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Highly addictiveIt’s not everyone’s type of game, I bought this to try, didn’t think it would be great but I haven’t stopped playing it, it’s about making a product to make money, the more money the more power. It’s a interesting game, I’d like to see more to the game..Version: 1.1

Great from start to finishReally engrossing game, takes a number of hours to work through it all. Well worth the price.Version: 2.1

GreatSuper addictive kind of idle game where you can now easily improve thanks to artifacts but would like set loadouts for my artifacts so i can easily switch artifacts based on region of use e.g. factory level where I have autoclipper and wire saver, world level where I have momentum, harvesting and wire drone bonus, and universe level where I can save my drone bonuses, (or at least let me organise them so the one time use ones can be put in a corner or something).Version: 2.1

Incredible, depressing, enlighteningThis has to be the best piece of art, game, social commentary, whatever you wanna call it... ever. Just awesome..Version: 1.1

Slight quibble: slow Yomi tourneysThe slight complaint I have is that the one thing I can’t speed up is the tournaments for Yomi, which is one of the bottlenecks. I know it is designed to involve a number of periods of waiting for whichever numbers to fill up. But those tournaments are always slow, and they annoy me more than any of the other mechanics. Everything else seems to inflate as the game goes on; you do get bonuses in the third stage with the bonus rewards if your strat wins. But there’s something satisfying about watching the numbers go up faster and faster, and the yomi doesn’t get that kind of a mechanic. Anyway, a strangely addictive game..Version: 1.1

BrilliantBrilliant execution, and a fresh take on the genre. Artistically compelling in a very nerdy way..Version: 1.0

Very AddictiveDon not play this if you need to do stuff. It is one of the best mobile games out there. Fully worth the money.Version: 1.1

Was not what I was expectingI am one of those people who actually doesn’t like the top 100 games most of them seem so dumb and simple or too detailed for a phone game This game on the other hand is one of the very few gems on the App Store I have tried thousands of games and spent thousands on the App Store and this game is in my top 20 most liked games. At first it doesn’t seem like much, simple and boring but as you keep clicking you realise the game has more to it then what meets the eye except you keep playing and it just keeps changing and you really get drawn into it. Like the second gen Pokémon games they managed to squeeze in the first gen map.Version: 1.1

Banger gameEven though there’s not really any visuals, its the best idle game I have ever played.Version: 1.1

This game is incredible - worth every centI don’t often write reviews but this game deserves recognition. At the start it seems simple, maybe like an idle game, but there is so much more to explore. The minimalistic nature and simple interface creates a connection which I have never seen in a game before. Everyone should have the opportunity to play this because it is truly a work of art in itself..Version: 1.1

Such a great gameA mixture of nerdy, retro videogames and futuristic. A great game to play through!.Version: 2.1

I used to think an octillion was a lot…This game changed my sense of scale about everything. Literally everything..Version: 2.1

It takes like half an hour to see why this game isn’t freeDope.Version: 1.1

DRONE BUG FIXThis game is fun but has some bugs, one is in stage 2 where the drones gifts replace trust, if the drones get bored at one part they give you 10 gifts per second until it gets to NAN (not a number) and you can't level up processors and memory and so breaks the game, to stop this, wait until you get lots of gifts (I went to 18,000) and then press ENTERTAIN THE SWARM wich then stop the gifts.Version: 1.1

Addictive gameAll the addiction of bar filling games, without the in app purchases. Seems to have been developed very well so rarely do you not have something to decide to aim for, without too long a wait. Would love a way to see previous game scores and times for certain amounts of clips. Graphs please!.Version: 1.1

Love this gameThis game is great, although it does use up a lot of battery, it’s addictive and engaging, I recommend it to everyone!.Version: 1.1

Weirdly addictiveMore fun than it looks strangely.Version: 2.1

Love the update!This game is super entertaining and the update makes it much more fun to play over and over. One suggestion: it would be nice to have a way to sync progress over multiple devices or even the web version..Version: 2.1

Brilliant. Addictive.Loved every clip..Version: 1.0

One of my favorites but an odd issueI love this game a lot but I’ve noticed I seem to be unable to get any universe exploration now that I’ve moved to world 2, is this a known bug or does it take longer and longer as you prestige?.Version: 2.1

BugWire per second, clips per second and matter per second all ceased to work at 0 each. Everything else continues to operate. Was enjoying the game up until this point, hopefully this can be fixed..Version: 1.1

It’s no Sim StaplerIt’s no Sim Stapler but fun no less.Version: 1.0

A metaphorThis game, as hopelessly addicting and fun as it may be, is a strange metaphor to a child’s act of building a sandcastle. To end value drift permanently is to build the biggest sandcastle ever seen, only to tear it down in the final, futile attempt to amass all the possible paperclips in the universe.Version: 1.1

Amazing. And horrifying.Incredible. Near the end of my first play through, I started taking longer and longer breaks, horrified at what I was doing. Second play through, went for it with abandon. What a lesson. 5/5 would recommend..Version: 1.1

Good game, needs polishThe game is good but it's not optimized for mobile at all. I'm rather enjoy the spartan aesthetic, but the UX needs updated for mobile. 1. Buttons need to be bigger. The look is fine but make them at least the size of a finger 2. Make it so we can scroll the event log and also make it larger. Due to the iPhone notch, I could only read one line at a time and missed a lot of the story 3. Maybe allow us to hold down a button to have it auto click at a rate that a human could realistically click a mouse. The gameplay itself is fantastic though. I made the whole universe into clip.Version: 2.1

Looking for answers?Have you ever wondered why the universe exists? Do you feel that your life has no purpose? Why waste time reading Rousseau, Descartes, Heidegger, and Kass when one can play this game for just seventeen hours, or less, to find the meaning of life, the universe, and everything else?!.Version: 1.1

....What?!I don’t write reviews for apps or games of any kind. But this one deserves feedback, and to be talked about. 3 dollars just purchased me more entertainment than some 70 dollar game purchases I’ve made. By the time it was over (after about 8 hours), I wasn’t sure I was even playing the same game. This fact combined with interesting philosophy placed in appropriate spots in the game and some of the smarter humour I’ve seen in an App Store purchase, and you get a true must-own for mobile gaming. Awesome work; I’ll be watching for more. 10/10 would release hypnodrones again..Version: 1.1

Update Fixed EverythingRecent updates fixed saving issue, new artifact system makes replayability possible and engaging.Version: 2.1

Addicting. Gets me off twitter!Would recommend the game. Some small bugs - Clicking “activate” on an already activated artifact (possible if you have just opened the app sometimes) gives you a bunch of red error text over the screen. The only way to get rid of it is to restart the app. - There’s a button to turn on and off sound. There is no sound. Not sure why that button is there..Version: 2.1

BugBug wasnt a bug, im dumb ty for fixing the game devs.Version: 2.0

Superb game. Extremely engaging.I absolutely love this game. A friend of mine who’s a senior developer at Google‘s AI team recommended it to me. There’s always something to do and Real depth to the games mechanics. As a math guy, I’ve had to put genuine thought into the best times to deploy certain resources (I can’t think of another game where I’ve had to use logarithms to optimize my strategy). I am experiencing a bug though. I’ve played through the game maybe 30 or 40 times And on the app I’ve beat it in A little over 45 minutes . I know what I’m doing. In my last play through in stage three, space exploration, I’ve hit a place where I have maybe 20 billion drones and a ton of wire and matter, but when I set my probes to build factories nothing happens. I think this is a bug related to the entertain the swarm bug that you guys said you fixedA little while ago. If youCould have a look at this, I’d really appreciate it..Version: 2.1

Good funLoved playing this game tho only been playing just under 4 hours and seems I’ve completed it :s I’ll restart and see if it plays out differently each time maybe but was just getting into it.Version: 1.0

My favorite mobile gameBy far the best game to play on a phone. I would love to see offline play!.Version: 2.1

Actually pretty funI don’t normally review games, but it’s a game that I just kept coming back to.Version: 1.1

Brilliant!Brady and CGP Grey were right, this game is amazing! I can't stop playing!.Version: 1.1

Difficult but rewardingDon’t give up, there is a way to keep going. So good..Version: 1.1

Really geekily addictiveI got very sucked into this game, if can call it a game... it’s more of a simulator. But i really enjoyed it. It gives you an idea of what exponential growth is like if you’re into that kinda thing... AI taking over the world and using all of our resources to make Paperclips and stuff... it’s not for everyone but I’d recommend it..Version: 1.1

PEOPLE WILL YOU STAND WITH ME BEHIND FRANK?People Frank gave you a game that will stand the test of time. Ten years of gaming under my belt should tell you all you need to know about the validity of my opinion. Growing up in the hood if something was good we would say, winner, winner chicken dinner. People trust me you have one h- LL of a tasty chicken dinner here. In all my years of gaming this is on of the best games I have played. In closing all I can say is Frank is one h- LL of a developer who deserves your support. He earned it with this game. Two bucks for this gem. Come on people your stealing from Frank and he's looking the other way so he can keep the price as low as possible..Version: 1.0

Basic and addicting!!Something that I love in general is barebones, not fancy, basic stuff. This game has that. There's no fancy hud or theme. I mean, it's just black and white. There are no in-app purchases to distract you and take your money. The game is about making progress, not a fancy town or something. It's a fun game to play with your favorite show in a window (iOS 14, woohoo!) and chill. BE WARNED: if you have OCD, you are going to want to have multiples of five or something when you buy paperclip clippers and stuff. Also, some stuff is a little confusing, but you'll figure out how it works (if you don't, try Google)..Version: 1.1

Just like the original… but with added replayThe same bits from the browser original, but with added replay with the alien artifacts. If you’ve never played Paperclips before it’s all a bit odd. If Google doesn’t help you just try and see what happens..Version: 2.1

Probably best incremental game ever madeI’ve never written a review for an app before, but if any game deserved one it’d probably be this one. The UI is poor but the gameplay is the most addictive I’ve ever played. I hope this game gets more recognition and this developer make more games like this..Version: 2.1

PerfectA masterful update to the idle genre..Version: 1.0

Brilliant gameplayIt’s lovely to see games that have got the gameplay so right. Completely addictive. No graphics? Who cares? 5/5!!!.Version: 1.1

Great game, worth every pennySaw this game for the last month or so and was quite apprehensive about buying it, let’s face it, it looks rubbish, but boy was a wrong, the simplistic html style layout actually makes it good, very satisfying to play, couldn’t put it down for hours, perfect for playing on the train or bus, but don’t play before bed because you might end up staying up till 5!.Version: 1.1

Love this game foreverThis game allows me to tune everything out and PRODUCE CLIPS.Version: 2.1

Don’t release the dronesI released the drones and now can’t sell any Paperclips or do anything I can’t even start over again. Someone help me.Version: 1.1

How?How is a game about making and selling paperclips so fun? Simple and addictive. I WILL BUILD MY PAPERCLIP EMPIRE!.Version: 2.1

BugI believe the ability to get gifts bugged out due to the synchronize event and bored event happening at the same time. I think. Cool to see it can still be beaten with a huge nurf like that though..Version: 2.0

How do you reset the game?Umm - why is it so hard to figure this out? Lol.Version: 1.1

Don’t start if you need to be somewhere in the next 8 hrsThis is legitimately the most addicting game I’ve ever seen. I heard about it from a podcast (shout out to Hello Internet and all Tims) where the hosts said they were sucked into the game and ended up playing until obscene hours in the morning. Thinking this was absurd, I tried the game myself. It starts somewhat ridiculous but next thing you know you have become entrenched in unexpected complexities of the game and you can’t quit until it is complete. I have ruined many friends schedules by recommending this game without giving enough warning to its addictive properties. Beware..Version: 1.1

Great port, except …Auto tourney never appears for me. I have played through twice to be sure, but it’s simply not working for me. Makes collecting Yomi *very* time consuming..Version: 2.1

Only gripe is that it needs a dark modeIt's a fun game, I haven't seen any bugs, and the pacing and story are just enough. The white screen is a bit bright to play at night though..Version: 2.1

Great experienceTook me 10 hours to complete. Surprisingly deep and very addictive. Bargain at 2 quid Bit like lemonade tycoon, but a better game..Version: 1.1

Very good mobile portPlayed the web version a few times and decided to pull the trigger on this once I saw the recent positive reviews. It works great on my phone, but I’d love to see a couple of improvements. 1) Cloud save or sync to other iOS devices. Would love to carry progress to my iPad. Which brings me to… 2) Allow the iPad to show more on the screen than what you normally get on the phone. Everything is just bigger and you still have to scroll back and forth. Such a waste of real estate. The font is absolutely huge on a 12.9” iPad. Love the artifact additions. Definitely adds to the experience..Version: 2.1

I would love to seeAn option that allows the game to run in the background so I can read the news while I collect yomi. Keep up the good work. Very impressed..Version: 2.0

Great game with some issuesThe other popular Paperclips rip-off has a smoother interface, a more pleasant font and allows offline progress but I paid for this game to support the original devs, but guys, I really think you should look at the clone and see how you can improve. What is that, Times New Roman font or something? I hope work keeps being done with this app. I would like offline progress like the ripoff clone, a nice interface, and a more pleasant font. Otherwise, great concept..Version: 1.0

Wow!Wow, what can I say? Worth every penny. Just get it..Version: 1.1

This game is awesome!This game is fun, addictive and is well worth your money! But my only problem is that my Paperclips don’t generate when I am not on the app. I believe it would make the game more enjoyable if you added this feature to the game..Version: 1.1

Very Addictive!Wow! What a great game. So simple on one hand, and so cleverly balanced and addictive on the other. Wasn't able to put it down for hours after first picking it up. Lightening the section at the top to reduce contrast with the area below would be better on the eyes when playing with 'smart invert.' Otherwise, a perfectly created and crafted game..Version: 1.1

Great game - needs more twistsThis is a great and super addictive game! However it does need a few more twists and turns - some unforeseen events like a spike in metal prices, or a collapse in the stock market..Version: 1.1

It’s good, I’m just confusedHonestly. It’s really fun for a game where you don’t do anything. This and the fact I’ve had to reset the game multiple times just because I thought I had failed, but that’s probably mostly my fault, there isn’t really a tutorial or an explanation for everything and it’s quite minimalistic, while at the same time giving you so much information you learn quickly. Currently in the battle part so I think stage… 3? Been stuck on it for a few days Anyway good game from a cool concept 4/5 stars. 1 denounced because of general confusion.Version: 2.1

This game destroyed my lifeI have not been able to close the game for fear of not clipping. I’ve stopped taking people’s calls, stopped attending meetings at work, spend all day in the toilet when I am at work just to play Paperclips. 5 stars, would play again..Version: 1.0

891.4 quintillionClips/s wire/s matter/s all stops working but everything else is fine. Really wish devs would fix this ASAP..Version: 1.1

So addictive!!Never played such an addictive game with no graphic at all !?! there is a lot of strategy you can use and when you start playing , it’s hard to stop ;).Version: 1.1

EpicMy favourite iOS game ever..Version: 1.1

AwesomeBest incremental ever!.Version: 2.0

Love this game.Great iOS edition. Wish it had iCloud saves and a better iPad version but it’s super fun to play. Thanks for the port!.Version: 2.1

BrilliantOne of the best games ever now perfect to play on phone. Haven’t found the post game yet but looking forward to it..Version: 2.0

Worth every penny!I loved it! Played it through twice now, no bugs! Well paced, satisfying yet challenging. I wish more games were like this, an honest price for a quality game..Version: 2.0

Pls add dark mode 🙏Love this game but hate that there’s no dark mode!.Version: 2.1

Brilliant and important gameI absolutely love this game. It’s fun figuring out how each new system works as they become available, and it also remarkably illuminating in how it allows you to experience what exponential growth feels like. The only quibble I have is that it would be useful if there was an option that would allow game time to pass while the app is in the background, because there are times when you want to leave it running while you wait for the next thing to happen. I know the app can’t run in the background on iOS, but I imagine that when it’s re-opened it could simulate the time that passed while you were away..Version: 1.0

Great game but needs some additionsI don’t usually write reviews, but I just have to say- this game is great. I’ve been playing for about 7 hours, and everything is glowing exempt. It does not run in the background. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not but it gets annoying fast. Because to earn clips you have to leave the app open, which might not sound that bad but this game eats through battery fast and I believe that letting you earn resources in the background would greatly improve the game..Version: 1.1

Good game thanks codyCody ko sent me.Version: 2.1

Fantastic Game! Better on mobile than on PCThis game is great! It’s incredibly fun, seeing your paperclips go up and up. As you progress through the game, you unlock new things. You can buy upgrades and auto clippers, and even unleash drones! All in all a fantastic game, well worth the money. In my opinion it’s better than the pc version. I think this game was really meant for mobile..Version: 1.1

AmazingMay seem slow at beginning but after 10 mins of game play you get hooked!.Version: 1.1

Been there, got the T-shirtI’m obsessed with this game, even bought the t shirt and mug lol.Version: 1.1

By far my favourite app purchaseThis game takes me hours to complete, sometimes days depending on how often I keep it open. I keep going back to it and play it over and over, and I couldn’t be more happy with it ❤️.Version: 1.1

Needs Dark ModeThe update that grants bonuses to new worlds really helps with increasing its longevity. But dark mode is sorely needed..Version: 2.1

Highly addictiveEven though the numbers pause when you are out of the app, somehow I couldn’t help but keep monitoring them… and then I realised hours and hours had passed. Great game, and funny, but very easy to lose yourself in as you strive for faster completion times and new artifacts!.Version: 2.1

I don't really write reviews but...Okay first, hands down, this is a great game. Very simple to understand and a well amount of thought put into it. If you're the type of person to like interactive games, this isn't what you're looking for. This game is more like, "I'm bored and want to put my brain to work". It involves staring at your phone for a couple minutes before you can move forward, but only when you get deeper in the game. For $2 I'm satisfied, but, it's more of a dollar game.. I'm not bummed though. Maybe if they added another possible mode (not involving clips.. maybe some color) and expand from there. This game truely sparked for me and I've had fun completing it..Version: 1.0

Gr8Makes my brain go burr. numbers go up, am happy, numbers go down, am not happy.Version: 2.0

Great counter gameI’m on play though #7 and trying to improve on my best time. Question for the devs- Does the end game bonus cumulate?.Version: 1.1

The best incremental gameThis is by far the best incremental game out there. I had heard of it but not played it until iOS. It’s not mindless, you have to think about your choices, but it’s not stressful either. I love that it saves progress at all times and is easy to play a few minutes here and there when you have time. You can always make some progress. I’ve seen that some people would like offline progress, but I think I prefer it the way it is now. So if they add offline progress, I hope it’s as an option only. I also appreciate the fair price with no ads or IAP, and I love the minimalistic design of the game too. This is the way games should be done. Thank you developers!.Version: 2.1

Full of surprises!Great game that you can play when you have time. It’s not one of those idle type games, you have to be in it for it to work. Very fun, with lots of little surprising extensions..Version: 1.0

Fun, but eats batteryThe game is fun. It’s definitely worth a play through and has lots of clever details. One of the best incremental games I’ve seen. It eats battery life more than almost any other app I’ve used before. And this is from a game that is almost entirely text-based. The programming is probably not very optimized, and the developers haven’t bothered fixing it I guess..Version: 2.1

InterestingInteresting game that I couldn't put down until its conclusion, which left me feeling empty and a little depressed. What the hell is yomi though? :).Version: 1.0

Great game, with a game-breaking bug.I played this a lot, but in Stage 2, in which drones' gifts replace trust, I got 'Drone Gifts' to NaN (Not a Number), so I got stuck. If you fixed this, my review would go up to 5 stars..Version: 1.1

Everything must go. Only paperclips will remain.This game starts off with you, the player, tapping a “make paperclip” button to (innocently enough) manufacture a couple of Paperclips. It quickly turns into corporate buyouts, playing the stock market, and (eventually) building drones to go out into the universe to collect matter to make more Paperclips. I cannot recommend this game enough. No other app/website will let you turn the entire universe into Paperclips..Version: 2.1

PaperclipsI mean it's one of the most popular incrementals for a reason. i prefer web but its easier to do my monthly restart on mobile so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.Version: 2.1

Surprisingly AWESOMEGreat concept, and worth £2 for sure! Hilarious bleak humour, takes this style of micromanagement to its ultimate conclusion, and you will not be mentally prepared for what that is..Version: 1.0

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