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DC UNIVERSE INFINITE App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

DC UNIVERSE INFINITE app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DC UNIVERSE INFINITE? Can you share your negative thoughts about dc universe infinite?

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DC UNIVERSE INFINITE for Negative User Reviews

Love the content! But the UI is frustrating.TL;DR the filter function needs to be overhauled, a favorites section needs to be added, the recently read section needs to be more robust and include storylines, and there needs to be more thoughtfulness behind how many hoops the user has to jump through to interact with the content I love everything about the quality of the content within the app, but I think there are some interface issues that are not given enough care or attention. The filter in the comics section, how it is interacted with, and the how we open comics in general is just flat out atrocious. I literally groan when it comes to searching for specific content in storylines or by eras because the filter options seem to reset every time I so much as look at anything else. No option exist for jumping back into specific storylines, so if I want to go back to reading a main series and all the tie-ins, not only can I not do that from the recently read section, but I have to go back and use the (again, atrocious) comic filter to jump back into what I was reading. An option should exist to favorite specific eras, storylines, heroes, etc. to allow readers to jump back into content..Version: 2.2.1

Great content behind horrible appThe content on here is great, and that’s where the praise ends. This app is horrible, and it’s not just the iPhone app, it’s all their apps. The web app makes it nearly impossible to watch anything unless you want to watch full screen. The IOS apps have no idea when the shows end. Every show I’ve watched still shows up under the “continue watching” section. I even let them run all the way through the credits, and they still show up under “continue watching”. They show up there in the web site and in the apps. I don’t know who approved the release of your apps, but I question their ability to do even the most basic user tests. I will not be renewing my membership until they figure out how to make a decent app. In 2019 it is not hard to make a decent video viewing application. If you are just that incapable of it, then partner with Plex, then have the whole video viewing application down..Version: 1.8.2

App STILL dogged by same bugs.App is STILL dogged with the usual inexplicable crashes, pages not loading and unintuitive searches (sometimes an entire run of a series just won’t load). It would be a simple addition to add a check mark next to ‘read’ series or book in saved reading lists so one can keep track of what’s been read, or just see what one has read over time, as marking ‘as read’ doesn’t provide any change to a lost. And sadly video content is now gone, an addition which brought me to DCU in the place, a kind of bait-and-switch, swallowed up into yeh another service (that I refuse to pay for) in the form of HBO Max. Whole app needs a serious overhaul in general but doubt it’ll occur any time soon. Oh and rather embarrassingly, their ‘store’ icon sends you to a page that doesn’t exist. Hooooo-boy. Amateur hour developers up in here..Version: 3.0

Good content, buggy appUpdate July 2022: somehow the app has got worse and comics aren’t even opening now This has finally come to the UK and whilst the content is great and good value, the app has way too many bugs for something that has been available in the US for a long time. The tracking doesn’t work properly so I don’t know which issue I’m up to, I can’t remove books/series that I’ve added to my library and it is putting items I add to my library into two different list and I can’t move items between them. The app and UI need some work..Version: 3.6.3

A jokeThis app is absolutely crap, even basic things dont work, even after the most recent update, the app still doesn’t work in landscape mode on ipad, app constantly crashes, doesn’t show which issues have been read or not, instead of having one library with all the saved comics in, it has several subsections with a few comics in each one, why does it have two different “favourite collections” each one with some of my saves comics in. And for some reason the search feature doesn’t work I've typed the names of comics i know are on dc infinite and yet they dont show up, meaning i cant read them..Version: 3.6.2

Terrible user experienceOriginally I gave the DCUI app a good review. And then I started to use it more. I love DC way more than Marvel but I’ve got to say the Marvel Unlimited app is a much nicer experience. 1) The DC app crashes on me (using iPad Pro and IPhone 13) 50% of the time. It’s a nightmare to get back to the comic you were reading as well because it doesn’t even show up in an intuitive “continue reading” section. So you have to search for it again. 2) When revisiting a series you have been reading it seems impossible to work out where you left off without clicking on every issue and looking to say if it says “resume” or “read”. And “resume” is what shows up for every comic you have finished and are at the last page. “Read” shows if you’ve never read it. It’s really sloppy UI 3) The app only seems to let me download a small number of comics and then they get stuck in my download folder with no way of deleting them. 4) The option to make your own folders is nice and should remain but again it’s impossible to know where you are up to with a series. 5) The app does not let you read in landscape on iPhone at the moment. Rendering the app totally useless. Even with the biggest iPhone you still need to be able to use panel by panel option in landscape, unless you carry a microscope with you. These are just a few bugs that make the overall user experience feel almost amateur compared to the Marvel App. But most of all they make the experience not really worth the money at the moment. I do buy physical single issues of my comics each week and I’ll stick with that for now..Version: 3.6.1

Great content but the app needs workFull of great content but the app is constantly crashing or needs to be reinstalled all the time..Version: 3.6.4

So many bugs, where to start.Different bugs depending on device. 1. Ipad, finish a comic books and it goes to an apparently random comic book next instead of the next one in the series. Tried on iPhone and it went to one in the series. 2. Ipad, Made a list for a series (trying to make own graphic novel which is another issue) and pics sometimes disappear when pressed, can’t download nor read from list. Have to go back to search. 3. Both, Reading and some pages vanish. Have to close book and reopen. 4. Ipad, reading book and can’t get the “Done” or any other button to escape the book. 5. Not impressed that limit TV and Movie list. Thought had access to ALL. 6. Many thumbnail pics are duplicates, so not representing true book or show. 7. Biggest issue, paid for subscription before app was even ready, and I mean to officially download. That was not in the signup page. Should get a few free months for that alone. 8. No Graphic Novels!!??!! 9. At least professionally curated list for multiple titles to tell the story, like 52. (<—Telling the age of my last venture into DC World) 10. I’m being generous with a 2 Star since I have been able to read some (annoying but readable). Like the latest movies (sans WW) disappointed. 11. And while I’m on the subject, relay this WB or whomever. JL: Batman doesn’t make jokes. Ben Affleck was a poor poor choice and Batman doesn’t make jokes..Version: 1.0.1

Great idea, wonky appI purchased a year as a pre-order before service started and it took me a while, but I’m loving it. The rotating comics we’re driving me nuts at first. I’m glad I have access to some of my favorite storylines on a more perma-basis. I hope they are working on the bugs in the app. Episodes I download, if I can get them to download, often error when I try deleting them, it’s not clear how much you can download at any one time and episodes/movies I watch often don’t appear as “watched” if I go back and forth between the mobile app and the Apple TV app. I also have problems scrolling through long lists of episodes on the mobile app. It gets to a certain point on the list and then won’t go down any farther or the entire screen appears to shift around. In addition to scrolling issues, I can’t always get the My DC section to open on the iPad app. Overall, I’m hanging in through the bugs because I’m a life-long die-hard fan of DC. Idea: 11/5 ⭐️ Mobile App: 2/5 ⭐️.Version: 1.6

Good but can be a lot betterHuge DC fan. Been a sub since this app came out. But I have written the devs numerous times the past year and half. Telling them how I need to restart the app a few times before it will actually let u use it..they always say they know of the issue and will have it fixed shortly and stuff like that. Yet been almost 2 years now and numerous contacts with devs. 5 times have written them or gave a written comment. Also really would love to have the devs put all their content they have on the app. Does drive me batty that so many movies, series and animated stuff aren’t on here, yet have been out for years. Instead they put out some stuff for few months, take it off and put a few different old stuff on. Heck put it all on all the time like your competitor Marvel does.. Am glad they have given us a better selection to comics and made a lot of more ease of use to the consumer on finding the comics you want and have all the others of the same title easy to find. Rem. When they would put out a lot of comics. But they Weren’t complete at all, for instance a older comic may have a series of 56 in the set yet they would have only 30 on the app. So extremely happy they have gotten a lot better with the comics but still room for improvement. Still missing some issues In a series. All and all love DC so will continue to pay my sub hoping that they will give us a lot more content to watch and read then they do know and just keep it on at all times..Version: 2.11.2

Keeps crashingApp freezes when clicking ‘My DC’ most of the time. There’s two tabs where it takes me out the app and into a non available website. Page turn glitches and lags when you read from any tab except home page for some reason. 5 stars for the content on DC though..Version: 3.6.2

Good price, reader needs improved.This app has now launched in the UK with a great value offer. However the reader could be better. There seems to be no way to see the full page automatically whilst turning pages in panel view, and the panel view itself is very zoomed in, often showing panels in two steps. Range of content is excellent, as you would expect..Version: 3.6.1

Mixed bagGreat content, high quality images (better than competitor) but the app freezes CONSTANTLY on an iPad Pro M1. Buyer beware..Version: 3.6.2

Download Videos but still Needs ServiceSo I just downloaded this app yesterday and I was so excited to see all the content that was available. So I downloaded a lot of episodes and movies. I went to work the next day, which Is a manufacturing company. So I have no service. But I didn’t think anything of it because I download everything. I went on my break, open the app and it doesn’t work because it needs cellular data. So what’s the point of downloading if I need cellular data to watch. The WHOLE point of downloading is so you can watch without using data. This is completely pointless and makes no sense. I have Netflix and I download movies and shows all the time. So when I watch it, it works great, because I downloaded it! I don’t understand why this app can’t do this especially when you pay for it. So eventually I turn my cellular data on and got a little service, but the playback was blurry. Even from the ones I downloaded under Wi-Fi. This is my first time using this app and I had such a bad experience. I was so excited to use it and all of his features but it’s sad that I can’t get the full experience because it requires data. I think this is a simple fix that should be addressed. I should be able to open my app and once it sees that I have no cellular data, then it should automatically go to my downloaded library. This is exactly what Netflix and other apps do and it’s very simple. Please fix this.Version: 2.2.1

What’s going on here?It’s not strange to see in 2020 more streaming content, what is surprising is that someone found a way to do it so poorly. I don’t know where to start maybe with it’s not worth the money considering you can binge watch all the decent content in seven days. Let me be clear the content is decent at best. Only things worth while on here is Harley Quinn and Titans and evening that’s a stretch. It seems the WB has fingered out away to make not one but two more compelling shows with better acting. You might thinking I’m talking about the arrow and the flash but no I’m talking batgirl and that other stupid spin off of the two great DC shows. Don’t worry even though all that is DC content you won’t find it here. Long story short is I got 7days free and struggled to fill that time with interesting content. Not to mention there is no way of telling where in a series you were if you aren’t keeping track for yourself. Strange to see a service seem to get it ALL wrong and still ask for your money..Version: 2.11.1

Great content nightmare appI love the comics and exclusive shows are amazing. Titans and young justice have made the subscription fee worth it. However 98% of the time this app doesn't work as intended. Every time i open this app i have to fight it to get to what i want. For example you hit a tab or menu option and the whole app crashes or it just stays on the screen your already on as if your not clicking anything. Tv shows and movies offer the option of screen casting then it doesn't work......ever. The news menu option rarely works and lastly its annoying to have to try and read all these amazing comics on a time crunch. You get to comic 10 of 12 then they remove that series and even ones already downloaded aren't available. So please improve the app functionality and allow us to keep the comics we have downloaded even if removed from the featured list. Only then would I recommend to others, only then will i view the 75$ annual fee as a great value and give 5 stars..Version: 1.6

Good and badThe content is spectacular. I’m a huge DC fan and being able to catch up on so many stories is great. That said, the app is still full of bugs, which spoil the experience. - The app crashes at the end of most books - The caching is pretty bad. Most pages take considerable time to load. I’d also consider creating a better menu system for readers as well as marking titles that have been read a bit better..Version: 3.6.2

Great Service, Buggy AppI really enjoy the DC Universe service! It has a good amount of Comics, many of them being classics, along with a lot of great animated movies and TV series (live action as well, but I haven’t watched too many of those). They’ve been continually adding more comics and movies since launch, along with the two original series currently available. The problem is that the iOS app is extremely buggy. The app is very slow when it comes to loading pages of content, and the comic reader has a lot of issues. When trying to go to the next page it’ll often jump multiple pages, and will sometimes even send me back to the beginning of the issue, which can become extremely frustrating. Bringing up the menu that lets you exit the comic reader will often not work, forcing me to fully exit the app in order to get out of the issue I’m reading. I haven’t encountered any issues streaming video, but I haven’t done that on mobile very much (I mostly stream from my computer). So far no updates have fixed these problems. It seems to be the worst on iPad. If you’re mainly going to be using the iOS app, I’d recommend waiting until they stabilize the app before getting a subscription. Once these issues have been fixed this service will be something truly special!.Version: 1.5

Bugs!I will rate higher once the bugs are fixed. The ‘My DC’ page crashes, freezes, or shows incorrect content. Very frustrating..Version: 3.6.4

No intuitive tracking system and backlog is poorI love that this app is available. However, it does have several weird bugs, and some features aren’t as intuitive as they could be. For instance, it SHOULD do a better job of showing the user if they have already completed reading a specific comic or how much of it they have completed. I plan on reading a lot of comics; this will eventually become difficult to track. Also, newer comic content is seriously lacking. Honestly, the backlog of comics they have made available does not live up to the expectations that I believe many fans have. If they make this a money grab, by only making partial story arcs available and no content newer than a year old, it’s going to upset a lot of people. You’ve already got our money DC, treat your fans well and they might renew your service. If these areas improve, I will update my review..Version: 1.0.1

Tons of content, buggy barebones appLots of comics and videos to consume, but the one size fits all app design isn’t great. On Apple TV the app updates slowly, hides new content, and persists in showing comics... I don’t want to read comics on the tv lol. On iPad Pro the app runs ok to poorly. Recently trying to delete downloads locks up the app, trying to access “My DC” locks up the app... so I can’t access the comics I’ve added to my favorites lists. Deleting the app and reinstalling is the only way to fix this issue. Searching through the massive library isn’t a great experience - no shortcuts by first letter/index, and when selecting a title then immediately going back to the library it returns to “A” even if I was in the “Z”s. I understood the bugginess and barebones app when this first launched, but at this point the bugs and the design issues are trying my patience. This app is very poorly optimized for iOS/iPad OS. Be sure to go to settings in the app and check “do not sell my data” since that’s not checked by default....Version: 2.7.1

Great content poor appThis would be great if DC could get the app sorted. Crashes a lot, takes ages to load and since the last update I can’t get any comics to load. Hopefully they will sort it eventually.Version: 3.6.4

Pretty goodI’ve enjoyed this app for the most part, but there are some things holding it back from a 5-star rating. I was really excited when I first downloaded it because the idea of unlimited movies, TV shows, and comic books sounds amazing to anyone. However, I soon found out that it doesn’t have every DC TV show or movie. I’d assume that they’re either trying to get the rights back or they’ll shuffle out with certain shows and movies. They also don’t have nearly as many comics as I’d like, but it’s understandable or else DC would lose lots of money. My other issue is with the downloads. Sometimes my downloads straight up stop and I can’t get them started again. This is a problem because I then have to cancel the download, but it still counts towards the limited number of downloads, which is my next complaint. You’re only allowed a certain number of downloads on an episode of a TV show or movie for the year, and when the downloads don’t always work, it still counts towards that. Everything else was great but hopefully DC fixes the above problems or changes certain rules like the download limit..Version: 1.2.1

A great service with some missing features (and titles)100% worth the price - especially with the present discount - but there should be a landscape mode. Having it in portrait only is really inconvenient. Additionally, whilst the vast majority of titles are here, there have been a few which stick out as strange to be missing - namely the Three Jokers and Watchmen. I hope they’ll be added in the future..Version: 3.6.1

Needs more live action classics, not user-friendlyI purchased an annual subscription, and while I’m not regretting the purchase, there’s a lot DC can do to improve this platform. For starters - DCU desperately needs more live action classics. The live action movies/ tv series are EXTREMELY LIMITED. I know the platform is new, but not a single live action Batman film is inexcusable. I don’t know if it’s an ownership/rights issue, but they are going to have a hard time gaining subscribers if they don’t drastically improve their selection. While I do like the fact that there are so many comics to read - it’s also worth mentioning that searching for SPECIFIC comics on the app is difficult. And generally speaking - the search function is very finicky. Even though I know the comic is on the app, I can search for a writer, and the issue won’t appear in the search results. It’s very annoying!! I hope they make the app more user friendly and also integrate their store into the actual app (as opposed to redirecting you to the website)..Version: 2.0

Good content, subpar interfaceI’ll try and keep it brief...like others have said, the content in this app is great. I’ve long hoped DC would offer a digital comic service for a monthly subscription (like what Marvel has done with Unlimited)...you can imagine how excited I was to see the deep catalog of back issues available in DCU...but my disappointment with the UI sort of negates my excitement here. In terms of suggestions, I just have two words: Marvel Unlimited. I don’t care if you have to straight up rip off their user interface, at least theirs works and looks good. For example, MU shows me a list of the titles I’m currently reading, and when i finish an issue, the next issue of that series is the one displayed in my “currently reading” list; whereas in DCU, every issue you’ve read from that series just shows up in your “comics” tab. Feels cluttered. Streamline the UI a bit more, and you’re onto something here. There’s potential here, but I’m reluctant to pay for a subscription at this point..Version: 1.10

Still buggyIn the U.K. we have been waiting for this for a while. However we still don’t have the full rage of options the Americans have. There is a link for the store that doesn’t work. Despite paying a sub, we still can’t vote in the round robin. It crashes a lot, the reader glitches, and even changing your icon will default to blank 50% of the time. It is a great way to binge comics for the price though ( 6 months old or more, no new releases ) . But I do feel they need to fix the issues before taking peoples money, and give us the same benefits as over the pond.Version: 3.6.1

Great service, underwhelming app.Adding the comics to the subscription service was a fantastic idea, and the sheer amount of content makes it more than worth the price. The app, however, still has its bugs. The videos will often stutter. When you get to the end of an issue, it is very unreliable when it comes to the button that allows you to move on to the next, often just giving me a grey box where that feature usually is and I have to go back through the menu. Right now I am dealing with the app not even opening for me, just showing the loading screen for a second before kicking me out and closing. No amount of deleting and reuploading the app or turning my tablet on/off has helped. I’m on my free trial, and while the content is worth the price, I have a hard time investing money in a service that is so hard to use. I read comics on my iPad and switching to desktop would not be worth the price for me. I get that the service is still ironing out the kinks, and I respect that. But, at this point, I have a hard time spending my money..Version: 2.7.1

Who know?I have no ideas if the app works well but, god damn, it took a long time to get to Australia.Version: 3.5.1

Amazing content, too many crashesI first rated this 5 stars but reduced to 2 and now a 1 as the app crashes are getting worse. I can’t get into the My DC section due to crashes. It’ takes mutable attempts or minutes to get in to read a book, very tempted to cancel. When it does work, it’s great, h Just frustrating until it works Great idea, like the Marvel Unlimited. Lots to read, once you can actually open a comic.Version: 3.6.3

DisappointedI was excited to get this app on all my device but I’ve soon released there are a lot of glaring issues one there’s is a lot of buffing issues and streaming problems on the mobile app and the Xbox version . Two customer support non existent they say that’s it’s your Issue and your connection with the app even though their app is the only one having streaming issues . Three the UI is not good it feel like it’s all over the place there’s no way to back track or if want to restart an episode it won’t sty from the beginning it start from where it wants to start . Four you own The rights to DC movies and TV shows but all I see is the older movies and shows and some new shows there’s no list of the new movies or CW shows and it’s disappointing the other half is why would you release your shows like web episodes on a streaming service. No one and I mean no does that for a streaming service. Just finish the project and release all the episodes at once not this wait till Friday your not a cable Chanel when I pay for a streaming service I expect all the episodes or a full season to be there ..Version: 2.0.1

Good but needs workI’m only going to discuss the comics portion of this app as I have not had reason to use the video portion as of yet. Functionality: Love that the keep reading option allows you to download the next issue right away. Don’t like that I have to manually go back in to delete the previously downloaded issue. An option to auto delete should be made available. Please do something about how, after downloading like above, the comic opens to the last page. It should open at the cover, not the (possibly spoiler filled) end of the issue. Sometimes the issue will download but open to black. Restarting app, going to downloads section and opening from there (instead of the keep reading screen) is the only way to read it. Comic Content: Needs more issues available. I know the service is still young and more will be added with time, but having such a low count for events and such is poor planning. Want to read Final Crisis? Crisis on Infinite Earths? 52? Enjoy the, at most, four issues available. Most only have one issue available. A lot of Batman available though. That’s locked down. Also needs more current content. I love going back and reading classic runs, but even Marvel has current content from six months ago available in their Unlimited app. As stated, I’m sure comic content will find its way over time, but it seems small for a launch..Version: 1.3

Wait months to read new comics?So I’m trying to understand we have to months to read the latest chapter but Im paying a monthly subscription to read so what’s the point ? I want to read it now I thought this subscription service would give a direct way to read DC comics but I have to wait 3 months? Shonen Jump has a subscription service way better that this and they let you read new comics as soon as it’s a available. I’m really trying to see the point you charge us a monthly 7.99 for comics I already caught up on then sit there anwait for 3 months to read digital first comics and the 6 months on print released comics do you want your app to have low usage or something this is a terrible subscription service I get we could buy the comics but then why a give us a terrible subscription service so buy the comic out right this service becomes nothing in long run wait months to read or get the comic out right then get rid of this service.Version: 3.0

UntitledA few things I feel I should share. As I feel I’m the biggest fan of the DC creative world. I’ll get right to it. First of all, it’s pretty poor of this site to encourage people to subscribe when there isn't a constant flow of content being added. Specifically the Young Justice: Outsiders animated series. This series is a cartoon and I feel that it’s wrong to give us a measly 8 or so episodes and make us wait several months for the new season. It’s a cartoon. No one is going to care once those months are up and the new season is out. Secondly, comics are no longer downloadable for me and I know I still have data space to install on. I’m happy with the Titans TV series. It’s very realistic as it should be because DC is about what’s real, not the pretty and magical focus that Marvel has. Furthermore, I think in-addition to the Outsiders animated series you should add a Red Hood and the Outlaws animated series. Very explicit and mature rated for adults. Recently got into the comic and it’s very good. Just a few things I discovered that would help. Lastly, why is this app that I pay for not up to date with these Batman comics? I’m hearing about Three Jokers and from what I can see this app has even finished the City of Bane arc. That’s ridiculous. We should be receiving the content as it’s released. Because we subscribe. We shouldn’t be out of the loop like this. We’re fans..Version: 2.14

Incredible content but MAN this app needs workFirst off, if you’re a D.C. fan you’re in for a treat. If you’re a comic book fan, you’re in for a treat. If you’re a fan of reading digital comics on your iPad Pro, you’re in for a bit of dismay… The app gets you access to billions (not actually billions but it might as well be) of D.C. comic books from darn near the last 90+ years, with new books being added some six months after their physical release. The content is incredible with crisp HD images for just about everything I’ve read so far, what isn’t great is the reading experience. When it works the reader is mostly fine, but when it doesn’t, it’s annoying and frustrating. There are frequent crashes, pages don’t load unless you swipe left and right multiple times or swipe the top right corner, select an available preview option, and then load a page from there. The “Dive back in” feature also simply doesn’t work. There’s a lot to improve here, I just wish the crashing would stop….Version: 3.6.1

Went for subscription but won’t workWill just say I got it because it’s a good deal when it works but for some reason it won’t allow me to read anything asked for help and is waiting for them 26/08/22.Version: 3.6.4

Good selection, but really hard to read anythingI’ve only been using the comics part of this app, but it’s not that impressive. I like the selection (but I don’t have super obscure taste, so take that with a grain of salt) and there’s a Reading Lists feature that Marvel Unlimited seriously lacks, but I’ve had trouble actually accessing the comics. About once an issue, I’ll get a vague “something is wrong” error message. Sometimes reopening the comic or app works, but I’ve also had nothing work, and I have to just read the next issue and hope I can figure it out. It’s also very difficult to navigate: rather than allow you to go to the full series when you look at an issue, you have to search for it yourself, unless you access the issue in one specific location on the My DC page. I’ll keeps slogging through the terrible interface because I really want to read the comics, but it’s one of the worst ones I’ve seen (counting buggy illegal comic sites)..Version: 2.0

Buggiest app I’ve usedA terribly made app. Took me a week to be able to even get a subscription, as trying to get one in the app gives me a perpetual loading screen, and refreshing it then told me to restart the app to complete the purchase - which never worked for that week. You know it’s bad when you can’t even give the company money. But when I finally managed to get the membership by going through the App Store, going on any comic said that it is unavailable and I should contact support. So I refresh again and relog, but this time I’m stuck behind a confirm your age prompt, where pressing on the button to continue does nothing so I now can’t log in! Just an awful awful experience that only makes me want to see what Marvel’s alternate is as I’ve heard that’s far less buggy and better made..Version: 3.6.2

Such a huge disappointmentI have been waiting for this sort of an app from DC for more than 10 years. I grew up a DC loyalist but switched to Marvel because of the Marvel Unlimited app. It’s the biggest disappointment since Justice League, probably more so since I made the mistake of committing to a year of DC Universe service. The app is poorly designed, hard to navigate and unreliable, and there’s just so little content for the monthly fee. Titans is great and I’m sure young justice will be good too, but I had already watched all the other video content before the service launched and I wasn’t dying to rewatch Superman 4. What I’m most upset about is the comics. The selection is curated like the free sample bin after free comic book day crossed with someone’s old yard sale. The only comics from the last 5 years are a bunch of individual one offs and no recent full story lines. I spend about 8 hours a week on the Marvel app, I watch Titans on my Roku and almost never open the IOS app because it’s such a pain to navigate and it’s infuriating to see how little content is in there. Such a huge missed opportunity, do better at something DC!.Version: 1.3

Big fan but 1 issue…First of all, big fan of the service, I have seen the bugs that others have been mentioning but to mark it down for that is just pointless, little bugs that are easily navigated. My issue is on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the notch at the top cuts into the story board and covers particular words, again easily navigated but then you’re trying to read a long panel that benefits from being in portrait rather than landscape, those words being cut into can be jarring. A good example of this is the first panel of Batman: The court of owls..Version: 3.6.2

Great content but very buggySame issues as mentioned by others - the “Dive Back in” section seems patchy and often doesn’t show the next issue due to be read. It crashes when you get to the end of the issue if the next issue in the series is not yet available (or end of series). There are two dead tabs (“community” and “shop”). The content and core idea is fantastic, quality of scans are very high but the overall experience is very frustrating..Version: 3.6.1

Good package, but they expect you to pay more for things you’d expect to haveThe app works pretty well, I’ve had it crash a couple times but not a huge deal. My problem is that there are shows here that don’t include the entire run time. For example, this app only has two seasons of the four Batman Animated series seasons. So, does that mean I’m expected to finish these two seasons here, and then go pay for the other seasons elsewhere? Sure, maybe you’ll make a couple more bucks that way, but you’ll lose my trust as a (for now) subscriber. No one wants to feel cheated. If you own the show, why wouldn’t you just put up the whole series so that people keep faith in your integrity? Or is that it, is there no integrity? What if the fifth season of Titans comes out, but then they suddenly decide not to put it on the app? Am I going to have to pay for the fifth season on Blu-Ray? I know this isn’t likely but my point is, if you have people paying for your service, you should give them 100% of the shows you have listed, especially if they’re twenty years old. Sure I’ll subscribe for now, but this poor business model will certainly have me cancel after some time. I wouldn’t mind the monthly charge if I felt like I was really being taken care of. I’m sure Disney+ wouldn’t do this, but hey I guess Warner Brothers will have to learn the hard way.Version: 2.4.1

Downloading shows or moviesI really enjoy the streaming service because of the content it has but I must say using the mobile version has been driving me absolutely nuts because of all the bugs I’ve been encountering! Sometimes if I press the pause button it will glitch and not allow me to continue watching the show forcing me to close the app and restart. Or sometimes, if leave the app for whatever reason it will not give me an option to pick up right where I left off and again I’ll have to force close the app and restart it. Granted, this isn’t a terribly big deal but the simple fact that I have to do it at all is frustrating and I would say it happens 4 out of 10 times which isn’t unbearable but it still needs to be addressed given this is a subscription based service so the subscribers deserve a near flawless experience..Version: 2.1.1

Great content, bad applicationI’m so happy that DC is consolidating their video library and making so much of their comics catalog available under one subscription. If they continue to add more comics to their collection they can count on me remaining subscribed for years to come. But while the service and selection are fantastic, the iOS app is shockingly buggy. I’m frequently unable to access even the content that I’ve downloaded onto my phone. Searches fail often. Comics that are no longer available to download will appear to be available, and my only clue that they’ve been taken down is when downloads fail. The “more” button next to comics or video has a tiny tap area, so I’m frequently launching content accidentally when what I want to do is delete it. The list goes on and on. While $8/mo is a bargain for the content we’re offered, the delivery system HAS to get better, and soon..Version: 1.6

Love the service but it needs some tuningI wasn’t really a huge comic reader until this service came out. Ever since I’ve been going through storylines by the boatload. The plethora of movies and tv shows is a lot of fun as well. My biggest complaints are that crossover comics don’t streamlined at all. Issues will end with “story continued in (insert issue here)” but that issue isn’t linked or any where close to where you are reading the current issue. This brings me to my second issue: finding individual comic issues is insanely difficult. You can search for a storyline and get completely unrelated comics but not the ones you are looking for. For example: I searched for Robin #130 as it was listed at the end of a different issue I was reading. Rather than getting a selection of Robin comics sorted by those sharing the specifications I searched I get “Catwoman #3” or “Teen Titans Year One”. It seems like the search engine prioritizes individual parts of a search over the entire search itself. Also- the amount of movies that are missing is kinda ridiculous. No Batman vs. Robin, no Batman Bad blood despite them both being a part of the Animated Movie Universe is kinda crazy.Version: 2.11.1

It crashes… A lot.The content is great but the e-reader is painfully clicky. Transitions between pages usually come with a second or two of a black loading screen and the app will often crash multiple times whilst reading a comic. DC should never of put out an app this poor..Version: 3.6.2

Unusable on iPad M1 12.9Refuses to open any comic. Always stuck on a black screen with the loading wheel..Version: 3.6.2

Unnecessarily complicatedThe idea of the app is good, but it really needs to take a hint from other apps with the same purpose. Simple things like downloading episodes are very complicated and even once they're downloaded they're not automatically in chronological order. I ended up watching episodes 1,2, and 7 somehow even though I let it automatically progress to the next episode as I was watching it. As others have reported I've also experienced issues where an episode is download and I chose it from the download (why is this even a question... if it's downloaded play it from there!) and it failed to play then when I backed out and went back in it said it was no longer downloaded. For $7.99 a month it's incredibly difficult to get the content I'm paying for. Please look at apps like Netflix, VRV, and ComiXology for a defining user experience..Version: 2.9.1

Crashes all the timeJust started using this app, content looks good, however the app is a disaster - difficult to use, crashes every single time I finish a comic, can’t follow series… A lot of work to do here before it’s even on par with the Marvel app. Come on!.Version: 3.6.1

Can’t sign up for the serviceTried everything. After trying 3 different devices, finally got to a screen with Canadian pricing on it — except clicking on it doesn’t do anything. Why make the app available in Canada if you can’t actually sign up for the service?.Version: 3.5

Good content, implementation needs workFirst off, the good: I absolutely loved Titans, and am thoroughly enjoying Doom Patrol. I also enjoy the movies and TV series they have archived here, as well as the VAST collection of digitized DC comic books! Unfortunately, the app itself has several issues (some of which also apply to the website for PC users). First off, the app on my iPad and iPhone seems to crash a LOT, particularly while loading the home screen, and when browsing large comic book series (such as Detective Comics). Second, the home page keeps listing episodes, movies, and comic issues I’ve finished on the “jump right back in” section, instead of listing the NEXT episode or issue. Finally, if for whatever reason you need to change your payment method, the only option is to cancel your subscription, and re-subscribe with the new payment method..Version: 1.10

Great Content. Terrible App Mechanics. Terrible Customer Service.So last month I wasn’t able to pay off my subscription until a week after the due date. Apple charged me, the money went out of my account right into DC Universe’s and I still can’t play my shows. Every time I try to play a show, it will give me the options for the subscriptions. Knowing that I had already paid I pressed skip these options until I realized that the subscription options won’t go away. To try to entertain what was happening in front of me, I tapped on the 7.99 subscription plan (which I already had) and after I did, it told me I already have the subscription! So what gives? Why can’t I watch the content that I paid for? Why isn’t there a call line that can help loyal paying customers figure out what’s going on more directly? For months since using the app for streaming it’s shows, it’s always been a choppy app. Always slow, glitching, or lagging behind. It’s becoming quite frustrating to keep up with. I just need help so I could watch Titans, but with a lack of a call line, I might not get. Be weary when getting this app. There are definitely positives content wise, but the mechanics of this app makes you wanna throw your phone across the room sometimes lol..Version: 2.5.1

Can’t open App at allWas working when I subscribed for a year in July. Now App just crashes..Version: 3.6.4

Not ready for prime timeMake no mistake — so far, the major reason to purchase a subscription to DC Universe is the quirky live-action Doom Patrol TV series, which shows enormous promise. However, this app isn’t quite ready to support the rest of the content on the service, which mainly consists of a curated comics library. The reader app frequently has trouble loading pages, resulting in an annoying error page with Batman’s Butler Alfred showing up way too frequently. It also has a major error of being unable to load the next comic in a series without having to navigate back through the menu structure. My major gripe with this service, though, is that for $8 per month, I expect more content. The Titans series is subpar and not worth it. So that leaves the comics — and there appears to be far fewer comics available to read here than on ComiXology Unlimited or Marvel’s unlimited subscription service. If you’re looking for every title or every comic in the titles they have available, look elsewhere. So far I’m thinking this isn’t worth the subscription fee yet. I’m hoping they’ll step up their game..Version: 1.7.1

Great content, mediocre appThe content is endless and addictive. The app itself is pretty appalling. Frequent crashes, bugs and the general UI is sluggish and slow. It looks as though it was created in the early 2000s, and performs as such. Save your money until they update it, otherwise they’ll never update it..Version: 3.6.4

Missing issues and not complete issuesVery disappointed that some issues of series are missing,for example detective comics has issues missing and they ain’t even full comics..some people would like to read more than just Batman stories in detective comics…this app and services has a long way before being on par with the Marvel service which is highly disappointing..Sort it out!.Version: 3.6.2

Buggy messRight now, the app is buggy and awkward to use. It crashes frequently and even scrolling and browsing lags. Searching is a nightmare and doesn’t work well. I love these comics but i dread having to use the app. There’s no desktop version in the UK also, even though the USA has one. Nonsensical..Version: 3.6.2

Still got work to doPrice is really good for what you get. However the app crashes when I finish the last issue of a series, there are delays when I click something. Also I wish I could follow certain characters + writers. Also will vertigo comics be available in the future?.Version: 3.6.1


DC UNIVERSE INFINITE works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.

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