this can help the game out..Version: 1.4.1

SensationalAmazing game downloads super quickly and the physics are sensational. Absolutely worth my time spending money on it and most likely worth your time aswell.Version: 1.6

Love love LOVE this gameThe idea is beautifully simple. For a small price you have almost unlimited power to create whatever you want. Very few of the props and resources require the exchange of wood or gold harvested by your people, however once you create one small farm any limitations caused by this are complete gone. The graphics are straightforward and pleasing. Fairly regular updates provide new items and fixes all the time based on feedback from players. All in all an excellent game I find soothing and addictive. Only cons? Pleasant music but it gets super repetitive so I have turned it off. Also waiting on more female characters to place in the world. 9/10..Version: 1.9.92

Good but needs moreThis sandbox is really good, but it gets boring after a while. I really appreciate that the developers are trying their hardest to make this game amazing, and I love the first person mode, but it still needs more gameplay in my opinion. Its definitely worth the price but I’d really enjoy some kind of mission system (where you’re put in a certain situation and have to do something, idk) or a “survival mode” where zombies attack your town or something. Still, this is an awesome game and if you don’t have it please buy it its great the developers are great and also this is a pretty cheap game so like yeah.Version: 2.61

Survival?Epic game, is there a chance of a survival mode or anything like that coming soon?.Version: 2.4

FAVOURITE GAME EVER!Omg I love this game so much! No adds, cheap price, easy to learn! It has got such amazing graphics and it is so beautiful. I’ve just got a few things you might like to add: _ doors and gates would be helpful. - you should make trees with a dark green not only light green. - add a tutorial on gold cos I didn’t get it until I looked up a vid. - Maybe add snow animals like polar bears and penguins, and safari animals like giraffes. - I notice you have Asian houses, so you should make some asian people! - fish and birds would be fantastic! Developers, please take these comments to heart, and app seekers remember that I would defo recommend this👌 game..Version: 2.4

New understandingSo when I first played this I wanted a refund, but giving it another go it was clear I miss understood this game. It’s very fun, I’m surprised at how smooth it runs. It also just so relaxing to play, you’re not in a rush to do anything. If I could have one thing it would be for a deletion tool of sorts as holding your finger down on one item at a time can be annoying when you want to delete a lot..Version: 1.9.2

Great game!Love this game and building little towns! Would be really cool if you could breed the animals though! 😊.Version: 1.9.92

Almost perfect! But...Hi I have been playing this game for a very long time now and I have always loved every update that came out. The graphics are great for a mobile device and the new ai options a amazing! But I have all ways felt like this game has missed something. The props that the game supply’s you are great but I have always felt like I could have used a prop editor so that I could add a little of personal detail to my builds to make them stand out. I have been making a mythical city for a while but I am just tired of using the same set of props over and over again so Just adding a little prop editor would make my day. 10/10 best building game ever!!!.Version: 2.0.1

Such a BummerI really, really enjoyed this app! It’s a great way to relax, building and expanding a village, detailing, combining assets to make new buildings and layouts. I probably spent over 20 hours on a single world over the course of a few weeks. The thing is, the longer you play, the more you discover the breadth of what this app offers! It easily became my favorite time-killer. But, as 2-Star reviews usually go, it all went south a couple of days ago. I opened up the app to a blank sea of blue. My resources were still being collected by villagers, I even saw a guy scooting along in a boat. But after scrolling and scrolling around the screen looking for my little island of labor, nothing but blue. It’s just sad. The merits of how great this app was, the fun it provided me, is the only reason it gets 2 stars. Even after losing everything, I still have the memories of a great time building, I guess there’s that. <sigh> UPDATE: Great News! In the settings section there is a “reset camera” function. I pushed it, and lo and behold—there’s my world! Somehow, my screen must have have just wandered way out of the build zone. Updated my review to 5 stars!.Version: 1.7.22

Suggestion/reviewI find this game very interesting and would love to see it as it develops but I definitely agree with other people on giving it a more age of empires feel. But not copy just have you in the game with lots of people. It just might be that sweet spot between age of empires and minecraft. Yes you can have your sandbox mode but I think that a more survival mode would also be very cool where If all your villagers die your game ends and breeding could also be implemented. That would make the game so interesting. For a sooner update the farming of animals would also be cool and maybe even more people like farmers and lumberjacks so it gives certain people more of a purpose. Over all this game is really good I love it so far and I hope that you’re able to turn this game into the next big thing!.Version: 1.8

Amazing game, A Must Have for any IPhone userReally a fun game where I can create pretty much anything I want (Castles, towns (western, fantasy and modern), farms, markets, etc... I’ve spent hours crafting my fantasy world and populating it with people (that collect resources or just walk around). Sometimes I have little battles with the goblins and humans. I’m looking forward to future content and updates for this game, which they seem to do regularly😁 Side note: I did have an issue recently with the app crashing when I opened one of my worlds. So I contacted the developers and they quickly responded with a friendly message and are currently working on a fix. The developers of this game seem much more friendly and motivated than some other game developers that I’ve contacted for help for other games in the past. My positive experience has even made me decide to tip the developers ( something I don’t do regularly as I live in Australia and we don’t tip) The best $2.19 that I’ve ever spent on an app ever (probably the best $2.19 I’ve ever spent).Version: 1.9.51

Hello pocket build makers.So I want you to be able to walk inside more houses and you should have huge houses and it should say mansion on them and you should put more animals like snakes or more just more animals because having only dogs and cows and all that is boring. You should be able to ride more animals put in some more zoo animals does pocket build is kinda getting boring to me so I need you guys to upgrade Pocket Build just a little bit because I bet there are a lot of people out there who like Pocket Build just one more things added to Pocket Build having more houses that you can actually go inside so thank you if you make the changes thank you very much. Oh, and one more thing, your character should be able to eat food and you should even make places that are like schools houses in schools in houses that you can actually go into and you should make one plot of land. It’s just a huge no gaps no Bridges know. Nothing at the plot of land that you have to place it down..Version: 4.0.1

CreativeI live the graphic design and animation however it would definitely be better if they had a tutorial.Version: 1.5.2

Excellent with room for additionThis has quickly become my favourite game on my iPad. I played it for hours on end after I got it! The concept it so simple, yet unique in the way that everything is already available to you. I adore the amount of detail that went into each individual item in the props section. But a review wouldn’t be right without criticism! I think that you should be able to duplicate placed items, as finding them again can be time consuming. It would also be cool if the people interacted with some of the props, and went into the buildings at night. Another nice touch would to be to animate some of the props, so they move (like the fountain). Finally. I think there could be more things in the modern section. Maybe concrete roads, and businessmen and billboards. Overall this is a fantastic game which bring ingenuity to the building section of the App Store..Version: 1.8.2

Awesome game just a couple of thing I would add and fixI love this game been playing it for a while now and have enjoyed every minute I just have noticed that when loading complex worlds the game will crash but that’s been one of the only problems I’ve ran into but I honestly think you should add offline harvesting for the player that like to play without ultimate sandbox mode but when activate sandbox mode once on a world you started without sandbox mode the offline harvesting abilities would be taken away I would also like to see updates for like more modern buildings to make large city’s also more mid-evil style type buildings as well I would also like to see like an auto building option and what I mean by that is to have it where the work you create if turn on a settings it would let the game go ai basically where the people do their own thing live there lives and build stuff when needed and expand when needed I’m they are big ideal for an already grate game but just a couple of things I thought would be cool for the game.Version: 2.52

Please read!!! Just a little moreI love the app- it’s my favorite game I have ever had because your possibilities are endless- I don’t want to sound Under appreciative but I only have a few more things that would make the app the best of the century- the most important one right now is copy, paste, and move- basically large commands- such as make squads- like pick troops to be in squad 1,2,3,4 etc- and you could tell them to all stop - move forward- or go to a curtain point. Copy and paste would be really good especially for making big giant continents. Move would be good- because when I’m building continents, they sometimes get waaaay to close to my other islands- I would love it if I could move it over more- second is more animals- like rhinos- kangaroos- jaguars- etc- but I bet your already working on that-also let animals interact with humans and goblins- such as wolves would kill people but people would try to kill them as well- factions- different people- even if they just had different color clothes that you could choose to fight or to do nothing with- patrols- trace a line to tell them to patrol- and if they see an enemy they attack, plz make castle gates open and close- and maybe archers you can put on the castle walls- enemy’s can make raids- especially on multiplayer- each person can control a faction- thank you so much for considering this and I’ll be looking forward to future updates🙂.Version: 2.52

Some extra features I’d like to seeThis is a great game! But I think it would make the game a little more fun to play with if these features were added. - Villagers going in houses - Being able to choose what all the villagers do at once (like an option saying spawn villagers in explore mode) - Dragon rampage - Villagers panicking when the see fire, maybe they could use the bucket or trough to put it out - Randomly generated terrain Anyway, great game in general!.Version: 2.82

Love the gameBy far my favourite game to play while on my iPad...honestly probably my favourite in general. 1 suggestion that I for one would love to see is a possible option to place a bunch of trees at once, like a paint option I guess. Would make live so much easier. Keep up the great work,.Version: 1.9.1

So many hours spent on thisSince I downloaded this game (only a few days ago), I’m hooked. It’s the first app I open when I have free time. I love the art style and the music is soothing although can get repetitive if you play for too long (which I do). Some downsides though, you’re limited to what you can build/ place as you need wood and food. You have to be playing the game in order to gain these so you can’t close the game and come back to loads of resources. Another thing is you can place multiples of certain items like trees, but not animals or humans. This makes building farms difficult 😩 and if you want to delete a lot of things you have to individually select and delete them all ( I got a bit carried away the other day and placed a load of stuff down, changed my mind and ooh boy did I regret it later). All that aside, I love the game. I never usually spend money on an app but after reading the reviews I couldn’t not try this game. Glad I gave it a chance 👌.Version: 1.7.22

What Disney plusIt is so fun to watch for example the manolorian is so cute with baby yoda if you get it I recommend watching it.Version: 2.93

Fun gameGreat entertainment. Nice graphics. Would be great if there were descriptions of the items, as some are hard to distinguish. Would be great if buildings lit up at night and perhaps certain buildings produced resources. Say a sawmill produced wood. Windmills produced food etc etc. camp fires don’t produce light during night period which is disappointing. Overall a very fun game.Version: 1.8.1

Honestly I love itReally great game! Room for more. Definitely would love to see more people options. There are like hobbit moss building and I desperately want to create these enchanted woods but the options are limited with people. But so would love to have more animals and people. Game is epic. Keep it up. Highly Recommend!.Version: 3.87

Really good!I only downloaded pocket build today but I looooove it! It is really sweet and it has so many details which are lovely! I love how you can have all different styles, especially western! It would be good though if we had a few more different animals e.g. bears, lions, tigers, rhinos etc. The biggest complaint I have is that you can hardly zoom out! The game is great but I can’t really enjoy to the maximum as I can’t zoom out very far!!! Please take this into consideration! 😀 I love all of the giants and goblins, they are really cool and I also love all of the fantasy houses! There are so many details and it is very well thought out, so if you are thinking about getting it, do it!!!!! It is worth the money!.Version: 3.1

Great gameReally enjoying the game and it looks great but I would like some more ocean/water items (for example a bigger boats or waves) Just to make the water prettier as the ocean is currently just a blue tile.Version: 1.7.22

Amazing Game (+ Suggestions)When I downloaded this app, I expected a medieval-style sandbox game, and that’s exactly what I got. The minimal art style is beautiful and the soundtrack suits appropriately. It’s possible to spend countless hours building an extraordinary little world. Suggestions As I was playing, I experienced a few things that could potentially be improved. I’ve seen this mentioned in other reviews, but there were a few instances when the AI path finding was weird, as the person would just stand on the same spot spinning around when there was plenty of room around them. If possible, I would like to see a wooden tile, as none of the current ones quite fit in colour-wise. It would be nice to see river blocks or the implementation of flowing water. Also an erase mode would be useful for clearing an area more efficiently for the times in which I decide to completely redesign an area :( Overall, I would strongly recommend this game. It was completely worth the small price, and I look forward to see content yet to come!.Version: 1.4.1

Great gameThis game is great, I love the fact that you can get inside buildings now, but I just want to know one of the main things that everyone else wonders, when can we have better wars? The game is very fun and easily to get obsessed with, but when we try to do wars or battles it always goes the same way, like 20 goblins going for the same knight or character, it would be cool and way more fun if the goblins and knights could give space to each other to attack, like if 2 or 3 goblins are fighting one knight, the rest of the goblins surrounds them, or go look for another knight, that would be great, and make the animals interact too, like hunting down other animals, or attacking people, and adding like a new faction, like the barbarians, Vikings, or elves, that way it will be more diverse, and the swords, to make them look like they’re made out of steel or some like that, and healers to heal the knights, and that each dragon throws something different, like the white dragon to throw ice and freeze the enemies, archers would be a great touch too, and that the characters can attack the giants, and why not making the goblins playable? Or making them ride the hogs, and ship battles, the game is really fun and addictive, I feel that I asked too much, but I feel that this would fit in the game very well, great job on the updates btw, y’all doing a great job.Version: 3.0

Awesome game!This is game helps bring out creativity, and I enjoy playing this when i’m bored. I like the mechanics and the building aspect of this game. I do understand that the creater(s) of this game are working hard for updates, and I appreciate that. This game could definitely use more animations, sounds, and a bit more to do, but, thats ok. This game is awesome and I cant wait for more updates with more stuff!! Would recommend for you to buy :).Version: 3.41

Awesome graphics and great gameplay, but...I love almost everything about this game! I like the graphics, NPC looks, and a ton more! I just wish that NPCs were able to interact with props (like the anvil, cages, well etc.) and it would be nice if you could give players weapons and tools to increase their speed with farming things or fighting goblins, on that same note why are there zombie farmers... but not ordinary farmers🙃? Boats can drive on land for some reason and people can walk on water which is amusing 😄 and I’m sure many people agree that a goblin invasion every once and a while would be fun too. I’m sure you are working on people walking in houses, sitting down etc. but if you were able to take the VIEW of one of your mini-citizens and see your kingdom in full. The last thing is that it is always day, which takes away from the nice-ness of the game. All in all though it is a really great game! The graphic’s voxel-ish art style is a great fit for the game as well. This game is definitely growing and ha slots of room to keep going (keep the updates commin’😉) I love playing though and I think it’s just gonna go up..Version: 1.6

Good game, no purposeHello, developers. I got the game today and I started to enjoy it very quickly. (I always enjoy building games) But then I had a problem. The problem was that there was no problem. All I do is build some buildings(FOR FREE?!)(Change it so buildings cost stuff). You should have it so every so often there is a goblin invasion and you have to build up defenses. And you should do something with the king, because at the moment it is just a sprite walking around. You should be able to be a castle for it and like make taxes/ government. Another problem with this game is that when you finished building a house, and you want to turn it around, you are unable to. You should add a rotation feature for blocks already placed down. Another problem is that people can get too OP too quickly (Like I did). I just built an island and I trapped my workers their to harvest food and wood. It’s funny, but you should do something to that. (Like make a payment for adding land). Another problem is that you need a way to heel the people, and disable reviving for the goblins. I hope you read this, and to any people who are looking at this game, I have a message for you. It’s a good game if you are looking for a relaxing game, but there is no purpose. It’s worth the $.99 because of its amazing graphics. I believe that this is a great game. Thanks..Version: 1.6

THIS GAME IS AMAZINGI highly suggest buying this games Also a suggestion is make it so You can paint lines for like a road Or if your making a highway Something like that i really want to see in A future update. Good game in genaral👍🏼😃.Version: 4.0.1

I am really enjoying this.It is a nice change of pace from other games I play where there are events and a need for almost constant attention if I want to progress. I am very much enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of this game; no pressure, no goals, just do as I wish and as slowly as I wish to do it. I love that, if I leave the game for a few days or even weeks, I do not lose out on things. I love that it’s so beautifully simple. I have a few suggestions that I hope you will take on board: I would love to have some flowers among the grasses/plants. Currently I am placing water plants there just to add a few specks of colour. And perhaps some diagonal paths to add to the corner paths. But I have to say that even without these I would be very happy to continue building my little world. Please pay absolutely no mind to people who tell you that this wonderful little gem should be more like other games. It shouldn’t, and if it was I would not love it as much as I do..Version: 1.8

Super fun gameI love this game, but can you add the rotation sensitivity a little higher and more fluid plz thx cause right know it’s very hard and stiff to turn the camera.Version: 1.5.2

So far so goodI downloaded this game today and found it fun and a great way to kill time without the frustrations of dying like other sandbox games. I like that most of the objects are affordable and you don’t need to wait for hours to get a new building etc. I have some suggestions. 1) Animals could breed to make baby animals. For example if you keep two rabbits fairly close to each other for a few minutes then another rabbit will appear. The more valuable the animal the longer it takes to breed. It could also be the same for the people. 2)People and animals could die of old age. They could die after a real life day forcing you to buy new ones. The valuable animals and people could take longer to die so people don’t get annoyed. 3) Weather cycle. The weather could change every once in a while. People can get a bit sick of just sun. Maybe some rain and snow and on rare occasions, lightning, to destroy houses. 4) Day and night. There could be a night one to go with the day time. 5) The buildings should have names so people can tell what they are. For example you could tap and hold it and a name will appear 6) An option to name the people and animals would be nice..Version: 1.5.2

FantasticJust recently downloaded the game and I’m really enjoying it but there are a few things I think the game could do... unless you do it and I haven’t noticed it😂, but yeah I was just thinking wouldn’t it be possible to lock certain selected items together as one so you could move them around together instead of having to move stuff around individually. Also another thing I felt like the bridge was limited to just a normal bridge like I was trying to make a bridge with a three-way or four-way instead of the usual going straight and that would make it more ways to connect different islands together but I saw that it wasn’t possible to do so. But apart from a few things I mentioned I think the game is fantastic and great for the price I paid for and considering getting a subscription once the game improves more😅..Version: 3.22

Real goodI like it, i wish there was a form of physics where if something is unsupported or floating it breaks and/or falls down, and then ruins could appear! But anyway 10/5.Version: 2.97

Amazing. Awesome support.The game at first seems cool, you read some reviews, has a good amount of good ones. So you purchase it, play a bit, no instructions, no limits, it is basically just a game without any rules... you place things down, get food, and that is it! You harvest food, buy new buildings (wood too) and that is it. No goblins fighting, goblins are just npc, King does nothing, even the knight if they face goblins... The game is way too boring in it current state, if the creator really wants a good game, I suggest you add where goblins actually fight the humans, also add instructions, otherwise good luck finding out what to do... Make the vehicles usable and can be for fishing or fighting. You think I’m overstating the game, however right now in it current state, I suggest you DON’T buy unless you like a game with lacks of instructions, repetitive gameplay, lastly all the items should have a little bio in what they do.. Cya game creator. Edit: After playing for awhile, things are a bit repetitive until you really build up your kingdom which once you do gets boring, I really do hope better AI system, for fighting, better interactions, and much more, 2018 cool game..Version: 1.8.34

Good game, needs improvementsI’ve only played this game for a couple of hours and I really enjoyed it, however there are some small things that would make the game a lot better. My suggestions are: •preset worlds should be added so that players can choose from a selection of pre built worlds and edit/expand them •A working ecosystem would be nice, for example you could have the predators attack their prey, or have interactions between characters •A world sharing option would be awesome because creators would be able to upload their worlds for the other players to see, and other players could download and edit these worlds as they like I love the concept and design of this game and can’t wait to see how it develops.Version: 1.4.1

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