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Brigit: Fast Cash Advance App User Positive Comments 2024

Brigit: Fast Cash Advance app received 14 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about brigit: fast cash advance?

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Brigit: Fast Cash Advance for Positive User Reviews

TerribleFor such a small amount of money their system makes it very difficult to use without issues!!!!. Everything from not being able to connect to my account and having to try and connect over 8 times and finally I got it to work and I was able to schedule a advance and I would of brushed off my initial experience but after I requested a loan I was aware I wouldn’t get the money until 11:59pm local time and I got a confirmation it would be in my account by that time. Fast forward to the following day Friday I get a email very late in the afternoon saying now I won’t be receiving the money until next Monday because there is some sort of issue with their system. There is absolutely no number to contact this company and when you email them it says it can take up to 5 days to get back to you. I wish I would of researched this company and read the reviews before signing up how , this company should be ashamed and embarrassed for pretending they are helping people when they are actually causing people over drafts and all kinds of issues with their bank account. Do not use this app unless you want to be very frustrated and disappointed!!!! WARNING don't expect to receive money if you use this app, it will just continue to say pending day after day and you won’t receive anything but frustration and a depleted bank account and no one to talk to at the company they just send robo responses via email!!!.Version: 1.165.0

The Goat 😌This app is truly a blessing in disguise!!! I’ve used other apps like Dave which is a rip off and never worked but consistently charged me $1 each month for linking my account. I’ve tried to use Earning but it requires too much work on the back end by the subscribers to show prove of income and check in every-time I’m at work (basically clocking in) to determine how much one is able to borrow before funds are expressed. It is obvious that Brigit did their research and took out a lot of the potholes and red tape to make it easier for consumers. I can appreciate apps like this as I’ve been someone who has used and still uses pay day loan companies as I’m still getting in front of my finances. As millennials we need breathing room and I’m thankful for Brigit who will keep a close eye on things and keep me afloat. $10/month may seem like a lot but if you’re someone who Overdrafts a lot this is saving you millions over time. My hope is that I no longer have to lose money with payday loans moving into the new year..Version: 1.43.0

App informationI gave it five stars because that is the only reviews you will see. I initially got this app to see about the advance you can get. I got approved and got the advances by starting a subscription. It was $9.99 per month. I tried it, checked out the features, paid back the advances, then changed my mind. That’s when the problem started. I have tried through the app then the website several times over months trying to cancel it. When I finally got to talk to a customer service person through chat then email, I sent them a screenshot of the cancellation confirmation I initially had but they kept charging me, they said they would fix it, but that never happened. Now when I try to cancel it says my phone number is incorrect on the website but the app says it’s verified, there is no longer an option to cancel in the app, it says go to the website. It’s an endless loop to nowhere. I finally had to open an online bank account, change the banking information in the app, and then close the online bank account to stop the $9.99 a month coming out of my bank. I had to also alert my actual bank about the fraudulent charges, showing them my initial cancellation, to make sure no other charges are coming from this app. Beware of this app!!**.Version: 256.0

APP SEEMS LIKE A SCAMWhen i had my credit union attached i had a score of 66 and it said i needed 70 to be eligile for an advance, so the agents at twitter recommended that I attach my main account CHIME where almost 3x of whats deposited into my credit union is deposited. And now Im being given a score of 53 and its saying i need at least a 65 to be eligible?? What a joke and Ive been playing along with it for over a month now : this us unreal.... Ive been told I was approved on numerous occasions, via email and told to re-try ans apply and ive been theyve did something and I should be fine now and to request. Now im just being outright denied and the numbers dont even add up being I had 66 with my credit union and told ineligible now a 53 how is that even possible. I take it as thought Brigit just doesnt want to approve me and after a month of doin this and that... I give up ive never had such a hard time getting payday loan locally in my area. Brigit acts like im trying to loan over $5K ... they can have and keep it, Not going to stress myself out and do not by almeans do not recommend if it has to do with all the drama ive had to go thru to get it.Version: 1.186.0

SUCH A LIFESAVER !!!!I have had a wonderful experience with this app. I have the enable auto transfer disabled but I keep an eye on my account myself and when I see I’m low I request for Brigit to send funds. I also have alerts enabled so when Brigit sees I’m low they’ll send me a text and I gauge from there if I need the funds or not. I also have the express delivery to receive funds set up, so funds usually arrive in minutes. When your living check to check this app definitely comes through and helps you have money to last until payday. Their fee to borrow is much less than payday loans so I don’t mind paying the $9.99 each month to use their service. It’s just one fee of $9.99 monthly and then you can borrow every pay period I get paid bi-weekly so I usually have the opportunity to borrow 2x a month. When payday comes and funds from my job are deposited they auto draft the same day. So, just be mindful when getting your check that a withdrawal will need to take place. I’ve recommended this app to two friends who now use the service and have enjoyed their experience as well ..Version: 1.183.0

Great!!I’ve been using Brigit for almost a year now and it has helped wonders! My credit score went up about 10points since I've started the Brigit Credit building. Based on my bank history they only take money out of my account when I'm most likely to have money in my account which is a huge help, because it’s only ever on payday, and I find that I am most likely to pay a bill at the beginning of the week then the end when I’m tight on money. They send you notification on when your bill is due and they also send you articles on what best would help you save, I especially love that. I’d have to say the only thing I’m not a fan of is when they are processing the payment. the payment processing starts about 24hrs before the bill is due but they don’t take the money out of the account until 2-3days after it’s not a deal breaker but it is kinda annoying..Version: 369.0

Got the money fast!Between Dave, Brigit, Albert, and my Vara money bank account I can advance a total of $225 from the four! I know it’s not a lot, but it sure helps put when you’re in a pinch! It covered my car insurance last month and this month it covered my phone bill and bought my groceries for the week! I appreciate this service a lot, my credit use to be great but I messed it up with credit cards.. my Wells Fargo credit card had a $5,500 limit along with my other 10 credit cards I now have $15,000 in debt.. so after covid I couldn’t pay them off, resulting in my credit going down to the point of being unable to receive loans or any credit for that matter. So, these apps have been very helpful. They let me borrow enough to help put for the week, but not too much to where I’m unable to pay it back. All of them are on autopay at different intervals, some like Brigit allow an extension. The $9.99 fee isn’t too bad since they all have fees.. if you want instant with the other apps you pay $3-5 for it, with Brigit once you pay the $9.99 monthly subscription fee instant cash is free. So, it evens out and this app in particular allows up to $250 (which is 3-5 times the other apps limits).. I’m only at $50, but hopefully I’ll get up there. It’s not bad if you're in a pinch, try it out for yourself! 😊.Version: 39.0

Brigit hates animals...I have used brigit for 2 years now and i have had some problems processing payments and being overcharged. fair enough considering it is a loaning app and they don't have to be loaning anyone anything. ok.. however my dog recently died and he was my seeing eye dog. i have had him for 13 years and he was my only friend and companion. as a result i have been moarning and haven't been able to go to work. i contacted support asking if i could have an extra 2 days paying back my loan because i was trying to catch up on all the bills i have piling up. i told them why i haven't been working and i was told "your dog is not our concern. our business runs on money, not animals. please pay the money on time to avoid any issues with your account" i told the agent i simply needed the dog to guide me at my job and he died so could i have some slack.. i was then told "maybe you shouldn't rely on animals to run your life" in the 78 years i have been on earth i have never been more sad and disappointed by todays corporate world.. i will no longer be using this app and i will stop relying on animals to run my life.. my lawyer and PETA will be thrilled about this. Earnin clearly hates people and more importantly animals..Version: 16.0

By far the worst service EVER.I’m giving them 5stars because hopefully, the odds of someone reading this before downloading the app, will read it. STAY AWAY. I don’t even know where to start… the 250 cash advance is a total lie. My husband makes 100k+ a year, he also has this app and I constantly see emails in our joint email account that Brigit automatically deposited 50 DOLLARS… not even he can get over 50. He doesn’t seem to care as he makes too much money to even notice. But for my situation… it’s not even about the loan amount. Their service all around is just abysmal.. you need to re-enter your debit card info constantly (and takes days to update), their customer service support is garbage if not, just straight up nonexistent. The copy/paste soulless response this review will get be 100% by far they most they’ve ever acknowledged me.. you have REQUEST to have your account back to a free service from a 10$ month sad excuse of a service.. REQUEST TO DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT.. like what universe are they in?.. how do they have the gall to make you jump through hoops just have your account deactivated?… ugh. There SO MUCH more I can rant about how truly awful Brigit is. But I’m not giving them more energy. Hopefully my “request” to have my account deactivated will approve (my God.. they’re so pathetic) please stay away from this app. I definitely recommend Earnin and Dave over, refuse Brigit...Version: 280.0

Brigit Is A Great App For Financial AssistanceI must say that I was a little skeptical when I ran across this app but after reading all the great reviews, I decided to try it out. I signed up and had $135 deposited into my bank account in a matter of minutes I qualified for $200 but I only requested the $135! This is so much better than those high interest payday loans and definitely better than pawning your valuable items for pennies on the dollar and having to pay high interest to get it back or possibly losing it! You can put the app on automatic deposits and if your bank account gets low, it will advance your preset amount of money into your bank account so you won’t be overdrawn! You can also put it on manual and request the money when you know you’ll need it. If you tend to run out of money before you get paid then this app and company is a great help! Thanks Brigit! You have already saved me more in bank fees than your monthly service fee even costed me! What a great deal!.Version: 1.114.0

They took a chance on me.🙏🏾I am here today because I tried to get on Brigit, and they actually took a chance on me. God bless them. I was down because it’s Christmas time; and as a single mother as far as putting that last bit of extra cash in my teens pockets for Christmas, my options were thin at the moment after bills. So what I did was take a shot, talked to the customer service rep by the name of Lizzie and when she replied it was way faster than I have ever received from any service such as this. Very polite, understanding and helpful. In times like these it is greatly appreciated and worth the membership. The app runs easy so far. I haven’t had any issues accessing the tools presented and they are very quick with the updates on when you are eligible for advances. They also have credit monitoring which is always a plus as well as showing you more sensible ways of handling your finances. Thank you Brigit!! Shouting this from the 2nd floor of my place as I type this. Wow! I really didn’t think they’d see my messaged cry until after Christmas and answer me with a yes while they were at it! Don’t be afraid to contact their customer service to see if you’re eligible if unsure of the qualifications. Give them a shot. Thanks Brigit..Version: 49.0

Helpful in time of need!I have been using the app with success for the last few months. Haven’t had any issue with my account being linked, I use Bank Of America. My only one disappointment is the low amount they give. I get $90 and have been paying on time for a while without issue so it’s only logical to do an account review periodically and offer higher amounts. My paycheck is bi-weekly and i makeover $1,000 every 2 week after taxes but like everyone else living on a 2 week paycheck doesn’t always help especially when all of your bill comes in the beginning of the month and almost all your first paycheck is eaten up. But between Brigit $100 Earnin $150, Dave $95 i make over $350 extra to cover me to my 2nd payday when i use all 3 platform. Basically Brigit helps fill in the gap every 1st week, so it’s kinda like i’m getting paid every week vs. every 2 weeks with my employer. GREAT APP. BTW my original starting amount was $75 but over a 6 weeks period of payback i’m up to $100 every pay cycle.Version: 1.174.0

Great until...I have been using this app for about three months now. In the beginning I thought it was a total lifesaver compared to the other apps out there. Then one day two weeks ago. What was too good to be true, it was too good to be true. I received an email saying that my income was not verifiable. After several six onyx successful attempts to reach administrate my income. I emailed tech-support and a gentleman named Pablo told me it was a bank issue app and site why it would be handled in a couple of days it has been two weeks and I have emailed twice and no one has responded back. I did not want to write a terrible review because In the beginning I really really love the app. Since the past two weeks I have a cure $150 in bank fees and was on able to get my loan back to cover any fees and has now put me in a negative balance and back to square one. I’ve asked them to please correct this and now they won’t even respond back to me. Please be wary and download and use at your own expense. LOL literally.Version: 1.179.0

BEWARE1st and foremost when I signed up for the app it was the last week of December. It informed me that if I signed up during this period (I’m assuming it was a Christmas promotion) that I wouldn’t be charged $10 for December. I got my advanced with no problem BUT they charged me on December 28th $10!!! and have another $10 pending for January. First off why am I being charged for only 2 days left in the month ? BEWARE that there is an option to cancel your subscription but when you go to cancel it prompts you to contact them by email!!! How big of an inconvenience and they take forever to respond. Why do I have to contact y’all via email at that to cancel my subscription if the option is on the app?? I contacted them explaining the issue and told them to cancel my subscription, once I finally got a response the email representative stated that there was never a promo stating that and it’s been a week and a half and my subscription has not been canceled!! Save your self a headache and go to DAVE who only charges $1 for advances..Version: 1.96.0

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