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Pocket City App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Pocket City app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pocket City? Can you share your negative thoughts about pocket city?

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Pocket City for Negative User Reviews

Seems OK, if a tad too easyDecent city builder game, a little easy/simplistic for my liking, but graphics and gameplay are nice. My main gripe is that the game plays in Portrait mode only (no landscape mode). I have an Ipad pro, and most (if not all) Ipad Pro covers allow for the Ipad to stand in Landscape mode (which makes it easy to rest on a table or your lap, and play). Thus, playing in portrait mode is very uncomfortable, as you have to hold the (already heavy) Ipad in your hands while you play. There are a few silly design decisions within the game too: -no way to move buildings, have to delete and rebuild them -no way to rotate buildings or point of view - cant continue building roads (remain in road build view), which means you have to make more clicks to get back into the building screen after you have laid one segment/stretch of road If the developers fix this and allow the screen to be rotatable, it will be a 4-star review from me..Version: 1.0.5

Relaxing but easyNice game but after a couple of days I feel I’ve kind of mastered it and have a full city map on the hardest difficulty no problem. So although nice, hopefully some future updates will provide more to think about with some more possibilities :).Version: 1.0.5

Very fun at firstPlease make things more challenging! There has been little resistance with me upping taxes and spamming banks. I’m sitting pretty on so much money that nothing poses a threat. The obelisks only add to this. It’s hard to say what would make things harder. Upping the price of land only slows expansion. More disasters could make building less fun. Perhaps more demanding citizens where they’ll move out if they live next to industrial or bad traffic to force decisions. Anyway, this is a fun game, but loses its challenge too quickly.Version: 1.0.23

Excellent game but not many updates!This is a really good game and I love playing it! I am disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be many updates especially with how much potential this game has. I love that you have to pay a one off fee and so there are no in app purchases. The downside, is paying for the game when you don’t get regular updates. Please add more content and it’ll be 5 stars from me!.Version: 1.0.37

Don’t understand the high reviewsThere’s not much to do in the game, the quests are boring and money is never an issue. The app is a waste of money. Towards the end, the only way to get XP is to clear an entire section of the map, reapply zoning so it instantly fills up with shops/houses granting XP. Then upgrade all the buildings granting more XP, then just do it again. There’s no difficulty to the gameplay, just follow the demand for each zone and whack down a bunch of police station hospitals and fire stations. Also, I don’t know how to launch the rocket at the end..Version: 1.0.8

FixGreat game - except this “update” designed to eliminate “issues” in the update before only introduced said update to my system. Cannot chose which road to place anymore. Please fix..Version: 1.0.18

Extremely glitchyVery glitchy navigating around the map and zooming in/out.Version: 1.0.37

Chilled fun at its bestI love this game, definitely one of my favourites and it would have been 5 stars but I’d love a couple of new upgrades, and it’s started pixelating and jittering lots in the last few days. Please sort it out because I love playing usually. Still keeps freezing, turning black and slowing down, doesn’t matter which resolution I choose. Please fix it because I love playing usually. 😥.Version: 1.0.39

Mediocre gameIt’s not bad. If it didn’t make my device run warm, drain the battery fast and lag like crazy then it would be much better..Version: 1.0.40

Good but glitchyI would enjoy this game a lot more if it weren’t so slow and glitchy. And by slow, I don’t mean the pace of the game, I mean the way the screen freezes after I try to move to another location, etc. And the fact that I paid money for this just makes the whole experience that more frustrating! No thanks. Not worth it..Version: 1.0.39

Kinda boringThe actions you can do become tedious and boring.Version: 1.0.37

Notch Cuts Off ContentThis app does not adhere to apple’s design standards, has not been updated in 6 months (which still isn’t an excuse for not following updated design standards)… very disappointing and misleading photos, given there depict the game in a way that hides its incompatibility with design standards..Version: 1.0.37

Short and un-expansive, not like Sim City, not worth $4Bought this game based on reviews and descriptions, but did not get anywhere near my moneys worth. The game is short. I finished the game in 3 hours. I maxed out the upgrades and filled the map expected the map to sheet bigger after I bought all the land but it doesn’t. The map area is TINY even when set to “large”. You have no room to create to your hearts content. You can’t build suburbs around a metropolis because there is no room. The game kept telling me I needed more commercial zones but I had no room to build anymore. The game is like the early sim city games based on zones but it would be nice to have more control over the population densities and whether it’s a small town feel or a city full of skyscrapers. While the graphics are enjoyable and the natural disasters add a fun twist, the game is seriously not worth 4 dollars and I feel ripped off after seeing that the game is maxed out and you get bored after a day..Version: 1.0.16

Should be better - you can’t failAlmost there in most categories, not there but almost there. High Traffic areas isn’t shown by how many cars, you have to go to the view. I can build power at one end of the map and supply power to all over. The helicopter police and fire makes it too easy. No real neighborhood ratings… if res built by indust it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t auto stop when attempting to build a street into another territory you don’t own. I really feel like it’s not a challenge to really to win… no way to fail kind of game. You stall the game if you forget to do things but don’t really fail or have to start over. I dislike the remember aspect of the game, you build a bank but if you don’t remember to upgrade then it hurts. You don’t remember to upgrade a zone and it hurts. Hate remember this and that’s. I’m getting bored of playing only after 8 hours of playtime. I feel like devs on many phone apps including this one try so hard to accommodate too wide of an age group that gameplay is vague and easy. Like everyone gets a trophy just for opening the app… rather then making good choices in the game that lead to good results. I don’t feel like I’ve had to make a single critical choice that could jeopardize gameplay or require me to start over. In the end this will probably be shelved for when my kid wants to see me play a game and waste time on the phone on a plane.Version: 1.0.40

Good but gets old fast.The game has the feel and mechanics of Sim city. It is fun to build and everything is simple and straightforward. There are a lot of things though, that make the game just so-so and I quickly grew bored of it. For starters, there isn’t enough going on to keep your interest for an extended amount of time. You build, you wait for funds, you build, you wait for funds. The ever increasing property cost forced me to quit purchasing property altogether and just concentrate on what I already had. Increasing the cost of all of the other property on the map every time you buy a plot is just plain stupid. This means that a plot you paid 50k for in the beginning will cost you 300k later. It’s silly. I stop buying property at 150k and just work with what I have. Once I max out the city, I move on to another zone. And that is the nuts and bolts of the game folks. After about an hour or so of play, you have seen all there is to see and you look for something else..Version: 1.0.41

Good but not the oneI have enjoyed playing this game but it is just a bit too easy to rate any higher. Some of the quests are really arbitrary and pointless like hunting around your city for ages looking for cats. There isn’t enough depth to the city infrastructure to keep it interesting for long periods. If you are looking for a casual city builder to dip in and out of then it’s great but if you are looking for a Sim City 4 on iOS then you have longer to wait..Version: 1.0.7

Boring fastIt’s well made, runs smoothly there a few reviews saying it crashes but I guess this has been fixed the game does run well. However, gets boring quickly very repetitive, no challenge whatsoever (can you even lose?), no levels. Not worth the £2 price tag. Hats off to the developer though as it does work and feels well made, it’s just not challenging enough with enough to do..Version: 1.0.18

Like a dull microtransaction game without the microtransactionsA lot of the positive reviews of Pocket City talk about how great it is that it’s paid up front with no sneaky in-app purchases, and that is indeed a good thing. Problem is that the gameplay is still too much like those dull microtransaction games. Everything is based on arbitrary levelling up, rather than on building a well-designed city. Your choices of where to place things hardly matter because the simulation is so basic: build a dozen fire stations next to each other or spread them across the map... it doesn’t matter, either one works to satisfy the quest for 95% fire safety that levels you up. The economic model is broken: the game constantly expects you to build more shops than houses, which doesn’t make for a very realistic city. You earn so much tax money that you hit an arbitrary bank account limit within seconds, so money is never a limiting factor... unless the item you want to buy is more than your limit, in which case you have to wait until you level up and get a bigger bank account limit. SPOILER ALERT: you can easily level up by bulldozing then rebuilding the same block over and over and over and over and over... it’s not fun, but then again I didn’t find much opportunity for fun in this game..Version: 1.0.18

Great game but has some breaking bugs.The game is great for what it is but some bugs make the game impossible to progress. Such as the upgrade screen's buttons not working at all and no way to back out. You cannot change the name of any city either as the cancel and submit buttons dont do anything. This seems an easy fix. If this is fixed its an easy 5 stars. Especially as there are no microtransactions..Version: 1.0.5

Excellent little distraction, but don’t play for too long.Very much in the vain of the early Sim City games, dumbed down and simplified for a quirky, rewarding and vibrant on-the-go experience. However even a game so simple and charmingly minimalist as this has a lot of drawbacks. The problem with being a sim game, It’s simulating a lot of different systems at a single given time, and the more your metropolis expands, the more cars, citizens, burning buildings and police chances the game has to visualise whilst letting you build more and more and more. I’m on a 12” iPad Pro, but even on my tablet the game ate through battery during my 15-30 minuet play sessions, up to 45% in 24 hours. Further more in the late game, any resolution beyond ‘medium’ will cause you to suffer extreme slowdown even on a more powerful device. Ultimately unless the developer adds more performance settings or better optimises their game, it’s difficult to recommend the game unless you’re playing for minuets at a time every other day as the battery is drained far too quickly and slowdown occurs far too frequently and easily..Version: 1.0.8

Needs higher resolution graphicsThe game itself is pretty good so far but the graphics are blurry on my iPhone 8+. They are really bad when you zoom in. Would expect this to be tack sharp just like UI is. Please update the textures/engine to allow got sharper in game graphics. Thanks..Version: 1.0.4

No challenge!This game is ridiculously easy. You can’t fail. Money comes in faster than you can spend it. You just build whatever it says. It’s probably impossible to fail. Disasters are toothless - you just click a rebuild button which you can always easily afford..Version: 1.0.30

Good SimulatorIt’s a fun game but it has UI issues that are easily resolved like double clicking to undo a build selection instead of having to scroll through menus every time. During the start it would be nice if there was more variety instead of just a small park for what felt like 15 levels. These things keep it interesting. Clicking on specific function buildings like the police/fire/hospital/bus (when creating more of the type)... should highlight the positions of those buildings because they all blend in. I also wish there was more open space. It feels like the app is basically a measure of how efficiently you can squeeze everything in a small space. I like missions, they keep things fun, and some of the animations are... cute. Also, it’s a single purchase. None of that speed a build for real $$$ like sim city..Version: 1.0.32

Fun game, but far too easy and unbalanced.I've "finished" this game twice now, once on "casual" mode and once on "expert" mode. At both difficulty levels the game is very unbalanced, and far too easy, to the point of it all becoming a rather rote exercise without much of any challenge. In fact, the game just gets easier and easier as it goes on, when really it should be the opposite. Transportation is possibly the only challenging part, but methods of transportation that are introduced early on in the game, such as rail lines and highways, are made completely unnecessary later on as policies are introduced. As you progress up levels, you gain points to put towards "policies", which are various upgrades to your city.. but the policies are far too powerful, allowing you to easily accumulate money, lower pollution levels, increase the population happiness, and lots of other things, which removes most of the challenge. As you progress you also get access to better buildings (that, for example, don't cause pollution), building upgrades, new transportation methods, and zone upgrades, all of which make the game easier than it was in the earlier levels. One example is the building upgrades: initially crime is a problem, and you have to strategically place police stations, which is great. But after you have access to upgrade the police stations, it seems like a couple stations are enough to police the entire map, so crime becomes a non-issue entirely. That's no fun! Even the "disasters" that affect the city aren't even a problem.. a tornado will wipe out part of your city, but with one click (and a bit of cash) everything just gets re-built exactly as it was before, so what's the point, exactly? There's a variety of weird balancing problems too; for instance, as my city progressed, it always recommended more and more commercial zones, which were impossible to satisfy (though it didn't seem to make much of a difference anyhow). Recreation demands also seem nearly impossible to fully satisfy, which affects the population's happiness, but again, there are policies to negate that later on. It's a good-looking and relaxing game, and it’s so refreshing to play a game without ads and micro transactions. But a challenging city-builder it definitely is not, and it's unfortunate, because there's so much potential here. As it is, though, i only bought it a couple days ago, have already “beaten” it twice, and now I don't really have any incentive to play it again or expand my cities to other regions. I see that Pocket City 2 is in development, so I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for the sequel.. hopefully it can add in some additional complexity to keep me coming back for more..Version: 1.0.37

Rudimentary, simplisticThere’s barely any game here.Version: 1.0.27

HOTI’m been playing this on an iPhone X v12.1.2 and it causes my phone to heat up significantly. I play other games which are much more intense and have no issues. I’ve deleted the app because it can’t be doing the phone any good. Am I the only one to experience this?!.Version: 1.0.16

Battery Drain, Missing OptionsThis game drains your battery like crazy. Even when you turn on the supposed battery-saving features it doesn’t do much. Also, there ought to be a way to turn off the constant “Level Up” announcements and the “Quests” dialogue. It’s such a constant and annoying interruption to game play having to constantly tap the level up box, then wait for the whole animation to finish , then tap on the item you’ve gained, and then tap on the Quests tab, tap on each new quest, and finally tap the skip button to exit the dialogue, which takes almost as long to appear as the dialogue itself. It’s extremely hard to lose yourself in a game with all of that visual noise happening every 30 seconds. Can’t we turn off the level up banners and dialogue? I’ve played the game enough that I have the dialogue memorized!.Version: 1.0.32

Not bad but...I love city building games, and this one started out great. It plays well and the maps are nicely varied. However there is a very limited amount of variation in the game, and repeat play looses fun quickly..Version: 1.0.37

Really fun but needs workReally fun but it’s stuck on landscape only mode on iPad. Makes no sense why… very fun otherwise and not micro transaction based..Version: 1.0.37

Lags on iPhone 13 ProUPDATE #2: iOS 15.4 resolves the lag issue, and I can confirm that it does. Unfortunately, my city is still gone that I poured hours into. Maybe this game is something I come back around to in the future, but after re-downloading to test the developer’s response about 15.4 resolving the lag I re-uninstalled. I just don’t feel like starting over. I’ll keep this at 2 stars as it should’ve been 1 star after discovering no cloud save ability the hard way. Thank you to the developer, for the response. UPDATE #1: I guess I’ll be removing it after all. I tried removing the game and reinstalling it, only to find that my previous city is now gone forever. Was fun while it lasted. ORIGNAL: Purchased this game on my iPhone X a few weeks ago, and loving it! Unfortunately, I just upgraded to the new iPhone 13 Pro and the game is unplayable. It lags like crazy! The cars are staggering along the roads, and the worst part is zooming in and out. Zooming is delayed by a second or 2 and jumps all around. I’m going to try some things, but if those don’t work I’ll have to remove it. Sad day in my city as the pocket mayor will just have to move on. 😞.Version: 1.0.40

Good game but boringThis game is good but it doesn’t really have anything exciting or entertaining about it.Version: 1.0.8

Get boring quickFunny in the first hours, but after that it become repetitive and to easy. Even at harder difficulty you overflow with cash to buy the same structure again and again. No chalenge..Version: 1.0.35

Suspicious copying from clipboardI’ve been really enjoying this game, but when I opened it up last it copied what I had pasted from Safari. There isn’t really any reason for the game to do this, so it makes me a bit wary..Version: 1.0.37

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