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Jason Vale’s Super Blend Me! Negative Reviews

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Jason Vale’s Super Blend Me! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Jason Vale’s Super Blend Me! app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Jason Vale’s Super Blend Me!? Can you share your negative thoughts about jason vale’s super blend me!?

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Jason Vale’s Super Blend Me! for Negative User Reviews

Not openingApp not opening?.Version: 1.05

Shopping listNot generating.Version: 1.04

Oh dearWon't play videos. Major glitch! Unlike the other plans, Recipes involve expensive additional ingredients. Wasted £5.Version: 1.08

App is not opening!The app will not open!!!.Version: 1.04

App keeps throwing me outI really like the Jason vale apps but this one keeps throwing me out. Please can this be fixed ASAP as I can’t get on to make my blends 😖 other than that the layout and videos of how to make everything and little tips are great as always..Version: 1.08

Shopping listWill not generate shopping list, so you have to look through the recipes to write down the ingredients. Not much content either to be honest. Released the main ‘blend’ on Twitter a weeks ago..Version: 1.04

App not downloadingHello - any assistance with this problem please? Trying to download the app, have paid, but it has frozen which is very frustrating. What should I do? Many thanks, Paul.Version: 1.08

Not a fan of the blendsI personally don’t enjoy at least half of these blends and I’m not a fussy eater (or drinker in this case). I tried the juicing for a week and enjoyed most of those. Maybe I’m not making them correctly? I think it would be better to give weight measurements for ingredients as well as saying “small handful”. Then you can be precise if you like, or shove it together if you’re not bothered. At least you can know if you definitely dislike a blend. It would be good to suggest alternatives for allergy sufferers too. I’m allergic to cashew nuts, but thankfully not almonds so have been replacing cashew butter with almond, but some substitutions may not be so obvious. It would be good to have more information on which blends can be swapped around or which to drop for an evening meal, and to be able to change notification times for blends (not everyone works 9-6) App has crashed often as well. Love the videos and shopping list though! General look and simplicity of the app is nice..Version: 1.08

FrustratingThis app would be great if only the shopping list generator worked. As it is I have to bring up each drink for each day and count up the number of items needed. Then write the shopping list. I prefer to buy 3 days worth at a time and it won’t generate a shopping list even for one day..Version: 1.05

Videos won't load, then the app crashesI've previously used Jason Vale apps and have Ben happy, but this one is not working properly at all. The videos will not load and then the app freezes and won't do anything. All very frustrating when you are trying to watch the coaching videos before the start of the challenge on Monday..Version: 1.08

App doesn't openAll I get is the logo...the app doesn't open. I'm very disappointed. I was planning on following this plan. Hopefully the app will get fixed. I see I'm not the only one with this problem!.Version: 1.05

Not enough allergy warningAs someone allergic to nuts, I am used things saying contains nuts. Especially cooking apps/books. So I appreciate that that I would not be able to all things in this app when purchasing but the amount I can not do is unreal for you to simply say, uses nuts. About 60% of these recipes contain nuts which is a ridiculous amount just to say contains nuts. So 60% of the app is useless to me. You need to make it clear these recipes heavily rely on nuts and you will not be able to get much out from this app if you are allergic..Version: 1.08

Super Blend MeApp does not work! Only displays title page. Won't open.Version: 1.04

Not openingWon't load or open, stay well away.Version: 1.05

App keeps crashingApp keeps crashing every time I go to use it complete waste of money. I am a huge fan of Jason Vale his work is incredible. Please someone fix this app ASAP!.Version: 1.08

No sound on iPadSound works on iPhone but not on iPad..Version: 1.04

Shopping list not generatingThe shopping list won’t generate on any of the plans... Please fix ASAP as I want to use this app this week.Version: 1.05

Good but no shopping listShopping list wont generate i feel thats the most important and helpful part of these apps.Version: 1.05

Total CrapI like the Jason Vale apps. I have them all and I dip in and out of them regularly. I was excited to see the launch of this new app and bought it without question. There it ends. It won't open properly on with my phone or my iPad. I get the interminable 'wheel of death' every time I try to open a video, and in fact, have not been able to watch even one in spite of trying a number of times. Also the app freezes meaning I can't go back or forwards and have to close the whole thing down and then go back in to do even the most simple navigation (we're talking the basics here- scrolling up and down). Please note that I have no problems using any of the other Juicemaster apps. This app is wholly unfit for purpose (I can't use it at all). Is there any way of getting a refund?.Version: 1.05

Working?App does not open..Version: 1.05

Does not workPaid $5 for a logo page. Will not load anything else. Tried on two iPads with iOS 9.3.5..Version: 1.04

It’s dairy, not diaryI love Jason’s plans and this one is my favourite yet. I just hate that it talks about “diary-alternative”. Has nobody spell-checked the app? Also the search bar doesn’t really work. I tried to search for ‘date’ and it said there were no results, yet the next recipe I tapped on had Medjool Dates as the first ingredient. I’ll be using the book from now on as I can find things easier...I just have to prise pages apart where they’ve been splattered with smoothies!!.Version: 5.0.8

Constantly crashing and plans don't workPurchased this to buddy me on the 10 super blend challenge starting tomorrow however won't be any use. Disappointed. The plans don't open, and the app closes itself (crashes) constantly. The SOS and after the plan doesn't load at all. On iPhone 6+ so not on an old phone! Unless bugs are fixed, save your money..Version: 1.08

SBM App issue 12/30/2017App does not open on my iPad, sad and disappointed. Version ISO 9.3.5.Version: 1.05

MrsMThe videos don’t work and the app crashes!.Version: 1.08

Can’t create a shopping list?Just bought the App..it’s not working properly, can’t create a shopping list? Please fix!.Version: 1.05

Video MalfunctionThe videos, which are vital, don’t work..Version: 5.3.0

Videos are not loadingI have all your apps but the video is not working on the Super Blend app.Version: 5.0.9

If your still selling the app commit to fixing the bugsGood recipes and all but if you pay for the app you expect the video to work or atleast find a way for us to access it through YouTube. There is an sos video for each day if you are struggling and I can’t access this content very frustrating..Version: 5.0.9

App won't openApp won't open, reported problem but have had no reply..Version: 1.04

Good appI have brought other Jason vales app, and have never had a problem, but I have only rated this 3 star, unfortunately some of the videos on my iPad supporting this new app of Jason's will not open so hopefully they can sort this out soon.Version: 1.08

Super blend meApp won't open 😞.Version: 1.05

No SoundAs per other reviews no volume on iPhone.Version: 1.04

App not openingApp not opening - please advise.Version: 1.05

Could be amazingThere are videos with this app - showing how to make the blends and also offering tips for success etc. Unfortunately, they don’t work. I was able to view them fir a day or two but now they just won’t load on my iPhone or brand new iPad. My bf bought it today and the videos won’t load on either of his devices either. It was a great idea and I would give the app 5 stars if the videos worked..Version: 5.0.9

Crashes after 30 secondsThe app crashes after 30 seconds, waste of money..Version: 1.08

Not suitable for nut or banana allergy sufferersI have all Jason's juicing books and they are great, I purchased this app thinking the smoothies would be just as good....however nearly every recipe has nut butter or nut milk, or banana. Therefore was a complete waste of money as not suitable for allergy sufferers. I think this should be mentioned in the product description so people like myself don't waste their money. DISAPPOINTED JUICE MASTER TEAM!.Version: 1.05

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