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Brigit: Get $250 Cash Advance Negative Reviews

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Brigit: Get $250 Cash Advance App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Brigit: Get $250 Cash Advance app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Brigit: Get $250 Cash Advance? Can you share your negative thoughts about brigit: get $250 cash advance?

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Brigit: Get $250 Cash Advance for Negative User Reviews

Good Service But...UPDATE: My issue was resolved. The money was refunded and the representative made an adjustment so that I won’t be charged the $9.99 fee on my next repayment. Thank You!!! —— I signed up for this service and honestly I haven’t had any issues with it until recently. I took out an $80 loan which I repaid early (prior to my paycheck). The following day, they withdrew the $9.99 fee. Come payday, they took out an additional $9.99 fee. After much digging, I found a way to contact them regarding the additional fee withdrawn from my account. I received an email back saying that the additional funds would be refunded. That never happened. I emailed again to confirm when the funds would be refunded and got zero response. I’m going to pay off this new loan I took out and then I’m going to delete the app. Very disappointed that they won’t refund the additional fee they took out from my account. So I paid a $20 fee on an $80 loan — cost me $100. Beware if you choose to pay the loan off early. Just wait until your payday to avoid additional funds being removed from your account..Version: 1.168.0

Try MoneyLion or EarninOne of the worst apps. After the 1st time using them, they restricted my debit without any explanation as to why. They wouldn’t respond with a valid reason either. I’ve also been trying to cancel and was charged twice for the membership in that time and they didn’t respond the second time and finally responded the 3rd. Followed all the instructions to cancel on my own and sent screenshots proving there was no such option on mobile or regular pc. Then they told me they couldn’t find my account after giving them my email. After responding again, they miraculously found it and canceled my account. Never received any sort of refund even though I asked PRIOR to them canceling the account and now the excuse is that they don’t have access to my bank account so they can’t issue a refund. It’s been a headache since I got it. MoneyLion or Earnin are so much better. Edit: Received the same standard reply from this review to reach out to the company. That’s what this post was about. The customer service does nothing. This isn’t unusual and if I had read the reviews beforehand, I definitely would have steered clear..Version: 172.0

16 hours laterSo I downloaded this app. Thinking it would be similar to “Dave”. Of course I was approved told I’d get the money instantly. It’s been about 15 hours and I’m a bit skeptical about this. Reading the help section it says it depends on your bank processing time. Well, with Dave and money in general by the next business day THAT MORNING I typically receive funds. The apps help center says by 5pm my bank never deposits that’s late??? So where is the money actually? With the that being said , what if I never receive the money? But you’ve accessed my banking info as well as my accounts routing / account #. Your app says INSTANTLY. DAVE is INSTANT. which is why I rated that app a 5 and you guys a 2. If it ISNT INSTANTLY DEPOSITED ITS NOT INSTANT. I will change my review IF and WHEN i ACTUALLY receive the money. Don’t bother telling me to contact help. I already have. P. S. YOU SHOULD HAVE A LIST OF THE BANKS YOU ACCEPT OR NOT. THATS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE CLIENTS ARE INFORMED. That way people aren’t finding out when they are in a tight that their banking institution isn’t partnered with Bridget. why I’m rating you guys a two, From a good place. 💋.Version: 1.147.0

A frustrating waste of time. Very disappointing.I was very eager to download and start using this app, however they have a list of criteria you need to meet before you can qualify for advances. Other similar apps also have eligibility criteria, which is understandable, but this app in particular has the most intricate, absurd, and unnecessary criteria which makes it almost impossible to meet everything within a amount of time that would be beneficial to even use their service. Four months I met every single criteria necessary except for one of them which was how often I used my checking account. I kept asking support for more information regarding this criteria and what can be done about it and they were less than helpful but after several months more of try my best to use my account more even though I didn’t need to or want to I finally got a message saying I qualify for advances. However, would they never tell you is an order to take advantage of the advances you have to opt in to a $10 Recurring membership first. I was so fed up at this point I requested my account to be deleted and I deleted the app and I’m hoping other people will read this and know that this is the most ridiculous of all the cash advance apps out there. There are several others I highly recommend more that I have used with no complaints..Version: 94.0

Many flawsUpdate: still Having these issues and more. Recently they are saying they can’t verify my paycheck when nothing has changed. So they take their money out of my account first thing Friday morning but take 6or more days for it to “clear”on their end. If you’re looking for quick turn away, Brigit is not it. First of all, let me say that I was pretty excited when I initially found this app. The idea is great, and it is quick to verify your info. I’ve used Earnin for a while but decided to try something new since they seemed to be lowering my loan amount for no reason. I was verified within minutes. Awesome. They “sent” me $200. That was Saturday. It’s Tuesday and I still have no money in my account. I get it, it’s a holiday weekend. But that’s a long time to wait when you need the money. I also sent an email Sunday and it’s Tuesday and I still haven’t heard back. Something in place like Earnin has where you can immediately see that money hit your account without waiting 4 days would be great. The idea for the app is great but I’ll likely go back to Earnin simply because I get the money as soon as I need it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.Version: 1.198.0

System malfunctionSo I’m giving them 3 stars because of this system error they are having. I tried logging in and it gave a quick cause for the issue (besides the generic error codes), saying they are having trouble with google as they are their host. This app has been great for me in the times I need it. The gripe I have is that they were able to charge the monthly fee while having these issues, but never sent an email stating that there was an issue or when they predict there will be a fix. However, they emailed me yesterday asking me to take part in a 30 second survey. It seems like they are keeping us, their customers, on the back burner while all of this is going on. A quick mass email to let us know that the error is not on our, the customer’s end, and to just touch base and keep us in the loop. I’d expect that from a company that has access to my bank account. I don’t think it’s fair to go lower than a 3 star at this time, but as time goes by without word from them, it won’t help their rating. Happy Holidays everyone..Version: 2.17.0

Don’t waste time. Read this then determineI don’t even write reviews but I wasted my time and would like to keep others from wasting there’s as well. I went through all the steps to verify my direct deposit through my checking account I bank with Chime, this app does have Chime Bank as a selection when selecting who i bank with but after I verify everything. They show me that I met every single requirement which was like 8 things, I literally missed one requirement. Which is that every direct deposit I received every two weeks, even if my total amount deposited into my account every month is greater than $1,500.. it says that EVERY, each deposit I receive has to be $1,500 within itself to be eligible for the loan. This app isn’t like Dave which calculates your spending and gives you the amount they can loan you. No this app will have doing the most thinking all you need to have is a direct deposit checking account set up past 60 days, monthly total deposit of at least $1500 total, 3 accruing deposits from the same company/business/person. But it’s definitely more requirements than that. But if you make $1500 every deposit you get, this is definitely for you..Version: 2.1.0

BRIGIT LIED TO ME!!!Brigit hit me back IMMEDIATELY. And we talked. They were able to close my account for me. There were no penalties for closing early. It shows as paid off and closed account. Now, the only bad thing that I have to say about brigit is that the whole reason I got Brigit was for the cash advance, and I wasn’t “approved” for it until after I canceled my subscription. And also I hate how I had to pay for an extra $9.99 after subscription was over. ***Previosly*** Before I decided to subscribe, I read a lot of negative reviews and I should’ve just listened. I emailed support and asked them would it be a negative impact on my score if I decided to close my account early, and I was told that I wouldn’t. Now, I’m going through hard times and I need to cancel my subscription and close my account, but before I cancel, I was told that I was going to get a harsh impact on my score!!! I am very upset with Brigit. I was lied to!! Had I known that, I would have NEVER signed up. Also, my bank account keeps automatically disconnecting!! I can’t count how many times I had to relink my bank account! I’m having an overall bad experience and I will be contacting support again. I will give an update if anything changes. Until then, do not do it people 🚩🚩🚩.Version: 171.0

Don’t get!!Do not get this app they have a choice between two monthly subscriptions one is zero dollars and the other is $10 I have had the app for six months and Ben on the zero dollar a month subscription plan because I don’t borrow money from them so I didn’t need to do the $10 paid subscription And then I wake up this morning and they have taken out the monthly subscription for something I never subscribed to is zero dollars a month yet they still charged me as if I’m subscribed to the other plan be wary do not connect your bank account to this app they will charge you even if you’re not subscribed and then I emailed customer service about it and they wanted to get an attitude and saying they can’t find me in the system I told them it’s funny how they can’t find me in the system but they can sure find my money in my bank account and then they messaged me back saying well we can’t find you have a good day so I deleted my account do not use this app there are several other money lending apps of bailable like a Earnin or Dave But will not charge you monthly this app is getting deleted off my phone this very moment.Version: 94.0

GOOD & BADI usually don't do reviews , but i thought i'd go ahead with this one because maybe it will help someone figure out whether this app is worth it so i'm here to say that if your credit is bad just understand right now you probably will never be able to borrow $250 , Earnin App at least lets you build up your spending limit . Brigit will only ever give you the same max you've always had , no changing it regardless if you pay on time or for that fact just pay at all . Fortunately i don't need to borrow so much money , but for someone who probably wants to do this app to help with others don't expect much unless your credit is great . I think it's a decent app because it has helped me out with small things , it lets me take out and it gets to me within 20 mins i need it which is amazing . Another downside is it takes 3 days to process the payment back so the day it's due , it will take the money out and the app will say it's still due , the next day it will say it was initiated and processing then on the final day it will finally say it was paid back 😑 Yawn ! I look the app other then the wait time for it to pay back ..Version: 43.0

Deactivated for no reason do not useI’ve used this app for a few months getting advances of 125 never more than that. I was with my old bank for a few years met the income requirement but switched banks 2 months ago. I just got an 80 advance because that’s all they would approve me for due to my new account. Well it was paid back yesterday and this morning I got an email saying my safety net was deactivated due to my account not being 60 days old! But they are still taking their final fee out on the 21st! My account is over 60 days and I have a history with this app why the drop? They are full of it when they state their requirements because I had more money in my account and now I’m going through a lean time and they can see it so they dropped me. Also my credit score recently dropped due to being just 2 days late on a payment. I think these idiots lie and do look at your financial picture. Funny I paid at least 40 in fees and paid back money with no problem. This is all for a lousy 125. Wow who do they think they are dealing with? People in better financial shape don’t need their little loans. I’m insulted and going to make sure they don’t get their “final fee”. Don’t waste your time. They make you give them access to your bank account and this is how they treat people! Horrible app!.Version: 2.24.0

🛑🚫Beware🛑🚫I repeat don’t download this app, it’s a completely scam and doesn’t help you if anything you spend money on something that’s very useless. I download this app a few days ago and wanted to get fast cash but in order to get it you have to pay for subscription which is $9.99. I was approved to getting $50 instantly but my instinct told me not to go through with it and I didn’t they just gave me scamming vibes. So I decided not to and want to cancel the subscription because it honestly wouldn’t help me. When I say it take you though so much to do so, i ended up finding a way to delete my account, but they still saying they going charge me the $9.99 when I only have it for least then a few hours this is definitely a no I will never download any of this types of apps, this is a totally rip off. I wish I would read the comments before downloading I’m so upset, but if they try to charge me next month I will contact my bank and have them block because that’s stealing from me when I deleted my account. I’m very serious I will take it there with this company your not going take my hard working money for something I barely used. AGAIN STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP IT IS A COMPLETELY SCAM..Version: 225.0

Usually Satisfied But Brigit is NOT the sameWhen I started using Brigit a year ago I was really satisfied and never had any issues. Apparently they’re using a different system to verify the debit cards so you have the ability to get an instant transfer. After Brigit took their payment about a week later I went to borrow again. I kept getting a message that my account was connected. Every time I try to reconnect I got an error. I email Brigit customer service and the rep said she deleted all my bank info and just re-enter it. I did that and everything was fine then I add my debit card, THE SAME ONE I had linked before their SYSTEM disconnected from my checking account. Last year I would add the card and in a few mins I was ready for instant downloads. Today I’ve waited 6 hours (7 at this point). I’ve emailed customer service and they keep telling me when their .01 deposits into my account the debit card will be approved. I’ve sent screenshots showing the .01 IS IN MY ACCOUNT! They tell me they can’t do anything. I’m sooooooo annoyed. Not to mention not one person was helpful today 🤬.Version: 59.0

Worked good until it matteredApp worked good the first few test transfers I did, so thought “ok great, I’ll even pay the $9.99 a month ongoing for the convenience”. Well, toward the end of the month I had an automatic annual renewal for a subscription I completely forgot about which put me short for another ACH payment. Thought ok, good thing I am paying for this app, well, I go to have money transferred and I am told “you do not qualify at this time. We check every day to see if you qualify”. So not only was I thrown off by that, I also got double whammied with fees because suddenly I wasn’t qualified for something I already used twice. The app apparently could not find the direct deposits I’ve gotten on the last business day of each month for the past 7+ years from the exact same company in my bank account. Not sure how it did the first few times I used it, but I double checked and sure enough the app worked and transferred money and took it back. Also not sure if this is some bait and switch thing where after you subscribe the criteria suddenly changes, but it certainly leaves a bad taste in your mouth after experiencing what I did. I’d say go ahead and get it, the monitoring with the subscription is nice, but certainly do not expect it to be reliable if you need a little money in a hurry, because I got screwed having that expectation..Version: 116.0

Keeps taking money after cancelingThis app started out ok but as soon as it started charging me I figured it wasn’t worth it. The cancellation process is impossible. I went on my laptop to cancel it and it wouldn’t let me so I decided to switch to the free version and just delete the app. I also changed my debit card at that time. Maybe 4 months later each month they kept telling me to make a payment so I can keep my account but I changed to the free one so I was confused to why they were giving me this notification. So after 4 months I see a charge on my account for $9 from Brigit which was crazy because I deleted the app, I switch to the free one because I couldn’t delete my account completely and then I changed my debit card info and still some how they go money out of my bank. And actually I noticed they did it last month as well! This app try’s to sneak money out your account without notifying you. I went to customer service for help to get a refund for those 2 months and to delete my account permanently and it’s been a week or 2 and no response so now I have to try and see if I can dispute this to my bank and see if they can some how block that account from ever taking money out of my bank account again. Lesson learned if you don’t have the money you don’t have the money! Don’t use this app and TRUST THE ONE STAR REVIEWS..Version: 242.0

Money stealing fraudsI emailed the customer service team about deactivating my account since I’m paying monthly and never got an advance. So a response said there is a lot of people trying to get advances and I need to wait. Wait?? As well as I’m not eligible for a refund. I have had this app for 5 months and had a total of 50 dollars taken from me! HOW ARE YOU TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE WHEN YOU'RE TAKING THEIR MONEY? I Demand a refund. Or I will see you in court. This app has done nothing but steal from me, and promises to eventually give me an advance that it never ever was going to give me in the first place. If I never canceled, how much more money would Bridget have taken for me? As I’m just waiting for an advance like a clown as they rob me blind. HOWEVER, my boyfriend has this app and pays for it and all they ever give him is 25 dollars. And that’s like half of his monthly fee. Over all not worth it! You can’t even deactivate your account in the app! They make it shady and difficult so they can keep scamming you. STAY AWAY! Try the Dave app, Earnin, as well as Albert for actual legit advances😍 as well as Opp Loan Stay clear of money takers like Briget.Version: 39.0

Started off goodI liked this app when I first started to use it. No problems at all. Well, just had my first problem and, that is where I saw the flaws. I wasn’t able to pay my loan back in full because, my hubby and I were placed under quarantine due to covid. I received an email from someone who said I could break the amount due into four payments which was great. We scheduled the payment dates for automatic withdrawal and was set, or so I thought. The first payment date came and the funds were taken out with no issue. Then, 2 days later(8 days before next payment was scheduled) I receive an email from someone different, saying my payment was declined and, to log into the site to schedule my payments again. Logged in to see they attempted another payment, again, 8 days before the agreed date. I still have the email with the scheduled dates, that was sent by them. So, why make the arrangements if they weren’t going to follow them? Now, I’ll have to call my bank to make sure they don’t attempt to pull out money anytime they want. It’s not even like I wasn’t trying to pay my loan. I was perfectly fine with the 4 payments set by their representative. Obviously it was a lie.Version: 43.0

THEY WONT LOAN YOU A THING UNLESS YOU PAY THEM!It says it will loan$250 instantly… yeah well no that’s not really how it works first of all after you do everything it keeps putting up a screen to pay $9.99 for a monthly subscription… I kept wondering why after I would exit the screen I couldn’t get anywhere well turns out in order to use any of the services they are actually advertising you have to pay the $9.99 fee. It would be one thing if in all those big full screen pictures about the app they say “for just $9.99 a month you can get this much money instantly but it doesn’t say anything about that! And not to mention it isn’t $250 that’s why I am not going to pay the $9.99 fee because it says right on the instant cash screen up to $80 instantly wow that’s weird on all the advertisements on this app it says $250 not a Measly $80 so no I won’t be paying $9.99 a month for not even half of what you say you offer in a loan sorry not how that works I probably would’ve still been a customer if they were more upfront and said in all those advertisements that it’s $9.99 for the subscription but nowhere does it say that and to pay that to only be able to get $80 is insane no thanks I will go to another one of the 100s of apps in the AppStore which offer a lot more for a lot less thanks ! 0/0 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.Version: 214.0

DissatisfiedI got an advance from this app and the very next day the app was down for repairs, updates, whatever. The thing is that I needed to extend my payback date, but because it was down I was unable to do that. Now I will receive an overdraft fee which is the very thing the app claims to save you from. Not to mention, because the app was down I wasn’t even able to receive the advance I took until a day after promised, which also put me in the negative causing an overdraft fee. And to top it all off, the app still isn’t working, gave me the money I requested a day late and because it’s not working I can’t even write to their customer service or contact them in any way to get an extension ( which the app entitles me to!) so that I won’t be in the negative and pay an overdraft fee when they take their money out. It’s a load of crap. Caused me so many more problems and money. And if this review is seen by the people who created this app I am asking for compensation for overdraft fees that was promised wouldn’t happen. $70 total. I wouldn’t even be trying reach them via review but THE APP IS NOT WORKING ON MY PHONE AND THEY ARE CONDUCTING BUSINESS AS IF IT IS. What a load of crap!!.Version: 2.17.0

Higher Advances? Don’t use this app use Dave or EarninFor many months I had a much higher advance from Brigit, never late repayment automatically on EVERY paydate with no problems, all of a sudden for no reason my advance was lowered to a measly $90, and i want to know why and I’ve asked when will my advance increase only to get some quick response and lame excuse every time about calculating my account activity 🙄( mind you this is the second yr Brigit has done this) Here is my response: Brigit continues to have this same ridiculous response. You haven’t calculated anything based off of my account activity( if you did you would have seen that I’ve earned even more in my “account activity” than previous) and if you had you would have taken time to actually review “my account activity” now and previously yrs before now before sending me a quick reply like Brigit always does. ( even though you knuckleheads are the ones who state in your response that if I wanted a reassessment to just ask and I did and here we are)- you guys haven’t assessed a doggone thing that quickly- you just sent back some ridiculous response so you don’t have to be bothered with customers- 😡 Don’t waste your time w/ Brigit- use Dave or Earnin they are the best at higher advances and customer svc also.Version: 171.0

This app is a scam and even when you meet the requirements it will not grant a loanI have met all of the requirements that are required to obtain a loan yet this app continues to tell me to use my account everyday for 2 weeks and it never changes. So even if you are trying to comply with the requirements the app states that you must do to obtain a loan the company will never give you a loan. The app keeps telling me that I need to use my bank account everyday for 2 weeks and to have a cash cushion the day after my payday and even after a month of using my account every day and meeting the required cash cushion for not only days but for weeks after my payday, it continues to say the same thing and never changes. My concern is that the app is still tracking my bank account activity and now I’m wondering why since it is very obvious that they gave no intension or granting me a loan. It is impossible to reach anyone at this company so now I’m really worried that this app might be some sort of scam that will end up having into my bank money and stealing money from my bank account. This is very suspicious and I do not recommend anyone using this app..Version: 2.1.0

Very poor customer serviceI used the app as short term stopgap to some money issues. I tried to “unsubscribe” to the safety net on the app, and was directed to email the company. Which I did, well in advance of the next subscription fee that would be taken from my checking account. I was still charged the fee even though I had none of their funds in my account, and had written them SEVERAL emails trying to unsubscribe from their service. So, unless I hear from them in the next week, I will have to cancel my checking account and file fraud charges with my bank. Horrible service, customer service is reprehensible at best. Update** Oh, after I posted this review I was finally contacted saying my subscription has been canceled. I have not yet been refunded for my subscription fee. I am not fully comfortable deleting the app as I still get text notifications saying I am and am not approved for the safety net subscription. Waiting to see if I get charged yet again for a service I am not using. Look into Earnin and Dave. No cancellation issues, no hidden fees except what you want to tip. MUCH better experience and 100% better customer service..Version: 1.186.0

I recommend the Earnin’ app instead.Not worth the subscription fee. I’ve been a member since November and have gotten 2 advances which were paid back on time. I believe I even paid one back early. I found out today that I’m not eligible for instant cash anymore which makes no sense because I’ve paid them back on time, like I said. I decided to cancel my subscription since I can’t use all of the services and because the app seems to have issues with connecting to my back at random times. Not worth the trouble. They make it very difficult to manage your subscription. I decided to go to the free subscription since I only use the app for instant cash and I’m not eligible for that. They’re still apparently going to charge me $9.99 on 2/19. I finally decided to delete my account and it made me go through a series of annoying “are you sure” type of questions before letting me delete my account. Going to call my bank and see if it’s possible to block the charge. I canceled 19 days in advance, not the day before so, I shouldn’t be charged for a service that I’m not able to use. This app ended up costing me more than saving me. I’ve gotten 2 advances which were paid back in full and on time and since I’ve been a member since November, I’ve basically paid them an extra $40 in subscription fees..Version: 59.0

Walk away and use a different serviceThere are plenty of cash advance apps out there now, don’t use one with predatory practices that when it encounters an issue with processing repayment will just blindly charge every attached account racking up overdrafts to collect their money as quickly as possible without even trying to reach out to you first to see if perhaps there was an easily fixable way to get that transaction through. Not to mention that when you bring up to their customer services how their system of blind charges with no contact at all has cost you money due to their inability (or more likely lack of care and desire) to put together a better system that serves both the needs of the organization and the customer, that they don’t have the CAPACITY to do anything about it. As if they can’t use your bank statements and accounts THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO, to compensate for the undue fees that they charged you and because “it’s the banks fees”. Yea, the banks fees that YOU caused to be charged to my account with your blind charging of accounts that have nothing to do with our transactions. They are predatory charlatans masquerading as a company trying to alleviate financial strain. Do yourself a favor and use any other advance app..Version: 184.0

InconvenientThis app takes too long to update. I have emailed multiple times asking why does it take so long update the paid status when the money has already processed. Currently the app said last updated 19 hours ago. Sometimes the app doesn’t update until 2 days later yet the money is taken from my account on the same day I get paid. Also the loan amount is too low for the amounts money deposited into my account. Work on these issues maybe I’ll be worth 5 stars. UPDATE: From 2 stars to 1. I work 2 jobs I get paid every week at one and every other week at the other. I make over $4500 yet the loan amount is only $80.🙄 The app used to process my payment fast and update my status but this past week I’ve been having trouble with the app updating. I repaid my amount on Friday 5/10. I sent an email with a pic of my bank statement showing the money was cleared through my bank. On Wednesday was told the app was having a problem with connectivity with capital one and I had to wait till they’re servers could connect. On Thursday status updated to paid but the option to cash out more money was unavailable but they’re unable to connect to my bank again. App is not worth all the hassle when I’m only getting $80 for 2 days then having to pay it right back. Deleting!!.Version: 1.158.0

Completely UNRELIABLE! Do not waste your time on this app!I am not enjoying Brigit due to the fact that I was qualified previously for instant cash, and now for some reason I no longer qualify. It says the reason that I no longer qualify is due to the fact that my bank account has not been over $500 at least three times this month which is a COMPLETE and TOTAL LIE. My account receives at least $1200-$1700 bi-weekly. It’s completely unacceptable that I have been approved for over two months, and then randomly I no longer qualify even though my deposits have remained consistent and is well over the amount needed to qualify. I will discontinue my membership if this continues as I depend on this app for emergencies and it has become EXTREMELY UNRELIABLE. I understand that paying the $9.99 subscription fee does not guarantee you the Instant Cash feature; however, when I have qualified for over two months with absolutely NO changes to my bank account or deposits, then then this app is absolutely NOT WORTH IT. If I could rate ZERO stars, then I would, but unfortunately I am unable to do that...NOT TO MENTION that I have already reached out to their customer service through email (which is the only way to contact them) and have received absolutely no response, explanation, or help regarding this situation. I am completely unsatisfied and have been left with a very poor impression of this app..Version: 97.0

POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!I have used Brigit off and on for a year now! I recently had an issue where I received $250 and was given a 2 week period to pay back. The issues is I’m paid monthly. Immediately I emailed the customer service team to let them know there was an error in my repayment term. The rep told me she corrected it by putting an extension until the first of the month and informed me that now they have this thing where if your repayment date is off, you can request an extension. I was unaware of that but was glad she let me know for future references. In between that time I went out of the country. Well 2 weeks later I checked my account, the money was in pending status to be drafters from my acct and came out anyway and caused me a fee. I emailed the CSR team to let them know what happened and was told that basically, it was my fault because I should have been paying attention to my emails because they tried to warn me that it would happen anyway and they cannot refund me the fee since I notified them the day the funds were repaid. I never received one email saying that the funds were still subject to come out despite the lies told in the email. They DO NOT care about their customers. They operate as if they don’t need our business to be successful. Not to mention this is not my first incident with them. Brigit has lost a customer in me!!!!.Version: 2.20.0

Scam alert!!!I was looking at some apps to see how I could get some extra money in these hard times and came across a few I was interested in and Brigit was one of them. I literally only downloaded these apps just to see how they worked and never used any of the features or asked for any advances. I downloaded Brigit on February 9th and I didn’t know at the time but somehow I was signed up automatically for the plus plan subscription which is $10 a month. When I seen my account was charged I contacted customer service for a refund because 1) I didn’t even know I was signed up for a subscription 2) had no use for this app. Customer service rep, Hudson told me that the subscription fee had nothing to do with advances and that I was charged because my account was active for 30 days. Well I created my account on the 9th and was charged the 19th of the same month. 10 days! After I bought that detail to his attention the communications became very short and he still said I wasn’t due a refund with no reasoning behind it. So while people are looking to this app for some extra cash, they’re taking money from people like scammers. Very unprofessional and horrible customer service. Trash app..Version: 65.0

SUBSCRIBERS BEWAREI used the service about 2-3 times and it was okay for the most part. I forgot that I was subscribed to the plus services. I looked at my bank account and found out they had deducted money from my account today for the subscription. I reached out to customer services for a refund for today’s monthly subscription. Hudson and Liszt refused to refund me for services I will not be able to use this month due to me canceling today. I would not recommend, try Earnin or Dave before you try this service. Liszt state’s that the monthly subscription is charged for the “prior” 15 days of the active subscription. Like I said I paid for about 4 month of not using the service. I noticed they charged me on July 31st and I cancelled my services and sent them an email requesting the refund of the pending transaction, but they can’t refund it stating that it is charged to give the ability to request an advance. So I just paid for myself to request an advance in August but since my services are cancelled I won’t be able to request said advance. How does that work and where is that legal? It wasn’t like I was asking for all prior paid months back just this one month charged. Smh so outrageously greedy of a company that preys on people during a pandemic..Version: 16.0

Brigit Customer Service Will Ghost YouContacted customer support a few times to get my refund back. The first two times an agent responded and wasn’t helpful at all. Didn’t answer my questions and couldn’t help me verify myself to get an advance. (btw u have to sign up for the premium service (9.99 monthly) to get the advance which is totally reasonable IF AND WHEN you actually get an advance.) I told them that I was only getting a refund to prevent my account from bouncing and collecting overdraft charges. a subscription I had forgotten about was pending. So u have to sign up for the 9.99 service before you know if A) u will actually get enough advance to cover what u need and B) how long will it take to verify yr identity/banking card etc. (there’s no manual verification ie meaning you can’t email them documents to prove it. You have to wait for a mysterious automated system to do it. Well no surprise my account bounces and an overdraft fee is put on. So I contact the company telling them I don’t need the service and try to get clarity on whether if I cancel or not I’ll get a refund or will it go to the right place. Or will I just pay a ten dollar fee for no reason. They send me a robotic automated here’s how to cancel which Is something I could have searched and already know but is not the question. They have no customer service number. And after approx six emails I’m still being charged..Version: 126.0

InconsistentThey have allowed me to advance $50 a few times. I have never not paid them back. Took extra time when offered. Hope I am not being penalized for that. Now I am unable to advance which would be fine but they still expect to charge me $10 for the service when they are denying my usage. I’m trying to cancel now but am being told I will still be charged on the 27th even though I have tried to stress by email I have no further use of their subscription service if they are going to deny my advance. Customer service is nonexistent. They send canned responses making it obvious no one is actually responding to the inquiry at hand. It is not ethical to charge people for a service they are unable to use. If you don’t pay, you can’t advance. If you do pay you might not be able to advance for your own “financial safety” yet they have no issues whatsoever coming to collect that fee. I’m disappointed the most there is no avenue to try to work towards a resolution, like finding out WHY things have switched up. If the fee is charged having my bank reverse it and will look into adverse actions to take against them. You can’t charge for a service you’re unwilling to provide..Version: 247.0

Worthless support. Impossible to reach, and COSTLY.This is the worst financial services product I have even encountered…ever. When I began closing the checking account this worthless app stalked (via it’s upgraded “pro edition” I notice that even though I canceled my subscription almost immediately a charge for the aforementioned “pro” version. Canceling one is not the same as closing the other, and it does not matter if you told them to cancel all subscriptions. Nope. Brigit is as skeezy as check cashing place in low income areas across the nation. To their credit (the check loan places, not Brigit) they at least are very clear how to reach them. Not Brigit. You won’t find any contact information through the app whatsoever. Not even a mention of where you SHOULD go. I won’t draw this out past the chat agent assuring me I would be refunded for any monies in the account and penalties because of it pulling on an empty account - because it will take 1-2 weeks to process such a complicated financial task. Brave soldiers fighting valiantly against the 1% by lying to you and never speaking to you again. The most recent chat agent said they’ll be happy to take care of things within (an additional) two weeks. That time has come and gone and it’s far past time Brigit is called out for the hollow, sham service it claims to be. And they won’t tell you otherwise, because you’ll never actually speak with them. STAY AWAY. BEWARE. RUN..Version: 144.0

Steals your money! Don’t risk it!I tried this app because I’m building my credit. Unfortunately they charge $10 a month to sign up so I decided not to and went with another service that’s free. Well over the holidays they emailed me a special promotion saying I could get the membership for a $1. Yes I signed up because I wanted to see if it was better or worth it. I looked at the membership the first day and never used it after since the one I went to previously offered the exact same things. A few days ago I check my bank account and they charged me $10 not $1 and when I canceled (the day of the renewal) it says that I will still be charged for January even though I canceled. I emailed support asking for them to refund the 9$ that I was charged due to only supposed to being charged $1 and asked for them to please not to charge me for January since I canceled the day of and never used the service. After a few days support emailed me back and Said they will not issue me a refund and that I’ll still be charged for the next month. It’s funny how this service is supposed to make you better but then lies to you, tricks you and steals from you. Please don’t risk having a bad experience because they will not help you or support you, you’re just going to have to pay for their wrongs..Version: 52.0

Connectivity issues - Ongoing for several Months!This is to the developer - I had many of your staff members for several months now that most of the banks you have listed to connect to are having major issues connecting. Last time I used this app was months ago and the staff kept saying the same thing stating that they will work it out with the third party (Plaid). Well I spoke to Plaid personally and they stated they did not receive any logs from Brigit regarding this connectivity issue(s) Brigit is having. This is a serious matter to your customers who once enjoyed this app for about two - three months and everything went down hill. Please be upfront with your customers. What is really going on with the connection between Brigit system and with other banks. I use capital one and when I tried to switch my bank account to Citibank, that was an issue too and also with Chase. The banks have absolutely nothing to do with Brigit’s connection. I suggest you please kindly work this through if you want to continue to have a successful app business. To be honest, I would have to possibly close my account (finally) with Brigit as you still have ALL of my personal information stored in your system which is not good. I’m speaking up for the majority who’s having this issue with you, not just for myself. Thank you.Version: 2.0.0

Baits with 250/Offers Way Less/Cost 10/mo.This app, like many others, targets people who are in desperate situations under the guise of providing assistance. Luring people in with an idea that you might get $250 cash with no interest. This simple fact is, very few people qualify for $250. And while there may not be a fee tied DIRECTLY to an advance transaction, you DO have to subscribe to a 9.99/mo plan to access it. (On a typical $50 advance that comes out to 20% interest) In addition they base everything off of ONE debit card/bank account. And then post dire warnings suggesting you are spending more than you are making which are meant to scare people into paying the $10 monthly fee (for a tiny amount of money). It puts you behind the next month and reliant on doing it again and they collect another months fee. In all likelihood, many who finally claw out of that pit don’t even think to cancel it, and only notice when they see it collected again - maybe multiple months (I’m willing to bet Brigit cuts ALL promo emails down to almost nothing to stay out of site and out of mind during those times in hopes of collecting that fee as long as possible) I do realize there are many situations where people have no choice. But this particular fee is extremely high so keep looking at the very least..Version: 216.0

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