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Titan Throne app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Titan Throne? Can you share your negative thoughts about titan throne?

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Titan Throne for Negative User Reviews

AngryI’ve put a lot of time into this I’ve had fun playing until this morning, the update whiled all my armor and now I can’t use it and I’ve upgraded spells that I can no longer use until my hero is 10 stars when it used to just be 4 in other words I will delete this game if that don’t fix this it makes no sense and makes it impossible to level up now that I’m literally half the strength and was struggling already congratulations you guys managed to ruin a perfectly fine game 👍🏼.Version: 1.2.18

Do not trust Camel gamesA lot of hype around this game a year ago. Multiple timely updates. New realms opening frequently. Promises made for continued development - even within the game portions say “coming soon”. A game that had 70 realms is now down to under 10 after multiple mergers. No game updates AT ALL in a year. Most have left the game out of frustration with Camel and highly unbalanced hero’s that time and money invested has been a complete waste as they stopped rebalancing and updating. This has left the game with a few Alpha hero’s that people were lucky enough to have selected over a year ago when development was active. Camel is very lucky they are not held to U.S. ethical business standards. I’d recommend staying away from this game and any other Camel game. I have no idea how this game is still 4.5 stars - don’t trust the overall rating as they are old reviews for a great game that had potential. This game is a 0 out of 5 now and I wish I could get my money back - as do literally 100’s of other players..Version: 1.3.5

Not badCould use some love, but better than most.. I bore easily and it keeps me occupied when I wander... looks iffy though... staying on my phone either way yea?.Version: 1.3.5

Dead gameThis game is dead. There is no update and no bug fix for 6 months. Arena is bugged, big battles are bugged, and the developers blame your own internet connection when ALL players are experiencing the same thing. They update their other games but forget about this one! They make new packs just to milk more money out of the players and yet have failed to give us any fix on bugs or any kind of update. This game is dead!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD. There is no new realm for 4 months !!!!.Version: 1.3.5

Great game has some cons tho..I love this game a lot ! If you like games that are interactive and you get to play with others from across the world then try this game out! I do have cons ! It takes money to be able to upgrade in a reasonable time. If you want to survive you’ll have to spend money or you’ll just become a farm to the bigger guys in this team. Some of the concerns I have is the packs that they offer on here are just a little to pricey ! Secondly, they really don’t have any good packs to buy. I would like to see them have gear packs available!! That would help a lot of us smaller guys from being completely destroyed ! And I think they should have events that are reasonably able to be achieved. Like diamond events and gear events and so on. It seems like this game has a fare ways to go before it becomes as good as guns of glory or WAO..Version: 1.2.5

Developer screwes you overThis game has not been updated in over two years. They finally updated it and screewed up most of the gear and hero settings. They have a login issue which has caused a lot of castles to get zeroed instead of them shutting the server down until that issue was fixed. They do not respond well they have not been compensated for changing gear which takes a long time to get and now it is worthless..Version: 2.0.3

DON’T bother!Don’t bother downloading game or anyone who does have it don’t bother buying any packs. They going to shut down the servers soon..Version: 1.2.12

Good game, shame about the player base.Beware! I liked this game at first, devoted time and sadly money to it and it was really fun. Sadly now my city is being hounded by a bully and every time I log on my city is on fire and my people dead. I messaged the player and asked him to stop but it continues and I just can’t be arsed anymore. You can pay “actual money” in the form of gems for ‘peace shields’ to stop this kind of thing, but it gets prohibitively expensive. I cannot progress in the story part of the game because my stuff is too trashed now, so it has been a waste of time for me and an upsetting one at that. If you play be warned, don’t get too attached to your city and don’t spend cash. It is an actual lie that you can progress in this game without spending money by the way, I saw this in advertising and it is why I downloaded Titan Throne in the first place. The developers need to fix the potential for bullying here soon. As a teacher, I wouldn’t want kids playing this one..Version: 1.2.7

Game Dead.Game is long dead, all developers and even the main point of contact on the official discord (QueenHelen) has ceased all communication with people on that discord. It’s been 4 days since issues have been raised and there has been no response. TT is literally a BETA game where Camel has screwed up royally. I have a lot of time and money (860k march + c27) into this game which had huge potential, only to have it fall hard due to lack of communication on the devs part. Realms are opening every 6 days also leading to immense amounts of realm hoppers and dead realms left behind..Version: 1.2.12

Non-existent supportHaving played the game for several years now, I can safely say the developer support is shocking. Quick enough to take your money, but have completely ignored my last messages regarding being locked out of one of my castles. Avoid..Version: 1.4.1

Leaving it’s dedicated players in the dustTitan throne has been a good game and the 3v3 battle system made it very fun for a long while! Unfortunately, they have not updated the game for almost 6 months now yet when their detonated player-base message them they constantly say they will be giving updates soon.. this is an absolute lie and they have no issue releasing new packs over these past 6 months to drain whatever money they can from their players before they inevitably shut this game down. It is extremely sad to see what you’ve done to us - many of us had high hopes and loved the direction you were taking the game but you have absolutely destroyed it by neglecting us - ALL THE WHILE you give your other games frequent updates even during this pandemic that is going on in the world. Very sad. Shame on you. I, along with many other big spenders will be leaving for good and I know the rest are soon to follow..Version: 1.3.5

Worst so far from CamelCustomer service is non existent, 12 days and counting of unanswered mail, don’t expect anything more than an automated mail anyway. Glitches and issues not addressed. Missing items not replaced. An arena designed to generate spending with a system that should not be legal. Thousands of dollars wasted because you can’t do much without it, and as with most games these days just a couple of months and the kingdom is dead due to an outrageous game imbalance. The inadequate compensation for game end issues that effect individuals for long periods of time before addressed and the complete lack of regard for customers is good enough reason to skip this game..Version: 1.2.8

Enjoyable but unrealiableThis game is fun, but in allows for in app purchases to further grow your hero’s and marches. Unfortunately when the game glitches it can offset some of the bonuses you have paid for and the game developers often reply that they do not see an error in your log. I would not recommend making purchases in this game unless you are willing to accept that errors may be ignored when they happen..Version: 1.3.5

Dead GameDead Game, no development whatsoever. So many broken features, dead Facebook group, no help. Please remove these non functioning games, they are just money traps..Version: 1.4.3

Rating entirely based on devsThe game itself wouldn’t be too bad - If you could actually play it as intended. Ridiculous requirements for any hero gear past the basic, mostly useless provided options. FIX THE FKN ARENA. This has been an issue for months and 0 cares given. During battle, loading screen will appear and switch views, usually by which point you’ve lost or have severely been damage. This can happen multiple times per battle. Horrible lag. Freezing. Sometimes battles time out and can’t be exited unless you restart game OR goes back to arena home screen and the battle hasn’t counted towards completed fights. No new updates in over 6 months. No new realms. And quite frankly, pretty much useless for anyone not looking to dish out thousands of dollars. Pay to win takes on a whole new meaning here and has basically turned into a battle of Olympic Spender$. Find another battle rpg to try and don’t waste your time here..Version: 1.3.5

Great game BUTIt really is one of the better games i have played. BUT its the same old story. Cash players get to be stronger. And in events the strong get stronger. And the weaker (non cash players) stay weaker. Its sad that you are limited daily by the amount of resources you are aloud to gather. So cash players can simply buy more and advance faster. Wish they would change so that hard working players can also get stronger faster..Version: 1.2.8

CIts alright.Version: 1.2.8

I want a refundI’ve been playing this game since it came out back last summer of 2018. Since this time I have been realm merged now for the 3rd time. After the first realm merge, I moved to a new realm thinking a fresh start would help me keep pace with others, which it did for a while until the next realm merge.. now I’ve been merged once again in new realm and it took me almost two full months to catch up to earlier realms progress.. now just as I’m catching up we are announced for yet another realm merger to an even earlier realm which means I will again be surrounded by stronger players who will try to farm my castle. I’ve been a paying customer for almost a year and I demand a full refund as no money I could possibly spend can prepare me for the developers greed and need to push smaller player in to feed their biggest money players. I’m out and will not stop until I’m 100% refunded every penny..Version: 1.2.12

StagnationNo updates for months, numerous bugs that have been around for months still not fixed such a shame because if it was debugged and freshened up it would be one of the best of its type. Whilst it is p2w , non spenders can compete and play an active part in leading alliances. But until the numerous bugs are fixed I d avoid for now..Version: 1.3.5

GarbageTrash game, if you are here from wao, this game is nothing like it. Highly pay to win, the packs barely give any type of reward. Extra soldiers you train are useless as you can only take a limited amount with your heroes( amount scales with level) and if you get attacked the extra troops not in your march don’t do anything but wait to be slaughtered. The battle mechanics are highly unbalanced because even if your are defending, the attackers suffer barely any losses while almost half of your match would most likely be in the hospital for many hours(10+ usually). I don’t recommend people to their time on this..Version: 1.1.1

Know what you’re startingThe beginning of the game was quite fun. This all started to change after the first server merge - the game becomes strongly pay 2 win, and also requires multiple alts/farms to have any chance of keeping up. If you can’t keep up, you’ll just get smashed by bigger players over and over - there is little means to fight off a higher level opponent unless you’re willing to spend money to stay in shields. Don’t start if you aren’t willing to pay..Version: 1.3.5

Nice Game but...Getting into a game is easy, but if you decide to use your money for the benefits of improving the ‘quality of life’ and getting into the game (meaning buying packs of gems or other items to move quickly to next level); I would suggest a word of caution. My experience has been anything but enjoyable. Some of the problems I ran into are; 1).The company does not respond when issues arise or timely. 2). The company suggests they are always right and the player is wrong or at fault. 3). Security for other player or other persons access into accounts. I was robbed on several occasions with small frequent purchases that I never received...other than a bill. 4). Items I purchase using gems...took my gems, but never received compensation for. 5). 2 of my ‘farms’ were not accessible after a large software update. It made the 2 Facebook switching unacceptable. When I sent the information about the two the only response back was repeated requests for the same information. Never resolved. When I sent feedback to Camel regarding the stated item posted situations they either ignored me or blamed me for the issue. So as a result I severed my ties for good for any game being managed or associated by this company. I hope anybody else who is thinking of downloading and playing any of this company’s game should be thought very carefully..Version: 1.2.10

Game WAS funGame started good and fun. Then now the game went to full pay to win system. And to many unbalance in this game..Version: 1.2.12

First weekOk so I am glad to see camel working rapidly to fix the bugs and issues. I do have faith in corrections being made on the issues BUT this limit on gathering on elite mines shows a complete disregard to camels loyal game players that already spend way too much! This needs to be adjusted and fixed immediately. They don’t want us having 15 farms but we can’t even gather resources??? Ridiculous. Hanging in there. I hope camel reads this. Been a loyal supporter of camel games since WaO began but may have to find a new game if this isn’t corrected..Version: 1.1.1

Could be improved, by quite a bit.Graphics: 4/5 Interface: 1/5 Characters: 5/5 Customizations: 3/5 Gameplay: 3/5 World Design: 4/5 Note: After the success of this developer’s last game War and Order, which I played for 3 years, I am checking out this newest game from Camel Games. I am currently playing as Lord_Aramaki in realm 1. Graphics: Incredible graphics for Heroes. Pretty castle graphics on the maps. Appealing interface colour and fade effects. World map monster animation, Crystal mine graphics etc, could be improved. Interface: The single unexpected downfall after such good design in War and Order. It’s as if a new UX designer was hired, straight out of school, and for cheap (or didn’t have a single say). 1. The important information relevant to gameplay, and what makes the game meaningful, are hard (some are impossible) to find, and hard to see. Imagine you looking around on the live action map and sees an alliance tag that is probably a farm alliance affiliated with a main alliance (main alliance TTT, farm alliance TT8). You want to look up the farm alliance, to see the descriptions if they are affiliated. Good luck. Press any flags or buildings on the map, there is no access to alliance descriptions of alliance that owns it. Not even the alliance castle has direct or indirect link to the alliance profile of that alliance. Press bottom right alliance button, it only shows your alliance, no access to other alliances. Looks around the interface, no way to access a list of alliance, and search button only let you search for resources and monsters on the map. Sadly, you now presses the enter city button on bottom right. Sad, because, you will lose the viewing spot on the main map, which you can bookmark in 2 clicks, but when popping back into map view, cannot access any locations you have bookmarked before, unless you bookmark something else again, and then navigate through a loophole. Now game loads, into city screen. Clicks on Radiant Plaza (names here often not clear indicator of function. A lot of fluff. Benefit of a nicer sounding building name often does not balance out with the loss for interface usability). Only options are Ranking and Game Guides. Okay, click on Ranking. Default goes to individual ranking. Alliance ranking has no search functions either. You have to keep scrolling down, infinitely, squinting to see the name of alliance and leaders, as if reading a WW2 staffing roster on size 8 font. This game is not designed for older folks or ones with bad eyesight. The important information relevant to gameplay, and what makes the game meaningful, are hard to find, and hard to see. All the buttons at the bottom having similar colours looks nice from a distance, until you have to look for a specific one to click on. Give them colour, give them texture. The developers and every person working for this company need to play their own game in test realms 1-2 beyond the first few hours. Your players may also play as long and tolerate the interface for not long after. 2. Trying to pressing all the tiny buttons in this game often have unintended consequences, which confuses, discourages, and frustrates the users. For example, on the map screen, the key circular buttons are on the bottom of the screen (by the way, the most often used buttons, such as mail, should be placed on the sides. Alliance button is done so, which is good, something done right). Now, try pressing the Mail button, or any of them, you may suddenly sees a popup of an ugly monster that fills your screen. This is not a virus. The game interface simply registered your finger press so precisely that it registers any point in between those floating circular buttons at the bottom, even though they lined the bottom, and no user in their right mind would mean to press something behind those icons. This issue happen in many other screens of the game as well. Increasing the Invisible click registering box around an item (donation screen donation buttons etc), as long as not infringing on other clickable items on the same page, can make users feel very easy in doing what they want to do, without worrying and getting stressed out with laser precise clicks. This is also very difficult when it comes to using thumbs, which the game forces users to do with a landscape only interface design. The interface mistakes are not complicated to fix. In any window/screen, consider what are the possible motivations that the player ends up in that screen. What are the most likely reasons they are there. Then, make those buttons easier to find and click on. Features recommended to add: Customization capabilities for alliance flags, player profiles, city buildings. Personal housing, which can access heroes, and later, pets/ride, achievement, awards, visual customizations as well. Easier access to relevant information (alliance profiles from map alliance buildings or flags, searchable alliance by tag/names). More alliance technologies and skills (can ask players in a contest for ideas).Version: 1.1.0

Game playGame is similar to iron throne, but to buy packs is and shields are to expensive to buy, didn’t like the way the prices were and games play is..Version: 1.2.0

PointlessYou join a realm that has no more than 50 active alliances. Half of those are feeder alliance to a higher up one in order to over come the limit in numbers allowed in alliance. Then all the biggest alliances become allies. Meaning none others stand a chance as they bully any new alliance start ups..Version: 1.2.11

Bad developersThis game is terrible the new owners have changed everything things that we paid money for we can no longer use they ruined all our hero’s. Made healing and recruiting troops take a stupidly long time unless you spend money. Players were unable to log in last night and as a result some have been set to zero, with no response from the developers they don’t care about players only money #forfayde I can’t believe Apple let these sorts of developers sell games on their platform.Version: 2.0.3

Click baitMore of the same old rubbish click bait.Version: 1.2.7

No longer worthwhile!Don’t bother if you don’t pay to play! If you free play you will always be a farm for pay to play players! Now even more so with last upgrade☹️.Version: 1.2.17

Free 2 play LIEAdvertisement said “never pay to win” but when buying diamonds helps other players be better off then you. It’s pretty much a lie. I hoped this wasn’t one of those “free-mium” games that is just barely fun and is much better when you pay money but that’s what it is. Save your self the time and data by not downloading. Also I would suggest ignoring ratings and reviews that look like they are were written by paid writers and look for the ones that speak in a more realistic and normal voice..Version: 1.2.12

It is StuckThe game is stuck at loading screen and saying first time blah blah blah please wait connecting to server to configure but just sits there forever, help fix game so I can play for the very first time fetching server configuration it says then it popup saying retry or exit game can not connect to your server, Why why? It is advertising in many games and now it is broken? Help me. Is this game even playable? Have not been playing at all help fix this and please answer me.Version: 1.2.8

Money pitThis game was a good idea but sadly the developers have decided to put their efforts into getting players to spend cash rather than make the game fun for everyone...I wouldn’t recommend this to people unless you seriously like giving money away.Version: 1.2.12

GameNot bad game small print tho needs bigger lol. Wat and order fans may like this game still new tho.Version: 1.2.12

CityThe game as a whole is fun and good. However the city is boring, you can’t see any real growth as you develop and they aren’t immersive. As in their are very few people walking around, maybe if you could see a larger population or something in the field to represent your army it would be more engaging..Version: 1.2.0

Pay to win no balancePay to win, Very unbalanced with 1 hero napoleon who will beat anyone regardless of your power. So yeah Unplayable without spending lots money and only 1 hero to choose from.Version: 1.2.8

Keeps crashingI love this game but it keeps crashing , please sort that out.Version: 1.2.8

I really liked it butI was enjoying the game but then I logged off for the night and the next day it wouldn’t load. It was stuck on the opening loading screen for 20minutes till I eventually gave up and deleted game. I had to redownload and all my progress was gone. Like I was starting over again. Which really sucked since I already joined a guild and met some awesome people. Please fix your game glitch and I’ll rate 5 stars..Version: 1.2.2

Big spenders ruin the gameOne giant spender has bullied everyone in our realm into joining one of his alliances or obeying his rules. Alliances in top-five have no way to survive his onslaught fueled by $4000 per month spending in packs. He has attacked our rank 3 alliance into oblivion single-handedly, attacking nonstop up to 20hrs per day for weeks. His spending makes even strong alliances banded together unable to defend against him. There are no mechanisms in the game to prevent tyranny like this and the developers do nothing when this type of bullying is brought to their attention repeatedly. Save your money and your time; invest neither in this imbalanced game that caters to big spenders at the expense of hundreds of average gamers who spend more moderately. Take a look at realm 7 to see what a server on its deathbed looks like..Version: 1.2.12

Pay to play spoils realmUnfortunately there’s always two hankers in every realm that wipe everyone out and they’re untouchable. As you can not leave your realm once established you are stuck under a bubble!.Version: 1.2.11

Avoid this game.If I could put 0 out of 5 I would. It doesn’t even deserve a 1 star. Absolutely the most trash customer service. You will always get the same generic answer. “Thank you for your feed back we will forward to the development team” knowing they aren’t going to do anything about it. Constant lag or glitches that cause you to not be able to play the game. No refunds of rewards that are lost when glitches occur. Avoid at all costs. Nothing but wallet warriors. Expect to spend loads of money to keep up with the wallet spenders. Camel games only concern is to keep putting out different buyable packs every week than to give you more quality content. Camel literally took content from wao and put it in this game. Camel was so lazy. Camel didn’t even change the name in the update from wao to titan throne. Camel as a game developer is only after your money. Camel prolonged the game by putting updates in that slow your growth or make it were you have to wait weeks to months to build up enough of either blood or hero cards to enhance. Which is sad because this game has such potential but in the hands of camel it will die out..Version: 1.3.5

RIP titanI stuck around with titan since the beginning. 100% I remained because of the community of players. The game itself is full of bugs.... every event is sometimes virtually unplayable (arena, crown, Elite war, alliance campaign). Those are also the only events as the game has not revieved an update for months. When me, or any one of my team mates contacted the developer team regarding bugs we are met with an automated answer or they blame our internet. They have also taken cash bought gems of players claiming they have bought third party packs which 100% never have. I feel scammed, and like I wasted my time. I rarely write reviews but after all my friends have left because of the ill treatment I felt it’s time for me to leave and share my experience for the next person that downloads this app..Version: 1.3.5

Game doesn’t workHave not been able to log into game for nearly 24 hours. I think they shut game down without telling everyone..Version: 1.4.3

Titan throneWell I don't think the game is good at all it keeps cutting off at the beginning why show it on Facebook when it is no good.Version: 1.2.15

Abandoned gameCamel has abandoned this game. Over 8 months since the last update. 6ish months since the last new realm. The heroes remain unbalanced. The arena system is broken. It doesn’t allow you to cast spells, or constantly makes you reload into the match preventing you from casting spells. Camel has spent the last 8 months updating their other games, and have even pitches rights to another game, which they are already updating and releasing new realms on. This was a fantastic game that camel left to die..Version: 1.3.5

Same old crapExactly like the other P2P games, as soon as your 3 day buffers stops your being attacked by Chinese players who are 20-30 levels higher than you already. On a 5 day old server When will developers stop lying and make a game that you can’t rush the level ups. Same old players too..Version: 1.2.5

Found a bug... enhance hero locked loopSimilar to WaO. Looks great, found a bug. Update: now two accounts locked in the same Enhance Hero loop. Another update: main account now locked up just as the other two. I’ve contacted support twice.....crickets..Version: 1.1.0

It’s just okay nothing moreTypical game. Quick to level up at first then you need to spend money to win. Gets boring quick. There are better games out there with better player support..Version: 1.2.12

AlrightJust started playing so I’ll dive it time.....Version: 1.2.1

Customer service not helpfulHave called out multiple issues through customer feedback page citing data and providing screenshots. Get replied to that I am reading in game messages wrong. Guess what? The issue was that the message I received did not match expected battle outcome. Therefore, not helpful camel. Also, new update will add many gameplay hours. Hope you have no life when starting this game..Version: 1.2.18

Money Game to effectively draw as much as they can.The game in general is very well built and a good platform for what could be an exciting one. Lots of different variables and extremely complex for gamers which isn’t a bad thing. Just means you have to really work to be strong. The hidden truth is that it is built for spenders and if your in a realm with a few the advantage is too much and your just chucking money against a wall and your game experience. 4 months down the line your realm is dead with no one to fight and you spend your time being farmed. I spend but a lot of my players do not. Great bunch of people that are quoting everyday. The balance isn’t right. 50 people that are strong good levels against 6 spenders and you still loose and get farmed. Starts out a fun game until reality hits and your dead and buried. Don’t waste your time or money FIND ANOTHER GAME!.Version: 1.2.12

Lousy gameThis game started out well for only being 3 or 4 months old. Serious update last week ruined the game, made it lopsided. Hero’s that were good were nerfed, when I had asked the dev’s to replace what I had lost during the major update, I was fed a generic answer. When I kept complaining about my losses due to the update, the devs blocked me from replying anymore. This was advertised as a free game with some in-app purchases, now it has gone completely pay to play. Camel games are greedy fakers. My advice is Not to install this game. I’m out of it, they will never see 1 red cent of my hard earned money!.Version: 1.2.10

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