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Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino App User Positive Comments 2024

Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino app received 138 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about lotsa slots™ - vegas casino?

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Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino for Positive User Reviews

Fun timeEnjoying playing this game to pass time.Version: 3.96

The best game ever👍I have never had this fun on a game in a long time great game.Version: 6.1

Love itAbsolutely awesome having the time of my life well this covid19 lockdown is going on thankuse so much.Version: 3.84

Love the quest challengeLove this game, fun ,cute graphics. Would like an option to keep the sound without the music. I really like the quest challenge. Keep up the good work work and thanks for making my chill time more fun..Version: 5.6

Slots of FunKeeps me coming back all the time !!!.Version: 4.39

Fun time passHad good time pass.Version: 3.96

Changed my lifeI got a bank loan just to buy more in game credit! I now am in an incredible amount of debt, my wife left and she took the kids. At least i’m having fun👍 P.S. Reanna if you read this, please come home i miss you and the kids. I really dropped the ball on that one. I love you..Version: 6.6

EXCELLENT SLOTS EVERAll credit to you guys for this awesome slots...... why you may ask ...... well I’ll tell you why .....graphics are primo, games are fun and not boring, there’s provision to add money on when you run out which is an awesome feature and the variety of games is very cool.... cheers guys Question: Do you have an affiliate provision to refer friends to this game and get free money lol just saying ..... cheers Love it.Version: 1.01

Best games, features & returns!Such a great variety of games with fun features! Great bonuses and rewards for just logging in and when missions completed. Have other slot apps on device but keep playing this one more as better returns and fun games. Graphics impressive too. Kudos to developers!.Version: 3.84

Lost a slots!I really like this game but needs more levels to play and more money to earn also there is a lot of things they want you to pay for but I think games are like that in general. Overall it’s a great game and I enjoyed this experience!.Version: 6.3

You hit ant JackPots!Your commercials are totally ridiculous! And your lucky if you get 1 jackpot! And when you run out of coin then you are expected to buy them! These people take what they can get from their players but when it’s time for them To give back they never do! They just want you to watch Their ads, that's how they make their money. They promise you everything and deliver nothing, where's my 100 times compensation that you promised in your commercial? I am deleting you liars! Update: I gave your game a second chance. I lost it all again! I never won a grand jackpot, and just 3 days ago I spent over $400 buying coins and gems. I lost it all, I can’t afford this game anymore. People like to win too especially people who spend alot and support your game! I can promise you there will be no more third chances from me! The minute I log on you hit me with high pressure here buy this buy that. My recommendation of this game don’t do it unless you want to lose!.Version: 6.6

Lotsa jackpots- not!Review #2 - (Since Lotsa Slots deleted the last one). As I said before, this game is fun, and you may get SMALLER jackpots, you will NOT get jackpots in the trillions & in 10 spins. I’m level 300+, and the highest jackpot was 1 trillion. Please let my level sink in JUST to get that jackpot. It IS a fun game, but don’t expect all of these “so called” jackpots they advertise. “Average game time for me now” 3 minutes. Fun game- Slotomania type copycat game (no extra winnings here!) Developer response “ Hi there, Just a reminder that we are not a real casino, but a Casino-like game, any tournament prizes or game winnings added to your in-game balance are to increase your playtime and level. Use of our app is strictly for entertainment purposes and not meant to be used for gambling of any kind as stated in our App description.” I know it’s NOT real money & you claim you CAN get jackpots in as little as 10 spins - ha! I’m level 300+ with ONE jackpot to my name. Why don’t you try understanding what I wrote in the first place??.Version: 5.8

Love the gameLove it but can rip you off on coins at times.Version: 3.89

Lotsa Slots Rocks!I have been playing this particular Game App for over a year or so. I won’t immediately start paying for any event or drain my bank account because let’s face it, we are paying almost all of these Apps , and not getting paid to win. So, it usually takes me a while to warm up to the idea of putting my hard earned money into something that I’m not profiting from. Every now and then I might buy some packages if they are at a fair price. All in all, I love the Clan concept, and the fact that if you do put money into this App, you get to have a Stamp added in your likeness, and your beloved pet as well, and you get to join a couple members private and public forums, Lounge, to share and give congrats to top winners. It’s a very friendly online experience. A++. Thank You Lotsa Slots for your hard work and commitment to the consumer.. Love the detail and layout, and payout ..! K.A.S...🤑🤩🎊👊🏼☝🏼✌🏼#lotsaslots.Version: 4.1

SorryMy game was glitching out. Sorry I didn’t mean to do with watching out because I don’t know why I thought it was not watching out so sorry. I will never do it again it’s the best game.Version: 4.39

Was once a good gameNot good now though. Lots of crashes. Game says I have won a Diamond Stamp and doesn't pay out. Just gives ordinary stamp instead. Many times now...probably 10 Diamond Stamps I have not been paid out. Game needs serious fixing..Version: 3.80

By far the bestHands down in a league of its own.Version: 4.42

IdeaAbout the dimensions stamp I’m sure there’s some players didn’t finish most of the books. The reason it’s a bit hard to get them So how about if you think about away to get them without finishing the mission bar like we buy them from the LP point or real money That’s way every player keeps playing more to finish his book.Version: 3.80

Graham8787Fun game just like real thing.Version: 3.96

Fill all 9 and win grand jackpotI got the free spins filled all 9 spaces got minor prize80,000,000 instead of 4.6billion only to find I didn’t get the minor prize at all,it didn’t register. What a rip-off spent 2yrs playing this game first time I filled all 9 and got nothing. I’m deleting this game from all my devices.Version: 5.6

Fabulous entertainmentI’m retired, my husband is still working. We formed our own Clan and enjoy playing the missions and have a lot of fun. Keep up the good work and game development. Cheers.Version: 6.9

Great gameHighly enjoyed the game, very interactive. Recommend to anyone that enjoys trying to beat the odds on the slots 🤙🏼.Version: 3.81

The boring as long as the title is good nvm of my lifeI rate five stars because this is the this is the best game but I wanna see more but once it gets updated to six I will break that but for now I’ll just write five because this kid is not that bad honestly I got big woods very quick so I need you to make more of these very fast so I can get so I can get more happier after I get the after I get that from boring stuff then I just sorry playing this game then I just got really good really good really good fit I never got bored then I’m literally just making this title right now so I wasted like five minutes of my time wait so just made this game better so I can do for six please.Version: 5.4

Yong yangReally like these slots great prizes and a lot of thought has gone into the games will recommend to my friends thank you.Version: 3.93

Fun, time killing appReally good game/app if your looking for something to kill time and keep you off social media! Down loaded it about three weeks ago and am still playing it here and there when bored and want something to take my mind off things.Version: 3.80

NiceNice.Version: 7.2

Cool gameI love this game ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝.Version: 3.80

Great gameDo excellent I can’t help not to play.Version: 7.0

ReviewI’m absolutely addicted to this game! I love it, I’ve won a few big wins, and it’s so exciting as if I’m at the casino! The thing I don’t like about the game is it can be a little stingy, for it being fake money and not winning real money, it can be annoying when you don’t just win more coins so you can play longer, I’ve spent well over 80 real dollars in this game to get more coins just to not actually win real money anyway, I wish it would be more generous. The game is pretty generous in the beginning but once you start betting more money it’s so fast to run out and not be able to play unless you buy coins, it can be hard to even get bonuses half the time. I guess it’s trying to give the real experience of being at a casino but I know it’s not real money so it would be nice to win more often!.Version: 5.7

Was doubtful but WOWUnbelievable!!! I was extremely sceptical but did win a very small jackpot on a very low bet due to the bet restrictions for new players… scoffed and said “typical” but then to my astonishment once I was able to have a max bet of 300k, I hit a grand jackpot worth over 2.5 Billion!!!! Could have been a random event but I have NEVER been that lucky on these type of games. Worth a try in my opinion. Good luck 😍.Version: 5.6

Very well done 👍Having played many slot games over the years I have to give this one a review. First of all the thing that surprises you is the variety of slots. And not the same style slot with a different look, I mean completely different slots. Then there’s the great events, which are frequent and high paying. You don’t have to wait long for coins either and there not pittance like most games. You certainly have enough to play with every day. The graphics are excellent and the layout and game play is easy on the eye. All in all this a good slot and ahead of most other slot games out there. I’d definitely recommend a download and see for yourself. I reached billions in coins in just a few days then lost it all 😂 but then won it all again. The payout percentage is high on most games so you’ll have fun figuring out which ones pay better than others..Version: 3.0

Can’t get enough…Loads of 🤩 fun!.Version: 6.3

Forced Arbitration Provision in Amendment to Terms of Use AgreementA few days ago I opened the app only to be confronted with a forced Arbitration Provision in an Amendment to the Terms of Use Agreement, because the app owner/developer has a class action lawsuit pending against it in Washington state. Also, as others have mentioned, there have been times when I accessed the app and discovered “billions” of points/dollars “missing”. Basically the owner/app developers are scammers/identity thieves/just plain thieves, so if you think you mist use the app, never provide them with any identity information, NEVER BUY ANYTHING (so when points/dollars go “missing” it isn’t something you bought), and if you have an iPhone, set it so they can’t access and sell your data. I quit using the app when I encountered the forced Arbitration Provision..Version: 5.9

Awesome but.....I keep getting knocked off site when I win a feature on some of machines!???.Version: 1.01

Not bad most of the time still could be betterNot bad most of the time still could be better, you lose faster than look at yea, it does a couple of good pay outs then it’s ridiculous gone and you’re looking for extra coins and some of the comps are good then you’ll not be able to pass it ..Version: 3.80

GameBest game to play with playing with Real money.Version: 3.80

Thinking of deletingNot good been playing for a couple of days now free spins and features are hard to get almost impossible and when you do you get bigger payouts if you watch the adds I will give it a couple more days.Version: 5.6

Kewl game dudeJackie’s a nerd.Version: 3.96

AwesomeI’m not going on my own way too bad I’m gonna is it to you and you can have it for a couple hours if y’all are going on a ride home I was gonna you wanna was the time of my life and I’m sorry I’m not going on the day to you but I’m gonna is it a cold and I’m going on to go to sleep I’m gonna was a really bad thing to get to the house I gotta is a time for you and I can come lay with y’all for tomorrow I’ll talk with ya girl I love ya girl and I’m just thinking of how I gotta get you all you right now and you don’t have anything else for that girl and you don’t have anything you to tell you you know I wanna do I want just you to know if I’m finna I’m not doing it I gotta is my time I love ya girl and I’m gonna is the day I gotta get to you get it.Version: 4.9

Late Starter PenaltyWhen I commenced playing this, Stamp Collection 4 was running. So I can only see collections 4, 5 and 6 now. Would be good to be able to have a chance at buying collections 1, 2 and 3 with loyalty points or some other way. Seems unfair to be excluded from those Stamps due to not playing the game as early as others. Some people have only discovered this game recently and I’m sure more will in future... But they’ll miss out previous collections too. Btw, I’m on an iPhone 6..Version: 3.63

HiHi there the slots are great the only problem I have is like the previous review. I got the free spins once. I was award $200,000 for something I received it and when I went to play another slot I only had a hundred thousand of it. I bought some coins for $1.49 Australian ( I know it's not much) but I didn't it. I will give it a another go but won't buy anything.Version: 1.01

NiceGreat wins.Version: 7.2

So intense You have to be on your A game to playI play a few other games but lotsa slot casino is the most challenging yet so fun The Facebook page posts to link you to the game are just as challenging Love me some challenge.Version: 3.93

Great and lots of funCan I give you a five star for lots of fun and great games.Version: 4.39

Good but bad customer service don’t buy chips with real moneyI love this game but I’ve had my fair share of problems with it I bought chips with real money and didn’t receive them then tried to contact them in order to help me and they have never ever got back to me nor did I receive a refund of my money which has put me off playing every time I’ve needed help they have never been there it’s poor customer service and such a shame as this game is really good otherwise just not trustworthy as this game is always bugged in one way or another and has a way of robbing you. If your prepared to put up with that then ok but I’m not so sure I’ve spent too much time on it to get no where.Version: 3.62

Stay away from this appI suspect that if anyone spent any amount of time and money checking each spin you could find flaws. I’ve played this game frequently over the past couple of weeks and sadly shame on me spent money on junk. I have noticed problems with the amount of the bet not matching the amount that came off the balance, anytime you get stars for a 5 in a row you don’t win more than you bet, I’ve been in free games and sometimes the scatter gives you more free spins - sometimes it doesn’t, I have never even seen the Grand or Major pass by to even potentially win it, if you try to stop the spin in progress it doesn’t stop the same each time you press it - it will either randomly stop one column and roll the rest or slowly keep going - basically if you try to stop the spin don’t believe you will ever be lucky enough to get free spins or increase your chances of earning bonuses. Many other things I noticed as I played that I should have written down. In summary I have spent too much time and money. Someone should take the time to troubleshoot all of the problems with this App. Lesson learned. Don’t waste your time or money with this App..Version: 3.0

Fun Fun FunI’ve enjoyed this game so much…!! Unfortunately I will probably need to delete it once I’m out of coins as I’ve only been lucky enough to get 2 grand jackpots to keep me in the game for the past year or so that I’ve been playing and because I like this game - I’ve probably spent a few THOUSAND DOLLARS over that period of time for coins!! I can no longer do this so sadly once my balance is close to ZERO; I will be deleting the game. For those of you who want to have some REAL FUN playing these types of games - DO IT!! The games are LOTS OF FUN and the GRAPHICS are terrific!!! Just watch your wallet - it’s real easy to get caught up into the coin offers! And they’re great coin offers if you can control your spending. I’ve spent way more than I wanted to so I will sadly say goodbye to this game once my coins are gone. When your 70 years old and living on a fixed income - you need to be careful with your money and if you’re not winning REAL MONEY back - what’s the point…?!?! So have fun with this game - it REALLY IS TERRIFIC…!!!.Version: 5.6

Get lots of wins!Love winning more than I lose!.Version: 3.80

RichWish it was real money.Version: 3.89

Great game !I play this game just about everyday and find that even if you can’t afford to buy any of the offers , like many of us these days , the game still supplies you with free coins everyday…..enough to play with for a wee bit . It’s a good game and I like it a lot !.Version: 4.39

MollyMy word I am having lots of fun with regular wins making it possible to keep the enjoyment going. I haven’t played for ages and had forgotten how much fun I could have, Great and often payouts keep you going..Version: 6.8

New game for meI just started playing this game about 10 minutes ago. April/22.Version: 5.8

No responseHello I was glitched in November and lost 65 trillion. I’ve been trying to contact Lotsa Slots since with no reply. No answer why. Nothing apart from them asking for a screen shot of the problem?? Well this is a bit impossible... clearly. So I don’t know what to do. I like the game a lot and it’s a shame this happened.Version: 3.80

Please remove this app from my phone.I want to never see this game again !! I have never played something so corrupt and rigged in my entire life . .. How can I remove all games of this sort from my phone ? Everyone stay away .. you are forewarned ... these people have no intention of you being able to play .. you don’t spin . You don’t choose a game .. your experience is totally controlled by then .. pay for coins and they allow you to hit for a little while .. they will not allow you to play again and hit until they take everything back .. not one single site will hit ... I have actually done that .. every single site will not hit ... they are all ... every single one set to lose .. you play to your own demise .. you have been forewarned !!! I promise you .. this is the truth !!!.Version: 5.0

Slots a funSo fun.Version: 3.80

Love this gameBut when I open the app now. I click the X bcoz I don’t want to purchase and money it closes the the screen now goes dark and won’t let me play any of the games 😔 I hope this is fixed soon miss playing the games.Version: 1.02

A BUNCH OF CRIMINALSDon’t spend money on this game They will take all your coins and you won’t get them back. I have 8T coins then they claimed they updated the game and when I logged back on it was all gone. These arseholes need to be reported..Version: 4.6

Different Style of Gaming!I’ve never ever tried anything like this. I only got it this evening to try it out! So far so good, it’s fun and enjoyable! I might change my mind if I start losing what I have won so far! Worth a try folks, if you don’t like it, you can always delete!.Version: 5.9

Good times!Easy to play, great bonuses and super games!.Version: 3.80

Fun, but a free glitchesThis is one of the games that I go to when I have some time to kill. It has been a good game, but lately, I gave seen several glitches have been showing up frequently. 1) the scratch card that is supposed to reset once every 24 hours I’d resetting 2 to 3 times per day which is aggravating because it always seems to reset right when you get to the middle of the multiplierlevels, which means you can never get to the top. 2) the wheels have gotten to where if you have been on a winning streak they start to slowdown and just as you are about to win the reels pick up speed again and keep spinning until they finally stop on a losing hand. It’s hard to enjoy the game when you know you are going to lose. That’s when I generally change to another game..Version: 5.0

Addictive,fun and very disappointingIt is true that the developers need to be paid for their hard work, yet it seems that there is some trickery here to let one pay for the other. Many don’t pay to play, yet they are sometimes the ones you see on top of the leaderboard. The ones who are truly addicted keep on buying coins yet never seem to reach the Plato they are gunning for, because they always keep on buying, chasing ????, I have been playing for a few years and I am one of those that buys coins regularly. Yet the more I spend, is the more I seem less of a player as I cannot win a satisfying amount of coins to just play for a substantial amount of days. It’s a shame , yet I keep on doing that same stupid””thing over and over again..Version: 4.42

Good gameGood game but could be better if you got real money back.Version: 6.0

As hubcaps as the new year’s is a good thing to get you to work with meOk I’ll just get you in an hour and I’ll get you in an hour and I’ll be ok I’ll just get you in an hour and a little while I’ll just be ok ok I’ll just get you in an hour and I’ll be there ok ok bye ok I’ll get in touch ok and I just hope you’re having an amazing night and hope you’re feeling well I’ll get up.Version: 6.3

Do you know what?It’s actually really good. I was sceptical because the adds are hilariously bad but.. the layout and extras like city building and pets makes it very repayable. I have had to quit gambling for certain reasons and this has helped me to stop gambling while still maintains that thrill I used to seek. I love doing challenges for my clan and keep playing everyday.Version: 6.1

Best Casino game!!This is the best casino game I have played ever! I was leary of the game at first due to all the negative reviews but decided to try it for myself and I am so glad that I did!! I enjoy the clans feature, where I can complete missions with my clan and try to move up the ladder. I like that there are multiple missions to complete solo. The best part of the game is that I joined with 2m coins, I have been playing for about 5 days and have kept an average of 500m coins so that I can play as much as I want to without worrying about running out or having to purchase more to progress. Keep up the great work! I think I will be playing for a long time and will also refer to my friends that like to play casino games..Version: 3.81

Changed for the WORSEI’ve been playing for 18 months. I left another slot game, that I had played for 10+ years, in favor of Lotsa Slots!!! I hope that tells you how more more I loved Lotsa Slots!! Well, that all came crashing to a halt this past week. As someone else reviewed, they removed the “progressive” pots for double chile and yin yang, so you can no longer win a “Q” out of playing a LOT. (you have to bet INSANE amounts, which would bankrupt you in no time 🤔). I won a few Qs, over the past 18 months, making the game incredibly fun. Don’t get me wrong - I lost, too, but it was balanced with just the “right amount” of wins to keep me happy and wanting to play….a lot. Well, that is completely gone, now, and so am I. Not only have they removed the progressive (which would build until someone won), the bonus rounds are few and far between, and when you do hit them, the payouts are abysmal. I’ll check back in, from time to time, to see if they change it back. If they do, I’ll be back, and recommend it to others (which I have), but I doubt that they will. Lastly, to the developers who respond to comments; save your time by responding to me (like you do to everyone else) to contact support to let them know what’s wrong as you want us to have an enjoyable experience. Read everything that I wrote, above, and let it sink in. There is nothing more to say. Change it back, or I’ll never be back. I’m sure many others feel that way, too. Have a nice day..Version: 6.8

Diamond SpinExcellent game to play and everyone should come and play it.Version: 1.01

WonderHow do you win real money.Version: 7.2

Another money making rip off appPlease take advice…this app is just the same as most others…if you don’t pay for extra money you will forever play very low level and it gets boring…paying for extra gets you more money but I guarantee it will not last long and remember, you are paying for absolutely no return…just avoid.Version: 6.1

Let the fun beginFun game.Version: 7.1

Love itPretty good slots. You win a good amount too compared to some of these slots where you get free spins once a day let alone a jackpot....Version: 4.3

ReviewThis game keeps you busy when you have nothing to do your we’ll focused that time and no one exists.Version: 4.39

I’m quite impressedIv been seeing the ads of this game a lot and Iv been just watching them saying that’s probably not true winning in 5 spins or less but iv been playing it for a bit and it’s actually true Iv won 10 times now.Version: 5.9

Best Games online ever.I love and I am totally addicted to playing these games having accumulated 18 Trillion points with loads of wins and bonus games. Very good fun. I like the challenges this site offers by playing to get bonus prizes in various ways. Any minor problems can be dealt with right away by sending online messages to site operators. I also find that if you make small purchases of points the wind increase. Highly enjoyable games that will have you titally hooked......😃.Version: 3.93

Bonus coinsPretty good games just wish the bonus coins were more frequent.Version: 3.0

Gave way too much money an can’t even win much the most I’ve won was 500TUp date now I’m having to contact costumer service been on almost a year dumped too much in the app to not even win a Q yet not even over 500T I don’t know why or who is running costumer service but they could care less if we are loyal paying costumers. I’m not getting no we’re an no one care to fix what owed to me in coins. There’s no number My hard earn money should be appreciated but instead I’m writing customer service and begging for coins that I won .I came to distress but now I’m being stressed it’s supposed to be fun but instead I’m just a piggy bank they haven’t given me half the wins I should’ve gotten for the price that I paid. I will update here shortly. This is 2024 now. Things have gotten a little bit better on the app. Let’s hope that I hit way better wins I however did get merchandise which is not always easy to get well. I’ll give you an update soon..Version: 4.45

Break the IceFirstly, Why is the jackpot on this decreasing while being played and secondly, how come the free spins does not seem to occur anymore either. Usually when you get the free spin symbol in two reels the third goes a bit slower. This is not happening. Doesnt stop at all. No chance of getting the free spins. I think you have a problem here..Version: 3.80

Keeps me entertainedNot bad. Very good graphics. Good verity of slots. also includes a lot of other things like quest game with slots. Also has groups you can join and chat with. It can be addictive and cost a lot of money if you buy chips I recommend setting daily limit on real money you spend. I can play for days on free chips given so it’s really just a personal choice to buy upgrades I played and completed one game spending no money so it’s possible just going to take longer. But this is very good entertainment and who cares how long it takes and I have made a lot of new friends. I had some issues with my account and support staff got back to me right away and issue was fixed within a day. Be careful of sites offering free coins if they can’t add to your account without redirecting you its likely not the game staff. Love the game and all the bonus stuff. 🎰🎯🎲🧩🎟 good luck not getting addicted. Slot machines play realistically and makes fake money feel real 🤞🏻🍀💰♾🎰🤩🤑.Version: 7.0

Great GameThe graphics are amazing and is user friendly. Can ease your troubles away if your needing a stress!!.Version: 4.39

Good gameFun to play to pass time.Version: 1.01

Good but not entirely fairReally good game but the only down side is the higher you bet the less chance of winning, I had 700 billion coins I bet 10 billion a go waiting for free spins but never got it I then had 1 million left, spun once on 400 million then got free spins? That’s the only part which isn’t the greatest for me unfortunately I know don’t go on this as it frustrates me too much. P.s. Is there anyway to refund coins? As I won the money from completing the album??.Version: 3.81

Great game playOk I’d say this is probably one of the ones I play the most as it’s entertaining and various for choice of game play ... The one fault I have is the sudden back to my home screen on my device meaning I have to load it up again so maybe a bug fix for an update would be appreciated.... still gets a 5 star for me though as always get bonuses no scams and stable apart from the odd drop out every now n then . Nothing to drastic in my opinion 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 3.84

Coins disappearYou need to be careful with this apps game .. I lost 100 billions coins twice today .. 200 billions lost ..very weird.. if it happens again i will completely stop playing ...Version: 7.2

Watch out for frozen adsUpdated July 08, 2023. The ad from Naughty Cats does not allow me to continue. I keep hitting the go back to LotsaSlots and it will not go away. Previous review below. Very annoying! This is a great game but lately if you click on a bonus to get free coins, an ad is okay. That is a good way to get free coins. BUT the ads don’t shut off. Today I could not get the Monopoly ad to shut off. I waited over 2 minutes and even closed the app to play a different puzzle on my iPad. I went back to LotsaSlots and the Monopoly ad was still there. I had to manually shut down and power off the iPad. This has happened several times over the past few weeks. I now know to skip the free coins. And, to those players who say they got ripped off paying, simply just wait each day to get free coins, you don’t have to pay any money at all. This app has tons of slots and many games within games each week. It is a lot of fun!.Version: 6.8

Be in for the long gameThis app is great, great free coins and some different games. Just had a mega run so am on a high but I rarely leave reviews and the little thing popped up and asked if I was having fun and the answer is ‘yes absolutely’. I have been playing a few weeks now and still logging in daily, some other apps haven’t lasted this long on my phone but this one is going the distance :).Version: 3.96

Haizley saidIt is the only thing I could find on my phone and it is the only way that it can get me through this process so I’m going with that because it’s the first one and the first is not that I want you know that I’m just going with what I’m saying because I’m going through this right now so I’m just not sure if it’s going through right or wrong and I’m not sure if I should just wait for the other ones or if it’s just a different thing that I’m doing or if I need something different I don’t want it I don’t want you guys going to have a different thing I don’t know I don’t want you going to have a lot going through this.Version: 6.2

Poor customer serviceTerrible customer service does not respond to messages. Games glitch you lose your coins and no response from them to fix. Rewards for their promotions are not given when achieved and again no response to messages. It’s been over a week now with no response. It used to be a good app, not sure what is going on but it’s clear they don’t value daily players, such a shame really..Version: 3.0

Golden HandMy very favourite game Because it gives bonus and reward points I play during the day and evening every time I have some free time I am 82 years old and this game keeps me company I congratulate u 100%.Version: 4.39

Bonus not enoughNot enough bonus.Version: 7.1

Teodoro22Having fun right now great game.Version: 6.3

Bestie.I have to say that I’m in love with this app I’ve been playing this game/app for a very long time its great fun has a great support team that sort any issues out for you and it’s extremely innovative and jam packed with with the best quests your forever raising coins from all directions it seems like the fun never stops.,l have to give a BIG fab FIVE STARS and a thankyou so very very much for all the fun now I must get back to the games yours sincerely DAFP cheers..Version: 3.80

Moto motoVery sexy.Version: 4.42

Gets better all the timeA most enjoyable set of games..Version: 3.90

Lotsa SlotsUnable to purchase $150 free coupon which is about to expire. I have already missed my $60 free coupon. If I don’t get my free coupon I can will no longer play these slots again. It has been 3 days now since first trying to get some satisfaction. Regards Naomi Te Paa..Version: 3.93

AmazingI am having fun. Thanks for my entertainment..Version: 5.9

Writе thе wоrd YDK765 in YоuTubе and stаrt making mоnеу аt the сasinоHello! I have been playing this particular Game App for over a year or so. I won’t immediately start paying for any event or drain my bank account because let’s face it, we are paying almost all of these Apps , and not getting paid to win. So, it usually takes me a while to warm up to the idea of putting my hard earned money into something that I’m not profiting from. Every now and then I might buy some packages if they are at a fair price. All in all, I love the Clan concept, and the fact that if you do put money into this App, you get to have a Stamp added in your likeness, and your beloved pet as well, and you get to join a couple members private and public forums, Lounge, to share and give congrats to top winners. It’s a very friendly online experience. A++. Thank You Lotsa Slots for your hard work and commitment to the consumer.. Love the detail and layout, and payout ..! K.A.S...🤑🤩🎊👊🏼☝🏼✌🏼#lotsaslots.Version: 5.6

Lotsa SlotsFantastic game its very addictive great rewards and great graphics.Version: 3.0

Fun. Fun. FunFun..Version: 3.96

Awesome gameThis game is great I love playing this from the fingertips of my phone. It’s also great for those who have a gambling problem and want to try and win some big Monopoly money.Version: 4.3

Where’s the money atHow do you win real money the ad says you can win real money in to your acc or that just false advertising??.Version: 3.80

Lots of slotsAwesome.Version: 7.2

Enjoy the appReal nice so far but have only just begun will keep you posted.Version: 4.1

Diamond SlotsVery fantastic game like playing this game everyday.Version: 1.01

So far so goodWish i was this lucky in the real lottery. Gr8 fun 🤩.Version: 4.0

What a great game so many different possibilities of winningI really do love this game but there’s so many things that you can do that really adds up to big bucks it’s so easy to spend a few hundred dollars in a day I can’t really afford that but I love the games I love the looks of the games the characters are very crisp and clean they are very fun to play but like I said I cannot spend I can’t afford to spend this kind of money every day there is one other thing that I don’t like is that you put us in different levels as we earn points and we have to play The max or we don’t win if I play a lower amount I do not get the bonus as much as you do when you play the top level those are my few complaints.Version: 3.93

THE AD I SEEN Said Only free game where you can win really moneyThe ad said you can get real money from the game even with it been free, they had a ad that showed two guys in a cafe just about to pay bill and one dude said he would get the bill but had no money so jump on this game to pay the bill. So far you win no real money like the ads said but it is still a fun game play in your spare time.Version: 5.9

This update doesn’t work will not be playing it ever againThis game keeps cutting out and sometimes won’t load up for days it’s really beginning to annoy me going to have to give up playing it.Version: 6.3

Not so greatI have played a lot of different slot games and so far this one seems the fairest, meaning the bonuses and extra rewards seem generous so I have not had to keep reloading as often. The side games for earning extra credits keep you in the game and are fun to play. I’ve won the most credits of any game, almost 5 trillion. I’ve lost a little since, but not so much because I am still in play. Love this so far. After playing for several months, I too noticed that when I finally reached over 1Q in credits, all of a sudden I could not increase my wins but instead lost it all. I liked the game enough to buy more credits and built my account back up only to lose it all again. Today, I played the Vegas slot game and won a Major credit which would have added 3Q to my account, but it did not! I did email support but have had a lot of difficulty getting any response. I’m not sure what my options are for resolving this but I hope the developers will make good on what they owe me..Version: 3.75

Bank bountyNice game, just wondered how many people ever get the nine squares ever full have had eight, just thinking if ever it happens!!! I’ve been stupid enough to plough heaps of $$$ into this game on the off chance I might one day get a full house.... But as I’ve said nice game otherwise.....Version: 4.3

Can’t play now.Easily five stars as I love this and have played for a long time but after going on it again today, the load bar freezes and won’t let me into the game. Have deleted and reinstalled to no avail. Will update to five once the issue has been fixed.Version: 4.42

AddictiveGreat graphics and lots of fun.Version: 7.2

Best game everI get up every morning and with mey tea I play this game on three devices and only this game . I’ve been playing it for more than ten years it’s my favorited do not need any other , that is how much I love it.Version: 4.42

MratrfvMhzhshd.Version: 3.96

Most EntertainingI think I have played every slot game out there, this one is the most entertaining one I have found. In additional to a large amount of slot games available with pretty good graphics, there are multiple side challenges/events that keep you interested and NO ads to interfere with your playing. You can join “Clans”, receive clan gifts, compete for your clan and win clan rewards (game play). There are “Quests” to win cards - completion of card sets yields game play. This game also has Special events on a consistent basis. I have been playing this game quite awhile and have never been bored with it. The speed of the reel play is perfect - not too slow and not crazy fast. I don’t like that I have to “buy” coins on occasion (as I don’t win any real cash) but it is very fun to play. I have received some big wins and I have also bottomed out in 3 minutes. There is a real Support team and they were very responsive to an comment I had. For now, I am still very much enjoying this game. Love the graphics and the extra activities/events within the game..Version: 3.80

Slots a lotNo more boring slot games cheers.Version: 3.81

GREAT FUN GAME!I enjoy gambling at the casinos in Vegas but seldom get there any more! This game gives the experience right in your home! I started playing yesterday with the 3,000,000 coins I received for downloading the game. I’m already at over 700,000,000 coins! I am already addicted to the Piggy game! It is a combination of reels AND Bingo! The Piggy Bingo bonus feature is hilarious! You DON’T have to spend $$ to have FUN! I have put out maybe $20 so far but I haven’t spent ANY $ on coins! I love this game but I haven’t gotten much housework done since finding it! I’m sure you will enjoy this game! I’m still checking out all the games included but I keep going back to the little oinking and squealing piggies! Sooo cute!.Version: 5.7

PlayfulDoesn’t seem to be as the ad I saw, but overall fun!.Version: 3.81

Greedy siteSo hard to win anything, play over 10 Tin one time didn’t win a thing. Not sure if I want to keep playing this site anymore. Cheers.Version: 3.89

Great games to playGreat games to play on, always on it lol.Version: 3.80

Lotsa slotsHi 👋 your games and prizes are great I have been playing your slots 🎰 since I downloaded the app last year and I have never 👎 looked back the Technology and the Graphics are amazing 🤩 thank you 😊 Collette 😊🇦🇺.Version: 4.39

GreatJust started playing and loving it so far.Version: 3.92

Love the gameJust started to play enjoy this slot good payout like the quest , it does not take you days to finish it. Love the bonus really enjoy it will be telling my family and friends to join in ..Version: 1.01

AwesomenessEasy the BEST game ever!!!! ♥️.Version: 7.2

Good gaming just a shame about a few partsGood gaming overall , but there are a few issues. 1. Game instructions not explained that well along with bonus offers and perks. (Completed stamp book, won 20+ raffle tickets for big draw no instructions when, where or even seeing them) ? 2. I do get regularly kicked out while playing , due to this sometimes not receiving winnings etc ( a lot of hassle to go through to try get a investigation, proof needed photos , times etc when really you would think that all they would need is ya player ID and browse ya history logs ).Version: 3.88

GamblenSeems to be ok.Version: 7.2

So much fun!Seems to be better than the other ones I’ve played with a lot more regular wins!.Version: 5.9

Great and fair gameHey guy I usually never right reviews about games , but this one is special ! I have played this game for 6 days straight and it’s been sooo generous ! I hit so many jackpots and I am over a billion in coin ! You could play A lot of missions that pays 100 millions when completed , and there not hard to complete ! The only thing I don’t like is the ranking , instead of saying 999 it should say the % . Example if I have a billion coin it should say your on top 10% of all players for example ! I did a 2.99 purchase not because I was out of coins but just to support the team behind it for there hard work ! Thank you for an amazing casino slot game ! Hope in the future you will be Adding black jack and roulette or even maybe you could create clubs where people could join a leader and chat , and have tournaments where clubs fight for a prize in the end of the week ! Thank you !!!.Version: 3.0

Hello Hi there are we still on our would be here for us and I willHello owner and wondering what the heck is your dad is going outside with you guys are we will do that you have to your place to you and then we can get you guys and we will get together for you and your wife and we are all going out and you only have a family for your life but we are in our family that we will be blessed to you and we can do that and you will never be happy for you and your life will be blessed and we will always have you in your life forever forever grateful and I will be grateful and you are in loves you guys are so blessed to have a great day and I have a great friendship and you will be proud to have you and the future you will never have a great year you deserve it you will never do it again you deserve it to you have you deserve to you deserve it and we love it all the things that.Version: 6.7

Ok to pass the timeDELETED THIS RUBBISH Was an ok game to pass the time played this game for a longtime , but deleted due to complete con of the game, you open chests 1-5 on the bonus, no problem but as soon as you open a chest for a decent reward boom you’re caught by the gummy bear everytime, and it takes all your gems to carry on then right next go after paying 2000 gems boom caught again and wants another 2000 gems 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 4.39

Awesome SlotsEnjoy everything about it 😉.Version: 3.0

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 3.96

GOODHello😉! If you want to play in the best online casino game, install the "Destiny of Zeus" app, all newbies get a bonus with their first deposit, yesterday I won 1313€... As for Lotsa slots - I really enjoy the graphics and find this app to be a great way to unwind and have fun. However, I've noticed that after purchasing the largest amount several times, the game play gets worse and worse. It's frustrating to feel like they're luring you in with good odds, only to take your money and give you nothing in return. It's also annoying that they charge in US dollars, even for customers outside of the US. I feel like they're ripping me off, and it's a fraudulent practice. The fact that the game is only for players 12 and up is also concerning. The app needs to improve its payouts and give paying customers a fair chance at winning. If they don't change their ways, they'll eventually be shut down..Version: 6.9

Best casinoHonestly, this is the best mobile casino ive ever played and its true you dont have to spend a single penny and you can get rich. I downloaded a couple of minutes ago and i already have 12 million coins.Version: 5.8

🤙Good game to pass time whilst working long hrs.Version: 5.9

OkWould give a 5 but it’s sooo hard to finish quests especially when u have to win a certain amount of coins in free spins....Version: 3.80

“Superior lotsa slots”By far the best slots game, with lots of interesting goals to achieve, such as collecting stamps, etc to collect coin rewards. Great selection of slot games, plenty to choose from, but when they are constipated and don’t pay anything worthwhile for spin after spin for what seems an eternity it gets VERY BORING! Still give 10 out of 10..Version: 5.4

FunFun for now but can you earn real money? The ad makes it seem that way.Version: 3.79

GoodGood game has its perks But like any slot game There’s always a catch loose your money fast so that you have to purchase more ..Version: 7.1

😕 Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino Negative Reviews
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