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BFT - Bear Focus Timer App User Positive Comments 2023

BFT - Bear Focus Timer app received 79 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bft - bear focus timer?

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BFT - Bear Focus Timer for Positive User Reviews

No Manually Start/Stop. Apple Watch App SubparOnly feature it needs. Love the app otherwise. Manual start/stop would allow you to use the Pomodoro when doing from your phone (I use Anki to study from my phone quite often) The Apple Watch is pretty bad. No local notifications when the timer goes off. On works if you have your Watch “On screen wake show last app” setting set to “Always”... mine is set to “within 2 minutes of last use” so the app never stays on the foreground and you never get notified when the timer is up with a notification. Also the small complication found on the module watch face is broken. Just shows a white square. One suggestion. Add a dark mode by just inverting your black and white images. I screenshoted the app and edited the image mused in Pixelmator and it looks good with simple inverted images..Version: 6.2

Brilliant app. Keeps me focusedThe app is simple to use and doesn’t get in the way. The best cartoons are a great reward for each pomodoro. The only thing that could improve this app would be Apple Watch support so I didn’t even have to have my phone on the desk..Version: 5.4

Friendly and functionalLove the graphics. The app is easy to use and does what it says. Picking up your phone when you wanted to work? You’ll be greeted by a lovable bear and a pause in sound reminding you to put your phone back down..Version: 11.9

Helpful and easy to useNeed to buckle down and get to work - get this app! Easy steps: select how long you need to “focus,” set your phone face down & white noise begins. Turn over your phone before the timer goes off and a cranky cartoon bear pops up reminding you to get back to work. This app has helped me immensely!.Version: 5.0

So impressedI love apps that break thru extremely dense markets with simple innovation! So good, I’ve used all the top pomodoros apps and loved this app almost immediately! Nice job dev! Is this Unity? Very cool!.Version: 1.9.5

Cute and helpfulLots of personality. I love the app. Really glad I bought it..Version: 6.5

Very Good Pomodoro Timer for when studying gets toughDay to day, utilization of the app has helped me to achieve long periods of studying. With the additional sound sound feature, I have the ability to turn it on if I’m in the mood for white noise; it’s a nice touch. Added with the compliment cards, returning to studying has never been more rewarding short term wise. Personally, I can see my self utilizing this app in the future in the current state of it it. In the future, I hope to see continuous growth in terms of software for the app. But as it is now, it’s all I need..Version: 6.5

This is my favourite app!Its simplicity and cosiness are its best assets. Very well thought out, it has been improving my focus over last 6 months and the white noise sounds get me into a flow! Five stars..Version: 3.1

Simple! Simple! And cute!!What a simple app again from this developer! I like their concepts. Simple and convenient app again. Strongly recommend this app to writers, students, readers and any one who need to be concentrated..Version: 1.4

A little suggestionEverything is good, but if I can see the card that I already have and how many that I haven’t had that can encourage me to do more..Version: 6.2

Almost PerfectI really like the app. It’s cute and works well. However, it’s a bit overpriced for the amount of features it has. It would be better if it had more information between focus sessions (like how many times you pick up your phone during sessions, how much time you spend focusing, charts, and trends)..Version: 5.4

Minimalist alternative to forestBFT has become my favorite minimalist alternative to forest! I love the ambient music / white noise. The fact that it forces me to put my phone face down for it to start and the flashlight notification is a great way to keep me focused. I’d like to see some type of gamification rewards in a future update 👍🏼.Version: 1.9.6

Cute and motivational fun.I found this timer to be great and motivational when studying for an exam. If you are into cute bears fishing and need encouragement as you do a long slog of writing a paper or revising for an exam, I highly recommend! The art style is very quirky and just up my street..Version: 1.9

A ~Beary~ Good Focus TimerThat pun was probably made on here but, puns aside, I really do think this is an excellent study tool. It’s really useful for homework in general, but I find it especially great for studying finals or doing a lot of school-related reading. I like how it has both short and long break periods, and how you can adjust them, as well as how you can choose the ambient sound, great for if you’re working somewhere noisy..Version: 5.4

I like this app but ..I wish you could add a widget for iOS 14 that I could just use as the app itself.Version: 7.2

Beautiful App! Needs iPad versionThis app is the most pleasant encouraging pomodoro timer! The simple bear graphics and white noise feature have really kept me focused (except from the temptation to write enthusiastic app reviews). Would love to see an iPad version!.Version: 5.4

❤️Super cute and simple.Version: 9.8

Great pomodoro appGreat at what it does. I hope to see a daily/weekly/monthly stats dashboard. Would be great to see at a glance how much time I’ve spent studying..Version: 8.0

Sound does not work after breakNice dedicated app for pomodoros. However, it doesn't make any sound after my break periods end. Its not my sound settings because the sound works fine at the end of the work period. Can this be fixed? I find the look and simple features such as water and wind for white noise, and having to turn phone face down, very calming..Version: 2.3

Simplistic but one option I’ll like to seeI love how simplistic and cute this app is with the sound effects and the story of the bear 😂 but is it possible to have a chart or some sort of data specifying how many sessions I did in a certain date/day. Like a chart of all the dates that I focused . I love the cute pictures after because it’s like a reward system of encouragement but it is rewarding for me to see a data chart of my improvement of focusing 🧘🏾‍♀️ Thank you.Version: 8.3

Almost perfect....If they had a coffee shop white noise, THEN I could see myself using it all the time. For this reason, I’m sticking to a diff app..Version: 2.9

Great app but currently bugsI love this app but recently all the controls (duration of work and breaks etc) have vanished making it much harder to adjust and use. Hope they fix it soon bc I love it!.Version: 4.7

This bear is a great work companionI’ve produced a huge amount of work while listening to Focus Bear’s rain storm. (Probably couldn’t do the coffee grinder.) The bear is friendly, charming, unobtrusive and forms a great habit: when I hear the rain, I knuckle down to the task at hand. Well worth it. Thanks..Version: 3.7

It helps keep my focusAs soon as I pick up the phone the timer stops I also like that the timer doesn’t start until you put the phone down.Version: 3.0

It’s fun but lackingThis is a fun game... but idk if it’s worth a dollar here’s why: Pros: Simple No ads Ok cute graphics Love the compliments Cons: I wish there was something to do on the game when it’s break time. Maybe play a mini game or show a bear comic? Make it simple yet fun. I wish it had more features that made it a timer to use side by side forest. Still a good app though. Lots of potential.Version: 2.1

Excellent while working from homeIn a working from home environment, the distractions are real and everywhere. There’s terrible news, dishes, ironing, Netflix. A frown from a humble bear is all is takes to discourage. It’s allowance of small breaks is great to keep you on board. I’m very happy I installed this, thank you!.Version: 5.5

This is a lifesaver!!!I don’t know why I don’t use it more often! I get so focused and into my work! It saved my life more often than you would think… :).Version: 11.7

Not respondingJust downloaded the app but I’m not able to reset the session, or do anything else than run the 25 minutes timer. I’m very disappointed. Could you please fix it as I would love to be able to use the app and leave a great review. Thank you.Version: 5.4

Missing something?Either I’m not understanding how to access the options or this doesn’t work. I can change the potential time settings but unable to get the short or long break options. Only Focus works on this app in my phone?.Version: 1.9.8

Best app everI bought this app trying to find the perfect focused app for me and I looked for ages and I couldn’t find one then this one came up and I’m so glad I brought it because it has kept me focused when studying and I have not been tempted to do something else..Version: 3.0

Fantastic!Great Pomodoro style timer. My only request would be to have it connect to Apple health’s mindful minutes so I could track the amount of time I use it/study..Version: 9.4

Delightfully SimpleThe artwork could be more colourful, but it does what it sets out to do. You place the phone face down and it counts down. If you pick it up, the timer stops and the bear looks at you with a furrowed brow. “Keep working!” For some reason the 5 minute breaks end up feeling a lot more than 5 minutes. Which is great..Version: 1.9

Incroyable!J’adore! Je peux rester concentrée durant des heures grâce à cette application! Merci!!!.Version: 7.5

Great appFantastic app but I would love if you added an option to configure the timer(more than 25 min). I generally time myself when I take practice tests for SAT, which are a lot longer than 25 min. I love the idea of forcing myself to not be distracted..Version: 1.9.4

I love it, just makes me sad sometimesOkay I love this app cause it calms me down whenever I'm stressed, but anytime I have to check my phone for the time or I get a call or something, the bear gives me a look like he's mad at me! I feel bad cause I don't want the bear to be upset at me! I just need to check something, bear! I'm sorry!!.Version: 1.9.6

Worth Your MoneyAs someone who struggles with ADHD, sitting down and studying for more than 30 minutes was equivalent to seeing a double rainbow; it was always a struggle to actually COMPLETE my studies. I paid for Bear Friendly Timer and for the first time in my life, studied for probably six hours!It was a miracle!!!! My mom was impressed and got the app too, and she uses it frequently as well. Also, I am simply a huge sucker for well designed and cute apps, so naturally I am pleased with this one!.Version: 1.9.8

Very useful timer!I use this timer to help me stay focused while doing school work. The white noise is perfect and greatly boosts my concentration. I really like how simple and user-friendly the interface is, plus the option to customize the length of focus sessions/breaks..Version: 1.9.8

Missing a few features...This is nice and clean but I’d like to see a few more features that Focus Keeper has though it could remain cleaner and just incorporate a few. I love the white noise feature in this though. I’d pay for an in-app purchase to add charts and a few more settings customizations. Also, needs sync and customized long break. This is the first time I think I’ve thought that an app is priced lower than it should be. By the way, I am in LOVE with the update and the added coffee grinder noise. Thank you for this app!.Version: 1.9.6

Just a few suggestions!Love the app so far! - Just hoping you could add a notification for when the 5 min break ends (I have sound on and my phone is not on vibrate/do not disturb) - as well as the ability to silence all notifications during a focus timer (25 mins or whatever), and un-silence them during breaks Other than that this would be the perfect focus timer ever. Period..Version: 2.6

No way to watch timerAll I wanted was a simple, cute timer. No ads and no need for to do lists, statistics, calendars… just a simple pomodoro. So glad to have found one! However, I like being able to see my timer. I wish there was a way to set the timer without having to turn the phone over..Version: 13.2

Helpful but more features pleaseIt would be really helpful if you could set up a task list and tick items off as you go through them. Other than that - it really helps keep my concentration going for 25 minute periods..Version: 2.0

No growling?I like this timer and its friendly interface. But I had heard that the BFT would growl at me if I turned the phone over too soon, and that is what motivated me to try it out. Why doesn’t Tom growl? He is a bear, right? Please add bear growls..Version: 3.0

GreatGreat app except that if you put the phone on a soft surface, the timer mostly won’t work. After some failures, you will get used to this adorable bear though..Version: 3.4

Excellent but needs dark mode supportWonderful app but in dark mode the text in settings disappears. Also, I would like for the option to automatically turn on do not disturb during a session and then for it to turn off after a session. Overall, very cute and lovely..Version: 4.6

Simple app for helping me focusJust wish there was a complication I could add to my watch face to open the app. Also, I notice that after a while my Apple Watch will return to the watch face screen after the screen turns off. I wish it would stay on the bft app screen with the timer..Version: 7.5

PerfectThis app is perfect - everything you need, nothing you don’t. Also, it’s imagery is adorable. Well done!!.Version: 3.0

So nice and simpleExactly what I needed for pomodoro technique. Way more natural and intuitive to interact with than the usual stop/start timer. Love the whitenoise sounds as well.Version: 1.9

CuteSimple and effective. Would be cuter if the bear growled a little if you flipped before time was up!.Version: 1.9.6

Life changing for adult with adhdThis is just what I posted on Facebook immediately after I finished studying (using BFT for the first time) and it’s so honest I thought I’d just copy paste: ❗️I JUST DID nearly 4 HOURS OF STUDYING WITHOUT GETTING DISTRACTED!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (this is not an ad I’m just very excited that I could actually get my degree at this rate) Thanks to this *p a W some* (sorry not sorry) app (designed for kids but I don’t regret a penny of the £1.99 it cost). The kicker is that your phone has to be FACE DOWN else the countdown stops but it makes a satisfying vibration when you put it back down again ☺️ It schedules short and long breaks (you can chose, I did 45 minute focus sessions with 5 minute short breaks and 20 minute long breaks) and doesn’t jar you out of focus with an alarm but flashes your flash a couple times and chirps (you can change this). It’s all customisable and there’s even some lovely white noise tracks you can listen to in your focus time. And you get these neat postcards which you can add a lil time stamp to, to show you actually CAN study for 3 hours 45 minutes with the right tools!.Version: 7.4

HallelujahPressed buy immediately, this is the cutest productivity app ever. It's makes my inner child feels so happy and refreshing. Though, it would be nice if there is a history tab to keep track of previous completed session..Version: 1.9

WonderfulThis is a beautiful, simple and charming app. It really does do something unique in giving you the space and time to work, with wonderfully immersive yet soothing soundscapes (light rain with distant thunder) and absolute minimum of intrusion from the interface. Very well judged, I love it!.Version: 3.0

Simple, easy to use, & effectiveMy guy i just bought this app on a whim because i only had a dollar left on my account after buying music on itunes but it was so worth the money. i'm a high school student with very severe add & i just got an over 5,000 word essay done because my boy tom helped me focus. but fr i love that it makes it so easy to follow the pomodoro method for work efficiency; it already has the timers defaultly set to sessions of working for 25 mins at a time, short 5 minute breaks, & long 20 minute breaks - THE TIMES ARE CUSTOMIZABLE THOUGH so if the default settings don't work for you, you can change them of course. but they hella work for me. the white noise (storm sounds, campfire sounds, & a few more) being /built into/ the app is also very convenient. 🔥🔥👌🏽👌🏽 not to mention the art is mad cute, & for those who like collecting, the app lets you collect different types of reward cards with different art & it just makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside man. i worked for 4 hours (w/ breaks included) but it went by so fast & i feel hella good & proud of myself for being able to finish that paper. it's really worth more than a dollar man like this'll have me efficiently working w/out getting distracted for life; if i had to choose between buying this app & buying a chocolate bar i'd gladly choose this app. because you know what they say, if you buy a person a fish that fish will last for one night but if you teach them how to fish, that's a skill they can use for life and they can have dinner every night. i digress, but my point is this app is more useful than a $1 chocolate bar so if you also have add or don't but need help focusing i would highly recommend buying it. 🙏🏽🌟🐻🎣.Version: 1.9.5

Adorable disguise of the Pomodoro methodThis app is great! Very approachable and fun to use which is important when it comes to actually making yourself use focus apps..Version: 2.9

Seriously delightfulBased on the pomodoro technique. It’s a simple and charming app that helps schedule focus time plus break time. The UI is easy to navigate and the options are easy to select. I’m eager to see what other apps come from this developer. I literally chuckled when my lack of focus prompted a frowning bear!.Version: 1.9.5

My first review everI rarely review apps, but BFT’s so good that I feel I have to tell people about it. Other Pomodoro apps are too bloated with features and cumbersome to get going. This one’s simple. This one will make you productive. And this one’s a winner..Version: 6.7

Great App!I love this app it has really helped me focus more and study for class for longer. It is simple and clean, the white noise is great too but also I like how you can turn it off when studying in quite spaces and still know the time is up with the flashing light. Perfect app for my needs, never change.Version: 5.4

Good for meditationGood to meditation indoors if you want the sounds of nature in your bedroom, really relaxing. Only problem is it sometimes doesn’t register if I place it upside down, apart from that it’s a great application..Version: 9.2

Best pomodoro timer everI’ve been using all kinds of pomodoro app, and this is the best..Version: 1.9.4

So simple and so perfect.When i finish a pomodoro, the bear is happy with me. when i pick up my phone before the end of a session, the bear gives me that frowny look. i love it. it always makes me smile. i love the choice for white noise and quiet, unobtrusive alerts. totally happy with the app..Version: 6.1

Great but…Overall, I love this thing. It really works with my brain and if I’m about to zone out and hit social media/the fridge, the background noise reminds to stay put as I’ll get a break soon. However, I’m finding it really glitchy. If I turn the phone midway through a round, it won’t restart when I turn it back over. Sometimes it won’t start a new block at all, so I have to clear it from my iPhone screen and then it will restart fine. Please sort these minor issues as I want to give this app 5 stars..Version: 8.9

Good but....It pretty funny and the timer is great, but the only problem is that it turns off if your tablet or other device turns off and doesn't keep going.Version: 4.5

Needs iPad and Mac appNeeds iPad and Mac app.Version: 12.1

Really charming & helpfulThis helps me so much with focus, and the design is just lovely. Thank you..Version: 13.0

It does a little job extremely well.This little app doesn’t do much, but what it does do, it does exceedingly and charmingly well. It has dramatically increased my focus and productivity, and with the built-in rest breaks, it has even improved my health, I believe, by making me get up from my desk at regular intervals and walk around for five or 10 minutes. If you are looking for a simple, effective timer app to help you focus on your work, then I highly recommend BFT..Version: 3.6

Settings Not showingAfter updating to iOS 13, the contents in settings all turned blank and I cannot modify settings. Please check and fix it. Thanks!.Version: 4.6

Simple and very helpfulI wish I had found this app earlier! It has really helped me to concentrate and study in a productive way. It’s easy to use and the white noise is a nice touch!.Version: 1.9.6

Simple yet effectiveThe interface is super simple and easy to use, and that is what makes this app an incredibly effective focus tool. It doesn’t give you annoying reminders if you interrupt your focus session, Bear simply scowls at you. It is super nice that you can set different sounds to play when the timer is up. I also like that it isn’t a traditional circular timer for the screen. Instead, Bear makes you want to complete your study sessions so that he is happy. I absolutely love this app, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple, easy, and effective app for helping them stay on task..Version: 6.7

Excellent appExcellent minimalist app! Just two suggestions for improvement: 1. Please add an alarm also at the end of the breaks! 2. More choice for the white noise sounds (birds singing in wood would be nice!).Version: 1.9.4

Bear Down with the BFTGreat app! Enjoyable function, art and sound. -1 Star because many of us have to work USING our phones. I’d like two options to toggle that, one in the settings, and the second by tapping on the screen - perhaps on the snout - to let bear know I’m working and to remind me to bear down with pomodoro skills. I work using my phone and this always pauses the timer which is a bugabear (I set the timer for shorter intervals to compensate). I’d also second the comments about adding reports, AND add a suggestion to include an inverted color scheme or night mode!.Version: 1.9.9

Love this appI absolutely love this app! I use it daily at work it helps stay focus and not get distracted..Version: 3.0

Simple and beautiful 😍This app does the job. Helps you focus without distracting you with fancy colors. I like to think that I’m avoiding getting the bear angry. I love it!.Version: 6.6

Hi bear! Look here~Hope all is well! Surprisingly I found this app by being attracted by the grizzly icon. Quick question: How can I check the compliment cards collected? It’s better to have a calendar! So the user is able to check daily achievements! Hope to hear from you. Many thanks, Love BFT.Version: 6.8

Great App!!I love this app. I use it daily at work it helps stay focus. Well done!.Version: 7.7

Great!Helps me with work, and surprisingly with meditation, too. Thank you for this app!!.Version: 1.9.9

Get to work with Tom the Bear!The pomodoro method + cute graphics = Tom the Bear! I use this method on my laptop already, and having it on my phone as well makes me more productive..Version: 1.9

It’s great!I love this app too keep me focused. However ever since the update I had on my iPhone the settings and break timer go blank?? If there is any way to fix it that would be great !.Version: 4.6

Great AppReally enjoying the app and finding it useful. My only issue is that the Apple Watch complication for watch faces is just a big white box with nothing in it. For an app that values aesthetics and design so much this is really disappointing..Version: 7.4

Simple, stress free timerI have tried several different focus timers and ended up using this app the most consistently. I like the bear, compliments, and white noise options, and find this app less stressful than the timers with gamification and negative consequences such as killing my digital plant. However, I would like a more functional iPad version. I also would like a widget for the iPhone, so you could use bft with another app. (& maybe an option to set permissions for certain apps allowed to be used with the timer widget going).Version: 7.3

AdorableThis app has genuinely aided my focus so much and I really recommend it. Sometimes the timer fails to start when I turn it face down and I have to try again more violently which I notice as I have the white noise on but if you didn’t use the white noise then you might not notice it hadn’t started? This may just be because my table is old and not that flat but my only wish would be that it could be slightly more sensitive to the turn. Great app..Version: 1.9

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