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Universal Paperclips™ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Universal Paperclips™ app received 51 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Universal Paperclips™? Can you share your negative thoughts about universal paperclips™?

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Universal Paperclips™ for Negative User Reviews

Can’t hold enter like PC versionOn the OC you can click a button then hold enter to rapid select, without that feature you end up pressing buttons hundreds of times. I quickly sacked off the mobile app and completed it in the computer in much less time. It also meant I could leave it running in the background so less hassle again. I failed to complete the app as it was annoying but I’ve completed the PC version more than 10 times!.Version: 1.1

Unplayable after release the droneThe screen of playing stock and other stuff disappeared after drone releases make the game unplayable.Version: 2.1

Too slow and no time passes in idle.It’s a cool and engrossing clicker but the fact that time doesn’t pass when you’re not in the app makes it mind numbing to the point where I just can’t do it anymore. In a browser I can imagine it working a lot better..Version: 1.1

Online is betterIt is kinda glitchy and overpriced.Version: 1.1

Unplayable due to bugs.Was excited but the app is unplayable due to bugs. I am maybe 10% through the game and cannot progress because the strategy engine gets stuck. Unacceptable for a paid app..Version: 2.1

Great game but ....As others have said, the game is great and has plenty of fun twists, BUT the iPad app is a lazy port that is a fixed portrait layout. This means that you have lots of scrolling up and down to see when new stuff appears. The web page works much better as you can rotate that and get a zoomed out full screen view. Plus it’s free. Real shame..Version: 1.1

Browser version worked betterThe underlying game is good, let me start with that. I enjoyed playing the browser game and decided to buy the app. Unfortunately, the first thing I noticed is that I could no longer see everything that was going on at once, but had to scroll up and down. I got blocked by an apparent bug: the “self repairing supply chain” button wouldn’t turn solid/become clickable even though i filled the required (and got the announcement that I had reached the required milestone after three and a half hours)..Version: 1.1

Late/End Game BrokenI started playing on a browser and wanted to be able to take the game with me. After paying the $1.99 and enjoying the game for several hours, I reached the final “phase” where you explore the universe. This is where several options either did not display or no longer responded, such as the drone gift generation (required to increase memory/processes). I closed the app entirely and when I restarted it, only a few of the game elements would run. The rest, such as generating clips, replicating drones, etc. we’re all locked. I would recommend to anyone to save your money and stick to the browser version..Version: 1.1

Good, but slowWas hoping to play this more reliably on the mobile app (prevents zooming now which is great!) but times seems take 3x or longer than stated, so progress is slow once you get in into it!.Version: 1.1

Not worth payingWhile I appreciate games without ads. I don’t think this can be called a game. It just consumes your phone battery. There is no skill involved. you just sit with the game open on your phone till you get enough items for the next target. I would like my $2 back.Version: 2.1

Mostly boringThe game was ok the first two times around. The first time you learn how the game works since their are no instructions. The second time you can optimize your game play now that you know how to play. But after beating the game by harvesting all matter in the known universe in a few hours, there really is no more fun left. Even the alternate universe options available after winning do not really add to the fun. Most of you game play is spent waiting. Also, there should be a way to check the top times to certain milestones. If you are going to play a clicker paper clip game, this is the way to go since you pay everything up front..Version: 1.0

Great but game breaking bugsThe game is fantastic, but have run into a game breaking bug after sinking many hours in. Seems others are getting it too, hopefully the devs will fix so I can see the end!.Version: 2.0

No progress syncing?As fun as the game can be, the lack of Game Center support or any other progress syncing mechanism across devices makes this a bit of a flop. Development seems to have died years ago so I’m not holding out any hope for this to improve..Version: 1.1

A lot of fun, but riddled with bugsIt’s a fun idle clicker game and I found myself quickly addicted to it, but it has a lot of bugs that cause it to be an often frustrating experience that sometimes requires me to delete the app and then reinstall it. •The “reallocate accumulated trust” power appears as clickable when it shouldn’t, meaning your creativity points can go into the negative numbers. •If you click that option in phase two of the game, all the swarm gifts disappear making the game literally unplayable if you do so at the wrong time. •Sometimes the clip production will just stop for no apparent reason and only start up when you fiddle with the wire buyer option. •Options to accept exile to another dimension sometimes don’t work meaning you are unable to progress. And a few other small things that just make the game feel less polished than it could be. As I say though, it is fun despite all that but some patches would really be appreciated..Version: 1.1

Interesting gameIt’s an interesting cool concept. However a lazy port. I never played the pc version but I had to search for an online wiki to find out what some of the things do. The pc version allows you to hover over things and you get a description, not for this..Version: 2.1

Fun Gam But Bugs AnnoyThis game is quite engaging, and the addition of artifacts has significantly increased the replayability . That said, there appears to be a significant bug after the first play through in that some upgrades that are supposed to give exponential growth are instead only giving linear growth. For instance with the final factory upgrade in the second phase, I have 200 factories making 2.75 septillion clips a second. Using 5 octillion inches of wire is going to take 1500 seconds. This is a long time to spend in the very end of phase 2 and kinda ruins the pacing..Version: 2.1

Immensely frustrating and buggyI do not usually write reviews on games. This game is fine and good and pretty fun. Except for the massive input lag on every button. In addition, there are sections that continuously crush you down because of how the base game engine runs, making it impossible to continue forward if you make even the smallest error, and even if you don’t it may still get you stuck in an impossible loop of frustration and false hope. I am usually savvy with troubleshooting games like this and I know my way around many a wiki forum, this is an unreasonably difficult game, as even with immense amounts of reading and searching for answers I still got stuck in an endless cycle..Version: 2.1

Poor developer communicationI loved this game on the web. The app version was great, but there’s no offline play which is annoying. But I’m particularly irked at the devs not warning in the release notes for the upgrade that it would requires full reset, which has cost me over a year of play. This game also darts battery power like mad sine you have to have it running and awake to make any progress. I’d have held off on the upgrade (which so far I see no difference) until I finished the game I was on, since I was pretty near the end. 4 stars with more player consideration. 5 with off line play..Version: 2.0

No longer accessible for voiceover usersNo longer accessible for voiceover users.Version: 2.1

Good game but..:::SPOILERS:: . . . . . . . delete game and reinstall to reset game from scratch! . very good and i built the hypnodrones in under 5 hours but thats waaaaaaaaay to early for that stage of the game and i can build 2 things, cant go back. so what now..? thinking it would just x20 my public demand or something i did it and nope, ruined the game as i cant do anything now, mabey add a feature where it saves before and lets you restart there..? bit harsh to dump me like that as i didnt know. game allows you to shoot the fun in the head and it costing real money isnt good.Version: 1.1

I can’t play thisThis game isn’t accessible with voiceover. I can’t use it. Please fix it.Version: 2.1

Game Breaking BugsI got to the section with drones and their gifts went to NaN. I force quit my app and went back in and everything stopped! The entire game froze and my progress up to that point was void..Version: 1.1

Great game, but fatal bugI’ve played through this previously on browser and loved it, and started to really enjoy it on iOS - but in stage 3 I came across a fatal bug where everything stops and you just can’t progress. The same freezing bug is detailed all over the web. It’s existed for years now. And the devs haven’t patched it. Only way to fix it is to waste your time and start again. Very frustrating. Would be 5 stars if they fixed it..Version: 1.1

Tons of fun. But stuck with no fixI’m at the very end of stage 2, with everything sold and ready for stage 3. But I still have 3.6 octillion inches of wire that won’t budge no matter what I do. CPS is 0 even with power and factories..Version: 1.1

Totally inaccessible.You might have updated it , but you broke accessibility with voiceover all together. I can’t play the game now..Version: 2.0

Why am I getting ads. I paid 1.99 for this gameBought this a week ago and with the new update they are giving me ads... even thought I paid for the game. Come on dev.Version: 1.0

Update completely reset my gameI had just uninstalled and reinstalled a few days ago to reset my game as my progress was as stuck due to a game breaking bug, and played intensely to get back to phase 3. Now I get to start over again. Wish the update notes had a warning.Version: 2.0

Gotta support landscape mode for ipad proHolding ipad pro in portrait mode for extended periods is painful, so before sekling the game on ipad pro take the time to fix the layout....Version: 2.1

Maybe Bad luckTo begin with I thought it was part of some sort of meta comment on the endless clicker genre that my game stopped progressing in the space exploration section, but then after trying everyone and some casual google searches I discovered it was a fairly common bug and I would need to restart. The games no that good. I’m not risking five hours of my life just for it to happen again. Hard to recommend..Version: 1.1

Memory leak slows down phoneEven when the app is closed, the memory leak problem slows my whole phone to a halt..Version: 2.1

Great game, but needs adapting for iPadI bought this to play on my iPad. I was very disappointed it doesn’t do anything to take advantage of the screen space. The buttons are about as big as a fun size Mars Bar, the text is huge and you need to scroll all over the place to see what is going on. This is easily a 5 Star game if it replicated the browser layout, with three columns and all elements visible at once..Version: 1.0

Hello Internet PodcastHi, I’m Tim. Brady and Grey sent me. You should give them money.Version: 1.1

Bugs make it impossible to finishSeems like a great game, but whenever you leave the app and then reopen it it becomes bugged. Closing out the app or restarting your iPad fixes some bugs but creates others. Given the game takes many hours to complete and there's no save game functionality it becomes impossible to complete and incredibly frustrating that you spent hours on a game and then can't finish it..Version: 1.1

Fun, but brokenI have loved this game for a while, and I'm glad it got an update, but this update broke accessibility, bunching everything together. (Thankfully, I can click things more than once per time I open the app!).Version: 2.0

I am sadI play this on pc as well and it’s great there. It keeps the auto creation going etc and no problem. The app unfortunately only clicks while it’s open meaning you have to have it open a lot to get anywhere. This seriously destroys gameplay. I’m hoping the wire buyer changes this but I’m not holding out too much hope..Version: 1.0

Busted?Loved this game I got the iOS version. Seems to be stuck in 20 trust in space. No way to proceed..Version: 1.1

Very Addictive and then flawed.Game froze/locked up once I got to the probe section. Buttons did nothing and I could not even activate the game reset because I had no chance of reaching -10k It was impossible to get lower than 130k! So great for 5 hours and then locked up :(.Version: 1.1

Game fails to resumeI've played this three times, once I completed it, the other times the game fails to resume and messed up. Interesting resource management game but ultimately disposable..Version: 1.0

What Happened?I was enjoying this, until the latest update took me back to the beginning…deleted..Version: 2.0

Randomly resetHorrible game payed two dollars just reset after a week or so don't buy..Version: 2.0

Needs a proper iPad version.I’ve just completed this on my iPhone & have migrated to my iPad thinking it would have a better layout with more info on one screen...but this is not so, which is disappointing. The scrolling up & down on the iPhone version is a really drag so I was looking forward to having more of my paperclip empire on one screen. Sad to see this is not the case..Version: 1.1

Website is better than iPad offeringIPad offering is just a large iPhone. It lacks three column layout useful to view all the metrics. Shame that the iPad offering is on a par with web version. Other features seem to be less tpgood than website, eg Rev counter doesn’t display “Avg clips sold per sec” also available on webs version..Version: 1.0

Very different from online browserI found this game online on my computer. Played it a lot seen that it was almost 3 dollars in the App Store debated on buying it bought it and regretted it... i've been playing it on my phone for three days and nothing has changed but yet when I went into work today and play it on the computer for free I managed to surpass where I am on my phone in three days within 50 minutes on two tabs.. it's quite annoying that I paid for something and it's totally different than the free one usually it's other way around... but other than thatOn the website it's a great game.Version: 1.1

Latest update broke the gameLatest update broke the game, clicking on an “artifact” will cause the screen to get dumped with unity error codes and make the game unplayable. I would consider this game abandoned at this point as it’s been this way for almost an year..Version: 2.1

Incomplete.Good but unfinished. Doesn’t progress when u get to space. Also only run when app is open..Version: 1.1

Game Stops WorkingI got to the end of world 5 and discovered 100% of the universe but the game doesn’t give me an option to go to the next level. I don’t want to restart and lose all of my progress but I also can’t do anything else. It’s a waste to put any time into this game..Version: 2.1

No offline play or dark modeTwo features that seem like the bare minimum for an idle game are just completely missing. A developer response indicated work on an offline mode to be released “in the next few weeks” as of.. a year ago. It’s a very fun and engaging game on browser, and this is just the browser version kinda fit to a phone screen. If you really want it mobile, this is it, but there are better mobile idle games..Version: 2.1

Randomly lose progress.I’ve been playing this game for ages, but it randomly bugged out and became completely unplayable. Only choice was to delete and reinstall the game, deleting my progress. I decided to give it another shot, so I played the game some more, but this time my progress was erased for no reason. I had not uninstalled the game or anything this time. I do not recommend this game..Version: 2.1

No offline progress. WorthlessWhat’s the point an idle game that has no offline progress? I’m supposed to leave this open on my phone all day? Absolutely worthless and a scam to charge for.Version: 2.1

Good but brokenAddictive as its desktop counterpart but the app is buggy and broken.Version: 1.0

Broken.Apparently its an unofficial version. And has broken with me being unable to progress further. Not just being stuck. I’ve played this before.Version: 1.1

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