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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS app received 84 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DRAGON BALL LEGENDS? Can you share your negative thoughts about dragon ball legends?

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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS for Negative User Reviews

Good aspects is the art. Gameplay is horrendous and has many flawsFirst I’m just gonna say this. The art is good and that’s about it. The gameplay is absolutely horrendous, how is it horrendous you may ask it’s because it relies too much on RNG and paying the game to win to actually win a ranked game. I’m not gonna list down everything but very obvious flaws that shouldn’t exist in any PVP game is relying on RNG to win something. If you’re planning on casually playing this game then go ahead there’s not much wrong with it. However if you are planning to be competitive and just starting it’s going to be a dreadful experience if you don’t have thousands of dollars to drain on this game..Version: 4.10.0

PvP and dropThey don’t know how to fix the power of the character. When I’m trying to play in pvp I always lagging. They don’t know how to ajust the character. Some of them are p2w end the drop are to low.Version: 1.27.1

The lag is horrendous.I love playing this game... But the lag when versing people from far away countries take away from the fun and make it more tedious and annoying because you literally can't fight back. I would love to see us get regional servers so we can have fair play between players. I refrain from playing PvP except for a few z-tier missions to use but that's all which seems a bit of a waste for how fun PvP was when the game first started. Other then that keep up the good work!.Version: 1.25.0

Very greedyI’ve played it for a around 2 years it’s horrible I can’t get units stars up, I’ve only got 3 7 star characters and I can’t summon on new banners because I’ve already done all the missions for chrono crystals, and there really stingy with it for some reason the price of chrono crystals are to much to buy, and I can only get around 500 chrono crystals per event if I’m lucky, but the only reason is is because of the missions that give 200 chrono crystals as, I have not completed them fully, I’ve only gotten one unit fully zenkaied it was purple ex krillin, and the only other units that I have zenkai that aren’t free are, namek goku legends limited and green sparking goku, I am not able to get chrono crystals to even zenkai them due to not being able to get any because there very stingy with them, cannot really summon for new units because toshi is stingy with it I cannot get a good rank in pvp due to not having any chrono crystals for good units and stars i have not played it in weeks due to this reason I’ve revisited it a couple times then and there but it still hasn’t given me anymore ways to get chrono crystals..Version: 4.17.0

BLMBlack lives matter.Version: 3.4.0

GarbageTedious adventures, bad rates, no actual content To sum it all up this game’s been garbage for awhile. Only good thing they did was ssj3 shallot.Version: 2.1.0

PVP full of cheatersAll features of the game are good expect the most important core element - PVP. You pay for the gem, spent all the time farming and saving up to draw new good characters and wish to be a bit more competitive while vs other players, and only to find out no matter what you do you still don’t stand a chance when the pvp system is flooded with cheaters. Been playing for 2 years now I can see the Developer doesn’t seem like willing to do anything for the issue. Bottom line, if you don’t care about pvp then it’s fine it is a good game to play, graphics and music are good and lot of events updated frequently, however it will still get bored easily if there are no interactive with other players..Version: 2.14.0

FFSSeriously you have added a timer to Ranked matches my game crashed and shut like it does most of the time but I could deal with that but now you have added a penalty time and I have to wait 59mins as it says to play again just because you game constantly crashes, I have played this game for a long long time and I can put up with spending a crap ton of crystals to summon and get hero only levels yeah I deal with that but now you have screwed it up thanks the only reason I won’t delete this game is because I’ve spent so long getting where I have but you are ruining this game and although you never reply when their is an error or anything plus the other day I didn’t get to sign in it put me straight in the game I didn’t complain the but the penalty crap has done it for me my game crashes and I have to wait because of that well done.Version: 1.30.0

New features I suggestThere should be a selling system where you can sell characters for zeni or chrono crystals and a trading system where you can trade characters you don’t want or you characters you want to trade for and also add a favouriting system with selling and trading so you don’t accidentally sell or trade your favourite characters as well add more customisation to shallot like removing his Tail and chainring his hair style and also I am using another persons account to make this review. Also add a wave defence kind of game mode where you have to fight characters after characters and the further you get the harder the characters and the better the loot and make shallot able to do any ultimate but legendary finishes so it doesn’t make him OP. Make a boss raid gamemode where up to five or four or three players can fight a very strong boss and like the wave defence gamemode the harder ones you do the better and more loot you get and there should be like 20 levels and more in the future and make this have a storyline. In a Christmas or New Years event make a limited time summon that costs 1 ticket to do a single and 10 for consecutive of course and to get the tickets you have to do a event and do some certain things..Version: 2.1.0

Not the funnest game to play anymorePlayed this for about a year and a half, Probably one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played up until the second anniversary. After the release of Vegito Blue the game hasn’t been the same since. I can probably talk on half of all the F2P players of this game, the summons aren’t balanced. I spent over 5k CC and got 2 new Units, where as I’ve seen people do a 1k CC consecutive summon and get 3 new units. All this also joins in with the fact that the developers believe that ‘balancing the game’ means to add units that aren’t fair (E.g VB and Kefla) to the game to counter teams such as Regen. It doesn’t make any sense to ‘counter’ teams by adding these units. I’ve had a lot of fun up until now, but the game isn’t enjoyable anymore. But, if you’ve never played this game before, play it for a week and I assure you it’ll be one of the most fun experiences you’ll have on a mobile Game.Version: 2.10.0

Becoming annoyingThis game is fun but pvp mode is so slow to dodge cover change and attack it’s also filled with hackers and the story mode is to small the game is also not good to play offline and you easily run out of ways to get chrono crystals and the only way to do so is to pay with MONEY.Version: 2.8.1

Keeps crashing plz fixEvery single time I go into pvp maybe 30 minutes to a hour I get kicked out. This only happens when I go to pvp . Every single time I try to play pvp after that it counts as a loss in the game and makes it so I can’t play for an hour please fix this.Version: 4.23.0

Nostalgia purposes onlyThis game is a bit of a train wreck of good ideas and concepts with subpar execution. For starters, the art is amazing and they’ve brought in the original voice actors for the game...but they’ve only made one recording for a move you’ll use a dozen times in a fight... two SS goku fighting each other is enough “dadadadadaaaa” to drive anyone insane. The fighting mechanics try to make the fight look like it’s straight from the cartoon, which is awesome, but the mechanics aren’t explained well, take time to figure out, and are a frustrating mess. Lastly, the final straw for me is the rubbish way you farm items for character development. You need “x” amount of “y” to level up a character’s “class” and farming the requisite items has left me with hundreds of useless drops after a week of trying to farm a single piece of a specific item. So my progression in the game is hampered by these seemingly unicorn-like drop rates, which makes for a very dull game. I really wanted to like the game but there’s only so many times I can slap my tablet or phone screen before realising the game isn’t worth it. Speaking of which, the game doesn’t allow you to play on multiple devices. Only one. I downloaded it on my tablet then transferred to my phone to find that the tablet app won’t start up anymore unless I transfer back from the phone to the tablet. That’s such a strange thing to do....Version: 1.9.0

Way too much for a mobile gameI love Dragon Ball. Love it. This game stays very true to the Dragon Ball style of way too much exposition, way too little fighting. In a soap type series the formula works and works well. Plenty of talking and building up to matches. This formula when applied to a game, especially one where you are required on your mobile device to read multiple pages in between fights, does not work. There is always that crumby learning curve one goes through when playing a new game. On something like a console game or pc game you are seated and playing a game mostly exclusively. When on your on mobile you may be in transit or in a situation where you’ve got ten minutes to kill. Not very often does one sit on their phone to play very long so the learning curve should be one that’s easily picked up without having to concentrate solely on your phone for what seems like 100+ pages worth information on the different facets of the game. They have made just getting to story mode an act of sheer will power to read and digest a whole handbook of instructions. Graphically this game is amazing. The characters are all rendered very well and stages look very much like Z style animation. I deleted this game only because I couldn’t stand to have to read a Manga and play a video game at the same time! For me it’s either or. But IMO this game has too much exposition and not enough game play..Version: 1.14.0

My beloved game ive played since release has been ruinedI started playing on release day and never missed a day playing the game is a absolute blast i love playing this on my ipad i was f2p at start but later dipped in the p2p field buying banne;rs and getting good luck as the weight was reasonable ever since red gogeta (1st ssj one)came on banner i have noticed bandai dro- the weight to the most unreasonable levels ever i am in utter shock u can pay £300 pounds and get absolutely nothing but then someone can pay less then £50 and get everything i understand its luck but this is actually gambling and as a problem gambler before there is similar feeling from winning gambling as to getting a banger from banners plus i love dbz i feel the creators have taken a bad route in this game making money now seems the only thing on there mind i now miss many days of not opening the app and dont even feel bad where before i couldnt stop playing i hate the fact tht big pulls in banners are locked away due to summoning stages i hate the fact tht my 2 free summon tickets for uts summons are no longer free just for login in i only get 1 now for loggin in for week and the other one is obtained by doing stupidly high adventures i hate the pvp now i hate the lack of free crystals i hate the updates changing things tht where fine i hate tht i have rated this 1 star its by far the best game but the greed has made me not wanna give this company any more money or love.Version: 2.1.0

Sad to see thisI have been playing this game for about 2 year now and it really hurts me to see one of my all time favourite games be used like a cash grab. i have done almost everything on this game as a f2p player and almost have every unit in the game. but my problem is that it become Stale. no new events no new challenge, just a game that looks like it’s trying to use my favourite childhood franchise against me for money and not give respect to dragon ball. the reason most people like dragon ball is because of the art style, the fights, and the story. this game was sooo good at that but then the zenkai were brought in as a character boost and were very hard to obtain if you were a new player or f2p og. which started the first pay wall. player who were f2p had a super hard time beating player who were p2w and if you look at top 1000 players in pvp every season. there all p2w. there is no f2p player up there because they cant compete against p2w player who have a full teams of just zenkai units. i myself used to be in the top 10k before zenkai were common and it was fun if u ignored the lag, the hacks who drawed matchs and the small bugs. which really hurts me to see a average Joe like me not having a chance against p2w who whale out on the game without me spending money on it. now the lack of events hurts me more due to it being something i can at least do without losing everytime. i played this game on a daily basis and almost never skip a day before LF future gohan came out. but then there was nothing to do. i rewatch story 3x because there weren’t any event to play and when there was a event it wasn’t even worth a half summon so i took my very first hiatus from a game i love, to start a new game or do something different. tbh i miss dragon ball legends but i also hate what it has become . which is why i started playing a new fame that has a good stort cross over other anime character and it has a fun coop mode , plus a a different style of pvp . which is grand summoner and tbh it feel like im playing the fun OG db legends. also its very f2p friendly. if db legends come back better then i will happily quit grand summoner for it but its only time will tell..Version: 2.18.0

DEVELOPERS!!! FIX THE GAME!!!I haven’t even started playing because I’ve been trying to get it to open and it crashes every time. Please fix this..Version: 1.40.0

Love & Hate RelationshipTake note that I said love before hate, but everyday I'm conflicted on keeping or deleting this game.. No cap. I understand the idea of maintaining the difficulty on getting characters, equipment, re rolling equipment & everything else. I honestly feel like the game has all its odds against me every time i take a chance, whatever it may be. The last, I don't know 7 - 12 times I've Awakened equipment I pull an E rank. Less than 30 mins i got 2 E went to re roll them 53 times each and cant gain a Yellow or Red stat in percentage gaps as little as 5% to 12%? Thats ridiculous. 32 times I've summoned on the new banner for the Tag SS 4 Goku & Vegeta, plus 5 guaranteed sparkling tickets. And I've only summoned him once? Again, ridiculous. Maybe on the VERY FIRST banner you drop for a new LL boost his drop chance. Ive put what some would depict as way to much time, especially on a mobile game, and I absolutely love this game, the best game I've played in my opinion to date. But the defeat I feel when I go as far to spend HARD EARNED cash on your game to get CC just to pull this new LL, and cant even get any LL, its truly disheartening. Again, I absolutely love your game, but spending money on a in game things is something I've never done, I've mocked anyone who I've encountered that have done that. Just throw a n**** a bone, cause you throw me in this game are L's. I really don't want to drop off and quit this game, but I'm on a slippery slope..Version: 4.13.0

Pvp issues and eventsI love dragon ball legends ive been playing it before it even launched where i lived but i have 2 issues with the game i dont know if its a ingame issue or people have found a way to exploit in pvp but matches have been so laggy lately and i know its not my internet because most other matches are smooth and i feel as if others are just using the lag to their advantage while i absolutely cant do anything. My second problem with the game is it has periods where the game is dry and theres nothing too do or grind im only 16 i cant even be pay to win too get crystals and get these ultras with their extremely low pull rates while everyone in pvp has ultra rose ‘and ‘ultra gogeta blue ‘ultra hit and etc. please add more mission that atleast get us immersed in so we can have fun because most of the time the only thing i consider fun in the game is pvp and story just because i love the direction the story is going in but with lack of events story we have nothing too do but thats all i love dragon ball legends even if it makes me want too break my phone wether it be stupid summons or laggy matches where the opponent plays perfectly fine and i cant even function properly its a good game i cant wait to see where this anniversary goes just please dont make the game have boring moments where we cant do anything heck maybe il be able to get my first ultra after being shafted for the 50th time..Version: 4.20.0

Waste of timeI’m constantly grinding the game trying to get as many chronocrystals as I can only to spend them all and get no new characters. I already have most of the characters but even then during the legends festival I did enough banner rotations to get around 40 tokens and after all those summons as well as ticket summons I still didn’t get LL goku and vegeta. This game is just a waste of time you play countless hours and hardly ever get good characters unless you spend money to do even more summons. I’ve done everything to get the crystals but it’s not enough to place in the diamond pvp rank every season aswell as doing everything else, just a total waste..Version: 3.11.1

Too much pay to win based.Alright so the game itself is fun, I understand that, but it’s just way to hard to get good units! For example, I decided to play this game again after a long time. In the fourth anniversary event, I managed to get ui almost immediately. During the ultra supersayin Gogeta event, I got him nearly first try. Similar to ultra vegito. But that’s where my luck ended. Event after event I never got a good unit. Each character being introduced was so much better than the last one’s so I couldn’t keep up. Every time I fought someone, they had all the best units while mine were merely way too weak! There’s no way to get chrono crystals besides paying! I had two ways of getting them, soulboosting, and story mode. But, once I completed story mode, and soulboosted all of my units, then I couldn’t get chrono crystals anymore! Even the one time I did buy crono’s I didn’t even get any good unit from it! There’s also just so many tryhards in the pvp matches, I can’t understand why it’s so difficult just to keep up! While the game itself is fun, it’s way to hard to be able to get a single food unit! I also forgot to mention the events themselves…THEY ARE LITERALLY THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER! WE ALWAYS GET A FUTURE TRUNKS SAGA EVENT, A TOP EVENT, A BROLY EVENT, ITS ALL THE SAME! I JUST WISH THERE WAS SOMETHING DIFFERENT!.Version: 4.19.0

Crashe ban 12h mode classerMon téléphone ne fais je que crashe quand je fais des monde classer je me fais ban 1h après 2h ect et même si je finis le combat si je crashe a la fin et que j’ai gagnée je me reconnecte je ça me dit que j’ai perdu Merci de répondre à mon problème au plus vite.Version: 4.23.0

I mean it’s kinda midThe gameplay is cool but the tutorial takes so long and it’s all just taking you to menus and saying click this click that when you just want to play the game. It’s better on console.Version: 4.22.0

Summoning issueGame is really fun to play it’s just recently I’ve been doing consecutive summons and my game would crash and I would get nothing and still lose my crystals when I hop back on. Plz fix or give my crystals back.Version: 1.34.0

BugThis game is amazing but there’s an issue where when the game crashes specifically more when I’m summoning or in a pvp Match and this is very annoying because it gives me a warning and I instantly lose the Match, please fix this issue as soon as possible and then I will definitely give 5 stars..Version: 1.33.0

Great but!!!DBZ legends is an extremely good game, and the gameplay, story, and summoning events are perfect. My only real complaint and I’m sure the Devs have heard this before is the fierce battle events where you can earn characters. It’s hard to limit break those characters, and the special event battles to earn z power are impossible to beat. The enemy character has way to much health, and takes half your health with one combo or special attack. Also the hard difficulty events have become pointless even trying to beat because no matter which character I use it’s a hopeless battle. Please fix the difficulty on these events. Also the UL characters shouldn’t be allowed in pvp. The UL gogeta can basically one shot any character you try to use and that takes the fun away from pvp. Also pvp needs to better match player skill level/ and level of characters. There’s a lot of times where I’ve been matched with players with maxed out characters and I don’t stand a chance. Lastly the chrono crystals are way to expensive and you definitely don’t get your money’s worth unless you’re in a foreign country. Please fix the price or remove the purchase option entirely. It’s unfair when the people with the most money are always the winners. The Developers will probably never read, or reply to this review but at least others can see it before they download..Version: 4.14.0

Great game. Major security issuesThis game is great and I love however the poor security measures in this game is astounding and make any real investment in this game high risk, it’s not a issue until you have a issue then your screwed, customer support seems to be non existent, and non helpful not sure if this is due to the people working or there standard operating procedures of the company. You can’t unlink accounts, and you can have multiple Gmail accounts linked to one account meaning if someone else gets into your account you can’t get them out of your account and they will have free reign over your account for at least 24 hours do to the nonsense of 24 hour data transfers with again no way to be able to unlink them out of your account so they can’t just log back in 24 hours after you boot them out. To top it all of, despite this game being DESIGNED to be one account per device there is no two factor authentication to protect your account. Bottom line is you can invest a lot in this game with real life currency or even be free to play and grind for a really long time just to lose it all in the blink of a eye due to poor security options with not alot of help from customer support. This is something that needs to be changed it’s 2023 there is no reason that two factor authentication should not be a option other than the games management just being lazy and not caring about the customers security.Version: 4.19.0

Amazing but triggeringThis game has improved a lot since the last time I was playing. But personally I think you should get more chrono crystals daily and when you complete a story. I have banged out 256 stories and I had like 3000 chrono crystals and when I went on the Gogeta banner, I still couldn’t get it. I literally wasted so much time. To be specific 3 days straight. In addition, in the PvP game mode sometimes I crash and I have to wait for four minutes before I can play it again. Once I had to wait for a whole hour before I could play because this game crashed whilst I was in PvP loading in. The most frustrating thing was when I did my summons I used 1000 chrono crystals and it crashed. I used it up and got no characters in return. I wasted 1000 chronos which took me about 3 hours to make earning the chronos from the story mode. That’s why I think you should get more chronos for completing the challenges in the story and for the first time completing the story. I think you should get at least 30 chronos. PLEASE FIX THE CRASHING PROBLEM. Even this happened to one of the youtubers where he crashed in one of his vids. He stated it was unusual. I’m referring to Ndukauba. Overall I think it’s a very good game to play..Version: 1.35.0

Money Hungry trashNot going to get into every tiny detail that is wrong with the game but to sum it up, horrendous power creep, very little to actually do, horrendous cheating AI, pvp experience at every turn is terrible, the games input registration itself is flawed; the summon rays are awful and there are numerous paywalls before you can even be remotely powerful enough to be competitive in pvp. Only recommend if you have a huge surplus with your wage as well as a huge appreciation for the Dragon Ball series and live in a central area.Version: 3.5.0

Pvp pay wallThe game is good very smooth you can free to play a bit until you want to pvp which is the entire game lol, the matchmaking is the problem you get above battle lvl 11 you then face maxed out lvl 2000 five star chars whith power at least a mil over yours and a full team it forces you to spend to even have a chance very shady way to do it. Great game if your a whale or youtuber other then that enjoy the pve it get paywalled as well but not till way later honestly the pvp thing is why I gave 1 star.Version: 1.27.1

Db legendsIt’s pointless to add an ultra unit if it takes 100k cc to get it ur just trying to force us to either buy it or buy it.Version: 4.17.0

Crashes with each updateThis game is great, enjoy it thoroughly but every time I update the game and go to play it, no matter what I do.... the game always crashes, have lost a lot of gems trying to perform character summons due to the crashes which upsets me the most.Version: 1.40.0

Bon jeu mais...Dragon ball LEGENDS est un très bon jeu avec beaucoup de bon points mais il y a aussi beaucoup de points noirs dans ce jeu a commencer par le pvp qui a chaque saison j’me dégoûte car il y a trop de gens qui ont une mauvaise connexion trop de gens qui abandonnent et trop de gens qui trichent. De plus dans ce jeu il y a un sacré déséquilibre entre les joueurs Free to Play et les joueurs Pay to play. Prenons exemple de la célébration du nouvel an, dbl met un portail avec quasiment que des bons personnages mais les free to play reçoivent qu un seul ticket pr invoquer tandis que les pay to plays eux peuvent avoir 30 tickets sp garanti et dans ce cas surpasser les free to play en terme d étoiles sur les persos et de persos en eux même voilà pourquoi je met cette note négative et je ne compte pas la changer tant que le jeu n aura pas équilibré l écart entre les free to play et les pay to play.Version: 2.1.0

Good nostalgia, terrible gameI deleted this game after about 3-4 of playing it more or less daily. If you look past it being a Dragon Ball Z game, you quickly realise how bad of a game it is. The PVP in this game is disgusting. Once you reach rank 30, you’ll either get matched up with people who are wholly overpowered for you, or completely under leveled. With maybe 1/100 matches being fair game. This is not fun. You’re either bored steamrolling lower level players, or have to rage quit because there is no chance in winning with the way the games designed. If not for having zero chance in winning, it is completely based on chance with what moves you have available at the start. It gets to the point where you start a match and know instantly whether you’re going to win or lose. There is no strategy involved whatsoever. Obviously, being free to play means you HAVE to pay to win. Apart from the glaring design issues with the gameplay which the team have left to rot, I have had several issues in which I have contacted support and never once received a reply. This game was made with the label of Dragon Ball Z (because no one will take a second look at it otherwise) to con you into wasting you’re time downloading and playing it. Have a look online and you can see that people are quitting this game in droves. Don’t waste your time with this useless cash grab..Version: 1.15.0

Genuinely the most unfun PvP experience I’ve ever hadAs far as gacha games go it has great art, a compelling original story and characters. But PvP is the worst and most irritating experience I’ve ever had with a game, unless you spend tons of cash to get the shiny new Ultra units you are GOING to lose, Ultra units are a free win ticket and makes PvP a miserable experience for everyone who doesn’t have them. And if that wasn’t enough, cheating and laggy connections make it even worse. Players have consistently bad connection or possibly tamper with connection quality so the opponent cannot anticipate or react to their movement. Just a truest awful game mode to play..Version: 4.22.0

WHERE IS MY LEGENDS LIMITEDMy chrono crystals got stealed because it kicked me out.Version: 4.22.0

The bugsPersonally I have been playing this game for a very long time but as the time goes on it’s just been annoying to play because of the constant lag of getting kicked out and unable to play from where I last went off I keep trying over and over again to finish where I get left off when playing against a lv50 challenge but I can’t it keeps kicking me out everyone 20 seconds and I have checked it’s sometimes less and you may say it’s because you have bad internet but I don’t it’s perfectly running well but I like the game it’s fun just frustrating sometimes because in pvp it’s kinda ptw because of the people just buying crystals and wasting a large amount of their money on Summons but it is kinda balanced now because of the update but the lagging has still been the same other people may not have this problem but i do so I hope they fix this next year.Version: 2.1.0

DO NOT DOWNLOADMost likely no one will be reading this because the App Store either the poor reviews get shoved down to the bottom so you’d have to scroll through the 5 star reviews that they pay people to make (even though it full of falsehoods) or they just deleted the most scathing ones. The game is completely unbalanced. The story is poorly put together (making shallot as another Goku, just like caulifla) the arena half the time will saddle you with a bad connection that leaves you with so much lag that’s it’s impossible to do anything (while your opponents are free to do whatever they please, showing that the connection issues are selective) and don’t bother using any other characters against limited legends characters, because no matter how weak LL’s are, they will always beat any other fighters. It’s a play to lose and pay to cheat game. How do I know these things? Because I realized the pattern when I shelled out some money for it. Everything would get better. Even my power output and the button reactions got better. And to top it off, I’ve had 5 payments that we’re taken from me and I’ve received nothing in return. I’ve reported it and to this day, I’ve never been contacted about them, nor given a refund. When I’ve asked about it, they either denied that I’ve made the purchase or they’ve just not responded. Don’t go anywhere near this game. They’re thieves and don’t care about their customers..Version: 4.21.1

Great in theory, but greed is destroying playabilityI’ve been logging in for about 548 days now apparently...and the developers keep making it worse and worse for any free to play players to compete against the people with endless disposable income...The amount of “grinding” to complete “adventures” is mind boggling over the last few events, this game is no longer fun to do anything other then enjoy the animations. The odds of you getting either a character you want or enough characters to be competitive in online matches are the worst ever...unless you’re prepared to spend several hundred local currencies to “help” you along...what a shameful way to go for a childhood favourite series to end up like this.Version: 2.1.0

Fix forward dash side dash glitchBeen playing this game since it came out on and off and recently got back into it and started playing pvp every game I get into players forward dash side dash and I have no time to recover so they can keep attacking me this really needs to get fixed as pvp is unplayable at the moment. Also fix the servers every 2nd to 3rd game I get into there’s a massive delay in attacks I’ll goto attack and it takes 5 seconds to attack the player by that time they have either attacked me or there dodge timer has gone up and dodged my attack.Version: 4.23.0

Computer AI is absolutely brokeI do enjoy the games look and everything but the one thing that dampens this game is it’s bots AI… it’s absolutely crap, they have cards to attack you all the time.. unlimited ki basically, can vanish when they want, they will stand there until you do an attack so they can dodge it and get an attack on you that you can’t dodge because you are stuck in mid animation but they can somehow break out that animation and dodge you when you vanish that to go in for an attack, and when you have a time limit to beat you want to get the battle done fast but the bots will stand there for ages waiting on you to do an attack so they can dodge you and waste more time on attacking you and yes you get 4 cards you can use in a combo and use them all at one time, but those bots have hit me 6/7/8 times in a combo that I can’t dodge out of because I’m stuck in a flying back animation from been hit and there is nothing you can do and by the time you are out of that animation and hit back they can dodge you again. And not only that they can tag in and out of each character at anytime! When we have to wait seconds, and it’s not even ten seconds because if you are attacking the timer stops till you stop attacking! It’s absolutely crap. The AI is made to block and dodge everything you do and they can break the game and do moves you can’t. It needs fixed. It’s crap..Version: 4.6.0

Interesting GameWell I’ve been playing this game since it’s release it has got my attention in many ways then one. Like seeing a new story with a new character created by creator, getting new characters from all of the franchise. However the game still has allot to go in development in making this fair between all players when it comes to pvp. But what I would like if the summons were more configured like getting a new sparking on the first summon or multiple sparking soft new players who don’t have it in the collections. Well as we move forward I hope to expect of what the developers can show us in this game😌.Version: 1.37.0

My first and last review of a game.I have played legends since the very start of the release and have spent a lot of time onto the game. I will quickly say the positives of the game, which is the user interface and game quality. I will never get bored of the amazing animations in the game. Moving onto the negatives, I have a lot to say. This game has slowly grown into a pay to win system and its not even fair for those who do spend a little because you literally have to throw your bank account at their face and beg to them for a certain character. I haven’t spent any money since their pricing is outrageous. Featured characters are diluted with terrible characters in banners to be impossible for someone who struggles to get up to one attempt for the banner. Additionally featured characters are given a week or two warning after a month of the last banner to prepare saving up. The last banner gave us a DAY warning after 2 weeks of the last banner. Paywalls and lack of support on free to play players make this honestly frustrating because i started the game loving it to hating it. Read the 5 star reviews and they are literal complaints.Version: 1.30.0

HorrendousWhy is the ultra space time rush so difficult. To give you an idea, you could have the best character all maxed out and yet still get hit 2 times by a character who’s at a type disadvantage and your dead. Like what is this nonsense, fix your game before the fan base leaves as well. It’s not about releasing more characters and keeping the fan base guessing that will make this game be more popular it’s about listening to the community starting off with this horrendous ultra space time rush..Version: 3.3.0

Always crashingGame is unplayable for me. After most recent update, game constantly crashes. Just force closes itself when I went into adventures. Going into T.O.P and even just general gameplay. Instead of constantly adding re-skins of characters, how about making the game actually work.Version: 3.0.0

I hate this gameF2p players cant get any ultras all my friends are getting hit rosé and i cant get anything i’ve been playing for a long time and i cant get anything this game is just p2w if you dont have money you cant get good units the only way you can get a good unit it through luck but if your p2w you can just spend money to get the unit.Version: 4.22.0

Great Game but Pay to WinThe game is great to play but at this point PVP is pay to win. If you don’t have high stared sparking characters you’ll lose every time. The PVP connection to other people in the world is garbage and most of the time your moves don’t even go off. I wish there was a choice to vs people in your region rather than all around the world. I’d like to have an equal chance at winning when I play any PVP game but this game doesn’t have that..Version: 1.40.0

Unfair and wrongful pvp banThis game does have beautiful battle graphic and that pvp makes up over 50% of this game. However the pvp ban system is a mess. They ban those who have game crash / disconnection / intentionally quit. First thing first I don’t get why these have to be banned? As when those things happens you lose your pvp rating already. Isn’t that a punishment itself? The most messed up part is that even when you complete a rated match and got your pvp reward and rating, neither side has disconnected. You thought ok great I got my reward meaning the connection is great. Then you try to go into another match saying your previous match wasn’t ended properly and now you get a ban. It’s just a really bad game play experience why should I invest my time in it? If I’m just gonna get a ban out of no where?.Version: 4.6.0

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS IS A GOOD GAME BUT THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED FOR EVERYONE!!!Bruh I’m so mad right now because everyday when I try to play rating match in pvp I load in then I get kicked out of the game. The only thing that works is training battle but for some reason nothing else works. This kept on happening then I got higher time bans for pvp. Then when I waited a few minutes for me to get unbanned I tried again then the game crashed. The more times you get kicked out then you try to go back on it says “Match did not end properly” then it gives you a ban. I kept trying again and again every time until I started to get hour bans and now it ended up as 11 hours. For some reason today it let me play a few matches of pvp rating match. Right when I had one more match till platinum rank, my game crashed. In the past the game never crashed but since this update happened I started getting crashes. This game needs to fix this because it happens to other people too not just me. Honestly this game is amazing and I’m so good at it but it ruins my day when I get crashed. Thank you db legends if you actually fix this!☺️.Version: 4.19.0

I can’t do battles or questsAnytime I try and do either battles or quests, the game crashes. Other than that, this game is really well made, kudos..Version: 1.26.0

Worst paying experienceI honestly wish i could give it 0 stars. The summon rates im this game sre absolute garbage. After spending almost 500 dollars to get a single super vegito i got 2 garbage sp charcaters to show for, the other 15 multi summons didnt even give me any sp characters. I have literally spent 500$ with NOTHING to show for it. DO NOT and i repeat DO NOT EVER spend money on this stupid game because it will not hive you anything hoping you keep putting more and more money into it. It is a simple cash grab..Version: 1.34.0

Love the game, hate summonable ultra unitsThis game is my favourite and I love playing it every time, I love the characters and the idea of ultra units. However, the rates for these ultra units are a joke and it’s nearly impossible for veteran players to grind up enough to get a few summons in. These ultra banners need a better step up system because asking for 1k crystals each time especially in the timespan of 18 days is ridiculous for older players who already grinded the new events, and fix the rates because 0.35 is too low especially since these banners have too many sparkings on them which makes the chances of pulling them even lower. Fix these banners or don’t make summonable ultra units so broken which makes it unfair for f2p players.Version: 4.0.0

Game crashesFun but when the game crashes and penalises you, buzz kill for me. I just got a 6 hour penalty for the game crashing. The first time it glitched I won a battle and was later told I ran away. Meet a fight in an alley way. You can’t run. It’s called honour. Not to mention you earn hard crono crystals then it crashes while your summoning. Hafha. I’m addicted to this game. Even though it’s full of cheaters. I guess my clan would call them Kerr or weakling. Out you must sort it. Ok last chance get rid of restrictions cos your glitch bugs me and started there. Let karma sort out cheaters you have no say. New version better be fair. 24 hour restriction means I can’t fulfill daily mission and I have been loyal and true. You xxxx’s cheat. Meet me there ok.Version: 1.37.1

The combatI’ve played dokkan blazing and legend and this ones problems are the worst firstly the combat is nice until you release there’s a charge on when you can dodge an attack witch honestly is dumb and the characters you get are boring There are barley any sparkling and the only ones I care about are on there are both super Sayian blue goku and vegeta and broly the story is boring but it is better then dokkan but not blazing honestly I’d be fine with the game if you could dodge someone’s attack whenever instead of waiting making the game fill more skilled instead of what’s this can’t beat an enemy just become over leveled then one shot your enemy but hey unlike dokkan at least there’s a pvp endless pvp mode..Version: 1.34.1

Db lThis game is great and I love however the poor security measures in this game is astounding and make any real investment in this game high risk, it's not a issue until you have a issue then your screwed, customer support seems to be non existent, and non helpful not sure if this is due to the people working or there standard operating procedures of the company. You can't unlink accounts, and vou can have multiple Gmail accounts linked to one account meaning if someone else gets into your account you can't get them out of your account and they will have free reign over your account for at least 24 hours do to the nonsense of 24 hour data transfers with again no way to be able to unlink them out of your account so they can't just log back in 24 hours after you boot them out. To top it all of, despite this game being DESIGNED to be one account per device there is no two factor authentication to protect your account. Bottom line is you can invest a lot in this game with real life currency or even be free to play and grind for a really long time just to lose it all in the blink of a eye due to poor security options with not alot of help from customer support. This is something that needs to be changed it's 2023 there is no reason that two factor authentication should not be a option other than the games management just being lazy and not caring about the customers security.Version: 4.23.0

Ok gameIt’s a great game and I recommend downloading it if you are a dragon ball fan but the bosses are really hard and annoying, and they always have 4 million or more health, plus it’s soo annoying that updates are so slow and crono crystals are so hard to earn once you finish everything they should really lower the boss hp to 3 mill and and bosses should do less damage cause they can kill 2 characters with 1 deck of cards.Version: 2.8.1

This game is going downhill fast....PvP is horrible to play after the latest update. Cheats, lag switchers and disconnects are prevalent. This has been an ongoing problem since day 1. Now after the latest update you can be unfairly banned if your opponent decides to disconnect from your match which in the worst case meaning no rewards at season end. Pull rates are extremely low and some PvE content is impossible to complete without newest units. This is an obvious cash milking tactic. Please developers address the issues being pushed forward by the community. Make DB Legends great again!.Version: 1.31.0

BuggyWhile a great game it’s not f2P friendly so if your new it’s really tough also my game keeps randomly crashing which scams me of cc and pvp matches.Version: 4.23.0

DoneI’m so done with this game, playing ranked is unfair as my characters aren’t even max but I’m versing people that are max and are 3 times the battle rank I am, (eg. I’ll be battle rank 5 and they’ll be battle rank 15) plus why can’t you pair us up with people that are closer to where we live so the connection isn’t so bad. Especially annoying when I’m using a strike attack but all I’m doing is flying right into them. Also this game is completely money hungry as you can barely earn any gems to buy more Summons. Literally done with how the game is right now..Version: 1.32.0

More loading than sparklingGame is good not gonna lie but the fact that their is unlimited load and very lemited legendarie and ur heros kinda suxxxxx.Version: 4.22.0

Pull Rate BaitF2P players will start off nicely, although you’ll find that after so many days logged in the rates will seem to decline rapidly bringing the game to a standstill. This forces the F2P Base into A) Spending real money or B) Grinding all the content with little to show for it. Suggestion: lower rates on owned units and adjust that % with the number of stars that unit has..Version: 1.15.0

Too many crashes!I have loved Dragon Ball Z since I was young. It is hands down my favourite anime. When this game came out I was over the moon! It was amazing. I ended up deleting the game and having a break for a couple months. I re-downloaded it a couple weeks ago to see what was new and I have been playing all day everyday since. But since I have started playing again, it is no longer compatible with iPhone 6. I can’t play a full battle, I can’t summon half the time and I can’t do a Co-op or PVP battle without the game crashing. I love this game a lot and I was hoping that there is something you can do to fix the crashing problem. Because due to issues, I am unable to upgrade my phone..Version: 2.0.0

This game is not worth itIt’s a gambling game and your never gonna get any good units unless you pay to win or you grind this game a lot, and the pvp is trash one of the most laggy experiences you will have and even with that it’s not fun you’ll keep seeing the same broken teams over and over again and no one has fun, I’ve played this game for 3 years its not worth it.Version: 4.22.0

Used to be the GOAT, still good thoughHave been playing this game since 2019, and although the game has had a lot of updates since then, the game is teetering increasingly toward a more pay-to-win direction, while f2p is still a viable option, you either have to have spectacular luck or a long long grind. While I appreciate the team going to the trouble of releasing new characters and concepts, it is coming dangerously close to a purely pay to win game with new character releases on a usual basis and a distinct lack of free to play events that would give you currency needed to perform summons for the above mentioned characters. Overall, still like this game, but I’m not too sure I like the direction that they’re going, especially compared to the state of the game 2-3 years ago..Version: 4.6.0

Make more f2p friendlyThis game can be great if there is more options for free to plays. Once you’re done story you have no way of getting anymore crystals and zenkai is almost impossible for a f2p. I want to give this game a higher rating but currently, this is the highest I’ll give it until the my fix the problems with this game.Version: 2.1.0

Honestly..I actually really enjoy this game, it’s fun to play and love the different characters and battle styles. But the PvP is broken. There are characters who are just miles away from others and have insane stats and effects that if you don’t have them on your team then don’t even try playing against someone. And in order to get said characters you need chrono crystals and a lot of luck. I don’t mind RNG and leaving my characters to chance because then you have to work with what you have. But there is no easy way to get crystals without spending a huge amount of money. Once the story is completed there goes the main way of getting any form of decent amount of crystals. It’s not fair that they want us to pay a ridiculous amount of real money for a really small amount of in game currency. It makes it very pay to win as it is obvious when you go up against someone who has a character with max stars, stats, level, and equipment. So either A: adjust a lot of character and make every character playable in PvP, B: make chrono crystals easier to obtain or significantly cheaper to buy, C: Or maybe throw in events to earn chrono crystal, that way everyone has a chance, and stop giving a one up to people with money. I really enjoy the game, the solo campaign is great and the events are fun. But I’m missing out on a big section of the game because every time I go in it’s just someone with too much time and money on their hands and doesn’t even make it fun to play..Version: 2.2.0

Pay to winIf you even want a chance at beating some events you pretty much need to bust out the credit card. Rates are rough and the free characters the game does give you feel exponentially worse then the gacha characters.The gameplay is pretty much worse xenoverse, the AI either does nothing or goes UI on you and pvp is unplayable unless you’re rich..Version: 4.23.0

Just a gambling gameEverything from the menu , the animations and gameplay of the game looks and feels great but the worst thing about this game to me are the micro transactions. Putting new characters behind a paywall and still only getting them through a random “slot machine” has given me reason enough to stop playing it. Yes you can earn the currency called Chrono Crystals by doing some missions to be able to buy the characters but the mission are only a few of them that gives you a very small amount. Another thing is they have the best characters of the game on a 5% drop rate and they keep putting old useless units on newer activities making your hard earned currency useless. The price of the currency is $20 for only 1100 and trust me that is nothing. I have spent more then 7000 of them and still haven't gotten the character I wanted and 7000 equals close or more then $100. That part of the game makes it feel more like gambling then anything else. If they would at least let you earn the characters by leveling up or playing the story I wouldn't care about the micro transactions but they only did that at the beginning of the games release now they are only unlocked by gambling your money away with a 5% chance of getting what you are paying for. As long as this game continues like this I will not play it anymore and wont recommend it to anyone.Version: 1.9.0

ShaftnessI got shaft so hard in this game what the hell i did 5 rotations on the goku frieza banner and i didn’t receive him what the hell toshi.Version: 4.23.0

I fear for the future of this game...It started very well: many characters, good graphics, interesting system... the only let down has been a “meh” story, even for DBZ standard, and even more “meh” protagonist (seriously, increase Shallot’s battle power i beh you!) but all in all a great game. With this “anniversary” however, I’m starting to worry about the future of this game that I’m enjoying so much, as it brings back beautiful memories of my childhood. Level increased to 3000, and it will still grow!? Too much... 2000 was the absolute perfect max level IMO, “grindy” enough to have you actually plan which characters to upgrade and which not, while still being affordable enough to make it actually worth it and viable to level up characters just for the fun of it, to change things up in the team and try new combinations. Now that’s totally ruined I fear. Too expensive to train a whole new character to level 3000, it’s not worth it, better to just use the same 6 over and over again, since every currency in the game i scarce and requires an awful amount of grinding to get. I now have enhanced my team to level 3000, but it costed my almost 90% of my resouces in terms of Zeni, souls and energy tickets. At least a month until I will finally have all my “mains” to lvl 3000 now, not sure its worth it. It will grow even more? To lvl 4000 and then 5000???? Nobody will want to grind that much my friends....Version: 1.34.0

The Frieza in the ultra Goku eventYou guys made this frieza so hard. It’s mostly hard for the people who did got the Goku unit you need. Plus the piccolo bot can be really dumb. The frieza is really annoying which probably half of the people who playing this, is hard for them especially. Can you please make the frieza at least easier for us new people who joined. Also make the piccolo bot at least smarter. But I have huge respect for you developers, I just wish you made this easier for newer players. Thank and please buff the Goku unit and the piccolo bot. Kind regards - A fan who desperately want the super sayian Goku.Version: 3.0.0

Greedy developer decisions ruining an otherwise great game.This is the only game that I’ve ever played for an extended duration of time, when I started there were some issues but the game was generous with its rewards for F2P players. Sure there was a P2W advantage in that you could summon more often and have higher starred characters. But the gap wasn’t an issue. A year later and now we have endless adventure grinding, with the rewards being so low you have to dedicate hours of your time. A new star system that only benefits the P2W player, more stars = more powerful stats. The P2W/F2P gap is now huge, awakening mechanics that can only be fully taken advantage of if you have the funds to summon on specific banners over and over and over. All these moves to encourage P2W yet they still haven’t fixed the core game problems since day 1. PVP lag, cheaters, modders, disconnections, poor matchmaking. If the game carries on this way it’s going to neglect a big part of the fan base and it’ll just be a whale fest. Sort it out Bamco..Version: 2.1.0

RNGI’ve played it for a while and spent a lot of time building up crystals for this event, but now it’s come and I thought that I could use these and get some of the new units that looked like some of the game changers, weeks of grinding down the drain, I used every single step of both ladders and didn’t get a single sparking character, and when I used the sparking tickets I didn’t even get a new unit or anything note worthy for that matter, the rng is horrible, it’s ruined my experience and many others, and really you’re forced to pay extortionate prices if you want to pay for a small chance of getting something good. It was meant to be a celebration of the games first year, I expected the chances of getting something good to be fair and good but no, it pretty much encourages gambling and on top of that bad gambling, every aspect of this game is enjoyable, it’s missions, gameplay, everything but it’s completely ruined by the rng nothing else matters if people can just tear you apart with the new op units that you unluckily couldn’t get despite spending 9 THOUSAND crystals that were all earned through grinding through the repetitive events.Version: 1.34.0

Colossal waste of time and always going backwards!The developer is doing everything in their power to make you spend real cash just to progress by - releasing banner after banner after banner after banner with no new event to collect crystal - tampering the step up banner and reduced rates for new units and legends limited units from an already low rate to even lower ridiculous rate - releasing one overpowered zenkai after another. So overpowered that they can wipe out new character that just got introduced. Why waste crystal on new characters when the zenkai is more than enough? - removing energy ticket reward from bonus battle. Its already hard enough to farm souls with limited energy. Why make it worse? - old events are being recycled for millionth times. Little to no new events - progressively reducing crystal you earn from the same event quietly. You snake .... why??? same event gives 1000 crystal previously but now 500 only. See broly rising battle .... I used to spend several hundred dollars on this game depending on the character introduced. But the way its going right now? you wont be getting a cent from me. Ta.Version: 2.18.0

AwfulThe only reason this game thrives is because it’s a dragon ball game Matchmaking in battle royal is awful as you’re usually matched against opponents way stronger than you are basically guaranteeing a loss , online battles are as bad as the summon rates, continuously getting cucked with bad units and when using them in battle there’s from 1-10 seconds delay between when you touch a card and when your character does a move. It’s agonising just watching the cards highlighted while your character stands there doing absolutely nothing , clearly the bugs haven’t been worked out as throughout my previous fights most of the time my losses are due to a card not being activated for some reason, especially considering this game is mainly about making the most of your opponents mistakes how can the crucial element of winning be acting up in such a manner? 2/10 (would recommend to people who like wasting money on crystals just for a newer and stronger character to come out later on).Version: 4.16.0

Horrible matchmaking for pvpI got no zenkais, and I’m only in b tier tank 60. I gotta fight a team with 4 max zenkais with 14 stars, how the heck is that fair in the slightest??? I didn’t even deal half of one of their characters hp. Fix matchmaking please and thank you..Version: 4.22.0

It was awesome until the newest update!Until the newest update it was great, now I can’t even get past a black screen which you can tap and do nothing else on. I’ll be giving it 2 out of 5 stars until a fix is released. Prior to this update: While a lot of people will enjoy this game, fans will have a ton of fun! The way the game teaches you the mechanics at first is great. Once you reach a certain part in the games story the world is your playground (not literally) the controls are simple and easy to use and since there isn’t many character in the game right now it makes it perfect and easy for people to get the characters they want especially in future! (If you earn the gems to do so) In all it’s great fun I’ve already finished the story and I’m waiting for the next update to continue it! (it’s not finished yet no where near done! So fear not!) the events are also a great way to pass time as well as PVP which I’ve found to be a bit unbalanced when matched with someone who’s triple your teams power level, but in all it’s a amazing game!.Version: 1.7.0

If you want to get scammed play this gameThis game always gives the worst characters to normal players but all YouTubers always get the new unit or new ultra like make your game fair it’s not hard..Version: 4.22.0

Update issueAm I the only person who cannot download the latest update? Using IOS. Try multiple but not able to get the “update” button from store page. It would only show me “open” which leading me to the apps page prompting to download latest version..Version: 1.7.0

The game needs to make huge improvementsI honestly love this game, but there’s still soo much to work on. Pvp is filled with broken z7 teams, people who lag or worse lagging z7 teams. I remember when you didn’t need to spend anything on the game to be getting top 10k for pvp as I have been able to do it before but now with all these z7 teams running around especially when in high rank pvp matches then it just gets ridiculous. I know that zenkai is supposed to help out older units but making them broken and way better than the newer units is just bad, and the celebrations were carried by the hype of the characters but they’re nearly non-existent in high rank matches. Along with that the units that keep getting zenkai’d are Saiyans, like what happened to all the other tags like gt, regen (too many regen counters), and the ex teams that used to be viable like ginyu force, these teams are pretty much dead except for regen that got some buffs but aside from that no one uses other teams, only those filled with z7s. There honestly needs to be changes to zenkais and the amount of people lagging in matches, pve content gets boring and pvp matches just get annoying with people lagging or the amount ohko’s on units. This game can be better and I really hope that major changes happen so pvp can become fun again and not just a game of who has more zenkai units/who has more broken units. Just got to wait and see what happens in the near future..Version: 2.18.0

Most Toxic Community + P2WWhen any new player beings this game, it becomes apparent that without spending a penny, you cannot compete. In order to combat this, the game added UL tier character that players must have to grind for in order to stay in the meta. However, recently this has also turned into a P2W scenario as it has been ages since a F2P UL tier character has come out. To add on, the community it filled with toxic players who taunt you after losing battles. Possibly one of the worst Gacha games I have played..Version: 4.22.0

Pvp is just pay to winHi Everyone I been a dbz fan since i think most of were kids but this game has just got to the point now with the likes of People getting these UL characters and then no one has a chance to even win. I spent a bit so not free to play and to get into a pvp battle and then not even have the chance to hit with a person doing a special attack that does over 1 million damage just is sad. Sadness is an understatement to see a much loved game just be like all the rest of these games, no skill just money. I quit..Version: 4.22.0

The Pull Rates Are Low!I’ve been playing this game for years now and I’ve enjoyed myself while playing it, BUT the chances of getting the unit you want are low to none. I spent hours on top of hours grinding this game for thousands of crystals, I’m free to play btw, I don’t want to sound bratty or like I’m mad because I don’t get what I want, but this has happened multiple times to multiple people including myself. Like today, I tried pulling the new rose ultra and J spent 5000 crystals on it and I got 2 GOOD UNITS. And it’s not even an LF, IT WAS A SPARKING. Sparking Super Saiyan God SS Vegito to be exact. And I got him on the ultra rated 2x, How does that work. And goku black from the all star banner. And I got him from The freebie. I don’t get how people just have them at 8 stars while I don’t even pull him. Like I love toshi don’t get me wrong but The rates need to be higher. And the fact that all the sparking, LFs, Hero’s, and extremes mask his pull rages to the point that it’s a waste of crystals to summon for it. And this same thing happened in the beast Gohan banner, the SS4 Goku Vegeta banner,the ultra hit, and the SSJ3 goku dragon fist. I put thousands of crystals in each of those banners, epically the ultra hit, and I got none of them. I only got The new Revival goku. Don’t misunderstand me I love him but compared to these other units He’s nothing..Version: 4.18.0

Game has gone downhillUsed to play the game daily, and I have logged in for 600 days already. Now the game has turned into such a grind and a cash grab, making it incredibly not fun and unrewarding to play. Super disappointing and I hope they go back to their old ways instead of focusing on unrealistic grinds and punishing players for now spending money..Version: 2.1.0

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