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Incredible value, great contentThe sheer amount of quality content on this platform is worth 5 stars alone, but if you buy the 12 month subscription it works out about £3.99 a month which is INSANE value for money. I will say that the app is not perfect (things are a little awkward to browse) but the good outweighs the bad. The panel view works perfectly (just like Comixology) and it’s nice that you don’t have to actually download the comics to read them (although occasionally there’s a delay as a page loads). Overall this is essential for comic fans..Version: 3.6.2

AmazingAmazing.Version: 3.5.1

FINALLYFinally it’s here! Thank you DC Comics for bringing it to other countries. Will sign up immediately..Version: 3.5.1

Please add THESE things.Please please PLEASE add an option that allows us to go to the next episode of a show right as soon as the credits hit for the current episode we are watching. I’ve been binging Titans over the past few weeks and it annoys me how everytime an episode ends, I have to skip to the end of the episode, wait like 8 seconds for it to load, then to go to the next episode. Get something like Netflix or Disney+ has where you can easily, go on to the next episode with a prompt that happens at the end of each episode. This makes binging shows 10x easier for the viewer. Please also add more movies, you guys recently removed Son of Batman AND FLASHPOINT.... ? Add them back!! And add more! Add Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Justice League, Suicide Squad, Joker, and SO MUCH MORE movies and TV shows you guys could read..Version: 2.7.1

Pretty great!This app is amazing! The content is great and there are so many clubs to join! First about the content, there are so many shows and comics to watch. It even has Batman: The Animated Series! The comics too, there are thousands of comics to choose from, originals, New 52, Rebirth, and so many more! Now the clubs, there’s a fan art, Batmobuddies, who celebrate the Batmobile, and so many more for everything. But I’ve run into trouble with one of the moderators. There was a “Ask Dr. Quinn” comment thread and I posted a question a week or two ago and the other day I posted a comment that said “Please remember to respond to me Dr. Quinn!” And a moderator took my comment, and question, down because I was “spamming” so the moderators on this app consider gentle reminders spamming now. I won’t say which moderator it was, but that brought my experience with this app down. I would’ve given this app 5 stars if it wasn’t for the experience with the moderator. Thank you!.Version: 2.10

Needs more contentIt’s a great app and I’m glad i can watch the old teen titans on something without paying for each season but I would love to see more shows like Smallville as well as more comics and full storylines. I thought this was supposed to be the “Ultimate dc experience” but even with the monthly fee your treating it like a freebie with a bunch of sample comics. I hate to compare but this is definitely where marvel is better. It shouldn’t be just a select few comics it should be all the dc comics. On top of that you don’t even have the encyclopedia fully updated that only has a few people in it too i tried looking up “ice” and instead had to look her up online. It’s a beautiful concept and it would be even better than marvel unlimited but with so little content this half baked app isn’t worth it..Version: 1.4

Worth it but...This app is off to an amazing start. This is the first streaming service I paid with my own money( That means a lot). They have all the old animated DC shows like Batman Beyond, static, etc. It’s gonna take a while to finish because they just keep add more. The live actions are amazing too(Bravo!)! They just need to add small stuff with the streaming. Like Video casting maybe, I just wanna switch between phone and tv easier. Switching between episodes is a hassle. How am I supposed to binge, I need that next Episode button. I’m not saying copy other apps like Netflix but make it easy. I love this app very much though. And please try to get The CW Arrowverse shows on here and live action movies like Suicide squad and all that good stuff. I use this more than any app on my phone. Keep up the good work can’t wait to see what u guys do. And buffering Symbol glitches sometimes..Version: 2.5.1

Great content, but the app needs a few quality of life updatesReally enjoying the content and the subscription is a great price, particularly with the current discount. The app needs a few updates, the main issues for me at the moment is the lack of the ability to read in landscape and the app crashes frequently at the end of an issue when they’ve not been downloaded to my device. I think the search function feels it could do with a bit of a tweak to improve but I’m enjoying the suggested reads..Version: 3.6.1

Finally! This is the subscription I’ve wanted!!This latest update adds their 20k comics into the app. This is what I’ve been waiting for! Selection is excellent. Still not 100%, and they’ve still got a few problems. Most notably Action Comics and Detective comics, with over 400+ issues to load each screen, it basically cant load it on my iPad, so I have to add them to a list on computer. Minor inconveniences aside, THIS ..... IS ..... WHAT ..... I ...... WANTED!!!! Don’t really care about their tv shows, it’s the comics and they finally delivered on that promise. I think their comic reader is quite good. Not completely comiXology level good, but better than everything else out there except comiXology. The scan level for graphics is excellent. The app itself is still rough in some places. Filter function needs work (like ability to search for other characters besides the 6 most popular ones), and everything is still a bit Batman heavy, unfortunately, but DC seems to be improving on all of it. My biggest fear after a year is I’d have paid a subscription fee for a token comic collection while they promote their tv shows, which I cared nothing for. I am happy to report I am completely wrong and their comic book fans are being well served by the subscription. A few more app refinements and this will be a 5 star app. They’re already going to get a renewal out of me with their new comic offerings..Version: 1.10

Loving the app, slight issueI love the app and the content available but am having an issue with marking comics as read. The option is there to mark as read but will doesn’t do anything. Any idea if this will be fixed at some point as it is becoming increasingly harder to keep track of what has been read or not..Version: 3.6.1

Great but buggyThis app is amazing for DC comic fans and I find the UI really easy to navigate and understand. Some of the options don’t work as the shop and community feature seem to not work at all. The app doesn’t close anymore upon finishing a comic but I am still unable to mark the comic as read..Version: 3.6.2

A glimpse of great things to come!Ok guys, that is still a work in progress, still with its current minor glitches, this service is 100% worth it and just heaven for DC fans. I very much would like to see more comics, specifically, complete graphic novels. I don’t expect DC to give away new content, but I don’t see the point of, for example, releasing only the first issue of older classics like Red Son. This is a bit frustrating, especially since I own it, and it would be so more convenient than digging my sealed old issues. The streaming is near perfect, the Daily DC show is great, the animation selection is great and so are the DC catalog releases through the Nolan Trilogy. I’d love to see the Zack Snyder movies, uncut, and if they wanted to blow the subscriptions out of the water #releasethegoddamSnyderCut (tip of the hat to Frank Miller). As is, this is a great service out of the box, and don’t tell DC, but I’d pay twice the price for this geek’s DC love fest. Yes, I love the DC Universe Streaming Service. Can’t wait for the original content, especially Doom Patrol. If you love DC, don’t miss this great service..Version: 1.1

Love it, but...I love this! My favorite things to watch is the new Harley Quinn (which I’m so excited for) and also Batman: the animated series! The only thing I’m confused about, is why they don’t include the live action movies (batman, Superman, etc...) after all, this is a DC Universe subscription, so it should have everything in the DC Universe right?!?! I don’t know, I just thought it doesn’t make sense to have a program of something but it’s missing everything that makes it popular. On the other hand, I’m so excited to have the animated series because I didn’t know where else I could watch it, and when I saw the trailer for Harley Quinn I was instantly super excited because I love comedy animation stuff (especially with Harley Quinn) and I always thought she was such a comedic super villain and she deserved a show like that..Version: 2.6

Great TV and Movie Selection, Comic Selection is Slowly Getting Better Too.As an early adopter of the app, it’s nice to finally see that the comic book selection is starting to get good. Originally they only had half runs, or runs but nobody cared about. Recently they begin to add runs a comic book series that are much more popular, and add them in their entirety. It’s a long time fan and supporter it’s great to see that my number one complaint has been answered. Water features that I don’t typically use in the app, like watching their daily episodes of DC daily, but there’s also a ton of features that I use every single day anyway. Young justice season three is incredible Titans season one was pretty good too. Overall if you like dc this app is well worth it. As a DC can I look forward to seeing even more as the app grows..Version: 1.6

Bottom line: NOTHING like it (as of yet!).The service is great cause it has a huge stock of comics I forgotten or only wish I had a chance to read. Well, it’s here (for the most part). And with the live action shows playing out the very characters I’ve known to love only on print, now gives a third dynamic to enjoying DC Comics sagas (ie graphic novels, animation, and now live action shows!). Here’s the thing, after watching a show you’d wonder how the characters pan out in the pages, if the director/writers got it right or took a different approach to telling the lives of these characters. Or, if you were like me, I’ve read the comics that highlighted these characters and just enjoy the directions they’re taking on the many heroes. It’s like having access to the multiverse at your fingertips! Kudos DC!.Version: 2.5.1

Great content. So-so reader and searchSo glad this is finally available. I love Marvel Unlimited and it is great to have something similar for all the great DC content and there is loads of great content including Black Label and some Vertigo. Some more Vertigo titles would be great, please. The reader needs work. I can’t read in landscape on my phone and I can’t browse in landscape on my iPad. Reading comics is a bit slow and the experience isn’t as smooth as on the Marvel app. Also the search and browse don’t always show full lists. If there are lots of issues of title you don’t see them all and if you search it doesn’t always show what you expect for instance characters or part of a title. But it took Marvel a number of updates to improve similar things so I am looking forward to enjoying the content and the experience grow and improve..Version: 3.6.1

Small complaints. Major compliments.I love access to comic storylines that allow a silver age guy like myself to catch up on the storylines that have developed since I gave up comics 30 years ago. The new shows are great and it’s equally great to see the old shows out from obscurity. The comic reading app is just the best though I wish it were more reliable so I didn’t have to reset the app on Xbox every other comic. I hope you’re planning to put everything on this app, there’s a lot of golden and silver age stuff no one gets to see and while I’m sure it’s not all great it represents a portion of history that is fading further as time goes on. There’s a benefit to corporate in keeping the antique on display for youth, encouraging kind feelings toward the past and growing nostalgia into mature understanding builds tolerance for variety so maybe you don’t need universe ending crises every few years..Version: 2.7

OverwhelmedWhen I first heard about the service I was wary to pay for a whole year in case I didn’t want the service after a month or so… After two weeks I have to say I am completely satisfied. Not only is there an abundance of material to look into there’s a whole community of people that just want to chat about things that you want to chat about. To me that’s the best part. If you’re going in looking to get all the latest blockbuster movies and all the latest blockbuster comics then you’ll be upset. If you’ve already started collecting all the rebirth comics and own all the DCEU movies then this is the next step! There full strings of comics I never would’ve paid for but have always wanted to read. As a 22 year old I missed out on everything before 2000.... so I just used wiki. This has been so nice to read old comics and watch old shows. Plus the new animated movies are fiiire. I just can’t even believe it hasn’t been two weeks and it can only get better. Any complaints you have you can post and a rep replies to you. 5 stars bruh.Version: 1.0.2

Finally in CanadaSo happy this service is finally available in Canada! Only gripe so far is that the home page is just blank, unsure why that is, but excited to read more!.Version: 3.5

Not RenewingLove it, but their lack of platform support makes it worthless to me. It’s too bad but my guess in an attempt to subvert piracy they don’t allow their content to be streamed online and in a foolish move they’ve chosen to only make apps for phones, tablets and a few TVs but unless you have the top of the line tv you’re forced to watch on a phone or tablet. Now maybe it’s age but I don’t like watching on my on a smaller screen. Make an app for Mac or allow online viewing and I’ll happily pay for your service cause I love the content but without a way to watch where I can see what I’m paying for it feels like a waste of money. Sure some people pirate because they don’t want to pay and want everything for free but sometimes it’s done for reasons that could be avoided if companies could see beyond their own fear that their profit won’t be as big as they want it to be..Version: 2.4.1

Almost perfect.First let me say that this app is UNBELIEVABLE! I initially got it to rewatch the Justice League series but little did I know I’d be able to read comics too. The catalog is extensive and panel reading feature is amazing; I really can’t put my phone down. I rotate from landscape to portrait depending on the panel but that’s not too much work so it’s fine. My only issue is the video playback on mobile. While on desktop I have the ability to skip to the next episode once the end credits start, that feature is missing from mobile. If I try to fast forward to the end of the video, for some reason the next episode starts from the spot I fast forwarded to in the previous episode. Also, the comic reference to episodes in the desktop version is missing in mobile. Lastly, it’s be a great UX feature if we’d be able to “Star/favorite” the reference comics for later reading after an episode. All in all, app is dope as hell. So dope I wrote a review, I never do lol. Ps Waiting for the PS4 app!.Version: 2.7.1

DC UniverseDC Universe is must have service for hard core fans of the DC Comics brand. The service caters to almost every corner of the classic comic’s label imprint whether it be the comics, films, tv shows, collectibles, or merchandise. The app can even be used by casual fans as just a way to keep up with what’s new in the comic book world with the news feed high displays feature articles and fan polls as well as the Encyclopedia Index to look up characters, locations, and more related subjects. The app is easy to navigate by way of the bottom tab which takes users from category section to category section. Those who are more interested in the exclusive content can try the service by way of a 7 day trial. DC Universe has won this battle with Marvel as the app stands out from Marvel Comics and Marvel Unlimited by way of access to classic and modern films and television shows..Version: 2.14.2

Haven’t subbed yet but finally!Thanks for finally bringing the service to Canada! I will forever be a Marvel fan but I totally want to get into DC stuff and this is the best way to do so, I’m definitely gonna take a yearly sub! Just wanna point out a couple of bugs though, the first being that the Home tab shows nothing, second is that the community tab just opens safari, then pops right back into the app..Version: 3.5

The best app everI never really took the time to put my effort into apps such as this. This wonderful app just keeps me coming back. I really do love this app. DC will always be the best comic Industry in the world. I do wish they had more comics such as the newer underrated comics, but aside from that this is the best app ever. The quality of the shows such as the titans is so great. I feel like I’m watching a cinematic movie, but in reality it’s a tv show. I am 100% basis and I have no problem with that because I feel like this app really gives the full DC experience. From comic books to encyclopedias of a hero to shows such as SwapThing, Titans, Doom Patrol etc... I really do think this is worth the $8.99 and then some. If you are reading this do invest your time and money in this because this is 110% worth the experience.Version: 2.6

Blazing Hell in the House of Mystery Wearing a Cape BillowingThis app is pretty much on point. I would suggest reading “how to’s” before starting to read books on offer. It will save you a lot of stress and frustration using the reader. The inventory is perfect, everything in one place and I don’t have dive in long boxes to reread old books. It’s all here. Plus the all the new publications that are available, makes it a must for any type DC fan. DC & WB, thank you for the app and keep it up..Version: 3.6.3

Loving the lasting DC legacyFirst of all, let me just say because of DC Universe, I feel like a billionaire with infinite storage capacity for my comics. There’s something magical about DC comics. Don’t get me wrong, Marvel is absolutely great too, but DC has a very strong family-feel connection between the strings bonds of the characters with each other and with the readers. The current DC Universe is astounding with beautiful storytelling, but I’m currently enjoying the beautiful storytelling of the eighties and early nineties that still feed in to the current stories. The writers and artists obviously love the rich DC history that they can play in, and so do I. DC Universe is SO worth it just for the comic book content alone! Thank you, DC and everyone working there, for putting old and new favorites at my fingertips..Version: 2.14.2

Great rangeGreat range of comics at a decent price. I think it would be great if we could rate and review the comics after reading and also mark them as read..Version: 3.6.1

Awesome! But…..This app just released in Australia and it is amazing! It’s so great to have something celebrating all things DC comics…..mostly. The issue is that a lot comics (especially older ones) I feel are especially important to have up to read are not there. Like Batman (older series) #242 or the flash tie-ins to green lantern/green arrow. Even Hunger Dogs isn’t on for crying out loud. Unfortunately this is a big enough issue in my eyes to take one star off my review. Hopefully it will get updated as we go along. Other than that I highly recommend this subscription service..Version: 3.5.1

Great app, but I have a suggestionThis app is great for all DC fans alike with plenty of content for any DC fan. It has a great selection of movies and shows and great originals. Many of these shows blew me away as I did not have the highest expectations for them, but I ended up really enjoying most of them. I have found the website to not work very well (at least for me, this isn’t a problem as I just use the app, but this could be an issue for someone else.) A suggestion I would like to throw out there would be to pre-install or download episodes that have not come out yet so they can be downloaded when the episode releases. As in you download the episode early and then not be able to watch it until release. I think that would be a great addition to the app if there was a way to do that..Version: 2.0.1

Great for fans!! A little buggy connecting TV’sHonestly, I love the premise. They do now have a HUGE comic book library. I mean, huge. You know that series you were interested in but fell too far behind? Yeah. You can at least get the basis of it to see if you want to start buying issues. They have a mostly complete archive of their classic and newer animated series. It’s been a dream come true to just open up my phone and watch BTAS or Static Shock. And the exclusive shows they give access to have actually been really good. Young Justice is absolutely a must watch. Feel free to skip Teen Titans. That was just straight painful. To my very soul. It’s a LITTLE buggy when connecting to the TV. I can’t get the Apple TV app to connect to my account. When streaming it from my phone to the Apple TV I can’t open the app at all or else it’ll cut back to where the episode was when the app was previously open. I think it was a little better streaming through Chromecast. Sometimes the comic book streaming also gets a little buggy, but that’s an easy fix. On my iPhone I just go to the last page and access the next page from the thumbnail menu instead. tl;dr Great content. Really worth the price if you use it regularly. Devs just need to better integrate with the Apple TV..Version: 2.1.1

Nostalgia in an appI didn't know DC universe existed until a few days ago and I would have already been subscribing if I had. The app is really good, but it could still be improved. The search function is a little weird/cramped, but I do like you can search seperately from comics and TV, by title or character. I'm so happy to find all the early 2000's cartoon in one place 👌👌👌. Something I don't like is actually the same problem with Marvel unlimited. I hate that you can't just save an entire series to somewhere (which is what I thought "like" would do) you have to select a specific issue and then go from there. It would be cool to easily save a series somewhere to check out later rather than selecting an issue, though I appreciate if will keep where you left off and can create custom lists..Version: 2.3.1

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