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UNO is number 1Love this game!! Everything is fun about it! There’s only thing I don’t like and that is you can’t change the colour after you’ve called bingo on a draw four, cause if the team mate has only one card left they still win the game easily cause of course they are doing it to choose the team mates card and let’s face it who wouldn’t take a hit of four cards to win the game..Version: 1.0.21

You Will lose 90 percent of the timeI love this game but your win lose ratio in this game is ridiculously low. Usually when you purchase VIP in a game your offered something or rewarded for investing money into the game but definitely not Uno. You will still lose and there is no point to purchasing VIP. They have a game mode for just VIP players but what’s the point when you ad the VIP player gets no decent cards. You barely get coins to redeem yourself. You can send friends 10 coins a day but you need at least 100 coins to play a game mode. Once you bankrupt your done unless of course you purchase diamonds with your hard earned cash only to get bankrupted again. I had 300k plus in the game and got bankrupt I actually counted out of 30 games I won 5. Five freaking games!!!!! I am VIP 6. Great game if you don’t mind losing 90 percent of the time. They have clubs but as of now the clubs is just for show there is no way being in a club helps. Also story mode is trash!!!! Some of the criteria is ridiculous!! I would say download but the experience is trash.Version: 1.0.35

FrustratingOMG! I have been an avid Uno player for the last few months playing several times a day for an hour or more each time. I was super excited at the release of the UNO universe but no longer! As a bit of a perfectionist and having OCD I cannot play games where you can complete a level earning one, two or three stars, without earning 3 stars before moving in to the next. I have played a couple of levels over 20 times and it is near impossible to get all 3 stars which really bugs me. Especially when you have tasks as well as to finish in a certain time when you have nearly all the other opponents leaving their turns to time out! Ok so not everyone feels like me but to me personally, this has ruined my love of playing UNO as I just get frustrated and angry. Also people constantly timing out their turns in main game play get me mad. How come some people can type messages like Hurry up and Karma etc when I only have set words? Think it’s time to delete the app and going back to playing the good old card game..Version: 1.0.25

Getting less then what paid forHi i just wanted to know why is it that sometimes if you play a 500 go wild coin game, that if you lose you will lose 1000+ coins and then when you win you only get 200 only sometimes. and then you’ll have 2k coins you play a 1k game and boom your coins are all gone but you only played a 1k game. thanks.Version: 1.0.24

BTS ARMY 💜💜💜💜💜Yes my favourite game and my favourite kpop group :>.Version: 1.0.36

The one option We wantThis game is great, I can play with friends from far and of course the gameplay is awesome although there is one thing that I think most people would want. No Timer! It’s unfortunate even with a custom room we can’t even turn off the timer as say it’s the last 5s and the guy next to you has an wild card, you can just wait it out for him to lose. If we could have matchmaking options on the timer or even turn it off in a custom room, then I’m sure my friends would download uno again!.Version: 1.0.23

Good and bad.Well I really love the game and the nice gameplay when your offline or online but really the only thing that I would say is when i have low amount of coins it really frustrates me and once I was like 5 coins and I had to wait to play it but the game is really well great job. Also when I try to join the game today it said update or leave and I press on update but then it say open instead of update maybe work on that so I try to play in the game otherwise it great..Version: 1.0.27

Very fun but could use some improvementsI loved playing Uno with my family and friends in person so playing on here with all of the same crazy rules is a lot of fun. However, when you first start off, all of the options and purchases and menus can be very overwhelming, and they don’t explain where everything is or what everything does (i.e. there’s a daily spin, beginners chests, daily rewards, etc. but they’re all under different menus). Also, the announcer guy gets annoying very quickly (especially when people keep getting uno over and over again). Can you add a way to turn just the announcer off but keep the rest of the audio? Also, the games can be pretty short. I understand that games can go on for a long time and you want a way to control for that, but I like playing longer games and not having to worry about running out of time during my turn so quickly (especially when challenged with a draw 4). Maybe you can add a mutator where you can play without a time limit. Other than that, the game is pretty nice..Version: 1.0.21

Fun game ruined by cheatersDO NOT SPEND A PENNY ON THIS GAME! This is fun to kill some time but lots of people are cheating/hacking and ruining the game and stealing your money/coins. I recently played and the player directly before me had 7 (yes all 7 cards that were delt) draw 4 wild cards in their hand. Obviously they hacked the game, but since I had to draw the 28 cards and never once got to play I ended up losing a lot of my coins to this hacker, therefore I repeat DO NOT USE ANY REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME! Thankfully I only use coins that I win and earn from the game so I didn’t lose any of my actual money and ended just frustrated. Because of this I do not think this is appropriate for children to play, my daughter is 6 and loves uno. She has no problem with losing in a fair game, but losing all her coins to a hacker, that would be devastating at that age. I’m currently looking for a more child friendly uno game, that won’t cost any money and can’t be hacked by cheaters. In the meantime, I’ll occasionally play this game when I’m looking to kill time while waiting around, but I won’t play regularly or very seriously since I know it’s more about hacking skills than game play..Version: 1.0.36

Please help!So I LOVE uno and I play it literally every day, then it had a maintenance check so I couldn’t play it for a while. Anyway, after the check, I tried to play it again when uno said ‘please download the newest version of the app’. I tried to but there is no new version! When I went into AppStore it just said open but uno won’t let me play! I tried exiting, shutting down my phone, clicking open but it won’t let me play uno. Please help me because I don’t want to lose my favourite game!.Version: 1.0.30

Fun but Weird RestrictionsLots of fun especially with BTS Emojis. I was able to complete my BTS deck but many haven't yet & time is running out...Unfortunately, there are weird rules restricting how often you can request a card... Why must one wait 12 hours to request another card? I think that all of the time restrictions should be removed… 4 stars because it seems that UNO put those rules in place for greedy purposes...Just my opinion... Also, would like to gift more than just coins & cards... There shouldn’t be a max amount gifted per 12 hours either... When we should be enjoying the game, there’s a panic right now because people aren't completing their decks...Didn't help that UNO took away several ways to get cards per day...Fishy! Wish we could have more chat options... Like with friends & not just the Club... Anyways, it’s mostly fun but these weird restrictions are burning people out right now... Not a good thing if UNO wants longevity of their players... UNO, please consider these things and fix them to earn the 5th star from me... :-).Version: 1.0.38

Uno...I love this game soo much but I feel they can do a little better like the people with the lesser cards should come in first place you’ll have two cards left and they’ll still take your coins and say that you lost and I feel that they should work on the game more far as technical difficulties the game will freeze in the middle of a round and once it unfreezes the game would be over and you would of lost your coins by than. However I love the game and it’s very addicting I just hate when you have to update it because it want let you do it and causes more problems and it’ll be hard for you to get back on there. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it’s still not working I just wish y’all would quit updating the versions because it’s very frustrating to not be able to log back into uno. I’ve been waiting all day and it’s still not working I guess I’ll just check out uno and friends because y’all have a lot of fixing to do..Version: 1.0.30

Facebook?I enjoy playing on this app but I can’t link my facebook through the app no matter what so that’s kinda annoying.Version:

Great gameAs much as I love this game I feel as though it would be great to have a jump in feature and some other things like the pc and console version uses.Version: 1.0.33

Coins Ratio/Communication with FriendsI love this game! I’ve been playing it everyday since I downloaded it, some time last year. I’ve been playing this classic card game since I were a child, so when I saw it in the App Store, I jumped on it. However, I do have two issues for me. 1) I think the coin ratio needs to be fixed. It’s already bad enough that it seems like you lose more games than you win, but when you lose games, it seems like you lose A LOT more coins than when you win a game. For example, today, I was playing 2-on-2 in Wild Weekend(x2), I lost my first six games before I finally won about three. In each lost game, I lost no less than 500 coins, and I, nor my teammate, had a bunch of power cards, but in the games I won, I’d only win about 200 coins, and the other team would have an abundance of cards. It’s very hard to continue playing, if you’re constantly losing coins faster than you’re keeping them. 2) I feel like there should be a better way to communicate with your teammates and people on your friends list, other than the little programmed phrases. What’s the point of having teammates and friends, if you can’t communicate with them. I think that would make the gaming experience better..Version: 1.0.33

Perfect gameAs a lifelong fan of uno, and a heavy player of the previous mobile version of uno made by gameloft, I can tell you this one is much better. They have perfected the uno experience with this one. It is amazing. And to all the people who are complaining about losing all their coins, I would recommend you stay in the 2x and 4x games until you better understand how to play, because this game is very heavy on the strategy (especially in 2 player mode), but is extremely fun once you have a better understanding of what to do in certain situations. And to the developers if you see this, don’t change they game to acquiesce to these weaker players, but I would suggest you get rid of telling players they are a big fish in a small pond or whatever by suggesting early on that the players should keep going up and playing 8x 20x etc, they will just get wiped out and lose all their coins and have to start over at 100 again and again..Version: 1.0.29

UpdateI still can’t play after the new update?.Version: 1.0.30

Good but ......Dear developer this is an excellent game that is very addicting but when the BANK $ appears it says that you need real live money which I think is unfair and total you lose 3000 uno dollars which is irritating and I think this is an issue ! - yours sincerely Rebeccca..Version: 1.0.32

Uno classic gameWe should continue the game if one of the players win, the other 3 players should continue playing.Version: 1.0.26

PeriodStan bts asf omg uno’s minds!!! 😼👍.Version: 1.0.36

Update not workingA update occurred last night, went in this morning to an option to download latest update which you click button takes you to apple store and there is no option to download update other than “open” click that it goes back to the game app to download!! Not working.Version: 1.0.30

Awesome game app but sadly some setbacksThe game is programmed well. It’s really fun and the latest update is pretty darn good. A must download for people who love to play Uno. However, there are few setbacks. 1) If in middle of a match, an issue arises with online connectivity even for 2-3 seconds and then it gets reconnected, the game goes on without letting you play and one can only sit back and see them loosing. 2) The free coins send or receive is very limited along with no. of friends one can have. 3) The one thing that is most annoying is that when playing, sometimes one keeps getting mix of good cards and keeps winning. But once one starts loosing, one can not potentially play the game anymore because then one keeps loosing every second match or all the matches and looses all coins. You only get 100 coins every two hours for free and as your loosing streak is continuing, you eventually loose them again. This throws away the interest of a player playing the game and is very frustrating. Some might think that the player might be playing wrongly if he or she is loosing but that same player was winning and had thousands of coins for many days. Personally, It worked well for me in earlier stages but from last 3-4 days straight, my coin balance is 0, forcing to make in-app purchases for coins and other valuables..Version: 1.0.12

A little bit addictive...Downloaded it two weeks ago, can’t put it down. This is dangerous! Quick games and rounds, loads of choices of difficulty. Always players. Cool people to play. Great game.. you guys really sorted this one! 👍 *** update / been playing for three years now maybe.. the game has gone down hill. Still great fun but, so much anger with egg throwing. I’d be interested to learn if more eggs or tomatoes are thrown than gifts! The unnecessary bullying with the eggs has killed the innocence and fun of the game. Can you make a tweak?.Version:

Loosing DimondsSince the update, have noticed loosing diamonds for no reason. Been watching ads to earn them. Eg, I checked i had 11 and watched an ad earned a diamond and now it’s showing there’s 7. This happened before but am 100% certain..Version: 1.0.25

UNO GamerI like playing the cards of UNO so thought this would be a cool game for me to enjoy, really like the practice intro of the game to get you started. The game is really addictive and fun and easy to use. Didn’t like the draw 4 when you have to guess what the other player is going to play, you make the wrong selection and have to draw 4 cards or sometimes 6 cards. I also think there are a lot of other items that I’m not sure what there for? Overall it’s a fun game to play by yourself against others or with the 2player mode, you can also even invite friends you know though Facebook or messenger to play against. Definitely fun and quick fast games..Version: 1.0.17

I feel not aloneSometimes UNO is my favourite game and even though I don’t win much but it is fun when you are being lonely. So last year my mum found this app and decided to download it on her phone. One day I was looking through her phone to see any games and found this on. OMG! I was having a blast I didn’t even see the time ticking as I went. This app is the best app I played ever since she deleted it. So I am glad that in this Coronavirus we stay safe and not alone ( by playing games of course! )..Version: 1.0.35

Can't open the appIt says I gotta update the app and I can't update it therefore can't play the game, it was working perfectly fine before the last update tho..Version: 1.0.30

HUGE Problem.I only do games I don’t pay to beat. I earn my way as best I can do it on my own. This Uno game I LOVED. And I’m not the mean spirited that boos or throws eggs at people for giving me draw twos or draw fours. I realize it’s in there hand to play to try and win. Reasonable. However, all of the sudden I noticed the game was doing EVIL glitches. Example, I’d already have a duck hand to start with, hang in there, play my hand WELL, put my only draw 2 and it would GIVE ME BACK MY DRAW TWO TO MYSELF. It would happen with various plays to get ahead. Then, I started getting a player say KARMA!!! And I’m thinking, what the heck I rescue animals, nurse, and I will have players give me back draw 2’s etc that I FAIRLY played. I feel like even though I absolutely love uno and it keeps me from being lonely or occupied after working long hours at work and stuff...I have NO CHOICE but to DELETE it. It’s my only guess that it’s either TWO opinions: Your game has hackers on it that manipulate the games or it’s your own staff wanting people to purchase crap. Or both. I don’t know. But one player I had on the teams...even they said “Why???” After we have our opposing team draw 2 and skip and it gave it to US....then they WON. Makes no sense. But major hackville or staffville.”.Version: 1.0.33

UmIt’s a great game, but no matter where I play, what I play on, it has never let me get a custom name when I play. I’m assuming you can, but it’s been a little problem when I insist on winning a game by the name “Beanbagss”..Version: 1.0.31

I need helpSo the game says I need to update it but it doesn’t let me because I can’t update it please so I can play other wise it’s so fun.Version: 1.0.30

Love playing uno on my phoneI really enjoyed playing Uno with my son and against other online people during lockdown I love the different things you do over the weekends to spice up the gameplay. So disappointed by this new update we live in the UK and I have never heard of BTS haven’t a clue who they areAnd have no interest in collecting any of the different cards or sounds of voices I’m really surprised they have been featured, so unknown worldwide, I look forward to a new update without BTS.Version: 1.0.36

GameplayReally awesome game! However Timers are way too long whilst waiting to change cards in “around the world” the timer is just too long, game play timer should be 5 seconds regardless of last minute play. Lately there have been too many glitches and it just puts a major downer on the game! I also recommend round the world games should progress without using an extra lightning bolt if you’ve placed first or second as it’s a total rip off 1 game per bolt only x5 games having to wait almost an hour for one to reload. Also why do we loose stars in ranked mode? Why is that! Seems fixed to me especially when you’re on a winning streak then loose it all in one round sigh! Also what’s with all the download updates only too often!.Version: 1.0.43

Great but there’s room for improvement!When I started playing this game, I thought that it was rigged but I kept playing and now it is like my NEW BEST FRIEND! There always say there is room for improvement and what this game needs is mode where you can play a virtual UNO with other people. It will allow people to play this game when they don’t have the set of cards and it will be great for parties! Another idea is to be able to track your games on the app and in the normal non-digital game, to allow people to see how they play and this method also increases the customers use because they all want improve. Overall this was a great game for what it is and I recommend it to anyone who loves UNO and it is a great game to play in your spare time!.Version: 1.0.28

Beyond the satisfactionOne of the most interesting game I have ever played. It’s exiting and annoying and at the end you realise that you still playing coz it’s helps you forget everything around you and relax 😁 it will be more exciting if we can earn and save coins for more challenging levels. Like now we just playing all we have and losing everything if no luck. However I do really enjoy and I hope developers read reviews and suggestions coz we are more important here we are the players 😊🙌 I recommend just give a try few time and you will see what I’m talking about 😁.Version: 1.0.38

Some tweaks still neededI have created an uno team and have been playing for months now. Some improvements have been made but some are still definitely needed. Uni universe mode is difficult to collect three stars on many levels due to other players which is unfair. Quick phrases can be changed in settings to your preference. Rewards are increasing but could be more generous as players struggle to earn enough coins to stay engaged with the game which is a shame. I don’t mind the 5 second adverts too much but the 30 second ones are too long and I skip the reward. Could develop the team chat more but on the whole, a good card game to play..Version: 1.0.40

Great gameThe game is well developed and interactive. Plenty of rewards and free stuff to collect every day with the ability to add friends, create clubs to share rewards and to compete in multiple competitions. It would be nice to be able to write your own phrases ( this would obviously need to be word monitored, in the same way Avatar names are, to keep it clean. ) It would also be good if you could block players you don’t want to play with and to be able to delete members from your team, and to receive benefits for sharing gifts with team mates too. It would also be good to reward the players who gift emojis and likes to people they have beaten and to penalise players who throw eggs at the opposition during the game to encourage better sportsmanship, especially when they have been bankrupt. Overall a great game..Version: 1.0.36

Greatest gameI love this game so much😃😃😃😃😃😃😃.Version: 1.0.13

TIME OUT IS DUMBWriting this review because while playing the game just a few minutes ago, me the three other players were all on uno, oneof the other players was about to go and determine whether the game was over on not (aka have their turn) and then BOOM timeout!!!!!! its so annoying and honestly ruins this app for me because it always leaves me feeling extremely frustrated when it times out >:( i know its part of the rules so can you please make another varietion so people like me can play a full game without having a brakedown !!!.Version: 1.0.34

Best game to chill withThe game is fun and addictive, gets you in a better mood. You can team with other players and win before the timer runs out. If you run out of coins, you can watch a short ad for 100 coins or wait until they offer you 300 the next day. There are daily rewards and other ways to earn more coins. I love the events that they do in the weekends and on special holidays as it makes the game more unique and enjoyable. You can also log in with a couple different accounts just in case you’ve lost really badly on one account. If you are bored and want to feel rewarded, play unto. It’ll be an interesting experience!.Version: 1.0.44

Me too 😔I love this game & agree with most of the things that annoy everyone like people letting it time out so they can win, the +4 never really makes sense? The way all the coins are taken from you!! But........I love it anyway & I have bought coins what I don’t love is the thought that I’ve bought lots of coins etc for this game & it’s said it needs an update now I can’t play it anymore 😢. It’s doing the same as everyone else saying download but nothing to update on app then taking me around in circles 😡. There is no way to contact anyone & if it turns out I can’t play the game again with not fault of my own I believe I should be reimbursed for the money I’ve spent??.Version: 1.0.30

HelloI would say that this game is pretty fun to play. But their is some things that I don’t get. Okay so first of when I’m playing uno with a 2v2 or single. And for example the color was yellow. Okay so the person next to me keeps plucking cards from the stack because that person didn’t had yellow card. So when that person pull out a draw 4 on me. Okay so it would say “do you think this person had a yellow card”. Or whatever . I would say NO because that person kept plucking cards from the card stack because he didn’t had a yellow card. And I would still get it wrong if that person didn’t had a yellow card, so what that means I would be the one getting the cards even though I clicked no because yeah that person didn’t had a yellow card. So I would say that this game is cheating when I click on the right one. Another thing is when someone pulls out a draw 2 I get skipped and wouldn’t be able to get a turn when someone pulls out a draw 2. So their is a few things that I don’t get about this game, but it’s fun to play though..Version: 1.0.33

Great gameThose who don’t understand the +4 rule obviously don’t care enough to actually read the instructions before their very eyes. Brilliant game, thank you very much for developing it.Version: 1.0.26

THE BESTI LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME! I’ve always played UNO growing up so this is a fun outlet for me. Almost everything is perfect in my eyes with this game, other than one thing. When a player leaves the game and misses their chance, the “computer” that takes over should just make them draw cards instead of playing for them. I’ve watched a player win a game & they “timed out” the whole time. Not fair at all honestly. Instead of playing the game for them and allowing them to win, their cards should just get piled on so the computer doesn’t give them a better chance of winning. Other than that, i’d suggest being a little less stingy on the coins LOL, i know money is to be made from players that buy coins but GEEZ it wouldn’t hurt to give a little more. I’m always winning about 50 coins on the mini games & that barely helps when i’m down to nothing after losing. Yes i lose a lot but i also win too so i never really get tired of this game! I love the +4 card concept idk what everyone else is talking about ? Also, WILD is where it’s at!!! Love it !.Version: 1.0.45

Good gameIt’s a very fun game. anyway, I can’t update the new version, there’s no update button. Thanks.Version: 1.0.30

.I see BTS, I click.Version: 1.0.36

Many questions.Good uno game if you don’t mind computer generated uno. Who wins..? Who knows? Let the computer decide... But what annoys me is this one thing, multiple times I lost coins less than my total amount and some how I end up with zero. I’m writing this review straight after having 291 coins, losing 263 in a game, and somehow ending up with 0! Simple maths tells you that’s not right. Happened 3 times now. Stupidly I brought coins before, that won’t be happening ever again after this. Besides that, why do we have to show appreciation for this BTS boy band? We are here to play UNO, not be mongered with stuff you are trying to force down our necks in. Please sort it out..Version: 1.0.36

Get rid of botsI love this game. But it super annoying when there’s one “player” not playing, they time out the entire game then all of a sudden “uno” and win. It makes it not fun, they drain the clock. I feel if a player times out let’s say three times in a row, the game should be forfeited..Version:

ObsessedEveryone who knows me, knows I can’t put my phone down when it comes to this app. It is so addictive. I’m leaving this feedback getting the new update and the only negative thing I have to say is FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I hope this BTS rubbish is gone. I mean I don’t even know who they are. Surely there’s so many more people getting really annoyed by the whole game being themed as this band or whatever they are? I love this game more than any other on the App Store but if this update shows me any more of BTS I will be deleting this app..Version: 1.0.40

Great game unoIt is great as you get to play with other people. Also the way it helps us great for others who don’t, I already knew how to play it but it did help with it being online. Plus the way it put up your cards to see when it is your go that is great and one improvement is maybe give them more choices in what they want like play or pass at the start to see who goes first so everyone can go first in different games together. Thank you for epic uno games with others. Great game uno!.Version: 1.0.13

WildcardI think if you challenge a wildcard and you were right and the person who played it did have a playable colour, they shouldn’t be able to change the colour and it should go back to the original.Version: 1.0.17

Love this app but could be betterI have always loved playing the uno card game but sometimes there is no one else to play with but this game fixes that by making matches short and pairing you with three other people. I love this game and I think it is a lot of fun to play. There are a few things that really bug me though. The first one being is that I will buy a lucky clover that is meant to save your coins if you lose, but if I lose and have applied this lucky clover I still lose the same amount of coins as if I didn’t use the clover at all. This is the same if my partner shares a clover I lose coins also and that is super annoying. If this is not meant to happen then it needs to be fixed because you waste two-hundred coins on a clover and it does practically nothing. I also do not think it is fair that if your teammate runs out of coins that you are charged with them. I think that seems very unfair but I can live with that annoying feature. Overall those are my biggest complaints. Otherwise I love the game, I’m level twenty-six and have been playing for a few months. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, a huge uno fan!.Version:

One of the best games everI love UNO so much I love how you can add friends invite friends get rewards just by playing rounds send gifts and bunch more but I have a few suggestion/complaints first I am really confused whenever I get to 100 friends I says you have reached the maximum number of friends in this game but in social and then spectate I people have more then 100 friends second how do I get VIP points I read it on settings but it doesn’t make sense and I should know cause I am in 4th grade third avatars should not cost coins or diamonds it should be free and could you put so more avatars fourth could you please not of a limited of friends in room mode it is annoying fifth I would be fun if you could send emails to your friend if there was a mistake or I you would like to say I like you as a partner or if your friend made a club and you applied to their club or you will invite them to a game or send a picture sixth this a complaint can you please whenever somebody runs out of coins can you give them 300 coins instead of twice a day that is it I love a game and remember these are just suggestions and I love the game thank you P.S please stop giving me oppenents that are stupid.Version: 1.0.36

Can’t playI just downloaded UNO, and then I opened it and this big Mattel logo appeared on my screen, and it stayed there for ages and didn’t let me play. I redownloaded the app and the same thing happened. What do I do?.Version: 1.0.20

AMAZING!Many people have been writing reviews saying things that are completely false! I have seen reviews saying the game is essentially pay-to-win with the coin mechanic; and that the game randomly takes away coins. This is not true! They may not have noticed the entry fee to games, and that is understandable. I have also seen reviews complaining about the mechanics in Wild mode, which you don’t even have to use! One review even says that getting skipped when a +2 or +4 is placed is ridiculous. While this is a real feature that cannot be avoided, but this is part of the game! If you have played the real card game, you will know this is essential to the game. In reality, this is one of the best takes on the original card game. I have never seen the card to play all cards of one color in any other orientation of Uno. I really enjoy it, and hope it makes an appearance in other Uno-based games. One thing I do dislike is the lack of the 0-7 and jump in rules. I really enjoy these twists to the game, and wish they were in this take on a classic game..Version: 1.0.30

Since updateSince the app done maintence last night the game is unable to be used keeps telling me I need to download the update so I open App Store to go to do this and it just offers to open the app I’m not sure what happened when it was worked on the 17th dec but it has stopped the game from being accessed and not just by myself but by others that enjoyed playing the game as well.Version: 1.0.30

BlehIt is only okay but you need to add a offline option cause I don’t have data so it makes me mad.Version:

Great gameReally fun and addictive. The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because after the new update it won’t let me open the game. Please help me. I’ve tried closing and opening the app and reinstalling but nothing has worked..Version: 1.0.29

A must haveI’m a huge fan of this game and this app. The incentives that the game presents are fair and even handed. And the game itself is fun, light and highly addictive (but in a good way). The only suggestion is for improving the UNO Cups, by making an option to play 2 vs 2 in UNO Cup, rather than just the single player option. It’s the only improvement I can see that would have a positive impact on the app. Please keep up the awesome work guys. It’s an app you should be really proud of. 👍👍.Version: 1.0.20

Great game buttt....Really good game, isn’t pay to play. The only reason I didn’t give 5 star rating is because I cannot login with my Facebook account. Every time I try to login with my Facebook account, there is no keyboard. I’ve tried closing and reopening the app, also re-downloading it multiple times. Please help..Version: 1.0.30

Great gameI had previously rated lower because i was finding it hard after an update,,but i got a reply and turns out the game was being updated at the time lol so five stars again ,,love this game and it feels good to know someone actually reads these reviews and makes the time to reply:).Version: 1.0.14

Game & More• Hello. I am a fan on uno, one of the players that always get online games if they don’t have the actual cards, I have some complaints about the app. 1) Logging in • Ok so I have game centre and Apple right? I go press “Sign in with Apple” it doesn’t work so I do game centre instead, it says ‘Sorry this game doesn’t recall you using it, Error logging into account.’ What?! I’ve had this game before, it doesn’t even let me into my own account, huh!? )2. Loading • Yes most people have these issues, but why does it take so long? Is there something going on this game doesn’t tell you about.. I need to know. • Nice Review • Overall this is a great game, minus the details in the complaints. I hope the UNO team works in this game more to make it better! Good job on the game, 4/5 stars. • Suggestions • A lot of people have complained on lag, coins, gameplay etc. UNO team.. you should really read these comments/reviews these people that take their own precious time to make. You could actually make more people play it instead of people saying it’s a waste of space! I recommend reading these people’s reviews and actually fixing it up instead of leaving the bugs and glitches there..Version: 1.0.36

Very good but keeps saying I need updateI love this app! Play the game throughout the day and have had no issues up until now. I was in the middle of a game when the connection timed out (was using my data, not even wifi) and shut the game down. Ever since then, I can’t play the game as it keeps telling me there’s an update waiting in the App Store. Which there isn’t. Will have to try deleting and redownloading but really hope this doesn’t affect my stats.... rather disappointed.Version: 1.0.14

AmazingI keep winning I feel lucky I just got a super win play it and play 2v2! Best thing ever!!!PLAYYYY ITTTT one thing is don’t give up!.Version:

UNO everywhereUNO is simple and easy you can also buy it in shops at home, however if you follow the correct instructions on the back and the game doesn’t follow the Same rules then each time you play it in real life you might follow the same rules from the game?.Version: 1.0.36

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