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Clawee app received 117 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about clawee?

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Don’t spend money on this.I got a prize when I first logged in but you have to have coins for shipping too... unless you want to buy vip, I bought vip, nothing much changed other than free shipping which I can’t even use due to the lack of coins they give you on the daily bonus so I decided to buy some coins for £5.99, as you can guess that went straight down the drain, I got the claw directly on most of them but they STILL dropped, don’t spend your money on this game. I was scrolling through reviews before I bought the coins, since I had already won a prize just when I got the app I just brushed off the comments thinking it was bad luck, until it happened to me. Even when you’re playing for a prize, you try to switch the camera to see what you’re doing and it says “connection issue”, it kicks you from the game without even giving you your coins. Also the price of coins is ridiculous.. only 440 for £6? 160 for £3? They don’t even last 10 minutes... and are a waste as you can’t even win anything... Update: You reply telling me what vip gives but ignoring the rest of my message? Anyways without vip you cant even get free coins you have to buy them if you wanna play.. it’s really stupid especially at the price vip and coins are set. Do yourselves a favour and get Claw Toys, it’s completely free, (apart from extra coins) you get a good amount of coins each day so that you can play each day, the shipping is free and the coins are cheaper, prizes are also much easier to win..Version: 3.6.2

This app is fun but is still basically a scamI bought VIP because i liked the idea of the app and thought it was quite cool. however, after i bought it i was no longer able to see the non VIP items which is where it gets a little scammy imo. the non VIP items have the claws completely covered in rubber so you are almost guaranteed to get a prize. whereas the VIP claw machines are like ones you find in the arcade. this app has the potential to promote gambling to a slightly younger audience and be conned into making their parents buy vip which doesn’t seem that bad as it’s a one time payment. i think the only way to get around the scam side of things is to stack up on prizes and collect your coin bonus which gets bigger everyday for about a week. by that point you will have quite a few plushies and you can either get VIP which just means you pay £4 for a bunch of toys, or you exchange them all for more coins on the risk you may have just lost whatever you won, and won’t get anything in return. I hope i helped as i would’ve loved to have read this before spontaneously spending membership and buying more coins on the off-chance i could’ve won something..Version: 3.7

Realllllly good.... butI am in love with this game, it’s so fun when you win a prize 😆 but one thing I have noticed is that the camera on some of the games are titled down, I don’t know if this is a weird marketing trick to throw us off but it’s really annoying since we can barely see the claw, I’ve also been waiting a long time for my prizes to come, it’s been about 5-6 weeks, I know it says allow up to 7 weeks but like seriously? That’s almost like 2 months! But I guess I do have to have patience due to the circumstances that we are in, overall i would give this game a 3 stars out of 5.Version: 4.6

ClaweeThis is the worst game Ever!!!! I repeat worst. Don’t download it you will be so disappointed..Version: 4.6

It’s okLoved playing at first with the free coins but today I went onto the app to collect my daily bonus and it only allows for 2 days of free daily bonuses after that you have to pay vip price to claim, after further looking into the app I realised there is no other way of earning coins to play the machines apart from paying for them, I’m sorry but I can’t afford to be doing that. I feel maybe they should have options to earn free coins like watching an advert or download something from the App Store and you get a certain amount of coins for each one. I have deleted the app and hope in the near future more coin options to be added..Version: 2.2

ScamI tried it and It have been a year but it did not come.Version: 4.6

Don’t botherYou get 400 coins when you start which will last 2 games and then if you win you have to buy 700 coins to ship the thing to you. Better off going to the store and buying a plush toy... what a joke.Version: 5.2

No prizeI been waiting for over 4 months and still nothing Rip off and no prize.Version: 4.0

Definitely not impressedSo for some reason when adding my shipping detail they won’t load now this is after paying $6.99 just so I didn’t have to pay a mental price on shipping well jokes on me I can’t get it shipped to me any anyway (not impressed).Version: 3.8

Charging me for vip and no way to stop itI downloaded the app and while it looks fun and is. I don’t need a lot of little cute things right now. Just got charged for VIP I don’t recall asking to do so. And I cannot find any way to stop it from doing so. It charged me for VIP when I had the app uninstalled!!! I hit app support only to be greeted with a 404 message. So no support available..Version: 4.7

OkIt’s ok but I want to get coins faster and delivery time faster.Version: 3.9

If I could give ZERO stars, I wouldI have had a major issue with the level 3 duck machine: the claw DOES NOT GO ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK OF THE MACHINE!! So if you aim for one against the back wall, you are guaranteed NOT to get it!! The Clawee team is refusing the compensate for this matter or to check the machine. I am sure many others have experienced this issue, and even with other machines. This is looking more and more scammy now! I am sure Clawee will delete my post if they can, because they are being dishonest and refusing to help a time and time again paying customer..Version: 4.7.1

This is a scam 🤬I won a Dino key chain and now I have o pay $16.99 to get it. To any kids(or people in general) that reads this, to not get this app. 400 coins gone on something I will never get 🥺😩😫🤬🤬🤬. I wish you could rate things zero stars. Ohh!!! Bye the way I’m 9, you made a 9 year old sad. Not cool 🥺.Version: 4.6

Never received what I won, ( I did ship it )Never received what I won, ( I did ship it ).Version: 4.9

ScamScam never received my prize!!.Version: 4.7

Not the bestI liked this game in the beginning, as I paid my £1.99 for the V.I.P and both my prizes got delivered, but now I don’t get daily bonuses? So I have to pay for coins, which get expensive as they go so quick and you only get one go! and I won’t pay for any more coins as the prizes aren’t great. Also, when I go to play the arcade it crashes 95% of the time, so I have to click off it and go back on and it takes my coins and doesn’t let me play my go!😡 it’s not fair as you have to save up your daily bonuses for a few days to get enough coins and then bam when you go to play the coins get taken because it crashes!😡 it’s ridiculous how much you have to pay for coins for one go, which I won’t be doing as it’s not fair it crashes, and even if it stopped crashing this app is not worth spending anymore money on..Version: 2.9.2

Don’t get me wrongI love this game but I noticed some issues #1 is the prizes are almost impossible to win and the best prizes are impossible even for experienced gamers.#2 the games are way over priced it’s som much coins to play and the prizes aren’t that great like the tiny one tube of lipgloss that takes six weeks to get here.#3 the cameras are terrible and glitching I already noticed how the camera literally shakes in the middle of the game and they put more prizes in. It’s a constant problem.#4 you should be able to earn coins in the game by watching an ad or something it’s sad that you have to buy things in the game.#5 the prizes take too long to get here. I know it ships all the way from China but it has to get here faster like in 3 weeks instead of six please hurry up with the prizes.#6 I would like a camera or something like a tracing device on the package to see what’s going on or to see on a map it moving to see when it gets here so I could check the mail or know what the package is on my doorstep. But overall this game in my favorite claw game. Please do your best to fix these problems. Please and thank you!.Version: 2.4

Great but...😇I got this game like 10 minutes ago and I won 2 prizes I realise that the shipping cost unless but if your not vip it says standard 300 coins. Does that mean I need 300 coins to get it or the shippings just hella expensive 😂 I feel silly for asking but otherwise it’s a really cool game I just feel like there should be more way to get coins like playing mini games or getting coins by watching videos (there should be a limit and an amount of time when u can watch a video or play a game again) there fore they could get more money by people getting more prizes and paying for the shipping. And maybe more prize options for people who don’t have vip like maybe not just plushies like more things? anyways the game seems pretty cool.Version: 3.5.1

BadWhy does this have such high reviews? I won something and it’s months later and it’s till hasn’t come..Version: 4.6

PoorI paying for a game I haven’t got anymore I want a refund I deleted the game awhile ago.Version: 5.1.2

Great fun but payment is an issueOk I love these claw games and have been known to spend £30 trying to get something worth 50p 🙄. I got my 600 coins when I started and managed to win 3 items. Score! Much fun. Turns out though that you need to pay to be a VIP and get your shipping. The daily bonus is rubbish so I’d need to spend real money for coins. To be honest I would be more than happy to do so and spend more than I probably should 🤪, but the problem for me is that you need to type in your card deets. I’m not willing to do that so until I can pay through Apple Pay or Paypal, I shan’t be parting with my cash 💰.Version: 2.5

Why can’t we put in codesLike why.Version: 4.6

I got it but it said I didn’tIt’s a bad game.Version: 4.5

The claw is riggedIt’s ridiculous it’s rigged.Version: 4.5

Can’t put in codesYou can’t even put in codes and it foresees you to buy more coins or get vip because all the stuff is in vip and it’s been a month and my package still has not arrived.don’t get it it’s a waste of your time..Version: 4.6

NOTHING CAME (don’t install this) SCAM!!In April I downloaded Clawee expecting to get some cool prizes because I saw the ad then after winning a bunch of things in some of it coming the main thing I wanted was the phone speaker which I still haven’t gotten and it’s been seven months six days and seven hours I’m so confused why this app is scamming people left and right people pay for these items and still not get anything. I got VIP because I wanted free shipping like most people that buy VIP get. After I bought it it’s so made me have to go with a 50 coin to deliver thing and I reinstall the app and then it finally worked but then I lost everything I had and I had to reset the app completely and my phone just so I could have everything I ordered, but nothing came except for a headband a few squishy‘s and some bad items that I didn’t really want but I somehow 1/2 of the machines don’t even want to pick up the items if you try they’ll just fall out of the very flimsy cloth I don’t recommend getting this app because it absolutely sucks and I really hope you don’t get scammed by this app! Since then I still do not have the app installed because I do not want to be scammed constantly buy an app that is just to get a little kids to get download an app but they don’t need and get scammed by it but using their mom or dad‘s credit card or even the worst parents ever by wasting life savings because they want a big prize them at won’t come because it’s a good prize not a normal one! Also the response are all automated when they respond to you on a review I don’t understand why you would respond with an automated message someone’s review I recommend just posting a review and not even listening to what they say back none of it is going to be real because it’s all going to be a scam of what they are trying to tell you because it’s not working and nothing works just trust me don’t respond to them or look at their message because I needed and you shouldn’t even try because none of it’s going to help none of it works there’s no way to contact them and get it to work there just trying to get all the good toys and stuff so kids can’t have them just waste your coins and money on it don’t do this app anymore come on guys got to be better!.Version: 5.0

Warning- This game is made only to steal your $$$$$$$This game fools you at first that you can play it by earning daily bonus coins as all games now a days give you. But they give so little bit of coins so rarely you could only play one game every couple days if you plan to not spend money. Now they even took away the daily coins you get!!!!! They make it super easy for you to win at least 1-2 prizes then you must sign up for VIP in order to get free shipping every time. So it’s either you pay $2 for vip or you need to generate 600 coins- nonsense! So I bought vip thinking this is something I’ll have fun playing often. This was a waste of $2! I never pay money for games since there’s so many fully free ones! I am never going to pay another cent to this game. Especially their prices are ridiculous and you pay to only get a few losing games for too much money! It’s like it’s made that way on purpose to win first couple games and then you constantly loose- or your claw grabs something and it drops. Happened to me too many times! Looks like I’m done with this game. Really upset at this horrible horrible money stealing game! Oh and even though I paid the $2 vip I never received my prizes! So they not only robbed me financially they didn’t even send the prize. So I ended up with nothing at all but aggravation from this game!.Version: 2.9

FraudulentAfter using my hard earned money I won a prize that I know was worth £15 at least which was a game of thrones meme card game I waited for the slotted time 7 weeks and I’m now 9 weeks in nothing still when I asked where my item was they told me there was a glitch in the game which there wasn’t Cos I clearly won the prize and that I can only get 220 coins refunded which is an insult already as I’d had used a good 1000 to get it I told them they can clearly see I’ve won it because I got the email and video of me winning it I got asked to send the url link of me winning the prize then funnily enough I go to the app and would you believe it all my Videos had some how miraculously vanished the proof I did have was my email to say they had received my request for it to be delivered which Apperantly isn’t excepted as proof joke and still I wait and still I don’t have the coins refunded so long and short it’s all rigged even if you do win you don’t always Cos they’ll just say sorry there was a glitch and your get nothing!! Lesson learnt for me don’t make the same mistake!!!!.Version: 3.8

Buyer be warned!!!This app seemed ok until I purchased VIP. They don’t tell you this before you give them your money the cost to play a game goes way up once you pay to become a VIP member. If prices rise every time I buy coins it defeats the whole purpose of buying anything since the difference will always be the same. People buy VIP and pay for coins to increase their ability to play more games. If these apps charge more for paying customers that is wrong and unfair! As a free user you can check your daily bonus and skip days and still continue to get your bonuses BUT they don’t let you know that once you become a VIP member the rules change: if you miss a day you will lose all your bonus days until you buy more coins. The way they treat VIPs are very un-VIP! You’re better off never giving this app any of your money! Don’t do it! UPDATE: I received the one plush I won so they are somewhat legit and they changed the daily bonus so everyone gets one every day. Those are good improvements! BUT every time you level up the prices of your previous level items get higher. This is a problem when you are trying to save up coins to buy the item, you play more to earn more coins for the item you want but since you are playing more you level up and then the item price gets higher and keeps getting out of your reach!.Version: 5.6

Accidental mega purchaseI am absolutely livid! My little daughter purchased the Mega package shortly after downloading a number of games. I thought she was simply downloading yet another game only to realize it actually a purchase of the mega package on this game, she doesn’t even know how to play yet!!! I immediately requested a refund and took her off her iPad completely. My request for a refund was denied twice on this transaction. This is against our rights. These mistakes happen and apparently I am not eligible to get my $160 back! This is outrageous. I am beyond livid!! Do not get this app in case you make this costly mistake or your kid makes a costly mistake like mine. Even customer support seemed understanding but not helpful at all if they can’t issue my refund!!.Version: 5.2

Please.....I love the game, but the prizes are to expensive 😭.Version: 4.7

Not like it used to beIn the beginning when I first started playing it was fun and the coin to play prizes were fair. I have won items and received them. I think anyone who hasn’t received them within the last 8 months hasn’t received them because of covid 19. These come from China so your prize is most likely stuck in an incoming international mail so it’s probably gonna be some time. That being said I have been away from the game for a while and came back and everything had changed, and not for the good. The cheaper looking toys are way overpriced for u to play they used to be like 200 coins to play now they are 1000. You kidding! There are so many things wrong with this now it’s not fun anymore I wouldn’t download this game it’s ridiculous now they are just after money Update: it was nice of the developers to respond, I’m not an idiot I know u can’t offer stuff for free that’s not what I was asking. Also the “daily bonus” is only accessible if u buy coins. So yeah that’s not a very good way to “earn free coin”. The coins u so buy doesn’t go a long way like they used to is what I was pretty much saying, u used to be able to play with the smaller coin packs now u really can’t.Version: 5.1.2

Worst gameMe and my friend each got one prize but we have waited 6 months already and it still didn’t get it.Version: 4.5

I HATE this app do not get itIt is a scam you have to pay to play the game and you have to pay to get it shipped to your house so there is no point it is just a scam.Version: 4.5

WARNING & Experience ReviewWARNING: If you go into your profile on the game there is a circle you have to check off that requests that they don’t sell your information. It is not automatically checked off when you get the app or sign in with any account and you would have to find it and make sure it is checked on your own. I found this very discomforting and it had me signing out and deleting the app immediately. my experience: At first I was unsure how to feel about this game. In real life you do usually end up spending more money than you intend to on claw machines. At least it brought that realistic feel for me. I had tried to save up enough coins just from getting the bonus each day to get one prize and it would take forever. Not only do you have to get the coins to get the prize but also a lot more just to have a shipped to you. You would indefinitely have to pay but as far as I can tell you could always get more coins from the claw machines once you do and would be set. When I did play it, it wasn’t impossible to get prizes like real life claw machines and I was able to on my first try. I had only gotten one prize and was trying to save enough coins over time to get it delivered to see how good of quality it was before I spent money on anything. Before I ever got enough to get it delivered was when I saw what was included in my warning above and I deleted the app before I ever got my prize. So, I unfortunately can’t speak on the quality of the products..Version: 5.0

A bit goodWhy am I getting only 10 coins that I wait a day for and it’s not worth it that’s kinda stupid if that could be at least raised to 100 coins then 5 star for me.Version: 5.1.2

Never received my prizesYo, where’s my prizes at? I won 2 items, and still waiting on them. Come on man!.Version: 5.5

Gambling for kids online??What’s is this, gambling for kids online? This needs to be stopped.Version: 5.3

Great concept, terrible game playIf you are not precise, don’t event try. You are better spending your money on wish. I wasted 30$ and receive nothing..Version: 4.6

This game is horribleI will never play it again. This game just takes your money and makes you feel sad and frustrated. The creators are jerks to kids, and big fat liars. No one should play this game..Version: 5.2

It’s all a scamI recently downloaded this game... expecting sensational results as seen in the adverts. However, it’s not like what it seems... First things first, you have to wait a whole 24 hours to claim only $10 in game (which you can’t buy ANYTHING with). Not only that, if you wanted to buy some coins, they demand around £3.99 for only a small portion of coins, and again you can’t buy anything with it. If I was you, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. It’s not what it looks like. And to top that off, shipping is 700 coins in game, and in real life to pay for it is very pricy. If your reading this, you HAVE TO KNOW, we work hours for our money and the last thing we need is to pay £100 for a small portion of money!.Version: 5.3

Scam?I downloaded this app back in January. I won a little fox keychain with my first free coins and bought the VIP for the “free shipping”. That prize was received in the mail, awesome! I logged in daily for my free coins and ended up winning a reversible galaxy umbrella, even more awesome!! .... It is now June and I STILL have not received the umbrella. What gives!? So they give out the cheap little small prizes and then when you win something of value, don’t send it? Customer support said it was on its way when I contacted them 2 months after winning as it says to wait 7 weeks or so to receive an item. Well it’s still not here. Play at your own risk..Version: 4.7

I t is okayIt fun to play but your coins in the game runs out really quick.Version: 4.5

Waste of timeThis app is a waste of time and storage I have no coins the bonus is expired and the coins cost too much.Version: 4.6

Wish you didn’t have to payWould be cool if you could ship your prize without being cup or buying coins. Cool idea but the coins free everyday is only for vip.( if you don’t pay you don’t get anything).Version: 3.5.1

Daily bonus confusionSo I’m confused on how the daily bonuses work? I’ve had the game for weeks and I’ve been able to collect daily bonuses every week but since the update, apparently what I’m reading is that you can only receive 7 bonuses a month unless you buy coins and can receive more days worth? And what’s worse is that the bonuses have an expiration time which expired hours before my last bonus was even ready... If that’s how the update works then I’m done with this game because it kind of forces you to spend money otherwise you can’t use play... EDIT: the fact you also don’t spend time reading customers responses as your response to mine has nothing to do with with what I said....Version: 2.9

Bad!!Still Haven’t received anything that I’ve won!! Not happy at all. Its a scam.Version: 4.5

Money grabberI rated it a 2 instead of 1 because the prizes do eventually get to your home and are in good condition but there are a lot of things wrong with this app because to do anything with it you need to pay real money. To get the prizes shipped to your home you need to either buy vip (about £5) or pay a few coins (cost money) and it takes forever to get to your home. You need to pay vip to play most of the claw machines and they rarely let you win (I have played so many times but have only won about 4 times) so I wouldn’t recommend getting this app u less you want to go broke on money. There is now a new thing called Clawee saga on the app, it is quite easy to win and it’s free but you don’t really win anything. Also I would like to complain to the creators of this that level 11 is impossible the claw doesn’t reach far down enough. Please fix this..Version: 5.1.2

It is a scamI got it for my Christmas/birthday party gift and I ordered it 4 months ago and it still has not come :( you also don’t get coins fasterDON’T GET THIS GAME IT IS A SCAM AND U WASTE UR MONEY ps I am warning you.Version: 4.5

RiggedDon’t waste your money on this please. You will notice that the beginner prizes are easy to grab. The non beginner prizes are too heavy for the claws to actually grab on, so even if you are completely precise, the majority of the time the prize will be dropped by the flimsy claw. This is borderline gambling..Version: 4.7

Too many notifications at awful timesI am absolutely sick and tired of getting “sleep later, play now” notifications at 1 in the morning.Version: 4.6

Bought coins, didn’t receiveI was enjoying playing this game, had bought several packages for $1.99. I even won a few cute little things that I’m still waiting on. However, I ended up purchasing a $9.99 deal and in the middle of my purchase I got an error, it said I would be notified if the payment went through or not. I checked my email and sure enough I had the PayPal receipt confirming the payment had went through but I didn’t have my coins. I understood there was some kind of glitch so I was patient and emailed them a few minutes after with a screenshot of the receipt that had just been sent to me, not even 10 minutes prior to the email. Someone named Sasha got back to me and said that they would forward the email to their manager and she would be able to help. It’s been 3-4 days and I haven’t received anything, not an update, an email, my coins, or a refund. I keep emailing them to let them know and I haven’t gotten anything back which is crazy because my first email was responded to in less than a few hours. Be careful spending your money on here. Defiantly don’t get the big package deals because you don’t know if it will glitch and they will take your money. Stick to Toreba..Version: 3.2.1

Waste of moneyIt worked great when I was using free tokens and not once when I wasted money to buy tokens, RIP OFF , don’t waste your time with this joke of an app.Version: 5.2

HorribleI got on to the game and it said that my daily coupon was expired.Version: 4.5

7 Day Bonuses BrokenI just got the app. It seemed fun but expensive and after winning one toy I was out of money, figured I’d wait for the bonuses to come in after signing in every day for the week. I collected day one and day two without error - went to collect day three, and it told me it had timed out (it had been 24 hours since I last collected one) and that I couldn’t receive the remaining four days. This is a glitch or an error of some kind, because I WAS within the timer. Now I would have to spend real money to get the bonus coins, and I can’t even trust that it would let me collect them for seven days afterward because it could break again!.Version: 3.8

HorribleI got in and than it did not give me my coins.Version: 4.3.1

ScammersSo I went on to try this game, and was able to watch many people play. I even saw some people win! I decided to finally spend my free coins that you start with. As soon as it said to go, the camera went out. Okay, maybe it was my connection, so I tried again. Nothing was happening when I pressed the button to make the claw move. This happened every time for multiple times. Every time I ran out of coins, it gave me more. I even got to level 3 and kept receiving free coins. However, the claw never worked for me. I could hear it moving, and my iPad was vibrating. So I figured maybe it was the camera. Nope, I tried one more time, and an Asian woman walked in front of the camera while I still could not see the crane move while I was pushing buttons. Yes, it made sounds like the crane was moving. Yes, it seemed like maybe it was a camera freezing up error. Nope. The camera was live because I saw the woman walk in front of it while I tried playing. It obviously isn’t working because I’m not a VIP and just a beginner. Way to try and scam people for real money when you say they can at least try it for free and you program it to be misleading. Stereotypical communist gooks. Should have known better....Version: 5.8

Dumb coinsOnce your bonus daily coins expire, your done. You can not get any more unless you buy them. It’s honestly not that hard to make it more fair for people who do NOT want to pay for stupid coins and this “daily bonus” thing, gtfo. You just lost another player until you fix this rigged coin system..Version: 4.6

This is not a free game. It’s a scam for children.You only get 10 coins a day and is £2.99 for just 200 coins what’s enough for a small toy, it is a obvious scam, I played it a year ago and was given more coins to start off with and won 2 toys but did not proceed to spending any money as even then this app didn’t seem right, so now they are obviously getting more greedy. Also you can’t even play one game when you download it as you don’t get enough coins to even try it out. Am incredibly disappointed and feel like they are trying to target kids into spending all this money to just receive a cheap electronic what you could probably get a load of the same thing at the same price & they are making more and more money each day. Do not waist your money on this as it is obviously clear as day is a scam, and am also constantly getting adverts for it now so they are making a lot of money now..Version: 5.2

FixDoes give them a 10% more but you don’t get 500 coins also daily award should be free and shipping. It should be that every time you friend someone you should get 500 coins..Version: 4.6

YOU DON'T GET WHAT YOU CATCHED!!!!!AVOID ! YOU DON'T GET WHAT YOU CATCHED!!!!! This is ok normally but the whole idea of claw machine is you get what you catched, but with Clawee, you DO NOT get all the stuff you catched and this didn't happen to me just once but twice their customer won't reply or try to solve the problem when I email them. I have catched two item in once but only one item been credited to my account so I first contact them on the 4 Nov, they replied me 4 days later and ask me for the video ( which I can't understand why since they can found it in their system), I replied them the link of the video but then they never get back to me, I try to email them again on 7th Dec, but they didn't reply as well. Then the second time happened again, I catched two items in once so I send them another new email with the link of both video and that was on the 24th, again they didn't reply.... So I have been try to reach their customer service to solve my problem since November but they never reply or try to solve the issues AVOID!!!!!!!.Version: 2.8

Shady business practices sadly!Bought 60$ of coins within 3 weeks, won a few plushes, had great time playing claw machines from home, didn’t played for a week then had an Apple bill of 20$ "Clawee” which I didn’t bought and after checking my coins balance within the app realized I didn’t even received any coins! Contacted Clawee support first, no answer after 24h so I’ve made a refund claim @ Apple which was accepted and refunded. 24h later Clawee contacted me threatening me about banning my account if I wouldn’t explain why I’ve claimed a refund from Apple within 24h , 12h after the mail ive explained the situation and got banned instantly without any reply whatsoever!! Btw right after my refund I bought a 16.99$ coin package since I wasn’t mad at them thought it was only a mistake, had a promotion where I was supposed to receive 900 extra coins and 400 extra tickets the day later , with that BAN I’ve never received those coins or received compensation!! Tried to contact them a few times since and still no answer.... I hope I’ll get those few plushes I’ve won because I might go ape s**t @ them !!!! As a business owner and entrepreneur I ALWAYS try my best to resolve ANY misunderstanding with my customers, at least communicate with them trying to understand what’s going on , you can’t simply shut em’ down and take their money like that !! My 2cents.Version: 5.2

Not comfortable giving out card details!So I played the game with the free coins I received at the beginning, I’ve won two prizes however in order to claim the prizes you’ve won you have to have at least 500 coins on your account per prize or go VIP. To buy more coins or become a VIP which I can see is a small cost requires handing over your card details which I’m not too comfortable with doing. Any other app transaction is normally paid through apple or Paypal. Please make this a thing so I can claim my prizes that way cause there is no way I’m giving my card details to just anyone for a doughnut soft toy and a ring..Version: 2.5

CoinsI did an invite and it said I would get 500 coins if I invited. It didn’t give me anything.Version: 4.5

Legit but not all games seem winnableEdit: I’m definitely dropping my review. I really enjoyed this app because you got daily coins. I spent 2 dollars to get more daily coins. Now they’ve changed it so you get a week of free coins then you have to pay money to get seven more days. This app isn’t playable without spending money every week now. I’m going to deinstall it because that’s ridiculous. It is no longer free to play. So I will admit up front I spent the 1.99 to get vip which gets you more machines, more bonus coins, and free shipping. I figured I’d spend more then that in shipping if I won anyway. I won two things on my free coins and haven’t given any money to buying coins. You can definitely win without spending money. I think the most winnable prizes are the claws where you are grabbing the actual prizes so I’d stick to those. Sometimes the previous win on the one where they’re boxes is the exact same for two machines so it’s probably not possible. I did get my two prizes about 20 days after I won them and that’s really cool! So if you play and don’t spend any of your own money other then vip I think it’s worth it. Just remember to collect your bonus coins everyday!.Version: 2.9

DisappointingHey didn’t know how else o could get a hold of you guys . So I had a wee play and I spent 90 coins twice !! And the claw didn’t even move for me to have a go , must be something fb wrong please check this and any chance on getting those coins back ???!?.Version: 3.7.1

Do not download, Just download Toreba insteadThis app is so overpriced, if you want to play crane games download Toreba instead. They’ll give you a lot more free plays, they have better prizes, and they’re all around cheaper. They also take less time to ship your prizes, Clawee is terrible and a borderline scam. As you can see the developer responded to my original post, completely glossing over most my issues with the app. I don’t doubt that they ship prizes and that they’re doing their “best.” But after playing both, Toreba is a much better option if you’re wanting to play a crane game. Like I said before, they offer more free plays, don’t require you to pay for shipping, and have better prizes. I actually played Clawee first and I’m still waiting on my prize (which is fine) but Toreba managed to get my prizes to me in 3 weeks. While I’m still expecting Clawee to take another 4 weeks before they ship it. Visit the Toreba subreddit and you’ll see that many other people agree with me. Competition is good and I wish I would have known about Toreba before I spent money on Clawee. Also, the developer seemed a little salty. I guess I would be a little angry too if another company was doing a better job with my business model. Lol.Version: 3.7.1

Why I don’t like itI knew it would ask for your address but what if they have bed bugs and I don’t like the fact you have to pay free shipping my bit but it’s an ok app.Version: 4.5

This sucksI won something but now I have to buy vip to get free shipping like that’s ridiculous and don’t have any coins left and I don’t want to but more this really really sucks.Version: 4.3.1

Ok but hard to get coinsPlease use my code RUDPBXX for a 10% special offer on your first purchase. It is fun to play and not too difficult but getting free coins is hard unless you pay for them. You get daily coins but it isn’t a lot since each play is around 200 coins. Unless you’re VIP you have to pay 700 coins to ship items you have won..Version: 4.1

SCAMWaste of money. I won a prize and 6 months later it still hasn't arrived. waste of time and money to pay for vip..Version: 4.6

Not Worth It, Unless You’re RichWhen I initially downloaded this app, I was given coins that allowed me to play the claw machines twice. I won a cat keychain, which is nice, I guess. Problem is, the first time I played this claw machine, it dropped into the slot and said I didn’t win. The next time, the keychain didn’t even make it to the winner slot and said I won. I thought it may be a fluke scenario. I spent $3.99 to become a VIP member, which gave me “7 days of bonus coins.” Here’s where I became annoyed.. I acquired enough coins to play two times from the 7 bonus days. The first time, I successfully grabbed an item and it dropped into the slot that should have counted me as a winner, but it didn’t. It has been a week now and I have no way to play unless I spend actual money. I received the cat keychain in the mail yesterday and it is much smaller than it looked on the camera in app. You can also see where the seams are about to come apart, as it’s clearly cheaply made. Point is, you have to spend money to gain coins that allow you to play these claw machines. Except, none of these items are of true value and you will easily spend more money than you ever should to attempt to win a cheap prize. Had I realized the way the app functioned, I would have kept my $3.99..Version: 4.0

UnhelpfulGame is fun I have to admit, I’ve been playing for a while and is always putting money into this app but recently not so much. I have 6 prizes that I claimed in May which is almost 6 months ago and never received them. I contacted support in August saying that I didn’t get 3 of my prizes. The reason why I mentioned only 3 instead of 6 was because I didn’t really care about the others so I only brought up the 3 that I spent the most coins on. All they told me is that they’ll get in touch with the shipping team so I waited and it still never came. It’s the end of October now and I contacted them again about it and they responded me saying they’ll contact the shipping team which is the same response I got the first time and then they ghosted me. I’ve been really patient about this but it’s getting ridiculous. I keep getting the same response, what help does it do telling me that you’ll contact the shipping department? Are you guys even doing anything about it? If I didn’t spend so much money winning those 3 prizes I would’ve shrugged this off by now because 6 months is way too long. I wish I can move on with this unless they’re willing to refund me all the coins I spent trying to win the never received prizes..Version: 3.7.1

Terrible, Not worth it. RiggedI just wasted $60 on this game because I was getting somewhere with a prize and then every time I picked it up, it would drop it the moment the claw started moving. It’s a waste of time and money. Will not be going back..Version: 4.6

Still no productWaited 12+ weeks and nothing.Version: 4.1

Not happy!!!I just spent 80 coins trying to win something and a woman come and stood in my way Burgundy red T-shirt !!! so I just went too go the url and well and it’s been deleted !!!yet I’ve had two goes then one minute the box isn’t there next minute the boxes there !!!so where would that time go when it was me playing and I’m supposed too be a Vip ! It’s disgusting I want my money back and for your game and I’ll delete it!! I even paid for the coins what a joke!!! I’ve got the proof and the videos and the fact that they have deleted it I will be naming ! If I had known he was going to delete the url I would’ve screenshot it her!!!! I went to write the email address the feedback at Clawee and it doesn’t even work!!!!!.Version: 3.5.1

Fun but pay to playIt’s a good game to play, currently waiting on some prizes after becoming VIP It would be good if there was free coins to collect as a VIP without having to pay, doubtful I would return having to pay for every turn.Version: 3.7

Fake and terribleI can’t get coins because my bonus gift says it has expired and it’s fake the whole game is fake because my I played this game before and the time I got coins and play claw Machines I would win them and never get them delivered and people enjoy the game and get prizes delivered to there house but reality people don’t get toys delivered to there house so this game is a fake.Version: 4.6

Item Never Showed UpPaid for coins, won a prize November 11th. It is December 5th, and no sign of the prize. Live cams lagged constantly. Bad game, definitely a scam :/.Version: 3.8

This app sucksDo not spend money on it it is a waist of money and time.Version: 4.6

Seriously?Now let me say this first, my internet connection is very strong. I’m literally 10 feet from my WiFi and have full bars and internet connection. The 2nd claw game I tried cut out midway and auto dropped my claw and said to check my internet and took my 200 somewhat coins. Then I decide I will buy coins the last 2 times I tried the games and EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Something was up with the claw. Some it was loose and would barely touch the objects. Some it had a delay in the way the claw retracted and wouldn’t attempt at grasping until it was and inch away from the box as it pulled up. One I tried last (which caused me to say “f this stupid game” and delete the app) the claw DIDN’t EVEN FULLY OPEN TO EVEN TRY AND GRASP THE BOX. Now I remember why I deleted it the first time I got this game about a year or 2 ago. So many of the claws seem to get rigged after a few wins and it’s why I’ve ALWAYS hated claw games. It’s so easy to mess with them when doing “maintenance”. I’m not stupid I know how it works especially when I know plenty who have worked in places that have them. If you want to kill time and spend money out of boredom then this is the app for you. You will spend more than you make back for the stuffed animal or object you’re trying to get. Just go to the dang store and buy it. Lesson learned I’m not downloading any more of these virtual claw apps..Version: 3.8

DisappointedHi! I bought VIP so that I could get two prizes shipped. Forgetting that I previously had an account and had played around I chose to merge my account so that I could ship them, because my only option was to merge into an existing account as my email was already used. BUT the game wouldn’t let me. Tried to merge with Facebook and google also and continuously got the same response ERROR can’t merge account. A waste of $6.99 for NOTHING. I would like my money back please. Posting here since despite being told to contact support there is a serious lack of information on the app to be able to find and get hold of support..Version: 4.3.1

Can only play one gameIts a cool idea but after your initial free lot of coins your left with no option but to pay to become a VIP member and continue playing..Version: 3.6.1

Twice I caught something that it says I didn’tTwice my claw picked up a toy and one of those it actually picked up two, yet I got the ‘so close’ message!!!!.Version: 3.5.1

Great but...So from reading a lot of the reviews the reason why a lot of people are giving 3 stars is because of the fact that you have to hand over your card details and you can’t pay via PayPal or through the App Store... same here! I would never feel comfortable with that and the sad thing is that I’m willing to pay a one time payment of only £1.50 especially when I played 3 times and won twice but not being able to do it through the App Store makes me very suspicious and also worried that my information would be used to be charged without my knowledge or consent....Version: 2.9

Vip? Coding more like itI won a stuffed cat top and it won’t even let me ship! I paid for the VIP but all it’s doing is saying error:customer. What does that even mean? Until this is sorted I want a refund and am giving this app 1 star!.Version: 4.3.1

Daylight Robbery$5NZD for 160 coins, which isn’t even one turn on most machines. You get a daily bonus, but only for 7 days when you’ve purchased coins! Claw grip is weak so even if you grab a prize perfectly, it’ll fall out on the way up. No way I’d recommend this app until they strengthen the claw grip, because at the moment they’re just taking your money..Version: 3.8

Sketchy game!They have assorted prizes but only a couple different actual machines. For example, there are several different prizes that you click on that have gold prize boxes to try and get but it’s the exact same machine, just with a different prize picture in a secondary screen shot. If you check out each one of these same type prizes and watch the last winning play, you will see it has the same person winning each game and the videos with moves are the exact same video, just posted to different prizes. There are several Funko Pop figures you can win and if you play each one, it’s the same machine with a different screen in screen picture. I watched the last winning play for several of these Funko Pop figures and it shows the same person winning each one and they go for a red box sitting on top of a blue box but they grab the blue box instead... SAME EXACT VIDEO for each one. Plus, I was watching a live game and right as the person started moving the crane, a worker came in and blocked the shot so they could cover something up that was inside the machine. Completely ruined the try that player was making. I will not be spending a dime on this bogus game..Version: 2.4

It is okBut it is not great and you are just wasting our money.Version: 5.1.2

FunIt’s fun to just okay as a virtual claw machine but I don’t recommend buying too much it’s alright to buy some but not to much. But it’s easier than most claw games.Version: 5.0

Horrible 💩👎I read one of the reviews and apparently the developer said it’s cheap to play the games cheap like seriously has the developer looked at the shipping price who does this like this is the worst game ever I don’t know why is rated 4.5 stars but it’s horrible come on everybody write a one star review who wanted this to be removed who’s with me just play claw machines in stores or arcade’s. Like who needs this trash..Version: 4.6

NOT FREE!I downloaded this game and won a prize with my free initial 400 coins. But it’s 300 coins shipping if you’re not VIP. Apparently they used to give free coins every day as a daily bonus and took that away! Even if you’re VIP now you STILL don’t get daily coins unless you PAY after your seven days of daily bonus are up. I’ve been reading reviews and this is what a lot of people are saying. You can’t keep playing unless you keep spending money which is RIDICULOUS!!!! With how trash the quality and prizes are I’d rather go spend my change and dollars on a real claw machine. DON’T download if you are not looking to spend any money. It’s not worth it anyway. I don’t think I’ll spend money to get those last coins I need for shipping because in reality, the prize I won probably isn’t even worth 1$. With how cheap some prizes are it seems stupid that they can’t just have daily bonuses. Even if it’s ten coins a day. Like seriously? The company wouldn’t lose much money doing it with how cheap the prizes must cost. Also heard the customer support is absolute trash. Had high hopes at first. Now knowing everything I do now. I am probably deleting this game. I don’t think there’s such thing as a free claw machine game..Version: 3.1

Great but...This a very fun game but I can’t manage to get coins and freebies, it’s very annoying! But other then that , great game ! 👍🏻.Version: 5.8

Game of Chance, Not of SkillThis app is fine, but if you know anything about claw machines you’ll get frustrated by their tactics pretty quickly. Firstly, all of the non- VIP (it costs $1.99 to become a VIP) machines utilize a claw that is typically used for “play until you win” machines. As long as you get anywhere near the item, the claw is strong enough to clamp and pick it up. I’m assuming that their hope is that you’ll win something with the free coins they give you and then become a VIP to get free shipping and bonus coins. But once you become a VIP and have access to the rest of the machines, the type of claw changes. It’s a typical three-pronged crane that is more difficult to win with. This would be fine except that the claw is clearly on a randomized timer that affects the claw’s strength, so it is completely random whether or not the claw will be able to pick up the item you’re going for. This is not a game of skill but rather a game of chance, and honestly that’s not particularly fun. If you like claw machines I recommend the Toreba app! It’s completely fair and a lot more fun! They also have about 5 times the amount of machines!.Version: 2.6

Waste of storage , DO NOT download , you’ll be extremely disappointedThis game isn’t even worth one star , I Won two prizes and it never registered I won something even though I did but it still took the coins , it says my bonus expired which is ridiculous so that is the only means of earning free coins otherwise you have to pay for them . the camera quality on the claw machine is terrible I couldn’t see a thing , then there is the issue with the claw it takes a few seconds for it to register that you have pushed the button so can can’t move the claw the pick up a prize . This game is a total waste of time and storage on my phone , if your thinking of getting this game dont it’s the biggest waste of storage ever , and there is not even a way to contact the people running the game so there is no way they can learn from there mistake.Version: 4.7

Getting a refund is futileStarted playing this at the end of last year and loved it at first, until I bought extra coins and realized my card was charged 5 times instead of just once for the coins- contacted their support team immediately and they kept having different service people send me emails, then asked for a picture of my bank statement showing the charges. I sent a picture of it in November and by January I had heard nothing, so I reached out again and they claimed they never received the picture. I sent it again and they said they needed a screenshot of the actual bank statement, so I had to dig that up and then they said “all of your charges went through :)” which was confusing, until I realized they were basically telling me that because the sales went through, I couldn’t get a refund. The smiley face was strange and unnecessary for the context. I then responded and explained that yes, they went through, and that’s the problem. She then told me that she couldn’t refund me because “some of the coins had already been spent” and that instead she could just give me more coins to play Clawee with. I said that I just wanted a refund and I’d been trying to reach them for months, so I said I’d just call my card company about it. That’s when finally they emailed me and said “we have refunded you and banned you from Clawee.” I was not planning on returning to this app, and the unnecessary rudeness was unwarranted. Good riddance.Version: 3.1

A joke and a scam! USE TOREBA INSTEADOut of the few claw machine apps i have tried this has to be one of the worst! i had it a few months ago, won a small sloth plushie and payed the 2-3 dollars to have it shipped (you have to either have enough coins or pay for VIP to get your prize). i redownloaded the game a few days ago, and noticed that you have to buy coins just to get your free daily coins, then most prizes are locked behind a level system or the coins it cost to play are way too high (the beginner prizes are 1000 coins, while 500 coins cost the player 5 bucks). I decided to play a quick game just to see if i could win, since i didnt have enough coins it prompts a ad saying “100 coins for 2.99” and i figured it would be worth it just for one try, then ill delete the game. Except when it ask me to use touch id to buy the coin pack it was 10 dollars for 100 coins and vip status. i instead bought a smaller pack and gave one game a try, just for it to lag so bad that its unplayable! the game is obviously designed to trick players into spending more money then necessary. if you want a decent claw machine game just use toreba, i havent had any problems with the machines, it uses classic japanese claw machines and you atleast get a free try a day!.Version: 4.7

Buyer BewareIf Toreba costs too much for you, Clawee is a good alternative. The prizes aren’t as diverse or high-quality, but many are easier to win. There are also lots of opportunities to win free coins, especially if you follow the app on social media. The app, however, knows how to pry your money away from you. It gives you some coins for free and lets you play the easy machines. If you lose, you either pay for more coins or give up. But there’s a good chance you’ll win. To claim your prize, you’ll either have to cough up 300 more coins or upgrade to VIP. There’s no way to get to 300, so you pay for VIP. It seems like a steal at 3.99, after all. You get some new features. Unfortunately, the new machines are harder, and it is easier to lose coins. At that point you feel like you’re too far in and keep spending. Believe me, you don’t want to get hooked on claw machine games at all. Don’t even get started. If you absolutely can’t live without a toy shown in the game, get it from AliExpress—they’re incredibly cheap for toys and certainly not as much of a gamble. There is nothing free about these games, and the money isn’t going to a good cause. Tread with extreme caution..Version: 3.1

Kinda rigged... kinda overpricedClawee is a fun game like Toreba. You push some buttons and you can win a plush. But the games are overpriced most the time, and you are given limited amounts of coins. Especially when you don’t want to pay for coins, you’ll end up paying money anyway. You’re only given seven days of tiny amounts of coins. Even to ship a toy, you’re expected to pay 600 coins or pay 3.99 for vip free shipping. The shipping can take up to seven weeks, but I received my package in 4 weeks. Yes, they are legit prizes, but they might not live up to your expectations. When you buy vip, most of the plush filled machines turn into box filled machines. Once you buy vip, you can’t get the easy experience back. You have to use skill on them. Not to mention, lag is a big issue. Lag interferes with your game time. On your first try, you’ll usually end up hitting the wall or prize shoot. There are times when people have gotten refunds, so you might not have to worry. But playing a game isn’t fun with lag. It can depend on your WiFi speed but most of the time it’s just a laggy game in general, from the cameras streaming all the time and everything like that. Overall, it was a fun experience, but prices on games should be lowered and more coins should be given out..Version: 4.3.1

Didn’t get my winningsWon two toys in the game, yet it claimed I only won one. Anything I can do about this?.Version: 3.5.1


Clawee at the end of the a scamI’ve won “plenty” of prizes, but the amount of $$$ for coins, is close to ZERO to the benefits of the “bonus coins” or “free” especially as you level up from 1, to 2, to 3 etc...and you get the very small chance to win the new prizes because they make it harder and harder with new machines/new ways to win. It eventually becomes practically pointless. AND don’t get me started on the obnoxious “maintenance” “malfunctions” on the machines or the countless times I’ve won a prize and it didn’t count it. (I use the quotations with mild sarcasm) Then emails I send to “SUPPORT” rarely get resolved. Here’s where it’s their is fault on my end...For the last 2 years, Kept on giving these con-artist’s more $$$ (literally 100’s and 100’s of $$$) all because as child I LOVED prize winning arcades and still do, but this was a HUGE mistake for falling for this bull$$$hit. Falling for the simple fact that it’s ADDICTIVE. And they know it...“exciting” but psychologically it’s very unhealthy because the chances of winning is so slim. They made it that way. It’s the same old scam, it’s gambling. It’s a waste of money. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and not spend even a single dollar$ and never have installed this scam/money stealing...stupid prize arcade app. I feel dumb for falling for this. SAVE YOUR MONEY and do not play Clawee. Worst mistake ever..Version: 4.9.2

FakeIt’s been almost 5 months and I still haven’t received my prize.Version: 4.3.1

StupidYou start with 0 coins and you have to pay to get a coin.Version: 4.6

PrizesI picked up two prizes at once but says I only got one prize for the double pick up not entirely happy.Version: 5.2

They want your money!Almost Every thing is vip.Version: 4.5

Glitchy!After paying the VIP and buying around £20 worth of coins i went to a machine and really wanted this plush i played and played (until i had no coins left and no plush) and noticed that the cameras are so glitchy to the point it just replayed my lose or plushys would be in the exact spot you started in again making it very suspicious. I have photographic memory i know the exact enlightenment it was in and i was the only one there so i don’t think this app is truly honest with its winnings or what you see! Another time it took my coins for a game but didn’t let me play at all which was annoying as it was for a large plushy and those games are pricey! Very disappointed with my experience 😭.Version: 3.7.1

Became VIPBecame VIP but got no bonus. It’s been a heck of a long time also for me to receive my prize. Hopefully it will arrive soon. Update, three months later and my prize has not arrived. I have contacted support..Version: 3.8

ScamThis app is a scammer. I got my email and Facebook hacked after I played this game for once..Version: 4.7

Bonus coinsIt was ok not many options if you aren’t VIP but they lost me when my bonus coins I guess expire? And it only took maybe an hour or two for it to expire. Which sucks.Version: 4.3.1

MONEYIt’s all about money right? Well I’ve read some other reviews and you replied and said “ were trying to keep prices as low as possible” please lower the price of the MONEY! I used to play it but it got to be to much money to spend on some game! So I think all prices should be lowered. Plus you used to give 200 coins for the first go of the Machine so I think the prices lower, the coins lower priced and you give each player as a treat 2500 coins to do what ever they want.. I don’t know if I want to keep this game on my iPad anymore. I hope you DO sort this game out in many ways thank you for reading and happy new year!.Version: 5.1.2

Waste of time and $$When I saw this game I was excited bc I love playing these games. It’s definitely addicting and if it was ran correctly they’d probably make a good amount of $, but unfortunately it’s not. So the daily reward you get isn’t even enough to play one game so you have to pay to play. Which would be fine if they didn’t scam you out of $ almost every time. Support is a joke. I’ve written them several times about the fact that I won and wasn’t able to claim my prize bc it said my address was incorrect. I haven’t once gotten a response!! So the only thing I could do w what I had won was trade it in and even that was a rip off bc I got 690 coins but wasn’t actually able to use them before it said I needed to buy more. So I paid 4.99$ to get 420 coins and played 1 game for 115 coins twice and by the 3rd time I was told I needed to buy more coins. There also isn’t even a place that keeps score of your coins at least not one that actually keeps track bc mine has said 10 coins for the last few days when that not correct at all. When I was given the 690 it should’ve been added to that 10 but it wasn’t. Then when I bought the 420 that also wasn’t added. This game is a rip off!!! Don’t waste your $$!!!.Version: 3.2

Go to toreba this is terribleSo I’ve had 100’s of free turns on toreba and the quality and layout is so much better than this apps. I won 2 yoshi toys with 600 coins, the first try the camera had an “error” (probably a preprogrammed feature to take money from people). I lost 200 coins from it which sucked but I then got a yoshi toy! Only the screen said that was so close so it didn’t register is at a win.... then I tried with my last 200 coins and I won again this time it got it!! Then I realised I would have go pay them money to ship it which toreba gives completely free with no premium membership bull crap. So I decided to leave it because the shipping cost would effectively be the equivalent of going to a store and buying it so it was pointless. Good idea for an app, but then again, you guys didn’t pioneer this games like toreba did so you did pretty bad for copying it. Don’t play this game you can get so much more out of it by playing toreba for the same money!!.Version: 2.7

Terrible customer service and stolen coinsI payed for coins and vip in this app not to long ago. I loved on one day and they were gone. Emailed customer service, they not only said that I need to read the terms of service stating that anyone in there company can use these coins (I checked, this is not an actual rule) then emailed another women who informed my that my issue was some error but could not give me it back as I had already emailed another employee who had become upset. Told them both that I could not continue this and asked to speak to a supervisor to which I was told that they were customer service managers. I am normally not this frustrated and ask to speak to a superviser but I spent over $12 on this game. Will not refund me as they have threatened to shut down my account and say because I do not know my method of payment they will report me to there boss. When I told them I would love to speak to that boss they lost their minds and told me never to email again and took all remaining coins out of my account (the ones I payed for) please have any developers reach out regarding this issue but until then be warned. This game is total fraud. UPDATE: Clawed is still super bad. Emailed them again with proof and they lost there minds. Blocked me and now they send spam mail to my house and email. They should be shut down by Apple. Such a scam. If you want your information sold to everyone, this is the place..Version: 4.9.1

Pay when winNice game but you do need to pay when u win, you need to pay for vip but it says you can pay 300 coins for shipping but havnt got to that part yet im not sure if there is daily rewards for people that dont have VIP.Version: 3.5.1

Still badIt sucks don’t buy it you need tokens for the shipping this app sucks so bad I want it shut down and sued edit: well i got the response and im not downloading it back i had to make 2 accounts and why would i spend money on this rubbish game its clearly stupid dont waste your time and joy out of this game.Version: 4.7

Not worth your timeIf you get two items and email them as advertised, you still just get sent one item. If the game malfunctions, kiss your money goodbye. It malfunctions WAY TOO OFTEN and by the time you send all the videos through, it is not even worth your time. Stick to the claw machines at arcades. At least someone’s there to sort your problems out if there are any. They are very slow and do not refund you even after sending videos of the game malfunctioning. The claw doesn’t move from side to side is the most common problem and when they check the video, the claw “still works” and they won’t refund you your money even though you do not have total control of the claw (it does function as intended and only allows you to move forward and back). DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP !!! IT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY AND IT MALFUNCTIONS O SO MANY TIMES AT LEAST 7 OUT OF 10 GAMES MALFUNCTION AND THEY DO NOT KEEP THEIR PROMISES AS ADVERTISED FOR MULTIPLE WINNINGS OR REFUNDS !!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD !!!.Version: 3.8

Why should I report an issue with Clawee?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Clawee to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Clawee customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Clawee.

Is Clawee not working?

Clawee works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Clawee.

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