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Steady - Earn Money App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Steady - Earn Money app received 20 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Steady - Earn Money? Can you share your negative thoughts about steady - earn money?

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Steady - Earn Money for Negative User Reviews

Ms TashI have to give a three on this because I completed five boosters and only two were in progress but they stayed that way for over a week. Then I had to email twice before I finally got a reply and then had to submit screenshots and proof. The problem is if you click on a booster that has an app to use you go from steady to the App Store then the App Store to the app so you’re not still connected to steady like you would be if you went from steady to a website and there’s no way around that. So then when your done it doesn’t even show. After my second email and submitted proof I only got one booster reward which of course was the lowest out of all of them which was $5. So I’m still waiting . If it all works out and I actually get the boosters that I did the right way and followed the directions and I get what I was told I would I will change my rating but for now leaning more towards not satisfied.Version: 5.14.0

Don’t expect too get money from this app.My experience with Steady was decent at first, it does give you different ideas on other ways too make cash, however, you cannot trust the money to be deposited into your account within a reasonable amount of time, After waiting 3 months after completing open of the income boosters I have yet to receive any funds even though it shows complete on the app itself, I then resorted too emailing customer service about the fact that I have yet to receive the funds and have waited close to 3 weeks thus far without a response from them, it is quite easy too see this as more of scamming app for other apps and websites to use rather then a way too make any money with completing boosters and what not, there customer service as well has been quite difficult too reach or even connect with to resolve any issues that may arise. Good idea, but terrible flow and equally terrible customer service leads this too be a increasingly poor decision too even take part in..Version: 5.82.0

Horrible Communication, False AdvertisingSteady does not reply to emails at all. I have sent three so far and have yet to receive anything close to a response. I have completed income boosters and from reading the eligibility criteria I should have received a payout for the both of them already. Yet, all I received in return was an email stating that they have received my response. They really need to put out a disclaimer for this as the schedule of when you are to receive anything isn’t clear, otherwise this is definitely false advertisement. Otherwise, Steady is an okay app that lets you track spending and find jobs (not better than apps specifically for that purpose). What makes Steady appeal to consumers is their income boosters which I do believe to be a scam as they still haven’t responded or resolved anything with me, though I do have a Varo and Upgrade checking account which I do receive direct deposits in. Lastly, this is not to bash the company but to share my honest opinion about their services. For people actually in need of “income boosters” as they call it, you are better off finding another app..Version: 5.82.0

Must connect bank accountThe app doesn’t let you in unless you connect you bank account. It says by linking your accounts, you gain access to: receiving cash bonuses right to your account, a detailed overview of your income health and see what jobs make you the most money. That’s all well and good but can I browse first and see if there’s even any jobs I can or want to do before I give you access to my bank accounts?? I can see the requirement for bank account access once you start a job and need to transfer your funds out, but I don’t see why in order to even get in, you need to provide bank access. Let me browse and decide this is even useful for me before I decide to connect a bank account. I received a response from the developer which describes their app as “an income advisor” and “like a budgeting tool but for income”. Yet, in the App Store, the app is name: Steady- Earn Money. Perhaps you should be name Steady- Income Advisor. You can’t market yourself as a money earner for users but then describe yourself as an income advisor when folks complain about the requirement to link bank accounts..Version: 5.73.0

Takes a while, patience requiredIt was a little hard for me to find a booster with an app i haven’t used. But i’ve come across a few. The ones i’ve tried was “Coinbase” and another one. Anyway I completed my coinbase booster (and it literally says complete) but i never received the money from Steady on that. However, the other booster i’ve tried, they actually sent me the money for. Being honest, I didn’t think they were going to actually do it. I’m quite shocked. I will definitely continue to use from time-to-time completing boosters and getting that extra money 😳. 3 stars because the tasks for boosters surely work, and it take a little while..But other than that if it was a bit faster and not so many task requiring you to put your banking info and such everywhere, then it’d be pretty much perfect..Version: 5.59.0

Varo boosterThe reason I give only 3 starts is because it took longer than 90 days to receive the booster. I mean 90 day waiting period seems a bit much to begin with. I also had to take it upon myself to search for another way to contact them. I tried inquiring about the status of my booster payment in the app 3 times never got a reply so I had to google contact information for steady and email them a couple times before I heard back. It took close to 4 months for me receive the money and I feel that if I never took it upon myself to find other contact options that I would still be waiting for the booster and probably would never have received it at all. To wrap this up I did indeed receive the booster so it’s not a scam just poor customer service..Version: 5.85.0

WILL NOT PAY YOU!!A year ago I would have given 5 stars. I was always paid within a week or 2 of completing a booster. Today…ZERO stars! I’ve been waiting over a month now on the payout for a booster. Been waiting on a reply from their support team for a few weeks now. They do not respond. Seems they respond to these reviews though. If you’d spend as much time replying to emails as you do trying to redeem yourselves in these ratings there probably wouldn’t be so many negative reviews. You should also try paying people for the boosters as promised. The description of the boosts insinuate that a customer will be paid in a timely manor. However, that is NOT the case. 30 days I’ve been waiting and still no payment. Your fine print says that it could take up to 60 days to receive payout. It doesn’t say that it will. Just that it could take up to.… yet many of these reviews are from ppl who have waited more than 60 days and still no payment. You should make it clear, in bold print, at the top of the booster that you’re not going to send the payout and to not bother with contacting support because no one will respond. That would save others from wasting their time completing boosters that they’re expecting to be paid for in a timely manor. Pretty pathetic way to conduct yourselves honestly. Why not shut down the boosters until you’ve paid all of the people you currently owe? Since you’re obviously overwhelmed and understaffed….Version: 5.84.0

Crap!!!You know at first i thought this app to be awesome and just the kind of help an uber eats driver during covid could use.... however after installing aspiration, one, stash, robinho od, acorns, public, varo, experian credit boost, and getting quotes from gabi.... i'm thinking it's a gimme and a scam!! yes they have useful links and info to help with cash flow but the boosters.... comeon we broke already then the fine print almost all of them you have to actually fund before you receive the boost of which i have, and out of the aforementioned, i have received 40 for the installation of one, varo it showed in my boosters and then disappeared and that suxs bc i FINALLY was able to get through their sign up process, aspiration i received an email congratulating me on the completion of the boost but have yet to see any money!!!and yes steady it's been well over the 10-15 days wait!! all of the accounts were new no previous sign on or download or whatever and yet nothing!! so really this app is a huge waste of time and your hard earned money that like me you most probably definitely need!!! NEXT!!!!!.........Version: 5.5.1

Slow payouts and even slower supportSo this app would be great if it weren’t for two things: 1) they take forever to pay out on some of the boosters. I have one that I completed almost 3 months ago, and still have not received the payout yet. This despite the fact that over a month ago, I contacted their support to find out what the issue was. After a week, they finally got back to me and sent me an email stating the booster was completed. But the bottom of the email stated it might take up to 30 more days to receive the payout for some reason. Well, 30 days was up on 9/10, and still nothing. I sent them another email on 9/09, and have still not heard a thing back from them. EDIT: It’s 9/14, and I still have not heard back from Steady support regarding this issue. 2) their support takes longer to respond back to you than any other companies support I have ever dealt with in all my life. That’s literally not an exaggeration. See above for examples..Version: 5.80.0

Not like it used to beThat’s for sure. Steady used to…well….steadily pay on its income boosters. Now they dip out on paying and steadily ignore emails. Awesome. Edit: in response to the developer response: I followed your instructions and guess what? STILL NO FREAKING RESPONSE OR PAYMENT!!!!!! Edit 2: after my first edit, Steady *finally* decided to “pay me” for 2 completed income boosters…in the form of 2 Tango rewards virtual Visa gift cards, despite my bank account having been successfully linked for months and my specifying I wanted paid to my bank account. At this point I’m honestly starting to wonder if they’re just messing with me for some unknown reason. Can’t use these stupid gift cards for anything I actually need, like gas or cigarettes or anything at a physical store, at least 3 online vendors have already declined them, can’t use them with CashApp or PayPal, and I’m not holding out hope of being able to use them at all now. Thanks so much, Steady, for steadily going down the drain! Edit 3: hey Steady how about paying me to my linked bank account instead of issuing these worthless gift cards I can’t use anywhere?????.Version: 5.82.0

Malicious activityWhere do I start? I got an email from Steady that my account is locked due to malicious activity from an IP address that is not mine. No further explanation, no help offered nor explain actions of actions being done to secure my account. Accounts not associated with steady are requiring proof of identity etc. I believe this app to be a gate way to malicious activity and am concerned for the security of all of my accounts. For all I know there are hackers still hacking my phone info right now. No response by Steady on this matter. My account security is of the utmost importance to me. I wouldn’t take the chance for the bonus booster money, just not worth it, unless you like your phone to be hacked and everything on it comprised. Sad, sad, sad experience. Plus email is the only form of contact. Sitting duck here..Version: 4.9.1

UnusableSteady was advertised to me as an app to help teens get money quickly, but most methods to actually work have an 18+ restriction or professional degrees. The boosters are especially difficult due to the age restriction as well, even though I have entered my birthdate into the app and searched for gigs that can be done quickly. To add onto that, the only bank account I have the option to connect to Steady is PayPal; which, I’m guessing, gives an error message because I’m not 18 on PayPal either. So now I have an error message at the top of my screen telling me I have to get rewards through emailed gift cards, but I also have a booster completed that never went through as started. This means that every aspect of the app is off-limits for me, regardless of the fact that I’m part of the target audience of Steady’s advertising..Version: 5.61.0

Good app but need work asapI completed a few income boosters and I haven’t got my rewards to be honest this app is amazing but please fix this issue i been trying to contact the “STEADY GROUP” for so long by phone by email on google every where that i could i reached out and i never got a response never i find it pretty sad that i just feel left out like “is the income boosters a scam”?? I hope that you get this email and we can over the issue or go over my account if its necessary i have completed over $100 on income boosters and i hope that you can take me in consideration and fix this issue you have no idea how much i will be benefited with that money im going through really hard times at this moment 😔and i will highly appreciate it if you could look into this and help me out..!! Thank you so much for your time and concern and congratulations on making such a good app when it comes to managing money and getting all the summaries of your expenses and incomes thank you!.Version: 5.78.1

It’s okay just a bit annoying and slowI like the app and all of the different income boosters. There is a wide variety and it’s awesome thing that I usually need or should get anyway. However, I don’t know why but it takes forever for the support people to get back to you and also, it just doesn’t even tell you if your income booster was completed successfully which is the annoying part. I have had this app for about 5 months and have completed 4 income boosters and have not received any money. For some reason or another they have an issue keeping up or figuring out if an income booster was completed. I have had to email support every time I complete one. I completed an income booster and was waiting and waiting and wondered hmmm.. I feel like I should have gotten that five bucks by now… then I ask them and have to send them proof of it and then wait ANOTHER 2 months to get paid. Like, come on. Also you have to use the same email that you use on the app when you complete income booster or else you just wasted your time and you cannot redo it. It’s disappointing for sure. However, it has turned me on to several different and great apps for finances..Version: 5.78.1

Jrev73I downloaded Steady some time ago and get frequent text messages about boosters etc. but, for many weeks when I click on one and the app opens, it asks for me to verify my mobile number. I do not know if I have a different # now than I had when I downloaded the app or if I possibly made an error when listing my phone number but, I have never received the verification message via text or email to be able to verify. I have sent this information to steady more than once via the link in the “verify phone # “ page and have not received any help to be able to use the app for anything including the chance for free money by “doing at least one booster. If someone would actually address this issue and help me resolve it, I am sure I will be satisfied and pleased with the app and the things it offers but, as of now it is not accessible for me!!.Version: 5.32.0

Scam App Makes Money Off Of YouThis app is a scam, it doesn’t have any personalized links to find local jobs, all it does is list generic national jobs anyone can find by themselves like Uber Eats, Lyft, etc. There is not one job listed that anyone with a quarter of a brain can’t find by themselves. I signed in and used multiple locations (big and small cities) all over the US and got the same exact BS results. The app developers are actually making money off of ppl when they sign up for anything thru this app using their referral link. Don’t sign up for any job thru this app, sign up they the website’s main job sign up page, otherwise you’re just making the developers of this app money. It’s basically a “Make the Developer’s Money” app disguised as a “Personalized Job Finder App” The developers should be ashamed of themselves for trying to scam ppl on the App Store and Apple should remove this app ASAP. The 5 star reviews are so fake I couldn’t stop laughing at how bad they were. I noticed my first review of this app was taken down. I’ll keep posting the truth about this app until Apple takes it off of the App Store so the developers can stop scamming ppl by making money off of them instead of really helping others to find a job..Version: 3.3.0

It’s unfortunate | PLEASE READ|This is my first review. The first time I’ve left a review because I feel as though people like myself who have been in a bind at one point or another in their lives, feel some hope when they run across an app like this that could provide enough money for your next meal. It’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate that when you trust a company like steady, to provide incentives to you, that even after you’ve done the work you never receive. It’s unfortunate that even after their customer service admits you’ve did everything they asked you to do in order to receive your money bonus or any type of incentive, they can’t tell you when you’ll receive it. Most incentives they offer, ask you to give them 60 days before you see said bonus. Mine was way past that time. And it’s unfortunate that they actually don’t have to get it to you in that time and had no explanation for me as to why. Yet, I have no doubt that STEADY is still receiving THEIR incentive from these companies for getting people like myself to sign up. It’s just, unfortunate..Version: 5.81.0

What’s going on with Steady lately?Started using steady I would say about 2yrs ago and they’ve always been pretty good at sending out payments for boosters completed. However, I’ve recently been having trouble getting in contact with steady about a booster I completed nearly 2 months ago. Typically it would take about 2 weeks to receive my payment but as of late, its been hard getting into contact with Steady via email, let alone receiving my payment. The booster was for $25, and it’s mind boggling that it’s taken this long to receive my payment especially since I’ve done boosters for $50 in the past and the payments came a lot quicker. I understand their policy says wait up to 60 days, but that seems ridiculous for just a $25 booster. And the closer it gets to 60 days the more unlikely it seems that I’ll receive my payment. 2yrs ago Steady would have gotten a 5 star out of me, but I can only give them 1 star as of now because of the recent lapse..Version: 5.83.0

Not SureI am new to the side hustle/gig industry and thought I would give it a try. When I downloaded the app I was shocked to see that right away I have to connect it to a banking app so I was not comfortable with this. I instead used my PayPal account. After connecting that and attempting to enter my current job credentials, I was again surprised - to see that you are required to enter the name of the company you currently work for and how much you currently make. I wasn’t comfortable so I tried to skip past this but didn’t get very far. I decided to delete the app. That was two days ago. Today I received an email from PayPal that I had a fraudulent charge on my account. I am so glad I didn’t connect my real bank info. I am not sure if the hacker obtained my info from me attempting to actually find a second job through this app but I won’t be using any apps like this again. I’ll stick to Indeed, Glassdoor or Zip Recruiter. Good luck everyone and I wish you all well if you have success with this app!.Version: 5.17.0

This does not work for me AT ALLI’m trying to link my bank; I try paypal because that’s an option. It tells me it can’t because 2fa is on (certainly not turning it off) So I try connecting Discover; that errors out. It doesn’t have my actual main bank, because that’s a local credit union. So I’m already locked out of the main use of the app. I decided to take a look around, anyway, since it still showed what was available. I tapped on “Make Money Now” and took the short quiz. Told it I don’t need to increase my credit score (I don’t really care about it that much) and I don’t need car insurance (I don’t drive) BOTH things still appeared in the list, so I’m not sure WHAT the point of that was. Don’t really trust an app that seems this broken. Oh, also decided to try the “Find Work” option; it just does a metasearch (basically it pulls information that you can easily find yourself elsewhere, it just pulls it in one place) For me, since I live in a rural area and can’t drive it’s useless because it gives me links to things I ALREADY know about. So, yeah, the app is useless..Version: 5.12.0

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