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Teen Titans Go! Figure app received 107 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about teen titans go! figure?

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Teen Titans Go! Figure for Positive User Reviews

Make a save button?So I love this game I love every aspect of it I love all the characters that you have I hope that you had more in the future. But there’s always one problem every single time I exit out of my game whether I turn off my phone or I back out of the app it resets me back to where I last was before the update and I lose all my progress and all the characters that I got before hand so can you please make a save button so that that doesn’t happen anymore because this is my fifth time trying to regain progress that I just can’t keep. Please make a save button..Version: 1.1.2

Good Game but some mechanics don’t make senseI am a huge fan of Teeny Titans series and the Teen Titans Go TV show but the game has a few problems. I have a couple problems with LOD. First off, for a couple weeks, it glitched and when I battled the CPU, no special conditions would happen and I couldn’t see the opposing squad. This later self-repaired. Second, I think skill rating should also increase with the level of your figs even outside of LOD because when battling over the internet I would be matched up with someone who had an equal or lower skill rating but have lvl. 20 figs. Against my lvl. 10-12 team. And at the beginning of the game if you choose Beast Boy I don’t think you should battle Robin because he has a class advantage. Rainbow Raider’s Repaint Shop is pretty cool. My only complaint is that I don’t think you should have a completely different currency for repaints. And ability order customization was an amazing feature added, but I don’t think you should have to use Loose Change for it. Also I think a figure location guide in Titans Tower would be pretty cool because I hunt for different figures for the Fig Wiki..Version: 1.1.8

LOVE IT! One suggestion thoI love this game! I do have a suggestion tho. It would be great if you changed the teen Titans tower so you can actually enter and go to different rooms and stuff. If you could do that would be great! Otherwise the game is fine.Version: 1.1.10

UpdateCan you please make an update were Supergirl and Batgirl have a connection like best friends? Otherwise it’s a great game, I recommend this game. It’s worth it. You can have cute little figs to collect and make them battle. It’s easy to use and very simple and fun!! 🥳.Version: 1.1.4

You have to stop thisYou have to change the rare figures because today I found figures i owned in riddlers shop.Version: 1.1.10

There’s a glitchI can’t purchase the Superman rare figure at the riddlers place. Amazing game btw.Version: 1.1.8

Jump cityPlease make it possible to change your main character.Version: 1.1.9

The Movie Lot quest bugThere’s a quest bug when you are trying to go to superman at the movie lot where my game crashed and the guard is now not there and I don’t have a main quest so at the moment this bug is stopping me from progressing, other then that great work on the game! I hope updates with more figures will come.Version: 1.0.1

AmazingThis game was absolutely amazing! Please make a Teeny Titans 3.Version: 1.1.10

Why is that thereThis game is very good but there's one problem one of Superman's repaints is the Soviet Union hammer and sickle is on his chest and the Soviet Union is an army which killed many people and I do not know why they would do that to a superhero.Version: 1.1.10

Stinky joeJust imagin beign called joe with a character called stinky joe I think the game should not have a character called stinky joe.Version: 1.1.10

Awesome!My only request is if it had a online mode!.Version: 1.0.1

I love it so much, you will too.Even though there are a few bugs, I love it. It is so much fun to play and even when the story is over, it’s like the game never ended. My little brother and I play it all the time and we love it, you should too. Suggestion for the app makers, you should add a store that allows you to create your own figure. And you can buy abilities such as heroic pose, stun and more attacks to add to your personalized figure, and you can also change the looks of your fig and buy clothes and hair for you figure, I really hope that the app makers will take my idea and make San update or a 3rd one and add that..Version: 1.1.4

Best gameIt is much better then the first one I was very surprised when I played it.Version: 1.0.0

Glitch for a figThere is a glitch with the Batman figs cape near the top of the cape I see a little line when you get victory in a battle please fix this and bye.Version: 1.0.1

Tenant TitansI really want to regenerate health after every game in tournaments bc I was in the last battle in the tough tournement and I died one shot and I was really sad/mad.Version: 1.1.9

Updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This game is really good, like I mean REALLY GOOD, but it’s really annoying when you beat the game and then you just wait for updates, wait a few months, basically has all characters lvl 20 and almost all repaints and then, UPDATE, you get online battles new repaints and a new system like the hall of justice from the first game, but after a week or two no one plays online battles, you easily got your new six repaints and you’re legitimately dead after wasting your sanity on reaching the lvl 50 on the legion of doom mechanic, the mechanic takes forever for you to lvl up a level and is really unrewarding because you only get characters that you’ll find in shiny trashcans, and the online system wasn’t even balanced, I fought a nightwing that had maxed out abilities, I couldn’t land a hit because his staff would knock me out for long enough for him to charge it again without getting me out of stun. This game needs more updates balancing the game and adding story and maybe a ranked mode where you get monthly exclusive ranked characters..Version: 1.1.4

Improvement or downgrade?Well, judging by my 5 star review... Ok...*deep breath* So, this is the sequel to the highly (or at least moderately) successful Cartoon Network figure battling game, Teeny Titans, a video game based off of the Teen Titans series, specifically the Teen Titans GO! series. You play as Robin, the leader of the titans...is what I would say, but now, you can choose between all 5 Titans! You can play as the quick-speaking vegan Beast Boy, the alien princess Starfire, the secluded sorceress Raven, the half-man half machine Cyborg, and the aforementioned Robin, to figure out why the Teeny Titans toy line has been cancelled. Gameplay doesn’t change much from the first. Some new tofus, which are items to gain strength and weaken your opponents, but the formula’s pretty much the same. Now, however, you can bring a battle buddy along with you! Buying a battle buddy can give you boosts in battle. New figures out the wazoo, as well. Is it worth the money? Of course it is!.Version: 1.0.1

AMAZING GAME!I have never actually wrote a review before but may I just start by saying that this game is PHENOMENAL! I’m going to try to make this short so all I’m going to say is that all of the gameplay is PERFECT! Just two very quick suggestions that you may take for consideration. First, it would be AMAZING if you were able to create a local connection trading system to trade with your buddies! Also, it would be great if you created a local connection battle system! Hope that you take these tips in to consideration! Sincerely- A Happy Costumer.Version: 1.0.0

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO CHANGE THE CHARACTER!So one story i picked starefire and i want to try raven and i don’t know how to change HELP! and i’m the biggest fan of Teen Titans Go So lucky i found this game THANK GOODNESS ❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜🧡🧡🖤🖤💛💛💚💚.Version: 1.0.4

RequestI have a request I love the titans and all but maybe could you add a hive story mode or at least let us play as them after finishing all their side quests great game but buggy otherwise it’s great.Version: 1.0.1

BIG game with a HUGE data problemThe online battle update ended up killing my data. i'm sad about it because i bought some figures from the riddler and all that money is gone. i'm not saying i quit completely because i'm looking after a way to find my data and restore it. i was super excited about the update but was completely saddened by the fact my data couldn't be found. if Cartoon Network Games could help then I would be super happy..Version: 1.1.0

Amazing game! Cool characters!This new game of teeny titans is overall amazing! I love these types of games :3 i ordered the pre-order and I got it the second it came out! thanks guys!!!!.Version: 1.0.0

PLEASE READFirst off love the game love the tv show and worth the money but! There are some improvements to be made... for example bug fixes (duh) new characters (zatanna , deadshot , Black cannery and green arrow) just to name a few, and finally character costumes! In Harley Quinn’s case (normal Harley Quinn , suicide squad Harley Quinn , Arkham harley Quinn and so on..) So yes those are the only thing you need to add to the game so far.....Version: 1.0.1

Longer story and addable from figure abilitiesI love this game because I love the dc universe and the hero’s that are in it. One thing I wish they had was longer story’s like you can fight lex Luther or other types of tournaments. Maybe they can add more maps like Atlantis. One more thing is maybe they can add a feature that can allow you to remove and add abilities. I wish there was a shape shifting ability for Martian man hunter that shifts him into a monster or something and he can attack the enemy. Overall I love this game and these are just some ideas that they can think about..Version: 1.0.1

I guess I like this game ❤️Hey I like this game but could you add a settings were you can change yourCharacter. Please andOnly then I’ll put 5 rate ting.Version: 1.1.9

More figs and more tournamentsThis game is pretty awesome, well worth it’s money. It’s just that the storyline is too short, and there’s not really anything big to do after you defeat slade (apart from the Martian manhunter tourney and mr. chibi tourney). You guys should add more figs to collect. Like for example you can add killer frost, reverse flash, dead shot, green arrow, red tornado, black canary, etc. it’s really boring after you finish every side mission and have all 100 characters all maxed out. You should also make alternate storylines for each city. Like general zod storyline for metropolis or lex luthor, a joker story line for Gotham, and slade for the titans. I also think that you should add Atlantis, and wonder woman’s home, or central and starling city would also be pretty cool. I UNDERSTAND THIS WOULD TAKE TIME AND MONEY. Overall this a good game, I recommend it..Version: 1.1.4

GlitchesWhen got the level 1 robin it kept saying “You got a lvl 1 robin give it a tap” and I did but it kept it can pleaseeee fix it once my brother had the same problem..Version: 1.1.10

Best Game EverI LOVE THIS GAME ITS THE BEST GAME EVER but sadly it’s a bit short. If you ever make Teeny Titans 3 could you please make the story longer and add more side quests. Also can you add more figs and different versions of figs and can you add attacks that you can buy form stores and add yo certain figs so every fig is different to the other and make the max level 100 or at least higher than 20 please.Version: 1.1.4

Best game ever!! Legit!!Heya, this game is basically perfect. Everybody involved should be crazy proud. I am a bit sad that it didn’t become a cash cow so we could push those clouds back and get more city and content. Freaking love this game. One little problem, my iPhone XR is crashing every time I enter ‘Legion of Doom’. And I have three other family members that have this game. I wanna fight em so bad(!), and rank up, especially in quarantine. I know you just had an update for this stuff. Either way, you guys rule!!! Thanks for the sickest game!!.Version: 1.1.8

Good game but needs fixingTeeny Titans was the best game for me. But it didn’t let me do online so I couldn’t play with my siblings. Thx.Version: 1.1.8

Great!! But small thing I need to reportI absolutely love this app it’s fun but not so fun when people hack. Sounds strange but when I battled online and a person was hacking. their feature was at 0percent but it was still working the entire game!! And this is not just a glitch I battled this person multiple times and so did my friend!I think a report button should be installed .If you would like me to tell you the name of the other online user who hacked please respond..Version: 1.1.2

Another gameThere should be a teeny Titans 2 with the ability to actually walk around the Titans tower and go into all the rooms and if you go your characters room there will be a computer you can go to to check your figs and the ability to have level 30 figs and also the ability to have a tournament in space against another final villain called (please put this in) the hooded nightmare (he’s called this cuz he’s the one who gave the hooded hood his powers) oh and also make so that you can transfer mr chibi the hooded hood slade and for free to add to it a dog pet of your choosing that does nothing but follow you around (please have a pug as one of the options).Version: 1.1.10

AMAZING!!!This game is my favorite game! It is so fun! Before you play this one you should play Teeny Titans 1 to understand the plot with the toys and the Hooded Hood. One thing thing that could be improved is online battles glitch and you end up having different ending than each other. Also when you finish the game I wish you would be able to restart the game as a different titan. Also Martian Manhunters trials of worthiness are almost impossible!! But over all it is a great game and so fun and addicting. Thank you!.Version: 1.1.4

Love thisCan you make more of the teeny titans games? I just can’t stoppppp With thanks Happy customer.Version: 1.1.9

Really good game but…The mr chibi tournament is extremely hard and I wish for a third version where they have even more characters and the multiverse people back, also I would like to make me as a hero or villain. Also I see that mr chibi is the only one who can have mr chibi and the hood because in the fig wiki mr chibi and the hood are not there but somehow only mr chibi can possess those two figures so if there is a third version I would also like them back. And in the third version I most of the stuff tone the same..Version: 1.1.10

Love the game but😕This is a great game but I finished the main mission in a day or 2 add more and why would you make the first and second cost money make the first free and second cost money so people get addicted.Version: 1.0.1

Teen titans go figureThe only thing that should be simple enough is to have 5 game saves...one for each titan. So u can play through the story with all the titans without having to erase your current saved data. Would give the game huge replay value. Other than that, maybe more characters like the predator-like character, the ninja titans, there’s so many different variations of the titans in the show so it should be easy to come up with new characters. Regardless though, this is absolutely without a doubt one the best games that’s not a free to play game. This game is worth every penny and then some. TITANS GO.Version: 1.1.0

; )I love it I mostly like the online mode.Version: 1.1.9

HiThis game was very fun I’m glad that’s I had picked a game like this to play it’s very fun but I would like to see and arena.Version: 1.1.10

Teeny Titans 3Pls make a Teeny Titans 3 with more characters and be able to change your attacks to new attacks at a certain level.Version: 1.1.10

AWESOME GAME PLs MAKE ANOTHERThis game is beautiful I love it and honestly, thank you developers and CN for making these games I remember playing the first game, and watching the show, you guys basically formed my child hood and I appreciate it I do have some fig ideas for the third game(if there is one) 1 maybe king shark he will basically just be like killer croc 2. The peacemaker now I know he can be a little brutal, but I would love to see him in game and maybe he could have the gun move Monseir Mallah has. 3. You should definitely add Red Robin you have a bunch of robins one more wouldn’t hurt 4. The red hood would be pretty cool, 5. BIG ONE : Maybe add some of the mortal kombat charecters( raiden, subzero ,scorpion etc)..Version: 1.1.10

TradingIt’s a but I want you to add and btw my brother wanted this idea.Version: 1.1.10

Good game but…Unable to unlock bonus figs from TT1..Version: 1.1.10

Very good more charactersI like this game a lot and now it’s the only game I play on my phone , but there needs to be more characters. Since I play this game a lot I got almost all the figs (still need bathman and lex Luther) really fast. Some characters you can add are the entire League of legs. Commissioner Gordon. The reverse teen titans and justice League. The Director from the movie and the tooth fairy. also for wonder woman can you add an attack with her lasso and for radical cyborg can you add a attack when he ride his pegasus and hits the opponent with his axe. If you can add some of these things that would be very helpful. From, Gabriel Onyango.Version: 1.1.4

2 bugs.The first bug is that when I try to talk to Sue Shazam I walk like 10 feet away from him that’s not A really big deal but the big deal is when I try to battle online on the Legion of doom thing is says I have to check my Bluetooth and Wi-Fi even when I’m inside my house so I check my Bluetooth and Wi-Fi it’s on the same thing happens I really hope you can fix this bug because I really want to try that also one more suggestion it’s almost like all you do is collect things in battle I don’t like if there would be something you could do instead of battle sometimes..Version: 1.1.10

Better then the firstTeeny Titans was a great game, and I loved every second of it. But in saying that, this game is twice as good. It’s challenging, longer, and the amount of new teeny Titans is just the best..Version: 1.0.1

This game is fun but…The egg should be a whole lot shorter it feels like forever until I can get a new egg.Version: 1.1.10

Awesome GameThis is a REALLY great game and a big improvement off of Teeny Titans 1! The only thing I have to say is ADD A SAVE BUTTON! After AGES of battling I beat the Martian Man Hunter tournament and bought all the figures and other stuff and then took a BUNCH of screenshots, (lol) then I went check them a out went back to the game, AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW? I LOST MY HOURS OF HARD WORK AND EFFORT! So please! Add a save button! Also before that a bought a Wonder Woman Figure at the Riddler’s Shop and, yep you got that right! IT DIDNT SAVE! ( It didn’t even restore the purchase) So like I said, ADD A SAVE BUTTON! ( Sorry about all the capitalization and well yeah!).Version: 1.1.4

Figure tournamentI love this game it’s fun addicting and just great but there is one thing I dislike it is the figure tournament I had the first game and even then It still has that damage crossover I don’t like it when if my figures get hurt and the we win that round and go to the next battle and my figures are hurt I don’t like this because why is the damage still there that makes no sense because if I battle a random person and my figures take damage and won how come the next time I fight the damage is gone but then in figure tournaments they still have the damage from the last battle I would be fine if this rule would stay in the regular battles and not just tournaments and that you to go somewhere to heal them..Version: 1.1.2

Best game everHi I really love this game but I can’t change characters without deleting my figs so if you make Teeny Titans 3 make sure to add character change thank you bye.Version: 1.1.10

Make a 3rdI loved both games and I would love it if you guys could make a 3 And I have a list of features you could add also if you don’t make a 3rd that is fine I would like it if you guys could at least fix the 2nd game it has a lot of bugs characters glitching 1 custom characters There would be a store where you could buy / make your own figures and it would get restocked daily when your on wifi you can look up figs You would make your figure at the tower and you would have get it at the store 2 custom character repaints and there would be a limit on how much repaints you can use 3 2v2 multiplayer battles I know this would be hard to make but if you could put it in that would be amazing 4 being able to use more than 3 figs in a battle like 6 or something 5 boss battles you can go to places were it would be like a tournament but you can move like there would be 1 enemy in front of you that you battle 6 better multiplayer like the 2v2 2 players team up to beat foes and 2 CPU’s team ups to beat you.Version: 1.1.10

About the gameIm really into this game because it has so much fun in it ones I made a mistake and tried to loose all my progress wen I did I raised my squad again that is my review.Version: 1.1.4

It just starts from the same place BUGS!!!!I backed up all my information from old phone into my new phone and created a new Apple ID all of my apps were there but I had to delete them and re-download them to make is show that my Apple ID owned these apps this game costs money I got it back and as well but unlike my other apps it wouldn’t let me change any thing that would save. For example say I changed my Roaster to only one fig and then closed the app upon opening the app I would have the full roaster O had when I first downloaded the game on my new phone and Apple ID fix it pls my like legion of down online name LegendaryBeast13 pls fix it this is an amazing game and has so much potential but if I play none of the coins I collect figures i upgrade retain so pls Fix It The End Thank you for listening.Version: 1.1.2

Best game ever!This is the best game I ever played Thanks so much for making this! 👍😄😁.Version: 1.1.9

Great!!! 😻😻😻Guys you gotta hear this! This is a highly recommended game to download I have been playing for 4 years now and I’m obsessed with it still! This is better than part 1! There are more characters! Get this game I’m recommending it for you.Version: 1.1.10

RequestI love this game TO much so much fun but I can’t get Batman or super man or wonder or Batman beyond please help Thanks, Also I think you should add the league of legs members please,.Version: 1.1.4

Love this game!... but why the in-app purchases?This game is seriously good. I can’t stop playing it and collecting. Love it. The only thing I can’t figure out is why there are in-app purchases. Aren’t these reserved for free-to-play games? I haven’t gotten to far in this game, but I crushed the original one, I just hope you can obtain all of the characters without spending additional money. EDIT: after playing for some time, in app purchases probably don’t impact the game much. I haven’t had a problem with it..Version: 1.0.1

Teeny titans Go figure🤪There’s a bug where you can have the hive coin accessory active while you also have the “Dance!” attack active and you can completely fill your battle bar in seconds..Version: 1.0.1

Honest reviewReally fun game however very difficult to get every character which can be good, however it can take a while. A marvel version of this game would be amazing. I would love to play a marvel version of this game with all marvel characters. Great game..Version: 1.1.9

Great sequel, hope there’s a third!Overall I have been loving this game. But I have found a small problem: You can buy Mr Chibi for $1000, but sell him for $1500 because he’s a rare+ figure.Version: 1.1.9

Kyd WykkydThe people who made this should add a Kyd Wykkyd figure to the game. It would stand like Dr Light, Brother Blood, Joker, and dance like them too. It would be able to turn transparent, to avoid all negative effects/attacks like Supergirl, Jessica Cruz, and Hawkgirl. He could do a EVIL pose that increases power like Robin, Bumblebee, and Wonder Woman, except evil. He would also be able to disappear, and then reappear right in front of the opponent, punching in the same way Billy Numerous does. He would be available at Mumbo Jumbo's gift shop, and Zinthos Dark Arts shop, and cost at very least 1000 coins, and be marked uncommon. He would be Dark arts. Ok whose with me?.Version: 1.1.8

Honest reviewThis is a very fun game that most people didn’t know how to play at first and were reporting bugs. Yes there were bugs, but the game has undergone lots of updates that added new characters, a new game mode, nerfs and fixes. single player is great, fun, has a good story and is pretty fast paced. I sadly had to take off one star for the game because the new online game mode is now dead with the lack of players meaning you’ll have to play against bots to level up in that mode (which takes a very long time). and also the achievements are still a little bit bugged. Overall great game would recommend to teen titans fans. Also I’ve just added this in. If your game is having trouble loading up or is slow, try un-downloading some applications for more game space. and if that doesn’t work you may need a faster device to run this game..Version: 1.1.4

NobodyI love this game but no one plays it so when I go into a battle online no one shows up..Version: 1.1.4

TAKES UP TOO MUCH SPACEIf this keeps up might as well delete it.Version: 1.1.9

Amazing!Amazing game, played the game for like 3-4 years and restarted a bunch of times, recommend getting! Hopefully there is a 3rd!.Version: 1.1.10

Idea for an updateWhen I first got into the game and it showed The character select screen when I tapped on my character that I wanted to play as the message didn’t make me very happy saying you can’t change your character and I feel like you should put safe Files in the game and saveFile should have a character for each save file also the person that you were playing as has all of that info into save file one there should be five save files for the five characters.Version: 1.0.1

Great game!I love to always come back to the game after like a few months, by the way I think there should be a new third game come out, if so that would be spectacular!.Version: 1.1.10

Please UpdateI really love this game and the concept but please update your game it’s really fun and I haven’t played it since it came out and I recently got back into it and I really miss the game I recently made a new account and once I get all characters and finish tournaments there’s nothing to do so please add new character add more buildings and maybe make character go to a higher level please ur would be really nice or even make a third game why not just please read this.Version: 1.1.10


Teeny Titans 3 pleaseHi Cartoon Network, I know you haven’t even looked at this game in 2 years, but if you see this review, you should make a teeny titans 3, because this game is awesome. P.s,if you do make a teeny titans 3, it should have 200 - 250 characters, thank you!.Version: 1.1.10

Great game, support these developers!The game is great and they fixed a few bugs with the last update, all the achievements register for me now, robin still asks to battle with a full enhanced figure though and there’s a 80’s beast boy texture bug with the purple repaint, am hopefully looking forward to these fixes and potential new figures (Zatanna,Miss Martian), and a jla update fingers crossed🤞 aside from these bugs the game has a lot of replay value when maxing our figures but the qol (quality of life) has definitely decreased due to not having an easy grind station aka jla like the first one so you’re forced to walk around everywhere and redo tournaments/matches with everyone. Would still recommend this game though if you’re on the fence, since it’s just like the first one and more. Only issues are bugs which have been getting squashed slow and steadily so shoutouts to the grumpy face team for that just a few more bug updates and hopefully one big update then another bug update (for the big update just in case) are my wishes lol.Version: 1.0.2

BugsPls debug the mag bug and disabled ability bugs pls.Version: 1.1.10

MultiplayerPlease add a arena for people to compete.Version: 1.0.1

My old favourite gameThis used to be my favourite game to play and there’s so many characters to collect but sadly they have stoped updating and creating new versions of the game I have never run into any bugs unlike some other people even though I’ve gotten very far in the game and played for at least 3-4 years and there’s no point in complaining about them even if you run into some because they probably forgot about the game but it’s still one of the best games I’ve played.Version: 1.1.10

Amazing game but be wary of micro transactions.First of all I want to start by saying this game is outstanding. Tons of figs to collect, lots of side missions, and multiple locations to explore! They finally added multiplayer which is a perfect addition to this game! But with the new multiplayer update came some bugs. I spent $9.99 on an egg pack and got lots of cool figs, but when I opened the app the next day my progress was reset to before I bought the egg pack and was still charged. So as of right now I would recommend NOT SPENDING ANY MONEY ON MICROTRANSACTIONS until they fix this bug. Other than that this game is well worth the price!.Version: 1.1.2

BugsBefore I get into it, i think the dev team to add a button that lets you continue on to another titan after you beat the game, instead of having to restart it. (There should be a final battle where you use 15 figs (3 from each titan) in a giant tournament against (plot twist) THE CREATOR OF TEENY TITANS!!!!! Now I’ll let you read. Also, please note that I still completed the game, and these were not that big. That’s why I’m still giving it 5 stars Many bugs, so I’ll list some that I have been getting. First battle doesn’t end unless you restart it. Random freezes, I got one when I was beating the bat cow. Couldn’t beat it again for a long time. Certain pathways not letting me go there, even though I am allowed to. Martian Manhunters tournament bugging out on the Martian princess battle, some magnifying glasses doing nothing during day and night, and it didn’t let me into the movie lot to find “supes” until after I had collected 20 dogs not 10, even though I pressed the give to mission button each time. (I made sure it wasn’t other missions I had been giving the other 10 to). And, the item that you have to give 1.5K coins to the samaranian princess to get, (the healing lantern thingy) does nothing. No hearts come out and it doesn’t give you any bonus hp. But alas, it’s a fairly new game and still amazing!!!.Version: 1.0.1

NiceIt is super good me and my bro play it and just for six bucks.Version: 1.1.9

GREAT GAME!!The concept of this game is amazing and the characters look soooooooo good P.S. they should probaly make the figures real/ into toys.Version: 1.1.10

GoodWorth my money also if you could reply to my comment developers about getting the bonus figures for playing teeny titans 1 because I am not getting any bonuses.Version: 1.0.0

Pokémon for DC fansIf you played the first Teeny Titans game than you already know the concept of this game. Collect figures. You use those figures in battles/tournaments and upgrade them to your liking. Basically just Pokémon with DC characters. The difference in this game compared to the first is there’s more characters and the map is bigger. The first game you were restricted to just Jump City. This game you can go to both Gotham and Metropolis as well as exploring the inside of buildings like Wayne Manor, Arkham, and more. Overall it’s a great mobile game..Version: 1.0.1

GreatI have three words:TOO MANY GLITCHES! Theres more then I can count. The third multiplayer battle I did didn’t end until I forfeited the match to the other player, both characters were stuck in one Position. I also thought we be able to play as all five Titans like actually switch them out without having to restart the game, also the whole screen turns black at some point well you’re battling another player, because I’ve been a hard one player might have all level 20 legendary figs And they could only have two points of health left and the screen just freezes and all you have to left to do is just leave the game, some of the quests are hard to figure out like the riddle and the sponsorship tournament (what do I do)besides that it’s a Great game.Version: 1.1.2

Teeny titansIt’s a really good game l recommend you buy it.Version: 1.1.10

LOVE IT LISTEN REAL QUICKI LOVE THIS I LOVE THE NEW FIGS I ALMOST DROPPED MY PHONE WHEN I SAW BLACK LIGHTNING!! PLEASE PUT STATIC SHOCK IN HES A TEEN TITAN I WONT EVEN MIND IF HE HAS SAME MOVES AS BLACK LIGHTING JUST SEEING HIM WILL MAKE ME AND SO MANY OTHERS SOOO HAPPY (ps. Two days later the game freezes mid battle sometimes forcing me to quit the battle (tournaments too) and I was recommending the game to friends but some are having trouble after buying it doesn’t download even tho it says it will and takes their money) STILL LOVE THE GAME THO N STILL WITING FOR STATIC I SAW A POSTER OF HIM IN ONE OF THE TOY STORES!! (But yeah please fix the download thing it’s pretty tragic) Two years later I still believe in you guys n I hope for another installment of teeny Titans in the future I’m rooting for you guys (bring static with you :) ).Version: 1.1.10

UpdateCan you please make a update that allows us to play as hive and Titans east.Version: 1.1.10

All goodMay have in app purchase but otherwise great.Version: 1.1.4

Actual quality mobile gameSurprisingly enough, this is a really fun game! The battle graphics are really charming, and the mechanics work really well! The overworld graphics aren’t great, but they’re not bad, by any means. Has a lot of content for six dollars. Would be a lot better if it came from the real Teen Titans, but still really enjoyable! Im a big fan of the battle mechanics, but I would appreciate it if they made a new game with more characters, and some don’t need to be there. Batman beyond, Jessica Cruz and bathtime Batman are prime examples of that. Jessica Cruz and Batman Beyond aren’t even in the show, but that’s the only problem I have with it. Solid roster! All in all, a 9/10. Would recommend, because it has the amount of content of some Nintendo games, but for way less. Definitely try it out if you haven’t already. Btw, use lex Luther, move the robot ability to second slot, and move the kryptonyte laser to first. Set up 2 robots, and spam the CRAP out of the laser, it deals 24 total damage with next to no charge time..Version: 1.1.10

Good game but glitchesI love this game but it keeps making me frozen in the game I love it.Version: 1.1.10

Plz respond and fixIt’s good but I cant enter the doom of hall my model is an iPhone 8+ trying fix this issue others may relate to problems so fix this annoying and extreatingly stupid bug plz thank you(:.Version: 1.1.8

Make another oneThis games is so good make another one with more characters.Version: 1.1.10

Plz don’t ignore me i like this gamePlz make the hooded hood and mr Chibi available and you don’t have to buy Teeny titans 1 to get them also and make Darkseid buyable in store I had him but I sold him beacause I didn’t know he was so rare so make him a fig you can get not a test your luck! Figure you get in the riddlers rip-off mystery box also can you add the following figs: (1 & 2 are my most wanted) 1 Scarecrow 2 atom 3 Green arrrow 4 anti monitor 5 red tornado 6 plastic man Hooded hood make him obtainable or make teeny titans one free.Version: 1.1.9

Teeny Titans 2 to the Rescue!I was beyond excited to download Teeny Titans 2 for I had so much love for the first one! The game is original, witty and true to the cartoon! DC universe fans will enjoy the character selections and hilarious spins on characters such as Batman and Superman. My only gripe(s) was that I got bored after finding all of the new character figs in TT2. I found no excitement in earning figs from the first TT because I played with those figs already in the past. Also, I felt that some of my favorite character figs were super under powered i.e. Jessica Cruz, Hawkgirl and even Radical Raven (low stats & unfair ability spacing) - as a result, I found myself only using the games best figs to win rather than playing with my favorite character figs. Despite my small gripes, I absolutely loved TT2 and it’s predecessor! The game is so nostalgic and truly warms my nerdy heart. I’ve been watching Teen Titans since middle school in 2003 haha! Keep the Teeny Titans saga coming! I am a true fan and will continue to support and purchase future installments!.Version: 1.0.1

Please update screen resolutionIPhone 11 Pro Max needs a resolution. My figures get cut off in the figure selection.Version: 1.1.10

Please fix but still Love your GameIn this game when I go out and play it tomorrow or something it just takes away some progress but maybe it’s because it happens when you close the tab but I still kinda hate it but I still love your game😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.1.4

Awesome gameHope they make a third would definitely buy Edit: I can not manage to find anyone online that needs to be fixed.Version: 1.1.10

This is now my favourite gameSince my Minecraft stopped working I have been playing this 5 times a week. I realised that now the Riddler eggs are free! I got Batman, Slade, Martian Manhunter and Lex I think you should add more characters like Black Canary, Batmite, Huntress and more rare characters like golden Titans This is a amazing app but I want more updates Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please add Ace the Bat Hound I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ animals.Version: 1.1.10

Hi I wanna know...I was just wondering if you could make a game like teen titans where you have to make choices just like if you were in the episodes.Version: 1.1.4

One questionWhy isn’t princess silkie considered a titan? That’s my only complaint but over all great game! I love the feature where you can battle your friends!( But I actually haven’t been able to try it out my brother doesn’t want to battle me and none of my friends want to play with me because the show can be childish at times but that’s just because of the potty humor but I still like the show) when I played teeny titans I wanted so bad to be able to battle real people! And I’m glad I can’t only play as robin now because my favorite character is star! And I love the repaints! But they are a little expensive (if anybody reads this you can find a repaint coin at the beach) but I think there are too many ads for this game.Version: 1.1.4

GOOD AS HELLI’m in movie place hehe it hard but good as hell.Version: 1.1.10

Great price for a great gameThis is awesome for 6 bucks I recommend it a lot. mind blown while I play because i can make Batman pink 🤯🤯.Version: 1.0.1

Great Game! (Just a few minor glitches)I have to tell you, this is one of the greatest games I have ever played. It’s attention to deal, little inside jokes, and it makes you feel as though you’re in a real episode of Teen Titans: Go! There are some bugs but those will eventually get squished. The bugs when in the Martian Manhunter battle, sometimes it would glitch out and then I would have a blank screen while Martian Manhunter just floated there. The worst part is that it exits you out of the tournament so you have to restart your tournament and play again. I had this game twice and had the same glitch twice. If you’re listening Cartoon Network, then please help a consumer out. Yours truly Dorkiplier.Version: 1.0.1

This game is niceI’m glad you can play this game with or without wifi and the animations are good but I didn’t get to chose my character because somehow I’m Cyborg I don’t have a problem with him I’m just saying I would of picked star fire but I couldn’t but overall this game is fun and addicting.Version: 1.1.10

Wishes for the futureWish there was more off a story because I completed it in like ten days wish there were more characters Thx for the game.Version: 1.1.4

Fun game but…There are some characters that would have made so much sense for this game and some that you have removed (I still like this game and enjoy it plus I still haven’t beat the game while I’ve played for a few years) but I have a list of characters you should have put in: The original teen titans since the Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go! movie is a thing. They would go along with old school silkie Actually that’s all I can think of I’ll edit the review when I finally beat the game. Now I wish you had not removed the Multiverse characters as I beat the first game with the multiverse titans and multiverse silkie. Still a great game by all means and thank you if you read this. I hope you make a third one instead of trying to update a 3 or 4 year old game..Version: 1.1.10

AwesomeIt is the best game I played but can there be a tenny Titans 3.Version: 1.1.10

Sound don’t workAmazing game but my sound doesn’t work.Version: 1.1.9

One problemSo far this game is good but I found one problem so far the “80s” outfits are actually the ones from when they first came in I’m pretty sure season 4. Please fix this.Version: 1.1.9

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