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Prequel: Photo & Video Editor Positive Reviews

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Prequel: Photo & Video Editor App User Positive Comments 2024

Prequel: Photo & Video Editor app received 95 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about prequel: photo & video editor?

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Prequel: Photo & Video Editor for Positive User Reviews

Love the app, but please fix this.Prequel is such an amazing app, it has so much different filters to use from. There are also many effects which is so great, but the one thing that is quite annoying is when i tried to copylink it my screen would turn black and i would go back to my home screen. i would really want you to please fix this !!.Version: 2.26.2

The Best!The AI art, filters, effects all of it is incredible. Most accurate photo to AI art I’ve seen compared to many other apps. It’s out of my budget to maintain gold membership a so I pay for a week here and there. However don’t mind the price though, seeing that I don’t know the cost of creating, updating and running this app is. Even the free version gives so many amazing options. I don’t write many reviews but I had to give some love to Prequel! 😘.Version: 2.38.1

AwesomeGreat app.Version: 1.16.11

My favorite app of all time?I’ve been using this app and loving every minute of it. So much capability. User friendly. Spectacular outcomes. Super fun to use. Even the free version gives you a lot of innovative and fresh filters, music and so much more for video and stills. I love the simplicity and elegance. With the integration of music too! My own library and the app has a library too. You have the option of dragging to select the few seconds of music of your choice. I don’t have any music capability on IG I do. The power to produce content like PREQUEL affords is priceless in this “look at me” marketplace. If you’re an original content creator and/or you’re curating, repurposing, re-anything? Your now have an addictively classy tool to monetize you. Or make impressive memories for your clients, friends and family. It’s my favorite app. Ever..Version: 1.15.0

WOWWWSo fun this app is epic!!!!.Version: 1.10.2

Was goodI used to really enjoy using Prequel to edit my photos but now that a lot of the filters are part of the premium subscription i feel like i don’t have access to anything which makes me sad.Version: 2.39.0

Pretty Good! Except...Overall, this is an AMAZING app for small videos that just need something extra to make them pop with many vibrant filters and very bling-ey effects! (I know bling-ey isn’t a word) My only problem with it is that you can only make videos up to 1:00 long! only one minute! I enjoy using this for mainly short tiktok edits but I thought I’d try YT! I filmed and eventually got to the part where I’d use PREQUEL to add something extra! (I use Miami to 80% And stardust to 20%) then realizing I can only edit one minute of it. So i gave up on that. That was a little annoying considering those effects would kind of carry the whole video then finding out I can’t use them. I know this app is mainly for shorter videos but I really feel that if they added the ability to edit a longer video, it’d be way more of a powerful and useful app! Please lmk if there are any updates though I’ve kept it installed! Thank you,.Version: 2.0.1

Great Application, Worst subscription systemUPDATE: The watermark has been removed for free users!!!!!! Amazinnnng!!! Thank you Developers. I don’t write that many reviews and much less bad reviews, although this app has some amazing and unique effects you may not find anywhere else, i have to point out to a really turn down fact which is your subscription system, paying weekly with as high price point is probably the worst I’ve came across yet, even if it’s something still affordable but it is absurd to pay such amount weekly for an app that you use once a week. We want to have the feeling of paying for something and not thinking about it much like one time purchases or at least make it monthly and reduce the price point. Anyway if you don’t mind the big water mark than you're fine with the free versions.Version: 1.16.2

AmazingI LOVE this app it amazing it works and video come out great quality!!!.Version: 2.10.0

Best app for filters!Wow! I’ve been looking for an app like this for years! Others came close such as VSCO, but you always had to pay more to actually have options or just better filters. This app has it all as far as filters and free of cost! I am begging you guys not to change because I hate the idea of paying for filters. I mean how vain do you think I am to pay for filters, it’s never happening. I understand many apps are tempted to make others pay for what people really want to have which is why I’m grateful you guys don’t and had to finally come over and give you guys the best review. This is after using this app for months by the way. I tried to look for apps that provide better filters than this app, but it truly doesn’t exist. And now I’m even more excited because I didn’t realize there was more cool filters when you press “effects”..Version: 2.27.1

Get back lollipop and 4-ever pleaseIt’s getting annoying now you are the meaning Fanpages are here and you have so much downloads but you put gold on filters and effects we need most this is why so many fanpages are quitting please give back lollipop and 4-ever like I’m not paying 5 pound a week my parents won’t agree or can afford that money.Version: 2.41.1

GoodThis is the best edit app like 👌🏼👌🏼.Version: 1.17.0

Just Some Ideas :))Okay, I love this app, it has so many things to play around with and so many fun filters and effects! One this i’ll complain about is that sometimes the filters glitch. When I say glitch as an example if I click on Bahamas filter, the filter won’t show up on my video / photos. But what I love about this app is that I mostly use it for editing TikTok videos or profile pictures! As my idea, could you guys add a search bar option for effect and filter? If you can’t find a filter or don’t want to just scroll though different bundles it would be very very helpful! Also maybe add some more sparkle effects? I love sparkle effects, they just add a vibe to your videos. I have no bad complains about this app and I definitely recommend it! If you want to edit videos and photos, DOWNLOAD THIS! I never thought i’d write a long review about any sort of app but I did! I hope this was helpful!! - Sophie 💚💙🤍.Version: 2.8.2

Best I have found so far 💯🫡🫥🫥🍁🫥🫥🫥Quality and ease of use for throughput and always evolving will continue to love exploring every setting and tweak! Want my Steampunk AI setting!! 🤭🤫🤣🤣😂😂😂💯🫡😉.Version: 2.51.0

An app worth getting!!This app is the best editing app that I’ve ever purchased!! The fact that you can download the end product and still have great quality is a great benefit that this app provides!! I love the fact that even if you haven’t purchased the app, you can still still get a reasonable amount of filters unlike others 😍 You can also edit videos, 3D photos and normal photos too! This app also provides effects as well as cool filters. Another cool feature is that you can save a video as a Live Photo which enables the chance of having a Live Photo that turns into a video on your Home Screen!! I never normally rate and review apps but this one is a hands down five stars 😍🌟.Version: 2.1.13

NiceNice.Version: 2.1.15

FIX YOUR BUGSApp was amazing when I first downloaded, I even bought the subscription as it comes in handy for work. However, now when I use it to edit videos, the app crashes halfway through editing. Some times I’m able to edit the video but when it comes first to saving it the app crashes and all my work is erased. Solve this immediately please..Version: 2.35.1

Amazing!!I love using prequel. It is great and so easy to use. I would totally recommend getting it!! Also there is a huge variety of good filters which was one of my favourite features. Overall my favourite editing app ☺️.Version: 2.5.0

Greate app/takeOut LogoIt’s a great app however we users need to be able to take out the prequel logo and implement our own thank you..Version: 2.49.0

Great appLove this app, for free it’s brilliant and they are constantly improving the free content. So as I used it so much I thought I’d purchase the full version. Lovely extra stuff so thanks Prequel. However when are we getting the iPad version. It’s all I mainly use and whilst you can extend the view you should really make an iPad one now. Thank you 🤟🏻.Version: 2.6.1

Very good!Very good when I started. But just today I was trying to edit some videos and it never worked. It was downloading and it just stopped and 50%. I had to delete it and redownload it. I think this must be a bug. I have tried deleting the app and redownloading it, I have tried to make the videos smaller, I have tried turning my device on and off, I have tried powering off my device multiple times, i have tried closing the app and reopening it and many more. Please fix this bug..Version: 2.1.8

3D effectHey awesome app! But how do I find the 3D effect?.Version: 1.17.20

Perfect!Honestly the best app for editing, I use it all the time! Although there are a LOT of locked filters, and some that used to be free require pro. If you didn't know, pro is 5 pounds weekly, and personally, i don't like buying weekly, so if there is a one time pro purchase I will 100% buy it! Edit: I know the devs responded to this with an option for a monthly or annual subscription, (I cant find it lol) but could you make a one time purchase? There may not be one already, but I would really appreciate it..Version: 2.32.4

Odd choicesSome good effects, especially the new AI cartoon filters. But why are they Christmas themed, and why do they crop the image so aggressively? If I could apply the AI filter to a full-sized image, without the annoying Christmas stuff, it would be five stars and worth paying for..Version: 2.17.3

Best Free Photo Editing App AvailableI never write reviews for anything at all, this is my first ever app review that I am writing simply because I absolutely cannot emphasise how incredible this app is for editing photos, and it’s (optionally) completely free! Though the premium version does get pushed in your face a lot, moving past that, every single feature available for free has seriously helped me create the most highest quality images from my photos and I cannot thank this app enough because of this. It’s incredibly easy to use, provides incredibly high quality photos and for someone like myself who both owns, and is incredibly competent with other major photo editing tools such as photoshop, I always find myself coming here to utilise this app instead. Personally, as someone who attends a lot of concerts and is processing a concert photography portfolio, this app has helped me more than I can express. Easy 5/5. Thank you!.Version: 2.36.0

So many effects!I have the free version and it’s so amazing that it makes me want to get the gold version. That’s how apps should be! With most apps, they make it impossible to enjoy using unless you pay because they want you to buy a subscription. That always just turns me off and makes me delete the app because I don’t like feeling pressured into buying something just to enjoy it. But I’ve been using prequel for over a year, maybe two, and it’s the exact opposite! There are so many filters and effects that you can use even with the free version, there aren’t a millions ads popping up all the time, and it doesn’t feel like they’re pressuring you to get a subscription or be forced to stop using the app altogether! I can’t stress enough how much there is to do even with the free version of this app, and how much that makes me WANT to get the gold version. I don’t mind paying to have access to even more filters/effects because they’ve given me the chance to see how much is available even for free, so I know that the paid version must be even more amazing. THIS is how apps should be, and other apps should take notes. I will be getting a gold subscription as soon as I can because I WANT to not because I feel like I HAVE TO..Version: 2.16.0

MAKE THIS FOR SAMSUNG TOO PLEASEPlease read this and make this available for Samsung !!! So I Love the app, I really do. But I have a Samsung phone, and I’m having to use my iPad. So I have no way of sending the photos I edit to people and that’s basically the whole reason I do it. it’s for my Instagram and people enjoy seeing what I make, as well as me loving to do it as well. So, I would really appreciate it if this was on Samsung as well, so I could edit and send photos with out the hassle of emailing it to myself. I really do enjoy this app, I really do, but I might have to find a new one to use and stop recommending this since a lot of people I know use a samsung. I’m not old enough to buy my own phone - and my parents won’t even consider buying me an iPhone. Please read this and make this available for Samsung. Thank you!.Version: 1.9.0

Rate on Prequel!!This app is amazing!! I use it for my Fanpage and normal life , it’s great and even without paying its like a VIP app!! This is such a great way to use and bond and show people you editing skills!! I definitely recommend to others out there..Version: 2.20.3

Prequel usageI love this app, so easy to use and has a wide range of filters etc 😎thank you!.Version: 2.1.9

Very Good!I really like this app, let’s me various amount of things, but there can be some glitches and bugs but overall this app is amazing and i really like it. It makes things such as pictures so much better, love this app a lot apart from the glitches!! To new people using this app from my review i’d say it’s an amazing and high quality app, hope you enjoy!! :)).Version: 2.20.2

Yeah it’s alrightPretty fun to play around with. I just dislike how most the cool stuff is looked behind a subscription service. Like paying 5-15$ wouldn’t be a problem with me related to something like this but with services that stuff builds up man and sooner or later you’ll probably forget about the app and just pay for nothing. Free stuff is cool tho. Like really cool. Trust..Version: 2.34.0

Hate paying for apps but worth the priceWith 100 bajillion photo apps on here it's hard to recommend anyone pay this much for one. But I got to say in all honesty, if you have the money to spend comfortably, Prequel is one I would splurge on. A lot of apps do one or two of the things Prequel does well, but I've never found one that was This good at This many features. Darkroom and VSCO are go-tos when I need just a quick filter or touch-up, but if I ever want to do something cool or different from usual, Prequel is automatic. There are so many filters, effects, and extras —and unlike other apps none of them feel like throwaways. Almost ALL of them are hits, with very few misses (if any - it’s probably more fair to say they're Just not my taste) I avoid paying for apps like the plague. Especially when something like Snapseed is free. But credit where Credit is due, Prequel actually made it feel like it was worth it..Version: 2.16.0

Insane Price PointI installed and deleted it immediately... I’ve paid for my favourite mobile editing app (MuseCam) in the past, and enjoy the purchase. I also have paid $40-50 on the Mac App Store for Affinity Photo, my full featured editing suite. For $5/WEEK you can edit with their presets, or for their self claimed 85% discounted yearly subscription of $35/Year, you can have the presets under that price format. Something’s gotta change here Edit: I knew something had to be wrong with my initial notion. I reinstalled the app, and sure enough, I missed a sneaky little greyed out ‘X’ in the top left corner. After clicking it, you can proceed to the free version of the app, which I have to say is quite nice. You seem to get two presets from each of the collections they give you, and I am impressed with their image processing algorithms, they are nice. I still don’t take back my words about the insanely high subscription model price point, but I’ll leave 5 stars for the actual app. It clearly has been well thought out..Version: 1.17.11

Date changeThis app is brilliant, I have recently downloaded it, and it provides various creative filters. However, the only issue that I encountered is the dates on certain effects. For example, on the effects that provide dates, the dates that are displayed are only today. Please fix this so that you can allow us to change the dates to when the pictures or videos were actually created! Thank you for your time..Version: 1.16.2

The app is laggy...I have been using Prequel for some time now because I love the effects it provides. I always use Prequel to make aesthetic edits of myself, my friends and just aesthetically pleasing things in general. But I’ve noticed that over time, Prequel has been slowing down and crashing pretty badly for me. I don’t know if its the same for other people but what happens is that I will import the video, crop it, and attempt to put an effect and boom. There it is. It is slow and ruins the vibe of the video. I just don’t know what’s wrong with the app. I don’t know if the app needs a new update or if I’m doing something wrong. Please fix this! I hope you take my complaint in consideration. (Edited) First of all, thank you for replying back. Second of all, the overall issue is the filter. Once I click on a filter like for example, disco, VHS, just any filter in particular, it will immediately slow down. The filters just sort of crash...but I hope you guys cab fix this soon. That way I can keep using the best editing app for aesthetic edits.😊.Version: 1.17.60

Great app. But way too expensive.All I really want is to remove the watermark. $4.49 a week for that privilege is not worth it. I have my favourite filters that I like to use regularly and don’t need all the new releases. That being said, It’s a great app, easy to use, would recommend if you don’t mind the watermark. If there’s a different fee/price to remove the watermark that’s more within reason, I’d give it 5 stars..Version: 1.9.0

AmazingI love it soo much one of the best but there’s 2 issues 1) not all videos and photos from my camera roll come up but I just share it with the app and am able to edit it therefore not too much of a problem 2) the video does it play smoothly it pauses and just doesn’t work properly only while editing though in the camera roll works just fine maybe it’s because my phone is an old model idk Oh and we can’t add our own music or can you if so how... But overall recommend it.Version: 2.11.0

My IssueIt’s an amazing app. I use it to edit all my pictures and it has an amazing selection of different effects, filters and adding songs to your pictures to create videos. But after some time, the app’s load screen would go on and would stop and the app won’t work at all. I re-installed the app, and still..Version: 1.16.11

Glitch?I absolutely love this app but there’s a glitch (i think it’s a glitch) i don’t know if it’s only on my phone or on other people’s too but when i try to import videos it loads then about halfway of loading it stops and the video doesn’t load and like i can’t edit it? Could you please fix this apart from that i love this app so much💗 + We should be able to like have a preset thing so as soon as you import a video or photo and you click on presets and choose your preset your video/imagine would automatically change to that if you get what i mean. i love this app so much <3.Version: 2.0.10

Great app but could do with some improvementsThis app is great for quick edits, however when working with text it’s very limited. You can only add text once per video, sometimes you want multiple styles or different sizes and you have to export and reimport to add another line of text it’s quite frustrating. Most basic editors have this function. If they could fix that it would be near enough perfect..Version: 2.34.0

I love the App But....Unfortunately I cannot Access iTunes for some reason. My iTunes work well. But clearly don’t want to pay for each song just to try it.(I’ve got monthly subscription on ITunes) BTW my friend got this app over the years and everything works on hers. Is there anything possible that you can do? Thank you.Version: 1.17.60

GLITCHI’ve been using this app for about a month now and it’s all been fine up to now. The glitch is seen when I’m trying to load a video with the manage button but it seems that the button is out of place. So when I press on it it doesn’t do anything. Besides the glitch that’s only happened recently, I love the app and wish for more updates..Version: 2.20.3

Glitch :/This app is amazing for aesthetic,kidcore and Cafè colourings especially for fanpages on TikTok/insta etc. But for the past week I have Saved certain filter (Fiji , fairycore and vapour) and when am un-saving them it’s Duplicating it, and it’s getting frustrating and when am using vapour the settings am putting it to “1 30%” and it resetting and it’s frustrating, because I have the worst memory ever so my colouring was different please fix this :/.Version: 2.8.2

Keeps crashingAmazing app! love how i can edit a long video. however every time i open the app it closes and when i do get it to work, it takes 2 minutes of it normally functioning then it glitches and closes on my iphone..Version: 2.0.10

Great BUT!I can understand how a lot of people might love this app, but unfortunately not a lot can fully enjoy it. 😔 I’m writing to actually App Team, please consider to make one off payment for full version, it could be $20 $30 $50, but $7 every week it’s a bit to much. Remember you might make more money selling the app, rather waiting for someone to subscribe permanently for $7 a week. I’m sure there are many people who will unsubscribe after 1-2 weeks use, simply because it’s not worth it. Many thanks 😊.Version: 1.15.0

Amazing... l am lost for words 😃😄This app is one of the best apps on my phone o sorry l mean IT IS THE BEST APP ON MY PHONE. I used to look like shrek’s swap but now l still look shrek’s swap but it has amazing filters and should be number 1. 100% recommend it and l was just wondering if you have the scribble effect because l can’t seem to find it. Love the app and hope it goes it greater success 😄😃😀.Version: 2.3.4

MAKE THIS COMPATIBLE FOR IPADSDear prequel, this is a problem with the compatibility with the app. I use this app for my colorings on tiktok and i’m not allowed my phone during the week so i use an ipad. i want to stay active and make new videos but i obviously can’t because your app isn’t compatible for Ipads please tell me why this isn’t on ipads as ipads can do the same as a phone! thank you for reading. ♥️♥️.Version: 2.1.14

Great!Works great and makes my pics look awesome.Version: 2.34.0

Awesome AppOK I’m totally in love with this app. I’m a filmmaker artist and photographer. The AI with cartoon effects is awesome. I don’t know what other people are complaining about but this app is great.I haven’t found anything else that does what you’re AI cartoon app does. What I would like to see is more cartoon AI transformations. Do this: create an entire story book. This would be the ultimate goal. Choose a different story have different storylines. Make each comic strip at a minimum six pages long. Also it would be good to enable the user to caption the photos they want and move the pix around inside the preselected frame. I want to write my own dialogue. That’s a big ask. If you guys can do that more power to you. That would be amazing. I really bought this app specifically for the cartoon AI effects 👍✌️great job thanks! Please work the cartoon apps !!!!! MJ from Philly 😎.Version: 2.24.0

The app keeps crashingIt’s an amazing app dont get me wrong, bit annoyed that you can’t use all the filters until you pay for the full price for it, secondly when choosing a photo and you want to use any free effect on there it keeps crashing and overheating my phone, sort the app out please otherwise I ain’t gonna give this app 5 starts.Version: 2.14.0

Great app for beginnersThis is a good app, I’ve been using it to make aesthetic videos for my Instagram stories! My only adjustment for a 5 star rating is if you could make it so you can choose when the filter takes effect? Like if I wanted the first 3-4 seconds of the video to be normal and have the second half with the filters etc, good app though !.Version: 2.11.1

Awesome AppI am no digital expert but this app was so easy ... no tutorial just “played” uploaded a vid & in less than 5mins trimmed it, put music into it & the Disco effect ... super stoked.Version: 1.15.2

Thank YouThis app is really cool. The effects make my videos way better👍🏾.Version: 1.17.0

HapixelI’m so happy I tried this app I’m having great fun.Version: 2.47.0

GoodI like it👌🏼.Version: 1.15.6

Must download 💕I don’t usually leave reviews but I had to for this app. It’s really useful for tiktok. They have a bling effect so the little icon on your Tikok video it won’t show what effect you’ve put on. You can create really nice videos for free! Another thing is that it has no watermark 😍. 10/10 recommend!! 💕.Version: 1.17.41

GREATI absolutely love this app!!!!!! I love the filters and affects but you do have to pay for rest of the filters. Prequel can you please make more options for filters without having to pay???.Version: 1.17.0

It won’t let me get it on iPad AirIt won’t let me get it on my iPad Air I had to swap iPads bc my other one was iPad 6th generation now I can’t get it bc it has an white download cloud and I can’t get it and my iPad isn’t ready for the next software update I could really use some help!.Version: 2.11.0

SlowHello! I have been using prequel for about an hour now and its slow whenever I open the app when I look at myself its slow and catching up to the movements i make which is annoying but other than that its cool!.Version: 1.17.60

Absolutely not worth the moneyAfter downloading this app I used it once, yes it has some minor differences from your usual filter apps including insta and Facebook. You can excess iTunes, 👍🏾 but it wasn’t enough for the price, absolutely not. 👎🏽I was locked out of the app for some time and was given no directions on how to cancel it. I would like to cancel my subscription if anyone can help.Version: 1.16.1

BEST APPThis app is not laggy at all and is great for editing thanks!.Version: 2.3.2

AmazingThis app is amazing most of the jfilters are free and there’s no water mark I will tell all my friends about this.Version: 2.1.5

AmazingI love this app!!!.Version: 1.17.0

Great app!!I love this app the moment I got it. I finally decided to go With the gold subscription to try all the other effects. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max so my phone ain’t outdated. Now the problem is for the effects that work after applying them you can’t edit them. For example when I use the avatar effect and try to edit the background, color or scale none of them gets applied, not even the preview of the edits when applied. Other effects like all the NFTs don’t work at all. Every time I pick one of them it kicks me out the app. I tried with several different pictures. REVISED REVIEW: Upon my previous review above and inquiry to customer service they reached to me on a weekly basis to update me on resolving this technical issue. Everything got resolved within 2 weeks and so far the app is running smoothly!! I would recommend this app..Version: 2.31.0

Current issues but normally love the appI usually love prequel and it works great but after this last update the effects and filters around loading. Each icon keeps spinning. I’ve used it on 4G and wifi. Turned on and off my phone. Checked if I missed an update and had my husband download the app and it won’t work for him either. I hope this can get fixed soon.Version: 2.0.10

AmazingThis is really good for edits!.Version: 2.0.1

Rewie for prequalOverall i do love prequal for editing photos its also helps me learn about technology about editing its easy and fun to learn new things hower sometimes its slow and expensive I honestly dont thin there should be premuin i think everyone should get everything to make it equally fair %100. I love prequal loads! Its so fun and addicting. By sophie henry.Version: 2.35.6

Great free editing options!Love this app! The filters and effects have mostly two free options to choose from. As a causal and free user this is a huge plus for me. The filters and and effects are quality and there are a lot to choose from. Definitely a good option for free users. I hope to future filters continue to have free options. My biggest gripe with the app is that it drains my battery in minutes. Had my phone at full charge with battery saver on and after editing two photos my phone is at 8% :( Also the app crashes several times when it is rendering. Some of the filters take a while to load and lag when editing. I have an iPhone SE which is a very old phone so I don’t know if this app is too much for my old phone or if it’s the app itself. Maybe it works better on newer phones, I’m not sure..Version: 2.14.0

Another uninstall and install requiredI’ve been using this app for quite a long time now and when it’s working at its best there is nothing that can compete with it. However recently I had to delete the app and reinstall it just to get it working ,it seems after a few days of working well it will then decide not to load which is so frustrating so I have no alternative but to uninstall and reinstall time after time. Please look into this as I can’t be the only person having this issue..Version: 2.1.7

Very good but for £260 a year!Prequel is a good enough app. There is a lot of scope for editing videos etc. Would be worth paying a decent amount for the app (that would not be an unreasonable ask, money has to be made) but to pay approx £260 per year. No thank you. That is too much. Maybe breakdown the subscription. A certain amount to remove the watermark, a certain of amount money for different filter and features. Or just bring down costs altogether!.Version: 1.15.8

AMAZING APP!I love it.Version: 2.14.0

No exaggeration, the greatest app I’ve ever usedI almost don’t even wanna tell my friends about this app because I’ve been able to impress them so much by using it! The ease, detail, endless possibilities. It’s actually mind-blowing. There are a handful of aesthetic apps to give VHS effect or Super 8 or something like that, but Prequel is in a league of it’s own. If you have a brand or are a content creator, this is the secret to doing sleek, professional, high quality work. I would like to pay a bigger fee once instead of annually but they make it so worthwhile by constantly adding updates like they just did several for Halloween and I’d assume they’ll do similar for Christmas. The textures they use make fonts look like real lacquer pins or fabric patches. These guys have it all figured out!! More than a review, I just want to thank the developers — this app has made my year!.Version: 2.0.12

Best App EverHands down the greatest editing app I’ve ever used! I cannot get over how amazing my photos look. It can turn ordinary pictures into what look like professional shoots. I love love love it! I haven’t even upgraded to Gold yet but I’m seriously considering it. I have no problems with it 😁.Version: 1.17.50

Big ProblemWhenever I open PREQUEL it just stays loading it doesn’t ever go into what I actually want to do please fix this bug because I want to edit some of my videos..Version: 1.17.0

Amazing AppReally good app for the BTS 90’s edits🤗🤗.Version: 1.9.0

Amazing app110/10!!.Version: 1.17.30

.😀👍.Version: 2.0.12

MAKE FILTERS AND EFFECTS FREE AGAIN!!!I love this app! I use it to do my colouring for my fanpage! It’s amazing!!! 😍 but today I opened it and was doing my colouring until…. I found out mostly all filters and effects were locked and you needed prequel gold to use them! So pls I’m begging you, make them free again!!!! I love this app I would like to continue using it. My parents will not pay £5 for this app! So pls don’t do this!! Also I think lots of other people want there filters and effects back!! Thanks pls listen and do this!!! ☺️.Version: 2.32.1

Amazing! But the crashes are driving me inside!!!Like i said in the title, i love the app so much! it’s features are amazing, but when editing videos it just crashes in the first three seconds. i’ve tried reinstalling, making the videos smaller, waiting and then logging on again etc. i just want to make videos again.Version: 1.17.60

This app is good but…So I came across this a few months ago and it worked perfectly. Then I deleted it and came across it again and got it. I put a picture in and went to filters and for some reason the filters are not working . I tried turning the iPad off completely and it still didn’t work. And then I deleted the app and it didn’t work. Can you please tell me what’s going on like if the app is down or there is a bug. I think it’s only happening to me. Thank you if you can..Version: 2.17.1

Great but disappointing 😭😭😭I have been using prequel since 2020 and I found out that you guys put teal star mode so now I need to buy it I’m so disappointed beca I loved this app so much please make real free again it was so useful and I can’t do vids on TikTok any more i am sos sad please make it free again im begging you the filter real is so important to me and now I can’t use it😭😭😭 please please make it free again as fast as possible. I will be deleting this app if you don’t please do. Yep hat filter was so important to me and for others 2 the only reas why I use prequel is bc of real and the filters and I can’t use real in more so what the use of this app the whole thing to make my TikTok videos better is by using the filter real and if you guys can’t I will delete this app PUT IT BACK FREE please it would mean a lot to me and other please do it as fast as possible PLEASE!!😭😭😭.Version: 2.26.0

Prequel: Date and Month ChangeThis editing app is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, but the only down fall is that on some filters, it would be brilliant if you could change the date and month to when the video or picture was actually created. Other than that, this app is super but I would have given this app 5 stars only if we were able to change the date and month in the filters.Version: 1.16.11

Okay!!So helpful to use I use it for my tiktok colouring but takes forever to download!.Version: 2.21.1

But it brokenIt’s amazing of you that many times it is beautiful for us and everything but it’s been a glitch where when I’ve been trying to film the its tell me to allow access to my camera and I’ll go in my settings to allow access and it just doesn’t show up and I’ve clicked on it many times just trying to fix the problem and I don’t know what’s up with it so images have the not allow access to the camera roll eyes it’s not gonna work for a lot of people..Version: 1.17.60

Fabulous, but one issue lately.This app has always been amazing for me. The glittery filters are the best, and give such a good aesthetic. However there is an issue in the app lately whenever I try to load a slow motion video it just gets stuck loading at 25%. Frustrating because some of the best videos I’ve edited with the filters have been slow mo! Other than that, beautiful filters… I don’t really use any other app to edit anymore..Version: 2.8.2

Amazing appPrequel is an amazing app that I love to use to edit my videos and photos. Although you need to pay for certain filters/effects, their is still a massive variety to choose from. It’s super easy to use and I highly recommend it.Version: 2.12.1

Laggy, good, needed to be addressedI was looking for an app, that helps make me edits for pinterest. I came across this app, “ Prequel.” I started using this app for about a day and loved it. The next day I was going to make another edit and noticed that when I put the filter on, it got a bit glitchy. I figured it was an effect and it might be glitchy, so I deleted the app and re download it a few days later. When I re downloaded it and started using it for a few hours, I noticed... 1. It was still pretty glitchy. 2. It drained my battery, ( quite a lot just for an hour or two. ) Other than that I think this app has some pretty interesting features. Definitely worth getting, just be aware it’s a bit glitchy, ( but when saved to camera roll it is perfect quality. ) Thank you for reading my 100% honest review, stay safe & have an amazing day. :).Version: 2.1.7

Prequel....I love prequel since it’s apart of my coloring because I’m a Fanpage but I’ve tried putting in my video it keeps saying this type of content can’t be edited and prequel is a big part of my coloring!! Why isn’t it working can u fix it?!!! Btw Check out my Account cgslushyy!.Version: 2.11.2

ReviewAbsolutely love this app!! everything works perfectly fine and you don’t have to pay if you just want simple filters. super efficient :)).Version: 1.17.42

Amazing but there’s a glitch :(Hello! This app is amazing and I say it is! The filters are amazing and Just mwah! I use prequel for my Fanpage videos! Works perfectly! But recently I been getting a glitch where whenever I save a video it doesn’t save and now I get onto prequel my screen turns black and it’s kicks me out! I’m hoping you see this and fix it! 🐇.Version: 2.1.7

Filters…Please make blanket filter free for everyone.Version: 2.49.0

It’s coolThis app is cool, really well at turning normal photos into art, good editing tools but damn, the GIPHYs make it seem like a women-empowerment app..Version: 2.4.0

Great but would love a cheaper subscriptionI think this app is fantastic and great free features but I’d actually use it more and pay for it if there was a cheaper subscription option OR a one off remove watermark fee... Surely dropping the subscription fee would mean more money in the developers pocket and less users only accessing the free features? Just a thought. This would be my main app if it was cheaper. Aussie users have to pay more because of the conversion fee too! Love it but just out of my budget to pay for it at present. (And I want to give you my money but just can’t afford current price)..Version: 1.12.0

I REALLY LOVE THIS APP,BUT...I really loved a lot of the free filters & effects & how you can customize each filter! I love everything about this app, however, I think that paying $5/week to unlock all the other filters & editing features are a bit too pricey, especially if you’re paying WEEKLY! Even though I really do like this app & I know that I will be using this app a lot, I don’t think it’s necessary to pay a weekly subscription for that kind of price for all those filters. Also, for some strange reason, everytime I go onto the app, after each minute my screen dims & gets darker & darker & it’s very hard to see how I’m editing my photos & videos! My brightness is turned up all the way & the app still causes my screen to dim & I have get out of the app & wait for the brightness to turn up again. Please add a monthly subscription for those who want use all of the features but don’t want to pay high price for them & please fix this bug!.Version: 1.17.41

Amazing but could be better..I love prequel! All the different effects everything!! I use it most of the time for my TikTok fan page (pinktycrs) :)! The reason I gave it 5 is that I have a small suggestion that Ik would help! Ok so once u have done ur colouring sharpen glow ext, u would press a button near export called “ save” and this would save ur theme, so then the next time u want to do it again u go onto “saved” and choose the one u want give it a name and ur done! I feel like it would help a lot hope u see this! Stay safe ♡´・ᴗ・`♡.Version: 2.4.0

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