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Why Can’t I download on IPhone 6This app works pretty well. It is consistent with the reader & generally within just a few points of a manual glucose reader. I like all of the graphs & info that it breaks down. As long as you scan once every 8 hours, it will download all of the sensors data. The biggest issue I have is that I can download the app on my mom’s iPhone 6. I have the 11 so I will scan for her sometimes. But because her phone doesn’t have the capability of scanning the sensor, she can’t even download the app. This means that I can’t share her data that I scan with her. In the share section of the menu, it tours that you can share your glucose readings with family and friends. What it doesn’t tell you is that their phones must also have the capability of scanning the sensor whether they need to or not. Even if someone can’t or doesn’t need to scan the sensor, they should be able to download the app for sharing purposes..Version: 2.2.2

Long time userI’ve hade this sensor and app for about 3 years now so this review may be long. I find the gradual improvements Abbot makes are worthwhile but they are generally reactive to people’s complaints rather than proactive which would truly be better. The app: it’s good but I have nothing to compare it to. It would be nice if they would convert to an A1C periodically. Also would like to be able to connect to other health apps for tracking, such as apple health, or various activity health bands such as Charge. I haven’t had too many issues with the app and am happy with it. Product: The improvements in the skin glue is great. The past year no more ripping off my skin and leaving open wounds - the libre comes off easier yet sticks better. I wish we could put it somewhere other than an arm - I am fairly clumsy and it rips off when I bump into doorways. Although not recommended I put one on my belly and readings were comparable to my averages - but my pants waistband kept rubbing it. I wish they would give skin color options. Smaller and flatter would be nice..Version: 2.5.1

Well worth it!!!I have had this system in place for about a year now. I use it all the time and it helps me manage everything to the point my Doctor’s can’t believe how good my numbers are. I take less meds because I can better manage the types of foods I eat and when. suggestions - the screen does not switch to side view and I makes it hard to see logged reading at times. Also, with the iPhone XR it’s having a hard time reading the sensor but eventually does read it. The graphs should readjust with to smaller graph when they are out of range for the screen numbers. I tried adding a pic here so you could understand my comment but it would not allow me. I would be happy to send the pic to you if you give me an email. Other then these little issues, very well thought out design and VERY USEFUL TOOL!!!.Version: 2.2.1

Convenient But has locked up and I added an updateI let the app run in log mode for 21 hours in the background after taking a reading. When I tried to take the next reading, I switched to the home screen, pushed the check button. It turned dark and then back to light. It did not engage. This has been the case every time since. I’ve tried pushing everything I could but the button did not reset. As I pushed the many buttons each one functioned as designed, except the check button. Update: I decided to take a chance. It looked like I was going to lose my data if i deleted the app. But wait , I decided to follow the old adage. If it doesn’t work, reboot it. I shut the iPhone off. Restarted it and the Libre app. That fixed it and I didn’t lose anything. There is still a bug, but there is a work around if it happens to you..Version: 2.5.1

Ready to take care of myselfEven though my insurance doesn’t pay for it I decided to try the freestyle libre paying for it myself. Being a relatively new diabetic type two I despise having to stick a lancet to my fingers;some days I just skipped checking. With this application I find myself checking time and time again to see how different foods and activity affect the reading; being able to make notes of how I feel, exercise done, etc motivates me to follow a plan and take care of myself. Alerts for highs and lows are really important, hopefully by next version they are incorporated. It is too much to ask for a scale that communicates with the app but having some space to note it and follow progress would be nice. Also on the wishlist: scan with the Apple watch, sharing feature available in other countries, and free chocolate for life!.Version: 2.2.1

Love the app, want more sharing optionsI love the app. It give me the ability to check quickly and get back to my business, but it doesn’t share the data to any other apps. I use two other apps to keep track of my overall health and glucose levels, the iOS Health app, and One Drop. I was using them before I got the Freestyle Libre, and I loved the experience and how simple it made sharing my data with my doctors, but the LibreLink, while I can share with my spouse and others close to me, that application doesn’t quite work for physicians. That’s why I like using the other apps. Isn’t it possible to allow LibreLink to write to Apple Health or share data with other apps like One Drop? If this feature were available, I’d say that the app would deserve more than five stars, but for now I can only give it four. Just more data sharing options please!.Version: 2.2.1

Free Style CGM.Have been using the FreeStyle Libre sensors for almost 1 year now. I find the differences between CGM and finger stick are greatest during moderate to severe excessive activity. When you complete the activity and relax the readings come closer together. Also, overnite while sleeping they are very close. This is helpfull if you wake in the middle of the night feeling not quite right, you can just reach for the meter and scan. If readings are within range go back to sleep in confidence. I experience some days immediately after installing a new sensor reading can be off ( low ) by about 35 units. But after a little movement and a couple hours they get within 7-10 units. I used to have to finger stick 8-12 times per day now my fingers can heal. Still very much angry that my Medicare supplement insurance will not cover and the discount card only discounts $1.00. Don’t know how much longer I can pay out of pocket..Version: 2.2.2

Best thing so far for glucose monitoringI have been type 1 for 10 years and have to say that this app allows me freedom in ways I have not seen anywhere else so far. Instead of manually poking my finger for a blood reading, the scanning is painless, easy and allows notes for food, insulin, etc.. I have two constructive criticisms. The 12 hours that I am without reading during scanning makes me anxious. As funny as it sounds, I have come to love seeing the entire readings as it brings a new level of insight to managing my BS. So if there is a way to start syncing a new sensor 12 hours prior to the existing one expiring to have no gap in readings that would be great. The second suggestion is that I would love to see an Apple Watch app that displayed the BS reading when scanning. I have never used a dexcom or other continuous BS monitor as all of those are considered medical devices and is a different insurance deductible and is way too costly to obtain. The freestyle libre reader is great for me because it is considered a pharmacy benefit and is actually cheaper than buying a month worth of test strips for manual checking. Keep it up and keep innovating!.Version: 2.2.1

FreeStyle Libre Not connecting to server on IPhone 8Update: My app is working now, after trying for at least 5 hours. I did call the help line and I too was given the “server down” story. I don’t believe the server storyline. I believe the server is just fine. I believe there are too many users trying to long in/register at the same time, and after a predetermined period of time/tries, it times out. I must commend Abbott for this absolutely terrific system. I drive a lot, and testing my sugar levels while driving is dangerous. With the sensor and my iPhone, I worry no more. Way to go Abbott! * (one star) I just purchased two sensors. Unfortunately, the FreeStyle Libre App encounters an “Error communicating with server” immediately upon opening. It’s accompanied by a small rectangular box with the words “try again.” I tried reconnecting many many times to no avail. Therefore, the app gets one star. If there were a -0 star, I’d be more the happy to select it..Version: 2.2.1

This has added 5-10 years to my lifeI had always wanted a CGM since they were first developed and extremely expensive. I went from being a very responsible T1D to falling completely off, and almost dying multiple times. Health insurance played a major factor is this as well but my decision to take control again was the ultimate factor. Instead of pricking my finger once a month maybe, I now monitor my glucose levels hourly. I check after meals obsessively because I want to know exactly how by body reacts to what I consume. Believe it or not, I had no idea stress Sky rockets my glucose levels. I never would have known that before the Freestyle Libre. My only complaint is that I cannot get it to sync with my Apple iPhone 7+. It would make this device 1000x better for me if I could utilize this feature and I’m not sure what the issue is. Thank you for continuing to improve a life changing product. 🙏🏼.Version: 2.2.1

Free LibreI have the type that is an upper arm sensor, changed every 14th day. It reads continuously, I think but doesn’t show the continuous feed until I wave my iPhone in its vicinity. It appears to correspond tspot checks against my other, finger-stick glucometer which is from the same line. Occasional early sensor failure is a problem. One major problem which I have heard will be offered soon as a new device?It cannot be set for an alarm if out of range with blood glucose. I go very low at night and often don’t wake or have d dramatic symptoms. The new one, don’t know when Iit is out, is supposed to be able to be set for high and low alarms. I really need those alarms for lows and don’t know when it will be released. I have numerous night time lows. As of now, I set a regular alarm clock to wake for checks at regular intervals and critical intervals. Major design feature no new app yet! Otherwise, very helpful and satisfied..Version: 2.5.1

Great product and app, yet would be perfect if it connected to Apple healthThis is a fantastic product, especially for someone like me. I have diabetes and lupus (a disease that severely compromises your immune system). Sticking yourself every day causes the chance of gaining an infection to increase. I have had multiple infections in my fingersBecause of sticking myself. With the new libra system, I have yet to have one single infection and I have been using it for almost a year. The only reason I did not give it five stars was because it does not allow you to connect to Apple Health. That would be fantastic for someone like me because all my medical information is stored there and on other health apps. Also, my doctor is not aware of how to gain a number to receive my readings directly. Libra May want to reach out to physicians across the country and give them a designated number so patient can participate in this program, libre link..Version: 2.2.2

What I’ve been looking forBeen testing for years. With my work and family schedule it was a pain to try to test or remember to test enough to make informed choices. This is a game changer. Not only is checking my readings easier and faster, it’s way more convenient. I was also disorganized the thing wouldn’t stay on. It has. Well. However as a confession I did buy some covers off a website that have no adhesive over the sensor but around it. Like a giant bandaid. I can work out at gym, mow, kayak, no problems with it coming off. Now recommendations. First, can you make it so the readings can be shared with Apple health? Second, can you also consider partnering with or developing a management app that allows tracking of carbs, exercise, etc? That would make this absolutely perfect. Keep it up!.Version: 2.5.3

UpdateThis thing was and is life changing for me. Had an average of an 8 A1c for almost a decade and no doctor could help me get a good handle on it until I put one of these on my arm and had 24 hour feedback. Now I am under a 7 A1c consistently outside of occasional sickness spikes. Had Covid (which was like getting a common cold) and by blood sugars stayed elevated for about two weeks though I felt fine after the first 3 days of small cough and chills. Only complaint is I use my iPhone 10 to scan it and everything was perfect until the last couple of months it takes much much longer to scan when I hold it up to the monitor and it only vibrates to let me know it got the reading about 75% of the time. PLEASE!!! Update whatever downgraded things or let me know it is Apple and I’ll get a new phone with a less communist company. Thanks!.Version: 2.5.1

A few app Enhancements would be niceI found this app to be quite useful. I was prescribed the FreeStyle Libre by my PCP and my insurance has been dragging their feet authorizing coverage. I realized, after more investigation, I could utilize my smartphone to read the sensors and gave it a whirl. It’s been fascinating to see the trends in my blood sugar throughout the day and try to figure out what impacts my blood sugar. Some enhancements I would like to see would be the ability to delete a manual entry (I accidentally entered a manual reading for the wrong day) and for the app to have some bidirectional communication with the Apple Health app. I have a blue tooth glucometer and app that communicates with Apple health and it would be such a time saver for when I do need to manually check my blood sugar if I didn’t have to then enter it again in the LibreLink app. Otherwise, this has been a great alternative to frequent finger sticks..Version: 2.5.1

Love itI have been a diabetic for about 5 years now and using this has made life so much easier. i had some troubles at first but have made adjustments so it has become a lot more reliable. at first i had trouble getting the sensor to stay in my arm so now i use a tagaderm and it stays just fine, you could pick it up at your local grocery store or ask your doctors office and they usually will give you some. compared to the dexcom i used the dexcom a couple years ago and it was my first CGM and i loved it. one thing i liked more about it was being able to just view it without having to scan and being able to view it in my “widgets” on my unlocked screen and it being compatible with an apple watch. i also liked that i was able to place it on my stomach instead of just my arm. what i like a lot more with the libre is that it is about the size of a quarter and being a young college student, it is a necessity. i also love the fact that it does not need to be calibrated with actual finger stick tests. the app i think the app is very navigable and allows me to check overall averages up to 90 days is very convenient when talking to my doctor. i don’t have any problems with the app. i am so thankful to be able to use this type of technology and any update with anything i said above would be appreciated but using as is, is relief enough to my everyday life..Version: 2.2.1

Great System - a few recent quirksAs with the other review, CGM readings are low compared to both finger stick and 90-day A1c. However, knowing exactly how different foods and supplements affect BG is EXTREMELY valuable. I realize that FDA allows +/- 20% error, however, it would be helpful to have some guidance on reconciling finger stick and A1c differences due to tolerance issues. I realize that finger sticks are also subject to the +/- 20% error. The app has recently been sluggish to respond and if you tap the "add a note" a second time during the delay you get prompted to enter a second or third note - not a problem to "cancel" but it's quirky and I thought the developers would want to know. It is also sluggish to make readings - up to 30 second delay. The sluggishness may be partly due to "Battery" "Low Power Mode" being turned on - Developers: check this please..Version: 2.5.1

Love itMy A1c has improved. How does anyone manage diabetes when prescribed only one or two test strips per day.!! With this 14 day sensor I can constantly check how I’m doing. When I’m hungry I learned what I can or cannot eat. I’ve learned the effect of various foods and activities on my glucose readings. Since Covid isolation, I’m less active and my readings are more stable, not that less activity is a good thing. I find myself anxious, between wears, which I allow purposely to stretch my budget. Yes, I’ve occasionally noticed huge differences between the strip and the sensor, but customer service is usually able to accommodate! Expecting the recent alarming differences since the update to be worked out soon. Word of caution, be sure the non phone app reader has actually been activated before activating the phone app. I thought my reader was activated and it wasn’t..Version: 2.5.1

LoveI actually have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 7 years old, I am now 25 and work for a family practice that deals with a lot of type 2 and type 1 diabetics. I have showed a lot of patients this product after I tested it out myself, and the doctors I work for have written a lot prescriptions for this item and have actually had me come into the room with them and the patient to inform them and show them how this product works. The doctors I work for have told me to contact the company for more information on insurance coverage, drug rep information to report back to patients and even becoming either a sponsor or something involved in this company because I truly do believe this will make any diabetics life easier as it has made mine. I work for a very busy practice and am very forgetful, this monitor has made my life that much easier and my Hemoglobin A1C come down from 9.2 to 7.8 within 3 months (this glucose monitor has a reminder setting that will alarm you within 1-2 hours to retest your blood sugar once you apply that setting) I highly recommend this product and can honestly say it has made managing my type 1 diabetes’s more reasonable..Version: 2.2.1

Love itI love this. I went from a 7.3 A1c to a 6.3 in just 2 months. The only difference was knowing what was going on. I was only scripted for 4 tests a day. With this, I can test as many times as I want. In addition, the sensor lasts 2 weeks and I can scan on my phone, so no more getting somewhere and not having my meter. The only time that it was an issue was my fault when I forgot the sensor ran out that day and didn’t take a new one when I was out for the day. Lesson learned. It does tell you how much time is left on the sensor, but I ignored it. In addition, the best thing as far as I am concerned is the directional arrows. I had always hated not knowing the context of the number, but with the arrows, it gives me confidence to treat the number accordingly. 100 with a straight up arrow, ok get some insulin, 100 with a straight down arrow, get a snack, etc. Putting on the sensor doesn’t hurt in the least either. Overall, love it!.Version: 2.5.1

Wait longer than one hour for more accurate resultsAfter applying the arm sensor stick patch thing, wait for perhaps four hours before taking the initial scan. I found that interstitial “air” reading could be 30 points lower than comparative blood readings when waiting only one hour. The “air” vs blood reading became much more in line, within ten points, up or down, once I began waiting four hours. .... This is of course anecdotal data based on less than ten tests of both waiting-time methods. ..... I love the system. ... Water resistant medical tape is your friend. .... I WISH I COULD SEE AND upload the full data file of hidden measures and comments and events to my email and SPREADSHEET. Via your meter and by the consumer app on my cell phone. CAN I GET THE PHYSICIAN system?.Version: 2.2.2

Thank you!Update (August 16, 2019): I’ve been using the app consistently for a while. It’s great and functions as intended - so no complaints there. One feature I would request that you have is the option to add a widget in the area accessible from the lock screen (without unlocking the phone). Here’s the idea: give me an instant-check widget that I (or anyone else) can get to without unlocking my iPhone. They don’t need full access to the app, but it should be enough for them to just use the widget and take a quick reading to make sure I’m not in the red, basically to do an instant blood-sugar level check without seeing any other info (like trends or logbooks). The only info the widget needs to display is the current blood-sugar level at the time of scanning (and a RED indicator if it’s too high or too low)... For more info, the phone should need to be unlocked. ** Original review: I love this app. It’s not buggy at all, and actually feels like thought, time, and effort has been put into making it and polishing it out before release. So, thank you for not phoning it in. A few suggestions for the next version: Touch ID, Face ID, and/or passcode lock (at least the option to do so) would be nice. Also, since iPhones beyond the X models mostly use OLED panels (the XR being the exception), a “dark” theme is important, so please consider adding it as soon as possible. Not only does it not blind me in the dark, on some iPhone models, it may actually conserve battery life..Version: 2.2.1

Changed my life and my habitsI have been using this CGM for 3 years (one of the first) the data has matched my blood stick whenever I compared it at the Dr’s office. I have had only 2 in 3 years that had issues and the company sent replacements in a couple of days. I control what I intake now because I am much better educated about the impact of various foods. I have found BAD items that can make me soar to 300+ readings and learned how to spend an entire week with an average of 116 in just two weeks. Before, I was getting frustrated with higher readings when I was just getting a blood stick snapshot at 148 when I woke up, now I understand the Dawn Effect and see that I was below 100 many times between 2-4:30 and slowly was creeping up as I began to stir and wake up! But I NEVER saw that data before..Version: 2.5.1

Helps me as a diabeticI’m 12 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 11 and before I used to use finger sticks, which took up too much time, stung my fingers, and also would leave tiny holes in my fingers after pricking. But then I started using LibreLink and it has helped my tremendously. Now taking my blood sugar is just in a matter of seconds, instead of around 2 minutes getting everything set up with fingers sticking. If I had only one problem with this app is that it’s not as accurate as finger sticking, and this is because it has a 10-15 minute delay. Which basically means that when ever you check you blood glucose you are getting your sugar from about 10 minutes ago. But like I said before this app has helped me a lot when managing my diabetes, and it helps me feel more free, like diabetes isn’t holding me down, and that I’m taking care of my diabetes..Version: 2.5.3

Life simplifiedI was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at age 26. That was 35 years ago. I am an active elementary school teacher. I love to exercise and swim. Frequent testing in public, class, meetings, restaurants, social gatherings has always felt like a necessary evil. I love that I can “test” on the fly without missing a step in a busy life. I can also check as often as I like without budgeting strips. The sensor tells me not only where I am at the moment, but how long I’ve been there and which direction I’m heading. Huge for understanding the impact of glucose, insulin and activity on my body as everyone is unique. I love the mountain of information I can see at any moment and how easy it is to share with my doctor. The reader was just ok, awkward, not very responsive, hard to add/edit notes and who needs one more thing to carry? The app is SO much easier and who is ever more than inches from their phone? Love, love, love. Life changing..Version: 2.2.1

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