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Messenger Duo for WhatsApp App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Messenger Duo for WhatsApp app received 196 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Messenger Duo for WhatsApp? Can you share your negative thoughts about messenger duo for whatsapp?

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Messenger Duo for WhatsApp for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t work on watchI downloaded this app to view my messages on my Apple watch but can’t get it set up. My watch tells me to open the app on my phone, which tells me to edit a setting on WhatsApp that doesn’t exist. Will be uninstalling..Version: 11.3

DON’T Bother unless you wish to pay subscription to use it.The advert is disgusting. It’s just sits intrudingly over half of your chatting screen. Nothing as crass and disturbing as a half unused screen. PLease stay away from this app. It’s appalling..Version: 10.9

Pathetic unusableIf you have ads that cover the very thing you need to click on to start using the app and even if you click on them and they STILL don’t disappear then guess what! Craptacular waste of time.Version: 7.1

Half way good'Half the screen is ads… and are running all the time.Version: 14.3

HorrendousThis about is horrendous to use absolutely nothing makes sense. Impossible to send photos etc between devices. Save a photo and the app just goes blank and the method to load it up again is a mystery 🤷‍♂️ can I have my £8.99 back thanks.Version: 12.3

Duo WhatsAppJe n’en veux pas et je ne sais pas comment débarrasser..Version: 14.3

AdsIt’s a good app but maybe removes the ads bc that’s really annoying.Version: 8.2

Not badBut, the really annoying thing about it is that you cannot make line breaks/paragraphs. Every time you hit the return key the message sends. There is another client that allows you to change this in settings, but i cannot find a way to do this on this version..Version: 7.3

Annoying adsI cannot get the transcription of voice messages AND there are very annoying ads popping up all the time. I have now deleted it..Version: 7.6

Awful took my moneyThis app charged me and wouldn’t pair with my new watch and so many annoying ads give my money back.Version: 14.3

Cannot play videos on ipadI tried this app, and many other WhatsApp for ipad it cannot play videos. I often received videos from people but cannot view it which is annoying. Can the developer add this for next version and I will change the rating..Version: 8.9

Grommitpixie..Version: 7.6

Ads gone madWhen you have to wrestle with all the ads that take up most of the screen you know the design is flawed. Screen design is far too “busy” and ad based at the expense of the data you are interested in e.g. the messages. The IPhone version of WhatsApp is fine and usable but this IPad version I will not be using..Version: 12.2

The ads are appalling!!!I’ve had this downloaded for less than 10 minutes and I’ve not been able to concentrate on what I’m trying to do because I’ve been bombarded with ads. It’s relentless. Literally an ad that takes over the entire screen every minute and another ad that is permanently visible and decides to provide a pop up constantly. It’s ridiculous.Version: 13.1

Too many adds.You would think if you want people to use your product you would make it user friendly. This app is full of advertising. Time wasting. Pushing software you already have or don’t want. Waste of time. Suffered it for a week then deleted it.Version: 11.8

Fake reviews It’s a terrible app THE ADS TAKE OVERThe adverts literally bombard the screen constantly- clearly the developers have no idea what they’re doing. They’ve ruined the app and force people to pay whereas the real WhatsApp is free. Greedy and out of touch..Version: 12.5

Poor ads expensive in-app purchasesThe page is 50% adds, difficult to navigate around, pop ups. Too expensive for add free version.Version: 13.3

Ok but fonts problemsSeems to convert WhatsApp to iPad quite well however no notifications so what’s the point of having it and when you change font size and colour to readable size it doesn’t “save” and you have to reset everytime so unless that’s fixed quickly I’ll give up..Version: 7.3

Bad serviceThere are so many ads that take over the screen that you constantly have to navigate around making using this ap very frustrating…also downloading photos to one’s device is complicated..Version: 12.7

AdsDon’t get ads on the phone version. And the ads are there in the way most of the time.Version: 12.5

Intrusive adsOpen the app and immediately faced with a huge ad for Chrome that takes up almost all the screen. The ‘continue to app’ button is, in comparison, TINY. Once clicked, yet another advert for Google with another tiny button to press to get to the app..Version: 12.1

Trying to figure out how to change the languageHow do I get an English? I don’t speak Spanish..Version: 13.9

Horrible and hard to joinHard to join.Version: 9.2

Pretty ordinaryShuts itself down each time you change to another app, then takes 10-30s to reload itself & chats when you return to it. I’m looking for another app for WhatsApp on iPad..Version: 13.3

Working but cannot open the messagesWorking bug cannot open the messages to view message.Version: 10.1

Bad app - super buggy, does not remember I paid for itI purchased the add free version. It keeps not remembering that, and restore does not always work and then it loses it again. On top of that it is very buggy, distorts the screen, keeps reloading and crashes a lot. How can this app have a 4.5 rating in the app store? I use it in two different devices and on both of them it is buggy. Fix this app! Or give me my money back..Version: 7.6

OkThis would be great for my iPads and watch, but I keep getting notifications about ‘News’ items. The news items are totally irrelevant to me but there is no way of disabling them even though I’ve paid for no adds. I might end up uninstalling as it is very annoying..Version: 11.9

Too many full screen ads & the bottom half of the screen is always ads… :(If you are thinking about using the free version of this app like I was, this app is really hard to use. For the free version, pretty much the bottom half of the screen is an ads that it’s really hard to see chats. And every so many seconds, a full screen ads pops up and you have to wait for them to go away so you waste your time. The free version was really useless for me. A few minutes after I downloaded this app, I ended up deleting it..Version: 13.6

Doesn’t work at all- Waste of TimeI downloaded the app on my apple7 watch to see if it works. Followed the instructions to a T to link my devices, the app is not doing anything, it just keeps giving me the wheel of doom and then crashes. Tried this several times, ended up just deleting it. So annoyed, what a waste of time.Version: 8.8

Useless after SubscriptionWorked just fine before subscription. After subscription to remove ads, I could not open my WhatsApp chat. I can only see the list of chat but could not open them to see the messages..Version: 10.1

So hard to useThis really hasn’t been worth the effort. It’s clunky, and I regularly have to reconnect it to my WhatsApp account. It doesn’t seem to sync new messages properly either, and leaving it even for a second means a new pop up ad..Version: 14.3

Too many pop up adsI’m only using the app to stay in touch with my daughter and I can’t stand the amount of pop ups. Also you make it difficult to get them off of the screen.Version: 14.2

Ads ads adsAds ads ads and an obscenely expensive subscription to get rid of them.Version: 14.0

Pop up adds destroy use abilityImpossible to use as pop up takes over more than half the screen.Version: 12.1

Advert takes up half the screenThis app works fine and displays the messages…but the screen is mostly covered by advertising which makes the use of the app just plain annoying….I'm looking for another app..Version: 13.9

Annoying, doesn’t workPaid money for the Apple Watch feature and it does not work. Bombarded with ads every 5 seconds (I counted).Version: 14.3

FREEDON’T download, there are too many advertisements..Version: 14.3

ADS EVERY 4 SECONDSThere is no way to use the app - I have been trying to write a message for 5 minutes, and every 4 seconds (literally) another ad of a cam girl pops up! I am a heterosexual woman who is really spiritual and not into media. This is really annoying and offensive, and the fact that it’s constant cam girl ads makes it clear that I don’t want to support this app for their bad taste / lack of ethical alignment. Deleting now. Bummed that What’s App doesn’t have an actual app for iPad… why??.Version: 13.3

Way To Many AddsIt’s amazing connects to my phone just it can’t watch videos it’s really laggy and way to much adds.Version: 10.1

Unnecessary ads always blocking my screenTerrible ads.Version: 13.2

DisappointingWould give zero stars if available. Non stop ads on iPad. Hard to get them to close . Very annoying. Will be moving to another message system..Version: 13.9

Please add.I have recently started using this app and the only thing I dislike is that I do not receive notifications when a new message comes through. I have to open the app constantly to recheck and see if I get a message. It also takes a bit to load up everything again.Version: 12.8

Be careful this is not free what’s appI downloaded thinking it was what’s app, should have known not to give CC info I was charged over $50 US. Trying to get it reversed..Version: 11.8

Worked great at first but now doesn’t loadI don’t know if a bug or something but after about a month of using the app it dose t load the messages it loads everything else and I can click on everything, even close the ads but it never loads the green bar fully and shows my contacts/messages.Version: 13.2

Too many adsWhat’s up with the ads taking up 1/3 of the screen. Not cool..Version: 14.3

Payment issues and not fully explainedI clicked on “get the app” and it automatically charged a payment. I didn’t agree to pay anything. I thought the app was free. This was misleading. Then I got a notification that said it is an unofficial app. I didn’t like that either, That should have been clearer… They shouldn’t use the what’s app logo to advertise, or at the very least make it clear that it is a third party app. I want my money back and then I will get rid of the app altogether..Version: 12.2

Don’t installAd takes up half the screen and constantly pop up as a video you have to watch, terrible terrible - impossible to use, I deleted it immediately..Version: 12.1

More of an ad witrh embedded app than the other way aroundAs soon as I opened this app I was assualted by continual advertising. Coupled with exorbitant fees ($50 if you elect for a one time payment), not worth it. I’ll stick with the web app and phone!.Version: 12.9

Avis d’améliorationIl faut réduire les publicités.Version: 14.3

Bad and a scamOK I download it today and it just doesn’t download I keep clicking it to download keep waiting it doesn’t work I was gonna add my friend I don’t want to use my mother’s phone and it’s just not working it’s a scam I think it’s a scam I think everyone else is downloading it on their phones I think it’s a scam please fix it and if you don’t and I have and if I download it again and it doesn’t work I’m giving it zero stars I’m not a Karen but it’s not fair.Version: 13.0

Can’t link on iPhoneThe page that displays the code to link your app is cut off so you can’t see the full code. There’s NO way to link this app on iPhone..Version: 14.3

Slow and needs a user manualI got the app to use for my iPad. While it’s easy enough to use, the features are confusing. It needs a user manual to explain how to set the dual account up. It’s also incredibly slow to load up on the iPad. I got the app for my Apple Watch and so far it’s been a terrible experience on the watch. Again very difficult to load up. Also impossible to type messages back on the watch. It needs to integrate the Apple Watch Quick Path keyboard experience to be useful to respond to messages. I do realise that there are so many limitation with mimicking WhatsApp on the Apple Watch and iPad but there must be a way to make the user experience better. A simple user manual online would be very helpful..Version: 12.3

Clunky and excessive advertisingThis app simply lets you access WhatsApp web, which can be done better using a suitable web browser. The app is clunky, unappealing and utterly plagued with full screen ads. Every time you tap on something an advertisement will completely cover the screen. Not worth downloading. Only gave 2 stars instead of 1 because it does work, just very badly..Version: 11.5

Crashes a lotIt crashes a lot, it doesn’t open properly: I have to kill the app several times a day in order to use it. It will take a few seconds to connect every time, it doesn’t feel like an app, more like something old .. Also, photos will open and then go too big when you click on them, which will just lock the photo on the whole screen, no way to close it and go back to chat/text. So App Kill again….Version: 12.1

IPadWhen I want the app to open I want it now! Great on the phone, terrible on the iPad.Version: 14.3

Ads make it useless.2/3 of the screen are ads and every time I open the app or a message there's a full screen ad I have to wait for the opportunity to close. I understand ad revenue is what keeps these devs in business but this is ridiculous. Adding insult to injury it doesn't even send notifications when I get a message. I'm baffled this is the top rated option for Whatsapp on ipad. Edit: just read the other reviews and it looks like they also just copy and paste a response every time. How many of these positive reviews are paid for?.Version: 14.3

Access on ipadIntermittant.Version: 11.1

It’s not great but it’s acceptableVery slow and laggy. Tells you that videos you’re trying to send are bigger than the 64mb limit even though they’re almost 10mb less..Version: 10.9

Overload on the adsI could barely navigate to the Remove Ads button because of all the ads. Remove the constant ads and you may have more luck selling your app but it’s too annoying and this app got deleted within 3 minutes of installing..Version: 10.1

Wish It Worked For MeWhatsApp has become the primary way we communicate in my business. Everyone has different types of phones these days so having an app like this is really helpful. Really wanted this one to work cause I like using my ipad for work related correspondence. Unfortunately, there are too many ads and it didn’t sync up every time. If they are able to fix all the constant ads and lagging issues, I’ll be back. Would be willing to pay a one-time fee for no ads..Version: 12.0

Ads work, app doesn’tSorry but too many ads, app doesn’t work either just keeps trying to connect on watch, better apps out there. Deleted today after giving it a chance. Not worth the effort..Version: 9.6

廣告超級多廣告超級多.Version: 14.2

Too much annoying ads. Purchase Remove Ads button purposely not workingWhy not give users option to put up with the ads or buy the app and avoid them?☹️.Version: 7.6

Too many addsThe app is alright but your ads stop it loading half the time and it also keeps forgetting who I am and signing me out so then I have to resynch which is a pain. I don’t think ads should be there upon loading the app, maybe rethink how to organise the adverts so it doesn’t stop the actual app loading up and check why it’s unsynching from phone. I personally have been considering finding a new app but if this was fixed I’d be happy and stay on it, isn’t so bad apart from a few faults. Also some other things within the app can be a bit clunky, again I think that is likely down to the ads not too sure. Thanks.Version: 9.7

Janky, unusable appThe app is downright unusable without paying for it. Ads popping up constantly and makes the app very difficult to navigate. I ended up paying for the app and I regret it. While the ads are no longer a problem I constantly get disconnected from my WhatsApp account and I have to reconnect (which doesn’t always work either). When the app does work the UI is very bad and ugly. I do not recommend using this..Version: 12.3

Frustrating App.For whatever reason this app works for maybe an hour a day even a couple paired wth the same app on my I phone and then drops our by asking me to pair and when done drops out again. Finally deleted..Version: 14.2

Won’t let u remove adds🤢This app is pointless I sat here for over 20 mins to try and get it to work… Tbh it’s really nice that you cannot click the buttons you need to press because a add is covering it. Overall worst message app I’ve ever used.Version: 9.6

99999 adsComplete trash app with like 99999 ads, no I don’t want to open another ad. Avoid this app like the plague..Version: 13.6

Only adsIt’s just for ads.Version: 13.9

How am I supposed to access?When I was downloading I linked my phone but then Google ad showed up It made me take my storage up by downloading I thought it would be gone but it wasn’t …. it’s unusable! I tried ringing someone for example my freind but there was no button to do it only messaging……. I TEXTED THE WRONG PERSON And the worst part IT LOGGED ME OUT FOR NO REASON?.Version: 11.8

ScamSaid it was free. had to put credit card in to “verify”. can’t access app and now have a $65 charge on my credit card. total scam.Version: 12.9

Good but limitedI’ve found that the notifications don’t tell you who messaged you to have the chat preview in it and it’s really useless. Because of the limited notifications, i find myself using my phone WhatsApp app more instead of this so I don’t think paying for it is worth it..Version: 14.3

AddsI can’t even start using the app because of the adds, I can’t configure my account because I’m interrupted all the time. How I will pay the paid version if I can’t even try?.Version: 9.9

Very poorThe app needs to be re-linked to the phone device with a QR code at least once a day and then all chats have to be reloaded. It’s excruciating and makes it too difficult to use. Avoid this.Version: 14.0

TERRIBLE!This app is so terrible, I downloaded this on an iPad to chat with my friends because they don’t have WhatsApp on iPads! So I downloaded this and they’re trying to get my card info and when it expires and codes + my address! This has nothing to do with WhatsApp and it won’t because it’s fonts and you have to pay to chat with people which on WhatsApp you don’t have to. This is a total scam I deleted this app immediately, don’t get this app!.Version: 10.6

Don’t In App Purchase!!!I liked this app well enough to pay to have the ads removed and gain more features. Don’t do it! I no longer have ads at the bottom of the screen, BUT NOW I have a giant full screen ad that comes up when I launch the app. I wish I could show you. And it’s even turned the wrong way. I then have to hit a button that says go on to the app. This is so deceptive it makes me want to delete the app..Version: 7.6

Kind of annoyingThe ad in the bottom is driving me crazy and I'm not spending $15 a month or $50 for forever just to remove it. Only benefit is that I can use whatsapp without my phone.Version: 13.1

GarbageSecond you launch the app, a pop up ad, close that and another one appears. Not more than 3 seconds later it asks me to rate the trash pop-up ad app i just installed, followed closely by another pop up ad. Once finally sorting through that i go to use the app to see that the only way it can be used on apple watch is with a $5 purchase, with the number of ads on this i would assume that they dont need any more money to support the app, however that doesnt seem to be the case. I dont mind an ad here or there, but please, for the love of god, have some app for your downloadable ad..Version: 13.8

Too many addsThé adds take third of the screen and you can’t really see what you type, you d have to pay a subscription of 13$. A month to remove them. Don’t do it.Version: 14.3

DisappointingWay too many ads, makes it unusable for me!.Version: 13.3

Bad appVery annoying with multi advertising. Had to delete it 👎.Version: 14.3

Apps are fine but overwhelming adds take over the screen too oftenThe App works well, but wow the Adds are ridiculous. Basically takes over the screen regularly. I couldn’t stand how often they popped up mid me messaging so had to delete the app..Version: 12.0

It works, sort ofBasically a piece of junk, but it does let you chat via WhatsApp on (say) an iPad. Crashes when you load the camera, photo library comes up in negative (!) (I’m mean, really? I have never see any app mess THAT up before) although you can attach pre-existing photos to a chat. The ads are annoying and it takes forever to load. At this point it’s a toss up between deleting and only using when absolutely necessary.Version: 9.2

Bit slow….…..and the sentences don’t seem to automatically go to a capital letter which is irritating. Is here a fix for that?.Version: 11.1

QR code won’t show upPaid 6.99 for this app so I can use WhatsApp on my Apple Watch 9 and it’s not working. Fix it.Version: 14.0

TerribleI have been trying to get in touch with support with no help whatsoever. The app used to work but all of a sudden all I am getting is a message “ you can convert WhatsApp voice messages to text “ & am unable to connect to my chats..Version: 10.1

ReviewIf I stop using for i while the app will come out, it will be better if stay..Version: 13.1

Pop up ads are driving me crazy!Please stop with the pop up ads. I don’t go into WhatsApp to then take time to navigated away from 1/3 of the screes being taken by some stupid ad to block ads..Version: 13.8

This is not WhatsAppDownloaded and paid for the lifetime removal of amazingly annoying full screen pop up invitations to download Chrome even though we already had it installed. The WhatsApp chat functionality worked well. All contacts and chat history synced with the iPad. The problem is the inability to make video calls using this app. My wife, her friends, and family all use WhatsApp as their group call platform. She was hoping to use her new iPad instead of her phone for the group video calls. She is not able to get 30 other people to leave WhatsApp. I do not understand why the iPad app functionality is not the same as on the iPhone. This app is not worth paying for..Version: 12.3

Bad overall user experience! Way too many invasive ads in the form of “news” that appear as messagesJust a bad experience all around. Not usable at all! Invasive adds are not adds that pop up in order to support the developer in a fair manner that you get to use the product and they are getting paid via the adds. Instead the adds are full screen, converting everything, and do not have away to dismiss them for a few seconds. Then the dismissal option varies and is usually hidden (white X on top of a picture with a white background etc.) so you really have to spend a long time watching and add that is likely not a product you are interested in or wanted to see for more then a friction of a second. And then in addition, half the time it’s not a real message that alerted you, but some other news message they inserted in there with another add in it that was designed to get you to open the app and watch and add even if you don’t have any new messages! Just a bad experience all around. Not usable at all!.Version: 12.5

Ads!Ad that covers 1/3 of the screen will not go away, telling me to download Chrome which I already have. Going to delete this annoying ap.Version: 12.1

Useful but somewhat strange…I find this app very useful because I never carry a phone but always have my iPad nearby. There are lots of ads, but it is survivable. There is at least one phantom notification a day — I open the app and there are no new messages. From what other users are saying, it seems they’re just trying to tell me when there is “news” so it really is just a garbage notification every day. Still worth it to not have to carry a phone, ha ha..Version: 12.4

Invasive adWhy put a permanent ad into the main screen.Version: 13.9

Was great until they unmute all the adsI enjoyed an interface on the iPad until too many ads appeared and they unmuted them so unable to use in silence. Is that a compelling reason to purchase ad free version? I am not so sure...Version: 7.6

Better than nothingIt works but it is slow, and the screen doesn’t always fit. It appears to have many addons but the basic functionality of WhatsApp is all I want. If that could work better I would be happy with it..Version: 12.1

Have to keep plugging in using my phoneI've paid to register it, and now I regret it. When I open the app, the chats won't load. I then have to force the app to close, open it, and then it wants me to log in again. So I have to get my iPhone out, unlink my iPad, link it again, and then I can use the app — until the next session, when I have to start the process all over again. Happens on both my iPad Pro and Mini. This was a waste..Version: 12.8

Relentless Ads (among other things)If you use this app for free, be prepared to experience a barrage of non-stop ads that ruin the experience the moment you start using the app. And not just ads that take up a part of the screen, but also full-screen ads too. If you also want to get rid of the ads, then be prepared to pay $20 so you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. There are features that are missing (like replying to specific texts) and dark mode. It’s actually quite baffling that this app has a 4.4 rating when it’s this tarnished by its flaws..Version: 10.9

Can’t link to WhatsApp, no supportI paid the in app purchase so it would work with my Apple Watch. Then tried to link it to WhatsApp. Scanning the QR code just times out and it says it couldn’t link. Trying to link by phone number doesn’t work because Duo doesn’t show all the digits of the code I need to enter in WhatsApp - the last is cut off from the screen. I tried contacting support and they didn’t get back to me..Version: 13.9

TerribleHorrendous amount of adverts that totally block the screen on whatever you try to do. I downloaded to try to get WhatsApp on my Apple Watch but it wouldn’t sync up either so deleting it. Don’t bother..Version: 12.1

JunkThe unpaid version is completely unusable with ads popping up everywhere and you can’t get rid of them. You have to keep starting the app over and over to hope another ad doesn’t show up which you can’t remove. It’s like pulling the lever on a slot machine and hoping for the best. The paid version isn’t much better. You have to click on a chat 10 times for it to open up. The if you come back to use the app several times a day half the time it keeps telling you to sync with your phone again. It does this over and over. Are the rest of the reviews fake???? This app and company are horrible and the price I paid for the year to use this junk is a total rip-off!!!! At the time of ordering I couldn’t find another app to use WhatsApp on my IPad. Hopefully there is something better and this isn’t still the only option..Version: 14.2

Too many addsYes you can open what app messages, however there are so many adds that it really interferes with the ability to type responses in the chat. Ended up deleting the app, very frustrating..Version: 14.1

This software is dysfunctional rubbishI had it for a week and deleted it. It was riddled with pop-ups and advertisements. The menu is an absolute joke. Half the time it didn’t work and no messages could be found even though they were present in my iPhone..Version: 12.1

Too many adsI can’t use the app because of constant ad interruptions.Version: 13.8

(Update)Payed for nothing...NOT WORKING ON APPLE WATCH, CONSTANTLY STUCK ON LOADING ONCE REGISTERED! I payed to get rid of the ads on March 18 and now all of a sudden the ads are back on while the link to restore purchases in the app conveniently is not working... Great job! 🤨👎 There is also no links in the app to contact customer service so if this happens to you too your only option is to let them know e by writing a review..Version: 8.0

You are completely covering screen wit your adds advertisingYou are completely covering screen wit your adds advertising.Version: 13.6

Too many adsI don’t mind the odd ad popping in but the frequency is far too high. When they are too frequent I just close them. Less frequent I might look at some. So not doing any favours with the frequency..Version: 13.3

Don’t get thisThis app is the most horrible thing I’ve ever downloaded on my iPad. I tried getting onto it and then it tells you to add an additional app google which might be familiar but one for some people but what if I don’t want Google on my iPad then I go to delete the app and it will give me the option to delete it so it’s basically told me you bought me so now if you hate me you still gotta keep that is the most annoying type of cheapskate marketing you could ever do you’re scamming people out of buying your app and they can’t delete it, which takes up storage on people’s iPad because they could use it for other apps that really work don’t buy this..Version: 12.1

DuoThjis app is hjard to understand whjy doI need Duo. HJow d i fget video callinfg on duo..Version: 11.9

Too many adsI’m not trying to leave a bad review but the ads in this app are too much, half the screen if full of ads, every 30 seconds you watch 1 minute ads I swear /: Hence I have deleted and uninstalled the app immediately don’t bother if your on a iPad..Version: 11.9

Fake WhatsApp’s not from Meta lots of adsFake WhatsApp’s not from Meta lots of ads popping up asking to upgrade block ads when the actual WhatsApp from meta Facebook doesn’t even request for such of these.Version: 13.8

Doesn’t soundBasically it’s a whatsapp web for mobile. Which is not so bad, but when you receive a message, the app doesn’t do any sound. Then you need to keep the other mobile close because at any moment you’re logged off... then there are lots of ads, but even if you pay, they don’t go away. Uninstalled.Version: 7.6

Absolutely uselessAbsolutely useless Messages do not down load , add block the list of undownloaded messaged Absolute waste of time.Version: 11.5

Annoying appNever have had so many pop ups on a app. Can not even use it, would not recommend, never had this before on an app..Version: 13.9

AdsToo. Many ads.Version: 9.5

Not really freeAlmost impossible to use without paying. Deleted before I even sent the first message!.Version: 12.7

Too many adds, you will be better with the WebVersion.Too many adds taking 2/3 of the screen, you will be better with the WebVersion. Uninstalled after after using a couple of times. Looking at they paid version; ~£9/month or ~£25 for lifetime is a rip-off, specially for a product that is offered for FREE. WhatsApp announced an iPad version soon, so not even considered this option..Version: 12.1

No NotificationsYou can see your recent chats however, you don’t receive any kind of notification when someone texts you. Also, it doesn’t flag new messages..Version: 7.4

Ads are extremely disruptive. Subscription tier too expensive.UI is okay, I’d give it 3 or 4 stars if it wasn’t for the ads. I get that they make money of advertisements, but holy cow you cant use the app without an ad constantly blocking your entire screen till it times out. You could at the very least make it a banner and not bombard my eye sockets with this bullsh**. Also $9.99/month to subscribe and get rid of the ads? F that noise. That’s way too much for the little features you offer that are Built off frameworks that were made by others. Build a better app. Charge less..Version: 12.1

Eh. I have seen much betterThis app does have good qualities. it works. but barely! first of all, WhatsApp on the phone is so much more convenient. it has a clean look and it actually has features in it that I think are nice. the ads. beware of this app’s ads. it’s not some tiny little thing. I x out an ad. a new one pops up. u know, I bet that if these ads weren’t so big and so irritating I can’t even open the app without being utterly disgusted, it would have actual features, like seeing messages fully. u know, this app opens the ad in full randomly. a LOT. and then it asks u to pay. why should we have to pay just to be able to look at an app and not see utter disgust? I refuse to pay for something like that. and always, it takes 5 minutes just to open ur texts and look at a message! IT IS PLAIN WORTHLESS DO NOT BUY THIS APP. IT ISNT WORTH IT..Version: 12.9

Adds are rediculousEven after you download an advertised app, you still get those adds. Screen constantly encumbered. Prescription ad free costs are ridiculous for someone who mainly uses WhatsApp on their phone and this is just a secondary source..Version: 12.9

Adds extremely annoyingI personally would avoid using this app. It is honestly more convenient to save the WhatsApp webpage to your Home Screen then using this app. Every time the application is open you're greeted with full screen adverts and once this is closed there Is a large banner permanently positioned at the bottom of the app displaying advertisements. Unsurprisingly these adverts are not represented in the screenshots of the app. I find this extremely irritating and have consequently deleted the app, with no intention of ever using it again.Version: 12.1

Paid for no Ads, Still Ads!Basically it’s a customised version of Firefox. Quite good to use, no notifications which is ideal. I was impressed enough to pay a few £ for the Ad free version. Great, no Ads...... until a few weeks later a “splash screen” Ad started appearing every time I open the App. I’ll be moving on to another App..Version: 7.6

No longer working :(Worked the first day, no longer work.Version: 9.6

SluggishIt may be useful for some people but it lags up and becomes quite sluggish on conversation times, I’d prefer a better and faster one than this..Version: 12.1

AdvertsThis app could be so good, if it was wasn’t for the constant barrage of adverts, from you opening the app to just about every single click, you are bombarded with full page adds. I understand have adds helps with running cost , but this app is a waste of time. If I could give it a minus score I would do..Version: 11.8

App with Annoying Ads that cannot be closedApp with Annoying Ads that cannot be closed!!! Will uninstall immediately!!!.Version: 14.2

A piece of adware but not much moreI found Duo Messenger for WhatsApp almost impossible to install as advertisements kept coming up in my iPhone, which is part of the process to set it up in your Apple Watch. Developers, this is rubbish. Sort it out..Version: 14.3

Too many ads.The apps is very laggy. And not sure this is kind of scam to get all of our original WhatsApp messages but it doesn’t seem working smoothly..Version: 12.2

The ads are too much, i had to deleteLove the idea, but couldn’t deal with all the ads. Had to delete the app and stick to my phone instead..Version: 12.3

ScamDoes not work. Pretend to generate a code but does not show the whole code. App kept jumping, full of bugs and ads..Version: 13.8

Works SomewhatUpdate: Not worth the money. Hope the developer is happy with my contribution, but the app is simply not up to the task. Waste of my money. :-( Not sure I should have paid for this app. Of course, WhatsApp is lacking in support for multiple devices (something Signal handles well). This app simply takes the web interface and makes it accessible on a mobile device (with more “stuff” but really, one only cares about WhatsApp). Sadly, it has various problems. At times the interface goes berserk and shows somewhat split screen (this happens when pasting in e.g. an image or link). It also consistently crashes when activated. Finally, I get notifications about “news” which I’m definitely NOT interested in, but new messages don’t seem to appear when not in the foreground. In this case you definitely DON’T get what you pay for… :-(.Version: 12.8

What am I missing?!Not sure how this app got so many great reviews but my experience so far has been very lackluster. The app is very glitchy. It takes a while for the app to restore itself to where you left off in previous conversations. I’m talking about sometime is it more than 30 seconds. also, I find myself having to double and triple click on icons in order for it to react (using it on my new iPad). What is even more annoying is that I pay the $20 in order to have the ads removed so that it would hopefully flow better. Which it did, but not to the degree it should after paying so much. The other major downside is that I cannot make video calls on it even though you can from WhatsApp on a mobile device. Can someone please explain that to me?!? In short, not sure how everyone is having such a great experience with this app… what am I missing?.Version: 13.1

Ads and slowA little over the google ads how slow this app takes to open my chats on my iPad..Version: 12.2

Total rubbishCouldn’t get past the advertising to even use the app. Deleted..Version: 13.5

Terrible UI experience.Bomboarded with ads as soon as I opened the app, everything lagging, touch not working properly. Better to just use whatsapp business for second number.Version: 13.1

Nots app!So may multiple attempts to load before it finally opens and then if you leave the app for whatever reason and go back you have to relaunch. It’s clunky not really fit for purpose.Version: 10.5

Trop de publicitéTrop trop trop de publicité.Version: 14.2

Not as good as should beThis app is not as good as it should be as you can't remove the ads even when you pay for the ads to be removed.Version: 7.6

ADS ARE KILLING METhe ad part takes up almost half the screen and you have to pay 50$ to remove it..Version: 13.1

Scam company would not refund after issueThey advertise that you can put two numbers on the app which I have with WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. Yet after you purchase the 30 to do this you can not add a second number you can only purchase a second number they give you. You can not add two of your own numbers. This is a scam because they would not refund after requested. Do not fall for the same scam..Version: 13.7

Can’t send files or images.It’s works well but Can’t send the attachments. So, massive disadvantage I would say. I was happy until I couldn’t send a file. So, I think this issue needs to be sorted out. Update: now I can’t even open up a chat I click on the chat and it doesn’t open up. What a shame..Version: 10.1

WhatsApp for iPadThe ads are so obnoxious they completely interfere with the use of the app.Version: 13.9

Utter waste of timeThe app is loaded with constant pop up ads. The app constantly crashes and you then have to go through the whole process again, for it to crash again. It got deleted within 5 mins of installing. Sh!t..Version: 7.6

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 13.8

Nothing like your iPhone-Half the page is adsIt is nothing like the iPhone WhatsApp, which i was hoping. I dont get why there is duo messenger for? Then the ads keep popping up and interrupting your messaging and the bottom of the page is ads. I did like how it sinked w my phone. I just deleted it bc it was not easy to navigate w accidentally clicking the ads when I was trying to type a message. I don’t recommend it. I still in search for another one to use..Version: 14.3

Won’t even launchCan’t use the app at all because it won’t launch 💀💀💀💀💀💀.Version: 13.8

ADS ADS ADSThere are two things wrong with this app. The first one is the number of ads. Every time you click something, an add pops up. Not just like half screen ads, but taking up the full screen ads. If you don’t want to see ads, be ready to pay $20 or a monthly fee. The second one is that you need a phone for it. Yes, I understand WhatsApp is usually for phone, but there’s a reason you want it on your iPad! You don’t want to have to use your phone to log in every time! This really annoyed me since my phone was broken for a while, and I couldn’t text anyone on WhatsApp. I really do not recommend this app. How it has 4 stars- I’m not sure 😒 It’s a bad app and I would recommend not wasting your time on it like I did..Version: 10.9

Paid for no ads but still having adsNot happy I paid for no ads but still getting ads...Version: 13.7

Crashed trying to upload photosDon’t bother downloading this. Far far too many adverts you can’t really use the app. The app also crashes on my iPad when I’m trying to add photos to a message..Version: 12.1

Dark mode option gives a light backgroundDark mode option gives a light background and selecting light mode gives the dark background. System default which for me should be dark mode, results in a light background. Your menu options are a little confused, lol...Version: 6.1

WHATASH!T APPHow are you supposed to set-up when full page adverts just take over the screen and block any ability to do/read anything on the screen? After three failed attempts, I’ve now deleted before I even had a chance to set-up. Don’t bother downloading. Should have just read other reviews to realise this would be the case..Version: 13.1

Utterly Terrible. Used for 3mins Before Deleting.Biggest waste of time ever. Downloaded it and was literally attacked with ads. Couldn’t even navigate to find the ‘purchase full version’ option without being overloaded. Do yourself a favour and don’t bother with this app..Version: 12.1

MalfunctionWhen I try to attach a photo or something like that it crashes all the time.Version: 9.4

Great Potential Overshadowed by AdsReview: This app could have been a game-changer with its awesome features and user-friendly interface. However, the never-ending popup ads severely hamper the user experience. What’s more disappointing is that the paid version doesn’t seem to alleviate this issue. It’s disheartening to see such potential diminished by an overwhelming number of ads. A revision in the ad strategy could make this app a top contender in its category.”.Version: 13.8

Apple WatchI just want to add WhatsApp to my watch and there are a lot of pop up ads to get through, not a very straight forward process compared to other messaging apps that already appeared on initial setup..Version: 13.3

Not impressedIn your face advertising before you can get started every time you go to the app. The advertising takes precedence over the useability. Using a guest wifi, the advertising comes up ‘in your face’ OK, but the app will not go to Whatsapp! As much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. Deleted!.Version: 9.5

Not worth a trialUsing the Free version, the ad banner placement blocks the ability to type ... so unless you're 100% intending to pay to unlock ad-free, don't even bother with the download..Version: 14.1

UselessThe ads are relentless. The app works maybe half the time.Version: 14.2

Ads are too much hassleI stopped using this on my tablet. Too many ads.Version: 14.3

ADS, so annoyingAnnoying ads that take up nearly the whole screen.Version: 14.2

On iPad, Not very functional and tells untruths about ad removalSo, an app with promise that doesn’t do the job. a) ad removal: I do have the ad block product, but it still delivers ads on startup. I can simply remove this by going to ‘restore purchase’ for the ad blocker, but I have to do so every. single. time. Which more or less defeats the purpose b) support unresponsive: I wrote to the email address claiming authorship of this product, but I never even got an acknowledgement c) not fully functional. Can’t obviously see how to import image to a message or access chat functionality whatsapp provides on phones. d) Loses login information and requires re-sign in sporadically for no apparent reason..Version: 14.0

Camera not working with whatsappHi Its been common problem with 15pro max that whatsapp is not supporting apple phone 15 pro max Direct camera is working perfect but when u use camera in whatsapp It gives blurry picture in close up Please release update to allign whatsapp with iphone 15 pro max nd pro only asl well.Version: 13.9

Real PITAKeeps telling me to get chrome then need to coick to get into app. Can’t even get it off my ipad!!!!.Version: 14.3

UnuseableI downloaded this app in hopes i could send videos from my iPad to my friends. But NONE OF THE PHOTO OR VIDEO work. there are so many ads that when i first went on it i thought i was getting hacked with the amount of times i saw that one google ad. It takes too much time to load and during that long wait, guess what you’re greeted by? More ads. I have never seen so many ads in my life. I couldn’t even write a letter before getting an ad. How do i rate this zero stars. This was not slay, nor was it girly pop..Version: 12.1

HorribleThis is such a horribly configured application. It’s impossible to get rid of this huge ad banner that takes 30% of the page. The chat window doesn’t always open when you click on a name to start a conversation. Non stop pop up advertisement. An overall experience that is horrible.Version: 13.6

So many pop up adsThis app is not worth to download. When I logged in, ads were on the screen and it didn’t allow me to type and when I tried to remove the pop up ads, the app didn’t allow me to remove the app unless if I downloaded their premium subscription therefore I deleted the app and I am still very disappointed for how it turned out not achieving my expectations..Version: 14.3

Adds cover contentThe adds pop up ever now and then, but then you have one that is there constantly at the bottom and it covers the content not allowing me to reach the bottom of the page. It keeps kicking my account out and crashing, I do not recommend..Version: 12.4

Overwhelmed with adsI’ve had the app for two hours and it’s driving me crazy! The app has a link to an advert at very click and it’s very difficult to distinguish the messages from the ads. The main screen is dominated by a half-page ad banner and I’m constantly clicking an add somewhere on the page! I wish what’s app would bring out an official version for the iPad!.Version: 11.5

Apple watchThis app is pathetic it just didn’t work on my apple watch i tried pairing with my iphone multiple times purchased 7.99 plan Did every possible thing to fix it but hust didn’t paired I want my money back now.Version: 13.9

Its a scamDon’t download.Version: 14.3

Not a good app tons of adsI just got an iPad and regular WhatsApp doesn’t work so I downloaded this app. It is filled with huge ads that try to cover the messages and it crashed the second time I opened it up…you also can’t automatically forward messages here from your sharing center like you can with regular WhatsApp or iMessage. Anyways I’ll use it because it’s the best option..Version: 9.2

Waste of moneyDoes not work with latest WhatsApp.Version: 13.8

This app is a real headache (DO not PAY) not worth the head of of unnecessary push notificationI thought hey okay pay for the lifetime of the app because i run a business and to be honest the ads where ridiculous. PLus I need to make sure I can connect with customers.. If im paying for the ad free version i surely don't want to receive notifications unless its and text from a client. Im receiving notifications throughout the day and its from their news portion we should defiantly be able to control whether we want this or not because i surely only want my messages.Version: 12.3

BadWhy is there chrome under the messages like! And why are there ads in a messaging app this is so bad DONT download it. It also continues to not load my chat in ?.Version: 14.3

Won’t let you remove adsThis is pointless if you cannot get rid of ads..Version: 7.6

Ads Are RelentlessEven during my attempt to purchase, I was distracted (actually the entire screen was hijacked by an ad) by ads which made it difficult to purchase. You people are shooting yourself in the foot with your ad campaign. Once I finanly was able to reach the purchase screen to “remove ads”, the price to rent, NOT PURCHASE, the app with a subscription was ridiculous. Really? Sorry…gotta go!. I’ll find an alternative like WhatsPad Chat. It works great, and it’s only $2.99 to BUY. One time payment and you own it. No ads!.Version: 12.1

Was goodNo longer works with latest version of whatsapp.Version: 8.5

JunkAs much as it seems to be the best option when you need to use WhatsApp on something else thant your phone, an iPad for example, my experience has been negative from the first moment to the last. First, when you start the app, half of the screen is covered with an advertisment, and every so many seconds you get one in full screen for seconds. So it doesn't take more than 5 minutes before you decide to pay the 10 dollars monthly subscription. Don't keep your hopes too high though, the subscription is not tied to your Apple/iCloud account, it is tied to your device. I have 2 iPads, I rotate between the 2 of them when the battery needs to be recharged. So on the second iPad I needed to pay too, which obviously I didn't. Then, the application doesn't trigger any notification when a new message comes in, even though I set the setting. The app won't get new messages if you don't have WhatsApp running on your phone. Wonderful, you buy the app to use WhatsApp on your iPad but you still need to use the phone for the app to work. A friend sent me little videos made with her iPhone, they open/play fine on the WhatsApp app on the phone but not in this app, so there, again, I ended up using WhatsApp on the phone. Obviously you don't see when the other person is typing either. And to top it all, the app constantly sends you notifications to sell you stuff. Overall, an overpriced app, a dishonest licensing model, and it doesn't even work right on top of it..Version: 12.1

Not supporting to Apple Watch series 9Have tried so many times as per description but it didn’t work.Version: 13.9

Not user friendlyThe moment I download the app and open it, some ad appears and not able to close. It’s one of the worst experience I had on using app.Version: 12.9

Doesn’t work and full of baloneyDo not download this app! When I downloaded the app all it told me was to download apps that had nothing to do with this one it didn’t work and you can’t send messages on it at all it is stupid and full of baloney it doesn’t work at all!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 12.1

I couldn’t handle the adsToo many adds. You can’t do anything on this app because adds pop up every 2 seconds. Price for full version is WAY too much. Whatsapp doesn’t cost that much..Version: 11.5

Pathetic appWhenever I open it there are bazillions of ads and when I’m trying to tap something, it try’s to let me download google chrome, I eventually got sick of it and downloaded google chrome but they still had the ad there! I don’t know what to do as it just said how to use WhatsApp on computer. I DON’T WANT IT ON COMPUTER I WANT IT ON MY DEVICE!!.Version: 9.7

AdsSo many adds on WhatsApp Dual for iPad. Frustrating.Version: 13.9

Can’t purchase no ads versionWhen I click on the option it does nothing.Version: 7.6

TerribleIt doesn’t work , don’t not waste your time nor money ..Version: 13.9

Constant pop up ads that won’t go awayThis is a truly annoying app. The ads pop up and cover the conversation. There’s no way to close them, and they are difficult to minimize. I understand that a “free” app comes with ads, but this is excessive. I’ll probably delete it..Version: 13.6

Pure garbageUsing whatapp for years but got a new phone and the app does not transfer the conversations to my new phone so i installed this app and it transfers everything fine , however it is complete and utter garbage ..every 2 minutes an ad pops up and you have to click in the upper right corner to continue with my whatsapp . In addition to this highly intrusive and annoying type of ads the lower half of my screen is completely covered with an huge ad …complete garbage !.Version: 12.4

Ads too intrusiveGetting to use the message bit is difficult as getting past the ads is nearly impossible. The one for Chrome is particularly annoying as I already have it installed. Bit rubbish this..Version: 9.8

You will have no controlMy iPad locked up after I tapped on the icon for the first time. I don’t remember the exact wording, but what this app does not give you a prompt that for example, reads: “ share my information, “ or “ don’t share my information”. The prompt reads: ask the app not to share my information. I can not tell you how many times I’ve asked for some thing I didn’t get it on top of that my iPad locked up. I had to reboot to get rid of that prompt.Version: 12.1

Full of bugsWorse app ever.Version: 14.0

HiIt would be great if they updated it. I used it but I stopped using it with my daughter because it didn't save the messages, photos, voice messages and calls that she deleted from the application. things are removed from the original application, hopefully and they make that change soon..Version: 11.5

Adds, Adds, adds + more Adds !And a bit of adds in top ! Every move.Version: 14.2

DisappointedI normally do not leave negative reviews but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. I downloaded this app because of the review, only to discover that ads block half of the screen which is really annoying, they can't even hide. Also, it says “2nd number” but it's a duo number which must be purchased, I have a personal and business line, so I was hoping I could have them together, I guess I misunderstood. Please consider these on your next update. I lliked that it downloaded quickly and doesn't take too much space compared to the original app and it linked fast to my phone..Version: 13.3

AdvertsThe adverts make the free version of this app unusable and hence have uninstalled. Each button clicked seems to introduce a full screen advert and hence to simply view what messages i have received i have had to close numerous full screen adverts. I get you need adverts to support the development but please change the free version to simply include a permanent banner / dedicated area on screen for adverts as opposed to keep popping up full screen adverts which make the app unusable. And before you reply purchase the add free version no way would i be doing that without having had chance to use the app in a meaningful way without the pop up full screen adverts to see if it works as advertised.Version: 11.5

Why is there so many ads?! And we have to pay to call?! 😑So when I first got in it took a while then there was soooo many ads before I got to the messages and it’s not just the ads why do we have to pay a subscription to be able to call?! I was trying to call my friends and it said I had to pay. Please work on this it’s getting annoying and I really don’t have a choice with this app since I don’t have my phone.Version: 14.3

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