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Diamond Diaries Saga App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Diamond Diaries Saga app received 127 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Diamond Diaries Saga? Can you share your negative thoughts about diamond diaries saga?

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Diamond Diaries Saga for Negative User Reviews

Be ware of duplicate charges.This game starts off quite easy however it become extremely difficult to lure you into spending money. If you do make in app purchases some times it can duplicate charge you. It gets pretty boring after a while with no new features introduced after you reach a certain level..Version: 1.5.0

Great game but ..Come on King! One of your best games but no daily freebies making levels impossible to pass without purchases. Just makes for a frustrating game, and therefore do not want to play..Version:

ImpatientGood game but quite annoying as it crashes after each level, hence on some occasions after completing a level it crashes & doesn’t register the win. It then takes you back to play the same level again..Version: 1.23.0

BuggyI have beaten level 190 three times but it doesn’t advance. I don’t have a problem with the difficult levels like others but the stuff that doesn’t make sense is irritating. The dumb birds that don’t have priority levels on what they target. Why aren’t the power ups you accumulate available in play throughout the map instead of just the beginning. This doesn’t make sense when there are levels that start off with pushing or releasing the diamond with three pieces. 2 of the 3 pieces turn into whatever power up you chose in the beginning so it’s just a waste. This game is more buggy than other King games..Version: 1.5.0

Getting Ready to QuitI have played this game for a very long time. It is challenging but I always manage to clear the level. I started to compete with another player; the person that collects more “gems” in 24 hours wins gold bars. In this case, the gems were blue. The game continues until one of the players fail to collect the required number of blue gems. We were up to 50 gold bars and I was supposed to gather 2500 blue gems in 24 hours. Well the level I am on has no blue gems! It is a hard level so it is unlikely that I will be able to solve it in time. I have wasted two weeks with no possibility of success! So it looks like I am done with this game. Player beware!.Version:

My diamonds keep disappearingI like this game. I’ve got two complaints however. First, they have the button to keep playing in the same place where you continue, and I’ve lost a lot of gold bars that way on levels I wasn’t even close to winning. Second, the diamonds I’ve earned keep disappearing. I’ll have 200 diamonds at the end of one level, then when I finish the next one, I’ll be at 192. This happens with almost every level, making it close to impossible to get to the next jewelry piece. It wouldn’t be so bad, except I’ve paid a bit of money playing this game. I feel like they shouldn’t do this to players that are actually funding the game. I think I’d have about 200 more pieces than I do if they’d stop stealing my diamonds!.Version: 1.21.0

DisappointedI really enjoy this game until recently.It won’t load ,goes back to start ,freezes so I have given up.Version: 1.20.0

Disappointed fanI enjoyed playing the game but it’s a shame as when you get to level 2425 it’s impossible to complete . Please guys either change the level or sort it out Before I delete the game. It’s your best game snd so frustrated that you’ve. Done this. So come on sort it out please.Version:

Love this game ButEvery time I win a level it kicks me off I have to log in every time I win I finished all the levels but I have to wait so long for new levels.Version: 1.19.2

BrokenMy game crashes just as it gives me my reward of gold bars resulting in me not getting reward of gold bars. Are the developers doing this on purpose to get us to spend more money?.Version: 1.25.0

Collecting gold bar rewardWhen I reached the 700 level claiming 10 gold bars stopped working. This been going on for some time..Version:

Ok butReasonably enjoyable. Some levels too easy to beat whilst others nigh on impossible. For these either endless attempts or paying to win are the only options. This resulted in me getting bored and giving up..Version: 1.5.0

Consistently inconsistentThis game is a good diversion, and it was pretty easy to get through the earlier levels of the game. However, there is no consistency or logic in how the balls link. Sometimes a large space exists between two balls and it allows you to link them, other times it doesn’t. Similarly, sometimes there is part of a ball between other balls and it links, while other times it doesn’t. And these spaces and balls look exactly the same size. This is frustrating because it is so ridiculously inconsistent, and frequently the inconsistency happens when that move could alter the game in favor of the player. Particularly in the last few moves. Overtly trying to get the player to spend money to continue playing, perhaps? I find that some of the other king games tend to be more predictable and I’d really prefer to lose a level for the umpteenth time under predictable circumstances, instead of because the game allows a link arbitrarily..Version: 1.1.4

Still crashingThe latest update (Aug 21) didn’t fix the crashing issue. Love the game but can’t love it when you can’t play it.Version: 1.19.0

Diamond DiariesHave enjoyed this game so far but in the last few days every time I go through the lead up to start the game when I press to start where I last finished game just quits every time. This is so frustrating and I can’t get an answer to my messages. Can anyone help me or give me an answer as to why this keeps on happening? Not very good King Game.Version: 1.23.0

Can see the algorithm workingCynical game. can actually see the non-sensical physics working against colours coalescing in order to make the required chain...it’s funny! eventually you can progress- the algorithm gives way after a certain amount of tries- and now you can pay to unlock a piggy bank of unknown cache just to keep being blocked by the algorithm- every sadists dream!.Version: 1.3.0

Childlike and patronising new gameI’ve played all of this developer’s games some more than others. This latest one is so-so for a number of reasons not least of which is the stupid and pointless comments made intermittently after a good score, for example “sassy”. This is so asinine, so disingenuous and so unwanted by me and many others I’m sure. I’m a 54-year old woman and really don’t care to be patronised and condescended to in this way. Otherwise the game is quite enjoyable, the premise of travelling around the world collecting jewels is novel but I’m getting bored with it now. Maybe I’m just not being challenged enough by this one. I don’t play many of King’s other games anymore, just Pet Rescue which I still love. This game is altogether too infantile for me, from the early childhood cartoon style to the annoying Americanisms. I’m sure I’m not the only middle aged gamer who is puzzled by this unsophisticated approach..Version: 1.7.1

LoadingLove the game but can’t get on to play it’s been loading for the last three days please fix.Version: 1.11.0

Keeps crashing! Keep having to replay levels I’ve passed!So annoying! Your latest update is rubbish! It keeps crashing at the end of a level but doesn’t realise I passed the level so I have to replay it! Have wasted so many hammers and other helps just to have to redo the level. Game was really fun until this started happening. Please fix it!.Version: 1.20.0

Repeating levelsGreat game and very addictive. Unfortunately every few levels are stuck on repeat regardless of wether you’ve spent money on passing them previously or not..Version: 1.5.0

A fun addictive game…BUT…….This is a fun addictive game, but it is a wee bit unfair in that gold bars are very difficult to achieve However they are way too easy to dispense The use gold bars and get friends to help bars are to close and I cannot count the number of times my fat fingers have inadvertently hit the gold bar key instead of get friends Please re-code and put in a switch where you are asked are you sure you wish yo use the bars A simple fix to make the game more enjoyable and fair Thanks in advance for your consideration.Version:

Annoying and frustratingI love the games from King but this one drives me insane. The birds remove pointless blocks. The power ups are never where you want them and the levels are either ridiculously easy or ridiculously hard. I’ve deleted the game as this is not entertaining or relaxing just hugely frustrating and infuriating. Major improvements required please..Version: 1.5.2

Fairly good puzzle brought down by greedThe mechanics are varied and interesting but frustratingly flawed— some levels are so luck-based that winning is unsatisfying. The typical “gold you won but have to pay real currency to collect” King cash grab is a constant reminder of greed that saps away the fun. The most cynical fakery is the “city challenge” where you’re supposedly racing other players. Designed to make you spend gold to race for slightly less gold, this turns very sour when you realise it’s not what it seems. Supposedly two other players beat me to some of these levels — yet mine is literally the only score on the top score list. What gives? Am I racing against people who are doing lower levels in the same city? Not according to the display. Something about that is a cheat, so don’t fall for it. Play at your own pace. It’s a game I might have spent money to play a little more of with a slightly better level design and without the fakery— but as it is, meh..Version: 1.6.0

KEEPS LOGGING OFFSince the last update I can't play the game I press play goes to loading and then BANG logged off the game again and again I give up and I doooo not want delete and download the game again I will loose my levels this is crazy 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 1.19.2

Diamond diaries sagaCome on guys sort it out. Have been waiting ages but am now thinking delete game and find something that does work. You know there’s issues but doing nothing so far. Not ok..Version: 1.19.2

Fun at firstThe game is cool similar to other linking games with a few twists and turns. There are some frustrating aspects to the game. The first is the movement of the balls doesn’t always seem to make sense in what would happen in the real world. I do not know if this is just an intended aspect or bad design, but it is frustrating to expect a ball or two to drop only to have them seeming defy gravity or shift over and other balls to move down. The second problem is the difficulty of the higher level, for me that means the mid 100’s. I do not mind a level being difficult, but it seems like if the initial ball drop is not in the players favor then the level becomes next to impossible. The last thing that is seriously annoying are the birds. Sometimes I am leaving the power ups alone to be used later, and the dam birds set them off to zero effect. Annoying, annoying, annoying..Version: 1.5.2

Got bored really fastRemoved after about 5 turns..Version: 1.1.1

Not workingGame isn’t working since latest update :(.Version: 1.20.0

Update from 5 days ago produced no new levelsNew review: I downloaded the latest update, but five days later, the new levels still are not loading. Restarting my iPad made no difference. Earlier review: Level 2730 doesn’t function correctly After the lower sections’ diamond are cleared, the app doesn’t roll back up to the upper sections. Also, one diamond just above the lower section clears itself whether or not the user has made any moves. PLEASE FIX THIS..Version:

ConfusingBORING VERY REATIVE deleted after level five.Version:

Hmmmm not sureHere’s the thing, when my pig is full of gold bars, no more can fit in. It only fits 10 bars … and then when you try to use them it shows another page to buy more ...Version:

No soundI get no sound effects at all, the music works though. I used to enjoy playing this on FB and thought it might be fun to add to my phone… now I can get frustrated by pay to win puzzles and not even hear the fx that makes it bearable..Version:

Challenges conA week on a challenge collecting vertical blasts, up to 27 gold bars, and today it stopped counting all of the vertical blasts I’ve made. What a waste of a week and my time. Cheated out of 27 gold bars! Why would it do this? This is not the first time. Won’t waste my time from now on, why would anyone bother!.Version:

Same oldLike all of your games this one eventually becomes frustratingly hard. Like all of your games I will soon be deleting it..Version: 1.12.0

Keeps CrashingThis is a great game - when it works. It keeps crashing on my iPad especially when I actually complete a level!!!!! Wish I could rate it higher🤨.Version: 1.20.0

MisleadingWhen I first started playing I thought this was fun. As I have played longer (273 now) I have found that balls with large spaces between them will link but ones with a smaller space do not. It is illogical. I have also hit levels where I sat for at least a week and finally had to buy a boost to get through. I think the real slap in the face is that you earn gold bars for your piggy bank that can be used to get boosts. But guess what? They charge you $2.99 to use them! These are bars YOU EARNED but are not allowed to access unless you pay them. Deleting this sham!.Version: 1.3.0

Games crashes after it excepts my gold barsGame closes down once it excepts my gold bars to extend play... dodgy!.Version: 0.15

Ups and downsFun for a while but then like with other King games I've played, as you progress the hardest regular boards are a lot harder than the "Hard". Level 72 is "Super Hard" and completed it first time with no helpers. Level 73 is a regular level and much, much harder to complete. I am on the fifth attempt and still not even close. I think the mistake some people make in reviewing these apps is thinking about them as games. They aren't really, not primarily. A game is about fun and challenges and making sure you have the best experience possible. These are not that. They are a vehicle for King to make as much money as possible. The primary aim is to get money out of you, as much as possible, and the fun part is just to make sure you stay there and spend your bucks. It sounds cynical but the whole approach is cynical. Your fun and enjoyment is really only an experience for manipulation instead of just a game for your entertainment..Version:

Good for a whileI like the ability to match in multiple directions and choose where the booster is released. As with most of this type of game, after a point progress is impossible without purchasing boosters..Version: 1.0.0

Annoying Birds 🦅This game has potential but they desperately need to improve the artificial intelligence for the way the birds power-up works. They frequently fly off in the wrong direction, triggering other important power-ups you wanted to save for later, or removing absolutely pointless blocks that served no purpose at all and weren’t important for the level progress..Version: 1.0.0

Booster scamUnlike what we are use to with the boosters in King games the ones on this game do not act accordingly so you are forced to purchase more moves or boosters!.Version: 1.1.1

Love the game but...The sh** part is I HAVE to buy the gold that I’ve earned in order to use it 😡 not happy!!! We should be able to use the gold that we see fit not pay for it!.Version: 1.3.0

Niveau bloqué au 578Bonjour depuis 2 semaines le jeux bog, j’ouvre l’application et ça referme aussi vite je ne veux pas le télécharger à nouveau car je vais tout perdre ce que j’ai amassé est-ce qu’il y a une solution, J’ai fais la dernière mise à jour et ça n’a rien changé Merci.Version: 1.19.2

Just deleted this - some levels are impossibleI’ve played this for a while but it is becoming so blatantly impossible to pass some levels without spending money that I am sick of it now. The ‘birds’ that are supposed to help you remove every other piece that the ones that actually help. Some levels you are entirely dependent on the colours that fall and of course, it is never the ones that you actually need. It feels like it is so deliberately weighted against you so you buy gold bars and add ins that it is no longer fun and enjoyable..Version:

Fix it!Too bad I can't play this game. Every time I open it it crashes and kicks you out. Not a bad game but now it's just a waste of storage on my device. Enough people are having the same problem but you can't come up with a fix?.Version: 1.20.0

FrustratingI got to level 125 Without having to buy anything, that was good. I don’t usually spend money on games, however I like the game and thought ok I’ll spend money to through this level. I passed with the extra moves and was happy. My happiness was short lived because the levels after 125 all required me to use gold to pass. If I were to buy the $ 6.99 pack only five times, I would spend more then most xbox one games. Plus you don’t receive very much value out of the 50 gold..Version: 1.17.1

Annoying crashes, no help from teamI love this game, and had progressed to level 400+. This game has been crashing for about a month. I reported it and got some basic advice, which didn’t fix it (clear cache, restart etc) which I had already done. In frustration i deleted and reloaded the game, starting back at level 1. I got as far as 14 and the same problems started again. Deleting now, will find something else..Version: 1.19.2

Good game but few bugsOn level 552 and have completed it twice however the game itself will not move on to the next level, this has happened a few times on other levels it’s so frustrating.Version: 1.14.0

Clicking on gold bars not workingThe gold bars that you earn from in game challenges isn't working. I clicked on it to give me 5 more moves and it did nothing. I'm deleting the game..Version:

Really?Loved, loved, loved this game until after level 1000. Then it became impossible to win even when purchasing extras..Version:

So Many BugsThe game is fun but has so many bugs..Version: 1.0.0

URGHLevel 349 is so hard I have lost the will to live. Certainly not spending money so will be deleting very soon. Am sticking to Candy Crush from now on. I kept going but accidently deleted it. After reloading I had to start at level 1 and it now crashes after every level so probably goodbye this time. Come on KING I’m getting really tired of this game crashing after every level time it was sorted. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I have just finished level 176 several times I might add, game crashes and does not register that I have actually achieved this level. WILL IT EVER BE SORTED. Bet if it was Candy Crush it would have been..Version:

Meh....same ole same oleSame type money grab game. Impossible levels to beat without some kind of booster, ie purchase at end of level to finish it off. I’m convinced this is done on purpose. Also the ask “friends” for lives and the refill for 9 gold bars pops up at the same time and same place, and doesn’t ask you to verify I have clicked on that stupid refill lives multiple times on accident. My fault but I can almost guarantee you this is placed here on purpose. Very tactless move. It’s an ok matching game and fun, but again as many people have said you can’t beat levels without help. Also certain boosters are rendered useless and yet it still uses them..Version: 1.8.0

Good game but stop asking about FacebookI really enjoy the puzzles in this game. Recently, the game asks every time I log in if I want to connect to my Facebook friends. I categorically do not want any game connected to my Facebook account and resent the fact that the game asks me this question each time I log in. Why do you persist in asking a question I have already answered? I am forced to answer this question each time before being allowed to the game play. If this does not stop, I will stop playing..Version:

Clone of another gameOk, first off this game is much more casual than the originator of this kind of puzzle game, secondly, the original may have much less appeal since it’s a Japanese game and has wacky characters you can recruit and train vs just playing meticulously made puzzles repeatedly till you beat them. This game is not a ripoff of said game, but it’s close to it just by taking the same gameplay and changing it slightly. The game i’m talking about it Yo Kai Watch: Wibble Wobble. Yes, a really wacky name, and the franchise is more aimed towards kids, but their game is fast paced, time and score based, and heavily rewards quick reaction time and skill. This game is more relaxed in nature. On wibble wobble, you merge the matching colors into larger... jewels? That, when comboed with, grant massive amounts of points. Stages in that game are around taking a boss down as well, instead of releasing locked objects or reaching a certain score in a certain amount if turns. If you’re interested in the game i’m talking about. Give it a try, it’s cute, very light hearted, and has some depth to it as well. This is by no means a bad game, but i knocked a couple of stars off for mimicking another game i enjoy so much. Thanks for reading, and happy matching. :).Version: 1.0.0

Won’t connectGood game but won’t let you connect on wifi, I only play on ipad so can’t collect prizes or use gold bar when only need one move to get past level, have informed king they don’t seem interested just get email saying to go to help centre or ask fellow players.Version:

Diamonds and DiariesWhat is going on here guys????? Ever since the last update, I cannot play the game. I love this game.....but it keeps closing out and then I try to start it again, same thing happens, now it won’t even let me play at all!!!!! Last update was today October 2nd at about 3.30pm in Australia. I thought this update might fix the problem.Version: 1.21.0

UnreliableLove this game but it’s unstable and crashes. Also have to wait weeks for new cities to be released - you need to review your dev team!.Version: 1.21.0

Game closes downJust about to finish a game and it closes down..Version: 1.1.4

ModeEst-il possible de jouer en mode paysage?.Version:

DisappointedWhen i started to play this game it was just amazing, i spent hours on it. But recently after the update i can no longer play it. It just opens but in the process to load levels it crushes down and i have to restart it and eventually it ends up not working. Before i used to play it without logging in my account so i tried to log in to see if the problem will be solved, it worked twice but now it’s no longer working. I even uninstalled and installed it again but the crushing is still there. Please fix this!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.23.0

Why do I continue to waste money on this garbageLike most other reviews, the game is fun in the beginning. But, very early on the game is frustrating with impossible tasks and limited moves. The odds are always stacked against you, so it seems. There have been times that the games had to reshuffle two and three times before I even made a move. Ridiculous. And yes, I’ve foolishly wasted more money than I care to think about in this game because after restarting a level four and five times, I finally got far enough that magically the gem was about to drop. So what do I do? Yup, bought gold to get that final last move. Ugh. I’m not going to like the receipt from Apple with all these in app purchases. If i didn’t waste so much on this one I’d surely delete it. But now I feel invested. Anyone reading this beware...and once it gets too challenging delete it before you toss your money to King..Version: 1.1.1

Stuck at levels.I don’t mind a challenge but I’m tired of getting stuck on levels that make me want to delete the app. I’m not a star player but I’m a pretty good player. Ridiculous..Version:

CrashesHello Is anyone there. Still can’t play this game and it is now December 1. Haven’t been able to play this game since August. I think it’s about time for you guys to address this issue. You have one more try of fixing this game. If not fixed soon will be getting rid of it..Version: 1.23.0

Good game, just keeps crashingI am enjoying the game just don’t enjoy having to replay a level when it freezes up right at the end of passing a level, especially the hard levels, hopefully this will be sorted soon.Version:

977 won’t loadYet again more issues. Now starts to load level gives me my 5 score bonuses and sticks with the 5 on the screen. Incredibly frustrating after spending so much on this game!.Version: 1.20.0

Level 419 impossible to passTried with boosters spent over a week on this level, nothing can be done to win. Game is loads of BS, deleted the whole thing.Version: 1.28.0

AvoidWhat a surprise another new game from king and another game where you have to pay to unlock the piggy bank to get gold bars you have earned, this is really frustrating, talk about milking everything, you have put me off of ever playing another game developed by you, levels are fixed so either you wait to refil lives or pay, some take absolutely ages to get a good roll where you can win, good bye and good riddance.Version: 1.8.0

Fun, but frustrating quirksI enjoy the game, but as other users mentioned, there is a lack of consistency. The space between balls required to link seems to be arbitrary, bird power-ups sometimes target special features (ties binding balls, potions) but other times are completely random. My most recent frustration is the removal of the 5 free gold bars after collecting 50. You used to be able to choose 5 for free or all 50 for a fee, but now the fee is the only option. Disappointing money grab..Version: 1.11.0

Fun, but a cash grabI love playing this game. It’s fresh and challenging and addicting. However, I’ve earned more gold bars than my little piggy bank can hold, but I only have 4 available for use. How do I access all my hard-earned gold for extra moves and bonus items? By paying for them. I have to pay actual money to collect items that I’ve earned through playing. That is the greediest money grab ever. I’m in the 200s on levels and it’s starting to get difficult to finish in the allotted moves. If it gets to a point where I can’t go on, I’ll delete before I’d pay. What a shame..Version: 1.6.0

BoringThis game was great at first, then I reached a certain level (I can’t even remember which one), and I simply could not beat the levels in time to reach the key to unlock the chest with power-ups. There is no way I am using real money to purchase power-ups, but that’s obviously what the game wanted me to do. So I deleted it. I don’t mind a challenge, but a game gets really boring if after at least 6 weeks you don’t even get the satisfaction of winning a few power-ups. This was after an update, too, so I think the designers just got a little too greedy..Version: 1.8.0

Doesn’t work anymore ...Since the update the game won’t open ... please help !!!.Version: 1.19.0

BUGSThis game, every few days, loses connection like clockwork. Cellular data, wifi, doesn’t matter. I’m beginning to think it’s intentional because I keep losing out on prizes..Version:

JeuxIl bogue souvent je le supprime le remet mais bogue encore il va très mal ce ferme souvent.Version: 1.19.2

DefaultMy dimonds dont fall and i cant play.Version: 1.9.0

I loved this game but.....I really do love this games and its graphics, but I’m so frustrated right now I’m thinking about deleting it and every other King game I have. I have been on level 580 for what seems like forever. I’ve tried it at least 200 times, and probably closer to 300 times without luck. I was sure there was a glitch somewhere so I deleted and then reinstalled the game on both of my devices, and my reward for that was losing ALL of my boosters. I’ve looked at walkthroughs and videos but nothing works. Please..... help me!!!.Version: 1.8.0

Disappointed twiceGood game but got to level 800 and it would not load I turned off iPad rebooted couple of time did not change anything. So I to delete it reloaded from level 1 again got to level 180 now it keeps repeating that level deleting now and not coming back.Version: 1.19.2

Fun gameLove the game however, the earned diamonds total increases accordingly at the end of each game, but then find the total diamonds earned has decreased again at the beginning of the next game! Really, very frustrating! Can’t work out why this is happening and can’t be bothered playing anymore! Hope this is a glitch that is soon sorted..Version: 1.3.0

Crash after crash after crashDevelopers won’t fix this, it’s been months now. Very buggy, winning a level crashes the app and you never get credit for it. Better things to do with my time, deleting this now..Version: 1.23.0

Fun For a While...Then it turns into another King game cash grab. Got to level 156, realized they don’t give you enough moves to complete the level without buying powerups and deleted the app. I don’t have time to keep pkaying the same level over and over again hoping the game allows me to complete it without spending money. The birds don’t help you at all because of their randomness. The rewards are so low it’s not worth the effort in trying to get them. Throw them $2 as a thank you, but please don’t give these guys more of your money, people..Version: 1.2.0

I like it, but...Any game that just makes you lose a life because there’s no matches available is thumbs down for me..Version: 1.22.0

UpdatingHalf way through it stops collecting diamonds and when I update, it pushes me back about 20 levels! It’s very frustrating and is really starting to get annoying..Version: 1.2.0

Good game, keeps kicking me outI like the game but the last several weeks now the game will take forever to load and when it finally opens it will freeze up. Now the last 2 days I have been trying to get into the game and it will open, let me select the play button, and then it will open the reward for collecting 600 gems. When I click collect it will freeze and then kick me out of the game. I have tried opening it again and it will keep running through that whole process. This is also after the update to the game. Becoming very frustrated and about to delete the game and never play it again..Version: 1.18.0

Love the game but….I really enjoy the game but it freezes right in the middle of a game and I have to quit. I’ve turned off my device and then turned it back on but it doesn’t fix the games I’ve lost. The music will be mute when I go back to the game and I have to go into the settings. It brings back the music but not the sound effects. The hammer is never there when it’s a choice in a new city. If this can be fixed, i would absolutely give it a 5 star rating..Version:

An Obvious Cash GrabBOTTOM LINE: Boosts are ineffective for the most part. And it’s VERY clear the developers are only wanting you to buy more lives as the levels are clearly a few strokes short of regular game play to move forward. Don’t spend your money. Play Toon Blast instead. I really like this game - but once you get into the 100s level and every OTHER level is super hard - and the ONLY way to get past a level is to buy more moves - It becomes less enjoyable and more irritating, since it’s very clear to me what’s going on. And to be clear - Developers - I DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT! Update the levels to be less a cash grab and more fun to play and maybe I’d spring for some more boosts. Speaking of - they’re NOT worth it. They are not worth it in most games and you also can’t MAKE some of the better boosts in gam play. That is not cool. I want to like this game - but it’s quickly losing my interest..Version: 1.19.2

Keeps crashingNew update. Still crashes after passing a level. Lose gold bars and have to repeat level again. Never ending cycle. Loved this game until the last two updates. Now it crashes after every purchase or when i pass a level. Then it just back to where it was before i won and bars gone. Ive done everything suggested and it still happens..Version: 1.20.0

It’s alrightDoesn’t add up the diamonds properly. You may get 15 in a level and it only adds 5. A bit annoying really..Version: 1.3.0

It cheatsRobbed of plays, deletes some icons, moves balls sideways when there is no way they could fall that way. Now this app thinks there is no internet. Will not allow interaction with contests. Funny that all my other apps have no problem with internet. I AM connected. Tried restarting phone but did not fix the problem. I’ve gotten past level 1800 on this. Hate to delete it but may not have a choice..Version:

Nice game but...I keep missing out on the rewards for finishing designs, which is annoying! The game freezes when it’s due to give you the reward and you restart it and no reward 🙁.Version: 1.26.0

Update failed to work4/11 Update: Once again, ran out of levels. 😟 I waited patiently, and I just did the update, which promised new levels When I opened the UPDATED app, it said “More cities coming soon.” What the heck?! Where are the updated levels?! Previously, I gave 5 stars for this game because I LOVE playing it, but I’ve reduced my rating to 2 stars because this is the third time that I’ve run out of levels and waited quite some time for an update. I don’t mind waiting, BUT after waiting and updating, I expect to actually find new levels if that is what the update said it was doing. Back when I loved the game: I enjoy this game so much more than I did Candy Crush. The games are challenging without being frustrating. And I love when Carmen shows up and I can work with a team for prizes. Two suggestions: 1) I’ve run out of levels twice now and have to keep waiting for updates; in the COVID craze, this game has been a welcome diversion - so please divert me! 😂 2) Move the button to buy extra lives. Too many times I have accidentally hit the button to buy more lives just because of the button placement and lost gold that I was saving. That is SUPER annoying!.Version:

Create a level where it’s impossible to passPlus a super unhelpful community administrator further frustrated the whole experience..Version:

Date of Birth ??I’ve been playing for a few years now but can not play anymore because all of a sudden the makers want my date of birth and I do not give out that information over the internet. The game will not let me continue unless I give over sensitive information………such a shame, but goodbye !!.Version:

TypicalWithin a very short period of time you get to a stage where you can’t go any further without spending money. Deleted.Version: 1.0.0

Fun but rewards stinkI was having a lot of fun and It took me quite a long time and at least 25+ levels to collect 250 diamonds but I kept replaying levels and Paying for hammers and I finally did it because I thought it was going to be worth it. I got a lousy 10 bars for doing all that work?? I’m pretty sure that I got 10 bars for collecting 25 diamonds! And now you want me to collect 400 diamonds? Well if you want me & others to keep playing then you need to add better rewards or offer a whole lot more often..Version: 1.1.3

More levelsAdd more levels please.Version: 1.21.0

Started me overI’m very upset with this game, I loved playing it and was in the level 300s and right in the middle of my game it froze so I closed it out and went back into the game and it started me right back at level 1 so I uninstalled it. I’m Very disappointed.Version:

Needs more levelsI’m enjoying the game. Some levels are super difficult without buying help. It keeps running out of levels to play which is really annoying. Waiting forever for an update.Version: 1.1.1

Enjoyable game... however!When you win gold bars sometimes it “adds” them to your account thing but doesn’t actually increase . So I had 8 and just won 10 and it shows I still have 8. This happens when I use them to refill lives sort of thing too. I will click to refill lives, it’s like the game freezes, it takes my gold bars but doesn’t give me the lives . Very frustrating!.Version:

Fun until the game breaksI’ve run into a few levels where the gems get stuck on a corner and it’s impossible to get them unstuck. Frustrating but at least when I try the level again I can eventually get past it. Right now stuck on level 138 because all the dolls float out of view. Seems like the game is supposed to follow them but it isn’t, at least not for me. Shouldn’t be possible in a game to lose all view of the objectives. Also the birds can be super frustrating. Some times they are helpful, other times useless, and the worst is when they are counterproductive and set off the power up balls when I’m setting them up for a pay off. Also when I first played this game you could shake your piggy bank to at least get a small amount of gold for free and that feature has been removed. Gold is crazy expensive and there is no way in spending a couple of bucks for few small bonuses every time the bank fills up..Version: 1.12.0

Loved at first—now not so much!The game was extremely relaxing initially, however the further I’ve gone, the more my frustration increased. I’ve already found myself spending too much time trying to beat levels that literally without any power-ups are a crap shoot to be polite about it. With several other King games that I have been an avid player, they at least offer a daily booster of some nature, sadly this is not the case with this one. Not likely will I pursue any more of my time with this game. Great idea, not so great without providing boosters after given an initial trial taste of them..Version: 1.2.0

Challenges become Wars of attrition - BORING!Tried suggesting they introduce a ‘Draw’ situation but no response from the game at all. You are not given the option to decline the challenges and after 50 + this game just just gets boring..Version:

Good solo game now spoiled by enforced team playThis has been my favourite go to game for relaxation and to switch off. But the last update has made it a requirement that you play in a team! I want to relax with a game and compete with myself (and the challenges of the game) only - I want to escape social interaction when I play - I don’t want to feel I have to ‘worry’ about whether I am supporting team mates enough etc - that’s like work!!! Please in the next update put in an opt out on team play - let us have a solo play option. I am currently. Rejecting ‘gifts’ from ‘team’ mates and trying to play solo but it makes the game far less relaxing and escapist. This is such a shame, I really really used to love this game - for solo play I’m now switching to toon blast or Nibblers..Version:

Was fab now brokenWas a terrified game very addictive but since last update I have completed level 490 several times and the system boots out each time closes down. Doesn’t save result therefore impossible to continue. Please please fix the bug It’s a great game thank you..Version: 1.18.0

Starts ok...As others have said, starts off easy enough but becomes so difficult that it’s pretty much impossible to complete levels without spending money or gold bars which are ridiculously short on availability. Even wining side quests result in a meagre 5 gold bars - 10 are needed for the cheapest power up..Version: 1.1.4

Never enough levelsGame is great but I keep running out of levels. And once you run out of levels you can’t go back and improve on previous ones to score extra..Version: 1.8.0

What the actuall f?After updating ive had to (forcefully) replaay three levels before i could even resume where i was upto!! what the heck? Before updating i even had to purchase boosters to pass those levels im now replaying. I loved this game till i updated now i just want to delete it and never download a king app ever again! Total rip off and im not impressed.Version: 1.5.0

Lowest rated King game and for a good reasonI love this game as in REALLY love it. Of all the King games (most of which I also love), this one has the highest production quality and most unique gameplay which makes it so very addicting. So why the three stars? Because as so many others have mentioned, this is the one King game that is such an obvious money grab with regular levels becoming almost impossible to beat without throwing money down (“hard” levels are pretty easy though). So unless you like playing the same level night after night waiting for fate to deal you an easy board (which never happens) the only achievement you unlock is a new level of frustration. So, no thanks. I don’t have the time, the money and certainly not the patience for games like this no matter how charming they are. The AppStore has a plethora of worthy alternatives which leave me with a smile for me to keep playing a game which just leaves me with a scowl..Version:

Keeps crashingThis app was just given an update - the usual ‘bug fixes’. Turns out they gave it a bug. Every time it opens it crashes. Can you pls fix your fix.Version: 1.18.0

Frustrating !!!Used to love this game yet now I can see people overtaking me on a challenge that I’m not racing against, it takes forever to wait for a new level, used to be one of my favourite games, now I use it as a time waster. It’s such a shame. You expect more. Why does it take so long to update?.Version:

SmitaI have been playing this game for a few years now. I love playing it. Recently they have made levels very difficult to pass unless you pay or buy something to pass it. I think this is very wrong and am thinking seriously about not playing it anymore as it is not fun. If you continue like this I am afraid people will stop playing the game !!.Version:

Last updateThis update has created problems for me. It will not allow me access to a new level. PLEASE FIX ASAP.Version: 1.18.0

Waiting foreverBeen waiting for new levels like seriously it’s annoying to have to wait weeks-months to have new levels to play.Version: 1.11.0

Update to my one below..Since leaving my last review the game has suddenly become impossible. So bored of the same levels for days on end, so I’ve deleted it. It’s a shame because I really enjoyed this game. It’s not often I find ones I will stick with and now I’ll avoid king games full stop..Version:

Game keeps crashingSo frustrating since update game keeps crashing and closing every time you go to start the level, enjoy the game but so cross now.Version: 1.22.1

J’adorais ce jeu, mais là il bogue tout le temps!!Ça bogue continuellement, le jeu se ferme tout seul et je perd alors l’évolution de mon jeu!!.Version: 1.20.0

So glitchy.This game is fun, and the glitches wouldn’t be as annoying if it was from a brand new company and this was their first game. That’s not the case though. It’s not even king’s first game of this subtype, blossomblast is nearly the same thing. 1. If you win a level on your last move, there is ~25% chance it will freeze there, you’ll lose a life and have to replay the level till you win a second time. This is extremely frustrating if it’s a super hard level you’ve been trying to beat for a day+. 2. This same issue also occurs sometimes if you beat a level while the “keep going, just one more” pop up is on the screen, like when you get the last two diamonds on the level at the same time. 3. Half of us can’t even play right now because choosing the wrong booster (a 50/50 shot) just makes every level freeze upon loading. This is pathetic for a company that has been making mobile games this long..Version:

Frustrating when it resets to the beginning!The game itself is really fun to play BUT every time there is a new terms and conditions or update, I lose my progress and am defaulted back to the start again!! I have now deleted the game..Version: 1.28.0

BeanherebeforeI have played king games for a long time now, lets just say it’s a very steep curve!! It starts simple to train you how to play, gets a little more difficult as you play more, (all good so far) then all of a sudden it becomes frustratingly hard. Some games I have discarded the rest are pretty much stuck partly because of the difficulty and partly because you get sick of playing the same game over and over again. The novelty wears off quickly. PITY..Version: 1.0.0

Few glitches.I keep winning challenges with another opponent but do not always get the gold bats rewards. Also when playing to exchange keys, it is frequently not possible to exchange. No point in having this if it rarely is if any benefit..Version:

Amazing game if it worked properlyWrote to support, got a canned response to check space on my iPad, and a few other standard fixes. Followed suggestions verbatim still being booted out after every win, very irritating especially when the win isn’t registered and I have to delete game and download again. Some levels I have won 5 or 6 times only to be booted and start again. Please fix this as this game is a great idea and I would love the opportunity to play it without constant crashes. Thanks.Version: 1.23.0

Keeps crashingEven after an update it continues to crash.Version:

I’m out!Keep crashing. Scrap the play together feature!That’s it! I give up. I used to love this game, now it frustrates me. Keeps crashing. Whether I pass a level or not! But so frustrating when you pass a level & it crashes. Then when you restart the game, you have to re-play the level. I’m deleting this game now..Version: 1.20.0

BonusSad that you do got get daily bonuses with this game. Diamonds are collected which turn into gold bars to purchase only, hammer only happens to buy, it's all about the money after completing game245 it's takes me back to that game again and again after completing it 5 times now and still not moved on deleted game altogether now.Version: 1.5.0

Developers can’t add score correctly. Lowers scores.This cam needs some fixes. It is a bit addicting. But I am so mad. For example. Have 599 Stars. Am working towards the next reward. Seven times in a row... I earned anywhere from 3 to seven stars from my play. At the win screen for that level, the animation show,the correct addition giving me in excess of 600 ( which is what I needed to get the prize) but on the next screen the game put me back o 599! Grrrrrr! Also the game said I had 28 moves left. But then wouldn’t let me play, saying I had no more turns! Grrrr So I am going to wait till there is a patch. If it is fixed.. yay. If it is not fixed, I am deleting this game..Version: 1.4.0

Deleted all my progressI was on level 150 or something and after the update all my progress is gone. Nice..Version: 1.25.0

Really?This game IS fun and I DO like it but I’m probably going to delete it because I DON’T enjoy games when they get difficult before level 10!...and stay difficult. I play match games for relaxed FUN, not because they’re challenging and frustrating. This game has 3 things going against it for me. 1) the balls (whatever they’re called) are too small and too many times my finger has landed on the wrong one/color!= WASTED move.... 2) (most games that’s not a problem) but this one as soon as finger makes contact theres NO way to just trail back and let go and try again to get right chain. It’s LOCKED. 3) it’s almost impossible to get a high score due to extremely limited moves on a board where you can only try to predict where the balls are actually going to land, so unlike other match games that have a no “chance”factor, this one is built on that. Which gets very frustrating and highly annoying when you have to waste countless moves on matches that are getting you absolutely nowhere! Combine all 3 in one level and I’m getting pissy..Version: 1.1.1

Fun then frustratingI had hoped this wouldn't be another match 3 spin off that had impossible to beat levels but sadly I was right, it is. ☹️ At first, the levels were fun and challenging but beatable even if you had to play it a few times. However, the higher you go the more impossible they become. I've played level 86 at least 10 times now and always come up short. Firstly, you've got 53 obstacles to get the diamond though but only 25 moves. Second, a lot of your strategy in based on hoping you get the right color stones so you can maximize your moves. I've always come up short playing this level even with boosters. I might try a few more times but when a game becomes more frustrating than fun, it gets deleted..Version: 1.0.0

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