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Paprika Recipe Manager 3 app received 198 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about paprika recipe manager 3?

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Paprika Recipe Manager 3 for Positive User Reviews

Excellent app but...I rely on this app constantly and have amassed a useful range of recipes in it, but I’m often frustrated by the metric conversion limitations. Almost everything is converted to liquid measures: 14 ml of flour? 118 ml of onions? And you can’t just equate milliletres with milligrams because solid and liquid measurements aren’t really equivalent. So I end up converting US to metric on the internet. Please fix this. Happy to accept US spelling!.Version: 3.5.2

Love it!One of my favourite apps…couldn’t be without it. As I have a large collection of my own recipes, it would be great if I could scan the recipes into the app so I am able to utilise all the functionality of the app ie shopping list, meal planning etc Would you please add a scanning function to the app.Version: 3.7.6

Indispensable!I appreciate this app more and more everyday! I only just discovered the ability to pin recipes and keep them handy for meals I want to prepare in the upcoming week, but not quite sure on what day. Every few weeks I discover something new and it’s like a mini gift. I am using features like the shopping cart and meal planning more and more too. It pulls in recipes from any website I can throw at it - perfectly every time! It stays completely in sync across my Mac and iOS devices with no issues. I started eating a plant based diet last year, and I could not have done it without this app to gather tasty recipes from multiple sites and help plan my meals. I know this may be controversial, but if this app ever needs to switch to a paid subscription or charge a new upgrade fee to keep going strong - then I am more than willing to purchase! I have over 680 hundred recipes in this app and because of it I eat better and healthier. There are so many products with questionable value and this is not one of them. I love this app!!.Version: 3.6.5

App MasterclassThis app is essential for anyone that likes to browse recipes online. You can use the built in web browser to find recipes or use Safari. The app will download the ingredients, method and a cover photo. You can search and group your recipes the way you want to and the instructions highlight timings and one click will open a timer, already set to the correct time. It is so effortless at its job and that is what makes it such a wonderful app design. Once you start using it, you will never look back. An outstanding app..Version: 3.7.0

RequestI would love to able to search the meals calendar to a history of recipes. For instance, how often do I make minestrone or when did I last eat at Chipotle..Version: 3.8.1

First App I ever paid for. Worth every penny!I never pay for an app because there are so many freebies out there. This one I paid for (not a lot) and I’m so glad I did! It’s a game changer for me!! It is exactly what I needed from consolidating all my recipes that I have in emails and texts and on cards and printed off the internet. They’re all in one spot. I can find them with any keyword in the title. I can add the ingredients to my grocery list. I can schedule my meals as far in advance as I want. It has really relieved me of the aggregation of planning dinner every night and ensuring I have the ingredients and finding the recipe! We’ve had meals that “I’ve been meaning to try” and I’ve tossed recipes that don’t cut it. I can edit a recipe if we like “a little more of that” and I can even scale it if I want a double batch of that black bean soup. I really couldn’t be more happy about this and I’ve told anyone who will listen about how much I love this app..Version: 3.4.7

Perfect recipe file programIt does everything that I want in a program. It has an organized list of ingredients and allows an organized presentation of directions it allows for an area of description it has an area for special notes there is a section for describing the ease of preparation and a separate section of categories which come built-in and you may modify by adding categories photographs are a big part of this recipe program you can add as many photos as you wish in the construction of a recipe and then the finished product I find this extremely helpful. This program can also be shared. It is easy to carry this recipe program on my iPhone 11 and if during a conversation someone request a recipe I can immediately pull it up and email it to the individual, this program has it all. If I see a recipe in a magazine that I wish to have in my paprika recipe file I click browser copy and paste the name of the recipe in the field click search the recipe will show up amongst other similarly named Recipes, I click on the one I want and click on download automatically then will have the full recipe as appeared in my source material with a photograph this recipe program is amazing..Version: 3.7.0

Love this app.I love this app, definitely worth the download. I love how it extracts the recipes from all websites!! No more reading lengthy epiphanies. I’ve recommended this app to several people, was just showing it to my husband, and figured I should write a review since I really do enjoy it. Worth the money! And I’ve never paid a monthly fee which is awesome.Version: 3.7.7

Best recipient appI love this app and it’s the best recipient app I have tried over time. Saving recipes from the web is a breeze and sharing recipes it’s friends is so easy. The shopping list works really well and I always have my favourite recipes with me where ever I travel/visit..Version: 3.6.5

PaprikaMost beautifully designed app I’ve used..Version: 3.6.5

Love this app!This app has been a game-changer for my recipe organization! Only thing I ask is to have a Paprika "friend's list" so my fellow app-users can have access to all my saved recipes and vice-versa! Sometimes I want to share my saved recipes with my sister's but don't want to individually send them and want them to browse which ones they like themselves! :).Version: 3.6.6

Good appHave uncluttered a folder full of recipes thanks to this. Love paprika and use all the time. Biggest downside is how purchasing the iOS version does not grant access to the desktop app. Had that version been cheaper I might have considered the additional purchase. But no….Version: 3.7.0

A Game-Changer!This is by far the best purchase I‘ve ever made in my life! It’s made it so easy to transfer recipes from Pinterest / Instagram / Safari, I can’t believe I’ve lived without it before. The features are amazing (pantry storage / shopping list / etc.) and it has actually made me try more new stuff than I ever thought I would just because it makes it so easy to follow a recipe. I cannot recommend this App enough!.Version: 3.4.8

App of the yearIf you want an app to save all your recipes, plan your menus for the week, download recipes from any web site to the app and create a shopping list in Aisle order, then you cannot go wrong with this app. It saves me time and money as I can plan ahead and don’t have any waste at the end of the week. Easily send recipe to your friends and family. 5 gold stars from me. Thanks Paprika 3 👍.Version: 3.8.1

Fabulous despite itselfThe earns 5 stars from me despite its shonky interface and irritating niggles because it’s core functionality is just bloody brilliant. I tried pretty much all the similar apps and couldn’t beat Paprika, bought it and never regretted it. Do I wish they’d give it a more elegant look, or at least a way to change the ugly red colour? Sure. Do I wish the number of thumbnails in a row would stop changing every few minutes, apparently chosen by random dice roll? Sure. Do I wish I could stop having to manually re-add the step numbers it unaccountably strips from every recipe I import. I really, really do. Still 5 stars, no question..Version: 3.7.8

Awesome app!The developers clearly put a lot of thought into this app. I love having one app to store all my recipes, and it has so many awesome features. It’s great being able to pin recipes, making it easy to switch back and forth when making a couple longer recipes at the same time. I love that you can search within a category and search multiple fields (start searching, then click on the drop down arrow at the top to refine your search). I love being able to insert pictures within directions and include multiple pictures of a recipe. Importing from another website is a breeze. The user guide is very comprehensive. Being able to highlight what step you are on and the app remembering where you were is very useful. The embedded timers are also very cool. And I love the auto scaling of ingredients for changing the amount of a recipe. This app makes me want to try so many recipes that I’ve been saving for a long time! I gladly paid for the update to the latest version to take advantage of all the features. Thanks for a great app!.Version: 3.0.2

Recipes disappearedAfter spending a lot of time transferring my recipes to this ap it suddenly wiped them all . I can’t find them anywhere within the ap or in the cloud. I have now read reports of this happening to others and no replies forthcoming from help centre. I won’t waste my time any longer and will be trying a different ap tomorrow . Buyer beware!!.Version: 3.4.3

Well written recipe appI had been using The Recipe Box for a few years. The app was initially pretty good but has gone downhill, no longer supporting downloads from many web sites. I had over 250 recipes. It was well worth the effort, and fairly easy, to port those recipes into Paprika. I especially like that when recipes are downloaded from a web site you can go directly to the recipe web site from Paprika so that you can see any hints, photos, or videos. Since the data base is cloud based all devices are always synched. I always have the recipes on my phone when shopping, my wife can check recipes on her iPad or phone. The one thing that I would like to see is the ability to scale recipes by both volume and weight. I mainly use weight measures for ingredients to improve accuracy but input recipes with both volume and weight so that persons that I share with can use volume measures if they do not have a kitchen scale. Why anyone does not have a scale, I do not know..Version: 3.4.0

Great scrapbook and storage for recipesHave used paprika for years as app is well supported with rock solid sync between various platforms. Love the ability to use the browser bookmarklet to clip recipes into the app. Just recently moved an Apple TV into the kitchen and am now hoping the developers create a version of the app for this platform. Don’t need videos of anything fancy, just a way to read through instructions on a bigger screen - fingers crossed this is on the road map!.Version: 3.6.4

Love this app!!Very useful app, easy to us. Saves time, allows you to have all of your recipes in the same place filed in a way so they are easy to find. Easy to make shopping lists and import recipes from web sites. Excellent for meal planning..Version: 3.4.9

So happy!I am a long time Mac gourmet user who is SO frustrated by their 7 month plus inability to fix their sync issues. However I was scared to switch because I thought no one else could compare. I finally made the switch after reading several reviewers comments. Paprika’s sync beats the pants off macgourmet. Their userface is incredibly simple, and the grocery list is so intuitive I’ve decided to use it instead of my other grocery list! The fact that grocery can consolidate multiple items, and delete those existing from your pantry, as well as divide by aisle provides so much more than Mac gourmet ever did. I’m kicking myself for not switching sooner. Their browser and upload feature is also miles ahead of macgourmet AND believe it or not they are cheaper than macgourmet was 10 years ago! The only thing I am missing so far is the ability to text a recipe to a friend, but email and airdrop are just as good. I’d also love a few different styles to print a recipe other than the basic options they provide. Way to go paprika!!.Version: 3.4.3

BEST App for RecipesI have found the Paprika app to be a VERY useful tool in the kitchen. Absolutely user friendly (I am 62) . . . I have everything I need right at my fingertips. I also love the ability to use it on my tablet in the kitchen and on my phone when I go to the market if I forget what ingredients I need for a particular dish. I do a lot of traveling so having my favorite recipes with me when I travel is great! Trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, no problem, just scan through the app for inspiration. I can also download tried and true family recipes from my own recipe book. The timer is an added bonus to keep track of time when I am cooking multiple things at once. Really can’t think of anything I would add to the app. It might seem like a hassle to download all your recipes, but just add a few at a time, and before you know it you have a decent catalogue to choose from and everything is centrally located. Don’t hesitate to download the app, you will not be disappointed!! Can’t wait to share it with my family and friends!.Version: 3.6.4

Recipe book in your pocketI’ve been using this app for years and I love it. The best feature is being able to browse the internet for recipes through it and downloading the recipe straight to the app and even the picture! The only suggestion I would recommend is the ability to gift it to someone through the app. I wanted to gift it to my daughter..Version: 3.8.1

Love it!I love this app! It’s the only one I liked so far to keep my recipes. I just wish I could upload a photo of a recipe when I add it manually. It’s helpful to see the thumbnails in all recipes, and right now, when I add a recipe manually, I have to import a similar recipe from the browser, in order to get the right thumbnail, then erase all the content..Version: 3.7.7

Love app updatedUpdate: the developers got back to me and they also updated the app to work with iPhone. Thank you so much!!! I absolutely love this app and it is worth the money. I would suggest uploading to iCloud so those problems don’t arise. I know have Paprika and Paprika 3, the one thing I noticed about the newer app is the ability to print. I think I will just in case. This app simplifies my cooking ability. I love it!!!! I love this app, it was the best ever. Unfortunately the Paprika app is not up-to-date and with the iOS update I no longer can open Paprika. I bought the Paprika 3 praying all of mine would load. I got a whopping 75 of the few hundred I had in there. If only I knew this would happen I would make sure it’s uploaded to the cloud. I’m hoping I get a chance to upload and import everything to Paprika 3, as I’ve now purchased two separate Paprika apps..Version: 3.6.6

BestThis is the best recipe app! I wish it could use the camera to take a picture of a recipe from a cook book and translate that into a saveable recipe. Still the best..Version: 3.8.1

A great app but one requestI have left reviews before — I rate this app highly, use it several times a week, and have been using it for several years now. One request to the developers, though — I don’t use the standard iOS email app, I use one from Yahoo, which is configured as my default email app. But if I try to send a recipe by email to a friend from Paprika, it says ‘Email not configured’ — ie it doesn’t recognise the Yahoo app as an email app. Can that be fixed, please?.Version: 3.7.0

Nouvelle version? New version?J’adore Paprika mais nous demander d’acheter une nouvelle version lorsque ce n’est simplement qu’une mise à jour de l’ancienne, c’est plutôt décevant. Si une nouvelle fonctionnalité avait fait son apparition, comme des listes personnelles d’appréciation de bières et vins (avec hyperliens bidirectionnels avec les recettes), ça aurait été apprécié. I love Paprika but asking customers to pay for a new version that is merely an upgrade of the previous one is disappointing. If it had offered some new function like a beer and wine personal list, it would have been appreciated..Version: 3.2.0

Never too lateI have come to this app waaaayy too late but I am absolutely LOVING it!! I cannot tell you how much this has streamlined my meal planning. I’m getting rid of cookbooks that I barely use and finally organising recipes from the internet and my thermomix. I just LOVE it!! Cannot recommend highly enough!.Version: 3.7.0

I don’t write app reviews...but this app is brilliant!I had to find another recipe app when Recipe Book stopped working...and I wish I had found it earlier. I was able to import all the recipes from Recipe Book, it can download almost any recipe from a page, and it’s easy to put in semi-automatically when it can’t. It spots when you have just copied a link and open with a prompt. It does all I need it to - just brilliant!.Version: 3.5.0

Latest update causes app to crashThe latest update 9/21/23, will not allow any new recipes to be added either manually or by copying and downloading. Please repair !.Version: 3.8.0

All apps should be as useful as this oneI've been using the Paprika recipe manager app since the first version was released years ago. To this day, it remains one of the most useful apps I have found. One aspect I greatly appreciate is that the developer has stuck to the core purpose of the app and hasn't turned it into an advertisement-social media-infested abomination like 95% of other apps. All apps have glitches and bugs from time-to-time. They get fixed. Not all apps are simple, intuitive, unfazed by pop-culture, and serve a consistently specific purpose extremely well. This one is and I hope this app is around for a lifetime. If you need a digital place to house your recipes, I can't recommend this app enough. I has lots of functionality built in and can sync to the cloud so you can access your recipes on multiple devices. e.g. see your recipes on your iPad in the kitchen, and open them on your iPhone at the grocery store if your out getting ingredients..Version: 3.7.6

The app I’ve always hoped to findIt has all the key features: - Searchable database by key word, ingredient, etc - Easy to print recipe templates - easy to modify the recipes - Pictures!! In the right places - easy to download recipes - its just so perfect, now I’d like an app like this for craft/school activities.Version: 3.7.8

Can it get any betterI just love this App. It was well worth the money to upgrade from the previous version. So easy to save recipes found while browsing. It does a magic job of extracting relevant data and formatting it. Just one small warning. Watch out if scaling recipes for fewer/more people. It doesn’t always manage it perfectly..Version: 3.4.9

Best Recipe app!As a chef, this is by far the best recipe app I’ve ever used!! Easy UI for adding my own recipes too, but the inbuilt browser allowing me to download recipes from the web is superb! Download something and the app fills in a ‘new recipe card’ for you! Hit save and job done! Need to make extra?? Scale the recipe to suit! Highly recommend!! I have it a across all my devices !!!.Version: 3.6.5

As close to perfect as any app I’ve boughtAbsolutely terrific. I’d been looking for something of this sort for years. Almost everything seems to have been thought of. It’s almost **too** feature-heavy, but one can easily ignore unused features. Worth every penny..Version: 3.4.7

Can’t live without itI have been using Paprika app for many years, in fact since the original release. I very rarely purchase apps but i have purchased/use this app on my iPad, MacBook and iPhone. I have recently been trying to use the pantry and menu planning more to fully use all the features of the app but i mostly just use it to store my recipes which i can then refer back to when I’m at the supermarket. One thing that i would really love to see and i have sent a suggestion to developers is to have a “tag” feature. I like organising all my recipes in categories based on the books/source i got them from. Would love to be able to tag for easy searching such as: Christmas, holiday, picnic, visiting - this would really facilitate a lot for me. Currently I’m putting these tags in notes but the annoying thing is when searching i have to change the search field to notes. This wasn’t even enough for me to give it one less star. That’s how much i love this app :).Version: 3.5.2

Simply the best …I have been using this app since version 1 and it is still my favorite app of all. My sister in law, to whom I introduced it, loves it too. Saving recipes off the internet is so easy that one has to be careful lest the forest becomes so large one can’t see the trees. To deal with that I’ve created a category “untested” and that’s where the questionables go. 3-6 months down the road I’ll go through them and re-catorgorize or trash them. Manual entry is supported as well. One of the most useful features is syncing to the cloud (included in purchase price). Grocery list generation is great too. I could go on but enough. If you get this app you will not regret it..Version: 3.8.1

Love this app!This is such a great app. It has so many features and is so simple to use. I love it so much I bought the iOS and OS X version so I can maintain and sync my recipes and stuff across my devices. The pantry feature is good but for me it’s a bit too much work to keep it up to date for my entire food store; I do use it though, but only for things that aren’t in every day use, e.g. spices etc. The browser is fantastic and allows you to save recipes from pretty much anywhere, and edit them if required. It’s quick and easy to add notes and observations to a recipe to remind you to tweak or change something next time you use it. The Groceries list is also great, it copies all ingredients for the recipes you choose to a list that’s easy to edit and can be saved to the IPhone Reminders list if desired. Also I like that you can choose to keep the screen on in the settings so it doesn’t go off halfway through making something. I haven’t even mentioned the meal planning and menus features or the fact that you can auto scale ingredients up or down. This is an awesome app!!.Version: 3.3.5

I just had to write another review….I have written a couple before but each time I use this app I just think how good it is. It’s my favourite app and I just don’t understand how its not got more reviews. Everything that you need when choosing a recipe, ordering ingredients and cooking with its great timer functions. I think the only think that is missing, and its a ‘for nice’ would be a widget to show todays recipes. Keep up the great work guys!.Version: 3.7.4

Need Paprika 4 with these functions!I have had this app for years and think it is one of the best ones out there, except for a few issues. I really do wish they would come out with paprika 4 with the features that most people want, and what other apps are now able to do. (1) auto import recipe text from pictures (so we can finally get rid of all those old cookbooks without having to manually enter ever recipe), (2) make it easier to bulk categorize recipes at a single time (eg, select 12 recipes to be tagged as “side dishes”) - having to go through old recipes and add new tags to them one at a time feels like we are in the early days of computing, (3) offer other export options, including csv files, (4) make recommendations for other recipes or pairings of food within library, and (5) expand search parameters for existing fields - I have no idea why they wouldn’t build in a search function to find recipes based on things like cook time (eg find recipes that take < 20 min to make) or ingredient (eg, search for recipes without an ingredient that your dinner guest is allergic to). Please make these updates!.Version: 3.8.1

Please don’t convert tsp/tbsp measurementsI love this app, particularly the browse & download feature. Genius! However, I have one plea: please please please don’t convert tsp/tbsp measurements to metric when converting the rest of the recipe; we use teaspoons and tablespoons, too! It’s frustrating converting a US recipe and see “18 ml” instead of 1 teaspoon. I notice you don’t convert teaspoons to US when converting the other way, so hopefully it’s an easy fix!.Version: 3.7.8

Simply PerfectThis is literally my favorite app period! As in across all categories. Yes it’s a cooking app but I genuinely use it regularly. If you like to cook, explore and update recipes as you go you can’t beat this app. I really love being able to download recipes and scaling them up or down for larger or smaller portions. Write your steps, input your ingredients, add special notes. It’s great. I take my own pics and use those as my icons and organize all my recipes by categories so I know where everything is at. It’s like my personal cook book that I wrote of everything I’ve ever made. I also like how you can check off steps as you go also and even create shopping lists. I mean seriously this app was very very very well thought out. Who ever came up with this App THANK YOU! It’s literally perfect. I’ve stored my mothers recipes on here now to preserve them. I really think this app will be passed on generationally because it really is that good. Don’t ever change! It doesn’t deserve a 4.9 it’s a solid 5.0 Stars!.Version: 3.7.8

InvaluableThis would be my favourite app in terms of the positive impact it’s had on my life. I love to cook and used to maintain four gigantic 3-ring binders full of scrapbooked recipes. Of course I could never find the recipe I want when I looked for it in the binders. Now I keep all of my 1300+ recipes on Paprika and can find things with a brief search of name or ingredients. Being able to tick off ingredients as I add them to the recipe means I never leave anything out! Every time I try a new recipe, I add a rating and comments about any modifications. I’ve noticed over the years that paprika seems able to automatically load recipes from more websites (rather than manually saving them) which is a bonus. It’s also really easy to share recipes with others. I love that you can now add custom grocery list categories. This year I even bought the Mac version, which i’ve found much faster for tasks like adding categories or notes to large numbers of recipes. Thank you..Version: 3.3.2

Awesome programVersatile, easy to use, as comprehensive as you want it to be. Love this great program..Version: 3.7.0

Best app I’ve ever boughtHands down this is the best app I’ve ever bought. I LOVE it! I did hesitate when I saw the price but trust me you will not regret getting it. It’s so easy to use - I love that when you find a recipe on the internet you just press the button to upload into Paprika and it adds it to you recipe library without any messing around, photos too! The only change I’d make is to add auto correct and spell check, it can be frustrating when adding your own recipes and you mistype. Great work otherwise developers..Version: 3.3.4

Love itSo many cool features - easy to add random recipes found online, now all nicely organized in one place - the app! This replaced My Recipes app which was discontinued - thankfully I managed to transfer 200+ recipes from it to Paprika and I find it way better than what I had before! Thank you Paprika!.Version: 3.7.8

The BESTI’ve been around a long time, and have now been using this app about 4 years. Before this app, I used Pinterest boards for years. However, I found searching the boards challenging, and when you go to the web to see the recipe, the pop-ups very irritating. In short, I love Paprika and have both the Windows and iOS versions. Thank you so much for all your work! The app is rich with features, including customizing categories, search within both all recipes or within a category. I also enjoy being able to add photos to the recipes, to print out the recipe if needed, and a web search and download capability which eliminates all those maddening pop-ups of your finds and favorites. This latter feature makes this app a true beauty. I also appreciate the feature to export my menus into iCalendar. This export feature solves the app limitation of not being able to search within my menus. However, having had the app so long, a “go-to” date with the menus would be a seriously terrific addition. I just want to say that the support of the app is excellent. Yesterday, I found my iOS app crashing when trying to put in a few cooking tips on a recent grill (edit), and found the app had been updated 2 days ago to fix this bug. Definitely thumbs up, thank you again!.Version: 3.8.1

Game changerI am obsessed with this app! It’s a real game changer. I’m almost mad I had never heard of this before because it is exactly what I have wanted. I had been searching and digging trying to find an app that does exactly this, the fact I was searching for it and had a hard time finding it really says something about your marketing?! Anyways since I have started using it I have been spreading the word to all my friends and family - hoping to also swap some great daily recipes with everyone! There are so many things I love about this app I don’t know where to begin. The fact it’s not prefilled with great looking but unknown recipes - you get to carefully curate and add your own tried and tested selection. By far the best thing is the exporting to a grocery list - where is consolidates the ingredients to avoid duplicates and even better - it leaves out what you have already indicated to own in your pantry. Setting up menus with 4 days worth of dinners further simplifies the weekly groceries. This app has instantly improved our daily life so much with it’s convenience planning meals and groceries. Thank you so much and please get your name out there more, everyone needs to hear about this app!.Version: 3.4.3

Best recipe manager everI am starting to love cooking again thanks to this app! The only feature I'm missing is there possibility to share a recipe or a folder of recipes. I know you can share one by sending it, but I would like to share it so that when I update a recipe my friends/spouse gets three updates too in that folder/recipe. That would be amazing..Version: 3.4.7

Changeover from obsolete appHad to make a change from my old recipe book app so chose this one. Managed to import all my recipes from the old app which was a godsend for me, a lot of my collection was personal recipes that I had no copy of. Very happy to have solved a dissolving app problem with one just as good, keep up the good work and thank you for helping with the import..Version: 3.6.5

Favorite app everI have had paprika for over 2 years now. It is the best recipe manager for my lifestyle. It syncs seamlessly over my windows desktop, iPhone and iPad. My two favorite things are the ease in downloading recipes from any website no matter which device I am using. it separates every recipe into a consistent pattern on the paprika platform separated by ingredients and directions but still allows you to customize your categories, ratings, etc. I like to read comments about recipes and can edit my recipe after downloading or copy additional notes into the recipe. This has been so much better than trying to keep a binder (ugh) or recipe boxes on different food sites. My second favorite thing is that when cooking, I can pull up paprika on my iPad in the kitchen, and it never times out until I close the app. I could go on about how easy it is to edit ,scale and share. The user experience cannot be beat..Version: 3.7.0

Amazing recipe appI used to use another app for my recipes for years, then they stopped updating it and when I asked them what do I do now… They suggested this app. Oh my gosh. This app is amazing I love it. It took everything from my previous app and tweaked them this is now far more superior than my other app. It is so easy to copy recipes from the internet. So many ways to search for your recipes, name, ingredients, type. Thank you for Paprika 3 😍😍.Version: 3.7.8

Yes I bought this AGAIN!-= Feature Request =- I’ve been using Paprika for years and absolutely love this app. Now that iOS has the ability to identify text in images, it would be amazing if Paprika let us take a photo of a recipe and then convert it and import it. I have way too many cookbooks that I have bookmarked and would love to get those recipes in Paprika quickly! Update: You CAN insert multiple images. I had misunderstood how this feature works and I see other reviewers having the same issue. This is how it works. When you are creating the recipe, in the photos section where you normally put the thumbnail image for the recipe, add all the other images you need for the recipe. THEN, when editing any part of the recipe, tap in the photo icon in the toolbar to insert any of the images from your image pool. I still think this is pretty confusing, but that’s how it works! I have bought every version of Paprika because it’s the best. However it loses one star because you cannot insert any images in the recipes. As another reviewer pointed out, when you try to insert an image, all you get is a cancel and insert button and insert doesn’t do anything. I’ve been waiting for this feature forever. Please fix this to make it perfect..Version: 3.8.1

Amazing app!!Love love love this app. I used to do it all by hand and now it’s all in one spot, so efficient!! The only thing I’m trying to figure out is a way to categorize meal types when saving recipes for an easy search..Version: 3.8.1

Thank YouThank you, Hindsight Labs, for developing such a fantastic app with many great features. I LOVE the web recipe import, scale conversions, shopping lists, meal planning, and calendar synchronization (though I would love if the calendar sync updated automatically). I also applaud how this app syncs seamlessly across all of my devices (PC included), it truly makes it a breeze to view and manage my recipes. I would also like to thank this developer for not switching to a subscription-based platform. Though, I do understand that a subscription-based platform is more sustainable for the developers, it negatively impacts the end user, so thank for NOT taking the leap. I would however love to continue to support your company. Instead of making cloud subscription subscription-based, I would suggest adding new features and allowing the end-user to unlock them by a single purchase or even a ‘tip the developer’ section. I use this app all the time, and it has changed my meal planning life in so many ways and for that I thank you. As for the end-users considering purchasing this application.. What are you waiting for? The price is 110% worth it. It very neatly organizes your recipes and allows you to import recipes from the web with correct scaling conversions. Not to mention, each recipe imported into this app can be synced across all devices via an account, and printed in a neatly organized page..Version: 3.7.0

Amazing!So easy to use and download recipes. I can access on any device and create a meal plan. Brilliant!.Version: 3.6.6

Nice AppI’ve been using this App for a week now and really like the ease that one can download recipes, and that it saves both on an iPhone and iPad. However one small improvement would be the ability to have your saved recipients listed in your own order, or even better, the ability to add directories, I.e. Roasts, or Curries etc to list your recipes..Version: 3.4.8

Great appThis is the most used app I have nearly. Everyday I am using it for meal planning, shopping, storing recipes, or searching for new ones via the app. I love it..Version: 3.7.0

Great, and I mean Great Recipe AppGreat, no GREAT APP. I have it on my iPhone, my iPad, and my Mac. All work together seamlessly. Make a change on my phone, and with a couple of seconds it shows up on my iPad and Mac. It is very fast on all the platforms. It has the BEST browser/recipe scanner. Just type a recipe title into the browser, and it goes out and finds a bunch of recipes with that and similar names. You browse through them, find the one you want, and click Download, then save, and the recipe is in your database, and within a couple of seconds, it’s in ALL your devices. It also imports recipes in text file format that you export from other software. And of course, you can type in your own recipes. One hint: When saving recipes, assign then to categories. An example is a quick to make shrimp appetizer. It could be categorized as Appetizer, Quick to make, Seafood, and Shellfish. It makes finding recipes easier if you are scrolling to find something to make. On a scale of 0-5, I would give it about a 4.99..Version: 3.8.1

21st Century CookbookUntil now I’ve kept all the recipes I’ve collected over the years in Apple Notes - including ones cut from newspapers and magazines (scanned as PDFs). Not any more. Paprika 3 is a delight to use all round, although copying and pasting hundreds of recipes into it is going to take some time. And the Export function is a great way of maintaining safe backups on iCloud Drive..Version: 3.3.4

Been using for a couple of years now!The best recipe app, Moving from paper to digital this was a great transition. You can folder lots of recipes into folders, rate them, add notes, photos etc. I used to use probably a quarter of recipe books and needed a transition to help the environment! Great for someone who needs some organisation and just to keep all their recipes in one place. Great if you just want to have a recipe they found ages ago in front of them without having to scroll right to the bottom of a food blog or trying to find a recipe you screenshotted 3 years ago.....Version: 3.4.7

App not downloading recipesI had to buy the Paprika3 upgrade and now it won’t download recipes from the web. That was my favourite feature so that sucks. What happened??.Version: 3.6.6

Never lose a recipe again!Trying find that great recipe online again, 3 months later is always a pain. Now the ones that work are quickly saved, thanks to Paprika’s browser download. 3 months or 3 years later, I can find that recipe again..Version: 3.7.0

Exactly what I was looking forThis app does everything AND MORE for what I was looking for in a recipe app..Version: 3.6.6

Feature SuggestionLove the app, and have it on my iPhone, iPad and Mac. Do have a feature request — a lot of my recipes are for Indian curries, and often the ingredients are in-line with the directions, rather than captured separately. It would be great if there was a setting in Paprika that let me set the default view when entering the recipe to “Directions”, rather than “Ingredients”. (I sent this feedback by twitter and email months ago, but doesn’t seem like the developers are active there)..Version: 3.4.8

Flexible diary note?I use this app a lot and it’s very versatile. However I would love to have the option of adding a note to your daily meal plan which is just narrative text only without being categorised as a meal event, or perhaps having the ability to create custom meal event rather than being limited to the four provided..Version: 3.8.1

The “what’s for dinner” conversation is a thing of the pastLove this app! We have downloaded a great library of recipes and use these to schedule weekly menus. Based on this we also create a weekly shopping list which makes grocery shopping once a week a snap. We just look in the calendar to see what we’ve planned for dinner, then go ahead and cook it. Easy as that. We’ve saved a lot of money since there’s very little food waste in the house now, we only buy what we need to make the recipes we’ve planned. My only criticism would be I can’t export my weekly grocery list directly to the website I use to buy my groceries online. That would save a lot of time..Version: 3.6.4

I use it every daySo many good features. I can import from any website and convert to a consistent format. Ingredients and directions are side-by-side which is so much better than traditional recipe-book style with ingredients at the top and directions below. I can create my own categories to organize recipes. I can add comments of my own. When a blog or website has lots of extraneous text, Paprika will almost always be able to find the recipe within and extract it; when it occasionally doesn’t get it quite right, it is easy to edit and fix it. I don’t use the shopping-list feature because it only has generic categories: produce, canned goods, etc. I use a separate app (called Any List) because it allows me to customize it to fit the way things are arranged in the store where I shop. I would love to have this feature in Paprika; it would then be just about perfect. But until then I still love it. Update: I have just discovered that you CAN customize the store aisles in the shopping list, so I may try to do that..Version: 3.4.3

Fantastic amazing wonderfulMy favourite app. Works better than I imagined it would.Version: 3.4.9

Fantastic app, but a suggestion for devsI have been using Paprika for a few months now. I have it on my computer and my phone, which allows me the freedom to look up anything I’ve saved, wherever I’m at, at any given time. The ability to create as many categories as I want has helped me immensely. I cook everyday, at least 2 meals a day, at home, and I own a restaurant, so I’m always trying out new ideas at work. In other words, I cook s tin and this is the first app that handles it all. Except one thing. The Bookmark ability. You can’t organize bookmarks as far as I can tell, it’s just one long list I have to slog through. There are often articles on cooking, tips & tricks, cookware I want to save a link to, etc. Not being able to organize all this into easily findable subjects is annoying. I have to tab out of Paprika, to go to another service that allows me to organize bookmarks. Having it all in one app would be fantastic. Otherwise, this app does absolutely everything I need and want and I love it!.Version: 3.3.4

Best recipe app everI had scrapbooks of recipes; recipe books: heirloom recipes on index cards. This allowed me to combine them all in one place. Easy to search and even easier to add a new recipe from the internet. I love the fact I can scale up or down depending how many mouths I have to feed — as well as converting recipes from US sites to what the rest of the world uses. Please warn me if you ever decide to stop making this..Version: 3.4.3

How did I live without it!The more I use this beautifully designed, amazingly functional app, the more I love it. The ability to create menus and pull up recipes and lists any time, any where, on any of my devices, makes meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking so much easier. Love being able to quickly check a list of what’s in my freezer or pantry without scrounging through them. The ability to sort by expiration date helps to keep track of items that need to be used soon. A future update I would like to see is the ability to customize location of pantry items. I have more than one pantry area. (My solution has been to assign an emoji for each location and add it to each item - I know, sounds silly, but it works.) There is one glaring fault in this app when you scale recipes. For example, if recipe ingredient says I bag (16 ounces), if I scale the recipe to double, the ingredient lists as 2 bags (16 ounces) instead of 2 bags (32 ounces). If you are not alert to this it is easy to use the wrong quantity. This error shows up in directions as well. In spite of this I can’t bring myself to deduct a star because I love this truly awesome app so much..Version: 3.3.6

Problem with recipe importGreat app. However, you cannot import from chrome, only from Safari. This seems criminal to me, and needs to be fixed ASAP..Version: 3.7.8

Great app minus that exporting crashesThe app is great for importing and making recipes. It’s just frustrating that exporting doesn’t work to other apps. I’m a diabetic and I use a food tracker for my daily life. I wanted to add my recipes and Paprika and MyNetDiary both support import/export. However, paprika failed to load the source file option and crashes upon selecting the text file option. Please fix.Version: 3.8.1

The perfect recipe appThis app is magical - it just works in so many amazing ways! I’ve tried several recipe apps but this is far and away the very best for accurate, automated recipe collection from web pages and super-handy style of usage plus meticulous attention to detail. Outstanding!.Version: 3.6.1

Harder to navigateNow much harder to navigate, much more confusing.Version: 3.7.8

Best recipe and shopping App!I have had paprika since first released, it has worked extremely well between all our devices. When (only had one so far) there is support to resolve unlike most apps. Keep up the support and updates and it will be around for ever.Version: 3.3.0

Couldn’t live without this essential life toolWe eat most meals in. Paprika is installed on my wife, my daughter and my iPhones & Apple Watches, a kitchen iPad and a MacBook. We share the responsibility of meal planning, shopping, and prep. Paprika makes this easy. It imports recipes directly from website sources. We have over 6,000 recipes collected over the 6+ years we’ve use the app. We can scale these recipes to suit our needs (Paprika does all the math), categorize them and easily plan our meals each week. With Paprika 3, grocery lists are on our Apple watches, so the iPhone is not necessary in the store which is awesome now that we’re all wearing masks, and Face ID is crippled. We can split up as we shop, even at different stores, and as we check items off our lists all devices are synchronized almost instantly, so it’s easy to know what has been bought and what is still to go. We have several grocery options near our home, and the ability to maintain separate lists for each store is an added bonus. The pantry feature lets us manage the staples we always keep on hand. Of the many apps we’ve purchased over the years— in any category— Paprika is the one we would gladly have paid more for. The apps on each platform are solid, stable and the developers continue to enrich the app year after year..Version: 3.6.1

5 for App, 4 for sellersThe upgraded version delivers many enhancements. I have no problems using its new features and finding how to do previous things after scanning the help sections (they are helpful). The look of the recipes w/updated format is nicer to read and you can vary the font size, bold, italicize and such. The send from browser for recipes saves several steps over the URL link, but you can do either if you adjust settings. I also really like being able to link 2 recipes (like a cake w/a particularly frosting). The ability to insert photos into the directions for step-by-step recipes is nice also. Worth the switch for me. That being said - in an earlier review I wasn’t happy w/not even a small reduction in price for users of prior versions. I still feel like even a couple of dollars off the computer version would make for warm fuzzy feelings of customer loyalty vs grumpy reluctant re-purchasers. Especially since many of us refer new users!.Version: 3.2.3

THE recipe manager to haveExcellent app. I’ve been a paprika user for years. Their app has been a lifesaver and a wonderful way to organize and manage recipes. The synchronizing back up to the cloud works seamlessly and makes me feel safe about some of the recipes I’ve preserved. It’s fantastic. What a great app, what a great thing to have to organizeand sort your love of food. The browser that lets you download and neatly import recipes from the web works wonderfully..Version: 3.8.1

The kitchenhand I can’t live withoutI must admit that 7 years ago I thought $4.95 was a lot to spend on an app, but a good friend had raved about it so I took the plunge. I love the app for so many reasons & the developers keep making it better & better. I use it for my grocery list. I love being able to menu plan, and add ingredients directly from the recipe to my list..Version: 3.4.0

My favouriteExcellent app.Version: 3.8.1

BrilliantAs a chef of 22 years, I’m not sure how I would cope without this app these days. I get all my cooks to have this on their device so they have access to our recipes when I’m not there. I have used the app for years and the updates are always fantastic. Thank you!.Version: 3.7.8

Simply love it!I can’t live without this app which I have on my phone, iPad and computer! The new look is outstanding and so useful when the visual photo shows me what is for dinner or otherwise. I am an avid cook and want to thank you for such a great program. I would give you 10 out of 10 stars if it were possible. Just a suggestion, but could you consider adding in a substitute section or even a section on the differences between dried and fresh measurements; as sometimes it is needed..Version: 3.5.2

Excellent new update for Paprika 3I have been using Paprika 2 for many many years every day all day on all iOS and MAC devices. Just transferred 1000+ recipes from old App to new App, it was seamless, bought new App, logged in and left iPad running for about 30mins all done no problem and planner too! Will now purchase MAC version as happy with this transition and no bugs. New features that I like so far include the clean looking layout, conversion tab and metric tab in recipes, meal types, (finally I can have my baking tab) and the today section in planner ! Just buy it you won’t regret it and worth $$ for the effort spent by developers for always updating App - Thank-you ! (Also check settings to ensure your auto load URL is on to load recipes, for those who thought this feature was missing)..Version: 3.2.0

I’m amazed!I’ve enjoyed so many features of this app, particularly meal planning and being able to look back at recipes I’ve made together. But, I was blown away today with the import feature. I’d brought up a photo posted on the internet of a hand written recipe card in the browser. The app imported the recipe flawlessly even distinguishing between ingredients and directions written between two different cards, but posted in one photo. All the ingredients with their amounts were listed perfectly in order. This app has certainly made my life easier. Although, I do get addicted to adding recipes from the internet since it’s so easy, so it does also waste a bit of time. But, well worth it when I can try out something new with my family! I do wish it had a better feature to add groceries to our Alexa app since that’s where we keep our grocery list..Version: 3.6.5

Get it nowDespite, the rave reviews I always resisted getting this app because it’s not cloud based. I also always preferred paper, so I’d have disorganized binders and files bursting with recipes I had printed (and then I’d just print them again... and again.. when I couldn’t find the first print out). Finally caved because it was just untenable and I’m so glad I did. Being able to cross out ingredients and calculate serving sizes while viewing recipes on my iPad makes this a game changer. No more messy math scribbles all over a tattered, oily page. I thought the recipe browser would just annoy me but it does the job. I just wish there were a “refresh “ button or something to eliminate all cross outs at once and that the serving sizes were a little more intuitive. (Ie, 16 tablespoons will become 1 cup but 8 tablespoons stays that way instead of becoming a half cup.) But really, all in all Paprika had changed my cooking life!! My favorite thing to do lately is find new recipes to add in. I bought both the computer and mobile apps and it’s been well worth it..Version: 3.6.4

Impressive!Had this project on my to do list for years. Paprika kept coming up at the top of many review lists. Definitely pick this one. Everything it promises, delivers. I’m in awe of how easy it is to populate and easy to use after. I was a little unsure when I started. It seemed plain. I quickly picked up that it was so simple. No fancy bells and whistles. No distractions or complications. I so appreciate and love this app. More than any other app I use, it clearly is well planned and the developers get it. I have a big recipe book with many decades of family recipes plus new ones I have found. I use every aspect of Paprika. Entering is so simple. Adding photos is fun. Categorizing speaks to the organizer in everyone. My favorite part is the Browser to add internet recipes. TIP - look up all your written recipes. I guarantee you’ll find most online. Click download and you don’t have to type it in! The magic is how it gathers all the information and places it in the right section. I’m 66 yo and easily figured it out and love it. NO more messy, cluttered, packed recipe binder. I feel like I have a professional app that works in the present and will be available to my family for years to come. Thank you to Paprika!.Version: 3.7.2

Paprika 3Years ago I bought Paprika 2 and have been using every since. A couple of days ago I bought the newest version and synced all my recipes but not all of them were added to Paprika 3 and it is a pain to update this app and recipes one by one. I tried to import or export them but it does not seem to work. Any chance that something can be done about this. I have over 300 recipes and it is tedious to say the lease to add individually. Thank you. Agathe.Version: 3.6.4

I’ve never loved an app the way I love PaprikaHonestly I’ve always been a tech savvy person - I use lots of apps and have lots of useful tools. But this one is the first app that has ever really felt LIFE CHANGING. I used to use Google Docs to try and manage my recipes and while it was helpful it was NOWHERE near as helpful as this app. Thank you for making something that does EXACTLY what I need it to. I love it so so much..Version: 3.4.3

Fantastic!This is an amazing app. It does pretty much everything I need. I’ve imported some recipes from books, some from computer files and some I found online. The scaling up/down feature is very helpful and all ingredients can be added to my shopping list. I am only just starting to use the Menu and Meal Planner, but they seem excellent. The pantry list will be something of a challenge but could be very useful, especially for seldom-used ingredients..Version: 3.4.8

Use a lot of Paprika!I use the Paprika app so often it’s become my “ go to “ shopping assistant. I like the ease of down loading a recipe where ever I am and then ease of allocating my saved recipes to either favourite chefs/ food writers or to categories of food styles. Great app!.Version: 3.7.6

Best App I’ve usedMy third recipe app. It let me import all my recipes from an expiring app. Super easy to use - you can add recipes manually or import them from the web. Super happy with this! Love it! Must be one of the best recipe apps out there! Please don’t withdraw this one. 100% recommend! I’d even pay an annual subscription to keep this going! I’d give it a 100 stars if I could!.Version: 3.7.0

Love it so much, been using it for years!I'm so thankful for this app! I'm a picky eater, and it just doesn't make sense to buy lots of cookbooks and only make one or two recipes out of each one. Paprika basically lets you create your own cookbook with recipes you collect from blogs across the internet, as well as adding your own recipes to the app. After years of use, I have hundreds of recipes, and I advise you to get in the habit of categorizing recipes when you add them. This makes it easier to find what you're looking for later! The latest update that added scaling for alternate measurements was great, and I appreciate that the developers are continuing to update the app. I love the integrated timers and the ability to plan meals and automatically generate grocery lists. All in all, this is one of the most useful apps on my phone and SO worth the purchase price! I also REALLY appreciate that the app is an outright purchase and hasn't moved to the subscription model!.Version: 3.7.0

Just wiped five years of recipesApp wouldn’t open. Back up didn’t work. Paid for and installed latest version and came up empty. Used to use app nearly every day. Don’t know whether I can trust this app again. Heart broken..Version: 3.7.8

Fantastic recipe appIt’s perfect - the automatic downloading of recipes from websites works almost every time, and in the rare case when it doesn’t, they’ve made it super simple to copy-paste recipes in..Version: 3.4.8

Amazing app... with a few drawbacksFirst, I have to say how much I love this app. It’s got a great meal-planning section, and it’s super easy to use. However, there are a few things that make it less than what it could be. 1) Though there is an option to add photos to the recipe’s ingredient list and directions, this doesn’t seem to work. I click the photo button, and it turns to a white screen with only two options: cancel or insert. Only canceling works. This is frustrating because the hundreds of family recipes have to be fully typed. 2) The app has an option to turn off automatic screen lock to prevent lots of greasy fingerprints while cooking, but the ingredients and directions are on separate tabs. You have to touch the screen every time you need to check a measurement, countering the entire purpose of the no-lock options. Other than these two annoyances, I adore Paprika. It is pretty simple to use, and it obviously has had a lot of thought put into it. I would definitely recommend this app.Version: 3.2.3

Great app but……..As a Paprika user for many years and a fervent fan, I have one major gripe. The “Meals” function is great for recording recipes and menues but misses out big time on analysis. I’ve got years of meals recorded but there is no way to interrogate the database. I can’t find out what have been my favourites over time, what I’ve cooked most often, what I’ve never repeated, who I’ve served a meal to or how my taste has changed over time. A query menu would be so interesting and make some good use of all that data. I have tried to contact Paprika to ask them to consider this functionality but I’ve had no acknowledgement never mind a response. This is a brilliant way of keeping recipes but could be so much bettter..Version: 3.8.1

Love Paprika 3I have been using Paprika for some time now and it is my go to place each time I need some inspiration. I have always loved looking at recipes but usually by the time I found one I liked the moment to actually get down to cook it had passed. I have saved lots of recipes into the app but have just downloaded my first app from Bloglovin, amazing seconds later there it was. I have also used the pantry and did the shopping using the Paprika list that saved into my reminders and moved every into my pantry when I returned. I now everything in my cupboards and freezer on the app. I did meal plan using the app for some time but then lost the habit. I have returned to this again now with the new app. Well done to you all for this amazing app. This is the first time I have reviewed an app but thought this was just so good I had to post one..Version: 3.4.3

You need to get this!This is the most fantastic app! Worth every penny! I have recommended this to every friend I have that cooks! You can share recipes, instantaneously with others, whether they have the app or not, but if they have it, your recipe will seamlessly be added into their app, including photos, notes, etc. I have transferred old family recipes I to mine by hand and now can share those, as well as wonderful recipes that I've seamlessly downloaded from the internet. I haven't used many of the features this app provides, but will, eventually....but what features I do use has made my life so much easier. I always have my recipes with me, so if I decide while in a store, that I want to make something; I have my ingredient list right there. Thank you Paprika 3 for such a wonderful app! *** One suggestion....Add "Refrigeration Time", as an alternative to "Cooking Time" for the many recipes that require no cooking, but refrigeration time needs to be figured in. That would definitely be a nice "tweet" to the app..Version: 3.7.7

Highlighting Features I LOVEThese reviews here are on the mark! I won’t reiterate, but I will share a couple of what I think are the coolest features, one of which I just found after a month of using the app. (It’s like a new car in which you just keep finding little compartments you didn’t know existed!) The first one is timers—not just one timer in the top menu—timers throughout each recipe! Just click on the blue text anywhere in the instructions (and these recipes are downloaded from the internet), and you can set a timer for each action (i.e., stir for 2 minutes, cook 5 minutes uncovered). A list of the timers will show up on the left side of the screen. This second feature helping me be a better planner is Meals. It lets you add any recipe to a calendar, and when you go into your calendar you just click on the recipe to go to it. There are so many other features that are so well designed and thought out, and some I haven’t taken advantage of yet! Go for it and buy this app! You won’t be disappointed! (Have to add that during this time when our family is spending much more time at home, I decided to go through my old cooking magazines and pull out the recipes I want to try. Many are available on the internet, so I’ve been able to download them rather than type in the whole recipe! Great project!).Version: 3.5.1

The bestLove this app. When changing phones, I was panicked that I’d lost all my recipes but the cloud syncing made the transition effortless..Version: 3.8.1

Lost Without It!There is not a day that I don’t use this app, several times a day. Not only do I save recipes from various websites, but I use it to plan meals on a daily basis, or menus for more elaborate meals. What did I make for Christmas dinner 2018? The answer is at my fingertips. There is option to add items from a recipe to your grocery list. Do you have an ingredient you need to use up? Search by that ingredient, and all the recipes using that ingredient come up. You create your own categories for recipes (I have quite a few!), and a recipe can be included under several categories. It is easy to scale recipes up or down. It is easy to edit your recipes, write notes etc. You can rate the recipes, which is helpful. There are so many features that facilitate your daily menu planning. I’ve been using this intuitive app for several years, and quite honestly, would be lost without it. It was one of the best purchases I ever made. I love it!.Version: 3.6.6

Great Recipe ManagerHave been using this app for years since Living Cookbook stopped being supported. I love it. You can input your own recipes or get recipes from online easily. It is also very easy to edit and organize those recipes. You can also pin recipes that you use frequently. Great app..Version: 3.7.7

Bravo au(x) concepteur(s)J’ai déjà écrit un commentaire et je persiste à dire que j’adore cette appli ! Joanne de Québec.Version: 3.8.1

The Ultimate Foodie ToolPaprika has been my fond cooking companion for years and years now and I truly don’t leave home without it. Sure, I still obsessively collect cookbooks but Paprika is what I cook from, how I plan meals and parties. Make that categorization tool your own and make subsets to organize recipes in ways that make sense to you and you don’t have to have multiple books open while you create. Plus you can make notations, change ingredients or directions, and leave that expensive tome unmarred. Two small issues…I find it difficult to rearrange those categories and there are the occasional bugs in the system (now I’m dealing with ingredients and directions cutting off at screen’s edge on my iPhone but going to Edit and then re-saving fixes that until the developers do). Otherwise this app is brilliant at collecting and organizing my food and drink thoughts. Just think, your favorite recipes are at your fingertips wherever you go, cell service be damned. Want to make that awesome cocktail at a friend’s party? Paprika has the recipe at your fingertips and you can text it to the people wowed by your gustatory finesse. How else do you get that cute person’s number and let them know you’re savvy?.Version: 3.7.2

Excellente applicationJe l’utilise à tous les jours.Version: 3.7.7

Excellent app but poor update schemeThis is by far my favorite recipe-keeping app. It's not also a huge database of other people's recipes that I have to wade through or have pushed in my face when I'm not looking for other people's recipes, and the importing system is fantastic. I send a recipe to it from the web and it shows up perfectly and flawlessly, complete with a photo (provided there was one in the original recipe on the web, of course). The app is really pretty indispensable. The developers seem to know this, however, and charge for each successive update – plus they don't even seem to notify you of this in the old version you've already got on your phone, but let you just keep using it until you start to encounter bugs and decide to go looking to see if there's a new version on the App Store. There is, and it's gonna cost you. I have to admit though: the quality of the app justifies continually paying for it. I may not like paying for each version, especially when money is tight, but the developers do earn and deserve the price they ask..Version: 3.7.0

Great app and supportI’ve been using this app for years and love it. The ability to adapt it makes it much more customized to my needs. I’ve added categories that allows me to have grocery lists for each store if needed, a craft tab in recipes, recipe tab to cross reference kid friendly recipes and gluten free etc. There’s still a few functions that I’m sure I’m not fully using I don’t like spending money on apps but this one is worth every penny and I’ve gifted a few(Black Friday deal) When the app was crashing recently I contacted support and had a reply within 24 hours AND they had a fix in place with a new software update ready to go..Version: 3.8.1

Siri support for adding groceries [added!]Love this app! Makes food so much easier to manage day to day, and worth the extra cost of version 3. Have you considered adding support for Siri to add groceries to the Paprika shopping list? Right now I have to keep my grocery list in Reminders, and export from Paprika for every meal I add (a bit time consuming) but would love to use Paprika exclusively! [edit: Siri support now added, 5 stars!].Version: 3.2.3

Have had this for several years, can’t live withoutI’ve had this since the previous version. When I was considering purchasing this app for the first time, I felt it was a little too expensive so I did a lot of research. This ended up being the only one that met my requirements so I grudgingly paid up. Best decision I made. It was worth every cent. I racked up a couple of thousands recipes and it was really easy to search what I needed. Seamless downloads, easy customization of menus, simple UI, pin & switch, multiple grocery lists, etc. And then few years later, a revamp that requires a repurchase. What?? Granted I had the app for probably about 5years by then, and I have sent in a few requests to make it even more user friendly. Be careful what you wish for because it comes at a price. I had to buy this, there was really no alternative. Not happy with having to cough up this much without a “loyal user discount”. But while I was at it, I bought the desktop version too. It now actually has all the stuff I requested (like the ability to add multiple photos) and more. Sigh, I am scared of another revamp a few years down the line.....Version: 3.3.1

Just what you wantVery easy to use and so far all recipes have imported problem free. Much easier than my old method of leaving tabs open..Version: 3.7.4

Organised shopping sorted!Great app! Never thought I’d really use it but so good to have all favourite recipes in one place. No trying to remember which book it is in. And recipe stays open for you to follow unlike if you were just using a website recipe. Groceries list makes shopping so easy, all items sorted into aisles, tick them off as you go along so it’s easy to see what’s still on the list. Speeds the process up! Can create list from your weekly/monthly meal plan and/or add to it with other items. Recommend you give it a try..Version: 3.4.8

Love It butMy main pain points are the editing abilities. Sometimes I may have imported a recipe more than once and would like a way, via mobile and desktop, to select multiple recipes to delete them at the same time. I’d also like the ability to select multiple recipes to move to a category or menu. And the ability to assign a day to prepare multiple recipes for the planner instead of going into each recipe to do so. Outside of that, this app is everything else I need it to be. Easy import from various websites (improvements over the different versions). The recipe view in the iOS app is the best with great built in timers, an option to scale ingredients, link to the source of the recipe, an option to rate the recipe, and easy toggling between the ingredients and directions. The grocery list comes in handy as long as the recipes are following the same units of measurement (I.e. won’t work if there are multiple variations of 1 C v 1 cup v 1 cups v 1 cup(s)). Great app, has some room for improvement when it comes to editing..Version: 3.4.0

Well done PaprikaThis is the only app I recommend to my friends. It has transformed how I cook, shop and eat. It has been a saviour to organise my week and I believe my family and I eat better because of this app. Food waste is also down as I only buy what I cook. Highly recommended!.Version: 3.7.0

Absolute life saver! Best recipe manager app ever!I've been using this app for many years now and I cannot imagine my life without it now. Never had any issues and it has very regular updates. It's fantastic and the best on the market. I love how instantly it syncs with the MacBook app as well, so I can use my recipies both on my laptop and my phone. It's what I used for planning my weekly menu (it has a calendar for it!) and to create my shopping list (yep, it has that too!). It makes my planning so quick and I can't do groceries without it now. So easy! I love I have this app to store my recipies forever digitally. Please don't ever discountinue this app, I really don't know how I could manage my diet and my recipies without it! Thank you creators for blessing us with this :).Version: 3.6.4

Cannot rate highly enoughInvaluable app. It makes me happy every time I don’t have to search my phone, pull out a piece of paper or scour the internet for a recipe I vaguely remember. The download feature is incredible and remarkable in how it formats the imported recipe. Have recommend it to everyone, and my librarian family members have been very impressed with its information organising features. Just get it now..Version: 3.6.5

Everything organised in one placeI have used Paprika for years I love it ,I have it on all my devices,I do think however there should be one price that allow multiple devices access for that price instead of paying for each device separately. It is wonderful for keeping all your favourite recipes together and syncing to all devices.I travel so I can take all my recipes with me..Version: 3.7.0

I love PaprikaI’ve had the Paprika app for several years and consider it the most useful app I have. It’s on my PC for meal-planning, my iPad for cooking and following my recipes, and my iPhone for grocery shopping. Here’s what I love about Paprika: my devices all stay in sync with each other automatically; I can import a recipe from the web with one click on Safari, or a couple of clicks on my PC; I can have a separate grocery list for Wegmans vs Costco, and even Lowes; I can search my recipes by name, ingredient, etc.; I can click-and-drag meals around on the calendar to get an idea of what we’ll eat in the coming week(s); when shopping, I can click items off as I drop them in my cart, so my grocery list gets shorter and shorter as I go through the store; it’s easy to make notes on recipes about how much we liked it, ingredients or quantities I’d change for next time, timing on Instant Pot recipes, etc.; and I just discovered last week that I can “pin” recipes to the main screen when I’m fixing a meal where I need to refer to two or three recipes at the same time, and I can easily switch between them. Paprika is awesome!.Version: 3.7.5

Best app everOne of the best apps I’ve ever used. Easy to navigate, easy to download recipes, it’s made my life as a busy mum so much easier. Have recommended to everyone I know. This app will change your life! Best $10 I’ve ever spent..Version: 3.8.1

Simply the bestUsing it for year and I no chef but it’s the best to keep the few recipes I like. I wish there were shareable section I could with my sister and family..Version: 3.8.1

Life changing appThis app has pulled all my recipes into one place and i can find what i need so easily. It has also helped us to prevent food wastage due to meal planning. I never thought i would Meal plan but its actually been fantastic. Feedback: RecipeTinEats is a very popular cooking website in Australia. It pulls in the recipes almost perfectly, the Notes need to be manually copied and pasted. It would be amazing if this can be fixed.Version: 3.8.1

Literally perfectYou couldn’t ask for a better recipe app. Why trawl through an entire SEO filled recipe on a website when paprika can strip out all the important information and import it for you. The recipes are formatted well, you can convert easily between imperial/metric. I’ve saved so many recipes that no longer exist on the internet that I can now continue to use because this app is so good. Download it, then pay for the premium version because the developers really deserve it (and it lets you sync the recipes with your friends/partner/family). If this app ever goes away I have no idea what I’ll do.Version: 3.6.6

Most loved app!This is a must-have app if you save online recipes. I use this app several times a week. Love it!.Version: 3.8.1

Recipe Management and MORE!I have been using Paprika for over five years, and it has surpassed all of my expectations. Not only is it a Recipe Manager (a data base of all your recipes), but it allows you to easily create shopping lists store by store, do daily meal planning, and input menus for your favourite celebrations. Let the app make your time planning, shopping and cooking meals FUN! Unfortunately the app is not able to do the cleaning, but given the time you have saved using the app, you won’t mind as much. Googling recipes on the internet does give you a huge selection of recipes. Rather than read them through (with all their ads, videos and more), I directly send the recipe to Paprika. It is able to gather all the information - ingredients, instructions, notes, nutritional values - and store them in a very clear concise format. Each recipe appears the same, without all the extras. There is, however, still a link to the original site, in case you do need it. Inputting your own recipes is also very easy, and the addition of photos makes it even more fun. I use this app each and every day. It is an incredible value, a one time purchase, and no additional fees. My family thinks that I should do a commercial for Paprika. I get so excited when I show it to someone new. They just can’t believe they never knew about it. Well I sure do, and I TOTALLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO TRY IT! Happy cooking! Bon appetit!.Version: 3.8.1

The only recipe compiler you’ll ever need…I’ve been using it for years ~ it’s absolutely wonderful!.Version: 3.8.1

Love this App!!I had this previous version as well and loved it. New features on this one are great. DO NOT listen to the reviews about the URL auto detection not working... you need to turn it on in settings if you want this to occur (very simple to turn on). My syncing on both new and old devices from the old version was seamless and did not take long at all. Great app and I use it all the time. Never lose a recipe again!.Version: 3.2.3

Pretty goodSo far, so good. A couple of issues. Adding photos and setting them as thumbnails waaayy over complicated! I can’t understand still what I did to change it. - needs a rethink in design, can I suggest the first photo in the list is the thumbnail and have the ability to naturally move them around in the list with your finger? Is there an OCR planned for photos at all? I have many recipes that are only on paper, would be good to have the text extracted. Ahem… price… yikes! Not sure I love the model of pricing. Paying for each platform is a bit ridiculous, especially that Mac version! Not many other apps have this sort of pricing model. Anyways, good app so far..Version: 3.7.0

Wish I’d had this years agoHaving collected about 1000 recipes on Dropbox it had become self defeating, just to hard to manage despite multiple folders Paprika is great, not perfect but close and often exceeds my expectations. Eg I set up categories for classification and realised I got it wrong, but very easy to edit and restructure. Working in multitasking / split view ( Google it) mode on an iPad made copying the recipe name / source into paprika easy, then Paprika just Re scraped..Version: 3.7.0

Paprika App is invaluable!I just love this App. Admittedly it is my first recipe app but I’m so happy with it that it will be my last. I love to cook and if I can’t sleep, I will google recipes until I find something I like and save to Paprika. I have a family with different needs - omnivores, gluten-free, low fat and vegan. It’s so easy to add a category, and a sub category - whatever you choose. I use it every night unless I’m winging it, and have taken to saving all my favourite recipes from my multitude of recipe books onto Paprika. My sister in law in the UK is an excellent cook and has recipe books that I don’t have. I just photograph them and add to Paprika! So easy. I love to cook when I am away from home - it’s a way to relax - and this way I carry my recipes with me. I recommend this App unreservedly..Version: 3.4.9

Absolutely brilliant (note suggestion)I really love this recipe manager app - it is very easy to use and the download recipe function works brilliantly! A huge well done to the developers! Suggestion 1: could the grocery function be developed to work more like the “Bring” shopping app so that you can share shopping list in real time with another family member, rather than having to email the list to them? With Bring, you can also see as the person doing the shopping ticks things off the list in real time, and you can add things to their list as they are doing the shopping - works brilliantly! If you could get Paprika to do something like this, that would be amazing! 🌟 Suggestion 2: although there is a pantry page, would you be able to enable us to add other pages in addition to the pantry page e.g. we have two freezers, so it would be great to have a freezer 1 page and a freezer 2 page in addition to the pantry page. Paprika is a fantastic app - well worth £4.99 🌟👏🏼.Version: 3.5.0

Can’t do without it his app!My whole kitchen is so dependent on this app. It is an essential part of my home kitchen and my commercial kitchen. Take the time to learn all about it - it’s not hard and once you are familiar with all of it, you’ll wonder how you managed without it..Version: 3.4.9

Awesome App!I love this app. I personally only add recipes to my Paprika once I have tried them and really like them and want to make it a staple in my household instead of having it all cluttered full of recipes I haven’t tried out. That’s for Pinterest! 🤪 I love that it syncs across devices. You won’t regret getting this app! Four stars because I do have one huge suggestion that I think would be helpful for everyone and make it even more seamless: I want to be able to plan meals for the entire month from breakfast to dinner. Paprika has this feature, which is awesome! However, I do find it very time consuming to add a recipe to my month individually day by day, meal by meal. It would be awesome to have a feature that will let me choose all dates that I want the recipe to be on and save it once, instead of clicking five times over and over for a week’s worth of breakfast. Sometimes I like to have the same breakfast for that one week. Make this seamless please and it would be the best thing to ever happen to Paprika! 😊.Version: 3.6.6

Paprika will change the way you cook!I truly don't remember how I found Paprika, but I believe it may be the most under rated app around, at least among the ones having to do with food. See a recipe on a blog that you want to try? Save it in Paprika-you can edit it (omit an ingredient, add another, all manner of modifications). Did you try it and hate it? Delete it! Are you trying to find a recipe that uses almond flour? Use the browser feature & Google it. You can also use one of many links if you like a specific site, as many sites and blogs are already there for you (examples: Epicurious, Hungry Girl & many more). It's difficult to list the many reasons this app is a real keeper, but one is that it only cost $5.00! Cheaper than plenty of magazines, but it will blow you away! No more ripping pages out of magazines or taking screen shots of them and figuring out how to save them. If you are a cook or a chef, you need this app!.Version: 3.3.6

BEST APP EVER!I have had this app for years. My husband and I share a grocery list on his phone and mine. I can add things to it while he’s at the store that updates live. I have a whole list of all my regular items in the pantry section when it comes time to build my grocery list, I just walk around the kitchen and select all the things on the list that I need and in one tap, all those things are added to my grocery list! So easy! I also use the meal section to help communication between me and my husband. There’s no question what the plan is for dinner each night. He knows if it’s on the calendar in this app then I’ve got groceries for it. And if it’s a new recipe he can just tap on it right there in the meal calendar and the recipe pops up. My kids even join in with surprising me with dinner sometimes because it’s all right there so organized. I also love putting this up on split screen on my iPad next to my H-E-B grocery store online shopping app. So fast! I only have eight apps on my home screen of my iPhone. These are the ones that I use every single day and Paprika 3 is definitely one of them! This app has been the glue for our family’s nutrition!.Version: 3.7.0

EasiestThis app is great, enough that I had the thought to come give it a rating and review 😁. Use it A LOT for capturing recipes that come from everywhere. Use the grocery list and meal planner options often. Recipes have source links so even for TikTok’s I drop a link to the video in and don’t have to try to remember where it was or which was which..Version: 3.8.1

Great appAwesome app. Really easy to use and to download recipes straight off the internet.Version: 3.7.0

Great app for the kitchenI pretty much cook freestyle, but if there is a recipe involved it will likely be using Paprika. Use the iPad app for the kitchen, and the iPhone app for shopping lists on the go, which thanks to the Paprika cloud sync across devices (not seen any issues with this in 2 years of using the app). Ability to automatically import recipes from websites is a great features — can save a lot of typing out!.Version: 3.6.6

The best recipe appI got so tired of pop ups in other apps. I couldn’t read the recipes for all the distractions. Paprika is the absolute best $5 I’ve spent on an app (and I really dislike paying for apps). Keep in mind that the $5 is per device; I just loaded it on my iPad. Pros: *There is a browser within the app to let you search for recipes (even from those pop up apps); then you download the recipe to Paprika. It just downloads the recipe and picture...all the other chatter on the website stays on that website. *When I have a recipe open to use, the screen does not go to sleep; makes for easy use during messy hands time *Great organization of recipes with pictures of each one. You can create a multitude of folders and sub-folders for your recipes. If you can’t remember where you put it, there is a search bar *It’s such a clean looking app. Crisp, not cluttered, easy to view *once you download a recipe, you can rate it, comment on it, change it, categorize it, change the name of it, share it *If you need to have a different serving size, there’s a button for that changing the measurements *you can add your own personal recipes from those mounds of 3x5s you’ve been collecting; and then include your own picture *Other features I haven’t used yet are Groceries (it’ll easily create a list), Pantry, Meals (a calendar), and Menus Cons: Can’t think of one! I’m not a great cook by any means; so Paprika saves me!.Version: 3.6.1

One of The Most Useful Apps Ever - SuggestionI have used this app on almost a daily basis since it came out. It just simply works and never crashes or glitches. It would be 5 star+ if only for one thing….. Paprika if you’re listening, something that would make the app easier to use - make the Home Screen open to folders that users create, rather than all recipes. It would make things so much easier to find. Right now, the folders really only act as a filter and when you open the app, you’re greeted with an overwhelming listing of EVERY individual recipe you’ve downloaded and you have to go through a filtering process to find what you’re looking for. Skip that and just take us to the folders first. Separate those two functions and let the folders act as folders and incorporate the search functionality over that. I’ve also noticed that when someone forwards you a recipe, it pulls THEIR folder designations into your Paprika, which makes no sense. Please remove that from the import file..Version: 3.8.1

Great for shopping listsThe ability to sync shopping lists across multiple devices is great. One improvement would be for the app to let the user choose what page to open on, or have it open at the last used page by default. I mostly use the recipe page on the iPad and the grocery list on the phone so this would save an extra step every time I open the app..Version: 3.7.8

Best recipe app everThis is an amazing app. I’ve stored hundreds of recipes on it and can find them all easily with the category search facility. I love that I can cross out ingredients as I go so as not to lose my place when following a recipe and I’ve only recently learned about the timer function. I can highly recommend this app..Version: 3.6.5

Amazing app! So happy to have found it!I’ve never felt motivated to review an app until I found the Paprika 3 app. I’m amazed by how well it’s been put together and that I can, for example, source an online journalist’s article on a recipe, download it and still have the app accurately separate the recipe ingredients, and directions, from the rest of the blurb, along with the appropriate pic of the dish. This is a seriously sophisticated app! Impressive, visually great, and super easy to use. Kudos to the developers,.Version: 3.7.7

Life changerI highly recommend this app, it’s made my life so much easier when it comes to family meal planning. Easy to use, you can download recipes easily and make changes as needed. It’s perfect as a one stop for all your recipes gathered over the years, scribbled or found on websites. All the same features as most apps like weekly planning, grocery shopping list, etc but no their own recipes, it’s more a organiser and more flexible than other apps I tried. Great app and definitely worth the money..Version: 3.6.4

One of my favourite apps is now even betterI put off buying the previous version as I couldn’t understand why I’d want to use an app when I had recipe books. After several years, I gave it a try and once I started using it the light bulb lit and I realised what a boon it was. I still love my printed recipes, but with this I can tweak recipes, add notes and pictures of my creations, add the ingredients straight to my groceries list, set multiple timers directly from the text of recipes and vitally, have Paprika recalculate quantities for other numbers of servings. One big improvement in V3 is that it can extract a recipe from every web recipe I’ve encountered whereas before they had to be in a particular format. Very impressive. This is one of the most used apps on my iPad and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys cooking, or just has to do a lot of it!.Version: 3.2.3

Brilliant recipe managerSince my wife and I found this app we have wasted less food, reduced our shopping bill and eaten much healthier. Before, we tended to impulse shop then forget what we’d bought for what meal. Now we use the app to plan our weekly meals, build our shopping list and keep track of what’s in the pantry. Being able to download recipes from various websites has allowed us to build our own personalised recipe book. I just wish Paprika did a holiday planning app, that would streamline our holidays too!! I would love to be able to share the shopping list with my wife but the option is limited to email, as she also uses paprika, it would be ideAl to AirDrop the Grocery list to hers for when she does the shopping on her own..Version: 3.5.2

Changed my lifeI never pay for apps, but this is well worth it! Say goodbye to screenshots cluttering your phone.Version: 3.7.7

BEST APP EVERLiterally the most well thought out recipe app in the world , from a calendar to meal plan to a grocery list to transferring recipes from web pages with ease . I've had the app for about 4 years and I'm still find new things that amaze me 🤩🤩.Version: 3.8.1

PaprikaI never write reviews, but this is the most fantastic magical app. I have been using it for about a year since my old app stopped updating. You can download recipes in a couple of clicks into the app format, search for recipes with certain ingredients. Pure magic. I have just halved quantities in a recipe perfectly and effortlessly!.Version: 3.7.0

Compiling RecipesI have piles of recipes torn from magazines in my home and have wanted a way to organize them better for ages. Paprika is making this so quick and easy as most of the recipes are now online anyway. Very much worth the price for Premium..Version: 3.4.7

They saved my lost recipes from Recipe Book app!If you used to use Recipe Book this is the app to get. There are step by step instructions to transfer all of your recipes from Recipe Book (no longer supported by the developer) to Paprika. It literally took me 2 minutes for the whole process and it worked perfectly. I’m happy with the app and all the bells and whistles. If I had to pick a con it would only be the colour scheme. However, I don’t care what colours they use. They saved my 233 recipes that I thought I had lost forever! Thank you Paprika..Version: 3.6.5

PerfectI have never before written a review for an App but I felt compelled to for Paprika. It provides all the features I have ever wanted for a recipe organizer / meal planner. I am amazed by the ease with which it allows you to save recipes from the web in a way that skips most of the fluff and lets you capture the ingredients and directions in a standardized format that is super handy. The interface is extremely intuitive and the recipes are easy to search for. You can easily add recipes to a meal planner either from the recipe page or a built in calendar, depending on how you like to plan. Everything looks organized and easy to search and categorize. I am not a great cook and not a very organized person but am trying to do a better job of making meals for the family. Planning ahead is key to making sure the day doesn’t get away from me. This app is already making a huge difference in helping me avoid scrambling for take out at the last minute because I don’t know what to make or don’t have ingredients to hand. Somebody really thought this one through - thank you for designing a fantastic app that makes sense and actually helps!.Version: 3.8.1

Great for meal planningDeciding what to cook each week is as much of a drag as the supermarket itself. I use this app in a number of ways - one key one is to create a series of week menus that I can then repeat at a future date. Most of the recipes I use are in books but I can reference those in the app too. Gradually I’m adding recipes from the web as well and that works great too. I’m very impressed with this app..Version: 3.4.9

Really useful app.I use this app almost daily. I love being able to store my favourite recipes, and tag them with my own category types. I have been using the pantry and grocery list features to help focus my shopping. The menu planning feature is good too. I would like to see the possibility of adding brand names into my pantry items, or at least a note section to add this information where possible. I would also really love it if the app could help me decide what to cook by it matching recipes in my database with my current pantry items and even better, suggest recipes to cook with pantry items that are reaching their expiry date. Currently I only know how to manually search the recipes based on one ingredient at a time and only if it is found in the title. This app is the best recipe manager I have used so far and it is extremely easy to download recipes from websites; or create my own. Well worth the money..Version: 3.6.1

MUST HAVE cold, dead finger technology!My very faithful kitchen tool is Paprika Recipe Manager 3. It allows you to browse the internet for recipes using key words or phrases. Once you find a recipe that you want to try, you can download ALL of it (ingredients, instructions, photos, notes) by just touching “Download”. It puts EVERYTHING into your app in a snap! Then your recipes are searchable, you can create your menu and grocery lists, you can even manage your pantry if you want to go that far! I could say more about what it does; however, you should just buy it and explore it for yourself. They sell it for computers, and most devices for about $5. I bought it for my iPhone (to shop/cook) and my iPad (to cook and see easier) because they sync together in the cloud. That way I always have my grocery list and recipes with me whenever I am at the grocery store. I truly refer to it as “cold, dead finger technology,” because you’re gonna have to pry it out of my cold, dead fingers before I’ll give it up!.Version: 3.6.4

Hands down my favourite app. Ever.No other app compares. Paprika is the most useful food planning organizer I have had. I love it for these reasons: -I can add my old recipes -I can surf the web and add recipes on a whim with the in-app web search tool. It takes a mere moment to copy-paste from any other browser, and then download that recipe into my personal database. Paprika rarely loads the recipe wrong. If there was confusion, the link stays with the recipe so I could just re-reference the page. And everything is editable -amounts of ingredients are recognized by the app! This makes the database’s other functions SO easy to use! Things like: -double or triple or quadruple a recipe on a whim -use the menu planner and have the app create your shopping list for you -I can search my entire recipe database using a keyword. You also have the option to categorize items. So I have added “breakfast” as a category, for example, and then I can search all of my items that I would consider for breakfast -I can use a “menu” to create a pattern of food that I want to make regularly. For example, a week’s worth of breakfasts- then I just add the menu to the calendar, rather than having to fill the calendar on a meal by meal basis. -all of these features are optional, not mandatory. Not sure if you have used apps that insist all form fields are filled out, and if you don’t do it properly, you end up with a dysfunctional app or program - I have. Paprika is SO flexible, you can do as much or as little in the app as you like, and it will work for you! - I briefly referenced the shopping list. Yet, it needs more recognition. The thing is the bomb! Yes, it will create your shopping list from the menu planner. I am going to guess it might also create from inventory (though I have never tried) BUT then you can go to the shopping list, edit to your hearts content, and even share the list with others! You can export your list to your reminders app on your phone. Paprika also has a Watch app that will show you your list. And, like the Reminders app, all you have to do is check the box and the item is greyed out - no need to print the list (though you can do that too, if you want). The recipe list has filters so you can view recipes by aisle, or by recipe. You can view your entire list, or what you have to buy. You can go back and forth, if you want. - you can rate each recipe, add or change a pic anytime, and add notes to a recipe as you go. This is the best all-in-one planner I have ever used..Version: 3.7.7

Love thisStarting to set up weekly menu and grocery lists. Makes shopping (online or otherwise) so much easier and less waste. I would like to be able to add a recipe to a menu and select one than one day - currently have to go in each morning to add in my breakfast/ lunch which is typically the same a few days in a row. Also would like to link recipes - for example if I add recipe A I would like it to ask if I want to add recipe B. I often make tarts and match them with a salad. Thank you so much. I have been waiting for an app like this before I need what an app was 🥰.Version: 3.7.0

Newbie chef’s best friendFantastic app that lets you save recipes you find online, sort them into planned meals throughout the day, and organize the ingredients you need into aisles for your next shopping trip. Essential as someone who didn’t use to cook regularly..Version: 3.7.8

Excellent App but could be betterWould be nice to be able to use the scan function to manage inventory. Scan items in or out instead of manually inputting would be a great help..Version: 3.8.1

Can’t speak highly enoughI am gobsmacked by how amazing this app is. User friendly, affordable, versatile. Just when I think it has all I need, it gives me something I didn’t realise I needed. Intuitive!!! I keep showing all of my friends and colleagues who are just as amazed as I am at how great this is. 5/5 for me. Kudos.Version: 3.4.5

Productivity MachineThis app is amazing. It has saved me countless hours and got my recipes organized. It is worth every penny. If you cook and are digital by nature, YOU NEED THIS APP!.Version: 3.7.8

Can’t do without itThis was recommended to me by my mum, who’s Canadian friend recommended it so it’s popular all over. I LOVE it! I use nearly all the features, but mainly use importing recipes, categorising recipes, shopping list and meal planner. I have even created a non-edible category that has craft ideas/ instructions saved in, which have been imported just like a recipe through the Browser feature. I access this on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It’s my creative bible! Totally recommend!.Version: 3.4.8

Been using it for yearsIrreplaceable. Buy the cookbooks, but get the recipes into Paprika. If you cook more than once a week, this is essential. I have hundreds of recipes in it and cooking and eating never become a bore or a chore. Updated. Still my most loved app out of hundreds. Update again. Still my most loved app out of hundreds..Version: 3.8.1

Amazing app. Shame about the iconThis app is exactly what I have always needed without realising. No more badly formatted web recipes. Recipes look clean and legible. Being able to reference them conveniently in one place is a godsend. The only downside is the horrificly ugly app icon which looks out of place wherever it is placed. Hopefully, it will be given some much-needed love..Version: 3.7.4

Love itI never write reviews on apps but I have to say this is the best app I have purchased and for a low price. I had most of my recipes in photos on my iPad some of which were from websites so had annoying ads in the photos too. I had links and cooking apps as well. Paprika is so easy to use and has combined all my recipes into the one location. I’m not going to go into all the extras the app offers as well but they are amazing it.Version: 3.4.7

No other meal planning/recipe app comparesIt’s one thing to bookmark recipes from a blog; Paprika sorts out all the fluff to automatically download the necessary info and does so with no need to go in and edit afterward 99% of the time. It then allows me to create a menu for the week, choose the ingredients from each recipe to add to my grocery list, then of course keeps track of the grocery list. While I use Pinterest to save a lot of random recipes, I use Paprika for the recipes that I actually try, so I can rate them and categorize them and use them again. I’ve also added some family recipes. I bought the computer software version for my laptop and also the iPhone app, so they will sync. I have never regretted it over about three years. I have tried other meal planning and recipe apps, and this one has been hands-down the easiest to use and most functional..Version: 3.7.0

Terrific app. One of my absolute favouritesI just upgraded to Paprika 3, encouraged by the half-price offer on until the end of the year. I used the previous app all the time to collect and sync recipes on iPad and Mac & was very happy with it. I chose it from several recipe management apps; I never regretted it. This version is even better Other reviews complain about having the shopping pages open too much, but it’s not been a problem for me at all. It just worked well within seconds of installing it I seem to have nearly 900 recipes, which populated the new app via my account very quickly. It’s now easier and smoother to manage new & old recipes, so I shall spend some happy hours categorising & investigating what I’ve already saved, then look to download some new recipes There are obviously new features for to play with too Excellent product in every way.Version: 3.2.0

Excellent organizer managerThis is a great app. I’ve been using a planner for years until the developer stopped supporting it. So I went looking for a replacement without much hope, my old planner was very good. Then I found this app, I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to move my old recipes easily and have become totally dependent on this app. Highly recommended..Version: 3.6.1

Best Recipe App!I have tried a few recipe apps and, to be truthful, I liked them all, but this app is my favourite and the one I use exclusively now. I highly recommend it!.Version: 3.8.1

Used for years, now children using.Instantly convert recipes online to your recipe file. Shopping list created from recipes selected, fantastic. Paprika app creators have considered the practically use of this app well. Great for young adults also, time savers and cost savings, sharing recipes with my children now...Version: 3.8.1

Simply amazingFor anyone struggling to have all in one place in the most convenient way. This is your answer do not doubt buying it..Version: 3.7.8

Get this now!If you have favourite recipes, regular recipes or have a meal plan that you follow then get this App. I’ve been using it for years. Great for syncing between iPad and phone, easily scaling recipe quantities. No more forgetting to buy an item. Items disappear off the list as you pick them. Easily email recipes to friends. I could go on and on by how much I rely on this App every day of my life. But that should be enough 😀😀.Version: 3.4.0

A recipe manager that worksA fantastic recipe manager that not only boils down online recipes to its necessary parts but also makes it supremely easy to add your own. Also love that one purchase applies to both iPhone and iPad and can automatically sync between the two..Version: 3.7.8

Works with your favorite recipe booksWe have been using Paprika for a couple of years and it had been a big part of us cooking more and eating better. Makes compiling a shopping list incredibly easy - including having someone at home updating while you are shopping to add things to the shared lists. What I really love is that even if you love cooking from books you can scan in the ingredient list to compile your shopping lists - and if it becomes a favourite it is easy to buy ingredients on the spur of the moment..Version: 3.7.6

Lower Case And FreezingAlmost every single time I capitalize the first letter(s) of pantry items or groceries it will put them back to lowercase… Super frustrating and would love a way to make it honor how I write it… ‘Palm Sugar’ turns to ‘palm sugar’ for instance… And no, I am not choosing the ‘auto-fill’ one, I am either entering it in and choosing add or clicking the enter button… Is there a way to turn off auto-fill? I haven’t found a way to do that yet… I think the ability to have more color options than black and white would be cool… It always stays in search mode for some reason on my ipads, you clear out whatevers in the search field, click cancel and then try to open a folder under categories and nothing happens, it's like it's frozen or something, really pisses me off as it seems the only way to get out of it is to delete the app and then download it again. Then it will work for a bit before 'freezing' all over again and not letting me open any of my folders..Version: 3.7.0

Love this App!Paprika 3 is so user friendly! I love being able to organise my favourite recipes in one place. The download function for recipes on the web make this so simple but even copying from a recipe book, photo or pdf is easy. The app predicts the text which makes copying recipes by hand extremely easy..Version: 3.8.1

Love this app!!!This app has it all! I was even able to download recipes from some sites not listed in the documentation... sweet! I love all the features, especially the ability of “speech-to-text” feature... very time-saving when adding recipes from cookbooks. Also... love, love, love the ability to create a meal plan to the menu; and the way I can create a grocery list and sync with other devices. The more I use this, the more I love it! I do have a few suggestions, but these are in no way criticisms: 1) when using the menu planner, allow the user to choose more than one day for the same recipe (all at once), instead of having to choose a recipe in each day individually. Why? In my menu-planning, I want to add leftover days for recipes that make more than one meal’s worth of food. (Of course, with your handy recipe converter, I can easily cut a recipe down; but I enjoy using leftovers to cut down overall cooking time in a week.). Please educate me if I am missing something. 2) Program the total time to automatically add the prep time and cook time together for the total (any reason it shouldn’t?) 3) in the nutrient section, add fields for: calories, fat, protein, carbs, and fiber. Then, allow the totaling of each of these fields on the menu-planning page, so a user can easily see how many of each is planned for complete day’s menu. 4) Add an undo feature (or educate me on how to use one if already built in). Thanks so much for this awesome app!!!.Version: 3.6.1

The bestI was on what I thought was a great site for years and was gutted when it stopped. 544 recipes. But they helped by recommended Paprika. I was very stressed but my husband looked at it and thought it was okay. It wasn’t. It’s amazing!! It makes me realise mine, of many years was old technology. So in the end I am glad this happened. I’m enjoying myself updating my recipes and adding new..Version: 3.6.5

All time favourite App!I’ve used this app for several years now and don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s easy to use and it allows me to categorise my recipes, edit them, rate them, search them and forward them to friends and family. Really recommend!.Version: 3.7.4

Absolutely amazing appThis all has been a complete game changer and I wouldn’t live without it now. I now only have a few cookbooks left that I’m attached to because of the design but no more loose printouts. The app has so many great features. I’ve got it on my phone, iMac and laptop. I recommend it all the time. It’s honestly taken the stress out of organising meals for big holidays and entertaining. Thank you!.Version: 3.4.3

Very practicalHas really helped me improve my cooking style and meal planning. The app syncs well so that I can plan using one device and shop with another. Fabulous how well it downloads recipes from the internet. Timers and pin board are great aspects. Would be good if it alerted me to saving a recipe of the same name but certainly easy to edit. Worth it..Version: 3.4.3

PLEASE PLEASE REDESIGN the hopelessly outdated interfaceDon’t get me wrong, It’s a great app for organising your recipes, with tags, photo upload, video link storing, I don’t have many issues here. However, the design interface truly pains me, It is, sorry to say desperately outdated and downright ugly. With its red colours, stale typography and yellow stars It’s reminiscent of a first generation website or something Betty Crocker would have designed if she did more than instant cake powders. We live in an area where design is playing a vital part of function. This could have huge appeal to chefs, amateur cooks, and (dare I say) a younger audience. Something more along the lines of Masterclass with minimalist black and white design and much improved typography. This should be an easy task do redesign. If you are worried of losing your current user base, make it customisable don’t you can keep what you have. Also for sharing recipes: - no whatsapp, WeChat, line app recipe sharing option, really?! - Sharing via email; images are tiny and again a design I’m a bit embarrassed to send to my chef friends..Version: 3.4.9

Great way to organise recipesI was a bit sceptical but the app delivered more than I expected. It can organise recipes found in the web in a structured and consistent way. The most important feature for that is automatic recipe parsing that works very well. I even was able to correctly download a recipe in non-English language! One thing that’s missing though - it can’t import pictures into “directions” so you can’t have “step by step with photos” recipes unfortunately.Version: 3.3.6

Best there isUsed this for many years. To be able to pull a recipe straight off the internet is such a time saver. It saves the website as well so if there are any instructional videos you can refer to those. Easy to put in your own recipes so you have everything in one place. I even save my favourite recipes from my books so it really is all in one place. Can’t imagine life without this app and there are not many I can say that about..Version: 3.8.1

Love it!Best app ever! I have been using it for many years and have close to 14,000 recipes! I referred my friends and family to this app and we constantly share favourite recipes!.Version: 3.7.8

Brilliant!I’ve been using this for years and it’s brilliant! It allows download of any online recipe you fancy. It also has a mic so you can dictate a recipe from a magazine or you can scan it. So no more need to surreptitiously rip out recipes when at the doctors or hair salon! You can also email them in paprika format. More or less perfect..Version: 3.7.2

A model of what a well designed app should beThis app does everything a recipe app should without ever getting cluttered or confusing. Everything is intuitive, and where you would expect it to be. I now have a large collection of recipes, & it is still as quick & simple to use as when I started. An essential app for any keen cook.Version: 3.4.0

Freaking fabulous!I don’t normally take the time to write app reviews (although I rely heavily on them so I guess I should). I obviously did take the time to review this app though, because it is freaking fabulous! I only discovered the Paprika app because Pepperplate decided, with no notice mind you, to unexpectedly start charging an a excessive monthly or annual rate for the continued use of their app. Thus, I began exploring alternatives and came across the Paprika app. Thanks to all who had rated it, because that is what drove me to try our this app, and boy were my expectations exceeded! There are so many wonderful features with this app - meal planner, in-app browser that downloads apps with the touch of a button, in-app timer when it detects a time listed in a recipe, temporary strike out feature to cross off ingredients as you’re following a recipe, and many more. Best of all, it imported all of my Pepperplate recipes, including the pictures, in a matter of seconds. I’ve already recommended this app to others. So very worth the few bucks for this app..Version: 3.5.2

Great for organizing my various recipesWhile on lock-down for the CV pandemic I decided to undertake the massive project of organizing all my recipes that I had a many different places - some in cookbooks, some in an accordion file, some bookmarked on my iPad, etc. This app made it super easy and I love having them all handy and accessible on either my iPad or iPhone. The only thing that I find to be a bit of a bummer is that the search option doesn’t also search through your ingredients list. Discovered this while at the grocery store yesterday when I was looking for a recipe I’d made recently with chicken thighs. Searched on “thighs” to see what all I’d need to pick up, and the recipe didn’t come up so I thought maybe I hadn’t saved it in the app. Realized later that the app was only searching the recipe titles (so should have searched on “chicken”). It would be so great if you could search the ingredients list - sort of a “what can I make if I’ve got sweet potatoes and chicken handy” type option..Version: 3.4.9

New userI have really just started using this. Love the concept. At the moment I store my recipes but intend to add grocery and pantry as I go along. I just fine when I enter the recipes from hand writing one. When entering the ingredients if it’s more than on line I can’t tap it across so the amounts stand out. Can this be fixed?.Version: 3.6.6

Brilliant appI have been using this app for a few years now it is so easy to use in a matter of a quick flash any recipe I find online is navigated into the app with such ease. I purchased this app where as my last one I use to use was for free & after so many recipes froze up. I just love this app so much best I have ever had and well worth paying. Keep up the great work and Thankyou for this great recipe app..Version: 3.6.6

Amazing recipe recognitionPaprika has many excellent features, but one I want to rave about today is its ability to download a recipe from a website. It seems to pick out all the right details from the various cooking sites I've tried, including downloading a cover photo. I've never needed to modify the saved recipe except when making my own changes or recording measurements more precisely than the original chef. Really impressed by this feature!.Version: 3.4.3

Best appThis is my heritage to my kids. I’ve entered 740 recipes by hand, from my grandmothers sopa de bolitas, to the latest Pinterest trend. Every time I try them, I ask my family to rate the recipe. I just wish I had the French or Spanish option, not only the English one..Version: 3.7.8

Must-have app for any householdI recommend this to all of my friends- it has totally transformed our grocery shopping/meal planning/recipe organisation. Two people in a household signed into the one account on Paprika makes for seamless shopping, planning, and cooking. Love love love how easy it is to store all our favourite recipes. Totally worth every cent, and so cheap compared to alternatives that do the same thing..Version: 3.7.4

Paprika ImprovementGreat! But one point to improve is that when you share a recipe with someone by text or e-mail, it is impossible for someone who does not have Paprika to read the recipe. It would be cool to be able to visualize the recipe. Also, I noticed that when my friend sends me a paprika recipe by text message, it is often impossible to read or transfer the recipe to my application. I always have to go through E-Mail if not it doesn't work. If not, overall the application is great. Thanks. Rock.Version: 3.6.6

Keeps me saneI would not be organized without (I can actually get all the groceries for the week in one go) Recipe scaling! Combined groceries list (adds up 1 egg + 3 eggs) Menu items macros (Day 1 Salad, Day 2 leftovers, etc.).Version: 3.1.0

Everything you need in a recipe saving appI have so many recipes pinned on Pinterest and an enormous amount of cookbooks, but it’s always such a phaff when making several dishes together. I’m moving between books and losing my place, and scrolling up and down the Pinterest page between the ingredients and directions, often wading through the blogger’s commentary (which is great, but not when you are trying to get the food on the table). I also use it to ‘bookmark’ certain recipes in my book collection. I have gone through some of my cookbooks and screen shot particular recipe images and directions that I want to try, filing by category, with book title and page number, so I can easily locate a recipe I spotted previously in my 100+ cook books. I love that this app lets you ‘pin’ the recipes you are currently making and toggle between them, and also tap the screen to highlight where you’re up to on each recipe. When it saves recipes for a blogger’s site it just saves the ingredients and directions along with the title, photo, prep time and servings. If you want to amend anything it’s chosen to save, it is possible at a tap of the screen. So intuitive, it is everything I have been hunting for in an app. Love the shopping list feature too. I can now delete my other shopping list apps and recipe saving apps ... so worth getting A+++.Version: 3.3.0

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