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WatchMessenger: For WhatsApp Negative Reviews

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WatchMessenger: for WhatsApp App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

WatchMessenger: for WhatsApp app received 76 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using WatchMessenger: for WhatsApp? Can you share your negative thoughts about watchmessenger: for whatsapp?

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WatchMessenger: for WhatsApp for Negative User Reviews

Not worth it. Disappointment app. Don’t spend your moneyThe app isn't work. Hung up, no show messages and freeze. I want my money back..Version: 1.3

Rubbish - doesn’t workI was able to install it on my Apple Watch 4 no problem. Received a messages for a few minutes then notifications stopped working. When messages did come in I had to scroll down through the list of chats to see the updated chats! Uninstalled everything and reinstalled. Again connected ok and displayed messages. New messages came in and same problem. Messages not updating regularly, when it eventually syncs I have to again scroll to find the latest updated message. Terrible app. I’ve uninstalled it not with the money in my opinion!.Version: 2.2

Didn’t workJust shows connected. Rubbish.Version: 2.2

Not workingNot working It works it says it’s connected and yet none of my messages come through and yet for a month they did come through and then they don’t very very unpredictable and his the moment isn’t working at all very very annoyed.Version: 2.2

No sirveQuiero que me regresen mi dinero, no se puede usar la app en el reloj.Version: 2.2

Worst app ever!!!I spend $2.99 for an app (plus ivu) that didnt do anything for what it meant, I tríed everything and nothing happen. I want my money back!.Version: 2.2

DO NOT BUYWaste of £2.99 doesn’t do a thing!!.Version: 2.2

Apple WatchContinues to disconnect and no way of reconnecting, waste of money.Version: 2.2

Mr JohnstoneNot working in my phone would like refund.Version: 2.1

The App Doesn’t WorkIt Only Show Conneted On My App Watch But No Messages Show . 😣 I Want A Refund Or Update The App Please.Version: 2.2

RubbishRubbish app doesn’t work.Version: 2.2

Waste of moneyThis app is a waste of money. None of my messages load and I end up sitting on a frozen screen with one message the whole time. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.2

Never worked at all!!!!Never worked with my Apple Watch 3 waste of money!.Version: 2.2

HelpI want my money back! This is the second time I have downloaded this app and it does not work!!!! Keeps saying to retry to load my messages! This is robbery! 0 stars.Version: 2.2

ShetNo work. I pay and not worked..Version: 2.2

Not worth itIf u have the series 3 with wireless. You have to have the phone connected via Bluetooth and it constantly disconnects. Chats come in late..Version: 1.0

Don’t not buyShocking app. It worked for all of one day and now nothing !! Won’t load my messages or anything. Just says connected at the top and that’s it. DO NOT BUY THIS APP.Version: 2.2

Terrible app, I would NOT recommend!I have had exactly the same problems with this app as the person above. Easy to install, however messages not sinking with my phone, instantly disconnecting from phone even when in close proximity. Messages not showing up on my phone. The app is constantly freezing and now all the content has completely disappeared from the watch. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it on several occasions with the same outcome! Most definitely NOT worth the hassle!!!!.Version: 2.2

👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 2.2

Fake appDoes not even appear on Apple Watch after you have downloaded it... just wasted £2:99.Version: 2.2

Doesn’t workApp doesn’t do anything! Just shows “connected” word on the screen. Nothing else.Version: 2.2

Don’t pay for this£2.99 for an app that doesn’t work!.Version: 2.2

Help - AyudaCompré el app para poder usarla en mi Apple Watch y desde que la compré no he podido enlazar el rejoj con el app de WhatsApp. Cuando abro el app de WatchMessenger nunca me brinda el QR Code para poder emparejar la cuenta..Version: 2.2

No work in me Apple Watch I need money backPlease actualizar lo más pronto posible está malísima esta actualización fue peor no sirve en el reloj.Version: 2.0.3

It doesn’t workIt doesn’t work, doesn’t show the profiles photos, and it doesn’t show you any notification. I want my money back..Version: 2.2

DOES NOT WORKF bs. It does not work. I want my money back.Version: 2.2

Not workingPrior downloading app and using it on Apple Watch only showing connected and hanged.Version: 2.2

Estafa AppEsta aplicación es una estafa.Version: 2.2

Cant load audioAudio does not work, it keeps saying loading i want my refund.Version: 2.0

Doesn’t workI payed £2.99 for this and it doesn’t work just says connect on my watch but nothing comes through an no messages shown.Version: 2.2

Messages don’t send form watchCan’t get the messages I dictate to send from the watch..Version: 1.2

HolaNo me funciona en mi Apple Watch. Se queda en conectado..Version: 2.2

No me da código QREstoy intentando configurar mi Apple watch y no me da opción.Version: 2.2

RubbishThis app does not bring up the QR code on my series 5 watch so I cannot use it. I need my money back.Version: 2.2

Crap don’t waste moneyThis is absolutely rubbish not worth your time disappointed!!.Version: 2.2

Did not workPlease refund me my money. Your app did not work even though it was downloaded correctly. It only said connected and nothing else.Version: 2.2

Rubbish doesn’t work!Waste of money. Doesn’t even generate code!.Version: 2.2

CrapIt doesn’t work!!! I’m mad about the $2.99 as well..Version: 1.2

Not workingAlso not working for me give me back my money.Version: 2.2

Not workingNot working.Version: 2.2

Syncs once and then randomly at bestPlease fix this App so it is usable. It links to your WhatsApp the first time great but then never or seldom updates again even though it says it is connected. When u pick a chat contact or group it can take 10 and more minutes to load the one chat history so is unusable until the whole history with that person has downloaded. It is basically a useless App as is. Drop the photo/video support and focus on text and it’ll probably work much better. The iWatch sends u WhatsApp notifications anyway which is way more reliable and free. Ivan (Developer) how about a credit please? We will gladly pay for it when it actually works, Ivan?.Version: 2.2

Terrible...doesn't workDownloaded and I can't even use it. Does not work at all. Very disappointed.Version: 2.2

Doesn’t workSo paid for this app and dose not work will Apple Watch so annoying.Version: 2.2

Doesn’t work.This app is rubbish. I paid £2.99 for it and it does not work nor is it the right app for what’s app on an Apple Watch! How do I get my money back!.Version: 2.2

Doesnt workThis app doesnt work. I have tried messaging the company but no one replied to help me. I am now looking to get a refund..Version: 2.2

Awful!!!App is not working at all!!!!.Version: 2.2

Don’t get it!!!It doesn’t work..Version: 2.0.2

No SirveNo da el código para comentar.Version: 2.2

Apple Watch S3No sale el QR para escanearlo.Version: 2.2

I want my money back please.The app doesn’t work, I just waste time thinking it will but it doesn’t. Who knows how I can get my money back? If I don’t get my money back I will believe I have been scammed by Apple and everyone involved..Version: 2.2

NO SIRVENo funciona!!!!!! No se dejen engañar !!! 0 ESTRELLAS !!!.Version: 2.2

La peor appNo funciona.Version: 2.2

Absolute rubbishAbsolute rubbish.... I want my money back.Version: 2.2

PoorOne of the worst app’s I have downloaded. Full refund please.Version: 2.2

This App doesn’t workI want my money back, this app doesn't work and they just stole my money.Version: 2.2

Very bad don’t buyDidn’t get past “ connected” despite multiple attempts.Version: 2.2

DONT BUY IT!!!!I never got the code QR!!! Is a SCAM!!!!.Version: 2.2

RefundNever worked nothing happened found a better app free to download and works better to starts gives you 3 days then you pay would like to pay with this refund if I could plz..Version: 2.2

TerribleAvoid. Doesn’t work and charged £2.99..Version: 2.2

Won’t updateKeeps crashing not worth the money.Version: 2.0.4

QR codeI can’t get the QR code. The app works I love it. You can see and reply your WhatsApp messages. But only on the notifications. I would like to see the conversation I can’t get the QR Code. It says getting QR Code but I never get it. Please fix it. In the AppStore you can see conversations and everything. That is what I want. Please fix it!.Version: 2.2

No funcionaCompre la app y nunca me a funcionado. E sido timado con esta fraudulenta app y no me contestas cuando escribo resuelvan o devuelvan él dinero ladrones.Version: 2.2

Doesn’t work at all$5 down the drain. It gets connected to the watch and just says connected but can’t do anything I.e send or receive messages on the watch. Doesn’t work at all, a waste of money. Want my refund..Version: 2.2

AppallingIt doesn’t do anything. Want refund! Avoid this!!!!!.Version: 2.2

Apps only work for 5 mins after each connectionAfter I connect this apps to my WhatsApp account, I get the WhatsApp messages, I can reply. After 5 to 10 mins, I no longer get any messages come through this apps on my Apple Watch. I have to disconnect then reconnect again then it will only last for 5 to 10 mins. After that on my watch when I open up this apps it shows connecting. I keep waiting but nothing changes..Version: 2.1

ScamThis application doesn’t work. It just couldn’t get a QR code on the watch. Please don’t waste your money on this. I wasted $3 on this crap..Version: 2.2

WatchMessengerPoor support never found email to request support. App not working connected to my watch as per instructions but there is no messages.Version: 2.2

Stuck in loadingDownloaded it, removed. Tried everything. Couldn’t get past the loading phase on watch. Too much time wasted..Version: 2.2

It doesn’t workIt just doesn’t work. How can I get my money back?.Version: 2.2

The app doesn’t work!I want back my money..Version: 2.2

No funcionaLo descargue y se queda en conectado no hace mas nada. No llegan mensajes ni nada.Version: 2.2

No funcionaEs una pérdida de tiempo.Version: 2.2

Not even half starI brought this app and the QR code has never came up on my watch all you guys are doing is blatantly larceny by fraud..Version: 2.2

Doesn’t work - don’t waste your moneyQR code never appears on watch even though watch app status says connected. Support link is broken. Useless app - don’t waste your money..Version: 2.2

Does not work - Save your moneyNew Series 4 watch, installed and followed instructions. will not generate QR for initial scanning. Will now delete and request refund..Version: 2.2

No funcionaAparte de decir conectado en el Apple Watch 4 con el IPhone X. El programa no hace nada. No funciona Espero lo Corrijas.Version: 2.2

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Is WatchMessenger: for WhatsApp not working?

WatchMessenger: for WhatsApp works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact WatchMessenger: for WhatsApp.

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