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ONE PIECE Bounty Rush App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush app received 101 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ONE PIECE Bounty Rush? Can you share your negative thoughts about one piece bounty rush?

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ONE PIECE Bounty Rush for Negative User Reviews

2nd Anniversary rip offAnniversary is a rip off, first anniversary was 750 gems for 2 guaranteed EXs, while this anniversary, nothing is guaranteed except for the last ticket draw. If Bandai keeps its banners like this then we cannot afford this and will be forced to quit..Version: 40000

Pay to win gameThe diamonds are way to expensive and you only get less than 200, come on man don’t be cheap, the game is fun to play but its pay to win.Version: 40100

#boycottAnni2021This game was fun, I kept playing it for entire 2020, but the characters they released became more and more unbalanced, so disappointed..Version: 40000

Fun but un BalanceThis is a fun game and I’m the fan of the show and I watched one piece since I was a kid and it’s nice to be able to play my favourite characters on my phone and the game is fun and enjoyable but the down side are the characters are un balance, even when u have the same level and stronger typing still get one shot and it’s a pay to win game even when they r rewards to help u make ur character stronger. Also the environmental hazard it’s a good idea but it do too much damage and it’s cost my team a few game. Overall it’s a fun and enjoyable game but there are some issues that need to be work on. It’s a 7/10 for me.Version: 40100

Fun but Horribly unbalancedAnother well made game that does a great job bringing beloved characters to life ruined by micro transactions and poor balancing. For a One Piece fan this game is great, amazing characters and stages all chock full of references for fans. However anyone who plays for more than a few days will find its quite hard to progress. The matchmaking is atrocious, constantly matching you with people far out of your league, some games I find myself unable to damage some players. It’s impossible for free players to keep pace with anyone paying for characters. Unless of course you get lucky and pull Yonko Shanks or Blackbeard, as these 2 characters are heinously overpowered compared to others. It’s a real shame to see a game with so much potential just squander it with predatory pay to win tactics. I know it’s asking far too much to remove microtransactions but if a couple characters were scaled back and the matchmaking tweaked this game could be great. Also maybe make it a little easier for free players to acquire character shards. Getting 2-3 every 8 hours for a steep price is ridiculous when you need 800 of them to evolve.Version: 32100

Horrific beyond beliefI never thought I’d write a review on this game. It started out fun, despite the fact the servers are terrible. But they’ve just released a new Extreme rank unit, Pirate King Luffy, and it’s the biggest step back in history. In AUD, a guaranteed copy of Luffy is $3800. $3800!!! It’s $38 for 1 ticket, you have a limit of 100 tickets, and it’s a 0.2% chance to get him. No step-up banner is included with it. Not only that, no one has any in game currency to spend on it as they’ve just announced him the day before release and directly after the new Extreme Kaido unit. The game has moved to be pay to win so quickly, and even at $3800, I don’t even think whales would pay for it. Every new EX unit has been getting more expensive with every release, but that was just in the in game currency you could save. This is in straight up cash now, it’s a new low that I thought we’d already hit a long time ago. Scamdai strikes again, they’ve shown time and time again how much they don’t care about their player base. If they cared at all, they would have done something about their servers, something for their F2P players or even done something about how they’ve been scuffing the banners lately. Fix your act Bandai, your reputation is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not that you would be, you only care about beating the dead horse until it reluctantly oozes out money. Despicable..Version: 50000

OPBRIt was the best game for me before because after the latest update the developers added the game if your connection is unstable your player will stop and I am from Iraq and our internet is very bad so please bring it back as it was I don't know what to do write it these days please bring it back.Version: 52200

Trash matchingGarbage matching all my teammates are a bot they dont even capture the flag they just stand there and watch the enemy get the flag fix that pls!.Version: 40300

Unbalanced pay to play (spend at least $100 on every banner to keep up with the meta)So I’ve been playing for about 2 years now and what I’ve noticed so far was that if you’re not spending any money on EX characters (og Blackbeard, Oden, Roger, Pirate king luffy) you’re not going to have a very fun time playing. If you are playing only for fun it’s enjoyable up until you A+ league but after that 9 times out of 10 you’re going up against EX luffy which is the most brain dead overpowered unit ever to be featured in the game. Usually EX characters are strong and have very op traits but luffy takes it to the absolute extreme he’s able to spam skills forever with close to no cooldown time, he’s able to 3 tap a lvl 100 at only lvl 80 with his basic attacks and his skills basically reach across the entire map. This game was pretty diverse with people using a bunch of different type of characters and those that do use different characters are punished and then forced to use one of the 5 meta characters other than EX units (young doffy, reighley, raid kid, raid luffy, and izo). There is no balance in the game whatsoever it’s a cash grab scam because if you don’t spend money you cannot play..Version: 51000

Unbalanced Game for Rich KidsSo the currency in this game is mainly for pulling new characters from scout (very much like lottery) drop rate is written to be 5% but 2 months of playing and hundreds of dollar spent said it all. You probably will never get a character you want due to the super low drop rate and how expensive it is to buy the game currency. Not to mention meeting a hacker in every 4-5 matches of PvP..Version: 22001

I hope I’m wrong although I probably won’t come backCame into the game with high hopes only a few days ago, was loving it, then realised how much of a money grab it had become ALREADY to pvp, if you have a 4 star which you crazily rolled, you’ll come to learn that it won’t cut it at all, people with a character 1 star higher will decimate you, I will admit gatcha games are usually like this but why do they keep making one piece games that just ruin the mood for me (I’m gonna try the new game coming out soon), sick of these money grabbing strategies within mobile games, I won’t lie I’d love this game if the free to play wasn’t already so disadvantaged, another gatcha game that has came at this from the right angle in my opinion is Grand Chase, although I’d much rather play a one piece alternative, in this game the moves look awesome for a mobile game, although the servers must be insanely messed up, and there’s a growing community of cheaters already, I’d much rather these companies hold back until they gaming the monetary needs to make a great mobile game where fans can allocate time and actually have fun, sadly from my point of view right now all I can say is, Thanks for nothing, yet again, must I stay disappointed at every release of a one piece game..Version: 21002

#BoyCottAnni2021You know what i’m already gonna talk about..Version: 40000

Over all goodThis is a very good game however I do have a complaint as to the League system. The match ups are very unfair and I think it needs to be improved upon as I have lost so many league matches because of this. Maybe you should match players up depending on unit levels/units themselves as I go up against so many strong players which gives me a plain unfair experience through out playing the league mode.Version: 34100

Needs some fixingIt’s a great game but there are some bugs that are really annoying, there’s a bug that’s asking me for my Apple ID but the first time I had it it didn’t ask for my Apple ID but now it needs it?.Version: 51000

Went from f2p to p2wI’ve been playing opbr for 1.5 years, I’d remember when we’d do challenges and actually get stuff. With the state of the game being only cash grabs so that people who actually spent money are guaranteed rewards. The game was fun and enjoyable it was something you can just chill and play. But I’m afraid that’s changed for the worst, every time you go into a match you end up getting shafted by roger, open and other EX’s. This is NOT fair Bandai there’s no even playing ground, honestly I’m so sick of Bandai ignoring their fans and supporters. That being said all of these statements are enough reason for me to quit this game, thank you.Version: 41000

EqualizeThe developer of this game has come up with so called “racism” or “carelessness”, I have looked up social media and found out that Japanese version have been getting better standards, better prices for currency in the game, better drop rates for the characters, and have been getting absurd amounts of free currency. I would like this game to change there ways of “carelessness”, I demand this to change! Many global players have spent 10x the price for the same amount of currency a Japanese player gets, my guess is that this is caused by the developers idea that global players don’t complain if they spend extra money without knowing it. Other than that I would like to keep loving the game instead of hating it, so I ask you to change this..Version: 33110

Deeply Disappointed.I’ve been playing OPBR since before 1st anniversary & I instantly fell in love, you could use any character to have fun & have a chance at winning ! But then 1st anniversary came with the introduction of EX characters, these characters have not only been annoying to fight against but super hard to get. Bandai has truly shown that they don’t care for what the people want , they just want your money. The higher leagues are overflowing with EX characters that dominate every. single. game. They have decreased the chances of getting a character while increasing the amount to pay for these characters. I was truly looking forward to the 2nd anniversary, throwing money in when I had extra to get me a better chance at getting a new character. But no they increased the amount to unlock a character while disregarding feedback from the community to make it easier to get & limiting the amount of EX characters able to per match. Bandai I’m sorry but you have truly disappointed us & I hope you see this as a learning opportunity to be able to make this game last to the 3rd or even 4th anniversary ..Version: 40000

My problemIt’s fun for the first half but the. You get to a point you either have to constantly die because the entire other team spent like $100 on this game and got a team 6 star ex shanks maxed out and boom I can’t play the game anywhere over A- rank. It’s pay to win or nothing.Version: 52200

Best anime game on mobileThis is honestly the best anime game I’ve ever played on my phone and I have played most mainstream games. Also the character models are great and animation is rly good aswell as a variation in units and styles of play, my one and only criticism is that roger is too powerful however it is possible to counter him using certain characters Garp, Zoro, etc. Overall I would definitely recommend to all ONE PIECE fans as there aren’t many spoilers but it’s rly aimed at those who have watched post timeskip aa that is where the in game story ends. Also whilst in other games I complain about the availability of in game currency, in bounty rush even at higher levels and having completed the story you can revival many gems from different mediums. In conclusion tgis is an amazing game I just hope they don’t ruin it like Ninja footage which is solely pay to win and it’s easier to get laid then find a gem in game..Version: 41200

Unbalanced gameOne piece bounty rush or opbr as the community calls it has become less and less fun to play. This game has become more and more unbalanced and buggy with every update from being hit while knocked down to being hit with a knockdown skill and getting hit with basic attacks that stops you form getting knockdown. With every ex it becomes less fun too play against an example is ex Luffy give him invincible skill is unbalanced and unfair for most units. Give Extreme units ability that give the an upper had is the worst thing to do. This game has much more pay to win. The increase with Extreme units is utterly unacceptable from 750 all the way to 2000 gem. It’s not even worth trying to play this game up match with people who derank to just fight extreme unit in the upper leagues. With quote on quote 200 plus character available to play I shouldn’t just see extreme units. Nerf extreme unit like you gabe blue big mom give them ways for people to fight them instead of release new units that only count that single character. Give older units buff like red charlotte katakuri too green marine fort ace and blue revolutionary sabo. Make more units viable in this game. It one of my favorite games but it sad to see how unfair and fun it become..Version: 52200

Had potential…Game had a good concept and in general is quite fun. However the developers don’t give a monkeys about the community and don’t care about anything but money which makes the game p2w. Units are extremely unbalanced with units such as ex shanks and akainu making league the worst experience ever, so broken and Bandai refuse to nerf these units and instead bring out more broken units to counter them. I’m sure 1000% of the opbr community only play the game because it’s one piece or otherwise the server would have 0 people active. AND WHAT IS UP WITH THE UTA BANNER?? SHES ONLY A BOUNTY FESTIVAL UNIT YET I SPEND 2000 GEMS AND GET NOTHING?? BANDAI??? GIVE ME UTA??????.Version: 52100

2ndanniversary is so trashNo new content , only more expensive banners with broken ex units that are hard to obtain.Version: 40000

LoadingIt can’t play any matches I’ve just been on the loading screen.Version: 33300

Unfair matchmakingIts unfair matchmaking especially if theres players that have fully upgraded characters go against players who are still 60/100. You will get destroyed so skills wont matter at that point. Fix the matchmaking or this game is just a pay to win.Version: 41100

TrashThe game matchs ups are useless. Don’t know why the game wants to line me up with people who can’t play then we vs level 100.Version: 44100

Pay to winEX characters are breaking the game its sad cuz its a really good game.Version: 40100

DevelopersThis game has been out for a long time and I have been playing since it first came out. In all this time all you guys have done is a few bug improvements and added more characters. This game is good but it really needs a lot of work done to improve the gameplay. The targeting system is just TERRIBLE there should be an option to turn off auto targeting and a better way to target someone other than tapping on the character, this does not always work because tapping the screen can also cause the camera to turn. There should be a lock on button or something. Also when playing league battles you should be on teams with people of equal ranking or power im not sure if it’s just completely random but every battle is always one sided and unfair. You know whether your going to win for sure or lose for sure before the battle even begins. For example I could be on a team with 80,000 battle power vs a team with 100,000 BP in one match and the next match will be the other way around. This is not fair by any means to either team. Please fix these things. The only reason I feel that most people even still play this is because there aren’t many options when it comes to one piece mobile games but I do like this game a lot..Version: 44100

Unbalanced and Trash matchmakingDon't bother playing unless you're a whale and have friends to play with. The matchmaking in this game is completely trash. Lost 20+ games in a row because my teammates are horrible. How is it I can score 4000+ but my teammates can't even score 2000 points? But I get paired with fearsome foes and lose 100+ rank points for it? Make it make sense. Don't even get me started on shanks. How is a green lvl 60 shanks able to beat 2 lvl 100 red characters? Does level and type not matter anymore? Crystals stop really dropping after you finish solo mode so save your crystals for characters that are meta if you're f2p. Don't bother playing if you want to play your favorite characters. Only meta characters matter. Huge cash grab. Be prepared for bad teammates and counterintuitive games if your teammates aren't reliable. Even if you do the most you will still not win without a solid team. Such a shame for One Piece fans this game had potential but it's fun is taken away from unbalanced characters and horrible matchmaking..Version: 52200

Amazing game, but so many hackers, please add reportI found this hacker, and I have proof it was a level 17 mihawk Name was PON, and it killed me when I was a level 30 2 year later Luffy, and I wasn’t even in its range, and it has a title which you have to win 100 times in league for this character and this person has 14 wins overall in League..Version: 24200

#BoycootAnni2021#BoycootAnni2021.Version: 40000

How do I get back my old progressSo I love this game and I play it like every day and u accidentally deleted it and I downloaded it again and my progress was not save How do I fix it ?.Version: 41200

GGreat game.. only problem is when I start the game I have redownload it again for me to start it but overall good game..Version: 30300

Bots and bad match making(From a player that has 4/6 EX Units including Akainu) Lately almost every match I’ve played has had 1 person that stands on a point and attacks nothing or a wall, please add a report button and start banning these accounts. Match making is already just plain bad but, this has taken it to a new level when people can bot and basically throw matches and have no penalty. I played 30 matches in a row 2 days ago won 1/30. Out of the 30 I was 90% of the time the person with the most points by thousand. Why is a team that has no EX units fighting 3 cancer Akainu? Its a fun game if you are in rank A+ or S- but the bots are real, the match making is so bad it will make you want to join a match and close the app once it starts to lose points and downgrade to around A+. If you are new to this game, I wouldn’t spend any money, it progresses you too quickly and makes the game no fun, no one likes to lose so bad you can’t even capture a point and get 0-5. Enjoy the low levels, it will help get you more skilled at playing and more familiar with how to perfect dodge each characters skills and basic attacks. If this game wasn’t broken I would give it 5*, but as it sits if this game wasn’t One Piece themed I wouldn’t even play it, I’d play some brawl stars at least the matches there are far more balanced. Please stop working on new content to make yourselves more money and work on honing the game aspects that hold it back from being a truly great game..Version: 43000

Never balance game matchStupid game match system。 even u reach the higher garde, u will still meet team mate with unbalanced power. Have u seen 60000power vs 110000power . U will see this stupid gaming match. This is so retard.....Version: 32200

DoomedThis game is fked. Spent decent time and money to max stampede luffy and still getting one shot. Losing 10 games in a row and drop ranked is just pissing me off so bad. Matchmaking bots into your team just to make you spend more money to upgrade yourself. Never ever had I wanna write a bad review so badly. Biggest regret to spent my time on this game..Version: 31200

LanguageI couldn’t find where is the option to change language!.Version: 34100

WORST MATCHMAKING EVER PLS FIXThe game itself is good even tho it’s pay to play as hell, but the matchmaking is hilariously bad. Every match I’ll be competing across 3 ex’s or legendary characters on one team while my team is filled with basic 3 star characters EVN THOUGH IM IN SS TIER. Pls fix its stupid matchmaking is worse than this games f2p side so that’s how u know it’s bad.Version: 40100

Game loads so slowGames lags and going through menu is a pain because it keeps on disconnecting. What a shame.Version: 34100

UnplayableThis game is unplayable right now 💀 if your internet flickers for even a second and the game shows “connection unstable” on your screen, your basically out of the session. It doesn’t matter if you have good internet or not, its happening to a lot of people and i know bandai aint gonna do anything about it 💀.Version: 52200

I Cant enter gameI alway have connection game has occuret;-;.Version: 30100

Overpowered charactersI love this game, but it comes to the point you don’t want to play it anymore. With overpowered characters like whitebeard and Roger. It’s not fun going into a match with characters so much stronger then you. Balance matchmaking make it fair, I’m sick of losing in the first minute because I can’t get one hit on other people..Version: 52100

Account lossTheir very inconsiderate when it comes to losing your account for example I lost my account due to the transfer id not working even tho I had a screenshot of it and the guy I was talking to somehow tried blaming me for it.Version: 44100

Awesome but one bug is in there that I hate!! 😩I love everything about this game from the characters, to the missions, game play, everything!~ Especially since I love One Piece! The only thing that would totally make me give this 5 stars is if the app stopped just fricking freezing and then sending me out of the whole game! It’s so fricking FRUSTRATING especially since it only happens when I’m during a battle, ESPECIALLY when I’m winning!! It’s so just UGHHH!! I keep not completing battles and that just wastes my battle cards! I just want to play consecutive games without the stupid game sending me out like it doesn’t want me to win!! It keeps saying it’s an internet connection problem but I know it’s not because I’ve had the internet go completely out during a battle and it just freezes, says there’s no internet, and sends me back to the home screen OF THE GAME! Not send me out of the whole game! I just hope it gets fixed soon...Version: 33100

I Paid for aggravation .One piece bounty rush , a game released globally with bad connection issues which makes the playable characters mechanics buggy and not working properly to the favor of your opponents which is a big loss for the development team hard work and great ideas , also there are MANY cheaters using auto clicking macros to grind event points that I personally recorded and reported to one piece bounty rush support and still finding them in my match to the point I gave up reporting because the support is useless is these issues because all the replays I had were tranquilizers , And there are no support number or tickets also you CANT differentiate the support replays about the 4 deferent cheaters you reported to them in a single day , and no straightforward nor reliable answer to the problems like lag issues would be fixed , I got the best network I worked for and paid for something that is not working properly that is released to global while my money works for them nicely ..Version: 33300

Good but I want to have more accounts.Cause my main is slowing down and I’m too poor to buy more devices, I played this game for a total of 42 hours in 1 week when I started progress slows down and I want a new acc to restart from fresh and slowly get my main up also which is why I did a 3 start review it needs work and it’s hard for me to understand why a level 60 enemy 1 shots my level 100 characters make it a bit more even and fair I would say and not too pay to win..Version: 52100

Full of hackersThe game is being filled with hackers lately and the game developers aren’t doing anything about it. This game is one my most played games and I don’t want to stop playing because of the hackers as I love the One Piece series and also how the game works and you are able to play your favorite characters. Right now I have stopped playing it due to the hackers and I want that the developers take notice and fix this problem throughout the global servers. For some reasons the global server for this game has been neglected and no serious actions have been taken against this problem..Version: 50200

League balancingThe games great and I don’t know if it’s just me but I spent a decent amount of hours getting my characters to limit break but still get put in battles where the entire other team can kill me in 1 hit while I can’t do anything to them.Version: 30000

Fun but please fix your gameI’ll be honest, I absolutely love this game and I’ve spent so much time playing it but I’ve got to say this, instead of giving the dumbest most overpowered characters in the game fix the bugs happening (some examples): The immortal bug where people can attack and take no damage (once knocked some stay standing and it isn’t stagger yet they continue to deal damage while taking not themselves), the wano stage in the league battle, the amount of enemies able to hit through buildings is absolutely stupid and lastly is when knocked or perfect dodge there’s so many times people still take damage while they’re supposed to be safe like come on creators FIX THE BUGS INSTEAD OF OVERPOWERED UNITS! People would rather play a balanced game with little bugs than broken units with millions of bugs.Version: 40000

One piece bounty rushJ’aime bien le jeux mais cependant quand je me connecte sa me fait quitter en plein game en faite l’application ce ferme tout seul..Version: 52100

The death of a gameIt’s truly tragic to see what Scamdai is doing to this game. It’s easily one of the best anime Gatcha games out right now, it has so much detail, it’s incredibly fun to play, and if you like one piece it’s a no brained. However within the last few months, mainly with events surrounding the anniversary, Bandai has really showed how little they care. Ignoring the fact that they brought back every EX for a much cheaper price basically saying “screw you” to anyone who originally pulled for them, they have the audacity to release two MORE EX units. How do you get these units? Praying on a 0.200% chance or spend $2500 (TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED) on getting ONE copy of the new Luffy unit. This is outrageous, they will drain our wallets and keep releasing broken characters but won’t adjust gameplay balance, do anything about people who AFK in game, or straight up hackers. Game has been out for 3 years and we still don’t have a report button, 1v1 battles, reasons to join alliances, new story missions, and I can keep going on. It hurts to see this game just die but after this dumpster fire of an anniversary I don’t see the game ever recovering..Version: 50000

FIX YOUR GAME!Do not spend money on this game ! The games power balance is ran through EX characters. There’s only 6 right now, but they are unstoppable. Not to mention IMPOSSIBLE TO GET ! You can spend $250 and still never see a EX character. Instead the draw system gives you every other 4 star legendary characters(which by the way shouldn’t be legendary characters, 95% of them are useless compared ANY EX CHARACTER!) Another factor is the fact that the game doesn’t even try to help ANY of the players. This game has so much potential, but it’s all wasted in the end. They give you 1 gem daily through battle and then 50gems every 1 1/2-2 months. Yet they drop Ex banners every couple weeks. It would be different if they gave a hundred gems every months and a half instead of 50, but they don’t. All they care about is your money. THIS FACT IS PROVEN BY THE DROP RATES AND LACK OF HELP!! This concludes my review. Please take these facts into consideration before spending money on this trash game. Other good game choices include 7DS grand cross and MHA strongest hero.(who helps their players sometimes)HIGHLY RECOMMEND GRAND CROSS! Not to mention that I threw in another 300 dollars to get v2 kaido and the game didn’t give me anything good at all besides one onigashima law like BRUH…. One law seriously!? I can’t even with this game it’s so trash 😐.Version: 50000

👎👎.Version: 52200

Awful bannerWorst anniversary banner I’ve ever seen.Version: 40000

PAY to WINWould give it a 0 star if I could. After you start playing for day or two you go against the most over powered character and get demolished and there is nothing you can do because you are f2p but everyone is p2w.Version: 52200

#boycottAnni2021Stop treating us like garbage.Version: 40000

#boycottAnni2021#boycotAnni2021.Version: 40000

I really love the game but....The game is actually enjoyable for me, but having to farm 50 gems is getting more annoying because I completed both normal and hard mode of solo campaign. I have got three medals for each missions which in the end I got a lot of gems. Now it takes me like a few days before getting 50gems. I could rate this game a 5 star, but the gem system is actually crap. Earn 1 to 3 gems for every quest! If you really want to enjoy the game be ready to spend more than £100..Version: 32000

The game is awesome but…This game is literally perfect except a major problem. As a free to play user I am already at a major disadvantage with my units as people already have 100 level troops but my problem is being in a team with b and a ranks while I’m at s rank, this makes me lose many games as these people are still unprepared for my league..Version: 51100

BalancingThe game is good when it comes to enjoyment but the thing that runes it is pay to win characters like max level roger and also some characters don’t deserve the class like ace it just utter garbage and the storyline is so tideous how you have to do certain things for only 3 stars but in all and all the game is still decent.Version: 51000

Disparity between unitsBeen playing this game for a while now. I must say, I was really surprised at first for how good it was, but ever since Blackbeard and Shanks were introduced, the balance in teams and the diversity of characters has fallen and hit rock bottom. Every single game you play, you’ll find them. Not just that, but most of your own or the opponents’ teams are comprised of Blackbeards and Shanks. That’s not it either, both of these units are far far far better than any other unit without any question. And that forces you to play as them or certain specific units that can at least survive against these two “cancerous” units. This means you can’t play as your favorite characters or try other characters to have fun. Want to play as Katakuri or Stampede Sabo, right? Guess what, one single hit by a Shanks or Blackbeard and you’re dead. And when you attack these two units? They revive each time or get healed every time and you stand no chance. It’s crazy. I often engage in this game’s social online communities such as the subreddit or the fanbase Facebook group, and the general consensus there too is that Blackbeard and Shanks have literally ruined this game. Don’t get me wrong, this game was 10/10 or 5 star game to me. Sure it was a bit grindy, but League Battles was extremely fun. Each game brought a new challenge, one game you had to maneuver your way to beat a team with a great Runner Law player, the next you’d have to work as a team to beat Doflamingo, then Big Mom, each time it was something new and fun. Now, the balance and diversity are simply gone... I do however trust this game’s devs and the people behind it to have realized this issue and eventually, I know something will be done about it. And until balance and diversity in PvP league battles are restored, I will stick firmly to the 1/5 rating I’m giving here. If and when this issue is solved, I will gladly change back the rating to 5/5..Version: 31200

Connection issuesThis games good but the only problems I’ve had is getting gems without having to pay and the main one being kicking me off the app and when I go back on saying I was kick for connection issues and punishing me for it by taking away what I’ve spent days earning you might think this is my phone but this is the only game my phone has ever done this with no other game has connection issues.Version: 33300

At first I thought it was hacking… :/Well I’ve been playing for a week now and it was fun for the first few days, however once you reach B rank you realise the real players use 5 Star P2W Characters like Ex Luffy, Extreme Kaido, Young Whitebeard, etc. which all cost a great amount of money and luck to recieve. If you are a new player coming into the game you will notice just how beautiful and well made the game seems, but once you’ve played pvp long enough to enter real player matches it is very noticeable how much money these mobile addicts put it to the game. This will likely NEVER be fixed or improved as games like these that proceed to transition to P2W usually become forever consumed by the excess income that they never care for the playerbase’s enjoyment anymore..Version: 50200

Wifi connectionI think people should get their rewards after a match if they lose connection right after winning the game. It has happened to me, right after I won a game I got disconnected and I didn’t get my rewards and for some reason it counted as a lost so I lost league points. Please fix this, I really love this game.Version: 32100

New characters literally are opNice game until you realise the character you were leveling up the most can be beaten by a new character that is level 2 or something 😅 e.g. ex luffy dreams to be pirate king😂!! (Can you at least allow mic or something to communicate to our team only!!) anyway I’m scouting over and over and over but I get the old characters the rare ones are hiding somewhere and didn’t even bother to say hello 😅😭😭! O well bad luck I guess maybe goodluck is round the corner!!.Version: 52100

Anniversary EventThis anniversary event is terrible. Lots of people saved up their gems for this and Bandai dropped a terrible 4*rate. They need to fix this..Version: 27100

A shameIt’s a shame that the way the devs treat certain aspects of the game make it almost unplayable. There are two major game breaking things about this game. The first is characters. I get that these bounty rush ex characters are suppose to be better than other characters. But when you have characters like Roger or Oden who are literally game breaking. You either have to have the most insane luck to pull the character or spend and insane amount of money on pulls. The second and biggest problem is the servers. I don’t know if this game is peer to peer connection or actually on a server but it makes the game unplayable. The lag is the most frustratingly stupid thing about this game. You’ll either be hitting a person as they are standing still and then they teleport and hit you with an ability or you’ll hit then with an ability and they take damage but ignore any other effect on your ability, and no they don’t nullify it. A little nitpick but just as annoying is the games hit boxes on walls, you’re ability will hit an invisible wall and completely screw you. And I can’t forget about the lock on. You can be looking at a person 2 feet in front of you and go to use an ability and go 30 feet to the right on a guy who is no where near you and who you weren’t looking at. Other than those things the game is fine. It has such potential but they don’t take the time to fix game breaking problems..Version: 41000

Good Game But..Love this game but would love to see Brawl 8 be a permanent addition instead of just an event or actually be an event more often!.Version: 33300

Fix your match makingI always get paired up with people that get zero kills and captures I literally have to do everything it’s embarrassing of you company.Version: 34100

Been following one pieceI have been following one piece since my childhood, but unfortunately has to be said Toei studios just dont care about quality, whether it is about the graphics of the anime series , or they clunky playstation franchise. And this is game is not an exception. First of all its clunky and feels like a click fest, the lag is horrible, it is unbalanced , to the point many games i joined i get almost one shot hit while i cant even do 10 dmg. Not to mention the whole characters development is complicated . For example normal luffy is seperate from 30million bounty, from 2 years later etc.. i feel like we should be able to evolve the characters rather than get separate ones..Version: 23000

Update to fix shanks and Blackbeard along with the connection issuesLike my last review my opinion on this game hasn’t changed but there’s alot that needs to be done some the characters. Shanks and Blackbeard skills are too overpowered both skills they have one and two is too much. Blackbeard range is basically the whole map and the damage is so high once he grabs you and hits you your whole life bar is at the end and his other skill that gives back life to him doesn’t cut it. He doesn’t die right away when his life is at the end and that’s unfair cause other characters don’t have that and it shouldn’t be. The same problems with Blackbeard is the same with shanks his skill is basically the whole map if his skill was mid range it wouldn’t be that bad and his other skill have the same effect as Blackbeard with the regain hp. If you could reduce the damage on their skills and take away the regain hp from them it would be wonderful and also the connection problems needs to stop cause my WiFi is great no other game is telling unstable connection but opbr is idk why. If you can bring back the 6 chances to play league battle would be great along with the diamond in the treasure chest and also the 2 diamonds in daily quests would helpful I don’t know why they were removed in the first place. If these conditions are met I doubt anyone would find a problem other than the few minor bugs there is in the game. I pray and hope that this will be read and is done thank you for reading.Version: 32200

LameIt’s unbalanced. Some players will one shot you even though your character colour beats them. Sometimes your attacks will deal 1hp like what... And the pvp is kind of boring tbh. You’ll just gonna get treasures in order to win the game over and over, nothing else. So basic and boring. Please add different modes, like get the flags or something. And it’s so hard to get the character you wanted. It’s like hoping you’d win a lottery or something. PS. Please add a reporting chat where we can literally chat our team in game instead of quick msg. And PLEASE ADD REPORTING SYSTEM!!! There’s so many player I’ve encountered hacking! It is so unfair... The game has a potential, but please add this features ASAP!.Version: 22001

Just bruhSpent 6000$ trying to get roger and I get the guaranteed ticket and it doesn’t even give me it it gave me ace like wth where’s my gol d roger.Version: 40300

Do it well or don’t do itHonestly this has the potential to be a great game, I would literally throw my money at it if you had put some effort into it! Ps1 graphics that are a punch in the eyes, the game is not optimised, the movements are slow and basically neither the attacks nor the moving is anywhere precise Enemies being untouchable after you beat them on the floor making it become almost like a turn based game Who made this game? He’s really bad, probably never played any other game before! And probably also blind if he can’t see how ugly everything look Also why if I claim something I always have to go to the gift box? It make me waste a ton of time for no reason Please fix the graphics and the gameplay and you will see that you will make a fortune out of this game Make it a bit more like the MHA game, is not difficult, you have the money to do so Not even a C level company would be able to make such a mess.Version: 51200

Ok at bestThis game, for all that it has, is pretty good. However, it gets annoying really quickly due to multiple glitches in the game. I can be on the other side of the field and be killed by a non-long distance attack from the other team. What sense does that make? Also the dodge button is essentially useless. I can spam it to death and I’ll still get hit while my character just stands there and gets wrecked. Another thing I hate is the way people are matched up. Have y’all ever considered fixing that? I’ve read through reviews from months ago where you say you’ll fix it but that has yet to be done. I’m constantly being matched up with people who are leagues above me and of course I have no chance against them. I’ve been in league A+ and was matched against with someone that was in the top 50 for the entire game. Hello? Likewise, I’ve been matched with someone who was unfairly below me in level. Small things like this make the quality of the game go down and I hope that it gets fixed in the future..Version: 26100

Roger is too OPIt’s understandable that some characters are better against other due to the colour system and most of their strengths are fair. But Roger’s damage is way too intense to the point where it’s unfair. A Roger that has an overall power much lower than your character’s shouldn’t be able to just one shot you out of the way..Version: 44100

Bandai read this pleaseSo for roger from now you should start making nerfs for some ex characters like roger and oden and don’t make more op bounty festivals so the same loop happens until 3rd anniversary so please nerf your characters and for league battle make some normal people matchmaking because right this is league battle 2 Blackbeard’s and 1 Odin 1 roger and the other team are normal bounty festivals this isn’t fair to me and make a limit for ex characters like 2or1 ex so please please fix the servers and the spectating glitch I was playing with luffy and law alliance and I was blue team and then myself a cpo lucci and I can’t even control the character so I was stuck the whole match please Bandai hear your community.Version: 40000

Got bad really fastUsed to be fun but once you get to league A it’s literally impossible to win, I’m literally always on the worst teams, and the other team is over powered even though my character is stronger than all of them they all one shot me, like how are they not in another league? although its very easy to get ur fav characters this game is very generous but it doesn’t matter when they’re just gonna get one shotted.Version: 52100

Better matchmaking balancingOk overall this game is fun but the matches are unfair, because most of the time we would get into rounds with some person with a maxed out character one shot everyone and ending the game in less than a minute it’s better if you match make teams with similar character stats than just your class because most of class b or above is major p2w like I got teamed up with a roger with 47 hyper boost fully maxed out the moment I reached class b all I’m really saying is make your matchmaking more balanced.Version: 51000

Good game bad companyI love one piece and after playing this game for over 6 months I can say that if you want to play as any good characters good luck. It’s either 7 months of saving or more than $2000 for one character. I have personally given up on this game after saving up for 7 months to buy a character but Bandai doesn’t always do guaranteed characters if they are feeling money hungry.Version: 53000

Hey give me Shang‘s the new version or I will delete this game and I will report youGive me shanks The new version.Version: 52100

UnfortunateGreat idea, great graphics poor gameplay. Plenty of hackers/cheaters, overpowered characters that can kill your maxed characters in one hit or don't seem to take damage. Even in modes where all characters are level some are so powerful it makes the game pointless. Another example of great design and no care in making sure the game is enjoyable to any other than those who can pay or cheat..Version: 33300

Why 1 star?? I love this game!!I’m not giving this game one star because I think it’s a bad game I’m giving this game one star because there is this constant aggravating issue when you play battle in it gives you random people and I understand but I want the option to be able to play with who I want. I’m sick of playing with people when I pay money and work hard on this game and I am in the B league and people still do not know how to play the game instead of trying to collect the flag or trying to defend or do anything like that you’re doing the complete opposite I understand everybody won’t have the understanding of the game and if they want to just enjoy it they have that right but I wanna also have that right to choose who I want to play with so if I play with a team and they’re really good and we all like each other can I get the option to say can I play the next game with them because then it’ll be some unit cohesion and will all understand exactly what we need to do because everybody works great together this would also help teams be better and what’s the point of having a clan or a group of pirates if I can’t chat with them further? Too many bugs need. To get fixed. Other then that . When some of the bugs are fixed I will rerate the app. :/.Version: 30100

League Battle with FriendsI suggest to add the League Battle with friends so you can level up together like a Ranked Game, because playing with your friends on private battles and friend battles is still boring if you are not gonna earn anything or level up. If you guys do this League Battle with friends, OPBR would be a lot better and I will give this a 5 star if it happens. I hope you guys will see this comment. And thank you OPBR for adding more characters..Version: 34100

You need to do something about this ASAPI love this game, but your diamond system is so freaking terrible If you want to do a pull for 11 characters, it’s 50 diamonds to do so. That’s reasonable, if there were actually ways to earn more diamonds.. The game hands out between 1-3 diamonds for certain missions and makes it so difficult to get the diamonds required to even come close to doing multiple summon pulls. It’s like the only option they provide is to buy them which for £64 it gets you 90 gems which can’t even get you two summons..... I say lower the prices of summons and actually let us earn more of diamonds from tasks. This way more players can actually get event characters and not the just ones who pay for them..Version: 21002

#boycottAnni2021#boycottAnni2021.Version: 40000

New players don’t download!Extremely unfair game when it comes to pvp. There are ex characters that are insanely op. They gave everyone in the game playing during anniversary, which was 3 months ago, both the ex characters so If you didn’t get bb and shanks during the anni you might as well not play because you can’t get those characters anymore for some insanely stupid reason. Also you need 8 copies of the same character to max their lvl and everyone who has been playing for a year has max lvl characters so all the new players just get bullied in pvp. It takes like half a year to grind enough gems to pull enough to get a character to lvl 100 so if your f2p this game will be more triggering and salty than fun. Just don’t play this game until anniversary next January. it’s honestly not worth the effort for how much bs new players have to deal with being stuck with low lvl characters while the strong long time players just get even stronger. Last warning, they don’t put much effort into this game at all. The devs literally copy and paste old banner images and slap a new character pic over the old art where you can obviously see the old banner character under the new character. They don’t put in work so don’t give them money. Better yet just don’t download..Version: 32000

Hackers everywhereBandai, are you going to address the current hacking issues? Or you will just let a couple hackers using hundreds of accounts with the same name and destroy your game? This had been going on for MONTHS already and the same group of hackers are still using hacks to troll others Some of the account literally said they are here to ruin your gameplay experience FIX YOUR GAME BANDAI..Version: 52200

Painfully mediocreGame has a great selection of characters. However, obtaining these characters is nearly impossible without either re-rolling hundreds of times or spending thousands of dollars on gems. Matchmaking is completely unfair at times, with new players being matched up with players with team character power of +30,000 in comparison to their own. Instead of fixing this, Bandai decided to cover it up with a “fearsome foe bonus”, in which you may be matched against players formally in SS that have somehow been allowed to drop down to B league. This ruins the experience of new players, as this occurs frequently, stunting new player progression. And now, hackers have begun to ruin the game, adding to the list of unfair and unbalanced aspects of the game. Pay to win? Yes, without paying for diamonds, getting the powerful characters to succeed in the game (Roger, Akainu, etc.) is almost impossible. The only reason I continue to play is because I love the world of One Piece, but the game is progressing towards obscurity..Version: 44000

BoyCott anniversary 2Increase the drop rates 1% to get roger and make roger guaranteed with at least 750 gems or 100 gems right now the game is just pay money to be good and don’t try sugercoating it and make 2 extreme legendary characters per team and make the game more on skill wise then money to win and give apologie with 250 to 300 gems and refund the people who spent 1750 gems just to get 1 roger because people have been waiting all month looking forward to the anniversary and even people who pay money where looking forward to it and they had to pay even more just to get the extreme legendary characters Kozuki Oden and King of pirates Gol D.Roger.Version: 40000

It’s okayIt’s a good concept of the game I like everything but it’s pay to win fasho I’m trying to be as unbiased as I can and let me explain I might be a new player but as I’m playing more and more playing every mode I try to level up my two mains as much as possible but as soon as I load into a game it seems like everything everyone has they just bought I’m only in the low tier battles but I’m only seeing maxed out characters and I’ve looked at others people opinions n videos about the games ya know general tips n tricks since I enjoy it but the more and more I watch and realize that this is sadly a pay to play for the most part yea you can unlock them n still have good characters but again I’ve only seen the best of the best characters n my game fully maxed out and it ruins it for me I’ll still try to get more into it but I’m slowing disliking the fact that I know going into a game the other team will just be maxed out characters that I can’t even do any sort of damage too I’m just pressing my attack button to punch the air.Version: 40300

Very bad game do not downloadThis game is so annoying and frustrating and there are hackers in every match. I hate this game and so do most people who played it. I wish they would make the gems cheaper because it’s soo expensive and unreasonably stupid. One other thing is that the chances to get the character you want is soo low.Version: 34100

#boycottAnni2021The game is now completely unplayable the new anniversary unit is completely broken and the entire game now needs rebalancing. The anniversary is meant to be a celebration and a thank you to the player base who enjoy and support the game, not a ridiculously overpriced cash grab that would see you having to spend hundreds on the game to get a single copy of the new unit. Shows a complete lack of respect for the player base and I won’t be playing the game again until these issues are resolved..Version: 40000

Great game. Severely ruined by one MAJOR thing.I normally never write reviews, but being a big One Piece fan, and due to the sheer frustration it has caused I decided to. The gameplay is really fun. The artwork and music is beautiful. The characters abilities are all unique and tie into the characters as they’re in the anime and manga. The one major issue is that this game is insanely based on pay to win. There’s clearly a strict defined meta, characters that are nearly impossible to handle if you don’t have them yourself. I’ve been in matches where my level 90 characters get killed by level 65 ones because they’re simply just made to be better. The other issue is that even if you get an overpowered character, unless you’re going to spend potentially hundreds of dollars to get that character to level 100, they’re nigh useless in higher ranked gameplay. I’ve been stuck in A- rank for ages because I consistently run into players who were willing to spend more money than me, so they’re character is so much better. There are plenty of ways to get gems (the paid currency), however, when you play the game for a while you exhaust all the ways, and are merely left to either pay for it with real money, or via some event or login bonuses. Again a beautiful game, it truly breaks my heart I can’t say it’s super enjoyable most of the time especially that I’m in the higher leagues, and I would only imagine it would get worse the farther I’d get up..Version: 51000

Pay to winI rated 1 star because I want bandai to make this game less pay to win like you need like 2k gems to get roger and it’s 10$ to get like 12 gems. I really like the game but it’s too expensive for nothing..Version: 41000

#boycotanni2021Huge rip off 1750 for a guaranteed roger, more than double compared to shanks in first anni.Version: 40000

PLEASE NEVER EVER PLAY THIS GAMEI played this game for 15 months. It is a fun game sure but it is too fun. The marketing is EXTREMELY manipulating. Everything is set up to make feel like you need to buy in app purchases and will manipulate you into doing so. In the time I was playing it I was just in a extremely depressed state and the so called “fun” I had playing helped to block it out. Unfortunately it also made me extremely vulnerable to they manipulation. I would spend a little money here a little there. I didn’t think it was a big deal. Oh it’s just a dollar, oh is just 4 dollars, oh it’s just 7 oh just 12 oh just 30 and by the time I realized what I had done and came to my sense to look into what I’ve spent on 15 months I thought god maybe $300-$500 or god forbid maybe $1000 but no I was completely wrong. When I added it all up I had spent over $4,700 dollars on this game!!! The subtle manipulation of small increment paid allowing a better game experience destroy my finances. PLEASE PLEASE NEVER PLAY THIS GAME. THE PEOPLE WHO DESIGH THIS GAME AND OTHER LIKE IT ARE PURE EVIL!!!!!.Version: 44100

This game is dying so fast. BANDAI WHAT ARE U DOING?!This game had the worst downgrade I have ever seen in a game. Every time I play a round I have to go up against 5 exs (It’s true). I can’t even win anymore because I always have to go up against 20 exs at a time. And normally I would use an ex to counter them but I don’t have one single ex and I am in rank 65!!! And what’s worse is that exs that are level 80 can beat other characters that are max. Exs in this game are impossible to beat/counter because with their skills/traits, they are impossible to kill. Every single player in this game uses 2 exs every single game. This game had so much potential but instead of upgrading it, it did the total opposite. And tbh it’s not even the exs, it’s also the summoning. If I’m being honest I don’t even feel surprised when I get shafted. It’s worse that some people grind so hard for gems, just to get shafted over and over again while other people get the best characters without even using a lot of gems. I lost almost all hope for this game. This game used to be the best game but it fell off HARD. It fell off so hard there is no way of this game reviving back up. Bandai u have to fix this game NOW before more people give up on this game..Version: 50200

Boring.ss.Version: 41200

Diamond problem please fixI’ve never written a review before but this just shows how much I care... pls fix the diamond system it’s so expensive to buy and so difficult to get to eventually do a multi summon... the best way to get diamonds really is to rank up or just log in but that’s only lik 3-5 diamonds which is a lot for this game... you would be even lucky that you get a title and get another 3 diamonds... more easy missions pls or just offer more diamonds because sooner or later... the people who want to play this game but r like me and frustrated at this diamond system you have going... will get bored and jus go back to treasure cruise which I really don’t want to happen so please fix diamond system.Version: 21002

DO NOT GET THIS GAMELet me start by stating I’ve spent well over 10k on this game, not only cause I’m an idiot but it’s the only way I support my favorite manga. However with every update the game gets worse, you spend and spend and spend to be good but it doesn’t matter because they will hands down put you with people that either can’t play have bad WiFi or bots in general. So you can’t make sure you win no matter how much you spend yet it feels like characters in this game which I have in other peoples hands are god tier! I’ve bought ever strong character and maxed most out to be one of these characters but that’s how they get you I’m now convinced those are either hackers or special bots made to make you feel like you can get that level character that just one pieces everyone YOU can’t! So you might say well I’m more of a solo guy anyway, they don’t add new solo modes and for some reason some characters in solo mode are god tier even with a character at level 85 (out of 100) plus upgrades and slots and you body everyone till the last 2 or I should say the second too last two akainu and alkiji, I get that there made to be the big baddies but having them dodge everything doesn’t make for a good boss just an annoying one. Hate this game and refuse to spend another dime on it save yourself the trouble as I am saving a lot of the other worse traits of the game!.Version: 50200

Not balanced at all!!!I get adding new characters is a game changer, new features get added, new abilities etc but you have to balance the characters out or just nerf the strong one entirely really makes the game not fun to play if the enemy team has 4 shanks or black beards that can one shot entire teams, literally no counter play..Version: 33110

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