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Microsoft Whiteboard App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Microsoft Whiteboard app received 148 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Microsoft Whiteboard? Can you share your negative thoughts about microsoft whiteboard?

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Microsoft Whiteboard for Negative User Reviews

Awful on iPadI’ve used Microsoft Whiteboard extensively on both PC and Mac, and bought a drawing tablet specifically for it. It was simple but did not feel barebones, and it just WORKED - truly a hidden gem in the Microsoft application space. Skip the iPad version. It is hilariously bad, quite literally the laziest port I’ve ever experienced. Did this really get signed off by the Product Owners? Did anyone actually test this on an actual iPad before pushing out to release? Do you guys even have QA anymore or do they just run a couple scripts and call it a day? Get your act together, Microsoft..Version: 22.11028.0.9070

Palm rejectionThis app has the potential to be great, but the lack of palm rejection when using Apple Pencil makes it terrible. I’m assuming there is no internal QA as it would take only two minutes to realize that the setup is unusable..Version: 21.11118.0.9025

New version drops ruler. Sucks nowStill have issues on iPad where it freezes. New version dropped the ruler. Sucks now without it.Version: 21.11008.0.9018

Where to next?The ability to write fluently is no where near the one with Apple Notes or GoodNotes. The feature of automatically trying to recognise words or shapes as they are being written slows down the writing process and make it counter intuitive. It is a great software with the integration on Windows or Whiteboard on the web. However, the writing experience is very poor and the apps keeps asking to Reload the whiteboard while having the same whiteboard open on a different browser on a PC..Version: 22.10922.0.9062

So much potential...... but still not ready for prime time. After the latest update that included “stability improvements,” I can’t use this app for longer than 2 minutes (not an exaggeration) before it either crashes or freezes and needs to be restarted. That’s not to say it was much better before. I’m using an iPad pro 3 - a pretty powerful device, but still experiencing freezing and crashing. The export to OneNote feature always freezes at some point and requires a restart - I’m not sure if it sends as PDF, SVG or link to OneNote because I’ve never been able to complete the process. The export to Teams feature will export then freeze and require restart. That shares a link to web version of whiteboard. Web version of whiteboard only allows for inking and viewing... doesn’t even support typing which is a little weird to me. When I can use the app, the templates are really cool, the inking works well (as good as OneNote) and I really love the idea of the collaboration features. Unfortunately I can’t use this at all with colleagues because the experience is pretty awful at the moment..Version: 20.10127.0

Very very poor palm detectionWhen using Apple Pencil, if any part of my palm touches the screen, it detects both my palm and pencil as my fingers. Then when I try to write something, it thinks that its a zoom or the whole page moves. It’s almost impossible to write anything on this app. I’ve seen many posts about this issue which have been open for many years but seems like there’s no solution yet. I had to download other Apps just to overcome this issue. I bought an Office 365 account mainly for Whiteboard and OneNote but drawing mode on both apps are pathetic. I’m regretting getting Office 365 now. This is the kind of thing that pushes people to move away from your ecosystem. FIX THIS MICROSOFT !!.Version: 21.11212.0.9036

Love everything but the freezingLove the idea of this app, but wish it would stop freezing every few minutes.Version: 20.10309.4985

Dumpster Fire - Lacks basics - Anti-productiveThis app has serious usability issues.. it’s great MS decided to make a white board.. but c’mon - no spell check, no fonts or sizing, no text color, no changing shape colors, templates are not adjustable… so so so many basic and simple functionality missing. Want to edit the text in that box? Try 10 different steps on iPad… horrible usability and work flow… double-click.. does NOTHING! Microsoft, you need to sit down with anyone and watch them attempt to use this app and you will have 100 major defects and improvements to make in 10 minutes.. So frustrating that we find instead of concentrating and putting our time on the work, we struggle to use the app, argue, get confused and drift off into what a poor app experience this is… it’s the ultimate distraction from making tangible work progress..Version: 22.10922.0.9062

The update ruined this appI used to love whiteboard before the update but now the app practically unusable i hate the new zooming mechanism and you are unable to insert files or photos I just generally hate the new layout.Version: 21.11026.0.9020

Doesn’t SaveSpent about 3hours today writing down notes I’ve been meaning to make for quite a while. Then I went to work and come back and nothing I SAVED is there anymore, and everything is scrambled. I capitalize “save” because I hit the save button on everything. Even went to the home icon and tapped into another file. Everything was still there before I left for work. Both of them are distorted now and have no texts from what I saved before, which is really frustrating considering that was 3hours of brainstorming. Wish there was a way to recover it. 🙄.Version: 22.10406.0.9050

BruhI can’t even log into my school account. Honestly Docs and Whiteboard.fi are better. Don’t get this app! Just go to Whiteboard.fi for better service..Version: 20.11020.1.5506

Awful in every wayThis requires you to log into a Microsoft account to even use the app, it says you need to log in to share information about you with Microsoft. I don’t want to share anything about me with Microsoft, not even debugging info about the app, which is not the only thing they are uploading about you from your device. Then the app itself simply does not work. Every time I load it there are errors. Errors about connecting to Microsoft, waiting for stuff to download from Microsoft, things look like they’re waiting to download, but the app is basically hung. I don’t even like Microsoft and their mostly awful software. But how bad this is surprises even me..Version: 23.10529.0.9099

Work credentials don’t workCan’t sign in using work credentials. Keeps opening the Authenticator app with an old wrk tenant and not the correct one. Deleting the apps, clearing caches, nothing fixes it, so unable to login and use it at all..Version: 21.10726.0.5744

Crashes a lotSeems to lock up and has to be restarted.Version: 21.10823.2.5777

Was Great, now RubbishI used this app for a for a year and loved it. It just worked. It did everything I wanted and more and it was easy to use. Since the last update which has taken away everything i liked about it. It now slow, tricky to move and aline things (i really miss the ruler it used to have) And the auto shape fixer upper used to be excellent is now seemingly on strike. In short it now no linger like working on a whiteboard. Microsoft, please make it go back to when it was good!.Version: 21.11118.0.9025

Good, but could have better optimisation for iPadNeeds Apple Pencil support, and further optimisation, currently goes through battery way too fast..Version: 21.10601.0.5694

Potential - but needs better user testing and enhancementCould have been a great app, but on the iPhone it is clear that Microsoft has not really done any user testing! Such a missed opportunity. For example, two finger panning while drawing doesn’t work, it just creates two lines. Sometimes clicking on a object and then deselecting the object also creates a dot. Sometimes drawing a line will add it to the previously selected object, but other times not. Zoom works only by using your two fingers in one orientation. Just to name a few issues..Version: 21.10601.0.5694

Won’t OpenThis used to be my favorite app on the iPad. I love being able to write things out, move them around, zoom in and out, rearrange. It’s amazing. I use it for so many things and rely on it heavily. Until today. Not it just sits on loading content and won’t load my boards. I can no longer access my semester of information and it’s just gone. I’ve tried signing out and in. I’ve tried deleting the app and redos loading it. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but I’ve lost a ton of crucial information..Version: 22.10712.0.9055

BuggyCrashes when I try to zoom in to a complete whoteboard even on iPhone 10 Pro..Version: 21.11026.0.9020

Deletes work in progressWill randomly delete my work when I leave a file and return. Do not trust with important work or assignments!.Version: 23.10117.0.9071

So close to perfect, and yet one fatal flaw…I was looking for a good free infinite canvas app for ipad, and was reminded of microsoft whiteboard. i gave it a try and it was so nearly perfect; image imports, pressure sensitivity (which oddly enough apple’s new freeform app doesn’t have), change background color, grid lines, etc… but there is one fatal flaw: no apple pencil double-tap support, which is odd because there is such support in microsoft’s onenote app for ipad. perhaps i’m lazy, but the lack of that double-tap feature in this app actually kills my workflow in an app that’s meant for my ideas to flow freely. the double tap allows me to switch to my eraser and back without fussing with any menus, which is especially valuable given my adhd (aka less friction in a process makes things infinitely more likely to get done). so why did i give this 3 stars then, if it’s so close to perfect except for that one issue? because it’s so major that for me i’ve resorted to using onenote as an infinite canvas. i wanted to give it 4 stars, but it didn’t seem fitting given that i don’t use the app. microsoft, i plead and beg with you to fix this one compatibility issue. the whiteboard app is something i absolutely wanted to love and, if you do add double-tap compatibility, i will preach microsoft whiteboard from the mountaintops. it really is that close to perfect..Version: 22.11028.0.9070

Amazing potential, but not stable!This app would be so useful in our current work from home reality, but it is just not stable enough. Will keep watching for updates!.Version: 20.10224.0

Can I roll back to the old version?I enjoyed using MS Whiteboard on my windows device. The MS Whiteboard is always not stable on my iPad. The new web view version makes things worth. It crashes more frequently. I can no longer find the ruler tool. Whiting using Apple Pencil feels very weird now. I have to find a new whiteboard app..Version: 22.10201.0.9040

Crashes on iPad regularlyFor whiteboards where I have used a template on a PC, these same whiteboards will simply not open on the iPad - it just crashes constantly. So for a collaboration tool - it’s a hard fail due to unusable iPad implementation. Please fix this app ASAP!.Version: 22.10801.0.9061

Typical MicrosoftI saw the featured app in the App Store & considering it was Microsoft it actually looked really cool. Downloaded & opened the app , then the small minded developers decided they knew a way to antagonize people that do not want a Microsoft account & no I don’t wish to create one !! Offer general email signup which I always prefer then you will have & get more customers, until then it’s been deleted off my phone..... Shame I was actually looking forward to using it !! I gave it 2 stars only because I think it’s probably quite good but then I doubt I will ever know..Version: 20.10309.0

Pretty basic appHas simple drawing tools, very similar to Apple’s Notes app..Version: 20.10420.1.5102

Good potential, but poor palm rejection + lagI really enjoy the pen experience and the ruler function but there is noticeable lag when panning the whiteboard around Also palm rejection is very poor - the board keeps zooming in and out when using the pencil.Version: 20.10309.0

Garbage softwareCrashes every time I try to move a PDF file. Completely unusable on iPad pro because every time I lean my hand on the screen it moves the entire whiteboard across. Battery consuming and overall just a big failure..Version: 20.10210.0

Lots of freezesThe app freezes a lot when I am trying to write notes for school I have the most recent updated version but it constantly freezes.Version: 20.11020.1.5506

Select tool functions don't workOn iPad the select tool functions don't work, so that makes whiteboard's functionality quite basic. It is very difficult to see how to report bugs, so reporting here, hoping the devs see it..Version: 22.11028.0.9070

Update broke everythingCannot make smart shapes Weird zoom cannot block accidental palm touches.Version: 21.11118.0.9025

Lots of Potential but Needs WorkThere are many apps like this one, in one form or another. What drives me batty is laggy performance, jagged handwriting and illustration. I can understand it on older devices, but it shouldn’t be this way on reasonably newer ones and with a Pencil. If an app’s handwriting is laggy and jaggy, it gets tossed aside. There’s no excuse. That said, the app has potential. By the way, One Note’s handwriting was awful for a long time. It’s better now but not as good as it could be. Handwriting quality is such a large part of the user experience and satisfaction, why scrimp on it?.Version: 1.1811105

Great idea… execution could do with improvementI love using this app when I’m on a call with someone (using my Windows PC), I kick off a Whiteboard session within Teams and then join it from my iPad so I can use the Apple Pencil. The biggest problem is the login system seems unreliable. I use the app maybe once a week, yet every time I come back to it after bit using it for a while, I am net with an endless failing login cycle that requires me to delete and reinstall the app. Most recently, the login UIAlertView managed to stay on top of all other apps, blocking access to my iPad Lock Screen. I had to reboot the device using the power button/volume key trick..Version: 22.10628.0.9054

Recent update is a regressionThe app used to be very good, but this recent update is almost impossible to use. There are fewer pen styles, the palm rejection is completely broken, I am constantly zooming off to random parts of the whiteboard while I am drawing, and it looks like it’s just loading a progressive web app. Was really enjoying the app, but now I can’t use it at all… looking for an alternative until these issues are resolved. It’s. shame, because we use office 365 at work, and the integration and sharing features were a part of the UVP.Version: 21.11118.0.9025

Latest updateBefore the latest update I would have given this app 5 stars. Everything changed without warning. Honestly, I would love it if the developers took everything back the way it was before the update. The “upgrades” are terrible and have completely taken away from the effortless functionality this app once had. I broadcast my lessons from my iPad via Teams and this app in the past made teaching virtually so easy. Now, for the past month this app makes my lessons almost impossible..Version: 21.11026.0.9020

Can’t open files from OneDrive on MobileWhen trying to open a .whiteboard file from OneDrive on mobile (iOS), there is no file association to open with the Whiteboard app, so the file never opens. Makes it pointless now that whiteboard saves to OneDrive..Version: 22.10922.0.9062

Once great, now hampered by glitchesIOS on a iPad Mini with an Apple Pencil - page jumps all over the place as soon as your hands touches the screen. Was a great app, but Microsoft needs to perfect products before running the changes out too quickly..Version: 21.11118.0.9025

Great app if palm rejection on iPad with Apple Pencil works properlyI was so glad when I found this app, it is what I was looking for to record what I learnt and share it with others. However, right after starting using the app, I started to run into problems with the app while using the Apple Pencil. My iPad is the 11” Pro 2018. 1/ The app is super laggy! I would love to use it more if this UX issue is fixed. 2/ The app keeps interacting with my palm and zoom in, zoom out, moving the canvas around without me intentionally doing so. I never encountered the same issue with other apps like Notes (Apple), GoodNotes or even iBook. Searching the Internet, I found that people have been reporting the same issues above since 2018. I am not sure why they have not been fixed until now. At the moment, the app is still usable if you have patience, but the experience is horrible! It could be so much better..Version: 21.10628.0.5709

Work or school accountI use this app on the web browser and it works great! When I open the app it doesn’t let me select work or school account! It just comes up with Error. Please fix this.Version: 21.10823.2.5777

Cool new features but hand recognition is still brokenThe new stuff is great, but until the hand recognition is fixed, it is unusable. Please fix this in the next release. It was working great until the release before this current one. Not sure what happened or how it was missed in regression testing but please fix it. Update: I figured out what’s causing the issues with handwriting. The page zoom controls in landscape mode are directly under your palm for right-handed users. It’s recognizing and zooming as you draw, causing a lot of the issues. Can this be either relocated to the top of the page, or user-positionable? Either solution would restore the usefulness of this app!.Version: 22.10712.0.9055

UnstableFreezes regularly. Not much good when trying to use it for teaching purposes..Version: 20.10406.0.5006

Nice idea, average implementationThe whiteboard is simple and functional. Most favourite feature is the infinite canvas. Biggest default: palm rejection is very bad on ipad (only with this specific app). Other thing missing is a button for shapes..Version: 21.10823.1.5770

Old version was betterThey have just made the app so much worse. It used to be great for meetings and learning. Now it can’t even have an image added from photos. The toolbar is a mess, it is slower to navigate and they can’t even add double tap on the pencil to change to the eraser. What a wasted opportunity..Version: 21.11008.0.9018

Terrible lag timeI tried to use this app while tutoring & the lag time is terrible. Also, it froze on me twice during a one hour session for five minutes at a time. Quite disappointed as it worked so well when it was just me using it!.Version: 20.10224.0

Great idea, ok executionThe idea behind this app is great. I love to rewrite my notes on my iPad. I make concept maps by hand and save them as PDFs. I used to use another app but gave whiteboard a try. It has great lag with the Apple Pencil, and the app itself horrible lags when you zoom in and out into a big canvas. The lasso and move tool is gravely inaccurate and unpredictable . You go to select a portion to move it and when you swipe your finger to move it it won’t budge. The highlighter could be improved by adding color options and size. I really want to stay with this app as it has potential, but If they don’t update it soon with good changes I might abandon it..Version: 1.19101281

Looked goodI like the concept for this app and really enjoyed it for a while, Loved the multi-colour pen option and how you could use different thickness for whatever writing utensil you used. While using whiteboard I have experienced lots of issues ranging from lagging to it deleting over half, if not everything that I was doing. I would close the app being finished at the time to open it later and the entire board be gone - or it, again, would delete part/everything that I was working on. Super frustrating..Version: 23.10529.0.9099

Flawed updateLooked promising and worked great until the recent update, which killed the app. It freezes at start and even deleting and reinstalling the app did not solve the issue. (Why try to fix something with an update that is not broken to begin with! Typical of Microsoft)..Version: 1.1810913

Can’t open itI’ve used Teams on my iPad Pro for some time, but when I launch this it asks me to login with my work account. The moment I tap that button it tells me I can’t be logged in as I need the authentication app. I have it on my phone, the very same one that Teams uses with no trouble every time I login on my iPad, but Whiteboard is determined that it’s not going to use it. I’ll be deleting this one!.Version: 20.10630.0.5323

Please fix the ios app!It has been a reliable online board that I could upload a pdf and write on it without issues. Then the update rolled out and it all crashed! Now it doesn’t open boards on iOS devices! I understand that this is a free app but it used to work great before all this unnecessary updates! Us teachers don’t need stupid smiley faces we need a simple reliable product which this board was before it got “fancy update”.Version: 22.10712.0.9055

It’s okayI have been using it for a while now and had to give it up because my iPad just would overheat and crash. It works fine sometimes a little iffy but I needed to add a fare few photo to the whiteboards and a lot of the times it just wouldn’t sync it so then the other person would see nothing.Version: 20.10727.0.5366

I rate this app 3/5Whenever I delete a whiteboard, it comes back when I open the app again. It also always freezes when I spend too much time on it..Version: 21.10823.1.5770

Why the board is moving away when I rest my palm on screen?Hi, Why the sheet is moving away when I rest my palm on screen to use Apple Pencil? I can write 2 to 3 lines of text and then, resting my palm again on the screen to write something else moves away the board I’m writing on. So I got to move back up where my text is and not put my hand on the screen while I’m writing. This is annoying. Is there a way to deactivate this?.Version: 21.11115.0.9023

Buggy and needs to get on par with Windows versionBackground images on a whiteboard come through pixelated, despite being high res in the Windows app. Crashes now and then and not too smooth with zoom/moving around a whiteboard. Needs some work before really becoming useful on the iPad Pro..Version: 20.10922.0.5431

Unnatural feelDear Microsoft, I am really disappointed by your iPad app for the otherwise gorgeous Microsoft Whiteboard. It feels so unnatural that it is almost impossible for me to write with it. It randomly switches to other parts of my board and it is just so annoying. I use it with my Apple Pencil Gen 2, on my iPad, and with a Wacom Intuos BT S, on my Windows 11 laptop. On the laptop it is really good, and I have rated it 5 starts on the Microsoft Store. Just make the iPad addoption feel like you are actually writing on paper. Thank you. P. S. Please leave the automatic “snap to shape” feature. On the new one, it doesn’t seem to have it. And also add pages. When I export it, it is almost impossible to read, unless I have written only a bit..Version: 22.10201.0.9040

Whiteboard freezeLooks great, has all the features and links to Office 365. But it freezes whenever I use the lasso, whenever I resize an image, whenever I add a second image, whenever ....... should i go on? This makes it completely useless in the classroom...... (iPad Pro 2019).Version: 20.10309.0

Latest update is a broken appUsed to be one of the best app from MS. Now I’m not too sure. Current list of issues: - When drawing with Apple Pencil, the entire canvas shift after zooming in and out. - Enhance shape automatically feature is not functioning anymore. Shape are not formed automatically. - The ink down indicator icon function is VERY confusing - The color select dialog box is not closed automatically after selecting a color + start drawing. No close dialog button either. - Inserting shape requires finger to control the size and position. Apple Pencil will become drawing tool instead of allowing control..Version: 21.11026.0.9020

App keeps crashing when adding a photoWould like to use this as a presentation app but every time I add a photo the app crashes. Tried to find support online but link doesn’t take me to a whiteboard support..Version: 23.10117.0.9071

Horrible update, huge step backwardsI was excited for the new whiteboard since it has been the best of all whiteboard apps on iPad. Unfortunately, the new update missed its mark. I use the whiteboard with a dark background, and now there is a bright white border along the top that I can’t get rid of (instead of the whiteboard area simply being full screen). On top of that, the eraser no longer “dynamically” erases strokes, it erases full lines at a time, which is a HUGE problem. Another problem is that sometimes when selecting a tool, I am unable to draw with it until I perform some magic steps to get it working again. Lastly, there is still no double tap support for Apple Pencil. Until these things are fixed, looks like I’m back to searching for a new whiteboard app that is functional and doesn’t require a subscription service to use..Version: 21.11008.0.9018

FreezesWithin a couple of minutes it froze right away. Not impressed since this is a Microsoft app..Version: 19.11125.0

Doesn’t save my updatesThis happened twice recently where Whiteboard didn’t save my updates it seems. The next day I realise it didn’t save the notes I took. Syncing with a Business account. This app needs to address this otherwise it’s completely useless, now I’ve lost important notes from my meetings.Version: 22.10628.0.9054

Lacking in every wayIf you have been on the search to find a good place to throw your ideas and brainstorm new and exciting thoughts to life, you should bring out your wallet and buy procreate. I legitimately was expecting a decent experience, but i was disappointed within the first 5 minutes of using this app, and here are the main reasons why. 1) Display Latency 2) Cannot rotate whiteboard, i needed to move my whole device 3) Couldn’t change opacity on pens I knowingly got this app expecting a whiteboard, but granted, if i had these things fixed/implemented i would be satisfied. If these are not a bother to you then feel free. I expect some people to use this even for note taking. But really, procreate can do this and so, so much more. You don’t have to an artist to throw ideas around in an artists app:).Version: 20.10309.0

:cI see so many people in the reviews using this for art so I tried it AND ITS TERRIBLE FOR ART!! Like first of all what you need to do for drawing is move the camera clockwise and counterclockwise for those perfect shapes or cute sketches second: when I’m using the pen I can zoom in or out I can’t go back or erase and it’s very confusing and I think you should fix these problems. I know you probably don’t care what I say because you people probably think “oh look at this little kid” and that’s fine think what you want I’m just saying for artists I would use this a lot if it had these things and if you still don’t care and you read all of this then sorry for wasting your time..Version: 20.10420.2.5136

Freezes too much, too sensitive to the hard pressThis app keeps freezing too much on me, and when I use the Apple Pencil, it keeps switching to hard press mode which changes the input mode from drying to moving around and selecting. It is really annoying and I have to keep switching back to drum mode but I keep switching back as I try and draw because it reads that I’m pushing too hard, despite how much I try and press softly. This is way too annoying. Needs to change to long hard press without motion..Version: 21.10405.0.5651

Missing Basic ToolsThis app has a great opportunity to be a great teaching, office work, and most importantly work from home tool! But there are things that you could call creature comforts that in this day and age should be included as a base app support. I’m talking Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd gen) support, left handed support (please please please as a left handed user its very hard to write/draw when it detects input from my hand as I’m trying to write), and I think smarter selection support should be included. For Apple Pencil support, you have the basic drawing support, but for Gen 2 pencils it lacks double tap on the pencil’s flat side to change to a previous tool or eraser tool which would be awesome to have. Left handed support is a basic need. Add it as a setting to toggle on and implement. Otherwise you just infuriate people like myself who are left handed and can’t draw or write without jumping around on the screen or leaving random lines about. On apps like Notability, selection is very easy, you just draw around an object, if you just get part of a line/photo/box etc it is considered selected. Here you have to get the entire object to select it which is fine, but is a tad bit annoying and makes you have to go slow to get everything included you want to select. Maybe have the option for both and include it as a setting to toggle on/off..Version: 20.10309.0

Does not workWhen opening the app it loops on the ‘configuring’ notification. Not currently useable..Version: 22.10406.0.9050

Save yourself the headacheI only gave it 2 stars because I wanted to love it. This app is possibly the most glitchy and frustrating app I’ve ever used. Impossible to write on because the tool bar at the bottom (which can’t be moved or minimized) constantly picks up anything you even slightly touch while writing, constantly jumping around the screen, zooming out, or moving things white you’re just trying to write. Not to mention the fact that it freezes every 8 minutes, requiring you to close out of the app to unfreeze it. Took me about 3x as long to finish my project as it should have. Would not recommend to anyone. I’m now looking for a different app to replace this one..Version: 21.10913.0.5785

Unusably bad, now including data loss!This app can’t even keep data you enter. It doesn’t change orientation well. I’m shocked to see something this bad coming out of Microsoft. DO NOT USE if you want to keep data without risk of random erasure..Version: 21.10913.0.5785

I never leave reviews but this app infuriates me!This app is insanely glitchy. I have been using it for about a week now (with an Apple pencil connected) and today the app has been refusing to write, and when I do write it somehow refreshes the board. I can’t use it anymore, and my school notes are all in here. Untrustworthy app, don’t use unless you can deal with intense frustration. Microsoft, fix your bugs :(.Version: 23.10117.0.9071

Whiteboard crashing on iPhone 13 every time I try to openI can’t open the app on my iPhone 13. It works fine on my iPad and I’ve had it on previous iPhones. Currently, it just won’t open on my phone. Acts like it’s trying to sync and populate an existing whiteboard from my O365 account, then it crashes before opening the board. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail. The Whiteboard app, in general, has SO much potential if they would just invest a little more into it. The fact that you can accidentally (or intentionally) delete a whiteboard and have no way of recovery is really a major flaw and has a frankly scared me away from using it. I would like to use it for ongoing, long term project planning and prioritizing, but the fear of losing all of my work in an instant is a major negative. The fact that I could have one massive, continuous, and practically unlimited whiteboard surface is a brilliant concept, however. It would also be great if you could “lock” whole sections of a board at once, but retain the ability to unlock them as well. Perhaps this is already available and I just haven’t figured it out yet. Should also consider adding the ability to change font and font size, color, etc. Basically take the whiteboard concept and add most of the OneNote functionalities. Major potential for this app..Version: 22.10712.0.9055

Not bad but lose work occasionallyTitle says it. Fun to use, but often get error files and can’t open them. It’s annoying..Version: 20.11214.1.5552

Apple Pencil drawing is terribleThe whole premise of a whiteboard within the Microsoft suite is excellent. But when drawing, it’s not ‘freely’ as advertised but keeps trying to apply correction to the vector lines to smooth them out. So my pencil lines aren’t where I put them. The writing and drawing experience should be identical to the Apple Notes app..Version: 22.10922.0.9062

Horrible updateBefore the new update the app used to be very useful for online teaching. I don’t understand how Microsoft turned very useful and powerful app into a useless one. The app no longer permit copy/paste. The app very slow and crash several times in the middle of the class. Every time it crash I have to reset the pens. No longer you can add pictures. It has so many problems to synch between my different devices. Whiteboard is not accessible if not connected to the internet even if you don’t want to be live on the net. Many others issues such the ruler and the different choices of pens also gone. I wish I could revert to the older version. I have no choice but to switch to another app. Very disappointing Microsoft 👎👎👎.Version: 21.11026.0.9020

Tons of potential, not quite thereI like this app a lot, but it’s still very clumsy to use. I can’t understand why it’s not more stable. It’s essentially OneNote with sticky notes and new tools, so hoping it improves quickly! Priority should be to synch the web app and the desktop versions, so that objects created in either version appear properly in both. It has massive potential - I just hope Microsoft aren’t doing the bare minimum to rival Google et al..Version: 21.10308.0.5635

Missing feature1. Used to recognize palm rest. No longer works. Makes it very difficult to sketch or write now. 2. Used to have a ruler. Gone! 3. Double tapping the pencil would switch to erasure before. No longer working..Version: 21.11026.0.9020

New update removes many key features.The new whiteboard experience seems to remove several features available in previous versions. For example, inserting images, text beautification, and easy invitation of participants. App is generally laggy and seems to just be the web app, keeping all references to windows keyboard shortcuts. But now we have reaction stickers so... Yay? Hope Microsoft rolls out on update to re-introduce missing features..Version: 21.11026.0.9020

I love it when it works.But is crash most of the time. It is really nice concept but somehow it is not stable on iPad mini 5... I like to take the notes together with drawings and shapes which it converts automatically . Please make this app more stable!.Version: 20.11214.0.5532

No Pixel eraseThe old version had either pixel erase or stroke erase. The new version has no pixel erase!! Even the update created yesterday has not added pixel erase back in… its such a small feature but super important while sketching.Version: 21.11115.0.9023

What an unimaginable POSPalm rejection is pathetic and therefore frustrating. App and sheet load times are insufferable. Pen choices keep defaulting to initial colour and thickness. Apple Pencil double tap unsupported. What an inconceivable shameful piece of garbage..Version: 21.11118.0.9025

Functions with GlitchesI love the idea, I enjoy using it to organize ideas, but it isn’t a smooth experience. The options are limited, I use an Apple Pencil and need palm rejection because it’s difficult to write without your palm hitting the screen. Every time it hits the screen or if I lay it down while writing, it selects objects and moves the screen around and out of focus. The app also lags more than I’d expect. I’d also love to see a feature that allows me to lasso objects together and then tie them together. It would help me create elements that I can move around in the same chunks rather than using the lasso for every move. I’ve also had several updating to server errors with files and the app freezes requiring quitting too often. I know this app is still developing and will grow to be more robust and stable. Just where I’m at with it currently. I’m running it on 3rd Gen iPad Pro - definitely enough capacity for stable use. Thank you!.Version: 20.10224.0

Not impressed. Terrible palm rejection when using pen, can’t erase individual line segments.I whiteboard regularly for work and was provided an iPad plus pen at my last job to enable remote whiteboard collaboration. I enjoyed the experience and when I changed job, I bought another iPad + Pen to continue the experience. The new whiteboard app replaced the old one and turned it into a terrible experience. The palm rejection, which works fine in OneNote or Concepts, doesn’t work in whiteboard, it’s unusable with a pen. The screen jumps around anytime I lift my pen from the screen. The eraser is useless as it only erases whole line ‘objects’ not individual segments. Overall, the whole experience of the new app is a significant step back from the old system..Version: 22.10406.0.9050

Overhauled with less features and worse performanceMicrosoft has been on a role with nuking their product line, making their apps less and less usable with each iteration. This app happened to appear next on the chopping block. I used this app for tutoring because it was light weight, simple, and I could later export the final product as an SVG. All three reasons I use the app no longer apply. They removed the export the SVG functionality in favor of PNG, a format with worse quality and higher data consumption. They have made the application an always online app, which increases power consumption of the app and thus no longer makes it light weight. They made the app contain more note taking feature and changed how writing works, making working with the app more convoluted than it was previously. Meaning the app is no longer very simple to use. I honestly don’t know why people just don’t use OneNote at this point, another app in the Microsoft suit of products. It is basically just the same app just stripped down and some how worse..Version: 22.10801.0.9061

Three steps backPlease roll back this update, it is bloated and no longer performant. There is some new functionality but loads of functionality has been removed. I have tried the updated app for a couple of weeks and can no longer use this as a useful tool within teams or for collaborating in real time with other users..Version: 21.11026.0.9020

Constantly crashes - unable to access workThe app has the right idea. The problem is that it constantly crashes and is unable to load notes. I entered in 6 notes and now able unable to access that board. While I was entering those notes the app kept crashing also. I have an iPhone 11 and am running the latest iOS. I really wish it worked because it is exactly what I need to organize my ideas. But as it stand the app it worthless since it cannot maintain a connection with the server..Version: 22.10801.0.9061

Extremely glitchy and no option to export high quality graphicsI tried… I tried to make this at work and give Microsoft another chance. But as usual they failed, offering an extremely glitchy application, and no ability to export my whiteboards to a vector format so they are all very low quality pictures. Don’t waste your time, instead pay for a really good app like GoodNotes 5. I wish I would’ve found that out before. Note I do not work for GoodNotes five I am just telling you that after probably 12 to 15 hours of work on the free Whiteboard app, I finally gave up because I was having toRestart the app so many times and I cannot export to a good format. I finally pulled the trigger and bought good notes five and it is excellent should have done that from the start..Version: 20.10601.1.5253

Good for collaboration but poor palm rejectionI want to love this app but its very inconsistent to use. There is no palm rejection so things keep scrolling and moving with every stroke. It’s very painful to use – I’m not sure how the dev team can overlook it. I really hope this improves as it is well integrated with MS Teams and even one-off board sharing with others. For now, I’m sticking with using Notability and just sharing the mirroring the screen onto my laptop to share..Version: 21.11212.0.9036

Great concept, poor experienceThis is a great concept and we have tried to use it as a team a number of times. But it’s very slow to load, glitchy especially when trying to move around and zoom in and out. Palm detection when using Pencil on iPad doesn’t work so frustrating trying to keep working in the same place. It also lacks important features like handwriting recognition and the ability to add things like sticky notes, which other MS apps have and in 2020 should be a given. Hoping like many other MS products it gets better really quickly..Version: 20.10713.0.5338

Good ... but very flaky with AD integrationI’d give it 4 stars for being surprisingly useful, except that the integration with MS’s own AD Authenticator app is *very* flaky and broken. The result is that for corporate users it repeatedly pops back to the Authenticator app to reselect the one and only AD account and then it regularly “forgets” the link and stops you from being able to export images even to other MS apps like Outlook. Once this happens the only recovery forces the deletion of all saved images. Fix this Microsoft and I’ll give this 4 stars. Some improvements and it’d probably be 5..Version: 20.10601.1.5253

Great idea, very poorly executedThis is an excellent app, which has been a great help to teach with remotely during the current situation , but since the update has become completely useless. It won’t sync with my O365 account and none of the buttons in the UI work at all, so is essentially an app that opens a static image that does nothing. A real shame..Version: 20.10406.0.5006

Such potential, but lag destroys the experienceThis application has an incredible potential, with rich set of features, but all of the features are hindered by the lag during actions such as panning and zooming on a board. I believe that this is only evident on devices with resolution higher than 1080P. I have both Surface Pro 6 and iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen) and they both are high DPI resolution displays and lag very much during the panning or zooming action of the board. I just hope that Microsoft can come up with some optimisation tweak that can utilise the GPUs of both platforms, such as Metal on iOS, to get better rending performance out of the product. The drawing and writing experience is smooth and very pleasant, but its just the zooming and panning, which users do a lot off on the board, is very poorly implemented at the moment. If the users are to be truly digital, you have to make the Whitebaord app render the content and the canvas at a silky smooth 60 frames per second or higher, otherwise users will get agitated and look back at analogue option..Version: 1.19104223

Sometimes a bit flakeyGood app But sometimes have issues with certain features, crashing, and general bugs. Still useful..Version: 21.10601.0.5694

Decent StartThe app is decent enough. It feels a lot like a barebones version of OneNote’s drawing mode. However, it also feels a lot like a barebones version of OneNote’s drawing mode. Yes, I meant to say that twice. It features the same basic tools as OneNote, but it lacks any of the pen customizations: • Ink/Stroke Thickness • Ink Color These may sound like simple and unimportant features, but they really do improve the drawing; writing experience, much like bolds and italics do in type. They way it organizes whiteboards on the home page is nice, but it feels a bit barebones, both in style and in animation. Opening and closing whiteboards is a bit jarring as there is no UI animation for on/off-boarding the user from the whiteboard. A simple “zoom” animation would suffice for this purpose; and a simple, subtle lighting effect on the background of the home page would add more depth without being gaudy or too skeuomorphic. Mild rounding of the whiteboard corners would be nice as well. In all, it’s the little things that count. This has potential, not only for business use, but personal use as well, as an idea-board and brainstorming utility..Version: 1.1811022.2

Seems good but...It shut itself down after a minute of use. I tried it on different phone and tablet and not working correctly, specially after trying to add peoples finding them..Version: 20.10420.0.5074

Total buggy mess on iPadA friend recommended this to me (he is on pc) and while it’s simple, that’s better for simple note taking and I really liked the tools and workflow of the interface. However, the app has become unusable for me. I ran into lots of little (but still annoying bugs) like: when changing pen stroke size, you cannot increment by 1 number or it just rebounds back to the original setting. E.g. you cannot change it from 3 -> 4, you would have to do something like 3 -> 1 -> 4. Another example: in the ink color options card, the last two options show the incorrect icon (you can see the correct one for a fraction of second, then they change to incorrect icons). One final example: my board would just randomly refresh even when I wasn’t touching the screen (and it had only been idle a few seconds). Side note: “Loading board content” is just slow enough to be annoying when flicking between boards. Can it not do a checksum against the server and then load a local copy of the board? The deal breaker was after a few hours of taking notes during class while dealing with the building frustration, it randomly tried to refresh the board and never recovered. Now I cannot open the board even after deleting/reinstalling the app. It will “load board content” for a while, show the board for a second, then start loading again - indefinitely. I’m told it works great on PC, my friends love it..Version: 22.10801.0.9061

App freezes constantlyI like this app. The drawings are simple but effective and you can create simple sketches right up to fairly complex diagrams... ... except for the constant freezing up. Seems to happen when I zoom in on a part of the workspace. Screen becomes unresponsive. There’s a shadow of the box that shows the zoom %. The only thing that seems to “fix” it is to force-close the app and restart. Except that it will frequently lock up again in a few seconds. I thought it was the known iPad screen unresponsive thing due to a charger grounding issue. But it does it to me without being plugged in. Fix that issue, and I’m up to at least 4 stars..Version: 20.11020.1.5506

The new “update” has completely destroyed the appI am so livid, apologies for the comprehension of this post but the "update" is beyond my comprehension. I have been a daily MS Whiteboard user for nearly three years since I got my Surface. The new update has completely killed the app while trying to add a bunch of "Miro-esque" features that simply don't help and are beyond poorly implemented. Lasso no longer works, copy paste no longer works, can't insert images via Paste. The new Pen tool takes a hundred steps back. Ruler, gone. Copy/Paste gone. Multiple pens, gone. Text, gone. Images, gone. Replaced by faux-Miro features for which...we use Miro. Please please rethink this or at least roll back until you have some sort of feature parity. Please tell me there is a way to revert to the old version?.Version: 21.11026.0.9020

Good concept, but crashes regularlyWhen the canvas gets big, ie, you have written a lot on it, it starts to crash / freeze every minute. And it’s impossible to share, it just freezes. Same after restarting. Also online sharing never worked for me. Recipient can’t open the linkl..Version: 20.11214.0.5532

UnreliableIt only works like half the time and the other half it’s just ridiculously slow and frozen.Version: 20.10518.0.5186

Horrible.Horrible, that's the word I'd use. No proper palm rejection, board just zooms randomly somewhere else when I try to start writing, glitches every ~10 minutes, and exports horribly. How did a product team at Microsoft think this was stable enough to release on iPad? Please rethink that lol..Version: 22.10201.0.9040

App has improved so muchI have returned to Whiteboard after the recent updates which restored a lot of functionality. It really needs some more editing tools. Like better touch support. And goodness - give us a “laser pointer”. With an adjustable size of focus. So that it could be like a spotlight too..Version: 22.10208.0.9044

Easier to write in OneNote but not this oneThe response time to Apple Pencil is slow. iPad version of oneNote have no problem like this... How come this one is so bad and the other Microsoft app is useful lol.Version: 20.10824.0.5403

Microsoft, please undo the recent overhaul!I have been using MS Whiteboard almost daily for teaching university courses. It was simple and did the job (almost) perfectly. Yes, there were a few oddities, for example that typed text was shown with completely different fonts on IOS and Windows devices, but these were minor issues, at least for my use case. The recent (October 2021) major update has been a bit of a disaster. For me, the biggest issue is that the app now tries —very aggressively— to smooth and beautify my handwriting. Unfortunately, that renders it nearly illegible, in particular for mathematical equations. Why, oh why?.Version: 21.11026.0.9020

ErrorNothing but sign in issues and error messages. Owned it for over a year. App will not open...Version: 22.11028.0.9070

Great idea, poor executionI really wanted to love this app. The idea is great, and I love that there no page boundaries while writing as there are in other writing apps I use. However I found several issues with this app. 1) The lag time while writing is HORRIBLE. 2) It is full of unexplained glitches. I would be writing on top of a drawing, and sometimes the writing would get sent behind the drawing (making it unreadable) and sometimes wouldn’t with no explanation or way to bring it to the “front.” This was extremely frustrating and cumbersome. Every time I hit the “undo” button, the screen jumped around. It is also hypersensitive to touch while resting your hand on the iPad while writing. 3) There is no way to enlarge your entire drawing, which was a bad surprise when I exported my work and saw that my writing was too small. 4) The app repeatedly kept logging me out while I was working. Further, the sharing function seems not to work properly, as I was unable to share it with my friend to collaborate even though she has a whiteboard account. I would not recommend this app. The pros do not outweigh the many flaws and frustrations..Version: 19.11021.0

Plagued with Annoying Repeating Login ScreensThis is probably the best whiteboard app currently available, but the last thing I want to do is when I have an idea, is get a login screen. Worse than that, the thing keeps coming up, even when I am in the middle of drawing, even after what seemed like a successful login. For this reason, it’s one of the most annoying apps I’ve ever used. Straight up ghoulish..Version: 19.11216.0

PicturesAll pictures deleted and now now option to add images at all? This hardly seems to fit with the idea of making it standard on all devices..Version: 21.11026.0.9020

Does not workI tried too log in with my account and all I was getting was errors after I put in my password when I had just done the reset protocol moments before I hope that they can get these issues resolved quickly on my device..Version: 20.10824.0.5403

Lost all my notesSpent all day working on a the app, closed my iPad and when I opened it everything was gone. Lots of bugs, tried to write and it kept making arrows..Version: 22.10922.0.9062

Palm rejection is godawfulBecause it wouldn’t be a Microsoft product without usability bugs that the rest of the industry solved 5 years ago… please fix the palm rejection! Even if I turn off the mouse cursor/move option it still randomly turns itself back on because it thinks my palm is trying to move the screen to around. Really frustrating, because otherwise it’s a great tool in conjunction with teams, just unusable when you end up writing all over the place when trying to collaborate..Version: 21.11026.0.9020

Recent glitchesLove using this app together with my laptop. It has worked beautifully until just recently it glitches when I open an existing whiteboard. This problem occurs with my colleagues too. This problem started within the last week or so. Hopefully the developers can find a fix soon..Version: 22.10712.0.9055

TerribleVery laggy in general. Sometimes the palm rejection goes nuts and zooms you wayyyy out. Just awful software..Version: 20.10601.1.5253

Be careful with this one, may lose your workWhen it works, it’s actually decent I guess. But! I spent a couple days working on a page- sometime in the middle I got a sync error but figured “it’s Microsoft, when it can sync again it’ll just take these offline changes and publish them” today I opened up the app to find a super early version of what I was working on. It sounds like this app doesn’t save offline changes to sync up- it’s just whatever it has in memory so if you have a sync issue you’ll probably have to keep the app open until it resolves. This behavior is unacceptable, and I’m uninstalling right after I hit send on this review..Version: 22.11028.0.9070

Excited to use it but keeps crashingI’m on an iPhone 13 mini.Version: 23.10529.0.9099

Great idea, borderline unusable collaborationLove the idea, the sticky note lists, templates, and google docs style collaboration are killer features. BUT, the implementation is HORRIBLE. I did a 4 person collab session. One person took 15 minutes to get logged in (for some reason you have to install the Microsoft Auth app but you don’t even need to open it???). People kept getting disconnected. The app crashes every time I accidentally double tap my Apple Pencil gen 2 (the eraser function). The lag is unbelievable, getting so bad at points that ink shows up a second after you draw. Panning around the art board is choppy. The smart grouping makes it impossible to select individual items. Filled with inconsistent UX (example: shapes work different than drawings so eraser won’t effect them)..Version: 20.10630.0.5323

Close to great, but falls flatMicrosoft has produced the Joe Biden of whiteboard apps: great at first glance, but underperforms when put to the test. Please fix bugs that occur when sharing whiteboard with colleagues, palm rejection issues, and add double-tapping Apple pen for eraser..Version: 20.10224.0

Was useful, now broken and frustratingPre Summer 2021 this app was a fantastic replacement for using a whiteboard during hybrid lectures. The interface was responsive, and intuitive with an Apple Pencil, I could easily save my work, and the heel of my hand placed on the screen did not immediately recenter the document, causing a disruption in the flow of writing. Current iteration has far few features, save was only recently fixed months later, and is unstable (loses whiteboards randomly). As of Jan 2022 cannot recommend..Version: 21.11212.0.9036

Could be betterI read through the reviews and thought “well I should try it out” but when I tried it,I found a few errors. I shouldn’t be repeating what the others have said so read through the others. But my main problem is that it glitches alot.Version: 20.10309.0

Can’t recommend for anything other than simple drawingsI enjoy the simplicity and the features this app provides. But on a 2019 iPad , I experience massive slow downs and freezes after writing just a couple paragraphs, especially when using the lasso tool. Email signup should not be mandatory for such a simple app, but an optional feature for cloud syncing. App crashes consistently if you have unsaved changes, and attempt to re-access them from the file menu. I wrote for about an hour, and managed to lose everything I had written in that time..Version: 19.11007.1

Awful UpdateThe new update is absolutely awful. It changes what I’m writing even when I turn off the shape feature, and it randomly moves to a different part of the page while I’m writing which is extremely frustrating when attempting to study. PLEASE FIX THIS!.Version: 21.11118.0.9025

Doesn’t workOn this IOS and the previous one, it keeps on loading the whiteboard I selected, but never finishes. iOS 15.6.1.Version: 22.10801.0.9061

UNUSABLE - AvoidWhen I draw and write on an iPad, I tend to rest part of my hand on it. Unfortunately, Microsoft whiteboard takes these actions as gestures and will arbitrarily resize, move, bring up a ruler or grid, and/or change tools making the application completely unusable. There is no way to “lock” the screen into position so you can write or draw without the jumpyness. The toolbar at the bottom cannot be moved so it’s easy to touch it while resting your hand. Until this is fixed, I strongly recommend AVOIDING this app..Version: 20.10824.0.5403

Palm rejectionThis app would be great if palm rejection was fixed. Almost impossible to use with an Apple Pencil due to the screen constantly moving about. Also, can imported images be pined to allow people to draw on top of rather than having the image moving around constantly..Version: 21.11118.0.9025

Alright ???Well, it is quite fun to play with but then it keeps on crashing. I have to close the whole thing down and then open it again. It is not only the ipad, but also on my laptop. Quite frequently, i have had times that my whole computer crashed and i needed to restart the whole computer again. Disappointing !!.Version: 20.10810.0.5392

Needs a lot of workAs others have mentioned, this desperately needs wrist detection to be even remotely usable. It’s also really laggy. It’s either been ported badly or it’s not a native app. Zooming and panning should work no matter what drawing mode you’re in. It’s too easy to scrawl all over a drawing because you’ve got a pencil selected..Version: 20.11020.1.5506

The new update has ruined the experienceIt takes 3 minutes to load up a whiteboard which is extremely slow. IOS versions have been degraded so they cannot insert files and pictures anymore. The interface is less clean and harder to use. Overall it has been ruined..Version: 21.11008.0.9018

Useful but my goodness, so frustrating...I can blame a lot of my increased stress levels on this app. So laggy, often crashes and needs a re-boot, You have to go around the houses to do such simple tasks. Daily I wonder why it’s so annoying to use. Microsoft would decrease grey hairs and wrinkles for thousands if they made this better, they could go into the beauty sector. Please fix.Version: 21.10208.0.5610

My completely honest review of Microsoft white boardWell we’re to start, after downloading this app I set my self an account to I was on the stage were I I was putting in my date of birth and I’m an adult so I put in my birth date and I did it several times but it did not workIt was quite disappointing at first so I tried again the next day and still not working. Thank you for reading.Version: 22.10801.0.9061

App Crashes repeatedlyThe basics look really good and it would be great if it worked. Unfortunately, it crashes entirely too often and is completely unusable in its current state..Version: 20.10309.0

Terrible UpdateThe new update made it so much worse than before. I can’t even rotate the whiteboard to landscape and now I have to write stuff in portrait mode, it makes participating in classes so much more difficult..Version: 21.11118.0.9025

CrashesIt keeps crashing every one minute, please fix it..Version: 21.10503.0.5659

Big need for this app but its not there yetI really like this app’s functionality - especially sharing with colleagues - but its very flaky still today. I find it hangs or even hard reboots too often to the point it questions using the app. The additional functionality make it desirable over Paper but when you get the lags/freezes you look for alternatives. I understand integrating with MS Teams is coming (in beta?) and that would be very welcome. But...needs more stability still at this time.Version: 19.10909.1

Doesn’t workI used this app daily until iOS 15.6.1 Now it doesn’t open any of my saved boards; just flashes loading screens that keep trying but fail. I’m using an iPhone 13, so I’m not sure what the issue is? Deleted app and reinstalled…. Same issue persists. Any ideas?.Version: 22.10801.0.9061

Cannot open shared boardsThere is a bug within the app and I cannot open or edit the boards that were shared with me.Version: 20.10420.2.5136

Com’on Microsoft!... or common Microsoft!? Great but unfinished... Everything is great about Whiteboard. Simple, well balanced with excellent stylus rendering. But it’s unusable! Whether it’s unstable with poor palm recognition, whether features crashes, whether it becomes sluggish, lagging moving around, loading, or resizing. As soon as the canvas is a little too complex, it becomes a real pain to use. I’ve come to a point where it doesn’t open anything anymore. Please fix this, because for notes, mindmap and quick meeting concept, it would be my go to.... But I’m getting tired at trying..Version: 20.10309.0

Extremely buggy and unusableUnfortunately, this iPad version of the app does not work properly at all. I can’t write, edit or zoom around the canvas properly.Version: 22.10201.0.9040

Needs more consideration of multitaskingThis application has such potential, but even working in isolation on 1 iPad I found that inserting photos meant I had to copy and paste them one by one and for some reason they were inserted 90 degrees skew. It would be so much better if I could use the multitasking features of iOS 13 to have photos app alongside whiteboard and be able to drag multiple pictures in one go. I’m rubbish at drawing so I like to bring photos of ideas into a central place then expand on those ideas. I couldn’t find a way to write in white text either so that I could change the measurements on a picture of a drawing I’d brought in. I am yet to play with the other features, and it would be useful to see how some of the other diagrams shown in App Store are produced by way of a tutorial. Is there such a thing?.Version: 19.11021.0

Doesn’t work on iPadI was very surprised to see Microsoft building such a crapy app. This app doesn’t work on an enterprise iPad(SSO). And there is no Mac app. Don’t waste your time. Be careful you might loose your work and rework somewhere else. I took screenshots and moved my stuff to Miro..Version: 22.10801.0.9061

Great Features, Poor StabilityI really like this app. Has the features I need and is simple and easy to use. But I cannot recommend it on iOS. It’s constantly crashing for me. I’ve waited for updates with hopes it would fix the issues. But I usually have to open it, wait for the first crash/lockup, force close, reopen go into note I want to edit, wait for it to crash/lockup again, reopen and have about 30 minutes or so of use then it will crash and lock up again. Reinstalled, resign in etc etc, all the normal app troubleshooting provides no meaningful results. I still hobble through it because I really like the app and having it sync with my work O365 account makes it easy to remotely collaborate. Shame it’s doesn’t run reliably..Version: 20.10210.0

Please updateNeeds a bit of a feature update and Apple Pencil improvements to compete with Apple's Freeflow. Then I would use Whiteboard more sharing my work to my Windows 11 desktop..Version: 23.10117.0.9071

Decent, but could be betterI definitely like where MS is going with this app, and it’s one of the better “collaborative whiteboard” solutions for sure. But I have one main pet peeve, and that is an inability to “lock” the board in place. I use it a lot with my Apple Pencil, but even though it rejects my palm from making markings on the board, it frequently interprets my palm as moving the board around. I wish there was an option to lock the board in place so that the canvas wouldn’t accidentally get moved around..Version: 1.19104223

Buggy and limited to be usable in practical daily use,It’s nice in places. You can see promise. It makes up for some of the limitations of Teams, that I don’t get in other meeting apps. It’s also very frustrating. It’s temperamental, you can duplicate boards, I have never gotten it to work with OneNote. So it’s also kind of useless. I could also only use it by downloading other weird authentication software. In general, it’s a just ... bad. Don’t rely on it if you have to rely of whiteboard for actual work purposes or teaching..Version: 21.10111.1.5586

TerribleI don’t know what the clown who rated it 5 stars is talking about... this app is brutal it constantly zooms in and out which basically makes any work flow interrupted. If you are aiming for any sort of efficiency in laying out information on this app don’t bother find something else. Anything else..Version: 20.10727.0.5366

Great but needs few improvementsGreat tool but please allow the tool bar for pens, eraser rules etc to be moveable/resized or hidden. Accidental touches with the stylus makes the tool bar a slight hindered ..Version: 21.10628.0.5709

Not goodIt does not automatically save my work. All my drawings and notes were gone away..Version: 23.10117.0.9071

So, So Close, but Critical BugI have been trying to find a good Whiteboard/brainstorming app, and I thought I’d found it with this one. It came SO close to having all the features I want. But lacking the one or two things I really wanted isn’t the problem, I was okay with working around them. The critical problem is I’ll spend an hour working on a project, then exit when I’m done, only to find most of my work from the last hour hasn’t been saved. Kinda a big problem..Version: 22.10628.0.9054

Promising, but poor iPad pen intrgrationLove the app when the screen isn't going crazy because of the movement of my palm as I'm writing. Inconsistent as sometimes it works really well with my pen, but other times it sooner in and out at the slightest touch. I'm sure they will fix it eventually..Version: 20.10420.2.5136

Why dose it always freeze??????When I use it, I feel like a extremely slow man. When there is too much on a page, the page starts freezing and forces me to add a new page. When I clear the memory, I come back with a frozen pic. This really delays my work, reduces the its performance and ruins my expectations. Please fix it, it is a great problem..Version: 20.10309.0

Microsoft, What Have You Done?The IOS implementation of Whiteboard has been problematic for me as long as I remember, and seems to be the only IOS app I use that is consistently buggy and doesn’t seem to play with IOS (clue: the tips provided by the app are written for Windows users). The latest update seems to have rendered the app unusable for me. When trying to open a whiteboard, the app goes into an endless loop of attempting to load the whiteboard and throwing error messages. Completely unreliable and I’ve given up on it at this point. Your experience may differ but, for me, it’s one to avoid..Version: 22.10712.0.9055

Freezes moments into useThis is broken.Version: 20.11020.1.5506

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Is Microsoft Whiteboard not working?

Microsoft Whiteboard works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Microsoft Whiteboard.

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