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There’s so much fricken adsWell you like it for the time your alive but when you die it’s ad time that’s why it’s. Three out of five but anyway the first time you play it’s fun but when you die it’s just annoying to have to watch once a add was 2 minutes and those where 2 minutes I’ll never get back 😾 when you play you really just wanna experience the the game but you can’t do that if every time you die you have to watch a add so really try it out but a warning there’s like only one thing to do so if your fine with adds and don’t care that you can only do one thing then get it but if not don’t do it this game is okay but I’m definitely uninstalling forever or at least until they update where less ads but I’m fine with adds if it’s every once and a while you need to make money and they Need to add more things you can do we’ll definitely try it out.Version: 1.9.9

Shortcuts Obviously TakenNow, I’m being a bit harsh giving Rise Up a 3 star. This game is fun and addictive at times but after a while, all your doing is shuffling your finger along a screen. This game could be great but more care should be taken and instead of focusing too much about the concept, try to work on making people come back to their phones and go, “Right, what should I play? Oh RISE UP!” Sadly, I have stopped playing due to what I have already said but I do like it and I do think it is a really good app. Also, it is so FRUSTRATING!!!!!! All the best developers. Love the idea..Version: 1.9.9

READ THISHelllllllo! I came here to well obviously talk about the game. This used to be my go to game but then I deleted it and here’s why. The first reason is I got this weird new update and I’m not sure if it’s just on my device or if other people got it but it’s where whenever you died if would give you progress to start working on getting a prize but once I finished those it would give me something and that thing would stay for like the day! I would get a new balloon that I really liked and sometimes it would just get rid of the prize but other times it would just replace the balloon I got with a different one. And this happened with the shield too but usually my shield would just disappear. My next reason is the music. Yeah I guess the music was ok but I couldn’t find anywhere to mute it if I wanted to listen to my own music. It might have just been I didn’t look hard enough but if the creator see’s this message please help. The last thing is some of the obstacles were absolutely almost impossible. Which would also bug me if I was on my high score. Oh yeaaaah the score. I think sometimes also when it said “high score” somewhere it got it wrong. Anyways that’s all my reasons Sorry this was so long. I just needed to talk about my reasons I guess. Welp. BAI PEEPS! p.s. hey I’m back, get this game if you don’t really care about my reasons. ok now for serious, bai🎈.Version: 2.6

Pretty good but needs less ads. The game also needs to be more predictable.First, the ads. Every two plays you have to watch an ad to continue playing. I’ve heard from other people that sometimes it shows an ad in the middle of your gameplay. That hasn’t happened to me yet but I hope it won’t anytime soon. The ads don’t bother me SO much that I would delete the game and never play it again, but you should have an ad like every ten plays. Second, whenever I play this game, there’s suddenly pillars or obstacles coming from the sides and behind me. It could make people (and me) mad when you get hit by one of those. When it’s a noob’s first time playing the game, on level two he or she could die straight away because of those long triangles that come out from the sides. Maybe the game should have like a mode where the obstacles are always the same so people won’t be as surprised. I mean, the surprises shouldn’t really be considered as BAD, but sometimes you just don’t want to be surprised like that. With the ads -1 1/2 stars and the surprises-1/2 stars I think this game should get a 3 star rating..Version: 1.5.1

It okSo it is so hard I love it and I have it!!!.Version: 2.9

Rising up reviewThis game has a very interesting concept and is a very fun challenge, however there are just far too many things that annoy me which makes the game unplayable. First off there are a billion ads on this game... every single time you lose (which is going to happen all the time) an ad rolls every time and it is infuriating. Also, there is this beginning part you have to play every single time you die which is so obnoxious. I don’t understand why it’s there, and it makes me not want to give it another try because the beginning part is so annoyingly repetitive. Another complaint I have with this game is that some of the levels are so unbalanced it’s ridiculous. Some levels are far too easy and some levels are near impossible. There are a few levels I have never been able to beat, and there are a few levels I’ve never lost on as well. Also, when there are a lot of things going on on the screen, it can get horribly laggy and make the game not worth playing. Finally, the game is just plain boring. There has to be something else added to the game to make it more fun to play. There has to be something else than a balloon design I can earn from playing the game that makes me want to come back to it. There also needs to be sound added, and it needs to be more visually stimulating than just different colors every level..Version: 1.2.2

To Much Ads!’You guys have WAY TO MANY Ads. Fix it or I will delete it. Overall it’s a fun game but still I always get off the app so I don’t have to listen to the obnoxious ads. I can find a way better game to play! Do fix this before this game will not be downloaded by me again. I like this game but after every roll BAM! An ad pops up! Just stop this immediately. I will report this game if not fixed soon enough so I can stop wasting my time. I’m a mother of three children and me and them have things to do. My daughter cry’s every time and as shows up because we have to go somewhere. Either daycare or dance. This is bazaar. I have this app for her and that’s what she does. And I’m done so I’m leaving a review on this. Next time I download from this creator I will be sure to check the reviews. I recommend it but not to people who don’t have patients or have kids that need to be places or just even you or a kid. I can’t with this app. Please fix it now..Version: 1.3.7

Too hardLevels are too hard and the game isn’t fun. Make the levels easier and the game will be a lot more fun.Version: 1.8.1

Ads detract from the gameThis is an incredibly well designed game, and it's fun to play, but there are way too many ads. An ad rolls every time you lose, which is inevitably quite often when you first start playing. There's so many ads that the game isn't worth playing because it's, at the very least, an even split between watching ads and playing the game. Even reducing the ads to one ad per two plays would be enough, but this one to one ratio is preposterous. Obviously you can't expect to play a game entirely ad free, I understand that creators need to make money, but in order to compete with the billion other minimalist skill based games on the app store, there really needs to be less advertisements. This is a unique, well executed concept, and I like it, but it's practically unplayable (at least for me) with the current ad/play ratio. I think I've made my point. Best of luck to the developers of this game!.Version: 1.1

Some issues...This game is wonderful and very well thought out and fun. This is one of the most used apps on my phone. There are just some things I just can’t work with. Here are some of my issues. Where do I get started, this app doesn’t open half the time I try. I have to keep clicking on it. Let’s say I tried to get into the game ten times today, I would only get into the game about four times out of the ten. Does that make sense? I also have my little ball that doesn’t move a lot of times. It is hard for me to want to open the game even if I know it’s not going to open. I don’t want to be rude cause I am not a rude person at all, and I am being very gracious with the stars, but I would just like you to please take those into consideration and please do improve if there is a way. There is a glitch that needs to be taken care of right away if you want to keep your business running. Thank you and please do look into those comments and try to find a cure! -agms2006.Version: 1.6

Unplayable with so much adsI probably spent way more time watching ads than playing the game..Version: 2.9

Too many addsEvery time you die, an add pops up! All anyone wanted to do is play the game. I don’t really like it.Version: 2.1

My reviewI think that it could maybe be a bit less as hard a usual and that things could not so expensive.🥳🙂 Kind regards, Kataraina.Version: 1.9.6

Rise UpThis game is terrible. The general idea is good, but the way that they carried out the making of this was bad. The circle that you use to push stuff away does not follow your finger resulting in the circle being caught below the screen, meaning I could not do anything. Another thing is the sensitivity. Most games like this move smoothly, but the circle was too slow, meaning I could never get to the flying objects quick enough. Even though this might be one of those games that are supposed to make you rage, I thought it was horrible, having to slowly go through everything again. And the feeling of failure makes you just want to quit and delete the whole thing and never come back. To finish off, I absolutely hate this game..Version: 1.9.7

Too many adsInteresting enough game but just too many ads to be fun..Version: 2.1

Not To Be Rude But...Things I like about the game: I like the song it’s really peaceful. :) two Suggestion: can you make the game easier please and take away a few adds. Sorry for all the rude things... Some people just like to go around and hate..Version: 2.9

Fun but hardI enjoy playing this game but it is extremely hard. I play it when I'm bored but there seems to be a bug with the balloon skins. If you watch a video to get a new skin then it lets you unlock the skin and when you select it it says 'selected' like other skins but it just uses the same skin you were previously playing with. I hope that the developers can fix this bug asap. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.9.4

Way too hardI just decided to play this game because I was quite bored on the ad it looked pretty fun but just wait till you play it. It’s so hard and my high scores only 3. Think before you download this game..Version: 1.9.7

PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW!!!This game is really good and so addictive! I have been playing it for 3 hours straight. My brother loves it too. There is just some issues, one of them is the ads! Way to many. If they came around every five or so games that would be fine, but the fact that they are coming up every one or two games is really irritating and makes me not want to play. If you get this game , be prepared to sit through a ton of ads and pop ups. The second thing is after every game I play the screen lags and the game drops out and turns me phone off. If you are a developer reading this, please fix these things. If you are a customer reading this, please include these points of feedback in your review so these issues can be resolved. Thank you for thanking your time to read this. Overall great game! -sushicat13.Version: 1.4

Game is brokenDoes not let you move, game gets0 stars.Version: 1.9.9

It’s okFor me it’s way to hard and I can only pass level 2. Lol.Version: 2.9

It’s fun but glitches and way to many adsOkay don’t get me wrong this game is super fun but I have a few issues with the game in general 1. There are way too many ads! This game is kinda hard and every time my balloon pops and I get back to the main page there is an advertisement like maybe have it where like every 5 times you die there is advertisement but not every time AND PEOPLE ALL YOU have to do is put on airplane mode and turn off WiFi cause advertisements need WiFi so then you get no ads 2. This game just made me so mad right now okay I was on level 42 out of 45 and the game just like pauses and the whole freakin thing exits and that really makes me made because I have never gotten that far my highest is like only 30 out of 45 levels so this glitch needs to be fixed. 3. This glitch doesn’t really bother me but if you playing the game, exit (as in click the home button) and than come back on than the balloon will just be like going up and nothing is happening and than your is still up with no obstacles so maybe fix this glitch So I PROMISE that if the producers lower the amount if advertisements and fix those two glitches I mentioned than I will change my rating to 5 stars and recommend this game to all my friends so thank very much!.Version: 1.9.9

WORST GAME EVERI think this game has a ton of problems that I you can fix that will make this game a whole lot better...... a lot better so number 1 is the ads I mean like after every 2 levels there is at least one ad at least which makes the game really boring and it’s super annoying so u need to fix that number 2 ..glitches sometimes when the game goes to ad again at the end when I’m about to exit the game freezes then glitches then in order to play again I have to restart my phone and it is so annoying when it happens number 3 bugs this is kinda like the others one but when the game goes to ad and I’m about to exit the ad doesn’t let me and this has happened to me multiple times so please fix it number 4 the game is so hard like I get that the game needs to be hard but this is so hard for me to the point where it’s frustrating like not even fun I’m not trying to be mean or anything but this game is horrible please fix these four problems and then I might like this game and others might enjoy it more thanks.Version: 2.1

Great game, bad monetization.This game presents an interesting, relatively unique concept in gameplay mechanics. The creator/owner doesn’t realise how good this game actually is, and has sold it out cheaply with a great abundance of ads, and this utterly ruins the experience. What’s even worse, is that the manner of presenting these ads is actually bad for the advertiser - after being forced to sit through them a few times, with the context of simply waiting for my next turn, I rather despise the games being presented. Terrible planning. Sadly, it’s a no from me, and I would not recommend this game to anyone, which is a real shame as I consider this game may have had the potential to go viral across a substantial range of demographics - a rare, and highly sought after opportunity, wasted..Version: 1.2.2

Worst Game EverI downloaded this game once and got bored on the first level. It's repetitive and is overall very dull. My worst hate about this app is its advertisements. Whenever I am on another game, an advertisement will pop up for this app and I have to endure 30 seconds of this horrible game. Not only is it a boring and unappealing advert, it also doesn't allow you to exit the advert afterwards. Sure, there is an X button but this just takes me to the website and I have to reload my game to get rid of the advertisement. Overall, boring and annoying..Version: 1.5.2

It was alright, but I have a comment..I have been playing this game for a while now, I know this game is supposed to be ‘’Challenging’’ and all but if this game cost money I would not be happy because I can’t even reach level 4 and the obstacles are ridiculously impossible, if you could change the obstacles a little bit easier just 1 little bit, IF this is possible please reply or if there is something that you do not agree with my comment, please reply. Thank you.Version: 1.9.5

A game of its own, built by greedy developersThis game has a special kind of gameplay that tasks you to protect a ballon from white objects from touching it. It brings in the thought of “It is a fragile balloon, and I cannot pop it. It is like an easy to learn and hard to master kind of game. However, the game has an advertisement interval every 10-30 seconds, leaving you with, most of the time, more time watching ads than playing the game. You can get up to about three games before seeing an ad, but this depends on how long a game session takes in between ads. This is how free games get developers money, but the most important thing is to is obtain a good balance of ads and gameplay. This game, however, fails to obtain that balance to favour ads than gameplay. I like small and simple games like these, but the gameplay is hindered by the amount of advertisements this game has. Summary: A simple game, with good money-grabbing techniques. 6/10.Version: 1.5.1

GarbageWorst damn game I ever played.Version: 2.9

Buggy and full of adsI found a bug within 90 seconds. Really? Game of the day? Who reviews this junk at Apple? And, like, so many ads. I get it. You need to make a buck. But at least let me play for a few minutes. Sheesh..Version: 2.1

HorribleThey literally make the game impossible for you to beat. Don’t make a game that’s unplayable and annoying as hell..Version: 2.1

I don’t know what u r going 4This game is really just meh to be honest with you. I mean it’s just kinda boring. The levels are either to easy or to hard no in between. Also there are so many adds it is like most of the game is just an add because you get one every time you die (which is a lot because I’m pretty sure almost nobody can actually get past more than 6 obstacles). And also it is almost like the funnest part of the game is picking out the color of the balloon (sorry but it’s the truth). I mean it is really just boring some of the obstacles are impossible and it really doesn’t feel like it is worth it to have the game on my phone anymore (after 4 days). There is no sound and nothing really going on in the game. Also I can only get the protectors it comes with because the adds for the protector won’t work no matter what I do. And nobody really knows this game it is just kinda unpopular with kids of any age. So sorry you had a cute concept but it didn’t work in my eyes and I will be deleting mainly cause all the adds I would keep it if not for that but yah overall really the game was Meh!.Version: 2.1

This game is fun but not the best updateThe creator needs to update the game it is very glitchy unfortunately I have to delete the game because it is so glitchy I keep on failing all the time I think 3 stars suits this game and my friend agrees I am very sorry to say this game is not the best game I’ve played before I will check this again and see if it’s still glitchy in a few weeks please don’t think I hate this game I do like it but it’s not the best but I would recommend this game for the public and maybe you could change the icon because it doesn’t look catchy you obviously want people to play this game you could make it more colourful then maybe more people will start playing this game think about making this game a bit mor easy to play then think of how proud you would be I have tried many times to stop it being glitchy but sadly didn’t work well you did good but I think you could do better here is a board of ratings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 On my opinion you are currently on 6 try to work towards the 10 so this can be a better game..Version: 1.9.4

Plus de choseIl devrais avoir plusieurs mode de jeu.Version: 1.1

!!CAN'T EVEN PLAY!!When on my phone (iPhone 6) this game just WILL NOT OPEN. It will download, let me tap it but then as I wait for it to load so I can play it quits the app and turns off my phone. The levels need to start easier and get harder to. They start average and then every now and then you just get and extremely hard one! It should start easy and then get harder over-time. I'm disappointed in the game :-( I now can not play on my phone as I have said above. I had it on my iPad to. It worked fine but there was tooooo many ads! I deleted it when I saw how many there was because it is to hard to handle! I DO NOT recommend this game to anyone else wanting to download it! -Sam.Version: 1.4

TerribleToo bad man.Version: 3.0

Not fun.ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS. Oh, and did I mention... ADS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!😡😡😡 You can always count on the fact that you will watch a thirty second ad right after you die, which by the way will be frequently considering that at first you are given 45 levels to beat, let’s say you get to level 20 YAY 🥳🤩ONLY 25 MORE LEVELS TO PASS... NOT. If you die before reaching level 45, you are forced to start back at level 1, and there is nothing you can do about it. This game is literally impossible, it makes me rage, and it isn’t well put together...❗️AT ALL❗️It is a total waste of time and patients. Plz make it to were the levels aren’t impossible, individual levels so you dont have start over, and were there isn’t a fricking ad every time you push something. Like seriously, you should start advertising new phones and crap because I am literally going to brake mine if I have to see another piano tiles ad!!!! ( although piano tiles is fun). That’s all. Have a nice day😊 I’m sure I got my point across. Plz fix this😖🙏🏼.Version: 1.9.6

Utterly TerribleIt is honestly one of the worst games I have EVER played. It came up as an ad on helix jump(great game by the way) and I played the trial version on the ad. Seemed to be a great game but boy was I wrong. It is far too difficult and there is no order whatsoever regarding the difficulty of levels as the first level is the same each time and after that it is random. I would not recommend because not even pro gamers would be able to get past the second level..Version: 1.5.2

Worst Game Ever 🤬I hate this game a lot. I do not know why I play it. It has so many ads, Like SOO many, and there are a lot of glitches. The music is so boring, change it to something more enjoyable please 😒 And this game, ugh. Sometimes, when I am playing, it automatically exits the app. SO ANNOYING. And I wish you would take away the ads. At this point, not watching ads after EVERY TIME YOU FAIL would be great. And some of these levels it feels like you can’t pass. And I would love it if you gave more color options. HERE ARE MY COMPLAINTS Glitches, ads, more colors, boring music, impossible levels, ads, ads, ads. Oh and did I say ads? ADS!! This game feels like nothing but ads! And, sometimes it changes my protector’s color, automatically. SOOO ANNOYING, OH MY GOD!!! And did I complain about ads yet? Oh yeah, this game IS nothing BUT FREAKING ADS!!!! And if I would rate this game, I would rate it a zero, but that is not an option so I had to rate it one, but just know I would rate it zero. And I was reading other reviews, HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE POSSIBLY LIKE THIS GAME??? For all the people out there reading this review, hear me, do not play this game!.Version: 2.6

Horrible braggersThis game is horrible. The protector for the ballon is laggy and the creators of this game are the biggest braggers for a game. When it was number 1 in App Store they made ads for it to brag. I know I’m late but if ur looking at this do not get this game it is a waste of time and the creators of this game shouldn’t get. Single cent of money for being the worst game creators of all time. Very bad game and I highly recommend not to get it as u can probably tell by this comment. 0/5 stars, 0/10 points. The worst game, do not get..Version: 1.9.9

OkPersonally I think the game is to hard. This adds to the fact there there are just to many ads and sometimes an add comes up in the middle of the game or level. This means that when you go back on the game once you have come off the ad it acts as if you have lost the round and you are given the choice to watch an add or go back to the start. Other than that it is a challenging fun game and I would recommend it to 10 and over because younger children could get frustrated easily!.Version: 1.5.1

Not goodI don’t like this game because it makes you rage and every minute you get a ad and it is very annoying. It needs to be improved.Version: 2.9

I hate dis gameIt was so annoying and too much ads.Version: 2.9

Annoying glitchThis game would get an ok review it’s in with the trend of simple addictive games and is really fun to play BUT... on the regular mode if you through a block or something up then on the next level you would find that the block has totally messed it up the next level and with challenges mode it’s even worse! Once you get to level 57 and are on the second stage a bunch of black blocks start moving when their not supposed to! Just don’t buy this app it’s not worth your time and money would give zero stars if possible!.Version: 2.1

Too difficult need work and tweakingGreat concept but difficulty level to way too rapid. Obviously not an original idea of a physics game but... I suspect the developer has got quite a high rating due to previous game versions have been quite playable, but suspect recently changes have been made where the playability is almost impossible pass 30 seconds to a point the game has become advert spam. Maybe this is where the money is, it seem to be a bit of a trend of the App Store lately..Version: 1.5.1

Really annoying glitchSo, the first problem I’m experiencing is the fact that in one of the levels, all the black blocks that aren’t supposed to move flail everywhere. It’s especially annoying when the white blocks that pops the balloon ricochets off of them. It makes the game 10x harder and the chance of passing the level is only 20% or less. The other level that is enraging is the stickman one. If your supposed to get to level 100, this game is clearly rigged and requires hours of practice for each level. The levels needs testing and doesn’t provide a good example of it. Other than that, it’s a good game..Version: 2.1

READ THIS DON’T GET THE NEW UPDATEDo not get the new update there is a massive bug in it you can see the balloon and you can’t even see the whole screen so when obstacles pop out of the side you don’t have enough time move your shield to protect The ballon because by the time you see the object flying from the sky it is at the bottom of the screen and not being able to see the balloon doesn’t help and people say this has an add problem but it isn’t that bad!.Version: 1.6

...This is probably the worst game I have ever played because this game I thought was supposed to be relaxing but it is so stressful.Version: 3.0

Game is ok, the half baked girls aren’t good for kidsAfter playing a few times pop up ads are played and is slot of dating sites with half baked people not very suitable now for kids.Version: 1.5.1

Unskippable 30 second adsWithin less than a minute I was presented with an unskippable 30 second ad. Deleted..Version: 1.1

Too many ads, bad touchscreen controls.I’d like to start off with the touchscreen controls, first off they are irresponsive and slow, this may be a feature but it doesn’t go well with the levels which leads me to my second point. I played for around a few days here and there and couldn’t get passed the third level. This is because the levels are next to impossible to beat. You simply can’t react in time for some of the stuff and you can’t get better at it because it’s randomly generated to an extent (It mixes and matches basically). And after every death there is an ad. At this point you have ruined your game by making it basically unplayable. The replay ability is 0 and the chances you’ll get past level 3 (which there’s 45 btw) is next to impossible. Also the objects are stronger than the shield that you get so there’s that, basically fast moving objects move your shield out of the way and pop your balloon instantly. Dark souls is easier... and that’s saying something. I don’t think I’m crossing the line when I say I’d rather eat a bag of scabby dicks than play this game another day..Version: 1.3.7

WorstThis is the worst game ever it is unfair in the ad there are these this that are not in the game just the ad which is unfair. One thing (if you are reading this you must get minecraft it is really fun so back to this game) I think the rating should be one out of five and there are to many ads which is annoying if you could change it a bit like (minecraft) I would love it. And please can there be no ads like (minecraft) please. So please change a bit like (minecraft) because minecraft is one of my favourite games and this game I do not like.Version: 1.9.9

Rise UpVery bad game. You consistently get levels which are near impossible. No skill, only luck. Work on this game and make sure it’s good before you plan on releasing one..Version: 1.3.7

AdsI like this game but too many adds and some of the levels are unbeatable..Version: 2.9

Rise up reviewOverall, I really enjoy this game but there are is one thing that is very annoying. My biggest problem with the game is how whenever you get to level 27 it restarts you back to one every time! I have gotten to 27 a lot and then it just resets to 1 and then when you do it from there and get 27 it still resets you back to one. I have beaten the game multiple times but of course do that flaw it never actually lets me finish the game. This game is pretty easy but annoying if you can never actually finish all 45 levels. I have gotten to 60 levels but it never acknowledges that. Because I just keep going to 27 then it restarts even though you didn’t pop the balloon. So I have gotten to 27 multiple times on the same turn but it never lets me finish the game. I hope this makes sense but please fix it because I want to beat the game already and not have to keep restarting multiple times on the same turn...... yes it keeps my score the same through it all but I want it to actually tell me that I have completed it and I want it to say 45/45! Please please please fix this soon! But I don’t have any other complaints..... the game is pretty easy just again annoying when you can never win and can only lose..... thank you for reading this if you’ve made it this far!.Version: 1.9.8

It sucksThis game is awful don’t download it.Version: 1.9.9

HardThis game is fun but I can’t even reach 500 it gets really hard really quick. If you loved challenge then go for it but I don’t like a challenge.Version: 1.9.8

Game is good but...Game is good but there is a glitch with the continue that is very frustrating. So frustrating I am on the verge of deleting the game because of it. When you get a continue an ad pops up, as to be expected. During the ad a second ad pops up and when both have finished you can not quit the second ad. The only way around this is to close the game and forfeit your continue. This is making me more annoyed every time it happens. I no longer hit continue, very frustrating bug, needs fixing before I delete it..Version: 1.5

My opinionIt's an ok game but the descriptions are soooooo fake.Version: 1.1

KinksOh man, I absolutely love this game! The only thing I don’t like are the randomised levels and the fact that you have to go through each level every time you die! All in all it’s a wonderfull game, just a few kinks..Version: 1.9.4

DisappointedRise it is a... good game. Although the game has its pros, it has a lot more cons. One pro being that the game is challenging. Many people out there are competitive, making it so they keep playing this game until they’ve finally reached the final level. That’s about it for the pros. The first very obvious con I’d like to point out is the extreme amount of advertisements. Every time you fail a level, it brings up an advertisement. I’ve played for about 5 minutes today and every time I failed a level, the same two advertisements played. I know, I know. You have advertisements so you can profit off the game, but do you really need that many ads? You could just make a “skip level” option that could make you just as money as what you’re making with these ads, and you’ll leave less people angry with the amount of advertisements. Speaking of advertising, I’ve so far only seen two different videos. Keep in mind that I played the game for about 5 minutes, failed multiple times, and saw about 30 ads. Could you, at the very least, play different ads? If I have to watch an ad, it might as well be pleasing to the eye. My overall review of this game: it could be a great game if it wasn’t for all the ads! -Ashley.Version: 1.5.1

AlrightIt’s impossible to complete these levels and get up to level 45 The most I’ve been up to is 23 and that’s not much... maybe make the highest level 30 or 20.Version: 1.3.7

Good - needs to be fixedI love this game but I rate it a three. There’s not much to it and sometimes the first levels are way too hard. I like how there aren’t an overload of adds but there is a large consistency of the same add and too many adds. Maybe to make it better, add different skins. It would encourage others to get your app if you have cute skins. I like this game but it has some things that need to be fixed..Version: 1.9.9

Amazing game, Good idea, but TOO MANY ADS!The game itself is an amazing game. It is very fun and you could spend your day playing this game without noticing that you’ve been playing for so long. That’s what I had done yesterday. The concept of the game of protecting the balloon is excellent and it brings a sense of aggravation for losing and an excitement when you win. The perfect combination every game should have. But one of the only reasons why I rated this game 3 stars, is the ads. There are WAYY too many ads. Every time I lose a level, I have to see an add, which wastes about 5 seconds, and it’s always the same ad! Even when I try to buy the “no-ads” feature it doesn’t let me! I really enjoy playing this game, but I am mostly losing the excitement of playing this game because of the ads.. I’d recommend to download this game, but as soon as you start playing, you will immediately get swarmed with ads..Version: 1.5.3

#GGame reviewHighly addictive fun game to play to pass the time however it is incredibly difficult to pass level two as all the levels are completely randomised making it incredibly frustrating when you incounter a level that is almost impossible to pass! This game has no logical structure making it annoying and addictive. This game I would not recommend To get as it makes no sense and is very VERY difficult! #GGame review.Version: 1.5.2

Don’t botherIf you are thinking of getting this game don’t, this is a very bad game and will waste your time trust me! It is way to hard and to many ads. I like the idea of this game but they make the levels too confusing. I suggest that you make each level separate with 3 stages and each level gets a bit harder but the 1st level easy since the person at level one will be new to this game..Version: 1.5.1

MehDon’t get me wrong it’s a good but it’s too hard and you don’t get that far in to the game before something gets it the best I’ve done if level 3 and I have had the game for 4 months.Version: 1.9.8

Very DisappointedIf I could give 0 stars I would. I hardly ever give apps a rating, but this game in particular is terrible. The idea of the game is quite good and I could imagine it would be an addictive, fun game, BUT this game is horrible in the sense it is designed. The first level is always the same and easy, but then every single level afterwards is completely randomised and some are very, very difficult, almsot impossible to pass. You dont get a chance to understand the levels and figure out how to pass them as it is always randomised, giving you no chance to pass level 2. Highly disappointed in what could be a really good game if it wasnt randomised and actually had a logical pattern in the levels..Version: 1.3.7

Level changes too much1st level is the same then after its random, some levels were virtually impossible, whilst some were easy. Theres no skill involved its just luck on the next level, whether its easy or not. You dont even get the chance to practice on a level because its always changing.Version: 1.1

Logan Paul lulYa this game is flawed beyond belief, after giving it a quick play through I've come to the conclusion that it's unplayable. You obviously care a lot about the moneys you receive, because every 30 seconds an ad pops up and reminds me that I'd much rather be playing one of those games then the one I am currently playing. Now let's go over the terrible mechanics. The ball that's supposed to move doesn't respond half of the time, and if that wasn't bad enough the lag on this game is just unbearable, I can't move the ball an inch without the game freezing on me, it's just so bad. I'd recommend doing anything else with ur lives then to play this game for even a second..Version: 1.1

Lost Faith in GamesI downloaded this with high hopes that I would be able to play for more than 30 seconds without an ad. Honestly what a waste of time. Apples started lagging (iPhone 6S) and the game became unpredictable after the first game..Version: 1.3.7

VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READRise up is an amazing game, it has two main problems though... The 1st one I agree with many of of the other reviews with, the problem is ads, game creators, please make them at least every fourth gameplay it is so annoying The second one is it is so glitchy, time after time again it won’t even show obstacles and today, it put me all the way to level 42 out of 45, this would be great if the balloon actually moved... Game creators, please do something about these problems, I am extremely tempted to delete this app..Version: 1.9.9

Too many addsIt’s fun but there’s too many adds.Version: 2.1

So many adsMore time having to watch ads than actually playing the game.Version: 1.4

A bit boringI enjoy this game but I got to say it is a bit boring if this game is going to become popular you have to make it interesting I want to play it everyday and always look forward to playing it but I can’t because it is one of those games that you only want to play for 10 mins because it gets boring. Bye 👋🏻.Version: 1.9

Don’t RecommendFirst of all, WAY TOO MANY ADS! I am really not trying to be a mean person, but the ads, NO. I mean, most of the time I’m OK with ads, but these? They are either the 30 second long ads that I can’t skip, inappropriate, and the dumbest ads and ones I am NOT interested in. I get it, but who even LIKES the same over and over again? Well I don’t! I won’t even TRY to tell how many ads there are when I’m playing. Next problem, PLEASE MAKE A TUTORIAL! When I first got it I didn’t even know what to do, and the levels where SOOO hard for me. They’re not that hard now, but you know what I mean. Third problem, I really don’t like how I get to level 27(?) and it brings me down to one. It’s a BIG GLITCH, PEOPLE. I read in another review it does the same to them. And on (VERY, VERY, VERY) rare occasions on the time I can pass it, level 44, the LAST level, seems impossible. It’s there same one every time! I really don’t recommend this game... -Hermione (Not the real one, though ✌🏻).Version: 2.1

Addicting Levels, Advertisements Galore...This is an awesome and addictive game to play, but a lot of disappointments... What I mean is that there are a lot of reasons that this game has had some hateful reviews. One reason is that literally, almost every single level I complete or fail there is an advertisement that pops up, which can get very annoying. Also, some advertisements are not exactly kid-friendly. Another reason is that sometimes when I complete, fail, or even enter the app, the game crashes, which is a bug you can HOPEFULLY squash. Something else I forgot to mention is the game either is very, very, very slow, or my device is slow, but the former might be more likely considering that my device has been running perfectly and has had no problems for the past couple years. Those are some problems I have found in the game so far. Therefore, this game is awesome but needs to be improved. To: Serkan Ozyilmaz (and people scrolling through the reviews) From: A fan of your game :].Version: 1.3.7

TOO MANY GLITCHESGame can barely run on iPhone 6s. An ad pop every time you die and glitches all the time..Version: 1.1

Terrible and makes people rageThe giant ball level is not possible many other levels too make my sis and me rage please make it easier and delete some levels I think most people will agree Serkan Ozyilmaz the ads are annoying and dumb please make the levels not randomise it is too hard since we have no control over levels I’ve been raging more than a bull looking at red for 90 hours the game is loosing plays because of these updates the old versions where better probably the game developer can’t beat this game either i would put this as a zero star if there was one this is the most annoying game in 2017 & 2018 please revert back to the early stages of the game please 👿 I’m starting to use swear words when I play The most disappointing game of 2018 please just stop putting new levels.Version: 1.9

HeyyyOk so i wouldnt say its the best ever but i can see that they worked on it for a long time but it was not the best honestly..Version: 2.9

So badThis game was good for the first ten or so attempts but then it just got annoying you have to play the exact same levels repeatedly. You can disagree if you want but most children (or adults for that matter) are going to be so bored after a couple of attempts. Also how do you expect anyone to beat 45 levels in one game I’ve had this for like 4 months and my high score is level 23. Also there is not enough skins and you have to pay actual money for some of them. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT IS TERRIBLE!.Version: 2.6

Really funGUYS STOP COMPLAINING!!!!! Level 2 is easy to get through and i got to level 5 on my second try. This game is fun and challenging and sutiable for all ages. I highly reccomend this game and rate it FIVE stars!!.Version: 1.5.2

Down Sides for Rise UpIts a fun game to play and every thing all about using the ball to protect the balloon I think it's great for children to learn a sense of direction but the same ads every time! Seriously either give us some other ads or just dont give any at all and yeah I know you won't not give ads because I know you have to make money becauxs it's a free app but at least give us some new ads how are we supposed to find new games with the same ad over and over again I mean really Thank you for reading this if you did.Version: 1.9.4

Amazing, but room to improveI mean it was a good game for the 10 minutes I played it. I had to go to brunch and closed out the app when I left. Now when I try to get back in to the game the beginning screen where all it says is “Rise Up” is frozen. I can’t get back onto the game, it’s such a bummer because when I want to play it I can’t now. Another thing is that there is SO many adds! Like, I’m almost positive I’ve seen this Rover ad a gazillion times, same with the toy blast. The ads take all the fun out of this amazing game, and, being an adult, I know that you guys got to make some money, and I respect that. Just PLEASE reduce the absurd amount of ads in this amazing game, I really want to play this awesome game again so please fix this! Another idea is to maybe add some sound or a settings button to make this game more fun than it already is! I am giving you guys a three star because I feel that you have great potential, and this game will become an award winning mobile game in the US, the reason I gave you three stars instead of five is because you still have room for improvements to make this game the most addictive app ever. I wish the developers of my new favorite game luck in the journey yet to come! Good luck and Thank You!.Version: 1.4

It’s good butIt’s a good game but has to many ads I hope you fix it :T.Version: 2.9

Could be better, but is funHas potential, but a few things that could make it better would be an option to change the sensitivity of the protector. I often find it doesn't keep up with the quickness of my finger ending in poppety ****ing pop! Another thing would be same lvl design option rather than just randomly generated. Some players like to learn and beat the game rather than just deal with the random. Otherwise...fun game :).Version: 1.9.6

Ads make the game almost unplayableIf this game was ad free it would get 5 stars. After almost every try there’s an ad. Worse still, a couple of them play music you can’t mute even when the phones on silent. Annoying when you’re trying to play without disturbing people and the only way to get rid is to kill the app. I’ve updated this review to go down to one star as the ads make the game almost unplayable. Every single time you die now there is an ad for 30 seconds or more. As you die quite often, especially when starting out, the ads kick in every few seconds. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👀 UPDATE : states “No Ads”. Absolute rubbish, still an ad after every fail. Means you spend more time watching ads than playing. 😡.Version: 1.5.3

Great if you could get past Terms of Policy notice.This is a great game, in the past I had deleted it however I decided to redownload it. It says only 1% get past level 1000 but it would be amazing if I could actually get past the beginning because when I have to accept the terms of policy I click accept on all of them but nothing happens, so I just tapped on the screen and I couldn’t play the game because the terms of policy notice was still covering my screen. As I said it would be nice to get past the beginning, so I have again deleted the app and I hope you can fix the problem..Version: 3.0

One long commercialAds ads ads with a balloon game every few seconds in between.Version: 2.9

👎👎👎I saw this game in an add and it look really fun! But after downloading and playing it for only 5 minutes I was angry and frustrated while playing. First of all, levels (even early ones) are incredibly hard and nearly impossible to beat! Also, let’s say you are at level 4 and you die, it takes you all the way back to the beginning to level 1! If you die you COMPLETELY have to start over! It mad me immediately angry and I didn’t want to play the game. Its annoying to have to click continue and watch an add for every single level if we want to pass. Also there is a lot of lag. Idk if it’s just the WiFi I’m using or if it is the actual game, but if it is that needs to be fixed. I do think that this game had a lot of potential and it could be fun if these things were fixed, but at the moment I do NOT recommend this game. I have seen other comments saying similar things so it’s not just me being picky. I really do want to play this game but I just can’t deal with the current problems. It may or may not be different for you so if you want try it out but definitely for me a one star review. Thank you for reading and I hope that this is helpful. And if the developers are reading this PLEASE take note of what I said and FIX IT!!!.Version: 2.1

A Cash GrabI read most of the reviews, and we can all agree ads are a problem. However, the game is made to be this way. Every time you die, an ad plays. We are also complaining about the difficulty. The game is made to be impossible and have an ad after every death because the game is engineered so you give the developer some nice ad revenue. We are basically on an app that is designed to give the developer money through an impossible game so he profits. The concept is really good, but the developer is not. He only sees the money in making a game, so he made an impossible game and it so he would get money because it is impossible. Like really, who would complete 45 levels in 2 tries with each designed to be impossible? Not only that but the controls are meant to make it that way. Sometimes you need to be on the other side of the screen to block an object. Even with multiple fingers, it’s impossible. Do what I did and get Adblock to play so the greedy developer doesn’t get your money..Version: 1.5.2

DONT DOWNLOAD2 many adds.Version: 2.9

AdsI’d pay for no ads why do no games do this anymore 😡 so frustrating.Version: 1.1

Potential, but hard to improve your skills, and the adsAds are definitely a problem in this game. I don’t have problems with ads in general on free games, that’s why they are free, but they have to work correctly. Most of the time, the game continues on BEHIND the ad, so if you choose “watch ad” to continue the game, the game just goes on without you as the ad plays so by the time you sit through the ad, you’ve lost again without any opportunity to play. So don’t bother to continue. As far as the game itself, it has potential, but there are soooooo many levels that come at you randomly that it’s very difficult to figure out how to deal with any given setup and improve your performance, since you may see it one out of 50 attempts. Also, some of objects react so randomly it’s tough to adjust game play. For example, some lines break when you hit them, some stay solid, and by the time you see what’s going to happen, it’s too late to do anything about it. I really wanted to like this game, but I really just can’t recommend it..Version: 1.5

Not Sure I Like It...😬It’s really hard and quite unfair how there’s so many objects to dodge. The objects somehow get past the curser thingy and got the balloon anyway. Also, when I try to cover up the balloon by hitting the objects away, the objects come flying down a million miles an hour practically. I don’t think it’s fair that the objects come down when you don’t even hit them and the levels are so long and hard I don’t think anyone has really ever got past level 10. What they say is probably true, that only 1% gets past level 1000. I would’ve got bored of that game by then! Also, when I played this game with WiFi it had so many adverts. So in general, I don’t recommend..Version: 1.9.9

SlowTha game is to slow to restart.Version: 1.9.7

Alright I guess...The game is fine, but can you get rid of the snow in the Christmas version because more then once I have found myself frantically swiping at the snow only to feel like a complete looser when I realise it is static..Version: 1.9.7

Good gameGood game but way too many adds it is really annoying also because it is normally the same add over and over again please get rid of some adds.Version: 1.9.9

Ads come too fast too soon10 seconds into my first attempt at the game and I need another life which requires a 30 second ad. The ratio of entertainment to ad time is out of balance. You do have the option to buy the game ad free for $4 but this is not worth $4. It is a $1 gamer best..Version: 2.1

AdsNormally I would talk about how unfair the game is because it does, but I’m putting the blame on myself here. This game has so many ads it’s insane. Die at at least a decent part while rising and you’re guaranteed to have an ad shoved down your throat. Airplane mode didn’t help. I’m suprised I haven’t deleted the game yet because this is horrible..Version: 2.1

Good idea, but gameplay is unfairI really like the art style and simplicity of the game, but I feel like the game is rigged with some levels. Some levels have obstacles that you wouldn’t be able to figure out right away, so your balloon will get popped immediately (which I think is unfair. It’s not a matter of “getting good” at the game). I personally think that the levels being random every time you start playing is my biggest complaint. What if it starts off with a level you’re not good with to begin with? You’ll lose immediately, and the next time you start a new game, it probably won’t be the same! The ads don’t help much either with my frustrations, but it’s how money is made. I downloaded this game because it looked really fun in the ads, but I was very disappointed after a few days. It’s a great idea for gameplay, but it can be unfair with the random levels it chooses for you to play. I only recommend it for people who have a lot of time on their hands to actually master it..Version: 1.6.1

ADDS!Rise up is a very unique and wierd game. That is a complement. I have never seen a game like it where with other games they copy and copy! How many dragon games are there? It is very fun and if you scrolling threw the reviews to see if the app is good or not then you should get it (or maybe not) but first look at the next paragraph. There is one problem though. ADDS!!!! Everyone understands. You need to pput them ( Money/sponsoring ) but there is no need for so many! When you first get the game there are barely any adds but the more you play the more adds you get. You can still put the adds but randomly. After everytime I play I get an add. The bad part is it is the same "angry birds" one every single time. Why?!? When I die and the "watch an add to continue" thing comes up I press "no thanks" but I still get put threw an add! When I press no thanks, it means I do not want to watch an add! I looked at the other reviews others have this problem. You are just choosing not to pay attention to this. You are going to have to at some point and it might as well be now. So please, the game is really fun but I am going to have to delete it if this problem isn't solved..Version: 1.5.2

Good game, ButThis is a good game nice kettle time passer, but the adverts like many games make it boring and spoils it. I know on a free game we have to have adverts but make it like some other games where you choose to watch them by getting bonuses and in game coins or whatever it may be. Also and this is getting worse with more games doing this an advert rudely pops up it used to for about 5 seconds now they’re longer and when you press the x to get rid of it, it comes back. So to the makers of these games you’re going to turn people away from games because it’s just too much..Version: 1.9.4

HurtfulI’ve been playing this game over 1000 attempts and i keep dying. this is effecting my mental health..Version: 2.9

Good game but...Rise up is an awesome game except for all the ads there are. The ads are so annoying. They come about every 3 times you play. They are also usually the same ads over and over again. It makes you want to just quit the game because you get so annoyed by the ads. Still, it’s so fun yet challenging too. I recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging game to play. 🙂🙂🙂.Version: 1.5.1

Could’ve been goodAd every single death, the circle should follow your finger, not just move around. The levels are random and it is virtually impossible to win because the levels are randomised and extremely hard..Version: 1.2.1

Pretty good.This game is a really good game. But way to many ads. It’s says watch a video to continue and you finish watching one and then most of the time it will make you watch another! Take out some of the ads people! I get that you have to make money but come on, your going to lose money if you keep it this way!!! But apart from alllllll the ads it’s a very good game, it’s kept me challenged! I love this game but the ads are soooooooo annoying! Take out the ads and you have a 5 star game. The reason I gave it three is because.. you guessed it! Too many ads! But overall , great game just that one little thing to improve. Thanks for taking the time to read this review. Best wishes for the future, developers!.Version: 1.5.1

TrashThis game is to hard and full of glitches. Also the ads are unreal. This is what I expect when I play a trash game. Do not download..Version: 2.9

I’m in troubleMe stuck In a basement help 😱😱😰(not click bait) if u think this is 🧢 then idk.Version: 2.9

Ads, ads, adsIf you live ads this is the game for you! Not only will you die on level 2 but you will get to embrace the ad revenue following up on your frustrated death! This game is cheap! There is no incentive to play (unless your the kind that loves being rejected). It is purely click bait..Version: 1.3.7

This game is badThis game has a good concept, an original idea, but the level designer should be fired, there are some levels that are literally impossible to pass, also the physics in this game is inconsistent in terms of the weight of the shapes. The transitioning of levels is also quite bad. If you want to rage and punch a wall, this game is for you..Version: 1.9.4

DeletedProbably the most annoying game ever. there’s an ad every time you die. deleted..Version: 2.2

This sucksIt so hard it should be progressing harder as you go along not just really hard to start.Version: 3.0

TerribleGame is littered with ads, totally unplayable..Version: 1.1

Too hardThe levels change so much at least add levels that stay the same or don’t add impossible levels.Version: 1.5.1

TOO MANY ADDSI like this game a lot because the gameplay is fun and so are the challenges. However I would play this game SO much more often if not the adds. At first when you open the app just after installing it, an add won’t pop up until, like, after you fourth go, which gives you a good impression on the add placements. Then, after that there are adds after every go. And honestly it gets SO frustrating. If you managed to survive all the adds without screaming of frustration, and play the game a bit longer, for me, it will start to get very glitchy. I’m not sure whether this is because of so many adds, it probably isn’t, but the glitching is just as frustrating as the adds, and make your balloon pop quicker, which then results in you watching MORE ADDS. Overall this game isn’t that bad, like I said the gameplay is really fun, but it’s just the adds that ruin everything, I wouldn’t recommend getting this game to anybody out there, because it’s not worth wasting half of your time watching adds. Thank you to anybody who read this review to the end, and I hope you agree..Version: 1.8.1

This is IMPOSSIBLE 🤬😡😠😤THIS GAME IS TO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO LOSE! and I made this a 1 star and now I hate this game. Now READ THIS!!! PLEASE MAKE THE GAME MORE EASIER AND THEN I CAN MAKE THIS A 5 STAR!!!!!!! IF NOT, the game is being 1 star forever from me! And 1% can beat like 1 LEVEL!!😖 NOW FIX IT BEFORE I NEVER PLAY THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!👿👿👿 I want you to make it easier and I HATE the note in the top so make it better! Now Read This! IF THE GAME IS EASIER, THEN EVERYONE WILL MAKE A 5 STAR!!! So if you want that, do it. so I want all that problems to be fixed. No problems = Everyone loves the game! And then I will love it. And I haven’t played this for 2 years!!! 🤬THAT MEANS I HATE THE GAME🤬!!! Or you can find a different developer and sell the old one, or creator but I chose the creator instead or developer! People who don’t like this game choose if to sell the creator or developer. PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE THE GAME HAS TO READ THIS! Hate the developer or creator because the developer or creator has done this making this IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR READING THIS! BYE!!!.Version: 2.9

READ BEFORE PLAYING!!!Overall, this is a ok game except from it is so hard! In the video it looks like a quick, easy and simple game but it the complete opposite of that! It is long, hard and causes impatience. It also has loads of adds some other comments state the same things I have typed as well. You could try this game out and see what you think of it though, since it is free. So, I rate this game a 3 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you so much for your time ☺️ (This is a child friendly game) (If you get annoyed by adds you can just turn of your WiFi and enter airplane mode by either in a new phone swiping down in the top right of your screen or, in a old phone swiping down or up from the top or bottom of your screen or, entering your settings and editing then there) Thank you again ☺️😍.Version: 2.9

Please read!Hello! I’m currently at a sleepover with my cousin, and she walked up to me asking if I could do anything to fix an issue with this app. I said that I’d try to, and she showed me a screen that DID let you play, but the TAC was covering the screen, not letting you see the obstacles and making it nearly impossible to even get to the second level. Maybe we need updates with your IPads and IPhones, but it might be an issue with the game, too. Please look into this, we can’t play anymore. P.S, I don’t mean to be rude, and thanks if you do fix this issue..Version: 3.0

Alright. . . ishI love the idea of this game and as shown in the ads on other games it looks very enjoyable, but when I downloaded the game the first level took hours and hours to complete. So did the rest. This game is very, very stressful and I can not get past too many levels as it takes way too long. I thought this game is going to be an easy game which I can use to pass my time but instead it has made me very very annoyed, impatient and stressed and want to delete the app when I die on a level. 😭😤 If the game was like how it is shown in the ads (easy and simple) it would be a 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Also, I have seen many reviews saying they have gotten to many ads, this has not been a issue for me as I just turn off my Wi-Fi 🌻.Version: 2.1

Not the bestIt’s a good game and child friendly , it’s also quite straight forward and addictive BUT i feel like there needs to be an emerge into difficulty of levels , not straight in with it being hard. There isn’t an increase in difficulty and the protector ( ball that hovers above the balloon ) is really hard to move and sometimes it glitches causing my balloon to pop with the obstacles that I couldn’t move out the way..Version: 1.9.6

Did I winI am now the 1% that got to 1000, I feel like I am also the 1% that could be bothered to turn off adds..Version: 1.3.1

No no no DO NO PLAYEverything was about to be good I say but no no no in the middle of the obstacle it freezes you buy it and have a good time but if you play this game and like it then.....your a weird person there is no way you can beat the game and keeping the ball safe and another thing THEY ARE HUGE SCAMMERS they want you to but “no adds”so I got it and guess what it told me to pay everyday so the only way to cancel it is to delete the do not play game.Version: 2.9

Too many adsChallenges change on every attempt with them being randomly repeated which is fine and keeps you interested. Far too many ads though, rarely can I play more than one game without an ad and I’m getting fed up. Ads I had today were games but yesterday they were inappropriate for family viewing..Version: 1.4

This is the worst game everI hate this game soooooo much! I always keep trying to beat the levels but sometimes they are actually impossible. Plus, the demands to get the different balloons are extremely difficult. The only ones that I have are the normal one and the skins that require you to play a certain number of rounds. Also, the ads are very annoying. Whenever you lose, one will pop up. I think that the ads are a major part of my frustration as well as the poor level making. As well as this, I have some issues with the controls. I believe I would play this game a lot more if you could 1: see the difference between your protective circle and the other random things floating around; and 2: be warned when the next level is starting! I can not tell you how many times I have failed a level because I was not aware that the next one was starting. If anyone looking to download the game is reading this, please take into account the summary of what you just read: this game is very bad..Version: 1.5.1

Sooooo close.... but....Thoroughly enjoyable, well thought and challenging game, BUT!, Just too many adverts!! The frequency of which you are bombarded with advertisements just detracts from the enjoyment or submersion of the challenge. I don’t mind there being adverts on a game that’s free to download. But EVERY few minutes or more often than not when you restart the level (which you will, a lot) it’s just too much! I persevered with for about 20-25mins, but then deleted it. The advert frequency just killed what could have been a corker of a time killer game..Version: 1.3.1

IMPORTANT - REVIEW!Many people are having complaints about ads, and not 1 game has tried to resolve it. Adds are becoming more of an issue to people, and as a result - the game becomes less popular. And that will back fire toward the developers, in a loss of profit. You’re goal should be to draw as many peoples attention to you’re game, and that your game is entertaining- but adds are just a put off - for every free app in the App Store. Fix it. The game itself IS fun, and your always making improvements and fixing bugs ect. But the developers don’t add many more ‘game changers’, and the idea is to keep the balloon alive. And that’s it... read the reviews, respond to show you are committed to helping the people who play you’re great game, and listen to there suggestions..Version: 1.5.2

Good in principle, needs some workNeeds some tweaking. If there’s only one point at which to deflect objects coming into the screen to keep the bubbles safe, you can’t have multiple objects flying in from the opposite sides of the screen, at the same time, at the SAME SPEED. Or maybe you can, if the game could actually keep up with really quick movements side to side, which it can’t at this point. The deflector is left behind if you move too quickly. Your challenges/rewards are way way out of reach for anyone who isn’t playing this game 24/7 to get somewhat good at it..Version: 1.2.1

So frickin badTo hard, it’s physically impossible to get past any of the challenges, I give this a zero star rating, I only got up to level 2 before getting eliminated, I repeat zero star rating.Version: 1.2.1

Too many ads ruin what could be a great gameI would have given this game 5 stars as the games itself is brilliant. But you spend more time watching and waiting for ads to finish than you do actually playing the game. I don’t mind the occasional advert but this is ridiculously over the top with no way of escaping them. I’d have gladly paid a few pounds for this game to avoid the ads but couldn’t find a no ads paid version and I’m now so sick of ads I’m just gonna leave the game altogether. Being constantly bombarded with ads makes me not want to go near any of the games being advertised as I’m sick of them already!!! Avoid this game unless you are happy to just sit watching adverts. I’d also avoid the games included in the adverts as I suspect you’ll be bombarded in those too.Version: 1.5.2

🤦🏼‍♀️I downloaded this once and it was quite glitchy, but that’s not the reason I’m giving it one star. The advert itself is just terrible! The gameplay is good and other aspects but when it goes to the screen where you click off the ad, the ‘X’ button is so small you get sent to the App Store pretty much every time you press it. This is so frustrating as I have to close the whole game and then reload again. And it just so happens I get this ad all the time on the game I play. Please take this as constructive criticism and use it to improve your adverts. Thanks, Cody.Version: 1.5

It's to hard make it easy on level 1 and 2Thxs.Version: 2.9

Over saturated with adsChoice to play on and watch an ad or start again. Click start again but still have to watch an add. Makes the game impossible to enjoy.Version: 1.3.7

MehThis game... well it's just boring. And there are way to many ads. And some of the levels are utterly impossible. I had this about a year ago, and it was totally fine and addictive, but I don't remember the reason why I deleted it. It must've updated quite a bit over time, because I saw this on an add and remembered all the fun I had in the past, and I thought about how much more fun I could have in the future. Now it's just a frustrating game filled with advertisements of either games you already have or just inappropriate apps and games, even advertising its own VIP and ad free offers. Please fix all my complaints, and maybe I might give you one star more rating. To me, a one star review is definitely over rating!.Version: 2.6

Please read thisWhen I saw a ad for this game it said ‘Top game of 2018’ and now as i an writing this review I am like Yeah right!😑 This game as brought me NOTHING but screaming under my breath!👎🏽 It’s so EASY for the ballon to get popped AND when you move something out of the way you expect it to be gone and not hit you balloon. But nope!😒 Many times the small ones float back into the bottom middle where the ballon is passing by and POP!🙌🏽👏🏽 ballon is gone. AND I see a ad. To many ads to an that’s pretty bad. I understand a free game like you needs money but I don’t think people are gonna play the game if there is so many ads....😕 Honestly I don’t even rate this a 1 star but I had to rate it one to submit the reveiw😐 If your reading this developers please fix this. I’ll keep the app to see if u update date it but its most likely I will delete it. Shame it’s a good base line for a game. Protect a ballon form levels of objects: To bad you didn’t get the right formula with the recipe. 😔 Wish you luck to fix the problem😉.Version: 1.9.8

WHY SO MANY ADSThe title says it all. There is an advert literally after 2 games at a time, and they’re all like 30 seconds long. It’s a fun game just can we get rid of some of the ads pls.Version: 1.2.2

...Ok so first of all I used to like this game for the first few seconds until the ads came literally after a minute. They spam u with ads that sometimes come when ur playing it like I'm on a really high stage let's say and then this ad comes on before the balloon even breaks which is frustrating. Also u can't close the ads like every time I do it send me to App Store and I can't get out and then I have to close the app and restart it again. But after a while it starts glitching and I can't play at all. I mean, the actual game is fun but this is the percentage I'm giving for the glitches and stuff to the actual game Actual game dats fun: 1% Glitches: 39% Ads: 60% And then after a while I decide to re download the game but then I can't play. I'm sitting there spamming the play button like all night and IT JUST WONT PLAY. This game is fun. It really is. WHY WHY DO GLITCHES AND ADS EXIST? WHY HUMANITY WHY?!.Version: 1.6

WhdheiridajshxThis game is INFURIATING.Version: 2.9

Pretty good but...This is a very good and I can’t stop playing it I have played it for more then two hours and love this game it is one of the best games I have actually the best but .... There is too many ads when I get a video and then after I die I get another video !!! Then after another game another I know you want money but it is stupid I wouldn’t mind one a day but about twenty and hour that isn’t right please sort it out thank you for reading this.Version: 1.6.1

Pretty good game but the ads...Overall rise up is a good game made for children where you protect a balloon with a controllable ball but there is a problem... When you lose and it says continue or give up, if you press continue you watch an ad and don’t even continue Also the ads are very long (and cringey) if anyone is having the same problem please comment it. Thank you for reading this. Happy New Years!!! 🥳🥳.Version: 1.9.8

Addictive BUT annoying!Reason why I put 3 stars even though I said it’s addictive, cause it is addictive but the constant ads and pop up kills the game.. and that just makes me not want to play it.. You gotta cut down on the ads it’s on every single time you go play it. And it’s just down right annoying and it’ll pull your customers away.. I’ll come back at a later date to see if it’s been fixed.. Fix the ads and pop up so it’s not there every game and try to make it every 5-10 games with be good.. not RVERY single game...Version: 1.5.1

Please read!!This game is frustrating and do not recommend to people with anger issues. I have been playing a lot but have found there are WAY WAY to many Ads. Basically every time you die you have to wait for an ad. I’ve had to start turning my data off but it is annoying having to turn it on and off so many times. I am hooked on the game and they are just my concerns..Version: 1.9.8

BrokenTap on the trophy when you die to bring up a dev console, type 5081 for an endless score, it doesn’t end at 40 and it just goes on forever.Version: 1.1

Lost potential. Terrible.I agree with the other reviewer saying it could be a good game if level 2 wasn’t always randomised. You get no sense of advancement in the game, which defies the purpose of a game. Also ads keep popping up after like every level that last INSANE amounts of time before you can skip or exit them. More time has been spent waiting for ads to close than actually playing the game. Can’t figure out if there’s a way to pay to get rid of them..Version: 1.5.2

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Rise Up customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Rise Up.

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