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Among Us! app received 98 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about among us!?

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Great fun! But could be improvedI think Among Us is a fantastic game, the excitement you experience is always a blast. I do find that instead of choosing a game to join , which gets annoying due to most games being at its max of players. Makes it difficult to find a game as well as people always leaving the game which causes the game to finish in a minute or two, it would be nice if the system itself joined the players to a random game rather then the players refreshing the page to find a game to play. While maybe putting an option in the game to add friends to play with who you find through playing through the public option which makes players now then, have players that won’t leave the game so quickly ruining it for other who Genuinely want to play a decent game. This game has a lot of potential ☺️.Version: 2020.11.17

Used to be great 😓It was my TOP FAVOURITE GAME until you guys heard the game blew up! You started upgrading the game and tried fixing bug fixes. But I think you guys are going to far with the updates. Reason being is that I am really annoyed that minor among us players have to deal with chatting issues, such as me! It’ll take ages to memorise it because I am hardly playing it because of that update. So I deleted it and then downloaded it again before I wrote this review and I really think it is a good idea for those out there too, that we should make the chat normal again. (Even if it is because of inappropriate comments/speech it’ll bleep 🤬 it out).Version: 2021.4.12

MehThis game kinda sucks now, with the pre-selected chat options. You can't hardly say anything you want, and it's really boring now because no one can say what they want to. I can't ask specific questions to help win the game, nor can anyone else. No one even says anything, because the things that the game gave us to say, does not help AT ALL. It doesn't go anywhere, and there is no real play or strategy. But other than the updates chat it's good..Version: 2021.3.31.2

I miss the good gameAlright look this game used to be my favorite for me and my friends to have fun and really helped me not be bored in quarantine. The game rarely glitched and overall was the best mobile game I’d found in a while. But after this last update I can’t say that anymore. I love the idea of not showing who voted who ( it really helps with the occasional bullies) and I like the point of the update. Next I will say what I would like you to add adding friends, maybe more maps ( I like the ones you have but a big Change like that sound good), no hacking ( it’s still happening just not the full game bug you guys had), and actual bug fixes. Let me explain the last one or why I can’t say I love the game anymore. Earlier today I was playing with my younger sister and teaching her to play, sounds fun right? Well it was but soon after we had to make a new game bc people weren’t able to stay on our game with being kicked off for no reason. So me and her tried making a new game and it basically told us we had been M.I.A when the game hadn’t even loaded yet. Then we gave up. Later that day i by myself tried playing a game and it kept telling me I have an old version of the game even tho it just updated a day before. So that brings us to now. Pease actually do bug fixes and please read this and take note of how your game is extremely glitchy and isn’t a fun game anymore. Thank you very much for reading..Version: 2020.11.17

Needs an update badly....Please stop letting players leave when game starts just because they aren’t an impostor. This game is so easy to hack as well so we need to start fixing that. And I notice some players would join with one other friend. When one dies they immediately expose the impostor. It ruins the game experience for thise who don’t have 9 friends to play properly with. Especially letting players leave. Should’ve thought about that from the beginning because impostor don’t get to enjoy it if all crewmates leave cuz they weren’t impostor..Version: 2020.9.9

Among us is terribleSo where do I start this game is honestly terrible no one plays it anymore which means there are no games to join. The new map is confusing you have no idea where to go. And the the amount of time I have to wait just to find out if I’m imposter or crewmate is ridiculous I never get imposter anymore the game is honestly just boring. And the way of writing in the chat is appalling and when you could chat properly the language people used was disgraceful and horrific. as a parent I DO NOT! and I mean do not want my children playing. There are hardly any tasks to do which means all’s you have to do is look for bodies and the likely hood of there being any if very low. And the fact that I have to use my data just to play is unreal. At first it was my favourite game to play I would play it in all of my free time and I didn’t really have any problems until the new map and the new way of typing in the chat no mean who is gonna understand what to do with the chat button. It would be great if it just went to the way it was. Me and my friends played it every single day for about 6months straight and we loved it then we stopped playing for about 3months and we come back and the game is boring and terrible nothing fun in it so I’m sorry but your star rating was a 1 from me and I will NOT! Be playing again thank you and goodbye. Your sincerely Elsie Ousley.Version: 2021.3.31.2

Was great until QuickChat was released.InnerSloth. Listen. You have a really good game. I play it, all my friends play it and a lot of other people in my school play it. It’s a really good game. My one problem. QuickChat. Now, I was nice and gave you 3 stars because it’s still an amazing game but with QuickChat, it’s actually more like SlowChat because it’s much harder to type using your new system. You can’t even say GG anymore. I know you probably did this for the young children. But what about the teenagers like me? They should be mature enough to text freely! If they were to text freely, it would make for some more fairer matches. What if you wanted to perform an accusation but instead of swiftly typing that Yellow vented in MedBay and killed Cyan on the way to Electrical, you have to deal with going from section to section on the QuickChat platform. It’s so much slower than actually typing. If I had to use QuickChat to type this review out, I would be 4 years older than I actually am. Please, InnerSloth. You made an amazing game. Please don’t ruin it with the QuickChat feature. At least let us have a choice to type manually or use QuickChat because some of us are mature enough to type freely..Version: 2021.3.5

Needs option of reporting peopleUnless ur okay with regularly hearing slurs, people telling u to kill yourself, and that theyre going to r*pe u, along with many more! this game needs a report option, or an account that can somehow hold people more accountable for what they are saying in these chats. its disgusting really. i love this game but not sure if i can keep playing when that is happening in more party chats then not..Version: 2020.9.9

English servers full of foreign languageUnplayable when people just spam in a foreign language in the English servers and just pick any random colour to vote off with no discussion... The PC version seems to be the only way to enjoy this game.Version: 2020.9.1

Needs a report buttonI was recently playing a game of among us in a 2 imposter game and I was one of the imposters. I killed someone and got voted off. I then helped the other imposter to kill a crewmate who then started telling me that no one loved me and that I should kill myself (if you need any proof I have photographic evidence) then the host came on and said they would ban me instead. In the lobby after the game the person who told me to kill myself said that it was me who was telling them to kill themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but this behaviour is unacceptable and what’s worse is that you can’t report it. It would be great if there could be an option to report it because it means that this behaviour will meet a consequence..Version: 2020.11.17

Great but ANNOYING!!Love the game! It’s fun and exciting. I play a lot with friends and family. Butttt. I feel like it needs more monitoring... Like constant racist people. Contant rude uglies being horny People leaving games because they are not imposter. People pressing emergency as soon as games starts only to leave the game. Like you guys are super smart can’t you make it so you know when someone does that and make it so they can’t jump in a game for like day. Like a day ban or hour ban. It would seriously filter out the weirdos. Or imposters that can’t handle that snitch on other imposters. To be honest those are the ones that ruin the game the most. Also you shouldn’t be able to have 9tasks each but kill cool countdown is like 10seconds doesn’t make sense then they make the vision for crew mates 0.75 and imposter vision 2x . Thrs no fun in that if you do make it like that. Make it only private games can do that. And skield or whatever map. Shouldn’t have the option to be over 2x speed. It’s not big enough..Version: 2020.9.9

Slight issues not majorThis games was my favourite now it’s kinda my least favourite overtime I’ve witness some issues one of which was when I played a game with a group of people online it signed me out of the game I was playing and said “you may need to update ....” but my app is literally up to date !🤦‍♂️please fix that and also this one isn’t a big issue to deal with but when joining a game / group to play in it’s annoying when it says it’s full cause than I have to keep finding some that aren’t full 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️please change that like once the group game is full you should automatically remove that group and put other groups we can join that are available because i have to join heaps of times in order to have a chance in a game that isn’t full or you could put the game/groups that aren’t full uptop instead of the bottom so we can join that and put the full groups /games below so if we join and get decline because it’s full than that would be much better off to just stick to the available ones at the top .Also the starting button gets annoying when the hosts doesn’t start it or takes forever , you should have a automatic button where when it reaches the full amount of players or starts at a amount that has enough players to play .there is more issues some of which people all ready have wrote reviews on it and i agree 100 percent 💯 but I’ll let someone else state the other issues cause I can’t be bothered anymore :).Version: 2020.11.17

Love love love it but...Okay, I have seen many other reviews with the same problem as mine so now I know it’s not just my phone. Randomly kicks me out of every few games for some mysterious update that doesn’t exist. Really quite annoying especially this morning when I was the imposter and I didn’t even get to do anything before it kicked me out because of this imaginary update. Please fix this or I will have to stop playing which will be sad because other that this is a fun and amazing game. (JUST FIX THAT BUG!!!).Version: 2020.10.22

Please change the chance system to be imposter(PLEASE READ THIS) I really love this app and how it is free but I have an issue. The chance of being imposter is unfair in my opinion as I have been playing for about four hours in the same game and not once did I get imposter. The game had 2 imposters if you wanted to know. I think I was the only person who stayed in that game for more than 40 mins. So I think cause people join the game then leave after like 10 to 20 mins it lesses the chance of people who stay in the game longer then that time. And it keeps repeating. I hope you change the system of the chance to be imposter so it will be more fair. The way I want it to change is that the longer you have not been imposter the higher chance you will be it. I do not know how to explain this next bit but I will try. I also want it to also only work when you when you are in a game not out of the app not in the menu or waiting in the lobby. Thank you very much if you implement this in among us or just read all of this and I am not just thanking the devs also random people reading this. thank you!.Version: 2020.9.9

Was a great game until the airship updateI understand internet safety is a priority and all but the new quick chat completely ruins the game now and I won’t be playing this game anymore because of it. For some reason even though I set my account to over 18, the quick chat is still there with no way to change it and it appears I’m not the only one as every game I go in to, everybody is using quick chat. Players don’t have enough time to find the words to explain to the crew in meetings or reports what’s happened and everyone just ends up skipping because they can’t understand what the person is saying. Also ever since the airship map was added, the shhh screen doesn’t show for about 60 seconds and I’m stuck looking at black screen, then when I spawn in someone’s already killed me. Some players don’t have this problem meaning if they’re in impostor, it’s an easy win for them as everyone is just standing still on their screen then no can even type properly to communicate because of the stupid chat wheel. I hope you guys at inner sloth can look into these problems as you are losing my purchase along with many others. All my friends have also stopped playing it for these reasons it’s just simply not enjoyable anymore like this. Hopefully you take this constructive criticism on board and make some positive changes..Version: 2021.4.12

Problems need fixing.I don’t doubt that this is actually a good game because it looks like a really really fun concept. I just wish I was actually able to play it. I seriously don’t understand why there’s a limit to how many servers/games can be hosted. So now I’m not even able to play with my friends, instead I have to go into a public game which ended up getting me kicked within the first few seconds because apparently people like to make their own games just to make it public then start kicking people which I seriously don’t understand. I’m not having a good first impression. I don’t doubt that a lot of people would like to respond to this comment by saying you just have to play for a bit longer but my point is I shouldn’t have to play for longer to try to finally experience the game and have fun with it, I shouldn’t have to constantly search for public games until eventually i come across someone who’s actually going to be nice, or actually be able to join a public game because for some reason this game decides to list games that are hosted by players but the game is already going so I’m not allowed to join. So seriously why list the match if I can’t join? I’m really hoping eventually I will be able to play the game and actually have fun with it but until then it’ll continue to frustrate me, it seriously needs a lot of improvements until this can actually be something that I can enjoy. Please fix these issues because I’d love to try it..Version: 2020.9.1

My Among Us reviewI think Among Us is good and bad Firstly People are unfortunately able to swear and all Among Us does is censor it Secondly There are some really bad bugs and glitches that Among Us say they have been fixed but they have not. I found someone vent once so I was going to call an emergency meeting but they killed even after I hit the button and once I was playing with a hacker and they killed me during an emergency meeting plus I was playing Among Us with my sister on a game I made and all of a sudden I get banned saying I was hacking please stop. So unfair and weird things happen on Among Us Lastly Free play could use some fixing. For example the dummies should be able to move around as well and do tasks. I don’t like it how sometimes people have Romance on it. If you want Romance don’t rely on Among Us for a Girlfriend or Boyfriend. Sometimes people kick and ban you for the stupidest reason for example my my got ban just because she was a girl! I mean come on that is so wrong! I hope this review helps many of you to decide wether to get Among Us or not.Version: 2020.11.17

NEEDS SERIOUS, SERIOUS WORK!I have never written a review on a game before but I feel obliged to after this bad run of glitches in the game. 3 times in a row I have gotten the imposter role which I don’t know if that is very good luck or a glitch but each time I have been disconnected for a variety of different reasons. This game is by far the most fastest growing game ever in my opinion and I love playing the game but the amount of technical difficulties in the game is outrages. I have never played a popular game like this with this bad servers. Please please put more time and money into fixing these bugs and glitches. On the other hand I love the game and would recommend it.Version: 2020.10.22

Among Us Please ReadI love among us. It's fun, addictive and exciting especially as imposter. Unfortunately there has been some downfalls hence my 3 star rating. Firstly, there has recently been a new update where the app gives you automated chat options such as "I suspect" then you input a player. This means that you can no longer type whatever you want, and I understand in some ways this is more secure and safe for players around the world, but it really stops you from easily and efficiently explaining important information in the game. It's really annoying and the game used to just have an inappropriate word censor which I think was enough. I'm sorry but this new update has ruined among us quite a bit for me so please consider what I am saying. Secondly, I usually play on my phone but I also wanted to play on my Ipad but on my IPad the game continuously glitches and throws me out and now it doesn't even open!! Please fix these issues because I used to love among us and I'm sure over people understand what I mean. Thank you for your consideration, Lilly 😊🤞❤️🙏.Version: 2021.3.5

Among us feedback😁🥺This game once was good but now that the chat and name box update it has ruined the game. I think that if the game changes back to the way it was it would be fun again. The game is now to hard to play because no one can talk in the chat. Your game isn’t just for kids, there are some older players that play the game. With the name changer people should be able to choose a name unless it’s a swear word or a rude name or word. I love the new air ship map and the 3 other maps. I think it would be cool if you could make 2 new awesome maps. There is a lot of hackers and I think it would be better if you could try and stop the hackers. With the chat you should let people say stuff but if they say a swear word it should delete the swear word. The maps could maybe be a crossover with Henry stick man and the top hat clan. The new hats are great to. Maybe you could add some more colours into the game like grey,gold,skin tone (any colour),maybe a different shade of green and a lighter shade of blue. I one of the maps maybe you could put a little among us filming room where you can film videos and they save to your device.😄😄😄😄😄🥺👍😎😎😜😜.Version: 2021.3.31.2

STUPID UPDATEThe stupid among us update doesn’t let you type you have to use responses I recommend they fix that or just delete the app or maybe go on a call with people then play like that but still fix the update INNERSOTH.Version: 2021.3.5

The No chat update sucksI would give this game 5 stars but ever since they got rid of the chat option it is no fun. The best part about the game was the chatting and debating. It made it stand out vs any other game in the mobile gaming market. Now it’s some buttons that wont allow any critical thinking and manipulative strategy. It’s a dumb game for 6year olds to mash buttons on. I highly encourage innersloth to bring back some sort of element of the chatting back, or freedom of speech type stuff. I’m deleting this game for now..Version: 2021.3.31.2

:/I feel like you ruined your own game :/.Version: 2021.4.12

Good, But Needs A Couple Changes.....I play this game so much, and overall it’s your classic murder mystery game! But because of the access to the chat, people can say some pretty hateful things. So what I’m basically saying it’s Cyber Bullying. During game I think maybe the host would be able kick/ban. And I think when your dead in the game you should still be able to kick people. And last suggestion say if you swear or something you’re kicked automatically. I know there is the Censor Chat, but some people get around that I still put out there hateful comments out there. Please consider my suggestions. Thank you.Version: 2020.10.22

Disappointed with airship and quick chatI think this is a great game overall but a few things bug me about the latest updates. First, if you play as a guest or are under the age limit you are confined to quick chat, which is unwieldy and you can’t select colours so you have to go back and check the person’s name, and by the time you’ve got back to the correct quick chat the discussion time is over. Please do something about this. Also, everybody is so paranoid of getting killed on the airship that everyone hangs around the gap room and drifts back and forth. This means tasks cannot be completed and crew mates cannot be killed, so nobody wins. Also, it makes it hard to get across the gap if all the crewmates are just floating around. Another thing about the airship is that it’s so big that even if someone is away from the gap room as an impostor you can’t catch and kill them so what’s the point the map should just be called gap room?!? The new hats are also terrible. And now why do you have to log in every time. I also think the age limit should be lowered I saw another review that said it was good for ages 6 to 17. The quick chat feature makes it almost unavailable to anybody under 13. Basically until the quick chat and airship came in this was a good game. Now it is just a sad square on my iPad Home Screen. PLEASE FIX YOUR MISTAKES!! Edit: pay 30p?? U fools.Version: 2021.3.31.2

Terrible.I used to LOVE among us like literally spend all day playing it, now the new update has come I can’t do ANYTHING on this app! It’s terrible!!! I randomized my name and now my name is leansofa and I can’t change it! You can’t even chat like you used to it is so bad if there was a zero star I’d give the new among us that. Absolutely TERRIBLE..Version: 2021.4.12

Update sucksThis use to be my favourite game, now with the new update it’s awful. You can’t really communicate with the people around you. You can’t work as a group to find the imposter. I’m so disappointed with the update. Please fix this so I can once again enjoy this game. Beth.Version: 2021.3.31.2

Among Us has lost its purposeI played this game a lot during its hype and thoroughly enjoyed it. I just recently returned to see the new updates and play the game again!! However I have some things to say about it! First off the new map is great!! Very visually stunning and the new animations are awesome however on a negative note some of the new features are not so. For starters after going into among us I was told to either make an account or use a guest account and that to be able to change my name I needed to make an account? A little strange but sure I’ll do it! So I make an account and go to join a game and for some reason it continued to say that I did not have an account and there for needed to use a guest account despite the game saying I had made and was signed into an account. But you know sure I’ll use a guest account it’s not a big deal I join a game and start playing and I notice something, using a guest account means that I can’t use the chat!? Doesn’t that remove the games entire purpose!?!? What’s the point of playing!? Not only does this make the game lose its purpose entirely to guest accounts but for other players with accounts I would imagine it to be incredibly frustrating when half of the lobby is unable to contribute to figuring out who the imposter is. I believe this to be an unnecessary update that doesn’t make me want to revisit this game..Version: 2021.4.12

A few annoying things that could maybe use reverting.Its annoying how you can only use pre-set chats, which makes the game really hard, and if you disconnect, it says you “intentionally left”, it happened to me and it was pretty frustrating, also that you can’t make your own name now, and if you click random name you can’t change it back to the previous, also, the first time I went to play airship from your henry stickman collection, it didn’t let me move, I left and again, said that I intentionally left the game and waited 10 minutes to start playing again, overall, please revert the following, it’d make the game alot better: Accounts, intentionally leave timeouts, unchangable names, pre-set chat only. Thankyou if you respond to this. Also, every time I try to enter public lobbies, it ussualy says that they’re full, along with many others having this problem, even when I try to click as fast as possible. Its a pretty big inconvenience and it honestly strays me farther and farther from actually enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong, its an amazing game, just could use some fixes, and I know you took a long time to make this game. Since I’ve noticed that reading through other reviews, there has been alot of hate about this update. Overall, this game would be much better if you just, reverted some stuff you added into this new update, thankyou. Have a wonderful day. :D.Version: 2021.3.31.2

Not good for iPads?The game itself is very fun to play 100 recommended, but when I play on my iPad mini, the part after the developers name (innersloth) a white screen pops up with big zoomed in letters. After that it takes a while to get to the actual game. When actually playing the game, it always glitches and takes me back to my home page during the game. So I never really get to finish a game:(.Version: 2020.9.9

It was fun..With the new chat it’s not fun to play you can’t talk with friends or have cool talks with people I delete it when that update came I know it makes it safer but now that you cant chat with out just saying where who and orange safe this is why it died this is why this game died the imposter finished the game kill this game that impostor was inner sloth and that dum update.Version: 2021.3.5

I loved it at first...This app was amazing but to start of with. Then something happened where I never got imposter. I could play 100 games which i did. I counted how many times I got imposter and it was 1. The game became really boring after that. I always got cremate. Also my friend started hacking, so he could get imposter when he wanted to, vote people out of. This is when I really started hating the game. Then it just started glitching so I got bored. This game would be so fun if you made it so say if red for imposter 3 time out of the games and blue got it 6 make it so red has a higher chance then Blue..Version: 2020.11.17

The new update is BAD, and BORINGAmong Us was one of my favourite games until the new update came. Before, we were allowed to speak whatever, now we have to press buttons that already has the sentences ready. It’s really annoying how you have to press this and that all the time. I think we should have the old among us back. I understand this development was because people speak inappropriate language during the game. But honestly nobody really cares, since the swear words are censored. It’s also really hard to communicate in among us after the up date. I liked it when everyone could say Hi and gg, and we could actually speak what’s on our minds. Please consider this. The old version was WAY better..Version: 2021.3.5

Amazing game however...Ok so this game is really fun and doesn’t really take your money or waste time like other games do however besides from the great story line its a very limited game in general with only two roles to play over all, this game also gets really boring after a while and that’s probably due to this as well - and as a crewmate you can do practically nothing but tasks over and over and over again every single round which is definitely not enjoyable to a certain extent. Another thing that is super easy to notice is the extremely disappointing censoring this game provides as this is nessecery for many games and escpecialy among us a very popular game that kids all over the world play. Although you can censor swear words- in many cases i have experienced players use there names for racial slurs, homophobic language, inappropriate content etc, and this is not something that i find acceptable in any way. This is hard to fix for sure so its an advantage to be informed .Thankyou for reading, i hope this was helpful just so you are aware what goes on in this app before you commit yourself to it! Have a great day..Version: 2020.11.17

Bad update 😡 hacker 😡 glitch 😡Among us: a game i once loved. Among is WAS a rlly fun, exiting mystery game and me and my bro used to play all the time. We’re looking forward to the new map and then we heard there was an update, but it wasn’t that. Now to the point, that update was HORRIBLE and RUINED the whole game. I’m not eighteen for another 6 years and my lil bro is 9 years. I know you creators have to do something about the inappropriate language and offensive stuff, whatever, but just make like a system where the player can report the person and when they get reported enough times they’re banned. Anyway, until this update is TAKEN AWAY I’m deleting this once amazing game. And you know this hacker, loris lore, or whatever, the other day he popped up even though I thought he was banned. My lil bro cried cuz he was so scared he was going to get hacked. He wanted to download twitter and follow this dude bcs he was that frightened. This is NOT right and I don’t want this happening to MY brother so SORT IT! One more thing, the other day i was playing on face call with some of my friends on private so we didn’t need to chat, and my friend Ellie got imp 5 TIMES IN A ROW!!! On the 5th she just told us, as it wasn’t very fair and then we left game. I don’t know if it was just luck but it happened to my other friend on a random server the other day so I’m not sure. Pls look into this, thanks. Kathy xxx.Version: 2021.2.21

Update failAfter the update I can no longer chat and half the time it won’t even let me move. This game now sucks and has been deleted Fix your game.Version: 2021.3.31.2

Game sucksThere are to many hackers.Version: 2020.9.9

Reverse the update plsThe new update is actual garbage and makes me not want to play it so you get one star ahaha hope your average goes down because you can’t even do anything anymore 💀.Version: 2021.3.31.2

Love it but needs workThis is an awesome game with great potential. We play it together as a family and it is super fun. However, it needs a lot of work. I have never been disconnected from a game as much as this one. Sometimes the whole thing freezes and lags (no its not my internet as my other games are fine). The imposter to crewmate ratio is way off. Sometimes you are imposter for 6 times in a row and other times you can play all day and only be imposter once. This also creates a problem as when people see that they are not imposter, they leave the game. A lot of hackers too which spoils the fun for everyone else. I would also love to be able to friend people and be able to join their lobby as I have met some really nice people to play with. I also think if theres more than one imposter they should be able to communicate with each other. A lot of kids play this game and I find some of the adds a bit explicit so please change the adds (I dont mind the ads btw). I hope the creators of this game reads this review and takes it into consideration by changing things..Version: 2020.10.22

I like it but the old game was better I think...I really loved Among us when it first came out because it was fun and exciting trying to get around and finish all your tasks or kill the crew, but when the new update came it changed my name and the chat is really hard to figure out. It got confusing and I didn’t play it anymore because it just wasn’t as interesting anymore. The old version was fun, free and most of all, understandable. The chat was easy to work and you could write whatever you wanted instead of clicking tonnes of buttons. It didn’t have the whole account tab, you could just go in, pick your name and get started. Please, please, please make the quick chat age based, because it is sort of annoying trying to find all the sentences and accusations when you have limited time to write it. All in all, I liked the old game better than the new updated, advanced version. It was so easy to play and simple, but even then it was a lot of fun. Thanks!.Version: 2021.4.12

GlitchesI love the game, but I stopped playing it for a while and now that I’m back on it, too many things changed. If I’m under 18 I have generated messages so I can’t say my own words. I get that it’s for safety, but even if I’m not saying anything inappropriate I should still be able to say what I’m saying not butchered. That’s why I deleted it and downloaded it again so I could change the birthdate I put on it. Also most of the time after we vote it all goes black and I just hear the sound of people leaving the game so I don’t know if that’s what is happening to other people too and that’s why I hear leaving but none the less it is a glitch that needs to be patched up. I even waited a bit to see if it would go back to normal but guess what, it didn’t. Thank you among us for your consideration for younger people by making the safety automated responses, but it’s really not doing it for me. And please patch the glitch. I don’t know if it’s because I got a new phone, but I don’t think so because I can hear the sound of people leaving from the game whenever it happens. Also, when we were voting, I was a ghost and I only saw orange and yellow and I know orange was the imposter since I was dead. Is this a new thing? I am so confused since I took my among us break. Plus when I was walking through cams, no one was there, but i saw the cameras have that red light meaning someone is looking. ARE THERE NEW CAMERAS OR SOMETHING I AM SO CONFUSED?!!!!!!!.Version: 2021.3.5

Okay..Okay, this is an amazing game and all, but can you take away the thing that removes your server because of inactivity? I literally made a really good friend on there and the server got removed! I haven’t seen her since and I was crying so much, or can you atleast add a friending system? Please I still miss her. Also, I just joined heaps of different servers and the same person who had no name, was the colour red, kept spamming and sending links and the server would be glitched and hacked. Please fix this, this is on every server i join and its only on my device..Version: 2020.9.9

BAD UPDATE CHANGE IT BACK PLEASEI used to love this game I would always play it and have fun with my friends but this new update has ruined the game for me and a lot of other people You have made a lot of people delete the game because of this update, this update takes away all freedom on this game I can’t change my name and now I’m stuck with somethibn like funnybanna or something and I can’t chat what I want to I get that u have added because of inappropriate and swearing reasons but u can just sensor it and nobody really cares they just Ignore it but now i can’t say anything I want and somethings I want to say I can’t because e it’s not on the quick chat thing so u have just lost another player.Version: 2021.3.31.2

🛑READ THIS 🛑I used to absolutely adore playing among us! It was so much fun and you got to talk to other players and trying to figure out who the impostor was or to get away with kills. The game has now changed and in the chat you cannot actually type freely, all the things you can say are pre-written so you click on them to say something. This ruins the game because there are things that you can’t say that you want or need to say. For example I was playing and two people were dead so I reported the bodies and then tried to say where it was but there is no function that allows you to say places on the map, there is also no function that allows you to say certain colours and there is no function that allows you to say people who have died, so the only thing I could say was that alive people were chasing somebody who had died right. But you can’t say dead people‘s names so you basically can’t play the game properly and it takes forever to find all the things you want to say and then people think you’re sus and vote you out. I really used to love this game but since this new update has come out this game is almost impossible to play..Version: 2021.3.31.2

Crashes When Playing On IPadI recently decided to download Among Us via watching twitch streamers play the game. I was very intrigued by the concept and the overall play style of the game, so I decided to download the game on my iPad Pro and low and behold the game immediately crashed upon entering the lobby I was pretty disappointed I hope that this issue will be patched and I can use my iPad Pro to play Among Us thank you..Version: 2020.9.1

You ruined it 😡We need to sign in to change are name and it’s impossible to talk normally this game was my fav but now it’s ruined great job for ruining it 😡.Version: 2021.4.12

Better chat filter neededI love this game but I think you need to upgrade the chat filter. After all this game is 9+ and people are going online and saying irrapropriate things and there are bullies too. So maybe you should upgrade that. Also make it better for iOS! less lag, no blank screens, kicking out app etc etc. Can you maybe make people like get coins or like items when they win a certain amount of rounds? Because I feel like it’s a little pointless if you don’t get anything after right? Also maybe make chance of imposter better because some reviews haven’t been able to be imposter before! But I have for a decent amount of times but I just wanted to add that. :) There’s another problem though.., I’m on an iPad mini (iOS) and I deleted the app just temporarily, I downloaded it again today but it freezes at the screen, it did this for a short amount of time when I first got the app and the loaded the game. Now I have reinstalled it, it’s glitched out a bit. But apart from that the game is AMAZING and I do recommend it to people who like mystery games! Thanks for reading my review ☺️.Version: 2020.9.9

It kicks me out when I join a serverEvery time I join a game it does not work and kicks me out to my home screen 😠 It’s so annoying.Version: 2020.10.22

Great butOkay so this game is a lot of fun but people do have offensive names and even though you block that people still say it one other things that bugs me is how many times I’m the imposter I’m not trying to be like a 6 year old who doesn’t get the imposter when they want to. I did and experiment of how many times I go the imposter out of 100 games and I got the imposter 4 times this did happen over two weeks but still I really love being the imposter and I barely ever get it. One more thing can you make it do that say lime has played 20 games and hasn’t gotten imposter and red has played 20 and gotten imposter 8 times can you make it so the chances of getting imposter is higher for lime and lower for red..Version: 2020.10.22

I love this game but...I actually loved playing this game but not enjoying so much. There needs to be some kind of registration for an acct. Too many people saying racist remarks and people that talk disgustingly. No one should have to deal with seeing this behaviour. Needs to have a setup up that people can get banned from the game and not just a room..Version: 2020.11.17

Please restore among us to its former glory!!!!Hi innersloth, I’d like to say thanks for giving us among us, but please fix this mistake!!! The chat. The new update on chat where you can’t freely say whatever is sad and annoying. You can’t explain what another player did with complexity because you only have few options on what to say! Example: the lights went out, red walked up to security, vented to electric, killed lime and self reported. You might be able to say “red Sus. Self reported. But you can’t explain why. You guys could change chat to it’s original form, but have a report button to report behaviour, and if you get maybe 5 reports, you get banned for a month or something. My friends and brother keep saying how among us is bad with the update and they don’t want to play anymore, and honestly, I’m putting off playing too. Please fix the update because it’s ruining your glorious game, and soon, it may not be as loved. I’d give you 5 stars if you kept among us the same, but now it’s only two. Fix this and it’s an easy 5 stars from me. Thanks!.Version: 2021.3.5

The new chat feature adds a few difficulties.The new feature regarding the little dial next to the arrow that’s send your message is an owing to say the least, but in other words, it makes it harder to say what you need to say in a short amount of time. You see a lot of us are fast at typing, and if there are hackers linking hacks and little kids spelling things wrong, what is really the problem you can’t copy the link, you can’t straight bully a kid for saying something wrong (if you can that’s a big problem on the other foot) and you just ignore them and play the game. It’s also super weird and it doesn’t really fit with me to be honest. It’s also really disappointing on how I was expecting the update to be the Henry Stick-man update with the airship and all that, but it still hit me hard when I noticed it was just a patch (in my opinion you should have put the patch in with the update just for you’r information). But anyway, it was just heartbreaking when I noticed, so yeah disappointed, add the patch in with the update next time and bye be good people love yourself..Version: 2021.3.5

Please put in place punishments for continued leavingSometimes in games lots of people just leave, most likely because they want to be an imposter. There should be penalties for constant leaving as it ruins the game and just makes it a worse experience..Version: 2020.9.9

Crashing on iPad AirThe game crashes on my iPad Air 1 as soon as the shhh screen comes up when a game starts but works fine on my iPhone 7 Plus. Very fun but wish it worked on my iPad..Version: 2020.9.9

Bad updateGod I hate the new based chat get rid of it no onevwant it also who idea to make it they are idiots werid and gross you know what i mean?.Version: 2021.3.5

Shh ScreenThe games all good and all, not that bad, just disconnect when I’m in the lobby, which takes me to my wallpaper. This is also the same thing with the ‘Loading into game screen - shh screen’. Whenever the game starts, it will show the shh screen and then my iPads screen will go black and go back to my wallpaper. It’s so frustrating, when I also downloaded 8 vpns which wasted all my time bc the same thing would happen over and over again and keep in mind that I was doing this for about 4 hours nonstop. I kept trying but it wouldn’t work. I even uninstalled it, force restart my iPad, I ALSO ERASED ALL CONTENT AND DATA BUT NO, STILL DIDNT WORK, I DELETED MY FAMILY PHOTOS FROM 6 YRS AGO JUST TO PLAY THIS GAME. I have a iPad Air. Please fix this, I’ve lost way too many things trying to play this game..Version: 2020.10.22

New update is good except for this.Can no longer text to chat, you have to use the quick chat. Very annoying and inconvenient, I just want to say what I need to say without looking for it and wasting my time and voting time..Version: 2021.4.12

Few issues2020: Among us is a fun and enjoyable game for young children up to adults even, but there are a few issue that need to be addressed, Firstly the comments/texts; that I’m seeing constantly is very rude and inappropriate (on among us), and having young children on this app it’s not something that many people want their children seeing or hearing! Secondly, the game is always glitching if we have good wifi or not with makes it very annoying to play the game. Overall Among is is a fun game but with these few tweaks it will be even better, please take these issues into consideration and take note. 2021: Some of the new updates have not been obviously thought through, as i have realise that the new way to communicate with your fellow crew mates/imposters is just making the game hard to play which is making me NOT WANT TO PLAY AT ALL! As we have a limited time to talk about, where the dead body was found and who the imposter might be, which means trying to find what we want to say or ask is extremely difficult. Sometime there is not even an option of what I was thinking..Version: 2021.4.12

UnplayableI’ve give it a two star instead of one because it’s a good idea for a game. The only problem is, it doesn’t work well. Particularly after the new update, it is now unplayable. I’ve give it time to see if it will get better, it’s just isn't. The game is so laggy, always has been but after the new update you wait ages for the game to load, constantly getting kicked out the server, and it’s not because of my internet, my internet is always super fast. And another BIG problem. You have to play with the kids, and kids are frustrating brain dead little people to play with. Now of course I don’t expect among us to ban kids from playing, but some kind of system where adults get joined up with other adults would have worked well, because without that system, you can’t play a good game. And no I don’t want to scroll through Facebook groups trying to find game codes with adults who are playing, I want to load the game and play a decent game without all the fuss. So yeah I’ve deleted it, and trust me after a while you will too, when the little brats and the laggy servers get you to start pulling your hair out..Version: 2021.4.12

Amung usBasically i used to love amung us when u could chat and change ur namd to like (amelia or harry or lily) but now there is just like icehead or poolwater and i liked how i could change my name but now i cant :( so yh also the chat is the WORST THING EVER im sorry amung us but i akways used to play u but pls cant u get this better so u can type and when u say start its rude and when they start u cant say thank u and yh so pls get that better and when u vote someone of when it wasnt a imposter u cant say sorry or anything and also i like saying :) when they say like ty when they say they are safe and in new chat u cant say they are safe so yh and u have to suspicios instead of sus lol but that doesnt matter but pls fix amung us i always used to play it and now im sorry amung but it is really bad and pls can u share out the imposters more bc sometimes im always imposter and other times i play for like 3 hours and i am not imposter once and pls can u change it plsssss i never play amung us anymore and i used to be exest. Thank u for spending ur time to read this message plesse make me want to play amung us sorry for waisting ur time but yh byeeee.Version: 2021.4.12

I love among us, but it won’t work.❗️PLS READ THIS❗️ So I have an IPad and it just keeps crashing so, I got it on my tablet but because of the new map I needed to update it but when I went to look for Among us on google play store it did not come up. And then I thought I would delete it and download it again but I could not find it on the play store. Pls help. Also when I played on my phone it took like forever to load into the game. And after a meeting everyone freezes and you can’t move unless to click the settings and then click out of the settings, it’s weird. Also no one is typing anymore, because there is not a free chat, and what is the point of reporting someone for swearing if you can’t swear anyway. That is so confusing. And if you can report people then we should have the free chat back then. Also the random name, I don’t like either. I was play with some of my friends and we wanted Harry Potter names, but we could not type in our own names, it’s a bit dumb if you ask me. But pls bring this back, it will be a lot more fun too..Version: 2021.3.31.2

Among us got really badAmong us was a very good game until the new chat system came in and we waited several months for the airship map to be released. The new chat is what bothers me as you can only say certain phrases and words so no more extremely smart word plays and phrases to win. Now the game is barren and unexciting with tons of annoying kids and click bait YouTube content creators both of which are generally annoying or partially mean and all the hype for the “once great” among us has died completely Among us truly is a dead game.Version: 2021.3.31.2

Please ChangeThis game used to be so fun but the new quick chat mode has changed that. It’s made meetings so stagnant and it’s so hard to communicate with one another. I know this has been changed to stop harmful or hurtful things being said but with the new accounts system you can already control that. I really just want the old chat mode because it made it feel like you were actually talking with one another. Now it just feels like you’re saying a bunch of random words that don’t even get your point across. It’s made meetings so hard because there’s no way you can create an argument. It’s just one accusation against another. Please change it back, it was one of the best parts of the game..Version: 2021.3.31.2

TerribleI hate your new update It sucks make among us good again also I’m waiting for the airship.Version: 2021.3.5

I randomly go back to my home screenWhen I am the game in the middle of the round I get kick off and on to my home screen so maybe it’s my iPad or there’s so kinda problem with the game.Version: 2020.9.9

I disagree.The main reasons that this is a 3 star review is: 1. The fact that we can’t type to our will. 2. We can’t even make up our own names. I am not happy about this “feature” and would like to have keyboard access again. And it makes voting/discussion time so... strange. If i can’t type, i can’t make my fave accusation and i really enjoy this game. And lots of chunks of your community agree, it is fun, but was adding that dumb new feature really necessary? Or was there people making other children go to.... ILLEGAL, sites? From pornhub to the black market, safe to say it’s just best to add a safety feature. Where the game auto checks the site to make sure it’s ok. I would love this to happen so please, recommend it. And SERIOUSLY, no joke, get rid of that annoying feature. Not to MENTION that you let us choose the rooms to start in online, but free play? You have to WORK to that room, and for me: that is NOT ok! I would rather watch the valiant hero ending 10 times than spend my afternoon trying to get to the specific location..Version: 2021.3.31.2

My experience with Among UsI used to play Among Us but not really anymore and here is why: Poorly maintained. There is so much glitches present in Among Us. The last round I played the impostor was the only one remaining but the round was continuing. The black screen glitch is extremely common and sometimes the lobby glitches into the map and the game is unplayable. Second reason: The game barely updates. Ever since I started playing the game, the biggest update (not including bug fixes) was the chat assist and that is about the only new thing I can name. For a half of a year, practically nothing was added. If you cannot maintain the game properly, then you should sell it to a company that can. Third is the community. Although the developers cannot control this, it still makes the game a bad experience for many players. You may have added what I am about to say already, but if you didn’t, you should add a age restriction. There are a lot of people that play Among Us who are not very smart and accuse people for no reason and everybody listens without any evidence. This makes the game very easy for the impostor because of how gullible the majority of the community is. And even if you are the impostor it still ruins the game because you can execute it perfectly and still get voted out because “Red sus” I have stopped playing the game because it just never added anything new and became very bland. And the community adds on to the bad experience..Version: 2021.3.5

Great now badThis game used to be great but now it’s utter rubbish 1 the auto chat is ridiculous and it’s annoying cause I can’t change my birthday cause I play on mobile 2 so many little kids play this game I am a kid but I mean 6 year olds that leave the game as soon as it starts and won’t do there tasks even though your screaming for them to do it not to mention they call emergency meetings when the games just started and continually do that and even see people kill but don’t report (this isn’t a big problem but still ) 3 the game has become trash after the new patch so please make the game so we don’t lose when we first start because we have a bunch of kids on our team or because people are hacking I know you fixed the hacking but now it’s back we lost because one person died and there were 6 other crew mates and 3 imposters and to make it really sus we lost as soon as someone called an emergency meeting and the game froze so pls fix all of this and I really hope this gets through to the devs so pls take this seriously because I can’t stand another round.Version: 2021.3.5

The game is stupid nowThe old version of Among Us was SO MUCH better. 1. You have to have an account now to customise your name and everything like that. 2. Most of the time the game glitches and you can’t even join a lobby because “We can’t authenticate your account. Guests accounts are okay though!” When I HAVE an account. The only times it works now is when I have deleted and reinstalled the app! And that only works for ONE round! 3. The quick speech toggle is so useless! It’s so tedious to use and so slow! 4. (This one doesn’t matter, but it’s still annoying.) You guys changed the font to this crappy, average font which is stupid because it can be easily edited to make it look like something different! 5. The maps take SO long to load! One time I had to wait an ENTIRE ROUND just so it could load the map! Yes, the device I’m playing on isn’t the newest, but how can it not load a map that I’ve already played before!? Why couldn’t you guys just add the new map and not add these stupid features?! It’s so annoying and I can’t even play it now because of the second thing I listed. PLEASE, just revert it back to the original OR fix all these glitches that I’ve mentioned!.Version: 2021.4.12

Please fix thisStuck on a black screen.....Version: 2020.9.9

Really good until the update 🤔😒This is a really good game that’s requires teamwork and cooperation. It’s a very creative yet simple game that I like a lot. There are one, two or three imposters in the ship that go around killing and sabotaging. The aim of the game is the crew have to work together to find out who the murderers are while doing tasks to save the ship. Now you’re probably wondering why I only rated 3 starts and if I wrote this review yesterday it would’ve been 5. But today they’ve added a few updates including a map tweaks and and safety stuff. One of the safety things is the new chat feature that lets u pick what u want to type which I thought was really cool until I found out that I can’t type things for myself. The only things I can type are the things it suggests for me which doesn’t always work for the situation which is really annoying. I would be really happy if maybe u kept this feature but also allowed us to type our own things. Thank you for reading my review ☺️🙏 Edit: I just played a proper game and it’s glitching soooo much and on cams the map looks so different also on the polus map everything is glitching and the floor is just green! This update was supposed to fix glitches but if it’s done anything it’s actually just added more..Version: 2021.3.5

It’s a good game.Hi, I just want to address somethings on here that may want to look into but the chat feature to talk freely doesn’t work anymore even when deleting the app and redownloading it again. Also this might just be me but it takes a bit longer for me to join the game then others and lowkey afraid that I might get killed and not have the chance to run away. If you could look into it for us that would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day!.Version: 2021.4.12

BsisnsjI love this game but the last heap of games I’ve played, people have some foul mouths! It’s nasty and horrible and it needs to be sorted ASAP! My youngest boy plays this and yes he probably doesn’t play the game right and causes people to be annoyed but there’s still no right for others to abuse and say horrible things because of it! I think the banning thing needs to be sorted also, I was banned for absolutely no reason, I was being honest by telling this person that he was being abusive and immature to others and it needs to stop, I was banned straight away..Version: 2020.11.17

BadFirst i do not get to pick my name which is okay but they do give horrible names and then the chat is very bad since you can not chat how you use to can and write your opinion and half of the people don’t even know how to use it and there are thing that i want to chat but can’t because of this stupid thing and i do not have an account so i can not sign in it is super laggy and it takes about 5 minutes or even longer before i load and i can’t even join my friend on it since the server was not found but clearly it is since my friend was on it this game is horrible after the new airship update i liked the old among us now this is a crappy game. Some kids on there are also ruining the game worse since they accuse you and every time you join a new server you get voted out immediately i hate this game i use to love it but not anymore improve and change it to the old type i actually think in my personal opinion that alot of people like the game better before the update and one of the reasons why it died down is because of this. Don’t download this game you will waste your time while you could be doing things that aren’t broken. I would have rated this game a zero or even worse if i could. I expected better as you can see most of the replies were good and rated it 5 star before the update i know that alot of people probably hate this game.Version: 2021.4.12

Love the game, but hardly worksI absolutely love the gameplay and concept of this game. As far as games go this is the most addicting mobile game I’ve personally played. I’ve enjoyed it since this game came to iOS and have even purchased some in-game cosmetic gear. I just wanna say I appreciate the devs don’t give any pay to win options in the game. Some of the tasks are annoying and the maps need balancing I think. Other than that I think the gameplay is the strongest aspect of this game as it preys on our natural suspicions of others and that’s an amazing concept for strangers and friends to play. The biggest problem I’ve had though, and the reason for the 3 star rating is due to the fact that I can hardly even get matches when I want to. I get error messages often saying I was dropped from the server or that the matchmaker is full. As someone who has put money into this game I find this unacceptable. I understand the rare server issue here and there but when it takes over 20 minutes to search for game I feel like I’m literally wasting time. This game was the number one ranked action game at one point and there are ads at the end of every match. Surely the devs need to work out a better deal with their current sponsors. I really hope they don’t just divert all their assets into the planned sequel because I don’t believe the sequel will be as much of a success as it could be if any players are left disappointed in this game..Version: 2020.9.1

People are playing unfairly and ruining the gameFirstly I would like to start by addressing that the game is broken and it not the developers fault. Kids are on calls together and ratting out the imposter of their friend was killed. This completely ruins the aim of the game as your supposed to work it out and not have one of your friends tell you who it is. It ruins the game until the point where it is no longer fun. As I said before. It is not the developers fault that this is happening and purely down to the game community but if you developers are reading this, I suggest you try to counteract this problem. Secondly I have encountered many lobbies with people getting in relationships with people they have never met personally and acting very immature with each other and asking if they want to date. I’m saying this as it can be dangerous meeting people online as you don't know anything about them and I think there should be a system in place to stop people from doing this. Finally I have also encountered many people using hate speech or being racist in game, I am aware that there is a censor chat function but this is still not enough as people can still type hate speech into chats which still could offend people. I did rate the game three starts as apart from this problem, the game is actually very fun to play when people are playing properly..Version: 2020.11.17

Halloween hatsI love the game, the atmosphere and all the things behind it but when the Halloween skins came back I couldn’t get them and for the past few days I have been on and everybody is using their skins and stuff and I can’t use em because I don’t have them... this makes quite sad knowing that I could be one of the people going around with them but life ain’t going that way so yea ;~; Please help fix my issue and help others that may have this peculiar problem because I don’t want this incident tarnish my thoughts on this game 😢.Version: 2020.9.9

Why am I never the imposterMe: plays for 2 hours and gets imposter 0 times My friend: joins first game and gets imposter Me: ....Version: 2020.9.9

Stop cheaters!I do love this game, however it has taken no time at all for people to be able to cheat, for example, I was in a game where black was the impostor, cyan was dead but lime was still alive, as well as a number of other colours, and lime says ‘it’s black cyan told me’. They were in the same room and were talking. This is CHEATING! If they were both dead this would be fine as that is something that is allowed within the game. But this wasn’t the case, it really does just spoil the game for everyone. As well as that, so many times you start a game and people either leave before it’s even really started or leave when they die, which means they cannot do tasks to help the crew mates win. It also alerts the crew mates when someone has left giving them a clue as to when they died! It’s a good game but deeply flawed. I wish there was something more that could be done to stop the cheaters. Maybe having to input details such as an email address would help, that way if a person is reported numerous times for cheating their chats can be looked up on and banned from the game if it is found to be true. At the moment that isn’t possible. Also people should be forced to input a reason why they’re accusing someone. This will be a fad if it’s not sorted out I’m certain..Version: 2020.9.9

Inability to type has made the game stressful and annoyingI loved to play this game. i was looking forward to the new update, and Airship is amazing, but without being able to type the game is hardly worth playing. we can’t piece together any information to find the imposter, and if someone leaves the game you can no longer say their name. for example i was playing a game and i saw green kill white. however white then left the game and i couldn’t say that green killed them. another time i watched someone kill and i got voted out for it because the quick chat didn’t allow me to defend myself when the other person was on a laptop and could actively type. the quick chat is also hard to use and i can not find what i’m looking for, or what i’m looking for just doesn’t exist. i was in a game where everyone was using the quick chat and it was impossible to find the imposter because nobody watched a vent or kill and we couldn’t communicate to simply make others safe and narrow it down, nor could we say why we think someone is sus. which often leads to you getting voted out for susing someone without being able to say your reasoning. and if you get loaded into a game with ppl who can type from computer, you get voted out for being quiet and not contributing when you litterally can’t contribute anything. i find it annoying and stressful and believe with the update among us is only worth playing on voice chat with others unless you have to ability to use a computer, which i don’t..Version: 2021.3.31.2

Good game but crashes EVERY TIMEThis used to be my favourite game. I loved how it was so different to anything I’d ever played before. I loved the sense of mystery as to who the impostor was. I loved trying to kill people without getting caught and the simple but fun tasks that crewmates had to complete. I wish I could say the same now. One day when ever ‘Shhhhhh...’ came up and the game was about to start the app crashed. I thought this was just a ‘one off’ as it usually is but then it kept happening, again and again, all day long. Then it was the next day and the next and the next! I swear I didn’t touch anything! Though, the most annoying thing is after a while as the app crashing, it would say ‘You can’t join another game for 5 minutes after intentionally disconnecting! I didn’t do it intentionally! It was the apps fault! Then 5 minutes would turn into 10, then, 15 and then 20! I’ve tried re-installing the app but that didn’t work. Please fix this ASAP as I don’t have another device to play on. If this was fixed, I would rate it 5 stars..Version: 2020.5.9

HackerEris loris on YouTube is hacking the game and making lobby’s black , kicking you out , not letting you leave game , and making you spawn random places and can’t move and hacking people and making them chat “ Subsrcibe eris loris on YouTube | I WANT TRUMP 2020” get rid of this guy omg.Version: 2020.9.9

Game sucks after updateI wish I could chat what I want, I don’t even care about toxic nine year-olds.Version: 2021.4.12

Among Us!!!Personally, I love the game itself but there is no keyboard function and I don't know how to use it... very sad about that SL.Version: 2020.10.22

The new updateI HATE the new update, I’m under 18 so I can only do the quick chat and it SUCKS it takes to long to type something and there’s only a limited amount of things I can say. I LOVED among us, I played it with my friends every morning before school and I play it with my youth but the new update ruined among us. I hate how you have to be over 18 to type normally. 😡😡😡.Version: 2021.3.5

Misinput in the data server and consistent lagsI get many lags and i often get glitched out of rooms. I was playing with my friends and suddenly when the game started i glitched out. I also have encountered many and i mean MANY hackers and trolls, spamming endless discord server invites and empty threats, but there is a chance those threats are true which disturbs me quite alot. I also often find myself with a dark room on my screen only showing my character. I get these lags consistently even when i have full bars of wifi and good reception. I only started playing because it was popular but, i was disappointed to find these lags. 0/10 will not consume again.Version: 2020.11.17

Please ReadOk, so, AMONG US was originally an awesome game. It was one of my favourite apps. But the new update has become frustrating and annoying. First of all, there was this one update that didnt allow players to talk, they had to tap on an icon in the right hand corner and there was all these catagories like " statements" and " accuations" ? And I know why this update was installed, to stop people being rude to each other in game, but honestly its just tedious and confusing for people who where used to the old version. It takes more time and sometimes you are unable to send your message in time ( depending on the of the conversation time ) or are unable to say what you want to say, and apparently people playing on computers dont have this update. Secondly, ( and I dont know if this is a glitch or not ) but you are unable to change your name how you would like to be named. You have to randomise your name. And finally, and I dont know if this is just a problem for me or anyone else, but it takes a LOT longer for the screen to load where you find out your roles. Please, please read this. This game went from being a five stars and more to being a low three or even less. Please listen to my complaints, and thankyou for taking the time to read this. Thanks, Please fix this..Version: 2021.3.31.2

NEW UPDATEThe new update makes the game even harder to play. It’s so annoying that i can’t choose what i can say. Also very confusing because it doesn’t let me explain my full half of the story and what i saw so they end up voting me out in results of that..Version: 2021.4.12

New update sucks!😡🤬I really hate the new update, I can’t talk to the other players like it was before the stupid update happened, it’s just stupid and I don’t know why it was added....Version: 2021.2.21

IN LOVE but....I love this game great features and animations!! Would so recommend but my problem is that when ever I try get on a server and I do it stops takes me out to the home in the game and says that I need to install the update I checked and NO update to be required and I researched and got nothing! More maps!!!! My friend is so disappointed as she can’t play the game at all!!!!! The worst thing is it doesn’t stop all the swear words and cover them fully, people give out their numbers, house numbers, Snapchat’s etc., old people 16-20 keep saying in the chat “wanna be my girlfriend?” Or “my snap : blah blah” and the last thing is I wish you could request to be their friends or something like social media we all have accounts! I want more shades so if you tap red you can do light red etc. and another person can use another shade so then you can just get up to 15 people! Searching up people (that’s great if we get accounts) and inviting people to your server! EMOJIS AND FONTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, this app has so many amazing things but not going to lie it needs ALOT of work, thanks best regards a installer!.Version: 2020.9.9

Too many problemsIt was a great game, however recently it’s crashed. I cannot get onto any games. I get into the lobby and then when it starts I get stuck on a black screen. My friend has an issue where she just gets stuck on the finding servers screen and I know multiple people who just cannot find a game. We are all playing on north America but the other locations do the same thing. I also hate the new update. I liked the old maps that are simple and small, this new one feels like you will never learn where everything is. I also hate the new chat, it takes so much longer to talk and sometimes what you want to say isn’t an option in the pre written stuff. I also can’t change my name! I had a name that I really liked and press randomise name because I was curious. Bad idea. Changed my name to cozycow and won’t let me randomise it any more, guess that doesn’t matter because I can’t play. Please put this game back to when it was a little more simple, or at least fix the problems. Update: it just deleted itself and now when I try to install it, it says “your device does not have enough storage to install this app” even though I have 10< g spare? Uhm?.Version: 2021.3.31.2

EhFirst off its a really fun and addicting game, the thing is, whenever you leave a game too many times, you can’t play for a certain amount of time. Second of all, there has been numerous amount of glitches in the past few days. To start off, it will randomly kick you out of a game while you’re in the middle of one. This really makes me mad and frustrated because of how many times it’s happened. Next, there is a hacker. You will join a game and the screen will be all black and you can free run wherever. Then when you check the chat it has a link telling you random stuff and to vote for trump. This can be really scary for young ones and we should also not bring any thing political into a game that kids are playing for fun. Also, in the text it says it will hack with your WiFi. Which is true, not for me, but people I know. It logs them out of their WiFi and disconnects them where they can or rejoin. I would really recommend to wait to download the app until these bugs have been fixed. Thankfully, they have said that instead of making an “Amomg us #2” they will wait of and be trying to fix these bugs instead. I would wait until around November, as they said that’s when it should be fixed. I also say you should be 12+ to have this game. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds but, there are people swearing in the chat, and especially when there is a hacker at the moment. I would give this game a 3/5..Version: 2020.11.17

Bad updateThis new update is an utter disappointment. It takes away all of the freedom capabilities of describing scenarios, talking to people in game and organising game modes because of this new “quick” chat feature which makes it a lot harder and slower to chat. It seems this update is designed around and for very young children which takes away the original and fun experience of amoung us. To state what quick chat is, it means that there are set phrases you can say by clicking them but because of this it means that you can no longer type and text. I’m sorry developers but you just lost another long time amoung us fan due to your desire to please young audiences such as 5 year ago olds.Version: 2021.2.21

The quick chat is horribleWhen i first got this game, before it was even super popular, i loved it and would play it for hours on end and stay up late playing it. It’s a really great game. The new airship map is nice, i’ve only played in it once so i still don’t know my way around but i do like that update. i just really think the quick chat thing ruins it. I just can’t say what i want to say. I’m not sure if i’ve missed it but i can’t find a question that says proof? because whenever someone accuses someone, some ppl like to ask for proof. the thing is u can’t give proof if it’s really specific, the answers are super general and just don’t explain what i want to say. This goes for when i want to say other more specific things. Also some of the questions don’t have answers i think. Like there’s “was this dead body or emergency meeting” but when i looked in answers, there didn’t seem to be an answer there that says which it is. Censor chat can censor inappropriate things anyway so i’m just not sure why quick chat has come in. As i said earlier the airship is nice but since the update, the game has lagged alotttt and doesn’t load to the shhhh screen for like 30 seconds. among us was such an amazing fun game, but i just think the quick chat needs to be fixed and the lag too. thank u so much for taking the time to read this :).Version: 2021.4.12

New update leaves it unplayableThe new update for Among Us has completely destroyed this game for me, especially the quick chat feature. This “feature” is not only far slower than free chat in my experience, but is hard to navigate, and you cannot string together messages. This also links to another problem I’ve had, I’m un-able to use free chat, even after giving myself permissions to use free chat and waiting 2 days. This in-ability to free chat leads to slow paced discussion, un-detailed chat, and poor discussion quality. Over-all this game used to be great, but has fallen in quality recently. Use a voice chat with your friends if you want to play this game..Version: 2021.4.12

UpdateThe new update is horrible!!! You can’t pick your name, you can’t say what you want you have to pick from a list of responses chosen for you, don’t even get me started on the new map!!!!! If I could I would rate this game a 0. This game was a total waste of storage on my phone!!! And finally the game says bugs are fixed but even when I’m on the game for 5 mins it crashes! I hate this game. 😡😡😡.Version: 2021.4.12

A Major ProblemI discovered Among Us playing with friends on private mode. If you decide to just stick with private mode then you will be absolutely fine. You can have a fun time with some friends and overall enjoy this game. But then I tried public games. It wasn’t as bad as you think it would be. I ran into a total of one weirdo and was totally fine. I had no problems. The only time something really weird happened was when somebody with a weird name had tried to get us to follow his/her Twitter, but thanks to the new update Among Us blocks your ability to redirect to another website in the chat. Here’s the thing though. Recently, I ran into another one of the weird-named people, and they said in the chat that the lobby was hacked and he/she had all of the players’ IP addresses. This was an empty threat, as IP addresses are public knowledge (and you can’t find out where you are based on them)and Apple phones are virtually impossible to hack. However, this really shook me up and I deleted Among Us immediately. I didn’t want to be hacked. EVER. It was kind of scary even though I knew the extensive anti-hacking measures taken place by InnerSloth (the game’s creator). While this game is fun, it’s not worth it being scared every time my friends aren’t up for a game. If you are getting this for a group of friends/family, then you are fine. But stick with private games, and if InnerSloth can, fix these hackers!!!!.Version: 2020.11.17

UnfairDon’t eat me wrong I’m obsessed with playing this game, I’ve made plant of content videos with it too however, I keep lagging out when my device has four bars of reception and I’ve persisted with this yet in the last few times I have lagged out, it said I could not play again for another 5 minutes because I have PURPOSEFULLY disconnected from the server when I lagged out unintentionally. Then it happened again right after and it said I could not play for another 10 minutes for the same reason in the same type of situation. I’ve persisted with lagging out and that having a toll on my statistics, but if it going to carry on suspending me from playing, I’m afraid I won’t be able to play for a long enough amount of time that I will lose interest. I know the people that made this game and continue to fix errors, fight hackers, and upgrade the game at the same time have their hands full, but please I just wanna play..Version: 2020.10.22

Why should I report an issue with Among Us!?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Among Us! to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Among Us! customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Among Us!.

Is Among Us! not working?

Among Us! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Among Us!.

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