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Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon app received 79 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about weed inc: idle tycoon?

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It’s 2021You allow us to contact you but only through iOS mail - a useless app. My complaint is that if you want us to play your game then DO NOT TAKE US TO THE APP STORE TO DOWNLOAD AN OPPOSITIONS APP. I am sick of closing the App Store app. Otherwise not a bad app until you open up your second location where you have a third location added and all locations require looking at Ads - FAR TOO MUCH TO BE FUN..Version: 2.76.33

Crashing makes it almost unplayablePlease fix this bug, I love this game but I cannot get past the first shop, every time I go to unlock the next one it tries to load in a crashes, this has happened seven times now and I’ve left it for some time and tried again with still no success. I don’t want to have to delete this game but at the moment it’s just not a viable game. Edit: Yet another update with no mention of fixing the crashing issues at all.Version: 1.80

Ok gameGood game but like all idle games it gets a bit boring after a while.Version: 1.80

Good but...Cool setup, graphics are nice, good idle setup. But holy s*i* it takes so long for a session after about a week of playing because of all the ads. Want more cards? Watch an ad. Want to replant for maximum profits? Watch an ad. Want your idle profits? Watch an ad. Watch an ad. Watch an ad. 30 second ads for 90% of the game makes a normal play session 10+ minutes. Shoot me. Hard pass on this. Giving anything for free (and I mean literally anything...like basic functionality) is obviously out of the question. “Make them pay premium currency or watch an ad every 15 seconds” I always consider buying bundles in mobile games, but always wait a week after playing so I get a feel for the game and what’s worth my money. Glad I stuck to my week rule or I would have felt like I wasted money on this. What a pile..Version: 2.72.95

Fun game when it worksTo be fair it is a good game until you change rooms or watch a video and all of a sudden it crashes in which you lose the bonus the video was for . Seriously need to fix this bug guys, I’m using an I phone 6 . If the error persists then I’m going to have to drop my star rating and unfortunately delete the game .thank you.Version: 1.72

Current Tournament problems!!!I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but this new tournament hasn’t given enough strains to fill all the tables, once u have renovated to level 2! I now have 30 tables to fill but only 22 strains to do it with. I hope this can be quickly fixed n an update put out instantly. Thanks!.Version: 1.84

Crashes every 3-5 minutesThis is a really fun strategy game, but it crashes so much it is practically unplayable. It wants you to watch ads so much, that if you try to do that so that you can earn upgrades and boosts, it crashes even more often and you don’t get the benefits even though you watched the ad all the way through. It also has an annoying habit of crashing when you change cities, which makes the game unplayable as well. Every time you go to change from one city to the other or to a contest arena, it crashes. This game performs more like a beta version that a production ready game. Go back to the drawing board guys and quit releasing unannounced beta versions..Version: 1.72

Great at first, but adware got annoyingI had a blast playing this game for the past few months. But recently they changed the way ads are served and it was so annoying I deleted the game. An ad will start playing, a progress bar is filling up, then an X appears in the corner making you think that it’s now okay to close the ad. So you click the X after watching 10, 20, 30 seconds of an ad, then the game says “there was a problem playing the ad” and you get nothing for wasting your time. Great money-grab trickery by the devs, but I have better things to do then wasting my time watching ads for nothing..Version: 1.84

Fun but poor supportSo to summarize it’s a fun game but the bugs will mess up the fun eventually and never delete the game or get a new phone because if it messes up support doesn’t do any support for you. Here is my issues! I really enjoy this game but the bugs starting getting really bad. That was just the start of it over a month ago the bugs were messing up the game play and support kept telling me to update the game to the newest version so I did and it worked for a week or so then started again. So I contact support again and same information was give for the fix but this time there was no new update so it leads me to believe they just have the automated system with generic responses. I was sending them screen shots and all with no help. Then to top it all off to try and get that update they said would fix the issue I deleted the game and downloaded it again and now my game won’t upload and yet again no help from support..Version: 2.16

OkIt’s ok good to waste time but 1- so many ads anytime you do something ad oh opened the game ad 2- when you buy something the price is different shows as 1.99 for gems but actually $3.99 so beware.Version: 2.76.42

Havent Been Able To PlayGame keeps crashing after the new update.Version: 2.74.11

Weed incThe game won’t open at all.Version: 2.66

Fix the game crashing please!I bought a new location but all I get is the game crashing when I switch the location! I like the game but has to many problems with it crashing!.Version: 1.72

ErrorKeeps crashing.Version: 2.74.12

Help!!!Help! keeps charging me $8 and i don’t even have the app anymore!.Version: 1.80

Great game butYes there is always a but every good comment has a but I Started to play just over a week a ago, love it great game heaps of fun kinda addictive until the update 5 days ago (23-01-19) it just stopped working it won’t load it gets stuck on the first loading screen I’ve trued uninstalling it even factory wiped my phone even with the game uninstalled in back up So there’s my comment love the game couldn’t get enough of it and it kills me that I can’t play So fix the problem ASAP because if it’s like this for new first timers they’ll just think it’s broken and won’t try again.Version: 1.70

They need to work on their saving feature. I lost all my progressI downloaded this game about six months ago because I work at a restaurant and sometimes there’s a lot of downtime in the beginning of the shift and I really enjoyed the game but unfortunately I lost all my progress all six months worth of progress because I got a new iPhone logged in and it made me start all over from the beginning. When I reached out to the developer to see if they can fix it they didn’t do anything they emailed me back telling me that they fix the bug and there was nothing fixed. I really wish they would fix this and give me original save. I also spent real money to buy some upgrades and all of that was lost. They won’t even credit me back my money that I spent on their app. They are definitely a bunch of lazy thieves that can’t solve a problem like find my save point or at least give me some game credit. I’m sure they can see that I have donated to their stupid game..Version: 2.74.11

Updates needed.Your game keeps crashing 👎🏻.Version: 1.72

It’s way overrated!Don’t get me wrong, I really like the graphics and the game except that in order to upgrade anything you need coins and gems and they are ridiculously hard to gain enough of in order to be able to upgrade! I have more than enough cards to upgrade managers and plants but after having the game for at least three months I don’t have the coins and gems to do it! So they have to be bought and that is not cheap! The one-star rating is to try and get the overly high overall rating down because this game is not really worth more than three stars!.Version: 1.72

Used to play this game all day long......Up until 2 days ago, I was totally addicted to this game, but since the new challenge started, this game is completely unplayable. Although I hate ads, I do understand they are necessary, and with this game, if you want strains, multiplyers, etc, you need to watch ads. Problem is, every single time I click to watch an ad, the app crashes. So I can no longer get any challenges accomplished. Good news is, I get more thing around the house accomplished, because I no longer can play this game. Please do not respond to me, telling me to contact support. This is not on my end. This is poor coding during your last roll out of the midweek challenge..Version: 2.66

Why ads not rewarding?I LOVE this game it’s so addictive but the recent update doesn’t reward watching ads! The ads play and then it says there was a problem and no reward. Absolutely gutting. Hope it’s resolved quickly as it’s really not the same now 😭.Version: 2.48

NO SAVE, KEPT CRASHING, LOST MONEYI purchased a few bundles and did pretty well in my first two days of playing, but there is no way to save using game centre and then after two days it would not let me open the game just load and crash forcing me to reinstall and lose all my progress and money I spent.Version: 1.72

Needs workThe game should have a item that you can use to remove a plant.Version: 2.48

Trash fix the appThis game is trash you get so far and it keeps closing the app for no reason at all ,.Version: 2.76.42

Good gameMy game dose not open any more.Version: 1.72

Great game expect one thingAmazing game love it but there’s one thing that annoys me with this game I brought the £4.99 pack that’s on offer and I didn’t give me and thing at all so I want to know what’s going on. Contact me back please.Version: 1.25

CrashingGame won’t even open after the last update.Version: 2.10

Game was good at firstEverytime I get up to 34Q it re sets my money back to zero.Version: 2.48

Survey?Made me delete it after spending 2 minutes upon the survey page. Scum bags.Version: 2.40

InconsistentThe ad freeze throughout the events. Not the first time (lost 700 coins in a previous event because of it) but will be the last time it does this. Deleting it. Time to find a new time waster..Version: 2.60

Fun game but the bugs OMGCan their be any more bugs in this game. Constant “there was a problem playing the video” about to drop this game.Version: 2.36

Keeps crashingHappens when u switch locations.Version: 1.72

Playing videoConstant when there is a video to play it glitch and turns it off. The video’s will help you enormously in the game. No fun to play the game like this..Version: 2.48

Idle game / idle rewardsI loved this game... it was a 5 ⭐️ game. However it just became another game after they’ve failed to fix video reward glitches. There is only do many times you can ask someone to watch a full 30 second advertisement with no in game momentum. I’ll find something else to occupy my time, something more rewarding (pun intended). Don’t waste your time wasting time. Even if they fix the glitches/bugs with video- advertisement, I’m assuming they won’t care enough if it comes back. It’s worth noting that I did e-mail the maker with all my gamer info - nothing fixed or reimbursed. Investing my time and effort on the next app. It was fun while it lasted - a whole 3 months of enjoyment. : ).Version: 2.48

Love it but sadly...Honestly love this game. It's one of the idle ones that I have stuck with without getting board or having obsurd waiting time or amounts to gain. Just don't get to invested it might end up crashing on you. It crashed on me and I can no longer get my game back so I would have to start all over. Tried reaching out to support all they said was to close the app and reopen it.... As if I hadn't tried that. Then they just closed my ticket without hearing my response and that was it. Didn't help at all and when I tried reopening the ticket it I haven't heard anything. On my own I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the save file is corrupt. Can't bring myself to start over if this is just going to happen again..Version: 2.72.55

Lots of problemsThe game is really good but every time you watch an advert for a power up it doesn’t give it to you . There are a lot of bugs in this game that need urgent attention but aren’t getting it . Avoid until they have fixed them ..Version: 2.34

New UpdateThe new update is so horrible! I can’t remember the number of times I have restarted the app due to an ad not playing! I can’t flip the view to the other horizontal side either! Please fix ASAP!!.Version: 2.48

Ads on AdsWhen you watch an ad, it most often doesn’t give you what it promised. Massive waste of time..Version: 1.15

Needs an updateThe game would be way more enjoyable if it would stop crashing. I cant buy a new city because it crashes the game when i try to load a new city.Version: 2.36

Not hardReally easy to progress needs to be a challenge.Version: 2.42

Great, but..I love this game, the only thing that gets on my nerves is how easy it is to accidentally spend your money when you don’t want to. I had been saving up all my tokens and while scrolling through daily deals, accidentally tapped something and spent all my tokens. Or, when i’m tapping on my plants to produce more, it’s so easy to accidentally tap the level up button and spend all your money. That gets pretty frustrating, when you’ve been saving up your money for a while only to accidentally spend it all on something you don’t even want. I wish there was some way of preventing this from happing because it’s quite discouraging and makes me want to not play the app..Version: 1.84

Add me!: 4AF2758Love this game, but game keeps freezing after watching an ad! Please fix this. Also add me: 4AF2758.Version: 2.30

BadBeen playing this all day and all of a sudden it keeps crashing and I can’t play it at all ya being doing it for the last few hours.Version: 2.48

It always crashesIt’s always crashes and money and gems are too hard to earn and it is really expensive to upgrade and get new seed but it’s an ok game..Version: 2.40

Takes too long to get further in the gameWould be better if you could actually progress in the game. Takes way too long to get money to be able to get anywhere..Version: 2.28

Freezes after watching ad & iPhone 11 Pro visual glitchesFreezes after watching an ad after the last update. Now I can’t progress fast in the current contest. Also, edges are cut off when using the iPhone 11 Pro..Version: 2.00

Bug fixThe latest bug fix ain’t done anything I still get kicked out when I transition from one area to another please fix it before I delete the game..Version: 1.72

Come on Weed Inc!In the beginning this game was great as it had lots to do and a month later forget it. Upgrades have gotten so expensive that i literally have to wait weeks if not a month before i can make even one upgrade. Yes i can double my profits by watching their adds but is still weeks to make an upgrade and there is nothing else to do Also there is nothing to give you incentive to upgrade lower cities because they cant compete with the higher city as the money difference is too great and lower upgrades will never pay for themselves so why do it? Once you open a city the last one is useless. This game could be great but the developers have done some really stupid stuff. Come on Weed Inc, you'll make more money if you can keep us interested..Version: 1.54

MAJOR PRIVACY CONCERNSThe game is decent. A little bit slow. Your typical grind it out. You *can* pay, but also easy to play free if you don’t mind the ads. But I opened this game today, and I got a notification that said the app had pasted info from my clipboard. Went to google and found out apps can do this. This app will steal info from your clipboard. What other reason would it need to paste from my clipboard while loading into the game, no text boxes or anything. After some Googling, this is an ongoing issue, which Apple “patched” with the notification that I saw. Why Apple hasn’t completely fixed this, and has only added a notification that tells you that your privacy has been invaded, I have no idea. But I can’t thing of any reason why they would need my clipboard other than info farming, stealing credit cards, etc. TL;DR: This app will paste and steal things from your clipboard without your permission. Apple isn’t stopping it, a simple google search will confirm all of this information. Disgusting business practices. Out in the wide open..Version: 2.68.83

CrashingEverytime I try to purchase lots Angeles the game shuts down and closes and won’t let me purchase it !!.Version: 2.42

Ad problemsWas hoping it would get fixed but hasn’t. When ads play it says ‘problem playing video’ and stops you being able to unlock rooms faster or claim anything..Version: 2.48

Game will not open now. Crashes 5 seconds after opening the appPlease fix edit 11.4.20: Hurry up and fix still can not open game..Version: 2.34

FaceThere faces are fricken ugly.Version: 2.16

Was goodThe game was very good around 2019- early 2020 with ads that were optional to watch to progress a little faster but now you pretty much have to watch an ad to do every little thing which you used to not have to watch ads for. Would’ve given 5 last year but it’s pretty bad now..Version: 2.70.15

CrashCan’t play the game keep crash!!!!!.Version: 2.66

Ads Making The Game FreezeLove the game, but the it completely freezes and makes me restart the app after every ad I watch. So frustrating!!! Please fix, my rating will be a 5 stars after!! It’s made me lose so many bonuses and coins, etc 🙁.Version: 2.30

Says it works on Ipad Mini 2 & It does not work on Ipad Mini 2Got this game and downloaded it to my ipad mini 2. It says that it will work on this ipad but it wont go anywhere past the title screen and loading bar it’ll crash before it even gets into the game... so my question is if it really works how come every single time i open it it’ll crash before it even gets into the actual game..Version: 2.76.42

Wrong pricesGood game, too bad you can’t buy anything for the advertised price. I’ve found a couple of “deals” we’re it says one price but charges a different price. I even have screenshots that I’ve sent to the makers. Please fix this..Version: 1.54

Wasted potentialUnable to load ads like a bunch of previous users have mentioned. No response from support team..Version: 2.76.42

Ummm my money!So I just logged in yeah and it said I got 21trillon on offline earnings so I took it but then I watched an ad to get more money because I was saving up for LA but when I finished watching the ad I only had 3trillion for some wired reason I want my money back and I am really upset because I was so close to getting LA please fix this.Version: 2.34

Fix itKeeps crashing can’t play the game.Version: 2.60

If you’ve given up on the game then write it in the descriptionI read the reviews for this game and figured I’d give it a shot since it had been a year since complaints about game crashes occurring had been written. It’s a fun game. It’s frustrating though, when every time I watch an ad, the game crashes. Why isn’t this being fixed? 12 months and nothing has changed!.Version: 2.76.42

Keeps shutting downHello, I have been playing this game quite some time now and now it just keeps kicking me out as soon as I have to watch an add or if I switch to a different place in the world. It’s driving me crazy. I can’t even really do a challenge event and I’m missing out on so much and it’s taking me that much longer to get anything and it takes long enough to get anything. I totally love this game but I’m so disappointed right now. It just keeps kicking me out none of my other apps or games do this only this game. So I would like so help in getting this fixed. Thanks.Version: 2.40

Horrible UodateGreat game till last update where ads have takin over just like every other game. Used to be able to play and watch ads as YOU PLEASE to earn higher rewards. Now, can’t avoid ads.. i get creators want to make more money by putting ads in their games but do they realize how bad it ruins a game? 30 second ads just to do simplistic tasks.. been playing this game long enough now for you guys to just throw dumb ads in.. playing a weed growing game and having ads about strawberry shortcakes and 5yr old girl games.. show my something cool at least..Version: 2.66

Glitch!! PLZ FIXHey!! I love this game but there’s a glitch w the new event saying that I need to check my internet.. but my internet is fine. It’s been like this for days and I don’t know why. PLEASE HWLP! -C840B1C.Version: 2.74.11

Gets dull quicklyAt first it’s fun, growing farms, upgrading strands, expanding etc. But after you play for 2-3 weeks you start to get bored of it. It’s literally the same ol’ upgrade, renovate and repeat. Majority of the time you aren’t even playing the game and make most of your money being idle. Also, the challenges that they do are also repetitive and some show favoritism toward people who spend money than who doesn’t. Overall, you’ll enjoy it for the first 2-3 weeks or so and then you’ll start playing it less. It was fun while it lasted ✌️.Version: 2.42

ScamI bought this starter pack, it said it was 4.99 and then it turned out to be 7.99 and I charged me $22.Version: 1.50

It’s great until you get to a certain pointGame is great until you get to a certain point. I’m in the 3rd Special event and the lady keeps coming and offering me fertilizer , money and tokens. The problem is when I go watch the videos to get what she is offering the videos play but when it’s done I don’t get anything she offers. It ALWAYS says “Sorry there was a problem playing this video” even though I watched the video. Then she disappears and I never get anything. It’s a pretty cool game but that makes me want to delete and try and find another game to play. Kinda feel like I wasted my time now.Version: 2.48

Lots of bugsThe game crashes when I watch an ad or move into a new city.Version: 2.40

I love the game but, IT CRASHES SO MUCHI love the game but, IT CRASHES SO MUCH. I do not mind watching ads to get boosts because I know that that’s how idle tycoon makes a profit. But it seems like every time I try to watch an ad, IT CRASHES. This game has huge upside potential with very little downside risk (lol). Also it should be a little easier to gain new managers, kind of like in idle miner where you can buy them and resell them. I’m not giving up on this game but because I do find it fun. I just hope the developers in charge will help with some of these issues. Now, It may be me. I still have an IPhone 5s, but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to have some fun on an amazing app like this!.Version: 2.22

Ad crashingThe game crashes every time a ad is played meaning I’ve been missing out on boosts and 2x idle bonus when I log on I after being offline. This is a mostly fun game but the crashing has spoiled it and is making playing a pain. It gets 1 star because it’s the lowest I can give.Version: 2.34

Keeps crashingGame keeps crashing every time I try to purchase LA please fix.Version: 1.72

Overall it’s okHowever I played for while without closing the app and as soon as I do it won’t open again and can’t get past the loading screen, for this I give int 3 stars, if this issue is resolved then I’ll add more stars.Version: 2.76.42

Crashes..I played this game on my LG phone with no problems but once I tried to connect Facebook to it .. it keeps crashing, very disappointed as I enjoy the game!!!.Version: 2.48

Don’t waste money upgrading strains, you won’t get more seeds.I really like this game and I play it a lot but here is the problem. If you try to upgrade epic, rare, or legendary strains you won’t get extra seeds so you eventually come to a complete stand still. No strains means no new tables. So even though I have opened the third country I can’t complete it because I don’t have enough strains. I have sent emails to support to no avail. So just beware don’t waste coins on upgrades thinking you will get seeds because you won’t. The most is 5 for rare, 4 for epic, and only one for legendary. They don’t increase after that even though it doesn’t say max. Also I keep getting cards for a strain (love OG) I can even upgrade because it literally says “max” which is infuriating..Version: 1.82

Fun game, fix your pricing though!I REALLY enjoy this game but I’m going to refuse buying anything with real money till you fix the actual pricing! If I click on the $9.99 bin of gems, I expect to pay $9.99, NOT $14.99! Will change my rating from 3 to 5 stars once you’ve fixed your prices!.Version: 2.72.95

Keeps crashingAfter playing this game for quite some time it has now decided to crash when either trying to load or once loaded when trying to watch videos to enhance idle income etc please fix this urgently as players can’t even email your support because it’s an invalid email address you have provided???.Version: 1.96

Recent update screwed me over and robbed meI have been working hard for weeks using the old goals system and was one goal away from unlocking a gold crate when they updated the system. Not only did this change rob me of a chance to get quite a lot of items which would have been super helpful to me, but the new system requires you to accumulate 150 points for the final daily goal reward while there is only a total of 145 points you can earn per day. I don’t know which idiot thought nobody would notice that. On top of all that, the new daily goals system puts a major restriction on players with little to no gems because they don’t want to pay for things, or they can’t. Before we would complete a goal and earn a small reward and points would be added to the goal bar. Now you just get points for the bar, so players are getting significantly less items to expand their farm. The game is already slow enough, why would you make it even slower and harder? What are you gonna have in your next update? Is the DEA gonna burst into your business every day, take all the gems, money, and tokins you have, shut down your business and make you start over every day? I wish I could rate this game negative stars. It is quite obvious the game is leaning towards a pay to win model, and the players at the bottom are getting shafted while the people who have money are the only ones actually having fun..Version: 2.66

SO. MANY. ADS.!!!!!!!!I was having fun when I first started playing this game. I quickly realized this was 5% game, 95% Ads... 30 second ads at that!?! Which only got worse with this new update. Within 5min of playing you watch the exact same 30sec ad at least 8-9 x’s. Also with the new update, auto arrange sorts my bud to a cheaper value & it seems like it was much easier to earn $$ before. I’ve been trying to buy a new table in the same room for 3 days now! Between all the ads and days of no progression this game is getting BOR-ING! Another annoying feature (which has happened with different games Ive played in the past) some ads will spontaneously have volume, even though your phone is on silent, & no mute button. Super annoying if you’re somewhere very quiet or can’t have the volume on. Cut down on the amount of ads & shorten the duration to, at most, 10-15sec. Make it an actual game again!.Version: 2.66

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