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BFT - Bear Focus Timer App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

BFT - Bear Focus Timer app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using BFT - Bear Focus Timer? Can you share your negative thoughts about bft - bear focus timer?

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BFT - Bear Focus Timer for Negative User Reviews

Timer does not count downSo I bought this straight away cause I love bears and timers, unfortunately the timer doesn’t count down if your screen isn’t on, what a waste of battery power! Would like a refund..Version: 3.6

App does not workThis app looks super awesome and I love the premise of its purpose, especially as a student, however I cannot seem to be able to start the timer, even after I turn my phone over? I do have an iPhone XR, so maybe it’s just the build for this iPhone? I’m not sure, but I will change my rating as soon as I am contacted and helped with this situation..Version: 5.4

Lovely app! But issues with watch series 3I absolutely love this take on the pomodoro technique, it is way less cold and authoritative, and feels like it’s working WITH you rather than telling you to do something like other apps. That said however, there are lots of issues running on watch series 3 🙁 I can’t open the app from the app picker, and it automatically goes to the background after I turn my wrist away. I really don’t want to give this a 3 star, but if the current watchOS issues were fixed it would be an immediate 5 star. Thanks! 🐻.Version: 6.5

UnusableI love the design of this app but it doesn’t seem able to detect whether or not my phone is face down, and turning your phone face down is the only way to start the timer, so it’s unusable. Please fix ASAP so I can use your beautiful app!.Version: 5.5

Doesn’t workI turn my phone over and nothing happens. The timer doesn’t move, the bear doesn’t react and the sound doesn’t come on..Version: 6.3

Cool app but they forgot to add an alert lolApp is a great idea but it doesn't alert you when the time is up. Buy this once they have added that or just use a regular alarm. Imagine coming all this way to make an app and then forgetting the most important and easiest part of it..Version: 13.0

Apple Watch app is brokenWould easily give this 5 stars if the Apple Watch notifications worked :/ (sync between the iPhone and Apple Watch would be a nice bonus too).Version: 7.1

Nice app but needs more options & integrationIt is a nice app which works just fine. It would benefit from more options in terms of music/sounds. More importantly, it needs integration with Apple health “focus”..Version: 3.5

It would be great if it worked.Beautiful artwork and great idea behind it. This was recommended to me but the timer doesn’t start, and despite trying many things, it just won’t get going. On top of that, there’s no troubleshooting so I’m left with no idea how to fix it. Very disappointed which is a shame..Version: 5.4

Doesn’t work on iPod touchOn my iPod, when the screen turns off, so does this app. The sound cuts out, but so too does the timer. When you switch the screen back on, the timer has paused itself and picks up where it left off. Disappointed..Version: 8.3

Great when it worksI downloaded this app a while back and since I’ve started working from home I’ve started using it again. It’s an amazing little app with beautiful illustrations but about 50% of the time the timer won’t start when I flip my phone over. It’s really frustrating because there is no option to start the timer manually, meaning I may flip my phone over and not realize it hasn’t been started until I check it 30 minutes later. It can’t be such a difficult fix and the fact that it hasn’t been fixed in the 3 weeks that I’ve been WFH, makes me wonder whether the developer spends any time on this app anymore..Version: 5.5

Doesn’t work for meWhenever I turn my phone over, it doesn’t start the timer. It only works on Apple Watch. Do you know how to fix it? I have an iPhone 8, is that why?.Version: 13.0

Great idea, functions poorlyLove the idea and really helps focus when it works. However it rarely does. When placed face down as instructed, it rarely starts. Have had to restart app to get it to work on multiple occasions..Version: 5.5

Timer doesn’t work!!I was excited to use this. However, when I have my phone facing down as instructed, timer does not start!! Basically the app doesn’t work....Version: 5.5

Not working after the first 25 minutes!Can anyone please help about this?.Version: 5.4

Trouble starting the timerI want to give this app a great review, because when it works, it works well! The bear is so cute and the noises are great! But most of the time I cannot get the timer to start when I turn over my phone. I’ve checked my phone’s motion sensitivity, and it works fine. Since turning over your phone is the only way to start the timer, it basically does not work at all. I think an option to start the timer by putting your phone to sleep with the buttons would work well as a different approach..Version: 5.4

Fix bugs pleaseI found a bug in the app where the pull down menus don’t properly dismiss, even though the view does. To properly dismiss break time and settings you can’t use pull down. Fix please..Version: 5.0

Fun gimmick that hampers usabilityRequiring the phone to be facedown on the desk to start the timer is a fun gimmick, but for those of us who keep their phone charging on a stand or who don’t like their phones fragile face touching a hard desk, it makes the app needlessly difficult to use..Version: 1.9.5

Good butThis app is good at studying and that type of stuff but how do you change the time and different backgrounds.Version: 1.9.4

There seems to be a huge bug!I thought the illustrations were adorable and loved the concept, but it doesn’t work! I just downloaded it today and if I don’t mess with any of the settings, the app works like a charm. If I adjust the timer, I can’t start the timer, which makes the app useless. I’ve deleted the app multiple times now and every time I keep the default settings, it works. But as soon as it changes, it stops working. Please fix! I’d love to give this app a try..Version: 5.0

Sometimes doesn’t recognise when you flip phoneFirst of all the vibration when your 25 minutes or whatever is over is quiet, so if you’re listening to music even quietly, you’ll probably miss it. Happened a lot for me. Secondly about 1/4 the time i flip my phone it doesn’t recognise it and doesn’t start the timer.. very frustrating. When i’ve noticed i’ve tried turning over my phone slowly and faster etc but still nothing It’s a really nice design though and the slides with encouragement one are so cute! I would highly recommend it if it worked all the time it’s a shame.Version: 7.1

Timer Notifications on Apple Watch Not ReliableWould you use a timer that only sometimes rings when time is up? That is this app for the Apple Watch. It is simple and cute, but also unreliable. The vibration / audio chime / pop up notification work maybe 50% of the time when sessions are up. The other times I find myself looking at my watch realizing an extra 5 to 10 minutes has passed after the session technically ended. It even happens when I’m stating directly at the app watching the counter go to 0. Sometimes a chime / notification, sometimes nothing. For this being the core function of a paid app, please make this more reliable..Version: 13.0

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