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Update sizeTry to reduce updates size, bring on small - small updates.Version: 1.60.1

Can’t wait to see it 😩☺️🔥 theNew Update.Version: 1.98.1

Best mobile Third Person Shooter game I’ve ever played!OMG!!! THIS UPDATE IS LOOKING PRETTY DOPE!!! I’ve been playing this game for a year or so, and it has always satisfied my thirst for challenge and adrenaline!! The gameplay and game modes are entertaining and even more fun when playing with friends. I’m glad this game was made. Thank you! Garena Int. for this masterpiece..Version: 1.28.0

About topup and pingReally love this game made new friends through this game but I lose my temper due to high ping and have to delete the game due to this issue I would like to suggest you kindly when ever the update come the game is glitching and the ping problem take more than 3 weeks so some works guys and why player with high level have to spend more then anyone else ?.Version: 1.100.1

Need helpHello, I need help, I use free fire on my iPad, so few times go, my sister used my iPad and play free fire with my iPad and then she uses her profile, and now I can’t change the login and use my profile I use the login with Facebook, and I don’t have the option to change the Facebook, come one can help me, just want change her account to my account, need help Thank you.Version: 1.54.0

A solid good review of 2018I have an iPad Air 1, it runs ok on smooth graphics, but on my iPhone7 plus it runs like a god. There are som glitches that really pee me off. When you guys have a maintenance break you really gotta tell people that cause it just logs us in and says connecting, no network connection and sometimes logs us in the game finds us one and then kicks everyone else out. I think it’s either a server problem or u gotta make s proper maintenance break because it’s not just me but my friends. Also PLS FIX THE CAR TEAM KILLING BUG IT IS VERY ANNOYING AND SO TROLL. I know it’s just a new game but please make sure you fix these glitches. Also make more servers, oce server?.Version: 1.9.3

Love it❤️!!I downloaded this game thinking so I would not like it or have no interest in it but I played it and loved it there are great people in this game you could communicate with!! But lots of people meant ask for socials. Anyways you have lots of options of guns and you have teams of 4 sometimes 3 and you work as a team to defeat the other team and you have to do 3 to 4 rounds and whoever wins wins. You should definitely download I did not explain good enough sorry😅😅 But if you want to friend me My user is Meyaa45: Hope we could play just tell me. Descargué este juego pensando que no me gustaría o no tengo ningún interés en él, pero lo jugué y me encantó, ¡hay gente genial en este juego con la que puedes comunicarte! Pero muchas personas querían preguntar por eventos sociales. De todos modos tienes muchas opciones de armas y tienes equipos de 4 a veces 3 y trabajas en equipo para derrotar al otro equipo y tienes que hacer de 3 a 4 rondas y quien gane gana. Definitivamente deberías descargar No lo expliqué lo suficientemente bien, lo siento😅😅 Pero si quieres hacerte amigo Mi usuario es Meyaa45: Espero que podamos jugar solo dímelo..Version: 1.64.1

I can’t add my friends from abroad.Hello freefire team. I would like to suggest you that if you could work on the app, so that we can play with people from different countries. Because I live in Europe and my friends in Aisa. For some reason we can not add each other and play with each other. I request your team to work on the app and come up with an better update, so that me and my friends can play with each other. I was in Asia when I downloaded the game, so i was able to play with them. But since changed my device and reinstalled the app I can longer add them as friends and play with them, it only allows me to add anyone from Europe. I feel it’s something needs to be improved. Thank you.Version: 1.93.1

Best gameI be playing this game for 1 an a half year now an I love it but it’s still lacking some things we need better graphics far range view far range scope bigger map more times more players it doesn’t matter if it’s more Memory space we play the game to have fun an I spend a lot on the game an if we can get better graphics an far range scopes an bigger map I bet more people is going to leave pubg an come play free fire an I play free fire every single day of my life an no other game give me what free fire give me that rush an good feeling an that feeling for more gameplay an I begging you please if we get that I bet more people can come an enjoy this game with us thank you an we love you keep up the good work😘.Version: 1.36.0

I love this gameThis app is so fun you can play it with friends and cars are fast the weapons are nice my friends and family members love this game to they have new updates all the times and you can play different types of rounds in free fire i play it all the time I definitely give this a five star this game is fun to play when board or anytime you can spectate your teammates after you die so that you are not board and there is not a limmite of how many people can be in a group you can have as many friends as you want on free fire the only thing bad about this app is that it takes a long time to download but that's all that bad about this app other than that I love this app.Version: 1.69.1

Worth the download 👍🏽This game is good, easy to get used to and not as complex as the other battleground games out there. Only a few suggestions: • More character customization options like hair styles or something would be nice. Sick of seeing everybody that looks the same lol • Grenades would be nice since a lot of people like to camp houses on top of stairs and its very hard to kill them because they can see you run up but you cant see them • More profile character icons. Idk why my character has hair but my profile icon looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad 😂😂😂 • You can only get 800 gold per day so it would be nice if it was higher or even unlimited amount would be great.Version: 1.10.1

Best battle royal game I have played so farI have been playing this game for 6 hours each day but I don’t like the way we all get diamonds can you please fix the way to get diamonds the only way I can get diamonds is by hacking and getting unlimited diamonds and coins but I don’t want to do that because it is cheating and I don’t want to cheat in this amazing game So developer please fix it pls. One more thing you have to fix is the showdown mode I don’t call it as a fixing part but I have a funny story I all ways gat a booyaa I forgot how to spell it first of all and when I play other modes like ranked mode I always get a booya and I will tell you the other part later.Version: 1.32.0

GoodIt is good for a gun game on phones, no ads and easy controls, please make the aiming thing better though, a lot like pub g, really cool.Version: 1.7.16

Free Fire😍🥰🥰Wow 🤩 magnifique 🥰.Version: 1.103.1

Great game , needs improvementsThe game is soooo fun and addicting, I like it better then fortnight ! The controls are easy , the only thing is that they should ADD MORE MAPS‼️ the 2 they have are cool but it would be way more fun with more maps and also instead of 50 people you all should make it 100 , because there’s times in the game where it’s really slow due to the lack of other players but other than that I’d give this game a solid 9/10 should also add more weapons and also this game just wants to take MONEY MONEY MONEY ! The “gold” that we earn all you can buy is a bunch of CRAP 💩 !!!!!!! And in order to get anything good you have to spend real money and i don’t mind because I’ve spent money already but everything is so expensive!!!.Version: 1.27.0

GoodIt’s good.Version: 1.56.1

Something weird happenedHello So I have been playing for 2 weeks and for some reason I managed to get 210 HP I’m NOT a hacker but I think this happened when I used a First aid kit I liked it but it was weird so I guess it’s was a glitch..Version: 1.68.1

Amazing, I love itI absolutely love this game, the graphics are amazing and I love that I can play with my friends, one thing that I find annoying is I have to pay so much money to get a skirt for 24 hours, but overall its amazing!!!.Version: 1.48.1

The best game in the worldI love this game because it’s got most features like fortnight and this game is the best because I’ve been playing it since five years and I love it it’s the best game and I think they should keep improving it and start tweaking some stuff and it’s the best I love it hopefully you guys can make more stuff like this game!!!!! 👌🤟🤟👍✌️🥳🥳😎.Version: 1.47.1

To free fireThe best game I ever played it is better than pubg it feels good when you have time for playing the time when safe zone comes But it needs a better graphics and a great display But it is great when I see new season and new updates I become excited for this new update please fix the graphics I can highly recommend everyone to play FREE FIRE!.Version: 1.60.1

Free fireThis game is full of fun 🎉 it also have different events and game modes. This also works on my 8 years old iPhone6 this is very good graphics game but also works on low-hand device. At last I want to say this is very nice game.Version: 1.99.1

In-app purchaseWhen here the name free fire , all I feel is a great relief within me. whenever I play the game I always learn new ways to better at shooting and knocking down enemies faster, so yeah! I love this game but when it comes to purchasing diamonds ! Nah ! It’s way too expensive and to think that when we use our diamonds to purchase gun skins we end up not getting permanent skins most of the times. It’s Really frustrating , if we could be allowed to purchase exactly what we want with our diamonds that’ll be really great and as a bonus I really wish we could get diamonds in-game as well not just by purchase alone( maybe 10 in-game Diamond = 1 actually diamond) something like that will be very much satisfying. I look forward to seeing some of these changes . Thanks.Version: 1.97.1

Good but not perfectVery enjoyable game don’t get me wrong, various game modes to play, quite the selection of characters. But some of the rewards you receive from weekly quests are minuscule and not to mention how much diamonds some of the items cost in the shop, it’s ridiculous, the only other time you receive diamonds is a gift which is never no more than two, or you have to buy them( of course ).yes most of the items are cosmetic which doesn’t really give you an edge, but some like pets, crates, booosters etc do. And what I’ve noticed over time is half my shots don’t register which is really annoying and has got me killed too many times!!.Version: 1.51.3

Booyah timeI love it but sometimes it bugs soooooooo hard.Version: 1.98.1

Really good game but need to fix this featureI really enjoy playing free fire with my brother as he’s a really big fan of the game. The updates are good, there’s a big variety of characters. The only problem is the region limitation. I moved out of my country and had to update my phone region but now I can’t play with my old friends since they’re on another region. This wasn’t a problem back in other updates. I hope you fix this garena as it is really annoying..Version: 1.45.0

Good!This game is really good but there are things which would have made it better if there were more maps if maps were bigger and if there was 100 player battle Royale.Version: 1.52.0

LOVE ITThanks so much for making this game I absolutely love it it’s a great game and I LOVE the new update it’s really cool however after I updated it it loads before going into the lobby and then it says “network busy click to retry” and it keeps loading so I see if it would let me go into a match well it did but it kept loading then unloading then loading and kept saying “request timed out” and then it stops and a few seconds later it does the exact same thing and it stops me from moving and if it keeps happening I’m gonna end up dying. Please fix this bc apart from that I really love the game and new update and there’s nothing wrong with it so good job on this thnx again (PLEASE FIX IT).Version: 1.39.0

All the new updates!If you’re reading this don’t mind the other comments the game has many updates you can even change the graphics and FPS and ultra mode looks OP!.Version: 1.60.1

ComplainingWhy is it even with skins you pump a whole clip into another player yet he survives even hitting over 200 damage he shoots with three SMG bullets ? Don’t get how anyone would survive a whole clip. And I have level three every thing . Sort them hackers out.Version: 1.37.0

Less priceDon’t get me wrong .i played free fire for 3 years . I have seen all updates and latest collection. But u need to thing that the game is for children students and colleges.. so they don’t have money for top up. Diamond top up is very high price. Many player deleted the game for high price top up. So u need how to less price in diamond top up..Version: 1.99.1

Good game but a bit unreliableHi devs I’ve been playing this game for a while now and it actually amazing 😉. I really enjoy playing clash squad with other people and I find it extremely entertaining. However I’ve noticed that a lot of the things in the game cost actual money 💴 which is a little upsetting 😢. Also if you adjust your settings, you can actually get loads of headshots and stuff and it’s really not cool. Especially if your just trying to relax. Please could you find a way to stop this. Thanks 🙏.Version: 1.94.1

It's good and badThe game is awesome it has what I did not expect and that makes it unique. When ever I heard the name Free Fire I thought I could shoot freely and yes that was correct but this game was better. But one thing bad about it is in my battle that I did about 5 minutes ago and this happened a lot of times before, and it's that when ever I get a 20% battery warning my screen blacks out and when that happened I was fighting a player and I lost because of that, and the only way to solve that is to get out of the game and go back in. Can you guys fix this please!!!!!🙏🏼😿🙏🏼.Version: 1.17.1

Greatest reviewAbsolute legends. This game is wicked . This game is way better than fortnite in my opinion and I hope it is the same with you..Version: 1.39.0

Respect new playersRespect new players once you were a noob.Version: 1.100.1

GoodVery good it’s really well done but can you make it so you face people in ranked (not cs) to be around your rank? Cuz I’m dieing from like level 60s all the time.Version: 1.62.2

For diamondI am old players of free fire.I have nothing please give me some diamonds.Version: 1.48.1

Great game but needs work done on eventsGiven the 50% chance of getting carnage points during the game don’t work for most players it’s unfair because some People try their hardest to keep up while it Lags for others giving them points for no reason, I really liked this game but it’s being taken over by hackers for example they spawn right Behind you killing all your teammates, the creator has to do something about it, such a good game to be ruined by people has so much potential to be a Xbox or PlayStation game but with these servers no way, I speak to the creator for the crown who have these problems and really enjoy playing the game.Version: 1.49.0

Unbelievably good gameHonestly you guys have nailed this game, a mini version of battlegrounds with good graphics, veichles, big selection of weapons and attachments, a massive map with 30 players and insanely fun gameplay.. and the controls are spot on.. really impressed with how simple and easy the game is to play. Looking forward to future updates keep up the good work!!.Version: 1.6.10

Good gameBut you guys gotta fix many things especially in ranked game too many players are doing a dirty game they have the best everything, accuracy with the guns they can jump like a frog, they can run like a horse , what else ho you guys gotta change or take famas out of this game like you did with desert eagle because is the gun that help them to play dirty! With me is almost impossible to kill them when they are fur but they can do it easy with me even if I have all the components that give me more accuracy it don’t work and when we are face to face they won most of it because they jump so high and stay up for time they need to kill me less then a second and to finish please take the ice Granada !.Version: 1.36.0

Not updating fastI really like this game but there is are some drawbacks of the game that are Very slow to update The Players don’t rotate fast..Version: 1.36.0

Free fire is greatI really like free fire because there is a bunch of modes you get to chose out of.Version: 1.66.0

Free fire not openingYour client version is different from the one under operation . Unable to continue the game please go through this issue and solve quickly Iam waiting for the reply.Version: 1.80.0

The game honest reviewI actually love the game and I would absolutely give a 5 star but for the glitches and bugs I will give a 4 so please fix the glitches when entering the app it takes more than an millennium thank 😁.Version: 1.97.1

Amazing! Just some bugsIf this game can be rated 5+ starts I would, this game is just amazing! You can vc with friends, add friends, 1v1, 2v2 or other things but there is only something wrong. Whenever I buy diamonds, it never goes on the bar, last time I brought some diamonds and it wasn’t there, I updated it and so much but it wouldn’t come so I never brought any. If you can fix this bug I will be very pleased 🙏.Version: 1.69.1

It’s really not fairSo I been playing for a long time now and it’s fun it has some great people and some mean people too but what I don’t like that when I enter to play a game in CS ranked sometime they pair me with gamers that don’t even have the audacity to play there just there to loose point and I really hate that you are being unfair with the diamantes I charged 40 alr to get the colaboración packs from devil man cry’s and it didn’t give me a single chance to get the last token I needed and I have gotten other events and they do give me the packs without having to recharge more money so it’s really unfair that you guys do that it not okey..Version: 1.100.1

Diamonds and voiceoversThis game is the only pvp game I play so far. It’s a nice game I would rate it 5 start if not for the things I think you should consider. Firstly diamond, they’re very expensive to get and I think they should be given to people that actually deserve it as rewards. For example attaining heroic is as useless as whatever, it’s hard for amateurs to get there. I suggest you reward from heroics upward with 50 diamonds each time they attain another rank such as master, grand master. 50 diamonds each for the first time they attain in a season. Secondly is about the voiceovers, they sound immature. I think you should make them sound more mature thanks. I enjoy this game a lot. Kudos to developers 👍.Version: 1.92.1

NiceThis deserves a 5 stars but when I started there is like a thing that give Andrew and other character in certain levels. But I didn’t get any characters so, I don’t have Andrew. I would like of you to make it so we can purshase Andrew in the store. THANKS YOU!!!.Version: 1.60.1

Please fix this to help meI used to be a biggg free fire player until i left the game for half or a year.i came back excited to play it but whenever i try to open the game it says “first launch of game may take longer,please wait”. I kept on waiting but nothing changed i tryed offloading it deleting then downloading it i tryed both normal ff and ff max but its the same pleaseee fix this issue im dying to play this game.Version: 1.102.1

Love the game but..I really hope you take my following suggestions into consideration.. - add rarity to the crates (like items you can sell for coins like real PUBG) so it’s valuable - always improve by adding small things maybe guns etc - more crates or uses for coins - over time improve graphics.Version: 1.7.16

Download free fireI love the game but there is one problem if I try to download free fire on my Samsung tablet it doesn’t work it says this app is unavailable.Version: 1.102.1

GREAT ! EDIT : ANOTHER MISTAKELove the game itself works smoothly and is very nice tho I think u should change the way the ranks are based in clash squad because I’m really good but my team isn’t and it brings my rank down for example I got 11 kills and 4100 damage but my team was soo bad and we lost so my rank went down too pls change this !!! I have screenshots as to prove and show what I’m saying pls understand and create a way it counts ur individual score not ur whole team !!! PLS IMPROVE I WAS IN CLASH “SQUAD “BERMUDA THE SPEECH MARKS ON SQUAD IS BECAUSE I WAS AGAINST FOUR PPL AND IN MY TEAM IT WAS JUST ME AND ANOTHER PERSON I EVEN HAVE SCREENSHOTS AND ONE MORE THING ONE TIME I WAS ALONE AGAINST 4 PPL CAUSE MY TEAM DISCONNECTED !!! PLS STOP THIS ANNNOYING BEHAVIOUR !!!.Version: 1.52.0

I love this game amo este juegoLook I love this game so much even though I’ve gotten in trouble for playing it too much but the one thing that bums me is the incredibly toxic community of free fire and the hackers are extremely annoying also I worked extremely hard to get to diamond level but with the new update I went back down to gold it’s impossible to get back to diamond way more hackers than there were before and the new among us thing is amazing but sometimes you get a booyah with out even playing it you get in the game then 2 seconds later booyah what’s the point of that also you should MAKE A RACING MODE OR A MODE THAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SHOOT FROM A CAR A 50 CALIBER browning m2 machine gun it would be amazing I would play it even more.Version: 1.62.2

AmazingI have been playing free fire for about 2 years now I got my friends into playing it and now we all play in a squad it’s so fun! I am the highest level out of all of them but we all have good tactics. Thank you for creating this amazing game!.Version: 1.47.1

OkI love this game! Really good game and soooo addicting! But recently the game glitches for about then stops. Does this about 2-4 time during a game..Version: 1.18.0

Very stupid rule for the new seasonSo basically I have been grinding ranked matches ever since the end of June. Doing this has lead to me reaching 7.4k ranked points, obviously I knew that when you have finished very high such as heroic from the previous season u will start on a higher position such as gold instead of bronze. It is very annoying to start on gold and to get the ranked points having enough to buy the heroic helmet and see that u can only get it if u are heroic! I am sorry but please change this stupid rule and thank u.Version: 1.39.0

To: free fireThis game is really really good and hard but can you guys fix some problems like it takes so much connection 1. I need to pay so much money to get things I was thinking if you guys can fix that problem like if someone joins a game and if someone wins that game it will give like a card and if someone gets 10 of those cards they will get 1000 diamonds 2. I need to unlock them? Back to diamond problem I mean it already takes so much money to pay now you need unlock them WHAT??? In one of the updates you guys NEED to fix that if you guys don’t fix that problem I will rage quit if you guys can fix the problems this will be the best game ever.Version: 1.62.2

Pls helpRuns mint but there are some glitches It’s a great game but it really pisses me off because it never lets me log back in to my account so I have to make a new account every time there’s an update or I don’t play for a few days.Version: 1.52.0

PLEASE READBy far the best BR game for mobile, hands down. I love every aspect about the game. The only things that I believe should be added into this game are: better graphics, improved red dot sight( hard to see exactly where someone's head is ). Those are the only things that should be added into this game. Thank you for making such an amazing game, I hope you take the time out to read this..Version: 1.25.1

Nothing can top this gameI really like this game but the thing is it takes so much storage just for downloads and sometimes the game dosent even load in or kicks me out immediately and something happened to my cousin were it said like corrupted file or something so can you check what happened to the game?.Version: 1.80.0

Amazing and freeI have been playing for a while now and I really like this game the different abilities of the characters and pets are really fun and add a different game play than most battle royals. Lots of the characters you need to pay for that’s if you don’t spend years saving up on in game currency but there are ways to get different characters pets skins and gun skins without spending a penny it takes a lot of time but every once in a while you can get things for free I really like talking to people in duos or squads but there are not many people that speak English so if you reading this are a English speaker please join my guild We-english and friend request me SiGuy72.Version: 1.56.1

Great GameThe variety of guns is great,and the gameplay is very smooth😀.Version: 1.103.1

Love itI downloaded this game when fortnite was playing up last week. Now fortnite has been uninstalled, this is now the only game I will play on! No stupid updates which what take 10 mins. Great graphics, perfect sized maps, weapons, armour etc ... the only thing I’d change but it’s minor, is to put like a kind of a warning when vehicles are approaching you. Like make the engine sound a lot louder. Sick of getting ran over from behind with out really hearing the vehicle, because of gunshot fire. Having a 9 kill game and then get ran over in a gun battle isn’t really fare. Amazing game though!.Version: 1.22.1

Some editsThis is a really good game but there should be better graphics and mostly everything is sooooo expensive, I wish that another kind of knives should stay in my hand not for throwing and the idea of putting a helicopter and a tank in the game is great and I give this game a five star but these things that I talked about should be managed and I want to say that it is better than pubg thank you.Version: 1.99.1

By watching ads for getting diamondsHello garena I am a student and I don’t have bank account and I can’t purchase bundle,elite pass etc please garena I request you to bring system by watching ads for getting diamonds hope you understand our feelings your dear survivor.Version: 1.41.0

Great gameI like this game over some of the other shooter games. I have a few criticisms though. I’ve only been playing for a few months with no issue. Lately when I play clash squad ranked the game just cancels and takes me back. Now it’s been messaging me that I’ve been AFK and has prohibited me from playing ranked. So I have to play regular clash squad in order to be able to play ranked. It’s wack cuz I just wanna play ranked man. Also people who pay should play people who pay. Classic isn’t the same once you reach a certain level for the people who don’t want to pay for premiums and stuff. You could unload on a guy and he’ll shoot you once or twice and you’re down. It’s the little things. One last thing, the app is glitchy you’ll freeze in a middle of a game and all of a sudden be facing a different direction. Or opponents will just disappear somewhere else..Version: 1.59.1

Problems🤦🏽‍♀️Games started glitching can’t hear anything at all and every time I jump off a building it takes me back to where I jumped off 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s annoying, even when I’m trying to rotate my screen to look around it’s so slow! Really need to fix the bugs and stuff on this game I really love this game and would want to play it forever and just a suggestion you guys should make it into a ps4 game would definitely purchase it!!.Version: 1.24.0

I love this gameI am a veteran who has been playing since Day 1 on free fire it has changed a lot but I would please like you to bring back the free fire 2017 lobby song and on Halloween add the zombie mode from 2017 also it would be very nice to bring back memories.Version: 1.90.1

Pleas give me dj alockI am very old player of freefiree i have nothing pleas give me dj alock pleas give me dj alock as soom as soom as posslible.Version: 1.50.0

RECOMMENDED 5/5.So, I just started playing this game this year (2020) and I absolutely love it it has to much detail to the graphics and I caught on to it very quickly. In fact even my 6 yo brother knows how to play it and he’s almost better then me. At first i thought it was just a dumb knockoff of Fortnite but it’s actually way better. One thing I quite don’t enjoy about it is that we can’t change our language. I’m currently in Brazil which it puts my language to Portuguese and the people who are in the game also speaks Portuguese but I prefer to speak English so that’s pretty bummy. But other then so this game is A M A Z I N G and I def recommend it..Version: 1.47.1

Pretty goodFree fire is a great game but when if your platinum on the rank and get into a ranked game u vs higher ranks which isn’t really fair I vs a grandmaster on platinum rank and he killed me also there are a lot of glitches in the game that u need to fix. Also why are there bots in the game that’s really boring because they are awful and only put not very good people in the bot lobby’s. if all of that was fixed then this game would be really good. The good things I like about free fire is dragshotting it’s so op and fun😁.Version: 1.47.1

HackersI only got one problem with this game. HACKERS 😐 like every time I shoot them in the head X2 they just run in the same spot (if that makes sense) they don’t move they just run in the same spot and when I shoot them they don’t die but when they shoot me I die straight away? Like it makes me furious.Version: 1.93.1

I love this game .but there is a problem ?“I did not used 9$(dollars) but in my phone it is saying I used 9$ for diamond bundle .... so what is this problem can u solve it thanks .“but this game is brilliant I love it by and please solve this problem.Version: 1.49.0

My favourite game Free the fireI love free fire but sometimes I get angry on this game because if I play 1v1 custom but if I give him one tap it show you fake damage but if he give me one tap i die just gone say u free fire fix the glitch. But this game is my favourite if u guys reading my message just gone say you that if u don’t have gf then this is ur gf it will give you love,anger,sad,happy and etc. But if u play this game you will be emotional for this game..Version: 1.103.1

It’s sooo funThe game is really good to play with if you want to learn new skills. it can’t be hard to level up on rings but if you try hard enough and have a great friends to support you, you can improve your skills and have many more friends. You can communicate and find new people in this app. It’s very fun they have new games every three or four days I really like how they have like new skins, I would say 30 days but I’m not sure completely although it does cost to get the pass it is for like the fun of it. There’s so much characters that you can learn about. I really recommend this game because it’s fun and you can have so much fun although it can be frustrating. Sometimes you can learn how to be calm and improve your skills in it.Version: 1.103.1

Very Addictive GAMEI just LOVE this game!!! But there is a glitch that sometimes when you jump through a window you just fall down to the void and die. There is one more thing this game needs is that you should be able to gift items from your own collection. You don't have to just buy and then gift. It would be really cool if we could gift items/characters from your own collection. But overall, its really a nice and addictive game. I would recommend others to play it as well. Again this game's amazing!!.Version: 1.64.1

Best game of my lifeThe only thing I hate about it is the accuracy the aim is on the player and it does not hit.(u have to make all cars 4 seaters).i love the graphics but u can make the map a little bigger and the map like the fortnite map .i love the weapons and the whole game is so realistic.i love how u guys have armour and u have to find backpacks.i think your game is going to be a success 👍👍👍(plz make at least make no backpacks and 5 inventory space dope game).Version: 1.30.0

My favourite game.I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and have accompanied the game through its updates and changes, and have thoroughly enjoyed the process. The game creators listen to audience reviews, keep the game exciting and make it feel like a really good game. The only downside I feel is that coins can’t be spent in the shop and only in the Luck Royale area, it would be nice to be able to spend them elsewhere!.Version: 1.51.3

Ping problemWe are not getting proper facility on Indian server We have Ping Problem Also We can't top up properly and we don't have Indian Paytem as well as those payment methods in Bangladesh and Nepal don't allow We are deprived of various benefits including giving our top up Bangladesh and Nepal should be given to all the players of these two countries on Singapore server We want to go back to our previous server I hope all the players from Bangladesh and Nepal will be taken back to Singapore server.Version: 1.47.1

Pls fix thisBasically everything is to buy for you literally have to buy everything I’m sure most people that play this game agree and besides paying everything els costs gems and I don’t think you see how much you make the price of gems please do a new update or something but besides that as well personally for me could you make it easier to find backpacks in the game I couldn’t even find any backpacks for like how many games buuut everything els with the game is cool but if you could please take some of my advice and I’m not trying to be rude or anything when I say that but please update the game a little thank you.Version: 1.62.2

Backbone free fireI hope one day a backbone will be compatible with this game.Version: 1.103.1

I FRICKING LIVE FREE FIREOmg you don’t even need to get diamonds to get these gorgeous outfits and like girl I am literally addicted to free fire and always played it since I was in my birth country and now ive moved two countries and still play it, sadly it’s not the same account that I have from where I was before but I absolutely love it and recommend it to people who wants to play games like free fire. Byeee..Version: 1.98.1

Really fun, Amazing game(please read!)So far I love this game it’s fun to play with my friends and really good graphics now this game is unique but no shooting games have animals(not to kill) me and my friends agree that you should add them we were thinking that, Horses can surely be added, now I bet ur thinking horses, what for? But when u think about it horses 🐎 can be used for transportation and speed u can make different breeds of them like for speed, strength, and durability, my friend DOG LOVER OF LIFE literally would love wolves, theses furry friends can be tamed and turned into dogs 🐶 who fight for u now they can be killed (same with horses) we also thought about natural disasters like forest fires, tsunamis, earthquakes that shock you, etc..... natural animals too that can attack u but not fully kill u when u kill them u can get resources (up to u) this game has a lot potential and is clearly VARY unique I hope u take to consider me and my friends ideas 👍👍👍👍👍👍😉😉😉😉😉👌👌👌👌👌 GOOD LUCK 🍀.Version: 1.18.0

Great game...can be betterThe latest update brought chrono aka new character,which has the ability to create a freaaking shield around himself,that is so op considering other characters,like dude i top uped like a year ago when hayato was payed character,now its free and i dont intend to top up soon in free fire bcuz its such a sellout now,we literally have to buy stuff to seem like a “pro”.i mean i do have payed stuff but the fact custom skins increase the stats of a weapon kinda suks,the chrono character is too op bcuz even the noobest possible player can swipe out a whole squad with the stupid ability,aloks power is nothing in front of it,hence it wud be cool if u cud decrease time for the shield or reduce its durability,its so not fair. Alok is a payed character too but no one wud mind its powers compared to that of chrono,so yea..Version: 1.56.1

Really A good gameThis game is really very good just there’s one issue of ping issue free fire’s biggest issue please try to solve it.😄😄😄.Version: 1.103.1

The best game everOk so garena you the best best best best game in the entire world I love this game so much it’s the best thanks for making this game I love it I will keep playing this game until I cannot live so thank you so much for making this From Osman.Version: 1.103.1

Love your gameSir I love you😘game but I am your old user and and I am playing your game with over one year. Can you please give me some diamonds because I can’t buy diamonds because I am a child my id KamalGi5443X.Version: 1.52.0

Fix plsIt’s great n all it’s just why can’t I jam w my mates? I can’t play duos w them that’s the dumb thing bout it but other then that mean.Version: 1.24.0

Best game everThere is nothing wrong with this game. It is the absolute best. It is very close to Fortnite level, but it’s more realistic, but I’m only saying that because I not allowed to get Fortnite but remember that this is my opinion, but other then that it’s a good game👍👍🧨.Version: 1.47.1

Is not my faultHello team Garena, my dear garena my English is bad sorry if you don’t get my point, please return my account back I spend so much money and time to make it how it is now, one of my friends stoled my account and played with some apps/hacks i don’t know but is not my fault, please garena please return it I will do anything my acc that I played almost 5 years I never ever used hack, but my friend do is not mine wrong is his but I apologise from his and my name please garena have little bit mercy, give it back.Version: 1.94.1

This Is AwesomeMy cousins suggested this game to me and said it was like PubG but free I didn't believe them now I played it and I do (spawn at plantation all the time XD).Version: 1.7.16

...It IS amazing!!! People saying that this is a bad game are wrong unless of course you don't like shooter games, but if you don't like shooter games then you wouldn't think about getting this app so if anyone is interested in this game then you should get it 100%. Whether or not you need to spend real money for good in-game clothes is questionable and also you can get many clothes without spending any money easily: etc. Daily Login Rewards and Luck Royale! This is a great alternative to Player Unknown's BattleGrounds or even Fortnite!.Version: 1.32.0

Nice but add this options please.This is a very good game and I am playing it from 2019 and enjoying it. It would be so much better if you add TPP and FPP mode to the game. It's mentionable that when we reload the weapons the character doesn't even take out the magazine out of the gun and this means make the game more realistic. If you can please add the peek and fire option to the game. Add helicopter, doors, 6x scope and 3x scope. Remove red dot scope from guns..Version: 1.48.1

HelpI try to lunch the game but it says new version available so I download it but it keeps saying I The same thing.Version: 1.7.16

Need a few more modificationsI absolutely love the game but the only problem with it is that there aren’t a wide range of weapons to choose from and when it comes to the maps, there are only 2-3 maps in which you can play in.Version: 1.59.1

Free nameHello can you please give a chance to all the players to change their names for free and for once please? other than that everything is cool and going amazing..Version: 1.23.2

Please pleaseWe are not getting proper facility on Indian server We have Ping Problem Also We can't top up properly and we don't have Indian Paytem as well as those payment methods in Bangladesh and Nepal don't allow We are deprived of various benefits including giving our top up Bangladesh and Nepal should be given to all the players of these two countries on Singapore server We want to go back to our previous server I hope all the players from Bangladesh and Nepal will be taken back to Singapore server.Version: 1.47.1

Great WorkFantastic job and well done to the developers but as mentioned in another review getting run over by a car which is barely moving also gets rid of the whole 200 Hp which is unrealistic and quite crazy. Also recently some lobbies have been laggy/ had time delays which has changed the outcome of the game but overall fantastic game that you can play for hours on end and I would recommend it to everyone.Version: 1.11.2

PerfectNo complaint’s love the game keep up the good work.Version: 1.94.1

Awesome gameI’m so far in love with this game. The simple controls and smooth gameplay make it the best battle royale game on the App Store. Some things I would consider for future updates would be to have 100 people on a bigger map rather than 40 on a smaller one because In the first minute 20 people usually get killed making the game slow. I would also add 50v50’s similar to fortnites new game mode. Other than that this game is perfect and I can’t wait to see it grow EDIT: I’ve started to see situations in the game where it’s a stalemate between 2 people from cover. These situations can be annoying because it’s also an easy way to get sandwiched between multiple enemy’s. So I think grenades or Molotov cocktails would be a great addition to the game. Also the render distance is not very far, and I get that it’s only a mobile game but if it’s possible to make the render distance further then that would be awesome..Version: 1.10.1

Pretty good😁👍 but...😕Well I absolutely love the game much skill required and awesome experience BUT there is literally only one thing I have a problem with, I play on iPhone 4s running iOS 9.3.5 and every second game the game crashes at the 1 minute before you jump out of the plane where you just run around and stuff like I said don't have any other problem with the game so please take this into consideration and fix it!!! PLEASE..Version: 1.17.1

The best gameFf is the best game then pubg pubg is trash Free fire is best.Version: 1.92.1

I love it!It is really lovely and fun! A lot of my family members really like the game, bit of probs but it’s awesome! But I think when a person gets out, or goes AFK for the whole round or every 1-2 mins or more seconds/mins I think (In clash squad ranked ) the team shouldn’t loose ANY stars. So anyway… the game is great! You should try it for yourself, it’s good for any device :).Version: 1.80.0

This game is funBut they could make some adjustments 1 there to many bugs I’ve come in contact with once I went under there earth 2.Version: 1.64.5

I agree with pro gamerI love the game but the matchmaking is REALLY REALLY BAD! And there is no way to be a pro gamer unless you have an elite pass or have diamonds, the discounts are amazing but the prices are HIGH!!! If you are in the top 25 in rank mode your rank will increase only a lil bit but if you are in the lower part it will decrease so bad. I am a pro, I entered platinum 3 in less than a month but I am now in platinum 2 it is so painful that you give me extreme pros and I am left in the dust with reduced rank. Lastly the bugs are too much, if I open the ranked game in some seconds it doesn’t connect and takes me back to the lobby even tho I have 4g unlimited WiFi the bugs are irritating sometimes my game just quits and if I’m playing ranked game I might have been dead. Please please fix all the above issues.Version: 1.48.1

Great gameI like free fire a lot, it’s a good version of PUBG but hackers, I have encountered many of them, and only been rewarded for banning one please fix it, also could u add an EMP grenade or something to stop cars from Driving for a little and turrets in rampage from shooting this would be a great addition to this game keep up the good work.Version: 1.39.0

Better than FortniteThese game is 99.98% better than Fortnite cause it has better graphics better guns more players and better microphone quality..Version: 1.21.0

A long-time player.Free fire ... I really like this game I've been here since 2018 I had a lot of fun all this time, About the game itself is a nice battle royale and you can play together with friends, in 2018 it was the golden age of the game I would even like it if the game returned to its old essence without many new skins or maps but that it returned to its old essence.Version: 1.98.1

I like this game very much but...This game is so fun I play like10 times a day with my cousin sisters and brothers but my only problem with game is that the prices with gems is so high and there’s barely stuff u could buy with coins I didn’t spend my coins in so long now I have over a 100k there’s not much you could do with that so please add more stuff you can buy with coins and lower the gem prices and I absolutely love clash squad,Yes more than classic clash squad needs to be a little more challenging tho I hope this update makes it challenging’ and that’s all don’t get me wrong tho is a really good game better than Fortnite and pub g any other battle game tysm and have a great rest of your day..Version: 1.47.1

WOW!This is perfect for mobile simple easy no hard controls and fully customisable. Great for all devices. YOU WILL NOT REGRET GETTING IT BUT YOU WILL REGRET NOT GETTING IT!!!!!.Version: 1.25.1

Amazing gameMy cousins introduced me to this game and I haven’t played ever since but it is sometimes just a pay to play game when there aren’t any events happening but it’s overall really good and fun to play it has less mega bites than pubs so if you guys don’t have a lot of space on your phone then give this game a try..Version: 1.102.1

AmazingI became addicted to the game but some people swear a lot in various languages but you can mute them so it’s a five stars game.Version: 1.102.1

Another review about a week later after my previous reviewSo again this game is fun but I thought of 2 more problems So basically whenever I play duos or squads on br ranked whenever I die first I’ll try to leave the game and the message “ur teammates r tryna revive u u sure u wanna leave “ will pop up and I’ll say yes but whenever I do so it won’t give me any br points so basically I have to watch my teammates for about 5 mins if the game to get me rank points so y can’t u just have it so that ppl can leave as soon as they die and get rank points The second problem is the game punishing u whenever I try to play br ranked so whenever I die at the start if the game the game would punish me and reduce my rank points y like one time I got like 4-6 kills all at the start of the game but wen I died, the game basically reduced my rank points also wat if someone is saving up something from the rank shop so they keep playing ranked br but there terrible at the game so the only thing there getting is reduced rank points so how about u don’t punish ppl and how about u reward them with rank points So can u add the things i talked about in this review.Version: 1.69.1

Good butThe aim assist just needs to be a little stronger because it only works when you first aim in after that it’s all up to you to hit them which is hard on mobile.Version: 1.27.0

To developer of Free FireAnyways you had 3.9 stars left good luck reaching five star hope you make it in the future don’t let die and don’t let your game die.Version: 1.100.1

Make it like PubgIt’s a really good game, but can you add some game play and graphics like Pubg ? And can you add more gun graphics too ? Thanks, no other problems..Version: 1.62.2

My favorite gameI’ve been play this game for like 2 years and I play a lot, literally everyday. What I like about this game is I could play with friends and chats, talks. If you finding a survival games this would be a recommended game for you. This game was really fun and I’m even a girl. After I playing for while a became so much better with all my skills. Hope that it will have more events to get stuff because for who that can’t be able to has gems to buy stuffs. Overalls I really really love this game and became my favorite game most of the time. I I hope this game gets more successful and keep updating guys.Version: 1.62.2

Really Recommend!Good game, I have had it since the beginning when you would get stuck in the ground lol. Nowadays it’s got multiple game modes & I like how it puts you against players that are the same skill as you (so if you’re new to the game, don’t worry, most people in your game will be new too) I have spent too long on this game haha. I think I’ve spent about £5 in total, so to all the people saying you have to pay to get good outfits, that’s not always the case, you will build up a cool wardrobe if you keep playing. :).Version: 1.60.1

IDEASHey Garena I have a few ideas for the game 1.passengers can shoot out of cars while in them 2.jumping over things like fences 3. You can watch ads to get diamonds Yeah that's all the last one is weird but if you can add the top 2 the game will be a lot more fun thanks heaps-W.Version: 1.15.1

Great gameFree fire is a pretty good game, but the loot points shouldn’t be shown in the map. Also Free fire doesn’t have guns like the Colt 45, revolver, etcetera. Still, it’s pretty great.Version: 1.103.1

AppI gave this app a 4 star review because it is the most annoying thing when their app has a “malfunction” like every week. Instead of ‘updating’ the app like every other apps, it kinda like shuts down and you have wait til they’ve done their “maintenance” til you can play..Version: 1.52.0

The best gameThe game is like you are in war well it is in war with other player but it is very fun.I like the custom game but my favorite mode is clash the mode is so cool I almost play it everyday after school or the weekend I like the fast car..Version: 1.59.1

2nd Best game eveeeeerrrrrI Love This Game Sometimes it glitches sometimes not it was my favourite game but since I got fortnite I like it a little more just because it’s Graphics is a little more realistic but this game is gooooooood (get it if u don’t have it).Version: 1.51.3

Things you need to fixThe game is fun and you can get addicted in a very short time and also I’m glad you guys are trying to work hard on the hack issues but they usually get their account back by signing in with Vk you guys need to work on that too ……… I know you guys canceled the gliders for a reasonable purpose but you should have look for a new glider and besides the gliders looks more like a parachute that’s why it could fly that much you guys need to look for a way to add a new glider you don’t have to die all the time from fall damage if you mistakenly land on a high building to get down will be an issue for you and that’s bad just try your best to add a new one and make it look like a real glider like the one in pubg or cuber hunter just try to create a better glider okay everyone is complaining.Version: 1.97.1

Good but...This game is a pretty good copy off player unknowns battlegrounds but there are some things that should be improved like this, when you jump out of a car 🚗 while you are driving accidentally and you run for it when you get to the car it glitches in front of you + there aren't any grenades in the game which is annoying and I wish there were knives to stab people but other than that it is a good game..Version: 1.10.1

Free fireI love playing free fire but not this free fire. i loved playing old free fire because they have many funny and interesting event even they have many interesting mode’s and many players join the game in this region and the old players are players paid this game for fun but now free fire is fully changed . The old players delete this game for this region and many youtuber also..Version: 1.100.1

The best game to playThis game is very addictive and very interactive with your friends and family’s. I hope this becomes very popular. This game has aim assist for those who don’t really know the game..Version: 1.39.0

Needs controller supportThey game is a lot of fun, but what would be helpful would be able to add the option to use controller support. I use it for call of duty, this would make me play more often.Version: 1.98.1

I love this gameI think the second best game ever woohoo.Version: 1.53.2

Can’t loggingI can’t login to free fire my accounts are logged in with facebook but I’m trying it won’t log my accounts what’s the problem???.Version: 1.103.1

Amazing gameThe graphics are beautiful almost like real life I like how ypu can get vehicles and ram people over I like how the games work I would totally recommend if you don’t download the game then we’ll I don’t know if you even have a life download the game you won’t regret your decision.Version: 1.90.1

Needs a few upgrades but it’s cool.Can you make a global chat/guild chat/ private chat to promote our guilds and squads/duos, and after the winner of the game can you double the reward and give chests depending in 3rd, 2nd and 1st. Change the blood to red (because it is black idk why) and make the M249 have extended mag and make the shotgun extended mag too, with an aiming sight and the M249 have a less recoil so it does not take time between each shoot and make molotov cocktails and for the cars to have a mounted machine gun (on the commander car) and for the car to have more space for more teammates and to be able to shot through the windows or to the outside, make recon drones to recon areas without exposing the person..Version: 1.11.2

Good gameIs a nice game to play I guess but I’m frustrated because this three days I’m entering free fire but when I’m loading is showing up something saying ERROR and i don’t know what to do so I searched up to play free fire and it says I need to u download and then download so I can play free fire and I’m curious because I didn’t know if the account will get rid or the account will be the same so whoever is the owner of free fire can you please fix it for others and me so we can play your game and I’m not saying is a bad game is like a good game for us to practice and have more fun and practicing driving a car thank you free fire to do this kind of game..Version: 1.94.1

Free fire good and badFirst your game is really well but it has some problem you know what the rank section it’s really hard to do please give us like more rank products cards please. Another thing it’s I’m on diamond 2 it’s is not moving from diamond 2 so many pro players and also might you give us noob to play my enemy please...and then when reached heroic you give me a pro player to play with me. And I love your game so mach another thing we’re so poor family can you give us free diamonds to Europe sarver players please another one it’s really good I On 45 level I can’t give my UID because after you will suspend me ok anyway your game is really good but with out these things.Version: 1.103.1

Best of the bestIf I could I would give this 10 billion stars the graphics are fantastic pitch with detail and position and the detail of weapons superb and the sound effects are the best unlike other games how do I say victory it is Boyayar Which is Fantastic change.Version: 1.68.1

I LOVE FREE FIREI really enjoy this game, it’s very fun and it’s a game I play everyday! I don’t really like shooting games but this one is AMAZING! There are tons of characters to play as and there are LOADS of amazing clothes. There are updates that come with new exciting features like more clothes, a character or a new map! This game does take up a lot of storage, but it really is worth it! You can make loads of friends from around the world, and even talk to them with your own voice! I’m really liking these new events that are coming it gets better everyday! Review By Commenting Apps.Version: 1.59.1

EPIC GAMEFun to control game but it’s too easy I just dropped 24 kills on my first game.Version: 1.47.1

I like to play but it has disappointed MuslimHello Iam Muslim and I always support Allah but I saw that Adam character and EvE I saw that they write I saw on Adam s writing that he is the first man in the earth he walk that is not good because he has said the bad thing our prophet Musa (s) was walk first in this earth and EvE also write the same but EvE is woman she also write I am the first woman on this earth why u guys disappointed us Muslims if u don’t love Muslims than ignore than why u just write that in Muslims and elimdevils friend and u guys support them me and my all the friends deleted this game for dissapointing Muslim and in free fire I saw there is a chair and that chair is for devils friend and we call the devils friend darjal.Version: 1.52.0

Thank youI’ve been playing this game since season 4 and on all that time the game has just gotten better but I did have a brake for 2 months but I’m glad to be back.Version: 1.54.0

Little things!Good game!! But it’ll be nice if there was a option to message your friends in app. If the app already had this option would have been 5/5!!.Version: 1.14.0

Gift section changePut Skyler in free or in gift section other nice game for now.Version: 1.67.0

Free Fire 🔥I like free fire because you can talk with your friends and play with them and shoot people and wokung is great I love the game I give it 5 Stars 😁.Version: 1.27.0

Great game but one problemIt’s a great shootout game with lots of cool characters to play as but the thing that bugs me of a bit is how many diamonds the things in the shop. Also in luck royal, I feel when a new one comes out I think you should get 1 free spin. Not for like diamond royal and gold royal I mean like when there are I think 16 things in a square. Yes, those. I feel you should get one free spin. Thank you for bothering to read this👍.Version: 1.69.1

This is the best gameIt is the best game that I’ve ever played it has the best graphics it is the best I love free fire that I’ve subscribed free fire.Version: 1.59.1

Bug issues with new updateThe game is great and is one of the only few games that I have actually spent money on but there seems to be a problem. Ever since I got the new update, when I’m in the middle of a game roaming around or fighting, I suddenly get completely thrown out of the app for no reason at all. When I press on the app again to try an renter, I’m suddenly either on the floor dead hoping that one of my teammates will revive me or my character continued running until I reopened the app and suddenly I’m in a fire fight halfway dead, and I have to be apologizing to my teammates and explain to them how the new update throws me out every time now, and this problem make my friends not wanna play with me or ever bother trying to save me. Also some of the shootings is not so great..Version: 1.52.0

Free fireIt’s alright but I reckon yous should add in flying vehicles that we can use.Version: 1.43.0

Love this gameI’ve had this game about two years and it’s only in the last few months i’ve actually figured out a strategy to increase my winning rate (i was playing for fun previously and i started playing more and trying new things, and went from a low win rate to me winning - or being in the final 2 about 30-40% of the time). absolutely love it. i’ve tried other games like PUBG but i love being able to move the camera around and see around me, without being stuck looking at my back. i wish bermuda had grappling hooks, but it’s all good because kalahari is the best map lol - i do wish there were more maps that could be played, but i love the game anyway lol.Version: 1.60.1

Best gameFree fire is the best game I have ever played an d I think they should replace Fortnite with Free Fire.Version: 1.65.1

I love it, garena free fires amazing I’ve been playing it since I was 12 and I still love it 🥰Free fire 🔛🔝🥰.Version: 1.98.1

SUPER IMPRESSED!This game is just overall AMAZING! The mechanics and the visuals of this masterpiece really sets the whole thing of! Freefire has got to be one of the top battle ground games in the WORLD! Congrats to you guys Garena and we all hope to see some more amazing things in the game.Version: 1.62.2

Make the visual Graphics more bright.I am iPhone user. Recently, I switched to iPhone and discovered that the visual graphic is do dark. Better you make is more bright technically. iPhone has battery performance issue, so if you do your job about the brightness it'll be more fun and easy to see and play. I can't play at the day. I have to wait for night when everyone falls asleep and Ping gets stable. Do something also for this..Version: 1.90.1

This game is fully great but have some problemsI like this game and hope for more events but this game have some problems. 1.At the aiming we have a bug sometimes we aim at the enemy head when we shoot aim go on body and if you close at enemy this aim miss (when aim go on the enemy body)make you die. 2.So much times for we join to a battle take a bit long time to join. I have some ideas for make game better 1.The biggest thing I want for the free fire is better quality I always play the game when I jump out from plane is the trees are on low quality and when com to ground go on classic.I want the quality upgrade (like the fortnite have good quality and PUBG) 2.always I go to store to buy some wearable and gun skins and luck Royale all of the can buy with diamond Please do one of this works( 1.make diamonds in battle pass(for classic 1-10or20 diamonds and for the elite 20-50) 2.make more this can buy with diamond can buy with coins) 3.select just one map for battle Royale and ranked mode (not Bermuda and kalahary) for the every happens (like disasters happen on that map) 4.make more characters like 100 characters with ability or no 5.(if you creators want do it do this)add the build with materials Creators if you like this ideas do they in the next update and if don’t like it don’t do they..Version: 1.47.1

Loved it . But....I will play thus game daily with my friends. I loved it. But this game have lot of bugs and technical problems. Reconnection while playing is utterly failure. I can’t play after returning to the game after network errors. When i had compelled to left the game due to the bugs ,they will decrease my points and mail a warning message. I recommend to fix the all problems mainly related to reconnection. That only can make me fully satisfaction.Version: 1.53.2

...I don’t know what to say....this app is very good. Well I should say that it is AMAZING. Never have I ever played a game as amazing as this one. The thing is that I hate how you have to pay to pay to get diamonds. It is almost impossible. I love every update because it just gets better and better. I love the app..Version: 1.65.1

Free Fire too much micro transactionsGood game I have been playing for 1 week now and I have to say the controls are great and so are the graphics and design. but on the bad side most of the guns all have the same scopes and that is immersion breaking. So if we could get more scopes in the game that would make it more fun and interesting. Also too much micro transactions and not very much rewards and the rewards you get are lame..Version: 1.52.0

TePuawai16I'm a old player of free fire. I have completely nothing. Please give me some diamonds.Version: 1.52.0

I Should Not Be Getting Shot Behind A WallI’ve love this game I’ve been playing it for a while now. And I have pretty good internet live in NY so it’s not my internet. But lately I’ve been getting shot behind walls everytime I peak and hide behind a wall I will get shot like 2-3 times before the game finally realizes I’m behind a wall. And now this is getting more severe as in I’ll get shot almost die put a gloo wall and still die 2 seconds later and this just happened to me and that’s why I’m writing this review but other than this you guys should add a spectate feature so that you can spectate your friends while you wait for them to finish their games but please fix this the new season just started and I’ve lost over a lot of ranked points over this PLEASEE FIXX!!!.Version: 1.41.0

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