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Color by Number:Coloring Games app received 178 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about color by number:coloring games?

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Color by Number:Coloring Games for Positive User Reviews

Fun and addictiveGreat game to get you mind of things.Version: 1.8

A bit sad...Aa bit disapointed its free trial but need to pay after 3 day.Version: 1.4

FIVE STARS SO YOU WOULD SEE THISI got told in this game that it is updated so that all the pictures I do will be glittery and I put five stars so that you would see this review as this game is nothing but lies it told me that it needs to use data to make sure that my house is safe I asked my mum if I should accept it and she told me no way she told me if I accepted this game then it could track where I am where I go to school and where I live and I think that this game is atrocious I payed for the full version and it charged me another 30 pound the next month and I think paying 30 pound on lies is disgusting so it is totally up to you if you download this but it will be you getting tracked and lied to not me so enjoy your tracking game and if creators get back to me I have already reinstalled the game and it made me pay again which I did not do then I turned the notifications off and the notifications turned back on saying play the game quick in capital letters which creeped me out so this review should be heard it is terrible trying to trac children and lying in games just to get money if you choose to download this have fun in the rest of your life.Version: 3.18.3

Best gameI only downloaded it yesterday and i am not very patient so I can really sit down and do something for a long period of time but this game is totally addictive I am only ten and there are easy and hard ones and I have completed a really hard one even with being impatient it is a great stress reliever I would recommend to anyone only problem is there are a few ones that are vip and vip is quit expensive it is 4 pound and a lot of parents don’t like paying money for games but there are still loads of pics to do so that isn’t really a big problem the vip anyway DOWNLOAD now you would never regret the decision of downloading this game this would definitely come in handy if you have anxiety or depression this is a great game for all thank you for reading my review and thank you to the developers and many thanks to the people who have downloaded this game in bc you are the best.Version: 3.11

Too Many AdsThis game is great overall, but the amount of ads are too much. Every second button I press, I get an ad. I feel like it’s so hard to play the game properly when there are this many. I get that the game does that to push you to getting Premium, but it’s still too much. I suggest that you lower the amount to AT LEAST every 4 touches. Like I said before, this game is great overall. I don’t come across many bugs, so that’s good. Thanks for reading this review!.Version: 3.14.2

Very relaxing gameI would recommend this game, as it very relaxing. You have a whole library of paintings to colour, some harder than others. You can also get premium, which just has a wider range of paintings, but this is not really necessary, as they game has lots of paintings, if you don’t wish to spend money. It can also help if you are stressed or have anxiety. It’s also not a game that’s like really addictive, but it’s a stress relief game I can play in my spare time. The game doesn’t send you loads of notifications, only one every so often. That is my honest review on this game, and overall I give it a 9.5/10.Version: 6.0.4

Love the game!!! Just one problem...So I love colour by number because it inspired me to be who I am today!!! A anime artist is what I am now but before I downloaded this AMAZING art app I was SUCH a bad drawer but when I saw THIS game I took the art by storm! Got my fingers into position and taped away! But there was this one time when I was playing but my phone went all black. I tried to zoom out but after 4 hours it finally worked. But when I tried to tap on the pictures it went black AGAIN then it automatically deleted the game I was furious but I had time to think and I just re-downloaded the game and voilia! It saved all my data!! Highly recommend this game.Version: 8.2

Best game ever I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) is a good day to get a full heart 💓 with this game.Version: 2.8.4

Omg amazingSo, I downloaded this app and I thought that it was fake and you would have to unlock all of the drawings and art but actually don’t judge a book by its cover because that’s not always the way of life. I then thought that this is a good app but does it prevent no wifi? I hoped and hoped but then when I went on a ride trip I clicked on this app and then it said no wifi needed so Its a brilliant game. Also, you can connect by sharing these wonderful pieces you are creating and put them on your community!!!!! ——————-🍄——————- - Evie.Version: 8.0

💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜I love this app 😍 shoutout to all of the people that worked so hard to make this.Version: 2.3.1

Trop coolJe suis tellement heureuse de voir que je ne suis plus obligée de colorier le papier pour me relaxer.Mon cell est déjà mon meilleur ami et donc je voulais vous féliciter pour ce jeu formidable.Version: 2.8.4

PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW!!!Ok, so I downloaded 5 of the main colouring apps: Including pixart colourfly etc.. (to try them all out and then keep the best one) and this one was by far the best!!! If you want an app to make you relax this is th bes one out there!!! Trust me this app is a life changer. Don’t bother buying the premium I don’t have it and there are still loads of pictures to colour and literally no adds at all, I have been playing for a week and have not come across a single add!! 𝔸𝕝𝕝 𝕀’𝕞 𝕤𝕒𝕪𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕚𝕤 𝕋ℝ𝕌𝕊𝕋 𝕄𝔼!! 𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕕 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕓𝕖 𝕒𝕟 𝕠𝕡𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕒𝕝 𝕒𝕡𝕡. I would rate this over 5 stars if I could!!! Thanks for reading my review and I hope you have a good day!!! But please DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!.Version: 3.16.1

Love it ✌🏻I love 💕 this game! So many things to do in it. Just one ☝️ thing: You should do all the things without having to pay 💰 👀👅👂🦷 like the person emoji Hi.Version: 3.0.2

GoodI love this app so much it releases stress and helps with anxiety you can go to a hole new world with this app the only problem that I can think of is that it can Hurt your hand but only if you play it for longer periods of time.i have had great success with this app so if you are in a stressful time you should get this app it is also good if you are bored and have nothing better to do. Over all I have had a great experience with this app.Version: 5.1

Good but not greatAs someone who has a 30 second attention span it was not great for me and after this I will probably never use the app again. Well enough about me it was a very easy to use app however I was doing the 3D sphere and the controlling and moving it around was very difficult to move. There are lots of good options to colour in but I kind of wanted something a little less time consuming and over the top, I really just wanted a rainbow love heart with 7 colours but I found that a lot of the drawings again were very over the top. Well some people may love it but me having an short attention span really didn’t satisfy my needs. I am not saying it is a bad app all in all it is a good app. I personally don’t get stressed often but if you are somebody who does this will be great for you..Version: 2.4.2

HINTS ARE DUMBOk so, I was colouring a picture like everyone else🖼️, and I couldn’t find the last pixel, so I did what everyone else would do, I wanted a hint. I had 15 coins🪙 and hints are 10 coins,🪙I didn’t care about how much it costs I only care about finishing my picture. I WANNA FINISH PLS- Hints💡are to help you not like- NOT WORK- I even watched an add to get this stupid hint💡 but still, IT DIDN’T WORK. I don’t know if u know how BORING adds are. BUT THEY ARE MORE BORING THAN U THINK. I just watched an add for nothing. A WHOLE ADD FOR NOTHING. I would rather do my work instead of WATCHING AN ADD FOR NOTHING. Look 👀 I’m not trying to be mean but pls pls, FIX THIS BUG-.Version: 8.3

Happy lighthouse from July to the beachYou will need An empty cardboard crisp tube A clear plastic jar with a lid Newspaper and a pen Paint A piece of cardboard And an empty apple juice carton PVA glue Glue stick Three strips of red paper Torch Happy lighthouse For the July At dark it was a cold and stormy night The rain poured fishing boat A lighthouse is see at the light in the lighthouse Crashing and flashing all night Two homes from a lighthouse Safely home time from 33 croft-flat drive Home time from a lighthouse Sago mini boats download now The wind howling and the rain poured at now for the sharing a shell but look how they grown and octopus shark fish whale dolphin struggling get away with them and they has tiny fishing boat it’s a rock waves and was sinking fast what is it called weather I can see dry land where has thunderstorms and rain one of the other a lighthouse i see at the light of the lighthouse tiny fishing boat we’re going to safety home time at in the house the end.Version: 7.5

This app is really good but I have some complaints.Okay, so I love the app. I use it everyday and I like to color the pictures and import my own. But I shared one of my paintings on the community and a lot of people liked and repainted it. It was over 1k likes. But when I checked back a couple of days later, the painting got deleted. I was really annoyed by this so I tried again. I painted another picture and shared it on the community. It also had over 1k likes. I checked back again and it got deleted. This is really annoying me and can you please fix this? It might be a glitch or something but it is kind of annoying. Please fix this. Also there are way too many ads. They keep coming up randomly and I can’t even skip them. Lastly, there is always a connection error even when I have connection. I always reconnect and things but there is still some kind of connection error and it’s bothering me. Please fix these issues. Otherwise, I think this is an okay app. Edit: Okay so when I checked back on the game today, all of my pictures that I shared on the community got deleted. I am not sure how this happened but now I can’t share anymore pictures. I want this fixed please..Version: 3.24

This app is amazing!I highly recommend this app. It is so attractive, you have so many pictures to choose from, you can also import your own and choose the difficulty of it!! And when you have finished, you can put it on the safe community wall and have everyone see your amazing work, and they also have the chance to paint it for themselves! They can also like your pic and follow you as an artist. It is completely safe as many people will agree. There is no cost in downloading but you can buy premium if you loved the game lots. Overall, it is a very good app and i recommend it to you..Version: 7.0

App slows and unusable after timeI really love this colouring app, but recently I’ve noticed that after playing for a while it freezes for a few seconds-minutes and stops responding to commands. Initially it would only happen after 10mins or so, but now it’s only 2, and is no longer resolved by closing and reopening the app. I have the latest version so that’s not the issue. Hoping this glitch can be resolved soon as I wanna keep playing the game!.Version: 3.1.2

Mia and Me 😇🍇🍓🏰🎠🏖⛱🎡Mia and me is a program for kids that love programs for kids please in joy this a lot watch it learn it ..Version: 2.4.2

To Many AddsThis game is the best game ever but... It has to many adds if I go in a painting there is a add If I go out of the painting there is a add if I type up a painting There is a add and when I am doing a painting after one minute there is a add i get very annoyed so please fix this game bye..Version: 3.24

Colour NumberHello again.I’m your fan Saniyah again. I was just finishing one of the pictures from the game Colourfy. Then an interesting advert came up. It said Colour Number and it said the creators of Colourfy were the same creators as this. I found it very interesting. I found it so interesting that one day in school, I asked my teacher, for numeracy if we could go on the iPad and download and play that game because it had numbers and my teacher actually agreed! Me and my maths partner had so much fun!I was totally addicted to this game. I was daydreaming when my teacher was talking about important stuff. I was just thinking about that game. Thank you so much. From your loving fan, Saniyah Noor.Version: 2.3

Internet/server issuesI absolutely love this game, except for one thing… I want to load my profile page so I can see how many people like my paintings or so that I can see my profile in general. It keeps saying that there is no internet connection even though I am connected to the internet. I also try to log into my account since I’m apparently not logged i, and it keeps saying something along the lines of “cannot connect to the server”. If these issues were fixed, then the game would be perfect! Besides from these minor issues, this is a really fun game that is great to play in your spare time or if you need to unwind..Version: 4.8

Love itGreat app! Wish I could take more than one photo without paying though.Version: 2.7

Cool app, but..I really like this app. It is really fun and I use it a lot. I really like the community feature, where you can repaint awesome stuff other people upload. However, one thing I don't like is the import function. I don't know why, but every time I try it says "daily limit reached", so from my understanding, if you don't have a subscription you can import only a few times a day, but that's not what happens. I have waited days and I still can not import anything! If they can make it so that people who use it for free can import images I would love that. They could put a limit on it (like 5 pictures only a day) or they could make you watch a short ad for it, and that would be fine to me, I just want to use it. Also, I think some of the pictures are to colorful. Three times so far I have gotten pink characters in the cute section, and these are the only ones I've done so far. I was hoping the colors would be more realistic, like the bunny should be brown, the seal white, etc. But I do really like this app, I hope they will fix the import feature, because I have so many pictures I want to color and share!.Version: 2.7

Colour plusThis game is a favourite but since the last update it keeps droping or kicking us out and it happens multiple times. Hope this can be fixed..Version: 4.8

👍👎🤔This is a great app and I find it really nice and fun and relaxing to colour in nice pictures by numbers and it’s amazing that you can create your own, and it is a good thoughtful app to use in your spare time. However there are so many adverts. One every time you complete a picture, one when you start a new one and loads in between. Some of them are really long as well that you can’t skip. I understand that this is free and a few adverts here and there is fine, but it is getting to the point where this is more advert than app. Please get rid of some so I can enjoy this game, and also if you pay money and become a member you unlock lots of pictures that other people can’t get. For those who can’t pay or don’t want to spend money on a game, they feel like they are missing out. That is Just a quick improvement, but otherwise it’s a great self paced game that everyone can enjoy. Thank you! 😊.Version: 3.14.2

It’s great but…There’s just one problem, well a few problems actually, on my profile I can’t see how many likes and repaints on a given profile, and I can’t scroll pass a certain point of profile, and premium is way too expensive, also GIFs don’t work on imported photos I get online, and I would really like to use those GIFs, and I have an idea for GIFs, so instead of painting 1 frame of that gif you can, either paint everything frame of that GIF if your into that, or after you paint 1 frame, the next frame is put over the 1st frame, and you paint the differences of frame 2 compared to frame 1, and you should be able to choose how many frames you want on your GIFs instead of, what, 5 frames taken at once, this could also allow you to choose what frames you want or don’t want to your liking, I really hope this idea gets realized and put into a later update, also more hashtags, uhhh, larger canvas size, I really like this game, and my profile is Welcome2, and have a nice day.Version: 6.4.1

Love Color NumberLoving the app so much I paid for the upgrade to access all of the pictures and have had no regret doing so. The only frustration I have is when downloading the app on a new device, restoring purchase worked well, however, all of the pictures previously coloured in on the other device is not recognised as completed. Is there a way to sign into the app that syncs the completed and many imported pictures I have completed..Version: 2.6.1

Great addictive appI love this app. I spent too much time on it. My only issue which I hope you can fix is that all the completed ones are with all the ones I haven’t done. I think all the completed ones should have their own tab and the incomplete ones in a different tab. I spent allot of time scrolling through to find the one I am doing and gets frustrating because sometimes I can’t remember which one I was doing. I hope this feature can be added next update. Thank you!.Version: 2.10.1

Just a tiny problemI just want to say that there are a lot of adverts and I would appreciate it very much if you could shorten that down a little bit please. And I don’t know if this to do with the internet connection but I weirdly keep getting stuck on advertisements. But other than that I really love the app and think it is an AMAZING! Idea that you can share artworks you have done on the community page with other incredible artists from around the world. And also it was a good idea to only have certain comments as otherwise it could lead to defiantly not the best of things.Version: 4.8

Great game but there is some thingFirst off, I think this is a great game! But there is two things I don’t like, the sound effects. To turn off vibration and sound effects you have to go into settings. So if I’m new and I don’t know I would have to go into settings and scroll down and see if there is sound effects off and vibration off. Personally me, I’m fine with it, but it sounds loud. And the first sound effect sounds ok, but the second one sounds recorded. The second thing is I don’t like the ads, now I have not seen any inappropriate ones. But I do not like how long and how many there are. Like, after every painting there is a ad, so be aware. Now, I do like the the daily painting page. It is very neat and nice, the paintings are pretty. And I do like that you get new ones every day. Personally, I think this is a great game I give it a 4 star! Now, I did read the reviews and some said “ very laggy...” and so on. I have not experienced it, but if you live not with high speed internet I doubt this app will work. One more thing about their ad so it looks like it will be glitter paint but when you go in it is NOT glitter paint. Which really disappointed me. I think you should change that if you are not going to have glitter paint. Thanks for reading this long review, if you have! The conclusion is, That this is a very good art app and I would really use it, even though there are some flaws. Thanks!.Version: 3.13.1

It’s okI like the game, but the pictures that you uniquely add are also put into the game as if it were their own image which is not fair, as that creator used their own unique image that the game did not have originally. I painted a picture of an animal that was not on the game for the community to see. Then I type in the same sort of animal I used and the first picture was my animal image which was not there before. I find this unfair as the game uses the images as their own, it maybe for people who only look in the game pictures but this is not fair on the original creator to take it as if it were the developers work and they had retrieved that image. Can someone change this please? Thank you..Version: 5.1

SuggestionI suggest that you make paintings without the numbers that one can choose their own colors. Awesome game 👍.Version: 3.6

Great game!!When I first found this game I thought I was being brought to another dumb cheap mobile app, but when I joined I was happy to see a good quality app. As I played it quickly began to be one of my favorite apps on my device! And when I found the “import” section I lost it! I started to screenshot pictures and import them into the app. One thing I do have to say is that when I import white pictures it comes out as barely seen and almost a tan color. I like that you can import pictures from your camera roll but when you take a picture in person and not from your roll it comes out as black and white. Also I suggest you have age ranking and filters to what people are posting. I have seen thing that I don’t want to see such as reviling art and children most likely the age of five taking pictures and posting their face where people might save those pictures and have thought of them in such a manner. I suggest you should put an age filter for children. Besides that your game is extremely impressive as a free mobile game. And it is online?! That is also super cool!! I love that you can hashtag and people can search for certain topics or pictures. Sincerely, A_downloader-.Version: 4.6

PerfectThis game is perfect for car rides when ur bored I love it.Version: 8.3

Amazing! Just one negative!I love it!❤️ it’s just sometimes it freezes, and you keep tapping! But then finally it let’s you colour it in again! Hopefully that gets changed thanks!.Version: 3.6

Great game!So, I just downloaded this game and I already love it! My friend told me about it. She is the best! 👍💯👏 I immediately downloaded it. This game does have some problems but not big ones. First, when you log into it for the very first time it shows you "wanna get the full package?" or whatever and I thought I HAD to pay, but I found the "X" in the courner. Come on guys. I know you want money for the game but not everyone can afford that. I mean I can but like I won't spend money to be on a silly phone all day drawing. I can have way more fun actually drawing on real paper for free than on my phone. I'm not saying that it isn't fun. It's awesome, but I'm not paying for that. So anyways I think they should make the "X" a bit darker because I could barely see it. Now the game is great! You should totally get it, just dont miss the "X" in the corner. I like how you can take a pic and color it. That is the best part. Now warning... Half of the pictures you have to buy, which is fine because they have so many options. This game I think you should totally get!.Version: 3.6

This is amazing!!!😀I love this game SO MUCH. I love how you can share your images to the community and just the images to paint in general. But one thing I hope you could change is free chat in comments instead of something we can choose from. And if you do this maybe you can do something that can alert you of super mean hate comments? A reason to do this is so people can say in there words how much they love the image with their own words or to tell the person that shared the image things they could improve or give them ideas for other paintings. But other than that I love this game! 😁😁😁👍.Version: 7.3

AmazingI really enjoy this game sooo much! It’s just so relaxing for like when I’m in a temper or even just if I’m bored I come to my phone or iPad and start colouring. It’s also super satisfying when you are colouring because of the noise it makes each time you fill in a square. I also really like how there are some really easy ones some hard ones and some in the middle. I really love this game! -Abi Judd 12yrs old.Version: 4.4.1

Great game!I love this game because it is super relaxing! It would be really cool if you could add 3D pictures! Great work! :).Version: 3.14.1

READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING !!!!!!!!!I don’t really find this game relaxing. It’s more stressful because I’m trying to get a streak. From my experience, I have found a few little bugs in the game. My biggest one is where when I decided to watch an ad for, 4 free hints on my piece instead of using 10 coins, and after I watched the add not only did in not get the hints ( which seems to happen quite a lot) and that I had lost 11 coins ( I had 22 and I now have 1.) I even watched the ad another time to try to get it to work but I would be careful, because sometimes the game does glitch or faces bugs. Other than that, it is a nice app and you can definitely release your creativity..Version: 8.0

THE ADSI love this game so much, it’s so calming and relaxing but the ads just throw me off. Every time I go in to a colouring I always get an ad as well as finishing. I have stopped playing numerous times because of this and I think that if u took the ads away and spread them out more I would like the game more. I hope u take on board this because it’s so frustrating. By the way I have the free version because I’m not about to spend so much money on a game..Version: 3.14.1

Uhm i’m definitely reporting mini issues…Okay well first off- excuse my grammar and stuff- i like the app, its a great app and i quite like it. i have some issues- not really- i would like to bring up. first mini issue- you only allowed us to choose from a selective number of responses. yes, it’s not a big issue but it annoys me for some reason. you gave us the ability to delete comments- why couldn’t you give us the ability to type? we could always delete hate comments, plus if it really was a bother just block out some words, like curse words, and let us be able to block “haters”. that way we’ll actually be able to express our feelings you know? second mini issue- i don’t think there’s a choice to free draw or like free hand pictures. adding a choice like that where you can pick whatever colors you want to use and draw whatever you want would be useful. it would also get people more creative, instead of taking pictures and converting into pixels, and just coloring from a selective collection of drawings. also, this way we could figure out how to make our own drawings. i know this will downsize the point of premium, so maybe you can make it so that you can only free draw twice in 24 hours. if you decide to take up on this, please make it so your painting saves and can work on it throughout the day without it taking away the second chance of free drawing i mentioned before. sorry if that was confusing but thanks for your time if you ever read this..Version: 7.8

You can move your finger!It's a fun game but the membership is too expensive.Version: 1.6.1

Awesome and satisfyingThis game is extremely cool and I don’t know what else to say but good stuff.Version: 8.0

RelaxingColouring is so fun and relaxing and I love how you can watch how you coloured after your finished 😊😎.Version: 1.2.1

Absolutely the BEST colouring game in the world!Colour By Numbers is a super cool app, with loads of cute and unique pictures to colour in such beautiful paints! One thing though is that on the adverts, it shows the pictures being painted in glittery and sparkly colours, when this is not actually an option within the game. Also, when you take a picture for example, of a cat, you always have to colour in black-and-white, which I find quite annoying. Other than those two reasons why the game needs improving, I think that Colour By Number is great! Especially when on an extremely boring plane ride! There are also some ideas that I’ve had to make the game even greater! It may take a bit of work but I hope you developer/s or creator/s consider them: 1) Fun colouring games to unlock other pictures and/or paints! 2) Be able to earn game money to buy some cool patterns to make the picture even prettier! And last but not least… 3) Be able to create your own pictures which you can colour and share with other people so they can colour too! Thank you for taking your time to read this review, and I recommend for anyone out there to download this game RIGHT NOW! Have a nice day! ^^.Version: 4.8

Great Game!!!😆😝📱Overall a very good game😁, you can colour in pictures by pixels that are represented by numbers. You can colour in your own photos, you could also take a photo and colour it in, you can share your photos to other people as well, very nice game. The bad side about it is that it has too many ads, this happens to many games, but if you could just lessen it a little, it would be great😊. Another issue is that the tools are provided in a very small amount. Please change it to add one every few hours or maybe you can buy them with your achievement stars. From my perspective, I think this game would be a great game to play when you are bored or want to create a masterpiece, thankyou for the creator for this great game!😍😁👍🙏.Version: 3.19

This is the bestThis game is soooo fun if you need a game the play with no internet this is the one.Version: 6.1

Great game but...Can you make it easier to angle the 3D ones?Also make so that the players can put more characters in the search..Version: 8.4.2

ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADSWAY TO MANY ADS. You must reduce the ads there are so many it's hard to enjoy the game. And also, i find the CUTEST pictures in the world but then i notice its vip and then i always end up a crying fit in my bedroom. Like im only 7 years old (you surprised how well i read, write, and spell?!) and i love this game. But there are complaints. Also, i have finished MANY pictures, and it won't allow me to share on community (my parents said im allowed to share on community so dont worry) and also, i have no idea how people make these pictures that they put up and share and the pictures are just like"Follow me and i'll follow you back" i find lotsa those and i have no idea how to make them. And, even if you're not vip you should have unlimited stuff i think it's not fair. And i find really cute pictures and when i color one i realize its BLACK AND WHITE NO ACTUAL COLOR!!! And then i get really sad. Please answer all my questions. Good luck on the rest of your games! Bye!.Version: 7.0

Soooooo goodThis game is so fun for an 8 year old whitch is me so fun I recommend this game.Version: 4.8

GLITCHY!!!!!!!I really love this game, it is really relaxing and fun. I love how you can choose a picture you want to do on Community. I was addicted and could not get off for ages. This game only has one problem. IT IS GLITCHY!!!!!!! For the first couple of months, after I got this game, it was really fun, I was convinced that this game deserved nothing less than a five-star-rating, then, after about a week or two, I went back on the game, and it was really glitchy. It wouldn’t let me hold down and colour, so I had to tap each individual square! So Annoying! Anyway, besides that, this game is really good and I would advise it to any one and everyone!.Version: 4.0

Another pricing structure option?Got this for my 6 yr old because she really wanted it and there are free ones. The annual subscription is too steep for my liking, especially because kids can lose interest fast. Could you consider selling the locked ones as a package without the timed subscription fee? Eg, choice of a pack of 10, 20, 30 or 50 unlocked pics for a reasonable price where you get to pick or own pics? Think you might be able to make more money from this pricing structure in addition to timed subscription. Just a thought..Version: 1.8

Colour By NumberAwesome!! It makes time fly, Great for when you are bored 😀.Version: 2.7

Very Nice and Fun GameHi! I want to write this review because I would like to let people be aware of how awesome this game is. I absolutely LOVE this game. I always play it when I’m bored. Now of course there are some pictures that you need to buy but that makes sense. I also love the new update. I think it is very helpful. It used to be where if you colored the wrong color on the wrong number, it would like shade it in which I didn’t really like. But the new update is so much more helpful and I play it a lot more often now. Now, it allows you to choose a color and color the number you want but if you color it on the wrong number, nothing will happen. I’m so obsessed with this game now. I hope one day the makers of this app will read the this and feel good. Please consider getting this app and try to support them because the creators of this game are amazing. Also maybe the creators will respond back to me which would make me feel good that they read it. Again, please consider getting this app..Version: 3.5

HelloHello I like ur game.Version: 8.4.2

Great Game!!Hello! I think from the title you (probably) read, you know I’m telling you how an AMAZIN’ GAME you created! Ok, let’s start! Hi, my name is Aeverie (Avery), and I’m 10. I got a phone last Christmas and fell in love ever since. I have another coloring app that I think is a little too...erm— a little bad..? You have to buy premium to get LOTS and LOTS of the paints, like, you have three pics to draw on, and that’s it! The games called Colorfy. After at least a couple months (all the way to today) I thought pretty hard— I scrolled through the App Store and found this game, I’m addicted to painting (and Roblox :>) so I asked my Dad if he could get it. He said yes!! So I got on the app and started playing as soon as possible. It’s very relaxing! We went on a trail yesterday so I took lots of beautiful pictures. I grabbed a picture and painted it into EXTREMEEEE HARDDD!! So I’m still working on it. My profile on your app is GalacticWolf. Thank you to readi mg and listening to my review! — Aeverie, age 10-Monday, May 31, 2021, 2:48 PM.Version: 3.22.1

I like this a lot but…It’s a wonderful game and all but the reason I had gave it 4 stars was because there’s to many inappropriate ads and the same one keeps coming on it’s annoying and I don’t like it please fix that if you are able to thanks for all your hard work to make a wonderful game like this I love the art work it’s the ads im complaining about a lot of people usually talk about to many ads for most games but they are rally inappropriate for me and other kids thanks for everything again but please stop the inappropriate ads or atleast stop them and they keep popping up in my face when im colouring 😭but thanks anyway 😁😊❤️.Version: 7.7

Good but annoying ish 😡AMAZING APP 🤩 ❤️ but a problem my user is “DrawingWontLoad” but my drawing won’t load this has happened twice. Please fix this bug because the two drawings that I done will not load onto my profile 😔 and I am very sad. Because I want to look back at all my works and I accidentally left the game and I can’t ❤️ my drawing so people can see it on my favourites please fix this bug! Other than that the app is amazing and I will tell all my friends that this app is very stress releasing and that it is very addictive! I rate this a five star's ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ! Bye now 👋.Version: 6.1

Love this but little problemI love this game and it is cool, because you can share your paintings and repaint other paintings and many more but I shared three paintings, and I finally finished my fourth painting, but when I wanna share it says “next painting” and it also says “ back to library” so I go back to library and press my painting that I finished and it says share and etc and I press share, and it takes me back to the same place and maybe it’s because of my Wi-Fi or something or maybe it’s because there’s a button, I have to press but I don’t see it or something and I am new to this game but I had this game before so I know how to play. BUT I DO LOVE THIS GAME This game is so cool like I said, and it is really good. It’s really entertaining and fun but also you need patience because sometimes the the painting that you’re painting might take forever but it is still a good game and I don’t regret download it and I think if you have five stars and people should download this game so fun and cool.Version: 7.1

One thingThis app is AMAZING, you can upload your own images and make them into pixel art. Then you can post them, which I honestly think is the best part about the game. But the only little problem I have won’t he game is that you can’t buy remove ads separately, if you try to toggle remove ads in the settings it will show up for the weekly/ monthly subscription (I forgot which) which is 10 dollars weekly or monthly either way I wouldn’t pay for it because it’s just a waste of money to get no ads maybe for the people that want the subscription you could still ad that to it, and make a separate purchase for only removing ads, because I can’t continue nor exit a picture without getting an ad every single time and it’s getting annoying. This is also why I only do hard pictures that will take a while to complete because I have less time watching ads and more time actually playing the game. So in the end please allow to make a separate purchase that allows you to only remove ads. Other than that the app is amazing and I would recommend!.Version: 3.24

Childhood gameI rated this 5 stars because i’ve been playing this game since i was 7 and i loved it then and love it now it is very addictive and calming. i even used to have races with my cousin to see who could finish the drawing first and it was rlly fun. for those of you saying ‘it can track your data and whatever’ it gives that disclaimer under the reviews and if you don’t like that don’t play it but it isn’t lies because it clearly states ‘may be able to track your data’ if you are willing to take that risk like me go ahead because it will be worth it after hours of entertainment..Version: 4.2

Colour numberIts amazing because you can colour everything in this app .there are lots of fun stuff you can do and you can colour it too .it is so much fun to me if it is fun for me it is fun for you . Guys you will have to try it!.Version: 5.1

DOWNLOAD THIS, NOW!!This is a great game with lots of fun. (If you have an Apple Pencil it’s better.) You can draw stiff or even draw stuff of your screenshots if you want to. A few adds but not a big deal. So I started playing this about 2 days ago and I just fell in love with it. I like how when you paint there is glitter on it, etc. My sister wanted to try it and she fell in love with it as well. Just because of me my family loves the game. We all play this game 24/7. Not a major issue but when you go to choose a screenshot you wanna colour, it does not let you make the picture bigger. I did one with a moon at the top and the moon did not show. But I still really like the game. Thanks for reading. GET THIS APP!!.Version: 7.3.4

OMG LOVE THIS APPI love this app so much! I love how you can color anything u want (especially if u have the vip I like to call it even tho I don’t) but I have bugs/suggestions. 1. This is more of a problem. Whenever I watch ads (a few people may have had this problem) it goes completely black and I have to exit the game itself. Its really frustrating especially this one time, I was almost done with my coloring thing which took like 2-4 hours to complete. Then an add came up and 15 seconds in the ad it went completely black and I had to exit the whole app. Then I had to start ALL over on my painting. PLS FIX THIS. 2. this is a suggestion. Maybe add more gif ones? I love the gif ones and I have completed all the ones that don’t need to vip thing to paint. I would love the app even more if u added more non vip gif ones. I would love to have a wolf gif one (1 or more),cheetahs gifs (2 or more),and a cupcake gif one (1 or more). Anyway,thank u for spending ur time on me! Bye!.Version: 3.22.1

Art is great 👍This game is really good because you can feel relaxed after playing ten minutes of this game. I find that this game is all for free you don’t need to pay at all if you just press X in the top corner of your screen when it comes up with a prescription for the game. My favourite thing about this game is that you can get pictures from your gallery of photos and colour of them in however hard or easy you want it and when you’re done you can share it and other people can colour your picture in and make comments and like it by pressing the heart next to your picture. I hope you enjoy the game👍.Version: 7.1

ART🦊I think we should have a good day tomorrow at church ⛪️ and we can just go get together with josh or something else instead I’m going back home 🏠🏡 I have a headache 🤕 fever so I’m just now leaving at junior so I’ll let you know when I’m ready for the day love love y’all love love miss y’all guys too too much to do it but I’m not going on this trip tomorrow so I’m glad you got to come hang up and I’ll let you know if you need me anything I need you to take care of it and then I can do please let me know if you need me anything I need you to take care of it I need to know if I can do it or if I need you to take it to church I just don’t know what I mean I’m just not trying anything out to do you get it hurt you know when you’re not going on it but I’m so glad I don’t know how you are going on this is the best thing to you know when you’re not trying anything for anything but I’m glad 🙂 you don’t have to worry about it but I’m not going on a day.Version: 4.5

Awesome game!SoThis game is probably the only game I would really genuinely recommend someone it’s perfect for whoever you are it’s relaxing and you can make your own account and share the joy with other creators (check out Arstiesam and follow) you can have your own followers and you can check out other peoples work, the only confusion I’ve ever had was when it said to make a GIF/animation I was a bit confused, because it kind of blended the whole gift/animation into one image, it wasn’t really moving.I appreciate how they did it but I do think it’s a little bit misleading It’s hard to find a good app, but this, I very much think could be one of the best games/apps there is to get. One last thing, though, is it gets a little boring, that’s just my opinion of using this a lot, I’ll think you should add mini games that aren’t just coloring that’s maybe different textures and stuff that unlock more things because it can get a little bland at some point.Version: 7.1

Love it but,I really like this game a lot! You can color a bunch of different photos. You can even make your own! I also love how it can go without Wi-Fi. But, what makes it kind of annoying is that stupid membership. The cutest type of photos are the ones on the membership. Like, you want a puppy, but that’s a membership thing so you have to do a turtle instead. Also, the game is nothing like you see in the ads. Like, you can’t color your pic with a marble feature. Talk about false advertising. Again, the ads in the game are just as annoying. The features when you are coloring a pic, like bucket fill. I don’t even like that feature because the whole point of the game is to color the picture and it should take some time. The bucket fill is just like click click done. One of my favorite features is the community. I LOVE this feature. You can post your own pics, and color other people’s. I mean, it like elementary school art class. You make clip art and you friend makes clip art and you can color it and share it. It’s like that, but digital. I really like this game, but if you just fix those things, this game would be dynamite..Version: 7.1

Community Section!! Rating: 4.3I love the app a lot, but I have somethings that just don’t make it a 5 Star app. 1. In the community section (since I’m not a “member”) I use a lot of those photos since they are not blocked and I love that but it takes a long time to find pictures like u should have categories of the pictures and put the pictures in the categories that matches it the best! U could also add a search bar! 2. Ok so there are new pictures everyday in the community section but like there are pictures from a while back and when I try to scroll all the way down to like color them the scroller like lags/stops like at a random point and then I can’t color the picture I want which leads me to my next point... 3. When I’m coloring a picture and I stop bc I have to go and do something when I come back I go to color that picture again but everything I did before is gone so then I have to start all over please fix that so I don’t always have to start over 4. It’s not about the community section just like a little heads up um the eraser you can only erase 1 square at a time and if I want to erase a lot it makes me frustrated!! 🤬🤬.Version: 2.7

Wow ♥♥This game is Great! It's just fun they way you can import ur own photos is an excellent idea and not many other games have that. I also have a bad habit of worrying about things (Idk why tho) and i go on the game and i forget i just can't stop! Although one thing is • Be able to add descriptions to ur art Thats it ♥ Overall this is a great game (or pixel art game) and i don't usually put 5 ★ but Yall deserve it! i also think it's helped my patience alot as i import and do extremely hard ones and i'm glad there isn't an ad every time a colure a pixel (like other mobile games) or i would never play it lol BUT i do as only when you finish (or go onto one) there MIGHT be an ad but I Love the game (and thanks for reading) ☻.Version: 7.5

I play this for ours although......I live this game it’s very fun to colour and I once played it soooo long I was focused on the game so much I couldn’t hear what my mom was saying🤣 but there’s only one problem which is very annoying I taped on a picture to draw with a crown on top and then it says premium pay for £3.99P I didn’t spend my money on it though but the game is my second favourite 😍 when I was doing my homework with my dad he said I need to do something quickly I’ll come back in a sec I took my phone and played the game and quickly put my phone away when my dad came back only the game told me a great lie when I got it it said in three days we will ask for money and five days passed and that’s more than three but anyways guess what happens it didn’t sack me for money at all if I am making a mistake sorry! Bye merry Christmas and happy new year!.Version: 3.14.1

Amazing!This game is incredible!their are so many different types of pictures to color in and the fact that you can take a picture of what you wanna draw is just like being a vip in a game with out paying! Great work🥰😉.Version: 8.4.2

I love it is so calmingThis app is so awesome I’m in love ❤️❤️❤️I use it every day lol.Version: 6.3

Lags and room for improvementColor by number is a very nice coloring app with a lot of nice pictures, but it could be improved and there are some lags. One lag for example is that sometimes when I’m in the middle of coloring, the screen freezes then goes back to normal after a little, but then it freezes again for a few seconds and then kicks me out of the app! Then I have to open it and go back to my picture, and when I want to post it on my profile, it won’t let me even if the picture was completed! Moving forward to a suggestion I have. I think it would be nice if we could comment other things on peoples post instead of having to choose a specific emoji or sentence. And if someone tries to comment something inappropriate, whatever they said could be censored, like by being blurred out or erased. Overall, I really enjoy this app but I just hate the lags, and I think there is room to improve this app to give people a better experience using it!.Version: 7.5

Color by number (stuff about the game mostly the posting)This game is awesome! You can pixel stuff and I thought it couldn’t get any better until I saw images that you can post. My parents said I couldn’t post but one day, I decided to. And it’s been like 4-5 months I’ve posted stuff they won’t find out anytime soon. I’m getting new followers from posting stuff. The only problem is the ads. People say there are inappropriate ads and yes I know what they are talking about (by the way, this is a 4 star review I made this 5 so you could read it). And also the ads are gonna pop up whenever you click on/exit a pixel art (unless you have your WiFi off). I have been getting new followers very often. My artist name is lolly773. And I post 1 or more images daily. I love the posting thing it made this game even better than when I first played it. I know I wasn’t allowed to post but my parents said any image in this house and I used to do that but I don’t anymore so it’s fine. You should get this if you like doing pixel art, don’t mind ads, maybe wanna post, and also not mind that this game is half wifi free. This game is awesome! I recommend it!.Version: 5.1

Great but import problemI think this game is great I play it for ages in my spare time but the import problem is really annoying when I found out about it I took a photo of my big brother to color as a test it was so fun I did another one of my little brother after that I wanted to do one of a friends Spaniel dogs but I went to take the picture and it said I have to buy it to take anymore so I deleted the photos of my brothers then tried again but it still said I have to pay so now I don't have any imports on my iPad it was really annoying and the price is way to high I asked my parents but they said I am not even allowed to pay with my own money I think u should be able to take as many pictures as u want.Version: 2.7

To Coulor numberI Got this game today and it’s really cool I’m will play it all the time.Version: 1.8

AwesomeI love this app it’s so amazing and I can just put some music and do picture on pixel art and my stresses are gone🙂.Version: 3.27

Good game but a few minor issues and complaintsOkay so my real opinion of the game is 4 stars but I put 5 so you would maybe read this review to change things. First off, the game is really good! I love how you can make your own art or just chill and color someone else’s. Some people have probable experienced this issue but sometimes when you are coloring the game will lag and will not color in the number for 5-15 seconds. Not very big, just kind of annoying. Another issue is that there are some inappropriate ads for kids. I’m sure a lot of kids play this game so this is probably a large issue. (I don’t know if you have control over the ads but if you do, PLEASE fix this!) My last issue isn’t really an issue but more biased so you can skip over this if you want to, though I suggest that you didn’t. I’ve noticed that there are a TON of Christmas drawings but little to no drawings of Hanukkah and other winter holidays. I would like to request that there be more thought of the holidays that other religions celebrate other than only Christmas as there are way more holidays than that. Lastly, I have a suggestion. I don’t think non-members should see the membership only art because then you could use it as a perk (the perk being access to membership only art) to advertise the membership. Thank you for reading this and I hope you’ll consider what I have written and suggested..Version: 7.0

Fun gameKind of satisfying but really fun.Version: 1.4

Amazing!I love how you can take a picture of something and fill it in! And you can also choose how hard you want it to be..Version: 3.6

Love this game so muchLove this game so much I don’t stop doing it it amazing and scroll down if you don’t like it sometimes it does work which is annoying and the amount of iphones iv been through is so bad bc the game doesn’t work iv been through 15 phones for this game now got iPad instead lol thank you so my love I can’t believe they are getting ride of this game I’m not going to be happy so please please people rate this otherwise it goijg to go many thanks x so sad it going recommend sandbox or happy color they are amazing game to just sit back and do nothing and chill many thank molly mae Smith.Version: 7.1

LOVE IT <3 but....Ok so I absolutely LOVE this game definitely recommend downloading, but there are two things that bug me. First of all, every time I click on a picture, import one, or close out of one, there’s an ad, and I can’t get a subscription because I can’t spend money on games. Two, I have pictures in my gallery that I don’t want there. But the thing is, it works when I delete one, but after I delete another one, the one I previously deleted comes back. I keep trying to delete them but they won’t stay deleted if I try to delete another one. Is this just me, or does this happen normally? You know what else is weird? The only ones that do this are the ones I haven’t colored. When I delete a picture I already did, it stays deleted. But when I delete one that I didn’t do, it comes back. Please let me know if you have any idea what’s happening. Your game is awesome, but this problem with deleting the pictures is really annoying. Creators, if your reading this, thank you and please let me know if this is normal or just me. Thanks :).Version: 3.14.2

!!This app is amazinv but why when I watch an add for 30 coins I don’t get my coins?.Version: 8.0

Amazing stress relieving game!!•̀.̫•́✧🍀😁😁This game us so fun!! Not much ads, easy, and stress relieving!! Every single time you finish a project you just feel so good!! Is amazing!! I would recommend to my enemies of I could!! Download it immediately!! •̀.̫•́✧👌😁😍❤️💕🍀😍😍.Version: 1.8

Love this gameHi, I want to say that I personally love this game it is relaxing and amazing and unlike some other similar apps you can still use it easily without ads. I do however have one suggestion for improvement, if you could make a way where you could design your own images. By this I mean that you can build your own colourings instead of just using photos. I’m not sure if this is an option in premium but as I said I only have the free version. But I do love the game👍👍👍.Version: 3.8.1

ColourLove vvdbzvdv. Hehdvvcd sehwuw is your dad doing right after school today right in front of your class today right after you get your phone call please please help call please please call and text back to let you know I.Version: 6.4.1

I adore this gameThis game is great. Its relaxing and I honestly play it way too much but there’s a few things. People in reviews keep complaining about the ads but honestly I dont mind them too much. I understand games need to make money. But i do not think its fair to price the premium option as high as it is. You’d think they would lower it considering they probably don't get many people willing to pay $10 A WEEK just for this game. Isn’t it obvious if they lowered it, more people would be willing to put money into this game? Anyways, the biggest thing I dont like about this game is that you have a limit as to how many images you can share on your community profile. I love that you can share your uploaded images and allow others to enjoy painting them aswell, but why am I limited to only being able to share 50 of my images? Besides all that, I still love this game and will continue to play it, but I would LOVE for these suggestions to be taken into account!.Version: 6.3

Good but…This game is for amazing stress relief but whenever I finish a colour I look around the page then I look at the bottom and it says that I finished the colour so I would like it to move you straight on to the next colour as soon as your done with the other colour. Apart from that the game is THE BEST EVER also I gave it 5 stars so you could see it also there could be a feature where you could either make it wrong or you could go straight over the pixels with out the colours changing if any developer sees this please respond Also I would like there to be no premium.Version: 7.1

Very goodI’ve always wanted an app with both 2D and 3D pictures because all the apps I’ve tried either have one or the other. But now this app has both so I will finally stop my search between colouring games. Also this game is good because there is a large variety of pictures and even without paying for the membership you are never short on pictures, with new ones coming every day. The reason I only rated this 4 star not 5 is that, unless there is a button I have never seen before, you can’t take a photo and colour your picture. Is this something only members can do? Overall a very good app.Version: 2.4

Don’t like the new updateThe introduction of the slider has made me frustrated with the game. It is very sensitive and ends up colouring over the other colours - for which I can’t erase because they removed that feature. I would definitely prefer to have a setting where you can switch off the slider, so that it provides options for those who want to use it and those who don’t. Other than that I am happy they are introducing more complex free ones which I thoroughly enjoy..Version: 1.9

HelloI love your game and all but there is soooo many ads can you please make sure that there is not so many ads Thank you for your time.Version: 4.5.1

5 starsI put 5 stars because it ceaps me entertained.Version: 6.4.1

Good game!Love this game - especially whoever is creating the cat pictures, they are gold! My favourite was the cat freaking out at the cucumber, with the cat pushing glasses off of a bench animation a close second! Please keep them coming! Unfortunately I’d love the full game but can not afford that much each week :( so sticking with the free version until I win Tattslotto! I am also having an issue with the game version - everything is up to date with my phone software and the game version, however it’s entirely different to my husbands version. I have to watch an ad to get 2 colour buckets, and there are no hidden surprises that pop up and no colour bombs. Why is mine so different when it’s exactly the same version!? I have deleted and reinstalled numerous times but nothing changes. :( Other than that, I still love it, and it’s good for unwinding at the end of the day! Thanks!.Version: 3.6

Free for my friend 🤯🤯When I go to my family friends house this game is free and she downloads it on my iPad and I don’t know and I go on it and show her mum and I say that it’s money on my iPad but she says that it’s free for her daughter so I say can u delete it and she says ok and I really want this game but we can’t afford it so if the person who made can u please put the price of the game down it would really make everyone happy but it was just so sad that I didn’t get the game so please please please put the price down 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🏻👩🏻‍🦱from Lola the girl who can’t get this really really fun amazing game it would make my life more fun 😛.Version: 3.23.1

The bestThis game is.... so good I can’t explain properly. It’s so relaxing, and I’m absolutely hooked on it! Even my 5 yr old sis is hooked on it! I thank the creators for putting the button we’re you can choose if the colour hits a number it’s not meant to, colour comes up, or none. Now my little sis won’t be creating a messy thing! These ppl r geniuses. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 oh yeah, and one more thing! I think, it would be cool if you could add a few more emojis and comments, but other than that... mwah! Absolutely perfect! 👌🏽🔥 this game is fire! 🔥🔥🔥.Version: 6.4.1

Great game!Edit: Looks like the developers have seen my review and made an adjustment to the colour bombs. Thank you so much! I love this game. I get stressed a lot and spending some time colouring some pictures one pixel at a time helps me calm down. I also like the little animations after I finish a picture, and I will sometimes spend ages trying to make the picture fill out in an interesting way..Version: 8.3

Great! But one problem.This app is great. I got the app and made my account and started scrolling for things to color. Many options. On the bottom it shows a camera and you can choose a photo or take a photo and then you can color it. You can also choose how pixelated you want it to be! You can also post your artwork. This app is very safe and great for kids. You can scroll on community and comment but not whatever you want it gives you emojis and little sentences to chooses from. Great! Here was my one bad experience. So I kept a day strike for about a month and was posting every day. I had around 100 followers and 300 likes. For some reason it logged me out of my account. Now I think the cause for this was not being on internet. The day before I was playing and I wasn’t on internet. So I don’t know how or why but I think that was the reason. So if you don’t have cellular data or use an iPad don’t play without internet. Other than that I recommend this app its great for entertainment..Version: 8.0

Update optionA+ app except for one thing that I think should be in the next update: you should be able to search artists names instead of just the puzzles.Version: 4.5

Good but problems.Love this app, I’m striving to get every star (even tho they can’t be used for anything) however…despite my 7 day streak, the achievement for getting 4 streaks says ‘3/4 streaks’ because the first time I lost the steak but I’ve regained it. I don’t know why it won’t update when other achievements will (like when I tried to do the unstoppable achievement for painting 30 in one day and got to 29 but I couldn’t complete it, then I did it again and completed it!) I really hope this gets fixed, even if I hit 8 streaks and that’s counted as 4/4 rather than 8/4 then that’s fine but if not then it’s just really annoying.Version: 7.1

Room for improvementIts a great app that you can spend hours on just colouring in a photo of you dog, family member or scenic photo from your library, alas I cannot give it 5 stars for the paywall that hides certain features under the £3.99 p/m subscription and I know £4 isn’t going to break the bank and companies need to make money somehow but as you download the app you are left with an empty screen in your library, no starter photos or lil things you can do. Room for improvement: add (more) pictures on start up some little pixel characters or a skyline or even just a colourful vector something is better than nothing..Version: 2.4.2

Dear colour by numberI am a huge fan please send me a letter back😸.Version: 2.0

Love this game❤️Hello I would like to talk about your game so I’ll get started. To be honest I don’t know were to begin 😅 so I’ll start with the colours first, the colours are really pretty and I love colour by numbers so I enjoy this game a lot 😽 and the pictures look really nice 😊 I love the Pokémon pictures a lot and I hope that you can make more games. Now I want to talk about the community so I think it’s a good idea for people to share their pictures and get to colour other people’s pictures it’s also good idea for people to make their own pictures by using the camera so that they get to share it. Last of all the events are good and I like how there’s a number of different events for real life events like Easter and Christmas anyways, it’s time for me to go now so I hope that you read my review and I’ll see you later 😘 bye 👋..Version: 7.7

Great expect addsThis game is great and has a lot of fandoms. It lets you listen to music whilst using this app. The numbers disappear when you complete them, and on the number circle(that has the numbers colour) it shows how much of the colour you’ve completed. Along with the colour completion, below the numbers shows how much of the artwork you’ve completed. Now onto my complaints, you get adds for everything! Going in and out of artworks,going into to different tabs and you can’t even stop them without getting premium. Some people like me, can’t get premium, so adds can very annoying. Adds also cancel music for me. These problems might just be for me since I run on apple but, people who run on Samsung might have the same problems..Version: 3.22.1

Has its flaws~So yeah this app is quite addictive and fun but there are a couple flaws. Yes it is a free app so you’ll expect to see an ad here and there but in this game there is more advert than app. That’s only one of many problems. Next, you can only post images that you import yourself, which is really frustrating. I know it would be annoying if someone else was able to get more credit than you for an image you imported not them, but it’s not that serious. People have bigger problems than getting enough credit on a colouring app. And finally, comments. You can only comment specifically given sentences and phrases. These are all really limited and don’t fit many occasions. I know this isn’t an app aimed to be a social media type genre, but if you’re gonna add the option to comment at least let us comment properly. ~Thanks for reading, I hope some of these can be fixed sooner or later~.Version: 7.3.4

This game is a very good gameI think this is a good game for artist around the word. Lots of people should play this game. This game inspired me to draw with my heart and make pictures a lot more. This game is very good. I have a couple games on my phone. I play them but I use to play this so much but one day I deleted it but a add came on and then it inspired me to play it again. I give it 4 stars since people say in the thing some bad stuff. I hope it’s not true but I hope some things can get fixed or are fixed. I’m excited to play it again! I love art I love drawing I also like dancing, more then I like art. It’s really fun to dance since you’ve done it for so long. I’ve been dancing since I was 6 at the moment I’m 9 but I’m turning 10. I love HORROR games and HORROR stories, it makes me feel happy. I’m scared of one thing called clowns they freak me out! I had a dream one day geese it was TERRIBLE! The clowns aren’t dum or silly they are KILLERS!!!! But anyway back to the game. So the game it has lots of things to do. No one is probably reading this but yeah. All I’m trying to say is THIS IS A GREAT GAME!.Version: 3.25

Good! But….This app is truly amazing! I’ve never seen a coloring app that has GIF’s, social media section (where you can share your art, and cool features! Although all that sounds good, ads are the reason why this isn’t a 5 star app, once I finish or start a painting there’s ads. Also there’s a feature called “bucket” so you don’t have to paint the sections one by one and you can paint it all at once. Each time you do that, 1 coin is spent. Once all your coins are gone then you have to watch an ad. (You start with 30 coins, but trust me it goes by fast) and each time you watch the ad you get 30 coins. Even if you don’t use the bucket option as much, there’s still ads for no reason. Even if it asks “would you like a extra amount of ————“ and you click no, it will still give you an ad! I’m not sure if this game is trying to earn more money by sponsoring the same brands such as: “TikTok, wordscape,” and other big companies. (I’m aware that ads don’t always pay money, but most do.” And I’m sure that’s why there’s a bunch of ads or options that will force you to watch it. I’m sure I’ve watched more ad then playing the game…anyways pretty good app overall the ads just are annoying..Version: 8.2

GameThis game is fun and but you have to pay for it and all you do is colour a few squares in a matter of time..Version: 2.8.4

EnjoyableLove Love Love It💖💜💙💓💙💜💓💜💙.Version: 8.1.1

Awesome gameThis game is so fun I have it on both my devices and on my iPad I have made so much pictures of Stranger things and Wednesday it is the game that relaxes me on my free time it is Awsome.Version: 8.4.2

Um..I have no words to be honest. I love this game a lot, like a lot! But how come some of the photos are these vip/membership things? I play this game a lot and when I finish colouring all of the colourings. I have nothing else to colour in. I always have to either delete the game and get it back or just download a different game. This VIP/Membership thingy. It’s got me annoyed really. I just want all colourings to be free. If they were I would be able to enjoy my time, I spend about half and hour a day to do about like 4-5 colourings. Whenever I finish them I feel like there isn’t enough. If the developer of this game sees this please fix this it would mean a lot! Other than that, I have nothing to complain about it’s a very good game! I play this everywhere and anywhere. It’s addicting for me! Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.7

Amazing okThis game totally screams me. If you love this game you know what I’m talking about. I love colouring after reading and playing on my laptop but this game is still amazing ok.Version: 2.8.2

Love This App!Updating my review to 5 stars because they actually listened and changed the app back to the way it was before! I love it much more now and will continue to play. Thanks for listening! I’m giving this app 4 stars right now because while I love this app, and enjoy it vastly more than any other color by number app, I don’t like the recent update at all. I enjoyed that this app wasn’t “clickbaity” and was very streamlined. There was an eraser so that you could erase old pictures and do them again for fun, lots of categories to pick from, and it was easy on the eyes. Now, while we got the eraser back from the last update, it now only works for when you are initially painting a picture, you cannot erase after it is finished. Which is a bummer. Also, the app just feels very flashy and now has that clickbait vibe that every seems so keen on. I miss the old layout, colors that weren’t so harsh, and not needing your painting motion animated. I think there is a happy medium between the last update and this one. Hope they can find it soon..Version: 2.4

YAY but nay...This game is amazing! I love that there is so much variety and there are achievements that you can...well...achieve. Over all it’s an incredible game but I wish there was some music. There is something that annoys me though, I don’t know if this happens to other players but half way through the second picture the game chucks me out and sometimes it doesn’t save what I did. But that’s only one problem out of millions of things that could go wrong so I’m still sticking with my five star review. Also you don’t have to buy anything which is always cool ;).Version: 3.6

AmazingThis game is one of the best games I’ve ever played!! A lot of people say you need to pay…you don’t!! You can pay for no adds or other cool things and basically that makes you a VIP. A lot of people complain about the amount of adds…yes there are adds but another amount of people complain about spending money!!! Producers only make so many adds because that’s the only way they can make it free. If it’s bothering you just turn the wifi off. This game is amazing!!! Get it now!!!!!!.Version: 8.2

Easy choicesI like the game but it needs easy choices.I rate it a 4.Version: 2.8.4

Nice app but…I quite like this app as you can actually colour your own pictures! And it has the opportunity to share them on the community page as well! And all that is free! I really love being able to colour my pets online, it’s quite cool. However, when I try to use the bomb feature and I have run out of them soo I need to watch an ad, it always says no ad available, even when I’m online and at home. I’m sure this is a fixable bug so I’m looking forward to seeing what “The Bomb” does! Also, after this, it only lets me tap the pixels instead of holding and dragging them. Other than this, really cool game!.Version: 7.7

Not for kidsSo it says it’s 4 and over right? Well why is it that I was scrolling through the Pokémon section and then I saw something that is NOT for 4 year olds to see. Other than that, it’s a good game, but PLS, either remove romance, or say it’s 9 or 12 plus.Version: 7.1

Great app but needs improvementsI see you guys need to make money to pay off your worker every week but the subscription has too much to earn like for example the dark mode needs the subscription after the first day on Colour by number and honestly I didn’t really care because the night mode in general was just useless but one problem I hate is that the subscription also gives you unlimited buckets to fill a colour wherever but it isn’t available in 3D which is really annoying cuz I can’t usually find a missing colour in AR mode so the app just has flaws and fixing them is pretty straight forward..Version: 3.0.9

I love drawing gamesDrawing games are awesome they are sooo cool my favourite are these ones thank you sooo much for making this game. I love it!!!😍🤩🤩🤩🤩😂😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗it is awesome.Version: 2.4

So many ADS🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄It’s a great game yes however, every little thing I do there is an ad and I know ads help you find other games you like but that isn’t the point. Literally I’ll colour in one little block and then, guess what, Advert. Like why peeps why. Now I’ve managed (somehow) to do a lot on the game like colour in a lot of pictures and stuff, it’s just I’ll try to do something and then I can’t actually do what I was going to do because there was an advert and then once the advert is finished, I’ve forgotten what I was doing. Plz sort this out I’m just fed up of it😒. And I’m sorry if I’m hurting the life of adverts, but there going to devour the world already..Version: 7.8

Pretty fun but…Hi, So I LOVE your game and all and I do not have a membership or VIP and its still fun the only thing I dont like is that WHY AND HOW DO YOU EARN COINS?!?!??, Oh and if you play the game please follow wolfycute,MishMashSlime and boba cute artist!!! Thank you bye! Great Thanks, Mish Mash Slime Shop🍟🍱🥓🍧🍨.Version: 8.1.1

ColournumbersisfunColour number allows me to relax after stressful happenings at school or anywhere else. It helps with your concentration and use of strategy. At the end you make lots of pictures which are cool. You could level up and earn more pictures to colour in. My brother and I have both got this game and we enjoy it very much. It's not a difficult game it's just colouring in but not Ina book. Instead it's an app which you don't need internet connection for you could play it anywhere. Hope you enjoy and recommend this to your friends and family.Version: 1.4

Supper great appThis app is supper fun and can get rid of stress. It will just show you lots of adds unexpectedly. You would have to sign in to colour some of the pictures but there are still loads of fun and cute pictures. But the annoying thing about it is that sometimes it won’t even shout you the numbers! It is so annoying when that happens! Because all you can do is restart it al over again and that is not fun which makes the review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Other than that it is pretty good! 😀 you can like and follow people on it and it allows you to make a comment to the picture although you can’t write it your own, you can only select from the statements and emojis. You have your own account and everything! You can post your own pictures but before you have to paint it yourself. Tips: take screenshots of pictures on Google or open notes and write something and then take a screenshots and use it as a picture and then posts it! I highly recommend this! I love it I spend a bout 2 hours a day playing and painting! 😄.Version: 7.3.4

Colour By Number ReviewSo here’s the story on how I absolutely fell in love with this game. So fun fact, I love colour by numbers. So I went on the App Store and searched up colour by number. I then saw this game which was pixel and I thought.. ooh, this would be a cool one! So I downloaded it (which took a while cuz of my stupid storage) and I tried it out. I first started by using the library and colouring some cute pictures from there, I also decided to make my account preppy so that’s what I did. I followed some other preppy people and went on Google to add some preppy girls to my photos. And then I finally tried it out! This game is so relaxing, I’m 9 years old and this game is helping with me my stress. I recommend doing import pictures rather than the library (unless the realistic pictures in it) so this game is 5 stars and thank you for reading my review. P.S: AMAZING game!!!.Version: 8.0

How good it is !!This app is really good. Bit you have to pay sometimes,no ads, I try to import custom images and its tells me I've used it to many times.Version: 2.7

The new update...Unlike other people, I actually love the paint bucket it helps when there’s a big space to color and it takes so long to color by hand. Although I love the app, there could be some changes. For example, I use the paint bucket a good amount of times and now when I want to watch an add to get five more it doesn’t let me watch the ad. I don’t know hi that is maybe there’s a bug, but at some point could you maybe take a look at it? Also, I get how people were complaining about how the home screen looked to cartoony and I agreed with that, but I loved the fact that when you colored a block it popped out a bit. Some people might not feel the same way, but it just made it more smoother in my opinion. The font of the number is ok it’s not the best; I like the font better when it was skinnier and not as bold. I know I’m giving a lot of suggestions and I’m not trying to MAKE you give extra work and time just for this game, but I do want you guys to try and fix some of them or update the game. I LOVE THIS APP and I will continue to play it. These are just a few suggestion that will make the app better for me personally. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜.Version: 2.3

Colour funWow! It is absolutely amazing I don’t want to because I just so love colouring and when I downloaded that wow I could not get off that game like seriously it’s amazing so if I were you I would say you would download it like now. Now you must have other colouring games but if not if you do can you download this game it’s going to be your favourite game for sure I hope you listen to me. Do you think is most people say to me that they are very good at colouring when is that coming there gonna like colouring and colouring super good I hope you imagine say that I should download it so we help if you can help imagine.Version: 3.14.1

Game storyLove this game I only just got it and now I am in love I love art so this game fits me really well.Version: 1.8

One of the best games I have ever tried!!!There are no ads, and this is super relaxing!!! I love this game!.Version: 3.8.3

Amazing 🤩, but something....Don’t get my wrong, I love this game so much! Just the sound effects are annoying, when you try to relax and do a little drawing, it makes sound when ever you use your finger. You have to go to settings and turn your sound off so the finger thing won’t make sound. But no games are exactly perfect, not even highly addictive games. I recommend this app to you so much, so relaxing, (if you turn your sound off) and so addictive, I give this app all five stars, it’s better then anything. If you do not have Color by Number, download it now on your Mobile device, it is the best!!! If you are thinking about getting the app, get it! It is the best like I said! Yes, there are adds, but only when you open or close a drawing, and it isn’t at all annoying. I love that there are millions of drawings to open, and all different, like one section is all people, one is all cute pets, one is it!! Don’t think about it, I promise you’ll love it, you guys. Some is for older people, some is for younger! You can choose almost anything, and you can also search what your looking for at the top of the app when you open it, it is the best, (like I keep saying) buy it..Version: 3.14.1

I love this game!Very addictive and relaxing. The pictures are cool and cute and it varies from easy to hard. I also love the fact that you don’t need to pay to enjoy the app. The pay for content looks good but the free stuff is great too! I just have one suggestion. At the end when it shows the little animation of it being coloured in is one of the best parts. But you can’t see when white is being coloured in and it makes it a bit less satisfying. I would love it if this could be changed :D.Version: 1.7.1

LOVE ❤️ but...I have a list of things that I like and that I want to tell you about so color by number is an amazing app and I love it like you get to color and it’s really fine you cannot so important where you take a picture and you can then you can color it so and then your import an image you can see and community which is basically a place like where you can share images you can comment but it’s like selective stuff so they can’t say any appropriate stuff which I think is really good because my parents would’ve worried a lot and wouldn’t let me get this amazing app if it had stuff like that so I really like how they added that and it’s just really fun because you can like follow people and you can paint other peoples and images it’s just really fun to do that kind of stuff on community but I do have one problem there and not purchases you have to purchase to get some of the pictures that they have the ones that have little crowns on them and those ones are like really cool and I’m really sad about that..Version: 4.8

Love it! There’s just one thing….I love the game itself! But there is just one thing that keeps happening to me, the first time I tried to set my profile picture it said “Please, review your access to gallery permission on device Settings” so, I went to my settings to change the photo access and made color by number see my selected photos, clicked on the photos I wanted, went back to the app… and BOOM! It happened again, I went back to settings changed it to ALL photos, got to color by number again then… I expected something better to happen but no, just the same old “Please, review” blah blah, that really got on my nerves and I even tried to search it up! But there was still nothing that happened with what the internet told me to do, so I was thinking about refreshing the app when I clicked on all photos in settings and the color by number tab was open, so I swiped the tab up in hopes of it working… and no. Still not a thing, nothing changed D: ! Trust me though, the game itself is really good, I’m not trying to say that it’s bad but there is so many bugs! PLEASEEEE fix these bugs! Their like actually bugging me and other people soo much! So please, do us a favor and fix these glitches in the game. If you read this far, thank you..Version: 7.8

It has its pros and consThis game is amazing but there r some cons like there are a lot of adds and even though it’s a free game you have to pay for a lot of cool pictures because they r locked 🔒 and then there’s the colour bombs they blow up when your having fun colouring and finishes half of your pictures for you and it’s just annoying like I was just playing colour by number and I was guessing what it was going to look like but then I got a colour bomb and it just spoilt it for me and I get one at the least every picture.Version: 2.10.1

Good game but laggy for meI love this game but what has been bugging me is that I can’t access the game while on wifi anymore the game just turns off and idk how to fix it but anyways great game!!.Version: 8.2

#love this lolI think this game shouldn’t just be for adults I think it should be for all ages my little sister loves to play this game and she’s only 5😂😂😂.Version: 3.22.1

THE CROWN!!! 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑Before you download this, you need to know about the problems I have with the crown. Before we turn to negativity, let me just say this game is awesome! But there are some problems They charge to much Monthly and Yearly passes, the money is ridiculous! £80!!! And also, if you don’t pay the money, you get stuck with the (sometimes) boring colouring pictures. And you will basically turn off your device when you really want that crowned one Take these and the other ideas into consideration; decide whether you want this game or not. Choose wisely, you will really regret that you didn’t download this!.Version: 2.8.4

AMAZINGLY AWESOME GAMEHold on what’s this update! 3D pictures that is awesome so can I change my mind on that other review I updated this app one last time and was about to delete when my update was completed so I said, well let me see what the what that update did to the app so I checked and it had added 3D coloring pages and the new that no also you can filter your picture it is so cool so if any of y’all don’t like this game then update it when you update it the game gets really cool as you can tell what I have writ in my review. I hope I can do another good review for you guys again and p.s this is going in the news paper 📝 because I am a critical so....... this is a game that is a hit and as soon as this goes in the news paper this *game* will be being played around the globe 🌍 so keep on making games like this and you will be famous! Keep up the hard work! This is your critical signing out! Bye friends, hope to do this again soon with another one of your Games! Well yeah bye 👋.Version: 2.4.2

Very nice game :)Low ads, addictive and very fun.Version: 6.0.5

SamuelHi Robert was your afternoon evening with me today I hope is your day our day day was a teenage boy that I took a picture of it I took a photo of it yesterday I bought a bag of clothes and then bought a new house so tut took it off and the other day was the best.Version: 3.5.1

HelloFirst of all I really love the game but it has got some adds which I suppose didn’t really surprise me ( I mean lots of free games have adds) Then I tried to do the thing we’re you can take a picture of something then pixelize it sure enough it worked soon as I finished I tried to take another Photo but it didn’t work this may have been a problem in my device and I’m writing this review for no reason or you should not buy this game thanks for reading😋.Version: 3.2.1

Colour by numberHi I think you’re game is amazing and I also love your things in it..Version: 1.4

Brilliant game!I really enjoy playing this game as the sounds help me when I’m feeling stressed. It’s also very satisfying to see the end product being coloured in speed. Something I would like is that when you run out of fills or hints, you have the option to play a mini game. An example could be say, you would be shown a colour and you had to say which colour category it falls under, or have to name the shown colour. This would be much more enjoyable with this feature then watching adds! Of course, if you so wish to keep the adds, I am fine with it, but I would be really thrilled if you still added this feature. Still, amen amazing game without a doubt. (Please reply to this with your opinion).Version: 4.9.1

HOW IS THE GAME TAKING $15 FROM U?!Honestly this game is good but people are saying that the game is taking $15 away from u when I first got the game $15 was never taken away from my parents accounts so maybe the taking away $15 thing could be a bug or something cos nothing happens my parents money was never taken away also here’s a quick tip turn off ur Wifi and there will be no ads. I’m a kid writing this review on this app so this game is satisfying and all but I get a bit laggy when my wifi is on so maybe the money getting taken from u is probably a bug or a glitch or something like that. I have the iPad Air and it viberates all the time on a game called roblox I crash lag AND a 1% chance for my game to freeze.Version: 3.6

Color by NumberIt is so fun and they tell you what to do like when they told me about the bucket.Version: 8.3

GREAT GAMEI love this game but many over games are copying this game like one that is called: colour by number -(something) but that is a scam. Please listen and download this beautiful, calm game. Don’t download any others they are dirty scams I love this game so much. It’s just so calming and fun at the same time. You can 3D ones and small gifs. Please download it. It would mean a lot to me. I hope the creators of this game read this and know I love this game so much. Please create another game I will download strait away. Well maybe not straight away but please read this and make a new game. Once again I love this game..Version: 3.8.3

Super fun, people saying it’s SusPeople are saying that people are watching you?.Version: 8.0

Awesome. Aesthetic ❤️I really enjoy colouring games especially this one. The enjoyable thing about this is you can colour many images. Although the images the game provide are okay, you can import your own images from your photos library which is what I do normally. You can also upload it publicly and basically make a whole channel page of many images you can build. You can also build up a daily streak of how many days you colour on the app. I never get bored of this game and keeps me busy if I need time to go by quicker. I don’t have much to say than it’s an amazing app and definitely recommend to those who enjoys these types of apps. (Btw it’s also my birthday 6th April 🥳).Version: 4.8

GreatI love this game but you have to pay premium to unlock things.Version: 2.5.1

Good game! Few suggestions and problems.I only write reviews when I am exceedingly bored. Clearly one of those instances. This is an amazing app!! It very fun and I love that it has differences from color by number apps. Also the fact that you can look up certain fandoms is really cool! This game does crash sometimes. It’s not like it happened often, it’s just frustrating when it does happen. I’ve been using this app for some time now, the new updates can be confusing. They mostly just take a second to get used to. I don’t like the fact that you have to use coins for certain things which is bothersome. There are a lot of adds which is annoying, but it doesn’t give you adds when you’re actually painting an image which is nice. Because of some of these issues I have with it I took off a star. If it wasn’t for that it would most certainly be a five star. This is an amazing app and it’s fun. This is a pretty good app:) that’s all i’m gonna write for this review..Version: 7.4.2

Love but adsAds but love it.Version: 4.1

I don’t really knowI like it it’s just a bit annoying how if you want to draw there is always ads and u have to pay for some of them another thing is that the noise drives me insane and there is so much pixels to colour it kinda confuses me on the numbers aswell and it glitches a lot I do injoy it though but I think there should be updates and stuff like and and this is to help them Improve so I hope you read this and think on what you are going to do you did a great job though well done!.Version: 7.8

A few thingsI used to love this game, all the free pictures. (Yes I know that now there is the new update) but I used to look through all my completed ones and my favourites were not there and they were deleted. The game is amazing but here are a fe things: 1) Advertisement. The advertising on this game is enough to drive me round the bend! Every time I tap a photo a 30 second ad comes up and I got nothing from it! I am just MAD AT THIS! 2) The Premium pass costs SOO much for week when it is only a quid or two off the price for a month! And half the photos are premium and really expensive! I go my own Gacha life ones that I want to submit but it takes ages to though. 3) Photos-on old update On the old update, there was a place where you could take one photo unless you had premium. But that’s not the problem with it, the problem was that it wa s only in black and white or makes everything darker so you can’t take a good photograph Apart from these it’s an amazing game and i really encourage you to play this if your stressed or sad at home or upset about a a text or exam.Version: 3.10

I love Color Number but…I don’t think Color Number needs a VIP sign that pops up while you are playing the game. Otherwise I think the game it’s perfect it has a great selection of choices to color. Although Color Number has many choices to color. I don’t think that the pictures for the VIP option You can’t click on without signing up and pay like $100 per month it is just insane I really like the app but it needs some better pictures and maybe not a VIP option where you have to pay for everything you want to do because makes it is it you can’t click on without signing up and pay like $100 per month it is just insane I really like the app but it needs some better pictures and maybe not a VIP option where you have to pay for everything you want to do because how much time makes it harder to play. If you are still reading this great but if color number is reading this I’d say just upgrade the game a little bit more so more people can play it because if they’re so what are your VIP options you’re probably not gonna get as much money because people don’t want to play thank you and goodbye.Version: 7.0

Just one negative...☝🏼😳I love this game but there is just one negative which is...MEMBERSHIP!!you can’t do much because of membership so I would like to have no membership. I hope my opinion is seen and read.😜🐵🦊🐶🐯.Version: 2.8.1

Awesome game! I have and idea thoI really love this game. My only complaint is that my account got deleted on the second day of having it. I’m not too upset though because I had only shared like 4 or 5 images. (I also assumed it was my phones fault because its kinda old and has tons of random problems.) Anyways, I had an idea that could be added along with the paint buckets and hints. What if they added a rainbow pen where you could color in like 30 random pixels and they will go to their correct color. So if there was a cluster of different color pixels dotted around and you didn’t feel like coloring them in you separately, you could use the rainbow pen and it will color in their correct colors. I understand if this may seem REALLY overpowered, but that is why there would be a pixel limit. You would also obviously need an add to use it like the paint bucket and hint, but that is simple. Before I finish I just wanted to say that I like how many ads are on this game. I have seen games where you can’t do a single thing without watching like 3 ads and it gets really annoying quick. But this game is different. That is all I have to say but I think the rainbow pen thing would be cool..Version: 6.0.1

Fun but.......I have enjoyed using this app, the pictures are fun to colour and it is relaxing. However once you’ve done all the free pictures they are recycled over a few days so when you think you are getting some new pictures they turn out to be the pictures you’ve already done so they’re already coloured in! The price of buying the other images is far too high! There just aren’t enough pictures available, unfortunately I think I’ll have to delete this app but it was fun while it lasted. I am still using this app and I am enjoying relaxing with it. There are just two things I’m not happy with - the excessive use of the colour green, most of the pictures have so much green in them! My latest dislike is that you’ve taken away the eraser and replaced it with a paint can that you can use only five times? Please put the eraser back?.Version: 1.8

Reasons why I like itIt has many different drawings to choose from and there is also 3D paintings to enjoy! My last favourite this is that there are crowns that mean you have to pay! Down load it now it is very fun and unique.Version: 8.0

Colour by numberThis app is really cool I can teach you how to colour but there’s one one there are there is number is on square that means if you press one if it’s sick then you have to press on it and then when you are finish come in the monster and you keep on doing it until did you finish you’re a make and when you finished you all and they will make it a life and you are just laugh and be happy and then there will be a button says next print it and you press it and then you paint it but if you wanna do that painting just press this button and stand it there might be 3-D specials a lot of painting and that’s all for today bye.Version: 3.28

Art is my piece and prosperityHello, I’m Ruby, I’ve been playing this game for a VERY long time now, why not send a review? 🙂 I’m literally only 6 years old so that’s why I’m using voice recorder to type everything in, I have four sisters, one brother, I have a younger sister named Sadie who is 5, a year younger than me, I have and older sister named Isabella, who is about 8 years old, my oldest sibling who is named Phoebe is 10. I have another two younger siblings named Luca and Emma they are twin boy and girl who are both 3 years old, back to the game. Ok, I LOVEEEEE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️best relaxing chill game ever, helps you think, so nice and smoothing, lovely to colour, wonderfull for when you have a bad day!!! THANK YOU!!!! BEST GAME E.V.E.R!!!!!!,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪from Ruby⭐️.Version: 4.9

It’s super funCan’t stop playing😁.Version: 2.10.2

This is such a great app just one thing though…First of all this app is such a GOOD ONE. I love how you can post your own things and express yourself through art. I absolutely adore how everyone can do these amazing paintings and I love all the community’s art! Just one problem, like most apps they have adds but this is just too much. My brother said that he use to have this app and told me that there was so many adds, he was right. I’m not saying this is a bad game because of this add problem (this game is one of the best pixel games I’ve ever seen). I’m just saying that maybe not so many adds in your face? Thank you for reading this, I hope everyone can enjoy this app just as much as I do!.Version: 4.5.1

Review of colour by number👍👍👍Hello I have just down loaded this game and I think it’s wonderful I really enjoy it and it’s really fun. I guess I downloaded it because all of my friends had it and whenever I would go to ones house I would always want to play this game. I think that this game after a while can become a little bit boring that is why I have given you a overall rating of 4/5 I hope you can make some changes so it’s a little bit less boring. Thank you 👍👍👍.Version: 2.8.4

My reviewA good app for colouring but with an apple pen it is better.Version: 8.0

Amazing, except…Ok, so this game practically has me playing it everyday! It’s so much fun to do! Taking the pictures is awesome because you get to color people and objects! But there is a community where you can share your art! You can comment, but only limited commenting. Which I think is good, so you don’t see mean comments or inappropriate language. But on the community you should not post any pictures of your self or other people and pets. Like I posted my two pets, but I’m feeling a little uncomfortable about people coloring there picture. This was also a very bad Idea, but I have a picture of my friends that I colored and then posted! Luckily I took it down before anybody colored it. But somebody names UNKNOWN had liked the image! That is super CREEPY! So ya don’t post pictures of yourself and others! Other wise this game is amaze balls! So many great pics! Love it! Update: People can be so rude! Somebody said that my painting of Hermione Granger wasn’t good! And then they laughed!.Version: 6.0

The best game ever. But some problems..So.. as you see, I Absolutely LOVE this game. It’s amazing. And whatever I search up on community,example: lemonade, there’s pics of lemonade that people painted. And I search up my Favorite things. AND THEY ARE THERE! So if you are giving this game a thumbs down, Please just play it! It’s relaxing! But let me get to the part with the problems… so first the problem is, You know sometimes when I’m stressed I go on this game. But sometimes… IT MAKES ME MAD. Here’s what I mean. Whenever I’d just get 30 coins, id get the bomb thing. AND MY MONEY IS GONE! And then id have to watch an add to get my money back! It’s annoying! Please creators…. Please make it right! A lot of people are probably getting mad at it too.. and this one time, I just got 30 coins. And I accidentally pressed to many buttons! And almost all my money was gone. But just saying,…. This is my favorite game. I’m so glad it exists! And also those are all my reasons why I think it’s great! And why I think it has some problems. Thank you for reading this….Version: 7.8

Your the bestHi,you don’t know how cool this is this just fells like I’m drawing and it fells like home so thanks for doing this app.😇.Version: 3.24

IN LOVESuper fun can’t wait to do the unicorn one🦄😍❤️👄💄💋and 5 ⭐️ rating.Version: 1.7.1

I’m still coloring by numberSo I started my color by number story not long ago. Me and my neighborhood “friends” we were all getting our hair cut. I hated it. And then one person brought their electronic. We all wanted to get on it and what do you know? I got it first. Followed by my sister but let’s get to the point. She had the color by number app. I did not know what it was but it looked cool so I tapped on it. I saw that it was a color y number app as soon as I got in. It was so hard to chose which one to color! Finally I made a choice. I scrolled down to the animals and saw frog on a skateboard. He looked super funny yet cool. I clicked it and started coloring. Once I had Finished I was so in love with this app. That I started doing more and more I did not get off until I had to get my haircut. I was not happy. Once we left I dot straight on to my electronic. I down loaded the app, started coloring, and could not get off. Now that’s the end of my story but guess what? I’m still coloring by number.Version: 2.8.11

LoveSo much fun already one of my favourite games.Version: 1.5

Lots of funLots of interesting puzzles..Version: 1.2.1

I love this game!!! Just one small problem with the newest update…I have been playing this game for years and I find it very therapeutic and enjoyable! I love that it has the colour bucket option to colour in whole sections of a picture, which is really satisfying, especially since a lot of images have a backgrounds that would take forever to do otherwise. I have become quite reliant on this feature during the game. But ever since the latest update, every time I try to use the bucket, my game crashes! If this is some sort of bug, could you please fix it in the next update? I tried rebooting my phone but the problem is still there. I checked for updates but didn’t find any. It’s just that without the bucket feature, it becomes quite frustrating to try and complete bigger images. Even smaller images are getting annoying now. Could you please try and fix this? Thank you!!! Apart from this one little bug, this is an absolutely amazing game and I would definitely recommend it! :).Version: 7.3

Such a great game!(Scroll down if you don’t want to read all of this review because there is a really useful part that is helpful for you if you have anxiety pls read down lower ty uwu). This is such a brilliant game! I downloaded this years ago simply because it was “cool” then 😂 and I deleted it soon after. But now I realise how great this game actually is. It has helped me a lot recently for a number of positive reasons. First of all, it is very relaxing and calming colouring in the pixels. Secondly, I have quite a bad nail biting habit and so whenever I want to bite my nails I just go and play colour by number because it keeps my fingers occupied, since you tap abc colour the pixels with your fingers. Also, it has inspired me to draw different things and experiment differently in art and do some more realistic stuff because sometimes you can paint realistic pictures. I love this game and it is my new favourite app! Trust me, it really helps!! If you have anxiety by any chance, you should really get this. It is very calming, no loud music or tunes. When you colour the pixels it makes a really satisfying asmr noise and it really calms you. Thank you so much for reading!.Version: 4.0

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