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Color by Number:Coloring Games App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Color by Number:Coloring Games app received 71 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Color by Number:Coloring Games? Can you share your negative thoughts about color by number:coloring games?

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Color by Number:Coloring Games for Negative User Reviews

Import images failGreat fun and really entertaining, but when I try to import custom images it tells me that I reached my daily limit when I haven’t used it at all that day. I would like to be able to do a couple of my own images without having to pay so could this issue please be fixed..Version: 1.9.1

UghhhAlmost every cute thing Is premium so I bought premium I still have to watch ads for the cute colouring pages. I love the normal version I’m not saying I don’t but please don’t put a lot of adds.Version: 4.6

Game keeps crashingI have an iPhone 13 and this game has been working. Now it crashes right after I open the app. I have plenty of storage and the game is updated to the latest version. It was great when it worked..Version: 4.2.1

Please fix thisI love how I can just use this to spend my time doing something relaxing but when I’m trying to import a picture in it just goes all black and it did that even after I deleted it and then re downloaded it and it’s really annoying because it took at least 5 minutes to get it to show the picture up and that took a few hours up doing it which I enjoyed but when I went back to do it again it did the same thing and it’s really annoying I hope you can fix this in the future.Version: 3.6

Do not download this game ….This game is horrible it spy’s on you and usually scams you it’s, overall it creepy, Money-hungry and horrible..Version: 6.4.1

Really good but some edits can be madeI have the free version of this app, and one thing about a lot of apps is that if you don’t get the paid version, you don’t get anything. In this app, the paid version gives you access to more drawings, unlimited buckets, and the ability to change your name more than once. I think you should be able to change your name more than once, so for me that feature should not be for money. Also, I wish there was some sort of tutorial the first time you open the app, because I didn’t know how to use the app the first time I tried. With 3D images, when I try to use the AR feature, it gives me an ad and then kicks me out so I cannot use that. Also, some of the ads are very gruesome and/or violent. I also have a glitch where e.g, I am on number 1 and accidentally color a number 3 and have to erase it, then when I click number 3, it doesn’t show up with a gray shading but the number is still bold. I also can’t play music while in the app. Another thing, it’s very frustrating how you can only put 3 tags on an image, and (at least in the free version) you cannot create a tag. One last thing, I accidentally tapped an image one time so I deleted it from my gallery, but it keeps on coming back in my unfinished images. Overall, a good app but has technical flaws.Version: 3.8.3

BruhBruh you want to watch a 5 decade ad just for 2 hints when i have like 2 already legit, you put it in the most annoying spot EVER like it pops up every 1 second or so i HIGHLY recommend pixel art its 1000% better that this PERIOD!.Version: 3.8.3

Love the game but…..I love the game, I just wished after you downloaded this app the game would give you 100 coins as a starter in this game! And if the creators read this, please make the game less full of ads. People are tryna play here!.Version: 8.4.2

CommunityWhen I press on a picture I like on community and press repaint it comes up with the subscription picture and now I can’t do any pictures on community.Version: 2.10.1

Okay so..These colour bomb things... I cannot stand them why are they a thing. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love this game, but the whole membership thing and these colour bombs is what’s slowly turning me away from this app. The membership doesn’t bother me too much coz every time I play there’s a new picture to colour. But one thing that really needs to go is the bombs. I am a person that really enjoys actually colouring, one number at a time. And when you’re just casually colouring and you just get this explosion and most of the colours are half done... AHH it drives me insane... please get rid of it Or if you don’t want to/can’t, at least make a setting feature where you can disable it. But otherwise, the variety of pictures to colour are awesome and the games pretty good...Version: 2.8.4

Good but not good enoughIts click bait on the ad it shows just tapping a number but when you download it you have to color eavh sqaure induvidualy and the pictures are reaally crappy and cringe and UGLY this app by far is adorble! For a six yr old! They need to step up there game for me to actully download it again. Not impressed ):.Version: 3.14.1

HorridYou have to pay every single month for no reason just to colour you tap one square you can’t use a fill button or anything it’s a waste of time downloading and a waste of memory.Version: 1.6.1

So soI likes it a lot but there are so many adds. Also u can unlock drawing tools that would help u a lot like a paint brush or a bomb. U can also draw anything u want..Version: 8.1.1

MehSo like don't really like the adds and how you need to buy something to color more:(.Version: 6.4.1

YikesNot fun, monthly and yearly payments $$$ and you have to tap every single square you cant move your finger around and actually color. this app should be called “Tap color” cuz thats how you do it. not worth the price either.Version: 1.2.1

Love the app, hate the systemThe app itself is wonderful. My favorite coloring app by far. The paintings themselves are really good and the simplicity of the app is wonderful. However, I wish I could make a one time payment for no ads. I would’ve done that months ago if it was an option, but I don’t have $10 a week (or whatever the overpriced subscription is) to get rid of the ads. A while ago they removed the feature where when you were holding down and coloring, the screen would shift towards where you were coloring. That made me annoyed, and now I can’t even find the night mode option? Most of these small things I would be willing to get over if they got rid of the subscription and simply had a one time payment for no ads. I’d pay $3-$5 dollars for no ads on this app because it’s so good, but they had to do a subscription. Hell, I’d even do a subscription if it was like $1-$2 a MONTH. But almost $10 a week is absurd, I’d be genuinely surprised if they were making any money from that feature. You can pay like $10/MO for Netflix, I don’t know anyone who would pay $10/WEEK for a phone app. With every update I get more and more upset with the app, but I stick around because it’s a good time supplement and I enjoy it. Please, let me pay you once for no ads. I’d love to..Version: 3.6

Well...Ok. So, I like the game in general. It's fun, calming, and gives you something to do. Now I don't know whether this is just my phone playing up, but the other day, my friend was using the app, and had started to colour in a picture. A few days later, I decided I would finish it off, so kept on colouring, but when I was about half way through finishing, the game froze, and completely exited the app, so I re-entered it and returned to the picture, and found I had lost all the progress I had made in it that day! It might just be my phone but that REALLY annoyed me. That's why I decided to write this review. Anyway, if it is the problem of my phone, and you have a more recent phone and it works fine, I DEFINITELY recommend this game, and if it works for you, you are sure to enjoy it as it really is a great app. Thanks for reading 😝.Version: 1.9.1

I Have a Few SuggestionsNot going to lie, this game is fun to unwind and relax to. I have some complaints though. On the top of the list is how every time I am playing for more than a half hour at a time, the game stops working and eventually crashes. Keep in mind I have an iPhone 11 so it is not because I need to get a newer phone. Second, the creator uses semi-false advertising. It is advertised that all of the colors have a sparkling effect. That is not what is in the game. Lastly, the amount of ads the game has is insane. Every time I open the app I am greeted with an ad. Every time I open up and close a coloring image I see an ad. Every time I try to check my profile I see an ad. Even when I am coloring I see an ad. I don’t want to have to pay $10 a week to cancel ads. On the other hand though, the game has its pros, such as how most of the pictures bring a challenge and then look really nice when fully colored, and how the creators are so committed as to create multiple new pictures a day. The game has its pros and cons, so I recommend you give it a try if you like coloring..Version: 5.1

Overpriced garbageNot worth it at all.Version: 1.2.1

Was Fun 😔My last update before I delete this app. There are no longer any portrait type ones to color, the ones with hundreds of squares to color in. The portrait ones are the ones I looked forward to the most and there hasn’t been 1 in over 6 weeks!!! DISAPPOINTED 😢 Update** I had submitted the other review a little while back but felt I needed to amend my initial review. I am sadly disappointed that since the last one you have completely took away the portrait ones 😳😳 why ??? That’s the only reason I did all the little ones so I could do the portrait/ hard ones... DEEPLY disappointed! I have really enjoyed this app especially because it helps with my anxiety and stress. I love that there are always new ones everyday because I literally have done every single free one there is 😊 There are only 2 small issues I have seen thus far. The first one is that on the 3D ones , there have been several that can not be completed saying there are still uncolored squares left when there clearly are none left to color. The last thing is the lovely portrait type ones. I understand that buying the membership will allow me to do all of the ones like that but not everyone has spending money to buy it so I wish that we non-membership people get at least 1 a day would be awesome. Thank you 🙏🏽.Version: 2.8.4

Won’t let me make my own picturesI really like this game for times when I don’t have wifi or just bored. But the only thing to change to make the app great is to make custom pictures free because when I want to make a custom picture it won’t let me do it because it keeps on telling me ‘daily limit reached’ when literally I’ve been gone for a day or two and made me buy Colour Premium. Like I’m only a kid and your making parents to buy the Colour Premium in order to have fun is like a scam! So rather remove the. Colour Premium or make custom pictures free to make the app turn from good to great. And yes I’ve finished the free pictures..Version: 2.11

Good but some improvementsThis game is really addictive and is perfect for relieving stress and boredom. You can even type in a category you want to do. These paintings can be easy to hard and all you have to do is move your finger! Fun paintings to do but they do take quite a lot of time up as sometimes I don't even realise that I have been playing for hours on end. Also even after completing a short painting that takes 30 seconds, an advert will appear before and after and is quite frustrating. Another thing is that not every painting is free but other than that fantastic game and every painting is unique. You can even add your own onto community from your camera role or safari for free and other people can colour it in..Version: 3.14.2

Was GREAT until the updateHey guys I used to LOVE your game it was my favourite thing to do EVERYDAY, but since I updated it to the supposed better new version I can’t use the app, everyone it loads 1) it will ONLY load when I’m using wifi NOT my mobile network (I tried loading other things with no problem so it’s not my phone) and 2) it will only load the homepage before it completely FREEZES and I can’t use it at all which is only seconds after the home page loads, I can’t even get to start a picture. BEFORE the update yesterday I LOVED your game but not it’s not even usable PLEASE fix this issue cause I want to LOVE your game again. Thankyou.Version: 3.8

All The Money Got To You..I'm disappointed I truly am. I thought I finally thought I found a great relaxing game for me in my free time. But no you let the money get the better of you.. I put up with the adds I tried to put up with premium but I just can't any more, I'm sorry but am I mistaken I thought this was Fun Games For Free! Not Fun Games That Take All Your Money! I mean 14 dollars a month is horrible but a week! I'm sorry but this is the biggest rip of ever! First you shove hundreds of adds in our face then you restrict half of the photos not even half there is a quarter of free images! And then you purposely down grade the import photo feature and take away all our creativity you can't even paint your own images! Half the player base are kids where do you expect us to get the money from! I'm truly disappointed you let the money get too you... 😔😮‍💨.Version: 6.1

Hint button not workingI used to think this game was awesome when I was younger because I love the concept so much! Sadly about 6 months ago I decided to get it on my new phone. At first it worked fine and I had a lot of fun playing but unfortunately it went downhill. I was playing it a month ago when I pressed the hint button and watched an advertisement(I love this idea because it means you only have to sit through and ad to get thirty coins or four hints). When the ad was done I checked to see the hints I got and realized none were there. I passed it off as a simple glitch and tried again. It did not work. Annoyingly, every time I try to watch an advertisement to get free hints it never gives me anything! This really makes me annoyed and I wish it was working! It’s possible this is a problem with my phone but it is a new phone that should be fine with this game. I rate my personal experience with this game as three stars because I love the concept and get a lot of joy out of it but find it hard to enjoy it when I can’t use any hints!.Version: 7.5

MusicThis app is great honestly but I think that they really over did it with the ads. Also I don’t understand why you can’t listen to music, it is supposed to be a relaxing colouring game but it would be much more so if it let you listen to music. I have tried headphones and just playing it off my phone but it won’t work. Sometimes it will glitch into playing music if you try hard enough but I just think it is not good enough. I also think they could make it easier to see other peoples’ posted work and when someone posts a coloured picture I think that you should be able to see that picture in colour..Version: 4.9.1

Inappropriate adsNon child friendly adds. App deleted..Version: 8.3

I loved it til the latest updateI have loved using this app. Especially since all the time there are new free pictures to colour in however with the last update a new feature was added. This feature was the one where when you colour the screen moves to where it assumes you are heading (left, right, top, bottom). This is the most annoying thing there is and is the reason I deleted other apps of this kind that had that feature. If it doesn’t become optional or disappears than I will delete this app..Version: 1.9.1

3DThere is a glitch in the 3D images where there are several colours in a single pixel. Please fix this.Version: 2.4.2

Good but inappropriateIt doesn’t have anything where you can’t change what it says so if it’s cussing or is something inappropriate for kids who are on this they’re going to cover it and they’re going to start repeating it like who’s gonna want their kids walking around in a school talking about the N-word and the B word and literally everything else that shows I love the game but I still think we should make it where it a little bit more kid friendly I’m old was right next to me watching me scroll and we saw that and she she saw something on there and went into and was talking to your friends using it and her and had to go and spent we should make it where it a little bit more kid friendly I’m only 10 and Matt and this five year old was right next to me watching me scroll and we saw that and she she saw something on there and went into and was talking to her friends using it and her and I had to go and spent like the past three weeks without recess or and when she got home she didn’t get it she just ate and went straight to bed so I think we should make it a little bit more kid friendly.Version: 6.4.1

Please fix this because I’m tired or thisSo I just wanna say that the game is great I love it is super nice and entertaining I really love it but the problem is that there is too many ads and to be hones that is very frustrating like most of the game u don’t pain u wach ads I just wanna say that your game would be better if I didn’t had that much adds like it can still have ads but not that much if the game had not that much ads I could give it 5 stars but It can’t this game is still being fun but I think I will probably delet the game so please fix this and I’m already imagining me going in the game and still with a bunch of adds and a little thing said no adds by just paying money all that people want is money like is soo frustrating I add a lot of hate to this game I’m just tired of this game and I bet that other people are tired of it and olso mad if u don’t want your game to get a bad calificación then please make less add apear in the game that would be the best and I will be soo grateful for it and thanks for reading if u read this thanks for reading and olso this all what I have to say..Version: 4.4.1

Why?!This is a good app and all, but I used to be able to import custom images, now it says I have to pay to Colour my own images... kind of a ripoff..Version: 2.8.4

Watch outThis app I’ve noticed every time I’m on it it records me make sure your kids are not on this and watch out I don’t not recommend.Version: 3.14.1

Not liking the new updates..I've had this app for quite a while and I have really enjoyed it (and I still do!). I love that they have introduced a new icon allowing you to fill up a colour section with one tap. (it helps a lot when you are doing a large drawing). I also like that this app has a wide range of drawings to colour, some take me 5 mins others can take up to half an hour if they are more complex. The only things I don't like about this app is that during an update they removed the eraser, which I used if I went over a wrong . I would love it if this feature go re-introduced because I used it all the time. During a recent update, they have introduced a slide motion that automatically goes when you are holding down your finger to fill up colours if you don't want to tap each colour. I understand why this has been introduced and I would have liked it if you could choose to turn on this slide feature, because I personally don't like it, as I find I'm colouring over other numbers with a wrong colour. Overall I think this app is really great for anyone, but I wish that you could choose to turn on and off certain features, in my mind this will make the app a lot better!.Version: 1.9

App isn’t openingAll my other apps are working. It’s not my phone, the app isn’t loading in..Version: 6.4

To colour numberThanks To colour number I have found a way to keep my kids quiet thank you colour number.Version: 3.16.1

Profile resetThis has been a continuing thing which is quite frustrating i’ll like hundreds of pictures to go and colour and then the morning after when i open the app all my liked pictures are gone,the people i follow gone and my profile vanished no where to be seen it’s happened about 3 times and i’ve had the game for about 2 weeks i see that you’ve updated to stop peoples profile being deleted like mine but ig that doesn’t work otherwise i still wouldn’t have my profile being deleted even after updating🙄🙄. At the top of my game it says connecting which i assume is apart of the update since that didn’t happen before it to give me my stuff back ig but it always says connection failed or something along the lines of that and goes to connect again and while connecting i can’t paint any pictures which makes the game unusable to me. HELP PLS..Version: 6.0.2

Great, but too many ads/randomly crashesThis app is really calming and is a great way to take up some time when i’m bored or to keep my hands busy when i’m watching a movie or show. the images are great, too. but it constantly crashes, and there are sooo many ads. you could leave the app for 2 minutes and go back and have a 30 second ad that you can’t skip through. sometimes the ad won’t even play and you have to exit out of the app and reopen it just to have to watch another ad. or, half the time you exit out of an ad, it’ll take you to the app store anyway. it really is not worth $9.99 a WEEK ($520 a year???) to get rid of ads - there should only be a small one time purchase or even a small monthly fee of $1-2 to get rid of ads. i don’t know a single person who would pay hundreds of dollars for a phone app. and, sometimes the app lags and doesn’t register that you’ve tried to color pixels, either. so overall, this app would be really great if all of these things were accounted for. the random crashing is very frustrating, and the ads are disruptive..Version: 4.1

Fix thisHow come when I draw on an image that doesn’t require payment and it’s on my gallery that a few days later it then I HAVE to pay the monthly thing? Fix that. Don’t do that because now I can’t colour things I actually want to colour and when I upload from my gallery you should not have to at the premium thing monthly. Please fix this.Version: 1.6

I don’t recommend itIt’s not a very good game to be honest... it does this thing where I choose a picture to do, and then alter I decide I don’t want to do it anymore and try to delete it, but it doesn’t work. It also has no filter on it, so anyone can post anything on it, and though it does have a ‘report inappropriate content’ button, it still didn’t really do anything- so if you or in a filter so people couldn’t post images like these, that would be great. How do you post images? How do you make the albums that you can search up on the home page? Like, for example, I search up harrypotter and it comes up with lots of album kind of things with harrypotter somewhere in its title, but how do you make one of them?.Version: 3.10

Some pictures are inappropriate and scary for younger kids!I loved playing this app and one day I was at the park using it when a younger kid came up to me. She asked what the app was called so I told her it was color number. She immediately went to her mom to ask if she could download it. I was tuning out the world so I didn’t hear what they were talking about when I hear crying. At first I thought the mom said no but I still looked and the mom looked confused. We both went over there to see what was wrong and there on the screen was a picture of huggy wuggy from Poppy Playtime. She couldn’t, stop crying and I looked through the pictures on my phone and there was more scary pictures. The little girl was very upset and the mom was trying to calm her down. When she calmed down a bit the mom deleted the app but she was still crying. She said she was really scared and didn’t want to go home. No matter how much we tried to calm her down she was still crying. The app is ok but it still freaked her out. The mom went to out a bad review when the kid saw the heart logo and started crying again. If you could go on and delete those pictures that would be great so that way other experiences don’t happen like this again. Thank you for reading this..Version: 4.3

MehAbsolutely love the app! Hot if constructive criticism, I wish the subscription wasn’t as much! I understand you need to make money which is fine but ten pound a week is a bit ridiculous I won’t lie I’d say about 5 a month maximum! I find the app very relaxing and it’s very therapeutic however I’m a single prentice and 40 pound a month isn’t justifiable I won’t lie! The app is brilliant but again I feel like the bombs that explain with colour happen too often and on the simpler pictures it ends up with you barely doing anything. But as I keep saying such a brilliant app and I find doing a few before I sleep helps me relax and I sleep so much better! So thank you! Just think the prices need reviewing heavily! ❤️ thanks for a brilliant soon.Version: 2.10.2

Used to Love not so good any moreUsed to love this game! Since upgrading my phone to the Apple XR it’s not been a very good app! Doesn’t save my pictures, so I colour some of it leave it for later come back and it’s not saved have to start all over again! The ads drive me mad, every time you start a new pic or finish a new pic! Shame was a brilliant game! Hope you sort it out! Getting worse! Now crashes all the time! Shuts itself down and doesn’t save what I’ve already started some nearly finished! Really frustrating! Also putting unfinished pictures in a separate file would be useful! That’s it I’m done with this crap app! Continuously crashes, shuts down and doesn’t save the work you’ve done! 4 pictures I’ve almost finished for it to crash and not save them!!!! Waste of time!.Version: 3.1.1

Fun... ishA little fun but not to fun . Got sick or the game after 20 minutes.Version: 1.6

InappropriateOne time when I was very little was playing this game and then all the sudden there was a commercial I did not think anything of it was when my mom ask me to do something I was like ok and then I look back at my tablet and the was naked people dance very gross so please fix it..Version: 8.2

Great appGreat app to enjoy colouring by tapping and passing time when you are bored. Great overall. Definitely will recommend this app to anyone who enjoys colouring and wants to pass time. Works without internet connection. I will give you five stars if you can add in a one time pay fee for unlimited colouring access. Colouring time is too slow as I have to tap every square to colour. Should have a functional drag to colour instead. I give you 3 stars for this..Version: 1.4

To much addsIt a good app but a lots of adds.Version: 3.5.1

It’s okay...So I’ve had this app for a few months now and it is relaxing but I offloaded the app because I didn’t have enough storage to have it on my phone. Offloading an app is on apple iPhones and it offloads the app but doesn’t delete its data or documents, it just frees up your storage (just in case you didn’t know!) As I was saying, I offloaded the app and then reinstalled in and it should have kept everything but instead it went back to the old version of the app and the daily picture things had disappeared! I spent so much time doing them and now all my hard work has gone. I’m going to be uninstalling this app! If you want all your hard work to disappear after a few months of using this app, then go ahead download it! My nickname is gibberish because there is literally no valid nicknames!.Version: 3.18.3

Great but can improveI like this app as it’s relaxing and fun, but there are a few things that ruin it. Firstly, there are ads every time you finish a picture, you can skip them but you have to wait a couple of seconds. Secondly, over half of the drawings that you can colour in are asking you to pay to complete them, so I can only do some of them but the ones I like the most are the ones I have to purchase. The import button is to allow you to take a picture or get one from your photos - so you can colour them in. I only realised there was an update a couple of days ago and since then, I tried the import button and now, I have to pay to make my own drawings. So yes, I like the app, but it’s just the little things that mess it up..Version: 2.3

ScamMy kid downloaded this game thinking it was free! Warning not free! They hit you with an expensive weekly subscription..Version: 2.11

How the mighty fallThis game was my life for literally months. I played almost every single day and it was great to just color for a while after work or school. Then the subscription became more pushy. Before that only a few pieces had been behind the paywall and the subscription wasn’t all that much. Then the ads got ridiculous to the point it slowed down the coloring and caused ridiculous amounts of lag. Sure ads had been a thing before but not to the app-crashing, game-breaking, rage-inducing levels they are now. I deleted the game when all this happened. The paywalls and the broken ads were and definitely still are dealbreakers. I thought the devs would cool it with the $10 A WEEK sub when people stopped playing they’re game. But alas, that’s not what happened. I come back after a few years to find that nothing has changed save for it maybe becoming worse. This app does not deserve the 4.8 stars it has right now. It’s Nothing but a money hungry broken excuse of a color by number app now. Also notice how all the “most helpful” reviews are from literal years ago. Up to two years. And all the recent 5 star reviews seem to have been written by children or bought. This game is fake through the core.Version: 6.4.1

I Like this gameI love this game so much! But there are soooo many ads! I wish that there could be less adds without buying premium..Version: 4.4.1

Not too relaxingIt’s supposed to be relaxing and it can be, by the time the picture is finished an advert comes up. This is really frustrating and doesn’t help with relaxing at all. I would be fine with these adverts if there was a way to stop them straight away from starting, even with the music in the background will stop. I got this app to stop stressing and the adverts don’t help. Please find a way for the ‘x’ button to come up earlier so I can keep colouring in ..Version: 3.25

Beware do not download this appMy daughter downloaded this app. Thinking it was a free trail app. It automatically charged me $10 weekly It’s a scam.Version: 2.6.1

Need more free picturesI really enjoy the game but I have finished all the free pictures and the price to subscribe is over priced I can not afford over $100 to fully enjoy the game. Either drop the price so more people can enjoy it or release more pictures for us to do. Out of all the colour by numbers games I’ve tried this is the better of them all but at the moment I’m waiting for the 4 free daily pictures which I can complete in about 30-60min. This game helps me relax and calm down after I’ve had a epilepsy seizure and my mind is still all over the place, I just sit down an focus on the pictures. So please try and do something to make it more enjoyable. Thanks.Version: 2.6

Latest update: badI thoroughly enjoyed using this app until the latest update. Bring back the auto scroll feature so that colouring in large areas is easier (maybe have it in the settings so people who don’t like it (who are you?!) can turn it off). Also please get rid of the weird flash when I complete a colour, who even thought that was a good idea? On a personal note, I thought it looked more professional in the previous versions too. Other than this update, I really enjoy the app, there are just enough free pictures each day to keep me happy and the timelapse feature at the end is great. I would never pay £300+ a year for the rest of them though!.Version: 2.0

ThinkingIt is not as quiet as you think.Version: 8.2

Ripped offMy grandchild downloaded this app without permission and I can’t see where to unsubscribe, you have been taking money every week. I want to unsubscribe please.Version: 4.4.1

Good but not goodThis game is good for those with patience, but if you’re one of those people who aren’t great at concentrating for long amounts of time, you’re going to get frustrated and bored. They have added easier pictures with larger pixels and paint buckets so you might find some pictures fun and suitable for you. Also, there isn’t a lot you can do without paying too, a lot of the good images you have to pay for and you can only upload your own image ONCE before you have to pay. I still enjoy doing the small, free images though. Otherwise a fun game with bright, fun colours and new images appear every day, so you won’t run out of images to do. I think it’s fair to say that this game is only for certain people and it needs to be a more flexible with different people..Version: 2.11

Stole my moneyI downloaded this and used the free trial after deciding I didn’t like it I deleted the app it still took my money for weeks even though I deleted the app so now I lost about fifty dollars.Version: 2.7

Somethings you could addOk, so I love this app, it’s great for stress and passing the time. But I recently found out that you can now delete pictures. I thought “hey, this seems great, cause now I can delete photos if I don’t like or want to retake it. But once you get two photos, doesn’t matter if you delete it, you can’t take anymore without having to pay. Another thing that they could fix is that I have this on my iPad, so when I heard of animation, I thought “awesome!” But NONE of the animated pictures are animated on iPad, only phone. Plz fix this because I really would like to see this. Thanks for reading..Version: 2.3

Camera option is slightly annoying yet great at the same time.I thought at first it was a great game even though there are only limited pictures. Then I found the couler photos. I loved this until I’d used this option 2 times after that it said that I needed to pay to use this option. This really annoyed me and this was my favourite part of the game and my parents don’t let me buy things on my phone unless I want to pay for them myself. So I decided to go back to the normal pictures that you can couler and suddenly it seemed really boring. I think that you should either not be able to use that option at all or always be able to use it because as I said it makes the rest of the game seem less fun. However I did enjoy the game while I could use the camera option. And before I found out about it..Version: 2.8.4

TerribleThis game is... alright I guess, firstly, every single time when I colour the picture I have 1 spy are left to colour, so when I look for the last square to colour I literally can’t find it! Once I was looking for 4 hours and I didn’t even go to the toilet more than 2 times... I couldn’t find the square, then my phone went flat so I waited... two minutes later it was on one percent and I started looking for the square... I couldn’t find it! That has happened to my more than 30 times as I have coloured 30 pictures, I can’t even finish a picture... so if the developers read this, please make sure you do an accurate count so then PEOPLE can ACTUALLY FINISH there picture. I’ve deleted the app over and over and of course I lost my pictures. Secondly the colour bombs are a scam I have tried to use them and I spent my pocket money on this app so that’s a scam.... thirdly WHEN EVER YOU CLICK ON A PICTURE GUESS WHAT IS THERE! An AD. Please get rid of some of the ads... that is my opinion on this app... I don’t think you should download... don’t waste days on this app to only find out you have finished it but the creators didn’t count properly... DO NOT RECOMMEND! By: Catherine Jingle Gleer.Version: 3.18.3

Gotten a bit tooooo flashyI got this app before all the updates and now I think that the old color by number was better than this updated version. I liked the way of catagorizing the pictures and the auto scroll. I was a bit disappointed when they took out the eraser but they brought it back in thank goodness! But I really hate the paint bucket! It messes up every single thing! Another one of my complaints is that in the most newest update the developers said that they have made the game more smooth. It is a bit better but when I opened up the app man has everything changed?! The new home screen looks in my opinion very cartoony and awful. And by awful I mean AWFUL!! They have also changed the font of the numbets which looks eh. Then we have the auto scroll. They've tried to perfect it sooo much that I can't even see what I'm painting! And the new way of painting is super super annoying. It's trying to be flashy but it's too flashy. I liked color by number when they didn't try to copy other color by number games but since this new update they have tried copying and it's turned out to be a mess!! I'm definitely not going to play this game as much as i used to. Hopefully the game developers will see their mistake and make color by number more simple and not flashy.Version: 2.0

Not liking itI don’t like how when you create your own colour by number picture the colours that have been chosen, don’t resemble real life feature colours. I don’t have green on my face, do I? I don’t and I’m disappointed that when I do colour in the picture doesn’t look anything like I expected. There are hardly any natural tones, it’s all pink colours with green, blue and yellow. There are hardly any Browns, blacks or nudes. And when there is some, they go in places they shouldn’t be in. I had taken a picture of my eye and apparently there is blue in my eye colour, which there isn’t. My eye colour is dark brown. I’m very disappointed with this app, because I mainly got it for the self created colour by number pictures. If you fix this issue up, then I may get it again..Version: 1.6.1

It’s okay.Personally this game isn’t worth downloading 😅 Don't get me wrong, it is pretty enjoyable and a could way to wait for time to pass but I had a few problems. 1. Lag : My phone is a newer iphone that was also recently purchased and this is the only app on my phone that causes it to heat up and the app lags. 2. Background Noise : if you’re anything like me you like to have music play in the back while you draw or do something on your phone. This app will not allow music to play once you start coloring which isn’t a HUGE problem but it is an annoying inconvenience to me. 3. Progress being saved : This is the main reason I deleted the app. The other ones were probably me being “picky” but this one seriously annoyed me… if you are coloring and the app lags and crashes or you just exit the app on accident- it will NOT save. I was almost completely done with a coloring I had spent a hour or so on (maybe shorter/longer?) and the app was lagging then crashed. I reopened and it didn’t save ANYTHING. I feel like there should be some type of auto save when you finish a color because this has happened many times. I hope you read this and don’t think I’m a troll or an internet Karen 😅 Thank you for your time!.Version: 6.0

SuspiciousInstalled this app a while ago..using it was fun..all the sudden I remarked the green dot on my iPhone light up while using the app(the one that lets you know the app is using the camera) find it strangely suspicious cause the app never asked for consent to access the camera and I don’t see the need for it..came to app store read all info never mentioned using the cam. Remove the app & reinstalled see if it happens again oddly not green dot...dunno maybe a glitch..but a colouring app is not worth compromising my privacy..Version: 3.14.1

The EraserI literally love this app and it’s great and I’m practically obsessed with it, but there is one problem that I have recently been struggling with. The new update got rid of the eraser function! I happened to really like the Eraser and I always used it whenever I drew out of the lines on the wrong color. But now I can’t do that, and I also can’t find those wrongly colored boxes that I couldn’t erase because the ERASER IS GONE. And I don’t like the bucket, either, because it completely defeats the purpose of the game, doesn’t it? Isn’t the whole app basically coloring in pictures by numbers in boxes? And basically you’d fill in the number boxes one by one and it would be really fun to watch afterwards? Doesn’t the bucket completely go against that, because it colors one whole number all at once? I don’t like it. And it really bothers me that the eraser is gone. If you had to add the bucket, you could’ve at least let us keep the eraser. I’m very particular and slightly OCD, so when there’s parts that I can’t erase but are filled in wrong, it really bothers me. It might even lead me to deleting the app, even though I really liked it. Or at least, used to really like it....Version: 1.8

AbysmalUnimpressed with this. The colouring itself is great and the app is nice and easy to look at. However, there is no way in hell that I will agree to pay $17 per week to unlock more than three pictures at each skill level. Happy Color and Nonogram might have ads and be a bit chonky, but at least they’re not an absolute scam.Version: 3.24

Really annoyingSo basically it’s weird how it says adult app and it’s 4+ and I had this app and had to delete it because of how much storage it took, so finally I tried to get the app back and it says it’s downloading but then it loads and never downloaded, so when I nearly done the colouring and there is like 1 or 2 squares left you can like never find it 3 times I was looking for the last square for 2 or 3 HOURS like I looked everywhere for the last one and never can find it so I just start a new one and it repeats everything AGAIN that’s also another reason why I deleted this app don’t get it if you have anger issues or like get angry or rage on colouring and I don’t know if it’s just me but when I FINALLY acid a drawing it turns out bad and glitches my iPad/phone like is really annoying.Version: 3.22.1

GARBAGE!!!!!I was just playing this game just now and this inappropriate add comes on. It’s a guy shirtless with a towel wrapped around himself and a lady in front of him laying on a couch, and he’s saying to her “ This is going to be a hot day.” Definitely NOT appropriate for ages 4+. Plus the app was glitchy and WAY to many adds.Version: 8.1.1

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