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Last Shelter: Survival app received 76 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about last shelter: survival?

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ElVoomVatoI actually really like this game I play it every day and yeah sure it can cost money but it’s up to you how much you spend some people spend very little and do quite well.Version: 1.250.168

SadI love this games so much but it’s disappointing to find that not even half way through the game that to be able to continue playing and complete stuff you have to buy packs with “real” money and there not cheap, like come on you had a good game going and you have ruined it with the greediness of prices, I’m highly disappointed and likely will not keep the game 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 1.250.109

AwesomeGreat game very addictive.Version: 1.250.095

This war game has a lot fun while you play with your friendsI played this game for over half year. This is the longest war game i diving in. Come and share with your friends. :).Version: 1.250.152

UDRAfter the recent update I have not been able to load game..Version: 1.250.139

Great game, gets better as time goes onGreat game, Gets better with time as you start to verse other states, the game instructions are a little bit average so join an alliance and ask other players questions.Version: 1.250.096

GreatAwesome.Version: 1.250.096

Good game but too many glitches and bugsWhilst I have enjoyed this game for quite some time, bugs aren’t being addressed and the last update froze me out of my account for a while! I used to get a fair amount of support from the game when I reported bugs but my last few issues were just left unanswered. It’s unfortunate because it’s a great game but the bugs mean that some accounts are randomly affected by game errors, making me very reluctant to spend any money inside the game as I can’t trust that it will run smoothly or correctly..Version: 1.250.161

FunSo far, so good!.Version: 1.250.038

5 stars for rewardsWell, just started and I’m here to give 5 stars for an in game reward 👍 Honestly though - this game looks pretty good. Most likely will be a pay to win in the end but eh, such is the way of mobile games now days 🤷‍♂️ Who doesn’t love zombies and mobile strategy games though 😂👌.Version: 1.250.095

Layout like clash of clansCan u make layouts like clash of clans because it’s more efficient and effective than having to move it one by one.Version: 1.250.175

RamythSo far so good.Version: 1.250.093

Great game but expensive to be competitive..Like I said, I love the game but it gets hard to keep up with the big spenders... Maybe if the packs etc were a little cheaper more people could afford to compete....Version: 1.250.086

Slow to get startedNo immediate action ~ just getting started.Version: 1.250.097

This game is one of my personal favesWhen I first downloaded this game I wasn’t sure what to expect. But the thought and time that went into making this game is incredible! Sure, there are micro transactions, but I mean you can play without them, and, really, almost every game for your phone has them. There are no adds (which I LOVE) game comes with a tooltip box and help explain a LOT easily, and the minimap is easy to use. People complain that “it takes sooooooo long to lvl up” and that “U need some much resources” well duh of course it takes a long time that what happens when you get farther into the game. And, being totally honest, to lvl up takes maybe 3 days. I can name games where it takes WEEKS to get anywhere. And the resources? They come at a fair rate. Guys it’s a game and sometimes games take time. Bullying? Problem most online games have. And no, it’s not bullying, either. When your in a game where conquest is encouraged, you will sometimes find yourself losing. Just because you lose doesn’t mean you need to hate on a game. Grow up. But the detail and help options and the loot and so on, honestly I can see they care about the game when they made it because it’s so well done. 5/5.Version: 1.250.116

Good gameLove the game so addicted to it but one thing that is pretty annoying is the pictures and the adverts you make the game look a lot better than what it is and then when people such as myself download it you then realise that it’s not like the adverts or the pictures. If you are not going to make the game look like it does in pictures then don’t hype it up so much and just do pictures from in game and exactly what it looks like. Apart from that the game is fun quick and easy to play!.Version: 1.250.150

Last shelterGreat start to the game, I can see myself playing this constantly..Version: 1.250.084

New DD eventGreat anticipation for this event after the last one but they completely changed the dynamic of how to earn points which has left our guild members gaining very little reward. We have around thirty b25 and still not even they can make the target. If this is how the events are going to proceed in the future then a lot of people will miss out on rewards, creating an even bigger gap between the strong and the weak. My guild is top in our state and like I mentioned, only around 10 people will receive rewards. The structure for this new event has been easily abused by two or three guilds who are too strong to compete with. You need to tier the DD events, discrepancies in power make it too easy for strong parties to wipe out their enemy. P.s. I bought the event pack on day 1 and still it didn’t give me anywhere near enough boost to reach the mark so don’t waste your money on packs.Version: 1.250.181

Last shelterOmg.. its so cramped with other tasks and puzzles that give you basic rewards to jam up the inventory. Full of junk stuff fir events passed and its now all the new silly games and puzzles are conflicting with logging in issues as nothing is working correctly. Its Friday and i cant successfully log in to shield. Customer service are never on line when questions are asked and just close the issue saying you were not there to receive the help. The issue forms are too complicated. Everything is an unknown error. Cant find how to turn off the christmasy decorations SO I CAN SEE THE SCREEN 😂 I turned off the snow fall as my eyes were crossing over. I feel like a donkey chasing a carrot dandling on a stick playing this. Fix the logging issues last shelter as EVERY OTHER GAME I PLAY WORKS PERFECTLY ..Version: 2.31.1

GoodGood graphics run smoothly.Version: 1.250.085

ExperienceI’ve been playing this game for a few years now and I notice that a lot of people leave the game due to bullies picking on the weak but I’ve played in 3 different states now and I’ve had nothing but good experience going around guilds acting as an ambassador for my main guild and building friendships this game has also helped make friends in other countries in real life. I love how at first things seem difficult and slow but as you build things become faster to get, besides base development which I understand, but getting diamonds is simple and all the tech you can invest in makes for a different experience depending on how you go about it. I went with more base development rather than troop development where as some others in my alliance maxed out troop but in the end we all built up our base with putting little to no money into it so we could show that you don’t have to pay to win. I love this game and I play it a lot and when I can I have friends who are willing to keep my base going when RL hits.Version: 1.250.190

Not bad.I just started playing around with this game. Not bad. Its not slow as of yet. But it has that same old same old build it up and go no where feel to it. But as I said I’ve just started playing so I’m not trying to say anything bad about this game. I will keep you up to date as I keep playing. Have fun playing..Version: 1.250.051

It’s better than Mobile StrikeThere is a couple things that could use some work with the game I think. Most of my issues are with the functionality of the game. And these issues aren’t really a game changer for me. I won’t stop playing just because of these issues but they are a little annoying. Off the top of my head I can recall a little issue when it comes to gathering resources. When my vehicles are gathering resources I’ll check on their status and I notice the amount of resources remaining won’t be shown on the display box when you first click on the square. I notice you have to tap 3 times before it shows you how many units of resources are left. I discovered this by accident but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to do that. I realize that there is a time remaining status bar on the screen but one could easily be confused when this happens..Version: 1.250.182

Fun, addicting and time consuming (if you want to be competitive)Only thing negative I really say about this game is the advertisement pictures in this app ad. The only picture that actually is what your game play looks like, is the very last picture. The game is fun, and frustrating, time consuming and time passing, and can take a lot of real money to grow very very fast. However, you don’t have to P2W. There are ways of getting many resources very quickly, without spending any money at all. And not counting hitting farms? I mostly am F2P so I know it’s true. It’s best to play on a server that works together, because this game ultimately is about Doomsday. And your state has to work together to be the strongest. So you want everyone on your server to get strong. That’s accmoplishable by people working together and allowing smaller F2P players the chance to grow and get strong. It takes more effort to be competitive as a F2P player, but it can be done for sure..Version: 1.250.194

I can’t play with my brotherThis game is not a pay to win. The further you progress, the more time you will need to put in to stay on top. If you keep it up everyday and spend more time everyday, you will be rewarded, aside from that, So I forget how long I’ve had this game but I’ve played it at least 5-10 minutes or more almost everyday since I got it. If you’re into rts and Age of Empires, this game is really good. I give it four stars for a few reasons. The main one is that after all this time, I had no idea I wasn’t allowed to change states. I’m stuck in 313 and my brother is in 341. I introduced him to this game and within half the time I’ve been playing, he’s surpassed me. It took awhile for us to acquire advanced teleports, but it’s been so long, we can’t team up together. It’d be nice if I could bring my camp next to his and send him reinforcements and vice versa. Maybe like one state teleport per player? Idk it’s disappointing tho. Aside from that it’s a great game that you can be rewarded on based how in depth you get. I typically research and upgrade things and that’s about it, but if you do more you will be rewarded. Please let me change my state just once! Overall, great game..Version: 1.250.122

A game that gives FamilyI have been playing this game for as long as I can remember so over 9 months, and yes I have spent a small fortune on it BUT with no regret as the rewards are awesome. But the best thing for me is the fact that I now have friends all over the globe who are in the same alliance as me and everyone of them are simply amazing - and yes we talk outside the game as well as that’s how binding this game is —— join now as a new season of Doomsday is about to start - From me I pledge my full and total respect to all in the 4Th Alliance, 345 , the best family ever 👊👊👊👊👊❤️✊✊✊✊✊.Version: 1.250.140

GreatNice.Version: 1.250.040

A good game but something annoyingHello I am a new player to your great game butting is annoying when I want to flip my device to a different angle it will not let me so I will be happy if your can make this game allow you to play on all different angles.Version: 1.250.107

Two years and I still enjoy the gameI’ve been playing this game for about two years and finally made it to level 25 about six months ago. I have never spent a dollar on the game. The most important thing I found in the game was to find a good strong alliance. That helps a lot with keeping from getting attacked constantly when your base is in the lower digits. Also most of the presidents of the different states have put a moratorium on attacking within your own state. This has also helped a lot. One problem that I have found with the game is that the directions on how to do certain things or fix certain problems are extremely lacking. You can find some help with certain things by communicating with members in your alliance, but a lot of it is trial and error. That being said the game is pretty enjoyable and does keep me occupied about 30 minutes a day..Version: 1.250.204

PassableNot too bad at all!.Version: 1.250.095

Zombie townNice fits with all zombies , fighting!.Version: 1.250.087

AmazingGood game.Version: 1.250.087

Met a lot of good peopleYou can meet all sorts of people and learn all sorts of things. You can also see how closely related this game is to real life politics and war, minus the zombies. There’s a lot of good energy here and you don’t have to pay to advance. It just takes time, even with the use of money it still takes time though money helps. You have to know how to play or know someone who does, meaning get friends and all buddy buddy with the Veterans of the game. I’m still playing actively in state 1236 it’s fairly new, only like a few weeks old. Love the game man, just wish when you try to start over on a new base it didn’t make you do the tutorial again. Also y’all, the developers, should totally gift more speed ups or diamonds.😩❤️.Version: 2.0.16

Love thisI love this game cause I usually download games like these and play them and 10 seconds in in all like I’m sick of it but this game I can’t stop playing. Thank you for making this........Whoever did well thank you..Version: 1.250.072

Can’t login after my account was bindedHello I can’t seem to login back to my normal account. I started a new account in state 447 as my friends have as well. But now I can’t login back to my normal account in state 385. I binded both but only one seem to be only binded. Please help as I spent a lot of money into state 385 account..Version: 1.250.126

Good gameGood game.Version: 1.250.085

Pay attention to this commentPeople that write bad reviews do not know how to play the game. The reason people do not want to play don’t have farm accounts, farm accounts is want matters in this game. Save up Gold tickets for hero pools and don’t spend any on cheap heroes. Create at least 2 base besides your main base and you will be good. Base level 20 is where you want to get your farm accounts. Your main base wants it reach base level 20 change it to Raider the other 2 leave them at farm. You need to do National Quest daily it only takes 2 to 4 hours, this will help you develop fast gathering. I think at base level 16 you can create parts which is a build where you can create different levels of parts legendary is what you want. Once you get legendary start on getting ultimate parts for trailblazer. People really need to learn the game before judging. I am a base level 25 with good APC because of farm accounts..Version: 1.250.203

NiceStill learning.Version: 1.250.085

Active playerI’m an active player and have been for a couple months now, known to spend money on packages too which are a bargain. Love the game in general upgrades don’t take too long, lots of free stuff and incentives and great if you find the right alliance for you. Recently though updates have meant that it’s hard to do anything, the in game help won’t let us send tickets to report bugs or problems, losing troops even though there’s sufficient space in hospitals due to glitches and the world map is glitching too. Needs fixed, something also needs done about bigger alliances teaming up and being able to farm off smaller alliances meaning they can’t gain any progress. Hope these issues are looked into soon..Version: 1.250.061

AlrightGood a bit slow at first but fun.Version: 1.250.085

So farSo good.Version: 1.250.038

Great game butI have only just started playing this game I do like it but when I am trying to build something I touch the building in the menu and swipe up to place it down near a road, it takes a few goes it’s just annoying :(.Version: 1.250.073

AwesomeGreat game.Version: 1.250.096

Good gameSo... I’ve been playing this game for 9 months now! The longest I have played any game before! I do like it a lot but there are few things that could get improved... durability... can you not come up with building that will make wrench to add extra? Asking to spend all that money is rather naughty especially where you change for sooo much already! That’s my biggest beef!.Version: 1.250.152

10/10Good stuff.Version: 1.250.038

Needs TweakingSo let me start by saying I hate real time building game where you have to wait ages for stuff to complete. With the zombie apocalypse aspect involved I didn’t find that with this game I didn’t mind the waiting for things to be done as the combination of the 2 has made me enjoy it. Now this is a very good game but it’s not without its problems the main issue I found is when you building to many things or attacking a lot the game cannot keep up with it and it will just freeze you then need to shut the game down and restart for it to work again. While this is very frustrating it is also fixable if the developers worked on the stability issues and made it be able to receive more information at the same time then these problems would not occur. All said and done if a few tweaks where made with this game I would be very addicted and be able to play all day long. 7/10 for me hopefully stability improvements will happen soon but even still very much worth a try if real time games or zombie games are you thing you will love this..Version: 1.250.037

Early daysI hope this doesn't end up like the walking dead.Version: 1.250.084

Nice and coolIt's a good game, I love it. You can put some money in it, but you can also play for free. Solid game with no bug, no lag. If you experience problems, it's on your side..Version: 2.58.1

5 starsCool game.Version: 1.250.097

Haven’t payed a dimeI started playing a couple of years ago. I read that people complain about packages that you have to buy or you will be bullied, or you can’t progress. It’s true that the strongest players are the ones who swipe their cards non stop. However the mechanics in the game make it easy for a team effort and they allow you one free state change before you hit base level 6. If you chose to spend money it can give you an edge. But if you get in a good alliance and get help from people who have been playing for awhile then you can progress through the game just fine. Shields are available and they have an in game currency that allows you to purchase them. I’ve never spent money on this game and I’m not the strongest but I’m tactful enough to keep my resources and shield on the weekends when there are wars..Version: 1.250.138

Great!Awesome game.Version: 1.250.084

AwesomeThis was one of the top games I have played and still playing, start just before the pandemic and still playing, still level 21 and only spent $10 for over year and to achieve this far and meet many friends via alliance which was bonus. Small bugs hear and there, but overall good and fun..Version: 1.250.199

Good gameNice game to play for those who loves war and revenge..but cost is too high....Version: 1.250.171

PoohStandard mobile game. Build and wait until that things built, until the time you have earnt enough resources to upgrade said thing you have built and then wait again until you have built that. Make a few assorted troops varying against other troops exactly the same. Pay to make them slightly better or to build them quicker using microtransactions so you can kill time while you wait for said building to upgrade or build. The 5 star rating was purely to avoid having to pay for any in game items to progress further than the tutorial to progress my review but given the length I have gone too, to tell you this game is terrible and despite the bombardment of facebook ads, you will probably eventually download this game just to give it a terrible and pointless review as I have. ✌️.Version: 1.250.084

WonderfulThis is a incredible built game and the owners put effort into updating this game you can make freiends help people and a lot of people spend money on this game which proves that people love this game and not just 1 bundle sometimes 10 or 20 that’s a lot of money so please no hate and good game to evryone in all states.Version: 2.44.1

Has improvedAt first this was an absolute money pit, but it is now easier to advance without it costing the earth. Still though, if you want to be powerful, you need to put in a fair bit of time, effort and may I say it, money. I do enjoy this game though..Version: 1.250.190

FunEnjoyable.Version: 2.50.2

Good startSeems good so far just started.Version: 1.250.085

Very patient gameIt’s an excellent game. Not only is it a tactical game, but you meet awesome people from around the world. A lot of people play this game all across the world and you learn new and great things about them and there countries. The game is good to play as a group. You won’t go far if you play individually. I put very patient game because if you are the type to play without paying, then it will drag to get to what you want to get in terms of upgrades and all. But if you are in an alliance that helps you a lot, you won’t have to worry about that because you will have super fun with your alliance and they can help you with resources you need and all. Honestly, in the end, you will find yourself having a family in the game and will find ways to communicate to each other through LINE, Wechat and any other apps with communication. Best game on the phone..Version: 1.250.189

Play itFun.Version: 1.250.094

PlgfvjitdjjjHuffy and I love the game but the way he was in a good mood he said that I had a lot to be in my mind to the point that the way I had it was the game I was trying too much but it sure is a great game way more than the kids game and the game I was able and it was the best game I've played in a long time I love it and it's so easy for.Version: 1.250.041

Alliance Clock Tower PleaseI really enjoy this game, I respectfully have a suggestion for an additional building. I ask that you allow us to make an alliance clock tower that shows the time (time should be set by the alliance leader, choice from different time zones) to all alliance members, Most alliances have people all over the world and having a clock there would not just be great aesthetically, but actually practical. This clock should be upgraded in the same way as the headquarters, with expensive materials converted through gems/diamonds and able to PRODUCE SPEEDUPS, higher the tower, better the speed ups. I hope you read this and take my suggestion into consideration please, Sincerely, Makevelius.Version: 1.250.150

Need a report player functionI hope you guys do something about players that spoils the game for everybody. Please have a function where we can report players that do not follow state rules and spoils the fun for everyone..Version: 1.250.195

It’s goodI love the game I’ve been playing it for a while I haven’t spent any real money on this game so I don’t know what it’s like to have a pack that cost real money I like the game but it looks different in the ads for the game then it actually is it dosent give me edit your base mode like clash of clans (go play it’s good) and it dosent look realistic as it can be oh cause they don’t have to make it realistic but they should add a lot of things that are realistic and they should be able to bring in helicopters and planes like add an air base to your main base and then there’s locked thing just outside your base which shouldn’t be locked because it’s just outside my base it’s gonna be easy to get other than that the game is good but they just need to fix quite a lot of thing.Version: 1.250.133

Engrossing multiple players game.A friend told me about this game so I decided to give it a try. Well I’ve been playing everyday for over 4 months now and have enjoyed it each day. Building your Base up from basically nothing to becoming a powerful member in your state is a challenge, however then the events begin where your state is pitted against alliance’s from other states. There are also small events each week that can really help your base and hero’s grow quickly. It’s a very social and team effort to advance your entire state, Friends and yes some enemies from all over the world are made. Advancement can be made as P2P or F2P with determination and effort. I highly recommend that players tired of games that are static and one directional give it a try..Version: 1.250.207

Not badNot bad so far.Version: 1.250.086

HorribleThe devs will block you if you have any complaints and real questions. I can no longer send an error message to the developers because it now always says network error. I spend $50 to $100 per week on this game and they still do not answer me. You must be a big spender to get any attention($1000’s per week) They will also change the rules on plan you purchase. Such as project hero( they finally upgraded it which is amazing!!!) when I purchased it the final reward was a s1 OR S2 hero but they updated it a few weeks later to only S1 hero’s. I would not have bought as I do not need one. I sent an error message got an unprofessional message and now I can no longer send messages. DO NOT Spend your money on this game! Been playing it for almost 3 years. I love this game but the developers are greedy and no longer care about the average player and not at all for the free player. The only way to get this game to change is to stop spending money on it. Then it will change for the better..Version: 1.250.190

Last shelterAt the most have spent maybe $50 on this game over a period of 8-9mnths. Game is great, join an alliance and Yr looked after by yr team. I know I am, I’m now level 18 rss r hard to stack up on for upgrades n training but again yr team also help you out..Version: 1.250.089

SweetGood stuff.Version: 1.250.039

GameFun but time consuming.Version: 2.53.2

Hero’s are the only downside.The game over all is awesome. It’s definitely caught my attention for a lot longer then any other game mobile game has. I’ve been playing for quite some time now. They’re constantly updating and adding new things to the game. The only downside are the hero’s. The chances of getting any orange hero’s is extremely slim. Other players from the alliance I’m in and myself would save a lot of orange tickets and some of us (if not all) would go through maybe 20-30 orange tickets and get all blue and green hero’s. (Purple hero’s are scarcely peppered in there). Spending $100 on a 30 ticket pack would be a complete waste given the chances. It would make the game a tad bit more exciting and enjoyable for players who either don’t spend at all and those who spend but don’t have extremely deep pockets like others do..Version: 1.250.115

Pretty good.This is a good game with plenty to do. It's a free game, with options the buy "packages" which can give you advantages, but it's not necessary to buy them. It's a real time game, so you have to wait for tasks to be completed. The time increasing the higher the upgrade level. It has a translate feature which is highly accurate and helpful, however with the most recent update (9th March) it appears to not work for me. Which I hope will be patched soon. There are "diamonds" featured in the game, which often are exclusively for paying members, however it's possible to collect them in this game, although it takes a long time for them to be collected, they are extremely useful in the game. Overall good game, thoroughly enjoying it..Version: 1.250.040

Good funGood fun.Version: 1.250.086

Love this gameI love this game, you don’t have to spend real money to be Able to play it. Just join a alliance and you are sorted. The only negative I have is that you cannot choose which state you join when you start the game from fresh. So when I got my friend to join they were in a different state making it impossible for them to join my alliance as you can only be in alliances in the state you are in. Apart from this it’s my number 1 game..Version: 1.250.150

Game is super !But something has to change in the game !! People selling accounts everywhere! It.s not fun when you build a base in one state manage to do well and at the end you find out that are 3 ally in it and rest in won buy oney few people ! The rest they don’t have a chance to grow at all !.Version: 1.250.185

Cool gameI like it.Version: 1.250.094

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