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Free Fire: The Chaos App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Free Fire: The Chaos app received 93 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Free Fire: The Chaos? Can you share your negative thoughts about free fire: the chaos?

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Free Fire: The Chaos for Negative User Reviews

#so goodOmg this game slays.Version: 1.102.1

Fix your gameFix your ping you fools and shut up about the cyclone there can’t be problem in 3countries and there was beautiful amount of ping problem in bd before the cyclone came so you should step up you game hala gadha r baccha 😑 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵.Version: 1.60.1

ReviewCongratulations Garena, you have earned 1 Star, additional stars can be bought for $13.99 each..Version: 1.102.1

Maldit0$ EstafadoresMalditos si van a dar el maldito criminal denlo he gastados 7k para el maldito criminal espectro, la cuestión está en no recargar más nosotros somos los que les damos de comer con nuestro dinero se que lo van a leer pero hasta hoy juego free malditos.Version: 1.102.1

This game is so glitchy...Every time when I am in a match it glitches, Like this is so annoying when every I (turn around, shoot someone) it just glitches, Please fix the bug.Version: 1.39.0

Poisa lutneI other words pay to win.Version: 1.90.1

The updates are getting worseEverytime you guys update the game it gets worst first garena takes out the backwards jump freestyle for custom players, then they make the analog makes the character turn in mid air, when you spam glo walls the character is turning in a different direction, the spectating looks wierd when you drop walls, the sounds of the weapons switch is annoying, when you shoot a character it sounds wierd now and even when you shoot the glo wall, the glo wall are further away from you now that should just stay how it was before,they changed the lobby making style making it worst and more complicated and everyone is complaining even my inspiration quits the game because of the update and I quit too as well. Even my friends quit the game too as well as many other players because the updates keep getting worst and taking out the stuff that we love. Unless Garena fixes back the game I quit forever although I spent money on it I do hope you guys fix back the game to how it was thank you..Version: 1.99.1

Good game but I have one major critiqueThe main issue I have with this game, is the amount non time-framed items that have completely disappear from my vault collection. Things such emotes, fashion items, and collection items that I earned through Lucky Royale, diamond purchases, and FF Tokens are gone. I’ve noticed that this sometimes happens with updates and new patches and it’s extremely frustrating. It almost makes me want to give up on the game entirely..Version: 1.99.1

Best game ever but gotta fix thisThis game is a absolute master piece i started from season one when this game has just got released and i still play it till today and has been more than 6 years the one main problem is that when in old seasons i bought some stuff with money and had also got the football shoes and pant which wasnt that rare at the time but after 3 years they were extremely rare but Garena decided to bring them back in incubator and there was no value for them anymore same for old elite passes they just brought everything back which is just sad to see as if they didnt my account would be worth in alot of money! Pls fix this!!!.Version: 1.102.1

Dynamic problemEverything about this game has been great but recently I have faced some issues with the game. First problem is that me and my dynamic duo’s level hasn’t been increasing since it got to a certain point even though we have been playing a lot. It hasn’t increased for about 6 days. Another issue is that when I enter a game somethings me and my friend can not hear each other making us quit the game and leaving us unhappy. I hope you guys could look at those problems and try and fix them. Thank you 😘🐥.Version: 1.59.1

Subject:- Facing Top-Up & Ping problem in Bangladesh.Dear Garena Concern, We are Bangladeshi people and millions Bangladeshi people are playing Free Fire. Now we are facing lot's of problem. One of biggest problem is we can't plaing free fire smoothly, Because of high ping. Another one is every player did top-up huge amount of diamonds from Malaysia ,Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam Server. But, Currently we are not able to top-up on that sever. Now, Only Indian serveris is open. As we are Bangladeshi, we have no Indian bank account or paytm. So, Every player of Bangladesh are requesting to you please open all garena top up center for us and slove the ping problem. So that we can top up regularly as like as we do previously and playing game smoothly like singapore server. Or refund our shell money which is in our garena shell account. Now we are requesting to do three things: ★ Please migrate us Malaysia or Singapore server for continuing our gaming life. ★Return to our previous position, so that we can top up as before. ★Give us our own server, but want to be a good Ping. We hope you will understand our game passion. Best Regard Free Fire Gaming Community Bangladesh..Version: 1.47.1

Introduce GyroscopeI would love to see the gyroscope feature in Free fire too. As an mobile esports player, I’ve played a bunch of battle royal games but this game was my least priority because it lacks what makes a mobile player one of the most lethal player around, The Gyroscope. It’s just my opinion tho. No one has to agree on that but I would love to see Gyroscope being introduced to FF..Version: 1.62.2

ReviewSometime game goes on high peak that was a worst experience ever.Version: 1.102.1

Just play PUBG MobileA rather poor copy of PUBG. Everything feels sluggish and poorly made. The movement is janky, there isn't much of a tutorial, no first person mode. Most of the problems that exist in this game don't exist in PUBG. I only installed this game because PUBG servers were down, and I deleted it immediately after one game.Version: 1.37.0

Indian server selling everything👎😑This game disappoint me every time. In Indian server, you have given all the old and rare items in diamonds and through giveaway. It is not necessary to give the jersey set through booyah app. Only elite dresses are left to sell 😡. I know,someday, garena will sell old elite dresses too. No value and respect to old players😔Garena is being money minded everyday.😑 They should think about wish of old players too. Totally disappointed 😟( especially Indian server)👏🏼.Version: 1.47.1

Great game but need helpEdit: As mentioned below Ive lost interest. Its the same thing every game! Go on a kill streak, Game gets serious lag spike i die instantly, and then i level up and get gold but theres nothing to spend it on. Oh yeah and ever since i logged onto FB not only has connection been bad but i haven't been able to select load outs anymore. This game is great but the worst of this game is the greed. :/ I know fashion has nothing to do with the game but everything costs diamond barely anything costs gold so once you play it just gets old cuz your not gaining anything from it and you cant get diamond unless you pay real money. So already you've rendered gold useless. Rather than making all the clothes and stuff cost diamonds make most stuff cost a lot of gold so people can be motivated to keep playing and all the rare and unique clothes and stuff can cost diamonds which you can get by competing in events and stuff or completing challenges/quests. Do that and I give 5 star..Version: 1.17.1

Game is ok butI’ve been playing this game for a year and I really like it, especially after that bug update which re-made the home screen, lobby, friends list etc. But what I don’t like is the Aim Precision. I have it on Precise on Scope and it’s super annoying when you are dealing with duos or squads since it changes targets. The other thing I hate is the Card luck thing in which you pull a card and get a reward. Well, I’m peer sure it’s not just me, but whenever I have to choose one it always and I mean ALWAYS get the worst reward possible. For example, I remember that time when I pulled a card and the other two had 500 diamonds and 2k gold. I was about to sew your company for selling fake game, but you are lucky that I didn’t lose my temper. Let’s not talk about all those hackers who shot you inside the walls or the unreal weapons. I mean, come on! How much recoil does the AK really have? At least this got fixed when you added the Bipod so, thanks, I guess. Lastly, you should really get some ideas from teens (recommended age is from 15-17) help you with the design and graphics. You need some stuff like that. That’s all I had to say, because I don’t want to write a book with all the problems that this game has. Please reply me..Version: 1.24.0

ErrorAfter the new update the game doesn’t open on my phone. I have reinstalled the app many times on my phone it didn’t open. Thanks.Version: 1.80.0

Attention garene,Today i rate you only 1 star, but i really like this game, i’m playing this game almost to 2 years, i also played your national tournament from bangladesh, you guys didn’t fix our net pin problem, there is not only one problem we have many more problem as like hacker my id lvl is 68, but one hackers came with any gun he shoots me i die because that’s was a head shoot, and the most recent problem we all suffering kar98 hack problem, but you guys didn’t fix any problem for us! we also do top up, we are giving you money you deserve each and every facility we need and a it’s not fair game, we was good with our old Singapore server, we do not like indian server, please change our server bring us back our previous Singapura server, and please fixed all the problems. otherwise garena you will lose your popularity and lose your game players..Version: 1.48.1

Stupid GameGet Out App Store.Version: 1.49.0

Give us our account backAm here again I wrote one yesterday complaining about how you guys banned our accounts here in Mena …… Am here to complain that this game is racist We in Mena server are suffering I can’t take it anymore it’s so annoying and frustrating when I see some NA server buying thing at cheaper rate while we buy ours at expensive rate(when I mean expensive very expensive)like here in Mena we need to spend up to like 2k diamonds before we can get the ump evo which is not fair but in Na they just spent like 500 then boom they’ll get it … Isn’t that related to racism….. Please you guys should reduce it and make it equal please thanks ….. You haven’t still given us our account back I spent almost like 20k dims on the account and it was banned because I was giving to much headshot Please do the needful I don’t like the way my friends are leaving this game And am still giving it one star 💀.Version: 1.98.1

Prime-16Hello I will not I have a message for the people that created this game I will not say is a bad game, but I see that kids in many countries are addicted to much of this game especially I know that there are so people that Are not in there virtual classes because there to much addicted to this game well they waste money in diamonds for things that are not really real and in a way is kind of bad and young teens like 14 or 15 are becoming rebellious to there parents because of this game well not in the U.S. but in South America well I play this game too but I want To help a fried to not be to much addicted at the game just like you guys ask a reload to have diamonds please I want to ask you that give like a limited time to this game to help teens, like not playing more than two hours that’s all thank you.Version: 1.59.1

MahiUCan u please rebring the old free fire the new update is awful, things like: the luck royale bit the crate system was way better than the new one which drops and gives u something as well as the buttons r not nice looking at all please put the previous buttons back.. the game in voice should be removed aswell, it doesn't look or feel nice when u r getting shot and there is a voice telling stuff.... So please there is nothing wrong with updates but don't change the whole game! Looking forward to play the previous version of the beautiful game. One more thing could u please increase the nickname size as the new update makes the font look really small for people who have default nicknames, they letters r all joint together is very annoying!!! Thank you very love the game. Just need to add y is it soooooooooooooooo lagging like y how many more days is it going to take for the game to be normal I keep growing in game game while I am playing next to my router so there is nothing wrong with the internet connection..Version: 1.43.0

Server jamI have never experienced this before on this game from one of the best online games ever has now turned into one of the most frustrating games ever that keeps jamming up in the midden of a game over and over its not worth playing this game anymore coz it jammes up and you are left out of control to be shot an killed by the time you have reloaded it you are dead . What a massive let down , have to download a new game I think I have had enough of doing really good in this game an left uncontrollable on the middle of a game..Version: 1.94.1

Fair platform for NepalJustices for Nepal (ping problem , didn’t get any fair platform) Thank you!.Version: 1.60.1

Needs a update.I love this game, my friends and I play it together all the time. But I’ve noticed the female characters health is ridiculous compared to the male characters on this game. It’s frustrating not being able to play with the character I want because her health doesn’t hold up as much as my male characters do. It would be a lot more of a fair game if the female characters health was like the others please fix it. It’s the only game I want to play and I don’t want to have to find something else to play with my friends but I will if this continues. I have noticed the amount of hackers in this game. It’s glitching and I got shot in the head through a wall. I have been waiting to see if it’s just needing an update but apparently not, I’ve played this game for year’s and have never experienced this amount of cheating before. Please fix this..Version: 1.94.1

ConexiónTarda mucho en encontrar una partida y después si se bugea el juego a uno lo castigan.Version: 1.102.1

This game is just badI’m not trying to be rude but I’m trying to help you update and make your game better I’ve been playing for a year now but I can’t just stop thinking about the cyber bullying they bullied me and my friends and cousin but there are so much stuff to fix there are too many hackers and cheating there are just so many things that can be fixed like triple damage with cars and pistol Also there are flying glitches where you can’t find the enemy at last circle and they can some how glitch under the map and also when someone lags the texture gitch and ether buildings disappear have no color or just blurry sometimes the car gitches and gose thorough the map or just sends you flying out and the recoil is a lot for some reason the car does instant damage witch is really frustrating and sometimes people do really inappropriate things with the builds or emote which isn’t safe for kids I’ve listed a lot of stuff but I still have more things that you can fix but anyway the game is good it can just be a hole lot better.Version: 1.102.1

Joinable friends and changing your outfits while in a duo/squad lobbyThis game would be way better if you could juss koi someone’s lobby instead of waiting for an invite and if you could choose your outfit in the lobby with mates so you don’t have to be re-invited to the lobby.Version: 1.30.0

Bad responseI have tried 2 to 3 time telling free fire my ping issue. And I was expecting a better response but the response was not satisfactory. My issue is I and my friends moved to canada from India. So, we logged into our Indian account that we are playing since 2018. Our ping is always 190 + and our region is India. But we are now living in Canada. What is solution for this ? How can we change our server from India to Canada so we can enjoy the game as we used to do in past . Requesting free fire to help us . Or else transfer our data such as weapons we own in our indian account to canadian account. Free fire help us to play and enjoy game in good ping in canada or change our server . I don’t want to lose my owned guns skill and everything. I worked hard for all the things that I owned such as gun skin since 2018.Version: 1.102.1

OverpricedDon’t get me wrong, I love this game. But everything is overpriced as hell. After months of begging my parents they finally got me a top up, but only 100 diamonds, you can’t get anything for 100. When I used up 25 diamonds on soccer ROYALE but all I got was a bonfire, at least you should take out the really sucky stuff which are there in the luck ROYALEs for diamonds to spin. Because it’s just so unfair. My parents made a swear that I never ask for anything related to online games again. So what a waste of a swear, I don’t want this to happen again or I’ll be really mad. I’ll tell everyone I see to never even consider playing freefire. So PLEASE, just help us all by taking out all of these waste things like bonfires and memory fragments from the luck royales where you need to spend diamonds to spin. -Lazar_Fraz.Version: 1.62.2

Game developmentFree fire need to make there map more big like pubg . You can combine Kalahari,purgatory,alpine,Bermuda together and make map larger and increase player like 100 day by day playing free fire feels boring and also you should add more realistic feel in vehicle like fuelling system ,repair system etc .Free fire is one of the best game I have been playing since 2019 .one these days free fire feels boring ..Version: 1.99.1

Latest UpdateYo whom it may interest, so Free Fire has been the best game, in my opinion is more than a game. The point of the game is to interact with others and within that interaction you build trust, friendship and who knows. The game has been always good with some ups and downs but remained good. A few days ago an announcement was maid saying that on Dec 11th a new update will be done, reducing 999 ping lag or however you call it, they also announced that the region will change. This is where it affects me and majority of the people from my friends list, we were not expecting the fact that we would be separated/split/apart... my guild has been COMPLETELY destroyed and can not play with the people I usually played with. My question to you is what’s the point of playing free fire if you make all this changes? Is it even worth playing it? My answer is NO! There’s no point and would not have one since it’s not the same... When Call of Duty was created majority of the gamers left and decided to leave Free Fire behind. Instead I stood there and kept playing it because of what it means to me! Unless this changes I will not be playing Free Fire this is totally messed up and completely unfair. F I X T H I S P L E A S E.Version: 1.43.0

#mo9ati3onنحن العرب نطالب 1-العدل بين السيرفرات 2-جعل الشخصيات بالمجان لكي يكون هناك عدل 3-تحسين البنغ بالسيرفر العربي 4-حل وتحسين مشاكل اللاعبين العرب 5-اعطاء جوائز قيمة للعرب 6-زيادة نسب الحظ باللاكي رويال وتخفيض سعره اذا لم يتم تحسين الوضع بسيرفر الشرق الاوسط سنضع لكن نجمة واحدة ونتوقف عن لعب لعبتكم وإن تحسن لكم كل الإحترام وسنضع لكم كامل النجوم مع احترامي لكم....👍👍.Version: 1.37.0

Incubator and luck Royal spin games Fix Rip OffAfter Buying and spending 1000s on diamonds I have come to the Conclusion that it is a fix to make you buy endless Diamonds to Chase the Top Prize which will cost ££££££ it never spits out the Top prize randomly you will get top prize once it is the last in the prize pool ,and the Incubator spin you will never get that top prize evo gun blueprints to acquire the top gun no matter how many diamonds you get. Also the fashion items do not show completely when you and your friends are in game play what’s the point of buying them if only you can see them fully waste of Money I’m in the Uk and feel very ripped off I have sent many Reports to them and nothing is being done to solve the problem, the game just designed to taking your money I won’t be buying or Spinning in incubator luck Royal ever again.Version: 1.90.1

Can change región to play with friends or familiesThis game is fun to play but the only problem is that you cant play with people from other regions for example I’m in Europe and a friend is from South America and we can’t add each other because we need to be in the same region so please can it be changed so it’s more fun to play with friends from other regions or services. I tried to add a friend from another region but it shows up nothing. PLEASE MAKE THIS CHANGE.Version: 1.64.1

Rank history eagle glitchAfter update for iphone users we see an eagle again and again which is in front of the rank history page where we have to do 12 heroic to have the rewards . Fix it as soon as possible.Version: 1.103.1

Ban ronaldo’s active skill from CS-Modes.Listen, ive been in the game since season 1, and i can assure you that ronaldo was the worst decision in the game — people dont realise how overpowered its in CS-rank. 2 in 3 overall players use ronaldos skill, which is mad. Really pisses me off sometimes cannot pull a good ol’ 1v1 because of it. Another major problem is that the time elapsed for the spherical aura to appear is… rubbish. Every time i oneshot, out of nowhere the bullets stop in midair and later seconds after that the aura slowly appears like come on. I understand its a ping-situation issue, BUT its not MY problem when am on 35 ping and on the other hand my enemy’s on 90 ping. Adding to that, even streamers who create rooms for their community ask the players participating what their active skill is, and if its ronaldo they kick them, or let them change it to something else. Thats how impactful it is… We are not asking for it to be removed, neither nerfed, but what we really want it to ban it from CS-matching. Thanks in advance. FF community..Version: 1.64.1

It's great but their's problems!I started playing this last 2 weeks and it is fun cause it's real easy killing all the noobs around the map but the worst thing is the lag! Like omg fix the lag guys I always get I lag when I am in the middle of a shoot out or when the game starts the lag is in the game forever and the update did nothing either to help. It's a fantastic game with the cheap graphics for free and the guns are cool but please fix the lag bro..Version: 1.11.2

Pls solve our prblmmmI live in Bangladesh. There are many free fire players in our country who are not able to enjoy the game due to various problems. You may know that Bangladesh is a Muslim country and we don't get any event at any big festival here which is a matter of our passion. So we all want the event to be arranged for us. Also, you have blocked the sites from which we used to top up Diamond, which is causing problems for many of us. The reason we don't buy diamonds from Codashop is because the prices are high there so we request you all to give us an official site where we can top up diamonds at the right price through bkash. Also we want server for us we hope we can manage our server properly & plss remove kalahari from rnk we wnt purgatory or bermuda in rnk mtch.Version: 1.49.0

FrI’ve been playing this game since it first came out in 2017 it’s a really good came but a lot of things need to be fixed like spins there’s no free spins for people that can’t top up diamond and don’t have the money for it and and diamonds top up is too expensive 1£ pound for 100 diamonds when I top up and spin at something like 100 diamonds for a spin I get a bonfire that’s just a waste of diamonds and money on a bonfire you should take out the stuff that it’s a waste and put in some good stuff people pay too much for the diamonds and get nothing sometimes this thing with money and diamonds need to change.Version: 1.98.1

العدل ثم العدل ثم العدلنريد فقط العدل بين كل السيرفرات من الشرق الأوسط إلى سيرفر المطورين.Version: 1.39.0

It can be WAY betterThis game is fun and all, me and my cousins play it all the time but this game has some problems that need to be fixed if you want a stable community. 1st problem is that when I’m playing ranked and I die early or in the middle of the match it’ll bring me down let’s say 38 points and it drops me from diamond 1 to platinum 4, but when I go up 38 points it doesn’t move me up as much, it says I went up 38 but it feels like I moved up 10 points. 2nd problem is that sometimes when aiming at the head it goes to the body instead of shooting the head, this gets annoying because Me or one of my cousins will be close or far range and will be aiming at the head of an enemy and it’ll drop down to the body which in many scenarios it will get us killed. 3rd problem is that if a car runs over you, it shouldn’t take away all of your health away considering that in this game it’s easy to run over someone especially with the monster truck. 4th problem is the fact that we can’t get the ninja skin due to the cg15 being taken out of the game therefore we can’t have the skin. That’s all the problems that I can think of as of right now, so please if you can fix this problems it would be great..Version: 1.37.0

BruhLose everything and never gets to win?.Version: 1.80.0

Force close on iPhone 6Please fix it , still force close on iPhone 6 ,!!!????.Version: 1.60.1

Un banned meI am banned in Cs racked so please un banned me username HUSSEIN.Version: 1.64.5

Auto backIPhone 6 users have problem of auto back whenever playing rank game solo ,duo or squad fix this other the game will be down .Also ,So many partiallity in Indian server. shame on u.Version: 1.60.1

GREAT BUT HAVING A MAJOR PROBLEMThe game is great; the guns, the arena, the concept, the people. I've made a lot friends, but there's one MAJOR problem. When you sign in, unless you link your account to Facebook or VK, you're basically screwed. I've been playing every day since I downloaded it last month! But that means nothing because about four days ago, I got an error; "authentication failed, invalid platform". I've tried to find solutions, but I can't. I thought maybe the error would go away in a day or two, but no. The only way to possibly fix this is by deleting the app and re-downloading which would mean my account is gone. I wouldn't have as big of a problem with it if I at least new my friend's account names, but I don't. There is no "support" for the game; I've searched everywhere to find one. I'm using an iPhone btw..Version: 1.11.2

Clash Squad Ranked- UnfairThis will probably be the only bad review I write about this game but I just got the updated version and I’m a pretty good player, my rank is a platinum three. However I have to state my opinion about the new season version of the clash squad ranked mode. First off, before the app update I was a triple gold in this mode, making me high enough ranked to get the golden pistol gun skin. But thanks to the new app update and the introduction of a season in clash squad ranked I was brought down to a triple silver, no stars. So I started playing and I managed to get to gold one, with two stars however I end up losing ONE game and it brings me back down to a triple silver! Frankly I think you should do away with the “season” thing, it doesn’t make any sense, I mean we already have a season for the whole game, what is the point of making an individual season for a mini game? And we should be allowed to buy as many grenades and gloo walls as we want in the clash squad games..Version: 1.48.1

Why?No wonder you make a decent amount of money off this game; you make it so the ppl who don’t buy you’re dumb pass or currency mainly get TIME LIMITED cosmetics like tf? This isn’t a hate review but it’s really annoying and I doubt I’m the only one who thinks this. Seriously though; you can’t get any more greedy about it. Please be more compassionate towards you’re community instead of giving them time limited cosmetics so they can look at a “shadow” cosmetic for the M16 for 24hrs and then have it poof out of existence. At least have decency to make the cosmetic look good. I’m sadly going to uninstall. It’s not a good first impression shoving the battle pass and all that in a new players face right away to get them spending money on the app. And the movement, the sounds; you probably worked hard and long on but it doesn’t cut it for me. There’s more than one gun with the near same reload sound, noise, and there’s more bots than actual players. Sorry to be so hard but it’s true..Version: 1.43.0

2 slight problemI love the game and there’s a lot to do Though there’s 2 problem 1 is that alit but f hackers end up getting away with hacking. It gets annoying I report them and some what 7 weeks later I see the same person hacking to be honest I feel like these problem aren’t even being solved . Number 2 the diamonds It seems like the only time you get diamonds is by buying them the next thing is that coins can be useless like you can’t even purchase things with it like if we can get like 50 diamonds for ranking up or leveling up like not everyone can buy things online and I wanna purchase things but nothing is for coins which seems very unfair pls fix this and pls update for easier ways to get diamonds.☺️.Version: 1.65.1

My honest opinionDont get me wrong, i played this game for 3 years and more however, it scammed me alot, please never spend money on this game, once i did, then i realised i spended ALOT of money into it, its hard to stop spending money on this, ive spent a unimaginable amount on this game, and mostly got scammed, spending lots of diamonds just to get things that i can get for free, totally rigged, complete waste of time and money. I regret my decisions and although it can be fun to play but its not worth it, this game has many memories however it wasnt worth it. I made friends thanks to this game too but not everyone can get as lucky as me, you may make friends but with potentially scammers. Although this game used to be very fun the company ruined it in every way possible, they started bringing back old OG things just for money, and many people fell into that trap inculding me, they started making this game bigger and pay-to-win, one of the many reasons this game got famous was that it cloud be played on low-end devices, however they changed that and completely ruined everything, at a point where people wouldnt play to have fun, they would play to win, and to win they have to pay..Version: 1.99.1

SucksThis games utter garbage your constantly being spawned outside the man or not even spanwing and crashing your app instead there’s no quite option so you have to restart the entire app when you die screw your game you guys are idiots if your gonna publish an app make sure it’s finished instead of releasing this piece of crap should be deleted people just drive around with jeeps its stupid.Version: 1.7.16

PoopTrash game ever.Version: 1.67.0

Force field is ruining the gameIt’s turning this game to pay to win no matter how well you play force field is a bail out please nerf this it’s super over powered.Version: 1.56.1

StupidYou land you get killed quickly. Then to restart! You end up in this camp with others! Not knowing what to do. Full of glitches. Constantly repeat the above mentioned.Version: 1.7.16

A few more fixThis is a fun game ,don’t get me wrong but , a few annoying problems as I try to shoot other people in the head it goes down to the body which makes us die it’s annoying that’s one problem and the second problem which I REALLY hate are these cheaters I’ve ran through alit of people exploding and while playing clash squad I’ve been face to face with someone that’s spawned right near us to kill us like WTH is that about and about the clash squad I find it unfair how it’s acceptable to have ( i don’t know what it’s called) a dome looking thing around you to protect you from others and accepting a bush . And not to mention I try to log out of my account and start a new one and I’m not looking forward to sign in with the other stuff if you could just make it possible to make a new user account button because whenever I click guest it brings be to my old account. Other than that it’s a good game I just hope you can read it.Version: 1.62.2

Best game everGarena really cares about the view that the audience takes about this game. They are n t arrogant about audience requests and take them fully seriously which makes this game so unique. When purgatory didn't receive very positive reviews, Garena were not lazy and started gathering opinions of players around the world about which type of map they want. Now they are going to release new abstract map called Kalahari which shows the resilience that Garena possesses. It has a very competitive rank system which motivates people to consistently pushing rank every season. Unlike other games Garena very often bring up new updates in the game which allow the game to be so fun. IT ACTUALLY FEELS LIKE A GAME..Version: 1.43.0

Why?!?This game was pretty good until mid-last week. A sudden STORM of cheaters took over and completely purged this game. At least with COD Mobile, you already know you’re going to be cheated out of a fun experience. But I expected better from you. And no, it isn’t a “lack of skill” when other players materialize from thin air and kill you - without even *aiming* at you. That’s just ONE example. I could deal with the temporary gear, the shuffling around to find things to “buy” that do NOT require buying diamonds with REAL money, the acidic toxicity of enemies and teammates alike, my “honor points” going down for leaving matches with selfish unhelpful teammates, and a confusing revival system. But this right here is too much. It’s the final straw. I draw the line at CHEATERS. Get these cheaters gone! Why should they ruin the fun for players who are there to have a good and honest time? Please - kick them all OUT!.Version: 1.97.1

Good game just the LaggingHave a really bad lagging time even tho I have unlimited Wifi at home and the only person using it. And what's even annoying is when me and my bf play when u shoot at someone they don't even die at all even tho there just standing there and reloading their gun it's like no matter how many times you shoot at them they just don't. Feeling as the only people that goes number one are the bots.Version: 1.28.0

Why I started to dislike the gameWas a very interesting game until the introduction of the M1887 aka “pop shotty” or “2pop”. This shot is an overpowered. Close range weapon. It has too much damage at that far a range for a shotgun. Couple that with the FASTEST RELOAD SPEED EVER winning against this gun in the close range is next to impossible. The game has become very buggy. With an increasing number of hackers. You never know when you’re gonna be placed at a disadvantage in squad matches because the audio in the games is very unpredictable. The aim of the guns. Are also so random. One moment you’re shoot and 90% of the shots are gonna miss Meanwhile in other moments a person could be using the same gun and you’re hit with a random headshot. Just bring back the old FreeFire.Version: 1.47.1

PUBG is betterThis game is good at the start but when ever I come in a gunfire with an opponent I always tend to shoot chest to head range give me hit points crucial as in 60,30 and so on but my opponent don’t seem to die it takes a whole magazine to kill one person and then when my Opponent shoots at me I die quicker even though I have level 3 full armour and mushroom But I still die quicker than my opponents or when I kill an opponent I found out he doesn’t have amours still takes me longer to kill my opponent I mean I’ll be one shot with a scar with a full life bar level 3 amour and die this game has got potential but they need to work on the basic ie gun damage amour protection damages and hp damage.Version: 1.21.0

Nepal#platform for Nepal #no discrimination to Nepal.Version: 1.60.1

Bad graphics and gameIt is the worst game I have ever played and graphics are worst on full graphics settings.Version: 1.50.0

BugI like to play br ranked but one thing thats is so unfair that makes me wanna stop playing is I rank up so slow but when i die my ranks so fast to drop all the way down.Version: 1.97.1

Do not invest your time or money into this gameThis Battle Royale is a blatant rip-off of PUBG Mobile, it steals mechanics and play from all types of games without any creative flare. its graphics are horrible and only wants you to pay money..Version: 1.54.0

ReviewGame is always crashing when i want to start. Graphics is on smooth and still crashes. I have iPad 2 just to know. Please fix crash on next update..Version: 1.8.11

Is just trash but please readSo to start, the community. The community is pretty toxic. If you are new you may have noticed that some of the people discriminate you just because you don’t have skin. Or because you just don’t want to waste money on the game. They somehow get your personal info if you beat them in the game, or they tell you they lost because you are not that good at the game. This is and issue that is very important and that is why this game even though it has a big community it receives a lot of hate from the players. Second, the gameplay. The gameplay is not that bad but like the experience. There are a lot of hacker and cheaters that ruin the game. In a match you can find even more than one hacker. And is frustrating when you’re about to win and you see a random guys flying and shooting everywhere. Also is pretty laggy sometimes and you have to restart the game. Also the community can be pretty cringe doing things that are inappropriate for kids that play the game with the emotes you can do a lot of things that are really cringe. And I could go on and on about the issues that free fire has but I think a lot of people should read and consider this before downloading the game..Version: 1.97.1

About the new serverPlease put United States and Canada back to server EE.UU, there is Spanish people who play the game that live in those countries who’s accounts had a lot of money put into and now they have no one to play with but bots and new accounts..Version: 1.43.0

Cheating and stupid game will deleteVery stupid and cheating game don’t play it لعبة كلها غش كلما بلعب وبوصل لنتيجة ٣ /٠ وفجاة الفريق التاني بصير قوي وبخسرني وبصير هو ٤ وانا ٣.Version: 1.90.1

Fortnite ripoffIf you play this, just play Fortnite.Version: 1.103.1

GlitchI’m trying to play a game I can’t he keeps showing the heroic stuff at the start of the game when I cancel it take me back there game what kind of stupid glitch is that.Version: 1.103.1

Hacker BanThere are many hackers on Indian's server. The identity of these hackers should be banned. I think you should take a good look at these aspects of Indian server community managers and YouTubers are very bad people. They support hackers. There are still many hackers on Indian servers. Why the ban is not hackers ID. One hacker after another every two matches, why is this happening, then what is the Indian server community doing? My two requests to Garena, please ban hackers ID and keep a close eye on the Indian server community..Version: 1.47.1

Cheaters buying their way to the topIf you want people to buy upgrades then put them in a different league!!! You try and play the game honestly and level up and it’s just filled with hackers and cheaters in the higher leagues. You literally get a minute into the game and get shot once with a pistol from ages away and die instantly it’s a load of bs just going to stop playing until my rank goes down again and it’s actually fun playing with people that don’t buy/hack their way to the top.Version: 1.90.1

AngryGood online multiplayer games. But lots of issues on games too up and payment. Can’t even top up after buying shells and did not get diamonds after charging money. Very slow and almost no developer support. Very disappointed!! Never ever buy diamonds.Version: 1.39.0

UnprofessionalFirst of all, we still waiting for an fps counter. You always release new updates that contain nothing but new guns and useless events, and we don't want new guns every two month, that's just confusing, instead try focusing on what the players really need to make their gameplay smooth and complete. there are tons of bugs and small things that you guys can fix but you don't bc you're too busy giving us events and guns we don't care about. make the game better then focus on events and unneeded additions. to sum this up, listen to what the players need and you can't just distract us with some boring events, fix the current guns before releasing new guns and only do that when you hear us complaining about the lack of new guns. make the game run smoother and just polish the overall UI. and again, we need an fps counter ASAP!!.Version: 1.98.1

The update glitchWhen ever I go on now it says there's a update and then I takes me to the AppStore and the AppStore says there is no update for it. I have had loads of fun with my friends solos or random people I have had 2 wins on duos and Sussed out the map. So plz fix this my name is JackeyBoii.Version: 1.7.16

Worst game ever bad graphicsPUBG gives us better battle royale experience with good graphics this games has the worsstttt graphics in the world don’t download this game u will puke.Version: 1.54.0

Connection Timeout for Nepali players??Every second game we Nepalese players suffer from connection timeout and we cannot enter the game. Bowler bash was also total unfair to we Nepalese as one or two member of squad gets connection timeout and still we get point deduction. The conclusion is: event is designed in such a way that Nepalese teams should suffer as you kept the deduction rule on quitting the game and take our points after throwing us out of the game????? Same on you guys.Version: 1.50.0

We need Bangladesh serverMy dear Garena. I am a player from Bangladesh, I’ve been playing this game for long time. I’ve been seeing that the players who has their country server gets lots facilities and gifts from Garena. They can join to Worldwide tournament, championship tournament and more presented by garena. But however in our country Bangladesh there’s lots of world class players who deserves to participate those tournaments. But they can just because we don’t have our country server. I believe that there’s millions of Bangladeshi players who plays this game, We are deprived from our rights, we need Bangladesh server as soon as possible. We love this game, that’s why we spend our most precious time and money on it. And we’re deprived from our rights? We’re playing this game from different country servers just like we’re some parasites... Our request to garena that you give us Bangladesh server and we will be pleased....we’re looking forward for get our server.... At least please think about us..... Otherwise our times we spend our money we spend it’s worth nothing, if you decline our request that means you doesn’t care about Bangladeshi players you doesn’t respect our efforts... I hope you can understand this and grant us by giving us our country server... Happy Gaming 🙂.Version: 1.47.1

FreeFire voice chats.I have nothing to complain about the game, like everybody’s game there’s bugs hacks cheats and things to get worked on. But I do have one issue, regarding the voice chat. For therapist month or 2 actually, I updated my IOS, and I no longer am able to communicate using a wireless headphone. Once I turn on the voice chat it cuts off the headphones and sound comes out of the phone on a low volume, if the mic is off everything works fine. Turn back on the mic everything shuts off again. Sadly, I just bought a new phone, I figured it was the only thing left to give a try. And it still does not work. Tried with other phones, tried with other headphones as well. In case some ppl might think it’s my headphones that’s with the issue, turns out after the IOS update, I was not thenonly one with the issue. I’d really like that fixed..Version: 1.94.1

Bad news!My cousin played free fire for 1 year and he got addicted to free fire and he got mental like 25% ‼️.Version: 1.100.1

HamzaHello garena developers , we are players of Europe server we started to hate the game because of the new prices : skins -lucky royal - emotes - weapons skins - fire pass unlike the other servers and we want the old way to reset accounts and diamonds back in this new update ,or we are going delete the game if you don't answer . All we want is equality between the servers and bring the old account resetting back. #we_want_our_diamonds_back_or_boycott_the_game.Version: 1.27.0

Hard to kill peopleEvery time you scope and you see your opponent but he’s to far away but you shoot and you can see the hit mark but he won’t die and it take you at least 8 shots to knock your opponent down.Version: 1.21.0

Controls 🎮Should have a option where we can connect external controllers, just like COD mobile. Whereas its a good game..Version: 1.56.1

Lots of hackers enable to playThis game has become now a home for hackers and the players who want to play fair are not happy with this term. Please do needful so that we can enjoy the game and make sure that who so ever use hacking may be charged or punished for that step otherwise this game will not be the same as it was before. I have been playing this game from 1 year and thought that this game is cool but now I think It’s not..Version: 1.69.1

Give me my diamond backBro i bought a weekly memebership and i still have 1 day left when im waiting a few minutes to get my diamond then its start lagging then i log to my account again they told me to buy a new membership but i still havent got my diamond from the last memebership yet.Version: 1.103.1

Ping problemDear Garena Concern, We are Bangladeshi people and millions Bangladeshi people are playing Free Fire. Now we are facing lot's of problem. One of biggest problem is we can't plaing free fire smoothly, Because of high ping. Another one is every player did top-up huge amount of diamonds from Malaysia ,Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam Server. But, Currently we are not able to top-up on that sever. Now, Only Indian serveris is open. As we are Bangladeshi, we have no Indian bank account or paytm. So, Every player of Bangladesh are requesting to you please open all garena top up center for us and slove the ping problem. So that we can top up regularly as like as we do previously and playing game smoothly like singapore server. Or refund our shell money which is in our garena shell account. Now we are requesting to do three things: ★ Please migrate us Malaysia or Singapore server for continuing our gaming life. ★Return to our previous position, so that we can top up as before. ★Give us our own server, but want to be a good Ping. We hope you will understand our game passion. Best Regard Free Fire Gaming Community Bangladesh..Version: 1.47.1

Too many hackersMost games will have cheaters who have found a way to manipulate the game in their favor which makes it difficult when you’re trying your best and they kill you with one shot because they hacked the program to make their guns do more damage no matter where it hits you. Efforts of developers, whatever those may be, have done little to fix the hackers taking control of the game, and it’s very clear that they have control. I’m a decent player, I don’t cheat and can usually get 1-3 Quadra kills per season. But can’t even get one shot in because people keeping cheating and I get killed with one shot. There was one game where my whole team was killed as soon as the rounds would start, we just all dropped down dead until the clash squad game was over… now, my family and I, who pay for the fun outfits and weapons, can’t play past 6pm because EVERY GAME will have hackers and it brings your overall score as a player down… there’s going to be a point where we can’t play at all….Version: 1.93.1

Top up#no more top up please make some high security in top up section due too indian server 3 child have been rip because he stole. Some money for top up but whe her guardian know that they were scared and the do sucide so please make some tight security.Version: 1.64.1

3 days in and deleted!Thought it was a decent game at first.... then soon realised there is so much wrong with it. Let’s start with damage, it seems some players can 2 -3 hit you and kill you which doesn’t seem fair when the most damage I seen any weapon doing it 30-50 and that’s head shots with all adding to the weapon Secondly vehicles..... now this is where the game is a joke, you don’t have to be standing anywhere near any on coming vehicles to be knocked over and killed and any scenery makes no difference if it hits you or not you still die! Third your greeted EVERYTIME you log in 5! Banner pop ups and god awful loud music while your in the lobby even when that’s muted it muted sounds while playing too. Already I noticed that people are using blue stacks to play the game on pc hence being able to use hacks while 80% of them are and it’s obvious with 100% hit rate from a stupidly far distance (nobody has this accuracy using a phone) The rewards for levelling are trash not even worth working for u less of course you pay real money but then they are still pretty lame So my opinion is don’t waste your time people you’ll just last a few days then delete! Not to forget the horrible movement is like your character just following a mouse curser this game is so out dated with mechanics.Version: 1.43.0

Free fireThe Sonia character is not really good compared to the last update.Version: 1.103.1

Meh..It’s really good if you have the storage to have it. It takes up a lot of space, but it’s.. kind of.. worth it. The graphics are.. meh.. I mean, comparing it to the photos that they show to you, it’s terrible. But, it’s pretty fun and challenging. It’s basically fortnite but like: “hey change it up a bit so the teacher doesn’t notice” type of game. I honestly don’t like it that much because: 1. Every clothing, accessories, etc, that you buy only last a few days until it’s not accesible to you anymore, so you have to buy it again. 2. It’s like a money grab. If you want a nice skin you have to pay for it. Almost everything that they show to you, you have to pay it. It would be better if they could make it so that you could pay stuff with your own money that you earned throughout the game, but NOPE. You cAn do it, but basically nothing that they show to you. 3. I already said this but, the graphics are horrible. My eyes hurt. I mean I understand why, cause it’s a mobile app, but holy jesus. 4. I don’t really like the idea that you have to download every single thing you buy. Like, for example: you buy something you really like, and then you have to download the entire pack. I saved my money to buy it, and now I can’t even have it cause I don’t have enough space? It’s annoying..Version: 1.56.1

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