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BPme: BP & Amoco Gas Rewards app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bpme: bp & amoco gas rewards?

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So far not too happy with this appWhen I signed in with my finger ID on iPhone it told me that I could not use the app because I needed to be connected to Wi-Fi, I turned on my Wi-Fi it still did not work I turn my Wi-Fi off it still did not work and then it told me that my credit card was not set up which it was because I got a dollar hold on my account and my credit card showed me that a dollar was charged to my account right away as it did in the past when I use BP gasoline. Then the pump kept asking me for my reward I press no it didn’t work I press cancel it cancel my transaction I went on the inside to talk with a representative they told me to come back out and do it again and press the enter button when Rewards popped up it still didn’t work I wound up going to another gas station which is very frustrating. Once I get to the next gas station the same thing happened it said see attendant I wound up having to pay on the inside which defeats the purpose of having the app however it’ was $.20 off which lets me know that my card is connected to the app but it’s not working at the pump when I fill up if the same thing happens I’m just going to delete the app and switch gas stations I guess I’ll try shell gas. Sorry for the long rant and no punctuation, I’m using talk to text for this review..Version: 1.58.2

Easy to use, but what’s the point?It’s a well designed app- easy to use and makes paying for gas slightly faster than using a card at the pump. However, if I have to spend $100 a month just to maintain the 5 cents off a gallon discount, what’s the point in using this app? Anyone can open up GasBuddy and find a cheaper gas station and get cash back on gas purchases. Paying $1 a month for price comparison seems like a total waste of money too- again, just open up GasBuddy and do the comparison yourself. There needs to be a clearer value proposition to using this app. I signed up for the 50 cents off a gallon sign up promo, but I don’t think I’ll use the app once I use that discount..Version: 4.35.3

Nice concept...I like the app and the ability to receive rewards. However, I received a fraud alert message on the BPMe app 5 months AFTER I had been using it at one particular gas station in St. Louis. First of all, why on earth did it take soooo long to notify me of a “potential” fraud? Secondly, after customer support “fixed” the issue and updated my home address and with my bank, I relocated to a different state. I was still receiving the fraud alert message forcing me to manually use my debit card, thus not being able to take advantage of the rewards program. I’m STILL not able to use my debit card, I’ve had to link my PayPal account to the app in order to use it. Very frustrating! 🤦🏾‍♀️.Version: 1.8.0

UnreliableThis app intermittently works. When it does it’s easy. But this app more often fails than works. I was at a BP station and the app took awhile to find it. Then it let me enter the pump number but didn’t let me pay. It was in the credit card screen and only let me check the information on my listed cards but never the button to pay for the gas. I can see all the cards I have listed. I even went into the gas station for assistance. The guy tells me to enter my credit card (which was already listed in the app). When I tried this I got the “something went wrong”. I tried two different cards, same error. I don’t have forever to troubleshoot at the pump and keep other customers from getting gas. So I lost my discount and my credit for using BP. This app should be seamless. It should just work. I would have done better just driving to a non-BP gas station instead of relying on this app my discount. This app needs much improvement..Version: 4.22.4

Terrible for many reasonsEdit: I see a developer response below saying I should contact support. Sorry guys if you had read the review you’d see I have multiple times. I see no point in emailing again when they’ve already responded with zero help. First it is unreliable. Second it’s a ripoff. Read on. On many occasions I have had the app either refuse to acknowledge I am at a station or refuse to activate a pump. When you can’t rely on something it’s really worse than not having it. I kept using it for the extra discount... until at the end of a month I tried to fuel up all three cars only to have it randomly refuse to work for two of them. I lost my $100 spend because of that and therefore my extra discount. Contacting support was useless so the app went to app purgatory. Until recently when I was towing a boat through an unfamiliar area and needed gas. There was that shiny green station, I read the cash/ credit prices and pulled in. My mistake. After filling up I see it charged me the credit price, even though I used their card through their app! A mistake I thought, I’ll just contact support! Support confirms this is actually their practice! Let me say that again for those not paying attention. If you use the BP app even with a BP card at a BP station you WILL BE CHARGED THE CREDIT PRICE. I’m officially done with this company..Version: 4.20.1

It does not always work.Today, March 23, 2020 There was a problem when I used the app today in Rosemount, MN. I suspect that the pump I was using did not reset completely after the previous transaction. When I received a message on the app that the pump was ready, it didn’t work. I tried to run the app a 2nd time from my phone, and it never connected. Lastly, I closed the app on my phone and turned my phone completely off. I then went to the pump and pushed the cancel button and waited for the pump to reset. Next, I powered up my phone and was able to use the app successfully, but that is a lot of monkey-business to use this app. I would have left my feedback related to this transaction from the app itself, but it timed out; so I am leaving feedback/ a review here (typed quickly on my phone) because it is the best that I could accomplish..Version: 1.64.2

Can’t link Bp Visa card to appEver since Bp visa Synchrony had to send me a new card because there was fraud , I can’t link my Bp rewards card to my new card ... also it’s the 5 th new card in 3 years ... triple encryption is useless. Back to the issue, I have called Synchrony Bank , My Bp rewards customer service , and Tech support . Everyone there is useless!!! It’s the worst customer service and Experience I’ve ever dealt with! I have over 12 hours being on hold and dealing with everyone and no one there is competent to solve the dam problem! They told me 3 times will fix it with in 5 days and then you never hear back fro. Them ... if I don’t hear from them today I will switch all my business to Shell and Mobil apps - I have them both now no dam issues! Please hire a IT Tech that actually can solve the issue because your current staff is the worse.Version: 4.26.10

Clunky and Inefficient UXThe app is a bit clunky and inefficient. It should be clearer where to go to locate your station and fuel, especially in larger cities where you have multiple BP locations on the map in a close proximity to each other and/or are located on the same street. Part of the problem is that the stations should be better set up to accommodate app usage by clearly displaying the pump number and address while you’re sitting in your car — otherwise, why stand at a pump to work through each step of the app when you can just quickly swipe your card? It would also be helpful to have clear confirmation of each step in the process to guide you through each step. The 5 cent/gallon discount is especially insignificant when it requires a minimum amount of spend each month - especially in the era of COVID when people are driving less and using less gas..Version: 4.26.12

Good, but improvements could helpOverall, I love being able to use the app on my phone instead of at the pump, especially when the weather is bad. One enhancement would be the ability to add favorites. I almost always get gas from the same station. It’s annoying to have it have to find my station when it’s almost always the same. Also, some kind of BPfamily would be nice. My husband and I always have rewards but because of my daughters car and miles driven, she doesn’t. Some way to earn and redeem rewards as a family but still have individual access/accounts would be great!.Version: 1.64.3

It’s okay but flawedThe ideal of the app is great! I can pull up to the pump and activate it with just my phone. However I’ve been experiencing trouble using it. The very first time worked fine. Is when I open the app the debit card I registered is missing and I can no longer add debit or credit cards. You will also get charged the credit price which is really unfortunate steering you away from using the app. However since my debit card was linked to my rewards account. Every time I use this debit card the pump ask me do I want to apply my rewards and my rewards account is forever associated with my debit card so I still get my rewards and the debit price using my card. So great but fixed the app PLEASE!! I like BP so I want to use it. Also with the receipt it would be nice if you could print it or download them in pdf format..Version: 1.8.0

Good when it worksApp was updated 4 months ago! I agree with the review from March 4 about the app working for awhile. Then, all of a sudden it stops using your linked payment information! The app still shows closest BP stations and your total rewards. It even adds rewards when you use your linked credit card at the pump or login at the pump using your phone number or other rewards information! But the app stopped working with ANY of my payment cards! I have entered the information manually several times now but I get the same error message that the app cannot add that card please try another one. The website works just fine, so far! Please fix the app so it will accept and keep payment information!.Version: 1.8.0

I’d rather eat glass than set up this app againPossibly the singular worst setup experience I’ve ever had on iOS. The app link to email doesn’t work, the app link from email back doesn’t work. The password entry screen has no way to reload if it freezes. There is no paste functionality in the CC entry screen. I guarantee this was not worth the $10 credit I was offered to sign in. I can only hope the usage experience is better. If it is, I’ll add star(s) back. Update - used the app for the first time. Had to drive to two different pumps to make it work as the first pump timed out (hung in the "waiting" mode while trying to select a grade) and was unusable. Second pump worked, luckily the station was empty or the failure would have been really annoying and awkward. The pump was still out if service when I left after filling up 5 min later..Version: 4.30.1

Rather WorthlessThis app made lots of promises in the introductory email however it’s failed to fulfill any of them. I was promised a $.25 bonus for trying the app but when I attempted to use it at the station in my neighborhood I learned that it did not work there. In fact the closest station was 35 miles away so I made the trek only to pay an additional $.30 per gallon above my local stations price. At least I was able to experience the potential convenience the app could offer. After my purchase I received an email congratulating me on using the app and earning the $.25 bonus. When I didn’t see the bonus reflected in my balance I contacted customer support. After 4 unanswered inquiries I was disappointed to learn that BP decided to cancel the bonus they congratulated me for earning because they deemed my purchase insufficient to remit the bonus. Sadly I will no longer purchase my fuel at BP after I use my rewards balance and instead of sharing the benefits of the app’s safety (the BP station I frequent at the entrance to my community was recently found to have card readers that steal your credit card info which made me eager to share the app as an option at my next community meeting) and convenience I’ll be sharing my dissatisfaction with my network. It’s unfortunate that the app wasn’t better planned prior to making it available to regular customers..Version: 1.7.0

Slightly disappointedI liked the app & using it is very easy. The downfall of this app is that it takes extra money off the card to secure a payment. The example is if I put the exact amount of cash on a pre paid card...the BP app will take the entire funds to secure the payment. Just to let you know...I wasn’t able to get any gas at all afterwards. That’s totally not fair or right!! The funds eventually appeared back on the card but I wasn’t able to use the card because the same thing would happen again. So instead...I should have just used cash from the very beginning. This needs to be fixed or adjusted somehow or some type of way so that stuff like this will not continue when you’re down to your last & just want to get gas..Version: 1.60.4

Doesn’t workThis App stinks. I downloaded app and put in my credit card into app. This Gas is more expensive but wanted to try out the service. Went to a pump and it asked me to select pump number. After doing so it gave me error. After trying 3 times I just left. I’ll go to a different station and pay with a credit card instead of counting on this service and wasting my time. Thanks for making things complicating BP. Response to technical support: No thanks. I’m not going to call you and waste my time just so you can figure out issues at some gas station. The gas costs more than other brands anyway. Your app isn’t solid and I’m not even going to waste my time to drive to the station and try again. This service intended convenience is in reality a random inconvenience..Version: 4.45.5

Horrible Tech App Team ApparentlyI cannot believe how horrible this app is and how many problems it continues to have. Like many of the comments posted by other users, you cannot login or register anymore on this app without getting an error message. Multiple calls to customer service doesn’t help whatsoever. They continue to say they will send in a tech support ticket but nothing has happened over the past month. I find it so hard to believe that all these other gas apps from other companies work just fine but why this one continues to struggle is quite a joke. UPDATE I tried calling the number that you gave me to talk to your technical support team and they were not able to get it corrected. This is not just an issue with me but with several users it appears. Fix your app and your website!.Version: 4.30.1

Unable to use the AppI needed gas so went to my nearest bp gas station. I was unable to open the app-just an error message. I tried logging back into my account and was eventually locked out because of the technical difficulties with the app and I was unable to log back in for 15 minutes. I ended up having to reset my password. So I waited on the side of the road for 15 minutes to pass by but still unable to log into my account using the app. 15 minutes turned to 30 minutes and then an hour and still cannot log into the app-just getting an error message. I deleted the app and reinstalled and tried to log back in but still unable to log into my account using the app. This is why there should be a card in case like this when the app is experiencing technical difficulties. There should be a backup plan. Highly disappointed..Version: 4.26.10

Not working when adding a new cardI was at the pump to fill up gas today. For some weird reason the Amex card I stored in the app before was gone. I did not know what’s happened thought it was erased maybe due to this app’s recent update. I thought it’s not that of a big deal then I can simply just re-add the card back to the app to pay. Then I figured I was totally wrong. At the pump, I tried to add my Amex card more than 20 times, every time it will say “there’s something wrong” so the card cannot be added for payment. This is so embarrassing that I had to pull my car to the parking lot and play with this dumb app thought that was something I did wrong. BP, just fire the ones designed this app then you won’t lose business with ordinary customers. Thank you!.Version: 4.8.4

New App 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻I loved the old app. I never ever had a problem with it. First, when I installed the new app it did load correctly and it took numerous calls to even get it installed. Second, it took over 2 months for me to be able to use the new app because it would not let me use my BP credit card. Third, I was using the app and not getting my credits. Forth, is now when I use the app with my BP credit card I’m charged the credit card price instead of the cash. I went back to just using my credit card and deleting the app. The customer service is horrible and no one gives you the same answer or even helps you. It is much easier using the credit card. Sad because I use to love using the app..Version: 4.8.4

Not Worth the HassleAs a product manager for a software company, I have dealt with my fair share of apps. I’m familiar with common bugs and issues and can usually navigate myself around them when they appear. I attempted at least a half dozen times to create a password for a new account unsuccessfully. I tried to sign in through Pay Pal and attempted to manually create a password. Neither worked. I attempted to use the “forgot password” function several times and it failed each time. The app insisted that I “could not use a previously used password” when, ironically, I was attempting to setup a password for the first time. In any case, I was never actually able to use the app so I cannot provide any insight to the functionality of the app itself. The fact that creating a new account from the app proved to be impossible for me earned this 1-star review..Version: 4.20.1

The app is great but no discountThe app is great, always picks up the correct station and unlocks the gas pump. The only issue is, paying is always credit, even when using PayPal as a payment. The BP Stations always charge 10 cents per gallon when using the app. There is no way around it, so I end up paying 5 cents more a gallon since the discount is only 5 cents. I am not sure why BP has the app, if they have a 10 cent discount, then it would be great, at least this way I am paying what a cash paying customer is paying and not 5 cents more. Another gas company allows you to pay the same amount as cash by using their app. I use PayPal to pay. It’s not PayPal credit, it is the money I have in my account with PayPal..Version: 4.12.2

Debit card is credit price on the appI recently emailed BP about why I’m paying credit card prices at the pump even though I have my debit card on file. The pump says debit same as cash. They responded and said it will be a credit card purchase. That’s a sham to people using the app if they have a debit card on file and expecting the cash price. I hope others are paying attention to the pump price. There’s a big difference in prices between the two. I won’t be using the app anymore, I will just swipe my card to save a lot more money. I’m only giving 3 stars, I like the app function but poor options on allowing a debit card use to get the cash price..Version: 4.19.1

New BP rewards program registrationTried multiple times to re-register for the widely anticipated NEW and IMPROVED app without success. It is a circular firing squad, poorly designed and explained directions. New app and old app look the same. You are given several options on the first screen, register, register with PayPal, or already have an account? Well are we to register for the new app or are we already an account holder? I tried all 3 options (including PayPal). The PayPal option bounced back and forth between the two apps, not letting me confirm at BP. The already an account holder option wouldn’t confirm either but would pop an error message saying not connected to internet, try later. Not true. When this app was originally released I had multiple issues also and finally gave up trying to use the new conveniences from BP. Thanks for nothing..Version: 1.58.6

Doesn’t work wellI love the idea, but every time I’ve tried using it ... it stalls, disconnects, have to sign in again, this repeats several times, then it might work after that. Usually have to re-enter CC info or PayPal a few times as well, then it finally says it connects, then while you are filling up ... it says there is a problem again. Please fix/update or I’m deleting it. Customer service is non-existent. That’s why I’m writing review here... hoping for an update. 🙏🏻 It’s a shame because I’m a health care worker on frontlines, and thought this would be convenient , but instead I have to stand there and play with my phone for about 5 minutes before I can even pump. I could have been pumped and gone twice already. 😒 please fix!.Version: 4.12.2

BP Fleet Cards and Cash Not AcceptedThey won’t even accept their own BP fleet cards? Unacceptable since linking a card is now a requirement. The previous rewards system was much better as it could be used independent of a linked credit card. This one is virtually unusable for me now unless I’m driving my wife’s car, since my day to day vehicle is a company car. At the very least the app should allow one to choose to pay at the pump so the customer can swipe whatever card they want (like a fleet card) or even pay cash if they want. The previous reward program often had me willing to go out of my way a little to fill up at a BP (probably 3 out of 4 times). This new rewards has made me not care at all if I go to a BP or not. Maybe it’s time to switch to another fleet card that offers rewards for using theirs at their stations? I’ll wait a couple more months to see if BP gets their act together and stops penalizing fleet card users or people who prefer to pay with cash..Version: 1.58.6

BPFuel Prices With the app and a credit card.BP is not the least expensive place to get gas. However I have had a BP card for years and recently I downloaded the app on my phone. I get $.10 discount per gallon just because I have the credit card, and another five cents as long as I spend $100 a month, which is not hard at all. I have quite a few fuel apps downloaded and some are used regularly. However I do use the BP app more because even though BPs fuel prices are a little bit higher usually than others, with the $.15 discount the price usually beats everyone else. And I also know that I’m getting a little bit better fuel that I may be getting at the local corner Joe’s gas station..Version: 4.14.1

Why aren’t Current Gas Prices listed??I was excited for the new app. It took me almost 30 mins to get it to set up my payment card. It ended up being a security issue with my card but there was no way from the BP end to contact anyone at the time to do it. And no way to get the discounted price without the payment set up. Another bigger issue is that on Speedway, we can see the current prices at any station anywhere on their locator. I cannot find anywhere in the BP app where it shows the CURRENT GAS PRICES, not even on the STATION LOCATOR page. I also cannot make a list of Favorite Stations near me or the ones I would use when traveling multiple times a month between home & Wauwatosa or Indianapolis to take my son to college & visit my Grandbabies. I normally plan my trips to land my fill-ups based on current prices. If I can’t find the prices at BP stations, I will just keep my gas stops at Speedway..Version: 1.60.4

False Advertising - You have been WarnedGot this app due to higher gas prices and even got the BP platinum credit card. Combined both to get their 30 cent off offer and use the app to get gas. Went to THREE different locations based on the app and all three locations showed a different error so I couldn’t use it. My iPhone is up to date and so is the app according to the App Store. Even tried using the card itself without the app and the prices didn’t drop. This is a case of false advertising. Going to cut up the credit card after I pay it off as this is a total sham. The app is horribly optimized and doesn’t work. Can’t wait to see the copy and paste response I’ll get from the developer saying to contact them saying they’re sorry and contact the number to get help. I contacted the support line on the card and they “agreed” to give me my money back for how much I spent and have yet to see if. Highly recommend you STAY AWAY from this application and use Wawa rewards as they are legit..Version: 4.43.5

Non functionalAfter a few days, I received an email saying that it would be 7-10 days more before they could get back to me. Two weeks later, after two app updates, I have heard nothing from anyone, and the app still doesnt work. I am done with the app, and done with BP This app doesn’t work. It comes back with a notice that they are having technical difficulties, again and again. A week later...I again arrived at the pump and got the same error message that they were having technical difficulties. I called tech support and waited and waited for about 10 minutes getting constant messages that somebody would be with me shortly and again and again. I left the station and went home, about a 15 minute trip. When I got home I hung up. THE APP DOESN’T WORK AND TECH SUPPORT DOESN’T EITHER. Another day. I was going to ride past the BP station, so I called tech support before I got there. This time I got an answer, and the lady said since my problem was a “Technical Issue” my call would have to be escalated, and it would be 3-5 days before someone could call me back. If I were BP, I would be very embarrassed..Version: 4.26.12

Loyal customer but I had it up to hereWhen this first came out I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Downloaded it put my new card which came right around the same time this dropped, everything was cool until I got to the gas station and sitting in the car for almost an half hour bc it wasn’t signing in and then when it did it wasn’t picking up the pump I was at so I deleted it that’s when everything else went crazy. Signed in went to put the card back in now it saying unable to add my payment method. I called them up explained the situation to be told to call my financial institution. Just to be told it might be there app. I don’t want to link my other credit card bc I get rewards with the card I’m tryna link I just hope they do an update so I’m can change my review until then this gets a 1 star.Version: 1.10

I *HATE* having to use an app to get my discount!1) Life is already much too complicated and overly tech dependent. My card was simple and 100% effective. I would be okay with having an app as an option along with card use for those that wished to. 2) Apparently you’re either not aware that not every person who needs to buy gas has a smartphone, knows how to use a smart phone, or has unlimited and universally accessible WiFi or you just don’t care about people who can’t use or afford them. To keep my phone bill as low as possible, I have a “pay as you go plan” and often can’t use apps when I don’t have a WiFi connection. This is an absolutely classist system for providing a “benefit” to your customers. You seem to want us to be more loyal to you than you’re willing to be to us..Version: 1.60.3

Great (when it works) but zero customer supportThe app is great when it works, incentivizing payment with the app. I consider BP a premium product and the ability to pay without leaving my car seems like a premium idea. Unfortunately at several stations I get a “technical issues” error and can’t pay with the app. You get a discount using a linked card, but it’s less than half the discount of using a linked card through the app (5c versus 11c). There’s zero customer support for the app. Emails say you get a reply in 12 business hours, but my email from this weekend hasn’t been answered three full business days later. It’s a shame that it’s making me think less of the product as a whole because of that lack of standing behind the product..Version: 4.26.12

Can’t use it.I downloaded the app right as the rewards quit. I used the normal rewards every week with my job causing me to travel a lot. Now I go to use this new app and get it all set up. I went to a local bp station and went to log in. I had no issues logging in. Once I logged in and proceeded to pay it told me I wasn’t at a bp station. The bp station was 100 yards down the road. So I got out and paid for the gas. Thru the reader and didn’t get a discount. Then out of curiosity I went down the road to the “gas station” location and found it to be a rev park with no gas station. The gas station was put in the system in the wrong area. So now it wants me to pay for my gas down the road from the gas station pick a pump and hope it’s open. Or let someone steal my gas. My company request we use Exxon since we get a discount with them but with the rewards I could get one with bp but now the gas card that I use doesn’t have 16 digits and it won’t let me load it I have to go to Exxon. I also know this has effected others in our company as well. Also I would get over 5 cent off every fill up when it was rewards but now I can only get 5 percent off. Go back to the old way it was more efficient and convenient..Version: 1.58.2

If there’s a way to use the app without storing a credit or debit card, I’m all for itI think this app would be much more beneficial if you could get rewards without having to store your debit or credit card information. In today’s world, you shouldn’t have to store your credit or debit card information to get maximum rewards for using a product. This is why this app and service get one star. If you can utilize the app and get rewards for using it without storing the information, I’d give it a much better review and would utilize the service. I’m still trying to find out how you can do that. I haven’t been able to yet, until then, it gets one star. I will update after I get an answer from BP and utilize the service..Version: 4.20.1

Three BP Locations, Three Failed Attempts to PayI had a reward on my American Express card with an incentive to use this app to pay for gas. I download it, added my card, and I drove to the nearest BP station that supported the pay feature. I got there and the app consistently would throw an error saying it “encountered an error” when I tapped the station I was at. I waited two days and then decided to try another BP that supported the lay feature. When I got there I was able to select the station and my pump, but when I selected my AmEx it would spin for a long time and then say “the transaction couldn’t be completed.” After that, I drove to my third BP station to try and redeem the offer that got me on this goose chase. I pulled into the station, tapped the station to confirm I was there, and BOOM - it encountered the same error as it did at the first station a few days ago. Irritated I drove to three different BPs and not one time would the app work correctly. I’m sticking with Speedway..Version: 4.45.5

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