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Tiles Hop - EDM Rush app received 74 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about tiles hop - edm rush?

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Too many ads 😒First of all, there is way too many ads for just playing a song of which you can’t even search up on any song you like! I would give it a five star ⭐️ review but I just couldn’t! But what was really funny 😂 about this app was I wanted to get this app because I saw an ad for this app and it said you can SEARCH UP ANYTHING YOU LIKE! And so then it said (because I am on my dads phone 📱) If I wanted to get it (which I DID) I had to press two times on the side button and because my dad has a face recognition on his phone 📱 I asked him SMILE 😊 to his phone 📱 and then I had the game! So yeah make it so you can search up any song you want and absolutely NO ads.Version: 3.1.9

FALSE ADVERTISEMENTThe app overall is good but the adverts shown for this app are false. You cannot type in a song and just play it, you have to scroll down for it. The songs they have are terrible, what the heck is bum bum tam tam?!? I’ve never heard of half the songs and most are old. The ad shows songs like good as hell and Roxanne but they don’t even have that genre let alone the songs. You cannot type in songs and the levels are easy do not download. Get proper songs and change the ad then maybe people might actually LIKE this app?! And one final thing 4+? What the hell do you mean? Some of the songs on there are EXPLICIT and definitely not for four year olds.Version: 3.0.9

Filled with adsToo many ads....Version: 3.1.4

AhhhHow come we have to watch an add to play a certain song! Like I get a whole tsunami of adds and I’ve only been playing for a few days... plus you just want people to give you their money off of your VIP so they can’t watch adds. Why can’t you stop the adds? 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 And this is the same with your other games ADDS ADDS ADDS ADDS.Version: 3.4.6

Just whyHi so I’m someone who really enjoys music. I know a lot of songs not by name but I can sing them pretty well and I really like music games cause I can interact with the music I love differently. But the music in these games is not what I could ever say I enjoy. I know there are a lot of copyright laws that go into games like these but I can’t honestly believe that as a game creator knowing that the music in my game is not true to its real form that I would make people pay a subscription or watch and ad for every song when it isn’t even the real song. It’s so annoying trying to play this fun game and going to unlock a new song by watching an ad and it not even be sang by the rightful owner. I wouldn’t do this to people who play my game or even to myself this makes the game and it’s music not enjoyable. I know it’s hard but I would appreciate if you didn’t put an ad on every song and made it a leveling thing because the songs aren’t even by the correct creators. Either that or actually get the copyrights. I know I’m just a small opinion but I do really have a passion for music and this game it would really be nice to see it thrive because it’s the only one with the corrected singers for their songs. Please understand and consider this..Version: 3.3.4

Good but major probable for AppleGood app had fun in first few minutes, but I really downloaded it for the download feature which doesn’t work. I see it works fine for Androids but I’m not having the same luck for iPhone. This may be because I don’t have purchased music and instead use Apple Music and that is an oversized by the developers but I would love for this to be fixed. Also other reviewers don’t complain about adds, it’s a free app and they need to make money. Edited: Ok I was correct, I downloaded some music from my old apple library and it worked as I suspected. Happy that it works unfortunately only works with my 2008 library and am still very disappointed that Apple Music is not supported. Also love the personal music feature but could do with more. The imported music only jumps to the beat and nothing more, I understand developers prioritize. But if the personal music could work like the apps original music with more variety that would be cool. Probably difficult to impute, I’m sure, but possible probably looking at.Version: 2.7.7

Good gameThis game is a good game. Well done ! But I would say when you play this game it is literally taken by adds. Another thing to say is that you can not type in the song you want to play, also the song are not being sung by the real artists and singer’s. I tied to play someone you loved by Lewis Capaldi and a random guy was singing it. Same on let it go from Frozen. Those who like the real people singing the songs I agree. Do not take this the wrong way but this is not a great app, just take in the information that you have been given and maybe you can improve.Version: 3.4.2

SucksI really don’t like this game. It has too many ads, and way too many in-app purchases..Version: 3.2.0

AddAdd Radioactive by imagine dragons and THEN I will give you 5 stars 🌟.Version: 3.4.8

3 star reviewThe game is fun really really fun however there are a lot of ads plus a subscription is like 6 but a week a WEEK that’s more money than a Xbox subscription for 1 month.Version: 3.4.6

Good game but...So I do like this game but this glitch keeps happening where the music is out of time (this is on the ones that are from the game) with the tile landing. It is soooo annoying and it’s hard to play when the music doesn’t match, it is so unmatched that sometimes I get close to the end and then the song finishes and I have like 10 seconds of silence with the tiles still going. Please fix this glitch it is super annoying, also kinda annoying how many ads there are because I know that obviously ads give profit and that makes sense since this is a free game but like every time you do something there is an ad and like I know it’s only like 30 seconds for each ad but it’s annoying and it has made me just close the game on many occasions. Other than that great game but please fix the out of time glitch..Version: 3.0.5

Tiles Hop!!!💕This game is addictive for me I do play it a lot also when I am bored it keeps me occupied. The songs are amazing and they get you moving when your playing the game . Personally I have never had a game like this so it is new to me but I really enjoy playing this game . After you have played it more than 10 mins your eyes do start to go abit funny since your fixed into the screen and the tiles are either in one position or they basically everyone. One thing that I hope the creators of the game change massively are the adververtisments they just come up and distract from playing the game also most of the advertisements I have received during playing the game Tiles Hop have been very inappropriate. Adding to that the people who have created this game have gave the rating for this a 4 + that i don’t totally agree with because ok yeah it’s fine to play the games and the songs are absolutely fine but the advertisements definitely need to change because at the age of 4 children should not be seeing this. And these are the reasons why I have rested Tiles Hop a 3 . Thank you for your support..Version: 2.7.7

Great game but needs a couple of changesHonestly this was one of my favourite games I had been playing this for months maybe a year now and i loved every bit of it and I have to say since there been an update or something I can no longer upload any of my music to my list of the game witch is very disappointing just as disappointing as all the music I had already uploaded was removed not as impressed with the game now as i was back then but if that could be fix and put back people can upload whatever that would like as it as before then it Might be more exciting again :).Version: 3.0.7

GarbageI liked it a little bit but why is there endless mode and why can't we search our favorite songs??????.Version: 3.1.9

Terrible songsThe songs are a complete rip off of the original ones. If you’re looking to get this for the music, don’t..Version: 3.3.4

Ads spoil a fun game (and I can’t find the Ad Free option)The ads are way over the top and super annoying. I’m more than happy to pay for the Ad Free option that is advertised, but when I go into the shop within the app there is no Ad Free option available. I tried the App Support link but that went nowhere. If by some chance an Apple employee reads this, you are in my opinion making it much too easy for app developers to “surprise” customers with unexpected outcomes. The In App Purchases section should be much more informative, and should be kept up to date. Even better, you should develop some in app purchasing guidelines that would be designed to help protect your customers from gouging and confusing information. As an example of what I mean, this particular app advertises a “Full Access” in app purchase for a few dollars. I can find no such thing for purchase within the app. I can find a VIP option but that costs several dollars PER WEEK. I thought consumer law protected me from such things?.Version: 3.2.10

Amazing but a couple of thingsI love the game as it is really fun and really relaxing to play. But endless mode means you can go on forever but it gets quicker so it isn’t relaxing anymore. Also there is only like one song that you don’t have to watch a advert to play and they don’t have many popular songs. The advertisement is constant as when die you can keep going to watch an advert or you can restart but still you have to watch an advert so you have to watch an advert every time you die. So if you hate advertising and you are not very patient DO NOT PLAY but if you don’t mind advertising and are patient then DO PLAY.Version: 3.3.11

DO NOT DLETE ITPls do not delete it or say good bye to the app FOREVER tiles hop creators pls fix this for mobile phones.Version: 3.3.8

It used to be betterI had this game for quite a while, but I would only play it for my own music since none of the other songs (besides some of the rock songs) were my thing. For some reason I am not seeing the option to use your own song anymore, which that alone is making me consider uninstalling. It still says in the app info that uploading and playing to a song from your MP3 player is still possible, but not for me. Moreover, I had a bit over 2200 of those gem things. Now, after the update, I have 40. Seriously might uninstall if I can no longer use my own music, for that was the main reason why I installed this. I was hoping to play to some of my music, only to find that 1.) all of my music was not on the game anymore and 2.) I can not upload any music. I’m not too concerned about the loss of my gems because they’re pretty easy to get, but I do wish I can upload music again..Version: 3.0.6

Like it but needs workI really like this game but somethings are very annoying. First off I don’t like how there’s an ad after every level when you die, whether or not you choose to continue. Like if there’s gonna be an ad anyways why not just press continue to get the same ad. With only having this app for about 20 minutes I’ve probably seen the same stupid ad like 10 times. It’s extremely annoying. I don’t really like the controls. The default 0 sensitivity is a little bit too sensitive. And I know you can change it. But if I put it down one or up one then I either don’t have control of the ball at all, or it feels like I have to more a lot more when if gets faster. And if I’m moving left to right so much it feels like the ball gets out of control and just completely moves in the other direction than I’d like it to and then I end up dying. Idk it just feels like I lose control of the ball if I move it so fast from left to right. And when that happens it gets really frustrating. So that really needs to be fixed..Version: 2.9.6

So terrible it’s sadSongs poorly done by cover artists that have little to no skill. Ruins the songs and makes the game unplayable to its fullest. Greatly disappointed..Version: 3.1.5

Very good game, but...I completely love this game and I think it’s a really good pass time and there is a very good selection of songs to play, the rhythm and tempo match the spacing of the tiles and the point at which you bounce on them which I think if very good as I have played games where the song and the tiles (or whatever it is) don’t match. So this is very good. But, and there is always a but, I find that the songs that are offered, for example Bad Guy and Someone You Loved sound quite different to the original songs, for example it sounds to me that the people singing the songs are different and in other games like this one the songs are the same as the originals. I don’t know if there is anyway you can fix this but I would be very happy if you could. Thanks..Version: 3.3.2

Not too goodSo I have one thing to say, “I don’t like how you make the people change their voices, so could you make the songs just be the same person who actually sings the song.” And there actually more, “So the update was so stupid because now everything costs VIP and VIP cost eight dollars a week... I think, and so theres one song that you can play for as long as you want until you die.” Next thing is, “So people want more songs.” And, “We don’t want to have the VIP at all or we will just get rid of the app and yeah.” Well, “I want an update where you can change you ball... not for money but for how much tiles you touch. So if there was the first ball you had to get it would probably say that you would need to touch one hundred tiles and then you could get the ball, or less. If you could.” It needs changes to the game, “So i was playing and so it glitches sooooooo much.” The game needs to be funner “I like how it doesn’t need WIFI, but it would be better if the ads didn’t need WIFI because there are so many cool songs and when I’m in the car I have to be there for a long time so i never get to get a song.” So, “That’s a ton of stuff so please just listen to it, other than that, it’s good. Please change it.”.Version: 3.2.7

Too Many AdsFun game but too many ads. Seems like there are more ads than time playing the game. I would rather pay them to remove the ads like other games do..Version: 2.9.9

Nice but a few mistakesI am not very happy that the songs are not the originals and sometimes when I play a song it does a kind of Alvin and the chipmunks voice and it would be great if they had a few more songs and a world leader board other than that it’s brilliant!😊👍but loads of ads maybe a couple less. after every game it says watch an ad to carry on but after every game it plays an ad anyway.😕and it would be good if they had challenges e.g try and do three endless modes or try and get five different songs or try and play 100 💯 songs. And if there was a search engine so that you could search for your favourite songs..Version: 3.0.5

Not a lot of music choices!So I got this app because I watched a add and liked it. I thought I would be able to listen to songs like blinding lights and stuff, but no. You need the VIP subscription to listen to like, ALL the songs (I am not exaggerating)! And the only songs I can listen to is dance monkey, bad guy, believer, unity, faded, despacito, let it go, sunflower, someone you loved, and lovely. I like those songs, but I am getting tired of listening to bad guy 20 times a day! And I would get the VIP Subscription, but it costs $5.99 a week, a WEEK! So now I am stuck listening to the same songs over and over again! I have also realized that the songs go pretty fast. Actually, the songs were going so fast my mom thought they were being sang by the chipmunks! Overall I like the app, it IS really fun to bounce the ball to the beat of the music! But their isn’t enough music choices! In your next update PLEASE add the songs blinding lights and sucker to your list! (but not with the VIP subscription please) Thanks! Sincerely, HorseHero500.Version: 3.3.2

It’s a good game BUT it could use some touchesAre the tiles and the beats supposed to be on point? Bc their not and it’s annoying, their slightly off and it bugs me. Some of the songs don’t sound the same as they do on the radio or anywhere either, that gets annoying too. But what I hate most is that you have to watch an ad before even playing a song or pay like 6 dollars a week. I ain’t paying y’all 6 dollars for watching ads all day! You should at least make it so SOME of the songs do require ads to be watched, mostly bc the SAME ad plays EVERY SINGLE TIME. I would recommend this app to anyone who has enough money to waste 6 dollars a WEEK and if you just LOVE spending all day watching ads. PLEASE IM BEGGING OF YOU!! To either make it like 6 dollars a MONTH, OR to make it so there aren’t so many ads. If you do so I’d pay 6 dollars a month, or play more often than I do now. If y’all didn’t read this than :O, but if you did then thank you for reading my complaint! So sorry for bein salty, but it’s true. And if you haven’t tried the game out yet, and you don’t believe me then go ahead and play, I’m not stopping you. Thank you and have a nice day!.Version: 3.3.2

It’s okI’ve seen a lot of great ads about this game and I though that it would be really good but it’s not. There’s not a lot of songs, and you can’t search for songs either. There is also a heap of Asian songs. The music isn’t really diverse it has the same songs as what you get in every other game such as faded and happier. I mean this app is ok but if you have other piano games I wouldn’t recommend downloading this one as it’s the same as everything else..Version: 3.2.1

The game is good but still needs a few fixesI’ve been playing this game for a while now and I can honestly say that I enjoy playing it, but I dunno about everyone else. It has the potential to be really good if not for the fact that it has quite a few ads and some bugs. One thing that I can say about this game is that the speed settings for the songs on endless mode need to be fixed. Sometimes it plays normally while other times it just suddenly slows down right in the middle of endless mode when you are most absorbed in the game. It just kills the feeling for me to be frank. Other times, whenever you try to continue after the ball falls, the game stops working altogether. After watching ads the game fails to respond to touch and you have to restart. Also, it’s really annoying that after spending 50 gems and this happens you don’t get what you spent back after restarting the game. I know this is kinda long but just one more thing. Also, have you guys ever noticed that you don’t have to be connected to the internet to receive the daily gems for sharing the game in Facebook and Twitter? Basically, players can just get free gems without doing anything. This might annoy some people but I just had to call this out. Anyways, thank you guys for making such a good game. It really helps me to pass time!.Version: 2.7.1

Mediocre covers & lots of ads.Not a bad game, not a bad premise, but the sheer amount of ads and the fact that the songs aren’t even performed by their original artists and instead are performed by mediocre rip-offs is a major letdown. To play one song, I usually have to go through 3 ads; one to play the song, one before the song and one after - that’s not even counting the ad I might have chosen to play if I had died and wanted to resume. Also, the songs are covers, not even sung by the original artist. The covers just sound as if they’re trying to imitate the actual artist but they’re not doing it well. Look, they all have nice voices, but I had rather they tried to “make the song their own” in a way rather than trying to copy the original artist exactly. It makes the music grating and boring to listen to. Otherwise, not a terrible game. Quite addictive, be it the bright colours or monotony..Version: 3.1.5

Where is the edm church music?Can u put bands like tobymac or Tauren wells..Version: 3.4.8

SucksThis game kind of sucks 🤫😬😔 i’m so sorry whoever made this game so that I said that it sucks???.Version: 2.7.7

Okay, even great, but too much adsLook, I have been playing mobile games for YEARS, and never have I seen something like this, a Watch-To-Play game. I’ve seen plenty Pay-To-Play games and plenty of just free games, but never something with 1 out of 10 levels that you can play without watching an advertisement that sometimes won’t even let me out of their video. The app itself is fine, the concept is nice, and the same guys who made it also created the Piano Tiles series, seems like a nice game, right? Nope, they just slap “Watch an Ad” on most of their levels, and right after you fail or succeed, AD! I understand that you need to get cash, but COME ON! You have over 40 million downloads on your games, and yet you have to bombard me with advertisements on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, EVERY TIME I FAIL, EVERY TIME I SUCCEED, there is so many advertisements on this app, yet when I want to get a second chance on any of your apps, it says “No Ads Available”, so to sum it up, please make it so I can play most your levels without having to put up with a Magic Tiles 3 ad that lasts 30 seconds after I do the dumb mini game, ok? Thank you for your time..Version: 3.2.0

I love this game but...I’v been playing this for a while now I know a lot but there is a glitch and it’s so bad I had it 2 times now that I have this game and it’s has to go overall I love this game the glitch is when your in a middle of a song and you freeze and then you just die because your not where your supposed to be and you freeze and then you die it’s annoying Overall I love this game thank you for making this game with music but this game could be better with no glitching it might go to everyone’s game then they would just die so maybe just fix the glitch and I have some updates for the game so first of all making there own songs while in the main part of the game so this is how you’ll do it so there’s gonna be a 🎤 then they would sing in it and then they would name it and I would be so exited to play and then there’s another one so people can name there player and compete against others! So bye and thanks for reading in till next time!.Version: 3.1.4

Let us pick are songs from different apps againBad.Version: 3.4.8

False adverts and add crazeSure the game is great but in the advertisements it shows that you can type in your own song when really in the game you can’t , instead you have to scroll through lots of songs and sometimes they don’t even have the song that you want. I just want to say to everyone, before you c Get any games check the review because if your anything like me you will find it really annoying when a you get a game an find out the add completely lies. Also, why are there soooo many adds? Game after game it’s just add after add after add after add. I’m opinion, don’t get the game, the authors of the song are different, too many adds and false adverts.Version: 3.1.4

Why!? Please read this!Look. This app. I get it. It’s fun. But it said play your favourite song..... well I don’t think everybody likes the same 6 songs! Can you please ad some variety music! Not just modern! Lots of people ( including me ) don’t get to enjoy the app because of the choices in song! It’s only by “popular” singers... lots of spoke like it. I get that. But lots of people don’t and get frustrated by the game because of this! Very sorry to say! 😔 but I am disappointed. Sorry! I would strong advise to add some more variety like maybe some bands! ( that aren’t all completely famous! ) I know you won’t be able to just add these songs a say bellow. I’m just going to recommend some songs people like that aren’t all modern music style. Maybe try add music in generas like this... -Radiohead -sleeping at last -iron and wine - birds of Tokyo ( the older albums ) I’m not saying “ oh add these things! “ I’m saying “ I recommend adding music that has a similar style to these.” It would really please people who want to play this game but can’t have a good time with it! Thank you for your time! Sorry😔.Version: 3.3.10

A bit boring, advert lied and too easySo I downloaded this game because you could type up whatever song you like (that’s what it did on the ad) however, there were only 2 songs I could pick without watching an advert for. When I was playing it, it was so easy I had to die on purpose just so I could pick another song because all I was doing was swiping on the screen. I think it’s really bad how the advert LIED about typing up songs. Overall, I give it two stars because of how the ad lied and it was too easy. If you put something in the advert and don’t put it in the game then that’s a bit pointless. I only got the game because I wanted to choose my favourite songs. I don’t recommend this game. Please update the game so the advert isn’t lying! 😒.Version: 3.0.2

Amazing Game!Hi! My name is Lydia and I am 11 years old. This game is so great! But there is just one thing that bugs me. The songs. I am only allowed to play 2 songs. Faded and Girls like you. I love those songs. But I would like to play some of my other favorite songs. Such as Dance Monkey. Favorite song! Oh, almost forgot! The ads. I know that people don’t like ads but that’s how companies make money. So I’m ok with the ads but I don’t like how there are ads after every song. So if you guys would just try to take off some ads that would be great! But hey we can’t always fix things so it’s alright if you can’t fix the problems that I said. Great game! Keep working hard on making it better! Thank you! One more Thing. It is not sung by the right artist. I love listening to music and I know Th at you know that everybody knows that The people singing ALL of the songs ARE NOT the right people. I would know that. Life isn’t about money it’s about honesty and integrity. I usually am not like this but I have to be to get you to listen to me. I get your not going to though. I’m going to tell everybody I know that owns a phone not to get this game. Because it’s a crappy game and you guys are crappy people!! The. Ext time I get one of your games I’m going to give it a 1 star rating! See ya’!.Version: 3.1.7

???It only has random covers of songs, not the originals. What’s up with that?.Version: 3.4.8

0/0The ads are so annoying and bad for the kids.Version: 3.1.2

Bad excuse for a relaxing rythm game!The app starts by asking what genres of music you like and precedes to the tutorial. Then you have to watch hundreds of ads to unlock every song you have to watch ads as it’s preparing the song, you have to watch ads after finishing the song, I should be getting paid to watch that many ads. The other option is to pay for premium to stop ads but at the cost of still having to watch ads to unlock new songs. It also has a dreadful selection of songs and it uses covers instead of original pieces making some of the music very off putting and harder to play. There’s a category specifically for rock music but half the songs are edm songs and not rock, I tried to search for Queen, AC/DC, and Bon Jovi, and it didn’t have any of their songs. The app also has appalling gameplay as some of the songs have far too much happening on the screen, this causes the game to lag then it kills you and asks would you like to start again or watch an add to continue, I want to play the app not lag out and watch millions of ads!!! This app is a waste of time and money, and it’s not fun to play don’t get it!!!!!!!.Version: 3.3.10

Not anything like the ad 😒First of all wayyy to many ads second nothing like the ad and third in the ad it said you could just type it in in this one u can’t I’m sorry not to be rude but this game is horrible ☹️😤 please make it better 😥.Version: 3.4.8

Good game but some disappointmentsThis is a good game but the only thing that disappoints me is when you want to get a new song you have to watch a hole ad and some of them are like 30 seconds some ads let you play them to check them out but a lot of my ads I get do not let me play it just lets me look at a screen and I have to wait a long time for it just to go back to my game. Another thing that is a little hmmm about is when you die and you have a good score on endless mode or regular mode you have to do the same thing with ads and it is a little annoying I have never designed a video game before but can you please fix these problem thanks! Some things I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about this game. One thing I really like is all the different songs that are in this game! There are a lot of catchy tunes in this game ones I would have never thought of they are so fun to play a game while listening to music! I also love the cool backgrounds in the game like the mountain disco party pinky backgrounds each song has a different background! Very creative game good job Download if you don’t care about ads!.Version: 3.3.11

WAYY too many adsOk so lets start on the overlooked app and personally i think its an amazing game and has a variety of songs to choose from yet there are a load of stupid and pointless ads like if u wanna do ANYTHING u have to watch a ad like its as if the app is dedicated to ads and u may be thinking why not buy the £1.99 ad remover but if u come to ur senses there still will be ads and i really dont like wasting my money on games anyways back to my point of it being a waste of money, its that if u do it and pay that will prevent the ads whom come out everytime but we are all forgetting those who appear when we wanna get new songs and purchase new things like WE ARE WASTING OUR MONEY AND 30seconds of our like but over all its a amazing app to use and i totally recommend but this gets a 3 stars🌟 sorry. Thanks for wasting ur time reading this 😂jk but thx.Version: 2.7.7

Good game but needs new songsThis is a good game but it needs new songs I’ve done all of them and I’m getting a little bit bored of them I think u should add songs made by black lite district bc there good songs and it will add a little suspense to the Also I would like to add that tiles hop isn’t a fair game bc people without internet bc they move’d can’t get new songs and stuff bc u need internet there for u need to make it so u don’t need internet to make it fair for people who don’t have internet >:(.Version: 3.1.4

It’s fineBy itself it’s fun I guess but the ‘play your own music’ feature doesn’t work, and that was probably the biggest reason I downloaded this.Version: 2.7.1

BeatsI love the game overall and one of my favorite songs is Trip Trap Hop. I loved the song and the challenge that came with it. Since the new update it changed and the ball doesn’t go with the beat. The level is horrible and many other songs have gone this way too leaving you with no choice but to choose songs you may or may not like to experience a challenge. I would like the ball to go with the beat of the song as to give more of a challenge because these levels are now boring. My three year old cousin could play these with no problem which is ok if this game were aimed at little kids which it’s not. Please respond to see if it’s just my devices or not but the game also kicks me out quite frequently since the new update. I’ve had my friends who I convinced to download this app complain saying they can’t play it for long without getting kicked out. Overall this is an amazing app and I would recommend downloading this because it’s a great app. It gives you a challenge and songs to listen to..Version: 3.1.8

Great game, just a few issuesI downloaded Tiles Hop from an ad; it looked amazing! Once I got the game I went on the tutorial; Dance Monkey. Sounded ok and I really enjoyed it. However; when you start playing the other games, the music is a little off. It’s not actually the real artist singing the song. It’s some knock-off version, which is not what I downloaded the app for. I am kind of disappointed as the people singing the knock off versions don’t even sound like the real artist. Also, you only get 2 songs. For the others, you have to watch a 30 second ad for each. And the ads are usually the same game, same ads. Overall, 3/5 stars. Again, I am disappointed; not what I downloaded the app for..Version: 3.3.5

Aww man ok....Hello everyone hope you are having a good morning/afternoon/evening/night and hope you are all well. I just wanna say that this game is ok but it has ups and downs I agree with sporty(veryx2) I agree. I just agree with all the stuff she/he said because there are lots of things I am not being rude pls don’t think that.I highly recommend this for a lot of people to be honest but I just wish that there were many songs I know there are but like more of Kpop there are a lot of Kpop fans and I’m one of them I searched for a Bangtan song but there were not any so I just wanna say please can the person who made this brilliant game add Bangtan songs I will be grateful for the rest of my life. I love this game so much! It’s the best game ever other than not having Bangtan songs lol but that’s alright! I also love black pinks songs so please can you add that as well if you don’t mind you don’t have to tho! Thank you for spending you time making this game and thank you ty the people who are reading my review I am very grateful hope you have a magnificent day! Baiiii bye xxxxxxxxxxx :) (:.Version: 3.3.2

Our own songsWhy Can't we import our own songs?.Version: 3.1.3

Not the sameSo I had this same game like 2 years ago and there were no where near the amount of ads in the game. I mean, like for God’s sake you can only play about 5 songs and the rest make you watch an ad or buy the song with 50 diamonds or 90 or 120. And I mean it’s a great game I loved it my friends would dance to it whenever I played and I still love playing it but I barely even can because it’s so hard just to do exactly what I want to do, and when you can’t even really do the thing that the game was made for, why even bother. And of course i can do the endless but it only gets faster and after five times of doing the same song over and over it gets really boring. Over all I think it’s a great game and I recommend everyone to get it, but it’s hard to really play the game. So please, at least take out some of the ads or make like a third or fourth if the games songs playable and Please stop blasting me with ads everytime I wanna play one of the three songs I can. I might be asking a lot from you but please the least you can do is make the game a little more playable. Edit: they made the games songs vip. This game was good but now it’s just annoying.Version: 3.1.5

Watch out for some adsBrain Out is rated 12+ as it has profanity and advertised here. Please change this as your app is rated 4+ and my kids use it..Version: 3.1.2

It’s okay, I guessI don’t know why I expected a lot from this game. It may be because I love the other games from this developer, but this one disappointed me. So I loaded in, and they were polite and asked me what kinds of music I like, and one of the ones I picked was Christmas music. I went to the normal home page of the game, and what a surprise. NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC! This outraged me, as it is very close to Christmas and I love the music so much I listen to it all year round. Also, half the good songs all are for VIP, which costs money in real life. So, I did the bad, annoying songs with the volume down, and it was SO EASY! There are some good things about this game though. One is, the game is polite when it says stuff to you, and there is nothing offensive. (I know there is normally no offensive stuff in games, but there still can be) Another thing, is that when you finally get a good, challenging song, this game is so fun! Overall, download if you like Piano Tiles, they are very alike. Have a good day, Chloe 🙃.Version: 3.3.5

OverratedThis game is pretty overrated. The ads r basically saying you can pick any song you want but in reality they only give you a short list to do and it changes and you have to watch an ad to unlock different songs. Its also kinda boring because i found it really easy and i did about 7 different songs and they were all the same speed and not too difficult which i did not like. Over all this game just is not worth watching all the ads and the ads about the game r totally fake and what is in them is not true. This game should probably be taken down due to false advertising because it actually seemed cool that you could pick your own songs..Version: 3.1.2

ITs a good app but it could be betterWell this app is an amazing app for boredom and just general gaming but there is one flaw that is really annoying you have to watch ads to get just one song all songs are locked by ads but 2 and some songs aren’t even the proper song they are sung by a different person take 7 years now this song means a lot to me as it was played at my Nans funeral but they replaced the original artist with some other guy pls read this and fix some issues even just remove some ads from a few more songs. Overall this is a brilliant game with a few minor flaws 😃.Version: 3.1.5

RequestPut pink guy songs in and you've got yourself a 5 star game.Version: 3.1.0

It’s a good game but...I really enjoy different types of music and it’s even better that you put in popular songs that a lot of people enjoy to this day, I like it. But, like everyone is saying, the ads just gotta stop. It’s honestly unfair for people that are just trying to enjoy their songs and playing the game when after a round, a 30 second ad pops up. Does the ad have to be that long for you to add in? It’s not fun. Here’s a suggestion, put some ads in when someone wants to buy something. Also, I saw someone talk about this and it is a bit of an issue. The points that you get for hitting a perfect score is very low. It’s not even worth it if a song your playing is hard. Even if you hit every combo, it’s still gonna be low. Other music games I’ve played have higher scores in the end. My last complaint is the songs, why do you have to watch an ad to play the others songs!! Even worse! Most of the songs are VIP! You can’t even enjoy the game and songs because of this! And who even wants to watch a 30 second ad just to get a song you want. Another suggestion, maybe have some songs that are VIP but their challenging or have more beats to it. Second suggestion, have some songs with ads so you can get it. Or just pay for it with coins given in the game or jewels. It’s a nice game but there should be some changes, the game is a bit plain cause of these complaints..Version: 3.3.8

Knock OffFun to play, but most of the songs you like are fake versions or not as good versions. Only a couple are good ones because they are actually bought. If the songs were all proper i would have given this 5 stars.Version: 3.1.0

Song diversity is not so goodIt’s a good game for people who like EDM and other genres similar to that. But hey should add some songs by Black Veil Brides, Palaye Royale, Sleeping With sirens, My Chemical Romance, Etc, for those that like hard rock and rock from early 2000’s.Version: 3.1.2

Good game but my music was deleted :(So I’ve had this game for a while and I really like it I get it downloaded songs from iTunes that I have bought and get to Tiles Hop with it and it’s really fun, but today I went to play the game and all my music was not there and I can’t seem to get it back the only music for now is the songs that came with. So I don’t know if this is a glitch and it’s fixable or if I’m just stuck with the music that came with it. The games five out of five stars but because of this glitch thing I lowered the rating. Ps sorry if this is hard to understand..Version: 3.1.4

I can’t play my own songI can’t play my own song anymore and that is the only reason I really have this app in my iPhone.Version: 3.1.0

I’m so sorry if u think I’m trying to be rude but you will see why I did only 3 starsIt’s because I’m so sorry if your efended in any way First complaint it only has 2 songs girls like you and faded sure there pretty good songs but wen you have to listen to them again again and again girls like you WAS my favritte song now I hate it Second complaint wen you die it comes up with do you want to continue if you watch an ad I always click but it ALWAYS shows you like 5 ads and takes away all your coins you have been working on for month I don’t now if it’s my phone or the game it’s probably not my phone it’s iphoneXX Third complaint swearing these 2 songs have no swearing in them but randomly in the middle of songs it will say the f word or the sh word I think its very bad for younger kids like my sister that’s why we always turn down the music And last complaint my little sister is only 4 and she can complete all the levels up to endless mode 5 5 I’m saying Sorry if you took any of this personly it’s just my feed back Anther than that it’s a great game congagilstions.Version: 3.0.7

50 50Hello, This game like all games has good things and bad things about so let’s start with the bad things. •1st this game has way to many adds like literally you have to watch an add to get a song or to carry on playing a song that you watched an add for. • 2nd I can see why this game can be played 4 year olds it is totally suitable but trust me some of the adds aren’t suitable. •3rd some of the songs aren’t even real songs like seriously LaLaLaLaLaLa what are you even thinking. •4th the add for this game is a complete lie like I got this game because I thought it would be fun playing along with my favourite song so please read these reviews because they aren’t a whole lot of bwloonie. Anyway now let me tell you why I like this app. •1st it is really time consuming well now during coved19 I get really bored sometimes and most of the time playing this time really flies by. •2nd it has really helped my finger reaction I am now the best at thumb twiddles (this is when you do a reaction thing with your thumb and it looks like your thumb is kind of falling of) in my class. •3rd it is very addictive like seriously my mum had to put limits on my mind phone so if you don’t want to be attached DO NOT GET IT. •4th No offence or anything but this took me a long time to think of, and I can’t think of one so yeah. I hope this has helped you, Ottilia😻😻😻😻😻.Version: 3.1.5

Not good at ALLWhy I did this review is because the songs I play the people that play the songs aren’t played by the people🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡.Version: 3.3.11

No just no!😩Are used to love this game so much until I realize that all of the songs on here are copywrites sorry if I spelled that wrong but still! So my story is I deleted the game I read downloaded it to see this new update! So you may think updates are good right........? Well not this one every time you finish playing around of the game it gives you an ad break which are like 50 seconds long or 60! And I’m not exaggerating! So I went to go play bad guy and first of all since it’s a copyright it sounded terrible! Second of all it glitched me and it made me die right away! Also I was babysitting my sister today and she’s very little so it was time for her nap and then she woke up so I gave her her Binky and told her to go back to sleep. So then I started playing and I looked over to make sure she was sleeping but then I almost died! For people like me who need to babysit their sisters or have a babysitting job or have to get a snack or a drink or something might agree with me I think this game needs a pause button. I have a love for music and I would really appreciate if this game wasn’t copyrighted. I really don’t wanna waste my money on the VIP so if you could please read this and try to make a few tweaks with your game. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you have a nice day..Version: 3.4.0

TOO MANY ADDSThere is more adds than gameplay so I would not recommend getting this app.Version: 3.4.8

The game is good but I feel A bit cheatedWhen I first saw an ad for this it was showing an meme song and I wanted to play that song. When I downloaded I tried searching for it but never showed which was I was disappointed by but since I downloaded it I decided to play and the game is pretty nice I especially like the locations of each song Since they are so beautiful. Good game, nice locations would have rated higher if the song I was looking for existed..Version: 3.3.10

Developers please read my reviewTiles hop is an amazingly fun and addictive game. When the music gets fast it’s rlly fun because you have to go super fast. However, there are a few things that could be improved. One, there are not many songs on there, if you don’t have the pro version, it would be great if there was some more songs. Two, going pro is quite expensive, it would be better if it wasn’t as expensive. Three, there are sooo many adds, plz get rid of some, so there is not as many. Apart from that it is a great app and you should get it. Hope my review helps you decide if you want this brilliant app.🤩🤩.Version: 3.4.0

The ad liedIn the ad it shows you the songs could be typed but in the app you can’t.Version: 3.1.2

TOOK A TURN FOR THE WORSEOkay, I used to ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game. It was awesome. I could play all my favorite songs while playing a fun game! Simple, easy, fun! A few months later, I downloaded the game again. I was hoping for the same, fun game that I used to play. Only to find out that... THE MAJORITY OF THE SONGS ARE NOW VIP ONLY! I don’t even understand! I know that you need to make money because this is a free game, and there are ads in it, but I would rather that you put most songs — like new ones by maybe Travis Scott, or Lil Nas X — on VIP only, but not permanently! This might sound a little rude, but Disney+ uses the premiere feature to keep some movies on premium, and THEN make it available to everyone. The fact that EVERY song in a certain category is VIP is unnecessary greed for money! I would even suggest keeping the classics on VIP permanently, like Whitney Houston, or Bob Marley! In conclusion to this review, I still play the game, but as I said, UNNECESSARY PRICE RAISES! -⭐️⭐️⭐️ From a user.Version: 3.2.9

Too easyEver since you updated the game, a lot of the songs that were there before have gotten too easy, because the course mostly consist of straight lines. Make us use our reflexes.Version: 3.2.4

Do NOT get this app!Usually I don’t write reviews but this game was too frustrating! So first I saw the app and it seemed pretty good so I got it then I opened the app and it was pretty normal the whole this is how the game goes and you can buy a V.I.P. pack if you want too and I never buy game passes because my parents won’t allow it so I just ignored it and kept playing and once I finished the first song there was an add which was agitating but normal so I didn’t think of it once the add ended I went to all the other songs and there was 1 that I didn't have too watch an add for and 7-8 I did which I was starting to get really frustrated about and then ANOTHER add popped up which just got me going so I played the next song and it was pretty good and I will give the game credit because the songs were fun to play and I liked them so I went down the list to see the other songs when I saw the rest of them were ONLY for V.I.P.’s only! So there were only about 9-10 songs I didn’t have to spend money on...Besides that the game is practically begging for money because you have to pay for almost everything!... So over all if you’re fine with paying for the game it’s pretty good but if not I would not recommend to get this game..Version: 3.3.4

Fun but locked behind a high priceThis game is fun and the few songs you have for free (after watching an add of course) are good and fun to play. But most genres are not free and are locked behind the vip. There are about 5-6 songs total so like 19 minutes of play time. Not worth the download even if it is free. I understand if you want to charge for most of the songs because you had to pay for copyright maybe but the majority of the songs are covers, so I don’t know while you are charging 6$ a week, not a month, a week, just to have all the songs. Why can’t you make more of them free for the people that can’t pay? At least make a lot more able to view with video, and make the price monthly and make it cheaper it should me like 8$ a month it’s a mobile game for Christ’s sake not a porn subscription. Anyway, take these ideas and put them into your game soon and this will be ok. I’d prolly still play it. But stop locking all content in a free app behind money it’s deceiving. Maybe even make the game just cost money, just a though. But all in all don’t wast your time if you don’t wanna pay 6$ a week to play..Version: 3.3.2

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Tiles Hop - EDM Rush customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Tiles Hop - EDM Rush.

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