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Google Tasks: Get Things Done for Positive User Reviews

AmazingFinally the app that allows to divide goals into sub-goals and link them via lists of goals and calendar according to type, date, time and priority. I could not find such tool for years and recently I was planning to pay developers to create such personalise system… now Google has covered all of my requirements. Many thanks for top3 useful apps on my phone!.Version: 1.84

Can’t edit on desktop?I’m not sure if this is a bug or now however once I’ve made a task on my iPhone I can’t adjust or edit on the computer version?.Version: 1.6.190528

Simple & robust - could use some simple featuresThe app is great - doesn’t overcomplicate, easy to group, create sub-tasks & integrate with google calendar. It would be significantly improved with a simple search feature so you can easily find tasks - especially those that have not been allocated a date & therefore do not appear in the calendar. Prioritisation & perhaps even colour coding features could also be a useful enhancement..Version: 1.75

Very simple scaled back beginningOk, so it’s not great...yet. It is a very simple list concept for tasks they includes sub task, scheduling by date, very reminiscent of iOS reminders just more elegant and usable. I am giving four stars because it’s a far cry of what it could be and should be, no Google assistant yet, no connecting to Google calendar and Google Reminders and Google Keep...yet. Read a good article that had this quote to sum it up... According to David Pierce of The Wall Street Journal, Google is apparently working on this: "At some point, Google says it’ll combine Tasks and Reminders, through all the many Google apps, into one killer task manager," Pierce said on Twitter. "Today is not that day.".Version: 1.0

Tasks!I feel more organized and have a sense of accomplishment when I can check off when a chore is complete! Pam Jack.Version: 1.95.0

Connect emailThe best thing is this connect with the email ,make live so much easier.Version: 1.63

Great appHandy notes that go with you. Easy to access from any device or platform.Version: 1.12.2006616

Great App could use se better visualsThe app is great, it does it's job and does it well. It's very convinient and it's cross platform availability like most Google products is always a plus. Google always has great and simple visual style on all of its products but I believe this one is too simplistic. I would like the ability to view a page with all of my lists rather than the menu from the bottom that allows you to switch between lists. Also maybe add some preference features to that like colors and small symbols to distinguish between lists, much like Apple's Reminders app has. Beside the personal visual preferences the app great and would recommend to anyone who likes to make anTo Do list and hang out tasks.Version: 1.18

Fais bien les tachesUn appli pratique, simple et fonctionnel Il n’y a plus grand chose à ajouter Oui une dernière chose il est gratuit.Version: 1.101

AwesomeGreat app for task reminders. I don’t have to write it in diary anymore..Version: 1.11.200513

Saving tasksThat’d be nice to be able to save tasks and being able to share them.Version: 1.90.0

Good but...Very good application, but not as functional on iOS as on Chrome browser. I wish Tasks would interface with Calendar on iOS the way it does in Chrome..Version: 1.8.200124

Good but needs more featuresI live being able to create a task from an email. Would really like it to be more integrated with other apps. I’d like to be able to add URLs from chrome and have clickable links in the list. Being able to share lists like you can with google keep would be great - in fact these two should be combined as one app..Version: 1.19

Simplicité et efficacitéMerci à cet outil fabuleux, disponible gratuitement sur Google, qui facilite énormément mon organisation de façon simple et efficace. Fabio Stilben.Version: 1.101

Calendar linking issueWould really love if you could send a task and schedule it into your google calendar without it going in the tasks section at the top.Version: 1.19

Très pratiqueTrès bien.Version: 1.100

Almost greatIf the app gave you the option to push items to times such as ‘this afternoon’, ‘this evening’, ‘tomorrow’, ‘day after tomorrow’, ‘this weekend’ or ‘next week’ we’d be looking at the perfect app here. That and the ability to manually move items up and down the list..Version: 1.33

Good app with lots of potentialI love the tasks integrated with gmail and gcal. Absolutely genius and perfect. A suggestion for this app if I may? The ability to add multiple google accounts and view their tasks - separately perhaps. Keep up the good work guys!!.Version: 1.2.180718

Integration with all of G SuiteI have tried every type of task management app and template with limited success. Finally I decided to try Google Tasks again for work and personal task management simply because I was so unsatisfied with the other options. And I was happy to discover how well it integrates into all of the other G Suite tools I use like my calendar and Keep. I just wish they would make it possible to download all of my tasks into a spreadsheet. Also, it would be great to be able to insert a link to a specific email or doc in the task description because now I have to leave myself a note like “see June 15th email from Jake.”.Version: 1.18

Love this AppThis app has kept me sane. It really helps to take the load off my brain and help me to organise myself while doing a double house move and renovation. It sends me notifications when I want them which spur me on and I can put a date in to keep me on my toes if I want to. And most importantly to me it is free. Thank you..Version: 1.103

Great app but often crashesI love Google Tasks but need to uninstall/reinstall it about once a month to stop it crashing on open. Usually this happens when I switch between tasks on my work and personal Google account, or when the app saves an empty task..Version: 1.76

MUSHKA tasksVery helpful.Version: 1.104

Perfect app for my organization obsessionThis app is a great addition to my life. Previously, I would carry around a daily planner for all my to do lists, reminders, and appointments. It was really inconvenient if I didn’t have it with me or even if it was on a different floor of my house. Tasks, paired with Google Calendar, has managed to replace that and I can utilize this organization system on both the computer and my phone. It’s easy to add additional details, like location and set reminders before appointments. It’s different than other to do list apps that I’ve used because it allows you to easily categorize lists. For example, I have one for work, one for my personal life, one for household handyman tasks I’d like to have done, one for wedding planning, etc. This app gets 4 stars because there is currently a glitch that I can’t delete lists..Version: 1.6.190528

How do I sync Google tasks with Reminders in iOS?How do I sync it with Reminders in iOS? I just want to be able to hey Siri, everything. I like apples hardware, but I am long wed to Google Services. Play nice lads..Version: 1.103

Would give 5 stars….but please make the app icon badge work!Every other program out there tells you how many outstanding tasks you have by glancing at your phones Home Screen, but this app for some reason won’t display a badge on the icon. Other than that I love the simplicity of having email, calendar, tasks and notes all work easily together..Version: 1.98.0

Love the widget featureI’ve had this app for about 2 weeks now, and my time management and productivity have improved so much!! - the widget feature displayed on home screen serves a constant reminder of my daily tasks, keeping me disciplined whenever I start to get distracted on my phone..Version: 1.24

Easy to useTasks is a great easy way to manage your day to day tasks both from a professional and business perspective..Version: 1.29

So far so goodFinally a simple and intuitive todo list app, well done Google. Fingers crossed it won’t be killed by Google in a few years time..Version: 1.91

One commentWould be nice to reorder stuff on the same date otherwise this is great!.Version: 1.54.220501

Love it with a few suggestionsI love this app, it has helped me check things off my to do list that I have had in the back of my mind for far too long! I especially like the integration with gmail, which allows me to refer back to associated information that helps complete the task. 1 quirk is that subtasks don’t seem to stay married to their tasks when it comes to assigning due dates - the subtasks sit in the ‘no due date’ section when organized by date. 1 wish is that I could share my list with another user, and let them check tasks off the list or assign tasks to them..Version: 1.31

ProposalI think the app is great and has a lot of potential, and I would like if there was a search bar so that I could search through a long list rather than look through each one by one..Version: 1.23

Lets you easily add mails from GmailThe one great thing about this app (that I have yet discovered, having not yet explored all its functions) is that you can, with an email open in Google Mail, tap the ellipsis dots symbol and simply select Add to Tasks. Thus storing every mail containing important information and/or a task you have to complete in one easily accessible location for a clear overview. If that’s all it does, it is in my opinion still worth it for a Google Mail user. Really has improved my handling of mails..Version: 1.13

Finally!I use a lot of Goole tools, including tasks as it has an unobtrusive integration with my email workflow. My greatest complaint has been that the Tasks functionality has never ventured beyond the desktop. Finally my todo lists can integrate with my phone cleanly. I know that Keep does a lot of this and the new ‘Inbox” tries to do tasks as well, but there is an elegant simplicity in just having a list of tasks. For a lot of folks, like myself, don’t need or want a lot of bells and whistles - we just need a list that syncs with our desktops. This is it. Simplicity itself. My only ask to make it better would be to allow the Gmail app to be able to assign a task from an email. Just like on the desktop. That would make this perfect for all time. If you had that, I’d have given 5-stars..Version: 1.0

Enjoyably Simple!I love how straightforward this is app is. There’s really nothing confusing about it … it’s just as simple to use as a written to-do list. I think it’s also satisfying that it tells you the total number of tasks you’ve ever completed in the app. And you can scroll through all the ones you’ve finished just to feel gratified. If I had one critique, it’d be that the subtasks look the same as all other tasks and behave the same way. I’d prefer if the subtasks could be visibly under the main task and distinguished in some. Then if you completed every subtask, it would check off the main task automatically. Or if you marked the main task as completed, it would mark the subtasks as completed..Version: 1.61

I love it but...I love this app but could I get a random notification that tells me to check the app so I could remember that I have something to do in the first place?.Version: 1.7.191126

Missing task complete option in Notification CenterHi Devs, thanks for the great and simple to use app. One gripe with the latest release - I used very frequently the feature to complete my tasks from the Notification Center. I notice this option is not available when I upgraded to iOS 15. Can you plz re-instate this in the next release. Thanks much..Version: 1.40

Simple. Intuitive. Just works!Fabulous upgrade and linkage with emails work quite well as a quick GTD tooling. Highly recommend..Version: 1.39

Great AppGreat app I use it to track my upcoming bills. Would be nice if it had a print feature , nice to have feature but foes not detract from usefulness of app ..Version: 1.99

Love the simplicityAfter using complex to do lists for project management, I appreciate both the ease of creating tasks and the integration with google calendar and gmail..Version: 1.14

Very Helpful If You’re a Planner TypeI am someone who is a pretty serious daily planner. And I like to use google calendar on my Computer to do most of my planning. Tasks is super helpful, though, because as soon as something that you need to do pops into your head, you can write it down in Tasks, even when you don’t have your computer. It just helps me keep straight what all I have to do. With that said, I don’t use the app to actually fill my day if that makes sense. I find the computer so much easier for that. I just write all the tasks to be done in Tasks, and then I move those tasks into my daily calendar on the computer..Version: 1.95.0

Great app to keep track of things to doTasks lets you make different lists (eg. Urgent, Tomorrow, When I'm in Town) and record not only Tasks but sub-Tasks so you can break down all those big jobs into smaller chunks. It's really easy to use and syncs between devices.... great app..Version: 1.6.190924

I love this app but could be betterI love that you added a star option that way certain things I wanna handle even on the same day can we be prioritized. I wish there was a click and drag option even if I’m using dates to re-order things. That would be amazing. Sometimes priorities change in the middle of the day and having to strong arm my task list can be distracting. My ask: regardless of what sorting feature people use let them ALSO (and not or) click and drag their items where they are needed. If using date sorting you could ask if they want to change the date..Version: 1.57

Helping me through college.This app coupled with google calendar is such a good combination for students to schedule their classes and have an overview of the assignments they need to complete. The only downside to the app is that I can’t change the color of how the events/tasks appear on google calendar (though this isn’t detrimental in reference to the app’s usability at all!). I highly recommend this app to students, those who lead chaotic lives and want to bring in some order, and even those who live relatively stress free lives who just like to plan and schedule!.Version: 1.61

Simple, integrated, just rightI've looked for an easy way to manage short-term tasks for years. Google tasks just might be that app. It's simple to create single tasks and small multi-step projects with sub-tasks. Like Google calendar, you can create flexible recurring tasks too. One feature I love is the re-display (notification) of tasks scheduled for a previous day but not marked "complete". This helps me not lose track of lower priority tasks that I couldn't get to on the targeted due date. Note that I don't use this app for complex, larger scale projects but I don't think that's the intended use..Version: 1.19

WowIris amazing.Version: 1.6.190924

Good enough!Adding emails to tasks is just a great part of my daily workflow. Yeah, there could be more functionality, but why? I use Tasks in conjunction with Tasksboard so I can visually drag and drop from one list to another. It’s all I need..Version: 1.51

GreatLove using the app and that I can have it on my Home Screen so can see without opening fully… Just wish I could change the order of my lists but otherwise 5 stars!.Version: 1.85

Just an amazing app!I personally think it is everything you need in a To Do/checklist. Super simple, easy to use and keeps productivity and motivation up..Version: 1.13

Task assignIt’s great but it would be amazing if you can assign tasks to people within your work without having to go to Spaces..Version: 1.52

Good but needs some modsHi - do you think you can add priorities to the tasks. Low, Med and High. Also can you improve functionality so you can select which list the task is added to when you create a task. Other than that it’s excellent and long overdue. Well done.Version: 1.23

One of the best task management tools I foundI like their new features that they added. It is one of the few online task management tools that I found that lets you make a task recurring. When I have tried other task management tools, and I was sometimes afraid to check it off if I need to do more than once because the task would become hidden. Some other things I like about google tasks is that you can create sub tasks for things that needed to broken down into more than one step and it can also sync it to your google calendar. If you decide to make a task on certain date, you can see it on your google calendar..Version: 1.19

Wish I could add icons to itemsGreat app otherwise! Syncs well between phone and desktop..Version: 1.63

A lot to improve onI only just got this app, and I wrote in all my tasks the night before. I set the time and date too. But there is no alarm on when we set the time. Overall it is a pretty good app with just a lot of things to work on. Please respond, or put an alarm, it would really help. OMG, I am so sorry. You do get a notification my apologies. This app is amazing!!!!.Version: 1.13

Has helped me so much!Wish you could add photos in the details part..Version: 1.87

Vous êtes extraordinairesJe suis plus que satisfait de votre application. Elle répond à mes attentes. Merci.Version: 1.100

Reuse a listI love this app and have been telling everyone about since I discovered it! The only thing I would find REALLY helpful is to be able to make a list that I can re-use over and over. For example I would love to have a master grocery list that I could check off and then when I leave the store, uncheck or reuse the same list for the next visit. I’ve also used this for bills, and would like to do the same thing with that list instead of creating it over again each month. Maybe there’s a way to do this that I haven’t figured out yet, but if there’s not this would be an AMAZING feature to add on the next update! Otherwise I highly recommended this app 😊.Version: 1.2.180718

Pretty good, some extra features would be nicePretty good. Wish that you could copy tasks and lists to create duplicates, share lists with friends, change the order of list tabs, and have a tab that shows all tasks (from all tabs) by due date..Version: 1.90.0

Great appNo complaints. A search function would be good and the UI on desktop and chrome extension could be improved. I know tasks are nicely integrated into calendar and mail apps on desktop, but it would be better to have a better separate desktop app.Version: 1.6.190528

I use it for everything!I love Google Tasks and use it for just about everything. I am a huge list person and love that you can set reminders and can now also star the really important tasks. It’s easy to move individual tasks around too! I do wish that the app were a bit more similar to the browser version (such as being able to hit”return”/“enter” to create a new task and being able to organize the list order), and that you could format the notes section into bulleted lists, but other than that it’s a wonderful app!.Version: 1.57

Simple and IntegratedI have been using the 2Do App for years, however Google Tasks integrates beautifully into Google calendar, with reminders and notifications. Nice job team. Love it..Version: 1.63

Love itAmazing app Really convenient on to have on my phone and to use it on a computer but it’s only accessible on a computer though gmail as a side bar. I wish it had its own full screen web version. Colour coding would be lovely too..Version: 1.86.0

Tasks for business is fantastic!I love Google Tasks and I am happy that they now have an app. The best feature is that when I’ve created a task from my work g-mail on my computer, I can now click on the email link within the Task app and it automatically opens up that email in my Gmail app on my phone. This way I get the same user experience on my phone as I do on my computer. I just wished I had the option to create a task with an e-mail from within the gmail app. This would definitely make it a mobile experience with the Task and Gmail apps. Thanks!.Version: 1.2.180718

Efficient To-Do AppGreat app for your to-do lists. One good advantage offered is the availability of syncing through all your devices using your Google account with Chrome. One option I’d like to be added would be the availability of customization for the order of your lists. The app’s easily worth the purchase overall, such as most from Google in my opinion..Version: 1.89

Only if it has location based reminders!Only if it has location based reminders! I think it would be the best to do app of all times.Version: 1.92

Something so simple yet effective!!Google tasks is the only tasks app I have found that ticks most of my boxes whilst not having any deal-breaking features and without a subscription plan. Google tasks allows me to organise my daily routine and tasks that I have to accomplish, while it does lack some key features such as repeating tasks, they can be worked around by unticking tasks and placing them back into the list (with the recent update, my checked sub lists finally go back to their parent. THANK YOU GOOGLE.) More support with google calendar and notes would be appreciated, as tasks don’t seem to sync with the Calender.. All in all, I know Tasks is somewhat primitive compared to other to-do apps, but is the only app that doesn’t force a subscription for excessive usage and plus, is constantly being updated, I can only hope for the best..Version: 1.6.190528

Much better than microsoft or appleI tried out Microsoft To-Do and Apple Reminder/ Notepad... I can say for certain that google is the winner.. I was a microsoft user but I have switched all my apps from microsoft to google. Very happy man over here!.Version: 1.8.200124

Simple to-do listThis app is just what I need to plan my day and week. It’s simple and has timing options that I need..Version: 1.8.200124

Almost ticking all the boxes!I’ve been waiting for a dedicated Tasks app from Google. This app functions well and the recent update has included some much needed features such as due ‘time’ (but it would be great if it were visible on the task list!) and repeating tasks. It still needs to be integrated with Calendar, but I wonder if this is about to happen noting the prompt to import existing Reminders into Tasks. I need to be able to add an image in notes, not just text. I would love to be able to share tasks and/or whole lists, eg with my husband, then I could consider using it for our grocery shopping list!.Version: 1.5.190224

No iOS WidgetTo be honest, i love using this app. Not only does it function as a to-do lists for tasks that i have to get done at a certain time, but it also works to remind me of things that i need to do. There’s a problem though: there’s no iOS widget for it. For other Google apps that i use, the widgets are phenomenal and incredibly useful. It’s nice waking up and seeing exactly what i need to do for the day, but it is a bit of an inconvenience opening up the app every single time i just want to glance at what i need to do. Other than that, i can’t organize task priorities unless i number them or assign a time i need to complete it by. If there were a way to tag certain tasks as more important than others, then it would function a lot better in my day-to-day life..Version: 1.19

Perfectly functionalI like the minimalist approach: fully functional with all of the features that I need and no more, available online and offline, and it is easy to reorder the tasks..Version: 1.94

This is a great app!I've been searching across the internet for a system to manage my schoolwork, and tried out all sorts of apps. All of them needed a paid subscription, frequently not worth it! This free app is a lifesaver, with a simple add-what you need interface where you can add descriptions and dates if you need to. Then, you can order the tasks, or in settings switch to do them by date. The quite literally only things I could improve with this app are a priority button, and especially the ability to connect with Google Classroom as part of the To Do class..Version: 1.6.190924

Needs search functionGreat at keeping your note and reminders but lacking in ability to search through entire lists or individually.Version: 1.79

Close...Love the simplicity, lacking in a few departments especially for a google level app though. Sub tasks can only be seen in edit mode but appear as individual tasks on my unscheduled task section. Has been a bit finicky with recurring events. Needs a bit more focus payed to the functionality aspects. I also feel like it’s odd I can’t move tasks easily to other days or quickly make a task for a certain day by clicking on the day, instead you have to go in to the task maker and select each date, feel like this would be an easy add. Big fan of it’s easiness tho love that it’s not overcrowded and function saturated just needs a bit more polishing..Version: 1.30

Love the app but the widget stopped workingFix the widget please.Version: 1.99

No way to forget important mattersLooked for reminder app for a long time,each one I used lack a feature, until I used this one.Version: 1.8.200115

Actually goodSure. They’re missing the location based reminders and time reminders and all the features. However what I love about this app is how beautiful and simple it is. It makes me actually likes reminders. I’d like it if google adds Google AI to google tasks. I’d also like extra features..Version: 1.2.180718

Missing assignment and daily viewWhen wunderlist disappeared, I moved to Microsoft To Do. After a year or so, I moved to Google Tasks a couple months ago. From the desktop, it’s great! Everything we do is through Gmail and the google calendar, so the desktop interface is very accessible. However, it’s really lacking a daily view. I have multiple lists or “projects” with numerous item within each list. I use this for home, personal use and multiple small businesses. I’ve overlooked several things because I didn’t open that particular list that day. I really need a daily and/or weekly snapshot of everything that is due regardless of what list it is on. Also, there’s no assignment.... meaning it’s not great for collaboration. If you want to assign something as simple as “take out the recycling” or something more complex like working on a project with multiple tasks that need to be completed by different people, forget it. Also if you don’t set a due date and you don’t take the time to read through every list every day, those items that are just free floating will probably never get done. Reading through all the lists takes too much time and leads to human error which seems counterproductive to the app. Please update the app interface with a daily view and assignment/collaborator capability. Until then... on to another to do app..Version: 1.28

Reminders!Need more reminder options please - love the clean look & simplicity - but it’s missing a basic requirement for me, which is to be able to set up specific time based reminders - just the due date isn’t enough - oh and while you’re at it add location based reminders too please! thanks in anticipation :).Version: 1.0

Love this appThis app is great. It’s easy and simplicity makes it a great tool. Some features I’d like to see though would be, the ability to prioritise tasks and the ability to create task short cuts for common tasks eg “follow up with John Smith” where the “follow up” part is auto filled like in gmail and other Google apps. Even with out these features this is still an amazing tool..Version: 1.35

Wish the subtasks were available afterI love everything about this app except the subtasks don’t have the option to be “completed” and then put back into the same category. When you check them to bring back into the list they are free and not tied to the original task..Version: 1.86.0

This is a must have app!This is the app that I go by everyday. Help me manage things a lot easier. The platform is very easy to navigate and it’s very easy to add inputs. It is very clean and organized just how I like it. I only wish the reminder or the alarm part that I can choose my own sounds or ringtone or giving more options to choose. Just the one time reminder ringing sometimes doesn’t get my attention enough to realize I have a reminder coming. Also should have an apple watch version as well. It will be so brilliant!!!.Version: 1.23

I really do enjoy this app it BUT this 1 thing!!!I work from home post Covid. I work for mental health agency and we use telehealth services. Also I have an iPhone therefore everything that’s google from my job I have to download an app to track. I came across this wonderful app that is very helpful and separating all of the emails I get throughout the day and how I need to complete those tasks my only issue is.... why isn’t there a way to print the task list? Without doing a screenshot or copy and paste? Is there a way and I don’t know? Also, I downloaded the drive and I created an area where we all can get our documents in our office. I would like to be able to share the task list with my supervisor so she can look at every time, do I have to give her my login and password in order for that to happen? Everything else I love about it!.Version: 1.24

Pretty okay, but always room for improvementI like how clean and organised it is and transitions with calendar pretty well. It’s great to be able to separate tasks into different lists. I think some colour coding options would be great so that it’s easier to organise things..Version: 1.84

Amazing!!!!Very intuitive. Syncs with google. Love it!!! Have tried other to do/list apps which have fallen well short..Version: 1.12.2006616

Amazing reminding serviceGoggle Tasks is an amazing reminding service. I never forget anything now but Goggle should have probably made an opinion to repeat a task because I find I do the same tasks again and again. It would help..Version: 1.31

Straightforward, no-fuss appI’ve been looking for something I can have at my fingertips, to get my my split-second in-and-gone-again to-do list thoughts out of my ADHD brain. This app has been amazing because it’s simple, easy to use, and no fuss. No bells and whistles, just a plain and simple to do-list. The ability is there to create folders for your lists which means I’m also able to use it for listing “big, long term jobs” or “everyday tasks” but I also have one for a birthday gift list. For this purpose it would be great if it had the option to lock the app, but besides that, it’s been so so helpful. Love it! ✅.Version: 1.87

So good I like thisWow.Version: 1.89

Amazing!!I’ve had my phone for 3 yrs and I am just noticing this widget. I absolutely love it.Version: 1.64

Intuitive and completeI have only been using the program for a week or so but it is so intuitive and so exactly fits my needs I am happy to high score it. What impresses me also is it’s simplicity - with none of the layers of complex bells and whistles other ‘to do list’ software have..Version: 1.11.200513

Simple and conciseThis app is really simple and clutter free. I’m not bogged down by a ton of different options that make things confusing and difficult. No need to “build a system”, since it’s just Lists and tasks. If you like Apple Reminders, Microsoft Todo or Clear, this app will be great for you. If you’re looking for the flexibility of Omnifocus or the structure/filtering of Todoist then probably not. It’s free though, and integrates with my Google Calendar and GMail so desktop support is available on all platforms essentially. Not so much for OmniFocus and some of the other iOS task apps (Apple only). I can work on my tasks while on my work computer (Windows) while adding on my iPhone when in a meeting. I would love to see Google search in the app. Search by the context of what I’m doing and have their AI recommend tasks to work on based on my availability or context. Any kind of search would be better than no search. Otherwise, it’s a good app. I’ll be using this instead of renewing my Todoist..Version: 1.0.180426

Works well, would like a few more featuresWorks well for me. Love the integration with email and the ability to create tasks from Gmail directly. Would like the same with calendar and blocking of the calendar for some of these tasks. Would be good to have a view "all lists" so you can view across multiple lists or instead of lists to have tags. Love that past due tasks remain and get carried over in the app and the tasks are broken up by day.Version: 1.40

Great Looking and SimpleLove how simplistic the app is, I’ve been looking for an app like this forever. It would be great if you added support for the Today Widget so we can see our list of tasks from the widget without even having to go into the app..Version: 1.0

Need a feature.Hey Google Team, 1st of all, Thank you for the app, it’s amazing in what i wanted. Kudos for the team effort. Can I ask for a feature. I want to have my task tabs (list titles) to be able to order as well. As Since I create a new group list (title/tab), it goes to the end of the list, while i want it somewhere in middle or reorganize my lists. For example: First I have : 1. ⭐️ Starred lists 2. Item list 1 3. Item List 2 . . . 6. Item List 5 ( here each Item list ( 1 to 5) have their own tasks for example : Item list 1 may have {apple, bat, cat… other task} Item List 2 may have { watch Tennis match, Buy new tv, buy candles , etc} Item List 5 may have { Receipe of mash potato, Buy bat and ball from walmart, etc} Here What I WANT IS to reorganize lists to have the list tabs may be as: 1. ⭐️ Starred tasks 2. Item list 5 3. Item List 1 . . . 6. Item list 2 I hope you’re getting what I want: Lemme know if you want more brief details. Thanks in advance to the team. Best regards, Aakrit.Version: 1.79

Exactly what I needThis app definitely isn't as full-featured as other to-do list apps or there but it does exactly what I need it to. Also love that I can turn Gmail emails into tasks. So if you want some super-complex to-do list app with all the bells and whistles, look elsewhere but if you just want a simple to-do list app then this is a good choice..Version: 1.8.200124

No reminder functionalityLove the app however until reminders are implemented then I can’t use it as my daily driver. Reminders based on a set time, location etc. would be very useful in my opinion. Otherwise a great app!.Version: 1.0.180426

Beautiful, long-awaited app, fulfills my wishlistI was very excited to learn that Google Tasks was finally available as an app yesterday, so I downloaded it right away and was pleased by the simplicity and functionality. I wonder what took so long. It is super satisfying to watch the to-do list item "pop" away when you check off the bubble. I can switch between my personal and work accounts. It remembers the specific list I selected to view last and loads that one vs. requiring me to change it each time. Previously, I had been using a mix of my Google calendar, another calendar app only for its tasks feature, the iPhone reminders app, and an old-school index card to combine all the specific features I like from each. I am glad this app helps sync some of that up in one central place now ☺️.Version: 1.0

Glitch fixed!Thanks for fixing the issue of not being able to edit tasks!.Version: 1.6.190924

Perfect for minimalistsPerfect app for minimalists who want something simple and effective. I am a great believer in developing daily routines and rituals as a means to beat procrastination. This means daily tasks that are very simple and easy to do but must be done daily. I have task lists for: Once off Clean Declutter Once a week, I add 7 items to each list, one for each day, and tick each off daily. At the end of the week, I should have 7 completed tasks for each lid. I then delete all completed items and repeat the cycle..Version: 1.61

Good appI use it every day.Version: 1.95.0

Version 1.46 includes new past date featureFor many years I much preferred GoTasks to google tasks. But I was forced to start using google tasks when I got a new iPhone because something broke with google integration to goTasks. What I most missed was date displayed by past incomplete tasks. That is now available in 1.46 in Date Order mode. While it is for my tastes a huge improvement, it would be even better if tasks on the same past date were grouped together under the date rather than repeating the date over and over. But it’s good enough as is. 5 stars!.Version: 1.46

Keeps stopping 😢Google Tasks it’s the best app I ever used but recently keeps closing right after opening on iPhone, I have tried to reopen it, restart my iPhone and update the app, but I don’t want to reinstall it because I heard it will delete all my notes and schedule work and this is frustrating could you help me please fixing this issue without deleting and reinstalling the app?.Version: 1.77

Works well has all that I need!This app is great for creating tasks form emails and having the email attached as a reference. It short, sharp and easy!.Version: 1.16

Great app but limited in what you can doIt’s simple, easy and keeps you organized. BUT the app is limited with what users are able to do. • Sharing- By now we should be able to share our list of tasks or individual tasks with other users. Yes, I know what Google Keep is. I don’t like Google Keep. The layout and user capabilities don’t have the same appeal. • Organization- More options for how users can organize individual tasks. Date, starred and recently added are not enough. • Notifications- Need more options or at least mimic the set up of ‘Appointments/ Events’ in Google Calendar. • Subtasks- The option to create an additional layer of subtasks under each current subtask. I’ve tried other list keeping organizational apps, but I keep coming back to this one. I don’t have the patience or motivation to ‘learn’ another app. As a busy parent simplicity and ease are precious commodities. I’m sure if the developers made a few changes they would drastically improve the lives of millions of people. I’m talking Nobel Prize winning work..Version: 1.72

Improving constantlyMuch better than it once was. Lots of improvements and Google integration is key..Version: 1.63

Excellent task functionEasy to use with some great features including sliding tasks to a group as sub tasks. Recommended..Version: 1.46

Love it! (Excited for continuous improvement)Love Google Tasks. My husband and I use the Google Suite of products for all of our personal and professional resources, to-do’s, and projects. We run a small business and we’re having a difficult time trying to find a tool that would help us keep track of day-to-day items. We tried Trello, Wunderlist, Asana, and more. All were beautiful but more than what we needed. Along came Google Tasks and it was the simplicity and design that fit our needs. Now we use it for everything! The only wishlist item I have for the developers would be to have a search bar so I could easily go to the task I was looking for (similar to the functionality in Google Keep.) Other than that, bravo!.Version: 1.11.200513

Excellent app! With one caveatI love using this app to organise what I need to do and the integration with the rest of the google workspace is great. M The only thing I’d improve is having a ‘Today’ viewing tab which would make the app pretty much perfect. I find it a little annoying how I have to scroll through the different tabs to see what I have to get done today..Version: 1.89

OrganizationLove the way it speaks to tasks on my Gmail. Allows me to stay organized whether I'm at my desk or at home..Version: 1.8.200124

Great app, but a few suggestionsGreat app! Love the functionality, especially for organizing homework. I only have a few problems/suggestions: - Subtasks can only have a date/time, and can't be repeating - Finished subtasks should be grouped by what task they were under - Widget should include subtasks. I organize my Homework List by making each subject a task, and each individual homework as a subtask in each respective subject. With the current widget, I can only see the subjects, which doesn't help me much - More Google assistant integration please!.Version: 1.24

Not badHaving experience from both Things and ToDoist, Google tasks to me strikes a good balance between simplicity and functionality. Some room for improvement however; Scheduled or “time critical” tasks only sends you a visual notification, where as I would like to have an sound alert option as well. Preferable a unique one or an option to choose from the list of system provided alerts in order to differentiate from eMails and other audible notifications (I hate the iOS eMail audio notification, but that’s probably just me not liking getting eMails and conditioning)..Version: 1.51

Overall great but has syncing issueSometimes when I check off tasks on Google calendar, the Task app would still send me notification about checked tasks..Version: 1.94

Good app and very user friendlyGreat app I jumped onto the app when a friend recommended it for work. It’s simple and effective and is great for anything from groceries to work stuff. My only strife is that you can re-arrange the order of your lists.Version: 1.70

Widgets! widgets!!!Love it. But widgets! Please!.Version: 1.16

Great app to perform your day to dayDo you want daily achievements, set daily goals 🔥💯👌🏻 You want to be more efficiently? Want to achieve and complete that goals you thought about? This app would definitely make your life better, would reduce your worries, if your worried & stress about problems that you need to fix. Dividing big problems into small tasks will make things much more easy. If you want to achieve that goals that your always dreaming about, thinking on. Now is the time, write down a plan, set up steps do, and guess what make daily “tasks”. Big changes start with small changes. By making simple things as clean up the mess, making your bed, would encourage you to make bigger changes. And this is the app to make those changes. #ChangeYourLife #Success.Version: 1.13

Love + CritiqueAmazing. I’m a small business owner. This saves LIVES. I got Task Boards for my desktop and tablet but would love to have this in my phone. Come on baby, commit to this app! Reminders would be bonkers good. Just cross the bridge and make a project management app so I can stop shelling out money for programs that aren’t as accessible as this..Version: 1.89

Best overallProbably the best reminder there is …hopefully a small notes area added at some point.Version: 1.84

Le must pour bien planifier et prioriserC’est l’Application (avec un grand A) que j’utilise pour ne rien oublier et mettre en évidence ce qui est plus important. J’ai de la difficulté à m’organiser et cette application m’aide vraiment, en plus de tout synchroniser avec mon calendrier..Version: 1.92

Search functionalityHi this app works well but needs a search function to enable users with a larger number of tasks to find something through a key word search. Is this planned for a future upgrade?.Version: 1.85

Fairly usefulI like that it saves my tasks between devices and thought I liked the ability to make extra lists until the ability to move tasks between lists began to malfunction. I can no longer move tasks from the default list to my added lists, which when I could, helped me focus on the most important tasks when I needed to. The ability to do that disappeared regarding the main list (the most important one to be able to transfer from to aid focus) - as soon as I deleted one list and made another! I had to do this before the lists would start letting me rename them - if I’d been able to rename in the first place (I can now, but moving tasks is more important), then I wouldn’t have had to delete a list & make a new one, which apparently led to the problem of not being able to move tasks. PLEASE Fix This Bug!!.Version: 1.55

Great for studentsLove how it has the option to set dates so you can set deadlines and detailed instructions for each task. Also a huge fan of folders so I can separate each subject.Version: 1.15

Great app for keeping track of my knitting and needleworkI use this app for many different things. I’ve created several lists for the various types of crafts I do. It’s been a great way to track both active and planned projects, as well as household and business tasks. I absolutely love this app. I’ve tried many different kinds, but this is by far the best I’ve tried. The only reason I gave a four instead of five is that recurring tasks don’t show up again until the day they are scheduled again. I like seeing all upcoming tasks including repeating tasks. That’s the only change I would make if I were asked how to improve..Version: 1.13

I love it!!I am the type of person that has always needed to write out a daily list to reach my peak productivity. Tasks provides me a well designed tool which I have access to everywhere I take my phone, which is pretty much everywhere. I can mark off tasks from my list as I perform them or at the end of the day when I review my list. There are too many aspects of Tasks that I like, to list them all here. Please take it from me, if you haven’t used this app, try it for yourself and see if you like it as much as I do..Version: 1.95.0

Useful out of the box integration with Google calendarI like that tasks are calendar items however there seem no way to view/create sub tasks in the mobile app (IOS version at least). Also sharing task lists with other users seems not possible via the app and however if at all possible sins not straightforward to do. I like the fact that it is light weight application however I believe it still needs some refinements..Version: 1.19

It’s really good!I love the fact that I can add even more detail to my tasks AND put a due date for it. It’s so helpful and I never forget what I have to do because I can use a widget!.Version: 1.93

Excellent!Facile à gérer et organiser. Fantastique pour ne pas oublier un paiement ou une tâche importante. J’adore! ❤️.Version: 1.104

Tasks PC (Gmail) User InterfaceI think Tasks, when used on both the PC and the iPhone, is a very useful tool. The ability to maintain a simple “to do” list across these devices is simple functionality, but I haven’t seen anything else like this from Apple or Microsoft that works as documented. My only dissatisfaction is within the PC GUI (in chrome and Gmail). It seems like this could be much more user-friendly, especially in regard to enlarging the frame in which the tasks are displayed. I was very pleased that alerts and notifications work properly on the two synchronized platforms. This is another thing that the other software companies can’t get correct for some reason. One other trivial comment: I don’t understand why the functionality of Reminders and Tasks both exist. The function of having reminders and tasks appear separately on the Google calendar seems redundant to me, but maybe I’m missing something..Version: 1.36

Please allow integration into google calendarIf my task dates also appeared in calendar this would be amazing. But unfortunately this is one feature that still appears to be A part of the desktop only experience. Please bring this to mobile applications..Version: 1.11.200513

Very good, but I miss WunderlistThis is a great app, great functionality, but it is annoying that lists can’t be shared. This functionality was in Wunderlist until Microsoft bought it and it just wasn’t the same. Sharing lists is fundamental to any list/task/to do based application. Our family share lists for a variety of reasons, Shopping, Travel packing etc. My search for an Application that will do this continues….Version: 1.44

Great appI like it that it sync in my google calendar. I just wish you could collapse the sub tasks within the main task as the task list can get quite long..Version: 1.24

Please add these features1. Export task list to textable/emailable/ doc format 2. Please allow a task created in the main list to be assigned to a space, not to need to create the task within spaces. Furthermore, create the ability to move a task from one space to another, or to populate multiple spaces. 3. Add Subtask feature to tasks within spaces as well, just as it does in the main task list. 4. Allow to create task templates for repeated work flows, both in main task and within spaces. 5. Integrate tasks with google sheets. Allow a spreadsheet field to convert to a linkable task, by right clicking. Furthermore, allow an entire task list template to create a spreadsheet (with gantt template would be awesome). Allow the task template to populate the spreadsheet with the whole templated task list. This would allow for pipeline work flows that are repateable and easily created. Overall, a good app, but with the amazing new spaces, and the robust google sheets, the lack of integration is stoping the task feature from being 5 stars..Version: 1.74

Fantastic to stay organised and super easy to useLove the the super easy to set up lists. They work with my google calendar putting reminders in for me. So easy to stay organised now..Version: 1.59

The bestThe best I have found ever. Most systems I have tried frustrated me. I’ve kept using this for longer than anything else to date..Version: 1.6.190924

Great DesignAwesome that it keeps a completed list so you can look back and see what you have done!.Version: 1.6.190528

ImprovementsGood tool but it would be helpful if at a glance you could see tasks due the next day and next week on a summary rather than having to go through them all..Version: 1.19

Love this - suggest ability to move tasks across listsLove this - suggest ability to move tasks across lists.Version: 1.82

Almost greatGreat app but PLEASE add support for Google Calendar on mobile to match the web functionality! I really would like to be able to view, edit and add tasks straight from the Calendar app..Version: 1.10.200430

Really helps me keep track of my projectsVery easy to make various lists, add tasks & subtasks, set repeat & alerts (which actually work), and I can even mark important tasks with a star and track those priority tasks in the “Starred” list. I have a widget on my Home Screen with whichever list I’m focused on, which makes it even easier to see and access my task lists. Simple, easy & effective. The only change I would suggest is for the “Starred” list tasks to visibly show which list the task is from, without having to open that task and see. Still, overall, very, very helpful without being too complicated. My ADHD brain approves!.Version: 1.63

Good app, useful for students doing online classesVery helpful for students, much better than a paper to-do list as you can set things for certain dates and to repeat if you want to. Would be better if the tasks could ticked off from the Lock Screen of the phone without opening the app:).Version: 1.19

Notes +Would be even better if it integrated into the sidebar calendar in gmail for convenience..Version: 1.6.190924

SortingI love this app but it doesn’t let you sort alphabetically. For lists like groceries I want to be able to check things off or uncheck them and for it to all be in alphabetical order. It’s annoying having to sift through the things that are checked off to see if an item is already there or not. If it were in alphabetical order I could go check easily. Having a numerical sorting feature would be nice too. The only other thing I noticed about this app Is that you can’t move your lists around. Once you make it your stuck with it in that spot unless you delete all of your other lists and remake everything..Version: 1.93

Best time management app integrated to gmailBest time management app integrated to gmail. Mobile friendly. You can manually add your task or gmails can be sent to your task list. Has been using it for more than 3 years ..Version: 1.95.0

Amazing new update!They finally added timed task notifications and repeating notifications! This is now single handedly the best to-do list app, especially for heavy Google Calendar users. The integration is amazing.Version: 1.5.190224

Manque des optionsIl faudrait être capable de choisir si on veut verrouiller l’ordre de notre liste et décider si on veut envoyer les taches faites en bas ou seulement les rayer en les laissant dans ´ liste Sinon c’est quand même bien.Version: 1.50

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