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Run Around 웃 app received 78 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Run Around 웃? Can you share your negative thoughts about run around 웃?

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This game is riggedHi this game is rigged it keeps sticking and whenever I go to jump every single time the triangles always land where I land no matter what!.Version: 1.8.4

BoredNow I love this game but it is so boringly easy until one lvl. I have been stuck on lvl 40 for 7 months!!!!!!.Version: 1.7.3

Ripped offBeware I paid for the adds to be removed but I still get random adds very annoying otherwise fun game.Version: 1.8.3

It's a decent time-waster.If it wasn't so obviously aimed at millennials, I'd rate it higher. As a young person myself, I can say it's quite painful to see how horribly it has been designed (although I'm sure the target audience will love it). Only other issue would be the frequency and quality of ads that either interrupt or lag out the game. Big sad..Version: 1.6.0

WASTE OF TIMEIt was my favorite game until the new update. I think I might’ve had a different user name when I wrote my last review. I remember saying something about using coins to revive or skip ads. It was a terrible idea. I hate that when you log in you don’t get coins or 5-10 coins per hour. I hate that you have to watch videos to get coins because isn’t there already are WAY too many ads. I JUST HATE ADS!!! Every 2-3 times I die, I GET A STUPID AD!!! I think it should be maybe like,1,000,000,000 times you die you get an ad. THAT’S HOW MUCH I HATE ADS PEOPLE!!! It’s a good game, but to those too- many-ads-I-hate- this-game people, you might NOT wanna get this. That’s not the only reason I gave a 3 star review, every time I just barely miss an obstacle, I DIE!!! How annoying! Fix this or this will stay a 3 star review!!! But I might still keep the game. I’m still deciding. You’ve angered me, Durpy Unicorn 😡🤯 P.S. I realized you only responded to the review you liked,which was BooTuneshappyemoji’s review. NOT COOL!!!😤.Version: 1.7.2

AdsThis game has an alright concept, but I only have one major issue. The ads on the game is crazy. I’ve probably only played about five minutes worth, and I’ve already came across dozens of ads. Every time our die, you can revive yourself by watching an add, which is completely fine. But after every couple deaths, it forces you into watching an ad. Then when you complete a level, it forces you to watch another ads. If you are fine with watching multiple ads every minute, then this game is for you..Version: 1.4.1

Paid for no ads, keep getting ads!!!Long add for games continue after paid for no ads. Dodgy..Version: 1.4.1

YWhenever I play I tap to jump it makes me die I would appreciate this situation fixed for me and others Even though I play this game 24/7 I would rate this game 3.Version: 1.7.0

Fun until levelIt’s an okay game, pretty basic so no lag which is always nice. The trouble is the games are so stupidly random it’s completely down to chance on how you perform. Some levels you will fail 2/3 times, then on the 4th attempt you won’t need to do anything at all. The little dude will run a perfect circle and complete the level. I reached level 37 and then deleted the rubbish, it’s basically an impossible level, which as mentioned will require complete chance and luck on how the level pieces load in. This game has absolutely no pattern which makes it near impossible to memorise steps and jump points. Half the time on level 37 you load in and get wiped out, without having a chance at all. The ideas nice, but the product is trash, almost as if an 11yr created it. Deleted, and I advise all to not even bother..Version: 1.4.1

Ads, and slightly unfair?I am giving a full on rating on this app. This is MY opinion, no one else’s. I feel like you belong to Voodoo for Voodoo plays ads like a spam message. The fact that you do the same angers me, are you not earning enough money that you think giving us as much ads and having deals with these advertisements will get you rich?? Please stop harrassing me with your foolish ads even though I say NO to them. Another thing I absolutely HATE about this app is the fact that the shooting mechanism is just the absolute hardest thing in the game! It’s like they AIM for you and you’re probably saying they do but they DONT. You can’t crawl, or jump past them ! Honestly this game Is fun but it needs a lot of work to make it even more fun...I also think your ads that attracted me make it look easy and honestly, I think you should be more HONEST with this and just say, “ITS FILLED WITH SPAM ADS THAT YOU CANT GET AWAY FROM!!” Maybe that will attract more people :). Have a wonderful day..Version: 1.5.1

JjskhzjjjzgjghsnkfjsjfhgjgsjsudhgfsbbhdhdkjhdkThis game is so much bad.Version: 1.5.0

Too many adds and too much luck requiredWatching an ad every third go is not my motivation for downloading a game......and Level 23, result is entirely random - just depends whether you’re lucky enough not to have triangles hidden under the larger ball, or spawn underneath you when in mid skill required. Deleted app, sorry..Version: 1.7.2

Too much!!More Ad time than play time.Version: 1.7.0

Run AroundThis app has so much amazing potential. It could be a blood rushing simple video game that gives you a great daily challenge. The only thing is, I just wish that they could take out the ads! I understand that you have to have to put in a couple ads because the app is free, but I just started this app, and I have very well discovered that every time you lose, it plays an ad. On some levels, you can watch ads to continue, and if you say no, it plays an ad anyway. What’s the point? You might as well just watch a hundred ads and it still wouldn’t add up to this game. A great way to make more money is to have a store, in which you can buy tools to help you win. That would be a great deal, and hopefully, for a great cost. Another idea is, after someone uses up about 10 revivals, they will have to watch an ad after that. You should be able to buy more shapes, other than a circle to run around in, and you should be able to buy or watch an ad for more background colors. I just hate when they don’t give you a choice to watch an ad, because many people HATE watching ads! There are so many possible things to make this app more colorful, so why can’t you just offer that and get more money, without making unwilling people watch ads. I will be subtracting one star until this problem is solved..Version: 1.4.1

I hate this GamestupidThis sucks I can’t beat level five.Version: 1.8.9

PoopGame is not very responsive you die from things that don’t even touch you.Version: 1.5.0

Good But...This game is overall very fun and addicting! But I have an issue with it, whenever the stick man dies the animation is LONG! Because it’s addicting I want to get right back at it and try again but the long animation really ruins it for me. Don’t get me wrong the animations are funny and cool! If. They were just a little bit sped up it would be great! Also the ads, way to many! I wish I didn’t have to pay to get rid of ads. Yeah a couple once and awhile are ok but every time you die is ridiculous!.Version: 1.7.2

No!!I do not like this game it’s really hard I have tried so many times but I can’t jump over the square on level 3 this is a terrible game don’t download it.Version: 1.4.1

Game is trashIt’s bad because when you jump the triangles shoot random.Version: 1.8.4

The low downGuys the game you made is amazing. Truly. But the way your company pushes the ads on to us is unreal. It seems like im watching an ad literally every minute. When you die it gives you an opportunity to watch an ad in order to be able to be revived, but it seems like if you say no it makes you watch one anyway. I feel that no other development company pushes as many ads on the player as you guys do. Gotta make s change here for real guys. But I will say again the game is amazing. I just hit level 100 yesterday and unlocked Merlin! Only one more skin to go!.Version: 1.8.8

DecentDecent game but it’s just the same exact thing over and over again, I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to enjoy those kinds of games. This game only lasted a couple of hours for me because I got bored. I think the creators could have added more obstacles, so far I’ve only ran into triangles and squares on the ground (some that move and some that don’t) and triangles that shoot at you. For me that doesn’t make for a very interesting game. I might keep it a little longer to see if I change my mind but so far the game is a little boring for me..Version: 1.4

RNG is badGot stuck on level 8 as the timing of the shooting enemies is RNG it kept pinning me into a situation where jumping dodged one bullet then jumped me into the other just can’t be bothered for a casual game..Version: 1.4.1

Don’t like itNah. Sucks.Version: 1.5.1

Too many adsWhat makes this game so hard is that it has a 30 second ad pretty much after every time you lose and the game also lags. The game itself is fun when it’s not lagging but there are way to many ads everywhere.Version: 1.4

Greedy developersGame is good, but ruined by developers running full length ads which can’t be skipped after every level or two.Version: 1.4.1

Too much advertisingToo much advertising! Good game but too much advertising!! The good game starts to be annoying because too much advertising.Version: 1.4.1

Addictive but ads ruin itGreat game, fun little guy and deaths but I’m spending more than 90% watching adverts - sometimes it’s impossible to jump in time to miss the obstacles which is fair enough but I’m so bored of the constant 30 second adverts for every 3 seconds of play I can’t be bothered anymore.Version: 1.4

"Die, Now"I found the game pretty simple until level 81. Because the game is so random it is basically impossible to get past because all the obstacles are in a different place every time so you cant learn the level I've been stuck on this level for 5 days which doesnt seem so bad except that normally i complete like 10 levels a day. Ok i get that there are 100 levels so you have to make some hard so that you spend more time playing but level 81 (Die, Now) is too hard I'm close to Deleting because it is raging me hard but If i delete it i know i couldn't do it and i will feel bad. Exept from this this game is quite addictive and fun. 😀😜.Version: 1.5.1

Needs Some Major Fine TuningGreat game and fun overall. Simple gameplay yet addictive and I enjoy the crazy little character. Although it’s simple the “hitboxes” need some adjusting. Sometimes when I don’t hit a square the game says I do and kills him. The triangles that shoot are also annoying cause they put you in situations where you can’t jump over them and you cant run under them so it screws you over anyway. It’s a very fun game it just needs some fixes. July 30: I’m done with this game. It’s fun at first but once you get to the points where it puts you in stupid situations that, no matter what you do (jump or not), it kills you. Sometimes when you don’t even get hit it kills you. Close calls also kill you. Then after 2 deaths it hits you with a longass ad that you can’t skip. In that case I might as well select revive! But that’s what they want. So forget this, I’m just going to delete it..Version: 1.4

InconsistentThis game is pretty fun and a good idea but there is some elements that are just completely random. I was playing a level and just couldn’t get past it. One try I had to jump over everything at once. Another I simply didn’t have to do anything and I beat it. Other than that it’s great..Version: 1.6.1

It won’t let me tapSometimes it won’t let me tap. It isn’t even straight after I jump. It is REALLY annoying especially if are about to complete the level and die when it really isn’t your fault. I am not pressing too light or too hard and it isn’t my nail. No other game is like that for me so it is definitely a problem that they should fix because I can’t enjoy it when it won’t let me tap!.Version: 1.8.4

ADVERTSIt seems every single game released now is dependant on ads, which is completely infuriating. I understand the concept of ad space and the benefits to the companies. But when you get a game that’s really fast paced(which this is) and you have to sit through an ad every two goes it’s ridiculous. I enjoy the game and reading the other reviews, so does every one else, it’s addictive and fun. But companies need to stop bowing down to these corporates and relying on ads..Version: 1.5.1

WhyI started playing the game ignoring all the bad comments but as soon as it begun I realised why this game is horrible do not get it it will drain the life out of you don’t take it from me just read the first comment you see.....Version: 1.5.1

FrustratedPlease move the % number of off the circle; it blocks the view at the top!.Version: 1.6.0

Too many addsToo much adds😥.Version: 1.4

ReviewThis game is rigged. I jumped over those about 50 times and it didn’t count. No offence, but I don’t like this game..Version: 1.7.3

MehKinda sucks and gets boring plus the hit box sucks and can’t even work most the time like whenever you jump over something it can still kill you. Some levels are downright impossible and I think that’s unfair. Fix these glitches (and the hit box) then I will give 5 stars 😒.Version: 1.8.5

Screen doesn’t fit iPhone 8I like the game a lot but the screen doesn’t fit my iPhone 8 properly. The percentage blocks part of the circle..Version: 1.4.1

Ads and Impossible JumpsThe issue with ads is that is asks you if you want to watch an ad if you want to revive, but if you press no you STILL get an ad anyways ( and you don’t even get the revive...) but that isn’t the main reason this gets 2 stars. Once I hit level 10 the shooter is ridiculously frustrating. The shot is shot out at a rate that whether you jump or not you’ll still hit the bullet as you travel at around the same rate and are heading towards the same spot. Make the shots faster or something so it’s possible to dodge; it’s horrible game design to have randomization that can possibly make a level unbeatable if you get unlucky..Version: 1.4

How my life was ruinedI was like you once, browsing the App Store, searching for my next game to download. I was warned about this evil game but I thought ‘how bad can it be? It’s just a game, right?’ So I downloaded it. Some games are addictive like temple run and other games but this is life changing. This is life ruining. I was a happy child growing up did well in school, never failed to succeed, now! NOW! I sit in my bedroom all day cowering in the corner, hoping that someone will make it go away. The pain worsens each and everyday, I can’t remember the last time I hold a conversation with someone normal. I don’t want people to end up the same way I have a broken man with nothing to live for, don’t download this game. I have now turned into a raging alcoholic every time I die it has caused me to throw shoes bite my phone or even punch walls. Don’t go the same way I did, keep it safe, keep it real..Version: 1.5.0

Good premiseThe game has a good but simple premise. Run around the circle jumping to avoid obstacles, and once your character has touched 100% of the circle you win. The only problem is that the obstacles are completely luck based, especially the shooters. While on one level I could let the guy run and do nothing on a second play of that level I could die without getting to 20%. The game also becomes very choppy and laggy at times, and though I get that free apps will have ads, having to sit through an ads for more time than I’m playing is quite ridiculous.Version: 1.7.0

Too hardThis game doesn’t lag which is good but some of these levels are almost impossible to do; I’ve been stuck on level 37 for ages but it’s so hard to do. And it’s so irritating when you get hit by an obstacle, my phone vibrates so loudly that it gives me headaches..Version: 1.5.0

Meh...You might be like me, YouTuber, Best Friend, App Lover! I have had this app for a while and it’s kinda fun when you first get it but then it gets really boring because the levels get almost impossible so your just stuck on the same level again and again.🙄👎🏻very very annoying. Anyways it is definitely safe for little children if your little 2 year old or 3 year old wants this app, it’s totally safe but it is hard so if they get annoying easily then I would suggest another app like Helix Jump it is a very good app and the first 25 levels are quit easy😁😉peace out guys.Version: 1.8.3

Luck basedAlmost every level is just a test of luck if the spikes are gonna spawn underneath you while you are in the middle of a jump or if the cube will continuously prevent you from the final few percent of a level. I don’t enjoy games that take out the skill aspect and place luck thinking that it is a good replacement.Version: 1.5.0

Selfish.It makes me mad how you make a game and then you decide to put so many ads on it just for yourself. It makes me not want to play this game because really the only reason why you made the game was for money. If you’re going to make an ad every time I die that will just make me even more enraged. I like to play it but then I realize you are just doing it to get more money. It’s sad how all people care about is money nowadays. Maybe if you shorten the ads by a long shot I could rate this game 5 stars but right now I would never. You can’t even play the game without an ad popping up. I’m not playing this game to give you money. Stop scamming and tricking people because of your own greed!.Version: 1.6.1

DesperateThe most recent update logs only have a minor bug fix, and basically the developers assuming people are addicted and asked for stars. Just stupid, say whatever the update is and leave it at that. Also the game is repetitive and boring, I’m only making this review because I seen this stupid update news.Version: 1.8.4

Crap95% of the time you spend playing this game is watching the adverts and I know you could turn wifi off but watching some ads is fine but when it is every time you die it gets repetitive and annoying not to mention the impossible or almost impossible jumps from random spawns and speeds of blocks especially if you are at 98% and die from an impossible jump.Version: 1.4.1

Great game, but...Great game, but I’m forced to still watch ads even after I’ve bought it (to remove ads) when I want to use the revive feature. If it wasn’t for that, it would be a 5 Star!.Version: 1.5.1

Fix the stupid glitchesThis game has to many glitches I hate it sorry👎😤😡😖😑😬.Version: 1.8.5

I’m getting annoyedThis update is terrible. I’d rather prefer when you didn’t have to wait for ads or have a limit to how much ads you watch. I say this because since the levels are getting harder and if you run out of ads you have to get frustrated and start all over unlike the other times that you didn’t have too worry about it. Also, about the skins, TOO MUCH NINJAS! Lol jk but seriously, I love the skins but there’s so much ninjas and the tasks to get the skins are getting really hard like pass 25 levels in one day! 25! I’d rather prefer task like “ come back tomorrow” or “ get hit by spikes 15 times” or something like that. A few ideas for skins are: Dragon, Ghost,Cat, Dog,Batman,Superman, Maybe some characters from cartoon shows, and other cool stuff like that. So plz, If you guys who work on this game see this, please add some changes or at least take my advice..Version: 1.6.0

Random messNow the game itself is a fun concept however when the moving pieces are randomly spawned, it makes for a annoying downright frustrating mess and if you’re playing this free then be prepared to watch ads up the backside as it every couple of attempts and if you revive yourself after watching an ad and quickly win the level? Yeah another ad. The game would be great if not for these frustrating issues hence the 3 star rating, I’d wait until they patch the random spawning items making it a proper skill game..Version: 1.6.0

Its alrightIts okay i guess its just sime of the levels are really hard and when u watch a vid to revive u dont wven respawn😐😡.Version: 1.4.1

DisappointedI really enjoyed this game at the start then on the harder levels got very stressful and I would complete a level then watch and advert and I would have to do it again.Version: 1.4.1

Needs more polishingThe hit registration is terrible and the random generation of the levels is refreshing but creates scenarios that are impossible to survive. Sound track is a little funky but could get tiresome after a while..Version: 1.3

Bland and simpleThis game is really the worst the AppStore has to offer. You simply play as a stick man who just jumps over obstacles until you touch all parts of the circle. If you mess up you are allowed to try again or watch an ad to keep going witch ruins the challenge of the game. Don’t waste your time.Version: 1.5.0

Why so many ads?There are way to many ads in this game and almost every time you die or pass a level, you get an ad. I would like an option where you can skip a level after at least 10 tries if you can’t beat it. I get stuck a lot on some levels and I would like to skip them because it’s just getting annoying and boring to see the same level over and over again. I know a lot of people are complaining about this, and I know you are replying to some of them but I don’t see the issue being resolved..Version: 1.5.1

Some levels are dumb so disgusting, dont try to play it makes you nervousThumb down game.Version: 1.5.1

The worst game everThis game sucks it’s boring and not fun.Version: 1.9.3

Infuriating AdsI'm not one to usually complain about in-app advertisements, but this is one of the worst I've seen. I won't go into all the types and the messy details but the one that was the last straw is the video ads after losing a level. Given the option to "revive" and continue running is to watch a video. I choose not to so I can just go back to try again, but I'm still forced to watch an advertisement anyway. At that point I guess revive me too. You spend more time getting sold other apps/products than you do actually playing the game. It's ridiculous..Version: 1.4

OkeyIt’s a great game! But I think the ‘hard levels’ are too hard! Maybe make them a little easier but not too easy!.Version: 1.4.1

UnreliableGreat game except that there are a few problems. Why, if the app has a strong enough wifi connection to give me ads is it not strong enough to let me watch a video to revive or get more coins? And that is presuming it even gives me the opportunity to watch a video or spend coins to revive. It’s a real shame that I can’t rely on this game to do right by its players..Version: 1.7.3

Not as good as I thought...I give it a one because this game isn’t very well done to me, by the add I thought it would be easy and addicting because it sounded and looked cool, but when I got it i can’t even pass the THIRD level!! For some reason when I jump at the correct time that I’m supposed to when I’m jumping over the moving cube, it says that I died... and it takes me like 20 re tries and for some reason THEN SUDDENLY it says I jumped over when I’ve been jumping at the same time and point like I’ve been for like the past 20 times. Like I would have given it a 4 but this game is just hardly as good as I thought it would be and not enjoyable and this game makes me mad ok? Sorry but I just don’t enjoy it.. 😠.Version: 1.4.1

Good ConceptDespite everything, I do like this game. It has a good concept, the animations are great, and it has a good variation for skins. If you play it in aeroplane mode, there’s no ads to interrupt your gameplay. My issue is the randomness of the levels. A lot of players are complaining that they have found some levels impossible, which I’m also finding problematic. Maybe you could have it so the levels have something that stays the same, and the rest varies? Just something that makes skill more important than luck..Version: 1.5.1

Run aroundIt’s a fun addicting game but way too many adds even when you say I don’t want to watch a video to still live it gives you this 30 second add.Version: 1.5.0

Nice but disruptive ads.Seems it could be a nice time waster type game, pop on play for a bit whenever, but there are Far to many adverts..Version: 1.4.1

Game Mechanics are BROKENThis game was fun in the first few levels with exciting obstacles and cool character skins to unlock. After that the game became complete garbage. I was constantly dying to obstacles that I did not touch and sometimes the obstacles (such as spikes) would never move so there was no way I could complete a level unless I died and tried again. This game has many bugs and the mechanics are strange. For example the jump mechanic of the game is designed so that if you hold down on your device it lets you jump higher. However in many cases I held down and the game was unresponsive or it decided to do a small jump witch killed me multiple times. In conclusion I hope the developers fix these issues because it has the promise and hope to be a good game but I will proceed to never play this game again until these things are fixed. Also put on Airplane Mode because I got a 20 second advertisement after literally every death..Version: 1.5.1

NEEDS BUG FIXSWhen I play the percentage sign for how much you have completed is over top the circle covering where you have to ru and you cannot see the obstacles in your way on the top. So many times I would have Beatty level and then as I am passing the top of the circle an obstacle comes out of nowhere because the percentage sign was covering it. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED FOR IPHONE 6s.Version: 1.5.1

A good game ruined by adsThis is a good, quite addictive game but the ridiculous amount of ads really lets it down. I have closed the app on a number of occasions as it had become so tedious..Version: 1.6.1

Ok game annoying lagSeems like the ads make the game lag when you first start a level. Annoying to die 1 second into a level because it paused for a fraction of a second and didn’t take your input. Can play PUBG on my phone fine no reason a simple game like this should lag. Simple solution would just be to add a small delay before the level starts so everything is loaded. It tries to start the level so quick that it’s moving before it takes input. Worse when it switches the ad maybe you need to ad multi-threading to load the ad separate from the game controls..Version: 1.6.1

A completely stupid gameThis game is extremely dumb. Some levels are pretty much impossible and useless to even put in the game..Version: 1.7.3

STOP WITH THE ADS!!!There is way to much ads and it made me so mad that I had to delete the game!!! Also, I know that you need money, but all of your games have to much ads!! Finally, why do you rate all of your games 12+? THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT!!! Trash game.Version: 1.7.3

Wow.....this is a pretty bad gameI downloaded this game because the adds made this game look fun and look like it was the perfect game to play. It also looked addictive. But no. When I downloaded the game and started playing, it was EXTREMELY HARD on the second level! I kept failing the level and I don’t even know why. Also the circle that you run in is way too small. It’s almost hard to see your character. Another thing: way too many adds..Version: 1.5.1

AdsSuch a fun game, and I love wasting time on it! At first I could deal with the ads, but as I get higher up in level, I notice they’re longer, more frequent, and play regardless of whether I choose to revive or not! I get that this app wants to make money, but seriously, CHILL ON THE ADS! I can’t even play certain levels now because my phone lags from the ads going on at the bottom of the screen— which makes it insanely more frustrating! This game has so much potential, but I’m very disappointed performance wise. Please fix this issue..Version: 1.5.1

Fun but sooo many adsThis game is fun and should be addictive, but every single time you lose a life you have to watch an ad. On a hard level you can lose a life after playing for seconds! You end up spending more time watching ads than playing. I know I can pay to get rid of the ads but I don’t want to do that till I’m sure I’m committed to the game, and it’s hard to get attached when all you do is watch ads. I know the ads pay for the game, but they need to find a better game to ad ratio..Version: 1.7.3

AdsI love this game except for the constant long ads, when you die even if you don't want to revive you have watch an ad and that isn't very interesting..Version: 1.4

So AnnoyingThis game is good and all but it is always glitching and it says I get out when really I don’t. It needs to have bug fixes and get improved but other than that I’d say this is a pretty okay game..Version: 1.5.1

5 mins of funIt’s okay for the first 5 mins into the game after that it gets a little boring.Version: 1.4

LOTS of potential. VERY broken.The game is actually very fun. However, there are many glitches. When you tap the screen to jump after just jumping, the stickman most of the time just keep running, which is really annoying when you’re trying not to die. Also, there have been many times when I don’t even hit the obstacle, and die anyway. It seems the box that you would hit to die is much bigger than the obstacle and not aligned properly. Finally, there are MANY many ads, and I wold prefer not to spend money on a broken game..Version: 1.7.0

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